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There's new video of the Alton Sterling murder.

what were Lynch's EXACT words wrt following the recommendation from FBI? because Corey

New York City Is Weighing Ambitious Plans for Flood Defenses

We Need Gun Control to Stop More Than Criminals

I wonder if don the con has a brain tumor?

Chelsea Manning cut off from lawyers amid hospitalization rumors

My dog had her first acupuncture treatment today - ask me anything

"Leaving" vote should be a guide, we have the same type voters here.

Wall Street scion Caspersen pleads guilty to $38 million fraud

Ruh-roh. I sense another avater change happening by El Supremeway!!

Turns out, there IS an upside for the EU, after Brexit.

Trump VP Contender Newt Gingrich Profited From Sending Cancer “Cure” Emails

Democrats Poised for Heated Debate on Israel, Free Trade at Final Platform Meeting

The Myth of Paul Ryan

Protesters Shower Dollar Bills on Senate

Screw Republicans, Go After Bush Regime Iraq War Crimes

Chris Hayes has a woodshed, and he's taking Bernie Sanders there!

Does anyone here watch 'Master Chef'?

Did Comey decide to grandstand about Hillary in order to distract from his own

What Happened When A Jewish Republican Confronted A Party Official About Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric

Hillary Clinton Statement on The Death of Alton Sterling.

U.S. Senate, House reach airport security deal - Republican senator

U.S. Senate, House reach airport security deal - Republican senator

How Has Racism Given Rise To Donald Trump? (w/Guest: Chauncey DeVega)

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Live and UnCensored!

Thirteen U.S. states ask court to halt transgender bathroom policy

There Will Be Blood

The DoJ manual BARS prosecutors from smearing unindicted people, like Comey did.

Should economic justice policies include language including women, POC, and LGBTQ people?

Hotel clerk fired after calling 911 on Muslim man she thought might be a terrorist

MIM must be celebrating Dubya's 70th birthday today.

Huge ballot awaiting California voters

Serious question here?

Original Downing Street Memo now declassified

GOP Close To Dumping Trump As Coup Plotters Near Votes Needed To Cause Nomination Chaos

Accused al Qaeda supporter in U.S. charged with seeking judge's murder

Jeremy Corbyn apologizes for the Iraq War on behalf of the British Labour Party

DuPont ordered to pay $5.1 million in trial over Teflon-making chemical

The next two steps (fodder for airtime) for the Republicans

Fourth homeless person attacked in San Diego, police say

Simple question: Amazon Prime. Worth it? Yes? No? Perhaps?

Trump veep criteria:

'Vatileaks' trial due to end after nearly eight months

Alton Sterling: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Is anyone here going to mind if Ian Austin gets deselected?

Please help me draft this letter to MSNBC - Edit at will, my friends

okay I have a question.....

Why are Democrats holding back on retaliation?

So, i started actively supporting Hillary and...

CA Dem primary votes FULLY COUNTED, including provisionals and mail-ins.

Okay, since Paul Ryan can't accept facts as facts, here is what I want to see.

Christmas Bomber Case Appeal Challenges NSA Surveillance

Roger Ailes is gross

To The Entire Republican Party: Shut The Fuck Up

WH photographer Pete Souza captured around 2 million photos over 8 years while Obama was in office.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders in talks for joint campaign appearance in NH as early as Tuesday.

"Gingrich The Newt"

Worth remembering: Labor opposition to Iraq War

Courtroom Cleared After Bundy Riles Gallery - #BundyTeaParty

City commission to discuss Confederate flag (IA)

DT just tweeted Elsa and Anna from day ever! Bwahahahahahahahahaa nt

Jeremy Corbyn speaks prophetically about what the Iraq War would cause back in 2003:

Does Trump appear to you as a coke or speed user

Former police chief talks about domestic terrorism in Ozarks (MO)

Obama....job number one, the day after the election...FIRE this guy:

LOL "Do you want to build a strawman?"

White nationalist poster near Kansas Capitol concerns NAACP leader

I honestly haven't been this excited and sure about our nominee since 1992.

Renowned Hungarian scientist, inventor of the "Kálmán Filter", Rudolf Kálmán dies aged 86

Make up your mind.

Paul Ryan and his GOP pals using old failed playbook with these hearings, this makes me happy.

Misunderstanding Russia and Russians - Observations from a former diplomat

Good Grief...I need instances of blue on black crime

In "defiant" "manic" speech, the Don once AGAIN defends his anti-semitic anti-Hillary image.

Defiant Trump Defends Use of Image Seen as Anti-Semitic

Pronunciation of Nesticidae?

Randi Rhodes called Hillary a "Republican" yesterday. She's can SHOVE her radio show.

Did Alton Sterling's family hire Benjamin Crump the lawyer?

Back to the Future with Laverne and Shirley: The Trivialisation of the GMO Debate

Clinton's Facebook page shared a post from the Sanders campaign Facebook page

Seriously, Donald Trump is not well.

Transgender people are probably NOT the problem with public bathrooms

More 'multiple apparent violations' for Timmy Eyman...

I'm David Sparks, And Corporations Are Not People, People Are People

After so many "punch the protestors" and wishing physical violence...

Under $125K, send your kid to public university free.

I knew something was wrong with this ad.....

If we do not work to keep nutfucker out of the whitehouse, we will be invading more countries than

Bernie Sanders on Chris Hayes confirms...

In one of the reddest of reddest states I got in a conversation with a conservative in a bar today.

So let me get this straight -

Global Trade: What’s a Good Progressive to Do?

I know it's an ad, but it is this generation's "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke", and it's good.


The world's largest

Here I am at TMC...

Trump May Become The First Republican In 60 Years To Lose White College Graduates

Globalization - Plight or Opportunity?

So if mudflap with roadkill picks windbag cheater Newt the poot, he'll show how much he loves women.

TYT Coverage of the Slaughter of Alton Sterling

FREE Klown Kar Konvention Kamping in Kleveland JUL 16-23 2016!

"I don't like mosquitoes.....hello hillary!"

woot, anyone else have problems with ordering stuff? like they saved your credit card number.

Donald Trump shot a black LGBT in 1982 with no regard to the others at Mardi Gras

Bernie and Hillary Join Forces To Release "Revolutionary" Free College Plan

Enough is enough. Alton Sterling is just the latest in a long list of executions

As a redneck , I endorse this opinion.

So Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq 15 years endless war. Woohoo. Still deBush'n. Told you

Dwyane Wade to Chicago

Last night Trump called CNN--the Clinton news network but cnn just hired another Trump surrogate...

I don't care who you want for the D president.

Which outdoor sports stores don't sell guns?

Good article on Clinton's email issue

Does anyone remember a prominent outdoorsman...

Cursing Eric Trump Calls WaPo Reporter Over Coverage Of His Dad's Donations

How did Alton Sterling end up with gunshots in his chest -- AND in his back?

The Brazilian Coup and Washington's "Rollback" in Latin America

The Brazilian Coup and Washington's "Rollback" in Latin America

Family: Man Dead After Officer-Involved Shooting In Falcon Heights

Political Judiciary in Argentina

Lavish Reynolds' Facebook Video Shows Police Shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota

Cuba-Venezuela Mission to Prevent Blindness Helps 3.5 Million

Recovering from my surgery

The fallacy that the very liberal Democrats are the base of the Party

Astronomers capture supermassive black hole as it eats passing star

The war in Iraq was not a blunder or a mistake. It was a crime

Paul Ryan says two House committees are investigating the investigation of Hillary's emails.

Cops Shot Her Boyfriend. She Streamed the Horrific Aftermath on Facebook Live #falconheightsshooting

Alton Sterling Video Question

Fight of the Condor: uncovering South America's shame – in pictures

Another Activist Murdered in Honduras

Another Activist Murdered in Honduras

How did Alton Sterling get his gun?

Sea worm fossil gives clues to 'common ancestor'


Cops shoot gun-owner for exercising 2nd Amendment rights

‘A Washington-Authored Maneuver’: Inside the US’ Attack on Brazil

The US has the largest oil reserves in the world

The US has the largest oil reserves in the world

Daily Holidays - July 7

Argentina: Former leader Cristina Fernandez has assets frozen

Freak waterspouts on Playa Caimito in Cuba

In MN, broken tail light gets Philando Castile killed by police -- with 4 year old

Senate easily invokes cloture on GMO label bill; final vote next

Russia reminds wayward ally Belarus of its economic muscle

Trump’s false claim that Saddam Hussein was ‘so good’ at ‘killing terrorists’

More dark humour, this time Chilcot-related

Lost Japanese Spacecraft Shares Groundbreaking View of Galaxy Group

The last "News From Lake Wobegon" - 7/2/2016

"It's OK, Mommy. It's OK," said the child who just saw her dad get shot. "I'm right here with you."

Arkansas News - 7/7/2016

'Stranglehold': Hun Sen rules Cambodia and his family own it, says report

Brexiter’s excuses increasingly bollocks

Bangladesh attack: Police say hostage mistaken for gunman

Louisiana News - 7/7/2016

Confederate flags in parade anger community (RI)

Women livestreams moments after police shoot her boyfriend right next her *Graphic*

Confederate monument debate continues (LA)

Southern heritage needs to find a new standard (LTTE)

Clinton Uses Abandoned Trump Building as Giant Prop

When did questioning Dr. David Kelly's death become kooky?

Oklahoma News - 7/7/2016

Smiling Faces Sometimes

Key & Peele -- Racist Cop Only Shoots Black People (disturbing)

That's Weird

Two more black men cut down in 48 hours. Curse red America's lethal fascination with firearms,

Morning Joe goes all Republican this morning

Two more black men cut down in 48 hours. Curse red America's lethal fascination with firearms,

A little morning maniac music from the elevators.

New Mexico News - 7/7/2016

Sam Wang's Princeton Election Consortium has just put chances of a Dem House above 50%

Obsessing About The “Thin Blue Lines” While Elite White-Collar Crime Runs Rampant

... Colonel von Epp ran for the Reichstag in 1928. He felt entitled to the voters' support

Well, I turn 40 today

Can Hillary recover from the character assassination done by Comey?

Yuge! 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump

Trump Loves Hate

At least 3 dead in bomb attack on Muslim prayer gathering in Bangladesh

These people are not ISIS-level, at least not yet.

Is Donald Trump’s Inadvertent Anti-Semitism Worse Than the Real Thing?

MUST READ - The war in Iraq was not a blunder or a mistake. It was a crime

Idea for a presidential-debate format: "Prove it."

The creepiest museum in the world. The Vent Haven Ventriliquists Museum

Lost power for six hours yesterday...

A Simple Hillary Clinton Email Defense

There's Only One 'Stop Trump' Movement

State Dept confirms FBI got it wrong, none of Hillary Clinton’s emails were classified at the time

How to screw up a script with just one misspelled word.

German parliament redefines rape in new law.

True nonbeliever

Forest Menu

Trump's Speeches Appear Rambling and Incoherent

Lavisha Reynolds - Still in Custody (Castile's Girlfriend)

Hillary Clinton asked NSA for secure phone for email when she first took office, was turned down

"Disney knew what was what and who was who!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Tony Blair’s faith was long on zeal but light on self-awareness

Are Cell Phone Videos Finally Waking White People Up To Police Violence?

How Has Racism Given Rise To Donald Trump? (w/Guest: Chauncey DeVega)

Five panels to grill FBI on Clinton

Williams sisters' day at Wimbledon

NRA strangely silent on open carry for Blacks

Rubio reverses course, will no longer attend Republican National Convention

***July Photography Group Contest Submission Thread now open!!****

GOP Close To Dumping Trump As Coup Plotters Near Votes Needed To Cause Nomination Chaos

O'Malley clan in Ireland wants former Maryland governor to attend their gathering

Donald Who? GOP Lawmakers Find Ways To Duck Hill Meeting With Trump

Ryan Sends Intel Director Letter Asking Him To Keep Classified Info From Clinton

What is it that the GOP is afraid of?

trump has tapped into the racist hate in america and bob corker is smitten with it

Cosby returns to court to seek dismissal of sex assault charges

Bristol-based millionaire Arron Banks could be next UKIP leader

Hillary Clinton Takes Aim at Donald Trump's Atlantic City Failures With a Blistering Speech

James Comey’s abuse of power

"We hereby grant Americans the Right to Ignorance." - Congress, Inc.

Hillary Clinton’s Emails Are the GOP’s New Benghazi

Tea Party Cuts Off GOP Terror Bill to Spite Democrats

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 172,000 Jobs in June

Hillary Clinton: Alton Sterling's Death Shows 'Something Is Profoundly Wrong'

The Minnesota shooting is the lead story

This Shocking New York Daily News Cover of Alton Sterling Is Drawing Heavy Responses

Megyn Kelly: GOP Praised FBI Director for Weeks Until He Went Against What They Wanted

Donald Trump’s run for president is baffling — until you read The Art of the Deal

Help for Feral Cats

In Awe at How Fast Deutsche Bank is Coming Unglued

The Last Roundup: How the world's best selling pesticide is heading for a fall

State Dept confirms FBI got it wrong, none of Hillary Clinton’s emails were classified at the time

I've got to tip my hat to whoever is Hillary's social media person.

Trump Surrogate Appears To Call For Lynching Of Loretta Lynch In Tweet

Bernie or Bust is illogical

Trump under-performing Romney

I was working with Chris Stevens before he died. Honor him with truth, not lies.

Did the TRump campaign publish their convention speakers list?

MI6 Iraq nerve gas report 'stolen from action film The Rock'

The "establishment" - what is it?

NYT - Trump defiant, angry, rambling, manic, hopscotching

"The Fundamentals of Caring". What a fun movie.

Alton Sterling shooting: Piecing together what happened before the videos

Am I truly missing something? If none of the emails were classified....

"The steady eyes of terrorists . . ."

5 Killed in Industrial Accident at UK Metal Recycling Site

Someone should give this speech to Trump

White House Watch White House Watch: Trump 42%, Clinton 40%

The Republicans Got Nothing!

Trump blasts media in meeting with House Republicans

Right wing rassmussen poll tightens this week

WaPo: James Comey’s abuse of power (GD !^)

WaPo: James Comey’s abuse of power (HRC)

*****A- rated Reuters Poll**** Clinton 44 Trump 33

Remains of missing Florida man identified 41 years later

republicans are about to hold another witch hunt to bring down Hillary Clinton

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- tRump

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump campaign to enlist power-emo band Karma Rocket for new theme song.

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -The Rest

WATCH LIVE: Comey Testifies In House On Clinton Emails Thurs. At 10 AM ET

This has got to stop: a MN man was shot during routine stop for busted taillight

A car-free Motor City? Detroit to try Open Streets program

Sikh’s Horse Executed as Hate Crime

I am not fooled by the Comey testimony today... My mama did not raise any fools

The 'shoot first and resolve doubts later' attitude has me concerned.

msnbc is covering FBI decision now..Rep Chaffetz

Chicago: New TIF Districts May Greenlight Belmont Flyover, Other Transit Projects

The mighty animal comic crime fighters

God bless Elijah Cummings. I couldn't be prouder than to stand with him.

Ailes denies allegations in Gretchen Carlson harassment suit as Fox News launches investigation

Senator Bernie Sanders has something to say:

Hillary Clinton to Campaign in Northern Virginia with U.S. Senator Tim Kaine on Thursday, July 14

Those "top secret" emails? They were about drone strikes. It's all bullshit.

I keep hearing Alton Sterling's wife at the press conference... I just keep hearing Lavish Reynolds

Quote attributed to CDC by Del. LaRock actually from legal brief filed by law firm used by Delgaudio

Quote attributed to CDC by Va. Del. actually from legal brief filed by law firm used by Delgaudio

How to shoot at some cops and get away with it: Be white!

The Comey hearing is backfiring on the GOP.

The Comey hearing is backfiring on the GOP.

Fox News Sources: Gretchen Carlson Wasn’t The First Roger Ailes Victim

Hillary being tried in kangaroo court right now on MSNBC

NJ lawmakers pass anti-BDS legislation

Today's Google Doodle: Who was Nettie Stevens?

The Sleepy Japanese Town Built Inside an Active Volcano

Lester Spence On Neoliberalism’s Effect on Black Politics

Democrats to busy defending Comey to help Hillary

Chaffetz Gowdy are POS

Why are the Republican men yelling during the Comey hearing?

These Republican pigs make me sick re: Comey hearing

What's up with Jim Jordan and his scary look.

How is a person suppose to communicate while in another country.

The Most Insane Game Show Contestant Fails

Chilcot Report and 7/7 London Bombing Anniversary Converge to Highlight Terrorism’s Causes

The Chilcote Report Key conclusions

the contrast is striking between gop and dem reps

Roland Martin reads Wendy Williams

(GRAPHIC) Minnesota Man Shot By Police in Broken Tail Light Traffic Stop

Me thinks Mr. Clay just settled all matters

Bernie Sanders: Republicans are an "embarrassment" on climate change

"Police: 1 dead after Palos homeowner shoots intruders" (Chicago Suburb)

Just remember this....

Tired of police violence and racism? Use your privilege to change the system.

Rep. Chaffetz is ready to start another FBI

Breaking: Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May will compete for Tory Leadership

Green slime attacking Atlantic Coast with Thom Hartman

SIGN: Just say NO to the TPP. Not now. Not ever.

Tory leadership election: Leadsom beats Gove to join May on shortlist - live

they are setting Hillary up for a 'lying to congress' investigation.

Dems are carrying the day...This hearing had backfired on the Repubs!

Bernie may endorse Hillary next week.

Great job on the new jury system, etc. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toshiba anticipates contracts for 5 nuclear reactors (Turkey and Florida)

Book: Roger Ailes has been soliciting sex from female journalists since the 1980s

Blair to Bush: "If we win quickly, everyone will be our friend"

RNC Convention delegate count...

Forget Brexit — Italy is poised to tear Europe apart

Sanders may endorse Clinton next week.

Congressman Hurt is hoping for an Oscar.

Nat. Geo. 2016 Award winning photos

Oh, the emails were SUCH a national security breach!

‘Brexit’ and Russia Loom Over Obama’s Final NATO Summit Meeting


Missing White House Emails GOP Hypocrisy Extravaganza!

Creationists say theme park’s caged dinosaurs will prove Bible story about Noah’s Ark

Sometimes it seems like I serve on juries 3 or maybe 4 in 24 hours.

Bloomberg Politics Put Together Supercut of Gretchen Carlson's Co-Hosts Commenting on Her Appearance

Five myths about America espoused by politicians

Jim Comey comments

So the "marked classified" is BS also.

Is it time to remove the 'no sports' rule for GD?

Can users who have not agreed to the ToS serve on juries?

UK foreign secretary: US decision on Iraqi army led to rise of Isis

Rep. Mica has more lines on his face

Britain will have first female leader since Margaret Thatcher

Comey testifies to Congress: Hillary Clinton did not lie to FBI –

"Look Me In The Eyes "

Scary to see some of these Repugs conducting this interrogation.This "Mr. Mica" has a toupee

Congressman John Mica just crossed the line.

FBI Director Comey: Guccifer admitted he never got into Hillary's server.

Okay, Republicans. Your "investigate the investigation" hearing--very cute and all.

Clinton is on track to win white college grads. A Democrat hasn't done that in 60 years.

FBI Dir Comey asked if Clinton broke the law regarding emails: "My judgement is that she did not"

OK.....a list of the creepiest museums in the world (not for the faint of heart)nt

Well, one congressman fessed up.

Clinton opens up double-digit lead over Trump nationwide: Reuters/Ipsos poll

My impressions of this hearing

Just a question. Which cities DO NOT practice Broken Windows policing?

RE: The Alton Sterling murder. I wonder how much the recently passed........

Time for some Spoonerisms...

Which Shakespearean title best describes how the GOP will treat Hillary?

Here they are, the ‘enemies of equality’ for LGBT Americans

***** LIVE Blog = FBI Director Comey on the FBI’s investigation - HEARING *****

Pic Of The Moment: The House Oversight Committee Explained

Gove out: next PM will definitely be a woman

Comey did not want to admit that -

July 21, 2016: Where Were You the Day American Was...?

Meanwhile, as the "hearing" proceeds ---

Last chance to sign the petition opposing the TPP to the Democratic Platform Committee

You go Rep Coleman !

Comey is a clever and sophicicated snake-in-the-grass. He keeps

Are jury blacklists still in effect?

Regulus near moon on July 7

There's a difference between lying and answering to the best of your ability

Would Donald Trump Quit if He Wins the Election? He Doesn’t Rule It Out

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 7, 2016

Take a break from the hearing, switch over to C-span

In Shadow Of Brexit, NATO Considers Russian Deterrence

Pierce: This Man Should Not Be Nominated

We are privileged to watch the Republican Party

They got time for the inquisition.. But they aint got time

U.S. House panel considers measures to block Boeing deal with Iran

Question about hearing: are any Democrats participating? n/t

U.S. House panel considers measures to block Boeing deal with Iran

They are trying bully to Comey...

Such a list should not exist...

Eric Trump pushes his sister Ivanka as dad’s running mate: ‘She’s got the beautiful looks’

Is that Tom Delay sitting behind FBI Director Comey?

Ever get feeling that a lot of people have you on ignore?

88 Percent Of Tech Workers Say They Plan To Leave Their Jobs

It is time for law enforcement officers to be held to a higher standard of behavior

The Not-So-Liberal Roberts Court by Linda Greenhouse

Game of Thrones Season 7 - likely delayed

I think Trump might choose Gingrich... based solely on the happenstance

FBI director says Clinton did not lie, break law in email handling

Trump, Romney, and Data Denial Syndrome

Ryan will ask the Director of Natl Intell to Deny HRC Access to Classified Info

Former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner visits Tiempo Argentino newsroom after attack.

It's incredible to watch the GOP twist and obscure and project and pretend and obfuscate.

H.A. Goodman Flashback: Romanian Hacker Guccifer Just Gave Bernie Sanders the Democratic Nomination

How Sanders Squandered His Influence

Trump's disaster of a meeting with GOP senators

Shut up, chaffetz!

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) I was a Gutter Prosecutor What Arrogants

Indiana GOP to Trump: Take Mike Pence, please

Clinton Email Decision Seen As Lifeline For Those Facing Similar Charges

Will House Republicans overplay their hand on Hillary Clinton?

Petition: Tell the DNC to oppose the TPP.

Chaffee just tried to get Comey to....

Trump: I will win Illinois in a landslide

What is the "down side" of Republicans holding hearings on Clinton's congressional testimony?

Very hungry canopener bridge defeats fancy, new warning system

Morning Joe goes after FBI Dir. Comey... by interviewing Alberto Gonzalez

Set phasers to stun: Star Trek’s Sulu is out and proud in new movie

Ahead of Democratic Platform Meeting, Warren Urges Opposition to TPP Trade Deal

Elizabeth Warren: Why We Need to Stop TPP


There's a second panel?

Judge: Lesbian has no parental rights because she didn’t marry partner

He's quite tall isn't he?? the FBI director..... eom

Comey done. did dems go too easy on him?

Ok, now what group of talking heads ya gonna watch for what we didn't hear.......

group wants Walker to accept a presidential 'draft'

Every Day Life In White Racistan -- Murder In Front A Four Year-Old Child

Sanders Says He’ll Do Everything Possible to Help Elect Clinton

It was a huge mistake to bring Comey before the oversight committee today

It's About Letting Giant Corporations Rig the Rules

Report: Trump Meeting With Senate Republicans Turns Combative

WATCH: A Woman live-Streamed Her Boyfriend Being Shot Dead By The Cops

Remove Hillary, get Bernie. Remove Trump, get??? Is this what the GOP is after?

NATO could be at its most critical point since the Soviet Union broke up

Ark Encounter opens to public Thursday

Grab a black man, whose been accused of 'something' by an anonymous source,

Fox News Brings On Infamous Racist To Discuss Alton Sterling’s Death

I Applaud James Comey on His Brer Rabbit Act.

Congress is putting our nation at risk

Trump Manages To Give Some House GOPers More Heartburn In Hill Meeting

Obama On Fatal Shootings: 'We've Got A Serious Problem'

Ahead of Democratic Platform Meeting, Warren Urges Opposition to TPP Trade Deal

Ryan: ‘All options’ available for punishing Dems for sit-in

What, EXACTLY, constituted Hillary's great carelessness in handling her emails.

Former CIA director Petraeus hid papers in attic insulation

Democratic platform fight over TPP will show what democracy we really have

Donald Trump Is The Dumbest Person To Ever Run For President

Sanders: 'We Have Got To Do Everything We Can' To Elect Clinton

Democrats and the TPP: Who Speaks for the Future?

#ComeyHearing - Cummings: "This is an abuse of taxpayer dollars for political purposes."

Sanders: 'We Have Got To Do Everything We Can' To Elect Clinton


I have to vent... I'm really upset with political discussions on FB

The new jury system is a real problem in LBN.

Gowdy is such a twerp.

Comey says FBI did not 'give a hoot about politics' in Clinton email probe

Environmental groups push back against the TPP

Cleveland police officer Nakia Jones, on the Alton Sterling Shooting (Powerful)


Who Protects Us From You? - BDP

What Republican's learned from Watergate and how it comes to life today.

The NRA chimes in on the Castile murder:

Republicans are acting more politically tone deaf than usual these days.

The cell phone has put millions of video cameras out around the U.S.

Benghazi bingo. Boom...there is it from Grothman.

What's the difference between taking paper documents home with you and keeping them in your house

Cooling Centers in DC, Prince George's County

Cooling Centers in DC, Prince George's County

These fuckers can hold an emergency hearing on emails

Had my eyes checked this morning. Can't see a thing now

Experts: "Uphill battle" to push a perjury charge on Hillary Clinton.

If you got a problem with the FBI clearing Hillary, you got a problem.

Here comes Randi!

The Koch Shadow Network Is Funding Dangerous Candidates All Over The Country

The Internet of Things Could Keep Dirty Coal Plants in Business

Hillary Clinton is one of the most honest people to have ever lived and I can PROVE IT!

FBI director says he's no longer a registered Republican


I think it's time the Democrats (us) go after these corrupt investigators.

More unjustified killings at the hands of police.

What does Trump really want? "The girl & the car. Respect, maybe. Could definitely use a mortgage"

Trump's son-in-law under fire from family

Biggest obstacle to peace in Colombia may not be FARC, but an ex-president

Biggest obstacle to peace in Colombia may not be FARC, but an ex-president

Trump's son-in-law under fire from family

Ancient Brazilians Reused Homes for Generations

FBI Director Admits Hillary Clinton Emails Were Not Properly Marked Classified

3 Yr Old Finds Gun Under Bed = "Accident" And Just Another Statistic

Ancient Brazilians Reused Homes for Generations

Anschutz in bed with anti-LGBT forces

Wine, music, and sparkling conversation - What more could you ask for?

Photos of World’s Famous Monuments Taken The Other Way

Hillary Clinton Never Came Close to Compromising National Security - Mother Jones

Minnesota Archbishop Who Denounces Homosexuality Now Being Investigated for Having Sex with Priests

Elizabeth Warren Pushes For Anti-TPP Pledge In Democratic Platform

Proposed St. Louis bill would require a license to give to the homeless

Hillary Clinton being investigated for Euro semifinal match fixing.

Bernie Sanders Is Expected to Endorse Hillary Clinton Next Week

Gov. Dayton says a white man wouldn't have been killed under the circumstances

Open Carry is shit!

Brazilian government rejects calls for forced contact with isolated Amazonian tribes

Brazilian government rejects calls for forced contact with isolated Amazonian tribes

Seven Los Angeles Men Charged for Firebombing African-American Residences

Loudoun middle schooler wins national NASA engineering contest

Would Donald Trump quit of he wins the election?

They know HC is guilty.

Blood is being spilled in our streets

Death Squad Revelations and the New Police in Honduras

I haven't posted on DU in many months

Death Squad Revelations and the New Police in Honduras

Update: Trump’s Son-in-Law Gets Destroyed By His Own Family For Defending Trump

If you are choking, tasing and restraining someone

Former champion Bartoli fighting virus, fears for life

1 Ukrainian Soldier Killed, 7 Wounded in Battle; Villagers, OSCE Observers Blocked

[ENG] The latest edition of StopFake News with Irena Chalupa. This week’s fakes

Advice needed-

It’s 2016 and this is the Year When Christmas Day Comes Every Day.

George Takei: Why I love a country that once betrayed me

If Dems win back the House and Hillary wins the White House...

R Sen. Sasse compares Trump to Dumpster Fire. Dumpster wins. Sen. Flake will mow lawn.

Just read an article...”Black Lives Don’t Matter to the NRA"

Russia Will Deploy Their Only Aircraft Carrier To The Mediterranean To Support Assad

FRANCE BEATS GERMANY 2-0 !!!!!!! Yippppeeeeeeeee !!!

The GOP's endless use of inquisitions as political hit squads & to intimidate Government employees

North Korea Calls US Sanctions Against Kim Jong-U​n A 'Declaration Of War'

For Philando Castile, Social Media Was the Only 911

"Did she lie under oath?"

The Need For a Federal Response to the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

Is Concealed Carry Only For White People?

Dear Media, People Need To See The Truth About Police Violence!

House Will Ask FBI To INVESTIGATE If Clinton Lied To Congress

TBT, Let's not forget

Trump chistled down his bill from an architect to less than 1/6 of the contracted price.

Disastrous toll – 21 Latin American journalists killed in past six months

Look at this man

At least some used EMAILGATE/NO INDICTMENT to publicize the latest shooting

700,000 People Call on Democratic Party to Reject Pacific Trade Deal

Did war change Guatemala's faith?

Same old script. GOP overplays their hand again, it backfires.

Whose server is more

Did war change Guatemala's faith?

it appears the u.s. media has pretty much ignored the Chilcot report.

Attempts to Interfere with High Profile Trial in Guatemala

Mmmmm... Brooklyn empanadas

Sanders to endorse Clinton Tuesday in New Hampshire.

Trump trying to unify the GOP is not going so well!

Need advice on how to juggle this...

Sanders to endorse Clinton Tuesday in New Hampshire.

Obama Confronts ‘Precarious’ Afghanistan, Brexit at NATO Summit

Attempts to Interfere with High Profile Trial in Guatemala

Updated. Here's an armed wanted murderer. Did the cops shoot him?

New toys!

Pew: Clinton Up 9 Points Nationally

The Democratic platform is far more liberal than four years ago. Here’s why that matters.

June Was Warmest Since 1895 in U.S. Topping Record Set in 1933

NYT reports on private prison transport companies and their routine abuse and neglect of prisoners

GOP gun bill in limbo, as Speaker Paul Ryan threatens punishment for Democrats' sit-in.

GOP senators literally snuck out of a back alley behind a gas station to avoid talking about Trump

Diamond Reyolds speaks out after her boyfriend is shot by police in Minnesota

Rs Thought Hillary Indictment Would Save Them In November

Nicholas Shaxson: "Snakes On a Campaign" The Real Reason Trump Won't Release His Taxes

nettie stevens 155th birthday--american geneticist (chromosomal basis of sex)

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? honourig nettie stevens, geneticist

Here is far more serious police confrontation where nobody was killed. I know this

Armed Drones Used by Islamic State Posing New Threat in Iraq

nettie stevens 155th birthday-american geneticist, confirmed chromosomal basis of sex

The G.O.P.’s New Conspiracy-Fueled Clinton Attack Just Backfired

Video Link: GMO Debate, July 7, 2016 - Senator Bernie Sanders speaks AGAINST the DARK Act

Remember when some were confidently proclaiming that the FBI

Randi rhodes discussing white privilege and blm and the newest murder by cop

Police instructions...

So p.o.s.CongressCritter CHAFFETZsays he's sending aReferral to FBI for lying to Congress under oath

Ann Coulter: My VP Prediction — Donald Trump’s First Mistake

Tibetans in Lhasa honour Dalai Lama on birthday, but furtively

County Officials in Tibet Seize Land, Sell at a Profit to Developers

More DU Love for this DUer Rep running against an ALEC Star? I'm getting good press!

GOP senators literally snuck out of a back alley behind a gas station to avoid talking about Trump

New Yorkers Protest Deadly Police Shootings

White man arrested alive after pointing shotgun at passing cars and shooting handgun at deputy

More DU Love for this DUer Rep running against an ALEC Star? I'm getting good press!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 8 July 2016

Leader of Brazil's Rousseff Impeachment (Cunha) Resigns From Top Job

R's "investigation" batting average over 25 years...

Comey says "extreme carelessness", compared to what? how would U describe outing a covert CIA agent?

Syrian army fire cuts only road into rebel-held Aleppo

Loretta Lynch needs to take control of HER Justice Dept and shut these investigations DOWN NOW.

Sanders: 'We Have Got To Do Everything We Can' To Elect Clinton

Aches and pains as we grow older.

Brian Fallon coming up on MSNBC on All due respect

Trump has only gotten a taste of the hero worship that comes with being President (or a nominee)

Bush's Baghdad Bob says it's a good idea to hold perjury hearings on Hillary:

I think we are all being duped.

Dr. James Dobson on Trump's Christian Faith

The obvious reason the NRA isn’t commenting on the Philando Castile police shooting

My Asian music Youtube list...

Hours of listening, my youtube Asian music list

Would White America like to be treated like Blacks are treated in America?..


Comey thinks cell phones give cops chilling effect

Does anyone remember the "Elite Republican Guard"?

Maine attorney general confirms complaint against LePage administration for open-meetings violation

Snopes on Alton Sterling photo being circulated. It's bogus, here's the link to give out

Comey admits Classified materials were NOT PROPERLY MARKED

So when Bernie endorses Hillary...

Watching Obama's talk on Castile+ other police related murders...

All Black Men Look Alike.

Isaac Bailey CNN: Why we always find excuses for cops who kill

Star Trek Beyond - Sulu to be first Trek gay character

Otsuka Ai

The Sexism and Harassment at Fox Goes Far Beyond Ailes, Carlson Says

Otsuka Ai

Keith Rothfus (PA-12) Daily Kos "Crazy Republican of the Day"

None of Hillary's Emails That She Received on Her Server Were Marked with a Classified Header

Texas proposes strict new rules for disposal of aborted fetal tissue

Texas proposes strict new rules for disposal of aborted fetal tissue

Florida judge who punished victim will be reprimanded

US and Britain wrangled over Iraq's oil in aftermath of war, Chilcot shows

U.S. spending on prisons grew at three times rate of school spending: report

Texas intends to add abortion regulations

Congresspeople use personal email accounts, private cellphones, and unsecured servers

U.S. spending on prisons grew at three times rate of school spending: report

Texas attorney general attacks Obama’s directive on transgender students

U.S. lawmakers blast Obama administration over ex-Guantanamo prisoner

Carolyn Maloney Asks FBI Director James Comey About Donald Trump - Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Compares Hillary Star Of David Tweet To Frozen Children's Book

A New Russian Soyuz Spacecraft Launches to the International Space Station

Cosby loses latest bid to get sex assault charges dismissed

Iraq Report Prompts More Defensiveness Than Regret From Tony Blair

Photo of Obama in Muslim garb shows deep ties to faith, O'Reilly says

HRC now stands for two things.

Here is my question to America...

highest praise for Joy Reid from MSMBC..... she held a smug, lying

Vatileaks journalists cleared as PR consultant and priest found guilty

A White Nationalist Website Is Sponsoring An RNC Rally Featuring Trump Surrogates

A more populous country trying to claim islands offshore of a weaker country is wrong, right?

Dropped charge for highest ranking officer in Freddie Gray case

Clinton tops Trump by 9 points in new Pew poll

This is what I think I when I hear Don the con

Professors sue University of Texas and state attorney over campus carry laws

APNewsBreak: State Department Reopens Clinton Emails Probe

Growing Unease as British Mutual Funds Block the Exit Doors

Rep. Elijah Cummings Questions FBI's Comey about zero actual classified e-mails.

Trump 'unlikely' to pick Christie, according to sources

Only two Republican politicians are viewed favorably by the majority of Americans.

Piedmont Park hanging referred to FBI

US House Probes Response to Toxic Chemical in Drinking Water

Leader of Brazil's Rousseff impeachment resigns from top job

Freedom Caucus seeks to delay Congress's promised gun control vote

Obama And Putin Agree On More Syria Co-ordination

I now fully understand why Fox News hate Hillary


At least 35 killed in attack on Shi'ite mausoleum north of Baghdad

Toady on MTP Today: June Polls A Good Indicator of Nov Results

A History of Violence, the Economist