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How is this lock appropriate, & not an indication of Bernie fan intolerance and over-sensitivity

Trump's foreign policy adviser will talk about his foreign policy – just not today

Jeff Merkley for VP

Refugee who fled Boko Haram for Italy killed by 'ultra' football fan

Study: Trump Health Care Plan Would Make 18M Uninsured

What is the purpose of not showing a jury's decision?

Shooting of "Mr. Phil" shocks Minnesota school colleagues

Looks like protests are breaking out around the country... (UPDATE)

Sheriff: Autistic woman kept outdoors with kennel-like crate

San Diego homeless band together amid killing spree

Bernie is about to join us in supporting Hillary.

Clinton may not have understood when information was classified

How come with basic income, a need when automation destroys work, liberals study it before they

This is so true about murdoch

Tennessee investigates shooting involving sheriff deputies

Trump's 34 Year Old Daughter is Seriously On His VP Shortlist...What The Fuck?

What is my "registration" in Minnesota (I know, probably the dumbest question ever)

WI Sen. Johnson shares the #TrumpSquadGoals -- 100% in sync against reproductive health.

Sanders, other lawmakers, urge FDA approval of generic Crestor

Great video from Elizabeth Warren on the TPP

Press Release Ryan Formally Asks DNI to Deny Secretary Clinton Access to Classified Information

Two charged after video shows man jumping on swimming moose

Did Trump release the line up of speakers for the convention today?

Dedicated to today's & perpetual CongressCritter hearings: The Inquisition

Police Arrest Facebook Flag Burner, Ignore Death Threats Against Him

Fun for the whole family!

why isnt there an advantagex for people? if it works on dogs

So where is the NRA on yesterday's cop murder of a black man?

Animated: Frank Zappa on Why the Culturally-Bereft United States Is So Susceptible to Fads (1971)

Poland rushes vote to unblock top court before Obama arrives

Is it now safe to say that Comey, like almost all republicans is a hypocrite, and either

Rep. Collins is on the Donald Clown train..."Donald Trump is a movement"



Keith Olbermann Yahoo Interview

The majority of Democrats are opposed to the TPP

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Weekend! & Uncensored & Live & a

US and Britain wrangled over Iraq's oil in aftermath of war, Chilcot shows

State Department reopens Clinton emails probe

Mission Juno - Great documentary on Jupiter and NASA's Juno probe

Hillary & VP Biden in Scranton Pa tomorrow..

Debbie Wasserman Schultz And The Crisis in Workers’ Retirement Funds

Mark Dayton: Philando Castile would not have been shot if he were white

Spare a thought for the folks in Taiwan as Cat4 Super Typhoon Nepartak

SF voters could see 39 — yes, 39! — city ballot measures

Predict how many congressman and senators will be attending

Black Man Was Just Found Hanging from a Tree in Atlanta

Iraq War Lies, 13 Years Later (New York Times)

Will Democrats Get It Right on Climate Before It's Too Late?

affecting demographic groups?

The Problem with the Police

That's nice, Trump. They all think you're a dick

Hunger, disease caused by El Nino hitting millions of children hard, UNICEF says

Donald Trump's N.Y. campaign leader Carl Paladino appears to call for lynching of AG Loretta Lynch

Michael Eric Dyson, NYT: What White America Fails to See

As Epipen prices skyrocket, consumers and EMTs resort to syringes for severe allergies

DU POLL: Would you readily call the cops if you needed help?

MOTHER JONES: The SCIENCE of why cops shoot young black men

Judge Who Asked Rape Victim ‘Why Can’t You Keep Your Knees Together’ May Lose His Job

Peacemaking Goes Awry as Donald Trump Lashes Out at G.O.P. Senators

NASA to Host Media Events Marking Anniversary of First Mars Landing

What happened to Steve Kornakie?

Rep Gerry Connelly is one of my new heroes. He's sticking it to Kornacki, who is trying his best

Food chain Wendy's hit by massive hack

Shots fired at Dallas protest. Officer down

The only way this is going to end is for EVERY PERSON at or left of center to vote

NASA Highlights Space Station Research Benefits, Opportunities at San Diego Conference

Appeals court rejects Texas' bid to scuttle federal judge's naming of special masters in foster care

Trouble brewing in Dallas

Rise of Day - A Day to Remember

i want to hold hearings on the repulicans on why they want to spend billions

Many injured in Taiwan train blast

Thoughts After the Two Recent Police Shootings

Chile's Ex-Army Commander Detained in 1973 Killing Case

Thoughts After the Two Recent Police Shootings

Sanders Campaign’s Priority Amendments to Democratic Platform

Two police officers shot in Dallas protest

A "limited hangout". The best DC Kabuki since Fitzmas.

Chiquita Executives Must Face Claims Over Colombian Torture

Missouri Governor Vetoes Photo ID Voting Requirement

New warning to leave harbor seal pups alone

This video is haunting (Dallas Shooting)

This news out of Dallas is AWFUL

Meg Kelly realizing that she is showing footage of murdered police officer on television (Graphic)

This shit is just bonkers-One Suspect Still Outstanding-Claims 'END IS NEAR' in an apocalyptic way.

How many millions upon millions have been spent on investigating Hillary

More Little Moster Pics

Somebody told me I was brilliant today.

Black Lives M A T T E R

‘The Biggest Danger for Donald Trump: Florida’

Call it what you want, it doesn't matter to me.

Watch this black female officer's righteous rant.

Fox is now reporting 3 to 6 officers down in Dallas. n/t

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 10 - Googie Withers

Channel 5 Dallas reporting 4 DART officers shot, one has died. (UPDATED)

TCM Schedule for Monday July 11 - Robert Osborne's Picks

One Officer Killed

All my love to you all today, it's been a heartbreaking few days

NOW will the gopper's allow debate and voting on gun reform?

So, will the Republicans in congress continue tommorrow with the E-mail nonsense

Now reporting 3 officers dead. 2 snipers were shot by police. 3 cops in critical condition

FUCK YOU, Clint Van Zant. Just FUCK YOU

MSNBC: The Republicans goofed. The hearing helped Hillary.

"Two snipers shot 10 officers" Now UPDATE to " 11 Police Officers from an elevated position.

Led Zeppelin - All My Love (VIDEO)

Jesus... I might as well say it..

CNN: 3 Dead, 3 in surgery, 3 in critical condition 11:35EDT No suspects in custody

Ten shot. Three dead. Two snipers. Dear God...

3 Officers Dead 10 shot in all


This feels like 1968.

Dallas Police Chief: No Suspects in Custody

Three days, three live videos of persons being shot to death

God. 11th police officer shot.

Person of interest photo just televised, report that gunfire is continuing, 11th officer just shot

An eleventh officer has been shot. This is ongoing. Dear god.

Dammit! The snipers just changed the whole conversation.....

The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral

A thought about the news coverage of the Dallas cop killings vs the two dead black men

EDITED: Person has apparently been identified and was not one of the shooters. Please...

Police Chief: Clear Picture of Person of Interest Open Carrying Rifle at Rally

Open Carry looks pretty stupid right now

i dont have cable, so can someone explain why the word terrorist is being thrown around?

HRC up by 30-points overall in California leads 75-12 among Latinos

HRC up by 30-points overall in California & leads 75-12 among Latinos

Just a reminder: the reliability of information coming out is suspect

One shooter not caught one in negotiations

Uh, suspect Dallas police just showed is clearly seen in video as shooting is happening...

Keep in Mind - "Person of Interest" does not equal "Suspect in a crime".

Breaking: No Suspects in Custody

I want to cry

Dallas police chief: 10 officers shot at protest; 3 dead

I weep tonight.

This deserves its own thread: POI Brother video NOT THE SHOOTER

President Obama on the Fatal Shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

Person of Interest/Man in Pic is not involved per brother

F Faux news calling him a suspect

Kansas News - 7/7/2016

Geez Lousie Faux news

two suspects now in custody bomb found

Former congressman Joe Walsh called for a race war tonight and possibly the assassination of Obama.

I just emailed MSNBC and CNN the video that Drunken Irishman posted about the "person of interest"

Witness says one of the shooters was using "AR-15"


FBI investigating after cellphone video shows police fatally shooting unarmed man in Fresno

Re Dallas: Why do the news commentators keep referencing the JFK assassination?

What? And When?

Comey might have gone too far: Alan Dershowitz

America's gun culture, ladies and gentlemen....

Live CAM from Dealey Plaza

Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction (VIDEO)

Businesses joining first Palestinian-Israeli mall face boycott

That "person of interest" in the pic is not guilty

So Bernie is going to endorse. I'm glad. NOW will you get off of his case?

In private meeting Trump instructs Repubs on hill to only say "great" things about him

'Kill Zone'? Were these killers military trained?

Alight NRA now you got a bunch of cops blood

We should still have the "victory rally" in Philly.

Live Coverage Dallas WFAA

"It's not the right time for talk about gun control."

I hope the Presdent's SS detail is on extra alert.

Female in custody. Male suspect shooting it out still with police amid negotiations.

I want to say this.

Nebraska News - 7/8/2016

Sounds like maybe more than two shooters.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Hate to ask this..

I think it is irresponsible to speculate on the identity of the shooters.

How does a spontaneous protest turn into this?

One Hour ago

German agency accuses Iran of trying to buy nuclear technology after 2015 deal

We should probably stop treating fascism as some kind of remote possibility

Super typhoon Nepartak causes devastation across Taiwan's coastline

Of course she does.

Video of misidentified open carry POI handing gun over to cop

Link to VIDEO of man with weapon not shooting when shooting started...

Mark Hughes (wrong person) has been released and is being interviewed w/ brother.

Fuck Commerce

5th officer has died. :( nt

"Complex Warfare"

South Dakota News - 7/8/2016

CDOC: Parole absconder may be in Fort Collins

One civilian injured while shielding her children

So what will be the Democratic GE debate strategy?

FBI Director revises stance, says none of Hillary Clinton’s emails were classified at the time

An endless supply of wacko Militia wannabees, being necessary to the anxiety-driven gun-sales

so what is the House agenda for today...

Silent thread in memory of the five Dallas police officers killed in the sniper attack.

Nothing I have seen has indicated to me these people have any

North Dakota News - 7/8/2016

These people (whoever the fuck they are) could legally

Silent thread in memory of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

Suspect has been neutralized per MSNBC and DFW.CBSLOCAL.COM and CNN.

This is the true RIGGED SYSTEM:When GOP demands investigations into Benghazi and Hillary's emails a

Guam News - 7/8/2016

Daily Holidays - July 8

US Zika Infections During Pregnancy Climbs to 320, CDC Says

Some police officer on TV was just saying how shocked they all are that this has happened.

Remember when Sharon Angle in Nevada talked about "2nd Amendment Remedies" to oppression?

After Greece, Slovenia takes a taste of the European Financial Dictatorship!

The Dallas shooter/suspect has been killed

Seventh Guilty Plea in Oregon Standoff -- #BundyTeaParty

Northern Marianas News - 7/8/2016

Hawaii News - 7/8/2016

BREAKING: President Obama expected to speak about Dallas any minute.

Iraq violence: Dozens killed in Shia shrine suicide attack

So farewell then, Michael Gove. You were right about one thing

Turning Point in America...Now is the time to Mourn and Stop the Hate, and pray for our President.

This video of Mark Hughes should be viewed far and wide

US and South Korea agree THAAD missile defence deployment

Dear America - I weep for you

Doanld Trump is winning according to twitter

Castile’s murder is the racist claim that “black culture is a victim cult” in action (Graphic)

Alaska News - 7/8/2016

If only everybody at that protest had been armed, the cops would have been so much safer.

Assault rifles with hi-cap clips are making america great again

Large swath of downtown Dallas' west side will remain closed Friday after officer slayings

Australian federal election 2016: Turnbull to form government, Shorten predicts another poll

When is enough, enough?

Nato summit to focus on IS, Russian aggression, Afghan war

Who’s not defending Mississippi’s religious freedom law

Editor's note about Trump

With nearly every demographic, Hillary Clinton is outperforming Barack Obama in 2012

Even in the Ozarks, Anglican tradition finds space inside Catholicism

Did Pete Sessions just link President Obama to the blame for the Dallas shootings, on Morning Joe ?

Just heard convervative commentator Ben Fergusen refer to Dallas attacks as terrorist attacks

sick comments at youtube on President Obama's speech

Trump to House Republicans: ‘Say great things . . . We love Trump.’

Wyoming News - 7/8/2016

Why the Democrats Need to Sink the TPP

Deaths during 2003 heatwave due to global warming - scientists

"All Lives Matter" is a wonderful sentiment but...why is it only trotted out when black people

Former Ill. Rep. Walsh after Dallas shooting: 'Watch out Obama'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on why we need to stop the TPP (July 7th 2016)

((((((((((((((((((GUNS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) again



Friday Toon Roundup 1: Violence

Friday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Dutch offshore wind project shatters cost reduction goals

Rep. Corrine Brown to be indicted in federal court

In my opinion for whatever its worth

Peacemaking Goes Awry as Donald Trump Lashes Out at G.O.P. Senators

Andrea Mitchell is a disgusting person

Florida's Disgusting Algae Bloom Is Now Visible From Space

Clinton-Biden rally in PA postponed. no date set per msnbc

The signature demand of BLM is improved relations between the police and black America.

My snap take on the Dallas shootings: This was an attempt by righting racists, newly empowered by

America's Victim is Trust

CA Primary Final tally: HRC 53.1% BS 46.0% ~ 7.1 Difference w/ Zero Unprocessed (HRC GP)

CA Primary Final tally: HRC 53.1% BS 46.0% ~ 7.1 Difference w/ Zero Unprocessed (GD16 GP)

Payroll employment increases by 287,000 in June; unemployment rate rises to 4.9%

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes banned for two years

For what it's worth: Who else has this same earworm?

Raleigh, NC May Lose $40 Million in Convention Business Over Hateful Anti-LGBT Law

Does it seem to anyone else like the bourgeoisie today........

Mars Canyons Study Adds Clues about Possible Water

Has Durr trump tweeted his racist nationalist response to the events in Dallas yet?


Team Begins Powering up Science Instruments (Juno)

Clinton Narrows Her VP Short List

Hillary Clinton has postponed her events in Scranton w/ Biden, per an aide. She will still go to Ph

Poll sees Hillary Clinton trouncing Donald Trump in California

Trump 'unlikely' to pick Christie, according to sources

Where is the NRA?

Dallas shooting: suspect killed by police wanted to 'kill white officers'

No matter what race the cop killers are, they don't represent the vast majority of Americans

Why do peanuts or other nuts in a can in the house get sweaty? nt

Edgar Jerins Paints the Kansas & Nebraska Donkeys for the 2016 Democratic Convention

Republican Questioning of FBI’s Comey Turns Into Embarrassing Disaster for the GOP

What happened yesterday is the NRA's wet dream.

3 in custody 1 dead.

US Capitol on Lockdown, Police Searching for Individual

"Hey Joe Walsh, you can't delete the whole internet"

Is there a way to change the time?

So, where were all the good guys with guns?

After Dallas shootings, former congressman threatens Obama

Idaho News - 7/8/2016

The Young Turks on Bernie Sanders getting booed by House Dems

The Return of Clinton Derangement Syndrome

Cartoon: Tony Blair Sort Of Apologizes For The Iraq War Disaster

If anyone is interested in doing battle with RW sites commenting on Obama's response to the Dallas

Top Republican Drowns In His Own Email Hypocrisy While Criticizing Hillary Clinton

So is Texas now going to make it illegal for blacks to buy guns?

"If Trump were to TAP HIS DAUGHTER, the move would be unprecedented." -People Magazine

Philippine President Blames US, UK for Middle East Violence

It is high time to declare the NRA for what it is:

I stand for peace

Our Congress!

Fox's Gretchen Carlson Files Harassment Lawsuit Against Fox News Chief Roger Ailes

Trump Used $12,000 in Charity Money to Buy Helmet Autographed by Tim Tebow

Delicate Flowers

For the love of their art - Photographers going the distance

Cpacky Wacky* Teem 2016 (*actual quotes)

After assassination of police officers, Trump says the right thing

Fact check: No, the State Department is not re-investigating Hillary Clinton’s email

Law professor's response to BLM shirt complaint.

Tweet from Hillary Clinton on Dallas shooting

Gun Activist Says He Warned PD Involved In Philando Castile Shooting About Shady Traffic Stops

Baton Rouge

MJB Army Green Coffee in the two pound coffee tins are A MONSTER OF SLEEPLESSNESS.

The Reverse Culture War. After years on the defensive, Dems now seem to have voters on their side

The Uncomfortable Reason Why it Came to This in Dallas Yesterday

Lol, Bill Clinton wishes John Dingell a happy birthday

Joe Conason: What The Republican Assault On James Comey Reveals About Today’s GOP

So is this the first time an active shooter asshole was taken out via bomb?

According to the Dallas Police Chief, the dead killer was killed by a robot

Are Big Ag's Chemicals Making Us All Sick? (w/ Guest: Dr. Stephanie Seneff)

An Undercover Officer Shares His Thoughts On Police Violence.

Brexit Plows into British Consumers, Economy to Spiral Down

I'd like to thank the Dallas shooters...(not really)

"If only those police officers were armed, they could have defended themselves."

Putin’s ‘Big Brother’ Surveillance Law Criticized by Snowden


Is this What Hit Housing in San Francisco, Manhattan, and Miami? Suddenly, Foreign Investors Pull...

There is an easy way for cops everywhere to lower the tension with the community

Jim Jefferies -- Donald Trump (2016)

Former Illinois Rep. Walsh tweets after Dallas shooting: 'Watch out Obama'

Gunman blown up by police identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, per MSNBC.

Philando Castile Was a Role Model to Hundreds of Kids, Colleagues Say

Sorry – but it was the police who escalated the violence to this point

France submits fresh plan for six nuclear plants in Jaitapur

As we speculate on VP candidates, I wonder what ever happened to Deval Patrick?

The Anti-Government Extremism Behind the Movement to Seize Public Lands

Ex-GOP Rep Warns Obama, BLM To ‘Watch Out’ After Dallas Shootings

Man pulls gun at Don't Shoot PDX protesting US police shootings

Joan Osborne has a birthday today.

New York Post Blares Dallas Police Killings Set Off 'CIVIL WAR'

Louis Jordan was born on this date.

Sanders' Influence Ahead of Clinton Endorsement- Bloomberg Politics (HRC GP)

Senate Dems Block $575B Defense Spending Bill

SCOTUS-Is it possible?

Micah Xavier Johnson identified as Dallas police shooting suspect

So sad that we forget the importance MLK Jr.'s teachings..

Some might have seen this but I love it

Ryan’s clown act: He is a right-wing raver, not the honorable statesman he pretends to be (HRC GP)

Keeping you and those who have been taken in our hearts Dr. King..

As soon as The Quitter's word salad is ready she'll have a Dallas statement.

Rep. Lieu questions FBI DIR. Comey During House Oversight Hearing On FMR. SEC. Clinton’s Emails

Chosen for Jury?

Today's word of the day is "Stochastic"

Reorienting our discussion of city growth

The internet connects us all including those who belong on the internut

Anyone else love oyster stew?

How Sweet The Sound...

Hello, new here, about nausea

The Beginner's Guide to Open Streets

Woodstock of Wingnuts to Kick Off Trump’s Classy Cleveland Convention

Trump or Us: Which Side Are You On? - by Joy-Ann Reid

The next time someone says ‘all lives matter,’ show them these 5 paragraphs

Washington Post's profile of Officer Zamarripa

Conservative writer blames ‘race-baiting Pocahontas’ Elizabeth Warren for death of Dallas cops

Law Enforcement Reform is needed

Texas Republicans want aborted fetal tissue taken to funeral homes

Disaffected Republicans

‘Hit the ground!’: Trump supporter pulls gun on Black Lives Matter rally in Portland

Trump Supporters' Battle Cry: “Hang That B*tch!”

Marvin Gaye What's Going On

Pic Of The Moment: Massacre Update

Woman Who Worked At Fox News Says She Had To Wear Her ‘Skirts Short’ And Her ‘Heels High’

The house just held its usual moment of silence

So where do we go from here?

Corgi Kibbel Dancing

Imagine being the family of the shooter..

Ryan’s clown act: He is a right-wing raver, not the honorable statesman he pretends to be

So, who's the guy with the long beard speaking

Drudge Report Covers Dallas with ‘Black Lives Kill’ Headline

A few hours in local radio Wingnut self-delusion:

How do I get rid of Ghostery - or should I? Is it a Firefox thing?

Is Obama going to address the nation?

It's enormous fun watching Congressional Republicans squirm.

The time for these discussions about guns should have been yesterday, not tomorrow.

BUSTED: Republican Trey Gowdy Caught Using Private Email Server

10 common objections to Hillary Clinton - and how to counter them

SIGN THE WHITE HOUSE PETITION - Investigate the threat Joe Walsh made to harm President Barack Obama

Sneaky Rethug Decisions

10 common objections to Hillary Clinton - and how to counter them (HILLARY GROUP)

Sorry, but I am not comfortable with local police forces using explosives on citizens

Powerful photo from Baltimore !

Trump might drop out... For the right price.

I thought this was appropriate today after the shootings in Dallas last night...........

For anyone wondering.

Trump's Va chair accuses Hillary Clinton of "encouraging" Dallas police officers' murder

Trotsky on acts of individual terrorism.......

Reproductive rights advocates call for repeal of Wisconsin admitting privileges law

1968 Review.

I'm sorry, I can't be 'silent'.

Limbaugh just called BLM a "terrorist organization"

Black Lives Matter had nothing to do with Dallas

Do we have 7 of 9 to thank for Pres. Obama? Strange twists of the universe

Trump Might Drop Out...For A Price The Young Turks

AP: Army confirms Michah Johnson served tour in Afghanistan

Black Lives Matter had nothing to do with the shootings in Dallas

A List of Radio Stations that carry Joe Walsh's Hate-Filled Talk Shows:

Way to reduce Medicare Gov. costs - legalize weed

Donald and dildo

One thing I really don't get is why cops are so quick to shoot African American men.

The rare black "Crazed Lone Gunman"

The Essential Rules of Information Classification

New toys part 2, 9mm body cap lens

Rocky Mountain Mike "the gunsplainer" / audio that might help

Can we say "pre-meditated" yet?

Chicago Call To Action -- #ChiCallToAction 6 PM 5101 S. Wentworth -- Be An Ally, Be A Voice

U.S. GMO food labeling bill passes Senate

Dallas Protest Organizer Condemns Shooting: Blue Lives Matter Also

PBS Newshour sounding board 4 GOP Disinformation in report on GOP-Comey anti-Clinton campaign speech

anybody ever order a face cream for 5 bucks and it auto renews for $90 and it has no phone#

Worth while cross post from General Discussion

Oakland: Six arrests in anti-police protest that shut down I-880

Dear Rightwing lurkers and their compadres

Interesting article (I thought) "Police Shootings Highlight Unease Among Black Gun Owners"

I just knew Alex Jones would pull shit like this, I just knew it!

US investigating allegations Honduran military had hitlist of activists to target

The Rude Pundit on the latest mass shooting

Another Black Person Executed By Police, Another Mass Killing, Another Useless Prayer Vigil. Check!

When other white people talk about "healing the racial divide" ...

Trump's Facebook Fans Call for Race War

Dallas Police Shooting Suspect Identified

Obama administration safest for police

for something on the light side- Steve Hofstetter goes off on heckler for six minutes

What We Know about Micah Xavier Johnson

Living with the fear of getting shot by the police..

San Diego's homeless people still on guard despite capture of suspected killer

What happened in Dallas is tragic

The Black Lives Matters Org should offer "a few minutes of silence for the victims"..

Suspect in Dallas Shootings Targeted White Officers

LOOKOUT! Here comes god!

I always thought it was weird to call it Thanks-Giving Square when it's really a triangle.

‘Christian’ Baker Says God Told Her Lesbians Aren’t Allowed To Have Birthday Cakes Either

Strong similarities to attack on Dallas police one year ago

‘Christian’ Baker Says God Told Her Lesbians Aren’t Allowed To Have Birthday Cakes Either

Dallas Police unlikely target for ambush

Do you remember the first couple of years of Obama's presidency

Obama: Dallas shootings 'vicious, calculated, despicable attack on law enforcement'

Mother of Alton Sterling's son calls Dallas shootings 'reprehensible'

Rudy Giuliani Just Blamed Black Lives Matter!

***** Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research-Clinton 48% Trump 37%*****

Baton Rouge Thought Cops Killing Black People Was Hilarious Until Now


Congressional Proposal Would Create a ‘Republic Of Cliven Bundy’


The Unbelievably True Story Of A ‘Good-For-Nothing’ Artist And Her Revolutionary Vagina

Donald Trump Supporter Pulls Out Gun At Black Lives Matter Rally, Pandemonium Ensues (DETAILS)

Where 50,000 Guns Recovered in Chicago Came From? GOP/NRA Propaganda hits Full Force

U.S. Representative Brown charged with fraud: Justice Dept.

Ohio Jury Says DuPont Acted With Malice By Poisoning People With C8

I guess I owe the group an apology........

Virginia man arrested for attempting to provide support to Islamic State

Jobs Roar Back With Gain of 287,000 in June, Easing Worry

It pains me to say this, but what the hell did they expect?

Air strikes kill 23 at holiday spot in Syria's Idlib during ceasefire: monitor

Group seeks to make removal of Jefferson Davis statue tougher (KY)

NRA Dallas shooting second amendment right?

10 States Sue Over Restrooms Transgender Students Can Use

You Can't Make This Stuff Up...

Hillary Clinton's Poll Numbers Look Nearly Unbeatable

Hillary Clinton's Poll Numbers Look Nearly Unbeatable

Trump Official Goes There: Blames Clinton For Cop Murders

When minority members commit high profile crimes (like domestic terrorism), we all feel under threat

WAMU Is Selling Its Bluegrass Country Station

FBI Director Comey says Guccifer lied (video)

My take on gun violence both in US and France

"Decadence of western elites threatening world peace", a scary Euromaidan "View"

Trump foreign policy adviser, in Moscow, says US isn’t “democratic,” praises Russia

2016 Campaign: Strong Interest, Widespread Dissatisfaction

In Dallas, what is the official reason they didn't just wait the shooter out?

I am so sad and heartbroken..that politics seems frivolous

While DPD has serious problems, it is not like a lot of police forces that end up on the news

Demonstration planned today to protest police shootings of black men (Omaha)

Longest maths proof would take 10 billion years to read

"America, Now Is The Time To Weep"

What about their service records?

CNN: 559 people killed by police so far this year

Former Alabama speaker Mike Hubbard sentenced to 4 years in prison

Dallas shooting page three in ABQ Journal

Texas Lieutenant Governor Calls Protesters ‘Hypocrites’ - One gunman

Watch for Moon and Jupiter.

Texas Lt. Gov.: Dallas BLM Protesters 'Hypocrites' For Running From Gunfire

US House panel approves Benghazi report after two-year probe

'This much is clear: We CAN stop gun violence and police shootings.

Big Pharma’s Greed Has Deadly Consequences – Capitalism Fails Again

Virginia Politics McAuliffe unveils electronic voter registration at Va. DMV

NYPD commish says Trump wanted a ‘photo op’ with NYC cops in the wake of Dallas shooting

Dallas shooter Micah Xavier Johnson was decorated Army reservist in Afghanistan

The states that spend more money on prisoners than college students

AP interview: Ginsburg doesn’t want to envision a Trump win

Statement from Sec Clinton/coming up on MSNBC Live

Jane Eliott asks: Would you like to be treated like black people?

Whatever Happened to Michael Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Crusade?

POWERFUL photo from Baltimore.

5 arguments against gun control — and why they are all wrong

Green Party Nominee Jill Stein Invites Bernie Sanders To Take Over Ticket

Green Party Nominee Jill Stein Invites Bernie Sanders To Take Over Ticket

So Micah Johnson was a Vet from the never-ending war in Afghanistan

Texas Lt. Gov.: BLM Protesters 'Hypocrites' For Running From Gunfire

Oh Man....Another Shooting

Ohio police officer Nakia Jones reportedly suspended

anybody know anything fast and touristy for Pittsburgh area?

WaPo: Alton Sterling, Eric Garner and the double standard of the side hustle

I hope this doesn't sound strange and you may disagree with it.

UNARMED black men killed by cops vs cops killed 2015

The gun laws the House Democrats proposed would not have stopped Micah Xavier Johnson

Brexit causes resurgence in pro-EU leanings across continent

Hillary Clinton live with Wolf Blitzer up now on CNN. (4:10 PM)

House Republican Calls For Government Shutdown Because FBI Didn’t Charge Hillary

Newt Gingrich: 'Normal white Americans ... don't understand being black in America'

The Dallas police circulated an innocent man's photo to millions after the shootings

Dallas Police Chief David Brown lost his son, former partner and brother to violence

Good news!

Had it not been for social media, Mark Hughes would have been Richard Jewelled

Remember that place in Alabama that didn't lower its flag to half-mast after recent mass shootings?

If Hillary Clinton Picks Elizabeth Warren, the TPP Is Dead

TBI: Tennessee highway gunman motivated by police shootings

Officer Blane Salamoni fired shots that killed Alton Sterling; records provide insight into officers

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 8, 2016

Lester Holt interview with Hillary Clinton on now

Fox News CEO in deep trouble? Lawyer claims he demanded oral sex from girl as young as 16-years-old

Is it shooter? (Singular) Or shooters? (Plural) ?

Question: is your Facebook full of "suggested page" ads for Trump or far right causes?

The upcoming Olympics vs the rule about no sports in GD

The horrific, predictable result of a widely armed citizenry

jpg. Here's where it stands ...

Police: Boy, 7, kills father in accidental shooting (Alma, Michigan)

Detectives found bomb making materials, ballistic vests, rifles, ammunition,...

Authorities: Police officers in Missouri, Georgia injured in separate ambush attacks

I am again appealing to you great researchers.

Empathy in Action: How Teachers Prepare Future Citizens

Copycat crazy reactions: luckily, no damage done, an hour away from me.

Job Growth Roars Back

Carmelo Anthony: 'We have to step up and take charge'

Clinton has a double-digit national lead.

A Fire Monkey Can Usher In Chaos. So Can 600 or So Macaques.

Trump Scales Back TV Appearances

Clinton holds a double-digit national lead.

Clinton Interview w/Wolf Blitzer; 7-8-2016

Mass. Governor Charlie Baker Signs Transgender Rights Bill Into Law

VIDEO LINK: Democratic Platform Drafting Committee Holds Platform Hearing - Orlando July 8

Dangerous flight into the wind farm—Wind turbines attract bats

The NRA speaks

Quote of the day.

"Black lives matter" and "Eat your vegetables"

Just some feedback on the jury system.

Simon Pegg ‘Respectfully Disagrees’ With George Takei Over Sulu’s Sexuality

Quote of the day from the Notorious RBG.

GOP to Clinton: Email Investigations Will Go On

Let's call it the Trudeau effect: formerly very conservative parties tacking to the left

It's the guns, stupid

Police shooting of gun permit holder concerns others who legally carry

NYPD chief denies Trump request to address officers: report

Did fRump's handlers finally muzzle the great orange one? No stooped remarks, so far.

Bigger Than Us (Damian Lillard/Paul Rey)

Trump Campaign Official Blames Hillary Clinton for Dallas Shooting

Republicans Stunned Into Silence After Obama Economy Posts Massive Jobs Gains

Countries start to issue Travel Advisories for young black males visting the US...

Flounder all'Acqua Pazza

Ginsburg added, smiling. "It's likely that the next president, whoever she will be, will have a few

Italian Fish Recipes by our Italian Grandmas!

Video emerges of police shooting of unarmed Fresno man

msnbc might cover some of Hillary speach right now but interrupted to cover Major of Dallas

As much as I've been for Bernie, I can't deny the following...

Police officers explain how they’re encouraged to act in racist ways.

The right is playing games with statistics: claiming white people in more danger of police killings.

Gambia and Tanzania ban child marriage

Judge to decide later whether Sheriff Joe Arpaio will face criminal contempt charges

Those times when Clinton's accusers—Chaffetz and Gowdy—had a few classified slips of their own

Dallas Officer-Involved Shootings Have Rapidly Declined In Recent Years

Strascinati, Shrimp and Broccoli Rabe

When Bush and Cheney doubled down on fossil fuels: A fateful choice for the climate

Gun Stocks Surge as Gun Violence Escalates

US expelled two Russian officials in response to attack on diplomat

Officials confirm Chelsea Manning has been hospitalized, lawyer says

Officials confirm Chelsea Manning has been hospitalized, lawyer says

Pro-Donald NRA Ad Appears to Incite Violence Against Hillary

Video Link: Bernie Sanders Conversation with Guest Host Al Hunt 7/7/2016

Driving while Democrat down south.

X-Post. I think you all need to see this. Trumps/ Pierres ad crosses the line.

NRA comments on Philando Castile shooting without using his name

Tom Marr, Orioles announcer turned talk radio host, dies at 73

Women to serve in close combat roles in the British military

Black Cat Love.

Australia's vast kelp forests devastated by marine heatwave, study reveals

In light of recent events, the best song about race ever

Linguine With Clams

As a 67 year old white man, let me address this to my fellow Caucasians:

List of Trump and Clinton endorsements 2016

California Man Arrested on Spy Charges Involving Satellites

Black cop union -- separate from white cops -- slams St. Louis police department.

That moment when you realize...

I swear I posted this yesterday but I can't find it: One Year Later, Cecil the Lion

Female Guards to Resume Duties in 9/11 Case at Guantanamo

Oath Keepers Calls For 'Re-Establishment Of The Militia System' In Response To Dallas Ambush

Oh dear! I've jumped into it.

A quick primer on systemic racism in US. Sad to say I think too many people here don't understand

Flags. Walls and Mirrors.

The Perfect Imperfections of Blueberry Pie

It takes only one legal gun owner to ruin it all.

*Excellent* article on "Vox" about police abuse of people's rights (especially POC) and