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Split screen

How Protesters Actually Helped the Dallas Police

The Dallas killer served a tour in we know if he saw combat?

Navy lowers medal count for SEAL Chris Kyle

Washington will be the first state with an online retirement marketplace

Washington will be the first state with an online retirement marketplace

A Musical Break from whats going on. Coldplay's Game of Thrones: The Musical

ST3 plan would cost typical adult $169 annually or $14 per month

Scum Guiliani on O'Reilly says that if BLM cared about black people

COLUMN: Gretchen Carlson is my wakeup call

Frank Luntz Admits Republican Overreach With The Clintons Will Bite Them Once Again

Ruth Ginsburg It’s likely that the next president, whoever she will be, will have a few appointments

US House panel approves Benghazi report after two-year probe

Chris Rock on Racism -- "People With The Most Got To Shut Up -- That's How Life Is"

From February to June of 2016, each month has established new records for CO2 increases in that...

Boston police warn officers of threats by gang members to target cops

Trump supporter who waved gun at Black Lives Matter rally came armed for a massacre (Portland)

Consumer Reports: Samsung phone not actually water-resistant

so according to Trump, last month's bad jobs report was a "bombshell"

London Protest #Black Lives Matter..

Donald Trump Hints To New York Times That He May Quit If He Wins

Dan Barnum, FAIA — We Honor YOU this Independence Day

Britain lifts ban on women in frontline combat army roles

Friday Talking Points (399) -- Stop All The Madness

Fox News' Ailes moves for arbitration in Carlson employment case

Leave Sen Sherrod Brown off the possible VP list

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Weekend! Best of Malloy & Uncensored & Live & a

2 min vid gives insight to the root of blacks frustration with some law enforcement in America

El Salvador arrests 5 police officers in death squad case

El Salvador arrests 5 police officers in death squad case

Anyone have the video of the autistic girl behind a reporter? Could use the joy she displayed...

We love Coca-Cola and they love death

The Complex Web of Religious Groups at the Heart of Anti-LGBT Legislation

Hillary Clinton denies careless handling of classified material

Trump's lack of inappropriate comment(s) and/or tweet(s) today...

FBI warns of safety concerns for public, law enforcement this weekend

State Department Claims to Investigate Honduras 'Kill List' as House Dems Decry US Aid to Repressive

State Department Claims to Investigate Honduras 'Kill List' as House Dems Decry US Aid to Repressive

Clinton says she relied on State aides for classification decisions

Officer Patrick Zamarripa survived three tours in Iraq before being killed in Dallas

Possibly no melt-thru at Fukushima Unit #2

Hillary's email she sent out tonight to those of us on her mailing list

Brent Thompson married fellow transit officer weeks before dying in Dallas shooting

Great video from TYT about police killing us.

Societal outlooks: 1985 and 2015; in one song.

Donald Trump Says He'll Protect Constitution's 'Article XII'

How silence can breed prejudice: Child development prof explains how/why to talk to kids about race

‘One of the good guys’: Michael Smith had been a Dallas police officer for 25 years

Sweden and Denmark got into a Twitter war, and it was hilarious

Cat Stevens - Where Do The Children Play

sums up a lot in 10 words and 2 pics

‘It doesn’t seem real’: Family of slain Dallas officer mourns ‘big guy’ with ‘big heart’

Just saw Rev. Jesse Jackson Megyn Kelley's show followed by.....

Artie and Charlie bath time

Hillary Clinton: White People Must Listen To ‘Legitimate Cries’ Of Black People

Celebrated humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi passes away in Karachi

Slain Dallas Officer Lorne Ahrens was out of surgery when something went wrong


I jus haid catarart suugery ion my riat eye...

Senator Elizabeth Warren Introduces the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act

Who were the five police officers assassinated in Dallas?

What a depressing week.

GOP rhetoric just bit them in the ass

Penalty for repeated removals by jury?

Dallas police chief lost son, brother and partner to violence

Thoughts After the Two Recent Police Shootings

The Horrific, Predictable Result of a Widely Armed Citizenry

Gun lovers are just going to have to give up assault rifles.

Good for Elizabeth Warren for speaking about Bad Mergers. -- I hope Clinton pays attention

"The Black Lives Matter Network advocates for dignity, justice, and respect."

The Porter Wagoner Show

Sanders to endorse Hillary Clinton

If we can't change hearts and minds then what else is there?

NRA proves that Second Amendment does not apply to black people.

Friday Night Wine Buzz: A tip of the hat to all the sexy lady Loungers.

Sorry I haven't posted here recently

Rep. Nick Zerwas R-30A (Elk River) thinks Dayton's comments helped caused the Dallas violence

Keep it to yourself

Venezuela and When People Are Forced to Eat Shit!

Venezuela and When People Are Forced to Eat Shit!

New Yorker - "The Horrific, Predictable Result of a Widely Armed Citizenry"

Robert Kennedy Announcing the Assasination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (VIDEO)

Wonkblog More police officers die on the job in states with more guns

Last night's shooting---so called experts were clueless and stated things

Ex-congressman Joe Walsh stands by 'Watch out Obama' tweet

Researchers discover the first evidence of Neanderthal cannibalism in northern Europe

Bahamas Issues Travel Advisory to the US Following Shootings


South Korean Media Say North Korea Has Test-Fired Submarine-Launched Missile

It's about numbers of votes and how to get them.

More questions with the new jury system

Argentina celebrates Bicentennial amid repression and recession.

Rifle identified in Dallas shootings as an SKS. Semi-auto - typically 10rnd fixed mag EDIT - OR NOT.

The Secrets in Guatemala’s Bones

The Secrets in Guatemala’s Bones

Proxemics: the study of personal space

*** Posted to the African-American Group ***

Archaeologists Reconstruct the Hillside Burial of an Ancient Shaman

Brazil Ends Monsanto Linked Pesticide Use to Fight Zika After It’s Exposed as Cause of Birth Defects

Listening to the rain falling outside. It's soothing...

Liberal Redneck - The Truth About Trump

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun ...

Skeleton with stone-encrusted teeth found in Mexico ancient ruins

Skeleton with stone-encrusted teeth found in Mexico ancient ruins

Washington week in Review (PBS) has become just as bad as Fox, re: emailgate

You know what I just realized? Critics of Black Lives Matter are forced

There is a thread in GE right now that is one of the ugliest things I've seen here

This year might break me

Fox News IS literally a terrorist organisation

Live stream from Baton Rouge protest

For those who 'show' photos

Clinton's server was not hacked. What in the Wide World of Sports

From Refugee Chefs, a Taste of Home

36 Hours in Helsinki, Finland

Eff Glenlivet, Laphroaig, Macallan, Ardberg, Lagavulin..

Simon Pegg ‘Respectfully Disagrees’ With George Takei Over Sulu’s Sexuality With a great Takai video

Can a country with open borders EVER ban guns?


Trey Gowdy is an asshat - but is he an unfortunately correct asshat?

Oregon News - 7/9/2016

from Donna Edwards

Daily Holidays - July 9

It is not so much the pitch or range of the notes that are played that challenges the musician..

'Old' info maybe not generally known:'The investigation began as a referral from the Intelligence

Washington News - 7/9/2016

Charles Cook: Republicans Have Only Themselves to Blame for Trump

Senate Passes A GMO Labeling Bill That The Food Industry Likes

2016 Rio Olympics: World No. 2 Dustin Johnson becomes first American to pull out

Sanders Scores Platform Victory, Calls for $15 Minimum Wage

Sanders Scores Platform Victory, Calls for $15 Minimum Wage

Scores of Bodies From South Sudan Gunfire, Juba Doctor Says

Iran Says It Will Continue Its Ballistic Missile Program

Marina Hyde absolutely bloody nails it. Andrea Leadsom dreadful.

North Korea fires missile from submarine but it appears to have failed: South Korea

Now a police shooting in Houston

Colorado News - 7/9/2016

Minister Bennett Is Lying. The Settlements Aren't Keeping Israel Safe.

About Kooky Conspiracy Theories...

Is Israel doomed to live with terror?

Philando Castile Was a Role Model to Hundreds of Kids

What will Israel be like in 50 years?

LDS Church's chief lawyer says not all religious freedoms should be defended the same

Mike Luckovich: I have a scream.

Utah News - 7/9/2016

Tom Perez would make a great VP

Finally, Somebody Speaks to What is Really Causing Wage Inequality

Chicago: Protesters shut down the Dan Ryan

Oh, you meant well? That's OK, then

Photo host test

Friggin Awesome!!

Proposal would create a Texas-sized ‘Republic of Cliven Bundy’

Japanese Tanabata Festival (Star Festival)

Climate Change, Bats, And Zika: 2016’s Weirdest Relationship

One of the BEST!

"If you white folks want to be treated the way blacks are"

Clinton rebuts FBI charge of recklessness

MPs to vote on Trident replacement this month

We have crazy people grabbing guns and doing crazy things,

UK: lost, divided and alone

Republicans Have Only Themselves to Blame

Trump Strategy Relies on Attacking the Media

Cruz blasts 'political' FBI over Clinton probe

Democratic Senators Push DEA to Downgrade Marijuana Classification

Nevada News - 7/9/2016

Angela Eagle to announce Labour party leadership bid on Monday

Democrats back $15 minimum wage, but stalemate on Social Security

Remembering Si Ramo, America's pioneering renaissance man

$15 Federal Minimum Wage Passes at the Democratic Platform Committee | Bernie Sanders

$15 Federal Minimum Wage Passes at the Democratic Platform Committee | Bernie Sanders

Dallas shootings move Cleveland to rethink GOP convention plans

The typical American couple has only $5,000 saved for retirement

"There's nothing wrong with diet pills, no-siree!!!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Are you watching Viceland?

OK here we go Serena #22

Adam Yates attacked by giant inflatable spider in Tour de France

Group vies to make homosexuality a crime in Maine

" A Precarious State" (some interesting economic observations)

OMG the cutest Slow Loris, ever!

This Hate Group Called for Killing White Cops

Assbutt shows up at Sterling death scene with gun

If John McCain loses, will it be the first time in American history

Anyone else here sell their photos on Fine Art America?

Obama should have tasked the DOJ with all investigations and prosecutions

Shaun King: 71% of police killings this year have been by white men

Democratic Delegates Should Help Save Obama’s Legacy By Blocking The TPP

In Philly, Hillary Clinton Decries “Senseless” Killings in Dallas, Louisiana, Minnesota (Watch)

Dallas sniper amassed personal arsenal

WND is living up to it's reputation...

Life imitating art...

The Republican Party Is Reaping Its Own Harvest

Micah Xavier Johnson sent home from Afghanistan by Army

Whiteness is blindness. It is the wish not to see what it will not know.

How is this thread anything other than continuing to fight the primary

Little man in the boat

Hundreds of Thousands Call on Leader Pelosi to Block the Undemocratic TPP


"Oops. Here are the ‘Experts’ Who Blew it Predicting a Clinton Indictment"

Palin: Blood Is on Media’s ‘Complicit Hands’ for Not Telling Truth About Black Lives Matter

Jared Kushner: Time to Step Up and Show Dad the Difference Between Right and Wrong



Technical glitch- Alert "Cancel" buttons don't seem to be working

H.A. Goodman has gone from daft to sick.

New group aims to make homosexuality a crime in Maine

Arizona News - 7/9/2016

The Monsanto haters are really desperate...

Bahamas issues US travel advisory over racial tensions

Serena Williams wins 22nd Grand Slam title

With all of this talk about Assault Rifle restrictions.

Ken Livingstone: Labor, Progressives Must Oppose Brazil Coup

FBI's warning of white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement

It's cop culture that has to change.

Alan “Bubbles” Greenspan Returns to Gold

What does Trump have on Ailes???? . . . I got it!

Catholic Worker House opens in Iowa City

Video of Conservative Blogger Pulling Gun on BLM Protesters

Ballwin officer 'fighting for his life' after shooting; suspect charged

Clinton Formally Backs Public Option In Bid For Sanders Supporters

Some Want a Race War, But Dallas Won't Deliver

Great Podcast insight on how the NRA drummed up fear after Rodney King event --

Black Lives Have Not Mattered..

C-SPAN now..... Dems national convention platform meeting........10:30 CST

For Too Many, the Job Market Isn't Working

Navy shoots down ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle’s overstated claims of medals received

Phoenix police in riot gear hose down anti-brutality protestors with pepper spray

Trust and Accountability

Have you considered returning GD 2016 to the Trending list?

Bill Russell on keeping his hands up during a traffic stop.

One Simple Change to the Law Could Make Prosecuting Killer Cops Easier

Sorry, wrong forum.

Has anyone in this group

Right now, police officers are hair-trigger risks.

For cat lovers - THE classic cat photo

Sydney H. Schanberg Is Dead at 82; Former Times Correspondent Chronicled Terror of 1970s Cambodia

Trump’s Virginia chairman blames Clinton, ‘liberal politicians’ for Dallas massacre

Dallas shooter used military skills for murder

Donald Trump gave Citizens United the makers of Anti-Hillary propaganda 100k illegally from charity

House approves measure to bar women from draft registration

In the auto parts store yesterday...white privilege

I don't want President Obama to go to Dallas next week

Thousands strip for Sea of Hull mass nude photograph

Curious about your thoughts

SLED investigating threats made against governor (SC)

I know people mean well when they talk about being extra careful around cops etc.

Obama presser in Warsaw right now

Thousands every year are arrested based on a faulty drug test that police refuse to stop using

GOP May Soften Stance on Gay Marriage

Can anyone imagine Trump giving a serious press conference like Obama is now in Poland?

6 more women accuse Fox head Roger Ailes of sexual harassment — including one who was 16 at the time

Clinton Reaffirms Support For Public Option In Bid For Sanders Supporters

Use of police robot to kill Dallas shooting suspect believed to be first in US history

Petition to have FBI investigate Jason Chaffetz for releasing top secret CIA Operatives

Video Link: Democratic Platform Committee Meeting, Day 2 Part 1 - July 9, 2016

Badass Civil Rights Hero Rep. John Lewis Will Lead Us Out Of This Awful Week

Badass Civil Rights Hero Rep. John Lewis Will Lead Us Out Of This Awful Week

'El Chapo' Guzmán is not getting enough sleep, his attorney says

Trump slashes TV appearances as advisers clash over controlling his message

Sanders praises Clinton health care plan

I once gave police the benefit of the doubt when they shot people.

ISIS shoots down Russian helicopter over Syria killing two pilots

Video Link: Democratic Platform Committee Meeting, Day 2 Part 2 - July 9, 2016

Man Accused Of Pulling Gun At Portland Protest Charged (OR)

So sad, Dwayne Wade

Trump still playing with his VP list, is intrigued by general Flynn

Clinton rolls out Sanders-like healthcare plan

Hillary Clinton is the calming voice America needs now We can choose unity or we can fall apart

Over 70 arrested during Black Lives Matter protest in Rochester (NY)

Who here has close friends/family members who are police officers?

New tecnology to block cell phone cameras!

There is a problem with the Tour de France in the Pyrenees:

Jim Cornette on Walmart & Poor People Voting Republican

Chilcot Report: UK Oil Interests Were Lead Motive For Iraq War

You wouldn't expect people in a state surrounded by 60 percent.....

Sanders loses on trade at Democratic platform meeting

A curveball in Trump’s Veep search: He’s seriously considering a retired general

Pope Francis sends his native Argentina a message on its Bicentennial.

Does anyone happen to know if there were any arrests of any of the people who attended...

Anti-TPP Amendment Fails at Heated Dem Platform Meeting

Get Ready for GMO Labels on Foods

We knew her relation with English was iffy. Now Moosolini is blaming Dallas on hyphens

PLA warships carry out biggest live-fire drills yet in South China Sea

Incredible Statement heard by reporter at the President's News Conference Today

LIVE: Politics Done Right - Let’s talk race without inhibitions or fear of what others think

Caitlyn Jenner is Headed to Cleveland During GOP Convention

Trump Tried to Hustle Friday Photo Op with NYPD

Armed open-carry protestor was a suspect in the Dallas shootings.

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: Violence Begets Violence

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Sorry, Florida, You Can’t Tell Women To Get Their Lady Bits Checked At The Dentist Anymore

Sorry, Florida, You Can’t Tell Women To Get Their Lady Bits Checked At The Dentist Anymore

Sorry, Florida, You Can’t Tell Women To Get Their Lady Bits Checked At The Dentist Anymore

Sorry, Florida, You Can’t Tell Women To Get Their Lady Bits Checked At The Dentist Anymore

Anti-NATO Activists Protest Deployment Of Troops

2016 Big Wave Wipe-out Award: Niccolo Porcella

Do old boxes of Jello and instant pudding go bad?

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

David Walker.

Donald Trump: riding the tiger

Pentagon says near deal with Lockheed for more F-35 fighter jets

Six More Women Accuse Fox News Chief Roger Ailes of Sexual Harassment

Platform committee meeting video on C-SPAN.

WINNER 2016 Big Wave Wipe-out Award: Niccolo Porcella

Clinton, Sanders reach healthcare compromise through $40 billion expanded funding

Demons (Probably From Gay Animals) Drive Total Kook Gordon Klingenschmitt From Colorado Statehouse

Demons (Probably From Gay Animals) Drive Total Kook Gordon Klingenschmitt From Colorado Statehouse

Argentine court rolls back Macri's 300-1000% gas utility hikes nationwide.

Argentine court rolls back Macri's 300-1000% gas utility hikes nationwide.

Little Finger unveiled

** Today (7/9) is International Save the Vaquita Day - petition to ban gillnets inside **

Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly Respond to the Gun Tragedy in Dallas, Texas

Anti-Trump Delegates Are Making A Plan To Pick Their Own Vice Presidential Nominee

'A Government-Sponsored Disaster': Florida Asks For Federal Help With Toxic Algae

Palin; Sputnik "resulted in the inevitable collapse of the Soviet Union." Daily Kos

Federal judge rules against Fayette County frack waste storage ban

xp - Federal judge rules against Fayette County, WV frack waste storage ban

Nat'l Intel report: the whole system of classification is a big subjective mess.

Pennsylvania Declares Victory on Oil and Gas Regs While Failing to Protect Residents Health


xp - Pennsylvania Declares Victory on Oil and Gas Regs While Failing to Protect Residents Health

7,000 signatures needed to help rescue "Can" the elephant from an awful zoo ....

Kristen Bell blasts Trump over 'Frozen' tweet: 'Zip it Don'

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 9, 2016

No, really, George W. Bush lied about WMDs

British government rejects petition calling for second EU referendum

Klayman asks appeals court to let him defend Cliven Bundy

Full Speech: Hillary Clinton Speech at AME Church Conference in Philadelphia, PA (7-8-16)

Moms shouldn't have to send texts like this to their sons

Venezuela detains suspect linked to Panama Papers law firm

Venezuela detains suspect linked to Panama Papers law firm

Mike Huckabee Goes Full Stupid After Dallas Shooting, Who He Blames Will Make You Angry

The President & The Mad Rancher

A Rudbeckia Thief?

Obama: ‘No Business As Usual’ With Russia Until Ukraine Peace Deal Implemented

A almost perfect convergence of multiple failed policies

Are there any cities that DO NOT use Broken Windows policing?

dim don considering General Michael Flynn as VP

Mexican Politician Tweets El Chapo Prison Photo to Dispel Rumors of an Escape


Hillary has to fight back on the email

Breaking!! Trump to select Lee Mercer, as his Vice President. This will give him

The Latest: Obama: UK Decision to Leave EU Will 'Stick'

Did it again, bought a lot of 11 assorted prints and paintings at a local auction house for $150...

We need more of this:

The biggest hurdle is the blue wall of silence.

POWERFUL image of .@HillaryClinton Hill at AME Church, Philly. Leading by example, many hands on h

Charles M. Blow: A Week From Hell

Step by step legal guide on how to ban all firearms in the United States

My thoughts on the platform committee debates over TPP.

If Not Now, When? If Not Us, Who?

Bill Nye’s Inspiring Reason Rally Speech is Now Online

Lawyer: Officer who shot Philando Castile reacted to gun, not race (bulls**t)

I thought the early reports were saying multiple individuals were involved in Dallas attacks.

Snopes refutes two Philando Castile stories - wanted for armed robbery and no concealed permit

Man accused of pulling gun on Portland protesters was armed with multiple magazines of ammo

The Controversial Reason Some Religious Colleges Forgo Federal Funding

New name appears on Trump VP sweepstakes: retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn


I proudly stand with Bernie Sanders in his impending endorsement of Hillary Clinton

I proudly stand with Bernie Sanders in his impending endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Wannabe Prime Minister Andrea Leadsom thinks all websites should be rated – just like movies

Wisconsin GOP legislator to introduce 'Blue Lives Matter' bill (No not Dem Lives Matter)

niyad's request: Why I'm BEYOND THRILLED that roger ailes is in trouble.

Bullfighter Victor Barrio Fatally Gored on Spanish TV During Live Broadcast

A Week of Gun Violence Does Nothing to Change the N.R.A.’s Message

Ex-fiancée of Bristol Palin sets up GoFundMe to pay legal bills he ran up in child custody fight

Woman Posts Hilarious Crime Scene Photos Of Her Dogs To Figure Out Who's Guilty

Giuliani says he’s source of Trump’s shift on Muslim ban

Comey's statement shows Hillary did not lie (if you decipher what he said)

Cable snaps on USS Eisenhower during landing

Obama Says U.S. 'Not As Divided As Some Have Suggested'

Don't take your guns to town

What is Broken Windows policing?

Serena Williams biggest statement today

The Congressional Black Caucus just issued a Passionate Call for GUN CONTROL

Cornel West Criticizes Obama for ‘Weak’ Remarks on Police Shootings

Wife of Teabagger Rep. Sean Duffy,WI=Rachel Campos=Duffy Blames Beyonce For Dallas

I found an old friend the other day on Facebook.

Companies Bail Out On GOP Convention After Facing Pressure

Wharton Students Write Open Letter To Donald Trump: ‘You Do Not Represent Us’

What do I need to view these images?

No edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day today.

Republicans Block Federal Gun Research — Say It’s Against 2nd Amendment

Despite UN Rebuke Iran Says It Will Continue Missile Program

dim don's prepared speech on Dallas

In Poland, Obama says an abundance of guns helps fuel tensions in America

Posting One's Personal Understanding of TOS

The Closing of the American Mind

Sydney Shanberg on "Democracy Now" re John McCain suppressing existence of POWs left behind.

Who is the worst Donald Trump or Sarah Palin?

Dan Malloy is doing a killer job presiding over the platform committee.

There are some songs...

Hate to belabor the point, but the platform committee meeting is really worth watching!

Threat Made On Dallas Police Headquarters, SWAT On Scene

Protesters blocking SF intersection, forcing shutdown of Bay Bridge onramp

US aircraft sales to Iran blocked by House, jeopardising $25bn Boeing deal

US aircraft sales to Iran blocked by House, jeopardising $25bn Boeing deal

What I see in all of this is that police need a highly non-lethal weapon that works at a distance

Spain: 7 gored in hair-raising Pamplona bull-run

What do you will expect will follow Dallas

Anti-Trump Delegates Are Making A Plan To Pick Their Own Vice Presidential Nominee

On MSNBC just now, there was a guy in the background of the shot in Dallas...

Calling all lunatics...

CNN breaking news Dallas Police Dept threatened

Canvassing, phone banking for Hillary. PICS

After A Traffic Stop, Teen Was 'Almost Another Dead Black Male'

John Prescott: Ex-deputy PM says Iraq War was illegal