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Archives: March 11, 2017

Tweety is on fire (REPRISE)

I dunno... sure sounds like healthcare certainly IS a right...Mr Ryan!

Half Light

UN says world faces largest humanitarian crisis since 1945

Mojo came home for good today.

Mr. Putin should have figured out by now

COMEY to testify before HPSCI March 20th

Trump adviser admits to contact with DNC hacker

Just sat down to a Marc Maron stand up live!

Who was Junia? (My addition: And why does it matter?)

EPA chief Scott Pruitt says carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming

Could it happen here??

NYPD official: JCC threats mostly from one person with 'technical prowess'

Martin Short on Donald Trump

Trump's worst deal

If you were the leader of a fledgling democracy would you look to Thump's America as a model

1984 Screenings on Tuesday, April 4th

Over 150 Civil Rights Groups Call On Trump To Denounce Hate Crimes

A US state speeds up executions, scheduling eight in 10 days

The Town Halls need to bring up RUSSIA as much as the ACA

breaking: republicans to end war on tobacco. Say earlier demonization of cigarettes and chaw were

I hate movie theaters . BUT this is one movie I will make sure I see in a Theater...

The Deep State Is a Figment of Steve Bannons Imagination

Paul Ryan Seems Excited To Kick People Off Medicaid

NSA staff used spy tools on spouses, ex-lovers: watchdog

Robert Reich was live.

Is Pope Francis really facing a coup? Or just fake news?

Uniting church has faced 2,500 reports of child sexual abuse, royal commission hears

THIS is why the United States Attorneys General were fired:

George Takei to talk Saturday, kicking off new L.A. museum exhibition on his life

Republicans Loot the Palace ...

Flynn was paying ex-FBI agent at center of 1 of the Clinton email scandal chapters during campaign

Anyone else having flight problems?

I received an email from James Comey! I'm the beneficiary of millions of dollars!

I'm not sure Trumpism is about racism or any ism

Amazing poignant photograph

50 days of lies

Anger mounts over handling of US attorney firings

Native Americans march to the White House in spiritual battle against pipeline


Arizona Trump Fan: I Cant Wait For The Liberal Genocide To Begin

Hmmm... Flynns bogus LDA filings from last year listed only one lobbyist : Robert Kelley (no Flynn)

Ukraine lawyer seeks probe of alleged hacked texts of Manafort's daughter

Know any grammar Nazis?

An Insider's View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America

The precedent that the Trump admin sets must be making it harder to maintain decency....

So is RUMP already the most corrupt president in American history?

Watching Chris Matthews angers and depresses me

If you lost 11Bil USD, you would be worried. So why are we not looking for the

Thanks for the Valentine's Heart!

Watching All in with Chris Hayes

Is there a chance that Fox is inching towards the middle?.

Why have they been hiding Rep Joe Kennedy III

"We interrupt the impeachment of our head of state for this very important...."

White House official confirms that Breitbart was the source of Trump's wiretaps claim

If There Had Been A Public Option...

If I disappear

Letter I got from Senator M. Cantwell on Trump and his Russian chumskies

Eternally frustrated by "liberal" universities, conservatives now want to tear them down


Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! THE CHOCOLATE CHIP CHALLENGE! Live Uncensored & a

Trump Businesses Are Getting Hammered With Bad Reviews

Flynn works for another government. Flynn worked in the Pentagon

Rachel tonight: Starting out on Flynn

Rachel nailing Pence for LYING about not knowing Flynn was a foreign agent.

Watching Rachel. We don't have to worry about the next in line to replace trump.

Dear Senator Schumer: Sessions Is the Democratic Party's Public Enemy Number One

Those Bastards! Somebody Do Something

Trump voter asks him if she should eat dog food in order to afford Medicare.

Does the Alt right want women out of the workplace because robots

The Democratic Party seems to have no earthly idea why it is so damn unpopular

Please Stand By

Sanders on Front Page of The Guardian: Trump is a Pathological Liar

Seattle synagogue vandalized with Holocaust denial graffiti

If tRump and CO came out and admitted

Has anyone seen this most WEIRD commercial yet?

Johnny Rotten/Lydon: "I became an American 5 years ago because I believed in Barack Obama"

Revised Trump travel ban suffers first legal blow

Friday Talking Points (428) -- Ryancare's Awfulness

Perhaps everybody knows what's happening but they don't know what to do about it?

ABC's 20/20 Gay Conversion Therapy

Trump's Bigly Health Insurance Promises!!!

The greatest 5 minutes in music (education). What did he say?!1

Damn I miss KO

Eating in Eugene, OR and about 200 protestors

To the good people of Janesville and Beloit Wisconsin:

Trumps Mar-a-Lago is heaven for spies

Spicer with his flag pin upside down

Well just s#t great now the immigrants have a song.

Rybolevlev denies meeting with Trump. huh?

Draining The Swamp Meant DRAINING THE TREASURY.

Trump transition was told Flynn would likely need to register as foreign agent: report

So drumf/Bannon threw Pence under the bus today?

Did anyone watch Rachel tonite?

Wealthy Would Get Billions in Tax Cuts Under Obamacare Repeal Plan

When they tell you how much all of the military loves Trump keep this in mind

new "American Gothic"?

Former Trump adviser tells Senate Intel Committee he spent 'many hours' at Trump campaign HQ

Deep State: Inside Donald Trump's Paranoid Conspiracy Theory

Middle-Schooler Who Wrote G.O.P. Health-Care Bill Claims He Has Not Been Paid

they absolutely MUST get them before this not a health care gocrap gets signed

to think Howard Dean was stopped with an enthusiastic yell while pussygop


Synagogue in Seattle defaced with holocast denying graffiti

Why are state and local police not speaking out?

Drumf after election "Next time we'll win the old fashioned way"

"The Confederacy was a con job on whites. And still is."

Ready to Play Nice? No Fucking Way!

Trump to Send Nukes to Korea

Excerpt from a report with details on FISA order

SXSW-bound Italian band Soviet Soviet denied entry to U.S., jailed and deported

What do you think of the Trump/Russian conspiracy?

I believe this latest takeover of our government is not only a Putin power play

It's fucking quiet in here. Where are the jealous douchebags?????

Shields and Gerson on GOP health care bill conflict, Trumps wiretap tweet

Even W/No CBO Report/Evil Of This Repeal/Repl Bill Becomes More Clear.

Federal judge rules Joplin must end 'religious' field trips

I'm actually going to sell my house and land and move to a blue state

Leaked emails reveal Nigel Farage's long-standing links to Julian Assange

District Court Just Ruled That Texas Gerrymandering Violated the Voting Rights Act

The Flaw In Trump Saying That Obamacare Was Meant To Implode In 2017......

How is Paul Ryan an Intellectual ?

This is a question for those who can explain how the next in line is determined.

Weird "friends" of Julian Assange

How bad have the wildfires been so far this year?

Friday Night Moscow Mule Buzz. Ask me anything..

So why are Trump (probably) and Pence denying

Former governor of province with highest child mortality rate in Colombia arrested for stealing fund

PUKE What rock did Paul Ryan slither out from under?????

3rd protester dies as S. Korea braces for more rallies

Bernie Sanders: Trump Should Avoid a Bad Zika Deal.

Egypt archaeologists discover massive statue in Cairo slum

Scientists grow potato under Mars-like conditions in Peru

Scientists grow potato under Mars-like conditions in Peru

These Bernie Alums Think Theyve Found the Secret to Reaching Trump Voters.

Trumplethinskin doesn't want a press that does its job, he just wants stenographers instead

Inhumane Proposal to Separate Women and Children Fleeing Violence Will Cost U.S. Taxpayers

Inhumane Proposal to Separate Women and Children Fleeing Violence Will Cost U.S. Taxpayers

A Pentagon contractor stole government secrets. Feds say hed also been exploiting young girls.

A Pentagon contractor stole government secrets. Feds say hed also been exploiting young girls.

While we've been arguing about the Dem Party

Ex-FBI Agent At Center of Clinton Email On Retainer for Mike Flynn

S.E.C. Rejects Winklevoss Brothers Bid to Create Bitcoin E.T.F.

Trump & Roger Stone paid $250,000 fine for BREAKING LAWS

Trump paid Roger Stone $225,250 to LOBBY

Trump & Roger Stone made ads-depicting Native Americans as drug addicts/dealers

No Place Like Home

Second largest health insurance group backs GOP ObamaCare repeal plan

The Bombs of Steve Bannon

"Stupid" Watergate

How am I going to sleep tonight? Just a lil bourbon, and Ella live, in her prime..

Bob Knight on former IU bosses: 'I hope they're all dead'

Gov. Eric Holcomb extends East Chicago emergency status

Lawmakers hope to limit youth suicide

Is NYC's "Fearless Girl" statue corporate tokanism?

Misogynistic fliers posted at Purdue

Trump sent ground troops into Syria today

Oh DAMN! That backlash really smarts!!!

The love story behind Muncie's castle

Judge: Remarks about shooting 'pigs' admissible

So someone added the Breitbart article, claiming Obama had a

Illinois Senate Democrats decry lack of help on budget cuts

Star of 'American Guns' convicted of fraud, tax evasion

Trump and the republicans favorite four letter word. Mine.Mine.Mine. Mine.

US Deploying Thousands More Ground Troops to Kuwait to Fight in Iraq, Syria

Former board president of nonprofit pleads to thefts

Just a Reminder

Trump's labor nominee likely to be asked about Florida case

$56M needed for East Chicago lead crisis

Waymo seeks court order against Uber over self-driving car technology

19 times Trump called jobs numbers fake before they made him look good

East Chicago senator running for Indiana Democratic chairman

Rex Tillerson silent as rumors swirl CNN

State throws struggling Gary schools a very short lifeline

Video captures moment plastic enters food chain

St. Joseph County leaf task force that was meeting privately has disbanded

Notre Dame invites Mike Pence to speak at graduation, avoiding Trump controversy

Brazil police search for six men accused of brutally beating transgender woman to death

Brazilian minister criticizes natives for land disputes

Indiana University research shows increasing minimum wage would reduce teen pregnancies

Daily Holidays - March 11

Kansas Governor's Clout Wanes Amid Talk He May Take New Job

Dueling cannabis bills await action

Philip Hammond breaks manifesto pledge with budget tax grab

Alabama constitution still calls for 'separate schools for white and colored children'

Indiana House Speaker Bosma: Bill would give schools guidance on student prayer rights

is Julian Assange being blackmailed by Vladimir Putin?

BWAHAHAHA. DC restaurant suing Trump and Trump Hotel for "unfair competition".

Bernie Sanders: Trump Should Avoid a Bad Zika Deal

Bernie Sanders: Trump Should Avoid a Bad Zika Deal

🐦 March 13 - Bernie Sanders with Chris Hayes in Trump Country - 8PM ET

March 13 - Bernie Sanders with Chris Hayes in Trump Country - 8PM ET

Ex-distributors for Plano's AdvoCare file suit, allege operation is a 'pyramid scheme'

Legal, tax woes follow 'Turkish Trump' who's working to develop Trump-branded Dallas hotel

****WINTER Photo Contest FINALS****

**** WINTER Photo Contest FINALS are posted in GD****

Texas congressional districts invalidated by U.S. court

Bail set at $90K for Carrollton teacher accused of secretly recording girls undressing

Johnny Manziel's girlfriend reportedly enraged to be marred

BernieCare rises as ObamaCare lives and TrumpCare falls

BernieCare rises as ObamaCare lives and TrumpCare falls

Lethal Opiates Delivered By Mail From China, Killing Addicts In The U.S.

Do you think Vladimir Putin has kompromat on James Comey?

Not even Texas' leaders can withstand the 'Justin Trudeau Effect'

How President Trump has already hurt American democracy in just 50 days

Trump's revised travel ban dealt first court setback

Joseph Kennedy lll in 2020

Trump is a failure in the sight of God and to the world!

The leader of the free world is coming to Washington on Tuesday

At long last, the deadline to file bills in the Texas Legislature has passed

It's time to kill daylight savings time...

Daily Beast: Bharara yet to resign, told section chiefs he may challenge Sessions to fire him

Planned Parenthood's Texas affiliate draws record crowd, $1 million from Dallas luncheon

Gander Mountain files for bankruptcy

I don't think I've EVER laughed so hard....

Effective Messaging of the Trump Reign of Terror

Federal panel rules some of Texas' congressional districts illegal

Republicans would let employers demand workers genetic test results

Drinks at the dentist's office? Texas bill takes aim at boozy trend in medicine

Democrat Congressman introduces No TRUMP Act to prevent taxpayer spending at Trump properties

Prosecutors ask to delay Texas AG Ken Paxton's trial until they are paid

Re trump, 'there are none so blind as those who Will Not see.'

SXSW-bound Italian band denied entry to U.S., jailed and deported

Sen Stabenow (D-Mich): If he came to Michigan to campaign for this plan? I think it'd be terrific

Trump's Revised Travel Ban Is Denounced by 134 Foreign Policy Experts

Legislation would cut TxDOT funding by $2.3 billion over two years

Women and Children in Yemeni Village Recall Horror of Trumps Highly Successful SEAL Raid

Gov. Greg Abbott's signature pre-K program in danger of going unfunded

They're coming! They're coming! Can we blame Trump?? Californias Finally Ready

Allies Fear Trump Is Eroding America's Moral Authority

Assad: US military forces in Syria are 'invaders'

Sue While the Conflicts Are Hot - by the NYT Editorial Board

Indian PM Modi's party headed for landslide in state polls

Fort Worth officials to seek $15M cut in employee healthcare expenses

I wonder if Deplorables lie as much in their own lives as their messiah Donald Trump.

Fort Worth man says moldy DQ burger sent him to the ER

Netherlands cancels flight permit for Turkish FM

The winning argument Democrats have against Trump

Worth remembering that this was another open case under Bharara (Allegations against FOX)

Sanders: Trump must stop French company's exclusive Zika vaccine deal

Trump went back on his promise to 'Buy American.' Good for him. - WaPo Editorial Board

Trump transition knew of Flynn's pro-Turkey lobbying before White House appointment

Thousands Sick In Romanian Measles Outbreak; 17 Dead So Far; Cases Suspected In Hungary

C'mon, President Obama -- Time to Start Returning Fire

Pace Of Ocean Warming 13% Faster Than Thought And Accelerating - Guardian

Wealthy Would Get Billions in Tax Cuts Under Obamacare Repeal Plan

Hitler kept Nazi soldiers high on crystal meth during WW2

Pissing off Piers Morgan is my main motivation for not quitting, confirms Arsene Wenger

Conservative on need for independent investigation

Chris Hayes excoriates Trump: The White House is full of it & BS is part of its DNA

Stronger than Tea: The anti-Trump resistance is much bigger than the Tea Party -- and it has to be

Guccifer 2.0 to Roger Stone on Aug. 17: "Please tell me if i can help u anyhow."

The problem with a country as diverse as the U.S....

19 times Thump called jobs numbers fake before they made him look good

Hilarious sign mocking Austin's confusing roads welcomes SXSW visitors, goes viral

Why did Rybolovlev pay so much for Trump's mansion?

State Sen. Uresti faces fraud lawsuit tied to FourWinds

Weekend TOON Roundup 1 - Tweets of mass distraction

Man who returned to crime after $25M award sentenced

Weekend TOON Roundup 2 - Giant Squelchy

Sites use Secure Login Screens - Firefox alterts me DU Login Screen is not HTTPS, subject to hijack!

Weekend TOON Roundup 3 - The rest

Trump has a pair of twos, at best. The Intelligence Community has a royal flush.

Trump Should Avoid a Bad Zika Deal - By Bernie Sanders

Texas counties rally against statewide court records portal

Ukraine lawyer seeks probe of alleged hacked texts of Manafort's daughter

"Trump lawyers knew Flynn might register as foreign agent"

Ezra Klein: Is the Republican health plan designed to fail?

Maryland to join other states in court challenge to Trump's travel ban

Yes - Trump Scammed WWC voters. Will they care?

Texas Bill Requiring Fetal Cremation or Burial Gets First Hearing

"Can't You Spring It Forward Another Thirty-Five Thousand & Sixty-Four Hours?"

U.S. Attorney Firings 'This Could Not Have Been Handled Any Worse'

If You Get a Call From a 473 Area Code, Its Probably a Scam

Lie After Lie After Lie - Pruitt's Confirmation Statements Vs. Current EPA Reality

The Pope said you should give to panhandlers even if they are going to spend the money on booze.

Canada's highest court upholds ruling that Donald Trump did mislead investors

GOP wants to give employers access to your personal medical and genetic information

Personal diplomacy

Does Trump even realize his health care predicament

Thankful for clean water today and everyday.

Leaked audio reveals GOP strategy to cut pregnancy care & much more in next phases of #ACA repeal.

Scott Pruitts office deluged with angry callers after he questions the science of global warming

Oz Climate Leader Nukes Turnbull, "Troglodytes Of The Hard Right" On Their Climate Idiocy

Is America in another housing bubble?

All of Trumps Russia Ties, in 7 Charts

Do you agree in firing of U.S. Attorneys?

Donald Trump is consolidating his power.

Interesting convo re: 45's direct connect server to Russian Bank

How much the Obamacare repeal might cost

If you asked your nominal European if Thump is the leader of the free world he would laugh...

MSNBC Ali Velshi destroys GOP Congressman lies about Obamacare & Single-Payer healthcare (VIDEO)

let's get down to the real nitty gritty

GOP Health Bill Would Cut CDC's $1B Disease-Fighting Fund

The American People Have Spoken

FBI assigns fewer agents to Russian election interference than to Clinton emails

Muhammad Alis son held up at D.C. airport after testifying about first detainment

Is it required that the President get a check-Up at Walter Reed each year?

Malware removal

Chris Hayes excoriates Trump: The White House is full of it & BS is part of its DNA (VIDEO)

2nd time: Muhammad Ali's son held up at airport

Hacked texts from Paul Manafort's DAUGHTER claim he knowingly played a role in Mass Killings

Okay, how about the best keyboardist?

Chuck Schumer sounds alarm over Sessions seeking resignations of Obama-era attorneys

Russia installed Donald Trump

Mysterious Russian, and Trump, related deaths are really piling up

New Yorker: DONALD TRUMPS WORST DEAL aka Donny launderers money for Islamic Terrorists

Does Bannon want to tear down the government because he can never hold the official roles he'd like?

Right-Wing Billionaires Have a Project Going to Rewrite Our Constitution & They're Close to Success

Press Release - Sanders to Trump: Dont Make a Bad Deal

Fighting truth relentlessly, 24/7. . . Please come CAPTION Rep. Steve King (R IA)!!!

Lying VP Pence pwned by Elijah Cummings

🐦 March 12 - CBS Face the Nation - Bernie Sanders

Five times law enforcers could have arrested Donald Trump but didnt

Trump knew he installed a criminal liar to head his Nationalist Security Council.

Schindler: Senior govt official (GOP) told me he never expected Kremlin coup here

I notice that the latest push back against Trump's treason is denial

The argument that Thump won so anything is possible makes a kind of sense.

...and now a pause for some humor. (George Carlin - Everyday expressions.)

In face of Repuke scandals - logically, appoint special prosecutor for Obama

Canada's forces deployed in Latvia to include cyber warriors to counter Russians

🐦 March 16 at 4PM - Sanders coming to Brattleboro for Windham Grows development program

Ooooh so here's where Ben Carson got his knowledge about slavery......


Remember when the GOP hated the Russians?

Big Lebowski/Trump mashup - Strong language

Treason is a capital offense

CNN reporting intruder with backpack arrested near south entrance of WH last night

question for gop: when reagan hated russia and said "tear down this wall", was he being un-american?

The biggest enemy of the people.

Why Donald Trump Admires Putin

The shit Republicans pull while the country is distracted. . .

The mind's a terrible thing to baste. . . Please come CAPTION Sandra Smith (Fox) & Thomas Massie!!!

Trump Aide Boorish Boris's Assault Bust...Mugshot

ACA "reform"

The Shutting Down of America

Assad: US military forces in Syria are 'invaders'

South Dakota passes bill allowing adoption & foster agencies to discriminate against LGBT couples

At least 40 killed in twin bombing at Damascus cemetery

We executed a couple for giving info to Russia in 1953 now the scrotus is being used by Russia

Italian Band Soviet Soviet Denied Entry To The U.S., Jailed And Then Deported

"The president grew up in a family business." -Mike Pence

Mike Pence combines the worst attributes of a televangelist and a used car salesman.

Intruder breaches White House grounds, arrested near residence entrance

Always nice to see a senior WH officials police record & mug shot. (And born in Moscow)

Bush Ethics Lawyer - "KGB are running around in the West Wing" ...

Is this timing of FBI actions significant?

Sec. of Energy - Perry catching up on news - Drudge Report

Get it off your chest: current most detested / trite phrase or word....

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: GOP Health Care Plan Is Not Improving Health Care MSNBC

ATTENTION: DU'ers in FL, GA, AL, MS, LA,TX get out your hummingbird feeders!

HOLDOVER: Bharara is not submitting his resignation (CNN UPDATE: He will make President fire him)

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,

The GOP health plan is an attack on MEDICARE as much as Obamacare.

So, it turns out that "Make American Great Again"

How many lies has Trump told during his presidency?

BREAKING: US attorney Preet Bahrara will not submit resignation despite DOJ request-

(SPLC) Backbiting and Infighting: The Florida League of the South Online

Suing President Trump - Dr. Sara Jumping Eagle vs Trump

Congratulations, Kansas!

What would $6 billion in budget cuts mean for public housing?

Too Big To Jail

Donald J. Trump State Park is as ugly and dilapidated as its namesake's soul

Wait, Trump was in Washington on a Friday night?

We can't forget about these things...the election hack that might be as big as Russia's hack

Trump And Republicans Expect You To Die, Joe Public

Twump tweets today.

Open case under Bharara: may be investigating Fox News for an unspecified violation of federal law

Trump IS Bringing American Jobs Back

im gonna say it first...... i think the 'intruder' story is a phoney..another smokescreen planted by

Trump is about to pull off one of the biggest transfers of wealth in history and Texas will lose

Well of course: TX Repukes illegally gerrymandered to suppress miniorities' votes. 3 federal judges

By 2024, the people should be tired of Trump and the Republicans.

in rain, snow, and 30 degree temps, thousands of DAP demonstrators arrive at the White House.

OMG! An intruder jumped the White House fence and got on grounds! Five will get you

A little Lyme goes a long way!

Stephen Colbert And A Team Of Expert Builders Get Started On Trump's Wall

Texas Republicans drew congressional districts on racial lines, judges find

Texas Republicans drew congressional districts on racial lines, judges find

Interview: Photographer Reveals What Dinnertime Looks Like Across the U.S.

Middle Schooler ripped off by Ryan

Is Supplying Lotion and Facial Tissue Aiding and Abetting?

Message to Republicans: If you repeal "Obamacare", you can no longer call it Obamacare.

Under pressure from tech companies, Fair Repair bill stalls in Nebraska

Help wanted: Workers finally benefit as labor shortage expands

Louise Mensch on MSNBC at 1 pm...Russiagate!

Need Paul Ryan's home address

What's in your future?

you guys still considering a like button for replies?

 Why We Must Oppose the Kremlin-Baiting Against Trump

Federal judges find Texas gerrymandered maps on racial lines

Trump's healthcare act is an embarrassment for the 'greatest country in the world'

A false narrative gave us Bush. Coupled with a double standard, it gave us Trump.

Canada is taking over the American Dream

During his political rise, Stephen K. Bannon was a man with no fixed address

That Asian woman is not the nanny

A reminder for DU:

So will Preet Bharara run for governor or will he move to the city and run for mayor?

Preet Bharara Is Said to Refuse Order to Step Down as U.S. Attorney.

Dems question Trump 'conflict of interest' with DoJ money-laundering investigation

Loretta Lynch‏ message for the Resistance

Well, I got into it with a cretin from my alma mater.

With rise of fascist Trump, darkness once thought vanquished is returning.

ACA replacement bill reflects GOP's fiscal and moral irresponsibility

Man detained last night for illegally being on Whitehouse grounds has been identified

Sign Petition to Amazon: "Stop Supporting Breitbart's Hate"

Preet Bharara Is Said to Refuse Order to Step Down as U.S. Attorney

Warning from #PussyRiot about #TrumpRussia

Energy Department parts company with Trump appointee who called Muslims maggots

Does anyone know of this would apply to Flynn?

Anybody know if Trump replaced ANY of the 93 fired US Attorneys????

The Man on the Front Lines of the Anti-Trump Resistance

Former Prime Minister Koizumi reiterates call for Japans complete exit from nuclear power

Pence LIED too. Should he be held to same standard as Flynn?

Senior level Republicans and Trump aides should remember the Nuremberg Trials.

ATTEND ACLU TRAINING TODAY ONLINE at nationwide today @1:30 PT, 4:30 EST

Trump's Budget Cuts And It's Effect On The Arts And Humanities Are As Follows.....

Excellent graphs in a Reuters article on the labor market, fyi and enjoy!

Why do FL state prosecutorshave an active investigation on Steve Bannon?

Ordinary Americans carried out inhumane acts for Trump

Backpage of this week's NATIONAL ENQUIRER


The 1930s were humanity's darkest, bloodiest hour. Are you paying attention?

Am I reading this right? Irony much?

Warning - Trump will likey have a military "victory" to claim within months

This Syrian artist took misogynistic 1950s ads and added sexist quotes from Donald Trump

Potential approach to how radioactive elements could be 'fished out' of nuclear waste

Preet Bharara: "I did not resign. Moments ago I was fired."

Sugar Ray - Falls Apart (VIDEO)

Fukushima nuclear plant work behind schedule

Church v. State: Houses of Worship Are Re-Creating Support System to Protect Immigrants

Perovskite edges can be tuned for optoelectronic performance

New York federal prosecutor Preet Bharara fired by Trump administration

Six years on from Fukushima disaster residents live in 'contaminated communities'

So, I don't understand what is so funny...

What is the casualty count regarding case load now that Preet Bharara is out?

India's solar power capacity crosses 10 GW: Piyush Goyal

Paul Ryan wants to kill you

Six Years On, Fukushima's Cleanup Looks Harder Than Ever

!! Steve Bannon is under an "active criminal" investigation over his Florida residency claims

More signs of Spring in the yard...

The Department of Defense Wants to Double Down on Renewables

Preet Bharara Is Fired After Refusing to Step Down as U.S. Attorney, more on this story:

What do you think? For Repubs to Dump 45?

****BREAKING**** Preet Bharara Is Fired After Refusing to Step Down as U.S. Attorney

Should the Democratic party hire Preet Bharara to do a parallel inquiry of Trump-Putin collaboration

Can't afford medical insurance? Then die.


How hard could it be to find?

The Ivanka Trump guide to style

This is why I hate GOP trolls so much:

Ex-Trump adviser swaps messages with DNC hacking suspect

Trump camp could have fallen into 'backdoor' surveillance

If your life were a book, which book would it be?

Revised travel ban dealt court setback

Letter Trump's Immigrant Grandpa Wrote Begging Not to Be Deported

Voter Fraud Investigation Off To Slow Start

Colbert: China's Trump Branded Massage Parlors Rub Stephen The Wrong Way

The 3rd Reconstruction

Who is going to tell the Repub voter that their party leaders have been infiltrated by the Kremlin?

ACA would have been EASY to fix....

A great cat compilation :)

I like it like that...

When I saw the headline, "Intruder breaches White House grounds..."

Great skididdles! We have a Dem candidate for TX-05 Yippee!


It would bother any other leader, even Hitler, to promise people health care and then take it away.

Mr. and Mrs. tRump...

People make fun of Ben Carson but....

FBI Agent who claimed Hillary camp asked him "not to classify the disputed email" was paid by Flynn

I went picking strawberries with a Trump supporter!

Bharara was investigating Fox News Ailes settlement (2/16/2017)

White House Intruder (Pic)

email From team Baldwin for Senate: Pic of Sheriff Clarke in Russia

Paul Ryan is not a policy wonk, he's a policy asshole. He has no ones interest at Heart who is not

Number of health care Trump voters affected in Key election states

Did you hear the funny on Wait, Wait this morning?

GOP House intel head Nunes: Fired adviser Michael Flynn should be 'thanked for secret talks with...

Paul Ryan: "I'm not concerned about it"-giving a Trillion dollar tax cut to the rick with ACA repea

Fla. investigating Bannon...and uncovering a very weird background on him

My Grandpa was a sweet, funny, smart and compassionate man

Kellyanne Conway's "triple standard": A game of two half-truths and a lie

The new Republican agenda...

U.S. health care ranks worst in the developed world, and it's likely going to get worse

Who else is depressed?

Preet Bharara was fired because of his record prosecuting corruption

I agree that there is much to suggest Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

The Republican Party reaction to Russian involvement in our elections:

Joan Walsh:  Trumpcare Is a Political Disasterfor Trump

In light of Nunes remarks about Flynn doing us a favor, could it be that

Bald Eagles Keep Dying And No One's Talking About It

by Robert Reich:'Even if Preet Bharara can't pursue a case against trump:

Wiki How to detect lying...

60 Minutes story- tomorrow on CBS-"Putin critic says he was poisoned, but wont back down"

Trump: Republicans coming together, making great progress with imploding ObamaCare

If Russia Inquiry Is Not Legitimate, Democrats May Abandon It.

THREAD. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but @realDonaldTrump is consolidating his power. He and

". . . [L]oyal to him and him alone." This from the latest blond Trump mouthpiece

Did anyone else see those racy photos of melania? I dont know where they came from.

Trump plans to restart the Crusades, return to 13th century "means sacrifice"

Prosecutors in AP report on church abuse no longer employed

That's Ma Pouch!

Koterba toon: GOP healthcare

Live Now: ACLU Resistance Training

Live Now: ACLU Resistance Training

If you could know the exact date of your death, would you want to know?

If Paul Ryan's kids get sick...

NYT: Trump Campaign had contact with DNC Hacker

Just saw on MSNBC that FBI has opened criminal probe

Couple of Handy Time Change LINKS

Paul Ryan's plan to raid $346 billion from Medicare

GOP congressman offers strange Obama conspiracy theory -- and even stranger explanations

Will Obamacare repeal break the Freedom Caucus? It depends on Trump.

Blizzard Watch issued for NYC and LI for Tuesday March 14. 12-18 inches expected.

What's your favorite "walks into a bar" joke?

Should we ignore all the flashing caution lights?

Manafort daughter: Dad "has killed people"

Selfies Are Killing Young People Around the World. Killfies?

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 San Felipe Stakes

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