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Jester tweeted pilot who executed sarin attack killed today

more old Trump tweets from 2013 and 2014 on Syria and airstrikes


Bill helps rural Nebraska towns with few houses for workers

It's Not Me, It's You: EPA Staffer Quits With Candid Letter to Pruitt

Trump Has Already Spent Almost Double Obamas Annual Travel Budget

Where Is The DNC?

Governor, senators field questions at legislative forum

Bill Clinton tweets about visiting Bushes in Houston

Trump and taxes: Back to drawing board, seeks GOP consensus

Karl Rove: WH staff has been leaking info on each other for weeks

WD Withdrawals.

Mass Arrests On Inauguration Day Swept Up Journalists And Legal Observers And Their Phones

So true......

How the fugg does anyone make America great again

George W. Bush: PEPFAR saves millions of lives in Africa. Keep it fully funded.

Kansas lawmakers face major tasks on taxes, schools when they return in May

NY set to make state college tuition free for middle class

I was amused to see this adjustment to a Neighborhood Watch sign in DC.

Why we took a stand on Trump

VA: Vets won't be left homeless if Montana facility closes

After a barren 2016 post-season, Canadian fans see 5 of 7 NHL teams in their country playoff-bound

Pelosi joins hundreds at anti-poverty rally in California

Women in music celebration festival returns with over 50 acts

Strike against Syria doesnt change the narrative

Sad we have some Democrats applauding the Syria bombing

North Wales birthplace of international women's group founder revealed

Removes McFarland from national security role

Raft of Arkansas 'bathroom bills' worry LGBTQ rights groups

Honolulu medical examiner requests more help with autopsies

Delaware lawmakers seek to expand definition of agritourism

Hackers Warn Trump to Get Back in Line on Syria

Sanders calls on Trump to come to Congress over Syria strikes

"This country cannot feed our veterans or elderly because Trump has 3 residences to protect."

Carney continues community conversations on budget challenge

Teen Says Her Chili's Manager Sexually Harassed Her, And Her Coworkers Threw A Party To Shame Her

Legislators from Topeka slam governor's Medicaid expansion veto at forum

Kansas Legislature hires former senator Jeff King as attorney on school funding, over Democratic ...

A Lasting Impact

Appeals court overturns Journal's lawsuit against Brownback

Kagan gave Gorsuch a lesson in being the junior Supreme Court justice

Fort Collins arrest video sparks social media stir after officer throws woman to ground face-first

Oklahoma's college students spend over $22M more to learn what they didn't master in high school

Kagan gave Gorsuch a lesson in being the junior Supreme Court justice

Trump Pre-Fails His Tax Plan

No Death Spiral: Insurers May Soon Profit From Obamacare Plans, Analysis Finds

Bill would allow out-of-state carriers to sell health insurance in Oklahoma

Hiring Managers Cannot Suppress Their Biases in Job Interviews, Study Finds

Experts worry about future of Oklahoma Medicaid funding

Marsy's Law headed to statewide vote in Oklahoma

New data suggest Clinton, not Trump, won Catholic vote

Gov. Mary Fallin praises new website to hold state government 'accountable'

Trump, who scorned Obama's golf habits, outpacing him in rounds

Manhunt for Armed Wisconsin Man Shifts to Protection of Churches

Jared Goes To Iraq! A Picture Story

Michigan Supreme Court looks at decisions at Catholic school

Felony rape charges against former Norman North wrestler dropped; Shipman pleads no contest to mis-

Graphic warning.

Nursing home residents could face homelessness, health officials say

I just learned that Covered California terminated my insurance without my knowledge!

Raygun on abortion. No shit!

Anyone watching 60 Minutes about the ex-Google employee who is concerned

Satirist John Clarke dies aged 68.

Montana Taxpayer Petition to Revoke Salaries of MTGOP Leadership Austin Knudsen, Sales & Essman

Karl Rove: Three tribes in the unhealthy White House have been leaking info on each other for we

APOD April 9 2017: Comet Hale-Bopp Over Val Parola Pass

One Of The Best Screen Grabs From Fox News Past..

I really think Cheeto is an incestuous pedophile

Mindless, heartless, and soulless

Slate "Democracy Has Stood Up to Trump...But its far too early to declare Trumpism dead.


Gianforte Silent on Constitutional Amendment to Ban Montana Sales Tax

Only in Montana: GOP Auditor Holds Media Event to Welcome Group Banned for Health Care Fraud

Montana leaders so far can't agree on infrastructure projects as Legislature nears end

i have a sneaking suspicion that the trolls have gotten wise

Would-be candidates win court case, still won't be on Montana ballot

'Last week the 7th graders visited the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum as the culmination

Programmer Pyotr Levashov reportedly suspected in US election hacking arrested

Budget trouble at the University of Montana has long-term consequences

Federal authorities search the office of Montana doctor

Ex-U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara jabs Trump with crowd size joke at first public appearance since f

"Homeland" and "Designated Survivor" too close to reality

Recently read statistic

Russia and Iran warn US they will 'respond with force' if red lines crossed in Syria again

It's like Trump insulted an old gypsy woman who cursed him to live out his tweets.

Bill to aid Montana farmers with student loans may sprout

Benedict McConnell

Moral Movement Tennessee---Actions April 10 &11

National March for Trump to Release his taxes is Sat April 15th...

Anti-suicide bill moves forward in Montana Legislature

Montana considers raising political campaign donation limits

Chinese firm creates jobs in Rust Belt county that voted for Trump

It's simple: we went from the best president, ever, to the worst president, ever.

Casper city manager announces retirement after council's call for investigation into police problems

Lawmakers will consider private prison company to build a new state pen

Trump's threat to the 2020 census

To: Stephen Miller, Top Advisor, Pennsylvania Ave:

Bar owners respond to possible liquor law changes

Sorry to be a bother, but second try. One week ago I accidentally took myself off Jury duty...

There has been a rush to judgment over the origin of the chemical weapon attack in Idlib, Syria.

Is it theoretically possible or in any other way possible?

Bill OReilly hires Bill Clintons Monicagate lawyer in frantic bid to stay on at Fox News

Hey guys. All of you on here at du are the best! Always


Budget debate turns into House ruckus over sanctuary cities

Businesses that short their workers no longer protected by trade secrets law

Why Russia and Iran should ditch Bashar al-Assad - The Economist

Hancock, Denver officials to ICE: Stay out of courthouses unless you have a warrant

Eight Marijuana Bills Have Passed, Nine More Awaiting Action at the Legislature

State Bill Would Remove Medical-Exam Stipulation for Uber, Lyft Drivers

Democratic US Rep. Perlmutter Running For Colorado Governor

Cary Kennedy To Announce Gubernatorial Campaign Monday

Brauchler (R) Runs For Governor, And The Waters Will Not Part

Song "Vimy" by Richard Desjardins

You should watch that famous offensive Pepsi ad.

House Republicans Walk Out of Equal Pay Day Debate

For many at Mega March, Dallas immigration rally isn't just political -- it's personal

Gardner suggests using debt limit to shrink government

'Ballpark it for us'

Police and fire pension negotiations break down in Dallas and Austin; trust lost on both sides

16 in 11

CU Boulder researcher lands NASA grant to advance asteroid mining

Bernie Sanders Scorches Trump With An Amazing 30 Second Answer On War And The Middle Class

Accused Fort Collins mosque vandal released from jail for second time

Belarus: 'Social parasite tax' sparks anger

Official presidential portraits...

One year in: Denver's airport train navigates interruptions, a $6 million gate glitch and surprising

I didn't see a thread on this so....CONGRATULATIONS SERGIO!

Syria could have easily synthesized new Sarin after handing over their chemical weapons.

From Syria to Black Lives Matter: 3 ways WWI still shapes America

Democrats moving senior staffers to Orange County in an effort to flip Republican House seats

Tavis Smiley Pens Open Letter of Gratitude to Barack Obama

Year Two Of GBR Bleaching Moving South; "The Corals Didn't Get Any Respite At All"

Voting with their middle fingers.

Peruvian President: Flooding Toll +/- $9 Billion; 6,000 Miles Of Roads Destroyed

Unprecedented N. Atlantic Iceberg Armada: Starting Gun Of A Heinrich Event?

Screaming man dragged off plane by uniformed officials

Putin will release Trump porn photos if we hit Syria again

The idea that we have a liberal media is pure crap.

Are There Any Pics Of The Damage Done To Syrian Airport....

Baltimore Sun's David Zurawik: Bill O'Reilly Is "The Face Of That Sick And Predatory" Culture At Fox

REUTERS: Programmer Pyotr Levashov reportedly suspected in US election hacking - arrested

Oregon voters may decide to toss constitutional ban on duels

Odd fact of the day. Kitty Dukakis is Jason Chaffetz' brother's mother.

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Chemical Warfare

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Well, Donald, you havent killed us all yet. That slightly exceeds my expectations.

WH Shuffle: better to have your enemy inside the tent pissing out will come into play.

Breaking: Deputies shoot Florida man who'd tried to drown wife

For any in the BDSM/kinky lifestyle who are also in recovery...

Boo F'in Hoo - TPM - "GOP Lawmakes Have Lots of Explaining to do Back Home..."

The Republican Party is a giant with feet of clay.

What is Chump doing to save the battered retail sector?

No ideology, no doctrine, no morals, no plan.

Hip dude Bernie Sanders has a podcast now

A fat w*nker in a black hole. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Publicity Stunts Arent Policy - Paul Krugman

The GOP Process:

Trump officials tell Russia to drop its support for Syria's Assad

Seven House Republicans face TV ad attacks over health care

Imagine what cops would look like if the US were an authoritarian dystopia...

Fox Asks Law Firm to Investigate Bill O'Reilly Harassment Claim

Smerconish and Simpson forgot in their gabfest one important item

Anime Movie: Akira (Engrish subbed)

Japanese Anime movie: Akira (full english dub)

Trump spent $100+ Million to bomb an airfield ineffectually.

Trump makes nice with Koch brothers at Mar-a-Lago

Senator confesses he doesn't understand what the hell Trump's policy is on Syria

John McCain: Trump Team Partially To Blame For Syria Chemical Attack

GOP Lawmakers Have Lot Of Explaining To Do Back Home About O'care Debacle

FB message from Andy Borowitz --- Families for Resistance

"Trump could have done far more damage to airfield-if he bought it & ran it as 1 of his businesses"

Charles Blow, in yesterday's New York Times, laid out a salient point

Team Trump desperate to re-brand ahead of 100-day mark

Cell Phones: A New One on Me, Yesterday

Anyone else becoming a fan of Joan McCarter?

'People Just Flat Out Lie': NBC's Andrea Mitchell Rips Trump in Scathing Interview

(UK) Vegan mother forced by High Court to vaccinate her children

On this day in 1880, Frances Perkins was born.

I woke up last night, thinking I heard someone calling my name.

#FlipThe4th #Kansas #FlipThe6th #Georgia #FlipThe5th #SouthCarolina #TheResistance is working!

This Modern World: "Hey, Look! A Squirrel"

The Contradictions of Reza Aslan's "Believer"

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley expected to resign this week

White House on edge as 100-day judgment nears

My home phone's voice told me

Poll: Majority support missile strikes against Syria

The key to raising happy kids? The latest trend says do as the Dutch do.

whenever bombing makes you presidential we are headed towards a kind of spiritual death

We are being so totally duped. And about those Russian meetings...

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley expected to resign this week

'This guy can't implement making a ham sandwich': Morning Joe questions Bannon's value to Trump

Why Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, & Mitch McConnell are the three biggest cowards in America

New York just OK'd tuition-free college for middle class

So you see the guy across the street viciously beating his wife.

Passengers horrified as security officers drag a screaming man off overbooked United flight

CONGRATULATIONS Humans! You have SUCCEEDED in destroying your planet!

Live @ #HealthMatters2017 Remarks by Bill Clinton #HealthMatters2017....

Writing about food: Anniversary of the publication of "The Great Gatsby"

Not your cuddly house cats - Stray cat pixs

Here's what we can do: evacuate everybody who wants to leave the Syria war zone

These are the 8 who run as Dems but don't caucus Dem. They joined GOP today in #NYSenate to strike d

How Merrick Garland could torment Trump

Tesla Just Passed GM to Become Top U.S. Carmaker

Inglewood CA Scientology Ideal Org Infiltration on MLK Day

Iowa Publishes Misleading Info To Drum Up Support For Voting Restrictions

Writing Recipes Well


WH held 3 brainstormings to come up with successes Trump could tout at 100-day-mark.

democratic strategy should begin at grassroot level and we are the grassroots

"A new optimism is sweeping across our land ..."

Neil Gorsuch takes first of 2 oaths, prepares to join court

Trump gushing over Scalia

I returned home from our morning walk and turned on GEM$NBComcast

Australian rapper skips dinner bill by swimming off

Please recommend a quiche recipe!

Jared Kushner lied on his security clearance forms -- a federal felony with a penalty of five years

Trump braintrust comes up with new wall plan

Trump Secretary Of State Admits Syria Missile Strike Was A Bogus Charade

Do You Want Trump Making These Decisions?

Important info for those with STUDENT LOANS eligible for FORGIVENESS. Check the terms.

White House and Devin Nunes worked together to halt the Russia investigation

Wells Fargo Claws Back $75 Million More From 2 Executives Over Fake Accounts

Grooms of the Stool - Bannon, et al., in Trump's entourage

How Can Hillary Clinton Re-Emerge?


Line from Tom Tomorrow cartoon

Three organizations suing Trump administration for not releasing logs of White House and Mar-a-Lago

Pic of the day: Kentucky Coal Museum installing solar panels to save on electricity bills

We are in Act 2 of the Syrian Kabuki Theater Show. Act 3 is lifting sanctions and $500B in oil.

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots Is On Hiatus This Week

Follow the money...

Russian hacker arrested in Spain told wife warrant was linked to Trumps election win

How Democrats are faring in first tests of the Trump backlash

Putin awards medals to buyers of Rosneft stake

Amid Syrian missile strike, Secret Service called for removal of club's prime rib buffet

'The full "pink moon" will be glowing in the sky on Tuesday, April 11.

Florida sheriff cuts tough-guy video with masked SWAT team

Remember those parent's threats ? - shudder

Georges Bizet Carmen Suite #1

Report from Georgia 6

A Night Different From All Others

Today, I remember my dear friend.

Mounted my old GoPro to my snowboard

Trump headed to Mar-a-Lago for Easter weekend

Question about public domain

Cops: Judge shot to death outside Chicago home

"Kellyanne Conway & other staffers were broken into groups to think up lists of Trump successes..."

Watch the ad John Oliver produced to air during Bill O'Reilly's Show

Was the Rise of Neoliberalism the Root Cause of Extreme Inequality? (UPDATED with link)

Leaked Email: President Trump's Modeling Agency Is Shutting Down

The GOP Has Declared War on Democracy

Libertarian Utopia

Breitbart editors tell staffers to stop writing stories critical of Jared Kushner, sources say

Did DU get the upgrade last week?

BREAKING: United Airlines announces a new head of Customer Service

NYS Golden Gloves

mom and one eaglet:

The History of Religion...

So, How Does United Airlines Recover from This PR Disaster?

DeVos hides on Military base to pitch school choice

Trump Has Already Spent Almost Double Obamas Annual Travel Budget

Space explosion has astronomers baffled

United passenger forced from his seat to make room for crew members on an overbooked flight

The greatest restaurant review ---------- ever!

BREAKING NEWS: In an attempt to boost image, United Airlines launches airstrike on Shayrat Airbase.

Border tax is latest flashpoint between Kochs and the GOP

Free Tuition - How Progressives Win

Dylann Roof pleads guilty to state charges in church massacre

Tom Perez writes 'Bernie Sanders and I are hitting the road.'

Loans Designed to Fail: States Say Navient Preyed on Students

Even the least criminal of the DRUMPF crew, McMASTER, gives me the creeps

35 years ago today: THE best before and after (and WAY after) pics

am I hearing correctly? 59 VERY EXPENSIVE missiles hit an airfield that was operational the

online pharmacies: any good ones or all shady ?

United CEO apologizes after video of O'Hare passenger dragged from flight goes viral

Russian computer programmer reportedly linked to election hack arrested in Barcelona

Report China Has Deployed 150,000 Troops To North Korea Border

I have a beautiful grand niece...I mean *GORGEOUS*

Multiple people down in shooting at elementary school in San Bernardino

Rex Tillerson's teeth

Pic Of The Moment: If You Need Brainstorming Sessions To Think Of Wins, Maybe There Weren't Any

Does anyone here have an oxygen concentrator at home?

Sir Richard Branson calls Donald Trump "an embarrassment for the world"

If trump institutes the draft

Junk Economics

Do Millennial Men Want Stay-at-Home Wives?

At this point in our relationship, I feel that I can finally reveal my secret:

Don't like the smell of this

United Airlines Memes

Two adults (presumed to be teachers) dead in San Bernardino elementary school shooting

How Bannon's multimedia machine drove a movement and paid him millions

How Bannon's multimedia machine drove a movement and paid him millions

Smithsonian Is Taking Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers Off Display This Month

SNL: Birthday Clown (Louis CK episode)

John Oliver Tackles Gerrymandering

Easter egg on the site for the new Canadian $10 bill!

So why was the Asian passenger 'volunteered' to leave the flight

alec baldwin on snl

This is a VERY interesting article-Trump and Sandy Hook

What's for Dinner, Mon., April 10, 2017

AP: Russian-made fighter jet bombed hospital--officials believe was attempt to cover up chem weapons

Daily News and ProPublica Share Public Service Pulitzer; New York Times Wins 3 Awards

The United Story Isn't About Customer Service. Its About ClassWarfare.

Dylann Roof gets 9 life sentences in state case

My thoughts on Asian doctor forcibly removed from United flight (VIDEO)

David Fahrenthold wins Pulitzer Prize for reporting on Trump Foundation scam.

Don't kill the Legal Services Corporation: Christian lawyer

Senators Allege DAPL Builder Didnt Have Permit to Build Under Lake Oahe

Did the first lawn mow of the season today.


Trump Caught Using Government Built Infrastructure For Personal Use (DETAILS)

I didn't realize there was a writers group on DU

Liberty and Justice for ALL WHO CAN AFFORD IT!

Wells Fargo Orders Two Former Executives to Pay Back 75 Million: The Hill

DeVos praises Florida's voucher-like program. Heres what it means for school reform.

Sources: Gov. Robert Bentley to resign today - UPDATE: He gone!


Seattle renters need an annual raise of $1,248 to keep up with housing costs

One Fine Day Uptown

Danforth, other top Republicans push Hawley to seek U.S. Senate over Wagner

Overheard "conservative" conversation

Just now on Amy Goodman Show..Assange vs Nairn

Chechnya is torturing & killing gay men in secret concentration camps

Great Barrier Reef Hit By Bleaching For The Second Year In A Row

Trump: "Hole in one."

WTF is with this ASSHAT!!!

Official: Russia knew in advance of Syrian chemical attack

Why should we believe that Tillerson and Putin are no long joined at the hip

Breitbart backs off Jared Kushner criticism after he personally complained to Trump #SNOWFLAKE

Was Syria attack legal? Framers would say no: Column

Donald Trump: At War With The World....

Whenever There Is A School Shooting, I Wonder....

Sometimes I need complete silence...

Thoughts & Prayers

Programmer Pyotr Levashov reportedly suspected in US election hacking arrested

The true heart of #TraitorTrump and hsi gang of #GOPThugs...

Are there any progressives, theists or non-theists, in the US?

Cop who bloodied United passenger suspended pending thorough review of situation

Investigative reporting Pulitzer to West Virginia reporter

It's getting pretty bad when the trumpies put out a infighting story to take the

Suspended Alabama Judge Roy Moore talks God and schools at Colorado Capitol

NYPDs Proposed Body Camera Policies Are a Disaster for Police Accountability

Investigative Reporting Pulitzer to West Virginia reporter

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump expresses shock, horror about United Airlines incident.

I was looking at an employment ad online and I saw something interesting...

Robert Bentley resignation: Kay Ivey poised to become Alabama's 2nd female governor

'Job-killing' Obamacare actually created 240,000 well-paying healthcare jobs

Bentley resigns.

Alabama governor booked in jail after allegations

Bentley Booked

The United Airline assault on a passenger is just another symptom of authoritarianism

United passengers berated United employees who got on plane and took bumped seats.

United Airlines Will Start Charging for Use of Overhead Bins

Far Right Seeks To Negate Key Constitutional Rule Of Construction

Sean Spicer is "pronging" again. First it was the "three pronged" strategy for the

I remember reading Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" in eighth grade.

Video: Florida sheriff's stern warning to heroin dealers goes viral

Here is why Jared Kushner doesn't like Bannon.

A Gluten-Free Pistachio Cake for Spring Occasions

Here's a link for Untied Customer Service to file a complaint.

Senator Markey says Democrats will restore 60-vote Supreme Court filibuster

Feds looking into United incident.

Can a religious person be considered progressive if they oppose lgbt and reproductive rights?

What's the status of the investigation into 5 million illegal voters?

AP - Judge rules against Texas voter ID law

United: "Overbooked"

Bentley Alabama Gov resigns

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Oklahoma House Pages Warned Of 'Cross-Dressers' During LGBT Lobbying

'Good Lord': Jake Tapper gasps after hearing Alabama governor's salacious phone call with former aid

Family-run Storm Lake Times (cir. 3000) wins Pulitzer

Trump Has No Plan in Syria Beyond Making Himself a Popular Wartime President

Is There a Crisis of Capitalism When Private Companies Cause Car Accidents to Make Money?

Uribe abandons Colombia war victim memorial service amid victims booing

May We All Be As Cool As This Woman In The Face Of White Supremacy

My husband, an ex-cop, says the United passenger may have been tasered

The must-see documentary on Colombias paramilitary threat



United Airlines Will Start Charging for Use of Lavatories (AKA - Pissoire)

Judge: Texas voter ID law was intended to discriminate

Ex-Mexican governor's long flight from justice ends

Keith Olbermann: The Media Fell for Trumps Syria Stunt

World Cup 2026: USA, Canada & Mexico to make joint bid

Full 4th Circuit to hear Trump's revised travel ban appeal

Full 4th Circuit to hear Trump's revised travel ban appeal

I will say this about United Airlines

anyone have any experience with AirBnB?

Senate Dems discuss bringing back 60 vote requirement for SCOTUS if they regain power.

Oscar De La Hoya Taunts Trump in Ad Promoting Cinco de Mayo Bout

Putin Refuses to Meet with Tillerson

This bothers me.

$1.5 billion deal rocks Colorado ski industry as Aspen Skiing Co. acquires Steamboat and operator of

Report: Russia Knew of Syria Chemical Attack in Advance

Huge permafrost thaw can be limited by ambitious climate targets

White House warns of potential US 'red line' over Syria barrel bomb attacks

White House warns of potential US 'red line' over Syria barrel bomb attacks

Salt Lake Tribune wins Pulitzer for campus rape coverage, praises victims for sharing their stories

Why do airlines need to overbook? They don't lose money on most no-shows

Hatch says he'll run again unless unexpected happens

Symantec attributes 40 cyber attacks to CIA-linked hacking tools

For a polygamous sect, homes have gone and 'apostates' have come

DNC unity tour with Tom Perez and Bernie Sanders to stop in Utah

State committee approves plan for homeless shelter in South Salt Lake

SEC targets fake stock news on financial websites

2018 US Senate Election- US Senators who are over 80 years old that are planning to

Democrat Jenny Wilson exploring run for Sen. Orrin Hatch's seat

Cook Pol Report updates its cong. district ratings:KS-04 moves to Lean R: GA-06 moves to Toss Up

Approval rating on the rise following Syrian strike

I've been wondering if there were any children on the United flight who witnessed the assault

So what do you bet Robert Bentley of AL does no jail time

Hank Hanegraaff, host of Bible Answer Man radio show, becomes Orthodox Christian

Chris Matthes let's go a whopper saying Nikki Haley quickly took down

This 2 part series won the Pulitzer for Eric Eyre of the Charleston Gazette. A must read.