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Judging the value of Meals on Wheels

Ain't this the G-D Truth!

Sources: Sebastian Gorka to leave White House

Are we regressing toward being a developing nation?

Trump plan would cut grants that help the most vulnerable

A man played Pokmon Go in a Russian church. He may spend 3 1/2 years in prison for it.

Slate - "Trump, Media Genius, Without Prompting Drags His Links to Russia Back Into the Spotlight"

Pence: Tax Plan Could Increase Deficit 'Maybe in The Short Term'

Another aerial from my drone

Extreme Weather Seems To Be New Norm.

I'm a Liberal, but I am objective and open to change my opinions based on data

Trumps Very Friendly Talk With Duterte Stuns Aides and Critics Alike

Longtime GOP incumbent will not seek reelection

WH Purge is starting: McMaster cleaning house. It's starting, all!

Washington Post: How the Republican right found allies in Russia

Bob McDonnell was on "60 Minutes"

Priebus, Hair Douchengroper and his minions are concerned about press lies

Unemployment rates at 3 months: Clinton(D): 7.1%, Bush(R): 4.4%, Obama(D): 9.0%, Trump(R):4.5%

Does anybody have a good cole slaw recipe for a crowd?

Question about Buddhism and psychiatric medication.

Hasan Minhaj COMPLETE REMARKS at 2017 White House Correspondents' Dinner (C-SPAN)

I really don't think tRump is a Russian spy.

Ustream live video from the ISS

39, 42, 43 & 44 sum up the first 100 in 6

Pinboy3niners obituary

Canada loves you, America! Check out

Schumer: NYPD shouldnt protect First Family if Trump wont pay up

Heads up warning for June 6th from a right wing nut case.

The UX Designer Paradox

Jay Rosen:The everyday lingo of news distorts the reality of Trump

One Reason - why trump is inviting the murderous Philippine Dictator to the WH...

McMaster on FOX, full interview.

New York lawmakers devise plan to release Trump's state taxes

Imagine if Hillary did this

Trump "If you hurt your knee-honestly-I'd rather have gov focused on NK-other things than your knee

Alex Jones Just Lost Custody Of His Three Children

Pence lied: Led the Flynn vetting process, knew about foreign ties

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 1 May 2017

And just now, some slimy republican wants to follow me on twitter

Deal Reached On Funding Government Through Sept

Carl Bernstein: Trump lies 'day in and day out'

You know, for a guy who said he was going to repeal all of his EOs and bought into birtherism...

Is trump really going to change libel laws and freedom on the press - CTV News says so.

Sam Bee's WH Correspondence Dinner special should be shown in every HS/JHS civics class.

Drink sustainably and enjoy a good ale!

Retired CIA expert: US far-right is getting duped by Russia and its part of something bigger

Pinboy3niner has passed.

Does anyone know why venues are so often just filled to capacity?

If ACA Is Dead So Is Decent Health Care For Everyone Really.

My Experience In The Border Patrol: Sexual Assault, Corruption, And Moral Failure

Star Trek inspired licence plate deemed offensive in Manitoba

Can charity save journalism from market failure?

LA92 who watched?

All this talk about a tax holiday to entice companies to bring back money sickens me.

Robert Reich masterfully turns Ann Coulters free speech gripes into smackdown on Trumps media war

I did a sketch for my mother-in-law that she won't ever see

Some Oklahoma lawmakers and business leaders are calling for increased gross production taxes

Elton John (age 24) - Tiny Dancer (HD) Live in 1971 at Old Grey Whistle Test (1080p)

Black judge says repeating 'N' word in appellate opinion was 'unnecessary'

Those who look to the New Deal as a possible model for Democratic economic policies in this era...

Lawmakers make little progress closing $878 million budget hole

Cats are better than dogs in *every* way

Bipartisan Agreement Reached to Fund Government Through September.

State senator admits campaign fund mistakes, resigns

In New Orleans, Marrying Asian Influences and Gulf Ingredients

'Schools are feeling like theyre in free fall' says State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister

Remember how the travel ban was "code red"?

That's right, Charlie Brown, it works just like this...

How News Outlets Fail Rape Survivors

House Democrats oppose GOP plan to raise tax on gasoline

Fallin declares a storm emergency

First ever photos of Yemen's Jews stunned the Jewish world.

Great progressive Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post has concerns about Obama's speaking fee--

Finally I'm working my photos from South Africa

Topeka PD: 4 dead, 1 injured after shooting at special needs home; shooter among the deceased

I don't know.

Western Kansas crippled by storm

Y'all are gonna totally think I'm a liar

Al Franken about Pres Trump's Mental Health & Gen Flynn

Trump: Election Interference Had Nothing To Do With Us

Missouri governor to pay fee for using nonprofit donor list

Iowa Democrats call 2017 extraordinarily horrible legislative session

Woman who defrauded victims of over $300,000 going to prison

Take action to oppose the (revised) AHCA

Radical Religious Christians Demand Religious Based Run Government. Trump Their Hero.

Kansas governor seeks $24M to ban guns at state hospitals

St. Louis region reflects the increased polarization in the U.S. House

Kansas judges back off effort to keep jurors' names secret

Kansas Lawmakers Prepare for Budget and Tax Work Next Week

Kansas Lawmakers Consider Overriding Governor Brownback's Veto Pen

Wild boars overrun ISIS position, kill 3 militants!

Dear DU friends

Finally, literally, frankly, honestly, basically,

Nebraska Calls on Kansas to Review Prairie Burning, Smoke Policy

Japanese Naval Warship sent to guard am American ship

How black is black

Tony Blair announces return because of the harm it would cause the country

Nebraska lawmakers will need another $50 million to balance state budget

Fox, Blackstone Said Teaming to Make Competing Tribune Bid

Overpass sign from S. Califonia

(Jewish Group) Trump-era anti-Semitism changed my family we started going to synagogue

Nebraska teachers union's new plan calls for classroom diversity, 'cultural proficiency' training

Abortion becomes hot topic as Nebraska legislators give first-round OK to budget bill

Japan sends biggest warship to protect US supply vessel

Ricketts vetoes bill to restore voting rights to felons sooner

France election: Macron says EU must reform or face 'Frexit'

Antarctica's troublesome 'hairdryer winds'

Women's health funding issue draws filibuster on budget bill

Big crowd likely at hearing on Keystone XL oil pipeline

LIVE at 9AM May 1, 2017 - Sen. Bernie Sanders - Global Center for Health Innovation

NH State Rep. Robert Fisher, a Republican Atheist, Created Reddit's Anti-Feminist Red Pill Forum

No vote by South Dakota Democrats on replacing party chair

How can Muslim feminists reclaim their religion from men?

Who was Mother Jones?

Rebel Catholic group defies church, ordains woman priest in NC

Society of Catholic Scientists meets in Chicago for first-ever conference


May Day

MIA: Joe and Mika

OMG, just saw a campaign ad for Rump! Produced by "45Committee."

Cnn runner: Trump falsely claims Preexisting conditions covered in new bill. Actually it allows

Powerful words

Regardless of how you feel about her, Hillary Clinton has had a phenomenal career as

Monday Morning Quarterback- NFL draft recap

How the far right found allies in Russia

"He likes playing on his soccer team in New York, they're all of his friends."

With six days to go it's Macron 61 LeTrump 39

How the Republican right found allies in Russia

Elizabeth Warren calls out Obama and Democrats for losing way on economy

Chump's BFF is at it again- Macron victim of cyber hit similar to Democratic Party

Democrats say they now know exactly why Clinton lost

I haven't seen a thread about the San Diego shooting. Have mass shootings become so routine

SpaceX Launches US Spy Satellite on Secret Mission, Nails Rocket Landing

'If I had my gun on me, I'd shoot him': the civil war over statues in New Orleans

trump has no idea what's in the 'new' healthcare bill

Autism makes life after high school a struggle for the 'Mayor of Parkway West'

Need help from those who know German. One of my pet peeves with English is our lack of

Trump's invitation to Duterte is a sign of the times

Cynical handshake.

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Too Hard for Him

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

mike pence 'could' and 'maybe'

The late Sen. Robt. Byrd, fiddling at White House for Jimmy Carter

On the Power of Being Awful - By Paul Krugman

Trump's Tax Cuts May Be More Damaging Than Reagan's

There is no other story ..... Trump paid the Russian hackers who were working for Putin

Not all wealthy people don't care about healthcare

Samantha Bee knocks it out of the park

just a reminder: this coming Saturday (5/6/17) is free comic book day at your local comic shop.

Taxes will go up. Heres why. - By Robert J. Samuelson

Writing about food: Roy Blount Jr., "The Way Folks Were Meant to Eat"

Trump taps anti-abortion leader for top health agency post

President Shitstain Learns New 4-Letter Word In NG Export Push: "Glut"

ELizabeth Warren, DNA

When a parrot is held hostage or cats go MIA, this pet detective is on the case

trump is already running for office after 100 days.....Trump launches $1.5M First 100 Days TV ad

LOL LOL LOL : Donald Trump said Andrew Jackson was alive during the Civil War

Removing Climate Data From EPA Website Isn't Censorship - It's A Makeover!

OMG. We are talking about 45 manipulating international trade agreements for theater!

Home Destroyed In Fatal CO Explosion Was Built 178 Feet From Existing Well

Trump's populism has nothing to do with helping the people who voted for him - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Apparently Progressive now means

Surprise, Surprise - Conservative Landowners In LA, SC, TX, Pissed Off By Pipeline Plans

CNN reporting that the white house just announced they 'have the votes' on healthcare

As Trump Stokes Fear Among Immigrants, a Movement Builds on May Day

president carpetbagger...

The Vegan Vacation Blog: We just published our first restaurant post!

Donald Trump Has a New Favorite Dictator: Rodrigo Duterte

I feel so sorry for the children of trump voters.


The Sheeple will learn. Truth can bite. ('toon)

Seriously, Fox News- Fabio?

Trump Campaign Going Up With $1.5 Million Ad Buy Promoting First 100 Days

well I foolishly got worked up this morning

When Ignorance and Abject Stupidity Collide

Robert Reich: Through history tyrants have befriended other tyrants, to their mutual advantage.

Joe Biden says he won't run for President in 2020

Seven shot, gunman dead at University City apartment complex

Breaking, Trump tells truth: "I don't stand by anything..."

duterte called President Obama 'son of a whore'. trump invites him to white house

White House expects vote on healthcare bill this week

Photos and Twitter Links: Bernie Sanders - The City Club of Cleveland Speech - May 1, 2017

Asian nations pulled into China's orbit as Trump puts America first

German paper's damning account of Prime Minister's talks with European boss

Hamas to soften stance on Israel, Muslim Brotherhood in policy document: sources

U.S. consumer spending unchanged in March; inflation subsides

"If You Keep Fucking With Mr. Trump We Know Where You Live"

Happy May Day!

Malcom Nance coming up on Stephanie Miller Show

How many of you are this nerdy?

CNN graphic nails Trump for lying about preexisting conditions

Lawyer reported getting threatening call: "If you keep fucking with Mr Trump we know where you live"

Egberto Willies at dailykos on The Corporate puppetteers...

In 2009 a lawyer representing people suing Trump received telephoned threats against his family.

If you keep fucking with Mr. Trump we know where you live.

Trump laments that nobody cares why there even was the US Civil War.

'Like a third-grade paper': Internet shreds Trump's historically illiterate Andrew Jackson comments

Pence claims having cancer is good for you...?

U.S. top court rejects 'gay conversion' therapy ban challenge

NYT: Duterte says he may be too busy to visit Trump at the White House - says he's "tied up"


German minister just said what no foreign politician dares to about Ivanka Trump

GOP Target List #'s HEATHCARE VOTE Action Alert Revised American Health Care Act vote likely - CALL!

Bwa wa wa - No language in Budget to prevent Mexico from paying for wall "If it so desired"

Koch Industries and Other Corporations Lobbied for Donald Trumps Cabinet Picks, Filings Show

Perfect Weather for a Climate March in D.C.: Record Heat - good read

Senator Burr (R-NC) Slow Walkinig the Russian Investigation

Trump names anti-abortion leader Yoest to top HHS post

Gunman unleashes deadly barrage at pool party. Has Trump emboldened white bigots (me)?

Ivanka hawked familys new development in Philippines before dad invited strongman to White House

Isn't the Electoral College a manifestation of the status quo and "swamp" Trump railed against?

Historian: Its pretty much inevitable that Trump will try to stage a coup and overthrow democracy

Rep Barbara Lee: Answers Trump's Question about WHY we had a Civil War

What an uninspired choice: SEACREAST as co-host with Kelly RIPA

The Daily 202: Eight ways Trump got rolled in his first budget negotiation

Who Is a Criminal?

Trump Inaugural Committee Listed YUUUGE FAKE Donations

An interested Twitter thread about the deplorables:

I am starting to see resignation here.

Well Sen. Warren, Sen. Sanders, you're both on the record against Obama and Democratic Party. Nice

WH Sources Try To Make Case That Gorka's Role Was Meant To Be Temporary

Stop. Letting. Them. Frame. The. Fucking. Narrative. Don't let them gaslight you!

Philippines' Duterte hesitant on US visit, warm on China

The application that helps people identify plants. Thought I'd share.

The scary thing about the recent Trump rally wasn't that it was different than his campaign rallies

Happy May Day!

Maxine Waters says what others wont say, Russian collusion would cause Trump impeachment (VIDEO)

Happy May Day!

Comedy Centrals Hasan Minhaj slams it at White House Correspondents Dinner (VIDEO)

KO: Trump's First 100 Days. And What Has He Done? Tallying the accomplishments of the candidate who

KO:Trump's First 100 Days. And What Has He Done? Tallying the accomplishments of the candidate who p

Even With Absolute Proof Of Trump Treason GOP Won't Impeach Ever.

Trump gets annoyed with questions about Obama, ends CBS interview: 'That's enough'

Which side do you think the Deplorables would have been on during the Civil War?

'Completely inept': CNN pundit says 'too late' for Trump to save presidency after...

Hey, Donald and lurking Deplorables, this is for you

How can anybody spend even a second bashing Dems when Deplorables are such juicy targets?

Trump: 'Why was there the Civil War?'

I bet Dufus would have negotiated the Civil War

Trump Takes Latest Stab At Historical Analysis: 'Why Was There The Civil War?'

Phone numbers of all NC Reps. Call to ask them to OPPOSE DonTCare 2.0/3.0 TODAY!

Eight ways Trump got rolled in his first budget negotiation

BREAKING NEWS: Trump calls for meeting between Andrew Jackson and Frederick Douglass

Beer in hand, man shoots 7 at San Diego pool party

Trump makes puzzling claim about Andrew Jackson, Civil War

You can contact GOP Senators on face book using this link... about Trumpcare...six votes away!!!!!!

dear content managers- twitter links

Who "owns" the Democratic Party --

Newly discovered rare photo of George Washington crossing

The NYT Tomorrow:

NASCAR race at Richmond that sold 112,000 tickets a decade ago is now struggling to fill 60,000 seat

Donald Trump thought being president "would be easier" -- and so did his deeply ignorant voters

The lost village of Fin Me Oot

"I Grew Up In A Fundamentalist Cult  : The Handmaids Tale Was My Reality"

So you can learn more about our country's past from "Drunk History" than from the POTUS

Guns and religion: How American conservatives grew closer to Putins Russia

What Will It Take For The Voters To Wake Up To Evil GOP. They Stand For Death/Destruction.

Borowitz: "White House Portrait of Andrew Jackson Calls Trump a Moron"

This is a general observation. It dees not fit every instance

Robert Mercer's 7 Billion tax evasion is why

Mon. A.M. cuteness overload-herding kittens

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Weekend (Spoiler: It's All Trump)

ask indigenous people about "Indian Killer" andrew jackson--indian removal act, trail of tears. . .

By tomorrow Donald Trump will say WW ll could have been avoided if Andrew Jackson was president

Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes near Skagway, Alaska.

The True Adventures Of Bill Hitler, Hitler's Idiot Nephew

Sean Spicer Tweeted a Bitcoin Address - Not His Password

"fascist group masturbatory rally" (KO's name for saturday' distraction)

What Its Really Like to Cover Trump

A sad testament to the gullibility of Americans: "Like Farming" Facebook scams

What to Cook This Week, #2

Did Spicer tweet a bitcoin address?

'Its getting worse': Joe Scarborough sounds alarm on Trump's 'rambling and incoherent' speech...

My "WTF?" of the day, Larry Klayman edition...

WATCH: Trump angrily walks away from interview after reporter presses for Obama wiretapping evidence

Supreme Court says cities can sue big banks over housing bubble damages

I think that there is a new White House Staff position created for the Trump era - Poofer

I have a relative who has dementia...

Trumps first 100 days rolled into one song

US appeals court wont rehear net neutrality challenge

Opinion: Trumps Trade Stupidity May Fatally Injure the Coal Industry

I LOVE CANADIANS - Singing U.S. Nat. anthem

Venezuela's Maduro hikes minimum wage amid rising protests

U. of Wisconsin student resolution blames Israel for police violence against African-Americans

Canadians singing the U.S. Nat. Anthem

The View audience boos Ann Coulter when she claims Trump doesnt lie and doesnt hate the media

Bill Nye on ice cream conversions....

I dont know its hard for me to see any U.S. ties to Russia, except for ...

Happy International Workers' Day

Happy International Workers' Day!

"lusty month of may" from "camelot"

Trump Humpers Want Everyone Not Behind Trump To Leave The Country Or Have NO Voting Rights.

Man charged with harassment over removal of Trump protesters

Check Out the Cover for Bernie Sanders Book for Teens on How to Fight for Progressive Causes

Check Out the Cover for Bernie Sanders Book for Teens on How to Fight for Progressive Causes

"Why are you voting Republican?" - Rush Limbaugh has a sad

Blessed Beltaine

Trump dissembling on wiretap claim, 'like a blog comments section after someone's lost the argument'

Students protest racism at liberal arts college in Minnesota

Beltaine images

Trump gets almost nothing in the new budget, but Dems win big.

Trump Says Hed Meet With Kim Jong Un Under Right Circumstances

Here's my own "Mnuchin Principle" : will somebody please punch him in the face?

Trump rants to Fox about North Korea: "Nobody's safe, I mean, who's safe? Were probably not safe"

Canned soup used in recipes.

One Award-Winning Chef and His Surprisingly Cheap Eating Habits

Good Samaritan's backpack stolen while he helped woman

Thousands expected for May Day march in Milwaukee

Nonbelievers' Challenge to House Prayers Allowed to Proceed

Trump is distraction overdrive today

Saying goodbye: 'This is not the Iowa I grew up in'

Trump set to hand key family planning role to anti-contraception advocate

Trump set to hand key family planning role to anti-contraception advocate

UN rights chief 'watching the US very carefully' under Trump

Can't wait to be covered for healthcare "beautifully"

Patient Groups Reiterate Opposition To GOP Obamacare Repeal Bill

On come on!: CNN guest crushes GOP panelists attempt to spin Trumps Andrew Jackson blunder

President Asshole ending Michelle Obama's Let Girls Learn program

William Shatners Tweets Are a Classic Case of Misinformation Spread

Stupidity aside, Trump's statements about the Civil War are terrifying.

May Day Marches Protests from around the world: Workers Day Celebrations

Make measles great again: A case study of the politicization of school vaccine requirements in MI

Trump says actively considering breaking up big banks: Bloomberg TV

Trump Defends Invite to Philippines' Duterte Amid Drug War Toll

U.S. Supreme Court sides with Venezuela over oil rigs claim


RAWtools (colorado) "disarming hearts, forging peace"

Trump Just Picked a Contraception Skeptic to Head Federal Family Planning Efforts

An oldie but a goodie: The Red Flags of Quackery.

Reports Are Now Coming Out Why Hillary Lost the General Election And Where We Go From Here

Hamas to soften stance on Israel, Muslim Brotherhood: Arab sources

On this May Day -- a reminder of what "working class" is...

franco nero "c'est moi"

Now 22 "no" votes for TrumpCare 2...enough to kill it.

Not all adults are meant to be parents; not all dogs either!

Congress Just Ignored Trump And Boosted America's Science Funding

the last scene in "camelot"-- "some of the drops DO sparkle"

Anti-Abortion Group Slams GOP Spending Bill With Funds For Planned Parenthood

Former Washington Governor Mike Lowry dead at 78

Womack wants your input. Call him at 202 225 4301

Meet Duterte's trade envoy to U.S.---developed Trump Tower Manila

HELP END TRUMP ORG'S corporate charter

Guns and religion: How American conservatives grew closer to Putins Russia

Stop policing Obama's money: Van Jones' "poverty tour" suggestion is absurd

Historian Timothy Snyder "Its pretty much inevitable" that Trump will stage a coup

Mother Jones: Wanna know how deep in debt Trump is?

Pic Of The Moment: The Great Negotiator Caves

May Day rallies across U.S. target Trump immigration policy

First on CNN: Trump administration ending Michelle Obama's girls education program

Afghans who helped U.S. forces get more visas under funding bill

Angela Rye slams Omarosa to her face in scalding takedown of presidents apprentice


Some days you wake up and get your mind blown.

'America is winning again': Trump releases ad touting his first 100 days in office

BTRTN April 2017 Month in Review: 100 Excruciating Days for America

BTRTN April 2017 Month in Review: 100 Excruciating Days for America

Sent to Prison by a Software Programs Secret Algorithms

Crossposted from Arkansas Group. Womack wants your call!

Spicer On Obamacare Repeal: 'We're Not There Yet'

WI Repugs+all congressional repugs voted NO for oversite-to investigate Trump!!

Sent to Prison by a Software Programs Secret Algorithms


Fox co-president Bill Shine ousted in latest fallout from sexual harassment scandal: report

Michigan registered voters, Please read and sign this petition to put this issue on the ballot.

Word is, Bill Shine is out at Faux News

Message from the Republic of Finland to Donald Trump.

The talkers on CNN are trying to figure out trump's "strategies" re foreign diplomacy

Preview For Wednesday's Top 10 Conservative Idiots:

Trump: No mas.

Heres a map of every oil and gas well in the state of Colorado

Fox News Reporter Diana Falzone Sues Network

'The Trump University Case is Not Over': Objector to Trump U Settlement Appeals to Ninth Circuit

Andrew Jackson & Frederick Douglass holding a press conference about Trump, live on Twitter.

Can someone explain to me the whole hairball thing with cats?

Eight ways Trump got rolled in his first budget negotiation

Michael Moore to Take Aim at Trump, on Broadway.

West Virginias Governor, an Unusual Democrat, Fights a G.O.P. Tide.

Another 'big hearted' monster getting some Trump love..

It's official!

Christie vetoes Trump-inspired bill to require tax returns from presidential candidates

A dear friend, and a great liberal, has passed unexpectedly.

Trump starts dismantling his shadow Cabinet

Coulter: Get ready for your kids to tell you they weren't lying, they were just "Bullshitting" you

Federal judge blocks Wisconsin's 'cocaine mom' law

My vertical underwater farming can restore the seas

Who are the wealthy backers smearing Elizabeth Warren?

Geez.. the optics say a lot.

Here's how to join the campaign calling on @AGSchneiderman to revoke the Trump Organization's corpo

Weekend storms kill 14 in Texas, Southern U.S.

Whip-count on AHCA extremely close. Chaffetz now flying back to give Rs another vote.

EMS: 1 dead, 3 injured in stabbing at UT campus; suspect in custody

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 1, 2017

wealth inequality and economic injustice are real issues.

Investigative Journalism sorely needed

What limits on speaking fees do you propose Obama should follow?

Bill Shine - Out at FOX News

Congress Defies Trump, Gives Big Raise to NIH Medical Research

This made me laugh

Prosecutors say Milwaukee jail run by Sheriff David Clarke continued to withhold water as punishment

John Catsimatidis has decided not to run for NYC mayor.

Dipshit donnie's FEC filings are up dated

London Royal Docks office cat rescued after plunge into Thames

MEANWHILE, in South Korea:

Your favorite line(s) from National Lampoon's "Vacation"

The divide and conquer posts are out full force

Joaquin Castro says he won't challenge Ted Cruz for Senate in 2018

Help me out here.

Glenn Thrush Presses Spicer on Duterte: Does Trump 'Have a Thing With These Totalitarian Leaders?'

With FDR, we got the New Deal - with Harry Truman, we got the Fair Deal...

Check out the Trump supporter dork mouthing the words to his speech:

CNN President Jeff Zucker Attacks Fox News as 'State-Run TV'

The First 100 Days...

How can a decent human being vote for a Republican?

Ex-RNC Chair: President Trump Has a 'Clear Lack of Understanding of the History This Country'

GOP 2 house members away from not passing Trump's health care.

'This Lincoln guy, nice guy, good Republican, terrible negotiator.'

The FBI translator who went rogue and married an ISIS terrorist

No more NYT

House Dems slam Perdues rollback of healthy school meal standards

Comey is to answer questions before the Committee on Wednesday.

'I do my best not to listen to what he says': Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh offers strategy for continuing...

Peru's plans to cut air quality rules would smooth sale of top polluter

Peru's plans to cut air quality rules would smooth sale of top polluter

Joaquin Castro will not run for Senate in 2018

There's a pending Writer's Strike. As a member of SAG/AFTRA Cheeto will become a scab

How strong is the Democratic Party set up for the next election?

Huffington Post is nearly unreadable

Yale Historian Warns It's "Inevitable" That Trump Will Stage His Own "Reichstag Fire"

Don't get divided and conquered. The story is RUSSIA. Undo the coup.

New Head of Family Planning for the Government? You guessed it!

Trump Angrily Walks Away from CBS Interview

Your daily Intecept:

On Patribotics, Mensch's blog, today: That odd tweet of Spicers? A bit coin code--not a password.

Brazilian farmers attack indigenous tribe with machetes in brutal land dispute

Brazilian farmers attack indigenous tribe with machetes in brutal land dispute

CNN: Trump ending Michelle Obama's girls education program

Reince Priebus is a dunderhead (and he can't sue me for saying so) - by Erik Wemple

Excuse me! Excuse me!

'Judge a man by the company he keeps.' That's from Donald Trump's favorite book! - Tom Toles

"Try not to think too hard about what he says when he orders you around" What is this?

Hannity looking to bail on Fox as early as this week after exit of Fox News' Shine

let's face it, we have one of the dumbest fucking 'presidents' this nation has ever elected.

Jake Tapper issues brutal takedown of Trump's dictator praise

Strong storms to move through DC area Monday evening

Photo: Sen. Sanders interviewed about the future of the DNC, Israel-Palestine, Trump, refugees...

Hunting down runaway slaves: The cruel ads of Andrew Jackson and 'the master class'

Gianforte busted for Russian Investments

The UK Just Switched on an Ambitious Fusion Reactor - and It Works

Proposal would erase all European and world athletics records set before 2005

Daddy, what do you two want for your birthday? I said, "girls, surprise me." They did.

The Jacksonian Five (Luckovich 'toon)

Andy Lack wants to make MSNBC more conservative -HuffPo

Once again, Trumps' band of idiots shows their ignorance

WTF do no good republicans in congress do on a daily basis? Think up evil shit!

This guy openly calls for murders of gays...

Donald Trump's Andrew Jackson-Civil War Answer Is All Steve Bannon

Great Songs with "Alone" in the title: Julien Baker 'Whenever I'm Alone'

Spicer spends Monday's briefing trying to cover for a days-long deluge of Trump doozies

Wilbur Ross Says Syria Missile Strike Was 'After-Dinner Entertainment' at Mar-a-Lago

AND PIGS CAN FLY -- Trump: Steve Bannon Is Actually 'Alt-Left'

Luckovich: The Jacksonian Five

No cut in salt, fewer grains: Gov't eases school meal rules

The Latest: Chicago May Day Event Draws 20,000 Marchers

just how crazy does he have to act before this nightmare ends?

Trump is "Unpopular" - A New Randy Rainbow Parody

******BREAKING NEWS******GOP on verge of losing health care vote

Update (with pictures) of our adopted kitty

FOX News seems to be in total collapse?

Don't shame the hungry:

Respect the Office of the POTUS

St. Olaf students boycott classes in protest of latest racial incident

Joel Richardson: People Who Protest Trump Are Really Protesting God

Chump has a 41/55 approval/disapproval rating

And in the latest Russian election rigging news...

I just can't understand why the left thinks the WH is filled with ignorant, racist, misogynists eit

Livestream of Seattle MayDay Protests

"Supergirl" star Melissa Benoist's protest sign from Womens March & a nod to Elizabeth Warren:

Isn't Bannon ex-Navy? Can't he be court-martialed down the road for

Trumps Volatility in Asia Distresses a Longtime U.S. Ally: Australia

Keith Olbermann: Trump's New War on Free Speech

Congress Allocates $120 Million for Trump Familys Security Costs

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Bright Kid destroys Donald Trump on Ellen Show

GOP suffers surprise defection on Obamacare repeal [News on healthcare front...keep Calling!!!!]

So....the Civil War....

"Democratic Party Will Be Irrelevant To Our Future"-Robert Reich

Shuts down interview over wire-tapping claims

Administration scraps health and education programs

Donald Trumps Civil War by Ken Burns

Jeopardy Regulars

Warner puts odds at 2 to 1 Trump won't finish out his term

"Most Divisive Speech Every Given by a President of the United States"

Wacky history lessons continue

Putin challenger claims Kremlin ordered 'acid to be thrown in his eyes'

Does Trump say outrageous things on purpose or is he truly that stupid?

GOP Congressman: People who lead good lives should pay less than those with pre-existing condition

Thomas Frank: The Democrats' Davos ideology won't win back the Midwest

they will defend blotus to the ignorant end. Read this reply from a fellow "teacher"

I'm seeing ads on Local 10 from Florida

Anybody else see what dipshit donnie did after he walked away from the reporter?

Trump learned history from watching TV...

All of You DUers Alive During the Civil War

The far left is still out of touch with black voters.

Shooting of black teen in Dallas suburb did not meet our core values, police chief says