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Archives: May 10, 2017

Bill O'Reilly's ex-wife caught him having phone sex and he attacked her

Well by damn, we still have NY AG Eric Schneiderman toiling away at the laundering/RICO/

Sessions weighs return to harsher punishments for low-level drug crimes

Pierce: The Great American Ass-Covering

When will we hear from Spicey about the shitstorm Trump unleashed?

All of us with Republican Senators need to start calling in the morning

Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.

I could shoot the FBI Director on national TV, and nothing would happen.

Putin must have told Sessions to tell Trump to fire Comey


Tweet from Justin Amash

Chris Matthews just made a reference to Buffalo Bob

Toxic! Toxic! fRump is Toxic! Toxic!

GOP town halls go viral

Are there any loyal Americans left in our political governing class anymore?

Another survey finds Poor White Working Class voted for Trump due to Xenophobia

Another shout-out to Stein and the BoBs and other far left idiots who brought us here.

We have Rachel in 50 minutes...we should have a Rachel watching comment thread. Who's in?

I wonder what time "The Late Show" tapes? Tonight's the reunion and it will be interesting

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 10 May 2017

McConnell downplays all-male healthcare working group

We are headed to a Constitutional crisis.

I hope Lawrence O'Donnell is on MSNBC tonight.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Dear Rich Folk....Your GOOSE is about to be dinner.


Adam Shciff not happy. Sessions had to recuse himself because of meeting

Trolled by the Nixon Library

Elizabeth Warren is on MSNBC now.

CNN's Toobin calls Comey firing a 'grotesque abuse of power'

Comey will STILL be testifying before closed session Senate committee

I'm glad Comey was fired.

From The Daily Show: White House statement on the firing of FBI Director James Comey

Who do you think you're fooling, Donald?

His supporters and Republicans don't/won't care

More TPM - "Into the Abyss: Trump Fires Comey" (new post)

Calling all Democratic Congressmen & Congresswomen ....

Independent Proscecutor?

Sessions was told to find reasons to fire Comey

CNN just said that Comey found out he was fired by looking at a T.V. in the FBI LA Field Office

How does the Comey firing make you feel??

Luckovich: "You're Fired"

Sure, an ISP selected by Rosenstein, the guy who helped TRUMP

UPDATED: Burr threatens subpoenas if Trump aides ignore his deadlines

Charles P. Pierce: The Great American Ass-Covering

Which Side Are You On?

So is firing Comey an offensive or defensive move?

45's Twitter minions are in full cry for Trey Gowdy.

Independent Prosecutor NOW

I have been away for awhile because I need some time to figure out if I could.....

If the Republican leadership doesn't object to the Comey firing

For you, enjoy.

Chump sent his bodyguard to fire James Comey

From April 27, Rod Rosenstein confirmed as deputy attorney general, 94-6. He'll supervise the Russi

Personally I Think He Went Too Far This Time

I'm ready to hear former presidents openly criticize Trump.

Kellyanne Conway will be joining Anderson Cooper in a bit. Will he

Trump team to release video of Clinton's concession

Trumps personal bodyguard delivered firing letter to FBI

Seriously? We are watching Comey's motorcade on a Los Angeles freeway, like OJ Simpson

White House is acting all "surprised" that Comey's firing

When will orange twitler tweet about this?

White Bronco replaced by black SUV

This is surreal. msnbc showing LA freeway with Comey motercade-proceding down

Holy crap. Comey was giving a speech to the LA field office

CNN broadcasting Comey ride of shame

The Firing of James Comey: This Is Not a Drill (Frum/Atlantic)

Ted Lieu Statement on Comey's firing should be the Dems talking points 101.

Do NOT be fooled by Susan Collins - she pushed for Sessions for AG

I wonder if Ivanka was named in an indictment and

We cannot allow the PTB to ignore us. We have to get in their faces and we need to

Timing!! Trump may meet top Russian diplomat in White House (Wednesday!)

Don't expect a single Republican to do anything about it.

GOP Intelligence chairman troubled by Trump's firing of FBI director

This FBI firing comes just as the Senate has asked for information

Coming Attraction This Fall:

The Coup is Complete

Trump and GOP celebrated Comey's attack on Clinton last year, suddenly think Comey misbehaved.

Meanwhile, SHitler plans to meet a top RUSSIAN diplomat at WH on Wednesday. (ya he's that stupid)

Sen. Mark Warner calls Comey firing "outrageous"

Note to those investigating Trump Aministration:

I sure hope the military is careful with Trump's finger on the nuclear triggers.

When's the last time Trump has had a public appearance?

CNN just showed Comey boarding a small jet

Hey Senate!

META - Day after Day ...

Sen. John McCain statement NOT happy re Comey, seeking independent investigator

White House circulates negative stories about Comey after firing

Sen. Graham bipartisan response to Comey being fired!

Comey patting himself on the back now?

Rachel comment thread here! All about Comey. Link here to watch if you don't have cable/WiFi.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Back in the USSR! Live, Uncensored & a new Kittehs gif

The jockeying you saw at Churchill Downs this weekend is as nothing

Power To The People. It's time.

Any word on a march? This shit needs to end.

Sending his body guard to fire Comey is an admission this is all about self-protection

Is the helicopter going to be able to keep up with Comey's jet?


Claude Taylor's sources say there are already 9 sealed indictments

Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo: "the firing of Comey.. implicates the President"

Bring popcorn. Action starts at 5:00

they were showing comey's plane taxiing and then taking off.

Geezus, even Joe Scab:

Susan Collins isn't a moderate

So how long until GoFundMe is our nation's leading health care provider?

Is anyone else freaking out?

Don't be surprised if Kushner

Most outrageous action by US president & Trump refuses to speak to American people

CNN BREAKING NEWS: Grand Jury Subpoenas Issued in Russia Investigation

I pray to god this is the day we look back to as the beginning of the end of Trump's presidency.

From the Nixon Library twitter

Wow,Rachel talking about how weird it was that Jason Chaffetz quit.

Per Yates, Mike Flynn's 'underlying conduct'...

A lying sack of shit:

This reminds me of Goodfellas when James Conway killed everybody associated with the Lufthansa Heist

Heres Sessions on Comey and Hilary emails.

Does anyone think it mght be possible that Chaffetz's

CNN exclusive: Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI's Russia investigation

The righties are throwing Krauthammer under the bus

American Dictator.....Donald Trump

So when do they re-open the Clinton investigation?

Jeebus Christmas. The Nixon Presidential Library is now trolling tRump. HA!

Schumer says. "Are people going to suspect cover-up? Absolutely."

Why did Trump seek reassurance from Comey that he was "not under investigation"?

so who is going to be the new FBI director

Will the law answer to the president, or the president to the law?

It's a COMPLETE coincidence that the FBI director was fired the day subpoenas came down

This Is Not a Coverup!: Kellyanne Conway Defends Comey Firing To Anderson Cooper

Irish police drop Stephen Fry blasphemy probe

109 days

Are there any Republican Patriots? nt

Teetering on the brink

McConnell Already Looking Ahead To Hearings For Comeys Successor

James Comey's firing has brought an end to my favorite daydream.

Jeff Sessions, who lied to Congress about Russian meetings, recommended Trump fire Comey

Cardiff University study develops new blood cancer test

CNN. David Gregory is *RIPPING* into THE COOCH (Ken Cuccinelli)

The Knives Are Out for Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster

Jeff Sessions recused himself form the Trump /Russia inv. and also from the Hilary emails inv.

"no reasonable prosecutor"........trump does not operate on "reason"

Has Anyone Ventured Over To Faux News To See....

This is much worse than Watergate. This involves collusion with a foreign government

Can anyone here help with my questions regarding FHA/USDA Mortgage loans?

Is this IT!??? CNN: "Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI's Russia investigation"

In answer to SNL's "where is Kellyanne?" - she faced Anderson COOPER and couldn't bamboozle him

i did not get the memo about power suits..

National insecurity: H.R. McMaster is in Trumps doghouse, report alleges

Comey is going to testify tomorrow in a closed session of the Senate Intelligence Committee

China's leader calls France's Macron and promises to keep the Paris Climate Agreement

George Takei: "recused" AG not so recused ?!!

Dems call for independent Russia probe in wake of Comey firing

Once they got too close to uncovering the truth about #TrumpRussia, they were fired: 3 persons...

"I believe the intent here is to replace him with someone who will close" the Russia probe.

Shut up, Susan Collins, nobody gives a rat's ass what you think.

The Ocean May Soon Contain More Plastic Than Fish

At what point do we start serious demonstrations?

At what point should the R stand for Russia? Cummings is right, all the Republicans should be ...

I owe DU an apology for my post

Flynn indictments include "business records". They're going for a headshot.

GOP Will Allow The Cover Up They Are A Part Of. They Run A Vichy Government.

Never believe what you hear!

Another Claude Taylor tweet-- 9 indictments in

This Cuccinelli Clown

CNN exclusive: Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI's Russia investigation

Lying to Congress? "Jeff Sessions used campaign funds, not Senate account, when meeting Russian"

Marine Le Pen's niece abandons politics after Front National's heavy defeat

There is a peaceful way to deal with Trump and tonights firing.

The Constitution

U.S. Census director resigns amid turmoil over funding of 2020 count

Was firing of Comey legal?

Will the law answer to the president, or the president to the law?

Does Anyone Think Trump Did This To Give Him An Excuse To Resign The Presidency?.....

You're senile, Tom Brokaw, this is just as bad as the Saturday Night Massacre.

Impeachment is not enough, and maybe the Republicans know it.

Everyone who is panicking right now-Comey anticipated this:...Comey's firing stops nothing.

Slate - Comeys Firing Is the Moment of Truth for the GOP

GOP Intelligence chairman troubled by Trump's firing of FBI director

Hello Family

Trump is much worse than Nixon...WHY..

more Slate - Is This Donald Trumps Saturday Night Massacre?

Mayor De Blasio Is Still Running to the Right of Candidate De Blasio

The (alt-right) guy who spread the hashtag #MacronLeaks is at the White House press briefing.

Stock futures are only down about 40 points on the DOW. So far there doesn't

It felt inevitable.

White House spokesperson: 'Time to move on' from Russia probes

Pain Relievers Tied to Immediate Heart Risks

When Andrea Mitchell is distressed you know it's bad...

"Coup de Trump"

So, what does everyone think about the "Health Commitee" gang?

Sanders Dismisses Burlington College Allegations As Political

So what was it they did to Benedict Arnold?

Sitting Hawaiian Senator: "We are in a full-fledged constitutional crisis."

Sanders: Trump fired Comey to 'kill inquiries' into Trump, Russia ties

Comey should be immediately called to testify...

Pic Of The Moment: Holy Shit

Rachel just did whole show w/o any breaks; now Lawrence keeping her on.Anyone ever seen that before?

Franken rips Sessions for encouraging Comey firing

Jeff Seezieson should resign, NOW!

Dan Rather: "Future generations may mark today as one of the truly dark days in American history"

The Nightmare Scenario: Trump Fires Comey, the One Man Who Would Stand Up to Him

** today was the deadline for Manafort,Page and Flynn to hand over documents to the Treasury**

Clint Watts @ Lawrence

Bandit King Trump Just Broke the Outlaw Code

Trump said he fired Comey because he was mean to Hillary.

Comey was addressing a group, saw his firing on a TV screen, thought it was a joke

Congressional democrats should give a deadline

Comey initially thought firing was a prank!

Preet Bharara on Comey firing:

FBI agents in tears as news of Comey's firing spread

The beginning of the end.

Last week there was a discussion here on DU about Trump's mental competency.

So, Comey's next move is........??????? What?

Fox news is laughable now with Hannity and Newt -- up is down!

Don Lemon makes a plea for any Republican congressperson to come on his

Just learned from a DU friend that Comey had put a hold on 50 peoples passports and assets

Putting it all in perspective

The Arrogance of Donald Trump

Jeff Sessions should recuse himself from breathing...

RUDE PUNDIT: The Dark Timeline Gets Darker: Brief Thoughts on the Comey Firing

GOP AHCA Is Nothing But Eugenics Third Reich Style. Let's Be Brutally Honest About It.

Craziest day yet. And that's saying somethin'.

What Strikes Me Is How Bad The White House Is In Running The Government But..

Does anybody else believe Trump thought that Democrats would applaud Comey's firing?

Confirmed-MSNBC: Trump Will Meet with Russian Representative Tommorow

Appreciating all prayers and good wishes for hubby

With all Comey knows about the Trump/Russia investigation

Front Page Of Tomorrow's NYT: I am not a crook.

WH frustrated that FBI wanted to focus on Russia investigation when

Dismissal may turn anti-Trump wave into tsunami

So Trump believed that Democrats would be OK with his firing of Comey over his investigation of Hill

Grand Jury Subpoenas triggered Trump's reaction to fire Comey

Trumps check list

You can't get more measured than Mark Warner

Only Reasonable Conclusion: "Grave wrongdoing at center of Russia Scandal & it implicates President"

Fire Comey as a cover-up?

Per Lawrence O'Donnell

All Dem Senators to be in their seats at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. MSNBC. n/t

***Senator Schumer has asked all Democratic senators to be in their seats tomorrow morning***

What happens next?

MSNBC Live Stream (for those of us that don't have cable)

The Congress is the only protection our country has from treasonous abuse of presidential power.

Chump just tweeted a diss against Senator Schumer

What are the odds that drumpf will return from his overseas trip?

Sarah Huckabee (R - Russia): "... time to move on (from Russia investigation) ... " (on FAUX news)

I finally believe tRump overstepped himself by firing Comey. I believe the saying goes...

Nuclear option on Russia probe

Trump's firing of Comey leading to tears and anger in FBI field offices. I'm sure that'll end well..

**Alt-Wrong Deplorable Website Headline Suggestions**

If Speaker Ryan were smart, he'd gather up 23 Republicans in the House

Anderson Cooper CALLS Out Kellyanne Conway for BIG LIES About Comey Firing, "That's Just NOT True"

Remember Mark Felt (AKA Watergate's "Deep Throat") was FBI.

Please. By morning, someone who knows, inside or outside the U.S., dump the info to the

This morning, we were talking about're not. Stay woke

Trump to meet Russian foreign minister Lavrov on Wednesday - senior U.S. official


Trump might break with tradition and appoint a woman to head the FBI

CNN saying that Trump is meeting with Russia foreign minister Lavrov tomorrow! No joke.

Comey was 'caught flat-footed' and learned of firing from TV while talking to FBI agents in L.A.

Fires FBI boss to restore "public trust and confidence"

Constitutional Crisis

'It is laughable" says some Dem Senators-and panal discussants--meaning the letter claiming

O K - Who do you think Trump will appoint to head the FBI?

I think Trump is gonna seriously regret messing with the FBI

Slate - "Trump Wanted a Public Execution"

"This terrifies me"

But, really, who among us has not summarily dismissed the official leading an investigation

Chairman troubled

GOP Intelligence chairman troubled by Trump's firing of FBI director

An attack on American democracy

Networks Can't Find Republican Senators or Congress-People to Appear

Trump/Russia making Watergate look quaint by comparison.

Democrats once blamed Comey; now they're defending him

Beware of Rosenstein:

Comey firing a "big mistake"

Nixon Library trolls Trump

They are going after Hilary

Don't Expect GOP To Help. They Are Part Of Cover Up. Also Colluded With Russians.

Lawmakers call for independent probe

45 blows Comey a kiss.

#FirstAmendment crimes in Trump era: - Laughing at Jeff Sessions. - Asking Tom Price and Kellyanne

Could these events effect the Congressional 6th district election in Georgia

How Not to Laugh at Jeff Sessions

Maine's Congressional Delegates' Response Along Party Lines

As bad as it can always be worse

BBC - Did President Trump fire James Comey as part of a cover-up?

The Extent Of Criminality Being Revealed. And We Cannot Seem To Stop It. GOP Won't

Is anyone else sick of hearing how "everyone" thinks Comey has integrity?

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps,

Are we glad Heath Mello lost to a doctrinal Republican? I am not.

Final Letter from Boston

Daily Show: Trump Fires James Comey & Sally Yates Testifies

Ah...the influence of a good woman on a middle to left leaning Republican

Al Giordano: This is not the Nixon era all over again.

Booker says FBI chief Comey's firing by Trump should 'set off alarm bells'

Now we know why Gorsuchsky was a 100 day priority.

Warren on Comey firing: We need a special prosecutor whom Trump 'can't fire'

Trump Taj Mahal casino sold for 4 cents on the dollar

Reporter arrested after repeatedly questioning Health secretary

Reporter arrested after repeatedly questioning Health secretary

Minnesota bishop sued for coercion over sex abuse incident

Trump's TERRIBLE Excuse for Firing James Comey

Rachel Maddow show repeat on now. Midnight est/9:00 pacific.

Not Sure ACHA Or Some Version Can Be Stopped. Would Be A 10 Plus Earthquake.

It was republicans putting party over country

NYT Editorial - Donald Trumps Firing of James Comey

How many people in the Trump White House will end up going to jail?

Delaware legislature moves to guarantee abortion access in Trump era

Former 'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller sentenced to prison

At some point soon the Republicans will go into CYA Mode

So there!

Guliani spotted in DC:

Brother William weighs in

We are vulnerable because of our norms...

The image that sums up the day

Is this a time for bi-partisanship?

Was Comey debriefed?

Eric Holder tonight (tweet warning ⚠️)


Binge and Purge

You know, I'm on a lot of progressive groups' mailing lists...

Made a cartoon for DU today - The Taints of Donald trump

To All Elected Republicans ...

Huh. Ottawa. Cool.

TPM a very dark and perilous moment

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Supporters On Comey Firing: Blah Blah Something Something Democrats

So what do they have on

Democrats call for special prosecutor following James Comey's firing

I had a rough day. Mom had it worse.

Protest at WH on May 10th - Comey fired, Investigate Trump Now

Fyre Festival Apparently Tried To Silence Critics With Cease And Desist Letters

What are they saying on cable about the Comey firing?

So the deplorables on Twitter are pushing for Trey Gowdy as head of FBI....

Westchester Residents Bill Clinton, James Patterson Writing Spy Thriller

Back when LBJ was President, he was mercilessly satirized by the Smothers Brothers.

Kelly Ann Conway is tanned, rested

Westchester's Martha Stewart Flips Off Photo Of President Donald Trump

CNN is live......not a replay of earlier show. eom

If Washington DC wasn't so far away from where I live;

He's caught now- no he's not- yes he is- oops no he isn't- it's driving me NUTS

EXCLUSIVE Leaked Audio Between Trump & Putin

LIPA report: Barrett plant overhaul not cost-effective

NYT wants to #SaySomethingNice about Trump.

jeffery lloyd is a piece of shit...

This is How Democracy Dies...

I just woke back up and had to post these old threads.

Sen. Schumer-Independent Special Prosecutor The Only Way

Top court upholds strict drunk driving rules

The Media has more Sympathy for Comey than for others

Schneiderman: Comey firing threatens FBI's integrity

Some day we will laugh, look back at this, and ask ourselves "What were we so worried about?"...

Group runs ads targeting Faso, Stefanik for AHCA support

Mother's Day Truths

Donald Trump takes a dictators stand against inquiry - McClatchy

CNN pundit - there may be a new investigation into Trump. This time about

Unhinged Donald Trump was screaming at his television before firing James Comey

Former Cuomo aide eyes NY-19 seat

"Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller Gets One Year in Prison

TRMS follows the money @ 15:17s; tRump's money laundering for the Russians.

Lawsuits filed on Indian Point closure

Cuomo touts tax write-off for union workers

Faux News is treating Trump as if he is

NYC strip club tries to dodge taxes by claiming strippers are like therapists

I think he is going to try and put Guiliani (R-Fuckedhiscousin) to head the FBI

Joe Biden is getting his own ice cream flavor

Protesters Boo House Speaker Paul Ryan on Visit to NYC Charter School

State Senate passes anti-gang bill

Former Milton Auctioneer Sentenced for Defrauding Investors of $21 Million

Sales Rep for North Alabama Compounding Pharmacy Charged in $13 M Insurance Conspiracy

Possible names Trump could consider to replace Comey

Singapore Executives Plead Guilty To Fraud in International Navy Corruption Scandal

There has to be a Special prosecutor with subpoena powers appointed to investigate

Nearly 250 refugees dead or missing after shipwrecks off Libyan coast

OMG I know what got Comey fired.

Anonymous warns us to get ready for WWIII

Toobin: "Does Anybody Believe Trump Fired Comey Because He Was MEAN To Hillary Clinton?"

Faith, Feminism And My Mothers Church

((from DW)) Opinion: A hint of Watergate

It occurred to me: Just how far will Rump go in trying to emulate his hero, Putin?

Florida Man murder suspect tries big-penis defense and it might work

Trump is as guilty as sin..... Trump is guilty! Period!

So the Con meets with the Russian Foreign Minister today

Demos: Voter Suppression Works

Odds on Donald Trumps presidency lasting to 2019 PLUMMET after FBI's James Comey fired (now 68%)

Texas mayor and Sharia law crusader Beth Van Duyne starts regional HUD job in Trump administration

I hear that Trump is considering Vadim Bakatin to succeed Comey

I can't believe he sent this from the @POTUS Twitter account

Since the Drumpf administration is trying to twist the firing and saying that it what

If you're as deep in trouble as the Fyre Festival organizers, stop digging.

Trump calls NY Democrat 'Cryin' Chuck Schumer

ARTICLE: Trump Upset Comey Did Not Say These 3 Words

Staff scrambled to explain

Finney: DAG letter on Comey lifted text from Hillary campaign doc

How long before tRump says Comey's firing is Obama's fault? Just wondering bigly.

Spend a little time with President Carter and Senator Sanders

Senator King suggested appointing Comey as Special Prosecutor

all of Lindsey Graham's 7 office mail boxes are full

Mirroring Nixons final days

Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Morning Joe getting her a$$ handed to her

Trump reminds me of Joe Pesce's character in Goodfellas and Casino.

There's NO "THERE" there!!!

Trump, Tillerson to Meet Russian Foreign Minister at White House

Jersey City Mayor Balks at Tax Break for Kushners

Playing with fire

We all know this is why Trump won't release his taxes.

Most private schools getting vouchers in Indiana are religious. One school is bucking the trend

Tepid consumer spending slowed quarterly Econ growth to 0.7% in the 1st snapshot of Trump's term

At First New Jersey Governor Debates, Parties Differ on Policy and in Tone

Just leaked - the original, unedited letter from DT to Comey!

The President fires the Investigator-trailer on msnbc and lots of old footage to Watergate

Sarah Sanders on Morning Joke...what a dumb bunny...didn't she anticipate obvious ?s; clearly not

Unpredictable and dangerous

Giuliani is in consideration to replace Comey- WH sources

LIVE STREAM LINK (begins at 9:30 AM) for McConnell address to Senate over Russia probe

Sounds like the Trump-Russiagate grand jury is making headway!

It's not (just) the firing and when it happened; it's HOW

Schiff Goes There & Hints That Trump & Jeff Sessions Are Obstructing Justice

For Group of Breakaway Democrats in New York, It Pays to Be No. 2

The irony of Trump using Comey's pink slip to try to clear himself on Russia: it did the opposite.

The "This is a MOMENT OF TRUTH for REPUBLICANS" meme is 100% bullshit

TREED (Comey) - Luckovich 'toon ( One of his best ever)

Has Donald Trump turned America into a failed state?

I still maintain that the only way we get rid of cheeto is taking back the House.

Deplorables are fine with the firing

W. Virginia journalist arrested after asking HHS Secretary a question

'Smell of Watergate' Hits Trump's White House

The Crime Boss In Chief Is Tweeting Again

FBI Special Order!

Debunking the "investigation" of Colbert.

Congressman Ted Lieu's guide to whistleblowing

I want to reach in Kellyanne Conway's back and remove her battery so that she

White House spokesperson: 'Time to move on' from Russia probes

So now Trump has to do something really huge to try to distract from the Russia investigation.

Donald Trump, In His Own Words, Explians His Actions

There's nobody left in America who believes that Trump fired Comey...b/c Comey was mean to Hillary

Sarah Huckabee Sanders calls investigating Trump's Russian money "a pretty egregious stretch"

The jokes just write themselves - Spicer hid in the bushes last night

Attorney General Jeff Sessions considering return to harsh punishments for low-level drug offend

lindsey graham is just fine with the firing....

tRump fires Comey. We all know why, he is getting to close to the truth on tRumps Russia

Laughing with Lindsay on Morning Joke!

Behind Comeys firing: An enraged Trump, fuming about Russia

Customs and Border Protection officers at Newark Airport accuse superiors of extreme hazing; 'This

If I find fifty righteous people in the GOP, I will spare the whole party for their sake

Research Team Discovers Diabetes Cure Without Side Effects

Putin doesn't care whether of not Trump is impeached.

Donald Trump's Firing of James Comey - By the NYT Editorial Board

The front page of The New York Times for Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Daily Show Reunion on Colbert's Show

Sean Spicer was hiding in the bushes.

Behind Comey's firing: An enraged Trump, fuming about Russia

so, the russian that tillerson just introduced is an asshole too

Behind Comeys firing: An enraged Trump, fuming about Russia was being advised by Roger Stone

U.S. Census director resigns amid turmoil over funding of 2020 count - This is a big deal

Sergey Lavrov just LAUGHED about the Comey firing!

"Trump said the [Comey] had given him three private assurances that he wasn't under investigation"

Department Of Justice Just Confirmed That The FBI Is Investigating Trump Himself

I am hoping because of the firing of Comey this will put the brakes on the republican's legislative

Wow, Snowden...

I will not exhale until

Oceans' Oxygen Content Falling Faster Than Rising Temps Allow, Faster Than Expected

When you think about Deplorables keep in mind the median IQ is 100

Eric Holder: "To the career men & women at DOJ/FBI..."

AND the talking point will be: "This is not Watergate." -Lindsay GRAHAM, plus"Dems wanted him fired"

UK - Driest April On Record, Rainfall Down By More Than 50% - Guardian

Will Trumps business ties in Russia be the next line of inquiry?

ACLU Warns That Travel to Texas "May Result in Violation of Constitutional Rights"

Sergei Lavrov Appears w/ Sec. Tillerson for Short Press Intro

Striking lede from the Associated Press on Trump/Comey

Nevertheless, she....

Tuesday Night Massacre: Who Really Believes The White House Rationale For Firing Comey?

I'm disappointed in how the press is handling this story

Can Sessions now be impeached?

video of trump thanking comey for handing him the election....

Timing of the event..??

All these scandals are eating away precious time from the congressional calendar:

LOL, Last night at the WH: "Just turn the lights off"

Grammar Nazi: Two grammar mistakes in one sentence of Trump's

NYT Editorial: The credibility of the world's oldest democracy hangs in the balance.

Losing their religion: Millennials, including Utahns, leaving church

Chris Cuomo stunned as Kellyanne Conway says it's inappropriate to question Trumps Comey firing

MARCH FOR TRUTH 6/3...Be there!!!

"I think you're looking at the wrong set of facts here, Anderson," Conway shot back...

Trump Defends Comey Firing In Early-Morning Tweetstorm

Who do you think Trump will appoint to head the FBI?

Sarah Huckabee looks like she broke into the Smithstonian and stole some antebellum garb

CNN exclusive: Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI's Russia investigation

These headlines shocked Republicans then---GOP now celebrates obstruction

Both McConnell and Ryan were involved with this Russian/Turmp coup too.

Is Religion the Only Reason to Oppose Gender Fluidity?

When the new FBI Director is announced

Bernie Sanders Announces U.K. Book Tour this June

this is beyond anything I have EVER witnessed in our politics...

Trevor Noah has red buttons on his desk. One for sandwiches, one for Cokes, and one for...

Russian FM Jokes About FBI Director Comey Firing

He. is. stark. raving. mad. *

Meanwhile, on State Media...

MSNBC's Mika nails Trump: 'This is a very small man, and his lies will bring down his presidency'

The sitting President of the United States is an enemy of our country. Let that sink in.

Why am i shocked. I shouldn't be.

Jeremy Corbyn hoping for Bernie Sanders election endorsement

How far are we from our own Tiananmen Square or Arab Spring ?

Sen. Warren: "Comey was not fired because of Hillary. Comey was fired because of the Russians."

Like a old west novel.

I am glad Robbie Mook cut off the question

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Going Full Nixon

So are all Dem Senators seated??

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Yates and Flynn

Malcom Nance coming up on Stephanie Miller Show

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - Death Care

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Katy Tur: "Every time Trump has had to choose between his own personal interests and...

Racist Woman Harasses Muslim Shopper at Trader Joe's

Ted Cruz Runs Away When Sally Yates DESTROYS Him on Muslim Ban

Is America a Failing State?

what the fuck is mcconnell talking about? democrats agreed to work with repubs on healthcare?

Mitch McCoNnell is a loathsome p---- of s---.

28 People Who Are Too Good And Too Pure For This World

And in an Allegedly unrelated note, BITCOIN showing some interesting traffic

I'm a winner!

Chelsea Manning set for release next week

McConnell on cspan Senate floor right now. Of course

Possible FBI nominees emerging

The Malignant Narcissist miscalculated big time by firing Comey

The turtle is leading the coverup

NYT "inviting readers to write in with suggestions of Trump's "praiseworthy" behavior."

Wife of ESPN broadcaster Chris Berman dies in crash

Sessions, Rosenstein interviewing potential interim FBI directors Wednesday

JUST NOW: McConnell says new investigation will only impede current work on Russia investigations.

Chuck Schumer is killing it

Sally Yates for FBI Director !

There is no doubt now that the entire repuke party in congress is guilty of treason.

Writing about food: Donald W. George, "The Way of Iced Coffee"

We Regret to Inform You That The Investigation of Trump and Russia Will Not Take Place.

Study investigates collapse of natural or social systems

No handcuffs tiny enough...

So why is Trump meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister Today?

West Virginia journalist arrested after asking HHS Secretary Tom Price a question

"Was he fired? Was he fired? You're KIDDING!"

We have finally linked an increase in 45 votes to a specific voting machine

Mike Pence carefully stays the **** away from the collapsing regime

Joe Conason: Tuesday Night Massacre:Who Really Believes The White House Rationale For Firing Comey?

McConnell rejects call for special prosecutor

Who is Keith Schiller, the man Trump sent to fire Comey?

Sen. Schumer calls for special prosecutor on #Trump/Russia

What is Roger Stone has an open FISA warrant? And just spoke by phone with DT?

About McConnalls floor speech

Sick to my stomach watching Putin's mouthpiece in the White House laughing at us

SCOTUS Original Jurisdiction

So Yates and Comey were fired via humiliating WH press releases. And Mike Flynn?

Uh-oh. They released the Kracken.

Man makes epic video to sell his used car

Tim Kaine: Trump Fired Comey Because the 'Noose Is Tightening' Over the Russia Investigation

Pic Of The Moment: Seems Legit

Whistleblowers group offers Cardinal Dolan support, criticism

Garrett holds town hall in Moneta

President Trump Reportedly Cancels Plans to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem

Colombias former president and two ministers guilty of land grabbing: Comptroller General

Colombias former president and two ministers guilty of land grabbing: Comptroller General

I would love to have seen Hillary's reaction

trump Thanks FBI James Comey for well timed Clinton Emails

If Dems didn't like Comey... then isn't that a plus for Comey in Trump world??

As a Queer Catholic, 'Religious Freedom' Measures Are Baffling

Did anyone see the exchange between Jeffrey Loyd and David Gregory on CNN last night??

The meaning and origin of the expression: Revenge is a dish best served cold

Funniest Local News Stories Ever

Two candidates on Trump's short list for FBI head

What are you good at selling?

Trump-Lavrov meeting arranged at last minute, according to TASS

Colombias new labor minister investigated for workplace harassment

GOP baffled by timing; WH braces for independent probe

New York Times editorial: Comey fired because of 'investigation that could bring down a president'

Senate Intelligence Committee has Requested Documents on Trump - NBC

Little fun presidential fact

Trump vehemently praises Comey and the FBI

If Rudy Giuliani is the new head of the FBI

Whistleblowers, America needs you!

David Corn: Impeachment Territory - Why Trump's Firing of Comey Should Be Investigated

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump pees on America's leg, tells us all it's raining.

President Putin can fire anybody: Federal official says Comey ouster is absolutely about Russia

Animals That Look Like Theyre About To Drop The Hottest Albums Ever

Comey's Farewell Tweet -- LOL

Sen. Warren: James Comey Was Fired Because Of The Russians

McCain on Why Comey Was Fired: I dont believe that that is sufficient rationale for removing"

Feinstein (live on CNN) pawns Chuck Grassley

NC asks for $900M in flood relief, feds give $6.1M, Cooper says

Jester questions s if we CAN get an Independent Counsel

Senate rejects repeal of Obama drilling rule

Happy 148th Birthday, Transcontinental Railroad.

Rep. Elijah Cummings Calls On Republicans To Hold Donald Trump Accountable

Trump SCREAMED AT TELEVISION over Russia investigation - advisor

benghazi congressional investigation had 46 staffers...senate trump / russia has NINE staffers.

Think of all the Soldiers that have served USA, and the many who have died.

Here's a clip of a Republican senator putting country before party. Its a shame its from 1973.

Just an observation

Tillerson submits to head Russian diplo on live TV. Kremlin owns the White House (video)

Senator Chuck Schumer on firing of FBI Director James Comey (C-SPAN)

Firing FBI director Comey is already backfiring on Trump. It's only going to get worse

Echoes Of Watergate In Trump Administration Morning Joe

🐦 May 16 at 9PM ET- Bernie Sanders, John Kasich - CNN Town Hall

After watching Russian foreign minister Lavrov's mocking joke about the Comey firing...

CNN to host prime-time events with Pelosi, Sanders, Kasich - May 15 and May 16

Poll: Support for GOP health bill declines

Nothing is going to save us now.

At Town Halls, Citizens make Climate a Hot topic

pence is nothing but a mouthpiece for trump. he is 100% in support of firing.

California takes center stage in battle for House majority

" P U P P E T "

The Firing Of Comey Went Down In True Trump And Apprentice Style.....

Contact Chuck Schumer. SHUT DOWN the Senate until we have a special prosecutor:

One of the most bizarre things with Trump as president? His public proclamations of vengeance.

GOP lawmaker: Trump 'small potatoes compared to Nazi Germany'

Heath Mello lost. Guess throwing away my healthcare and economic rights under the bus

Sooo, show of hands, how many think Rosenstein has already sold out his ethics...

CNN reporting that James Comey will not be testifying tomorrow...mission accomplished

Lavrov meeting with Trump was closed to the US press. 1st pic is from Russians

Russian foreign minister jokes about Comey in Washington: 'Was he fired?'

Bid to revoke Obama-era methane rules fails in U.S. Senate

So which is it? Is this DT's last stand or are we headed for fascism???

Are you pregnant?

The American People Have More Confidence In The FBI Than They Do The....

Spray a touch-pad onto any surface (New Scientist)

Mike Pence is full of shit.

LAWFARE: The Nightmare Scenario: Trump Fires Comey, the One Man Who Would Stand Up to Him

U.S. criticizes Russian build-up near Baltic states

Ambassador Kislyak and President Trump / Посол С.Кисляк и Президент

CBO to release estimate for House-passed version of the AHCA early in the week of May 22

Russian Foreign Minister makes fun of Andrea Mitchells question on Comey firing (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough meltdown over Comey firing: Republicans stand the hell up

GOP Greed Over People...

I need to stock up on Benadryl...

QUICK! Everyone take full advantage of Comey's firing!

Stephen King: "Time to start talking impeachment. Really. Enough is enough."

When do we look around and realize we are an occupied country?

"I've got the greatest patience!" . . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

CNBC - "Its time to seriously consider that Trump is unfit to be president"


NEWS: Days Before He Was Fired, Comey Asked for Money for Russia Investigation

Rudy Giuliani next FBI director? Former mayor due at White House; insists he isn't being considered

Which White House aide thought the two people Trump should be seen with today are Russias foreign

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Speak Out On Trump's Rapidly-Backfiring Russia Investigation Coverup

Our new Russian leader having live press conference now

Trump photo ops today are Russian Foreign Minister, Russian Ambassador AND Henry Kissinger.

Meanwhile.... Rosneft Executives Enjoy 9900% Rise in Bonus Payout

Trump: how to shut down Russia/watergate comparisons...

Oh My, oh my - On The Day After Comey Firing - THIS PIC via Russia's State News Agency!

Days Before He Was Fired, Comey Asked for Money for Russia Investigation

Senate intelligence committee has requested documents on Trump from Treasury's money laundering unit

This dccc petition is to bring the special prosecutor

FUN FACT: President Nixon never fired the Director of the FBI

Jason Chaffetz Resigned, "Why" Utah Brothers' Billboard Asks Chaffetz to Investigate Trump

getting way ahead of myself here, but...

We all need a giggle: The Magic of Not Giving a F**k (strong language)

Simple question: Is this crisis worse than Watergate?

Menage a trois in the White House

WP: John McCain on Comey firing: There will be more shoes to drop

BREAKING: Court Filing Indicates FBI Has Active Investigation Pertaining to Donald Trump's Call For

Days Before He Was Fired, Comey Asked for Money for Russia Investigation

Welcome To AmeriKKKan Version Of Third Reich.

Have you contacted your Representative and Senators about the appointment of a Special Prosecutor?

Israeli TV channel's sudden closure shocks staff

John McCain on Comey firing: 'There will be more shoes to drop'

The perfect example of understanding process, the GOP pushed out

A Gray State Explores How the Politics of Paranoia Destroyed A Young Family

The White House has announced

They let Kellyanne out again, and she's back to her lying ways

Trump is mirroring Nixon's final days

*******BREAKING******Days Before He Was Fired, Comey Asked for Money for Russia Investigation

Sean Spicer Had a Meltdown After Trump Fired Comey, Hiding in Bushes and Demanding Darkness

KO: On Russia, Let's Follow the Money-- Did Eric Trump let slip an important little secret?

KO: On Russia, Let's Follow the Money-- Did Eric Trump let slip an important little secret?

Trump attacks Blumenthal's Military service, says he should be "investigated"

Why are they so insistent that he's not under investigation

Elevated prostate level of 23. Last yr, was 4. Does anyone know how bad this may be?

Trump excludes US media from meeting with Russian ambassador - but Russian state news allowed in

CNN now reporting that SSCI leaders told Comey to work faster.

Firing Fuels Calls for Independent Investigator, Even From Republicans.

Photos of the NYC subway 70's-80's

Help me out here Du'ers;

Trump allows Russian media into WH meeting, but not US media-that tells us who is in charge of US

From Claude Taylor regarding Russia/Trump investigation:

Caller just points out that one of the talking heads pointed out that Sally Yates was

Republicans Are A Threat To America

What I learned on DU today

COMEY will NOT testify at Senate Intel tomorrow as previously planned, but growing calls among Dems

Russian foreign minister jokes about Comey firing. WTF folks!

Only Russian media was allowed in meeting/photo op with Lavrov and his dog.

Senator Burr (R- NC) had a pleasant little conversation with the President...

NBC-There's strong feeling at FBI that Comey was fired because he wouldn't drop Russia investigation

drumph is treating this country like a business.

Assault Weapons

Pence: Trump's "strong and decisive leadership" in firing Comey not about Russia. Really. Not.

Where have you gone Howard Baker, a nation turns it's lonely eyes to you.....

Senator Angus King is

Take a nap, Tom Brokaw

An Attack on American Democracy

Sen. Feinstein: Classified briefing w/Comey made clear a "substantial investigation was underway"

Photos of Trump-Russia meeting

Senate Democrats announce slowdown of business in response to Comey's ouster

What time is the WH press briefing today?

Only Hope Is A Trump Stroke Out. Even Then Would Be No Better Off.

"The Comey putsch"

Full flower moon May 2017: How to catch full moon on Wednesday, May 10 (5/10/2017)

Seth Meyers takes on Paul Ryan and Ryan doesn't fare well.

Flashback of the Day

He's mocking us - Slate - "Trump Also Just Met With Henry Kissinger -

Do you think we will have to wait for the mid-terms for relief?

Why the U.S. pays more for health care than the rest of the world

Hundreds of protesters chanting LOCK HIM UP" and "RULE OF LAW" outside the White House

Let THIS Sink In Americans...

Republicans challenge memo restricting health officials' talks with Congress

Russia Takes a Victory Tour of the White House

Wife of ESPN's Chris Berman dies in two-car accident

The Last Kingdom Season 2

Bill Moyers: Trump's hiding something extraordinary & lying as reflexively as the rest of us breathe

IMO, Chris Christie will be appointed head of FBI.

I think the irony is almost delicious.

A bot is flooding the FCC's website with fake anti-net neutrality comments

Pic Of The Moment: Nothing To See Here

Stop Pretending

Trump "Bodyguard" who delivered Comey termination letter is ANOTHER SECURITY RISK!

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-23: Aint No Party Like A GOP Party Edition

Greg Sargent, WaPo: Going nuclear. Tools to force the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Each & Every Day Gets More Disgusting & Nauseating.

The eighteen days. I believe this a big clue.

What will we see next?

because we need a break!! keeping up with the kattarshians

Trumpy welcomes Russians to Kremlin West! Grand Opening Tour!

Poll: Who will BLOTUS appoint as the new director of the FBI?

NEW: Acting FBI Dir McCabe will testify before Senate Intel on Thurs in the place of Comey

John Dean: Trump's firing Comey was "1) STUPID and/or 2) EVIL. I think both!"

Lavrov and Trump meeting: only "news" representative inside was TASS

American media was barred from Trump meeting with Russian officials - not Russian media 'TASS'

Opie officially opens his campaign for Gov in Bartow.

Pool brought into the Oval. It's Trump and ...

McConnell rejects calls for special prosecutor (SURPRISE)

My guess Drumpt will nominate

BOOM: FBI admits 'active, ongoing investigation includes Trump's call for Russia to hack Hillary...

Bill Nye is doing videos for Diamondback Bikes

No Spicee today at the Press Briefing. We get Ah Shucks

putin gives trump back up on firing comey

The French backed the US

Sarah (Huckabee) Sanders will be doing the press briefing today.

A shout out to Jeffrey Toobin on CNN last night

R.I.P. actor Michael "Kill Bill" & "From Dusk Till Dawn" Parks @ 77

Why isn't a land boundary dispute

People wonder why the Republicans won't do anything about Drumpt.

This maladministration has now turned a corner to extreme danger.

Sick, Sad and Disgusted

A bot is flooding the FCC's website with fake anti-net neutrality comments

Comey and Rogers testify on Russia and trump's Wiretap Claims.

Am I the only one who still can't sleep?

It's the Sean Spicer Show. Starring: Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Putin reacts to Comey firing: "We have nothing to do with that"

Journalist arrested for asking Trump cabinet member (price) about healthcare bill

Pres. Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey -- The View

That look...

In Win for Environmentalists, Senate Keeps an Obama-Era Climate Change Rule

Whomever Dump nominates to head the FBI

twitter link about voting machine 2016

Exclusive Picture of New FBI Director Nominee

Comey invited to testify before Senate Intel Committee meeting next Tuesday: reports

Part of the trump letter that everyone should be talking about.

2018 Election? Have you seen what we are up against?

Frozen veggies

KO:You Can't Fire the Person Investigating You This is either the end of Trump or the end of our dem

With Comey Fired, What Happens to Russia Probe?

Great news! Senate defeats Trump's rollback of Obama methane restrictions!

Carter Page, under scrutiny in Russia probe, praises Comey firing

This is the perfect time for Spicy to come out and say..

Is it fair to say

Not to question, Spicer's duty to the Navy.


Comey Firing 'Worse Than Watergate,' Says Former White House Ethics Lawyer

It all started when Donald made his own black hole

Dem Reps: Trump is 'moving' towards impeachment

Is there a grand jury now seated in NY?

Huckster keeps saying Democrat party instead of Democratic

Students Boo, Turn Their Backs on DeVos at Bethune-Cookman Speech

A Grand Jury has been empaneled up in New York, says Sen Markey

Huckster is a joke. Worse liar than Spicy.

Comey sought more resources for Russia probe days before he was fired by President Trump, officials

Pope to canonize 2 Fatima children a century after visions

Must-read from Politico: 'He Doesn't Give a Crap Who He Fires'

The Anti-War Origins of Mother's Day (and ask our reps why they are killing our mothers)

Assistant AJ Rosenstein is being used as a human shield by Drumpt. n/t

Sen Angus King's splendid idea

Team Trump allegedly blindsided by uproar over Comey firing

Actually, I am impressed with the stand-in lying sack of shit...

The Anti-War Origins of Mother's Day (and ask our reps why they are killing our mothers)

Trial begins for white Tulsa cop charged in shooting death of unarmed black man

The Anti-War Origins of Mother's Day (and ask our reps why they are killing our mothers)

Is Twitter allowed in federal prisons?

Inglewood, CA - Home of Randy's Donuts!

Her father's daughter

I lost forty pounds!

KO:You Can't Fire the Person Investigating You This is either the end of Trump or the end of our dem

Trump's Meeting with Those Two Russians Demonstrates

Where is Spicer?

so, being paranoid, we get a new FBI guy, some jerk friend of der drumpfenfuhrer, who

Few Republicans hold town halls after health care vote

Donald Trump Is Attempting a Coup We Must Have a Special Prosecutor

Before firing Comey, Trump was reportedly so angry about the Russia case he'd 'scream at television

Hillary would not have fired Comey...

I thought the press briefing was to......

archibald cox after his firing:

Uncle Sugar Huckabee's daughter's favorite word is FRANKLY

White House: Trump Has Considered Firing Comey Since Day Of His Election

AP Analysis: Trump thrusts US presidency into perilous area

Will a special prosecutor be appointed?

The minute Trump said this, you could tell how it would end.

Comey had just asked for more $ and personnel to investigate TrumpRussia

Al Franken is on C-SPAN now......regarding the firing of Comey.....1:28CST. eom

Comey invited to a CLOSED hearing before Senate Intel Tuesday, sources

Ron Wyden: Attorney General Jeff Sessions must resign

President Trump has now fired 3 officials who were investigating his campaign or administration

Sarah Huckabee Sanders runs the presser:

Basic question about indictments

Are there no patriots left in the Republican Party?

Betsy DeVos met with reality today at Bethune-Cookman University

New Quinnipiac Poll- Dems +16 on the generic ballot!

Are These People Just Stupid, Tone Deaf, or What!

Would Indictments Impact GOP's Power?

Betsy DeVos Speaks at Bethune-Cookman University Commencement

Before Firing Comey, Trump Was So Angry, He Would "Scream At TV Clips"

Anti-Trump Protesters Chant "Lock Him Up" Outside White House

Everything today just sucks....SO......

Is there someone out there with clout in the GOP with a spine to do the right thing?

The White House just used a brazen backdoor move to bypass the Senate

Does anyone think that Huckawannabee will be taking over Spicey's job?

Despite Recusal Pledge, Sessions Interviewing Candidates For Interim FBI Director

Your Daily Greenwald is as bad as expected...

Mitch McConnel's phonemail is...

CNN video with Ed Markey saying, "A Grand Jury has been empaneled up in New York".

Melissa McCarty 'Feels Pretty' As You Know Who

Can't wait to sing it as he walks out the door

Trump Wanted a Public Execution

Does Comey's hasty firing indicate he may have been coming close to Trump himself?

I just called McConnell's office and got a real live person


Seriously? John McCain just called James Comey "probably the most respected person in America."

Spicey's next...

You're the Puppet!

McCain, Graham, Collins vote with Dems to block overerturning of Obama-era drilling rule, 51-49

Their Lines Are Softening - By Josh Marshall

Surely FBI leaks are soon to come

Here's one N.J. lawmaker Democrats are wooing to take down Frelinghuysen

Danziger - Everyone's Fired!

Kushner firm drops bid to develop Jersey City's Bayfront

Who is this asshole giving Maxine Waters a hard time on MSNBC?

Bizzaro World?? Didn't Trump tell Comey in WH ceremony end of Jan he was staying on? Huckabee

"This is like a horse head in the bed"

N.J. lawmaker says call for public executions for drug dealers was a joke

Sean Spicer Had a Meltdown After Trump Fired Comey, Hiding in Bushes and Demanding Darkness

Stating the obvious. One can not like Comey or what he did prior to the election

Tommy Chong's Unaired Lincoln Ad

Is SCROTUS or any of his minions speaking at college commencements? Betsy

West Virginia police officer sues after being fired for not shooting black man.

This is a National Security issue, and an emergency. POTUS admin are Russian agents.

Guadagno says she takes Christie 'at his word' on Bridgegate

Today @ 5 p.m. Emergency Trump rally near you

Graduates at Florida university turn backs in protest of DeVos speech

Pretty boy Peter Alexander was really snotty to our Maxine

Handel refuses to debate Ossoff.

I want to tell a story--upsetting for us--but with a positive outcome.

U.S. government posts $182 billion surplus in April

I grew up with the specter of the Soviet Union/Russia looming large.

Senate Dems grinding senate business to a crawl

Red Dawn isn't as scary as I thought it would be

Russia probe: Senate requests Trump documents from agency that monitors money laundering

Well, this is one of those days that makes DU so special

Poll: Trump's approval rating slips to 36 percent

How, I wonder, does a Traitorous President skate after

Know of any public corruption in N.J.? AG offering $25K reward to tipsters

Trump's poll numbers have tanked and guess who is bailing on him?

Scared - Tragically Hip

Aron in the House

Fox News John Pistole take Comey's Job Big Friends Mike Pence Go After Hillary AGAIN

Should N.J. copy N.Y.'s tuition-free college program? Not so fast, state says

DukeU Faculty Members Say Firing of FBI Director Challenges Constitution, Democracy

Six Senators (4 Women) voted NO on Rosenstein's confirmation:

I believe it's obvious what was said during the discussion Trump had with Sessions and his

How does Jeff Sessions square his letter firing Comey with this video

McCain aid: The security of the US might now depend on electing a Democratic Congress in 2018.

How to Make Salad

An Identity-Stealing Spambot Is Absolutely Flooding The FCC With Anti-Net-Neutrality Comments

All teachers... check in here (former students too) -- RE:Civics. Check in by state.

I suppose I should have known better

I soaked chicken in milk

Source close to Comey says he was fired because the investigation into Russia was accelerating.

Bill Moyers: Trump is hiding something extraordinary and lying as reflexively as the rest of us brea

Happy 71 Donovan! 🎂

It sounds to me like these Trump freaks have no fear at this point.

Subdued Olbermann - You CAN'T Fire the Person Investigating You. Period.

How do the JPR types like their Trump now? Also, we finally have JPR types admitting the Russians

You can't make this stuff up

More bad PR for United Airlines.

Mash Up

More very bad news for Trump: His poll numbers just hit a bunch of new lows

Nota Bene to Republicans in Senate:

How Many WebSites Hacked Before Elections? Huge Amount!

OK, smart people at DU - what are your thoughts on how this will all play out? I am at a loss..

Jim Mattis, in Lithuania, Reaffirms U.S. Commitment to NATO.

You Want My Applause for Firing Comey? Here's What to Do:

Plan for it: Firing Comey after Peet and Yates, what will Trump do to head off investigations?

So Rep Cummings was on Rachael saying that he thinks the Comey firing was

Study: Black turnout slumped in 2016

Just curious: What are the actual steps/procedures for removing an impeached President from office?

Russia takes a victory lap

The White House's Collage of Lies - Josh Marshall

Could State Attorneys General Investigate Trump?

How Every Lawmaker Has Reacted to Comeys Firing So Far

This should cheer you up, even a little bit

Down Memory Lane from January 22nd - Holy Fugging Shite he just kissed Comey

Who should portray Comey on SNL?

And then Henry Kissinger walks in...: 24 hours in the Donald Trump circus

Adelphi men's lacrosse enters field to Trump speech, video shows

I would bet anything they fired Comey without warning and while traveling so they could . . . .

Trump apparently thinks people will believe anything. Oh, wait, he talked them into electing him

She said "catalyst"

If DU offered a service to star members where we could upload photos directly to our posts,

Al Franken Slams Trump For Comey Firing

There's No One to Hold Donald Trump Accountable

Colbert: Even Comey's Firing Was All About Trump

SNL preview of Melissa reprising Spicey.

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 10, 2017

Checks & balances is what our democracy was founded on

Fox's Judge Napolitano and Shep Smith slay Trump over Comey firing

OMFG, the Department of Homeland Stupidity strikes again!

Photos: D.C. Protest Today at White House

I talked to a former senior intelligence official about the way Trump fired Comey...

Impeach Donald Trump Campaign Has Nearly 1 Million Signatures

'This Is What Autocracy Looks Like': Hundreds Protest Firing Of FBI Director

Legal question: Can a state such as New York or Pennsylvania

Two more titles trump stole

Trump caught kissing Comey in January

Russian State Media Gets Access To White House Meeting While U.S. Press Kept Out

Donald Trumps Constantly Changing Lies Are Making Life Impossible for His Defenders

Top Democrat wants $125M more for N.J. schools in new plan

Is there no hope for more GOP legislators with spine???

"Graduates boo, turn in protest of DeVos during HBCU commencement"

Don't Ignore This Census Story

The Word They Think of Most


Tapper: The real reasons Trump fired Comey

Comey infuriated Trump with refusal to preview Senate testimony: aides

Albino orangutan on the mend

slate - Is There Anything Trump Could Do to Lose GOP Support?

Dems lead Republicans on generic House ballot

Nicaraguan pastor jailed for burning woman to death in 'exorcism'

Sally Yates said in hearing Monday she has confidence in Rod Rosenstein...think she still does?

Carter Page cheers Comey firing

And then Henry Kissinger walks in...: 24 hours in the Donald Trump circus

Rep. Maxine Waters On James Comey Firing

Source close to Comey says there were 2 reasons the FBI director was fired

Unemployed more likely to vote for Hillary Clinton

Gap in How GOP, Dems View the Media

Question sessions can't close Russian investigation

We need to get Jon Ossoff and Rob Quist across the finish line.

Approval rating slides after House GOP passes ObamaCare repeal

GOP Mafia Is In Charge What Do You Expect. Chaos & Uncertainty Will Reign.

Senator Suggests a New Job for James Comey: Trump-Russia Investigator (Mother Jones)

'Enough Was Enough': How Festering Anger at Comey Ended in His Firing

It's something the House and Senate should never permit.

Dakota Access spilled 84 gallons of crude last month ahead of start-up

Detention of American Christian in North Korea concerning White House

Rare 'Dragon-Skin' Ice Spotted During Antarctic Research Voyage

Census Director to Resign Amid Worries Over 2020 Head Count.

How much longer before Trump is wearing a Russian flag lapel pin

Heads up... Bernie and Adam Schiff are coming up on CNN

Mark my words: Cheeto and some of the admin will try to defect overseas.

Trump 'screamed' at national security adviser H.R. McMaster over comments to South Korea: Report

Dakota Access pipeline has first leak before pipeline is fully operational

Judge rejects effort to block Confederate statue's removal

Who is the leader of the Democratic Party?

Today the lie is that Comey wasn't going through the chain of command

The silence from my Senators

Missouri sheriff involved in inmate death removed from job

Anyone discussing this..???

Yep that accusation against Comey of an atrocity by Ms Fuckabee

*QUIZ TIME* Subject: Hannity

FBI Agents Worry About Future of Russia Inquiry

Way back in January, Louise Mensch and Claude Taylor were both saying

Surrogates trying to explain firing

Serious question about Orange Foolius's beaver pelt headgear

Sen. Franken rips excuses for Comey firing into tiny shreds

Review: Ohio cop used 'unreasonable' force in apparent kick

So the Russian press corps was allowed in the WH today but,

Sorry for harshing the mellow

Reporter Arrested for Trying to Ask a Question

"Revenge is a dish best served cold."

Trumps isolation making Russia scandal worse

The lsos broadcasted his reason loud and clear

3 Indiana schools lose bid to enroll more voucher students

WH: FBI rank-and-file supported Comey's firing - FBI rank-and-file: Nope

Henry Kissinger in the House.....Explain

New subpoena issued to Flynn by IC

Too Priceless ! Trump's new FBI Director - John Miller

VPR Audio Link and Excerpt: Sanders Calls Trump's Reason For Firing James Comey 'Totally Ludicrous'

Kremlin tweets during closed-door Oval Office meeting

VPR Audio Link and Excerpt: Sanders Calls Trump's Reason For Firing James Comey 'Totally Ludicrous'

Hunterdon Nazi dad's name change to Hitler official

Arizona radio station removes child pornography announcement

****BREAKING****Senate Intelligence Committee has just issued subpoenas for Flynn's documents.

Five questions after FBI firing

4 minute Twitter Video: Did Russia act independently in support of Trump ...

Meeting in secrecy with Russians in our WH

Senate requests documents from agency that monitors money laundering

Roy Cohn and Roger Stone have a long History with Donald..

Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenas Flynn

Rising political star deals fresh blow to French far-right

Glaciers Rapidly Shrinking and Disappearing: 50 Years of Glacier Change in Montana

PSA: Making sense of Trump

How dumb is Trump? Let me count the ways:

Comeys Firing Is the Moment of Truth for the GOP

Caption This

Mr Popular hits 36% approval

Sean Spicer hid in the shrubbery outside the White House to avoid the press.

Mitch McConnell may be making the most important mistake of his career

Putin and Comrade Dump are our sworn know what that makes us...

Stephen Fry blasphemy probe dropped after garda fail to find 'substantial number of outraged people

Russias Oval Office Victory Dance

The FBI was never going to ride to the rescue

Donald Trumps Constantly Changing Lies Are Making Life Impossible for His Defenders

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 11 May 2017

White House Lawyers Warned Trump: Stay Away From Michael Flynn

Tweety compared Chump to Mobutu Sese Seko again

Trump says he hasnt spoken to Roger Stone in a long time. Stone says otherwise.

Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Michael Flynn in Russia Probe

Three baby peacocks

Can you run a reprise of a past campaign?

Note to Republicans

Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw are contemporaries.

Where's Spicer?

Labour party manifesto pledges to renationalise energy, rail and Royal Mail

Learning to Navigate the Venetian Lagoon Like a Pro

Robert Kennedy Jr. is running for Alabama Senator in August

You say youre pro-life, but then you want to limit health care for my disabled son

"A Lost Rice Variety and the Story of the Freed....

Where's my former govt employees, vets, and others who've served this country?

Republican reactions to the firing of James B. Comey, ranked

"'Mainly a Failure': Trump Approval Ratings Hit New Near-Historic Low" by Nadia Prupis


Republicans need to get their shit together...

There is also the issue of rogue FBI agents threatening Comey with leaks of

Why Are the Times, the Post, and MSNBC on a Conservative Hiring Spree? (Slate)

Tweety and Fineman compared the Comey firing to this scene

"Comey infuriated Trump with refusal to preview Senate testimony-aides"

Lavrov openly mocking the firing of our FBI director today is easily one of the worst moments

FBI chief sought more resources for Russia probe before Trump fired him: source

If the big orange rat gets cornered, don't expect it to go peacefully

And then I told them it was because of her EMAILS!

Saturday Night Massacre II