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2018 US Senate Election-Democratic held US Senate seats in Trump States.

Send a message to the Justice Department: Here's the form

The leaks may be kicking into overdrive.

Two recent moon shots...

KWWL is livestreaming Blum's Cedar Falls town hall

LAWFARE: "The nightmare scenario: Trump fires Comey, the one man who would stand up to him"

Artificial Stupidity (AS) Is it here?

SCROTUS just gave all Americans his a&* to kiss as he celebrated with the Russians

Is calling people "far left idiots" a way to promote dialogue?


Why Trump expected only applause when he told Comey, Youre fired.

"Stop Tweeting!"

So is there a good place to get atheist gifts?

And to think this was considered a "scandal"...

GOP resists calls for special prosecutor after Comey firing

Representative Mo Brooks, R from Alabama...

We on the left were all mad at Comey. But few of us were dumb enough to think

If ever there was a 'Fuck You' to america, it was trump & russians at the WH with no american media.

David Frum comments on the Comey firing in _The Atlantic_:

How It's Done - Sen Wyden Puts HOLD On Nominee until Trump Admin Produces Russia Docs

Fake news

Some recent moon shots...........

GOP senators on Comey firing: Where they stand

Schindler: The Lizard is coming. Tomorrow.

Cool new/old music. Slowdive.

Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenas documents from Flynn in Russia probe

I voted for Hillary but On Kremlin-Gate - Bernie Speaks For Me.

Hmmm, Aren't they supposed to be pretending it wasn't about this?

Chiming in from the deep South: Trae Crowder on the firing of Comey

Rep Adam Schiff Has A Message For Trump & It's Perfect

Does anyone here have a air fryer?

Pete Sessions is Williams Session's son

Comey's goodbye letter to his folks

Article: Only Russian Media Allowed to Cover Trump Meeting Today In WH

GOP lawmaker reassures constituents that Trump is 'small potatoes compared to Nazi Germany'

Ok, I have a stupid question here. Bear with me.

Putin "asked" Trump to meet with Lavrov and Kislyak.

These days sure make me miss Ted Kennedy!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Ron Wyden says he's placed a hold on a Treasury Dept. nominee till the admin produces docs on Russia

Lemme think, who would be a good Special Prosecutor with knowledge of the office????

On allowing Russian state press with electronic equipment exclusive Oval Office access

Ken Paxton lawyers move to replace judge in criminal case

Source: Comey's firing timed to coincide w/ trip to LA in order to gain immediate access to files

Trumpcare will be a bigly job-killer

Write Congress in under 2 minutes

Happy Birthday Fred Astaire: May 10

Rachel has another excellent show tonight

Are you watching Rachel

on rachel she is talking about mccabe.

Something I have never heard a black person say

GOP Closes Ranks Behind Trump Amid Democrats' Comey Fury

trump is lawerying up'

RMS makes huge statement

Wisconsin voters disapprove

Question: Who ISN'T compromised? How does the country get hold of this?

Action Alert: Asking Questions of Government Figures Is Not a Crime

HIV life expectancy 'near normal' thanks to new drugs

Action Alert: New York Times Misleads on Childrens Pre-Existing Conditions

Of all strategies, none is more important than this

Comey pushed for more resources for probe before being fired

So - has the tide turned in the WAR ON CHRISTMAS

Courts Russia as probe calls grow

America is no longer just a nation of Democrats and Republicans

Toomey's timid and tepid response when asked about Comey:

Downtown 'Saigon'

Gotta say (no don't gotta but will) : Anderson COOPER is an outstanding presenter including our side

Miscalculated Comey firing

Experts in authoritarian regimes say Comeys firing was a shock event

Trumpster's an artist too..( linked to my fb)

Basicly, This Is Where America Is This Week

A new book ranks the top 100 solutions to climate change. The results are surprising.

Connecticut becomes the latest US state to ban gay cure therapy

Statue Honors Native American Veterans


Chaffetz asks justice IG to investigate Comney's firing.

The American Obsession with Lawns

The President is CRAZY

NYC CBS radio: Lots of really toothy anti-frump headlines today. Pitchforks are out!

Per Lawrence O'Donnell just now - It has been reported

This Russia investigation by the IC is taking so long because?

TPM - This Was Not Normal: Russian Foreign Minister Edition (Josh Marshall's latest)

Can't wait to hear the 2017 version of this 1974 speech:

Comey told colleagues that Trump was "outside the realm of normal" & may even be crazy.

Remember what kicked Deep Throat off?

Comey: "outside the realm of normal"

Betsy (Devious)Devos ................. BOOOOOOOOED---------------Good on these Students

Twitterverse rumor mill about kompromat:

Yesterday, this happened in Trump's America

Slate - The White House Is Lying About Comey - that's one thing we know for sure

I posted this last night and will post it every night until it happens.

Consider the chaos of Trump's upcoming foreign travel

I just got a google chrome critical update when I posted on DU

Mensch: first Trump-related arrest POSSIBLE tomorrow. May 11.

David Frum said that the FBI would not be able to release information

Why are the republicans protecting him? They won't lose the WH, just a criminal.

Luckovich Toon, October - 30th - 2016

I am really getting disappointed in the NY Times. First they hire climate denier

Experts in authoritarian regimes say Comeys firing was a 'shock event'

Home from California.

This Mothers Day, Black Lives Matter Activists Will Give More Than 30 Women Their Freedom

Sean Spicers Replacement Just Got Nailed With A Federal Complaint

Big shock

With Trump's base at 36%, the GOP are held captive. Impeaching Trump

My girlfriend thinks Trump had fraxel his face is beet red and Kelly Ann looks like a full face lift

White House claims they were fooled, suckered, or hoodwinked by the Russians today.

CNN on air: WaPo says Rosenstein threatened to resign

This just turned up in the WaPo: Rod Rosenstein threatened to quit

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow.

Deputy AG Rosenstein threatened to resign.

US ambassador to Qatar appears to criticize Trump in tweet

Deputy AG threatened to quit after being cast as impetus of Comey's firing...

WH reporters question reveals an ominous truth: What is Trump actually doing all day?

Wow! It Is ALL Falling Apart-What? 10 Damning Stories in the Last 12 Hours

Rosenstein threatened to quit after being cast as impetus of Comey firing, which was already decided

Trump Calls Putin To Discuss James Comey - CONAN on TBS

This Comey firing reminds me of something.... Oh yeah this

What does the orange chimp have to do before the GOP will acknowledge that he's f'ing dangerous?

slate - Donald Trump Wants an Etch A Sketch Presidency

NYT Scorecard: How Every Lawmaker Has Reacted to Comey's Firing So Far

Comey associates say he did NOT tell Trump on 3 occasions that he wasn't being investigated

John Gotti had a better personality and wore nicer suits...

I am out of adjectives...

Question about flynn's senate intel subpoena

Hey, Deputy AG Rosenstein, threatening to resign is not enough...

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known

Guantnamo detainee to testify on 'unspeakable torture' by CIA agents

I'm going to bed. Is the overnight crew here and monitoring things?

How Every Lawmaker Has Reacted to Comeys Firing So Far

Passing on an unlinked, undocumented, PSA, from my DIL's BIL who is an Alzheimer

GOP/Trump In Position To Game Census.

Rep National Committee meets in San Diego tomorrow. Big protest planned.

Is this tumult driving the good Republicans into the sun?

As Mexico combats fears about rising crime, a soldier is caught on tape carrying out an execution

As Mexico combats fears about rising crime, a soldier is caught on tape carrying out an execution

A little ray of hope from the bombshell Washington Post article...

Trump's letter to Comey: The rough drafts (tweet w/video from The Late Show)

CALL YOUR REPS. Cory Booker explains why in this Ted Talk-like video

Newsflash: Your Furniture Is Out To Kill You!

Trump holds auditions while Spicers away

Vermont Legislature 1st in US to vote to legalize marijuana

Presence of Russian photographer in Oval Office raises alarms

Word On The D.C. Street Is That....

Rescued mini-donkey gives birth, public can vote on a name

Paul Ryan Completely Sides With Trump on Comey Firing

Rosenstein, it seems, dislikes being a political prop.


Sessions Interviewing Candidates For Interim FBI Director

You're more likely to be killed by furniture than by terrorists

Convicted church shooter Roof picked death over autism label

Where's Agnew...I mean Pence in all this?

Bush ethics lawyer: this crisis is WORSE than Watergate.

David S. Cohen's comment chilled me:

Who's your daddy?

ONE Canadian team left to challenge for the Cup

Rep. Grijalva calling for special investigation on Russian interference during 2016 election

Peru's Indigenous Women Bring Forced Sterilizations Case to UN

Sooner or later "Son of Texas Air National Guard Memo" will emerge as disinfo

A "Special Prosecutor" OR an "Independent Commission"?

120 More Bad Words Than Good

Trump's Attorney is Named "Hacking"

So Bloggers and Tweeters are saying Arrests tomorrow Trump/Russia

Why The Repugs Circle The Wagons Around Trump And Protect Him - My Theory.....

Like an ice cream cone that never ends

Murphy spends more than three times on governor's race than all other candidates combined

Lawmakers propose making battleship New Jersey official state ship

Sea Turtle With Stomachache Has Surgery to Remove 915 Coins


Trump was actually right about one thing!

I'll believe this administration is going down when I see it and not a moment before.

Republican who revived health bill faces onslaught of anger

Is Groper Donald REALLY that clueless ??

N.J. residents angrily confront MacArthur over health-care bill

"Jury named Nixon a co-conspirator but didn't indict."

Lawyers ask DA to reverse course on Amtrak crash charges

Penn State frat death: Why didn't the women call for help?

Even Comey's Firing Was All About Trump - Colbert

Temple professor, once accused of spying for China, sues FBI agents

****Exclusive footage of Sean Spicer hiding in the bushes!****

Philly cop abruptly retires as U.S. probes his possible heroin dealing

Philly DA Williams faces more federal corruption charges

Comey's letter -- and what stands out to me.

Samantha Bee: AHCA, Winners & Die-ers

Democrats use N.J. gubernatorial debate to bash Christie, front-runner's Goldman-Sachs ties

AG's Office asked to review Sen. Wagner's scuffle with campaign tracker

Former Gov. Don Siegelman documentary to premiere at the Alabama Theatre this week (

Former Gov. Don Siegelman documentary to premiere at the Alabama Theatre this week ( XPOST

Late night horror show: What makes Trump tick?

Philly controller's race heats up at forum, barbs exchanged

Hillman's $800 million fortune will largely benefit Pittsburgh

Sessions is Next. Sessions Has Got To Go.

Welfare fraud charge withdrawn against Scott tax collector challenger

Scranton board incumbents violate policy on donors

Convicted state senator wants $20,509-a-month pension restored

Senate OKs bill to clear way for more police body cameras

Rep. Lloyd Smucker explains his thoughts on Comey firing, health care and refugees

In despotic declaration, White House says Trump is leading the Department of Justice

Even Odo thinks he's crazy!

LCB manager caught gambling at casino during work hours can't have his job back, Pa. court says

House changes 'Real ID' bill, putting Pennsylvania in tough spot to meet federal terrorism controls

The Republicans are terrified to stand up, but publicly financed campaigns would change that.

Sessions Oct. 28th: "Comey did the right thing." May 9th: "And for that he should be fired."

PSY - New Face M/V

Documents offer harrowing timeline of deadly night at Penn State fraternity

Alaska lawmaker censured over abortion comment

The Shady Firing of James Comey: The Daily Show

So in a dream world, if the FBI makes arrests today....

Marijuana legalization bill passes committee test


Chicago Scrap, President Plead Guilty for Concealing $11.6 Million from IRS

Hey sisters and brothers the Boy Scouts have new SEARGEANT MAJOR

Delaware House passes bill reinstating death penalty

Religious Belief and National Belonging in Central and Eastern Europe

Russian LGBT Network Steps Up Efforts To Get Gay Men Out Of Chechnya

Delaware lawmakers push abortion bill, fearing Trump's judges

(TX) House, Senate pass controversial faith-based, transgender-related bills

Robert Reich: The 17 Warnings Signs of Impending Tyranny (now updated)

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Blasting Comey's Firing

The opening on morning joe is chilling. He outlines how Rosentein and drumpf

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - More Blasting

Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Nine catholic institutions to divest from fossil fuels ahead of G7

Governor's budget dilemma: Gutting teachers, staff isn't the answer

Robert Reich on Impeachment

UK accounting watchdog fines PwC record 5 million pounds

EvenJoe Scum is pissed

France's new president is a 'zombie Catholic'

The question the senate committee needs to ask Comey is, "Did you meet with Rosenstein and

Maryland prosecution of environmental crimes at 20-year low

Egypt 'uncovers burial chamber of pharaoh's daughter'

Senators introduce sweeping VA accountability measure

FBI refuses to disclose documents on Trumps call to Russia to hack Clinton

State awards lucrative lottery contract to highest bidder over protest

I had a nice vision a short while ago

Liberals are the real racist

His political rise was unprecedented. His political fall will be epic.

Americas oldest World War II veteran turns 111

Sen. Madaleno says he's running for governor of Maryland

You know the idiot Trump let the Russian spies film and record the oval office?

Hogan vetoes redistricting bill, calling Maryland Democrats' measure 'phony'

Can someone answer this ?

Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) Takes a Five-Hour Town-Hall Beating

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein threatens to resign over White House lies.

Jury awards $1.26M to Glen Burnie family whose dog was shot by police

Sessions Violated Two Recusal Oaths in Comey Firing

"It is done, and I will be fine."

MORNING JOE: "There's a cover-up going on....."

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Mitch McConnell may be making the most important mistake of his career

Brutal Quinnipiac poll (still pre-Comeygate): Trump -22

CBO will finally score House Obamacare bill 'early' in week of May 22

Texas man strikes again!

Morning Joe: "There are clowns coming out of the clown car". (my words)

I'm watching Roger Stone on CNN - the slime oozes out of every pore.

Prominent scientist Ivanka Trump to lead US role in global climate agreement

Samantha Bee: Ladies Who Book

Would a national general strike bring the republican controlled government to its senses on tRump

It struck me this morning

His supporters will never accept his impeachment

To all golden retriever lovers

Joe and Mika doing great job with timeline of Trump firing of Comey

I know many of you like Morning Joe but he's still a RW hack, his opposition to trump is temporary

President Trump expected to launch commission on 'election integrity'

We'll know that the WH's excuse of firing Comey due to his damage to HRC through

We MUST call it Treason!

Ultimate fault? Fox, conserv talk radio, and other GOP propagandists

Trump must win or else... No Jesus!

It begins: WV reporter arrested for questioning Tom Price

Some D.C. Renters Make Tens of Thousands of Dollars Exploiting Decades-Old Law

Tom Toles nailed it today on Trumpy firing Comey:

Trump is unhinged and is getting backed into a corner

Trump's Presidency has killed a movie-genre, but it has also created a new one.

Democrats, like-minded Independents and Republicans should build a different kind of wall.

When is Rosenstein coming to a Committee hearing?

Employee Pleads Guilty to Selling NIH Equipment on eBay

President Trump invents a new catch-phrase...

You know that phrase about when you're​ young you're​ liberal but conservative when older?

You know, folks,

Comey infuriated Trump with refusal to preview Senate testimony: aides

Donald Trumps Ajit (Pai)-prop

"Who are you going to believe? The liars or me?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Quinnipiac U poll: Voters Describe Trump As Idiot & Liar in Disastrous New Poll

Groper Don the Con's LIES have finally caught up with him

White House Says No Security Issues w Russian Photographers, also, They Tricked Us

Spicer and Sanders disagree.....

Jefferson Davis disappears as New Orleans removes another tribute to the Confederacy

I search and searched and finally found one redeeming quality about Trump!

WSJ: Comey had just found "possible evidence of collusion" between Trump-Russia when he was fired

Important to remember that Fox News is reporting the Comey story completely differently

Trump: "They're Not Laughing Anymore."

Former Dep. CIA Director: It was not a good idea for Trump to let Russians bring cameras into Oval O

And now a great story - 14 year old graduates with degree in physics and DM in math and Chinese

When do you feel Trump will resign/be removed from office?

I hearby nominate Robert Reich for Secretary of Cutting Through BS.

A plea from RoguePotusStaff - must read

Ex-USA Gymnastics CEO's deposition in sex abuse case delayed so he can attend Indy 500

Charles M. Blow: Trump Is Insulting Our Intelligence

Some former Trump nut job at work just told me

Trump signing EO to get to the bottom of all those bogus Hillary pop votes

The republicans in congress must decide if they are Americans or have left the country! n/t

At raucous town hall, Rep. Dave Brat struggles to speak above the jeers

Merriam-Webster is subtweeting Trump again.

Bernie Sanders on CNN w/ Wolf Blitzer Speaking On Comey Firing - May 10 2017

Payback Time: Dems Try To Hang O'care Repeal Around House GOP's Neck

Conan O'Brien leaks the audio of the Trump- Putin conversations

Big WSJ report: Comey was concerned by potential evidence of collusion

Larry Flint -- Please offer a prize for a "Deep Throat" who will out Donald Trump!

Why Trump expected only applause when he told Comey, 'You're fired.'

LePage wont oppose Angus King for U.S. Senate in 2018

Why did Trump really fire Comey? Only a special counsel can tell us. By Adam B. Schiff

My dream scenario

Trump tells The Economist he invented the phrase 'priming the pump'

Experts on authoritarianism are absolutely terrified by the Comey firing

possible glitch--My sigline disappeared

"Can we go with her?"

New FBI Director Andrew McCabe Compromised By Serious Conflict

FBI Won't Be Intimidated By President Trump

Since yesterday Trump has put out 4 different timelines of how Comey was fired. Here's the real one:

Remember when Trump held that press conference at his hotel regarding Obama's birth certificate?

Chump is dissing Bernie. What's up with that ? He's calling my guy a swamp creature*

Matthew Miller: Trump has crossed a once-unthinkable red line

For a list of historical figures more odious than Trump please click.

Joe Kennedy Lays Out The Trump-Russia Corruption In 3-Minutes & Beckons Americans To Rise Up

The WH cannot be this stupid. Or can it? The incompetence is getting ridiculous.


I know people don't like Nazi analogies, but I am struck but what Robert Jackson said at Nuremberg

'They tricked us!': White House furious Russia posted Trump photos on official government accounts

The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump parts 1 & 2: The Russians & King of Diamonds

BLS report: PPI for final demand advances 0.5% in April; services increase 0.4%, goods rise 0.5%

Comeys Firing Came as Investigators Stepped Up Russia Probe

This all happened because trump voters could not recognize what a child could recognize.

Trump says he invented an 84-year-old phrase. But, why?

A picture or 2 is worth a thousand words...

If Trump Really Did Fire Comey Because Of His Handling Of The Hillary E-Mails......

A big dog and a small dog.

Oy Vey

'Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy Liberals': Hannity, Mark Levin Go Off on Democrats' Comey Reactions

This is the Post saying, Fine, dummy, we'll run your version, and you will see how stupid it is.

What sort of kompromat does Putin have on McConnell and Ryan,

Sustained public outrage is absolutely necessary. Do not wait for the investigation to wrap up.

'You'e fired' message broke basic rule of management

Read Donald Trump's Interview With TIME on Being President

America first!

BLS report: Import prices advance 0.5% in April, up 0.3% excluding fuel; export prices up 0.2%

Texas lawmakers racing against clock to pass bill aimed at curbing mail-in vote fraud

A coup in real time? Historian Timothy Snyder says the Comey firing is Trump's "open admission...

FBI refuses to disclose documents on call to Russia

FBI agents changing their FB profile pictures to Comey - usually what they do after a colleague dies

SPLC's map of hate groups across the US:

Texas House votes to bar vaccinations of new foster children, even to prevent cancer

"He's got gas all over the place."

Interview With TIME on Being President

I repeat: No pardons for traitors. No deals. No parole.

Trump-backing private prison company hopes to reap the rewards by detaining immigrant children indef

Band booster steals nearly $50,000 from Alvarado High School club, police say

Subpoenas Issued in Trump Russia Investigation Hours Before Comey Firing

Voter ID Suppressed 200,000 Wisconsin Votes; Trump Won by 22,748

Mormons drop Scout programs for older teens

From a friend on the inside who asked me to post this far and wide...states the obvious

The Economist talks to the President

Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders going to submit James Comey's "atrocities" to the Hague?

Dozens hurt, 1 dead in violent day of protests in Venezuela

Tesla begins taking orders for its solar roofs

Comeys Firing Came as Investigators Stepped Up Russia Probe

Legislature approves Railroad Commission bill, but critics call it weak

Feinstein: Dep AG's memo on Comey a political doc-hastily assembled to justify preordained outcome"

24 hours of craziness

#Resist the coup Friday 5/12 at Sen Tillis office in Charlotte

Kris Kobach to head trump's voter "election integrity" commission.

Wow. NYT editorial board's open letter to Rod Rosenstein

Trump Administration Equals American Kremlin

John Gotti , Donald Trump, and gaslighting.

Does the Chairman really believe he can move along

Freelance journalist Chet Americanman's research show no Trump ties to Russia

Bernie Sanders campaigning for Heath Mello was 'a colossal mistake,' UNO professor says

Thom Hartmann and Greg Palast, Voodoo Economics Are Back - Bigly

When I got home last night I "primed the pump"

Integrity. Once a person allows it to slip, even a little,

Well written commentary on a Rod Blum town hall

Senate Republican: Replace Comey with Merrick Garland

WATCH LIVE: Acting FBI director McCabe to testify in Comey's place at Senate intel hearing (PBS)

Question for DU: What is the more fitting White House legacy for Trump?

Axios: Trump puts agenda, presidency at risk

Netanyahu criticised for Israel Broadcasting Authority shutdown

Trump to The Economist: I "might" release my tax returns "after I'm out of office"

Oh my, Little Hands needs his Little Ego propped up again today

'God save us all': The internet is bewildered by Trump's claim that he coined the phrase 'priming...

I think we KNOW the answer to this but

8 years old.

OPEC to U.S.: Please don't pump so much oil!

Oh my glob

I realize that the Russia/Comey shit pile is THE story , but

Find Out How Your Rep. Has Been Covering For Trump

If US policy is that the Kurds can't keep land they've captured in Turkey and Syria, fighting ISIS

Funny Thing Is: Trump Doesn't Understand Russian

Given a COMPLETELY Sycophantic Republican Congress, there is no only ONE THING saving us...

Trumps real undoing may be the creeping fatigue (a lot in this one article)

Coats is putting me to sleep.

Trump: I only needed a short time to understand everything about healthcare

Today is National Twilight Zone Day. "{I'm pretty sure} that's every day now."

The problem with someone who lies all the time.

#comey now a bot ridden hashtag?

Check it out. You can resign in under 140 characters. It's Twitter friendly. Just sayin'.

After Comey, Republicans worry about 2018 'wipeout'

This message was self-deleted by it's author

Democrats talk of an 'impeachment clock' for Trump

Trump's New Impeachable Offenses: Obstruction of Justice, Conspiracy, Abuse of Power

Trump Jr. defends his father's Comey firing by retweeting Vince Foster conspiracy theory

LEONARD PITTS, JR.: If youre not appalled by Comeys firing, youre not paying attention

McCABE: "You cannot stop the men and women of the FBI...

Last Night MSNBC Rachel Maddow Explained Troubling FBI Lies That were Not Lies!

We need to drive home the fact that by

Prediction: Trump administration will end in a "medical event"

Preet Bharara...come out, come out...wherever you are...

Must-read: Vox dissects the "appalling ignorance and dishonesty" in Trump's Economist interview

Just a dream? Or could this happen?

If Trump picks Rudy Giuliani as FBI director

Venezuelas anti-government protesters show no signs of backing down

Will Trump distract us by attacking North Korea?

Twenty state attorneys general call for independent special counsel

Trumps Oval Office meeting with Russian officials grows more alarming

LIVE: Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing On Worldwide Threats TIME

samantha bee on ivanka "architecting"

Preet Bharara

samantha bee on ivanka "architecting"

Trump puts agenda, presidency at risk

Russia's Oval Office Victory Dance

Both McCabe and Rosenstein are compromised

A few prints from my new large format printer

Federal judge rejects appeal, orders Kobach to hand over documents from Trump meeting

samantha bee on "our weekly constitutional crisis-what the F*** is it THIS time?"

Mike Pompeo is being supremely dodgy

UPDATED: Trump Rejects Idea Of Releasing His Taxes To Win Dems Over On Tax Cuts

samantha bee on our weekly constitutional crisis "what the F*** is it this time??)

Eric Burdon was born on this date.

A coup in real time? Comey firing is Trumps open admission of collusion with Russia

Explanation for firing crumbles

Pic Of The Moment: "What Is The First Word That Comes To Mind When You Think of Donald Trump?"

UPDATED: Comey Successor: I'll Sound The Alarm If WH Pressures Me On Russia Probe

Isn't racism the dumbest fucking human kneejerk emotion?

Called Trump crazy

Australian man Baxter Reid, who overstayed US visa by 90 minutes, released

Australian man Baxter Reid, who overstayed US visa by 90 minutes, released

Bin Laden and the Deplorables, an analogy

stephen colbert on comey's firing

stephen colbert on comey's firing

Anger and impatience sudden decision to fire Comey

Kris Kobach has lost his appeal and must turn over his "documents" by this Friday

Trump to create panel to study voter fraud, suppression: official

New FBI Director Andrew McCabe Compromised By Serious Conflict Rachel Maddow MSNBC

The wisdom of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

HIV life expectancy 'near normal' thanks to new drugs

20 attorneys general, including Maura Healey, call for independent special counsel after President T

Condoleeza Rice coming to Kansas City May 17

"echoes of watergate--"I am NOT a crook!"

another trump lie....mccabe says the rank and file had not lost confidence in comey.

That's unusual..

Comey infuriated Trump with refusal to preview Senate testimony: aides

trump is so fucking stupid that he doesn't even know

Piercingly shrill... King Lear with a nuclear strike force.

All We Need To Know About Comey Firing

Glacier National Park's glaciers will be gone in our lifetime

Kelly Anne admits voter fraud in Michigan?

North Korea demands handover of suspects in assassination plot: Xinhua

Dems Ask DOJ For Info On Comey's Ask For More Resources For Russia Probe

The White House's explanation for the firing of James Comey is totally unraveling

At this point, they will throw EVERY distraction. Stay together! Stay woke!

Kid demands apology after Pence elbows him in the face

Trump is speaking at Liberty U's commencement on Saturday

GOP campaign arm raises money off possible Trump impeachment

Unbelievably brazen dirty trick: WH working on sabotaging the 2018 election...

America's 10 Favorite Grocery Stores

Guess what guys. I just fired Jim Comey

IF Trump was SMART he would make the acting director the director of the FBI.

Facebook fake news release needed

U.K. Labour Party Offers Sharp Left Turn in Leaked Election Manifesto

Obstruction of Justice...Trump

Rosenstein seeks meeting with Senate Intelligence leaders

So...when can we expect Trump to start dressing up with the local sports teams?

Russian who played 'Pokemon Go' in church is convicted of inciting religious hatred

Question: What's the minimum number of days FBIs Russia investigation can be slowed down in any way?

A U.S. Ambassador Just Accused Trump Of Embarrassing America Abroad

Michael Hayden: When Trump's Washington starts to resemble Nicaragua

Trump is thumbing his nose @ Congress and the judiciary.

Trump to Fox & Friends: I made you

Dakota Access pipeline has first leak before it's fully operational

tRump's Russiagate - time to stop mincing words

Acting FBI director vows to inform congressional committee if White House tries to upend Russia prob

UPDATE: MEETING NOW - In the Senate SCIF: Burr and Warner with ROSENTEIN and DANA BOENTE

Va. gubernatorial candidate to opponent: 'Put down the Twitter and pick up a spine'

Mr. Stephens may as well look to supermarket tabloids for evidence about climate

The Mad President Unhinged!

*****BREAKING***** Acting FBI head contradicts White House: Comey had broad support in FBI

Russ Feingold: Donald Trump acts like an illegitimate president for a reason

Marshall, TPM - great piece. "The Wraithing of Rod Rosenstein"

GOP Busy Setting The Stage For Permanent Dominance Russian Style.

They are all compromised.

"Maybe he's our political meth." Gov. John Kasich, in an interview with Matt Bai.

Fox reporter hilariously runs away after diner says Trump fired Comey to cover up Russia

Two Dead Canaries in the Coal Mine

Post-Fukushima Disaster: Opposite Energy Policies- A Loss For Japan And A Win For Germany

If I Started Drinking Early In The Day - There Is A New Drinking Game I Would Play......

I am grateful that people are finally realizing the level of corruption and conspiracy it took

Cognizant adds grist to Trump H1B visa assault, says no cost benefit in outsourcing

U.S. labor market tightening; inflation pressures building

If Russian news agency TASS wasn't in the room how would we know Kislyak was in WH meeting w/Trump?

There was a brief discussion about Kaspersky Internet Security at today's hearing.

CNN just reported that Mark Warner & Richard Burr having a meeting with Rod Rosenstein NOW

My sad story: I went into a T-shirt shop to have an IMPEACH shirt made

After ObamaCare repeal, GOP majorities on life support

I had one of those Medicare wellness checkups today and

CNN- The White House's explanation for the firing of James Comey is totally unraveling

So here's my question...just suppose

Dems want Yates for governor race

Reporting on MSNBC ex-Congressman Mike Rogers as possibility for FBI Director n/t

This is HYSTERICAL - Quinnipiac Recent Poll - Verbatim One Word TO Describe Trump

Trump Considering Ex-Congressman Mike Rogers for FBI Director, Official Says

Example - WA State wind power ramp up ...

Video of 45's meeting with the Russians

Deputy AG Rosenstein was on the verge of resigning, upset over WH pinning Comey firing on him

Bannon is probably silently fueling the SCROTUS insanity.

Fox News will eventually headline the Comey firing this way:

A devastating indictment of the incompetence of Trump's DHS action on Haiti

Putin May Get Tired of Winning

"He's a showboat; he's a grandstander"

1.Fox interviews man in diner-2.Man implies timing of Comey's firing is suspect-3.Fox ends interview

Trump threatens to stop ObamaCare payments

Sean Spicer co-owned company that worked on political campaigns in Russia

Great Slate - "Here Are the Best and Most Insane Details From Coverage of the Comey Firing"

More Slate - "Acting FBI Director Contradicts Everything White House Has Said About FBI...Is...

Trump has said he was going to fire FBI Director Comey regardless of the DOJ Recommendation

What is the non-sexist argument that Hillary Clinton who won the popular vote

Welp! There goes all the nonsense pretext that people have carried water for!

and down he goes! Gallup is now showing the trump freefall

What is left of this administration, it will be only about fending off scandal

Acting FBI chief McCabe contradicts White House explanations on Comey firing

FBI confirms agents are executing a search warrant at GOP Fundraiser/Consulting firm in Annapolis

Kellyanne Conway links Anderson Cooper's eye roll to sexism

trump told lester holt "i'm not under investigation"

White House scrambles to explain Comey ouster

In the car listening to 1A today on NPR - it is clear we are two separate countries

Comey aides deny he told Trump he wasn't under investigation

This Cant End Well for Trump

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, but he is moving

Edited. I give up on translation.

Merkley Addresses Comey Firing on Senate Floor

Whoa! Is this true?

Testing of posting a photo

Think Republicans are killing themselves for the 2018 election? Think again.

Day 1 Reaction - S A D.

Is it me or is the volume, frequency, and import of leaks accelerating?

If you're going to lie, get your story straight

Look! Over there!

Triple talaq: India top court reviews Islamic instant divorce

"Pence once again humiliated" by trump

FBI searching Annapolis fundraiser/consulting firm

Just impeach the slug already.

On national TV, Trump just admitted he called Comey and asked the status of Russia investigation...

"Watch them start to choke like dogs" Trump says, talking about Clapper and Yates

Australia to gays: We're sorry

Texas considers banning trans athletes after Mack Beggs wins

New VA head: It'll take longer to end veteran homelessness

NBC exclusive - Trump: I was going to fire Comey 'regardless,' he was a 'showboat'

"Ruh-roh, Raggy!"

If you're thinking about posting something on DU in Russian,

Can't watch MSNBC anymore

My mother always told me tell the truth!

In Trump's shadow, Fed official says trade barriers a 'dead end'

For Republicans who were upset about Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting...

These Russians helped 40 gay and bi men escape Chechnya

The Nation: We may be witnessing the unraveling of Donald Trump's Presidency

Wall St. on track to record worst day in one month

Intel sources: evidence vs Pence, Ryan and Reince Priebus, possible RICO case vs @GOP

This Guy Yelled "You're A Fucking Muslim" And "Donald Trump Will Stop You" At A Family

McCabe "Director Comey enjoyed broad support within the FBI, and still does to this day."

36 Hours in Detroit

WSJ: Rosenstein Pressed WH to Correct Record on Comey Firing - Says WH "Description Was Inaccurate"

Now THIS is a question that deserves an answer

Why would Comey even stand for this BS from Trump?

So tRump tells Lester Holt

From the Portuguese - Saudade

Trump just stepped in it.

Schumer Demands Answers From Deputy AG Rosenstein On Comey's Firing

Two, two, two crappy zombie studies for the price of one!

Trump keeps digging his own grave. During the holt interview

Claude Taylor BREAKING: Legal Shock & Awe. Source in legal community reports lg number of Warrants

Now, what do we say after this?

KO:The Intel Community and the Slow Death of Trump's Presidency Does Trump see what's going on here?

The QLINE: Everything you need to know to ride Detroits new streetcar

KO:The Intel Community and the Slow Death of Trump's Presidency Does Trump see what's going on here?

Sen. Van Hollen on Comey firing: Rosenstein 'was used by the White House'

Obituary from 2013: Manson Whitlock, Typewriter Repairman, Dies at 96

The Republican Plan To Remove Trump

Breaking: FBI searching Annapolis GOP fundraising firm

So, who has the guts to tell Trump that he is fired?

Pierce: What Would You Say If Anyone Else Behaved This Way?

Vivaldi, and Piano Concerto #1 in C Major, Op. 15 Ludwig van Beethoven NOW.

Sanders-Spice is on now.

SWAT en route to deadly shooting scene

FBI trolling Trump on social media?

Huckabee-sanders on tv now saying the facts don't

Huckabee-Sanders defense...

Spicer in the

Maine Democrat to take part in Trumps voter fraud probe

Objectively, will Trump be remembered as the villain that he truly is? (I'm being serious)

Bernie Sanders campaigning for Heath Mello was 'a colossal mistake,' professor says

Trump says FBI director told him three times he wasnt under investigation

Marshall, TPM again - "They are Trapped in His Lies"

Baltimore Sun confirms reports of FBI warrants dropping in Annapolis with statement

Trump's Surprise at Comey Firing Fallout Is a Scary Sign

ACLU's response to Donald Trump's Presidential Commission on Election Integrity.

Constitution Rapidly Ages Another 100 Years From Stress Of Repeated Crises

Sale Of Property Raises Ethical Questions

Senate hard-liners outline health-care demands with Medicaid in the crosshairs

It's Simple...I fired the FBI director for cause.

Labour party's plan to nationalise mail, rail and energy firms

Report: FBI raid in Annapolis is just the first of numerous Trump-Russia warrants being executed

Other phrases coined by Donald J. Trump

Acting FBI director vows to inform congressional committee if White House tries to upend Russia prob

Is Trumpsky's "tell" the sniffle?

Trump is trying to gaslight the country by saying he is not under investigation

The White House's laughable spin about Comey now lies in smoking ruins

Pelosi pledges to force a vote if GOP won't move forward on independent Trump-Russia commission

Mitch McConnell strikes a pose for how history is likely to remember him - Tom Toles

From Louise Mensch: sources have outlined evidence that exists against multiple men in the line of

Translating Trumps Religious Liberty Order by Linda Greenhouse

GOP firm raided by FBI -ties to Manafort, casinos & TOUTED FOR USE OF TECHNOLOGY IN CAMPAIGNS

Did Trump and Sessions flip-flop?

Can we add something to the alert criteria?

Trumps firing of Comey an attempt to end probe

Former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown convicted of federal fraud charges

Editorial: Speak up for Hanford Reach, other monuments

In interview, Trump contradicts Pence on Comey

Is This Bottom Up FBI Arrest Plan to Prevent Violence?

Inside Trumps anger and impatience and his sudden decision to fire Comey

Jeff Sessions is in deep trouble, and here's why

Trump: Debt and deficits will rise, but it's all in the name of growth

Okay Internet! Start Sleuthing! Strategic Campaign Group

When THE END is near ...

Poll: Just 21 percent approve of Houses Obamacare repeal bill

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to Meet in July, Russian Media Says

Juliana Hatfield - "Kellyanne"

wonder if the Michael D. Cohen Esq who ran this Ukrainian company's US HQ is the same as Trump's la

EPA chief: Obama was no environmental savior

Perez on Trump's voter fraud Exec. Order: "Trump shouldnt be allowed anywhere near word integrity"

Legislative Package Introduced to Encourage Employee-Owned Companies

Rachel Maddow said last night that something would break today about Manafort--

Commentator who amplified Macron hacks given White House press access

How Trump's firing of Comey is drawing comparisons to Nixon, according to cartoons

Source for pecorino cheese

Firing Comey was obstruction of justice, an impeachable offense.

Trump Casually Throws His Entire Administration Under Bus, Admits Comey Firing Cover Story Was BS

Legislative Package Introduced to Encourage Employee-Owned Companies

With all the Comey news, this badass slipped under the radar (video tweet)

Third judge could block revised Trump travel ban

Am I wrong??

Try this when you listen to the liar president's comments on Comey

Anyone have a use for Futurama comics?

The FBI tweeted this an hour ago! LOL

Roswell, NM -1947

This sounds minor, but I'm thinking it's one of the things Trump most hated about Comey.

The Media KNEW that Trump was a corrupt piece of shit, that's WHY they propped him up!!!

Lock them up:

Holy Shit! Trump thinks he coined the phrase 'priming the pump.'

McCabe testifies that Trump's assertions about Comey having lost the faith of the

Can we impeach him now, for obstruction?

Isn't It Possible That Trump Himself Might Not Be Under Investigation......

Yesterday I had lunch in San Francisco

DNC Chair Perez: Voter fraud probe a 'Trump-sponsored propaganda factory'

Who else is skeptical about Louise Mensch as a source?

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 11, 2017

Goldman Sachs hires Trump campaign official as lobbyist

Donald Trump has no idea what health insurance costs

MSNBC seems to have some of their prime time anchors hanging around...

Please call Dept. of Justice today: Independent Special Prosecutor

So we are to believe Comey invited himself to dinner

Argentines unite against law helping human rights abusers

We're finally getting pics out of Annapolis.

Let the Shredding and Data Wiping Begin

For the Record: It is illegal for the President to ask if he is under investigation

"Every single FBI agent I've never met or spoken with is grateful & thankful for Trump's decision"

FBI raids office of Republican campaign consultant in Annapolis

Washing Post now reporting: FBI searches Republican political consulting firm in Annapolis

Is reliable?

OMG. WTF? Poof goes my brain. Fox in the henhouse says all is well.

Is it RosenSTEEN or RosenSTYNE?

Annapolis GOP strategy firm says the FBI raid was about a Cuccinelli lawsuit

GOP Rep. Amash endorses Dem push for independent Russia probe

What happened when a 64-year-old liberal attended his first NRA convention

American Gods on Starz gets a Renewal

Worst pick for next FBI director: Giuliani, Gowdy or Christie?

Hail-Hydra URL Now Leads to the White House Website

FBI covering window at offices of Strategic Campaign Group in Annapolis as search warrant executed

Sarah Sanders does not see Trump calling Comey to ask if he's under investigation as an issue

Ties found between GOP lobbying firm just raided by FBI to Trump, via casino firm Penn Natl. Gaming.

Since Comey was asking for monies to put the Russia investigation into high gear

Trump invents catchy new saying, "prime the pump"!

What We Have Been Waiting For: Dots Are Connecting .....

msnbc reporting just now that Trump will not be visiting FBI headquarters.

AP: Dear Grand Sky Wizard...

FBI refuses to disclose documents on Trumps call to Russia to hack Clinton

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: Lets not let Russia hyperventilation cloud the suffering of workin

Democrats to file a discharge petition to force a vote

Trump supporter arrested after yelling slurs at Muslim family on a beach

Rev. Dr. William Barber to join the leadership of the New Poor Peoples Campaign

WH finally releases their own photos of WH meeting w/Russian FM... no Kislyak

FBI: If Trump visited, the "optics would not be good."

Fourth Critically Endangered Vaquita Found Dead This Year Brings it Dangerously Close To Extinction

Donald Trump Wants an Etch A Sketch Presidency

Roosevelt: "Will Hirohito be my new best friend?"

For Trump Supporters, the Real Outrage Is the Lefts Uproar Over Comey

Seems like an awful lot of Agents in Annapolis for this to be about a Civil law suit (Pic)

And the next distraction...Trump finalizing budget with domestic cuts

GOP Missouri State Rep: The Bible Says Theres A Difference Between Gay People And Human Beings

Never Call a Counter Puncher "Crazy"

Two horrendous polls for Trump in two days, Chump lost 4 points overnight -38/55

The Price is Wrong

(Funny) This is how to keep Cheetolini surrogates on message ...

HuckaWhopper (R)

Kushner family drops out of China presentation

If these morons can pull off a fascist coup then America should probably just close up shop anyway

Alaska rep censured for implying some women get abortions for free travel

Welp, here's another interview where 45 proves he's just plain vile.

Sarah Sanders was day and night fielding phone calls from legal scholars and FBI agent-what a liar

Mr. Cooper?

Breaking News: CNN

FBI agents are changing their FB profile pictures to Comey

This was the biggest under-reported Trump/Russia story...

Trump Nixes Plan to Visit FBI Headquarters After Comey Firing: Officials

Link to Trump with Raided GOP Fundraiser Office, Twitter

Why Are The Democrats So Respectful To Other Side?


Fake Facts

Well, trump's broken.

Water, Weird Clouds Found on Alien 'Warm Neptune'

What if Nixon had had access to Twitter?

Final Exam

Trump just cut a program for next-generation military high-tech because it's "digital"

Ex-Jeff Sessions staffer sends racist email promoting Sheriff David Clarkes nonexistent Senate ru

Ties found between GOP lobbying firm just raided by FBI to Trump, via casino firm Penn Natl. Gaming.

NBC News: Trump nixes plan to visit FBI HQ"told it was not likely he would be warmly welcomed.

Politico: Pressure for an inside FBI appointment...

Chump- Russia must be laughing up their sleeves

Roswell, NM - 1947 - We were FOOLED!

What is going on with the FBI?

Pennsylvania accused of flouting deal on jailed mentally ill

Latest Trump tweet: "Russia must be laughing..."

New Hampshire State Lawmaker Accused Of Online Misogyny Faces Expulsion

FBI agents grieving, posting pics of Comey on their Facebook pages

I like Joel Benenson‏. He was just on msnbc--wish he was on the panals more often

Angela Hewitt plays Bach - Keyboard Concerto in F minor, BWV 1056

'It takes up the whole river!' US ports welcome giant ship

We Need the Help of Intel Agencies Around the World The Resistance with Keith Olbermann GQ

Nance: "these are people who hunt America's enemies within the U.S."

Abbas, in meeting with Putin, says Moscow must be part of peace process

Someone needs to start digging to see if Reed Cordish is implicated in the Annapolis raid

Opinion: The more we learn about Comeys firing, the worse itgets

Strategic Campaign Group Had Ties To Manford

Judge concerned over Giuliani's work in Iran sanctions case

How did Lester Holt

The big, unanswered question about the Trump/Comey dinner...

The Trump Official Added, is "either in bed with the Russians or too stupid to understand..."

"Dems should stop politicizing the issue" RE: Russia (tweet)

Historian of Fascism: Why Trump Firing FBI Director Com

Controlling the narrative. What say you to calling them Russipublicans?

Majority of Americans say Trump's firing of Comey was inappropriate; most think it was due to Russia

What do you think Chump's absolute floor is re approval.

WH Finally Admits Real Reason for Comey Firing

Did someone call for a special prosecutor?

Website of firm raided by FBI says one if its principals was formerly with firm operated by Manafort

Mirror, mirror

Sarah Sanders: Yes, we fired Comey to bring Russia investigation to its end.

****BREAKING**** 21% Of U.S. Voters Approve Of Revised GOP Health Plan

When the Russians cheated to win the Olympics, the medal was stripped away

Lesbian crushes Fox

The little king is angry

"Allow Me, a Simple English Major, to Decode FBI Director Comey's Goodbye Letter"

Clean Energy Momentum: Ranking State Progress (2017)

***CONNECTING THE DOTS BETWEEN Strategic Campaign Group (FBI warrant) & SCL/Cambridge Analytica***

Do they think that we don't know they are lying??

Debunking the Renewables Disinformation Campaign

VIDEO: Emmanuel Macron a 15 ans, dans un role de composition

Trump 'Servant' Of Allah, Saudi Cleric Says Before Visit

Federal Ethics Office Wants To Know If Trump Appointees Are Keeping Their Promises

Chainsaw-wielding vandals cut down trees at Trump-run golf course

UNEP/Frankfurt School Investment figures in so called "renewable energy" 2006-2016.

lester holt trump interview: What were the papers Trump handed to Holt?

46% of Americans think Trump fired Comey because of the Russian investigation, per NBC/SurveyMonkey

Chump is having a sad because the Russians are laughing at him.

I want it to be true more than anyone. But Mensch, Schindler and Taylor are hurting our credibility

Wow...Trump invented the phrase "Priming the Pump"

Trump graciously praises critical TV hosts ...

Chubby Aberdeen cat in final of UK pet fit club

Trump. Is. Lying. In. His/ Lester. Holt. Interview.

CNN: White House Spokespeople Were Lying To The American People About Why Trump Fired Comey

Sciatic nerve pain and Catholic funerals don't play well together.

Look past Jim Comey: The Census directors sudden resignation may create serious long-term problems

Jeff Sessions dragging Comey off a plane...

I said before, that we might wind up with President Hatch, before this is said and done and

Where is Jared and Bannon?

Mad Magazine - "Everything old is new again"

Trump skips Senate tradition, leans on right-wing organizations to help fill federal court seats

Morning Joe Cuts to the Chase with Dire Warnings to Republicans

Ex-Navy helicopter pilot plans to challenge Rep. Frelinghuysen

Our Media in a nutshell

Oval Office Fumigated After Complaints Of Overwhelming Smell Of BS

Interesting travel ban news today

Anti-abortion flag at Ottawa City Hall taken down after backlash

SNL Host Melissa McCarthy Feels Pretty, Oh So Pretty...Oh So Spicey

Mike Madigan already manipulating the 2018 Gubinatorial Primary for J B Pritzeker

Video: FBI raids offices of Republican fundraising, consulting firm

Gay people deserve to die, SLO High teachers letter to student newspaper says

Rogue POTUS Staff‏... damn...

***FBI raids office of Republican campaign consultant in Annapolis***

Jim Bakker: Mocking Trump Is The Spirit Of Antichrist

Trump: Maybe Ill Release Tax Returns After Leaving White House


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 12 May 2017

I Wanted a Lap Dog

Does anyone know if Anthony Weiner has ever been indicted or cleared for sexting with a 15 yr old

Growing Up Smith Official Trailer 2017

Anne Frank Memorial in Idaho Vandalized

How the hell did Lester Holt keep from falling on the floor laughing when Turdrump called

After the 25th Amendment

"Showboat" Comey. I'm a little surprised that NO ONE has come up with a nickname for Trump!

He won't be President for much longer

and now for something completely different but appropriate:

Charles P. Pierce: This Feels Like a Turning Point

Here's the scariest legislation you've never heard of

and now for something completely different but appropriate:

Spicey in the bushes .png - feel free to use

Did you see Comey's farewell letter to FBI staff?

BREAKING: FBI raids Maryland GOP consultant over 2013 Virginia race

Will Trump get away with it?

SF Bay Area dating scene help

Lester Holt Really Blew a MAJOR followup opportunity

🐦 May 13 and 14 - Senator Sanders Commencement Addresses to Both Johnson State and Lyndon State

Do you think Rosenstein is waking up to the fact he got played

Stray Cat Wanders into Gym to Offer Some 'Help' and Motivation...

Trump's lawyers reportedly trying to stop him from getting in touch with Michael Flynn

Claude Taylor's tweets confirmed by CNN's "exclusive" yesterday.

Croton Nuts

Texas seeks unprecedented federal money to defund Planned Parenthood

Trump fan to family: 'Donald Trump will stop you! Donald Trump got you motherf*ckers'

WBAL- Website: Firm was formerly associated with firm operated by Paul Manafort

Constituent at Rep MacArthur's #townhall "I'm concerned that I have a president that praises Putin"

The Real Storied Buried Today is the Plan to Steal 2020

LGBT activists arrested in Moscow after demanding investigation of alleged torture of gay men in Che

Brent Budowsky (The Hill) echoes Louise Mensch on existence of recordings in Trump/Russia

Video: FBI raids firm with connections to former Trump campaign manager

Just wondering about the FCC investigation of Stephen Colbert...

Hey................ Kellyanne -CONway, do you see anything from this PAST, I DO

The Con is still pissed about the popular vote

Jesus God, Tweety just said maybe Don is doing something GOOD with Russia and he is shy

I could see the Don losing it and screaming from the top of the White House

This does seem to sum up the situation

Flynn the 'good man' in uniform.

(Raw Story/Newsweek) Bernie Sanders endorsement labeled colossal mistake

Dear America, Its Time To Stop Calling Donald Trump President

Did I just hear correctly on MSNBC

Just an observation about medical care. Whenever I see these

TPM: The moment Trump essentially incriminated himself in the Lester Holt interview.

"Aetna to Obamacare: We're outta here"

Chicken fried steak, garlic 'smashed' spuds, collards tonight.