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has anyone here had their bank account hacked?

Trump cabinet picks have all been anti the Department they head. What does that mean

If you gave a Ted Talk what would it be on?

I Beg to Differ

200 members of Indivisible San Pedro form the word RESIST! Sat. at Trump National Golf Course

John Fugelsang: "Right now irony is hanging itself in a cheap hotel."

Vincente Fox has a message for 45

NBA champs and White House visit?

FINCEN. WSJ&TPM & MaddowFriday&Friday nite

Schwab: Reporters have to do work of Congress to find truth

New TV show idea....

A Spooky Resemblance! "Trump has been stewing all week... and has been quick to blame his staff..."

Trump's most trusted advisers two unqualified relatives, a PR rookie, and his bodyguard.

What we know Trump did this week and why it matters

Trump Threat To Comey Of 'Tapes' Draws Nixon Comparisons

Senate Democrats: Fight Mitch McConnell's attempt to make Trump normal, Shut It Down!

Former Employees of Donald Trump Say They Saw Him Tape Conversations

What Comey Was Investigating, Explained

What Can European History Teach Us About Trumps America?

How one West Virginia woman made Mothers' Day a holiday

Anyone watching documentary on Netflix Get Roger Stone?

Does anyone know where I can see a sample ballot for Tuesday's election?

Democrats need to win over the Trump voter?

The Biggest Political Scandal Since Watergate

EXCLUSIVE: Sealed Indictment granted against Donald Trump

Jerry Brown's on CNN right now. He did such a great job unlocking the gridlock in California.

Watching Show Boat on WETA,CH 26.

I wish this nhl game was earlier or on another channel

My message to DT......

The Titanic avoided icebergs, with few exceptions.

All politics isnt local its been sucked into the Trump vortex

I Hope tRump Has A Recording Of Comey Saying....

Posting this for the fifth night. Starting to think I might as well post it in the lounge.

Taylor and Mensch now report, based on separate sources, a sealed indictment against DT.

OK, So Taylor and Mensch are now reporting a sealed indictment

Of COURSE Trump Records His Conversations. Not Because He's Paranoid Like Nixon...

we need a Taylor and Mensch forum to serve as a depository for their droppings...

Grandbabies: The Great Reward for Aging

Nice story of science and a parents love

White House aides bewildered and alarmed: Trump seems lost in some kind of paranoid delusion

Gun Sales Down, Alcohol Sales Up...

"We badly want to understand Trump, to grasp him...."

Dutch design breakthrough fast tracks oceans clean-up plan

A new ACT BLUE fund raiser for Rob Quist is matching your gift 4 X's!!!!

The Election Is Over, but Trump Cant Seem to Get Past It

the internet of ransomware things

Watching All the President's Men!

Louise Mensch Tom Arnold Claude Taylor Corey Feldman Alex Jones

Considering Staff Shakeup

So apart from Mensch and Taylor and people on twitter retweeting them

Protesters spell out 'RESIST' at Trump golf course

Don't forget Melissa McCarthy is on SNL tonight.

'Looking Like a Liar or a Fool: What It Means to Work for Trump

Where the heck are the kids? !?

Kamala Harris tells grads to speak out against Trump-era injustice

Details in major US investigation into Russian money laundering wont be exposed following surprise

Tomato List 2017

A new Sean Spicer decoration to scare your friends

I shit you not. "the President cannot imagine that Russia is pleased."

Hollywood composer writes Mass for his mother

SNL is ON! At least in the central time zone n/t

Can Tom Perriello help Democrats find religion in the Trump era?

How Many More Days Of This Madness???

The labels said organic. But these massive imports of corn and soybeans werent.

We should ban speculation from the forum?

For those who love film, here's a new product you will find interesting.

Fattoush Salad

My Last Post on the Matter: If there is a sealed indictment

The World Is Getting Hacked. Why Dont We Do More to Stop It?

Auntie Maxine is staying *woke*

Has world terrorism increased since Trump was elected?

How do secular societies strike a balance between religious and other rights?

Keith Olbermann Agrees with Mensch and Taylor

Cover of Nat Review targets left

Here's a little something to make everyone smile.

Church Militant's nonsense not authentically Catholic

TCU's first little genius graduates with physics degree at 14 years old

SNL MM is great

From my Facebook tonight - Love it - the Republicans can no longer watch the news - Fox too liberal!

They had a 10 until the landing.

Torch-bearing deplorables gather in Virginia and chant "Russia is our friend"

Hatch Act; Intention, practice and selective reality (editorial)

It's not that I either doubt or believe the Twitter rumor mills...

My mom will never understand me.

SNL Donald Trump, Lester Holt Cold Open

A lawyer for Louise Mensch seems worried that her latest "bombshell" is bullshit.

Georgia Power reaches tentative deal to take over Plant Vogtle work

Woman with flesh-eating bacteria after donkey attack settles suit

ROTFL - I don't know about that !

Britain and the E.U. Are Breaking Up, but Theyre Still Partying Together.

Happy Mother's Day! Ducklings follow momma in to the water

Bear Man Strikes Again!

Sealed Indictments? Found This In Salon

Torch-wielding protesters gather at Lee Park in Charlottesville..chanting "Russia is our friend"

Sunday's Doonesbury - Li'l Donnie Trump Gets Called On

After watching "All The President's Men"


The White House Flickr Photostream: after 8 years of great subjects...

Undercover agents find registered church to be sex club

Trump is to clarity what vodka is to sobriety (Star-Tribune)

Georgia brewers, distillers to be allowed to sell limited quantities

Rep. Carlos Curbelo Says Quit Complaining About Losing Your Health Care and Making Him Feel Bad

Watch - The dubious friends of Donald Trump: Part 1 - the Russians - Part 2: The King of Diamonds

Link to BBC coverage of Macron inaugural

Politics vs principles: Legislators split on pay raise

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Meowna Lisa Edition

I want thank you all for the good thoughts for the boys

Former Rep. Corinne Brown found guilty in charity scam

Sarah Is Out, Spicey Is In

Has anyone watched Get me Roger Stone on Netflix?

@SpeakerRyan ends his visit in Harlem to a chorus of boos.

This Appalachia Life: My Mother Wasn't Trash

Cannabis: The Exit Drug for Serious Addiction

Donald Trump Orders "Election Integrity" Commission Headed by Architects of Voter Suppression

1969 Posts?

Africas new slave trade: how migrants flee poverty to get sucked into a world of violent crime

My prediction today:

Not all of our mothers were wonderful.

Writing about food: National Buttermilk Biscuit Day, Laurie Colwin's "More Home Cooking"

We Seem To Be Going The Wrong Direction On Every Thing. Trump Biggest Sign.

Trump stokes fears of how he'd handle real crisis

Republicans plan massive cuts to programs for the poor

How the world is reporting Trump...

Not all Republicans support Trump. It's a shame more of them don't "go public" with their

My trump supporting neighbor

A word of advice for approaching unconfirmed rumors you want to believe:

Trump and his electorial college maps

At 3 a.m., NC Senate GOP strips education funding from Democrats districts

IMO, VP Pence would not have been picked without signing a pardon like the Ford model

The GOP "Left Behind" Is Anyone Who Is Not In The Top 5%.

News has shifted to: "Who will Trump pick to replace Comey?"

You mean, like Trump?

Arctic Council Pushes Back Most US Demands As Finland Takes 2-Year Chair Position

The crime family at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is hunkering down

How the President Obstructed Justice

How Shipwrecked Champagne Is Changing Winemaking

2 More Scientists Resign In Protest From EPA Subcommittee, Slap "Obfuscation" Of Science

KKK Leader Endorses Trump: What He Believes In, We Believe In

Young Generation Clueless How Totally Screwed They Are W/GOP.

Will Chump really be brazen enough to make Cornyn FBI Chief?

The curious rise of the white left as a Chinese internet insult

My husband and I were talking about Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Utter lunacy: WH staffers literally joked about blaming Comey firing on Rosenstein,

At Mar-a-Lago, the star power of the presidency helps charities - and Trump - make more money

TERRIFYING: They're chanting "Russia is our friend" and the Nazi Era phrase "Blood and Soil."

When Will the GOP Finally Wake Up to President Trump? - Toure'

🌹🌻🥀🌸🌺🌼💐. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the MOM'S we have here.

Emmanuel Macron Pledges to Unite France as He is Sworn in as President

"I'm not willing to let my kid die": Moms live-streamed visits to a lawmaker to protest health bill

It is possible to read something and not endorse it

Tone-deaf Tommy Friedman: Be a lifelong learner or find yourself fired.

The Republican's Guide to Presidential Behavior - the NYT Editorial Board

Pooh coming! Piglet too.

The Republicans Guide to Presidential Behavior

If Liberals Hate Him, Then Trump Must Be Doing Something Right

Even when it is about North Korea it is about Russia. Something so deeply wrong here.

Welcome To Neo-Confederate America.

A major US investigation into Russian money laundering has come to an abrupt end.

The Healthcare issue no one champions...

If there really is a sealed indictment against Benedict Donald

Russian money-laundering details remain in the dark as US settles fraud case

Trump: "Priorities"

LIAR: Not a single voter in this state will be disenfranchised by the ID law, Lazich promised.

A majority of voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton last November, but ...

Harvard Constitutional Scholar Calls For Trump Impeachment Probe

Schumer: Trump Should Turn Over Any Comey 'Tapes' To Congress Or Apologize

Trump Shoots Down Independent Russia Investigation: 'I Don't Think You Need It'

Cummings and Waters will be on AMJoy today.

Rex Tillerson After Comey Firing: I Have To Earn Trump's 'Confidence Every Day'

Susan Collins is as useful as an "ashtray on a motorcycle."

Lester Holt: "Did I get him? Is this all over? ... No, I didn't? Nothing matters?"

Happy Mothers Day

Poll: 48 Percent Say House GOP Health Care Bill is a Bad Idea (23% in favor)

"How was that a threat?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Trump and Core Staff "going to the mattresses?"

DT shows how desperately the US needs to have better tools for removing a president...

Russia Trolls Trump: Nope, we are quite happy with North Korea's missile test

Today's Google Doodle: Happy Mother's Day!

Scoop: Trump, irked at cabinet and staff, mulls sweeping shake-up

No one this president and those Republicans would choose to head the FBI

Trumps voter fraud commission is a shameless white power grab

my mother is dying

At 3 a.m., NC Senate GOP strips education funding from Democrats districts

A producer for the WH briefings?

Out of all Chump's statements this one will come back to bite him in his ample ass.

On Meet the Press Lindsay Graham doesn't seem to be supporting the president much

Graham Says Trump Should Turn Over Any Audio: 'You Can't Be Cute About Tapes'

Shiny Objects You Will Soon Be Seeing

But what about OUR rapacious criminal oligarchs?

This isn't collusion

Hey republicans, miss me now?

Trump: "Let's end WH press-conferences bc my spokespeople cannot keep up with my flip-flopping."

Claude Taylor - sealed indictments out of Eastern District of Virginia under Dana Boente

Chris Wallace: story circulating that Trump considering firing Spicer, Priebus, Bannon...

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Trump complaint about Cabinet members: "they're insufficiently effusive in praising him"

You better understand that Medicaid may take all of your inheritance

Bill Maher has some fun with Tucker Carlsons facial expressions (VIDEO)

Mechanical Ornithology

Torch-wielding protesters chanting 'Russia is our friend' rally at Confederate statue in Virginia

Teslas Home Solar Roof Pricing Is Cheap Enough to Catch Fire

Happy Mothers Day to all the DU Moms

I think every R and D leader in Congress already knows that tRump colluded

Scary. Trump has not faced a major crisis yet.

Sean Spicer Likely To Be Replaced By Fox News Kimberly Guilfoyle As White House Press Secretary

This Cartoon is from 1987....

Politico: Is It Time for Trump staff to lawyer up?

Florida Man calls 911 to ask to be deported

Russian money laundering case settled

Footprints in the sand - Reminder Cats are a desert animal

For the HATERS: PROOF that Trump is working too hard for his press staff to keep up with him!

Top Trump official says we shouldn't take care of someone who eats poorly and gets diabetes

Every DU member must watch this, please.

Former Reagan Adviser perfectly describes Trump

What Democracy/greater good is all about

Heh, schmuck pictured entering one of his country clubs wearing his special "meeting shoes."

The "tapes"

Reports: Frustrated and Isolated Trump Considering Staff Shakeup at Demoralized White House

Daytona properties with unpaid fines could face foreclosure

Giants win, match longest winning streak of year

Chump always says how much he loves his Deplorables.

Dutch Documentary: The dubious friends of Donald Trump: the Russians (Part 1)

A friend writes:

'So apparently Donald DID have his "wires tapped" in Trump Tower'

Donald Trump's Mostly False claim that James Clapper said no collusion found in Russia probe

Chris Wallace derails Fox & Friends over Comey firing

Clapper and Tribe are warning the american people. Both of these guys are highly respected.

Trumps Expected Pick For Top USDA Scientist Is Not A Scientist-but, is a Trump political douchbag

Why Does the GOP Want the Middle Class to be Poor?

The White House Wouldn't Send a Spox Even to FoxNews to Talk about Comey

Sunday Toon Roundup

Torch-wielding protesters rally at Confederate statue in Virginia

Mothers Day

MIA: White House officials willing to publicly defend and explain Comeys firing

Tillerson Defends Election Interference Not Coming Up With Lavrov

Designer Carolina Herrera laments murder of nephew in Venezuela

Texas Senate Votes to License Baby Jails as Child Care Facilities

Nothing to see here...

Kellyanne hates those sexist eyerolls, furrowed brows and curled lips whenever she speaks

Official White House Mother's Day Statement

The Republicans Guide to Presidential Behavior

I'm taking my mother and azalea bush with a pic of Sean Spicer's head popping out of it

Trump is crazy .... just last week ..... 3 examples

Sam Graves protest. Kansas City MO.

Claude Taylor has issued a clarification.

Macron descend les Champs-Elyses dans la toute nouvelle DS 7 Crossback

"New Age"?

Clapper On Trump: "Our Institutions Are Under Assault"; calls on GOP to "speak up"

Happy Mother's Day to all the first mothers (birth mothers) out there.

I question the sanity and judgment now, of anyone who still supports chump

Quote from Trump statement on N.Korea missile launch. I kid you not.

JFK asks his mother (after Cuban Missile Crisis) not to contact Khrushchev again without asking him

Trump's late brother Fred is apparently looking down, saying "Just keep doing what you're doing."


Fox News Chris Wallace to Fox & Friends: You are having a very selective view of history (VIDEO)

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom!

Poll: 78 Percent think Russian investigation should be independent

True news.

"Is Trump the wolf in grandma's clothes? Did we really vote for him?"

Caitlyn Jenner: 'I'm upset with Trump and could enter politics'

A Shocking Diagnosis: Breast Implants Gave Me Cancer

BREAKING: 78% in a new NBC/WSJ poll support an independent commission or special prosecutor

As of the current moment, this is actually true

Angela Merkels Party Appears Headed for Big Victory in Key German State Election.

Impeach Maxine Waters is trending on twitter

We Could've Had It All

Happy Mother's Day to all Green-Eyed Ladies, in particular my 77 year old Mom, who has the most

Our president: The man who received 80% of the Evangelical vote and spoke at Liberty University

Tweet sent while Donald's at Trump National Golf Club in VA.

Sacked FBI chief Comey plots strike at Trump in congress

Republicans in N.C. Senate cut education funding but only in Democratic districts. Really.

What are you reading this week of May 14, 2017?

IMO, NKorea was sending a message to China letting them know that

Ukraine detains Eurovision prankster

Where Are the Republicans?

Weekend Update on Aunt Jemima Recall - SNL

Reports: Trump Sidelined Bannon From Decision To Fire Comey As FBI Head

Republicans and Democrats agree: If Trump has tapes, hell need to turn them over to Congress

GOP Plans Massive Cuts to Programs for the Poor

Just 23% Like the GOP Health Plan

A Special Prosecutor Isn't the Answer

The trend is not Chump's friend

Remember this? The Darkness-"I Believe In A Thing Called Love" JujuYoshida deserves credit:

UN Ambassador Defends Comey Firing: Trump Is 'The CEO Of The Country'

Follow the data: does a legal document link Brexit campaigns to US billionaire?

What I think is going on with the Republicans.

GOP senator accuses Trump of eroding 'trust in our institutions' after abrupt Comey firing

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 16: Star of the Month: Clark Gable

Fareed Zakaria: GOP is a banana republic 'platform to support the ego, appetites of one man and...

John Dean Doesn't Think Trump Has Had A Massacre Yet

Torch-wielding mob stages rally to protest the removal of racist imagery

Schumer: No new FBI director without a special counsel on Russia

Chris Wallace on FOX says there may be a mass firing on the way.

ONE thing that epitomizes Trump's Administration, is LIES.

Callista Gingrich set to be named ambassador to the Vatican

Reminiscing on Mother's Day about Music Videos my Children and I enjoyed watching together when they

Threads replicate themselves in the browser "back" list

North Korea test-fires what could be new kind of longer-range missile

Schumer: Block new FBI director until special prosecutor on Russia is appointed

Trump Wants to Fire Everyone

The Republicans wish they had Barry Goldwater right now

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 17: Frances Dee

With Trumpcare, GOP Takes Women's Health Hypocrisy to a New Level

Obama:Happy Mothers Day From The President

Flynn subpoena sets up battle between White House, Congress

IMO, The FBI is held in high status but I remember the FBI that

(meme) Hey Congress, __________ :-)

Republicans in N.C. Senate cut education funding but only in Democratic districts. Really.

Employers steal billions from workers paychecks each year

Turtle's silencing of Elizabeth Warren over Sessions

The Memo: Dangers ahead for Trump on Comey

Would like clarification if possible.

'A fight for the soul of our democracy': Dem Rep. Cummings shames GOP for silence on 'Trump tapes'

George Conway helped sow chaos for Bill Clinton. Now he could be picked to keep order in Washington.

Bipartisan View Was Emerging on Sentencing. Then Came Jeff Sessions.

If you are on twitter don't repeat the impeach M.W. !!!!

Follow the data: does a legal document link Brexit campaigns to US billionaire?

Bald Eagle Shot In The Face Gets 3D-Printed Beak The Dodo Tech

Mother's Day carnations?

Nikki Haley: Prez is CEO, can fire whomever he wants ...

An alert researcher, teamwork helped stem huge cyberattack

Fox News Sexual Harassment Scandal Grows to Include Political Hopefuls

Help me flush out this sentence.

Can Prairie Dogs Talk?

Colbert - dipshit donnies draft letter to Comey

Employers to drop 7 million people from healthcare insurance under AHCA

James Clapper: U.S. Government Is 'Under Assault' After James Comey Firing

Just a reminder, everybody! The Russian Trollbots are still at work

Pope Francis casts doubt on Virgin Mary apparitions at Bosnian pilgrimage site

Employers to drop 7 million people from healthcare insurance under AHCA

Callista Gingrich in "final stages of confirmation" to become US Vatican ambassador

Putin performs unexpected piano recital in Beijing

Richard Spencer is a troll and icon for white supremacists. He was also my high-school classmate

James Clapper: democratic institutions are 'under assault' by Trump

Singapore LGBT rally says 'no choice' but to bar outsiders

Trump Has Just Solved a Conundrum Historians have Struggled with for a Century

Julian Assange: Ecuador 'concerned' over lack of progress

Baby Animals & Their Moms (Because its Mothers Day)

This has gotta make you laff - Love the Irish

Wisconsin! What happened with your Voting Machines?

Point made by Smerconish Saturday on CNN....

Anyone Who isn't Confused doesn't Understand the Situation..Murrow

Who here can read German?

As Russia Scandal Blows Up, Trump Tantrums And Threatens To Fire Nearly His Entire White House

Video shows 'bullying' incident days before 8-year-old took his life

I saw a cool button today:

Hidden inside the Necklace

Tennessee makes community college free for all adults

It's not about Dems losing the election---It's got to do with the way Trump is conducting himself

Toyota 'backs flying car project' in Japan

Recovering from loss, a family finds strength

Sen. Schatz on the money about the statement from the WH on the NK missile test

Email from Sen Tammy Baldwin: Being a mom isn't a pre-existing condition #ACA

Lawrence ODonnells Future At MSNBC Is Unclear

Scott: Florida out of economic development game

TPM - "Senate Intel Dem: Comey Firing Indicates Trump Admin Is Afraid Of Russia Probe:"

Guten Gefilte! Jewish Delicacies Beguile the German Capital

Guten Gefilte! Jewish Delicacies Beguile the German Capital

If true, this is Trump's declaration of war on a place I have loved and visited for half my life

from Fox News to the Golf Channel

Clapper spoke to Comey after Trump dinner, says he was "uneasy" w/ appearance of "compromising...

Toon: Scott Adams (Dilbert) goes full climate science denialist

I just found out that a friend of my son

With focus on Comey's firing, White House aides mostly avoid Sunday news shows

Baby Animals & Their Moms Photo Gallery from the Atlantic Monthly

Scoop: Trump, irked at cabinet and staff, mulls sweeping shake-up

Fevered Dream - Liberty U plus Trump equals

Woman attempts to drive GOP congressman off road over health-care vote, police say

Trump thinks that exercising too much uses up the body's 'finite' energy

Honey, Im an Atheist: Losing My Faith and Telling My Wife About It

Who on DU, think Sen. Graham is caving in to Trump?

Just watched the Season 2 finale of Underground. *Spoiler Alert*

Big Bang Theory Star Jim Parsons Marries Longtime Partner Todd Spiewak

Received this very welcome e-mail today:

Big Bang Theory Star Jim Parsons Marries Longtime Partner Todd Spiewak

'Protecting Religious Freedom Is a Foreign-Policy Priority of the Trump Administration'

New pledge aims to amplify Catholic opposition to death penalty

Donald Trumps Mostly False claim that James Clapper said no collusion found in Russia probe

IRS agents: Public testimony would put their lives in danger


If Ivanka and Jared are advising Trump, they should be fired.

Trump Released This Letter to Prove He Has No Russian Ties. We Annotated It.

The best thing about the NBA Finals...

Former MLB umpire Steve Palermo dead at age 67

New Jersey governor refuses to ban child marriage because 'it would conflict with religious customs'

What if Comey sent the letter about re-opening the Hillary email investigation

North Korea says missile test aimed at testing carrying large nuclear warhead: KCNA

North Korea says missile test aimed at testing carrying large nuclear warhead: KCNA

SNL hits 7-year ratings high with Melissa McCarthy return as Sean Spicer

Is Mozzarella that pulls into strings after baking gone? And lasagna woes

Soaring female Indigenous imprisonment rate obstructing Closing the Gap targets, says report

A Mother's Day tribute to moms who buried their children due to police and gun violence

Hannity's Interview With Kris Kobach Proves Election Commission Is About Voter Suppression

Trump is going to visit Saudi Arabia?

The End of Trump by Robert Reich

A future Trump Cabinet, errrrr, Crime Family meeting

Not a question -- just thanks for fixing quotes in headlines !

I wonder if sessions will make a good jailhouse lawyer

Analysis of a Robert E Lee quote about slavery seems pertinent to today's conversation

Gregg Popovichs complete comments on Trump and the state of politics today:

Trump - Precious Bodily Fluids

Why is most of the MSM so cautious about how they cover DT?

More states allow sunscreen at schools without doctors OK

It's been raining across

The US along with these 3 countries don't provide paid maternity leave.

"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime."

Henry VIII on "loyalty"

Jared and Ivanka stay out of the spotlight amid Comey fallout

Big hug to all of those who have/had a shitty mom and is having a tough time today

Lindsey Graham: Cornyn "would be "superb" as FBI Director under normal circumstances, but..."

Starting in 2014,Trump Tweeted 9 Times to Deleted Russian Twitter Accounts About Running for POTUS

Trump considering how move of U.S. Embassy in Israel could affect Mideast peace

US Billionaire Fuckery In Other Nations? Did Robert Mercer Help To Fund Brexit Campaigns?

Mayor of Virginia city targeted by anti-Semitic tweets after criticizing marchers

1 in 4 chance your tap water is unsafe.

How many of you recognize this picture?

First osprey chick hatches at Loch of Lowes reserve

Meet Joe Manchin's primary opponent, Paula Swearengin. You're gonna like her!

Let's talk about R. MERCER, billionaire behind Brexit & Bannon, Breitbart & alt right.

hey dipshit-fire them all your entire cabinet-do it..especially DeVos. Cause the next ones won't b

Being a Birth Mother on Mother's Day

I guarantee youll be offended: Rocker Todd Rundgren tells Trump fans not to come to his concerts

From a right wing retired FBI agent today: