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'I disguised myself as a man to work in a mine'

Chuck Todd - Meet the Press, Sunday, Just formulated something profound

****** A crack ? ******G.O.P. Senators, Pulling Away From Trump, Have a Lot Less Fear of Him

Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta on President Trump (Der Spiegel)

Scoop: Sheldon Adelson "furious" about Tillerson's comments

A friend just described Trump, "He doesn't know what he doesn't know"

i still watch MSNBCfor my "progressive" liberal news. what do others watch?

Trump signs contract on new reality show.

A Mother's Day story- I am proud of my kids!

Microsoft slams spy agencies for 'stockpiling' vulnerabilities

2018 OH US Senate Election- The reasons why Brown-D could lose re-election in 2018.

Couldn't the Democratic Senators hire Comey as their counsel ?

Doug Jones announces run for US Senate (

Don't Fall For The Talk Of Merrick Garland Being Named To Head The FBI....

UNA professor running for Congress against Mo Brooks (

Colombia: Death Threats For Leftwinger

North Korea claims it launched a missle Capable of hitting

It's not hard for me to believe Trump broke the law and got caught

Racial issues united Florida's legislators, but divided them, too

Who is Robert Kennedy Jr.? Alabama 'mystery candidate' with famous name seeks Senate seat (

Crumpton announces he will challenge Luther Strange (AL Political Reporter) {MJ activist}

Fired FBI Director James Comey in 2014: "You cannot trust people in power" - Oh really

Trump hits the golf course Trump arrived Sunday morning at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia.

Republicans and Democrats agree: If Trump has tapes, hell need to turn them over to Congress

Trump thinks that exercising too much uses up the bodys finite energy

A few Dem recruitments and who they are challening in 2018...

Political chaos in Washington is a return on investment for Moscow

FCC Filings Overwhelmingly Support Net Neutrality Once Anti-Net Neutrality Spam is Removed

Sean Spicer latest target for Trump firing rumors

Maybe the push by Russia to influence the right in the USA is because they have huge

Its inevitable: GOP senators warn Trump hell be breaking the law if he doesnt turn over Oval

Judge rules against SeaWorld in EZPay case

Personal aide to Donald Trump is Johnny "Trick Shot" McEntee

The Presidency magnifies who you are

Teen Rammed to Death Identified as Chicago Officer's Daughter

Deplorables target Jewish Mayor in Virginia with anti-Semitic tweets

GRL - Temps Up 2F In Upper Rio Grande Basin Since 1980s; Water Supply Impact Will Be Profound

Greg Palast: Trump Picks the Al Capone of Vote-Rigging to Investigate Federal Voter Fraud

The story behind "All the President's Men"

Lee Weissenborn: Ex-Florida senator who tried to move state capital to Orlando dead at 88

Seven deadly sins

What movie is this scene from?

Woman attempts to drive GOP congressman off road over health care vote: police

For Mother's Day: Two Moms

Republicans getting nervous about Dem recruitment

I am starting to think karma made Trump President (hear me out)

Trump signs new Exec Order,,,,,,,,

Trump's simplistic language is a bad sign

I just want to update DU when I wake up and see the following

Mile 2, or, on Trump and Marathons. For runners and others.

Now, this is cotton candy...

Claude Taylor Doubles Down (Again)

Merkel's Christian Democrats set to beat rivals in German state election

'People are waking up': A key architect of 'Trumpcare' faces hostility back home

The Interior Dept. vows to "suspend, revise or rescind" Obama methane rules after the Senate voted

I really really really really REALLY want to believe Mensch

Eric Schneiderman on Keeping Trump in Check and Maybe, Maybe, Investigating the Russian Ties

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich unloads on Trump for running the country like a game show

Former Dallas City Council Member Don Hill Dead at 65

A Republican Healthcare Bill

Author who said Eric Trump told him Russians financed golf courses defends statement

My Mom is in her 70's and still works full time

Anybody watching Chicago Justice

Jury Awards Parents $11 Million in Death of Their Son Who Called 911 For Help and Ended up Cuffed,

anyone watching Chicago Justice? Almost making the criminal sound like trump

Federal Judge Denies and Rebukes Harris County in Its Plea to Block Bail Ruling

GOP mega-donor Adelson 'furious' over Tillerson's Israel comments: report

So if Russia really did interfere in the election, why would they stop then?

NY Times Editoral Today .... The dam is broken .... The Republicans Guide to Presidential Behavior

Buzz Aldrin Says NASA Should Ditch the ISS and Make the Mars Jump

A Manafort shoe drop at Bloomberg News

teddy crap his pants nuge is playing soon in my town. At the smallest venue available

This PBS Masterpiece: Charles III is Pretty Wild

Meet the Snazzy Cats of El Gato Coffee House in the Heights

Tea Party Republicans Revolt Against House GOP Leadership

Why should I pay for ________?

Ever Changing Lies

Theyre all inexorably going to that ultimate fate"

Hey San Francisco!

Despite what you hear on Twitter today, Republicans don't give a damn about women

Hey San Francisco!

2017 LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) US OPEN

Startling comments from the former head of the DNI.

Trump will not like this one:

Questions Rise About Manuel Medina's Many Roles In Bexar County Democratic Party


Is the editor of the Daily Mail the most dangerous man in Britain?

Make Trump Dick Again

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 15 May 2017

Small Border Town Highlights Their Reasons For Challenging Texas' Sanctuary Cities Law

a shout to moms who are missing their kids today.

More flowers

Private University Could Get Government Immunity in Case of Student Shot and Killed by Campus Cop

Powers Boothe, actor in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D," dies at 68

Net Neutrality Update: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

On Mother's Day, Hundreds Protest Senate Bill 4 at Governor's Mansion

So when do the daily WH Press Briefings end

Jeez - When Rand Paul is the voice of reason ...

Report: Casino mogul to be questioned in probe of Israel PM

The Family Values of Donald Trump's Lawyer...

U2 take aim at Trump in first concert of 'The Joshua Tree' tour in Vancouver

GOP Will Never Impeach Or Convict Trump. He Fits Their Agenda To End The US.

Overseas trip? Probably wants to get a few showers in before he is impeached! /nt

The oddest couple An Irishwomans Diary on Diego Rivera and Albert Bender

The Elephant in the Room...

"United Shades of America" on CNN

Argentine political prisoner Milagro Sala reports mistreatment, her fellow activists tortured

Argentine political prisoner Milagro Sala reports mistreatment, her fellow activists tortured

The 'green' thing

Hey, remember the photos of tRump hanging with his wife and son or when entering or leaving church

this is kind of a stupid question..

BREAKING: fire at historic synagogue in LES Manhattan is being investigated as a suspicious fire

** May Contest Opens in 2 days **

Trump surprised at backlash from Comey firing

Is Jeff Sessions violating his recusal promise?

Former wife of Gavin Newsom reportedly on short list to join White House communications team.

Fox News wants the NEW FBI Director to "Lock her up"

North Korean test missile 'capable of carrying nuclear warhead' euronews

Reviving the 'silk road' - Inside Story

17 mummies discovered in central Egypt

Schumer: No FBI vote until special prosecutor

WP - Political chaos in Washington is a return on investment for Moscow

James Clapper

Who is to blame for the massive ransomware attack? - Inside Story

"Dragon-skin" Antarctic ice

Pastor attempts to walk on water, gets eaten by crocodiles

CERN hopes new particle accelerator will bring new discoveries

'Neo' discovered at the Cradle of Humankind SABC Digital News

Mosquitoes In San Gabriel Valley Test Positive For West Nile Virus

'Because You're Gay, You Don't Believe in God': Fired After 15 Years, Woman Sues for Anti-LGBT Dis-

'Because You're Gay, You Don't Believe in God': Fired After 15 Years, Woman Sues for Anti-LGBT Dis-

Only thing funnier than nazis sobbing over confederate monuments

Shadow War in the Sahara: Western Military in N.Africa Documentary - GorwFilm

Rapper Travis Scott arrested for inciting riot at Arkansas content

Fareed Zakaria spoke for all of us in this one.

Absent workers force Cook County jail to go on lockdown

Putin in the news, on AM 1070.

Kentucky court sides with owner who refused printing gay pride shirts

Mayor of Virginia city targeted by anti-Semitic tweets after criticizing marchers

Lawrence O'Donnell's future at MSNBC is unclear

My last remaining grandparent, my mom's mom, is 92.

Our public access chanel's airing a local Republican conference on the proposed Convention of States

Dialysis: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Jenny Cataldo is in jail, her friends are in disbelief after fake cancer scam exposed

First Madame Secretary, now Chicago Justice.

Level-funded $1.8 billion General Fund Budget heads to the Governors desk

House OKs redistricting plan despite Democrats' concerns over Jefferson County

Payday Loan Legislation gets favorable report

Midwifery bill on way to Senate after being amended

Former Chief Justice Roy Moore Signs Papers to Run for Senate Seat

Trump's promised hotline for veterans remains unfilled

Federal Judge Approves Partial PFC Settlement

Selma School Superintendent Suspended

Nicaragua: Dozens of shops lost to blaze at traditional market

Rex Tillerson All But Admits With One Answer That Trump Committed A Crime To Win The Election

Yemen war: Emergency in Sanaa as cholera kills scores

6 Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweets about the FBI that are very awkward now When youre attacking FBI

Cnn starting the week off with a good overview of the Comey firing by Trump

Committee Formed to Figure Out Monument Bill

JoeScum is tearing a cowering Tillerson for his devotion to the Con and

Whoever has the tivo remote please press fast forward.

Juan Williams: Comey firing burns GOP

Richard Spencer leads torch-bearing protesters at Virginia Confederate monument

Week ahead in defense: House chairman to unveil Pentagon buying reforms

'It is going to kill people:' Alabama Indivisible protests Trumpcare with 'die-in'

It's Time To Add The Human Element To 'The Great Unknown'

If I were that Turkish dissident in the Poconos,

Do You Realize How Far Trump's Religion Speech Went?

Preet Bharara OpEd in WP

Catholic leaders criticize Indonesias continued use of death penalty

8 Well Known Companies that Lied in Their Advertisments

Knights of Columbus' financial forms show wealth, influence

Frelinghuysen Targets Activist in Letter to Her Employer

'We are a cautionary tale': Kansas feels the pain of massive Trump-style tax cuts

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen defends posting daughter's lingerie picture

How to defend your computer against the ransomware attack

Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like.....

Arch Studio carves concrete Buddhist shrine into a grassy mound in Hebei

Don't pay WannaCry demands, cybersecurity experts say

Preet Bharara calls for independent counsel to oversee Russia probe

Fighting fascism: Americans in the Spanish civil war have a lesson for today

Preet Bharara asks: Will public servants say no to a president?

Tax attorney on the certified letter Cheeto sent about his taxes

Chelsea Manning will be released Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Enough patriots to stop the fascists? Erdowan at White House tomorrow...

A thought-provoking analysis

U.S. settles Russian money laundering case

WH Chief of Staff hilariously warns associates against feeding Trump internet news stories

Dinosaur asteroid hit 'worst possible place'

Does anybody else think the FBI rank and file has it in for Chump?

You Have An Undesirable Working At Your Bank.....

"I've got eveyone on tape, Flynn, Manafort, you name it." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

People Say The Republican Congressman Who Was Allegedly Run Off The Road Is Ignoring Them

Group Holds 'Take Back Lee Park Rally' in Response to Torchlight Protest - Updated

Important! If Trump taped Comey, maybe evidence of his Russian collusion is on tape!

Trump Election Commission "Trojan Horse" To Guarantee GOP Victory In 2018.

George Takei describes the perfect Mothers Day gift.

They hate the US government, and they're multiplying: the terrifying rise of 'sovereign citizens'

Candlelit counter-protest follows torch bearers at Lee Park; Kessler among arrested

How Trump gets his fake news

Did Trump spend Mother's Day with his wife and youngest son?

Bannon and Stone Helped Slam Ailes Foes

This was predictable

VT Chiropractor Hosting Anti-Vaxxer "Conference"; The Locals More Than Restless

The Priming of Mr. Donald Trump - Paul Krugman

Less Than 2 Months After EPA Approves Chloropyrifos, 50 Farm Workers Poisoned By It In CA

A new book ranks the top 100 solutions to climate change. The results are surprising.

What is trump up to with his 'voter fraud commission'?

Carcinogenic TCE At Levels Up To 35X EPA Maximum In New N. Michigan Condominiums

Town in Kansas opened doors to Somali refugees-Then a group of Trump supporters plotted to kill them

Trump staffers are being advised to lawyer-up.

Trump's EPA Greenlights a Nasty Chemical. A Month Later, It Poisons a Bunch of Farmworkers.

Russia investigation/Comey is a giant story--but health care poses the biggest danger to Republicans


No room for science in Trump administration

Preet Bharara: Are there still public servants who will say no to the president?

Republicans sing and celebrate at the elegant Hotel del Coronado

The amateurish autocrat - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

President Shitstain Wants To Head USDA Science With Talk Radio Host w/o Any Science Background

The worst thing you can do to our healthcare system is happening now.

'Dude fires people': How the chaotic Trump news cycle confuses and misinforms the public

Starmus 2017: The Trailer - Life And The Universe

James Clapper: US institutions 'under assault' from Trump

Believe it or not, Senate's Russia investigation is moving faster than its Watergate counterpart...

France's Macron names Republican Philippe as PM

Poll: Women Less Optimistic in Trump Era

Has anyone been monitoring FOX News??

"They get free ratings because of me, and yet they don't treat us well"

Pre-Existing Position

Callista Gingrich Reportedly To Become Ambassador To The Vatican

Call NBC at 212-664-4444 or e-mail: - tell them to KEEP Lawrence O'Donnell n/t

Trump signing statement implying that GITMO restrictions may be unconstitutional.

If it follows then that, given tRumps question of Comey's loyalty, he will require that his choice

Groper Don the Con is way more interested in his TV ratings

I love my mother.

Health Care And Comey's Firing Fuel Voters' Anger With GOP

Trump promises farmers that immigrant crackdown won't deprive them of farmhands.

Monday Toon Roundup

Morning Joe says FBI close to exposing the president: 'It's a criminal issue - and Trump knows that'

U2 sends President Trump a message as they kick off US tour

I wonder whether a 50 state strategy is viable, on game theoretical grounds.

'It's a nightmare': Aggrieved Ann Coulter fumes about 'disaster' start to Trump's presidency

Reagan conservatism died with the election of Donald Trump.

Comey's Waltz--- Chris Thile.

If you're on Twitter, follow @carolecadwalla - Guardian writer

Mika and Joe: Kellyanne Conway Secretly Hates Donald Trump: 'Doing This For The Money'

It's almost 9:45 A.M. EST and nothing crazy has happened in our nation's capitol.

NO Nikki Haley he is not some f***ing CEO of a Company called the USA

Blackout parties: how solar and storage made Western Australia farmers the most popular in town

Are Republicans starting to pull away from Donald Trump?

All those loyalty oaths - How they affect the White House

Empire State index slumps in May to first negative reading since election

Trump's Russia scandal keeps getting deeper: At this point, campaign collusion might be the least...

Breaking News: **U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Revive North Carolina Voter-ID Law**

Reading the Deputy AG Memo - Trump Fired Comey for Being Unfair to Hillary?

US top court rejects bid to revive North Carolina voting law

What Happens if you Explode Non-Newtonian Fluid?

The new Mrs Trump

Big win for voting rights! SCOTUS turns down NC voter ID case

The man-baby's very bad week - By Tom Tomorrow

Claude Taylor gets mention in Newsweek

Paul Ryan serves up 2 scopes of ice cream for Trump

John Oliver BRILLIANT take down of Trump's Firing of James Comey

This Administration Making Hell Look Like A Good Place.

"That's because you, Russia, funded riots in Ferguson" - Louise Mensch

Trump Is The Eddie Haskell Of Our Times On Super Steroids.

House GOP Rep. Mo Brooks Announces Run For Luther Strange's Senate Seat

Population Density - Half of Americans live in the red counties, half live in the orange counties

Sen. Ron Wyden will ask Comey point blank at Intel Committee hearing if Trump demanded his loyalty

Well this is AWKWARD: Louise Menschs lawyer tweets concerns about her credibility

My sincerest hope is at this very minute, in some FBI office somewhere....

It's Rudy Giuliani's time in the barrel (FBI FOIA requests)

Virgin Islands raises minimum wage on par with highest rates in the US

North Korea vows missile tests 'any time, any place', defying U.S. warnings

9th Circuit Oral Argument -- State of Hawaii v. Trump (C-SPAN)

FEC Filings are due TODAY, Monday May 15th

**** Restrictive North Carolina Voting Law Is Dead After Supreme Court Refuses To Review It ****

Bannon Ally Said to Be Weighed as Top DOL Diplomat

In Rebuke To Gov. Mapp, V.I. Senators Send All Special Session Bills To Committee

Guardian links sparring Leave campaigns, US election and Mercer, plus Sessions and Flynn

It is all about Dark Money from Russia. All the GOP is in it.

My sources tell me that a big name will soon depart the Trump White House....

Congratulations - We all are now Anti-christs

Despite all the Rumplings, the kGOPb Senators have voted with 45 98% of the time

Mapp To Senators: Do What You Were Elected To Do

GOP rep goes after activist by writing letter to employer

U.S. companies push hard for lower tax rate on offshore profits

Lawrence Tribe: "Trump had a RIGHT to fire Comey. But..."

They hate the US government, and they're multiplying: the terrifying rise of 'sovereign citizens'

What's that thing that Whiny Donny said about exercise? Depleting the body's battery?

Trump Set to Welcome Turkeys Leader Erdogan to White House (tomorrow)

Dramatic Fall of Christianity in UK Continues: 26 Christians Abandon Faith for Every One New Convert

Todd Rundgren fans? Donald Fagan fans? They have collaborated on a little ditty about Drumpf.

A New Jersey Congressman Called Out an Activist in a Letter to Her Employer

Oh, the abject complete failure of it all

Report: Sprint, T-Mobile Start Informal Merger Talks

Jack Schlossberg: My conversation with President Obama re: How we display political courage

'Morning Joe' Hosts: Conway Said She Needed A Shower After Defending Trump

The Kennedy Democrats don't want

Our house in the country seems to attract cats.

Yes, Trump Thinks He Can Defeat The Russia Probe

Anybody here from Newfoundland? Do you think your climate is getting warmer?

Vintage "Key-Punched" photos from the Great Depressio

House Republican writes letter to constituent's employer complaining about her progressive activism

Velasquez and Serrano Express Concern About Austerity Measures to PROMESA Board

What Did Trump do with America's Data?

Trump travel ban goes under court's microscope in Seattle again Monday

The Daily 202: Loyalty is a one-way street for Donald Trump

Clapper: Comey firing 'another victory' for Russia

Supreme Court rejects appeal over NC voter ID law

U.S. top court rejects bid to revive North Carolina voting law

"Progress doesnt travel a straight line, but instead zigs and zags in fits and starts."

New Yorker Toon: "Follow the dumbass tweets."

Puerto Ricos $123 Billion Bankruptcy Will Impact More Than Your Wallet

Antonio Sabto Jr. Divorcing Wife Amid Drug Abuse Allegations

About a month ago, I went to an ice hockey game in my city. My city's team are mostly Canadians.

Trump, Comey private dinner raises questions

We seperated & divorced more then 4 yrs ago. Why do I still dream about her?

With Murray out, ho-hum mayoral race now a tumult (Seattle Mayor)

R.I.P. Powers "Curly Bill Brocious" Boothe @68

Miss USA Kara McCullough thinks unemployed shouldnt have health care

NBC 2017-18 Fall Schedule: Must-See TV Revived on Thursday With This Is Us, Will & Grace

OMG so when Trump called Jeb "Low Energy" he meant as a compliment?

Late US billionaire's record land gift lays Chile row to rest

Former Paramount Pictures CEO Brad Grey Dies At 59

Carl Bernstein: 'Appropriate' for Media to Address Trump's Stability and Fitness for Office

Queens school boots federal immigration agents seeking fourth grader from premises

Mississippi Requests Federal Money to Help After Tornadoes Damaged Rural Areas

My Congressman

AP: (about that free will thang)...

Mental Health Advocates Brace for Cuts

Saudi king hopeful over 'historic' Muslim-US summit

Eric Schneiderman Tweets‏: If Congress cant keep DonaldTrump in check, state AGs will.

Fox 2017-18 Schedule: Marvels The Gifted, Seth MacFarlanes The Orville Join Fall Lineup

Climate change in the US: Tangier Island in Virginia is disappearing

Is anything watching this interview on CNN?

My "WTF?" of the day, black racist kook division...

So, if you are wondering what is up with the Bundy Fuckers

Drumpf attorney posts photo of daughter in lingerie...thinks it's okay....

EU parliament approves landmark CETA free-trade deal with Canada

Coulter ALMOST ready to concede that "Trump haters were right," wants to hold his feet to the fire

EXCLUSIVE - NATO Frantically Tries to Trump-Proof President's First Visit

I just saw a total BS ad, for Whole Foods.

I tried to brag and then..

Mississippi Court: Judges Booted for Misconduct Gone Forever

If you haven't had your cup of stupid today

I dreamed I was in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, trying to lock them out, trying to get

Judge Blocks Mississippi Shutdown of Payday Lender

I need help interpreting a dream.

American Farm Bureau Federation president Zippy Duvall trusts Trump to keep his word.

Morning Joe: FBI contacts say it's a criminal issue with Russia and Trump knows it (VIDEO)

Nearly $74K Paid in Legal Fees in Mississippi Election Spat

Waxing poetic over the Spiceman.

House Republican writes letter to constituent's employer complaining about her progressive activism

WWII veteran, 101, breaks skydiving record

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Weekend

NATO Tries to Trump-Proof Presidents First Visit (tells heads of state to limit talks to 2-4 min.)

Poll: 64 percent of Americans support same-sex marriage

Three Arrested, Facing Charges at Take Back Lee Park Rally

I walk past the Madman on the TV blabbering about supporting law enforcement...

LOL...those white nationalists in Vir. were carrying Tiki torches!

Trump's promised veterans hotline not set up nearly 4 months later

Save our Monuments. Comment period for some ends May 26. Please take time to comment...

U.S.: Syria government has constructed a crematorium to dispose of thousands of prisoners

It's so weird to me that 45 is still only focusing on money at 70 because you can't take it with you

What on earth prompted the speech 45 is making to the police?

Trump is speechifying about the police and acting like a loon

Republicans KNOW they are being complicit-&-they KNOW they are abetting Trump anyway.

Obama's answer to JFK's grandson about distinguishing between what's true and what's false

French ambassador to Washington Grard Araud talks to FRANCE 24 after Macron election

Home of the Whopper

RW extremists/groups who target law enforcement are TRUMP's VOTER BASE. Spread that simple truth.

Rosenstein in hot seat after Comey firing

Obama: Not bombing Syria 'required the most political courage'

NC - Let us suppress vote. SCOTUS - No.

TRUMP: "We owe it to [fallen officers] to put truth before politics; justice before agendas."

John Oliver on Trump firing Comey: Does he really think we . . . are this stupid?

Trump to expand anti-abortion policy (and the war on women escalates daily)

Trump's EPA Greenlights a Nasty Chemical. A Month Later, It Poisons a Bunch of Farmworkers.

NY AG Eric Scheiderman this morning:

Trump to expand anti-abortion policy (and the war on women escalates daily)

Trump to expand anti-abortion policy (and the war on women escalates daily)

Under Trump, inconvenient data is being sidelined

Israel to Deploy 10,000 Police for Donald Trump Visit

This thread on being patient and why makes a lot of sense

U.S. top court rules in favor of debt collector in bankruptcy dispute

It's not about Democrat vs Republican - it's about our Constitution...

A Special Prosecutor Is Not the Answer

U.S. Supreme Court rejects case involving burping teen

if this is comrade palpatine's actual signature--get a handwriting expert in here NOW!!

Text Resist to 50409

Noam Chomsky: The Most Remarkable Thing About 2016 Election Was Bernie Sanders

Workers say Wal-Mart discriminated against thousands of pregnant women

"You are paddleboarding next to approximately 15 Great White sharks" says the helicopter guy

The originator of "alt-right"?

Trump reassures farmers immigration crackdown not aimed at their workers

Trump attorney Michael Cohen tweets photo of his college-aged daughter in lingerie

The reason why we don't have universal healthcare

Preview for this week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots:

 Trump Has Exposed the Dark Underbelly of American Conservatism

Stewart -exTrump state chair- may exit Gov. race. Still silent on C'ville alt-right event

Sears says vendor One World threatens to sue to break its contract

Trump thinks that exercising too much uses up the body's finite energy (NOT the Onion!!!!!)

Create Your Very Own "Garden Spicer" in Three Easy Steps

*****Brand New Gallup Poll***** Trump -Approve 38% Disapprove 57%

You christians that support the republican party _ questions for you

Miss the days

Houston Rep. Al Green:Time to IMPEACH.

Spread the word far and wide.

Bill gives judges in Tennessee power to use immigration status as felony sentencing enhancement

NJ Rep. Freylinghuysen targeted a constituent by writing to her employers

This is a battle between those who believe in a multicultural future and those who don't.

200 protesters spell out 'RESIST!' in flash mob at Trump's Rancho Palos Verdes golf course

Andy Lack determined to replace O'Donnell with Brian Williams

Trumps Youngest Son to Attend Maryland Prep School.

Why do people insist on using low-rent tattoo artists?

Getting free credit reports...and info on paying very old debts...

Snickers, Skittles and M&Ms packs are getting smaller but its for your own good.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to brief senators Thursday on Comey's firing

The booming business of cannabis in Spain

Trump promises to 'restore law and order' for all Americans

'P.S.: One of the ring leaders works in your bank!': Is this congressman's fundraising letter a thre

Why is Andy Lack kissing the ass of a president with a 57% disapproval rating any way?

Coded Trump Message - Go After Detractors, Democrats, Progressives. Against Law & Order.

Climate report predicts dramatic changes for Ohio River basin

Talk about an "A List" show...

Scarborough and Mika Zmouse jumped ship for the

Bluebird chicks

Inside Corey Lewandowski's Failed Romp in Trump's Swamp

Bill Kristol: Most of Fox News Has Become 'Ridiculous'

Chelsea Manning Will Remain in Army, Collect Benefits Upon Release

Rand Paul gets it half right on Sessions and drug enforcement

Travel ban judges scrutinize Trump's Muslim statements

Travel ban judges scrutinize Trump's Muslim statements

Please stop watching MSNBC if they replace RATINGS HIT O'Donnell with Trump friendly Williams

US rep, a Marine veteran, defends his vocal slam of Republican health care bill

Hearing set in Wal-Mart same-sex benefits settlement

Secret Republican Senate Talks Shaping Health Care Legislation

I cannot believe it!

An Apologia for Trump?

Combat Vets Will Get Private Health Care In The Future. There Will Be NO VA System W/GOP.

Trump Mulls West Wing Shake-Up of Key Staff Members

Everyone should run for US Congress

Can anyone decode the significance of this tweet, re FOIA, Guiliani?

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 15, 2017

Canada's former minister of health weighs in on Sanders's plan to import drugs from Canada

Donald Trump still believes fake news because he is surrounded by morons

Auburn pays $29,000 to end suit over white nationalist

Voter Suppression prevalent in Red States

Trump Just Pulled Another Con Job on Veterans

Trump's Comey-Phobia is a Symptom of a Bigger Disease

Trump's Comey-Phobia is a Symptom of a Bigger Disease

We do not fat shame. We do not slut shame.

SC teen dies after drinking large diet soda, latte, energy drink, coroner says

Great news! My bank account was NOT hacked!

BREAKING: House Dems will force vote on Independent Commission to investigate Trump/Russia.

White House Continues To Stonewall On Whether Trump Taped Comey

Spicer: "Frankly no need for a special prosecutor!" Well, I guess that settles it!

Comcast Says It Has Received Many Calls About Lawrence O'Donnell Show

ACLU Files FOIA Request For Docs On Comey Firing

Trump to light White House blue to honor police

Sally Yates grants first TV interview to CNN's Anderson Cooper

TPM - "Top Candidates To Replace Comey At FBI Are Deeply Compromised"

I'm something

Spicer in briefing doesn't deny Comey tapes exist.

TPM - Marshall "How to Understand James Comey"

Koterba toon: Truth OR Trump

Slate - "Trump Crosses a Red Line"

Slate - "The Pathetic Story Behind Donald Trumps One-Page Tax Plan"

Appeals court wrestles with Trump's revised travel ban order

Whoo Hoo!! I signed a petition to recall Governor Rick 'The Poisoner' Snyder, today!!!

When *SHE* of all people starts to get it, you know we're fucked as a nation...

Hazing victim's parents: They killed him

Joe the Plumber Mentioned for FBI Head Pick

US: Torch-wielding white supremacists protest Confederate statues removal

Schumer: Sessions should step down

A Mother's Day Greeting I saw a day late

AP FACT CHECK: It's far from case closed on Trump, Russia

Callista Gingrich said to be next US Ambassador to the Holy See

Ex-FBI Director's hometown reacts to Trump's dismissal of James Comey

PH may buy arms from China despite territorial dispute

Mafia controlled Italy migrant centre, say police

Iraqi forces prepare for final push against ISIS in Mosul (Graphic!)

China: What If Atheism Is a Religion?

Newly-Unveiled Dinosaur Fossil is Best Preserved Of Its Kind National Geographic

Blackout parties: how solar and storage made W. Australia farmers the most popular in town

DR Congo: Ebola outbreak confirmed

So if nothing Trump said as a candidate matters....

GOP faces backlash over health care bill

Lear Jet crashes at Teterboro airport

An Article about Andy Lack, Head of NBC...and it ain't pretty..(long article, fairly inclusive)

Putting this in the Lounge, but only in Florida...guy wearing a law firm t-shirt!!

Mon. afternoon cuteness overload - 3 branch managers at the beach

Twitter Update on Lawrence O'Donnell

CNN's Anderson Cooper to interview Sally Yates Tuesday.

As Trump's poll numbers fall, Republicans are eyeing the exits but still afraid to act

Dick Catri, the Duke Kahanamoku of East Coast Surfing, has died

Brooke Medicine Eagle with comments about our current times and the feminine rising

Donald Trump is Deep into Watergate Territory Now

Trump is Deep into Watergate Territory Now

Onward Together

Over enthusiastic dad throws his kid up to the face of God

'We are a cautionary tale': Kansas feels the pain of massive Trump-style tax cuts

What kind of witchcraft is this?

Trump's Women's Health Statement Is Full Of Hypocrisy

In Apparent Fit of Pique, Donald Trump Fires Entire Staff

The ACLU just filed a FOIA request demanding all documents relating to Comey firing

Paddle boarding next to 15 Great White Sharks

Two Killed as Learjet Crashes Into New Jersey Buildings

Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador

Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian diplomats in their Oval Office meeting last

This should never be forgotten

David Fahrenthold tweet


England's notorious 'Moors Murderer' Ian Brady has died

If Trump is going to engage Russia, he should do so on this topic - By Steny Hoyer and Ben Cardin

Just how representative is the House of Representatives?

I thought today would be boring. I learn that Trump is passing highly classified info to Russia

Dem rep calls for Trump's impeachment

Claude Taylor has gone off the deep end

Regarding the Post story: How fucking dumb is this asshole that calls himself the President?

This tweet suddenly hasn't aged very well.

After firing nation's top cop, Trump takes time to celebrate police violence

Leading Neo-Con, John Podhoretz, calls Trump giving secrets to Russia "monstrous", "impeachable" *

IMO, POTUS will admit he had taped diner with FBI head but files was on auto delete.

DNC Chairman Perez on Comey Fallout, GOP Health Bill

When the leader is a lunatic who believes only he can fix it

Brown Bear hit crossing 210 Freeway in Southern California

Remember when Obama wore a tan suit and people lost their shit?

Have you noticed? The wall has disappeared.

Clinton launches new political action group

I posted this quote from "Brideshead Revisited" before

*****OMG***** Trump's bodyguard revealed General Mattis' private cell phone number !!!

Claude Taylor just tweeted out and Gives a timeline for when Trump is Gone

John Cornyn is on the list for FBI Director

I hope the IC learned their lesson.

Trump leaked classified info to Russia w/ Russia media present!

Now that Trump has passed classified info to Russia what percent of Deplorables will think it's o k


they turned over the USA to the Marx Brothers...the film writes itself

Gowdy takes himself out of the running for FBI Director (but he did interview for it)

Eddie Munster trolling Atlanta today for Handel in 6th district.

Thanks To Trump classified info sharing Russia now knows the intelligence capabilities of an ally.

What does a guy have to do to get impeached around here?

Elon Musk Demos Futuristic Car-Transporting Sled

****White House begging the Washington Post not to release more info ....****

It's simple: Individuals who are extremely careless w/ classified info

McCain just saw WP: "We certainly don't want any president to leak classified information but...

The current state of our government and the Titanic.

There are still code words that I cannot say or I'll end up in federal prison.

TreyGhazi says he "would not be the right person" to serve as FBI Director.

Look what Paul Ryan tweeted last year about mishandling classified info:

HOW DARE HE??????!!!!!!

From One Bad Week To Another Maybe Even More Disasterous For Trump - What Do You Think.....


Maggot CANNOT be allowed to have any more classified info.

For a laugh click

CNN-Nancy Pelosi has a town hall tonight, and a Sally Yates interview tomorrow.


Trump giving classified info to the Russians

Trump discloses Highly Sensitive Info........

So I see that Trumpcare is less popular than Obamacare

The fact that current and former high ranking officials leaked this to WaPo says something.

****OH SHIT**** Israel might be the source of intel Trump shared with Russia.

The Evangelical Courtiers Who Kneel Before the President's Feet

White House caught lying again...McMaster just played word games, per WaPo.

I Understand That The WH Or Tillerson Released A Statement Attempting To Explain Their Way...

Oooops! It is time to change the rules again. SCROTUS has made a boo boo!

How much more?

We can't let him go. He knows too much,

Turmp giving this info to the Russians, could lead to some asset somewhere in the

"it's far worse than what has already been reported."

BRAVO to the Washington Post.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Trump leak "Worse than First Reported"

And while Trump is giving Intel sources away his bodyguard just leaked Mattis phone number

I have a secret, do you have a secret?


Faux news take on trump giving classified info

Latest image of Trump in White House

This is quite a conundrum

Paul Ryan: It's simple: Individuals who are extremely careless w/ classified info should be denied

The question MUST be asked, was the leaking of highly classified information a Quid Pro Quo?

Senior White House official Dina Powell denies that Trump gave classified information in Russia

18 U.S. Code 793 - Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information

Holly Jesus..Washington Post and N.Y. Times better have their Ducks in a Row..

The narcissist was BRAGGING. nt

Corker: Trump White House in 'downward spiral' following Russia classified leak report

To Truly Make America Great Again....

Census Bureau troubles continue

So let me get this straight, it's okay to hand over classified information to Russian spies

OMG o'clock


The NYTimes has confirmed the WA Post's story.

Presser about to happen at White House ?

Richard Burr -chairman of Intel and member of Gang of Eight - signals he has not been briefed

Looking Into Trump Campaign's Russia Ties, Investigators Follow The Money

Just when I thought today is probably controlled uneventful day, Drumph let it loose again

Is Spicer fired yet?

Tweet from Paul Ryan on mishandling classified information:

How Fux News Is Spinning Trump's Handing Classified Information to the Russians.

Reporter Greg Miller of WaPost on CNN NOW. Trump revealed foreign power intel given to US

It is unquestionably time to invoke the 25th amendment

Patribotics' (Louise Mensch) Latest Post Asserts FBI Changing Positions On FOIA Requests

McMaster doing damage control now.

Lying and spin right now by H.R. McMasters

msnbc Nat Secu advisor on hardball denying WPost news about Trump giving away

Lol, McMaster doubled down and denying the leak story.

It doesn't matter. Literally, nothing matters.


Regardless of the validation, the fact that everyone believes this report, ALONE, means he's trash

Claude Taylor's source(s) are saying

Breaking... McMaster said nothing which will exonerate Trump..

Pramila Jayapal Wants Democrats to Know That Resistance Is Not Enough

How the Trump story will end

Giant 'Lava Lamp' Inside Earth May Cause Magnetic Poles to Flip

Breaking....CNN has Was. Posts writers on now..

So when will Trump slip up and tell us accidentally tell us about aliens?

Politics aside, good people will die if assets are revealed.

NC NAACP's Rev. Barber details poor people's campaign

What can Republicans say about this after everything they said about Secretary Clinton.

FOX: Well, yeah. the story might be bad, but LOOK THE MESSENGER

Trumps Supposed Leak: The Worst Thing Yet?

remember when they locked cheney up for divulging classified information, blowing covers, etc.?


What the actual fuck, MSNBC! Pat fucking Buchanan!

I don't know about the rest of you, but personally, I am relieved.

I think Trump is just plain stupid.

Q: How many times has this already happened in the last 5 months, but he wasn't outed???

Pat Buchanan Is As Crazy As He Ever Was....

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster just announced that President Trump did nothing wrong

MSNBC and CNN live streams

Foggy Bottom doesn't know what WH is putting out...

Dear Brad: A letter to my congressman

Dear god Pat Buchanan is on Matthews

I had to step away for a couple of hours....did anything happen??

Could Russia be the source of the leak? It would make sense

Obama, we need you now. Please organize some kind of temporary solution, and then a permanent one.

Now more than ever.

Alan Dershowitz said it's the most serious charge ever against a sitting president. nt

I NEVER want to hear about Hillary's fucking emails ever again


In waaay over his head, Trump, the proactive ignorant, refuses

The Republicans' Trump Problem And Ours

Info from WH Correspondent on cabinet room meeting w/ Bannon, Mike Dubke, Sarah Sanders, & Spicer

In 25 minutes Bill O'Reilly isn't gonna be on air and make it all better.

Whoa! Battle Royal going on right NOW in the WH:

Why should we care what the Republicans have to say about this?

Dershowitz on CNN: "this is the most serious accusation ever made against a sitting prez"

You knew damn well he was a snake...

"This is the most serious charge ever made against a sitting president of the United States." -Alan

Breaking.....Alan Dershiwiitz just stated!

Even Greta said this is huge, or to lurking freepers--HUGH!

Fox not even covering this classified leak story right now, by the way

Erin Burnett has been Top Shelf disecting this latest Trump Fiasco.

BuzzFeed confirms the WA Post story. Official says, "It's far worse than what has been reported."

Neuroscientist Carl Hart: We Need to Stop Jeff Sessions from Escalating the Racist War on Drugs

Peter Principle at work: Here's what it looks like when you get a job you can't handle

Iguana vs Snakes (Planet Earth II)

The Russian press could have put listening devices in the oval while maggot was distracted.

Let's Hope and Pray He Doesn't Start A War To Get Out Of This

Why does it seem like Putin is dictating what our president does on a daily basis?

1 hour to Rachel. I hope she's on set tonight!

"The President can declassify anything he wants"

Pelosi: Congress must be given a full briefing on the extent of the damage President Trump has done

Just because he can declassify at will, that doesn't mean he can pass the

Sanders Statement on Trump Revealing Classified Information to Russians