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McMaster to reporters: 'This is the last place in the world I wanted to be


everything is fine...

Luckovich 'toon - Conference Call (Trump leaking classified information)

NATO Asks World Leaders to Play Dumb So Trump Will Understand Them

GeorgeTakei's comment about Trump #blabbergate comments to Russians

Congress reacts to today's news about Trump leaking classified information to the Russians

Satirizing Trump's White House

Release the white house tapes

Getting awfully close to the "It's OK for the Prez to eat a live baby if he wants to" territory

Ok repukes it's either party or country

I'm sure Morning Joe will be memorable tomorrow.

Fallout from today's WH/Trumpy debacle

WAPO know *which* details Trump told Lavrov. Officials asked WP not to publish them.


Chris Hayes now talking about IMPEACHMENT.

I guess the GOP has decided to go down with the ship.

So, If he declassified it that means no problem telling us exactly what the info is, right?

Resign Now, Trump, before you destroy

I've run out of words to describe this "administration"...

No escaping ocean plastic: 37 million bits of litter on one of worlds remotest islands

Israel wants White House to explain U.S. official's Western Wall comment

Chris Hayes eyes?

Lawfare pulling no punches

There's an election in Pa. tomorrow.

Trump knows he's going to get impeached so he's hoarding.

I know the answer to this question and yet it is worth asking....

Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby takes the stand: 'If you delay, then you die,' she says training taught h

Trump's singular "accomplishment" --

LOL, Fox now running this story on front page: "Could a probe of Hillary's email server be reopened?

Why I hate Alan Dershowitz

RUMOR: AUSA has signed off on the tactical & logistical plan to take numerous subjects into custody.

Drumpt giving away code word secrets.

18 Minutes Ago, Senator Portman had this to say

Will other governments share intelligence info in the future?

HSBC settles bondholders' claims of Libor manipulation

New York county sues Purdue, J&J over opioid marketing

Outing Valerie Plame was pretty bad.

What, no classified information denial tweets from Donald tonight? Does the cat have his

Story confirmed by 2 US Officials re Trump classified info

I really need HRC to tweet "Lock him up!" right about now.

Poor Po' Spicey-Tommorrow is Probably his Last day for Failing to Properly Defend Trump's Treason

House Republican writes letter to constituent's employer complaining about her progressive activism

Before you think this will undo Trump

WaPo is better at keeping highly classified

On ALL IN w/ Chris Hayes

'WannaCry' ransomware attack may be just the beginning

White House refuses to say if Comey tapes exist

When machines and robots replace jobs, will the GOP fill all corporate jobs with

Donald Trump Drastically Expands Global Gag Rule On Abortion

Award-winning Mexican reporter Javier Valdez killed

More Americans want 'independent' investigation of Trump: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Another useless exercise.......

Damn...Malcolm Nance tweet:

How many canaries must die

Man gets 49 years for anti-transgender hate crime killing

Man gets 49 years for anti-transgender hate crime killing

CNN: Leaked intel came from a Middle Eastern source.

Trey Gowdy drops out of running for FBI Director

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Caught on Tape! Live, Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Senator Corker: White House is in a "downward spiral"


Ask John Hagee about intelligence leaks

Rich would get $1 trillion tax cut under Trump's tax loophole

Pellosi on CNN right now: "Discussing wapo announcement of fRump leak.

CNN right now (9 Eastern): Nancy Pelosi is in a Town Hall that was scheduled a couple weeks ago.

Loki's New Life kitty rescue by Cassandra Dunn San Antonio, TX

The source was compromised the instant Trump told the Russians

I wish Jon Stewart were on TV tonight & Stephen Colbert must have rewritten his monologue

Trump impeachment Movement

Rare Mexican porpoise faces 'imminent extinction'

FYI - 18 U.S. Code 2381 - Treason

The Washington Post reporters are awesome.

WSJ reported February 17, 2017 that US spies were holding back

Atheist Activist from Colorado Arrested on Suspicion of Second-Degree Murder

Upside down flags yet?

What's that hot new category for kids? Religious books

2018 US Senate Election- Most vulnerable to most safe Democratic/Republican held US Senate seat.

Loose Lips

Bondi Rice's State Dept Counsel opines...

In Computer Attacks, Clues Point to Frequent Culprit: North Korea

Trump news today. Well done Joni. Hitched yourself to a real rising star.

The pro-Trump goons are out in force...

Trumps tweets, interviews could cost him executive privilege

Front Page of tomorrows NY Daily News

Three Russian Spies Meet in the Oval Office (Borowitz)

Turns out the leaker is you.

I'm more worried about what ELSE the Russians did in the Oval Office

I think Trump's a show off and a braggart

Executive Order we'd like to see ---

"Russia probe: Senate requests Trump documents from agency that monitors money laundering"

Republican Candidate Corey Stewart Uses Facebook Live for Speech

Even if Tom Clancy were to come up with this stuff

Two Question Survey

"Last Man Standing" Cancelled!

If Trump was indeed a competent CEO, he would have fired himself already

It's stunning to me why Cheeto wanted this job

Nancy Pelosi Town Hall...CNN...Awesome!!!

A Whistle-Blower Tells of Health Insurers Bilking Medicare.

Tether that chicken, motherfuckers!

The Russian Connection 🐸 - A new Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Blabbermouth (Я) Trump

Catholic Church in the Holy Land says the Israel-Palestine situation cannot be considered normal

A dear friend has a daughter who is having unemployment problems.

"Editorial Discretion"

What did I miss (Rachel Maddow)?

"Leaker Of The Free World"

*Ari Melber in for Lawrence O'D tonight.

So - how many times since election evening have you ended the day in disbelief?

Trump's promised veterans hotline not set up nearly 4 months later

"Pro life"

Four screenshots of current the looney

Last Man Standing Cancellation Sparks Call for ABC Boycott

WH comms staffers just put the TVs on super loud after we could hear yelling coming from room

Former student sues Vanderbilt for $10M after expulsion for sexual assault

GOP Senator: White House In A Downward Spiral

When will the Republicans realize that they've got a yuge problem in the White House?

Short legs too?

De-annexation bill clears Tennessee Senate at the end of session

POWER IN #'s! Please take the time to call your Senators and Rep. March if you can!!

Every single weekend when Trump goes down to Moscow-a-Lago he gets played by Russian spies

In the spirit of the *bad dreams* theme Lounge is having, here's mine this (morning?)

Right now at Trump's DC hotel!

With today's news on Trump, Epstein's trial probably got buried....

Trump plagiarized from Legally Blonde?

Geez, even Bush's ethics lawyer is on Lawrence demanding a special prosecutor

NEW F.B.I.-DIRECTOR JOB APPLICATION (Humor - or maybe not)

Evening Humor: 45's Failproof Plan to End Russian Hacking!

The President of the United States is a danger to the Republic!

Why am I in such a happier mood today?

John Fugelsang's tweet How True!

Lawsuit: Roane youth center covered up fraud, sex abuse

Texas US Senate Elections-which seat Democrats are likely to win?

Ok, Obama probably knew close to jack shit about the Executive Branch, the

BTW. How much is Spicer paid?

At a garage sale last week

Endangered Finnish seals go online to highlight plight

I wonder if the Russians have any 'tape' on DT

David Brooks: When the World Is Led by a Child

Palmer brings up a good point - This might not be the first time Trump gave classified intel

Curses! Hawaii Cant Get Tourists to Stop Sending Back Lava

Fire in Bisbee

North American Football League chairman, wife arrested in Murfreesboro

Anyone else's sleep patterns changed since Obama?

A Whistle-Blower Tells of Health Insurers Bilking Medicare

I believe it's time to pass Special/Indep. Prosecutor and go straight to IMPEACHMENT

Senate Conservatives Look to Cut Medicaid

There is no glee. This fucker is going to get us killed.

How Fox News is covering this critical breach of classified intel:

Who doesn't LOVE Propane Jane? "I know why the Caged Bird Tweets"

A fight he won't win

If/when Trump goes down...will the media/punditry *really* let the GOP escape unscathed...?

I have to say Trump is wearing me out

The gop is sure unusually quiet tonight. Usually they are all over the t.v.

"If Trump does it, it's Presidential"

Seth Meyers: Trump Threatens Comey, Gives Russia Classified Info: A Closer Look

Is it time for Dr.s to stop treating Republican politicians?

Beshear administration official admits to raising contributions from state workers

Has Mike Pence Said Anything ?

Impact of pensions on state budget will come into sharper focus soon

Can we maybe ease off on the "gave secrets to the Russians" drumbeat for a bit?

Republicans called for an investigation over Clinton getting a blowjob

Lebanese Orange and Coconut Cake recipe

Pissing off the foreign and domestic intelligence services.

Ian Brady, the Moors murderer, dies aged 79

I think that Trump will be promoted.

Look out! Could this be true?:

At this point it's an entire party

Bevin administration creates $250,000-a-year economic development job

Kentucky students would be required to learn cursive writing in new standards

If only Adam Lanza, Dylann Roof, and Jason Dalton had waited...

McMasters' statement this afternoon started out

Maybe McMaster is the one who called the CIA & NSA after the Russian meeting?

The President has no credibilty

Fuggadabout the Pulitzer. WaPo deserves a Nobel Peace prize for this one!

Exclusive intimate video clips of the Trump administration this week

Israel convicts former chief rabbi of corruption

FCC proposes $144K fine against Morehead TV station

Any chance the info Trump leaked was false and deliberately planted to see if he would leak?

Where Trump Went VERY Wrong

"NBC clearly views Kelly as a prominent new personality for its news division, as illustrated by her

Who's running this country?

Sitting in a restaurant today I overheard snippets of a loudmouth trump supporter...


Trump details anti-abortion ban over US global health aid

It's looking more and more like blackmail.

being displayed on the front of trumps dc hotel right now

So let me see if I've got this right -

Did Trump Show Them The Biscuit?.

Ford to cut North America, Asia salaried workers by 10 percent: source

Ford to cut North America, Asia salaried workers by 10 percent: source

MSNBC May Cancel Lawrence O'Donnell's 'The Last Word' and It May Be Because of Trump

Pelosi says No Impeachment for Trump.

Is Trump Suffering from Dementia?

Accused bomber Rahimi seeks reduced charges in New Jersey case

Deaf, Dumb, Blind and PRISON BOUND !!

Imagine if you will, the chill it would send . . . . .

Plant chemicals hope for 'alternative contraceptives' (BBC)

Financial Crimes Unit To Help Donald Trump-Russia Investigation

Reporters In Press Room Can Hear Screaming From Trump Staff Offices Nearby, Livetweet Meltdown

Working on my newest piece to play on the piano

Handwriting analysis: Hillary vs. DT.

GOP Rep. threatens to impeach Obama if American troops are killed in Syria

Conservative David Frum Tweet: "Trump Should Resign"

GOP strategist: GOP would have 'rightly' tried to impeach Clinton for classified disclosure

Pelosi Is Correct No Impeachment of Trump

McMaster Now Says Reports Trump Revealed Highly Classified Intel False just started a new site:

Did Trump Share Intel with Russian Officials?

The Emoluments Clause is now being projected onto Trump's DC Hotel (twitter link)

Here is How Trump Could Already Be Prosecuted

*Nancy Pelosi Town Hall now on CNN.

So where is the President tonight, hiding under the bed.

Trump doesn't have enough quality staff and handlers to survive this never ending

Paul Ryans next move is an attempt to privatize Medicare

Louise Mensch confirms Rouge WH Staffer's resignation rumor

!!! a Rogue WH Staffer account and Mensch are reporting resignation consideration

Do We Know Or Will We Ever Find Out Which Country Provided The Intelligence That Trump Blabbed?.....

Arab TV Series Dramatizes Life Under ISIS


HAPPENING NOW: The 'Emoluments Clause' is now being projected onto Trump's DC Hotel.

Where's The Revolution

Protesters arrested for blocking entrance to abortion clinic

electric vehicles and the impending financial crash of BIG OIL - coming soon

Former Social Security judge pleads guilty to taking bribes

Kentucky State University settles lawsuits for $500,000

Freeperville is down

Judge orders Kentucky Attorney General can join Kentucky State University lawsuit against University

Pirates of the Caribbean 5: hackers threaten to post film online unless Disney pays ransom

Unnamed Democratic senators meeting with Republicans to discuss health care.

Rachel Maddow Monday May 15th Show - 9 investigations for Dumpty/campaign/advisors

EU backs away from trade statement in blow to China's 'modern Silk Road' plan

They hate the US government, and they're multiplying: the terrifying rise of 'sovereign citizens'

Anyone notice the is currently dead?

Miss District of Columbia Kara McCullough crowned Miss USA 2017, but not without controversy

I am willing to bet my left testicle that Mike Pence is the source of many of the insider leaks.

Laredo-area school district found not liable for death of Bruni High School student

GOP candidate for FBI says no special counsel for inquiry

The Telegraph reported in Jan. that U.S. spies 'warned Israel not to share intelligence w/ Trump

Stop giving Trump cover for leaking high level intel to the Russians!

Opponents of oil pipeline try going after the money

Town hall meeting draws more than 400 people in East Austin

Houston Rep. Al Green calls for Trump's impeachment as other Democrats hold off

Trump Uses A Commencement Speech To Congratulate... Himself! - Stephen Colbert

'Real News Tonight' Tackles James Comey - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Ex-Bank of America VP's fraud charges include threats to charities working with kids with AIDS

A young Trumpster told my daughter " Get with the program this is the 20th century!"-

Arlington man schemed $1.1 million out of Home Depot by reusing receipts for refunds

Remote island has 'world's worst' plastic rubbish density

Let's not forget trumpie's previous analagous idiotic screw ups

Inmarsat rides SpaceX Falcon into orbit

H.R. McMaster didn't really deny that Trump gave Russia classified information

Former Defense Contractor Sentenced to Prison for Tax Fraud

Justice Adds 2 Bills to Special Session Call

Hillary Clinton returns to politics with launch of new organization

Lawmakers Wait on Another Tax Reform Proposal as Special Session Continues

your speculations? end of Obama, Trump presidencies

Trump's next FBI director?

Convicted Coal Mine CEO Is Taking His Case To The U.S. Supreme Court

Lawyer, CEO Want Charge Dropped Against Journalist Questioning HHS Sec. Tom Price

"Trump helped ISIS by leaking US intel secrets to Russia" ... its true and drives wingers nuts

Puppet? No Puppet. You're the Puppet.

Charleston mayor blasts Armstead as budget session resumes

The Terrible Cost of Trump's Disclosures

Emoluments Clause projected onto Trump's DC hotel

Impeachment of the president, explained (Source: Vox)

Officer Nearly Dies From Fentanyl Overdose After Ohio Traffic Stop

Supergirl, TV drama progressive to the core

Why should a 62-year-old man have to pay for maternity care?

David Brooks: When the World Is Led by a Child

Trump's strategy against Russiagate, Comeygate and Blabbergate? Bring in new WH-staff!!!

Tubeless road tires.

BREAKING: President Trump just started "explaining" what happened with the Russia leak...

Here we go.......

45 is up and tweeting about his sharing of classified information.

Notice how very quiet the others in government are right now...

White House Staff Hiding As Russia Chaos Engulfs West Wing

Paul Ryan might regret having said this about Hillary Clinton

Yeh I did it

Trump plagarized commencement speech from Legally

Trump Says He Wanted to Share Terrorism Facts With Russia

Henderson Island, A Remote Atoll, Covered With 38 Million Pieces Of Plastic Waste

Conservatives will never change

So Sasse Will Be The New Face Of The Repug Party.....

Both parties are the same Both parties are the same Both parties are the same

GOP strategist: GOP would have 'rightly' tried to impeach Clinton for classified disclosure

Trump Hotel in DC last night:

Even More Errors Unearthed In Climate Liars' Beloved Satellite Data Set (Christy/Spencer)

If Trump was president in 1945 would he have "shared" our nuclear secrets with the Soviet Union?

Need help identifying zombie movie I saw some years ago. Somewhere

Trump D.C. Hotel becomes a billboard soliciting bribes

Texas Seeks Medicaid Money It Gave Up Over Planned Parenthood Ban

Donald Trump Defends Sharing Intelligence With Russia

President Trump

Trump wakes up and promptly throws THREE nat. security officials under the bus

I'd like to see how Trump can get Bibi Netanyahu to stop screaming long enough for him

Manafort got $3.5 million mystery mortgage, paid no taxes.

Here's how Trump-Pence policy is already affecting LGBT lives in Chechnya

Didn't any of these so called brilliant people read the fable of The Scorpion and the Frog ?

Israeli officials warned not to share intelligence with White House

Having access to secrets is the most important secret to keep

At Trump's DC hotel!: "Pay Trump Bribes Here"

Part of Donny's morning tweet; "airline flight safety"

The president can declassify information, that is known. But! Is he allowed to share that

Pressure turns coal into diamonds and Trumps into chumps.

Trump's backstop against the classified information story: His base doesn't trust the media

Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson to receive The Drum's Lifetime achievement award: 5 of his best P

A bunch of GOPers I talked to last night said the party won't abandon Trump until they start losing

"Trump is really a Democrat" meme

Joe Scarborough just claimed that Trump is a Democrat.

Repub talking point today: Trump is a democrat.

Possible 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls gather for progressive ideas conference


Trump Adminstration Weekly Agenda

Who passed the information to the Washington Post?

Just Think About It. Putin Can Now Utterly Destroy Trump Anytime He Wants

RimJob's little 1990's Bulletin Board site is still down.

TASS: Russian news is now reporting that Trump DID leak intel about U.S. military operations,

Please stop treating Trump's daily approval ratings like the temperature

Foreign Leaders Have Realized Trump Is a Pushover

Cornyn's own GOP colleagues are less than enthusiastic about his candidacy for FBI director

Um, it's you

Good morning Anti-anti-Trumpers, your line of the day is we have no secrets from our Russian friends

What do Republicans gain by keeping Trump in power rather than Pence?

An article sent to me by a friend arguing against impeaching Trump.

BREAKING NEWS: Nobel Committee awards Peace Prize to Donald Trump for leaking info to Russia.

Russia Spox: Trump Intel Leak Is 'Fake News'

No one in the American Political System has

What's wrong with this picture? Trump says nobody can talk about abortion without consequences,

Trump is a Democrat according to Morning Scum

Here's how the Russians probably got Trump to spill the beans:


Imagine What It Was Like To Sit Down At Simone De Beauvoir's Desk

Hey Gen. McMaster, you ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?

We have no idea what Trump actually said to his Russian visitors.

When is the gop going to weigh in on the controversy? For the most part, they've

IMO, POTUS has a problem on the home front. No family show for Mother's day???,

Trump is dangerously incompetent

If we want to know what trump said to the Russians, can't we listen to the tape?

- The opening line to everyone running against GOP in 2018

This article is one of the many claiming that Trump leaked info re: U.S. military operations:

Wow, what a home run Putin hit.

It may be more frightening after 45 leaves the presidency!

"Both sides do it"

Loose Lips Sink Ships! Careless Talk Costs Lives!

If Trump is impeached what percentage of Deplorables do you think will resort to violence?

There are 196 countries in the world, he chose Russia to give secrets to

Women bloggers spawn an evangelical crisis of authority

Apologies to Moose & Squirrel

when do the congressional hearings start? first up - mcmasters....tillerson

Max Boot warning the American public

U.S. housing starts unexpectedly fall for second straight month

When the World Is Led by a Child

If WH response is gonna be "It's OK for Trump to reveal this" how do they explain the CIA/NSA calls?

A question of trust: Merkel treads carefully with Trump

Vatican, Jewish museums explore menorah in art and dark legend

Clues point to possible North Korean involvement in massive cyberattack

Euro climbs on integration hopes as Trump furor knocks dollar

The pain of mental illness and the grace of Catholic faith

If 45 declassified intelligence and shared it with our enemies,

Were Trump's revelations to the Russians criminal, or just stupid? We can't rule out either

National Barbecue Day: Jeffrey Steingarten, "The Man Who Ate Everything"

I'm gonna give Trump credit for something

House Republican writes letter to constituent's employer complaining about her progressive activism

i hope whoever's intel cheato shared has a copy of the tape.

We need a little humor today

I think someone needs to go check on Keith Olbermann...

Transcript Will Tell Whether President Blabbed Secrets To Russians

While World Focuses on Trump Russia Disclosure, Fox & Friends and Ken Starr Discuss Vince Foster...

Sam Clovis USDA Head? I'm Going back on the weed.

OMG, I can't believe his latest tweet! He, was just a major leaker!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - the Golden leaker

Nixon was right.

What will it take for the Republican Reichstag to turn on Benedict Donald?

Leon Panetta Completely Shreds Trump: 'Loose Cannon' Who 'Needs Some Grown Ups Around Him'

If Trump has been secretly taping conversations

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

McMaster and Tillerson should both step down now, parsing of half truths don't fly.......either!!!!!

Pelosi did NOT say no impeachment- Please watch video:

Timeline: Russia and President Trump - Bill Moyers

Vladimir Putin's Greatest Hits

Today's word for the day

Dear President Fucktard: There IS no "Director Comey." You made sure you of that.


Trump is the biggest buffoon ever to hold office!

Repubs dither because they despise the wishes of most Americans more than they respect Constitution

Wait: There Might Be RECORDINGS of Trump Comey Meeting?

Fox News Interview Ends When Man Says Comey Fired Over Trump-Russia

Inaccurate interpretation of the news presented as "news"

Trump is a time traveler who went to the past to WARN us about his future self

Impeach Trump? Transcript Will Tell Whether President Blabbed Secrets To Russians - Joe Conason

The Two Reasons That Intelligence Information is Classified

Libertarians in space: Is Alien: Covenant a parable about the privatization of space?

Buried In The WaPo Report: Advisers Cant Even Get Trump To Read One-Page Security Briefings

AP: European official said sharing Intel with U.S. "could be a risk for our sources."

A Foreign Intelligence Analyst Report on President Trump

New Yorker's Adam Davidson talks FinCEN on MorningJoe: "We know for sure that money was laundered

Don't Impeach: The Liberal Case for Not Removing Trump

25 CREEPY Unsolved Mysteries Solved At Last

Satire is eating a rat-poison sandwich a cheap rented room. Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

From this month's Atlantic magazine, "My Family's Slave"

Idea for a reality TV show.

"...some wondering whether Trump is in over his head". AM win to CNN!

Kremlin news agency that was in the Oval Office for Trump-Russia meeting brags to Russians about...

News anchor on local Fox affiliate just referred to Ivanka Trump..

Jimmy Fallon discovers Trump's Liberty University speech mirrors another famous address

Tucker Carlson is INCENSED that Morning Joe Leaked About Kellyanne's Off-Air Disgust at The Don

Trump's "share with Russia" leak hits hard in Europe

Republicans added amendment to NDAA in 2011 to prevent Obama from giving Intel to Russia

Trump is "Leaky Spice"

Hmmm. "Attention Seeking" - Wikipedia says....

If trump won't read the longer version of the pdb, where did he get the information

GOP senator: Senate panel needs briefing on whether Trump shared info

So, about that CBO score for H.R. 1628

Pay Trump Bribes Here projected on wall above entrance to Trump Hotel in D.C.

McConnell backs Merrick Garland for FBI director

BusinessInsider wins headline of the day and it's barely started.

Good job Trump, NOT!!!!!!!!!

O'Reilly to team up with Glenn Beck on radio

A peek into the alternative universe of 'faux news.'

"I know one of the Sources"..."I am told that what the President did is actually far worse"

Trump Administration Scales Back Obamacare Options For Small Biz

Pic Of The Moment: Today In The White House

Your daily smokescreen from our leftbro buddies Tracey and Jilani

Family blasts right-wing media for spreading fake news story about slain DNC staffer

I can top Business Insider's headline with ease: To Care Is To Share

It's a brand new day. What fresh Hell will this day bring?

"The Party won't abandon Trump until..."

GOP Is OK With What Trump Is Doing. Hear The Silence.

Rec if you believe that republicans are cowards

Problem solved.

With regard to the "Wannacry" ransomware trojan:

Netanyahu Calls Out Fox News for 'Lie' About Embassy Relocation

When Trump Called Divulging Secrets to Russia Treason

Cruz, Paul want to go nuclear on Obamacare repeal

Irreversible ocean warming threatens the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf (2nd-largest ice shelf in Antarc.)

Foreign leaders should refuse to meet with Drumpf

Deception and Splitting Up Together join ABCs 2017-18 schedule

McConnell: 'We could do with a little less drama from the White House'

Blistering statement from McCain on Trump

I taped Morning Joe & just watched Manchin. That asshole is a bigger apologist for

John McCain is not happy...

Arctic Warming to Increase Eurasian Extreme Cold Events

McCain doesn't have to kiss Chump's ass . He's 80 years old and his wife is rich beyond measure.

Opinion: Yes. Cancel the White House Press Briefing

Trump's trampling of political norms spurs strongman comparisons

Stop buying those avocado toasts if you want a house

The Health 202: Who's getting extra Obamacare subsidies? Trump's own voters

Mitch's BOLD response to Trump sharing intel with Russia: "We could do with a little less drama."

Declassified: Did Trump Share Intel with Russian Officials?: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Conservative Erick Erickson claims source who leaked latest Russia bombshell was a Trump supporter

Trump Threatens Comey, Gives Russia Classified Info: A Closer Look with Seth Meyers

**BREAKING** European countries might stop sharing intel with US if Trump gave classified to Russia

PPP Polls finds plurality support impeachment...

This is why we love Keith:

Russians invested over $193,000,000 in Trump buildingsin Florida alone.

Charles Pierce: Republicans Are the Only Ones Who Can Stop Trump

Donald Trump vs Justin Trudeau on Explaining stuff

It just dawned on me, we are not only NOT hearing much from republicans about

BREAKING: Press Briefing w/ McMaster at 11:30

What if Trump offers to sell Alaska back to Russia for 6 million dollars to improve relations?

On the continuing devolution of the right wing that has become full gallop since the "election"

GOP says Trump can do anything he wants as long as the wealthy get a big fat tax cut.

The great Republican spine hunt continues ... without success

Mike Huckabee hates the Supreme Court...

Historian who called every election since 1984 blasts media for giving Mike Pences lies a pass

McConnell backs Merrick Garland for FBI director

Sandra Lee refused to let Paul Ryan join cooking segment

My Elderly Husband Nearly Started a Riot at the Polling Place

Everyday Trump isolates himself more and more

Pic Of The Moment: Meanwhile, In Washington...

Somebody who works in a bookstore had some fun with Ivanka's book.

KO:Here's How Trump Could Already Be Prosecuted A case can now be made based on what he did last wee

KO:Here's How Trump Could Already Be Prosecuted A case can now be made based on what he did last wee

'The Catholic Church has at most 10 years to adapt'

Schiff: 'The most dangerous leaker has already been identified'

As trial nears, Bill Cosby says racism could be a factor

The Latest: National security adviser to brief reporters

If Chump wants to give Russia gifts why doesn't he just give them Mar-A-Lago

No rush to adopt children in Texas so far

He's defending his "right" to...

For 'Top of the Lake' fans!

Just let HIM talk

So I'm temporarily cat sitting. My cat, Majik is not happy.

Democrats need to pound the airwaves with this picture in the midterms.

ROFLMAO - Drumpf McFuckface Reading

Merrick Garland To Remain A Judge; Won't Be FBI Director

Pic Of The Moment: To Be Fair We Probably Should Have Seen This Coming

3 Men and a Baby...

Yates on telling WH-Flynn was compromised:"We expected them to act-We expected them to do something"

There's something a tad bit ironic about McConnell backing Merrick Garland for FBI director

LIVE Press Briefing with National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster

Louise Mensch's latest: US Marshals present plan to DOJ for service of warrants

If tRump resigns

Sally Yates reveals the real reasons why Mike Flynn was unmasked in intel reports

Man arrested at Disney resort for child neglect.

I have a dream...

TPM "Trump Yanks The Rug Out From Under His Defenders In Spectacular Fashion"

Mc Master jokes there's "another topic" to cover at presser!

Pompeo to brief House Intelligence Committee Tuesday

How is the Con's schedule McMaster's job?

Jimmy Fallon-Donald's Legally Blonde Speech

ABC news broke into the press conference and is doing a great job

TPM-, "McConnell Makes It Plain"

McMaster is describing the trip Trump is about to make.

Biden to receive award at Dem LGBT gala

Trump is going to speak to a Muslim community on his overseas trip?

Susan Rice: We can't allow Trump 'Twitter wars to become shooting wars'

Police Officer Overdoses in East Liverpool After Skin Contact with Fentanyl

BREAKING NEWS: HR McMasters pees on our back, tells us it's raining.

Preserve the pension, bud. Its all you have left now.

Why were American reporters locked out of meeting?

This Is How Republicans Treated Hillary Clinton When She Was Accused Of Mishandling Sensitive Info

John Roberts of fox the leaks are the problem

Words Of The Day - Wholly Appropriate.....

Ask a Republican to complete this sentence:

McMaster's message to us.

So if what Trump told the Russians was no big deal

A scientist looked at 63 studies to conclude atheists are more intelligent than religious people

Poll: Biden is top Dem in 2020 matchup with Trump

Maybe disenfranchised whites aren't to blame after all..... a scarier thought.

Prosthetic ovary created in breakthrough that could lead to 'holy grail of bioengineering'

More Americans support Trump's impeachment than oppose it for first time, poll finds

Interview with Armin Navabi Founder of Atheist Republic

Bill Hemmer and Tammy Bruce apologize for mocking ten-year-old boy on autism spectrum as a snowflake

NSA: The President wasn't even aware of where this information came from.

Does anybody still think that lowering the bar for presidential candidates is a good idea?

Cincinnati prosecutor: Officer's Confederate flag T-shirt relevant

Italy's top court rules Sikhs can't carry religious knives

Joe McCarthy and Trump, the multi-liars

Gen. McMaster Admits Trump Impulsively Leaked Info to Russians Without Knowing Where it Came From

Federal judges reject bid for appeal in Ohio terror plot

colbert and noah on the orange madman

stephen colbert on comrade palpatine:

Knights of Columbus, cash cow of the Catholic right

McMaster falls on sword for Trump; Trump says "hey nice sword!" & takes it as a souvenir as McMaster

McMaster: The president wasn't even aware of where this information came from.

Ohio Supreme Court asked to expand juveniles' legal rights

So this is the guy that's suppose to be the voice of reason?

Family demands answers after police restrain special needs boy at school

Mike Pompeo (CIA) was almost certainly one of the leakers to the WaPo

Remember when being gay was considered the worst type of security risk?

This has been bugging me

GOP lawmaker calls for classified briefing so that "Congress can at least know as much as Russians"

Which foreign intelligence agency told the NSA about the laptop bombs?

Defends 'absolute right' to share 'facts' with Russia

Yates rules out run for Georgia governor

Dayton's mayor to run for Ohio governor

Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks out for trans hate crime protections

"First Lady Ivanka Trump": Local Fox anchor apologizes for mistaking Ivanka for Trump's wife

DNC Chair Tom Perez to Meet With Pro-Life Democrats

Dems propose scrapping law GOP used to overturn regulations

Scientists take first tentative steps to explore potential climate of Proxima B

Cost of Disclosures

We are being played

Democrats Open Big Lead on Generic Ballot

I cut some slack for Gen. McMaster. Some one has to be National Security Advisor and keep that job

Yates Wont Be Running for Governor

State Rep. Kathleen Clyde announces bid for Ohio secretary of state

sitting here watching a show on animal planet about houston animal care .

Republican worms will turn...

Blast from the past - Russia's New Nobility

Manafort Got $3.5M Mystery Mortgage, Paid No Tax

I'm starting to worry... All my Republican troll friends

The new, Nixonian defense: If the president does it, then it is not inappropriate.

Tweet this!

Look I'm not a fan of Jeff Sessions either but strapping him to the front of your truck is a bitmuch

I just voted for my wife in the primary for borough council.

What's trump going to blab to the Saudis, Israelis, Vatican?

Fox News host makes fun of ten year old boy with autism.

WH: Trump didn't know source of intel shared with Russia

Wholly appropriate, Batman!

Everyday we find out new stories about the Russians in the Oval Office

Defenders on Capitol Hill wavering

A friend just announced her campaign for Secretary of State in Ohio...

Making the rounds on imgur & tumblr....Scary accurate is accurate

Here is the problem if Trump were to resign.

More support impeachment than oppose it

Jimmy Kimmel on hosting 2018 Oscars: "If you think we screwed up the ending this year, wait . . .

Quick Reaction to McMaster's Presser - Josh Marshall

How low can he go (REDUX) Gallup Trump Approval 38% Disapproval 57%

Trump has become everything he campaigned against & everything he accused Hillary of

Listening to the idiot being an idiot while he shows off his ignorance to the world.

When you take McMaster out of his fancy uniform and put him in a ill-fitting suit he reminds me of

Dumbass is reading his speechifying very badly right now - bigly

The GOP is a trainwreck.

David Brooks, NYTimes Conservative Columnist on Trump:

Arkansas Supreme Court Seeking 11 Percent Pay Raise

What in the hell is "wholly appropriate"?

A tweet reminder from Sen. Duckworth to dipshit donnie

European official: Country might stop sharing intel with US

Justice Department: Chicago Tribune wants to buy the Chicago Sun-Times

All this resignation talk is delusional

New Albany police investigating racist vandalism at high school

Trump: Great, great, great, great meeting with Russia (ducks questions at presser)

Law enforcement leaders join Gabrielle Giffords in gun control push

Conway: I Didn't Defend Trump For 'The Money' Because I Didn't Earn That Much

Trump: Master Campaigner and Complete Presidential Fuckup

Guard union plans picket over drug epidemic at Lucasville prison

How Will Trump Screw Up This Foreign Trip?......

TPM: 5 Points On McMaster's Defense Of POTUS Divulging Highly Classified Info

If Trump resigns, the GOP and Pence will act worse, not better.

Ohio Supreme Court yanks law license of 'Ethics Monster'

Think Long Game

If 40% of America are against impeachment, still support Trump, what do you think that means for the

Viral video that suggests Trump has Alzheimer's has conservative Roger Stone worried

Impeachara. The drug we've been waiting for.

Cutting Ohio farmers' tax bills may hike what others pay

So let me get this straight, Trump can hand over classified information to Russian spies anytime

Israel Was Source of Secret Intelligence That Trump Gave to Russians, Officials Say

We are living through "The Producers"; except it's not a play, it's a nation

BREAKING: Cornyn/Garland reject FBI Director slot

Roger Stone says he spoke to Trump recently and found "no evidence" of mental decline. USA! USA!

The costs of Trump's sabotage of Obamacare already are showing up in rate hikes

MAGA .....

Democrat, urban concerns might get more attention if Ohio were split

Holy ****: This statement from McMaster's former deputy

Family blasts right-wing media for spreading fake news story about slain DNC staffer as Russia sc

Is it me or does Trump always look happiest when he's sitting next to a dictator?


Erick Erickson: I Know One of the Sources of WaPo Story Its Even Worse Than Reported

Breaking on MSNBC: The information that Trump leaked was from Israel.

An observation on license plates

tRump's condition: Dunning-Kruger effect?

I'm always surprised that Boot Lickers never seem to tire of the flavour...

Israel feared Trump would spill their secrets to Russia - and that's exactly what just happened

Slate - "Trump Nat. Security Adviser Says It's Appropriate for Trump to Give Secrets to Russia"

Cornyn pulls out of running for FBI director job

Judge Garland not interested in FBI job

Sick thought: what if John Birch was right?

Labour Party Manifesto(election platform)Launch, May 16, 2017, with Jeremy Corbyn

Democrats divide on Bernie's 2020 plans

Cincinnati Art Museum receives record gift of nearly $12 million

UK ambassador's 'bruising' encounter with Austrian boar

Top US diplomat for Middle East retires (age 57)

Fox Host Says She's In Talks To Replace Sean Spicer As Top White House Spox


Are we "winning" yet? Is this "winning"? My head is not exactly swimming in winning as promised.

Where Are The Dems On This Trump Intelligence Leak?......

Analysis: 3 big takeaways from Trumps Russia-classified info blunder

The "Dots" are getting bigger Rachel Maddow, and the corruption is getting exposed

Elizabeth Warren Just Offered Terrifying Proof Republicans Have Given Up on Democracy

Manafort Got $3.5M Mystery Mortgage, Paid No Tax

Wrong, Nikki Haley.

Cornyn drops out of running for FBI director

This is the 117th or so day I've thought this - WE ARE SO SCREWED (added one day!)

For The First Time Ever, More Voters Support Impeaching Trump Than Oppose It

"Patriot" Kimberly Guilfoyle apparently taking loyalty oath for Spicer's job as we speak.

little Marco Rubio

Harrop: Republicans only hope is to join fight against Trump

Maine Republicans block new statewide Equal Rights Amendment vote

Saunders: Trump is his own worst spokesman

How bad does it have to get before Trump gets his 1974-Goldwater-visit moment ?

Good news at the SSA office: No pic of DRUMPF!1

Hebe de Bonafini: Head of Argentina Mothers of Plaza de Mayo group indicted

Happy Birthday Robert Fripp (turned 71 today)

So Am I Understanding This Right - Trump Is Off The Hook But....

Robinson: Trump has worn out reset button; this is who he is

Chatty Cathy Trump

---sigh---A bit of advice to Spicer, McMaster and others TRYING to defend Trump:

From Russia with hate: Donald Trumps catastrophic presidency offers more proof that racism

DNC Workers File Lawsuit For Fair Pay

So if President Obama

What is this audio only Spicer press conference bullshit?

Couple pays $5,495 owed for lunches at Marysville schools

Couple pays $5,495 owed for lunches at Marysville schools

Frustration abounds in Trump White House

"In conclusion, here's a drawing I've made of the Prophet Muhammad."

Lets face the white house has become a soap opera.

Anyone have experience with Erbitux?

Hillary's email server was more secure...

Trump can't release the transcript of his meeting with the Russian spies in the Oval Office because

Family of slain Seth Rich says reports he fed WikiLeaks DNC info are untrue

Bannon ally who said Ds are intentionally killing off white, working class is in line to run DOL glo

McMaster: Trumps sharing of sensitive intelligence with Russia was wholly appropriate

TPM - Marshall - "They Were Warned!"

House GOP not sold on Ryans tax reform plan

Was it a possible set-up?

Lawmakers to Trump: Turn over transcript of meeting with Russians

More - Slate - "Trump Gave Israeli Intelligence to Russians, Putting It at Risk of Exposure to Iran

M$Greedia is having a blast playing the Con's tapes attacking Hillary and classified information

Dammit! Now all I can think about is Avocado Toast!

All the president's yes men

Here's a new one: Trump is too STUPID to be able to leak intelligence...

Hey BiBi, how much do you miss President Obama now? nt

NYT: At a Besieged White House, Tempers Flare and Confusion Swirls

Some tweets from Monday Evening

Kellyanne Conway denies secretly hating Trump after "Morning Joe" report: "I believe in him"

*****Israeli official***** Chump giving Russia Israel's classified info is worst fear confirmed.

Scandal after scandal, problem after problem PREVENTING the efficient running of the country!

My new Lovebird is scared to death. He is only six weeks old and "hand fed." I thought

Experts to Trump: Russia is not our ally in the war on ISIS

Latest opinions from the "Ban" world

Black lawmakers walk off floor after vote on La. Confederate monuments

Could someone more knowledgeable than I am please explain why Republicans

Here's what we know about Trump reportedly disclosing classified info

Sure seems like friends of Trump have circled the wagon and put Trump into a little cocoon to

At a Besieged White House, Tempers Flare and Confusion Swirls

Dems weekly luncheon on cspan radio!

Democrats in U.S. Senate try to slow Republican deregulation

Ryan tweet on classified info resurfaces after bombshell Trump report

So Will The US Now Have To Move The Embassy To Jerusalem

Trump Is Using a Nixon Tactic to Shore Up Conservative Support in a Crisis

BBC Reporter Grabs Lady's Boob on Live TV

Hes a man-baby!: The View erupts over blabbermouth Trump sharing classified intel with Russia

Trump plagiarized his commencement speech from LEGALLY BLONDE

I would just love it if Spicer resigned right about now.

GOP Would Already Have Impeached Clinton, Cummings Says


Louisiana caves to the racist

On Following Trump's Trip to Europe, etc.

State senators say yes to naming part of the Ventura Freeway after former President Obama

He's going to Saudi Arabia after a Muslim ban and Israel after ratting out their intel.

WSJ: Israel Provided Intelligence Trump Shared With Russia, Officials Say

Miss USA Would Like To Change Her Answer About Affordable Health Care

How Trump Hurts the Spying Business

Tues. afternoon cuteness overload - Rip that ear off

Teen house party draws 400, causes ruckus in Plymouth Township

GOP Senators Discuss Short-Term Measures To Stabilize Obamacare Markets - TPM

Auditor: Priest spent $1.85M on personal residence

It is perfectly legal for the President to declassify Intel.

Stunning takedown of Trump from a very conservative columnist

ATTN: The Lounge hot tub has been closed for the summer but Skinner has opened a cryotherapy room...

Hand-held cell phones for drivers prohibited under House bill

Israelis' 'Worst Fears Confirmed'

Sudans president invited by Saudi Arabia to Trump meeting

"Anonymous sources" now more credible than the White House

DTE plans for no coal plants, 80% cut in carbon by 2050

Republican Rick Wilson slams Trump

Trump calls his STAFF incompetent...

One conclusion we can all draw...

I called out Ryan and Priebus on their hypocrisy, you can too.

Michigan's budget status just got complicated

Articles of Impeachment for Donald J. Trump

Notice-"Can Not Even" is out of stock & WTF supplies are dwindling....

Its become Reality TeeVee. Which isn't at all surprising.

The beauty of Trump tweets

Would we ever support a Democratic president who did the same things as Trump?

DRAFT - Articles of Impeachment for Donald J. Trump

Congressional GOP: Trump Told The Russians More Than He Told Us

Two minutes of Ron White for our President (NSFW)

MSNBC is ending the top rated The Last Word with Lawrence ODonnell

Trumpy unhappy with McMaster, pining for Flynn.

McConnell: No concerns about Trump's handling of classified info

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 16, 2017

Scary: Trump aides 'fear' leaving him alone in meetings, he's too daft to understand intelligence

Looks like Phil Griffin's job may be on the chopping block at MSNBC as well - The Daily Beast

Mackinac Bridge to close to traffic for Labor Day walk

Ford looks at reducing workforce to cut costs

according to Joe Manchin, congress has not been briefed on what trump told russia.

Housing and costs

Candidate Replaced by H-1B: Americans Should Have Some Input over Outsourcing

Oxford student who stabbed boyfriend could be spared jail 'because of her extraordinary talent'

I just spoke to Comcast about Lawrence O'Donnell.

Kilpatrick prosecutor accused of beating mother

Slate - The Tarnishing of H. R. McMaster

Suspect who set fire to Florida mosque seen in surveillance video, police say

slate - Donald Trump is a Stress Test for Democracy. We are Failing.

Will Trump touch Saudi Royalty with his left hand next week?

Trump can't be trusted with sensitive information - and now the world knows - WaPo Editorial Board

Biblical skeptics outpoll literalists for first time, survey shows


I was the first guy on TV to say "give Trump a chance" I fucked up."

Poll: 48 percent want Trump impeached

Kimberly Guilfoyle - possible new Press Sec. - loves her some Putin

Have you seen Trump's new Salad dressing?

ACLU, NAACP group call Flint water liens unjust -- and maybe illegal

Israeli intelligence 'boiling mad' over Trump disclosure: report

OK, it's becoming clear now: Spicer will soon be spending more time with family. nt

Toon - Every Day It Gets Worse

Ex-wife of former police chief convicted of healthcare fraud, jailed


Nicole Wallace cannot compete with Jake Tapper

Trump calls meetings "successful" all the time. I call a good meeting "productive" "enlightening"

I Finally Agree With Trump On Something - I Believe He Is Right That....

"The Comey firing had nothing to do with the Russia investigation"

Dave Chappelle Apologizes For Telling Viewers To Give Donald Trump A Chance

WH must veto this.The US president should not dine with a wanted war criminal who committed genocide

We've had over 10 inches of rain in the past two days in 11 of fourteen parishes

Anybody watching CNN right now? Blitzer is interviewing this tool, Sen. Rich,

I am curious: can intelligence people just not communciate with the stupid T?

They are not protecting Trump as much as they are protecting HR McMaster.

I just spent 15 minutes watching Fox "News" at the top of the hour.

With Trumps release of ISIS threat to commercial aircraft


Michael Moore filming Donald Trump documentary Fahrenheit 11/9

Oh,,,, but Trump is just learning on the Fucking Job........

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) w/ Chuck Toad on Trump & Russia: "Hillary"

I'd like to just not hear anything more about Trump until the movie comes out

Comey memo says Trump asked him to end Flynn investigation

Our Senator Mazie Hirono sent an email. She is definitely running in 2018, and was diagnosed

So - we have a narcissistic, infantile, ignorant, entitled asshole as our so-called president.


White officer seeks recusal of black judge in police slaying

Good grief, can we just arrest him now? Comey documents Obstruction of Justice:


School tech: Employer wrong to reprimand me over prayer talk

Court OKs plan for $380M in Native American farmer lawsuit

"Pence and Sessions were there, Sessions tried to linger around, and was asked to leave..."

How To Draw A Pig

Hirono undergoing treatment for kidney cancer

Toobin is wrong when he says

Adam Schiff: "GOP all want something from this president before the wheels come completely off."

Pimp from Houston gets lengthy federal prison sentence in St. Louis

Sean Spicer to headline Virginia GOP fundraiser at Trump National in Loudoun County

St. Louis mayor wants Confederate monument removed

"Comey wrote a memo about NEARLY EVERY SINGLE INTERACTION with Donald Trump."

How can Rs not start impeachment hearings now? What could the excuse possibly be?

On what date will Donald Trump leave office?

I see a movie in the making.

To the purely evil or terminally simple-minded pubbies who keep whining that "The President had the

If the Russia thing is a hoax....

Two All-Time Daily CO2 Records So Far In 2017; 412.63 ppm on 4/26, 411.27 on 5/15

"Why didn't Comey say something at the time?" Fox News Spin

Unbelievable! BURR just now: the burden is on the New York Times to get and show the memo.

Hey Mossad, give Trump a break - he didn't know what he was doing

Why does the GOP remain silent on Trump? I speculate it is because they want

Obama Willing to Serve as Temp President While Trump Receives Psychiatric Evaluation

It's all in the placement

Can a lawyer on DU tell us what has to happen...

Oops looks like Comey gets the Valentine's Day Massacre

I think they're gonna need to give him THREE scoops with his chocolate cream pie tonight.

On MSNBC just now: Comey documented in detail every single interaction

Conservative David Brooks writes best infantalist Trump take down to date

I thought Dershowitz had jumped the shark with his torture support. nt

Declare war on the IC and on the media and this is what you get

I believe Trump

At least $36M in cuts to state worker issues proposed

'Take a deep breath', is for lowering stress...Angus

Doing my Schadenfreude Dance! Comey created a paper trail! Every meeting, every phone call...

Poll Finds Growing Support for Impeaching Trump

Greta must have a thing for Alan Dershowitz

Followup---Comey memo was shared at Justice. Whoa!:

We will remember today

A good day to be an American or a citizen of the world!

GOP health plan: higher deductibles, no preexisting condition protections, new Age Tax for 50+. No w

Trump Putting US Intelligence Ties At Risk, Officials Say

So when does Donald issue his first pardon?

Dershowitz YELLING about the "ridiculous lies" of Sally FLYNN

I think I'm going to be sick. Angus King just said that Comey has pretty serious credibility

Three arrested at counter-rally held in Lee Park

"Clinton asks Comey to end e-mail probe"

Godamnit We need to take to the streets!

Good god we have hit rock bottom when Bill Kristol is the good guy. nt

World Hockey Championships: USA defeats Russia 5-3; advances to quarterfinals

We were the Petri Dish In Wisconsin we are old hands at the Rs standing by their crooked lying

Why wouldn't COMEY have tapes/recordings whatever? Ain't nothing gonna come

I have seen many false alarms but I think we got the son of a ----- !!!

Will the filthy repubs let Comey testify in open session?

How Republicans Are Blocking Cities From Raising the Minimum Wage

IMO, I would have a camera on former FBI Director James B. Comey office to prevent

Scene on White House roof

President Barack H. Obama Highway.

Dem unveils bill to make Trump refund travel costs

Whichever Dem wins in 020 he or she should make HRC A G and let her prosecute Chump

The Board of Directors should get together and hire a new CEO...

Remember Bill Clinton visiting with Lynch on the plane?

Breaking :Trump's disclosure endangered spy placed inside ISIS by Israel, officials say

Trump reportedly asked Comey to consider imprisoning members of the press

Trump's disclosure endangered spy placed inside ISIS by Israel, officials say

Who are the "civil officers" in the U.S. government that can be impeached besides

It's now just a waiting game.

Sally Yeates on CNN tonight...............

On the Water: Ten Favorite Places on European Rivers, Lakes and Coastlines

Dershowitz wants to represent Trump during impeachment

Trump would rather play around with the chaos that he is creating

Should Deplorables be shunned for voting for this clown?

Some reporter should interview Jill Stein...

Obama willing to serve as temp President (Borowitz, Satire)

Lawrence O'Donnell ... OUT?

Trump's sociopathic affect may be so disastrously low that he's actually enjoying all this...

"All We Had". Sweet indie film.

Another letter to Brad, my congressman. A regular feature?

Lol screen grab from politico

This isn't a "drip...drip...drip" anymore

"Consciousness of Guilt" is the phrase Toobin just used to describe

For those "journalists" who declared Pussy Grabber "presidential" after he failed to shit his pants

While similar to Watergate it is in fact a daily reenactment of "Lord of the Flies"

OK, Republicans, it's time to admit it

CNN :Jeffery Tobin, Three Words, "Obstruction of Justice"

Chaffetz R (House Oversight Chair) needs to see the Comey memo(s) and "has subpoena pen ready"

SCROTUS, resign to avoid impeachment. Resign today because your goose is cooked!

Toobin sucks

The Way We Were

a new law I'd like to see regarding Presidential candidates...

Enough is enough: Intel committees Schiff calls for Comey to publicly testify on Trump Flynn me

"If true...this could be troubling" - which gopper will say this first?

White Hat

Sen Schumer shaken by these reports

Scene on White House lawn

When are the republicans in congress going to stop covering for trump? When trump

Pierce: This Would Be as Impeachable an Offense as Anything Nixon Did

Pic Of The Moment: Said They Would Drain The Swamp...

Chaffetz Says He Wants To See Comey Memo: 'I Have My Subpoena Pen Ready'

Bluebird chicks

Healing thoughts and prayers for Mazie Hirono


The business case for pollinator-friendly solar sites

MSNBC Chris Hayes shares image from State Dept Library

Imagine if Tweety, Rachel, and Chris Hayes walked out if Andy Lack fires Lawrence.

This Isn't Smoke. It's Fire. - Josh Marshall

Trump becoming sour and dark as he turns against son-in-law Jared Kushner

I wish Democratic politicians would see reality for what it is.

How's that "Trump Russia Collusion is bullshit" working for the Jackass Radicals these days?

Comey's memo regarding Trump seems legit!

Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall...


Ethiopian politician Yonatan Tesfaye guilty of terror charge

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 17 May 2017

I'm watching the debate between Perriello and Northam.

Maxine Waters nailed it months ago.

Remember when the GOP was all aflutter over a consensual b--w j-b

What are the odds that they will get awaywith it, despite us pesky kids

if 45 is willing to commit crimes under the world's microscope in the white house...

Downloaded Star Tracker. Free though I'm sure it uses tons of data.

Airline safety? Didn't Putin have an airplane shot down?

Matthews' show, night after night: Split screen with Matthews blathering and the guests laid mute.

Trump Officials on Comey Memo: Dont See How Trump Isnt Completely F*cked