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Archives: May 17, 2017

Congressman calls for Trumps immediate impeachment

Darrel Issa flipped off a female reporter

Citing NYT Report, Schumer Tells Colleagues 'History Is Watching'

NSA officials worried about the day its potent hacking tool would get loose. Then it did.

If this draining the swamp, Trump? You are doing the job all by yourself!

Glenn Greenwald reminds us who the real villain is: Obama and his "war on whistleblowers"

A Scandal a Day Puts the Asshole Away

Even if Drumpt is dumped his legacy will be:

I get that there's blood in the water on this Comey memo

CAPTION - The Passion of the Jared

White House scrambles to limit damage after latest bombshell

Toon "He IS The Leak!"

Hilarious SNL take on Senior version of Amazon Echo

We all knew that it would play out this way, and yet it's still shocking to see it happen.

Trump Is Not Going Anywhere. GOP Leadership Still On His Side. GOPPERS Will Be On Trump Side Forever

Should we start and impeachment forum in here?

David Gergen: we're in "impeachment territory"...

USA Gymnastics won't buy famed Karolyi ranch after all

Poll: Are you going to miss Gov. Terry Branstad?

Those "interesting times?"

Former Mossad chief: Israel will "think twice" before sharing sensitive info

Trump to Comey: You'd BETTER hope I don't have tapes!

These Beloved Penguins May Be Doomed

Is this Trump's end game scenario? (Fiction)?

So A President Needs to be Impeached to be removed from Office, but

I really want to see his birth certificate that he has already shown

For those who have been in the military,

Dont get fooled by the snake oil marketing of the Trumpcare, Obamacare replacement

I Am Convinced Trump Could Have Given Russians The"Football" & GOP Would Just Yawn.

Ex-North Carolina GOP lawmaker Fletcher Hartsell sentenced to 8 months

Awesome news from Montana and Georgia:

Final Jeopardy

Tom The Dancing Bug Toon - Revenge of the Babysat!


Report: Dylann Roof told expert he was a sociopath, not autistic


Ya know . . . . the House and Senate office buildings are open to everyone.

Just remember, today's headlines wrap around your weary brain, THIS is the President.

Rep Joaquin Castro: "If there was obstruction of Justice we will go to impeachment"

Sr. Trump Official: "I don't see how Trump isn't completely fucked"

What will Trump say when he goes overseas?

Another reason to loathe the GOP

Every time I see Jeffrey Lord on TV

Louise Mensch--You are a disgrace to the uniform of JAG @LindseyGrahamSC.

Is anbody else paying attention to the timeline with the Comey memo?

Amid "Constitutional Crisis," Bernie Sanders Urges Workers to Seize Means of Production

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! LOCK HIM UP! Live, Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

EAGLE UPDATE: I am humbled.

BREAKING: Chris Hayes reports polling moving against Republicans in GA-06 and MT-AL

Ryan & McConnel Are Ruthless Thugs Just Like The Mafia Or Mexican Cartel.

Sen. Durbin says in private conversations, some Republicans have hit the breaking point w/Trump.

Best #ComeyMemo Tweets: Senior Trump official says President is "completely fucked."

Tomorrow's DAILY NEWS

I'm trying to imagine Rachel Maddow's team's day...

Trump and Comey are like Capone and Ness

Rachel talking about subpoenas - adding a new one for Manafort

MSNBC Ending Lawrence ODonnell The Last Word Show Despite Top Ratings (Exclusive)

Dana Bash now reporting Congressional R's now debating between

Breaking: New subpoena

FAUX NEWS on Comey: It's a non story

Michael Schmidt (NYT author of Comey/Flynn story) now on Rachel Maddow.

Fox News Cant Find Republicans to Defend Trump In Wake of Recent Comey Memo

David Frum: This is no longer about Trump. We know what he is.

Dana Bash now reporting Congressional Rs debating between supporting independent prosecutor or indep

IF a President has "absolute right" to declassify secrets, ...

Senator Green told he was acting treasonous when he accepted a dinner

I am not now and I have never been a republican

Duck Ramps Appear at U.S. Capitol, but Not Everyone Is Pleased

2020 Presidential Poll

If Trump Is Impeached Will The Collusion Investigations.....

The Trump/Pence campaign is sending this email out to its supporters.

Senate Republicans have no idea how to continue to cover up for the president.

I'm in news ecstacy right now

Think Trump is..

Bernie Sanders/John Kasich debate on CNN cancelled

Trump Officials on Comey Memo: Dont See How Trump Isn't Completely F*cked

Glenn Greenwald you out there? Tell us again how you don't think it is likely there was any

Power and abuse of power

Dan Rather's newest Facebook post is a must-read.

BREAKING: New subpoenas issued on Manafort's Real Estate dealings

Luckovich 'toon - Trump Dog Shaming


I love Rachel Maddow, BUT....

Did a quick check - Trump obstruction led all three alphabet channel nightly news shows.

Rep. Rick Quinn, R-Lexington, vows to fight, blasts prosecutors witch hunt

Which way to turn? Which way is best? What to do, what to do . . . .

Brawley races to win in SC House Democratic primary

Do you think impeachment will be successful?...

My turn to bestow a tip, payback or all the help I've gotten here. It's about gmail

This overseas trip is going to be a hoot

Manaforte is the Big Catch. The Prize Flounder. The thread that unravels the suit.

NBC News: Subpoena issued for Manafort loan taken out after he resigned from Trump campaign

CBS ***** FBI Sees Unprecedented Interference In Russian Probe *****

Nixon faced impending impeachment because he plotted to have an investigation called off.

I wonder what Donald will tweet tomorrow morning??

Confirmed: MSNBC is ending Lawrence O'Donnell's Show

Tonight I'm wondering if R's in congress

IMO, a special prosecutor is a way to send everything to a bottomless rabbit hole but ...

Have any of your relatives played the Jesus card on you?

Trump Finds It Harder To Recruit Talent As Scandals Pile Up

History may not repeat, but it certainly does rhyme.

As The Pressure Ratchets Up.....

2018 US Senate Election- Top Tier Republican challengers that have announced they are running.

Lawrence is on NOW!

Let's play GOP Trump Scandal bingo!

IMO, There is a possibility that he will cancel his Friday trip. Just my opinion.

Dear auto-correct,

Most Pointless Washington Post Editorial Headline of the Week

Wow - Slate - "The End is Nigh" (re Impeachment!)

My husband is forcing me to watch Hannity

After today's news about giving one of our allies' intel to Russia . . . . .

Murdock, Sinclair Group, Billionaires, Et Al Stealing Entire Media. Going To Hate Media.

Could Trump Just Run Away?

Federal Rule of Evidence 803 - Exceptions to Hearsay

drumpf survival poll - due to the speed of light breaking events - he will be gone in...

Nearly 400 Birds Die In One Night After Flying Into Texas Skyscraper

Church organist who vandalized Indiana church with slurs fired

Sure, we're talking about "impeachment" and "resignation" but Trump is probably talking about

If rump is impeached, which probably won't happen, and Pence became President, would that mean that

Impeachment begins in the House. If you are in a red state, call your Reps.

"The Art of a Clusterfuck," by Donald J. Trump. n/t

Line of succession/House of horrors:

If Trump & Co are 100% guilty of everything we at DU claim, it is not nearly as evil as what...

Well according to time travel history the good news is Lisa Simpson will be the next President:

2017 AL US Senate Election-Doug Jones-D

Planting trees in DC to help save Caribbean songbirds

Have you had any of these spices? Find out why they help make Mediterranean cuisine so rich

GOP rep calls for special prosecutor on Russia

Ted Lieu introduced the SWAMP Act

The leaks were expected and will keep coming.

What the ever-loving hell is going on?

Has anyone gone to the dark side to

I've been semi-hysterical today

Trump reportedly asked Comey to consider imprisoning members of the press

In Mexico easy to kill journalists

Erdogan's goons roughed up protesters in DC today

In Mexico easy to kill journalists

Newt is at it again

July 4, 2017, Donald Trump will be...

Michael Moore preps surprise documentary for Donald Trump

Some one is missing from msnbc

Joy Reid is brilliant and so very likable.

Feds Subpoena Records for $3.5M Mystery Mortgage on Manaforts Home

Comey took and shared his notes

Just think this is the honeymoon period

"I have the greatest launch codes"

I Wonder What HRC Is Thinking Tonight

A unqualified President picking a fight with the Intelligence Community

What is in his damned tax returns???

mental defect is his only defense.

What do the people who are really close to Trump think about Flynn, firing Comey, leaking secrets?

Who the hell would be stupid enough to take the FBI director job under Trump?

Even Fox Can't Get Any Republicans to Discuss Comey Memo (Because They're All Snowflakes!!!!!)

"Benghazi This, Assholes"

Mitch McConnell flees the Senate, reverts to his natural state and heads for the sea (twitter link)

what the hell happened to DayZ ?

Hunter S. Thompson predicted this

AP via TPM - Trump Transition Officials Moved Classified Material Without Permission

It's now obvious that the crimes Trump committed are so vile and anti-American

Syria is the new Germany? We have to do something,

Donald Trump Tweeted This Today.....

Progressive Larry Krasner wins Dem. primary for Philadelphia District Attorney

Senior member of Trump team said to tell Israelis: Western Wall is not your territory

History does have a way of coming around.

How The Pro-Trump Media Responds To A Crisis In Just 4 Steps

McCain: Trump scandals reaching 'Watergate size and scale'

Protesters injured outside Turkish embassy in DC after Trump-Erdogan meeting

Impeachment Party Tonight - MSNBC Live Streaming

WP: Trumps overseas trip must be canceled. The risks are too great.

What is predicted tweet for tomorrow?

How Does Trump's Meltdown Have Any Impact On GOP's Efforts To Gut Healthcare or Cut Taxes?

What time is the Trump Tweet storm kicking off?

Who is this Doug Wead Douche that Claims to be a HIstorian on CNN ?

Bloomberg - Washington Loves General McMaster, But Trump Doesn't

Video: Sally Yates on Mike Flynn -- Interview Today

So when's Tom Arnold gonna drop those Apprentice outtakes, ffs? eom

It won't matter Trump will pardon everyone then resign and president pence will

The irony is that all of them: Trump, Flynn, Manafort would have been quite happier

UC Irvine law professor to challenge Rep. Mimi Walters (R) in Orange County's 45th District

Trump is done. How do we stop Pence?

Im Not There at This Point: Sanders Isnt Ready to Jump on the Trump Impeachment Wagon Yet

Following advice, potential FBI chiefs steer clear of job under Trump

Never Piss Off The Media, And Never Piss Off The FBI...

Republicans are standing down.

Good News! Lawrence O'Donnell holds on to his job!

As seen on Facebook

Did Spicey have a press briefing today (Tuesday)?

I cannot tell a lie

A Rare Public Display of a 17th-Century Mayan Manuscript

If Trump is forced out, should Comey be re-instated as FBI Director?

A Rare Public Display of a 17th-Century Mayan Manuscript

Trump Supporters Have Laryngitis... Or REALLY Bad Case Of Hypocrisy...

slate - Trumps War on the Press Has Always Been Real

Ancient human sacrifice found in South Korea

Get your trump yard signs

Please check out this thread. It's important.

watch my video How to make a batik painting with heat transfer images added.

Scientists are trying to save a 5,000-year-old lost city in Pakistan by leaving it buried

The pResident didn't think this through very well

So, so gratified.

New Trump Hats...

I'm wondering, when tRump gets impeached

Timothy Snyder prediction from April 2016

Here's A Discussion To Ponder....

From Whispering Galleries to Echo Chambers, These Five Architectural Structures Have Extraordinary A

"We Know He's Up There'' - Family Says Their Dog Willingly Spends His Time on Roof (pix,

Erik Prince, The Seychelles and a secret Putin/Trump backchannel

Unexpected Finds Boost Mystery at Bolivia's Tiahuanaco Citadel

Unexpected Finds Boost Mystery at Bolivia's Tiahuanaco Citadel

Manafort has been subpoenaed per NBC

"The Failing New York Times"

***Trump's disclosure endangered spy placed inside ISIS by Israel, officials say***

NASA, ISRO Team Up To Inspect 'Oldest Civilisation' Site In Haryana

Gary schools seeking another state loan to meet payroll

Sally Yates on Flynn with Anderson Cooper 16 May

NASAs Dawn Spacecraft Makes Movie Of Dwarf Planet Ceres Bright Crater

A New Goal for President Trumps First Foreign Trip: Damage Control

It's A Volcano, But Not As We Know It - Astronomers Study Largest Active Volcano In Solar System

Keith Olbermann: Whats Happening in Donald Trumps Head?

I remember the fighting between people during Watergate. My brother and a co-worker were on

The only way this could get more insane

Trump Could Be Going Down Sooner Than You Think

Anyone watching Genius, the Nat Geo series

Watch LIVE PT Beauregard Monument removal in New Orleans

Anyone watching Genius, the Nat Geo series?

Man caught on video punching female security guard apologizes after surrendering

Report: Trump told Comey to consider imprisoning reporters who publish leaks

Onward Together - Resist, insist, persist, enlist. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Rachel Maddow's Show tonight is a stunner!

Exclusive: New subpoena issued in the investigation of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort

Why did Pence delete this pic?

Leon Panetta Completely DESTROYS Trump After Russia Leaks on CNN Interview

My thoughts about misogyny and the 1999 film 'Election'- *SPOILER ALERT*

McCain just said Trump scandals have reached a "Watergate size and scale"

Florida health officials (republicans) try to stop smokable marijuana

GOP fears Trump will take the Republican Party down with him

Lawrence's FB page is blank...damn them to hell

the Justice Department under Attorney General Sessions is not going to indict the sitting president.

Chicago Public Schools cancels presentation to pension fund

The picture that Mr. Trump has managed to create so far

Suburban 'Bionic Wrench' maker wins $6M in patent suit against Sears, supplier

"Trump Russia" is currently the no. 1 search on Google ... nt

Rauner, Madigan start annual push to avoid blame for lack of budget

Seth Myers - Trump Asked Comey to End Flynn Probe, Gave Russians Intel: A Closer Look

Stephen Finally Agrees With Donald Trump On Something - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Kennedy: 'Political insiders' shouldn't pick Democrats' nominee for governor

Manafort got $3.5 million as a "nonrepayable" loan from Trump after leaving the campaign.

Top Illinois auditor fined $5,000 after campaign probe

Moscow in the Meddle - President Trump Can't Be Trusted with Secrets: The Daily Show

Emanuel looks to Springfield session for CPS money

Democratic group warns candidates to play nice as early Pritzker push causes friction

Four insurers out of running for Rauner's Medicaid overhaul

The Manchurian Candidate most of us knew that before the elections were over

After being booed at Chicago State, Rauner says he'd 'love to boo our system as well'

Man Arrested For Threatening U.S. Rep., Telling Her 'Your Days Are Numbered'

Sometimes google news gets it wrong



Sanders Statement on Trump's Request to Shut Down Flynn Investigation

Cities need 'hedges as well as trees' for environment

CNN: Comey Memo: Trump want to see reporters jailed for leaks

republicans propose Massive Trump Monument for DC

US government sues UnitedHealth again for mischarging Medicare Advantage

Krasner declared winner of Democratic primary for DA in Philly

Rauner accuses Madigan, House Dems of trying to derail Senate talks

This morning on Bloomberg TV, Tom Keene asked Marty Schenker when would we find some courage

Financial Freedom Settles Alleged Liability for Servicing of Federally Insured Reverse Mortgage Loan

Rep. Rodney Davis' bill would end Jesse Jackson Jr. workers' comp pay

I am personally offended by Newt Gingrich

GOP coverup clock begins today: How many days did you wait to investigate?

Why, Donnie Ringo. You look like someone...walked over your 9th hole (15 hours since last tweet)

Imagine if you will....

Q: At this point in watergate, who defended Nixon publicly? Anyone remember?

Six People Sentenced in $172,000,000 Insurance Fraud Scheme


DoD may have improperly booted thousands of troops with mental health conditions


How things look today if you only watch Fox News

What if Trump is convicted upon impeachment or the 25th Amendment were invoked, and

Why the Navy is switching from 'goddamned steam' catapults

30 yrs ago today: USS Stark nearly sunk by Iraqi Exocet missile

The Russians know exactly what they are doing. They will not let Trump go.

Juan Williams (Fox): When will Republicans apologize to Hillary Clinton?

Watch: The Turkish presidents bodyguards beat up US protestors after he met with Trump

State Sen. Carlos Uresti indicted on multiple fraud charges

Pretend Clinton did what Trump has done: Our view

"Republican strategist" says Trump's foreign trip is his "time to shine."

Wonderful Depends commercial about Trump on Jimmy Fallon

New round postage stamps to give you the feel of your favorite sports

Tool to fight voter fraud only cost $75,000, but Florida Senate didnt approve it

Bills would impose stricter penalties for serious youth offenders in Wisconsin

Mark Pocan says Paul Ryan 'seems to roll over and want his belly rubbed' by Trump

State of Washington law paves way for organic marijuana market

Remember The Mike Flynn / James Woosley and Turkish meeting in NY?

Question about cursive writing (aka "real writing.")

Nikki Haley: Western Wall part of Israel, US embassy should be moved to Jerusalem

80 percent of Republicans approve of the job Trump is doing

Resistent Klebsiella Strain Found In Houston; Far More Common Than Thought, Prolific Gene-Swapper

No tweets this morning?

New Orleans crews begin removing statue of Confederate general

Up To 90% Coral Death Found For Reefs In Remote Chagos Archipelago In Indian Ocean

Turley is saying this does not rise to the level of obstruction of justice.

Merkley, Whitehouse Point Out Senior EPA Official Violates President Shitstain's "Ethics Rules"

They changed his diapers. He changed their lives

Pootin offering 'recording" of meeting? WTF, so they were searched, etc.....prior to the meeting

This is what a right wing fascist Senate has to say about Treason, "LESS DRAMA", -----BS,

Putin claims to have recording of trump/lavrov meeting...

Peach Mint Sangria!

Can we take a moment to enjoy the view?

the queen of mean: Rep. Marsha Blackburn defends President Trump in wake of Russia report

Trump stormed off and left staffers to clean up after Comey memo - now theyre dreading his tweets

Chelsea Manning: Wikileaks Source Freed From Prison

Comey Damns Trump By Saying He Didnt Write Memos On Obama Because Obama Was Truthful

Why is the US Chamber of Commerce paying for Karen Handel's political ad

Kids Can Now Earn a Merit Badge for Rebutting the Boy Scouts Anti-Atheist Bias

BAD NEWS for those of you who really hate the effin' Eagles, man.

"Listen all of y'all it's a sabotage!!!"

A statement we might be hearing often repeated in the near future...

So let me see if I got this - Putin is offering the US Congress

The contemporary Republican Party has demonstrated that it no longer is what it claims to be.

Religious beliefs involved in Oregon pesticide dispute

Putin ready to provide record of Lavrov-Trump exchange

Knights of Columbus needs to show restraint in the political sphere

Michael Moore making a movie about Trump, claims it will 'dissolve' his presidency

As long as Putin is willing to provide a copy of his recording of the Trump/Lavrov meeting,

So Jason Chaffetz demanded that all correspondence be presented by 24 May.

Chaffetz wants to subpoena Comey memo?

NY Times op/ed: Free Advice to Trump Aides: Quit While You Can

Obama Willing to Serve as Temp President While Trump Receives Psychiatric Evaluation

PennState Professor, Roger Shouse calls for execution of NYT reporters

It looks like the GOP isn't interested in supporting Trump anymore...

Collins: No need for special prosecutor

Do you think Chump is nervous now?

Church Militant: A Right-Wing Media Empire in the Making

When you send your own bodyguard to fire the Director of the FBI

No more religious exemptions: Montreal is taxing churches

"On Tyranny": Lessons to be Learned in the Age of Trump by

Sulzberger Claims NYT Won't Run Pieces "Denying Basic Truths" - Uh, Too Late . . .

Kingofalldems, your horse has arrived at Old Hilltop....

TeaBagger co-founder: Media is "hostile" to Republicans & Trump, end the daily press briefings

Tillis (R)-NC collapses

And Now We Know Why US Corporations Oppose Leaving The Paris Climate Agreement . . .

Response to Dan Rather

National Security Council officials

What Do You See In This Picture?

MSNBC can kiss my ass if he goes...

Trump to replace Comey with Kim Jong-un at FBI - "It's perfectly legal" say Ryan and McConnell...

when are you going to get off ur butt and speak up

Did somebody interrupt the Madman mid-tweet yesterday?

Let's Celebrate!

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - The Leaker in the White House

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - Apocalypse Orange

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Worth posting just for the photo, Marone

Tweet from Lawrence O'Donnell- Contract expires 6/4

Democrats try to punch through with message, but Trump scandals get in the way

It's a beautiful morning - a brand new day.

NSC officials strategically include Trump's name often in text of briefings just to keep him reading

trump suggested imprisoning journalists over leaks, comey memo alleges

email the DoJ and ask for a Special Prosecutor

The tragic tale of an atheist blogger seeking asylum in Germany

Comey V Chump. Who do you have?

Fact Checker - Translating McMaster's rhetoric on the Russia-leak story

Will Trump lose his mind and go nuts during his speech at the Coast Guard Academy today?

It's nice to finally see the morning papers taking this stuff seriously

Religious freedom and Islamic terrorism

Another Trump crisis craters GOP agenda

You know who *wouldn't* have leaked highly classified to the Russians in the White House?

BREAKING: Trump Revealed Highly Classified Intel to Russians in Oval Office

Trump Suddenly Doesn't Want to Talk About Comey "Tapes"

Andy Lack - you have to choose between a gangster president and an honest news anchor

Ignorantia juris non excusat - but....

The Untold Truth Of Baby Groot

Am I the only one who is starting to think Trump WANTS to fail?

Does anybody know the latest on whether iPads will be banned from carry on?

Buddhists Helping Buddhists

Should Andy Lack cater to the whims of the gangster president or keep earnest Lawrence O'Donnell

History teaches and warns us. The american people may have to face the Impossible.

Comey's Memo Is the Smoking Gun of Donald Trumps Watergate

Trump is beset from all sides, but is not the "Righteous man"

German intelligence committee head calls Donald Trump 'a security risk to the Western world'

VICE Founder Shane Smith Interviews the Visionary Behind JUNGLETOWN

Ethics Complaint on Senator Burr for obstructing justice

Probably the sickest burn ever.

Why does North Korea hate the United States? Lets go back to the Korean War.

The 6 most ridiculous stories Fox & Friends covered this week to avoid discussing Trump scandals

AP: Trump Transition Officials Moved Classified Material Without Permission

MEANWHILE, in Tennessee...

Ana Navarro email from one of her Mexican friends

For those pondering the meaning of "obstruction of justice", consider the following...

Congressman Al Green to call for impeachment in the House today

What is Burr's angle here?

As Catholic influence in Ireland wanes, some hope abortion will be legalized

David Cay Johnston: Donald Trump Is a Clear and Present Danger

All Joe "YOU LIE" Wilson is sayyyyyyyy-ing, is give Trump a chance...

Comey's Unceremonious Firing Boomerangs On Trump

Moving adventures.

Ratings: MSNBC beat Fox as top choice for Comey news

cnn: paul ryan is talking really fast....he wants to run from the camera!!!

What Does Barack Obama Really Think of Donald Trump? 'He's Nothing But a Bullsh-ter'

I'm sorry for mentioning this......but I think SNL isn't that funny.

Issa Flips Off Reporter

Apparently tRump Also Has A Note On That Meeting With Comey

Is religion an evolved domain or instinct?

DOW DOWN 240! ....9AM Today

Enlist Rachel Maddow to Help Stop the Termination of Lawrence O'Donnell Show

Will Trump implement a "scorched earth" policy when he is forced


Things Are So Bad That Fox News Couldnt Find A Republican To Come On The Air To Defend Trump

Dem Rep Green calling for Trump's impeachment NOW!

Right pushes Trump to make staff, press changes

Schoolhouse Rock - I'm Just a Lie (Jimmy Kimmel Live on Trump's Alternative Facts)

Your Daily Greenwald keeps setting the bar lower and lower...

Trump to unveil plans for an Arab NATO in Saudi Arabia

Smart guy- "Time for some Comey game theory."

Paul Ryan just said "there are those who want to harm the president"

15 Chefs Who Have Refused to Work With Donald Trump

Spicer is going to have a rather unusual press briefing today...BYOB "B" isn't bottle!

Gov. waste - Repuke Senator focuses on Duck Ramps

Conservative columnist: Trump should be removed under 25th Amendment

Ryan, Live MSNBC: "Dispassionately do our jobs ..."

A new term that I saw to describe Drump...."noxious flesh bag"

This Stand-Up Comedian Gets Just About Everything Wrong When It Comes to Atheists

Lawrence O'Donnell FB....1 hr ago Contract expires June 4‏

Dem senators want probe into Sessions over Comey firing

UN Religious Freedom Expert Hails Albania Interfaith Harmony

I am sick and tired of the "Good Guys".

Sally Yates Full Interview with Anderson Cooper yesterday

REAL POTUS Barack Obama Says, Cheeto Is Nothing But A Bulls***er.....

So, who takes the kind of notes Comey did?

If you were Comey would you have reported that meeting to

NYT: Chelsea Manning Leaves Prison, Closing an Extraordinary Leak Case

KEEP CALLING! Lawrence O'Donnell confirms he may be leaving MSNBC

James and the giant imPeach

Let's use this TRUMP/RUSSIA time to put down DEM Figures, COMEY & others investigating!

So Burr and Ryan have come out today saying...

Alex Jones & Roger Stone weigh in: "McMaster is bald. That means he's gay."

When a guest on RW radio doesn't follow the script - this AM

In White House meeting Trump thanks Erdoğan for "excellent towels"

Cummings Presser right now - turn it on

Loose lips sink presidencies

CBS reached out to 20 republican senators and reps and W.H. to appear on news-all declined

6M with pre-existing conditions could be charged more under GOP plan

How big a s--t show is Chump's overseas trip going to be and what will it do to America's cred ?

First Republican raises impeachment for Trump

"Completely f*cked": Trumps White House staff admits the Comey memo is the beginning of the end

The state of the Republican Party right now:

he said Israeli intelligence officers were "boiling mad and demanding answers"

New Mental Disease Definition.....TRUMPOLEMIA

Trump has 3 days left this week...(before golfing)

House Dems to file discharge petition for bill to create ind. commission on Trump-Russia scandal

Trump Impeachment Talk Grows From Conspiracy Theory To Mainstream

Chelsea Mannings long overdue release from a military prison today

Rep Elijah Cummings: Ryan has "zero, zero, zero appetite for any investigation of President Trump"

Ryan Vows To Gather The Facts, But Insists People 'Want To Harm' Trump

Nobody knows where this really goes from here, the White House official said. Everyone is walking

Dammit, this kid is going to be baptized and baptized good

Wall Street -Where's your messiah now?

Priming the swamp. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Princeton University Emergency Project Seeks to "Rescue" Climate Data from Gov't Websites.

New Mexico senators slam trump

A disastrous act of war is inevitable

USA Today: Trump's business network reached alleged Russian mobsters

Pro Tip to White House Staff: Walk out.

Paul Ryan is going after #mediCARE..

Jack Welch: Impeachment of Trump would 'blow the market away'

This Is How Trump's NatSec Aides Get Him To Pay Attention To His Briefings


Wall Street gives up on a 2017 tax overhaul

Notice how Trump is giving a lot of speeches right now @ places where he can feel the love?

Companies Want Tech Skills and the Ability to Write in Complete Sentences

Just a reminder- The markets went up during the Clinton impeachment

KO:What's Happening in Trump's Head?After he hands secrets to the Russians,a simple question:What

Playing the victim card is dangerous

KO:What's Happening in Trump's Head? After he hands secrets to the Russians, a simple question: What

Wall Street worried about losing its Sugar Daddy?

'If It's Not MSNBC': Lawrence O'Donnell Hints at Career's Future on Twitter

Note to the GOP!

So tornadoes killed more poor folks in mobile homes yesterday

Bundchen says Tom Brady has history of concussions

President Trump Job Approval - Where is the bottom?

All Eyez on Me

First Republican raises impeachment for Trump

Vladimir vouching for Donald

Trumps New Bank Regulator: Lawyer Who Helped Banks Charge More Fees

Trump approval rating hits new low in new poll

Tillerson: "I would have no way to know" if Russians bugged Oval Office

Indonesia's Aceh: Two gay men sentenced to 85 lashes

Democratic members of multiple House Committees Presser

The Numbers Are In: Trumps Trillion-Dollar Tax Cuts Will Take A Stunning Toll On American Society

First Republican raises impeachment for Trump

Vladimir Putin Denies Donald Trump Revealed Classified Information In Russia Meeting

US Christian group claims gays are trying to 'reintroduce slavery in theSouth'

Kinda sorta opposed to impeachment

Japanese Princess Mako set to marry 'Prince of the Sea'

Chris Collins faces ethics inquiry over investments

have you seen the google doodle for today?115th anniversary of finding the Antikythera mechanism

Those Republicans still backing Trump surely lets one know what they are made of, if ever any doubt!

Stocks, Dollar Fall Amid Turmoil in Washington

They're trying to TWIST this, now, that COMEY did wrong by not reporting what Trump did.

Issa Flips Off Reporter -- They're cracking under the pressure! 😂

Putin isolates US allies; only friend will be Russia who happens to be Trump's BFF.

To Protect Life, State Department Rolls Out Womens Health Policy Critics Call a Death Warrant

Surfing dogs:

Watching footage of the Madman at the Coast Guard Academy. He seems deflated, yet...

Trump starting his coast guard academy commencement speech

There has something bothering me with Trump?

Pic Of The Moment: Asked If He Still Has Confidence In President Trump, Paul Ryan Says "I Do"

Rocket Docket changes in schedule...

Ladies and Gentlemen! May I introduce to you... KARMA !!

trump and co. made 4 huge mistakes.

Trump bragging about F-35 program savings during Coast Guard Commencement speech

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) collapses during run, had CPR, seizure

Erdogan outgunned at Trump meeting in face of US-Russian united front

Could someone ask VP Pence if he was asked to leave the room?


Lawmakers shoot down Trump's proposed cuts to medical research

stephen colbert finally agrees with donnie on something

Comey didn't go to Sessions because he knows he's corrupt.

sounds like trump is going off script....'look at the way i've been treated lately'

Chump sounds like he needs a safe space.

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) calls for Impeachment of President Trump (C-SPAN)

Trump's Loyalty Crisis: He demands it from everyone, but gives it to no one.

Macron cabinet: Women are half of France's new ministers

Memo says Trump asked Comey to drop Flynn investigation

The Commander in Chief whines to people 50 years younger. What a craven wuss

Save The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell contact info...

After Latest White House Crisis, Are Markets Finally About to Crack?

North Carolina's U.S. Senator Tillis 'fine' after collapse at race

Nobody can prove what was said between Comey and Trump...

New Jon Ossoff ad: "Unforgiveable"

The last laugh

What Does Barack Obama Really Think of Donald Trump? Hes Nothing But a Bullshitter

Bigger Than 9/11.....

Enda Kenny announces resignation as Fine Gael leader

Trump: "No politician in history has been treated worse or more unfairly" than me

Watergate Prosecutor: Well On Our Way To Impeach Trump

Shariah court sentences gay lovers to public caning

Dow Industrials down 200+ after down over 100 yesterday

GOP nears total exasperation with Trump

Don't excuse Trump because of his is his experience showing.

New Orleans takes down 3rd Confederate-era monument

Former Mossad chiefs blast Trump

Bwahaha! Uday Trump (Don Jr) high-fives Geraldo tweet, and in doing so ENDORSES COMEY MEMO

Remember Trump chanting, "Lock her up!"

Senate Intel Committee Sends Letter to James Comey Requesting His OPEN Testimony

Trump Threat To Comey Of 'Tapes' Draws Nixon Comparisons

"Ad hoc" disclosure of intel. sets Trump apart, experts say

Joy-an Reid slaps down GOP Comey talking point - Gives path to independent counsel (VIDEO)

I bet that each and every morning

The Trump Presidency Falls Apart

"Watergate took months. This thing seems to be taking hours."

Trump disclosure of classified intel may have endangered spy: report

All you need to know about Ryan

What Does Barack Obama Really Think of Donald Trump? Hes Nothing But a Bullshitter

Intel Community Will Not Conduct Damage Assessment of Trumps Disclosure

Puerto Rico creditors open to mediation in bankruptcy court

Analysis Trumps careening toward an inevitable showdown with an undeniable truth

Illinois' unpaid bills reach record $14.3 billion

#ImpeachTrump tweeted 2.3 million times since Jan 20, 60,000 yesterday

What Trump Doesn't Know About Comey Memo

I wrote The Art of the Deal with Trump. His self-sabotage is rooted in his past.

Mike Pence (or someone impersonating him) just started a leadership PAC.

Don Jr. has a sad, and I must come to the conclusion that many of you here are responsible.

Female GOP lawmakers flee House for higher office, retirement

So why is President Trump not visiting Masada?

Neoliberalism's opt-out culture, charter shools & infrastructure.

Dem to call for Trump's impeachment on House floor (Green D-Texas, video)

Wikipedia... glitch?

Trump Throws A Humiliating Tantrum And Whines To Coast Guards Grads About Being Treated Unfairly

Trump Seizes Coast Guard Address To Gripe About Media Coverage Of Him

To Trump White House Staff: 'Lawyer Up'

Trump whines about "unfair" media treatment while addressing Coast Guard grads headed to active duty

Pic Of The Moment: Helpful Putin Offers To Provide Transcript Of Trump/Russia Oval Office Meeting

Donald Trunmp, Jr. This is for you

You know why I know the earth isn't flat?

Milbank: Spicer wouldnt be first Trump has used, discarded

Flashback: the bail interview for the Watergate burglars

We do not absolutely need a tape of the meeting with the Russians May 10th ...

Adam Schiff: 'Last thing' Trump needs 'is Putin vouching for him'

Dirtbag Darrell Issa snaps over latest Comey revelations, flips the bird to reporter

That girl has got some serious skills

NBC: Erdogan's bodyguards beat up DC protesters

Jimmy Kimmel goes Schoolhouse Rock to teach kids about Trumps 'lies'

Snip of George Saunder's viral commencement address

With Drumpt all this ends in one of 2 ways...

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-24: Swamping The Drain Edition

Donald Fuckface Drumpf can talk normal after all...

Islamophobe Stephen Miller to write Trump's speech on Islam

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete Second Season: The Election From Hell / Trump Begins

Comey Memo A Defining Moment In Chaos Of Trump Presidency (Morning Joe)

Russia Experts Raise Concerns Over President Trumps Treatment of U.S. Press

'Locked in battle': Times and Post in an epic race for the truth

Ryan, AGAIN? Part Deuce, "the Idiot speaks yet again"!

I know I'm in the minority about the "you better not hope there are tapes" threat

What are the odds for Trump to embarrass himself and the country on his so called "diplomacy trip"?

The Dam is Bursting!

House R tells me: VP "Pence is probably rehearsing... Its just like Nixon.

Texas Democrat Calls For Trump Impeachment on US House Floor

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau visiting Seattle

Listen up SJWs, All Of The Planets Are Men!

Our polarized government has us all at risk

Seasonal allergies? Or Bubonic Plague?

Unseemly, unbefitting the office and the occasion, and pathetic. He should be impeached ....

James Comey Attends FUN HOME Matinee in Washington, DC

Rather than jumping at the opportunity to get rid of Traitor tRump,

Any Half-Decent Hacker Could Break Into Mar-a-Lago

I know this doesn't have anything to do with politics.

Senate Intelligence Committee leaders demand Comey memos

I want to know what the evangelical pro Israel (pro Likud, really) religious right leaders

LaGarrette Blount signs one-year deal with the Eagles

If I'm Comey I'm happy Chump fired me.

Where is Spicer having the press breifing from, today?

The Smart Move: Keep Trump In Office

Russian government bank financed asset sale with Trump partner: report

Lawrence ODonnell Confirms Contract Talks with MSNBC

CBS This Morning: Republicans Refused To Appear On Comey Story

Did Attorney General Sessions violate his recusal?

"Moscow in the Meddle" The Daily Show

State Department reminds staff on ethics after posts on Trump interests

'He is our disgrace': Internet disgusted after Trump whines about media treatment in Coast Guard...

Groper's lawyer posts racy daughter pic

U.S. to extend Iran sanctions relief: U.S. officials

Someone just called into the Thomm Hartman show.....

Philippines declines EU aid after securing billions from China

This is all too easy, I'm starting to think we're getting okie doked by the Republicans.

Jailed Bahraini activist criticizes Trump for Gulf arms sales

Pence faces walk-out at Notre Dame over his anti-LGBT views

Ryan tries to tamp down Comey memo furor, says has confidence in Trump

Sen. Hatch: Trump Distractions Dont Help Tax Reform

Trump Gave Russians Secrets News Orgs Are Being Asked To Withhold

Any day now I expect Trump to just pardon himself, along with half of his Cabinet and staff, and

Caption this photo......

GOP Members from Senate Judiciary, Intel & House Oversight Join Dems' Formal Request for Comey Memos

McCain clarifies his Watergate comparison

Amendment 25 Section 4

Sanders misses another financial reporting deadline- May 15th- 20 day Extension to June 4th

Trump Amid Comey Fallout: "No Politician in History Treated Worse Than Me"

"I've Got a Fury"--Margie Adam

Joy-ann Reid: 'Pence and Session not out of the waters either' on Russia (VIDEO)

Hacking Mar-a-lago.....any geek could do it

Rep. James Comer (R-KY): "Trump was joking in the Comey meeting"

Rep Comer (r) - floating nonsense DTs tak w Comey was "a joke"!?

Live in DC, MD, VA, or DE? Go eat at Chipolte tomorrow. They're donating 50% of proceeds to

Turkish President's Bodyguards Violently Clashing With Protesters in DC

In the face of adversity, whine.

Dirty Trickster Donald Trump ...

New Republican Alternate Fact: Trump may have been JOKING!

Story on a typical Trump Supporter: MD man pleads guilty to weapon, child porn charges after raid

DUers I gotta tell ya. Pence is fucked as well...

JUST IN CASE you needed evidence that Trump is Vlad's lil' is your evidence.

We tested internet security at four Trump properties. Its not good.- Propublica

First GOP Senator open to independent commission or special prosecutor

dhs sec kelly--"use the saber on the press"???????


Russian State-Run Bank Financed Deal Involving Trump Hotel Partner


Montana GOP Candidate Owns Stake In Company Accused Of Paying Off ISIS

Murkowski: 'May' Be Time For Independent Probe On Trump-FBI-Russia

The Lonely Women of the Rustbelt

Who's surprised

Chaffetz invites Comey to testify next Wednesday

Apres moi, le delusion

Any Half-Decent Hacker Could Break Into Mar-a-Lago. We Tested It.

Help Me Here.....Trump fired Comey after.....

Freeper Photoshop Fail

They should have hung the flag upside down at the USCG Academy

Trump keeps waiving nuclear sanctions on Iran, but imposes new penalties over missiles

WaPo: The president is not a child. Hes something worse.

....With his bare chest glistening in the sun, he galloped down to rescue the damsel in distress....

The Aggressive Ignorance of the Ignorant

Trump burned by his devotion to Flynn

House Democrats hold news conference on Comey Memo

quick general question about the presidency:

GREAT news, TAXPAYERS! Trump foreign trip includes Melania, Jared, Ivanka, Reince, Steve, & Spicey!

White House on edge: 'We are kind of helpless'

'Loose Lips Sink Presidencies': Wall Street Journal Editorial Issues Stern Warning to Donald Trump

Immigration arrests up under Trump, including sharp rise for those without criminal records

IS this, in fact, Highly unusual? (EDVA closed to members of the public not having business today)

Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Supporters Fight Protesters in US Washington Turkish Embassy (May 16, 2017)

Get on it.

press gaggle on cnn now

"Trump's speech on Islam when he's abroad is being written by Stephen Miller...

Riot Police on Venezuelas Front Lines Seek a Way Out

Why is everyone concerned about taking the time to assess... blah blah blah

Republican Hopes for Rewriting Tax Code in 2017 Are Fading

Rep. Liz Cheney Deletes Her 'Best. Termination. Letter. Ever.' Tweet About Comey

At the Coast Guard Commencement, Trump declares

Chaffetz invites Comey to testify next Wednesday

Comey Memo Fallout: Senate Committee Invites Comey to Testify

Comey Memo Fallout: Senate Committee Invites Comey to Testify

Sean Spicer cutouts are popping up in bushes worldwide, thanks to this Canadian professor

In Russiagate, Keep Your Eye on Pence

Per CNN- Joe Lieberman to be interviewed for FBI chief

Listening to all the heeing and hawing from the rethugs lets me know that they will

The cover of the Hollywood Reporter is a WINNER!!!

Germany asks U.S. for classified briefing on Lockheed's F-35 fighter

Nigeria Chibok girls: Lone schoolgirl escapes Boko Haram captivity

Trailer for Battle of the Sexes, film on Billie Jean King/Bobby Riggs

The 5 Universal Laws of Human Stupidity (with Stupid Graph..)

Gay Russians Are Trying To Flee Kidnapping And Torture. The US Has Denied Them Visas.

Sec. Of State Rex Tillerson Laughs and Walks Away When Asked If Russia Bugged The Oval Office

Here's to our Coast Guard!

Kelly tells Drumph "you can use that on the press" after he's presented withh ceremonial saber

What should religion do in fast-changing society?

putz wanted Comey to jail journalists that publish classified info

WSJ: Toronto Hotel Deal Now Part Of Probe Into Trump Ties To Russia

New: Dem Senators incl. Heinrich & Warren are calling for an investigation into Sessions

Hill GOPers Trot Out Tortured Defenses Of Trump As Pressure Builds

there is a wonderful post in the lounge..about a dog, Huck, who loves to sit on the roof..

Putin's VEB Bank, the Trump Family & a New York Russian Spy Ring

Umami says its new veggie burger tastes like meat and bleeds like meat

That giant sucking sound?

Trump's Odds of Impeachment Just Spiked on the Betting Markets

McConnell Calls For Comey To Testify Publicly: 'We Need To Hear From Him'

MS-13 gang targeted in pre-dawn sweep across Los Angeles

mr speaker I rise to call for the impeachment of donald j trump

Trump only reads Intell briefings if he's mentioned in them

Seems to me the GOP should want to get cracking on an investigation / impeachment.

Go west, young pine: US forests shifting with climate change

A forgotten lesson of Watergate: conservatives may rally around Trump

Michael Moore Is Returning To TV

Fucking hell, Trump just appointed Sheriff Clarke to the Department of Homeland Security

U.S. immigration arrests up nearly 40 percent under Trump

New Hampshire lawmaker resigns amid charges of online misogyny

MSNBC reporting Lieberman to be considered to head FBI.

Toon- I guess CONgressional Republicans threw them away

Gallup: Fewer People Than Ever Before Think the Bible is Literally True

@SheriffClarke announces he will "accept an appointment as an assistant secretary in the Department

How to survive the current turmoil:

History will record that Trump's downfall began with his firing of James Comey

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) calls for Impeachment of Trump "I rise today ..."

Tornadoes Slam Wisconsin, Oklahoma; More Severe Weather in Store

Cockfighting: California seizure 'largest in US history'

David Gergen, the avatar of all things serious and center-right thinks there has been obstruction.

Rep. Al Green on House Floor "I rise today call for the impeachment of the President ..."

The Good Fight

Will Trump let Comey testify?:

Sheriff David Clarke accepts job in Department of Homeland Security.

When do the school children in Western Europe

Comey's notes are very good.

I sit here just shaking my head. Imagine what would have happened if trump

President Trump Will Give a Speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia

What happened with Donald Trump AFTER his commencement speech...

Trump advance official causes rifts, says Western Wall "not part of Israel"

Happy 115th anniversary of the discovery of the Antikythera mechanism

Disability group takes on Trump

Towering Rock Once Hidden Beneath Earth Seen from Space By Stephanie Pappas, Live Science Contributo

The Autocrats Language

Trump Considering Joe Lieberman For FBI Director

"Second Amendment solutions"...remember that?

When the Tarantino metaphors begin.......

So when they say 'assistant secretary'

What is Sheriff Clarke Russian connection about?

Turmoil over recent Trump controversies triggers the Dow's biggest losses since September

AGC preparing terrorist attacks in Colombias biggest cities

Rainbow flags fly for diversity day

Get Your Behind-the-Meter Battery for $15 a Month

Real estate CEO: Record-low housing inventory is 'freaking us out'

Go for it, Joe Lieberman. Can't wait to see you be Steve Bannon's Secret Santa at the WH Christmas

Alex Jones apologizing about his disgusting smears on Chobani Yogurt.

Trump can defend why he asked Comey to drop the Flynn investigation...

You believed there was a child sex ring in the basement of a pizza place with no basement but

Dow dives 373 points as Trump drama rattles market

When you run into an alt righter they talk about how nobody would

He thinks we are laughing with him...

This jerkhead is too friggin much. Kenedy had it easy compared to how "they" are treating him

The President Continues to Be Terrible ... at Everything

Donald Trump finds his presidency hanging by a high thread count - Tom Toles

Nixon meets The Godfather

Joss Whedon imagines life without Planned Parenthood in new short film

Lieberman, Introducing DeVos, Fails To Disclose That His Law Firm Represents Trump

Putin has found his perfect 'useful idiots'

so sheriff clarke is going to homeland security

UNLOCKED - Joss Whedon Video in Support of Planned Parenthood

CNNs Jake Tapper lambasts Trump for claiming is he most mistreated politician ever

Drunk driving suspect had lizard in bra

More on O'Donnell. Doesn't look like he's going to be renewed.

Do NOT click on the "Was DU just hacked " thread!!!

US judge blocks restriction on immigrant legal help

Alex Jones Retracts Comments Accusing Chobani Of Hiring Migrant Rapists

Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke takes job with Homeland Security

Native American tribe's cannabis consultant to face trial

The don't look at was DU hacked, Sanders missed reporting deadline and was DU hacked pages

Alabama US Senate race: Who's in, who's out ahead of today's qualifying deadline

Ever hear of a man named Charles Sumner, Trump? Of course you haven't.

Jake Tapper: right on the money, his response is correct, orange man should see this every hour

Alarm spreads among Hill Republicans over Comey scandal

If you follow Claude Taylor on Twitter, then take a peek RIGHT NOW. (5:18 Eastern).

"Seth Rich died for your Sins"