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Guy fired from Fox for sexual harassment eulogizes guy fired from Fox for sexual harassment

What gets me is--did these people all think they could get away with it...?

Comey Is Said to Have Become Unsettled by Interactions With Trump

Carson had Drumpt like character pegged 30 years ago.

City settles lawsuit with exonerated man, one of Englewood Four

Ivanka Trump leads meeting at White House in father's absence

Will there be breaking news bombshells tonight? Or a rare night without...

Bill O'Reilly: Roger Ailes endured hatred 'and it killed him. That is the truth.'

Treasury's Mnuchin concerned about alternate scoring models of Trump tax plan

Good question asked by Chris Hayes...

Tucker Carlson. He of the permanently knitted eyebrows.

"Come in and try our new curly fries...we're so sure you'll like them!"

No, Comrade Donnie, it's not a witch hunt...

Russ Feingold (D-WI)

Comey Is Said to Have Become Unsettled by Interactions With Trump

Puerto Rican activist receives heros welcome in Chicago return

just your average everyday superhero superwoman

Veruca Trump

Multiple grand jury subpoenas & records requests have been issued for Flynn and Manafort

Arkansas treasurer denied in bid to use funds for legal costs

The Onion offers a moving and poignant eulogy for fallen broadcasting pioneer Roger Ailes.

Westerman's aide explains Democrats' exclusion at event

Rosenstein testimony to Senate was profoundly disturbing.

LOL, 'that escalated quickly'

ADAPT goes to FDA to end electroshock torture

Lottery millionaire's son spent 1.6m then sued his father for more cash

'Sign of the Times' - Harry Styles

An actual witch would run this country better than you.

Oklahoma bill to allow Sunday alcohol sales clears state Senate

Tulsa leaders urge peace after police officer is acquitted in mans death

I listened to about 5 minutes of right wing radio today.

Oklahoma bill allowing performance audits heads to governor

Bipartisan opposition sinks proposed Oklahoma cigarette tax

To all the Republicans that completely believe "Criticism of the president is hurting our nation" BS

I am still not convinced

Cheeto not taking the missus on trip, taking Toby Keith !!

I am looking forward to Trump's trip

Alan Dershowitz strongly opposes the appointment of Mueller as special counsel.

Ten Commandments monument OK'd for Arkansas Capitol

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! LOCK HIM UP! Live, Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Brilliant discussion about Trump between Trevor Noah and Van Jones on CNN

Oh My - turn on Rachel right fugging now

Ex-U.S. Secret Service officer gets 20 years for sexting to minors while on duty

Republicans have a deep problem with their "CEO" bullshit.

Re-interpreting Mystical Experience

'Trump's spy' (Devin Nunes) still monitoring House Russia inquiry despite recusal

Barricades, no-parking signs crop up near Lee Circle signaling possible removal of statue

Too Bad The Evil Ailes Started Does Not Die With Him. Feed Him To The Vultures.

Insertion of the wheat gene for oxalic acid oxidase into American Chestnuts induces blight...

Nevada likely to become second state to require police body cameras

Dad is having cataract surgery. Has anyone had this?

'We just have to do better': Gov. John Bel Edwards notes neglect as he, lawmakers tour LSU library

Let's start an all-time rhubarb. Greatest hitter of all time:

Scottie the cat fell in love with the girl next door and now they have a beautiful relationship

Rachel Maddow via NYT: Trump also asked FBI to release statement saying he was innocent

This is so much worse

SATIRE: Donald Trumps speech on Islam LEAKED!

Ailes' Funeral - Wonder if *45 will use it as an excuse

Comey tried to hide from Trump by dressing in blue to match the curtains

How are IRAs being changed?

Louisiana to get $51 million more federal dollars for flood victims, far short of what's needed

Toby Keith joining 45 to do a males-only concert in Saudi Arabia. Wrong on SO many levels.

Louisiana Legislature could outlaw letting children use Uzis and other fully automatic guns, but ...

Jusepe de Ribera's Catholic Perversity

Could Dump do this?

Eye Bleach Warning: Pat Bagley's Take on Chaffetz's Departure. LOL!

Death penalty lives on in Louisiana after House committee rejects bid to end practice

Trump Is Not "Fucked" Or Anything Else. GOP & Leadership Will Shield Him.

So much for McCain being the "reasonable voice" repub in Senate

Legislation to set up statewide rules for Uber and Lyft clears Louisiana House

Mayor Landrieu to discuss removal of Confederate statues in 'special address' Friday

Sweet! Waffle House is hiring

Sen. Bob Casey: "Citizens have the power to stop Trumpcare - not the Democrats in Congress"

2018 US Senate Election Ratings.

My Catholic mom and her two queer sons

I don't think anyone has truly understood how bizarre and wrong the Trump administration really is..

Meets with lawyers after special counsel appointed

Thinks hes under attack. Thats dangerous.

Donald Trump Warned Us About Himself: A Closer Look

On Chris Cornell killing himself, and generation X

Needs attorney to navigate complex probe, his ex-lawyer says


Cant stop talking about probe

What Did the Administration Just Do in Syria?

A question for Yui or JuJu...

It May Be Too Late to Bet President Will Be Impeached

Hannity makes a "Call to arms" on his show open...

If Drumpf is still talking to Flynn,

Josh Marshall: Big Trouble

The Comey Memos

What food will Picky eat?

Senate approves bill to sunset movie tax credit program

Trump official offers quid pro quo to insurance companies on Obamacare repeal

Wittes goes dark?

Trump Plans To Sideline Spicer In Press Briefings

My favorite quote of the day

What conservative pundits are writing

Antarctica greening due to climate change

Who Pays the Moral Price of War?

"How long have the Republicans known about Trump's Russia Problem?"

The Beatles' First Take Of 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds'


Golden Retriever imitates bicycle exercise--funny and adorable:

Hell of a sendoff

From Claude Taylor. This is unbelievable:

Louisiana minimum-wage hike advances

Joe: New Sheriff In Town With Robert Mueller Taking Over Russia Probe

Edwards: Special session on taxes more likely every day

waaah I can't stop crying tears of joy

Rep. Maxine Waters: President Trump 'Going To Lead Us Right To Impeachment

Lawfare: What James Comey Told Me About Donald Trump

A New Census Director To Gerrymander Like Never Before: 2020 Census Horrors

Projected on the FBI building right now

"rip-shit bonkers"

Dallas pension fix saved by last-minute negotiations

A President Pence would have email problems.

Do Drumph get his library and secret service detail after he is impeached...

Not with a bang

'Trump fired Comey because most dangerous thing in the world is a person who tells the truth"

1982 Basquiat sells for record $110 million at Sotheby's

Rep. Joe Wilson is taken to the wood shed, and he comes out stammering , ah, ah, ah................

A wonderful recent podcast is that of Intelligence Squared of 4-27-17 with Anne Applebaum and

Former CIA Acting Director: Donald Trump Putting U.S. In Jeopardy

Man testifies that Fort Worth officer used racial slur before shooting him

Many have the right to be pissed at Trump's saying his is "the greatest witch hunt in history"

Texas House passes child welfare reforms

Sen. Chris Murphy: Clear As Day Trump Would Fire Comey Before Rosenstein Memo

Child marriages: Are Texas lawmakers ready to stop underage unions?

Municipal court judge on unpaid leave pending U.S. citizenship

In fallout from FBI raids, Laredo city manager announces retirement

Bill letting clerks opt out of gay marriage licenses advances

2 key law partners of Mueller's resigned from their law firm to help him investigate DT.

Saudi, Russia oil cuts will make Texas shale producers 'happy'

Shitgibbon Drumpt cancels Masada visit because he can't land his helicopter there

Facing health care cuts, UMWA rallies at Consol Energy headquarters

NYT: "Dem Leaders try to slow calls to impeach Trump"

A Denny's tweet.

Speaker Paul Ryan is right & Progressives better listen lest working class pilfer (VIDEO)

Lawmakers in Texas House attempt to tackle sin

Have some happy

Is There a Point to All This Cruelty?

Sen. Chris Coons: Comey Memo In Neighborhood Of Obstruction Of Justice

Three questions about Hillary and the house of representative election in 2018.

Art Of The Deal Co-Author: Trump Will Resign, Then Declare Victory

NYT obit for Ailes sounds like it was written by a DUer

Roger Ailes - he never had a soul to sell, so he sold ours.

Faux News Journos on Trump press conference

Advisers Urge Trump to Hire Outside Lawyer in Russia Inquiry

Chaffetz will resign at end of June

Funny tweet for those of you who read the NYT/Comey article that just came out

Neighbors Struggle With South Texas Sand Mining Boom

GOP leadership sources worry Evan McMullin had a tape on during their confidential meetings

I was thinking today -- if Pence pardons Trump, how low will Pence's election numbers go? Very low!

B.Boomer Racist White Guys In Dixon, Ill. Still W/Trump On CBS News. Hate Librul Media.

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 19, 2017 -- What's on Tonight: 1967

Somehow "Impeach the Comey-sacker!" just doesn't have the same zing....

Gowdy front-runner to be next Oversight chairman

Great news: Mexico offers to pay for Trumps impeachment

Go on...

Chris Cornell - Seasons (VIDEO)

We're sorry, World, thread, in advance..

Thanks to global warming, Antarctica is beginning to turn green

America may have way more atheists than previously thought

Biden: "I Never Thought Hillary Was The Correct Candidate"

Is it as bad as you expected - worse?

Who are these People in the Pic with Hillary ?

Updated: Mensch retweeted this guy earlier.

How to get rid of Trump without the FBI, Mueller, Comey, or Superman.

Someone removed trump from Lieberman clients on Wikipedia?

A blanket apology to the Singer owners and their machines...

Kushner called Lockheed CEO to get a better arms deal for Saudi Arabia

Any Half-Decent Hacker Could Break Into Mar-a-Lago

Trump personally asked Comey when he would dispel #TrumpRussia investigation "rumors".

I'm going to confess I forgot about Comey and Mueller's roles in the W yrs

US spies heard Russian intelligence agent vowing to target Clinton

The Mad King of Juice: Inside the Dysfunctional Origins of Juicero

Times Square car crash driver Richard Rojas 'heard voices'

Tornadoes strike Thursday in Oklahoma, no fatalities reported

Oklahoma Senate approves bill to allow insurance to be sold across state lines

Facing massive budget cuts, Oklahoma House rejects revenue package

Oklahoma Senate approves tax amnesty program

Mike Pence unveils new political action committee

Teacher pay raise, cigarette tax increase stay alive in House committee

House Democrats trying to influence negotiations on raising revenue to fill budget hole

House looks at making state agencies pay sales taxes, suspending back-to-school tax holiday

Emperor Akihito: Japan's government approves abdication bill

45 is all dressed up for his international trip

Michel Temer: Brazil president 'won't quit' over bribe claim

House negotiators withdraw bill repealing Brownback tax policy

Rep. Curbelo demands bragging-rights for being first Republican to call for Trump-impeachment.

Kansas superintendents tell lawmakers: Allocate more funding for schools

Democrat Joshua Svaty declares candidacy for Kansas governor

Former Bank Officer Pleads Guilty To Role In Mortgage Fraud Conspiracy

Missouri Hospitals Agree to Pay United States $34 Million to Settle Alleged False Claims

This trip is going to be hell on Donald Trump bankbook TRUMP VS. COMEY IS HE SAID-HE SAID

BREAKING: Swedish Prosecutors Drop Julian Assange Rape Investigation

Here's hoping the demonstrators are out in force for the 45-faker's trip.

Dentist billed Nebraska prison system $145,500 for dentures for inmates who weren't eligible,

Matt Taibbi: Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever

Ex-Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says Trump's controversies are eroding Americans' trust

IMAGINE if Sasha & Malia were Ivanka's age, and Obama gave them roles at the top of his Admin

More than 1K metric tons of spent uranium fuel still in temporary storage in Nebraska

As Senate Republicans draft health care bill, Sen. Collins predicts it will fail

Morning Joke repeats the Lieberman "They think he'd be appealing to Democrats" meme

Did Time Magazine Rip Off Mad Magazine?

US Navy moves second aircraft carrier near North Korea

Lawsuit against City of Fremont dismissed

Spread the word! His new nick-name is "President Snowflake".

Dont Lie

Chinese jets intercept U.S. radiation-sniffing plane, U.S. says

President Erdogan watching as Turkish security officials beat up protesters outside Washington embas

Mr Gorbachov tear down this wall. Ich bin ein Berliner.

Hey what are we calling this scandal anyway?

Trump would have fired Comey to, in effect, replace him with one of his own lawyers

Comey: Uncomfortable with Trump - wanted him kept at a distance

In the Saudis Den of Extremism, Trump Trades Advanced Weapons for a $200 Billion Re-Election Fund

China claims breakthrough in mining 'flammable ice'

Statue of General Lee coming down in New Orleans on Friday

Say It Aint Joe!

6 Ways In Which The US, Led By Tillerson, Weakened The Arctic Council Declaration

You know who this hunk of beefcake is?

So With All These "Progressives" Around, Why Is The Planet Falling Apart? - Guardian

An "utter b*****d of a cat" is looking for a new home

They're All Very Bad at Bullshi*ting This Great Nation

There's No Way Republicans Will Truly Confront Trump on His Scandals. It Would Destroy Their Party

Mueller gets to work & brings along 2 veteran lawyers with him-including one who worked on Watergate

A crack in the Republican wall?

Claire introduces bill to allow ppl in counties w/out insurers on individual marketplace to buy same

"Do not assume he knows history of country or its major points of contention"

Twitter was down for a bit this morning.

NBCNews: "Pence was never informed about Flynn: Source". BS. And "Trump a lifelong Democrat. BS.

Why Democrats Don't like Joe Lieberman

Timelines: Russia and Trump, etc

'Art of the Deal' co-writer: Trump will resign so he doesn't 'lose'

David Brooks: The Trump Administration Talent Vacuum

Lindsey Graham: "Congress should abandon Russia investigation, go back to Clintons emails"

Juror Removed For Religious Statement Made In Deliberations

The origin of Superheroes: Hulk (comics)


So Pence is close to becoming POTUS

Trump taking first step to frame his staff and aides for Russia-collusion.

Faith at Dartmouth

There is a concerted worldwide effort to treat BLOTUS like a toddler...

President...Steven Mnuchin?

Poor Donnie! "Trump shows wear from a brutal week"

Merkel has to pretend like she doesn't know stuff so male colleagues aren't threatened

The first Catholic church in 60 years is being built in Cuba

Would You Let Trump Run Your Company?

I'm feeling unsafe. Even in a relatively "blue" area.

Did Donald Trump (Al Capone) find his (Eliot Ness) Robert Mueller?

Behind closed doors, Al Franken, Kirsten Gillibrand blast Rosenstein for withholding information

Washington Post: 365 days of Trumps claims

Trump will give a speech on Islam in Saudi-Arabia. It was written by an Islamophobe.

Roger Ailes: "Why would anyone take the word of these women over mine?!"

The Koch brothers launch campaign to pass President Trump's tax cuts

UN looks to protect birds from green energy threats

Anthony Weiner to plead guilty to transferring obscene material to a minor

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 20, 2017 -- The Essentials - A Night in Buenos Aires

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - The Wicked Orange Witch of the East

"He either has no understanding his memo was used as coverup or doesn't want to take accountability"

The surreal strangeness of Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Rot in Hell

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Fairytale Prisoner by Choice: The Photographic Eye of Melania Trump

Is this how the rich panhandle?

How the 'Trump Effect' Is Endangering LGBT People Worldwide

the president jokes with reporters at press conference

Donald Trump just staked his presidency on 4 words

Trump shows wear from a brutal week

Trans cartoonist's website hacked and replaced by Nazi imagery by 'alt-right' trolls

History of the entire world (video) :-)

Some of us knew there was something wrong with that encounter

Rep. Cummings notified Pence about Flynn in November, 2016 by letter.

F.B.I. Once Warned G.O.P. Congressman That Russian Spies Were Recruiting Him

Famous people you didn't realize once were hot.

Gov. Ricketts Nebraska budget vetoes survive override attempt

GOP Rep. Rohrabacher named on tape as possible Putin pawn targeted by Russian spies in 2012: FBI

Merriam-Webster: Lookups for 'collusion' are up more than 1800%

Happy 72nd birthday, WTTG.

South Dakota hospital expansion focuses on mental health

Republicans shove Chaffetz on his way out

We are so f*cked

How Al Franken Unleashed A Special Counsel On Donald Trump

Tweet disappears from Cheney's Twitter feed as Russia investigation ramps up

Wyoming to lose only Planned Parenthood clinic; Casper location closes in July

Julian Assange to stay in Ecuadorian embassy to avoid US extradition


Why Children Bear the Brunt of Trump's America

MY EARS HURT - Trump's Talks Like A 12 Year Old. Really Embarrassing.

Worldwide effort set to keep Trump happy

Twitter was down. Now it is back up at least for me and other posters.

DC Fan Geek? First critical reactions say Wonder Woman is spectacular.

Did he ever finish his thought from yesterday?

Rosenstein heads back to Capitol Hill Friday to brief House members

Trump's government is using technology designed for counter-terrorism to hunt for illegal immigrants

What Donald Trump Needs to Know About Bob Mueller and Jim Comey

If Trump chooses Lieberman as FBI Director, I think he's putting in a fix....

Any GOPPER Pushing/Supporting Impeachment Will Probably Need Body Guards Or Police Escort.

Channel 18

If you have a REPUBLICAN Senator, call and tell them NO to Joe Lieberman for the FBI.

NYT: Tips for meeting with The Donald -Keep short, don't assume knows history, compliment on victory

Atlanta related...the main arteries are nice again!

Ryan downplays possibility of re-vote on ObamaCare repeal

Being Stuck In A Room W/Trump Like Being In Dark Room W/Poisonous Snakes Or Spiders.

When I told my kids I went to school in Texas without air conditioning they freaked out

Ailes was mad public believed his accusers: report

"Dear POTUS, I'm being attacked in this photo"

Victims of Erdogan's thugs

Poll: Most disapprove of Trump giving intel to Russia

Erdogan ordered his security detail to beat up protesters - video suggests...

The Con's quintessential inversion of reality

"Comey understood Trump's people as having neither knowledge of nor respect for the independence"

Feds Probe Influence Of Flynn's Turkey Lobbying On Military Decisions

Long Decline In Attendance Led To Catholic Church Mergers

Ryan: More audio leaks 'cause for concern'

*_*_*_*_*_*Survivor Game Changers FINALE!

If the Feds can get Gotti they can get Trump

Who Invented the Shopping Cart?

Leaked Tape: Republican Says Putin Is Paying Trump

Speeches Limited to 4 Minutes to Keep Trump's Attention

"that's what I like to do"??????????

BREAKING NEWS: Pope Francis on list of demands for handling Donald Trump: "Yeah, fuck that shit."

It's pretty ironic...

Trump's trip: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I lost my alerting privileges for 24 hours

Turning my attention to Trump's international trip:

Pic Of The Moment: Here's A Book Recommendation For Trump's Advisers


darrell issa is talking on m$nbc

July 19, 1960

Rosenstein Briefing Indicates Russia Investigation Deepening

No Sympathy for Comey

Let's be honest - Trump is MISERABLE being President

Comey Was Uneasy With Trump's Repeated Calls Morning Joe

Benedict XVI praises Cardinal Sarah as great 'spiritual teacher'

I wondered when they would get around to this - Graphology

Low expectations for his 1st foreign trip

I put this "Donate to Rob Quist" on General Discussion and it's sitting there with 4 votes. I can't

Comey Recounted Inappropriate Pressure From Trump

With rape-case successfully sabotaged, Assange says he's the real victim here.

Vox: Democrats are falling for fake news about Russia

The Rude Pundit - Dead Pestilence: A Word or Two on Roger Ailes

Trump Firing James Comey A 'Cancer On Presidency'

How HRC avoided being hugged by Trump. Tweet from Phillipe Reines

U.S. 'Propaganda' Influenced Russian Elections, Putin's Party Claims

What will become of tRump?

False Denials From VP Mike Pence Continue To Stack Up

Of course he hired Flynn after he was told about the investigation

Winy Donny - Sack cartoon

You wanna hear the latest spin on Erdogan-thugs beating up US-protesters in D.C.?

FCC security guards manhandle reporter, eject him from meeting for asking questions

Wife of Soundgarden's Cornell calls suicide 'inexplicable'

Venues changed for 2 Bernie Sanders appearances in Montana

Elijah Cummings after briefing: This is about the fight for the soul of our democracy. We cannot..."

We are in a constitutional crisis

It Goes Deeper Than Trump: FBI Told House Republican Russian Spies Were Recruiting Him

***SMH***Trump attorney didnt want him to sign financial disclosure as true

Twitter Video: ''We cannot forget the pain of the American people ...''

Jimmy Kimmel: Exclusive Footage of Trumps Media Lunch 05/18/17

Echoes of Watergate as Trump flies to Middle East amid new Comey revelations

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 21- Journalists Abroad

Rep. Ted Lieu makes a cheat sheet for Trump's 1st overseas visit

Making Car Parts Out of Plants?

Melania Trump scheduled to address U.S. military families during trip abroad

Maybe this will work

TCM Schedule for Monday May 22 - Grand Dame Guignol

Time cover of Russia taking over the white house was l"lifted" from Mad magazine...

Another Ailes legacy: Helping underdog McConnell win his 1st Senate race

We haven't heard from the Duggars in a while

The 39 Percent - America's Lost Tribe.

Ivey's Chief of Staff hid hospitalization after stroke-like symptoms

Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to sexting teenage girl and faces prison sentence

Trump Extorted Insurers to Make Them Support Health-Care Bill

Man can't get his rocks off at Grand Canyon and sues

The Latest: Lawmakers frustrated after deputy AG briefing

We are eight weeks old!

Trump attorney didn't want him to sign financial disclosure

NY Mag. The case for why Paul Ryan really thinks Russia pays Trump.

This Girl Just Explained White Privilege In A Way Anyone Can Understand

Nearly 700 vacancies at CDC because of Trump administrations hiring freeze

The Latest: Anthony Weiner cries while apologizing in court

Fox News Fires The Five Co-Host Bob Beckel Over Racist Comment

Special Counsel Suits #TrumpRussia Probe Well

Philippines president bans smoking in public, with offenders facing jail

Ted Lieu creates a "cheat sheet" for Trump's trip - hillarious

After Chris Cornell's death: 'Only Eddie Vedder is left. Let that sink in.'

I would love to see a movie about the Beatles in the immediate years after their break up

question: if/when trump is impeached

No wonder kids grow up confused

Sheriff David Clarke Is Determined to Suspend Habeas Corpus and Shred the Bill of Rights

So this trip is about "bringing together the world's major religions"

Jon Ossoff ad attacks Handel's defunding of PP clinics!

This guy would be better than Joe Lieberman for Director of the FBI

What if AF1 just ditched Trump in Saudi Arabia?

Happy belated 71st birthday to Graham Gouldman.

No decision today on FBI chief, the former Senator keeps dosing off.

I would love Trump's oversea trip to be a success.

New Questions On #TrumpRussia Special Counsel

Question: Will the United States break the world record

Mike "Snowflake" Pence via Facebook: Donate BIG to fight the fake media's attempt to SABOTAGE Trump

colbert: why mueller is trump's worst nightmare (brown snowball on top of a hill)

colbert: why mueller is trump's worst nightmare (brown snowball on top of hill)

Nearly 700 vacancies at CDC because of Trump administrations hiring freeze

Post your "favorite" Toby Keith lyrics he should sing for the Bro-show:

Sen. Kamala Harris on Comey Firing, Flynn Reports, #TrumpRussia

Can someone explain why this is a "massive, massive red flag?"

House intel member rips 'agent of the president' Nunes for sticking nose back into Russia probe

Spelled that wrong

There's a problem with Mueller

I don't get Fox firing Bob Beckel...


Trump is Being Taken Apart, Step By Step

Congressional office to release House healthcare bill analysis May 24

Wicked Witchhunt (JAZZHANDS)

Duterte says China's Xi threatened war if Philippines drills for oil

"I'm not sexist but..."

Saudis, United States blacklist a Hezbollah leader

Attorney didnt want him to sign financial disclosure

White House says will not announce FBI director nominee on Friday

Sweden Got More Socialist, Economy Now BOOMING

Rep Leaves House Briefing:"It renewed my confidence that we should have no confidence in this admin"

Real reason Trump fired Comey

Low-income patients report better care and health after ACA passage, study finds

Spitballing: Remember the "Terrified Chris Christie with Donald Trump" thing during the election?

Trump Approval Sinks to New Low

700 vacancies at CDC because of hiring freeze

I might have figured it out...dream

Today, Joy has a question for Kellyanne

Self-sabotage in White House staggering

One of 1st conversations Rosenstein had with (then Senator) Sessions ---was about removing Comey

Rod Rosenstein defends Comey memo: "I stand by it"

Foreign leaders told to praise election win

Pack, not PAC

Trump denies collusion with Russia but says he 'speaks for himself'

Inside the Effort to Kill Protections for Endangered Animals

Ivanka Trump leads meeting at White House in father's absence

Russian Embassy in UK promoting same conspiracy theory as Fox News

Embassies court Ivanka

Its not you, Twitter is down

What to Expect From First Overseas Trip

Sorry, but Kushner is NOT orthodox Jewish

Fox News fires The Five host Bob Beckel over racist remark to African-American employee

WaPo opinion columnist: Is Donald Trump a witch?

Not normal

In Next Decades, Frequency of Coastal Flooding Will Double Globally

Will Trump's "Arab NATO" destabilize the US-Israel relationship?

Here's the Secret Backstage Trump Drama at Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents

It strikes me that Trump is ass deep in

F.B.I. Once Warned G.O.P. Congressman That Russian Spies Were Recruiting Him

Dad creates adorable children's book after daughter asks why no characters look like her

Muscatine Council ousts mayor on 7-0 vote

A website full of bad roommate stories

Inside Russia's Social Media War on America

Cant use excerpt, bolding, italics etc. Are you being hacked again?

Well, they're child-proofing Europe & the Middle East. Maybe things'll be OK.

Rod Rosenstein: Good Guy or Bad Guy?

Revisiting how Pence got the VP job

Trump really IS a sociopath, I'm convinced now

The Anti-Vaccine And Anti-GMO Movements Are Inextricably Linked And Cause Preventable Suffering

This never fails to crack me up.

Apparently David Clarke wears toy pins on his uniform. LOL.

A primer on the long list of successors if a president is removed

Washingtons Trump Mania: I Get Nervous When My Phone Buzzes

Why Texas Democrats are betting on Beto O'Rourke

KO on comrade palpatine's trip:

sister-in-law issue.......

Here Are the Lawmakers Who have Mentioned Impeachment

Global seed vault flooded as Arctic permafrost melts

Ricky Gervais And Stephen Colbert Rekindle Their Religious Debate With A Surprising Twist

Rosenstein briefs House members in second visit to Capitol Hill

High Speed Internet

Kasich: WTF " some point the country begins to matter to people." SERIOUSLY?

I'm digging the new PT Beauregard monument in New Orleans

Paul Ryan spooked by leaked audio on Trumps ties to Putin and fears more to follow

DId he just push her to get up AF1's stairs first

Trevor Noah on a roll on Daily Show

So Poor Pence, got back-channeled LOL

Trump Team Planning Possible Retaliation for Classified Leak Allegations

What bombshell will the Washington Post or NY Times have today?

Katy Tur @m$nbc to Maxine Waters...

The Rev. William Barber Is Bringing MLKs Poor Peoples Campaign Back to Life

Never Text and Drive

Huma Abedin files for divorce from Anthony Weiner

PPP: Biden, Sanders, Warren, Franken, Booker and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson all would beat Trump

Trump should appoint a Democrat to run the FBI

Donald Trump - Full Documentary of a Narcissistic Sociopath (Enhanced)

A Timeline: Russia and President Trump (Very Good)

Trump Told Russians That Firing 'Nut Job' Comey Eased Pressure From Investigation

Justice Department seeks increase in private prison beds

CBS2 Sources: Huma Abedin Attorneys Filing Her Divorce Papers After Anthony Weiner Guilty Plea

EXCLUSIVE: Female Ex-Russian Spy Was Appointed to Trump Organization to Launder Money

Trump Told Russians That Firing Nut Job Comey Eased Pressure From Investigation

Russia probe reaches current White House official, people familiar with the case say


Russia probe reaches current White House official, people familiar with the case say

Battle of Matewan: May 19, 1920

TRUMP: I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job ...

What if one of the two planes never comes back

That North Korean Missile Really Worked, Say U.S. Officials

Trump Told Russians That Firing Nut Job Comey Eased Pressure From Investigation.

The Mueller probe has now broadened to include financial crimes committed by anyone

What is the airspeed airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

While the big orange cat's away...

Who's saying?

"It appearsTwitter Outage is due to Russia holding one of their DNS Servers"

Liberal Redneck - What's It Gonna Take Yall

Arctic stronghold of worlds seeds flooded after permafrost melts

Trump boasted about firing nut job Comey to Russian officials: report

Post: Russia probe current WH official - Guess Who! NBC CONFIRMS

The Wyrm Has Turned... Fox News reporting on Trump's latest fuckup

Editorial: The enemy is not the secular world, it is fear

We Could Have Been Canada

Imagine if Weiner had physically grabbed pussy?

Actual footage of Hillary debate prep. ROTFL!

Breaking News: Sean Spicer's body seen falling from Air Force One

Bon Voyage, Monsieur Trompe!

Approval of President Trump drops to lowest since inauguration: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Boom goes Brussels. Boom, Paris. Less room for Trump.

I just ducked into Costco, anything happen

May there be more Holy Leakers exposing the sins

Hey, Republicans.....Where's your head at?

Trump turmoil is spreading far beyond Washington to state and local races

"I AM A RUSSIAN ASSET!" - copy loud and clear bro donnie!! Soft landing to ya!

Fun fact...Just before resigning under threat of impeachment, Nixon went on a foreign trip...

Is it OK to criticize the President while he's overseas?

Microsoft office

Well this is a little fucking creepy

Trump's media firewall is collapsing as the Russia probe gets closer

29 Years After Husband Tried to Kill Her, Wife Finally Granted Divorce

Do y'all think we'll see indictments next week?

Israeli Intelligence Furious Over Trump's Loose Lips

Trump Ordered Changes to 'Annihilate' Islamic State, Mattis Says

Charles P. Pierce: 'Choir Boy' Mike Pence Has a Little Machiavelli in Him

"Obvious signs" from the Bored Panda.

So who exactly is leaking the White House Oval office transcripts?

Robert Mueller Special Prosecutor Supports Deep State Trump Takedown Narrative

Video: Footage Shows Erdogan Witnessed Guards Beating Protesters

If Trump landed on another planet with tiny people

Any free software recs

Trump is the Florence Foster Jenkins of business. People have been telling him his whole life that

Any recs for free software to clean a Mac?

Claude Taylor points to Kushner as the WH's "person of interest."

Trump has done the world a great service and should be thanked!

My guess is that Comey will go easy on Trump after finding out he called him a "nut job"

Trump said to favor move that could destabilize Obamacare

Really...only in Florida...and I live here! Oh well, here goes! Adult topic (it's FLORIDA!)

Claude Taylor names Jared Kushner as the person of interest named in NYT

Tiger Mom Gives Birth Yet Nobody Can Believe What They Find Under Her Legs

Trump-Russia probe now includes possible cover-up, Congress is told

Trump-Russia probe now includes possible cover-up, Congress is told

IMHO, this cabal called fRump, Inc. perjures themselves just like their voters hurt themselves.

Democrats are falling for fake news about Russia.

Trump is a Russia asset


Trump-Russia probe now includes possible cover-up, Congress is told

He was crazy, a real nut job I faced great pressure because of Russia. Thats taken off.

***Trump-Russia probe now includes possible cover-up, Congress is told***

White House does not refute NYT piece saying Trump told Russians Comey was a 'nut job'

Breaking News: commotion reported on AF1

Little common ground for the left and right

Don't Believe That Pence Was "Out of the Loop" - Josh Marshall

Cummings: Either Pence is lying or was 'running a sloppy shop'

Which of Team Trump will pull a Snowden on the Overseas Trip?

Women bloggers spawn an evangelical crisis of authority

Donovan dropping out as Trump's nominee for deputy Treasury secretary

Trump: I Am A Very Stupid Human Being

White House Tells World Leaders That They Must Tell Trump Hes Doing Better Than Obama

So you know the plane ride is going to be tense as hell

Trump-Russia probe now includes possible cover-up, Congress is told

Trump-Russia probe now includes possible cover-up, Congress is told

Holy S--t. I step away from the computer for three hours !

Would you like to show your tax returns now, Donald?

Friday pure speculation thread - WHO IS IT?

I'm sure this get-up was selected from its comfort while making a 12 hour flight

Here's the headline I want to see: "Trump* Asks Putin For Asylum"

I am sorely disappointed in General McMaster.

No, thousands of dead people are not registered to vote in North Carolina

Trump discovers that you can run, but after that it gets complicated - Tom Toles

BREAKING NEWS: Air Force One makes unexpected detour to Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

You don't get to be head of a superspy agency for nothing.

Rhymes with Bared Tushner

Election nite conversation: Barack: " He's nothing but a bullshitter."

I know prison jokes are verboten and rightfully so but Jared Kushner won't do do well in prison.

HUD budget slashes housing programs, drawing protests from advocates

oops put this originally in the wrong forum by accident How long do you think trump

Nunes supposed to be RECUSED and he is reviewing intel on Russia probe!! Dems pissed.

Narwhals could help us measure melting glaciers underwater

'Never mess with an agency (FBI) filled with Irish guys.'

Saudi Arabia readies the halal steak and ketchup ahead of Trump's first trip a

White House expected to reassign economic adviser amid internal tension

President Pence? Could it end up being President Paul Ryan?!?!?!?

I am starting a thread here for the sake of the US to donald trump:

When Will tRUMP Turn on Pence??

Rosenstein's Comey Memo

'Trump's best defense is dementia': Internet in shock as Friday bombshells abruptly rock White House

CNNs Tapper: White House leaks appear to be coming from staffers concerned about Trumps fitness

Rosenstein slips up ---in the wind-up to the firing, he may have been witness to a crime

Trump approval rating average, Pollster: 38.9%, RCP: 39.7%

He told the truth to Russia

Dan Rather is live on News & Guts on FB. Talking collusion and what happens. Watch it!!

WH staff celebrating on the east balcony of the EEOB

Now we know why Jared wanted Chump to fire Comey

Can Cannabis And Christ Coexist? These Devout Southern Christians Think So

Assuming Trump is ousted, which of these do you LEAST prefer as POTUS?

What 45 was overheard saying on AF1 :P

Oh, by the way the Israelis are furious Chump gave their intelligence to Russia

Regarding the Recent D.U. hack/shutdown...

Hannity -Look over there, a squirrel, Seth Rich.

....the name of the person of interest but noted it rhymes with Bared Tushner.....

"Specific Intent"

The world according to tRump

Trump told aides firing Flynn was a mistake

Reports that person under investigation in White House is.........Jared Kuschner!!!

"We may get clubbed like baby seals in 2018": State GOP officials

What is Pence up to?

Has anyone ever heard of Americore Health, LLC??


Idiot Toobin: don't count tRump Out. We've seen him survive pussygrab, etc.

Protest erupts over Minn. high school yearbook comment saying student 'would like to behead' Trump

Anybody who is still with Trump is either a moron or traitor.

"Nut Job" trending at # 1 - good times! - hey, anyone heard from the Steves lately?

I'm sick of these excuses that Trump didn't know the law

Minnesota judge officially confirms heirs to Prince's $200M estate

LOL, I hadn't watched any of Rick Steves' travel shows for a while ...

Breaking on CNN- WH lawyers researching impeachment

Paul Ryan on 2018 Midterms: "Blah blah blah blah blah, is what I say about that stuff"

Will Jared rat on his father in law?

Could this be happening on Air Force 1 right now?:

This sounds more like a deal Lucky Luciano and Dutch Schultz would have made- WTF

WH lawyers researching Impeachment process

Remember over last summer/fall Kushner was being hailed as the brains behind Trump media strategy

Trump hires the most interesting people

CNN Breaking News - White House Counsel consulting Impeachment Experts

Trayvon Martin Awarded Posthumous Degree in Aviation

Burgum says ND has to 'recognize reality' in future of higher ed

BREAKING: WH "deep in negotiations" for exchange of Snowden, Trump. nt

Why did the WH book that man for such a long trip? This was done before things shattered

"But Donald Trump is not a politician..."

Hey Trump YOU'RE FIRED MOFO! la hooooooozer!

NBC NEWS confirms WAPO's report that there is a person of interest in the White House investigation

Look at the bright side Donny ...

Independent: Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner 'person of interest in Russia investigation'

For the first time since November 8th around 10PM, my stomach doesn't hurt

Breaking(not really):Hillary Was Ready to Break Tackles Like a Boss

Governor Vilsacks granddaughter has died

Boris Epshteyn booked on Real Time tonight - this could be vedddy interesting! eom

Saudi Arabia provided asylum to Idi Amin. Maybe they will offer asylum to Chump.

Sources: White House lawyers research impeachment

A revised Carolina conspiracy from Louise Mensch

Property tax increases coming in ND after legislative changes, auditors say

Ivanka Trump's New Books! Due in stores next year.

Your opinion: What is the worst-case scenario for Trump on the day he returns to America?

BREAKING: CNN reports White House lawyers have begun to research impeachment procedures.

About Ivanka

At the end of the day for all the excitement and hilarity this is tragic.

Can we please start a meme thread entitled "What's happening on Air Force 1 right now?"

A thought about "staying in the present"

America, someone told last Oct. what Trump was up to

"Clock boy" discrimination lawsuit dismissed by federal judge

Explain why Democrats in Congress keep saying it's "too soon" to be discussing impeachment?!!!

Anyone know

Oh the outrage over ABC cancelling Last Man Standing

Huma Abedin.......filing for divorce.

Team Trump acknowledging receipt of Rep. Cummings's November letters,

Jimmy Fallon Finally Mans Up and Goes After Donald Trump

Honey Badger Mueller Don't Give A $%&.

New Travel Ban takes effect.

One thing we know for sure:

Elizabeth Warren vs. Steve Mnuchin............Warren Won

Republicans are very weak with our national security.

Serious question - when was the meeting with the Russians planned?

Lawrence has been so shell- shocked all week

When a CEO fails...he walks away with a golden parachute

Trump Is a Cornered Megalomaniac and That's a Grave Danger to the Country

IMO, Pence has one thing going for him, Trump cannot fire him.

Pence telling NBC at Capitol firing Comey had nothing to do w/Russia probe same day Trump was talkin

Frustration and Outrage Builds Among Democrats After Useless Deputy AG Briefing On Comey Firing

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 19, 2017

Malcolm Nance says it's Jared...

*****BREAKING *****Jim Comey to give open testimony after Memorial Day

Comey agrees to open testimony!!!

White House looking at ethics rule to weaken special investigation: sources

Breaking: Comey to testify in openly in Senate Intellegence committee

BREAKING (MSNBC) Comey will testify in open Senate hearing after Memorial Day

Photoshop - another thing the GOP fails at!

The Ship is Sinking - Where are Trump supporters?

Trump wants to kill Obamacare subsidies, effective 2018

Stop the Witch Hunt.

Cover up bigger than crime

White House looking at ethics rule to weaken special investigation

I've Decided What "Deep State" Means to The Right

Evan McMullin in the NYT: The GOP knew of Trump's Russia Connections

Reuters: White House looking at ethics rule to weaken special investigation: sources

James Comey agrees to testify in public hearing

I seriously can't find anyone who likes Empire of the Sun

"Person of Interest"

I think this should be our national anthem

Trump to Russian ambassador: I am the only one who did not meet you from my campaign

These pictures should send cold chills down the spine of every American.

Reality Check: Even if He is Impeached Donald Trump Will Have Done Great Damage to American Society

Do you think the democrats will be able to really capitalise on the gift the GOP may hand them?...

It really is hard to decide what is most disturbing and disgusting about the right wing under Trump

Alan Dershowitz is SHOCKED, JUST SHOCKED, that Democrats

Worst English T-Shirt Fails in Asia

White House researching impeachment

Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 fans will like this picture

Retro Candy

Alan Dershowitz wants to know where the civil liberties people are while Trump Admin leaks

Hi Skinner

Santorum on Cnn just said

Cummings Wants White House Docs On Trump's 'Nut Job' Comey Remarks

Some guy named John Barron is looking for a White Ford Bronco on Craigslist

The Look of Collusion - Josh Marshall

Received this delightful message on Facebook.

Place your bets: Which Trumpian lackey is most likely going to jail?

NUTJOB - Trump Officials: 'He Looks More and More Like a Complete Moron'

Luckovich 'toon - Heimlich Maneuver, Clearing an Obstruction

The Trump defense:

On the day's madness, and Mr. Pence's pornography preferences.

Breaking late Friday: Trump Administration studying ways to neutralize Mueller

Did Trump fire Comey to protect Kushner (and himself)?

Deja vu - Nixon in Saudi Arabia during Watergate scandal

If Trump were kidnapped during his overseas travels

Heitkamp vows not to 'go backwards' with new health care bill

Trump ignores Colombias peace process, talks about Venezuela instead

Why is it, in old movies...

Hillary Clinton shares a video from one of her debate preps

CNN brings out Jack Kingston...

Jeb Bush: I Told You Trump Would Be the 'Chaos President'

I have seen MANY photos of Trump. I have seen him before he was a candidate, while he was

How do you think trumps presidency will end?

Does anyone remember Wang Yue? (not for faint of heart)

Santos asks for support for peace in Colombia, US Republican offers support for war with Venezuela

No areas of sheen or diesel fuel on Devils Lake after spill

Roger Ailes was at his best the last week of his life

Jeopardy Regulars