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Archives: May 23, 2017

MSNBC Hits Ratings Milestone, Fox News Drops to 3rd Place for First Time in 17 Years

Haley: 'We're trying to reassure' allies on intel sharing

Fossils cast doubt on human lineage originating in Africa

Claude Taylor said he and Louise are working on a BIG STORY right now

Msnbc is reporting it was a suicide bomber with a backpack bomb.

D.C. Station Say Source Retracted Statements About Murder Investigation

What's the difference between liberals and conservatives? I've never seen it summed up so clearly!

A belligerent man in a Trump hat was kicked off a flight as a crowd chanted: 'Lock him up!'

2017 US House Special Election in GA-6

*****Accused Killer of Black Soldier Liked Pro-Trump, Pro-White Memes*****

Children should be taught to look death in the face or the feathers

Mexican Tarahumara woman wins 50km race using sandals

NBC: US has been informed British Authorities believe Manchester blast caused by suicide bomber

What You Really Want to Know About the Candidates for New Jersey Governor

I look forward to the day when a crowd bigger than his inauguration crowd stand outside the

19 killed. 50 injured at Manchester Ariana Grande concert. CNN


I just learned that Donald Trump is proposing cuts in Medicaid.

General election 2017 poll tracker: latest soundings suggest Tory wobble

If Trump approached Intel Chiefs back in March....?

BREAKING: Flynn may be called to Senate regardless of refusal

Nikki Haley: 'We absolutely need' Mueller's Russia investigation

BREAKING: Second explosive device found; controlled explosion imminent

Gay Dads and Kids Denied Family Boarding at Southwest Gate

The Post Tortoise

Ativan: What You Need to Know About Chris Cornell's Anxiety Pills

Leaked Clinton email and Saudi support for Isis...

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Unforced Errors! Live, Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Chris Christie: I wouldnt let General Flynn in the White House, let alone give him a job

Reduced U.S. Air Pollution Will Boost Rainfall in Africa's Sahel, Says Study

The Supreme Court slammed down 2 Republican-drawn districts in North Carolina

The forgotten election

Trump: "I alone can solve problem of radical Islam"

Feds approve $647 million grant for Caltrain electrification project

New Trump web page asks Americans if they want to ax National Park Service, other key land agencies

Is Melania Trump a Volvo Driving Soccer Mom?

Catholic Writer Thinks He Can Prove Atheism is the Uncoolest Choice Ever (He Cannot)

I know its too soon..

Promote your website with Democratic Underground!!!

Once the flood gates open how many white house rats will rat on trump.

Toon - Orbs

Enough With the Terrorism Porn

The limits of their delusions have no bounds- Rethug hypocrisy

Franklin Graham Is the Evangelical Id

Found! Copy of President's Daily Briefing!

Diversity trouble at Duke Divinity

Zack Snyder out of the Justice League movie, Joss Whedon in

UN panel releases draft treaty banning possession and use of nuclear weapons

Voting Tech Experts to GA SOS Kemp RE FBI criminal probe into cyber attack of GA election systems

Cuba and U.S. to Study Coral Reefs

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

ALMA Sees Ring Of Icy Debris Around A Young Star System 25 Light-Years Away

That Time the Soviets Bugged Congress, and Other Spy Tales

Tweet from a Notre Dame faculty member re walkout

German reporter seeking closeted atheists to interview

Rachel is handling the Breaking News *fine* - Where's wedding-cake-BrianWMs?!1

Manchester bombing on 24/7

I'm starting to get mean on Facebook.

Ouch...Lawrence O'Donnell takes the night off; Brian Williams moves into the 10 PM slot.

John Dean: Trump has surpassed Nixon for direct and personal involvement in cover up.

GOP senator: Pence deserved better treatment at Notre Dame

Defence of Right to Water Drives Call for Land Reform in Chile

Defence of Right to Water Drives Call for Land Reform in Chile

Outlaw the Shift.

Trump will try to exploit this attack

Lawmaker: Hugo Chavez's childhood home burned by protesters

Chump is trying to undermine the agencies that try to keep us safe.

I've never seen a no-hitter live

Honduran opposition groups back TV star for presidency

United Airlines kicks 'belligerent' Trump supporter off flight while everyone cheers.

Saudis gave the US $360 billion in deals - now they want Trump to rescind 9/11 lawsuit law

Journalist seeking asylum in U.S. gives up, returns to Mexico

Journalist seeking asylum in U.S. gives up, returns to Mexico

Mexican journalist abducted in Michoacn state

'Trumponomics': Cut Entitlement Programs, Boost Defense Spending

USA Prevents German Orchestra from Performing on US-Mexico Border

Concert protesting Trump border wall will be in Mexico only

WH staffers "audibly gasped" when news broke of today's WaPo story that Trump asked intel officials

NYTimes: White House Moves to Block Ethics Inquiry Into Ex-Lobbyists on Payroll

Concert protesting Trump border wall will be in Mexico only

In The End The GOP Will Fuck Up Health Care For Everyone Even Employer Funded Insurance.

Lawrence ODonnell fans are planning a march on MSNBC - THURSDAY

Mexicans really liked the US, before Trump

How long before Trump/repukes start politicizing Manchester tragedy?

Mexicans really liked the US, before Trump

Brian Williams erred/embroidered about Lawrence going to Boston - he had Warren on tonight

When Trump directed Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations to "drive (the terrorists) out" of their

The Only Good Fox News Network Is A Dead & Closed Down Network.

Report: Poor roads on tribal lands lead to school absences

Suddenly I feel we are extremely vulnerable on all sides

Heard a Trumper's theory on how Trump will destroy ISIS.

Vicente Fox's Twitler Trolling *Almost* Makes this coup bearable.

British Humanist Association changes its name to Humanists UK

Prosecutor: Bullet meant for suicide killed another person

Woman Allegedly Raped in India by Religious Guru Cuts Off His Penis. Will Not Face Charges

Thanks you Jesus for this wall.

Sinkhole in one? Mysterious pit appears outside Trump's Mar-a-Lago club

A Complex Conversation

As Cosby trial nears, prosecution has uphill battle

I love Avery Jenkins !

Trump asked intelligence officials to deny connections with Russia

Sooner or later , this has to end.

Beaches Stay Closed After Fishermen Tussle With Great White Shark

Memory Eternal

Blast at Ariana Grande concert in British arena; several dead

Internet reacts to Melania's awkward moment CNN

The price tag on universal health care is in, and its bigger than Californias budget

Oklahoma school apologizes for Hitler yearbook quotation

Police: 141 men detained during sex party raid

Lawmaker threatened with lynching (full interview)

Florida Man slays neo-Nazi roommates over Islam disrespect

Duterte heads to Russia for 'landmark visit'

How come the shows produced by AMC have such short seasons, and then

Boy fed to pigs was beaten, confined to shower for months

How messed up are things when Deepwater Horizon and Wizard of Lies Madoff

"Madoff-level accounting fraud" - Obama economic advisor on Trump's budget

Trump's new budget proposal: What's in and what's out

Feds seize guns of 8 Chinese students at University of Arizona

5/23 Mike Luckovich: Mid East discord

The Trump-GOP Bargain May Be Unraveling

Retired General Flynn's refusal to testify

Ducey signs 27 laws including aid for needy, biz tax credits

Lawrence O'Donnell is in a contract negotiation.

MSNBC has been covering the trump news about trying to put the kibosh to the

Missing campaign-finance records could lead to Arizona legislator's removal from office

Slate - "The First Eyewitness Accounts of the Manchester Explosions Are Heartbreaking"

Kremlin: Sen. John McCain has 'maniacal hatred towards our country'

Arizona congresswoman's GOP-leaning district is drifting leftward

There is simply no way to make any sense of the so-called trump presidency

Mayor Buttigieg backs Notre Dame walkout of Pence speech



*trump @ Western Wall on C-SPAN now.

Trump can use campaign funds for #TrumpRussia legal defense

Vulture capitalists fight over pickings from bankrupt Puerto Rico

Late thoughts on the day's madness...

Crackpot Lamar Smith Is Leading The Charge In The Republican Party's War On Science

Suspect Arrested, Accused Of Leaving Explosives On Street

Has republican45 even released a statement yet

Mexico Indigenous Community Leader Murdered

Ending today with a laugh because otherwise I'd cry, the best orb I've seen

Clarence Thomas Joins Liberals, Shocks World

President Facepalm out does himself

I notice a discrepency

Rachel Maddow 5/22/17 MSNBC May 22 ,2017

Tues. May 23, midnight east coast. Trump binding ritual time again.

Trump's business networks have terrible passwords (Humor/Satire)



White Islam convert Devon Arthurs kills his two white supremacist roommates

"Trump is DONE after this" trump asked TOP intel officials to knock down the russia investigation

Maybe it's just me...

The Signal // VFX Sci-Fi Short Film by Marcus Stokes

Whenever I see Melania Trump I think of Zoolander

After watching MSNBC and CNN on endless Manchester news adding

Trump meets Palestinian leader Abbas in West Bank

A man slapped a woman so hard her eyeball popped out.

Best thoughts to all connected with Manchester

Are you listening to trump talk live right now

Will "dark ads" on Facebook swing the 2017 general election?

Park Geun-hye: S Korea trial of impeached president begins

USA Prevents German Orchestra from Performing on US-Mexico Border

Donald Trump diehards stay loyal in Montana's 'white man's country'

EPA budget to be cut 31%.

Say goodbye to Federally subsidized student loans

Both Sessions and Comey testimony have been rescheduled for June.

Abroad, President Trump's reality collides with candidate Trump's words

BART Police Accused of Illegally Collecting Private Cell Phone Data and Tracking Riders Through App

Malcolm Nance thinks Mensch is a conspiracist and self promoter... I'll go with him.

Bernie Sanders: GOP actually a right-wing extremist party

Seth Meyers, A Closer Look: Trump Goes Abroad Amid Escalating Russia Probe

Stephen Colbert - Orbs And Swords: Trump's Weekend In Saudi Arabia - May 22, 2017

Donald Trump to America: Please impeach me

Rachel Maddow Wonders Why Bannon And Priebus Went Home Early

See Roger Waters Emasculate Donald Trump With 'Pigs' at Tour Rehearsal

83 years ago today; "The Battle of Toledo" during the Auto-Lite strike

Saudis gave the US $360 billion in deals now they want Trump to rescind 9/11 lawsuit law

Stephen Colbert, White House Scandals: Then & Now

Statewide primary results

Dina Merrill, Actress, Heiress And Philanthropist, Dies At 93

Stephen Colbert: Rachel Maddow Has Faith in Republicans' Morals

W T F??? LOL....

Theresa May condemns 'sickening cowardice' of Manchester attack

Jonathan Turley doesn't know what collusion is

Security threat denied reentry.... (toon)


Living alone. Who am I? What are your experiences about it?

White House proposes slashing funds to clean up toxic sites despite EPA's pleas

Omg, is anybody watching The Keepers documentary on Netflix?

23-year-old man arrested in connection with Manchester attack: Police

EPA Superfund Work Would End W. 25% Budget Cuts; Pruitt Would Negotiate Himself W. Polluters

Texas bill allows child agencies to deny services based on religion. Some say it targets LGBT famili

Trump on NPR... unreal!

🐦 June 1 - Bernie Sanders - Brighton Festival - U.K. Book Tour Event

DU still appearing as fake news source on Politifact

Now What? Georgia Power/Southern Built Nuclear To Meet 8,000 Mw Of Demand That Never Appeared

Trump Budget Slashes Aid to Poor and Offers Huge Tax Cuts

They eat their own

🐦 June 2 - Bernie Sanders - Hay Festival Sheldonian Theatre

EPA Transition Head: Trump Heading For EPA Disaster Because Not Destroying Agency Quickly Enough

🐦 June 2 - Bernie Sanders - Brixton Academy

🐦 June 3 - Bernie Sanders - Festival of Ideas - St George's Bristol

Senate Intel leaders: Door open to holding Flynn in contempt after invoking Fifth Amendment

Ivanka Trumps advocacy for healthy, pesticide-free food apparently extends only to her own childre

Trump voters in the South might end up paying for their vote with food stamps. #MAGA!

So, just in case somebody asks what those impeachable offenses are...

Trump seeks $1.6 billion for border wall 'bricks and mortar'

Two men caned 83 times in Indonesia for homosexual sex

Author Sidney Blumenthal: Trumps demanding loyalty like a Mafia boss

It doesn't matter what is being investigated - it is illegal to obstruct a legal investigation.

"See Old New York Through a Traveling Photographers Lens"

Not The Onion.

Mid East Discord - Luckovich 'toon

"Some working-class people still buy into it. They're fucking stupid. Trump is the Titanic."

A Twitter thread on Mr. Rogers that will make you smile..

Explosives, McVeigh photo among items found at Tampa double murder scene

Explosives, McVeigh photo among items found at Tampa double murder scene

Just a thought....

From a 23-year-old Manchester resident

After Voting to Gut Obamacare, Curbelo Praises Japan's Universal Health Care System

Police are investigating an officer caught asking a passenger about his immigration status.

EPA leader to get more bodyguards while cutting other agency staff

Trump calls terrorists acne prone, friendless, video gamers or 'losers'

That Is Our President

putz is so eloquent

2 New Papers: Carbon Capture Through Tree Planting "Nowhere Near Becoming Feasible"

John Dingell: Trump and his gang treat the American people like mushrooms.

Trump budget seeks huge cuts to disease prevention and medical research departments

can't get over the stupidity of this guy.

New PNAS Study: Rate Of Sea Level Rise Has Nearly Tripled Since 1990

Trump At The Wall

It's comforting to know that the President reserves the same language for terrorists as....

Those superior attitudes were there long ago- why I got fired once :D

🐦 May 23 at 11AM ET - Bernie Sanders Show with Rick Hasen - Facebook Live

Trump vs Trudeau

Two Notes Left at Yad Vashem

Tampa man arrested for allegedly killing 'neo-Nazi' roommates who 'disrespected' his Muslim fait

On trump supporters - it is always shocking to realize the wide gap in world view.

The reckoning cometh

It was 50 years ago today .... May 1967

NOAA Corps, a small group of uniformed scientists and specialists, turns 100 today (May 22)

I had no internet service yesterday!

Feds: Sentence for Maine mogul should be example for political donors

ISIL may have decided against any attacks on the US.

In wake of Manchester blast, Trump decries terrorist 'losers'

Trump has already delivered the smoking gun

Maine health insurance co-op emerges from $90 million deficit

Hey Donald, This Applies To *ALL* Terrorists!

Contrary to the rave reviews for Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia...

Trump's budget proposal slashes spending by $3.6 trillion over 10 years

Will tRumps policies and budget create a mass population relocation?

Islamic State claims responsibility for Manchester arena attack

Is party a proxy for race in the South?

And now the Wisdom and Words from a Pin Head and his favorite words "Losers and Monsters"..........

St. Louis Archdiocese, others sue city over abortion anti-discrimination ordinance

Autocrats hear a clear message during Trump trip: U.S. will not 'lecture' on human rights

Conservative mag IJR mocks CNN reporter for lacking college degree, then edits article to act

Four baby squirrels with tails tangled together rescued by Bangor men

I'll give Morning Joe credit: they didn't engage in terror porn.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Wall Builder

A remarkable op-ed from Monica Lewinsky: "Roger Ailes's Dream Was My Nightmare"

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Screw Job

WARNING: Impeaching Donald Trump Could Be a DISASTER

Just a little insight into the Trump Chumps...

Trump Makes US Complicit in Saudi War Crimes

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Senate GOPs Obamacare Repeal Efforts: Lots Of Talk, Little Action

The Beleaguered Tenants of Kushnerville

The Beleaguered Tenants of Kushnerville

Senate Intel Chair Wont Rule Out Holding Flynn In Contempt Of Congress

Normalizing W: an awful case of "both parties are the same" in the NYT

Bernie Sanders : "The Republican Party is really right-wing extremist"

Mayor Mitch Landrieus Address on Removal of Four Confederate Statues

The only Intelligence Chief that hasn't spoken up yet...

**Breaking** Sir Roger Moore has died

Roger Moore, James Bond Star, Dies at 89

Ethics Office Rejects WH Attempt To Block Disclosure Of Ethics Waivers

"Never Forget"..

Some middle class Trump voters are going to get a rude shock when the Republicans

Sir Roger Moore, James Bond actor, dies aged 89

Because you're worthless

Trump's budget is so cruel a Russian propaganda outfit set the White House straight

Russian Neo-Nazi blogger lynched by mexican mob.

Washington State AG (and chess champion) talks about how to checkmate DT

TPM - Marshall spot on - "Cover Up as Reality Show"

Want to know what Trumpcare would do to the country? Look at the implosion in Iowa.

Here's a list of other people Trump has called "losers" in addition to the terrorists:

Private investigator accused of seeking Trumps tax records though financial aid website

Lieberman praised Mike Flynn& intro'd DeVos at her confirmation hearinghe should NEVER be FBI Dir

Are the Latin based languages such as Spanish sexist?

Why Trump Allies Want To Talk Impeachment And Dem Leadership Doesnt

Senate Intel Chair Won't Rule Out Holding Flynn In Contempt Of Congress

Once again, Donald Trump exhibits his puny lack of vocabulary.

'He revealed himself as the jackass': Morning Joe rips Trump for blowing Israeli spy's cover

I am deeply sad for those innocent young people who were

Bernie backers rage over Calif. Democratic Party chair race

This is Mensch and Taylor's "Breaking News?"

Bernie backers rage over Calif. Democratic Party chair race

Coates did not deny the question on whether the

'Undocumented? You belong': Apopka nuns set up immigrant center

Why Were the Saudi Streets So Quiet? (Because Protest is illegal in Saudi Arabia.)

Brennan up now - hearing on CNN n/t

Trump Budget Based on $2 Trillion Math Error

Why aren't the bold tags and blockquote tags working? nt

My President and First Lady gets a standing O in Tuscany...

The Beleaguered Tenants of Kushnerville

Get a F@#KING Job Grandma!!!

Election law violations -- Did Russian agents buy Facebook ads?

Death by a thousand cuts: Trumps budget will destroy social safety net

'He only knows how to write in 140 characters': Trump slammed over yearbook-style note at...

Yes, my pretties... soon all of your pebbles will be mine to juggle

The Seth Rich Scandal Shows That Fox News Is Morally Bankrupt

Why is Trey Gowdy so shiny??

FEC member urges escalated Trump-Russia inquiry

The Alabama crossover vote goober-picking party is over

CIA director warned Russian security service chief about interference in election

How the Phrase Red Herring Came to Mean Something That is Misleading

Trump's budget hits his own voters hardest

Who was just questioning Brennan? n/t

Sinkhole opened in front of Mar A Lago.

DU formatting broken? Diminished?

Rubio: Trump's problems would deepen if he asked intel chiefs to deny Russia ties

Remember these two things about ISIS

Husky caught stealing bread from Dollar General

'The Onion' Has Obtained Hundreds Of Classified Documents From The Trump White House!

Exclusive Photos of Vehicle Used by SCOTUS Marshal

Bernie Sanders: "The Republican Party is really right-wing extremist"

FEC official believes Trump and Russia may have colluded to spread anti-Clinton Facebook content

New Survey USA poll has Ossoff with 7 point lead

White House wants "Lasting Peach"

Ethics Office Rejects WH Attempt To Block Disclosure Of Ethics Waivers

Watchdog steps up demand for legal basis of Trump Syria strikes

Comey and Sessions' Senate testimony canceled this week

Experts say Trumps speech deterioration is a clear sign of early dementia

Dem senator: 'One of closest allies' expressed concern about intelligence sharing

Survivor Game Changer - Predictions for winner - NO SPOILERS

Sanders: Trump plan to cut Medicaid is 'just cruel'

Maine Supreme Judicial Court rules ranked-choice voting unconstitutional

Is a wave election forming for Democrats?

KO:This is How Low the Trump Apologists Will Stoop-The shameful conspiracy theory that won't distra

KO:This is How Low the Trump Apologists Will Stoop-The shameful conspiracy theory that won't distrac

Education secretary: School choice opponents have 'chilled creativity'

Mulvaney is a piece of shiet.....

Justice Department ethics experts clear Mueller to lead Russia probe

Hundreds of billions of dollars for 45 and American death merchants

Brennan: Russia may have successfully recruited Trump campaign aides

Pic Of The Moment: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross "Fascinated" That No Saudis Protested Trump

DNC Chair Tracks Down Biden In Everglades Tossing Whole Chickens To Gators

!!! - Vs "No evidence of collusion" - which the WH is desperate to reiterate

Trump Takes a Big Bite Out Of His Voters' Food Stamps

Bigoted white woman in Manassas, VA blows up on polite Latino shopper (video tweet)

I'm seeing DU ads to join the Secret Service

*******BREAKING******* Brennan: Russia may have successfully recruited Trump campaign aides

Profound "Friends vs. Foes Tweet"

Right-wing Christians have some insane theories about why the Trump presidency is imploding

FEC member urges escalated Trump-Russia inquiry

Trump wasnt always so linguistically challenged. What could explain the change?

Does anyone know the answer to this? Why is the right opposed to globalization?

Tucson Electric signs solar + storage PPA for 'less than 4.5/kWh'

Trump escalates the war on women - By Katrina van den Heuvel

Murderous assholes are evil. So is that loathsome, lying fraud in the White House.

Paul Ryan praises Trump's budget-proposal, admits he hasn't seen it yet.

Stacked value: Combine distributed energy resources and goals to dramatically raise ROI

Cut! Cut godamnit, Cut!

Manchester concert bombing suspect identified

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Is On Hiatus This Week

Justice Department ethics experts clear Mueller to lead Russia probe

White woman tells her to leave America then calls another woman "n****r" (video tweet)

Will post formatting come back?

New Yorker Magazine: Why Sally Yates Stood Up to Trump

The absolute WORST that could be said about the Manchester, England victims...

Senate Democrats, Underscore Dangers of Cuts to Medicaid Under Trumpcare

Souza Hand Shade

Fishing with a hand grenade ...

Trump backtracks on cuts to anti-drug office

Trump Budget Based on $2 Trillion Math Error

Self Defense in the UK

Coats says 'not appropriate' to talk about his conversations with Trump on Russia probe

The Arizona Democratic Party Has Approved the Formation of a Secular Caucus

The 60s Photographer Who Captured the Street in Vivid Color

Nonprofit executive Kara Eastman will seek Democratic nomination in 2nd Congressional District!!

How Trump Got Comfortable With Saudi Religious Extremism

Terrorists who blow up teen age girls aren't "losers"

Brennan: "frequently,those who go along a treasonous path do not even realize they're along

'Twin Peaks' Creator David Lynch and a Surreal Vision of Cooking Quinoa

How dead is the Great Barrier Reef?

Pope, English church leaders offer prayers after Manchester Arena attack

Analysis - How Trump's budget helps the rich at the expense of the poor

Despite what Dilbert says, Climate Science is based on Data, not Models

A Catholic Nun on What It Really Means to Be Pro-Life

Cash Bail, a Cornerstone of the Criminal-Justice System, Is Under Threat

Cover Up as Reality Show - Josh Marshall

I just wish for once...

Trump Proposes Selling Off Half U.S. Strategic Oil Reserve

Melania does it again - now in Rome!

U.S. new home sales drop 11.4% in April, the most in two years

Tale of 2 hoaxes: The Seth Rich conspiracy theory and "Conceptual Penis" prank both expose a fear...

Mick Mulvaney: 'We took the president's speeches and turned them into numbers'

Seen on Facebook, the right is starting to attack Elizabeth Warren more aggressively

Trump said if I voted for Clinton...

any reason my video post does not show on front page?

Larry Summers: Trump's budget is simply ludicrous

Assange will remain inside embassy

I'm seeing ad after ad after ad, trashing Tammy Baldwin on T.V.

MacArthur resigns as co-chairman of 'clearly divided' Tuesday Group

GOP Frame On Budget - Programs Only Benefit - "N****rs" & "S**cs" & Illegals.

I'll check responses.

What is #Deza or #TeamDeza? Here you go:

Proposed bill would ban masks in public spaces

One of the best things you will view today: Dame Helen Mirren Keynote Tulane

Lawmakers Declare President Trumps Budget Proposal Dead on Arrival

Proposed bill would ban masks in public spaces

Trey Gowdys effort to throw cold water on Trump-Russia collusion backfires spectacularly

Who Are The Deeply Disturbed Individuals In Trumps Inner Circle?

Ya' can't make this sh!t up . . .

Nothing good has come from Bush's war. Not Bush II's war but Bush I's war.

Tuesday "Two-fer" Tunes: I'll start with Blue October

Intel chief quiet on whether Trump asked him to deny Russia evidence

Only in Donald Trump's mind...

EXCLUSIVE: Financier Robert Mercer's super yacht 'Sea Owl' glides into Lake Union

Also funny because he's scared of stairs

The targeting of women and girls in Manchester may have been intentional

Mulvaney: "We need people to go to work. We need you to go to work. We need you to go back to work."

Priebus and Bannon are back in DC.

Trump Budget Based on $2 Trillion Math Error

Jared Kushners Other Real Estate Empire

New Poll Shows Dem Jon Ossoff Opening Up 7-Point Lead In Georgia House Race

Divisions emerge in the Senate on pre-existing conditions

New Poll Shows Dem Jon Ossoff Opening Up 7-Point Lead In Georgia House Race

1 dead, 9 hospitalized after eating gas station nachos

Smooth move, Melania!

Trump's Abortion Policy Isn't About Morality It's Coercion

It must be nice

Cuts continue as Boeing issues more layoff notices

Where Americans are in the stages of grief

Everett rebuts OxyContin makers call to have suit dismissed

WOW! Trump tweets that he visited Israel, Saudi Arabia AND the Middle East! Take THAT, haters!

Trump doesn't budge on EPA budget

Ivanka Trump's Paid Maternity Leave is a CRUEL Joke.....

Would total anarchy really be much worse than this crap we are enduring?

Madoff fund has paid millions to administrator, zero to victims

Manchester attack: Salman Abedi named as bomber by police

Sources - They Come in Many Varieties

Seattle Times writer apologizes to Michael Bennett

White House Scandals: Then & Now

Jared Kushner: White House senior adviser, slumlord

Romania criticised over domestic violence 'failures'

Pierce: The Republicans Just Scored a Spectacular Own Goal

Most popular and unusual dog names

Chesapeake Bay News

Chesapeake Bay News

*****BREAKING***** Mueller will focus on potential obstruction of justice

Texas bill allows child agencies to deny services based on religion.

GOP Now Openly Brazen Cruel, Vicious, Sadistic & Overjoyed & Proud.

TreyGhazi pressures Brennan to exonerate Trump, life happens while Trey is making other plans...

Trump and the Fifth Amendment: It's complicated

FOX News blows it again

World leaders condemn Manchester concert attack

NYPD will spend $42.5M protecting Trump family by end of June

Sheriff Clarke Appointment Links Trump, Moscow, and the NRA

Fox News falls into 3rd place in primetime ratings for the first time in nearly 17 years

BLM guard station burns in Bears Ears

(Perovskite) Solar cells more efficient thanks to new material standing on edge

Dina Merrill, heiress and actress, dead at 93

Heads up: Frontline, tonight..

Trump's legal team step 1: Take his Twitter away!

Questions about alert

FOX News Pounded In Ratings As Truth Mounts Surprising Comeback

DU link: Trump's Abortion Policy Isn't About Morality It's Coercion

DU link: Trump's Abortion Policy Isn't About Morality It's Coercion


Paul plans to force vote on $110B Saudi defense deal

Shouts of Dump Trump in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Al Franken: 'Very decent chance' Trump will still be president at end of month

******WAPO****** Chump wants to cut Meals On Wheels

Sean Hannity Is Totally Losing His Shit in Public, Grab Your Popcorn

Senate unexpectedly rejects bid to repeal methane rule

Fox News Retracts Debunked Story on Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich

The gun industry is doing God's work. As a result . . .

Angry Venezuela protesters take aim at Chavez statues, home

Tammy Duckworth to NSA Director Rogers: Did the Russians bug the Oval Office?

Fox News staffers 'disgusted' at network's promotion of Seth Rich conspiracy theory

Electric Cars Could Be Cheaper Than Internal Combustion by 2030

We rescued a sweet little terrier mix about a year ago

McConnell/Ryan fully briefed by Brennan on Russia in Aug-They Went Along With TRUMP's OBSTRUCTION

70 victims of human trafficking have been found in area in past 18 months, organization says

Is Fox News experiencing the Trump Effect by omission?

Don't you get it? Fox is only retracting their Seth Rich story...

Masterclass on Spin Specifics: Fox "News" Five Steps for Shutting Down a Trump Scandal. By Vox.

DU has turned me into an addict!

Literally the largest and stupidest arithmetic mistake in the history of the federal budget.

How to Make Burgers

the Daily Breast - updated supercut of Melania & Donalds most awkward moments

Research suggests eating beans instead of beef would sharply reduce greenhouse gasses

Sen Franken: I like Ted Cruz probably more than my colleagues like Ted Cruz, & I hate Ted Cruz.

Mulvaney sez: "We need people to go to work" OK, what job will Ethan Couch have?

Finally got a picture of the villain who has been vandalizing my herb garden

Republicans Focus on Protecting Trump at Russia Hearing

Trump names right-wing blogger who likened abortion to slavery to powerful appeals court

White House budget envisions massive savings from Dodd-Frank rollback

Your Daily Greenwald keeps setting the bar lower and lower...

UNLV Study: Warming News from Russia

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Declares Martial Rule in Southern Part of Country

Napa High could be forced to cancel 2017 football season

Leon Bolier feat. Elsa Hill - No Need To Come Back (Vocal Mix)

Two men caned 83 times in Indonesia for homosexual sex

California may bar landlords from reporting immigrants

BREAKING NEWS: Sean Hannity claims to be in possession of bombshell evidence in Seth Rich case.

was out shopping - listening to some of The World and Here and Now. Normalization full on.

*HELP please, quick pic of trump's curtsy to Saudi leader? Nevermind; got it.

Something's happening here... (media upheaval)

Saudis gave $360billion in deals. Now they want Trump to rescind 9/11 lawsuit law.

GEORGE FRIEDMAN: A US attack on North Korea is imminent

slate - "President Con Artist...Donald Trumps budget is his biggest fraud since Trump University"

Trump Effect: Walmart racist shoppers rant against Latina and black woman (VIDEO)

Lewd, racist details emerge about East Bay student's 'terror' video

How significant is the slide?

Infowars granted White House press credentials, smears victims of Manchester bombing.

Hall of Fame Seahawks lineman Cortez Kennedy dead at 48


State confirms botulism toxin found in Northern California gas station nacho cheese

Former CIA Director Brennan: "With every last ounce of devotion to this country, resist"

John Brennan Quote:

SHitler wants to hand over air traffic control to private corprats w/ no Gov't oversight?!

Ex-CIA chief: Trump staff had enough contact with Russia to justify FBI inquiry

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 23, 2017

If You Are On Oxygen Or Are Missing Some Limbs You Need To Go To Work. Slacker!

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu: Removing Confederate Monuments In Louisiana

Senate committee moving fwd w subpoenas or Flynn docs

The White House justifies its savage budget with a divisive lie

How a Bogota community turned their grim neighborhood into a stunning piece of art

Wikipedia can pursue NSA surveillance lawsuit: U.S. appeals court

Wikipedia can pursue NSA surveillance lawsuit: U.S. appeals court

Gowdy spin on Brennan's testimony

Rival politicians, not police, turned peaceful protests violent in west Colombia: Mayor

Virus scanner for iOS?

Obamas CIA chief just offered a Trump-Russia quote for the ages

Mick Mulvaney is complete ass**** a millionaire at that, who did not pay into SSDI

The definitive book about the Trump administration was written in 1951 - By Richard Cohen

Senate Intel heads announce they'll issue two new subpoenas to Flynn's business to get Russia docs

"Both Sides" Don't Do it!

Why a Psychic Reading Shouldnt Make You Question Your Atheism

Kurdish independence in Iraq likely 'not if but when': U.S. general

Let's revive how Mick Mulvaney and "the Budget just announced was created " from March 19, 2017

Jon Ossoffs opponent finally agrees to debate as poll shows him pulling ahead

Video: Sanders, Democrats respond to Trump administration budget

"Terrorism is mass murder with a media strategy; its time to disrupt it."

Cuts to Medicaid, social safety net expected in Trump budget

Sanders, Democrats respond to Trump administration budget

Remaining Countries on Trump's Itinerary Say They'd Rather Wait a Month and Meet with Next President

U.S. government sues Fiat Chrysler over excess emissions

'Space Aggressors' Train US Forces for Extraterrestrial Conflict

Researchers find computer code that Volkswagen used to cheat emissions tests

Israeli intelligence source: We must reassess what info we share with US report

What a shiny, shiny man.

Watch Steve Bannon Explain How He Sees the World

No charges planned over protest of college guest speaker

Are 'Alien: Covenant' & 'Prometheus' Religious Propaganda?

The Difference Between Obama, and Trump, in Their Own Words.

Sheriff Clarke Expresses Uncertainty About DHS Job He Claimed, Blames CNN

Lawsuit: Mississippi fails to educate black children equally

Obama, Trump, and Hillary responses to attack in Manchester

Borowitz nails it again!

eeks. Trumpy has a new banner pic on his twitter page............

This Catholic student stood up to his teachers with an essay called Gay Marriage Is Fabulous

Attention all Hands: Duck Frumpf!

Senate committee issues two subpoenas for Flynn's company: 'Business does not have a right to take..

Wasn't Even Trying for This.

And Peter Pan flies....

Woman uses a racial slur, tells another woman to get out of America.

Unsealed records suggest years of abuse for slain Kansas boy

Hannity: "I retracted nothing"

Jared Kushners Other Real Estate Empire

Sean Hannity begs like a tiny, dainty little snowflake...

Oh my, put down the coffee first...

Stephen Colbert: Orbs And Swords: Trump's Weekend In Saudi Arabia

Franken on Relationship With Senator Cruz: I Like Him More Than Colleagues Do, 'And I Hate Ted Cruz'

A timely reminder.

Brazil president on defense as aide falls, cash recovered

Brazil president on defense as aide falls, cash recovered

Following Complaints About Trump/Putin Joke, FCC Won't Take Action Against Colbert

New book cover! Haven's War

The Unfreeing of American Workers by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

The Latest: New WHO chief: Top goal is universal health care

Manchester bombing: Another attack 'may be imminent' after Ariana Grande concert blast

Next Irish Prime Minister is likely to be gay and a son of an Indian born doctor

Page 75: #TrumpBudget zeros out US contributions to UN climate change programs, putting our enviro

Lindsey Graham Rips Trump's Proposed Cuts to State Dept.: 'A Lot of Benghazis in the Making'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Manchester attack: Vigil finds city defiant in the face of terror

Ron Wyden‏: This is where the Trump Budget Belongs

Survivors of the El Mozote Massacre Have New Hopes for Justice in El Salvador

Manchester attack: UK threat level raised to highest

The Photo That May Help Unlock the Trump-Russia Scandal

WH Budget Chief: " I Hope Fewer People Get Social Security Disability Insurance"

Where's our daily trump scandal "BREAKING NEWS" ??

Republicans voice opposition to Trump's budget: 'Dead on arrival'

An observation, just a feeling, about Carter Page.

Gun safety, what not to do

hello everyone

Condemned church shooter Roof seeks appellate court mercy

Hydrangea in HDR

Just got a mailer for Gwen Graham for Govenor.

Jared Kushner is a sleazy slumlord, with no conscience

Look at the Difference in Trump and Obama's Notes for Israel's Holocaust Memorial

Texas moves to soften voter ID law after judge finds bias

Republicans send in Howdy Gowdy to pinch hit...

"Terrorism Is Mass Murder With A Media Strategy"

Black caucus: White rep should resign over lynch comment

Fox News Pounded in Ratings As Truth Mounts Surprising Comeback

Incomplete Video: Bernie Sanders Show with Rick Hasen May 23, 2017

Is Hard Right Authoritarianism Any Different Than Islamic Authoritarianism? (w/Guest Neil McCabe)

The Last Legitimate Republican Warned Us About What Trump is Trying to Do Right Now

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Kennedy on Trump's inhuman budget

I cannot figure out how to share it

Hannity on Seth Rich coverage: 'I retracted nothing'

Surprise MBA for California mom who went to all quadriplegic sons college classes

Hannity now playing the victim card:

Romania criticised over domestic violence 'failures'

ISIS surrenders after being called losers by Trump

Bahrain protester 'killed in raid on sit-in' near Shia cleric's home

Dog 'eats' rugby player Matt Shepherd's passport

Trumps budget makes it official: hes doing little to nothing about the opioid epidemic

Pete Souza shares adorable, perfectly-timed photo of the Obamas

This is America to beat the fascists we must form an unbreakable chain

Health-care fallout prompts Tom MacArthur to resign as co-chair of centrist House GOP caucus

Illinois 16-year-old commits suicide hours after police tried to scare him straight

Stephen Colbert Cleared in FCC Review of Trump Joke

Trump's budget proposal aims to cut all federal funds from Planned Parenthood

Trump's budget proposal aims to cut all federal funds from Planned Parenthood

Mensch gets backup from CNN analyst:

WaPo Op/Ed: We're Seth Rich's parents. Stop politicizing our son's murder.

48 percent think should be impeached,

Trump budget could expand definition of 'sanctuary city'

Trump budget could expand definition of 'sanctuary city'

Seahawk legend Cortez Kennedy dead at 48

End-of-Session poem to the Nebraska State Legislature by Sen. Ernie Chambers:

U.S. lawmakers gear up to block Trump plan to slash oil stockpile

Venezuela leader defies demos, launches constitution overhaul

Hannity list of advertisers BOYCOTT HANNITY

Trump hiring Marc Kasowitz as personal lawyer for Russia probe: reports

Vincent Van Trump - Luckovich 'toon

Stupid Watergate: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Historic Rejection Letters to Women Engineers

Loser tRump is Diminishing the Presidency and the USA

Top Spy Chiefs Face Questions On The Hill About Russia Probe

Trump Asked Intelligence Chiefs To Push Back Against FBI Probe

Ron Reagan: Donald Trump Needs To Be Removed From Office

Playing For Honor right now

Mensch has been pushing her "loony" theories about DT and Russia for more than a YEAR.

Remaining Countries on Trumps Itinerary Say Theyd Rather Wait a Month and Meet with Next President

Bannons War on Frontline, Tonight A Review

Massive landslide covers Highway 1 in southern Big Sur

The Beleaguered Tenants of Kushnerville

California lawmakers aim to strengthen gun ban in schools

Signs of the Times