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Just would like to pass

Robert Reich is live now.

Trump's Budget: Heavy cuts to RURAL development & INFRASTRUCTURE

Vermont Governor Phil Scott Vetoes Marijuana Legalization

Gianforte, Loosah, looses it, body slams The Guardian Reporter Ben Jacobs

Toon - What the Holy....

Trump wants to stop sharing Gulf of Mexico oil royalties with Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and...

Nursery Rhyme for Hannity...

My favorite Norman Rockwell painting

"I like Ted Cruz probably more than my colleagues like Ted Cruz. And I hate Ted Cruz!"

Does anyone else wonder if the Russian spies and media dropped bugs when in Oval office?

Slaughterhouses and sawmills had better safety records than Tesla.

Did I hear Thom Hartman correctly?

Republican candidate 'body-slams' Guardian reporter in Montana

Dean Phillips wants to lead the Democratic challenge to Erik Paulsen

Trump lawyer in Russia probes has Russian ties of his own

Shocking News: trump's lawyer has Russian issues.

Blue Cross of Kentucky pulls out of Obamacare

Brussels - Tens of Thousands Welcome Trump: "Hey hey, ho ho, Donald #Trump has got to go!"

FULL AUDIO: Greg Gianforte Allegedly Assaults Reporter Ben Jacobs


Republican US Congressional candidate Gianforte body slams reporter

Meet the beleaguered tenants of Kushnerville

(Reporter) Jacobs broke the story that Gianforte (GOP candidate) holds $250,000 in Russian stocks.

Holy Shit

Republican candidate 'body-slams' Guardian reporter in Montana

Gianforte said Ben Jacobs was trying to beat him up.

Guess what Gianforte has Russian ties as well. What's the deal with these peeps?

Twitter Video: Trump's budget - a major step forward in enacting the Koch brothers' agenda

So the Guardian reporter punched Gianforte's fist with his face?

A side-by-side comparison of Obamacare and the GOP's replacement plan

I overheard an interesting conversation at a truck stop earlier today!

Video appears to show Texas officer striking teenage girl

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Greg Palast on with Mike

When You Say Youre a Trump Voter, I Instantly Know 7 Things About You

Republican candidate 'body-slams' Guardian reporter in Montana

Sheriff's Office on Gianforte at 8pm

Agent feared leak of Trump tax returns could affect election

Uninsured ranks still to grow by tens of millions under latest House health-care bill, CBO says

I'm sick of all the fucking Russians

What are Rob Quist-D chances of winning the MT US House Election tomorrow due to his opponent

British are "incandescent" about US leaks on Manchester bombing.

I sure as hell hope that Montana tv stations

Donald Trumps Base Is Shrinking

GOP and Dems alike say: If you work for this president, quit now while you still can.

No longer able to get MSNBC live on YouTube

ACT for America's "March Against Sharia" Official Facebook Page Full of Racist Anti-Muslim Sentiment

A Top Mar-A-Lago Employee Is Quietly Doing Government Work For Trumps Foreign Trip

NYT: Top Russian Officials Discussed How to Influence Trump Aides Last Summer

Trump just blurts out the location of our submarines now?

Ben Carson calls poverty a state of mind during interview

Mulvaney: We must lower the debt for unborn children by taking food from existingchildren

Florida agency's undercover gator farm leads to 9 arrests

Analysis: Trump said he would save jobs at Carrier. The layoffs start July 20

Before Election, U.S. Spies Heard Russians Discuss Ways to Sway Trump

Not on Montana local webpage

A short explanation of why politics in North Carolina has become so strange

The Pope just body-shamed DT.

Jeff Jackson explains why NC politics has become so strange

Minnesota Republican dodges question about tax havens by invokingJesus

New mystery graphic novel about Trump...?

There have been three presidents I've despised...

05/25 Mike Luckovich: Terminal.

Economists say Trump's budget proposal doesn't add up

Gianforte statement (took alt-facts lessons from Trump)

racists, crooks, child abuse, terrorists,the republican plague.. my blood pressure had shot up again

Letters to Erik Paulsen

Proud Dad Here

Does the GOP health bill eliminate the Death Panels?

Game of Thrones Official Trailer

OMG my Eureka rumbled out

Slate started running a daily Impeachometer recently.

Make no mistake; Gianforte's body slamming of a reporter will only help him.

Proof that Sessions lied -- that he didn't just make a mistake.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 25, 2017 -- TCM Spotlight - Creature Features

Souza's Trump/Pope Shade

Damn lazy sperm needs a microbot to help it

Sean Hannity's Seth Rich Obsession Just Cost Him Several Advertisers

A Mission Log from Vietnam (might just be the best thing on DU today)

Snowy plover chick hatches on Oregon beach

Better late than not at all, I hope: Come with me to stalk the lions

OMG. You. Really. Must. Watch. This.

Trump Effect? Montana GOP Candidate body slams reporter asking about Trumpcare CBO score (VIDEO)

What my 87 year old mother said yesterday..........

US raid killed five Yemen civilians, says rights group disputing official story

"We've Got The Best Submarines, Believe Me. Big, Fat, Beautiful Submarines."

The stories are coming so fast...

Ecuador's Moreno takes office vowing to heal divisions

New Mexico lawmakers move to restore vetoed funding

Peru forces set to enter coca-growing areas controlled by cartels

"Gianforte" seems to be Italian for "scared of a question." -Karen Tumulty

Nearly $30,000 Raised for Homeless Man Who Helped Manchester Arena Attack Victims

Q&A: Its a Crime that 35 Million Latin Americans Still Suffer from Hunger

Fox News reporter saw the Gianforte assault

Fox News team witnesses GOP House candidate 'body slam' reporter

*MSNBC breaking report from FOX reporter IN THE ROOM,

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 26, 2017 -- What's on Tonight: Memorial Day Marathon

Socialist Lenin Moreno sworn in as Ecuador president

Greg Gianforte campaign responds to candidate slamming Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs (VIDEO)

DEA gave a false story about deadly 2012 attack in Honduras, U.S. report says

DEA gave a false story about deadly 2012 attack in Honduras, U.S. report says

There's been some nice victories for the Democratic Party of late.

hehe, Yui loves her Juju

Raider Coach defends Hannity

CBO: Republican health care bill raises premiums for older, poor Americans by as much as 850%

Trump to hold campaign rally in Iowa next Wednesday

star trails

the milky way plus a meteor

Our grandson won the Presidential Award at school today but

Sheriff is a Gianforte donor

Woman launches racist tirade at Sprint store in Virginia

Hate the tweets, love the agenda: McConnell on Trump

Woman launches racist tirade at Sprint store in Virginia

Hall of Shame

Melania dresses for the job she wants....

MIRT rules

Sessions Was Advised Not to Disclose Russia Meetings on Security Forms

Sally Yates Tells Harvard Students Why She Defied Trump.

2 WaPo graphics explain CBO report.

Rep Dan Young (R, Alaska)

Uber Plans Millions in Back Pay After Shorting NYC Drivers

Damn it all! Cutting taxes on the wealthy

Mexico and Canada Say Nafta Talks With U.S. Should Be Trilateral

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 27, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials - Memorial Day Marathon

NRA Wants to Ease Laws on Buying Gun Silencers

Democrats flip 2 state legislature seats in Trump districts

Young Black Democrats, Eager to Lead From the Left, Eye Runs for Office in 2018

After today and tonight, I think Donald Trump deserves an award.

I just saw the space station fly over!

Seth Meyers: Trump's Cruel Budget Breaks His Campaign Promises: A Closer Look

Is Brian Williams the Worst!? Yea I know..

Guatemala News Outlet Spots Clandestine Airstrip Near Military Base

Fox News reporter: GOP Candidate grabbed reporter by the neck and slammed him to the ground (VIDEO)

maybe blotus had sticky hands at the Vatican and they catch him

Link Wray - Rumble (VIDEO)

a new cat cafe is coming to los angeles.... check out the announcement....

Senator Collins (R-ME) and Senator Cassidy (R-LA) on CBO Score

Analysis Five startling things Betsy DeVos just told Congress

Bolivia Closer to Legalizing Abortion in Case of Rape, Poverty

Economist Joseph Stiglitz: Trump's Budget Takes a Sledgehammer to What Remains of the American Dream

Christian school: Teen banned from graduation not because she is pregnant but because she was immor

A new GOP bill would make it virtually impossible to sue the police

gianforte charged for assault !

The Spirit of the Antichrist visits the Vatican

Billings Gazette, Missoulian rescind Gianforte endorsements

Long, batshit crazy day. Is there any other kind anymore?

Alt Right Idiots Hate That Libs Like Fox News For Telling The Truth "Once"..

Greg Gianforte cited for 'body slamming' reporter on eve of election

Photographs of Manchester bomb parts published after leak

Huge new spiders species discovered in Mexican cave

If you or I body slammed a congressperson we would be in the hoosegow protecting our sweet ---.

Archer fans: What did you think of Dreamland? *slight spoilers*

Comey relied on fake emails to condemn Hillary in July.

Vicente Fox has our back!

Was last night's assault of the Guardian reporter, a result of Trump's rampage on the media?

Trump just phoned Gianforte to thank him for the distraction.

Never Have Seen The Pope Looks SOOOOOO GRIM!. Very Painful Picture.

Liberals Pounce And Run Ads Through Election Day Against Gianforte

Vicente Fox's video message to Trump 😂

Montanan Will Vote For GOP Goon. They Are Celebrating Him Assaulting A Lib No Doubt.

You gotta see this. Paul Simon & Colbert do a duet and change lyrics to fit 2017

Can't Sleep - Got To Thinking - Do The Koch Brothers Have Russian Ties?.....

Manchester attack: Police 'not sharing information with US'

I never thought Pugsley quite fit in with the rest of The Addams Family.

Have y'all seen the ads for Bloomberg's book popping up on FB and Instagram?

Former CONCACAF And Cayman Islands Soccer Official Pleads Guilty To Money Laundering Charge

VA defends plan to cut thousands of dollars from elderly vets' benefits

VA defends plan to cut thousands of dollars from elderly vets' benefits

Newly discovered vulnerability raises fears of another WannaCry

Live: Obama - Merkel event in Berlin now...

Bravo Belgium - thannks for the thousands of protesters


(former) State Dept religious affairs counselor :"Trump has no idea what he's doing"

Have you ever heard the word "behave" used in conjuction with an adult

Fox TV crew in the room during assault but no video?

Psychiatrist Bandy Lee: We have an obligation to speak about Donald Trumps mental health issues

Taiwan court rules in favour of gay marriage in Asia first

Big Sur landslide on California highway part of $1 billion in damage

Head-on Car-bus Crash

Protests Target Both NATO and Trump in Brussels

Misdemeanor assault charges for Gianforte, Sheriff is campaign contributor

Racist rant inside Walmart goes viral

Why Melania covers her head 1 day, not the next?

Rat Cafe to open at San Francisco Dungeon in July

NAMI Director Encourages Outreach for Mental Health Awareness Month

Scott Adams still thinks Donald Trump is winning, bigly-We Hunted the Mammoth

IMO, If Gianforte wins the election, The House should vote to not seat him.

From an insider account of Pope and Trump.

Shopper Berates Latina, Then Calls Black Woman N****r In Arkansas Walmart

Bomb unit sent to Manchester street

Philippine troops try to retake city stormed by ISIS allies

'Full of s**t' is definitely funnier

Why does he do it?

Former Mexican President Trolls Trump, Heres Something For The Bees Living In Your Brain-JoeMyGod

Has Trump bragged about the size of his

HMMM..."misdemeanor assault" in the land where "celebrities" can "get away with" p*ssy grabbing?

Over half the ballots already returned in MT in early voting: Gianforte being charged with assulting

ICYMI: Last night, Don Lemon tore Paris Dennard a new one over BodySlamGate.

19 House Races Shift Toward Democrats

Newspapers ditch Republican charged with assaulting Guardian reporter

Barack Obama tells Berlin audience: 'We can't hide behind a wall'

The Univ. of Central Florida Now Explicitly Features Resources for Atheists on Its Website

In first under Trump, U.S. warship challenges Beijing's claims in South China Sea

Manafort advised Trump team on Russia scandal

U.S. Religious Right Leaders Head To Hungary For World Congress of Families Culture War Summit

$1mil in stolen bees now bee stealing is a thing

Black Farmer Calls Out Liberal Racism In Powerful Facebook Message

Catholic groups ramp up international divestment momentum

After years of cramped spaces, Ukrainian Catholics bless chapel in Odessa

The Rise of the Liberal Conspiracy Theorist

Missoulian rescinds Gianforte endorsement

Five startling things Betsy DeVos just told Congress

Montana's At Large House Election: Can Democrat Rob Quist Win His Quixotic Quest?

Montana's At Large House Election: Can Democrat Rob Quist Win His Quixotic Quest?

Jon Mueller and Mike Weis meditate with drums at the Zen Buddhist Temple-Chicago

Montana's At Large House Election: Can Democrat Rob Quist Win His Quixotic Quest?

On the last day of school, Anchorage principals hand layoff notices to 220 teachers

A giant ark is just the start. These creationists have a bigger plan for recruiting new believers.

U.S. war ship nears Chinese island in first navigation challenge under Trump: report

Reince Priebus Sweating Secret Comey Memos, White House Sources Say

Many Alaskans' GCI internet bills may be going up soon

Testing a theory.

Manchin just said the divide started when Dems passed ACA w/ "ONLY" 60 votes

Just gotta say... I really like Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia

Nothing but Slumlords

UA-Fairbanks named its bird lab after this man. Now he's guilty of bird smuggling.

Why would someone go thru so much trouble and turmoil if they were innocent?

Great Danes are majestic.

Opening ANWR to oil drilling is priority in Trump's proposed budget

Leaked Trump Duterte Phone Call

Judge rejects effort to block recall election of 3 Homer City Council members

Great Barrier Reef 2050 Plan "No Longer Possible"- Warming Moving Too Fast - Guardian

So if the Guardian reporter had grabbed Gianforte by the neck and slammed him to the ground

Study - Incidence Of Small-Scale Coastal Flooding In Louisiana Will Double Every Decade As Seas Rise

Drug Counselors Overdose at Addiction Facility

Donald Trump is deteriorating right before our eyes.

OH State Legislators Want Permanent Taxpayer Subsidies For Two Aging Coal-Fired Power Plants

Millions Of Ill People May Face Extremely High Premiums Under House Bill, CBO Says

Yelling and boos fill Sen. Sullivan's raucous Anchorage town hall

Police investigating Manchester Arena bomb attack have stopped sharing info with US after 2nd leak

Major sponsor pulls Iditarod support

A German take on the difference in the definition of 'patriotic' in US and GDR

'Ugh, you're still here.' - Best Trump/Pope Gif Yet!

Agency takes tectonics study to earthquake-prone Alaska

Alabama governor to sign law giving thousands of felons their right to vote back

Trump recorded a robocall for this week for my friend Greg Gianforte - wonderful guy

'True Detective's' Cary Fukunaga TNT Series 'The Alienist'

The Jack, Anne, and George test - your day is ruined

Richard Clarke: Why everyone warned about Trumps Russia ties couldnt believe their eyes


In a scant twenty four hour period a Deplorable or Deploranles

On pre-existing conditions, CBO is crystal clear.

Guy gets hit by a car. Cop asks about his immigration status before offering him medical aid.

Hurling axes and drinking alcohol -- what could go wrong?

Why Sessions not revealing Russian meeting is very important

Obama given a rockstar greeting in Berlin, while thousands of protesters 'greeted' Trump in Brussels

Greg Gianforte is an amazing example of a typical Republican

Alaska House, without budget deal, breaks for Memorial Day

It's Election Day and it looks like Rob Quist took out a full front page ad in the Bozeman Chronicle

Fox News host Sean Hannity takes abrupt vacation after losing more advertisers

The official who let Trump keep his government hotel deal explains herself

Nate Silver on Trump's Support: Donald Trump's Base Is Shrinking

Won't Believe GOP Will Pay Price For Their Evil Until It Actually Happens.

Body Slam of Reporter Is Another Sign of Americas Broken Politics & " "both sides" false equivale

Americans are gradually adapting to the coup.

Beat up a reporter, and get rewarded with teevee interviews

Look For More Attacks On Media That Is NOT Compliant.

TPM - Marshall on GOPWrestlemania - "CBO Smash!"

Hannity taking a vacation starting tomorrow.

Welfare For Work

Chump tried the killer handshake on Emmanuel Macron and failed

Newsweek: Did Russians Target Democratic Voters, With Kushners Help?

Macron Wins Handshake Battle With Trump

With Religious Bigotry Protected in Texas, Catholic Church to Promote Foster Parenting

On JFKs 100th birthday, Trump repudiates his legacy

US Becoming A Failed State Is Not Out Of The Question. GOP Message BEND OVER.

Trump's Entire Budget Based on $2 Trillion Math Error

Trump HUMILIATES Himself in Israel

Trump Could Give Russians The Biscuit, The Football & Nuke Codes. GOP Would Yawn.

The CBO Renders Its Verdict on the Republican Health-Care Bill

GOP Congressional Candidate Greg Gianforte charged with assault for body-slamming reporter


Tired Of Hearing Assault Tape. Just Royally Pisses You Off. You Want To Retaliate.

Crushing Play Doh With Our New Pressing Tool

Alicia Acuna just appeared on Fox & described what she saw. She was standing about 2' from Gianforte

Fox's Jillian Mele ignores FOX report on Gianforte assault in favor of campaigns talking points

Paging Rahm: House Dems revive 2006 playbook for 2018

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Deplorable President

I wouldn't be surprised if that oaf in Montana wins today.

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - The Rest

Another truth outbreak today - a selection of headlines

The heavens descend on Berlin for Germany's 'Kirchentag'

Dynasty ordered to pay $191,400 in civil penalty by Northern Mariana Islands

The Trump scandal that has nothing to do with Russia - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Got antagonized today...


Greg Gianforte Strategy: Can't Apologize Now - Wouldn't Play to Our Base

Stephanie Rhule wants to know what Obama is doing in Europe at the same time as the Con.

Corporate greed, (Legislation to repeal the Medical Device Excise Tax, )

White House tries to avoid 'paralysis' amid investigation

Pope 'terrific', Saudi 'spectacular': Trump waxes lyrical on foreign tour

Who are the US leakers of info about Manchester attack and insulted our ally?

WATCH: Trump tries power handshake on French president and gets defeated by a white knuckle grip

More Than 1.1 Million Sign Petition Supporting Impeachment of Trump

After 20 years of lies and bogus conspiracy theories, NOW there is a backlash against Hannity?

This small town in America's Deep South welcomes 1,500 refugees a year

Montana GOP candidate reeling from blowback after body slamming Guardian reporter

Variety: Fox News Says Sean Hannity Will Return to Show

Trump greeted in Belgium with red MAGA-style "WE LOVE OUR HELLHOLE" baseball caps

Our Embarrassment in Chiefs International Trip Is No Laughing Matter

Hanks, and Spielberg prep for upcoming movie on Pentagon Papers

Large-handed globalist forces Trump into submission.

The alt-right is furious at Trump for his foreign trip

Context: They blanketed the city with pictures of his face

"P*ss on your self conception." . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

What's That Body Count of Dead Russians Now?

Did Trump Himself Have To Fill Out Security Clearance Forms?......

I could see Hannity trying to beat up a journalist.

EX-Mexico President Vincente Fox taunts Trump (hilarious)

Is this some shit, or what?

If this is where you are, you're not a party; you're a mob; you're not a conservative; you're trash.

The Pope and the Dope

Ha Ha: Gianforte's campaign has cancelled his appearance on MSNBC & FOX

The Con's face waiting to speak

Judge sentences man who raped sister to probation, citing 'stigma'

Should journalists take self defense courses to protect themselves from Deplorables?

State confiscates homemade national monument sign, warns against other postings

Trump just hijacked the dedication ceremony

Minnesota Republican dodges question about tax havens by invoking Jesus (Think Progress)

Gianforte should have to do time.

Ohgod. He's SCOLDING NATO members.

'I'm not going to ask how much the new NATO headquarters cost'

Obama gets rock-star welcome in Berlin, praises Merkel

"Its not appropriate behavior. Unless the reporter deserved it."

Trump is speaking and........

Trump orders Justice Department to launch full investigation into leaks from Manchester bomb probe

Well, that NATO thing was fun while it lasted.

Manchester attack: UK halts sharing bombing intel with US

Texas sheriff defends Facebook post on Manchester attack

*Look at their faces* and the whispering as Trump admonishes leaders over NATO financial obligations

Answer - 1.1 Billion Euros (we have the Google, Donald)

Colbert: Pope Francis Hosts The Roast Of Donald Trump

Obama Takes Aim At Trump Proposal: 'We Can't Hide Behind A Wall'

LOOKS on NATO leaders' faces as Trump trashes them

So, the man acting as our President scolded our NATO allies

Did he just shove past everyone

Thurs. A.M. cuteness overload - Golly, What a day video

Private firm launches rocket from New Zealand

So the guy who says paying no taxes is smart scolds nato countries for not paying thier fair share

Brian Gootkin, The Sheriff Investigating Greg Gianforte, is a Gianforte Donor

Momma cat teaches brood how to appreciate sunlight

After watching the Madman's footage at his NATO debacle, was anyone else hoping for...

Pic Of The Moment: Well Now We Know Why Republicans Rushed Their Obamacare Repeal Bill Through

45 million Americans rely on food stamps. Trump wants to gut the program.

Greenpeace Shines Message For Trump On Vatican Before His Visit With The Pope

Let's deconstruct Greg Gianforte's unbelievable defense of assaulting a reporter

Formal apology sought after U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters was cut off during state convention speech

Orono officers spooked by unusual find in apartment basement

The moment 16-year-old Bill Clinton met President John F. Kennedy - July 24, 1963

Had the US Congressional Candidate from Montana been a Democrat

President Thug shoving another NATO leader to get to the front of the group

Special Protection for the Gun Industry

"Sorry, everybody."

Trump scolds NATO allies over defense spending

My "WTF?" of the day, Larry Klayman edition...

The discussion at NATO....

What have we become?

A giggle for your day - the Pope slaps Trump's hand

Bernie lowers the boom on Trump's evil budget!!!

Please share this video of our boorish President on Facebook, folks

Dummy in Chief appears to have shoved another NATO leader so he could be in front of the group

Our National Embarrassment And Significant Shithead

Trump shoved another NATO leader so HE could be in the front of the group

Looks like the Pope doesn't want to hold Trump's hand either

Who wins in Montana today?

The person Trump shoved was Montenegro's PM Dusko Markovic.

Watching T scold NATO makes me really want to reach out and apologize to the world.

So today, as trump was at NATO

Thousands cheer Obama today in Berlin

Ahmed and Khadijah have been married for 65 years - this is their story.

Stay Strong UPDATE: The Michael Flynn Scandal Descends on Trump's DC Hotel

KO:40 Shady Things We Now Know About Trump and Russia-After a deluge of revelations, here's what we

Paul Ryan: If he wins, he's been chosen by the people of Montana

Who among us hasn't "mistakenly" manhandled a reporter, damaged his property, then lied..."

KO:40 Shady Things We Now Know About Trump and Russia-After a deluge of revelations, here's what we

NY Daily News Runs Trump Shove of NATO Leader Story

STEP 1: Shove. STEP 2: Do the "My sh*t doesn't stink" face, raise head. Step 3: Straighten jacket.

LOL: Thank you to the person who made this gif!

GOP Strategist Rick Wilson on the Gianforte Incident

Zucchero and Queen-"Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime"

DNC Chair Tom Perez Critiques the GOP's "Disaster" Health Care Bill

Where does Gianforte get the idea he can just shove people around

WSJ: How Alleged Russian Hacker Teamed Up With Florida GOP Operative Political consultant

Andrea Mitchell: The minute Trump started talking he got everyone pissed off.

Notice Trump trying to escape Macron's powerful grip at the end of this handshake:

Ryan: Montana GOPer's Alleged Assault 'Wrong And It Should Not Have Happened'

US Intelligence Community Has Lost Credibility Due To Leaks - Bloomberg

A wealthy group bought the heart of a poor Maine town to build an artist colony

Love Trip - Takako Mamiya [ 間宮貴子 ] - 1982 - Full Album

Mellow sounds from Takako Mamiya

colbert on donnie and frankie

Bernie Sanders Emotional Speech On The Immorality Of Income Inequality

Pic Of The Moment: Nothing To See Here -- Just Another Apparent Felony By The U.S. Attorney General

Elon Musk on death: "I would like to die on Mars, just not on impact."

Nancy P calls the Montana ReTHUG

The Ugly American Writ Large

Please, one day, ONE day, without being embarrassed to be an American.

Did Chump just shove another NATO leader to be in the front of the group?

Bernie Sanders Emotional Speech On The Immorality Of Income Inequality

Priebus is worried about a possible Comey memo regarding one of their conversations

Trump's Rude Shove Is Going Viral in the News

he is ittiest bittiest small man in the history of mankind.

Last day for Bears Ears Monument public comment.

Rep Trent Franks (R-AZ) just LOVES him some good ol' Montana-style body slammin'.

#Montana has Election Day registration, right up through the close of polls. #RobQuist

Fire Sean Hannity

I sincerely hope all of the pubbie endorsers of body slamming

Can anyone find the clip of W shoving someone (I think it might even have been

Greek ex-PM Lucas Papademos injured in Athens car blast

Little things that bug you...

The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

Rep Sanford: "People feel like, if potus can say anything to anybody at any time, then I can, too."

for those keeping track, the dog whistles have moved from bigotry to violence.

Senators Make Another Bid to Authorize War Against ISIS


Black Farmer Calls Out Liberal Racism In Powerful Facebook Message

Here's some fascinating follow-the-dots between Trey Gowdy & Trump Superpac

I will never get over this.

Tourism In U.S. Has Dropped Since Trump Elected

Russian Mobster Felix Sater Advised The Trump Campaign

Trump Preps for Long War Against the 'Deep State'

GOPee proper etiquette?

Montana Gov Bullock, who beat Gianforte in gubernatorial race this fall, makes statement on charge

Spiritual leader of Tibet talks about secular ethics to students

They want what Trump has-the women, the money, the brass-plated apartment w/o having to be better

NewYork-Presbyterian axed Orthodox Jewish paramedic over her religious refusal to wear pants: suit

From RW world - Rush says no but all his callers from Montana say yes

Eyeglass Vendor Warby Parker to replace Ben Jacobs' broken glasses

Senate and House Democrats Introduce the Raise the Wage Act of 2017

Manchester attack: UK halts sharing bombing intel with US

Senate and House Democrats Introduce the Raise the Wage Act of 2017

Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-PA) gooses up Mulvaney's compassion a notch: "I don't know" if people will die

To be clear, if you voted for Trump, I don't think you're a RACIST, I think you're a BIGOT

Cat toast

Trump paid 💰 to Trey Gowdy AND Elise Stefanik- both members of House Intelligence Committee

Reporters have a "right to stand their ground" too.

Montana Candidate's Assault Charge Is A Laughing Matter For Some On Right

Why the Gianforte body slam is reinforcement for the need to compete everywhere

Heres the 12 Catholic colleges with grad speakers who support same-sex marriage, abortion and more

Lieberman Withdraws Himself From Consideration For Trump's FBI Director

Russian Hackers Are Using Tainted Leaks To Sow Disinformation

I would think that it would be the job of the leader of NATO to admonish members about

Lieberman Withdraws Himself From Consideration For Trumps FBI Director

Donald Trump PUSHES a NATO Leader to Get to the Front of the Pack

Just a prairie dog dressed for dinner munching on a cracker

Accuweather now has the best Antarctica weather, -87F at Concordia

Looks like our President is a Mister Bungle.

Profile In Cowardice.....

(?) White House leaks intel to discredit Intelligence Agencies(?)

Mark Sanford (R): "There's a Total Weirdness Out There... (Trump) Has Unearthed Some Demons"

Rachel Maddow: confirms that Ailes never made sexual advances but Offered Contract Not to Work

GOP leaders criticize body-slamming candidate Greg Gianforte's actions: 'We all make mistakes'

AP: A plan to have Trump speak before Israel's parliament was scrapped over fears he'd be heckled.

Aides scrapped Trumps speech to Israeli parliament amid concerns of heckling..

Mexico markets Trump themed tp, proceeds help migrants

Poverty and Cabinet member state of mind

"The CBO score has upended this tidy little arrangement as brutally as Gianforte upended Jacobs"

Appeals court slaps down Trump's travel ban, again

BREAKING: 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds ruling against Trump's Muslim Travel ban

"So, ladies and gentlemen, is anyone among you a truly genuine asshole?"

Going home from hospital soon

Hurricane Season Is About to Get Stronger After Years of Calmer Waters

BREAKING: ACLU won in 4th circuit Muslim ban case!

Montana governor: Gianforte lying about reporter fight

Good luck teaching your kids not to shove their way to the front of the line.

Insurer makes crystal clear that market was stabilizing-BUT-GOP sabotage efforts driving rates up

There's no end to the GOP nuttiness, is there?

Saw this headline on CNN - Trump vows to 'get to the bottom' of leaks

Republicans blast Montana candidate charged with assaulting reporter


Trump gets a "chilly reception" at NATO after telling world leaders to pay "their fair share"

Sanders body slams Mulvaney ...

Nobel Prize economist on Trump's budget: 'You could say its acollection of lies put together'

What the hell is wrong with him? (warning: twitter video inside)

KS Congressman accuses town hall attendees of being UnAmerican. Attendees respond.

Trumps speech to Israeli parliament scrapped amid concerns

Is it safe to say that Bannon Trump is back?

Just Who Are The Trumps, Exactly?

Jared Kushner lands on Mad Magazine cover

Dft shoved PM Markovic, who was target of Putin thuggery/coup - from Time, Feb '17:

McCain sent out a "we're down to the wire" fundraising email for Gianforte today

Drug warrior Jeff Sessions lets a megabank skate on laundering money intoMexico

GOP operative used hacked data in campaign

Obama in Berlin at a PROTESTANT CHURCH conference!!

NATO Salad Days

That Republicans colluded with Russian hackers to subvert the 2016 election is now beyond dispute.

Found a section of Melania's pre-nup

The Democrats' Battle for Montana

Confederate monuments offend, but there is something much worse in Alabama

Milbank: The ad-lib president bumbles through the Mideast

When the father of a child with a chronic pre-existing condition ...

Trump to Macron: "You were my guy"

FBI Director Pedro

Ignatius: Why a Democrat wants a Republican as FBI chief

Tweet that Trump should see from NY Attorney General

Trump Blows the Whole Trip.. Yep he blew it big Time!

CNN to Rep Jeff Duncan: NO, We did not retract or backtrack our story on Sessions-These are FACTS.

Wisconsin woman leaps on her car to stop carjacker at gas station

The Guardian reporter that was bodied slammed, wrote an article about Gianforte Ties to Russia

Tweetstorm from the former U.S. Ambassador NATO on Trump's visit to Brussels. Worth a read.

New CBO score triggers backlash

In the Mood for Love - Shigeru Umebayashi

Besty DeVos says state-funded schools can reject LGBTQ students

Macron blows off Trump, Trump responds by trying to rip his arm off? This is insane.

How fucking brain damaged is this clown?

Wyoming leads in government employees

Trump Considering Wisconsin Sheriff Clarke for FBI Head

Trump, Pence hit new lows in Fox poll

New AARP TV ad opposing health care bill

Key Montana newspapers pull Gianforte endorsement after incident

From John Schindler

Will Hannity Sail Off into the Sunset after his "Vacation?"

Sean Hannity goes on vacation as advertisers drop out of his show (7 so far)

Video: Bernie Sanders - All In with Chris Hayes - May 24, 2017

Bankrupt Westinghouse ends pensions for former execs

Trump Reads Speech, Echoes GHW Bush:

Pope and the Dope

May to confront Trump as UK police stop sharing attack information with U.S

Bernie Sanders: Brooklyn In My Bones - Music Video

Five startling things Betsy DeVos just told Congress

Why The Last Few Weeks Have Been Full Of Evening Bombshell News Reports

Priebus nervous about what may be in store for him if Comey reveals more details of his secret memos

Bernie from Brooklyn: A Conversation with Mark Ruffalo

Trudeau smiles while Macron defeats Trump's pull in handshake

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Failed to Disclose Their Multimillion-Dollar Art Collection

He sounded like a collections agent. A bad one at that,, but a collections agent none the less.

Ready for my close-up!

"In the parlance of international diplomacy, that's what we call a real dick move."

Macron out manuevered Trump on the hand shake domination trick

The Onion Invites Greg Gianforte To Physically Assault Our Entire Editorial Staff

Twitter Video: I asked Trump's budget director a very simple question ...

Heads up, everybody! Joe Lieberman will be on MSNBC at 4:00 EDT!

80 something years difference, give or take.

Were Poncho and Lefty the same guy?

ART OF THE DEAL? Carrier Sends Jobs to Mexico, Workers Say Trump 'Misled' Them

Round Two in my battle with the furry little chompers of my herbs

Reed Cordish's connection to Strategic Campaign Group

Chaffetz Miffed By FBIs Deferral Of His Request For Comeys Trump Memos

CNN: No, Rep. Jeff Duncan. We did not retract or backtrack on our story

Project Vote to Close Its Doors on May 31st

Claude Taylor source: Flynn has begun the proffer process with US attorney

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 25, 2017

Calvo seeks to enact failed borrowing bill for tax refunds in Guam

Pelosi: Dems will pass $15 minimum wage if we take power

Senators weigh bill to ban casino-style gambling at Guam Liberation Carnival

Greetings from Dubrovnik. Still a grande old lady, but in need of some therapy

WATCH: Obama Takes Subtle Swing at Trump's Wall in Front of Tens of Thousands of Adoring German Fa

Republicans: Trump just cut the legs out from the trans Atlantic partnership

Senate Intel gives Burr & Warner "blanket authority" to issue subpoenas in Russia investigation

Florida's BRIGHTLINE rail service set to open in late Summer

Democrats Dont Need Trumps Voters To Retake The House

Possible retorts from NATO to Trump

The hysteria about the "intel leak" about the Manchester bomber looks like a takedown attempt to me

Two fights & one riot breaks out at Simon Sanchez High School in Guam; pepper spray used

Trump in Brussels: "The Germans are evil, very evil"

White Male Snowflake SJWs Losing Their Minds Over Alamo Drafthouse's Promotion For Wonder Woman

Trump Declines to Back Core NATO Tenet, to Dismay of European Allies

My Montana prediction: Rob Quist - 49%, Greg Gianforte - 47%.

WSJ: How Alleged Russian Hacker Teamed Up With Florida GOP Operative

Gianoforte had a 2pm interview on Fox News and a 5pm interview on MSNBC Both canceled now

World to Cut Emissions With or Without Trump

BREAKING: President Trump has interrupted his foreign diplomacy for an IMPORTANT MESSAGE:

trumpettes after meeting the pope- the art of the deal

Beware of Louise Mensch

Mark your calendars. May 25, 2017 is the day the US destroyed its relations with its European allies

I made it to "Greatest Threads".........or should I say.....

Would someone explain to me in little words how to post pics

Strategic Thinking...

Breaking on CNN- the Travel Ban is blocked by

No, Trump can't get through a trip without creating chaos

Are there any herbal or dietary remedies for anxiety?

Rogers Ailes offered Rachel Maddow a job at Fox News, with a catch

Watch our allies laugh and whisper as Trump reveals he still has no idea how NATO works

Maru is 10 years old:

Why the Conceptual Penis hoax was a bust: It only reveals the lack of skepticism among skeptics

Gun-Related Injuries Put 20,000 Children a Year in ER

Trump's travel ban 'drips with religious intolerance,' says en banc appeals court; injunction sticks

Who gets hurt worst by Trumpcare? Budget office report makes it clear: Trump voters

WATCH: Macron Coolly Ignores Trump Just Long Enough to Make It Uncomfortable

Angela Merkel Tells Trump It's Not the 'Building of Walls That Make Us Successful'

Mysteries at Jupiter: NASA's Juno Probe Reveals Cyclones, Auroras & Surprises

BREAKING NEWS: Trump makes surprise return visit to Israel's Yad Vashem holocaust museum.

Federal prosecutor found dead on Florida beach

Drumph : "The Germans are evil, very evil"

Attorneys: Salvadoran Colonel's health declining in new jail


Gianforte declines follow up interview with sheriff

Tribes bash proposed Trump budget cuts to Native Americans

Spiegel : Trump Macaron handshake frame by frame

So, while on a short stay in Brussels

Goood Vibes thread for Montana now

Fox News Stands By Sean Hannity For Now, Will Return After Memorial Day

Hillary won!! GODDAMMIT.....

TPM - Marshall - "The Fix is In - NATO is Out"

Montana Senator Backs Gianforte

Sen. Whitehouse: Circumstantial evidence to suggest Mike Flynn is cooperating w/ Justice Dept

Poll: Can Trump get any stupider, or has he peaked?

Troops pull out of Brazil capital; president under pressure

Churches, synagogues openly defy Trumps immigration crackdown

TPM - "Our First Full Collusion Story"

Deplorables think it's funny that Greg Giaforte beat up a reporter half his size.

This Italian nun is helping brides say 'yes' to the dress

Today's incident with....

The Republican Hypocrisy Hall of Fame

From Berkeley Breathed's FB page today....

Merkel Brought a Map to White House to Explain Putin Threat to Trump


Trump team preps 'war room' to defend against Russia probe

Damn - even Cnn is covering the shoving

Hey Trump! Why are you worried about NATO countries not paying their fair share?

A Smarter Way to Interpret 2017's Special Elections from Cook Report

How to make a cynic.

"Long Strange Trip" examines the history of the Grateful Dead

We had a former president overseas who was welcomed and an ass acting like a president not welcome!

Remember when it became pretty clear Reagan was losing it?

Question: NATO Leaders do a welcome to new guy Macron but didn't for Trump?

Pope swats tRump.

So, the GOPPers and the bullies, can't distance themself from Gainforte?


It is sad that beside a few Middle Eastern nations the world thinks Chump's a clown.

Am I the last one to learn about "Brow Bars"?

How come I'm just now finding this out???? (NATO)

I thought I would ever say this.....

Is this Trump's alternative to improving his marriage?


A feral cat is sitting on a lawn chair on the patio & all 3 of my cats are agrieved.

Jared Kushner confirmed under FBI scrutiny LINK ADDED NBC

Will Trumpers approve Gianforte's assaulting a reporter?

Kushner, Kushner!

Anyone with a pulse: Trump campaigns desperation for personnel may explain many questionable hire

Jared Kushner Now Under FBI Scrutiny in Russia Probe Say Officials

Jared Kushner Now Under FBI Scrutiny in Russia Probe, Say Officials


The Beautiful Languages of People Who Talk Like Birds

The Beautiful Languages of People Who Talk Like Birds


How is Jared going to bring Middle Eastern peace if he's in the hoosegow ?

Fruits of a family tree!

"tRump couldn't play dead in a cowboy movie."

The son who helped his mum sell her crafts on Twitter was a Manchester victim.

Mark Zuckerberg calls for exploring basic income in Harvard commencement speech


BBB issues nationwide warning about Payless Car Rental

GOP Candidates Attack On Reporter Shows Peril Of Asking Questions In Trumps America

Louise Mensch has made a formal report to the FBI about a leaker who went public.

Tens of Thousands Gather to Hear President Obama Speak in Berlin NBC News

Signing off for the night!

Predict the Twitler tweet....over Son-In-Law

You don't have to be Dick Tracy to suspect Jared was leveraging the white House.

Is Anyone Keeping a Running Total of the Substantiated Charges and Jail Time for Trump Ass.?

Democrats need to start their own GOP/Russia 'war room'

Washington Post Reporting More Details in Kushner Probe by FBI

Obama's opinion seems to be gaining traction in the news...

Santorum on Kushner being investigated: "I don't see any kind of meat there"

Fox News Is Losing Its Grip

Idiot: Trump Reportedly Called Germans Very Bad, Vowed To Stop German Car Sales In The U.S.

They hate us. All of us.

Trump Threw A Tantrum And Ticked Off Germany By Calling The Germans Very Very Evil

US admits Mosul airstrikes killed over 100 civilians during battle with Isis

I JUst Don't Know But Wish He Would Win

Jordan Chariton is a piece of leftbro shit

Hamas kills three men in execution partially streamed on Facebook

HOW HAPPY was Angela Merkel to see Trump today? Look at the pic and decide for yourself.

Trumped shoved someone out of his way

House panel chairman says FBI declines for now to meet request for Comey-linked documents

Unions sue to stop Kentucky's 'right-to-work' law

benedict donald to his rich donors: we're coming after your beemers!

Robert Mueller gets Justice Department approval to lead the probe, despite

You Know It's Getting Real When Republicans Are Body Slamming Reporters (w/Congressman Mark Pocan)

Who does Mueller report too??

Why Are there Monuments and Memorials to Confederates But None to Slaves?

Labour close gap on Conservatives as Theresa May's lead over Jeremy Corbyn is cut to five points

How do you like them apples, Mr. Putin?

FBI told Rep. Jason Chaffetz hell have to wait to see former FBI Director James Comeys memos.

Their witch-hunt commences: