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Rare birth defect gave him a gift: an amazing curveball.

Flame away...I don't want 45 impeached..not yet

American conservatives love to bash Canadian health care but U.S. corporations love it

George Washington warned us about the Kushner's of the world

Witness shares last words of Portland stabbing victim: "Tell everybody on the MAX that I love them."

Fox News reinforces their image with "Liberals Focus On 'Islamophobia' While Christians Are Killed"

"Fuck Mike Pence" at the Indy 500

Can it be??? Trump Is Losing His Core Support

Does anyone know if there's a Dem plan to make sure all the votes are counted in 2018?

Pathway to extremism: what neo-Nazis and jihadis have in common

Majorities of Americans in Every State Support Participation in the Paris Agreement

Do you have more confidence in Trump 's foreign policy after his 1st foreign trip. 98% NO, 2% YES

Over the years Trump has destroyed thousands of documents & records in defiance of court orders. . .

Defense hawks gird for budget brawl

Exclusive: NSA Chief Admits Donald Trump Colluded With Russia

Give yourself at least an hour after dinner before reading this. You'll thank me for it.

Uncertainty builds in Washington over White House leaks

Why is the MSM not talking about 45's health?

Trump Says He Does Not Know Jared Kushner Very Well

GOP is a terrorist group...

Court says essentially that Trump is not be believed. Will Supreme Court conclude the same?

Are there any "positive" reasons to be a Republican?

❤️ Happy Anniversary Bernie and Jane ❤️

Personally Vietnam WAS THE BEST THING That Ever Happened To Me. Let Me Digress.

President Trump Turned International Diplomacy Into A Fistfight - And Lost

He's baaaccckkkk!!! Bigger and better than ever

Remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice

New Movie coming soon

FBI goes to Ukraine investigating Manafort

November 6 Will Be 50 Years I Ended Up In Vietnam. Next November Will Be 50 Years Came Back.

Video of Borowitz discussing real fake news: some news outlets mistook his fake news for real -

my project of today

40,000 pound the streets for Great Manchester Run and half-marathon

Baltimore could follow New Orleans by removing Confederate statues

So, the POTUS, has time to block people on twitter.

Curious cat finds fox cub 'lodging' under Welney sofa

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Social media & sites like this will help undo this presidency faster

I knew there were dire economic changes since Reagan, but this chart blew my mind.

Merkel Says Europe Must Take Fate Into Own Hands

"America should get back to biblical Christian principles."

Trump administration unable to fill Justice Department jobs because lawyers are avoiding him like

Trump Tweet on Health Care from this afternoon deserves it's own thread


How many Facebook "friends" have stopped posting about 45? Any shown remorse?

Defense secretary Mattis says US policy against Isis is now 'annihilation'

Tweeting about fakenews means new bombshell?

Tweet about Jared/Trump from someone who worked for Jared (at the Observer)

Does any other DUer use Yahoo Mail? Having trouble.

Has this been discussed anywhere? (How to fight back).

NASAs SDO Sees Partial Eclipse in Space

I Did Not Volunteer For Vietnam But I Went Anyway. Draft Army Was As Good As Any. GOP Meme Is Crap.

Julian Castro: Next POTUS will have to spend 80% of his/her time fixing big mess Trump already made

Denver Post writer "very uncomfortable" with Japanese driver winning race on Memorial Day weekend

Okay, GOP - I AM Listening

So what's up with the Census? Haven't heard anything since John Thompson announced resignation

Last photos and tales from the African Bush - includes a tent at the end

The Trump supporters came out in full-court defense of Donald Trump today.

New indication (Manafort) that president's campaign used big data to influence voters (Daily Beast)

Homeland Security Considers Laptop Ban for All Flights In and Out of the U.S.

when teh sun goes down

A "homerun"?

An update from the field

Manufacturing fascism: The story of Colombias Gomez family

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 30: Star of the Month: Clark Gable

North Carolina Has a House Cat Museum

AT&T wants out of Illinois-wide mandate to run landline phones

Times Kids Took Instructions WAY Too Literally

Cat interrupts news reporter by climbing on her

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 31: Directed by Delbert Mann

NYT story: Trump STOLE his coat of arms - but changed "Integrity" to "Trump"

Separating a child from its mother can be very painful. But nobody wants to talk about it.

Al Franken on "CBS Sunday Morning"

Trump biographers warn he'd 'like to be president for life'

"Left Wing" Sock Puppet Update - The Sane Progressive

Muslim ban? How about a goddamn Russian ban?

Roger Ailes fake news empire: Former Fox News head presided over a panoply of phony sock puppets

Will Trump's Memorial Day Address include a discussion of how he won the Electoral College vote?

Strange red lights are illuminating inside the White House, reason unknown -

Basque Chicken With Peas. Posted YEARS ago,

*Tora Tora Tora on TCM now.

The Democrats Need a New Message. EDITED

TigerSwan targeted the movement opposed to the Dakota Pipeline with Invasive Counterterrorism Measur

National Hamburger Day. Burger Truth, James Villas' "American Taste"

Reporting tips from a "Senior Administration Official"...

getting ready to put some 15 bean soup in the crockpot.

European Union considering its own nuclear weapons program over fears it cannot rely on Trump

Lawmakers: Law should be changed to make sure permanent license suspension is forever

Murals coming to fill downtown Augusta

Trapped by heroin: Lobster industry struggles with its deadly secret

No more prosecution or restorative justice for Portland Black Lives Matter group

Fuck having to spend holidays talking to Trump supporters

I didn't know Liberal were as bad as Conservatives

Mother of murdered teen sues Red Cross, claims she was fired illegally

val.pearl/Flickr Science Predicts You're Hiding 13 Secrets - And Nearly Half of Those You've Never T

I am a human ... I think

From the G7; further proof that Angela Merkel is a real humanitarian

Navy SEAL dies in tragic skydiving accident

This mess was self deleted by its author

Crews Making Progress On Madeville Canyon Fire near Brentwood

Mayor tells Muslims that Portland stands by them

Awkward moments with Donald Trump

Trump's Proposed Budget Would Decimate California's Quake Early-Warning Program

Cannabis compound cannabidiol reduces seizures in kids with epilepsy, study shows

Cannabis compound cannabidiol reduces seizures in kids with epilepsy, study shows CBC News CBC News

What one Maine island is doing to keep elder residents from moving away

Tiny Jedi drone

Sato becomes first Japanese driver to win Indianapolis 500

As allure of Latin wanes, new teaching methods focus on fun

Sato becomes first Japanese driver to win Indianapolis 500

In Big Six conservation deal, one-quarter of Maine maple syrup output at stake

Sanders cancels on St. Johnsbury Academy commencement speech

Court upholds blocking of Trump's travel ban

"Cruel" Anti-Abortion SB 8 Sent to Gov's Desk to Become Law

300 drones light up Jeddah skies to welcome Ramadan

NYT: Kushner tried to use WH counsel

You're in the desert with nothing to distract you

Strange red lights flash from within the white house



Khraish Will Sell 130 West Dallas Homes to Tenants Rather Than Evict and Demolish

Jose Barrientos, Person of Interest in West Dallas Vote Fraud Investigation, Says He Isn't That Jose

Collin County Judge Exonerated Five Years After Bribery Conviction

Sheila Jackson Lee Blasts OMB Director for Diabetes-Shaming People

Harris County Election Workers Plead Guilty to Illegal Voting

Houston-Area Engineers Accused of Stealing Trade Secrets to Benefit Chinese Military

Texas Legislature Passes $217 Billion Budget

Scientists Pinpoint How A Flamingo Balances On One Leg

Sid Miller Has A Beef With Exempting Barbecue Scales From Regulation

Afghan Woman Attempts Suicide in Texas Detention Center, Six Months After Arrival

LGBTQ dance protest breaks out in front San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor's house

The Smiths - Panic (VIDEO)


Vermont League of Cities and Towns pays out $500,000 for Coventry insurance claim

Feds face questions at Vermont Yankee meeting

Gov. Scott wipes out at Thunder Road debut

Government: Judge postpones trial of Chinese billionaire

Biting satire -- Trump doll gives pet toy company 'yuge' lift

Bail kept at $500K in fatal hit-and-run case

Found a 50s era Jane's All the World's Aircraft in a used booksore recently

Long term unemployed, watch out for

Ladies & Gents, it's become William Shakespeare's Othello, starring Steve Bannon as Iago.

Another preventable shooting (8 people in Mississippi)

Alt-Right spinning Trump's tour to Middle-East and Europe

Scott "Dilbert" Adams is now the Scott "Chachi" Baio of comic strips, presents alternate Trump facts

From DEEP within the bowels of 2014, Ivanka "Nostradamus" Trump issues chilling prophesy

Happy birthday, Mr. President.

As a common citizen, what I would like to see done about this Russian scandal?

Who is keeping Jared Kushner from testifying before the Committees?

Monday Toon Roundup 1 -Deplorable Traveler

"Fake news" without specifics.

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

No discussion

Don't forget the chocolate cake

If you are a man & you bite a dog-that doesn't make you a master of anything. But it does make news

Fill in the blank

Trump goading N Korea and sucking up to China in latest tweet

Trump acted like 'a drunk tourist' on Europe trip that led Merkel to proclaim end of US alliance

Maybe this is what happened to Trump...

Looks like Sen John McCain has been busy in Australia- damage control?

Cities join call for impeachment

Thanks for this one! (n2doc)

Kushners busted on Instagram for giant, undisclosed art collection

5 reasons anonymous White House officials say they can't stand Jared Kushner

Today I remember a cowardly president with imaginary heel spurs.

NSA in Unprecedented Hunt for KremlinGate Evidence

Military's clout at White House could shift U.S. foreign policy

Need a new Router and what about those signal booster thingys

JFK, the forever-young president, 100 years on - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Trump: "North Korea has shown great disrespect for their neighbor, China,..."

Longing for a reason to discriminate other people, Japan simply invents one.


North Korea's latest ballistic missile launch lands in Japan's economic zone

Isn't Some of the Trump Hotel Profit Ours? - NYT Editorial Board

From Malcolm Nance

The Groundhog Day War in Afghanistan - NYT Editorial Board

Trump Had At Least 15 Chances To Address The Portland Attack On Twitter. He Didnt.

It's not a back channel. It's a SECRET back channel...

Imagine a country where you're stabbed by white supremacist but your med care has to be crowd funded

Jennifer Granholm: "In this case, the war room is because the president created the crisis."

Did Trump order General Kelly to give his statement about "back channels"?

Term of the Day: "Wilful Failure to Know"

Joy-Ann Reid appeared on Meet the Press then exposed panelists lie on AM Joy (VIDEO)

My fear about Trump (remember GWB)

Important article about how our endless wars leave people who are involved

RUSSIAGATE: Im tired of MSM acting stupid as to whether Trump was trying to impede an investigation

Trump expresses 'total confidence' in Kushner

I'm waiting for another shoe to drop this afternoon around 4-5 o'clock EST.

Failure at the NYT: covering penny loafers, not corruption and nepotism (Haberman/Thrush)

9 days later, Trump hasn't changed. Neither has Washington

'A malaise is setting in': Some DC Republicans resigned to 'long slow death' of Trump's presidency

White House "War Room?" Planning to do battle with?

25 years for burglary seems rather extreme

Anatomy of Stupidity

Me vs Trump Surrogate Steve Cortes re: Trump plan to Cancel Daily Press Briefings

My appearance this morning on Fox & Friends regarding #Trump plan to cancel daily press briefings

Looking forward.

I am no expert

Lurking Deplorables- How much do you want to bet the Chinese are laughing at this toolbox ?

Scott Dixon was not hurt. WOW!

Next Tweet From Trump: China good. Russia good.

"Ryan shook his head in exasperation. "Oh, good grief," he said."

ISIS in Southeast Asia: Philippines battles growing threat

DRUMPF makes nostalgia for Shrub, but not even he can make RUMSFELD look good

Mississippi Man Who Allegedly Shot and Killed 8 People Says God Will Forgive Him

John Kelly: Any channel of communication back or otherwise with a country like Russia's a good thing

Feelings of Guilt among Non-believing Clergy Part One

Flashing Red Lights in White House Explained.

'Mad Dog' Mattis Says U.S. Now Using Annihilation Tactics In Fight Against ISIS

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, crawls in this petty pace

Jared Kushners Beleaguered Tenants

The Creation Museum Opened Up Ten Years Ago Today

Trump Raged at Abbas in Meeting: 'You Lied To Me'

A 'World of Death' for horror fans!

Grassley calls for investigation into Chinese promotion of Kushner family company deal

John McCain Says Putin is a Bigger Global Threat Than ISIS

Former NATO envoy: This seems to be the end of an era

Rebuilding of Dresden

****MAY Photo Contest --Preliminary Thread 1****

****MAY Photo Contest--Preliminary Thread 2****

Louise Mensch is Backing and Filling as Fast as Ever She Can

***May Photo Contest Prelims--Threads 1 & 2**** are posted in GD

Trying to understand Trump - Stages of amusement, wonder, anger

Fellow passenger who did CPR on Portland stabbing victim has two important messages for people

Being the richest man on earth

Today is the 100th birthday anniversary of President John F. Kennedy

Offices of search engine Yandex raided in Ukraine (Odd how Brietbart had Yandex code on their site.)

"I'm glad my father didn't live to see this day."

When life gives you treason, make champagne popsicles.

Cities join call for impeachment

From a speech John F. Kennedy - born 100 years ago today - was scheduled to deliver in Dallas

On this day, an incredibly powerful image...

UGLY AMERICAN - President Trump Turned International Diplomacy Into A Fistfight - And Lost

Turkeys circle dead cat - just weird

Just how disgusting is it to see the Orange Buffoon as commander-in-chief?

What's With Burlington's Solar-Powered Trash Cans?

Memorial Day Arlington.

Made 2 quick and easy spreads for coffee hour yesterday - Apricot-Rosemary and Salmon-Dill

Salma Hayek Had a Trump Pinata

This Charlotte restaurant got a $300,000 city water bill before it even opened

Maybe Trump should bring mobility scooter in case it's a long walk to Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

$10K bill for getting car stuck in newly poured concrete

how much is he paying them to clap and cheer

This "ceremony" at Arlington is like a pep rally.

Firm behind Dakota Access pipeline faces intense scrutiny for series of leaks

Karma Strikes Again: Trophy Hunter Killed by Elephant

Did Hotmail's SSL Certificate just expire?

How did Putin get engaged to trump?

He can't even stand up straight.

Portland Stabbing: Donald Trump Finally Responds Amid Public Outcry

Jay Tax Abatement Board Rejects Goldberg's Request For Relief on Jay Peak Resort

Trump pays tribute to the fallen and Gold Star family's. Does he not remember what he did

Welcome to the United States of Theocracy

I see they let Kellyanne out of the crypt

Mitch McConnell Implicated In Widespread Putin/Ukraine Money Funnel; FBI Notified

May 2015: Trump tweeted Happy Memorial Day to "haters and losers (of which, sadly, there are many)"

In History, has the WH ever had a "War Room" to fight off investigations into it? Maybe Nixon did?

Well, I didn't "listen" listen...

OK, the Trump Portland tweet is D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y staff-written.

Nuttin like watching,,,,

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3

Does anyone else here play Portal 2?

"Happy" Memorial Day. Maybe the most inappropriate sentiment ever.

Macron said THIS today while standing literally right next to Putin. Damn.

GA voters file lawsuit against SOS; contend state's voting machines unfit for 6-20 special election

This is what a real president looks and talks like *

Dear Jared: I have been told that Siberia, Russia has lovely weather this time of the year.

Germany hits Trump with torrent of criticism for making the West 'weaker'

Feeling really envious for the first time I can remember- Other countries have a decent leader

Tiger Woods arrested on DUI charge

Here come the Wonder Woman reviews (possible spoilers)

Women Vets Take Aim at a New Target: Public Office

Tiger Woods's mugshot - DUI

Observation: Very few flags flying on my street this Memorial Day

Amerika First

A Constitutional Puzzle: Can the President Be Indicted?

Amerika First

Hannity repeatedly pushed stories after Fox backed away from or retracted them

WOW! German Opposition Candidate TORCHES Trump Over His Treatment of Merkel In Brussels.

Kushner's Charmed Life Comes to Screeching Halt

Can the President Be Indicted?

Sad to see - Tiger Wood's decline

Ben Ferguson on CNN

Trump Suggests Spending More on Health Care

Anyone used one of these for backpacking?

To Believe Trump You Must Believe Contradictory Things

Number of Democratic Governors we will have after the 2018 midterm election.

"Id like to summarize my feelings about this in one radical feminist sculpture."

Afloat on the Erie Canal: Sonar Gear, Ferris Wheel Parts and Beer Tanks

Donald Trump, his family, and his entire merry band of

Bots push two-year-old story on Obama and Russia all the way to the top of today's Drudge Report

Bar Uses Brilliant Sign to Shut Down Creepy Dudes

Police: Tiger Woods arrested in Florida for DUI

The Trump administration just imposed a massive tax increase. You may have missed it.

Sununu Softens Tone On Dartmouth-Hitchcock After Contract Dispute

The Well-Fed Garden: Feeding Acid-Loving Plants

Keno-Funded Kindergarten Plan Wins Committee Backing In House

Can anybody see a Sino-Franco-German alliance?

A 139-Word Story Sparks A Firestorm of GOP Criticism for N.H. Freelancer

Update on Maxxis Padrone TR tires

The Latest: Macron attacks Russian media outlets

Legislators to address N.H. law regarding sex with inmates

Hard to believe that one infantile, narcissistic, piggish ignoramus can cause the world such trouble

If you could pick any of the following world leaders for POTUS, who would you choose?

I think Russia wanted trump to win the POTUS election

Above-normal Atlantic hurricane season is most likely this year

Spirit channeling from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Foot Soldiers in a Shadowy Battle Between Russia and the West

Here's a heck of a question about the RUR diplomatic facility Jared requested to use.

And now for something completely different! How Does A Narcissist Think?

I ate this chocolate covered cherry & then I wondered " Why is everything so sticky?"....

The Cure - A Forest * first ever TV performance Dec 79

Looks like Trump is doing damage to Theresa May now

This Muslim man stood blindfolded in the centre of Manchester offering hugs after the Arena attack

Ivanka suggests celebrating Memorial Day with champaign popsicles.

U.K.: Reality Check - The fight over women's state pensions


Maryland surges past BC to cap undefeated season with women's national lacrosse title

Maryland surges past BC to cap undefeated season with women's national lacrosse title

It's getting harder to say Russian meddling didn't actually help lead to Trump's victory...

Number of Democratic US Senators after 2018 midterm elections.

Does anyone have info on a charity called, Wounded Warrior?

When the Emperor Has No Clothes,

Dump's twitter page

As 100 Percent Renewables Become the New Norm, a New Role for Utilities Emerges

They hate the US government, and they're multiplying: the terrifying rise of 'sovereign citizens'

President Kennedy's family reflects on his 100th birthday

NYT, May 29: Can a sitting President be indicted?

Dems try to enlist military vets in fight for House majority

Texas legislature descends into chaos after GOP lawmaker sics immigration officers on protesters

John Legend donates $5,000 to Seattle student lunch debt campaign

John Legend donates $5,000 to Seattle student lunch debt campaign

Five goals for Republicans this summer

Trump 'BLOCKS' Jimmy Kimmel Live writer on Twitter after she 'hurt his feelings'

Trumps budget renews debate over Arctic refuge drilling

This is my last year trying to grow tomatoes in Oklahoma.

This is why gun groups are up in arms over a hearing aid bill

The Aurora Ice Museum, outside of Fairbanks, Alaska...can't wait to travel there this summer...

Enjoying today

Portland knife attack: tension high as 'free speech rally' set for weekend

For Memorial Day: My dad's tombstone.

Barack Obama enjoys himself on the golf course in St Andrews during first trip to Scotland

Here's how the Trump tax plan could affect your home value

The Clintons looking great on Memorial Day

Denver Post Writer Terry Frei Fired After Racist Tweet

GOP leader tempers ObamaCare expectations

Kushner Asked to Lay Low After Russia-Related Reports, Source Says

Something did happen

As White House defends Jared Kushner, experts question his back-channel move

A Leak Just Revealed The Counterterrorism Tactics Used Against Standing Rock Pipeline Protestors

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mem'l Day, May 29, '17

The Coat of Arms Said 'Integrity.' Now It Says 'Trump.'

If ever I am accused of a crime, I will have my attorney submit the Kushner Defense on my behalf:

Greg Gianforte fundraises for Karen Handel GA 6th

Ivanka's extra-special Memorial Day tweet didn't exactly win her any new admirers.

It is next to impossible to do any significant online genealogy research

Can a Presidential pardon be challenged?

DUI, fatal hit and run...(In Trumpese)

It is like whenever the national anthem is playing, Trump hears happy birthday to me.

Old South Monument Backers Embrace 'Confederate Catechism'

U.S. Senator calls for probe into promotion of Kushner Cos deal

Just bought a new grill!

H.r.mcmaster and john Kelley a update on my post yesterday

Texas state rep calls ICE on 'sanctuary city' protesters

WannaCry ransom notice analysis suggests Chinese link

Check out the production on THIS bad boy of a video (10 min)

Fox News Exposed By Former Contributor As A Scripted And Rigged Scam

Uday tells daddy he "cound not have paid a better tribute to those who gave everything"

Texas Republican 'threatens to shoot Democrat' over immigration protest

Timothy Snyder: Tyranny - Steps of Dismantling A Democracy

Frank Deford, NPR's Longtime Philosopher Of Sports, Dies At 78


Travelin Soldier, Dixie Chicks

Representing DNA data on websites

You can tell all you need to about a society from how it treats animals and beaches. - Frank Deford

"The Leftovers" anyone?

Showing up

'Back channels' are protocol for a president -- but not for a president-elect

Some of Trump's supporters ... well, they can't really explain it either - Tom Toles

Message for Trump--This is Arlington. Not a rally. Just now.

When the World Cheered a Visit from the U.S. President

Judges weigh law cutting governor's elections oversight role

Texas state rep calls ICE on 'sanctuary city' protesters

Daniel Inouye and "Sparky" Matsunaga. Great Nisei (Japanese American) soldiers.

New York students can apply for free college tuition June 7

I now think many of the Republican Oligarchs would love the US to turn into something like Russia

Old South monument backers embrace "Confederate Catechism"

Jared Kushners Other Real Estate Empire (This will piss you off)

''We honor all of the service members who sacrificed their lives for our great country''

The Vietnam Women's Memorial in DC

Can we all agree..

South Africa's 'lion whisperer' gets up close with big cats

Bernie Sanders - What Patriotism!

Astounding correlation of EU ref vote with education

Back channels for what

Frank relevant now as he was then

Gah... Chris Cornell and his kids:

Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra resigns; Macri loyalist Jorge Faurie to replace her

Trans Woman raped/ Attempted murder

Thousands of people attended a Trump not welcome protest in Brussels this week.

Republican Senator: "Review Kushner Family Ties to Chinese Investors"

TX: Lawmaker: I called immigration authorities on Capitol protesters

The Hill - Report: Trump to reverse Obamas Cuba policy

Like father, like son

101-year-old Alabama veteran receives his high school diploma

China gave Ivanka 3 trademarks the same day she dined with Xi

Gov. Charlie Baker decries plan to give convicted public employees pension money

The Latest: Portland mayor urges cancellation of Trump rally

US investigating marine officials after losing classified information in Colombia: report

What is Emmanuel Macron's end game with Putin?

US investigating marine officials after losing classified information in Colombia: report

Todd Rundgren and Donald Fagen Take on Trump in Video for "Tin Foil Hat"

Walsh: Aides deserve pay unless proven guilty

Trump's Memorial Day KKK Arrest

Trump's Bloody America: The De Facto Lynching of Richard Collins III

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Setti Warren pledges to fight for Western Mass on Beacon Hill

Bullet damage suspected in Ky. newspaper vandalism

Snubs and slights are part of the job in Trumps White House



I'm a little bored with the FBI just "looking into persons of interest"

In your opinion, best Doo-Wop song ever?

11-year-old girl 'forced to marry her rapist' from church in Florida

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Remembering MLB Players Who Died in WW2

French Open - spoiler

The U.S. is the most obese nation in the world, just ahead of Mexico

Massachusetts Senate votes to expand death benefit for public employees

Can you imagine the republican reaction if Hillary weakened NATO??

Rapper Charged in 100-bullet Shootup of Rival Rapper's (bulletproof) Vehicle

Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown approved by committee to become ambassador to New Zealand

Trump Copied Another Familys Coat Of Arms

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to federal government: revoke permit for Portland alt-right event

burried in the Booker/Sirota thread... bigger concern...


Experts Agree: Donald Trump Is Obstructing Justice In Russia Probe

NY Daily News - Mexican mob brutally beats Russian man after he mocks locals

"I dont believe in diplomacy by public abuse..."

Bryce Harper charges mound; how many games will he be suspended?

Greg Gianforte And The 'Thug' Politics Of The GOP

Darrell Issa plans a town hall meeting, but gives select crowd special access

Portland Republican says party should use militia groups after racial attack

No, Trump Fans, Putin Is NOT Your Friend

Baseball records guaranteed never to be broken. Mine is:

Astros erupt for 11-run rally in 8th to stun Twins

On Memorial Day....(Thoughts from Afghanistan)

Any idea if this eurotrip will impact the UK election?

Teen on Portland train: 'They lost their lives because of me and my friend'

The psychological process that drives people to gangs can turn you into a terrorist

TRAFFIC ALERT: There are so many people driving back from the Eastern Shore,

Trump vs. Comey Songify The News 14

Was anyone surprised when Trump did not mention the Khans' son who killed fight for our freedom?

White House staffers endure daily diet of "snubs and belittling jokes" by "loyalty-demanding" Trump

Donald Trump to Hungry Seniors: Drop Dead

I would say pissin' off our allies stupid and dangerous!

Woman who married train station insists it is the same as being gay

Senators locked in turf battle over Russia probes

So how come MSNBC has that lock-up show on today?

Senators locked in turf battle over Russia probes

Macron and Merkel hate Chump's guts and he hates theirs.

Don't believe the people trashing Corey Booker. He's a strong progressive.

Rain or shine, she is NOT riding a golf cart for sure.

Protest sparks Texas lawmaker threats of gun violence

If Kushner did in fact ask for a back channel line to Moscow, they can now blackmail him after

Jared attends Trump's intel briefing, receives his own briefing before Trump