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protective services should have kept these children

Heritage Foundation board ousts president Jim DeMint

Pence: Trump considering moving U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

North Korea: US bombers pushing crisis close to nuclear war

OK, I admit it. The Handmaid's Tale . . .

The Resistance Report, Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 Reich

Police Officer Who Fatally Shot 15-Year-Old Texas Boy Is Fired

Jane Goodall has some advice for Ivanka Trump

Monster Mulvaney

If NPR is a part of the Trump defunding project..

Alton Sterling question

GAH!!! Pence just said we're moving the Embassy to Jerusalem

Quick-thinking cat alerts family, saves them from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning

Polish speakers. What does Poney mayam mean?

Manhattan to see new area code 332 next month

When are the MSM going to examine their own consciences and admit they were complicit

Pelosi: Democratic candidates should not be forced to toe party line on abortion

Your Tax Dollars at work for you...

Trump directly involved in hunt for Twitter user exposing his tiny inauguration crowd

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! 12 Years (in) a Grave! Live, Uncensored & a new kittehs

Coal Jobs Prove Lucrative, but Not for Those in the Mines

If a genius was born today who would unwind the mysteries of psychology

National monuments harm the economy, Utah public lands official tells Congress

In the Trump White House, the momentum has turned against the Paris climate agreement

Republicans just lost a huge vote on their health care bill

Wyoming signs contract of up to $5.1M with private prison company

Alaska lawmakers mull measure calling abortion 'child abuse'

I seem to be lost.

Douglas cross-dresser: Enzi's comments show hate and intolerance in state

Heres another story developing concerning another typical

Trump raises stakes for next shutdown fight

Introducing Trump's new "100 Days MAGA Collection"...

#FireColbert is now the top trend on Twitter

Employee layoffs likely as UW grapples with budget cuts

Debate over age stalls Casper's plan to change liquor laws

Gubernatorial candidate Wagner (R) assaults/ takes camera from a tracker:

Hiring freeze of almost all state agencies begins Monday

Don't take directions from the guy in the back of the pick-up

Rainbow versus lightning.

Montana Auditor Rosendale's $2700 a Head Florida Fundraiser to Pay Himself Back

Gianforte Needs to Pick a Side. Russia or Montana?

The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's cock holster.

Shine a bright light on GOP Kochsucker death cult

Do you know if your state will lose a Congressional seat or gain a seat in the 2020 census.

Montana man gets 40 years in $2 million Ponzi scheme

Government 'needs a good shutdown,' frustrated Trump tweets

Montana Dem in U.S. House bid underreported income by $57K

Olbermann: Trump is panicking over Russia! .. Are Grand Juries really impaneled?

Keith Olbermann: Trump is Panicking About Russia

Funding $17M short for Montana dam to save sturgeon

Anybody gone to Fordham?

What caused the Civil War?

Georgia's 6th Congressional Candidate's Husband Retweets: "Free Black Slaves From Dem Plantation"

What program is Rachel supposed to be on tonight and at what time PT?

Scores of bills die as Montana legislative session ends

Bankruptcy judge recuses self in Montana diocese bankruptcy

White and wealthy voters gave victory to Donald Trump, exit polls show

Great game between Boston & Washington (NBA)

Can't make this up-Trump commemorated Civil War battle that never happened at his VA Golf Course

Check out the tweet Melania Trump "liked"

Watch Mcconnel's wife admit to seeking foreign money for our infrastructure....

Trump troll goes all caps on Twitter. He means business!!!:

We must make neuropsychological testing a prerequisite for being POTUS

Trump's 48 hours

I know this might not be popular, but I tend not to be friends with racists, sexists and war mongers

How do you know when it's time for a new laptop? 7 years old machine

Trump's latest tweet:

The New Yorker: After a Hundred Days, Trump Is Trump Is Trump

The Only Campaign Promise That REALLY Matters is the One he DID Keep...

Center for American Progress says Republican risk pools short by $200 Billion

Wet flower

There is only one thing that is worse ...

Tuesday Night Wine-Buzz. Don't judge me! I'm on vacation!

Do you think the two major Parties should call a truce...?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 4, 2017 -- TCM Spotlight - Creature Features

Publicly Discussing a President who Appears Cognitively Compromised

BREAKING: New Trump/Giulliani Overseas Money Laundering Scheme

Nevada lawmaker strips refund provision from insulin bill

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 5, 2017 -- What's on Tonight: Cinematography by Vilmos Zsigmond

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 6, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials - Kirk Douglas

Questions about TOS

Pro-pot users sometimes hurt their case

watters and hannity still on faux

Trump on tape talking about trying to shut down investigation.

The Guardian really nailed this - Day 100

Whitewash and cover-up in San Diego's Balboa Park

Calling all citizen tag horseshoe crabs on the shores of Delaware Bay!

*Saturday, 9PM, Carousel! WETA

House Republicans Just Voted To End Overtime Pay As We Know It

Nationwide #MarchforTruth on June 3rd - Demand Special Prosecutor- #Trumprussia

Will Ivanka Trump run in 2020 on a platform that she ran the country for 3 3/4 yrs.

What will Trump do to divert attention from the Intelligence Com. hearings?

Uhmm, hasn't Sessions recused himself twice now?

Link to Wednesday's 10 am EST hearing where Comey will be testifying:

Maddow: Trump Administration Weak On Basic Competence

Trump's actual words on the Sivel War

Maybe it's just a coincidence

Maddow: Donald Trump Nativist Speech Follows Dark US Pattern

'How Donald Trump Could Get Fired': The 25th Amendment

Cassini discovers 'Big Empty' in gap between Saturn and its rings

California farmers peeved at Trump, claim they were 'pawn' in US-Argentine trade deal

Over 200 Members of Congress File Federal LGBTQ-Rights Bill

Conservationists sue to halt fracking in Ohio's only national forest

The final cache of secret JFK records set for release this year

GOP bill hung up on how many people to kick off health care roles.

Trump Card: Can fired-up Democratic women (and men) turn Tarrant County blue?

In response to the Donald J. Trump for President campaigns accusations of ad censorship:

Texas police chiefs: Do not burden local officers with federal immigration enforcement

Does anybody remember 'Three Days of the Condor'?

Please dear goddess make this true please please

Administration freezes $10 million to fight extremism

Here's a Star Wars movie you might not have heard of: Rogue One

How do critics like her book?

Bernanke: pledge to revive manufacturing "not realistic"

California farmers claim they were 'pawn' in US-Argentine trade deal

2 sickened by mail package, taken to Maryland hospital

If president Trump Inc. doesn't pay for every law he is breaking, it will set a gold standard

They lived as a gay couple in Mississippi for 20 years. The worst indignity came in death

China's first androgynous all-girl pop band challenges ideal of femininity

Racist flyers appear on University of Texas campus (again)

What Secret Service spent on Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump's Whistler trip

Odessa trucking company CEO blames closure on embezzlement

Sex Trafficking Claims Against US Firm in Iraq

Texas Tech celebrates $83 million El Paso addition

Evo Morales Confident in Recovering Bolivian Access to Pacific

Cassandra Sainsburys last-minute plane ticket purchase in HK was red flag, US agents tipped off Col

Discussion on Twitter about vote irregularities

Construction of Texas A&M-Kingsville's new $60 million music building set for June

Three-thousand-year-old axes found in farmer's field in mid-Norway

"Elizabeth Warren says Obama doesn't understand 'lived experience of most Americans.'"

2 skeletons discovered, believed to be eunuchs from Ancient Egypt

Rock samples indicate water is key ingredient for crust formation

Norways oldest ice found in central Norway

Raids not Dannenbaums first time in spotlight (more about FBI raid)

Florida leaders sound alarm over expanded offshore oil drilling

Happy Buddha's Birthday to all You Buddhists out there

Rachel Maddow is no longer available at 10 pm here as of tonight. 3 and 6 but no late viewing.

Happy Buddha's Birthday and Golden Week

This is probably worth a poll, but I'm just tossing the question out there

White House Correspondents win DW Freedom of Speech Award

UK parliament dissolves ahead of snap elections

'Shocking' levels of PCB chemicals in UK killer whale Lulu

The Brexit spirit

Without my interference, Aya Hegazy could have stayed another 28 years in prison: Trump

Update: Attorneys maintain Justin Chisum was legally insane during daughter's killing

Top Two Executives Of Credit Card Processing Company Charged In $30 Million Overbilling Scheme

Biker shot at Twin Peaks in Waco sues restaurant, police, sheriff

Abortion services to resume in Waco

Report: Second Army secretary nominee may drop out

House considers measure to trim years off the VA appeals process

Trump calls for government shutdown-nuclear option combination in September

TEA reviewing allegations of academic wrongdoing at Marlin ISD

Trump Administration Makes Mess Spinning Spending Bill

GAO: ((Medicaid personal care services oversight improvements needed))

Black lawmakers to protest over Confederate emblem on flag

'He Just Seemed to Go Crazy': Senior GOP Aides Stunned by Trump's Demented Behavior in Last 24 Hours

US firm in Iraq ignores smuggling, security risks for F-16s

Melania Trump's Twitter Just Liked a Tweet About How Much She Hates Her Husband

World Leaders View President Donald Trump As A Fool

Gay Corps Commander at Texas A&M in Galveston Comes Out Publicly

Bobby Brooks Slams Rick Perry for Refusing to Meet

Big Summer Shutdowns Loom for U.S. Auto Plants as Sales Sputter

how does a guy who looks like a fish when he talks

Mysterious rash of Russian deaths casts suspicion on Vladimir Putin

Religion is alive and kicking in officially atheist China

Trump picks renewable energy opponent to lead Office of Renewable Energy

Arkansas to move 60K off hybrid Medicaid plan

Texas House OKs 3 bills loosening gun regulations

After Campus Stabbing, UT-Austin Student Newspaper Provided Information When Officials Did Not

Texas Senate passes bill overhauling Houston's troubled pension systems

The New U.S. Constitution As Written By Trump

Kimmel Attacked After Saying Everyone Should Have Access To Healthcare Like His Newborn Son Did

Clinton brings up Handmaids Tale in Planned Parenthood speech

I called it. In a recent post i said trump would call for the end of the filibuster.

Ivanka Peron

The historic shift in the US Supreme Courts religious makeup (plus or minus a Gorsuch)

White House Reporters Erupt In Anger After Sean Spicer Exits Without A Briefing

Not all trump voters are stupid. However, all trump voters

This one Clinton quote shows why her supporters hate the media

I don't understand why Elizabeth Warren is criticizing Obama now.

Trump campaign accuses CNN of censorship for refusing to run ad calling it FAKENEWS

Belgian priests push back on euthanasia directive for Catholic hospitals

Sandra Bland Act gets nod from Texas Senate panel

Archbishop's flock is part of fabric of Pakistani life

Reminder: There Is A Body Trail

Reminder: Like Rats From A Sinking Ship

Maryland Democrats, divided and depleted, turn to Matthews to energize party

Bret Stephens Bullshit Arguments On Science & Why They Don't Work - Bloomberg

From Ancient Greece, Lessons On The Risk Of A Modern, Accidental War

Massachusetts man files $15M suit against police

Oops! Larsen C Ice Shelf Crack Has Branched; Also Growing Wider By 1 Meter/Day

This is nirvana! Delicate, colourful lanterns adorn Seoul's streets for Buddha Jayanti

The Dark Tower - Trailer has arrived

Everything you need to know about the modern republican party

Looks like Jared Kushner is member of George Soros' globalist world-domination-cabal...

Oh no you don't.

Early May Melt Spike Coming To Greenland; Temps Up To 50F Above Historic Averages

Clinton, Denouncing Trump, Calls Herself 'Part of the Resistance'

Trump transition staffers head to K Street despite lobbying ban

Trump and Putin Agree to Seek Syria Cease-Fire

Presentation is everything.

10 Early Symptoms of Dementia

headline says it all: GOP split on gutting protections for the sick

US conservatives' predicament explains climate change and NYT op-ed

Those Were The Days

Judge Rips 'Disingenuous' Rudy Giuliani in Iran Sanctions Case

THE 2017 EISNER AWARD NOMINEES REVEALED (comic industry awards)

IHeartMedia is expected to disclose insolvency concerns

Stars turn out for Planned Parenthood gala honoring Clinton

Kansas archdiocese severs ties with Girl Scouts and urges end to cookie sales

98% of Trump supporters would vote for him again *

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Alt-Historic

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Unhealthy

American Airlines Will Shrink Legroom in Coach Again

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

biodegradable burial pod that turns your body into a tree

Trump: Comey 'Best Thing That Ever Happened' to Hillary

Susan Sarandon can go suck a lemon...

Former members of Univ. of North Texas basketball team accused of promoting prostitution

Ben Carson: Homeless shelters shouldn't be 'comfortable settings' or else people might just stay..

How to tell Republicans are serious about the unborn.

Boerne attorney, a former judge, jailed on drug charge

Please recommend an alternative to Verizon for landline phone and internet services.

Am I wrong? Yesterday I canceled my New York Times subscription due to the hiring of

Former GOP House intel chairman: Russian election hacking was 'wildly successful'

Hillary Clinton strategist Ed Meier launches campaign against Pete Sessions

Little Angels. Daycare in a corrugated shack in a South African township

Exclusive: U.S. senators seek sanctions, other ways to address Venezuela crisis

Senators would like to see Kay Bailey Hutchison as NATO ambassador

GOP holdout intros pre-existing condition amendment

Baylor frat suspended after 'Cinco de Drinko' where partiers reportedly dressed as maids, construc-

Hilarious blooper compilation of bugs ruining live TV news

We should not overlook the susceptability, the vulnerability, and the gullibility of the voters...

New York Times swings to profit as digital subscriptions rise

Will C-Span be carrying today's hearing?

(Dutch News)Trump business partner accused of involvement in Dutch-based money laundering scheme

Multimillionaire Ben Carson doesn't want homeless folk to get too 'comfortable' in public housing

Trump Discusses History - Mad Magazine

Poll: Voters resist pre-existing condition opt-out

1984 Soviet Active Measures

I proudly stand with President Obama.

GOP leaders to #AHCA holdouts: "Relax, the Senate will save you." Senate: Nope.

How much of the anti-choice movement is motivated by white nationalism?

Interstate 44 underwater in St. Louis from rising Meramec River - May 2, 2017

"Forgive me."

Trump Wonders Why We Had a Civil War

Malcom Nance coming up on Stephanie Miller Show in HR 2 (10:30am EST / 7:30am PST)

Trump Invites Admitted Mass Murderer to White House

Another Trump idiocy.


Amazing Discovery!

#March for Truth info?

Marvel's The Defenders Official Trailer (VIDEO)

GOP Congressman says he's getting calls from people who fear they may die if GOP health bill passes.

Anti-gay preacher who is a child molester going to jail for 35 years...

Update on Paula Swearengin (Bernie's West Virginia Town Hall)

***** COMEY Testifies - Senate Judiciary - LIVE May 3 2017 *****

Private-sector hiring slowest in four months, ADP says

Tune in to CNN or MSNBC. Comey speaking at 10 am, publicly.

For all the HRC basher-pundits on my teevee this morning

The GOP Has A Pre-Existing Condition

David Corn: Trump Drops "Human Rights" From Top White House Job

Donald Trump freezes funding to groups fighting right-wing terror and white supremacism

Be VERY afraid

How Trump can pass a Health Care bill, with Dem support. Really.

House guts Overtime for workers

Watch Live: F.B.I. Chief Comey Testifies

THIS Is Why - you ignorant, racist fool.

Christian Author: Satan Is Directing Anti-Trump Protests

Never give up, never surrender. Dad saves a kookaburra.

Fuck Grassley is pathetically sandbagging the Dossier and protecting Trump

Warning: Any Candidate Considering Running for President as a Democrat in 2020

choose love always, always. A great heart wrenching photo that proves it is always the right way

SAVED BY THE PUBLIC Man restrained by crowds for two hours after threatening to jump from bridge in

'Billions: Golden Frog Time' *SPOILERS*

Question, don't know where to ask re advertisements on DU on phone

Roger Stone criticized Sean Hannity's 'insane effort' to get White House job

WH warns of government shutdown if Democrats 'don't behave better'.

Mulvaney: House May Vote On Health Care 'As Early As Saturday'

Comey can't confirm anything

Perhaps the most pathetic thing about Trump's fake Civil War battlefield on his golf course....

After UNESCO Jerusalem vote, Israel cuts UN funding

For Democrats, Obama's Wall Street Payday Sends The Wrong Signal - Gene Lyons

Congress Is About To Confirm Another Former Goldman Sachs Honcho For Trump

Our 2020 Candidate must have the "IT" factor!! Warren, Clinton do not!! Sanders only attracted

When people are nervous does their voice raise and do they start talking fast?

So Ivanka Trump tells Planned Parenthood to split abortion service into a separate org, 1 question

Simple question

Listening to Comey's excuses regarding those emails I am now fully committed.

The Daily 202: How Nancy Pelosi kept Democrats united behind Obamacare


Sen. Grassley Doubts FBI's 'Objectivity' in Russia Probe

Whip Count: Republicans Who Are Against the Revised Health Care Bill -some calls seem to be required

OMIGOD Feinstein just dropped the ball.

Comey: "It makes me mildly nauseous to think that we might have had some impact on the election"

Tom The Dancing Bug Toon - Aren't Dictators Fantastic?

Trump On Planned Parenthood: 'At The Appropriate Time Things Will Happen'

My "WTF?" of the day, "religious" division...

concerning Adam Jones and 'fans' fenway Park

John Cornyn

How the Affordable Care Act Drove Down Personal Bankruptcy

KO: Trump is Panicking About Russia-- And he wants us not to notice

KO: Trump is Panicking About Russia --And he wants us not to notice

Orrin Hatch: POTUS just said that the hacking could have been China or...

Ed Meier has announced he is a candidate for Congress: (Twitter link)

Is RT a state run russian propaganda outlet?

Rachel Maddow Recounts Her Phone Call with Donald Trump

People in Flint are being threatened with foreclosure for not paying for toxic water

stephen colbert on trump's 100 days, twitterverse demanding he be fired for homophobia

Medica, the last insurer selling individual health policies in most of Iowa, likely to exit

Key moments from Jim Comey's Senate testimony

Twitter user "MIKEM" apparently napping or out of country for two Obama terms

Upton, Long reverse themselves, back Obamacare repeal bill

Graham interrupts Comey when he replies to every question.

Nothing to see here folks...nothing at all

White House argues Dems shouldnt hurt Trumps feelings

well written Josh Marshall TPM - "I think America is stronger than Trump."

Do you think Deplorables would support a Medicare for all ( straight white people) bill?

WI Republicans propose 4% flat tax to income and adding sales tax to gas

"Comey tells Senate made him "mildly nauseous" to do letters/change election, would do it again..."

Pic Of The Moment: Conservative Editor To Kimmel: "Shut Your Fat Trap ... You Elitist Creep"

Here's how to win back the congress

I Believe We Need a New Presidential Candidate in 2020.

"If Hillary didn't have a private e-mail server there would have been no investigation..."

Dan Wood Announces Run For Congress

Seemingly unrelated questions to Comey aren't.

Poignant picture of a girl scout standing up to a neo-Nazi is going viral

WAKE UP!!!! The ACA is hanging by a thread.

So the poorest shouldn't feel "too comfortable" but the rich shouldn't feel too much pain?

Let's keep our fingers crossed. Deplorabilism is on the ropes in France. Macron 60 Le Trump 40

Rep. Schiff's Rapid Response to Comey's Excuses for Interfering in the Election

FBI Director James Comey reveals Russia still involved in American politics

WTF? Nancy Pelosi, why are you saying this crap?

who is caring for the offspring of ivanka and jared? why is it that we always hear questions

Robert Reich: Trump's Heading Us to Another Financial Crisis

Key GOP reps will back ObamaCare repeal bill with new amendment

These GOP clowns are still litigating Hillary's e-mails.

There is a person in the Federal government far more evil than Donald Trump

Three Months for Clinton -- Three Months for Trump

Bill Walsh, copy editor and witty authority on language, dies at 55

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto

Comey Looking At Whether FBI Agents Leaked Info To Giuliani During Campaign

Failing Donald Trump Has a New Enemy: Democracy - Josh Marshall

Our Vegan Donut Post, Hot Out of the Oven. Vegan Vacation Blog Continues!

Senate Vote This Week Could Reduce Your Chances to Save for Retirement

I am watching Trump and Abu Mazen

Schumer: GOP healthcare proposal like giving 'cough medicine' to a cancer patient

After watching partisan hack, Putin boot-licking Comey's terrible testimony,

I like the approach of ItStarts.Today - here's an e-mail from them.

Networks spent 3x as much time on Clinton's emails vs all policy issues.

Judge Rips Giuliani for Evasive Affidavit on Iran

Merkel calls on Putin to support gay rights in Chechnya

Davy Crockett versus Andrew Jackson

Al Franken presses Comey to investigate Trumps taxes to see depth of Russia connections

The press is dangerously botching its Trumpcare coverage

Karen Handel's Husband Deletes Racially Charged Twitter Message

House GOP Pushing for Thursday Vote on Health Care

Hillary Clinton Will Launch a PAC

I've heard more about Huma and Weiner than Flynn and Russia today

Anybody else having Ollie North flasbacks

Fuck Comey.

Nobody is loving this more than Melania

Comey: "Lordy, this has been painful"

This clown Chuck Grassley is a schmuck

moonlit star trails

Chuck Grasshole is just awful.

Why Democrats secretly want an Obamacare repeal vote

Hillary Clinton Makes The Moral Case For Abortion Rights

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-22: Argo FOAK Yourself Edition

Help me out: What's the difference between a Detroit style pizza and a regular Sicilian pizza?

Here we go...again. Active shooter reported at county college in Dallas suburb

Morford: 100 days in the hole: Trump's vulgar America, so far

'They get along unbelievably well': Trump abruptly claims Israel and Palestinians 'work together...

Drink please, and I don't care what time it is........

This hearing is a damn SHAM! Who got to these Senators

Tillerson defends outreach to foreign leaders who deviate from American 'values'

Comey is a slimey POS!

Is It a Crime to Laugh at a Congressional Hearing? A Jury Decided. edited

Puerto Rico Declares a Form of Bankruptcy

Morford: Male birth control is already here. Guess who's blocking it?

Oh, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. Come on, now.

CNN Chris Cuomo calls Paul Ryan a liar for deceiving Americans on preexisting conditions (VIDEO)

Trump Administration Hires Official Who Five Students Accused of Sexual Assault

DOUBLE-WHAMMY -- Trumpcare Is Medical Apartheid - by Jonathan Alter

Armed cat up in a tree (Newport, OR)

GOP Congressman admits Obamacare Repeal & Replace always a pipe dream, a fraud

The Civil War never ended

Need advice on working election polls

How Fox News & the Right-Wing Media Machine Totally Changed My Dad's Character & Made Him Crazy

does somebody have a link to donnie's tweetstorm about comey? I cannot find it.

Who's lying...Huma Abedin or Comey?!

VOTE on DonTCare may be scheduled on/before Thursday. Call or Write your Reps NOW!

Judge orders Bondi to prove she appropriately directed companies to donate to charities

It's the Godfather of Soul's birthday today

Today's LA Times, Op-Ed: Doyle Mc Manus on Trump

I'm fine with Ivanka & her husband Jared

GOP Rep. Says Revised Obamacare Repeal Bill Is 'Like A Kidney Stone'

Donald Trump loves NY but New York refuses to love him back

Cameraman left bleeding after GOP gubernatorial candidate attacks him at Penn. country club

Kimmel's Plea Falls On Many Deaf Ears. I Would Let Those Bastards Die In An Emergency.

How many people buy into the whole Democratic or GOP program?

They get along unbelievably well: Trump abruptly claims Israel and Palestinians work together bea

Ben Carson Wants to Make Housing Available. Just Not Too Comfy.

Why won't Comey comment on whether WH is cooperating with his investigation?

Iran is seeking 'to control Islamic world', says Saudi Arabian prince

Dear Allies - Stop Using Gay As An Insult

Greece will avoid default after bailout deal but faces more austerity

Duke Energy wants to push coal basin cleanup costs onto its customers

Joe Kennedy: Trumpcare is a historic attack on mental health care

AL FRANKEN PLAYS HARDBALL - Presses Comey about Trumps Tax Returns!

Meet the Democrat who wants to be America's first black female governor

Comey 'nauseous to think' FBI influenced presidential election

Republicans target law enacted after 2008 financial meltdown

Am I Interpreting Comey Correctly In His Conceal Or Reveal Explanation That....

Dont let Congress hamper retirement plans for small businesses

Two House bills link Boeing tax break with jobs in state

American Air cuts two inches of legroom on some seats in new jets

This is Why People Think the Democrats are Out of Touch

Could we get Al Franken to think about running in 2020?

Obamas unveil design of presidential center in Chicago

Why GOP-run Congress didnt fund Trumps wall

Sean Spicer lies so casually and with such aplomb

Only in America OR Only in Republican America

Will the GOP mayor of San Diego side with kids or a sleazy politician?

Lawmakers plot to oust Tuesday Group leader over health bill

"Through no fault of their own"

Against Little Free Libraries

"Why are you messing around with pre-existing conditions ? "

Am I the only person here who can't afford health

Spicer said trumpy has been working hard -said it twice and he is frustrated with all the multiple

Woman faces a year in prison after laughing at Jeff Sessions

No, right wingers, this is NOT an adequate national security strategy

The book money Bernie and E. Warren are peddling..

New theory suggests that adults can combat cognitive aging by learning like an infant

She is a beautiful, black American (video tweet):

Holy shit. #Comey on Oct letter: "Yeah, did I know they were going to leak it? Of course." #comeyhea

Sounds like Abby Finkenour will run for congress in the first district

WTF! 8 billion over 5 years for 130 million + with pre-existing conditions equals:

Trump Administration Hires Official Whom Five Students Accused of Sexual Assault

Louise Mensch seems to have a different take

What question would you have liked to ask Comey?

Joe Piscopo will not run for N.J. governor, plans to endorse Guadagno

Franken's Bannon question leaves lawyer speechless

Comey Says Most Open Terror Cases Are On US Citizens, Undercutting Travel Ban

Fed leaves key interest rate unchanged amid lackluster economic growth

Grassley throws a fit after Comey refuses to reveal classified information in open hearing

Did anyone else catch this during today's hearing?(Re grand jury)

'Tomorrow, I will be traveling to the Buckeye State to rally Ohioans

Pierce: Thoughts From a Hospital Bed

Jobs for Americans!

Trump's State Dept Taps Former Cadet Accused Of Multiple Sexual Assaults

Anyone who begrudges Obama getting paid for speaking

Teaching Tolerance: 5 Myths About School Choice

New momentum for GOP health care bill after key votes flip

Jury Convicts Woman for Laughing During Sessions Hearing

Is Chuck Grassley under investigation for collusion with Russia?

Don Martin From The Grave

AMA Warns Proposed Changes to AHCA Do Not Remedy Bills Shortcomings

Let's suppose that Hillary was up to something with her private emails...

Former Congressman Slammed for Mocking Jimmy Kimmel's Son's Heart Surgery

Well how hard can it be?

We need to look into what Long and Upton got for their votes.

Facts Matter: Let's not advance Trump's agenda re: Comey

Woman Convicted for Laughing During Jeff Sessions' Confirmation Hearing

Trump/Russia Comey confirms currently coordinating w/ 2 sets of prosecutors

Ben Carson is a dick..I am disabled and live in HUD housing

This talking point seems oddly familiar... Can't quite place it though:

'Nobody wanted Hillary Clinton to win more than Donald Trump'

Why a "tax holiday"? Why not just embargo the Cayman Islands and other tax shelters?

Tale Of The Tape: Colbert vs Trump 🥊

Neil deGrasse Tyson on God

I asked this question in other forums.

Puerto Rico files for biggest ever U.S. local government bankruptcy

Puerto Rico files for biggest ever U.S. local government bankruptcy

U.S. House passes bill to fund government through September

Top 10 States for Pre-Existing Conditions All Went for Trump

How the Religious Right Led to Trump

Missive to my congresscritter

Francis and Benedict: two popes, two divergent approaches to Islam

Surcharge for everything so don't get sick or born.

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 3, 2017

AMA Press release on latest version of tRumpcare

The nonstop genius that is Trump is now thinking about shutting down the government - Tom Toles

Let's never talk about a government shutdown - ever again

Do anyone else follow Propane Jane on Twitter?

What happens if the House GOP health bill actually passes? Then it gets really ugly.

The SMALL vs BIG Comey Effect

Dont Open That Google Doc Unless Youre Positive Its Legit

100 Million Sick Will Lose Health Care Treatment Under GOP Plan. No Link. Just Following The Logic

Medicare/VA COUPON Program Will Go Under New GOP Health Plan TOO Eventually.

Candidate for governor grabs opposition researcher's camera

I can't imagine anything more cruel than pools for those with pre-existing conditions

I'm Disappointed in My Party Leadership... Again...

The Big Lie About The ACA - It's Collapsing Under Its Own Weight

I Now Wonder If We Committed National Suicide In November.

Just breaking-Susan Rice refuses to testify before Congressional committee...

'Tomorrow, I (Martin O'Malley) will be traveling to the Buckeye State to rally Ohioans

Attorney: Officer threatened black man before fatal shooting

"gold-colored door handles, towel racks, soap dishes, faucets, showerheads, mouthwash bottle caps.."

@SenatorLeahy Said it again today, and Ill keep saying it: We need a Special Counsel to investigat

Same-sex couple can seek damages from Kentucky clerk: U.S. appeals court

The Oatmeal brilliantly addresses the question "How do we talk to Trump followers?"

Duterte snubs White House invite. What was Trump thinking?

Disgraced preacher, child sex abuser Tony Alamo dies

My wife just told me I'm too disgusting to be a woman.

IMO, In 2020 we will be facing 40% unemployed and Ivanka Trump.

I think that it could be that, maybe, I might, possibly, be an indecisive person

F--k em

Cummings: Russia probe 'a fight for the soul of our democracy'

AARP On Chump Care 3.0

Every high risk pool has been a failure. Concept-- pooling all the worst cases-- is stupid...

Kevin Swanson: The Goal Of Public Schools Is To Turn Kids Into Transgender Communists

High risk pools equals segregation or apartheid for sick people

Why Wont the Press Ask Trump Anything? The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

North Lake College shooting: Victim and suspect dead, police say

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 4 May 2017

First on CNN: Rice declines Senate request to testify on Russian hacking

Remember, it's possible that none of this would be happening now if Anthony Weiner had just gotten a

Still No CBO Score

Reminder: There are some very good and very honest people in the world.

Lawmakers Plot to Oust Tuesday Group Leader

Walsh: 'Inner City Diverse Populations' Prevent Universal Health Care

Jeopardy Regulars

This is the brutal, murderous Philippin dictator that Trump wants to invite to our White House....

A one eyed horse named Patch has a chance of winning the Kentucky Derby:

'It's like Groundhog Day': CNN's Jake Tapper nails deja vu over GOPs 'last, best' healthcare attempt

HELP. Call congress re the AHCA

No, Trumpsters, One Colbert Joke Is Not an OReilly Equivalent

Russia hacked for him Wikileaks leaked for him Media nonstop promoted him Comey shilled for him

Updated #TrumpCare whip count. 19 GOP No votes 33 undecided Need 4 to kill #AHCA. Call 866-426-2631!

Stephen Colbert Plans 'Daily Show' Reunion with Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee, John Oliver

Something to think about: If the republicans end up ramming through their evil health care plan,

Kids Suing Trump Hope the Courts Step Up on Climate Change

BREAKING (maybe): Looks like House *will* vote on #AHCA. So leadership believes they have the votes

Brits dressed as the Statue of Liberty protest Trump 100 days in front of the US Embassy in London

Trump's official White House portrait has been released ...

What's their strategy with passing AHCA out of the House?

Republicans plan health-care vote on Thursday, capping weeks of fits and starts

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Kentucky Derby PP's

Phishing malware Google Doc links appear to come from people you know are going around. DELETE

Why India and Pakistan Are Renewing Their Love Affair with Coal

fuck any asshole who badmouthed and maligned hillary clinton and helped us get this shit show.

Scott Baio attends memorial for Erin Moran

Here we go again - really bad weather for some folks

Trying to find words for the sick feeling one gets when waking up each day and remembering

Under Trumpcare plan, rape would be considered a pre-existing condition

Trump Is Expected to Relax Tax Rules on Churches Taking Part in Politics

Granville neighbors call man's 'kill liberals' sign hyperbole

Why are the Republicans so determined to destroy the ACA ?

This party should be in the image of ALL of US...whether remade or just renovated.

The Comey Letter Probably Cost Clinton The Election, so why won't the media admit as much?

Al Franken presses Comey to investigate Trumps taxes to see depth of Russia connections

Yay, Republicans!

IMO, Colbert is in big trouble. I assume he will be dumped soon.

Trump, Felix Sater and Giuliani are in Deep SHIT!!

How mountaintop mining affects life and landscape in West Virginia (PBS) Important reporting.

Bottom line: the ACHA is a TRILLION Dollar cut to health programs.

James Hansen -- Carbon Tax and 100% Dividend -- No Alligator Shoes!

A libertarian has a night out.