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Southbridge church use of school raises concerns; pastor calls it personal attack

We just saw Snatched.

Reprinting this from another poster. Imagine this scenario:

100 Middle Schoolers Refuse Photo with Paul Ryan

What would the outcome of the US Senate be in 2018 if Democrats target every Republican seat?

Tax revenue shortfall could hit $575 million, state says in disclosure

It Made Me Sick To My Stomach To See Trump At Arlington Cemetary....

Yikes.....watching "The Sixties" on CNN..... possible Russian connection into JFK's

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Memorial Day! Live, Uncensored & a new Lion gif

When talking to EU leaders, Trump complained about his golfcourses

US seeking tariffs on solar panel imports

Hay Festival 2017: Stephen Fry's warning for the web

Advocates In RI Push To Extend Foster Care Age Limit To 21

Pearls before Swine 5/29/17

You've got this Jackass in Montana acting like a lunatic.

Rep. Maxine Waters: I Believe It Was Collusion

11th District is on the board

Immigrants Keep an Iowa Meatpacking Town Alive and Growing.

BTW photo of LM and Milo is from July 2016 not Election night.

Allies give blunt reviews of Trump's foreign trip

Stopped by Barnes & Noble today. What has happened to us?

Trump intends to reverse Obama policy on Cuba after his company violated the embargo

Oh my, would his mama be proud. Prince William British GQ Cover

Today, in the Safeway parking lot --

California electing two new US Senators in 2022?

Analysis The fake news is coming from inside the White House

Co-leader of the free world Emmanuel Macron Challenges Putin on Syria and Gay Rights

Anyone watching "America: Promised Land" ? (History Channel)

Trumps latest tantrum will hurt hundreds of thousands of people. Heres how.

How Donald Trump's Tantrum Is Driving Up Health Insurance Premiums

How Many Basset Hounds Can Fit on a Couch?

Jonas Kaufman, tenor

Corey Booker Has One of the Most Progressive Records in the Senate

WOW-Details re: Kushner's mtg w/head of Russian-state owned VEB (arranged by Kislyak)

I like Cory Booker a lot but he needs to keep as much distance as possible from Trump...

Trump plans to minimize or eliminate civil rights efforts in agencies (HUGE civil rights rollbacks)

Maryland men's lacrosse team ends 42-year drought, wins NCAA title

Analyze Trump with opera plots?

Strump at Arlington Memorial Day

Orange Pig Dickhead Trump An INSULT To Every Vet Who Ever Served.

A complete lack of understanding

Yusuf Islam

538: Who Is In The Top 5 of Anti-Trump Senators? Yes, Corey Booker.

Illinois passes automatic voter registration

VA/Vets Care Would Be A COUPON Program Under Private Health Care W/GOP Policy..

Letter to Trump by a Republican no longer

Kentucky Newspapers Windows Shattered Amid Rising Anti-Press Climate - HuffPost

At what point will the GOP understand 45 is inciting the murder and assault of the Fourth Estate.

Urdu to English

Today's Joke - Mon, 29 May 2017 (as seen on facebook)

1 in 4 Florida adults aren't registered to vote, according to nonpartisan group

A prayer for the absent

Jared Kushner was looking for a direct line to Vladimir Putin (NYT)

McCain thinks Russia poses a bigger threat to national security than ISIS as he condemns Kushner

WH statement: "President Trump has a magnetic personality and exudes positive energy"

The Keepers: Is the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) another piece of the puzzle?

88 bottles of beer...

Pants check!

When we suspect a topic is started by Russian or GOP trolls, like the

Grays Harbor killings, seeking racist suspects

Truck driver sought in fatal Donkey Creek incident (Grays Harbor, WA) Racists murderers

Could the lights at the WH be a type of light-based sterilization?

Here's an opportunity to respond to the gag-inducing ads proliferating

Police: Man fires AK-47 while driving on Florida highway

Trump giving finger to Italian NATO member

Why is CNN and MSNBC showing the sixties and locked up

Panama ex-strongman Manuel Noriega dies


Mandeville Canyon Blaze Sparked By Weed-Wacker Nearly Contained

Trump Defends Son-In-Law's Contacts With Russia

Golf legend Tiger Woods arrested in Florida for driving under the influence

Sri Lanka faces more landslide risks as death toll rises to 151

All you need is...

Illinois Company Among Hundreds Supporting NASA Mission to Mars

I don't know why people just can't be kind to each other.

Wonder Woman Review: The Superheroine Movie Fans Deserve

The MORE TIME that goes by, the more

Report Trumps Renegotiation of NAFTA Could Skunk Your Corona

Donald Trumps Base Is Shrinking

No, Jared Kushner Didnt Seek A Legitimate Back Channel

Appalshop seeks Communications Director

Appalshop seeks Communications Director

Ivanka's "brand" and foreign countries

Just saw the movie on cable tonight, RACE, about Jesse Owens

Trump's personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz meeting with Ivanka at the White House

R.I. marijuana dispensaries would double under legislation

Connecticut Senator Says Republicans Are Like 'The Dog That Caught the Car'

A Sci-Fi Short Film HD: "At the End" - by Jason J. Whitmore

Lembo Tries To Renew Connecticut Debate Over Health Insurance Public Option

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Divided House Forwards Campaign Bill To Senate

Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner are constantly evaluating

Bipartisan Coalition Continues To Pitch 'Passport to the Parks'

Union Leaders Begin Selling Labor Deal to Members

Bill Giving Drivers with Priors A Second Chance Dies

Anti-Trump Graffiti Spree May Have Ended Chances Of Financial Aid For Undocumented Students

Nobody wants to buy this Connecticut ghost town that's on sale for $1.95 million

Why did the NYT say Jared has no legal exposure ?

At least 24 killed and dozens injured in Baghdad bomb attacks

Sources: Russians discussed potentially 'derogatory' information about Trump and associates during c

BA delays: British Airways restores full flight schedule

This is what a failed lie detector test looks like (you'll never guess where I found it)

Postcards for our healthcare at the Green Dragon Murfreesboro May 31

Oregon GOP Official Wants Private Militias To Protect Republicans

Chuck Woolery spouts right wing crap on Twitter, complains that he "can't find work in Hollywood"

Scoop: Trump's comms director leaving White House

Trump just tweeted "Russian officials must be laughing at the U.S."

The orange blabbermouth is at it already this morning.

Trump rips Germany in early morning tweet

Ultra-tough antibiotic to fight superbugs

Clinton marches in Chappaqua Memorial Day parade

my grandmother a gold star mother I was thinking of her on Memorial Day

White House Acts to Roll Back Birth-Control Mandate for Religious Employers

Nina Turner to CNN. No One in Ohio Is Asking About Russia... Huh?

Clintons Stunning Indictment of Donald Trump at Wellesley College (VIDEO)

2016 GBR Bleaching Worse Than Thought; 29% Of Shallow Water Corals Died, Not 22%

1 Of 50 States (NE) Increased Coal Use 2006 - 2016, & It's Now #4 In Wind Generation

Indian PM Modi tells Merkel India and Germany 'made for one another'

Trump honors Gold Star families at Arlington Cemetery

National Flood Insurance Program $25 Billion In Debt From Sandy, Katrina, Ike - Reauthorization?

Pence's cross-country campaign tour is "just about fundraising for loyal Republican candidates."

All 3 Industry Groups Ask To Withdraw From Kids' Climate Case On Very Day Discovery Would Start

Facebook updates

Former Panama Strongman Manuel Noriega Dead at 83

"Even if I lose, I win!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Police: Man fires AK-47 while driving down Florida highway

Turbat, Pakistan Equals All-Time High Temperature @ 53.5 C (128.3 Farenheit)

What must the Russians be thinking of us?

Russians discussed potentially 'derogatory' information about Trump and associates regarding finance

Ratings Agencies Still Stick AAA Seal Of Approval On Municipal Debt From Cities The Ocean Will Drown

I just started watching "Twin Peaks"

Good NYT article about the changing face of Iowa

tuesday squee!

Mother Jones: Trump is already guilty in the Russia scandal---here's the evidence:

As Bad As Trump Is Rest Of GOP Field Would Pursue Same Agenda.

Do we need a new reason for an alert: "Fake News"

He would rather die than be honest and transparent.

Great White Shark Leaps into Fisherman's Boat..CNN

****BREAKING ****Russians discussed potentially 'derogatory' information about Trump and associates

He's Back: Trump Lashes Out at Germany, 'Fake News' Media

Investigation Turns to Kushner's Motives in Meeting With a Putin Ally

Trump foreign policy: overlook real threat from an adversary & create unnecessary conflict w/ friend

Emmanuel Macron Challenges Putin on Syria and Gay Rights

With Italy No Longer in U.S. Focus, Russia Swoops to Fill the Void

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - He's back....

'Narrowcast' Trump? Republicans Seek Formula to Keep House Majority

Republicans accept no responsibility for this disaster they have thrust upon us.

Its going to take someone like Hillary Clinton to repair the damage done by Trump, you want someone

Article: Trump Set to reverse Cuba Policy

Mueller Gets Off to Quick Start

Wow - pretzel logic! Slate - "Putin's Defender"

Original Trump Coat of Arms...

GOP's Biggest Ideas for Tax Reform Are Dead

McClatchy: A Kazakh dirty-money suit threatens to reach Trumps business world

It is not a "back channel"...

Writer loses job for tweet about Japanese Indy 500 winner.

Even Angela Merkel's political rivals are on her side against Trump

Okay, guys. We need to think up a good trade package for either Canada, France or Germany.

Nordic prime ministers openly mock Trump & Saudis

Give the Portland heroes the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Keeping Kushner would make Trump's Russia nightmare permanent - By Eugene Robinson

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Gay son of Indian immigrant likely to be Ireland's next leader

Trump experiences life through the windshield of a golf cart. That explains a lot.

Snake gets Second chance - Not for faint of heart

Two tweets. One expressing solidarity with one foreign government. The other attacking another.

He's getting ready for something....

Immigrant Deaths in Private Prisons Explode Under Trump

Raw Story Article:We must speak out: Yale psychiatrist sounds the alarm on Trump

Sisters of Charity give up role in Dublin maternity hospital

Pompeo: Trump Wants 'Killer Graphics' in Intel Briefings

ATTN Canada do I have a deal for you

Who sung it better?

Many of 45's supporters doing a strange abrupt back pedal about their pro Russian propaganda now

Do you think Donald Jr. will challenge Macron to a fight for stealing his old man's honor?

I think Brzezinski made a difference in "converting" or softening Scarborough.

Shots fired at Kentucky newspaper.

Given The Nature Of The Scandal Surrounding Trump And His Band Of Merry Men.....

52 shot in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend, nearly half on final day

WE'LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS. Donald Trump Deals Away America's Prestige, and His Own Position

Outfoxed Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Texas Lawmaker Threatens to Shoot Colleague After Reporting Protesters to ICE

SCOTUS has agreed to hear Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute, the Ohio voter list purging case..

Twitter folk in the know (about Twitter) think Trump is up to something

Kellyanne Conway Pushes Back on Russia Investigation: 'This Entire Thing is Just a Rush to Judgment'

If this quote was ID'ed as being from Hicks about Trump, it could pass for a NK quote about Kim

Umm, Donald? Donald? Dooonnnnaaalllld?

China built a $350 million bridge that ends in a dirt field in North Korea

Internet gadfly Kim Dotcom admits FBI document on Seth Rich is bogus - but he won't delete it

Are the GOP just okay with the fact Trump's wrecking NATO ?

Supreme Court Tightens Rules on Where Companies Can Be Sued

Iran's Supreme Leader Says Saudi Arabia Is a 'Cow Being Milked' by U.S.

Donald Trump thinks there's a "deep state" conspiracy against him

If You Still Support Trump, I Instantly Know 7 Things About You

Merkel wants to foster India ties, softens message on U.S. as Trump scolds

Damn you $15 Min. wage

Hi, Skinner!

Rich People Don't Want Ivanka Trump's Fashion

Shoving on the Tx Lege floor:

Basic Guaranteed Income works

Donald Trump calls for end of 60-vote Filibuster

Stigma of Criminal Record Fades as U.S. Employers Get Desperate

Chinese Student Blasted for Commencement Speech China Uncensored

Dubke resigns as White House communications director

McCain Says Trump's Actions Have Unsettled Allies and Americans

Feel Like Going To Farthest Reach Of Patagonia Where No Trump News.

Trump Tweets (Again) About Changing Senate Filibuster Rules

About the Democratic Party's resurgence, fom Katrina vanden Heuvel at "The Washington Post":

Tiger Woods Had No Alcohol In System. Likely Reacted To Pain Medication.

How Conservatives Awoke to the Dangers of Sean Hannity

In all fairness, Trump does not need Twitter to make an ass out of himself

Czech Court: Russian hacker can be extradited to US or Russia

Will We Ever Have Closure From Trump?

The Perceptual Horizon Of Trump Humpers Is Below The Ground.

The Ghost of Climate-Change Future

Franken: Reported Kushner Backchannel Is A 'Pretty Bad Breach'

Portland Repub says party should use militia groups after racial attack; view into alt right mindset

Norman Rockwell and religious faith:

Meet The Hard-Charging Lawyer Trump Tapped To Defend Him In Russia Probe

CNN... Trump is putting on weight, withdrawn confidantes say

Jack Kingston: It's fine for Trump to be 'cozy' with authoritarian regimes because...

Manchester Tribute Concert

White House Acts to Roll Back Birth-Control Mandate for Religious Employers

Russia's Highest Religious Authority Just Compared Gay Marriage to Nazi Germany

Packin' Texas Representative

Pence to make campaign push amid GOP concerns over Trump


Silent thread in support of continued telephone calls, emails, letters to US Representatives and

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of Memorial Day Weekend

Supreme Court sides with immigrant in case challenging sex laws

Hannity shares call to target Maddow's advertisers

Sununu on Russia: "I don't think there is anything there. So you're implying - youre implying..."

Nordic leaders troll Trump orb photo

sounds liek hannity is getting worried.

📷 Former U.S. Marine Ready to Take on Bost and Restore Progressive, Inclusive Politics to Illinois

Pay CLOSE attention to what Trump bots are doing on YouTube

so, we just graduated 979 officers from the AFA, and Coast Guard, etc.

Nunes Told Donors Russia Probes Are Just Dems Trying To Justify A Clinton Loss

President of Jonestown

Three Mile Island faces shutdown without financial rescue from Pennsylvania

Jerry SPRINGER is a Lib/Progressive, in touch, "superb communicator" : Governor/Ohio?

WaPo: Jared Kushner Gets His Own Intelligence Briefings

Jesus.. Tiger Woods D.U.I? Why....

Officer Involved In Tamir Rice Shooting Fired From Cleveland Police Dept---2nd Officer Suspended

John McCain urges allies to stand by Trump's US during 'troubled times'

Hard Boiled Eggs - Store in shell or out?

Cleveland Police Department Fires Officer in Tamir Rice Shooting

Tiger Wood DUI sidebar: I couldn't pass these field tests sober!

Vice President Pence Has Cause to Support Trumps Kremlin-Friendly Agenda

Obama twitter vs Trump twitter

Cory Booker's Constituents - He reflects how we make our money

Nothing good happens after midnight or with Russian economic deals.

Ariana Grande heading back to Manchester for benefit concert

Russia investigation expands to include Donald Trump's personal attorney

Conway: Back channels like this are the regular course of business & that's really all that we know

Close friend of Trump, Thomas Barrack, investigated over alleged E170m tax evasion

More than 80,000 American service members remain missing in action

More than 80,000 American service members remain missing in action

Congress expands Russia investigation to include Trump's personal attorney

Why was Tiger Woods arrested for DUI?

Yo. Donnie Two Scoops . . . . .

very sweet video of Elephants greeting "the new kid"

U.S. top court sides with police over shooting of homeless couple

The Bullshitter-in-Chief

The Bullshitter-in-Chief

Retrial delayed for ex-police officer in fatal Cincinnati motorist case

A White Terrorist Just Attacked An Innocent Black Man With A Machete

Fearing U.S. Withdrawal, Europe Considers Its Own Nuclear Deterrent

The next process to gain control of states via back door N.Y. constitutional convention

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Ohio's bid to revive voter purge policy

****BREAKING**** Trump consigliere Michael Cohen target of expanding Russia investigation

Urinating Sketchy Dog Statue Appears Next to Fearless Girl

Head of Russian Orthodox Church compares same-sex marriage to Nazism

Portland Hero's Mother Pens Open Letter To Trump: "Condemn Violence"

Lebanon Seeks to Ban 'Wonder Woman'

Ontario becomes 2nd province to go ahead with $15 an hour minimum wage

Trump administration plans to minimize civil rights efforts in agencies

Trump Has Already Proved Himself a Russian Asset

I just watched this conversation happen right now between 2 elderly online I swear..

Jerry Springer Urged to Run for Governor

South Sudan soldiers on trial over rape of aid workers

U.S. tells EU: No laptop ban

Bernie Back in Brooklyn

So Trump's twitter account gained 5 million followers in 3 days?

Nuclear industry prices itself out of power market, demands taxpayers keep it afloat

Bernie Sanders Commencement Speech At Brooklyn College 5/30/2017

NEW: Russia investigation expands to include the President's personal lawyer

Deplorable and execrable anti-semite

Bernie Sanders Commencement Speech At Brooklyn College 5/30/2017

trumpf does The Star Spangled Banner

Help Me Here - Wasn't Michael Cohen Named In That Famed Pee Dossier?....

Sen. Chuck Schumer Commencement Speech At Brooklyn College 5/30/2017

Trump to reverse Obama Cuba Policy

BREAKING: IT'S ON! Trump's Lawyer Refuses to Cooperate with Congress w.r.t. Russia Investigation

Tiger Woods was IN TRAFFIC--in the right lane, NOT pulled over!

Stripping away the illusion: Trump has no backstop

Violence in the name of religion is Terrorism.

Letter from Portland hero's mom to Trump: Honor my son's sacrifice by condemning violence

Trump is right about Australian health care

****BREAKING**** German intelligence declines US help in safeguarding upcoming election

Why is a DUI arrest so interesting?

The homeless man who rushed to the scene of the Manchester attack has been reunited with his mum

What is a fidgit spinner? Seriously some kind of toy?::corrected"::


Now that moron Chuck Woolery is calling John Nance Garner a communist

question about BBC fees

Chris Van Hollen (Maryland) is TIED for 1st Place as the MOST PROGRESSIVE SENATOR...

the pope and the "pagan" (hey, andrew--FU)

Rare birds of prey stolen at Cowbridge food festival

Evergreen professor lies about student protests on Fox News.

Democrats are pushing an unlikely source Jerry Springer to run for governor in Ohio

Return of The Big Lie..

What a Pic! Rep Issa On Roof Of His District Office-Too Afraid To Come Speak With Constituents Below

Oh, Yuck - mosquito finding a blood vessel

Gay son of Indian immigrant likely to be Ireland's next leader

From Dan Abrams' Law Newz: Report Says "NY Attorney Generals Case Led to Sealed Trump Indictment"

Has Flynn run out of time yet?

Jerry Springer? Chuck Woolery?


a pic to brighten your day

Anyone having the page "jump" or refuse to scroll?

Insight into Trump and lighted ball

OMG - Spice Boy...

sean, how can you come out on national teevee and read this ass-kissing bullshit?

Free Tiger Woods

Poor Spidey, he's been ordered to read a list of glowing testimonials

TPM - Marshall - "With Kushner Revelations, The Worst Case Scenario Comes Into View"

Three Mile Island, site of 1979 nuclear accident, to close in 2019

Autopsy: Trans-Siberian Orchestra founder Paul ONeill died from accidental overdose

Trump to interview Pistole for FBI director: USA Today

ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN.......Russiagate.

Darrell Issa is on the roof of his district office refusing to talk to constituents

White House drafts rule to roll back 'contraception mandate' for health coverage

Rod Serling

Listening to Spicer is like reading a passage out of a George Orwell novel.

Florida man jailed after fight over Burger King bill

Trump and Obama Visited Europe. One Got a Warm Welcome.

Germans wonder why Trump keeps lashing out at them and not Russia or Saudi Arabia

Hey, Kids! Let's Start the TV Celebrity Political Party!

How do I start a petition and get it promoted?

A Texas Republican is accused of threatening to put a bullet in one of my colleagues heads

The Manchester Bombing Was an Attack on Women and Girls

Spicer looks like he's cracking

The Manchester Bombing Was an Attack on Women and Girls

The Manchester Bombing Was an Attack on Women and Girls

When will they start calling spicer Baghdad Sean?

Anti-transgender legislation is still a threat as Texas considers a special session

So you're an "extreme liberal" if you don't poison dissidents with polonium

The Ugly American.....

Trump is back home -- angry and alone

Kremlin's Employee Of The Month.....

Spicer says Kushner is ready to tell Congress all he knows about the matter??

Sean Spicer referred to "the dossier"

De Niro says Trump's America like a dumb-ass comedy..commencement speech

Don't buy WW2 weapons at flea markets.

These companies are racing to develop a Breathalyzer for pot

The water gets muddier and muddier...

This has me freaked. I scrolled through his followers for a few minutes. EVERYONE should be freaked

Goldman Sachs condemned for buoying Venezuela with $2.8bn bond purchase

Texas state lawmaker says he received racist calls after House floor scuffle

Trump re-tweets hard, IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE of Jared's innocence...FROM FOX NEWS! Sad.

Do I ever disappoint ? ROTLFMFAO

Debt fight blindsides Congress

Assistant principal resigns one week after principal who hired him killed himself at school

$1 trillion monopoly: Betsy DeVos will let one company handle all federal student loans

Black Voters Arent Turning Out For The Post-Obama Democratic Party

New Jersey town to pay $3.25 million to end lawsuits over rejected mosque

Coal trains fewer as Appalachian railroads keep rolling

High-Speed Rail Rules Delayed Amid Trump Deregulatory Order

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 30, 201

spicer skedaddled out of his Presser after about only 10 mnutes of questions....

U.S. says expanding laptop ban 'still on the table'

Russian suspected hacker moves step closer to US extradition

U.S. starts first test of key defense against ICBM attack

Trial opens for Minnesota officer in black motorist's death

'Shocked' South Korea leader Moon orders probe into U.S. THAAD additions

Dozens arrested at health care demonstration in North Carolina

Maryland joins California in battling antibiotic overuse on farms

'Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment,' Portland mayor says. He's wrong.

iZombie: NetFlix

Does the Trump Administration remind anyone of

Picking Fights

RIPOFF: My wife's $7500 ER bill for pneumonia diagnosis - Single-Payer Medicare for all a must

German cabaret comic gets "evil" right back at Trump

Why is everyone complaining about all of Donald Trump's tweets?

USAA says it will reinstate ads on Hannity

"Nobody's BUYING into this any mo-ah!" Michael Cohen Under Investigation In Russia Probe Says WHO???

A week ago yesterday we said goodbye to my dear Jasmine (pic heavy)

Glenn Fucking Greenwald in 2017: "Leaks are BAD!!!!"

In many ways, America is like an old couch. Trump is the blacklight.

Fans of Cheap Drugs and Printer Ink Just Won Big in the Supreme Court

When I see Nikki Haley or hear her speak, I

These are the values that resonate with rural/working class voters...

Just so Reich Wing Stooge Nikki Haley say

New effort to defend Sean Hannity, target Maddow advertisers professionalizes, says theyre fightin

Sara Murray's reporting voice on CNN

How can Niki Haley work for putz?

Federal Reserve Board announces $41 million penalty and consent cease and desist order against Deuts

Fed announces cease and desist order against U.S. operations of Deutsche Bank AG; fines firm $41 mil

Guardian's Ben Jacobs gets new glasses after assault by Montana congressman

Billionaires Are Pushing Right Wing Extremism to Reach into Your Wallet

Was a Georgia Congressional Candidate Responsible for Kicking Voters off Rolls? (w/Greg Palast)

The Real Story Behind JFK's Assassination on his 100th Birthday (w/Guest Lamar Waldron)

House of Cards Season 5 now showing!


OK which European country will shut down the US military base first?

Over a year ago, I reported on a Trump social media booster who went by the name "Gary Forbes".

George Takei shoots, George Takei scores once again.

Driving Under the Influence of Trump - WSJ Editorial (5/27)

Early voting has started in GA 6th district...large turnout in Dekalb county.

Next up: Boris Epshteyn (Trump White House Adviser now a target in the Trump-Russia)

White House drafts rule to roll back 'contraception mandate' for health coverage

Congregation celebrates groundbreaking of new mosque after arson

FDA Chief Proposes Rules Changes to Fight High Drug Prices

Paul Ryan has a challenger

Mexico markets Trump themed toilet paper, proceeds help migrants

MSNBC Analyst SHOCKS Host By Insisting Jared Kushner Is A Russian Agent [VIDEO]

Please give me your opinions about Represent.US

Democratic poll: Party has a shot in sleepy South Carolina race

Why Trumps Lawyer Was Sued Over $350,000 He Says He Doesnt Remember Cashing

Is the truth too much to ask for?

Manuel Noriega: feared dictator was the man who knew too much

Manuel Noriega: feared dictator was the man who knew too much

'They treat everyone like criminals': US asylum fails reporter fleeing Mexico

'They treat everyone like criminals': US asylum fails reporter fleeing Mexico

I am wondering if anyone can answer this with some actual knowledge.

Spicer: Trump describes his relationship with German Chancellor Merkel as "fairly unbelievable."

Kellyanne Conway Purchases Alternative Mansionin Washington, DC

Venezuela's corrupt Chavistas shamed abroad

Putin Echoes Trump Argument On Russia Investigation: It's Dems' 'Fiction'

Maduro's "bad debt" equivalent of 48% interest on backs of Venezuelans

Missile Defense Test Succeeds, Pentagon Says, Amid Tensions With North Korea

Minnesota officer charged in Castile shooting goes on trial

Investigators looking in Michael Cohen is bad bad news for Donald Trump and Michael Cohen

1 Native American Dead, Another Hospitalized After Possible Hate Crime

So why do the Deplorables want Kathy Griffin arrested?

Urinating dog joins Wall Street statue row

The new $15.00/hr. minimum wage increase in Ontario is...

3 men probing worker abuse allegations at Chinese factory making Ivanka shoes arrested, missing

I just saw a picture of Trump wearing a giant blue tie.

Colombia, the Country with Most Internally Displaced People Worldwide

Police: Man yelled racial slurs before machete attack

*****BREAKING***** Former White House press officer Boris Epshteyn questioned in Russia probe

This looks like old news, since the date is March, 2017, looks good to me.

Colombia, the Country with Most Internally Displaced People Worldwide

Trump supporters more angry about Kathy Griffin than Jeremy Joseph Christian

Are Generals McMaster and Kelly lying to protect their jobs?

Randy Rainbow: Donald Trump's MANGO TOUR!

and on The Same Day...

It bears repeating to tRump supporters: tRump seeks military base closures.

What Hyenas Can Tells Us About the Origins of Intelligence.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Mike Flynn to Turn Over Business Records to Senate Intelligence Committee

DUers do you realize that Kushner is really up shit creek

Breaking: Ex-Trump adviser Flynn to turn over business records after initially refusing to cooperate

No food in the land of plenty. The Venezuela Paradox

Appeals court: 'Habitual drunks' cannot avoid deportation

Trump "gaining weight" and "emotionally withdrawing" as Russia probe swamps White House

CRA pursuing criminal charges against Panama Papers tax cheats

Amazon rainforest may be more resilient to deforestation than previously thought

Men probing Ivanka Trump brands in China arrested, missing

Posted without comment

Jury selection begins for minister accused in member beating

Really good long interview with Al Franken on NPR/Fresh Air

Death by volcano?: Volcanic geoengineering may have caused a climate catastrophe...

Failing to appoint scientific advisors is putting national security at risk (Foreign Policy mag)

Almost half of Trumps Twitter followers appear to be fake

Jury selection begins for minister accused in member beating

Artist adds urinating pug statue to Wall Street's Fearless Girl

Nitrogen Fixation Research Could Shed Light on Biological Mystery...Could Make Fertilizer Production

Rep. Adam Schiff went to the Trump White House. It got weird.

A women's movement grows in 'the most Trumpian place in America'

In your opinion, best girl group ever?

Scoop: Andrew Weissman, head of Fraud Section of Criminal Div of DOJ, leaving post to assist Mueller

Drone vs. truck deliveries: Which create less carbon pollution?

Al Franken "Giant of the Senate" is available on

Why is Glenn Greenwald an anti-anti Trumper ?

Endangered GOP lawmaker Darrell Issa hides out on roof while avoiding angry constituents


Should You Try Cannabis Creams for Pain Relief?

It is straight up depressing that Canada and France get these beautiful liberal men as their leaders

So whar are odds that noone gets indicted and no one is impeached

Rep. Schiff says alleged Russian meddling in election was an effort to destroy American democracy

Tiny border town that depends on neighbors in Mexico opposes wall

CNN. Flynn will turn over some docs to sentalte intel cmte

Anti-Trump protests planned nationwide on Saturday

Tiny border town that depends on neighbors in Mexico opposes wall

If he didnt do it, deny it!: Shep Smith slams Spicer for ducking questions about Kushners Russi

You've Been Duped - The Affordable Care Act isn't raising your premiums. Republicans are.

How soon do we start the list of challengers

Venezuela leader beaten, protesters met with deadly force


Protest outside Rep. Collins' office in North Ga. This is MY REP.

Grieving Portland mom urges President Trump to take action after white supremacist train stabbing

pretty good synopsis of American and russian recent relations

Whats To Be Done With The People Who Plan To Spam Us With Ringless Voicemails?

Venezuela in near anarchy

Chinese lesbian dating app Rela shuts down

If you buy something you own it. Major Supreme Court victory for consumers....

Mexican Foreign Minister: No democracy in Venezuela

Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, and Kirsten Gillibrand are clearly the future leaders of this party

Team Pelosi--- Trump should heed JFKs advice:

Does Trump believe human activity contributes to warming of the earth? Spicer: ,,,,,,,,,

Trump's tweet this morning sounds like the last act of a desperate scoundrel.

WH locks out Media,As Trumps Secretary Of State Oversees Exxon-Saudi Deal

Trumps Personal Lawyer Refuses to Cooperate With Congressional Inquiries