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Yemen facing 'total collapse' as fighting continues, UN warns

Dog Gone: Statue Meant to Protest 'Fearless Girl' Removed

Kushner doesn't look like an actual human being to me

Who has started watching House of Cards, Season 5?

Trump's Fake Civil War Battle

Montana's Greg Gianforte Fundraises For Karen Handel

Any Glenn Greenwald fans left here?

OMG! Luckovich: Knock-knock.

Olivia Newton-John reveals she has breast cancer again

How does this make sense to Republicans?

Kathy Griffin is an idiot

Before the election, I thought...

Kathy Griffin apologizes

Supporting Donald Trump's policies

Fox News: New York Times boycotted Obama surveillance story. Fox News: Oops, maybe not.

Pacific Christian School Teaches Scions of the Elite in Atheist North Korea

Kathy Griffin crossed a line. * She apologized. Time to move on.

Deplorable child-rearing in East Texas

I just want to gripe...waaah

Fox News just pulled Trump into an alternate reality

We recorded and just watched President Carter on Morning Joe.

Al Franken will seek third term in 2020

Joint letter decries impunity in journalists murder

Two Vile Names, One Sweetheart Deal: Goldman Bails Out Maduro

Rebecca Traister coming up on Chris Hayes

Seattle named one of top 10 U.S. cities for innovation

I found Trump's next lawyer

2016 - Brave New Voices - Grand Slam Finals: Chicago "Femicide"

Virtual Reality President

California farmers wait for Mexican workers they desperately need

THIS!! Should get some

Man convicted over Facebook likes in defamation case

High School Criticized by Betsy DeVos Fires Back: She 'Messed With the Wrong District'

Why are people angry over kathy griffin but not Ted nugent ?

Trump personal attorney receives, rejects House ask for info

Hey Media! It's not a frickin "Back Channel"!

To shake up the Democratic Party, progressives turn to a primary race in Virginia

Comey, Mueller in preliminary talks on Russia probe

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Memorial Day! Live, Uncensored & a new Kittehs gif

The Democratic Party is pissing me off - email rant

Joy Reid is on for Rachel Maddow tonight! nt

Al Franken: The Happy Warrior

Meet The Youngest-Ever Qualifier For The Scripps National Spelling Bee E:60

The Trump Presidency so far...

Steve Bannon Told Trump: 'Go To The Mattresses' & Bodies Falling At WH Just Like Mafia Movie

GOP pushes new minimum sentencing laws

'I thought I was going to die': 15 year old witnesses Mississippi slaughter

Ins CEO: You've Been Duped The Affordable Care Act isn't raising your premiums. Republicans are.

For those Canadians with a Farm Boy in your neighbourhood they

President Trump To Interview John Pistole For FBI Director Job MSNBC MSNBC MSNBC

Congress asks Trump attorney Michael Cohen to turn over documents, testify

AUDIO: John Dean on Political (in)Sanity with Melissa and Matt

The Who 1971

'China behaving like a bully in South China Sea'

The Elephant in The Room Today: Trump is as Compromised as Flynn Was.

America Got Talent

Trump to pull US out of Paris accord: Media

How far back does Russia's perfidy go?

Urgent warning as experts brace for one of the worst tick seasons

Remember now there's no climate change -U.S. Daily Record Highs Outnumber Lows 5 to 1 since 2010

'Even the good hombres are not safe': Federal judge slams Trump deportations

Ultra-tough antibiotic to fight superbugs - BBC News

Trump leakers could prove elusive targets

What movie am I describing?

We need to call on Donald Trump to stand with Portland's Mayor Ted Wheeler

Rich Costy: There needs to be an investigation to find out if anyone .....

North Carolina's largest health insurer puts a price tag on ongoing uncertainty

Liberals are ahead in Nova Scotia.

John McCain urges action on Great Barrier Reef and Paris climate deal

Crow attacks: More than a dozen injured at Irish college

Trump to world leaders: Call me maybe _ on my cellphone

Jeffery Lord on CNN has been very cowed this evening.

"The new, strange kid in the class that nobody likes." Said by European leader re: Trump

Republican Rep. Buchanan 'strongly' urges Trump to stick with Paris agreement on climate change

Canada Asked The Pope For An Official Apology Over The Catholic Church's Role In Residential Schools

White House Identifies Three Leakers of Classified Information

Federal Judge Calls Trump Deportation Order of Hawaiian Coffee Farmer Inhumane

Trump just gained 59 followers in SECONDS. UPDATED NUMBERS

"Or, you can reach Jared at the Russian embassy"

Trump deliberately targets successful immigrants for deportation

Nordic prime ministers troll Trump's viral orb photograph

Can we deport Trump? Is he even an American? Has anyone ever even seen his papers?

Men probing Ivanka Trump brands in China arrested, missing

Kathy Griffin Trump Head for those who haven't seen it

Lawrence is killing it tonight!

Portland Murder Suspect Calls Stabbings Patriotism In First Court Appearance

What has 4 letters, sometimes 9 letters, but never has 5 letters.

Trump is inviting foreign leaders to call him on his personal cell phone...

What is EXXON's motives in asking Chump to stay in the Paris Climate Accord?

Trump's Dream Of A "Real" News Paper...

I heard Maggie Haberman owned Jeffrey Lord on CNN

REVEALED: Trump gave classified info to Dem House intel staff as aides looked on in horror

Big Pension Funds Oppose Election of Six Mylan Directors

World's largest telescope in Chile desert will trounce Hubble with 16 times sharper images

Insult Tour

Brazil: Temer Brings In His Chum To Oversee Graft Investigations

Frightening words on 538 reguarding the Ga. 6th vote here in Ga.

The new species of human discovered in a deep and remote cavern in South Africa

aside from not blowing the US up, what possible fucking good can anyone say blotus has done?

We arent built to live in the moment, thats what distinguishes humans from other animals

Illinois House approves $15 minimum wage

A very moving Memorial day post from a childhood friend

Australia to invest clean energy funds in Coal

Archaeologists discover medieval 'Dark Ages dancer' skeleton in Siberia pulling mysterious pose

Last night, bawled my eyes out, all night..

Chimpanzees adapt their foraging behavior to avoid human contact

My friend's memorial day post. A very moving, exceptional essay

Did You Know You Can Reccommend Your Own Threads?

Trump's Proposed Science Cuts Go Far Beyond Climate Programs

This video totally expresses my feelings over this election.

LM: Feds execute seizure warrants at Trump Towers

'Halos' on Mars Suggest Conditions for Life Lasted Longer Than Thought

Supermassive Black Holes May Be Ruining Potentially Habitable Planets By Destroying Their Atmosphere

Northrop Grumman preps James Webb Space Telescope for mission to peer 13.5 billion years in the past

Scott Pelley out as CBS evening anchor-I suppose he hurt blotus baby fee-fees

Putin echoes Trump, Nunes lines on U.S. Russia investigation

'Play-doh' planet Venus appears to be too hot to blow

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Most Inspiring Speech (Motivation)

John Turley has clearly become a shill for the right wing.

He is driving a wedge between us and Europe...

Are you ready for...Tuesday Nite Madness?

Appeals court backs Ken Paxton bid for new judge

Appeals court backs Ken Paxton bid for new judge

Nearly Half Of Donald Trump's Twitter Followers Are Fake Accounts And Bots

Despite the constant negative press covfefe

Vili Fualaau files for separation from former teacher Mary Kay Letourneau

Twitler can't sleep and is up tweeting...spelling mistakes and all..

Shouldnt Jared Kushner Be Arrested?


Jackie Speier: This All Adds Up To Something Sinister

Laurence Tribe -- does anyone know what this tweet of his is about?

President lonely,angry (CNN)

White House In Crisis Mode As Russia Probe Closer To Trump

Prosecutor: What Is Trump Aide Jared Kushner Trying To Hide?

Trump sends vague midnight tweet about 'negative press covfefe'

Wendy Sherman: Kushner Backchannel Defense 'Took My Breath Away'

David Yankovich filed paperwork to run for Paul Ryan's seat - yay!...

The woman who could draw music

Most misspelled words by state

TRENDING on Twitter!!!

Collapse of $500 million SUNY Poly deal had worldwide consequences

Covfefe is not a laughing matter..

Sen.AL Franken on Tavis Smiley Show..NOW!

At what point Cory Booker must turn on Kushner?

N.Y.'s highest court hears case on 'aid in dying'

Voters continue to show support for N.Y. constitutional convention

Trump gives out his cell phone number to world leaders. AP

It's been 2 hrs, but still no update on the constant covfefe,

mainly because half the people I was with believed it until I explained the situation to them

Nonsensical POTUS....

Trumps anti-Cuba posturing clashes with his America First doctrine

We have been poisoning ourselves: has ice analysis revealed the truth about lead?

Long Island's 98-Year-Old Former Congressman Eats Dumplings, Hates Trump, Makes Tweets

That was fast: Urban Dictionary defines covfefe

Treasure trove of jade stones used in Mayan rituals discovered in Guatemala

Treasure trove of jade stones used in Mayan rituals discovered in Guatemala

The Three Words The MTA Doesnt Want Frustrated LIRR Riders To Remember

Lavau Celtic Prince: 2,500-year-old royal tomb starts to reveal its secrets

Study: 'Donald Trump' Tops List of New Meth Nicknames

"Covfefe" has 129 definitions on Urban far

Amazing political game

What does covfefe mean and why was Donald Trump tweeting so late at night? (Metro, UK)

Well, I'm going to call it a night. We made it through another day full of fake news and covfefe.

Vietnam: Pre-sa Huynh Culture Items Found In Da Nang

Kabul bomb: Dozens killed in Afghan capital's diplomatic zone

Luxury bath house from Roman Chichester unearthed by archaeologists

'Faceless' fish missing for more than a century rediscovered by Australian scientists

Mayor Cites 'Insufficient Funds' After Mount Vernon City Employees Not Paid

Even Eighth Graders Know Enough To Refuse To Stand Near Paul Ryan

Scott Pelley Reportedly Axed From CBS Evening News

Sterling dips after poll suggests hung parliament

Arrest warrant for Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio issued

Veterans fume over those who urinate on Buffalo's Vietnam Memorial

Medicare Advantage Organization ((etc)) to Pay $32.5 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations

Tillerson shills for Exxon while on recent WH trip to Saudi Arabia

Covfefe: Five hours later

Trump typo: 'Covfefe' tweet mocked on internet: I summon thee, #covfefe

Owner of Oklahoma City Employer Organization Sentenced for $22.8 Million Tax Scheme

Hard times hit Billionaire's Row with luxury condo foreclosure

The Bullshitter-in-Chief

Insurance CEO: I'm raising Obamacare premiums because of Trump

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - The Kush

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - The Douche

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Human rights activists looking into Ivanka's chinese supplier have been disappeared.

He just deleted it (or one of his handlers did).... the fefe tweet.

Darn! He baleeted it. RIP #covfefe

Eighty dead hundreds injured in Kabul suicide bombing

A.M. Joe: "Mr. President, we wish you were stable enough to make the typo funny.

Larry Sanders traveling with Bernie on U.K. book tour

Too harsh?

Trump gaining weight and emotionally withdrawing as Russia probe swamps White House: report

Donny MAGA transposed to MACA....

Crazy thing is the world saw that

The tweet should have read: "Despite negative press coverage,"

All in favor of nicknaming the Trump-Russia scandal "Covfefe", say "Aye."

Caught a midnight screening of Alien: Covfefe last night

When your late stage syphilitic neurological neuropathy has turned your brain to a sponge...

Der Drumpenfuhrer is up and running this morning

Did Christie turn down another job offer from Trump? It's complicated.

Could a light rail connect Staten Island and Bayonne?

Sean Hannity just went to war with Rachel Maddow

Trump is tweeting about Kathy Griffin now

John McCain Is All Concerned About Global Warming And The Death Of The GBR

Portland train suspect: 'I hope everyone I stabbed died'

Coal Generation All But Gone From New England; After Tonight, 2 Small NH Plants Will Remain

Morning Joe discussion on Internet / cell phone privacy and corporate big brother, and Trump

Gun Rights Group Having a Hissy-Fit that Sen. Warren is backing a Bill about OTC hearing aids.

One Year After Firestorms, Extreme Fire Danger & Record Heat Converge Again In Ft. McMurray

Donald Trump behaves like a toddler during Memorial Day national anthem

Scoop: Trump is pulling U.S. out of Paris climate deal

GOP taps anti-Clinton strategy to damage Elizabeth Warren early

Trump is trying to use the Griffin incident

The Tweeting Twit, Trump has really lost it!

NOPE. Not gonna be Jimmy effing Fallon and tousssle Trump's wig over "cofeve."

The Theory of Evolution, as demonstrated by Trump and the Republicans


The ultimate "You're Fired!"

The Radicalization of Mainstream Republicans Continues


What does "covfefe" mean?

Trump to pull out of Paris climate change agreement

Federal Judge Calls Trump Deportation Order of Hawaiian Coffee Farmer Inhumane

My own little tin-foil bonnet:

Did Chump think about Sasha and Malia when he said their father was here illegally?

A fully realistic speculation how the "covfefe"-tweet happened.

New Trump Coat-of-Arms

Trump's 'covfefe' tweet baffles the world The Times of India The Times of India

I guess people need some humor

mike partisan that nothing trump does concerns him

Best not to use violent metaphors, audio or visual, when it comes to the president

'Fake news' debate gets heated between Sean Spicer and reporters

MO residents-Hartzler empty chair town hall

Police officer who killed Tamir Rice fired for reasons unrelated to shooting

I'm almost as amused by the people trying to explain "covfefe."

Basking Ridge ordered to pay Islamic group $3.25M

Tweet from United Nations moments ago amid reports Trump expected to pull out of Paris Climate Agr

There is a petition with almost 1 million signatures to take away health care from Congress.

Russian war vessels launch missiles at ISIL targets in Palmyra

PNAS: Permafrost Melt Could Release Far More Nitrous Oxide Than Thought (300X Carbon Impact)

Nasa's daring mission to 'touch the sun'

Remote, Heavly Protected HI Reefs Bleached In 2014; Expect Loss Of All US Reefs In Decades


UN steps up climate change warning as Trump mulls Paris Agreement

Trump Claims Democrats No Longer Want Carter Page's Testimony

CNN: Chump about to withdraw from Paris Climate Deal

Pentagon successfully tests ICBM defense system for first time

US Prepared To Take Stinking, Runny Shit All Over UN Ocean Conference Next Week

America withdraws from leadership in the world.

6-year-old gears up to compete in national spelling bee contest ABC News ABC News

White House downplayed differences with Germany

Hell YES we have #covfefe memes (damn people are clever)

Something weird is happening on Twitter

I like Chump better than Drumpf.

Rock-solid Trump supporters in Pennsylvania ask: Why can't we be friends with Russia?

Fox's defense on Trump-Russia has now moved to "collusion is not a crime"

Corbyn Puts May on the Spot By Agreeing to Attend Debate

Question about locked thread

Don't you just love her "Face Palm" ?

"He said the same thing he had been saying for hours..."

Nunes Told Donors Russia Probes Are Just Dems Trying To Justify A Clinton Loss

Trump's window for scoring early legislative victories is shrinking

Poll: Support for Trump impeachment rises

Sec. DeVos Reassigned, Will No Longer Spell-check Trump Tweets

"'Covfefe,' is it? . . . Smart*sses!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Its knot nise two mak funf ov Tromp's mispeling.

Gene Lyons - Fake Tough: Bullying Loudmouth Numbskulls Mimic Trump

Daddy wants Blue Velvet on Hulu, starting tomorrow

The upside of "Covfefe"

Trump Cucked by French President on Live TV

Snowflake Trump Flees to Safe Space, Cancels Speech to Avoid Heckling

Great! Now Trump Is Mocking His Own Tweet!

Trump Aides 'Dreading' a Return of 'Trainwreck' Corey Lewandowski

Michael Steele: "The talent pool is shrinking, because who wants to sign up for crazy?"

Parscale cleared $270M for Trump. Fake bot clicks, Ad revenue, fraud, scam?

Orlando police deserve a pat on the back for yesterday's stand-off at the airport.

TPM: With Kushner Revelations, the Worst Case Scenerio Comes into View

Trump defends Carter Page, whom he is not supposed to know. rachel-maddow-blog

Funny toon, but true..

The moment Trump was elected two ticking time bombs started counting down.

While Tweeting Last Night, Trump Failed to Reach a Sarcasm,

Graham: Its Stunning That Comey Acted On Fake Russian Intel In 2016

Tired of losing the Rust Belt, new Democratic group has strategy to un-Pelosi the party

All but 2 N.J. federal lawmakers urge Trump to back Gateway Tunnel

Other than placating a bunch of imbeciles there is no upside to leaving the Paris Climate Accord

Possible FBI head late comer emerges

The #covfefe thing was funny, but (yes, there's something serious)

Al Franken has an answer...

'Governments Must Lead': U.S. Corporations Beg Trump to Stay in Paris Agreement in Full Page NYT Ad

Tweeting under influence Covfefe

Studies show that when a woman owns a firearm, it is far more likely to be used against her than by

Texas Outlaws Low Drone Flights Over Big Farms

Jeffrey Lord: 'Jared Kushner Is the Robert Kennedy of the Trump Administration'

The Department of Defense thinks global climate change is real.

Hahaha Covfefe. Oh horror, comedian makes bad bloody head joke.

Michael Cohen Denies Congress Requests For Info On Russia Dealings

Trump's Early Achievements as President

Twitter deletes nonsense tweet, tries to pretend he started it for fun

From the Philly Police:

'We wish you were stable enough': Morning Joe says Trump is too 'erratic' for Twitter typo to be...

Latest Trump Tweet:

March for Truth in Raleigh NC this Saturday

*sniffle* I'll always remember where I was when #covfefe brought a nation together

"Covfefe" is a great name for the Republican Health Care Plan. Thanks Donald!

Canada's economy grew at 3.7% pace in first 3 months of 2017

Media Blackout As Trumps Secretary Of State Oversees Exxon-Saudi Deal

Not enough covfefe in the world to make this funny: Internet reacts in horror to Paris climate...

Does Chump think he can make coal king again ?

Majority of Americans want to #ImpeachTrump because he's mentally unfit

Dems didn't 'lose' the black vote - GOP has been suppressing and PURGING Dem votes since 2000,

Donald Trump is like a high school bass drum player who has been handed

Man With Pistol, Rifle, And 90 Rounds Of Ammo Arrested Inside Of Trump Hotel

I think, I have decoded a deep and well-hidden delusion of the right-wing mind.

Who wants to sign up for crazy?: Trump looks to GOP establishment but they want no part of him

Top White House position now seen as career suicide

Griffin/Warren 2020 looking even less likely now

I've had several cups of potent covfefe this morning and boy am I jazzed!

Atlantic City Hard Rock project could top $500 million, much more than expected

Pic Of The Moment: The Trump Doctrine Explained

There's taking a dive, then there is this:

Feds cuff 19 in massive Lucchese mob takedown in New York

Maybe he's born with it..

The 800 Pound Gorilla in the room

Are we next? Brazil police shoot anti-government protesters.

How Trump Gave the Supreme Court a Second Chance on Japanese Internment

I opened Twitter to look at #covfefe tweets and happened upon this.

Touting Ties to Trump Is the Only Thing That Unites the Feuding Kushners

Making a Suit of light

So it's pretty clear, the way Trump worshiped the Saudi's and behaved boorishly toward

Gov. Christie proposes demolition of 500 vacant Trenton homes, installation of 150 cameras

Climate change: President Steve Bannon wins again!

Trump's electoral commission is a sham

Philly's Rocky statue closed 2 weeks for site improvements

Any news on Lawrence O'Donnell?

BUSTED: Even Jared Kushner's uncle is using Trump to hawk real estate to Chinese investors

John McCain Has Sadz About Great Barrier Reef; Voted To Confirm Pruitt, Tillerson, Zinke, Perry

Trump's impatience with GOP grows

Poll: Trump's job approval numbers falling in Michigan

Check out my brand new banana hammock

Some people seem to think "pin" and "pen" are pronounced differently.

****MAY Photo Contest--FINALS****

****MAY Photo Contest--FINALS**** are posted in GD

Frugality is environmentalism

United Nations: Climate action is unstoppable

Trump Isn't Even Trying to Be President

Rep. Leonard Lance gets mixed reaction at latest town hall meeting

NPR gets its Twitter account clone-hacked...

Any recs on B&Bs Atlantic Coast?

PMs of Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland

More 'Trump Doctrine Explained' by State Department Official

Dramatic Ukraine water pipe explosion captured on CCTV.

LOL! Hannity just tweeted that he'd like Assange to fill in for him on his TV/radio broadcasts

Why are gators depicted in cartoons and illustration as green?

Fearless French President

Pulling out of the climate agreement gains what exactly?


Sabato: Meaning of covfefe is that every Cabinet member should be closely studying 25th Amendment

My favorite #covfefe tweet of the day:

Donald Trump is now being mocked by a train.

You think he meant Kerfuffle?

covfefe already in urban dictionary

'He is the root of dysfunction': Right-wing WSJ editorial shreds Trump for sowing White House chaos

LOL!!! Hannity declares war on Rachel

So many good uses for the word, "covfefe."

Another Covfefe reference

Great Read. Trump's deep ties to the mob & Why the FBI couldn't tell all..

God Will Take Care Of Climate Change If It Exists

Apparently, being a climate-change skeptic means not knowing anything about anything.

Sorry. On Kushner, Theres No Innocent Explanation

DNA from ancient Egyptian mummies reveals their ancestry

How do you pronounce the world's new favorite word?

Who Stands To Benefit Financially From Pulling Out Of The Paris Accord?.....

Trump is considering replacing Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff...

What are your thoughts on John Rosemond?

"You call it terrorism, I call it patriotism..."

Syria, Nicaragua & the United States....

Jared speaks... finally!

Obama had the Post-Racial administration... Trump has the...

I have this covfefe thing, Trump's late hours and the red lights figured out in one theory.

This Just In: Trump Barricades Self inside West Wing

#ParisAgreement might be our planets last chance. It's vital and he might not truly understand

Keith Oblermann: "For the love of 'covfefe,' arrest Jared Kushner NOW!"

But Melania....

Black Lives Matter Wins Global Peace Prize for Championing Justice and Equality

Would the man with the smallest _____ please come forward.

Elizabeth Warren launches 'DeVos Watch' to keep eye on education secretary

This is basically an articulate expression of the North Korean world view. We need no one.

Trying something different. Making smoked eggs.

OpEd WSJ: Embrace the Corporatocracy! (I'm paraphrasing...)

Trying something different. Making smoked eggs.

EPA halts Obama-era rule on methane pollution

The GOP's Stealth War Against Voters

Covfefe: "Feed Them Bullshit. They'll Love You For It"

KO:Shouldn't Jared Kushner Be Arrested?There's no reason Trump's son-in-law would ever need a covert

Las Vegas Police searching for hardened criminals

NYT Eliminates Public Editor Position, To Be Replaced By Reader Feedback

I received my "News from 1600" email from the White House just now.

CRISPR Can Cause Hundreds of Unintended Mutations

Protest Sign IDEAS for June 3 (This Saturday!)

Morning Joe should know: Once he's used you, it's under-the-bus time

NJ Sen. Cory Booker reportedly received past campaign donations from Jared Kushner

It's the Titanic, baby

Kushner donated to Senator Cory Booker's races as far back as 2009...

Sorry, not sorry. I love to skinny dip.

Hell, this is better than the *real* Lion King:

Did anyone else notice this?

Kabul bomb: Afghan leader condemns 'cowardly' attack

Need another reason to vote for @ossoff? Sarah Palin endorses BIGOT Karen Handel!! Enuff said!!

I hate looking at this board

Comey to testify publicly about Trump confrontations

Toles-Trump proves again he really has the best words

Have you experienced bed bugs?

Free Yellow Squash!

James Robison: Trump Has The Potential To Become One Of The Greatest Miracles The World Has Ever Se

The Frog and Trump Supporters

"The #ParisAgreement establishes the enduring framework the world needs to solve the climate crisis

Baby sunflowers

White House Witch Hunt Produces Results

Comey to testify publicly about Trump confrontations

Comey WON'T discuss collusion details in public testimony, WILL discuss obstruction of justice

Time to change E Pluribus Unum

the google doodle for today celebrates architect Zaha Hadid and her amazing creations

CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year's Eve program.

Time for a New Declaration of Independence (Putin is Desperate)

Anybody have a way to get a list of residents of Trump Tower?

CNN cancels Kathy Griffin's NYE contract. nt

Covfefe, you dilettantes!

Corey Lewandowski raves that Trump is 'the greatest communicator as a president that we've ever had'

CNN cuts ties with Kathy Griffin amid controversy over comedians gruesome anti-Trump photo

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Minis #3: The Wizards Of Covfefe Edition

Abbott signs bills aimed at addressing crisis in child welfare system

I wish there was a press conference today.

Trump's Ties to NYC Covfefe Crime Family Probed

OK . . . So do you really think that the Democrats and the FBI and CIA and the wheels of our

Raw Story Article: Comey Plans to Confirm Bombshell Allegations

Booker and Schiff both call to "get to the bottom" of Kushner's attempts to secretly

Police: Man staying at Trump Hotel arrested with guns, ammo in car

Marines arrested after displaying white nationalist banner at pro-Confederate rally

Margaret Court: "Tennis Is Full Of Lesbians"

CNN let Kathy Griffin go.

DOJs Weissmann Joining Muellers Russia Investigation Team, Sources Say

***BREAKING*** Comey will testify and confirm bombshell allegation Trump pressured him to end probe

Today's secret word:

CHEESE OF THE MONTH CLUB! Trump Is Launching His Own "Subscription Box" Service

CeaseFire has become the new Mayors Against Illegal Guns- and not in a good way:

Noam Chomsky Interview with Democracy Now

The politicization of Wonder Woman

Surprised it hasn't already been done automatically but can we have a forum for

Top White House aides think deep-state conspiring to bring them down.

Major newspapers held unto pertinent info during the elections!

Donald Trump reminds me of Elliot Rodger.

Financial firms lead shareholder rebellion against ExxonMobil climate change policies

In his past life as a Democrat, Jared Kushner contributed to a long list of Democrats

After months of trolling Trump, Merriam-Webster has no words about covfefe

covfefe - making america grate again!

Climate change: California, Canada are teaming up to fight climate change-- again

Trump Says Sleeping Only Four Hours a Day Not Affecting His Ability to Cljjryff

National Trust For Historic Preservation Raises Millions To Demolish Trumps Boyhood Home

trump politics makes strange bedfellows - What do Syria, Nicaragua and the US have in common?

CEO of massive Christian-owned craft stores response when asked about maternity leave

I fear "When they go low, we go high" is now officially dead

States, nations moving on climate without Trump

Head of DOJ's Fraud Unit Joins Mueller's Russia Investigation Team

Sale of BPA lines would bring higher power bills

Editorial: Sale of BPA lines would bring higher power bills

We asked; he declined.

Spicey "The president and a small group of people know EXACTLY WHAT HE MEANS"?

Elon Musk said he will withdraw from White House councils if Chump exits from Paris Climate Accord

Have his telephone number?

Fugelsang takes on Cheeto RE: Kathy G

Beranton J. Whisenat Jr. - it has now been a week/8 days since the body of

How should the press respond the NEXT time Spicey says "no cameras at the press briefing"

The press asked Spicey about When Ted Nugent said Obama and Hilary should be hung,

On a dark desert highway ....EAGLES...covfefe

"collusion is not a crime"??

Great victories are coming our way!

A Kazakh dirty-money suit threatens to reach Trumps business world

Boeing continues to cut jobs, citing need to stay competitive

Trump faces shrinking talent pool for new hires

Poll: Public Views the ACA More Favorably Than Congress Plan to Replace It, Though Republicans Fav

Conservative groups target Rachel Maddow

Rep Schiff's reply to Trump re: Carter Page Tweet Is AWESOME.

Hillary Clinton's loss was 'unexpected blessing' for the family, says daughter Chelsea Clinton

We live in a country where the comedians and artists are held more accountable for their actions...

An MRI would show Trump has had multiple infarcts.

Authorities: Stabbings suspect bragged in patrol car

He did not invent a new word

How Trump's budget would affect low-income students, historically black colleges

Violent speech: Its Okay if Youre a Republican

Hillary is on MSNBC speaking at a tech conference.

Denmark scrapping blasphemy law this week

New White House policy: All Russia questions referred to lawyer

How much money do advertisers think we have to spend on gifts?

Taeko Ohnuki - Sunshower (Full Album)

I'm a head hunter

Hillary's explosive interview on what she knows about Russia, Trump, and the Election

China Sees an Opening in Rift Between Trump and Germany

DeLemus sentenced in Cliven Bundy case

Is there a way to donate to the DNC but stop their damn phone calls?

Georgia Peach Crop Faces Nearly 80 Percent Loss This Year

Deplorable Spray Painted The N Word On LeBron James' Los Angeles Home *

Who remembers 20 days ago?

New Here

Wanna know what COVFEFE is?

Art gone wild: The best places to see sculptures outdoors

It's a Christie vs. Giuliani fight to pick Trump's next U.S. attorney for N.J.

We're on the brink of mass extinction -- but there's still time to pull back

ABC cast a Trump supporter who compared the NAACP to the KKK to date first black Bachelorette

Hillary Clinton says the Russians had to be guided by Americans

Guess what the most searched "how to spell ___" word is in Wisconsin?

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 31, 2017

Covfefe mystery solved!

We tried to warn you - first they came for abortion - now it's birth control

Busting the Corporate Gun Industry's Lies

As a doctor, #covfefe likely due to a "senior moment" aka early-stage dementia. *

Last week's series of hate crimes demonstrate the 'Trump effect' isn't likely to end anytime soon

WSJ: House Intel has issued 7 subpoenas: 4 in Russia investigation, 3 related to unmasking

Who is the fool that kept saying "I have nothing further to add"

Trump did not give 'the finger' to the Italian Prime Minister?

Hillary Clinton: "Hard not to" believe Trump associates steered Russia's intervention in election

I know we're all hoping for a "smoking gun"...

Covfefe, Covfefe bo Bovfere Bonana fanna fo Fovfefe mo Mvefefe, Covfefe!

Mexican Lawyer To Sell Trump Toilet Paper

"Do you still have full confidence in Jared Kushner, Mr. President?" (Trump Had No Answer)

Conservative groups target Maddow

NOx: Traffic Dramatically Underestimated as Major Polluter

Not a"race riot," it was amassacre. The destruction of Black Wall Street, Greenwood, Tulsa OK 1921

NYPD officer to face murder charge after killing mentally ill woman

On climate change agreement, Kerry suggests that Trump think of everyone's grandchild

Covfere explained.

Family of black man killed by Milwaukee police reaches $2.3 million settlement

The Obamas just bought their rental home in Washington

What do DT and the mob family arrested last week have in common?

Fmr. GOP Chairman: They're too deaf, dumb, & blind to get what's going on out there (VIDEO)

Trump Knows Republicans are stupid, Jared Kushner allegedly said to former editor.

Republicans Think "God Will Take Care of Climate Change" (w/Congressman Mark Pocan)

The Trump Budget Screws Consumers on Energy Costs (w/Guest Noah Horowitz)

Boehner Walks Back Criticism Of Trump Presidency As A 'Complete Disaster'

Pussy hat problem.

N.J. gov race: Murphy, ex-Goldman exec, says he'll limit spending if he wins Dem primary

So is there anything a Democrat for office HAS to support or agree with?

Hi guys, I have been lurking and enjoying the great recipes and ideas.

Trump dismantling women health care protections implemented in Obamacare

The Equality March for Unity and Pride - June 11, 2017

Man who threw baby off bridge gets 70 years in prison

Mitt Romney takes on Trump.

***Breaking: Subpoenas for everyone! (Flynn and Cohen)

State trooper charged with covering up harassment of women

House Russia investigators subpoena Flynn, Cohen

Judge Trump by the friends he keeps & tell him to shut up about being offensive to anyone's kids

Assange says he's exploring guest-hosting Sean Hannity's radio show.

Senior, 18, sues Bucks school district after alleged rape

Rebecca Solnit: the loneliness of Donald Trump

Brown: 'The rest of the world is against' Trump

Traumatized by the brutality and dishonesty of the Trump movement?

Ms Magazine: Making the Impossible Possible - HRC's speech at Wellesley

Plain truth, courtesy of John Fugelsang

New book from Trump!

Hillary Clinton Is Furious. And Resigned. And Funny. And Worried.

I went golfing the other day

Trumps new book.....

Charles P. Pierce: The RNC Has a Madness Problem

What if the covfefe tweet is a dry run attack on social media?

Where's Ivanka on the climate change treaty?

Attorney general: 'Mafia' threat cost woman life savings

RNC's Michael Reed can't understand why Morning Joe failed to ask Al Franken about Kathy Griffin

David Frum: The Death Knell for America's Global Leadership

Pierce: For President* Trump, the End of Civilization Is Just Another Thing

Clinton cracks that 'covfefe' was Trump's 'hidden message to the Russians'

South Jersey political strategist resigns amid Dem power struggle

Al Franken: Colleague pulled Ted Cruz's name at Senate's Secret Santa drawing, dropped it on floor

Covfefe: a seed from the new War Room ?

Schiff: Trump Needling Won't Change How We Conduct Russia Interviews

Listening to NPR sucking up to Mike DeWine is nauseating.

Trump to hold reelection fundraiser in June

EQT fined $1.1 million for Marcellus Shale pit leak

Predators' catfish thrower says he's 'just a dumb redneck with a bad idea'

China and EU strengthen commitment to Paris deal with US poised to step away

Lack of gift ban for Pa.'s legislators continues to miff critics

Former NAACP head Jealous running for Maryland governor

Kabul suicide bombing killed 90 and injured up to 400. Some

Allegheny County selects longest bus rapid transit route option

Antarctic ice crack takes major turn

as we come to the last days of May, I present:

I'm sick of turning the other cheek. Kathy G. Should not have apologized!

PA: John Chrin, Repub, Jumps in Race to Challenge Cartwright, (D-Lackawanna).

May 31, 2017 - Bernie Sanders rips into Trump in Berlin

WTF: Intel Cmte aide says subpoenas on "unmasking" would have come from Nunes "acting separately"

Reading Health System to purchase five hospitals, change name

Inaugural Standing Rock Nation Film & Music Festival Set for June 2nd Weekend

May 31, 2017 - Bernie Sanders rips into Trump in Berlin

The Barron Trump story

The New Yorker cartoons are 'droll'. Not quite "funny".

REVEALED: Nunes acted separately from House Russia probe by unilaterally issuing subpoenas on un

Russia Investigation Could Reveal Trumps Tax Returns

So Theresa May boycotted the election debate

Amazon Echo - SNL

Exxon's Shareholders Just Forced the Oil Giant's Hand on Climate Change

Putin aide threatens retaliation for Dec16 spy expulsions, sanctions

Do you know about CGP GREY'S you tube videos?

Nearly 8,000 New Voters Registered Ahead of Georgia Special Election

A anthropologist reminds us of our dark deeds in Panama 27 years ago

A anthropologist reminds us of our dark deeds in Panama 27 years ago

O'Brien decides to keep it real

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 1 June 2017

darker meaning to covfefe

Difference between Subpoena and indictment????

Biden looks like he might run.

F'ing fireants!

Feds investigate Trump / Mobster Robert Hopkins laundering money - Trump Tower

Trump Hotels and properties

Chinese, European companies express interest in Chile-Argentina tunnel

How dare they, n word on LeBron's mansion

Someone with plans to kill the fake prez was arrested at tRump Hotel.

Police arrest man with assault rifle at Trump hotel

From Lawrence's FB page just now...Ivanka

Game of survival in the desert

Pelosi Statement on President Trumps Decision to Pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement

TD 2E Threatens Southern Mexico

Trump Supporters: How to Tell the Haters from the Hopeless

Facebook Video Link: Bernie's Speech in Berlin May 31, 2017

Anyone else worried about James Comey's safety

So the POTUS and a small group of people knew what he meant

Republican congressman breaks ranks to back LGBT Equality Act

Luchese bosses among 15 cuffed in massive New York mob takedown

Pulling out of Paris Signals the end of Empire

I have a dilemma and need some suggestions.

Toon: Covfefe

Trump and Putin unite in eerily similar attack on Democrats

The Wall That Will Make America Safe Again

There should be an investigation into whether Donald Trump has any ties to America.

Girl, 16, attacked Uber driver with stolen knife, machete: prosecutor

Just saw Clint Watts on Hardball

My "WTF? of the day. vicious racist department...

A Timeline: Pences Role in the White Houses Russia-Related Mess

Noose found inside the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History in DC

This Is Your World on Trump

Wisconsin residents most frequently searched for how to spell "Wisconsin"

Mr. Fish Toon -Ultimatum (warning, nude Trump can't be unseen!)

Basset hounds hard at work.

Today: ***Putin threatens the US, and Trump moves to give him what he wants! (same day)***

Import-bashing Trump has long admired Germany's automotive industry

Jared Kushner built a luxury skyscraper using loans meant for job-starved areas

Model claims Hyundai fired her for having her period

Latest YouGov poll on the UK election...just out in the last few hours:

Something smells! I went to my regular library location for early voting for

Study: New Mexico, Georgia had highest jail rates in US

Watch Live at 7:50 pm ET: Japan Launching New Navigation Satellite

Just curious if you are reviewing status and/or appeals on Discussionist?

Jeopardy Regulars - spoiler