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We had a form of expanded Medicaid in Los Angeles prior to the Affordable Care Act.

BTRTN April 2017 Month in Review: 100 Excruciating Days for America

DOJ complaint filed against Comey for interfering with Presidential election.

Fuck you. And you. And you and you.

Tillerson: US won't insist that other nations adopt American values like human rights

If the GOP successfully repeals Obamacare,

The GOP has the votes to sentence 24Million Americans to a slow and painful death.

Is there a difference in how to use the terms "bullshit" and "horseshit"?

Cory Booker- Chump Care will cause pain, illness , and destruction.

Chumpcare will be the true Death Panel

Rex Tillerson: 'America first' means divorcing our policy from our values

Rex Tillerson: 'America first' means divorcing our policy from our values

BTRTN April 2017 Month in Review: 100 Excruciating Days for America

I don't care if this is popular or not but Deplorables suck.

Congress is voting Thursday on a bill to replace Obamacare. The CBO still hasnt scored it.

Sean Spicer clashes with press over definition of a wall

Republicans only care about the womb.

President Carter leases 10 acres of his farmland to build 1.3-megawatt solar power station

Yesterday my town convicted a nazi for murdering a gay man

One of the best things about Obamacare was how easy the process of applying for insurance was.

Assange demands Sweden drop arrest warrant

"I dont think we should pass bills that we havent read and dont know what they cost"

Venezuela Is Heading for a Soviet-Style Collapse

High-Risk Pools Don't Work, Have Never Worked, and Won't Work in the Future

Ivey signs bill allowing denial of LGBT adoptions

American Airlines is cutting more legroom in economy class

I'm sorry but Secretary Clinton was 100% correct. They're ALL deplorable! They hate, they fear

Artist Creates Giant Wood Sculptures and Hides Them in Copenhagen Forests

Tillerson says US no more will condition foreign relationships on countries adopting US values such

The only mistake Hillary made was calling Deplorables Deplorables.

Analysis : On more than a third of the days since Nov. 8, Trump has mentioned the election results

FRONTLINE + NPR On America's Housing Crisis -- "Poverty, Politics and Profit"

1000 km range thanks to a new battery concept

If this farce doesn't give Dems House majority in 2018 nothing will

Are they that fucking dumb? Pre-existing Conditions

Did Someone Just Share a Random Google Doc With You? DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS IN IT.

Axelrod Tweet on vote tomorrow:

White supremacist activity on the rise on college campuses

Under the GOP's health plan, sexual assault would be considered a preexisting condition

Trump administration welcomes back student debt collectors fired by Obama

Jet-propelled sky taxi tested in Germany

Environmental groups sue to block Trump's offshore drilling order

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Wow! check out Japan's new luxury sleeper train. (in pictures)

Fuck trump and the entire GOP I hope they all die a slow painful costly death

Landlord plans to appeal ruling blocking evictions, fines of more than $2.4M

Landlord plans to appeal ruling blocking evictions, fines of more than $2.4M

For his next trick, Ted Cruz will probably ask Comey about ACORN.

Chechnya police: Kill your gay children before we kill them in torture camps

With $8 Billion Deal on Health Bill, House G.O.P. Leader Says We Have Enough Votes

So Rachel has been receiving threatening letters from lawyers

I still have a nagging feeling that Comey was blackmailed into alerting Congress.

NFL players fight pain with medical marijuana: Managing it with pills was slowly killing me

Sen Chris Murphy: Hey everybody -PASS THE TEST TOMORROW. Do they flood offices tomorrow? Are they a

They would already be holding impeachment hearings

Florida House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill That Bans Smoking Weed

Florida House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill That Bans Smoking Weed

Serious question - how is pre-existing defined?

Seeing Noah Syndergaards Injury Coming at 100 M.P.H.

The "greatest healthcare system in the world" is about social control, not treating illness

Dear Allies: Use WHATEVER WORKS.

Argentina's top court cuts sentence of human rights abuser

Has the W.H. explained Trump's comments on Andrew Jackson?

I came to Boston College thinking 10 percent of effective governance was policy and 90 percent

What Legalization of Cannabis in California Means to the Rest of the World

Ivanka Trump compares herself to a slave while quoting Toni Morrison

The House Rules committee is accepting AHCA calls NOW

Call Your Congressman/Woman Tonight & Tommorrow....

Stephen King: Trump's nuclear ability "worse than any horror story I ever wrote"

Wall Street-Owned GOP Threatening To Take Obamas Retirement Money Because Of $400K Speech

trump & company are working hard to screw the american people

Argentina's top court cuts sentence of human rights abuser

Who knew canned anchovies could go bad?!!

dear GOP

Americas everlasting shame.

Mesa Police Won't Cancel 'Islamophobic' Training; Is County Attorney Bill Montgomery Involved?

Matt Wuerker‏ "Comey's Choice". New cartoon

Miniseries: Medicinal Cannabis as a Human Right

Restaurant-Worthy French Toast, Without the Wait

Miniseries: Medicinal Cannabis as a Human Right

No more nicey-nice with these fucking demons.

Arizona Republicans Just Launched a Last-Minute Attack on Planned Parenthood

Are Republicans bluffing on Obamacare repeal?

Navajo candidate announces bid as Democrat for Hatch's seat

How Many Healthcare Jobs Will Be Lost If This Repeal....

Tesla plugs older Model S as new buyers turn to Model 3

Pelosi: New ObamaCare repeal bill is a a very sad, deadly joke

Navajo candidate announces bid as Democrat for Hatch's seat

Cory Booker: Republican healthcare plan will cost American lives It will mean death

Schumer: GOP healthcare proposal like giving 'cough medicine' to a cancer patient

Locked up for love: How London couple ended up in a Turkish jail

It truly is just a game to Trump.

Canadian Marijuana Documentary: The Health, The Benefits, The Truth!

Arizona Rep on Teachers Forced To Work Multiple Jobs: "That's America!"

Canadian Marijuana Documentary: The Health, The Benefits, The Truth!

Buckingham Palace staff called to emergency meeting

The Nest

Tweeting about GOP anti-healthcare plan, John Schindler takes a cue from Colbert...

Prince Philip, a man that was an interesting person, may have passed at age 95.

Why is Dubya suddenly a role model?

Prince of Transylvania: Charles honoured as the kin of Vlad the Impaler

a beautifully simple preparation of fresh vegetables...

I Stand By Colbert!

Trumpcare will cut coverage for all - including employer-provided plans (That means everyone!)

Do you think losing healthcare insurance would finally wake the deplorables up

If the ACA is repealed, there's a fair chance I might die...

Imagine the most confusing and unsettling day. Imagine you don't know what you're doing and you're

You know the GOP fighting against preventing climate change means liberal

Prosecutors: Ex-lawmaker, relatives convicted in Ponzi case

The GOP tripping over themselves to show us all just how much they hate the American people

Alaska reporter says state senator slapped him

Le Pen and Macron clash in crucial French election debate

He's back the full fledged dead beat dad and he's is just a blaming "inner cities " for health care.

Comey's testimony: hints about grand juries and financial crimes (Sheldon Whitehouse is smart)

Chaffetz threatens to go after Obama's pension.

"Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf backs away from soda tax plan"

Dashcam captures plane crash at busy intersection in Washington state

Sunbeams and a birdhouse

The Abortion Issue IS Black and White

Flying Pigs installation will block Trump sign in Chicago

Colbert finally responds to #FireColbert backlash: I would do it again

May The Fourth Be With You!

If your Congresscritter is an R, please consider voicing your opposition to their AHCA vote.

Southwest Colombia tribe expels National Police for drug dealing

Trump, GOP leaders lean on California Republicans to pass health bill

Court orders Colombia to save river from mining. These images should show why

ZEMBLA (Dutch News Program) - The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump: The Russians

California Bill Would Blacklist Companies That Work On Trump Border Wall

A tweet from my democratic representative on the gop's pre-existing plan: $23 a month.

I hope that someone posts the voting of the reps

Looks Like Protests/Town Hall Will Not Stop Them From Killing Americans. What next.

NASA discovers star system similar to ours, right on our galactic doorstep

The time is NOW....not 2018. Don't let ANYONE gaslight you

Texas lawmakers approve bill outlawing 'sanctuary cities'

Long-Necked 'Viper' Dino Is the Earliest Titanosaur on Record

Arizona budget proposal strips funding from Penzone

Strange mantle plume under Iceland helps keep Scotland afloat

Mayors Ask to Extend Hawaii Legislative Session to Fund Rail

Pardon My French Mr. Donald Dick, But....

GOP rushing to vote on healthcare without analysis of changes

Texas Legislature passes ban on so-called 'sanctuary cities'

A look at the latest twist in Puerto Rico's debt saga

House blocks Gov. Scott's teacher health care savings plan

LA County to settle sheriff whistleblower suit for $1.3M

Weed - The Truth About Marijuana - Cannabis Documentary - HistoryTV

Ducey signs bill to ease regulations on teacher credentials

Weed - The Truth About Marijuana - Cannabis Documentary - HistoryTV

Generalissimo Francisco Franco

School districts file suit against state to fix crumbling buildings

Emails raise questions about Napolitano's testimony on audit

Ex-US Rep. Rick Renzi of Arizona loses yet another appeal

Is positive male empowerment possible in today's society? (pic)

NYT: A little-noticed target in the House health care bill: special education​

Saying new law can act as a teacher, Ducey signs texting ban on teenage drivers

Arizona public records aren't so public

Arizona state budget deal cut, but GOP opposition remains

Detailed look at the global warming hiatus again confirms that humans are changing the climate

Anthem CA Ceo: AHCA could return us to a time when people who became sick could not afford insurance

House Republicans Vote to Change the Overtime Pay Rule

The ACHA will also slash funds for NURSING HOMES and at-home care for ELDERLY and DISABLED.

Aetna and Innovation Health will leave Virginia's individual health insurance market

On Final Word - People W/Employer Health Insurance Lose Coverage Too.

Mark Leno to announce candidacy for mayor of San Francisco

The BBC understands there is no cause for concern regarding the health of either the Queen or Prince

Which Republicans Will Vote No? What 6 News Organizations Are Reporting

Colbert has no regrets: Late-night host defends controversial Trump Putin c*ck holster joke

No cause for alarm about Queen Elizabeth and Philip after royal staff called to meeting: source

Jane Goodall to fangirl Ivanka: Protect this planet for future generations

Jim Parsons Joins Stephen Colbert On The Late Show's "Rescue Dog Rescue"

The alternate universe of Ann Coulter

Were up to 58,000 citizens in Maricopa County denied right to vote?

Seth Myers: Comey Testifies and GOP Tries Again on Health Care: A Closer Look

Mildly Nauseous?

Nevada Transportation chief approved sick leave for officer to serve jail time

War of words flares in Arizona over Lake Mead water

Amended rape kit bill gets pushback in Nevada Legislature

Tennessee Family Convicted of Decade-Long Gold and Silver Ponzi Scheme

Princess Leia's Stolen Death Star Plans

Bill would stiffen penalties for Nevada drivers who kill, injure bicyclists, pedestrians

The Making of SHIN GODZILLA - Toho Blu-ray Special Features

MSM need (but won't) to be ready for the distraction tactics when Sally Yates testifies

Magic Kingdom

Sexual assault will become a pre-existing condition.

Legislature working to make Nevada the 8th state to provide domestic worker rights

Albatrosses counted from space

French election: Macron declared 'winner' of final debate

Prince Philip to step down from carrying out royal engagements

REVEALED: Former Trump campaign manager now lobbies for Russian-backed oil company Citgo

What are the political consequences of a Yes vote on ACA Repeal today ?

It sounds like the Prince Philip maybe stepping down from public life

Nevada senators move gay marriage update closer to ballot

Nevada increases top speed limit to 80 mph

House passes spending deal to avoid shutdown

A dutch web article on dipshit donnie

Forecasters predict an extra $96M in revenue for Nevada through 2019

If Republicans manage to "amend" or rescind the ACA,

No ACHA. I will settle for no less than

Maxine Waters Says Trump is 'a Disgusting, Poor excuse of a Man'

NYC Promises: We'll Drown Out Trump

Axelrod Rips Clinton for Excuses: 'It Takes a Lot of Work to Lose to Donald Trump.'

Sen. Jill Tokuda Expected To Be Ousted As Ways And Means Chair

Sen. Jill Tokuda To Be Ousted As Ways And Means Chair

🐦 May 7, 2017 - Senator Bernie Sanders - At the Saban Theater, Beverly Hills, CA

Woman featured in Ivanka Trumps new book reacts: Dont use my story

Climatologist Stefan Rahmstorf Lowers The Hammer On NYT On Facebook

47 years ago today; Four dead in Ohio...

Keeping the faith: Lee Rhiannon on balancing atheism and spirituality

Jamelle Bouie: Political Malfeasance

Trump Set To Relax Rules On Political Activity By Religious Groups

From Now-Defunct Thames Television, A Pretty Solid Climate Documentary From . . . 1981

New York Times Stock Soars on Report of Record-Breaking Digital Subscriber Growth

Groups Sue to Keep Drilling Ban in Arctic, Atlantic Waters

Ryans bullchit health care rip off bill


Iran missile test fails from sub in Strait of Hormuz


My prediction of future WH talking-points if Trumpcare passes


After a 66-year Estrangement, Can China and the Catholic Church Kiss and Make Up?

Job numbers coming up tomorrow

Master-negotiator confident he can bring about peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Indigenous Missionary Council in Brazil says attack was cowardly act


Instant Chewbacca - May the 4th be with you


Odds the AHCA vote is pulled today? I say good

Journalistic Sexism 101 - Hillary edition




WA Housing

Steve Bannon's giant to-do list revealed in photo with rabbi

🐦 May 5 - Keynote Speaker - Bernie Sanders - 18th annual Vermont Democratic Party Curtis Awards

Mika and Scab are engaged.

OFFS: Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are engaged

Trumps Turn Toward China Curtails Navy Patrols in Disputed Zones

Can we go one day without a Hug A Deplorable thread?

Jonathan Chait: The GOP Health-Care Bill Is an Abdication of Responsibility and a Moral Disgrace

George Will: Trump has a dangerous disability

Flooding in Missouri, Arkansas & Illinois

If there is/was an angry vengeful god most republicans would already be smoking holes in the ground

Wildlife officials in Florida are now offering free T-shirts

At this point they're just mocking you, America

Duke Energy wants in your pants

Review of: "Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success" a book by Ivanka Trump.

'Transgenderism is a mental disease': Idaho school spirit day ends in bitter LGBT feud

Yet another kick to the head from the Gangrenous Odious Pricks: end to overtime pay

How to find out whether an entity is God.

ANDDDDD - Nate Boulton is running for governor

how much will the bill cost and how many will lose coverage....?

Writing about food: Christmas in May, from Laura Ingalls Wilder's "The Long Winter"

Jason Chaffetz won't be the first white man to try to appropriate the labor of a black man.

The War in the White House

Trump doubling down on 'fake news'

Senate Committee Talks About Idaho Rural Schools Funding

Medical marijuana patients and providers protected from federal prosecution under new spending bill

Idaho School Officials Want Black Teen Abuse Lawsuit Nixed

How many of you or your loved ones have, a serious preexisting condition?

Otter: No federal relief for 5 Idaho counties

America's 5th Favorite Way to Ignore Jesus

The most clueless man in Washington

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Alternative President

Idaho governor asks court to get involved in veto lawsuit

Little-Noticed Target in the House Health Bill: Special Education

How can I delete my account?

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Orange Nut

AP: 14 March 2017

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Trumpdon'tcare

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Stephen Colbert Refuses to Apologize to Trump: I Believe He Can Take Care of Himself

Shulkin mulls closing 1,100 'underutilized' VA facilities

Power line deal part of bill to keep govt's lights on

Better Eating Targeted vegan educational videos

The Arc speaks out against the AHCA:

The crux of the Comey hearing: Sen. Amy Klobuchar question (and other Dem questions)

WSJ-LATE-BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Millions in employer coverage at risk due to little-noticed provision.

Trump believes Middle East peace process may not be difficult

Now we know: Bill Clinton cost his wife the presidency

Even Blue Sheild is against this POS AHCA

Can You Boil Gasoline?

I'm seeing on Twitter: House will vote between 1:15-1:45 pm on the Obamacare repeal bill.

Emmanuel Macron is 39 and his wife is 64. French women say its about time.

ObamaCare repeal plan could remove protections for people on employer health plans

jasoninthehouse had surgery on a pre-existing condition

George F. Will op-ed: Trump has a dangerous disability

Under NC law No doesn't always mean no

Humanae (work in progress)

Does this new bill exempt members of Congress from

WSJ: Half of Americans are at risk of losing limits on catastrophic costs

Why won't Democrats let antiabortion progressives under their tent?

Heritage Foundation board ousts president Jim DeMint

Ayn Rand: Soviet-influenced to damage American right? (Paul Ryan loves Rand's feebleminded ideas)

Uruguay will offer dirt-cheap legal weedunder certain conditions

What's next, confiscation of real estate? Internment camps?

Spiritual Long Beach: The Catholic Shrine to Mary Cared for by Buddhist Monks

How ACA Repeal Would Hurt Farmers and Rural Communities

Don't forget *this* little snippet...

U.S. productivity slumps in first quarter

Red Sox Fan Banned From Fenway After Slur to 6-Year-Old Boy

Op-Ed Amanda Knox: Donald Trump supported me when I was wrongly accused of murder. What do I owe...

Haha. CNN hilariously fact checks Trump on the border wall.

This is not about getting people health care* but about giving the very rich a tax cut.

I'm launching a Kickstarter campaign to buy Stephanie Rhule some eyes.

LGBT Groups to Trump: Sign the Anti-LGBT EO, and We'll See You on Court

Have you contacted your Congress critter today about the ACA?

Deep-pocketed health care lobbies line up against Trump

Republicans exempt their own insurance from their latest health care proposal

Catholic schools and social segregation

The real terrorists

White House Staff Worried: Trump "Seemed to Go Crazy"

Sean Spicer Answers NO QUESTIONS at Press Briefing

Soda Tax Will Include Diet Products Because Equity, Say Mayor and Councilmembers

Mind filled with cow flop. . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

23 environmental rules rolled back in President Trump's first 100 days

Happy birthday to me!

Obama's presidential library is sounding more and more impressive as I read about it!

tRump releases 2020 campaign ad...kill me.

CEO (UK) National Grid: The idea of large power stations for baseload is outdated

Republicans took our money and tell us that us getting the same access to health care as them is bad

How to tell who's leaking what in the Trump administration.

So goes the special session in Olympia: Lawmakers are redoing work they've already done

I don't know about you, but if Trumpcare passes, it will be the worst day since election night.

Prince Philip to step down from carrying out royal engagements

Agency that oversees Western State Hospital and social services gets new leader for now

Pregnancy to cost 425% more under Donald Trump's health plan compared to Obamacare (cancer +140,000)

Trump offered to officiate Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinskis wedding but they turned him down

A year's supply of birth control? Washington lawmakers say insurance should cover it

Vanity Fair: Joe and Mika

There should be die-ins at Senate offices

Two teenagers have called for an end to compulsory prayers in Wales' schools

I think this might work as a TV show:

Four Dead in Ohio

Happy Star Wars Day!

Are Long and Upton blithering idiots or did they only seek attention for themselves?

Family booted off Delta flight

Where would you start?

There should be die-ins at Senate offices (REDUX)

Woman with terminal cancer jailed due to medication in her system

Under Trumpcare plan, rape would be considered a pre-existing condition

A Conversation of Law and a memorial

President Obama praises Emmanuel Macron "En Marche! Vive La France!"

MSNBC has confirmed reports that MJ co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough are engaged

Heroin dealer cites religious freedom as his defense. Court says yeah, but what about the buyers?

Trumps religious liberty executive order is meant to legalize anti-LGBT discrimination

Trump is becoming more and more unhinged.

Latest list of Reps to call? Undecideds? We need to target them NOW.

GOP Rep. Says Its Hard To Know What Trump Wants When Negotiating

Tillerson announces abandonment of human rights as basis of U.S. intrnl policy

Spending Bill, until the next round

Tell Your Representatives & Senator to Vote NO to Trumpcare!

Republican lawmaker says cancer patients can go to the ER for health care

GOP: Is THIS why you entered public service?

The ACA became known as Obamacare. The AHCA will be known by me as Trump"care".

LePage wants Mainers repeatedly revived by Narcan to pay for it

What does Google think about Donald Trump?

If my math is incorrect let me know, but........

IMO, The cult of insurance is the religion of the GOP.

Look at this Chump Care vote as the Deplorables' Fort Sumter or Pearl Harbor.

Of course republicans don't want the CBO to score this bill...that's what sank it the first time

This "House Floor Debate" on RyanCare is fucking DISGUSTING.

Political talk is causing problems at work, survey finds

Calling your Rep? YOU SHOULD BE! Indivisible has a great guide for calls on DonTCare . . .

With three days to go it's Macron 61 (+1) Le Trump 39 (-1)

When does the CBO report come out?

I am looking at YOU my friend...

I just woke up from a dream in which I was hiking around with Barack Obama.

Have you called your Representative to vote NO on trumpdontcare?

Obama's legacy


PSA Re: CBO Scoring

With Obama's $400K Speech, Chaffetz To Revive Bill Curbing Presidents' Pensions

Network news spent 3x as much time on Clinton's emails vs all policy issues.

Turning Trump's face into a frog is the internets new favourite game.

Dem Senator: I Don't Want To Say O'Care Repeal Is DOA In The Senate, But It Is

Good vibrations no longer needed for speakers as research encourages graphene to talk

Rep. Says Bill Will Affect Those Who Wait 'Until They're Sick' To Get Coverage

If after today you still think there is such a thing as republican moderates

Trump to visit the Vatican on first foreign trip as president

Who's up for dessert?

Good Chris Rock appearance on his encounter with Michelle Obama at White Hoouse

Senate Republicans brace for leadership scramble

RyanCare House vote, 235 yea / 193 nay

Trump attacks 'fake news' media while congratulating Fox News

Latest flippable House Targets to call and urge a no on ACA repeal now:

Trump blasts Susan Rice for declining request to testify before Senate panel

Casey blasts Trump administration over child deportation

I wish a Democrat would stand on the floor and say the GOP wants to kill you.

*We're sorry all circuits are busy now*

Senator leading Russia investigation sets odds of Trump impeachment at 2-to-1

KO:Why Won't the Press Ask Trump Anything?American reporters are too afraid to demand answers

KO: Why Won't the Press Ask Trump Anything? American reporters are too afraid to demand answers

Season's greetings

After foot surgery for a pre-existing condition, Chaffetz to return to vote

Ex-nuke commanders launch crisis group to educate Trump

Red alert in Reynosa, a city under siege

Under new healthcare bill, rapes and Caesarean sections are pre-existing conditions

Near Green bay, kid closes down school wearing Darth Vader costume...

Survey: Just 5 percent of economists believe Trump's big tax promise

Chump Deletes Tweet Saying It Was 'An Honor' to Meet With Abbas

Fox & Friends: Health Insurance for people with preexisting conditions is a "luxury".

The complete failure of the GOP leadership

Pelosi: GOPs Rush To Vote On Repeal Bill Puts Them In A Lose-Lose Situation

Pence just said, "Our president is a believer."

You should be ashamed!: Dem lawmaker eviscerates Trumpcare on the House floor

Thur. cuteness overload - Comforting a friend at the vets


Retiring Republican lets loose on House health bill

GOP's "Pledge to America" promised all bills would be public for 3 days before a vote

The Upton Amendment to the ACA Repeal Bill Will Have Almost No Effect

Endless supply of stupid threatens Charlotte NC areas drinking water

How to solve Trump's "Obamacare Problem"

Trump is president, but coal jobs continue to disappear in Kentucky

Dem mocks GOP lawmaker: Turn your phone on, your constituents are calling me

Delta flight attendant threatens parents with jail while booting family from overbooked flight

I'm Livid...Trump Religious Speech

Obama backs Macron in last-minute intervention in French election

Florida gay nightclub to become memorial to shooting victims

Trump invited a nun up to the dais with him. I hope he doesn't grope her.

Catholic Health Association slams Trumps utterly unconscionable health care plan

Trump to weaken IRS rule against church political activity

trump announces trip to Vatican. Exorcists go on red alert.

I know they'll have helll in the Senate

U.S. military to pitch revised Afghan war plan to Trump in next week

"There have been sealed COMPLAINTS against Manafort and four others for several months".

Tracking Trumps Web of Conflicts- Trump is Working for Trump! Not You or Me

Which Senator can withstand the arm-twisting surely to come from McConnell and Trump?

Honest question: Could someone explain the Morning Joe thing?

Kent State--4 May 1970

Universal Background Checks

OK, now I'm confused. Does this mean the Muslim ban is still on, or off, or...

Comey is moving towards declaring indictments. Grand Juries are there. Impeachment.

Hillary Clinton: There Is Nothing Elitist About Fighting For Womens Rights

For any auto industry history fans, Flint is honoring the 'Birthplace of General Motors'

Howard Stern Talks Hillary Clinton's Loss & Stephen Colbert Controversy - 05/03/2017

Woman found guilty and faces year in jail for laughing at Jeff Sessions

Sending many people to their deaths by denying healthcare is not a victory

A Complete Explanation of What Trump Doesn't Know

Have you all seen the latest book by Ivanka Trump? I have to say, it's refreshingly honest.

Neil Degrasse Tyson gets a put-down - Don't fuck with cats

the kent states you don't know about: jackson state and orangeburg

Trump signs order aimed at allowing churches to engage in more political activity

"I Wasn't Surprised"--Kristin Lems on Jackson State

The United States of America is in a death spiral.

"Women Walk More Determined" Kristin Lems

Floridas building boom threatens wildlife-rich lagoon

Thursday Slap-O-Rama! Who Would You Like To Smack The Sh!t Out Of Today?

Ive been trying to call my Congresswoman (2nd District in Indiana)

GOP 'giddy' as Obamacare repeal vote nears

Is it okay to weaponize homophobic slurs in the service of a higher cause?

All went so well, until they got to the vow exchange

Is There Still A Chance That There Will Be Repug Defections When The Bill Comes To The Floor?.....

Had pundits in the media focused on the details of ACHA last week instead of Obama's speeches or how

Republican tells Dem Rep she's being 'hysterical' after powerful statement against 'Trumpcare' bill

Planetary Society videos from the March for Science

Nancy Pelosi Is the Most Effective Member of the Resistence

"And now, by the power vested in me by the Electoral College, which, I won by a historic margin...

QUESTION: Will the house have to revote on DontCare once the Senate changes it?

Flashback Quote of the Day

President Trump Is the Enemy of Their Enemies

ACA repeal/replace momentum may be stalling...

Pressure Grows on Vulnerable House Republicans

Joe and Mika are engaged...Congrats?

Can Democrats Get Millennials to Vote In 2018?

GOP's Obamacare replacement bill would protect just 5 percent of people with pre-existing conditions

'I dont know': GOP rep. falls apart on CNN and admits he has no idea how health care

Didn't get hardly a wink of sleep last night

Colorado GOP Rep. Coffman: 'I'm A No' On Current Version Of Health Bill

Funeral Home lobby is thrilled about the "Shovel Ready" Republican Healthcare Plan

Republicans don't really like the health care bill they're about to pass

AG seeks public advice on forcing Trump to show his taxes

Howard Stern Talks Being Right on Donald Trump - 05/01/17

Inslee for President in 2020? Buzz is growing about Washington's governor

What kind of Country allows a man who pays no taxes to take away the rights of those that do?

One word describes the Republican effort to repeal Obamacare...."hate"

One graph which explains why we have such a healthcare problem

How the Affordable Care Act Drove Down Personal Bankruptcy

Basically, being a woman will now be a pre-existing condition.

In Senate, pessimism over ObamaCare repeal

House AHCA vote expected in next 10 minutes...

French Dislike Donald Trump Even More Than Putin, Xi and Merkel, Poll Finds

"This bill is about the worldview that defines this [Trump] administration... and we have a moral

Freepers worried about the passage of RyanCare

House races toward ObamaCare repeal vote -- Leaders play 'Rocky' theme, predict victory -- WTF?

GOP - Put Medicare & VA Under New AHCA Plan Via COUPONS.

Rep. Raul Ruiz: Trumpcare Health Care Plan Is 'Even Worse' Than Obamacare

AHCA closing statements starting now

Trump's Religious Liberty Executive Order Is a Triumph of Fake News

IMO, This ACL 2.0 is so bad it will be the first step into a single payer system.

This version of Trumpcare should be called

A moment of Zen to battle Trump fatigue (space related... and full screen is a must!):

Shit's about to hit the fan, y'all, don't let ANYONE gaslight you...Jim DeMint

Obama Formally Endorses Centrist French Presidential Candidate Macron

The republicans are screwed wether they pass healthcare reform or not. So are we.

The Kent States you don't know about

Sam Seder: Jimmy Kimmel Should Have Politicized Healthcare More For His Audience's Benefit

The Alt-right's Real Richard Spencer

Gustavo Dudamel Tells Venezuelan Government Enough Is Enough

Morally bankrupt

Anyone heard about the crisis in South Sudan?

Here it comes: Hot link to House vote on AHCA.

I was thinking about buying a new car. Now i am afraid too.

Warning: the vote will be televised, analyzed and disseminated.

Vote on AHCA starting now...

GOP Health Bill

Whistling a tune while you dig your own grave.


House Republican mocks congresswomans 'hysterics' after she attacks Trumpcare

oops sorry for the bad info . thanks to those who corrected

Nancy Pelosi is right. The Targets on the backs of GOP reps voting for Trumpcare will glow

The bar is open...

I hate Trump and all Repblicans

Trump is ready to sign the ACHA bill after it passes the House. I don't think he understands

The iowa healthcare provider announcement yesterday, anyone else think the timing kind of odd

If you are in Rodney Frulinghuysen's district

Trump delaying NY trip so Republicans can go to WH and gloat

Ryan brags before ACHA vote

Folks, can we be CLEAR about what's being voted on?

Nature pics from last week

AHCA Vote Coming up Momentarily: Live links

Photo of Czech girl Scout standing up to skinhead goes viral

Senate approves measure to fund the government through September

Late change in AHCA voting...

Tweets are the new "fake news"...

House Republicans planning beer bash to celebrate Obamacare repeal

The murdering motherfuckers in the House did it...

Under Trumpcare, Rape Would be a Pre-existing Condition

The GOPs strange, ugly strategy of rushing todays vote will backfire. Heres how.

2 dems voted yes wtf

let's stop using the word Obamacare - it's the ACA

Florida university to award degree to Trayvon Martin

Woman featured in Ivanka Trump's new book reacts: 'Don't use my story'

I have a great new health plan and its free!!!

$600 billion out of healthcare to cut taxes for the rich.

Evidence Suggests Trump Will Be Impeached, Says Senator Leading The Russia Investigation

Bastard are chanting "na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye"

CBS breaking: Houses passes AHCA Obamacare repeal with 217 votes.

Fuck the Republican Party

The ACHA just passed.

DEMS singing 'Hey, Hey, Goodbye!" to republicans on House Floor for Cutting Coverage for Millions

And the House is OURS!

Rethugs singing "Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye" in the chamber after the vote ??

House Republicans narrowly pass controversial bill to revise Affordable Care Act, fulfilling a major

The Internet has a long, long memory. It does not allow interviews to be forgotten.

Before the Trumpdon't care act

They're going to need a bigger wheelchair.

GOP panel approves bill to undo much of Dodd-Frank law enacted after financial crisis

The kind of protest I'd like to see

Hey Donald. I know where you can get a used "Mission Accomplished" banner at a nice discount.


so the orange madman is delaying his nyc trip for a victory party for the pukes? cannot wait


Turns out, the Luddites were right!

Reading that gop leadership "made" Rep. Curbelo, Issa and Amash vote for Bill

Sources indicate Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire this summer

"sorry you can't afford that bypass surgery, but one of my campaign donors needs a 7th bentley."

How can anyone be so sure the ACHA will die in the Senate?

The Kent States you don't know about

How Every Member Voted on the House Health Care Bill

Macau developer linked to Jesse Jackson Jr. in court filing

Top democrat announces opposition to anti-LGBT Army Secretary nominee

Anyone else watching CNN???...

Hopefully trumpcare is DOA in the Senate, but this once again should be a reminder

NY AG Schneiderman's tweet to Cheeto today:

The midwife who saved intersex babies

Mass. moves to outlaw voter petitions aimed at hurting LGBTQ & other minorities

During the vote count it showed 2 Dems as yes votes

Trumps plan passed only because of 1 thing..

Like Trump Does - The Repugs Just Grabbed The American People By The.....

Useful Tips for Inexperienced (and experienced) Airline Passengers

Really, what is the appeal of Republican assholism?

Local election: Dogs at polling stations across Wales

If you can, please donate to Jon Ossoff!

Pete Souza trolls House GOP over Obamacare repeal vote

Tweety is on a tear...I am watching him on MSNBC.

Issa, Rohrabacher and Royce all voted Yes on AHCA -- they are fucked.

Republicans OWN healthcare now.

Fuck You Chris Christie: Every Year Now, Tax Refunds Get Delayed By Forcing Us To Jump Through Hoops

Wanted for serial murder-GOP. Victim-American Public

OK, anyone wondering if GOPr congress creatures are getting congratulatory messages from their fans?

Republicans voted to kill people by taking away health insurance

Pulse owner: 'Sacred ground' to become memorial, museum

I am having surgery on May 24th

I hate to ask this BUT has anyone heard of people finding places

ACLU and others ready lawsuits on Trump's religious exemption order

Pic Of The Moment: A Tremendous Victory For Republicans!

Tillerson announces abandonment of human rights as basis of international policy,

Rethugs on TV now gloating over the death of millions.

This celebration is a death dance.

Reckless Disregard, Depraved Indifference...

Fixing the ACA like Hillary proposed now seems pretty damn progressive

George Will pens scathing attack on 'unfit' Trump for 'disorderly mind,' 'limitless gullibility'

Those who say this won't pass the Senate also promised me that Trump would never be president

i love the smell of political suicide in the afternoon!

Senate won't vote on House-passed healthcare bill

Take a break from the darkside and laugh, Joe and Mika getting hitched

Could they be any whiter?

Agree or disagree?

Every Republican who voted for this abomination must be held accountable

How stupid do they think we are?

Spread this news everywhere:

Sanders Statement on GOP Health Care Bill 5/4/17

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 cometh....

'They are killing civilians house to house': Crowded UN camp filled with horror stories

How many here fall into the category of the age range of 54 - 64?

Saw this today at a Walmart in Kingsport, TN. The anger is everywhere!

US photographer captured moment of her death in Afghanistan

Blum has four town halls scheduled next week

Following today's infamous vote I can't help wondering

The results of the midterm elections will decide whether I stay in this country any longer

For the ACHA, they only need 51 Senate votes (out of their 52). Filibuster doesn't apply

If it were baseball, this is what the vote to repeal Obamacare in the House would have looked like:

Refresh me: Did President Obama take this much of a victory lap....

"Want to take immediate revenge on House Republicans who voted to destroy health care? Here's how"

Are the reTHUGliCONS really throwing a kegger to celebrate the killing of people?

Warning to arachnophobes...truely awful...will never eat another banana!

Will Mitch McConnell cheat/change the rules to pass the ACHA in the Senate?

Vote For Democratic Candidates At Every Opportunity

and he would be king...

What we, the public see is Trump at his best

For any Republicans whining about taunting from Democrats over the AHCA vote, a reminder

Today's Republican Infamy settles a religious question, IMO

One good reason why the human species deserves to go extinct.

Can you name one thing Chump has done to improve the lives of Deplorables

If anyone thought this was a mere political game...Trump and the republican party are coming

Ivanka Trump's new book gets reviews -- and they aren't good

BBC Happy News, Rare Russian tiger returns to the wild Video @ link

What Repug senators are up for re-election

Give to the Democrats who will run against the Republicans who voted for Trumpcare

Here is my question to America.....

Anyone see "Tank 432"?

Heaven forbid insurance companies be called to the carpet

In a world where John F Kennedy's assassination was failed...

Breakdown of the House AHCA vote

Here is a website for all the schedule town hall meetings across the country.

The GOPs Health Care Bill Could Make Being a Woman a Pre-Existing Condition

Iowa, Va should blame Republican obstruction for thier healthcare market failure

Honest question...Why would anyone trust the republicans to craft a good social program?

GOP senators: We're doing our own healthcare bill

You've Been Kidnapped! Your Rescuers Are Characters From The Last TV Show You Watched.

Mission Accomplished

Judge reopens Georgia voter registration ahead of runoff

Pierce: Were You Invited to the Party in Washington Today?

Senate approves $1.2tn government spending bill to avoid shutdown

Senate approves $1.2tn government spending bill to avoid shutdown

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 4, 2017

Betrayal, carelessness, hypocrisy: The GOP health-care bill has it all - WaPo Editorial Board

I'm sorry. The Democratic Party cannot help you.

Trump spends more time than predecessors in White House bubble

Working Moms... Let's Write Our Own Book! (Re: Ivanka's Tome)

Republican death panel and Uncle Trump wants you DEAD.

Every Republican who voted for this abomination must be held accountable - By Paul Waldman

Pete Sessions (R-TX) is getting slammed on his FB page by Texans.

Today, I Hope That Theres a Hell

Don't Let Congressman Dave Reichert Off the Hook Just Because He Voted "NO" on Trumpcare 2.0

How Jeff Sessions will enable more Michael Slagers

We need to ALSO focus on local and state elections.

This is ridiculous

Senate already telling House 'thanks, but no thanks' on Trumpcare

Trump States Most Likely to Be Affected by GOP Health Bill

Rape will be a pre-existing condition with Trumpcare so I have a question

Ivanka's book reviews aren't good

I'd like to thank the House of Non-Representatives for the cases and cases of ammunition...

Federal judge orders Georgia to reopen voter registration ahead of 6th District runoff

Flashback Quote of the Day

Never fucking forget that Trumpcare is not about Health Care

Quote of the Day

Republicans dont like the Trumpcare bill but are voting anyway because they know it will die in the

Can the Senate just send the bill back to the House

My US Representative in SW Ohio, Mike Turner (R) voted against Trumpcare. Here is his statement...

All this crap thanks to a stolen election

Macron Vanquishes Le PenThe High Priestess of Fearin Presidential Debate

Refugee admissions plummet

Hey Y'all applause needed for MIRT. you all fing rock


drink up

Hang this vote around Republican Sociopath's necks like a sack of dead fish

Now can we legalize

Rape a Preexisting Condition

The GOP's Latest Health Care Replacement Bill Is Even More Heartless Than First Thought

Republicans vote to repeal Obamacare just blew up in their faces

The pro-life party has become the party of death: .. research on why GOP hate poor and sick people

Our existential moment

Cheeto must know that he's going to be indicted soon. Do you think he will try to flee the country?

Let this be the word.

Well, at least we didn't elect someone who kept emails on a separate server!!!

GA-06: BREAKING Federal Judge Orders Georgia To Re-open Voter Registration Ahead Of Runoff Election

HA HA HA HA @ Priebus who tried and failed to suck up to Trump:

Stay strong all. Here's a preview of the shitstorm coming down the pike

A step toward 'extreme vetting' with rule targeting social media

AG Eric Schneiderman is ready:

Justin Trudeau wore super geeky 'Star Wars' socks to meet the Irish Prime Minister

Greta is whining about Dems singing in the house today

HA HA HA @ Trump: his victory Garden party did not celebrate a win

Suddenly today my Samsung Galaxy won't load DU and only DU.

Sex slavery lawsuit links Trumps Mar-a-Lago to pedophile ring

Chris Collins just said it doesn't go into effect until 2020

Will the AHCA vote need 60 votes in the Senate?

Saudi Arabia for first foreign trip

In 2009 when the Dems were trying to move Obamacare through here's what Paul Ryan said

Keith Olbermann: The Shame and Cruelty of the GOP

CALIFORNIANS: Call your State Senator RIGHT NOW and support SB 562 -- California Single Payer.

Here is what a RICO charge would be based on for Trump AND Guiliani.

Here Is What's In The House-Approved Health Care Bill

How automation could endanger capitalism

Looking for the elusive silver lining

Please overrule the numerous jury decisions in this thread

Here's the actual Republican health care bill

trump4prison with 5th straight week at #1 on Kingdoms US Presidents trivia

Twitter Video: Sen. Sanders speech to Trump supporters

From Robert Reich's FB page:

'What did you do in the revolution Daddy/Mommy?'

from Claude Taylor - FBI Targeted from 28 to 42 individuals

This isn't a case of "don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining"

Bishop Karen Oliveto: My presence changes the conversation on LGBTQ people


Keep your heads up

To all republicans: fuck you

Do you live in a red state

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 5 May 2017

These ARE the socks you're looking for - Justin Trudeau

Dem group raises $400K to challenge GOP reps for ObamaCare repeal

Thunderstorm just killed my cable signal...

Trump Supporters Celebrate Imminent Loss of Their Health Insurance (Borowitz)

Buy or Sell - The worst Blue Dog is better than the best Deplorable

A moment of silence for wee, precious snowflake Corey Lewandowski, who lost his lobbying job. Sad!

LIVE 5/8 - A Conversation on Human Rights - Bernie Sanders & Jimmy Carter

The Handmaid's Tale: Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down!

Does AHCA need 51 or 60 votes to pass the Senate?

A shout out to all the protesters across from the USS Intrepid where Trump

I am addicted to Edamame. Really like it and it is cheap and healthy.

Oh no! Does millionare Senator Wagner have a chance at removing our Governor Wolf for Office in '18?

Bob Mellow's $246,000/yr state pension

Bored? Want to tie up a scammer?

Heller and Portman will not support piece of shit Chump Care

OK, let's share some anecdotes about today's rancid Trumpcare vote. I'll start.

PA Rs on Trumpcare vote

Girl, 12, Brings Down the House With Adoption Proposal Song to Stepdad During Talent Show

Who to thank for Trumpcare

Do ALL Americans realize they are on Obamacare/ACA if they have insurance?

Kudos to the House GOP for their success at making private Healthcare Insurance more affordable

With all eyes on the Senate, Schumer steps out:

They smile, and strut, and congratulate themselves ...

NY AG Schneiderman vows to fight GOP's AHCA if passed into law

Trump is going to be in for a big, unhappy surprise when he watches his TV news tonight

The Win One For the Gipper Vote

High Risk Pools - No Lifeguard (Luckovich 'toon)

Best description of the Trump movement

America's healthcare is being driven off a cliff by nihilists

Senator Elizabeth Warren: Money Has Overtaken Washington Morning Joe

US tests nuclear-capable missile with the range to strike North Korea

FFRF sues Trump over church politicking

Posted without comment

I take no pleasure in today's events.

Does the water in Flint Michigan count as a pre-existing condition?