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The Resistance Report, Thursday May 4th, 2017, R. Reich

When do we get the CBO score?

Everyone seems bewildered with why the GOP had a big celebration

Tom Price welcomes the chance to roll back birth control coverage

Slate - "The GOPs passage of Trumpcare is one of the most callous things the party has ever done."

Atmospheric Clog Will Bring Cool Temperatures to the East Through the First Half of May

"Why are insurers leaving Obamacare"

Bernie on Chris Hayes, fit to be tied.

Trump hours late to meeting with Aussie prime minister, saying health bill "could change"

Oh my god

Great advice on what we need to do now!

GOP just voted to strip health insurance from million and the media covered it like a sporting event

Can anyone explain why Chaffetz gets away with releasing the Comey letter?

I just finshed reading the Republicans' Health Care Bill

The ACLU Mocks Trump's "Fake News" Religious Order As An "Elaborate Photo-Op" Not Worth Suing Over

Denmark gets its first wolf pack in 200 years

Kerry is a guest lecturer (Skype) with a class from NC that staged a big campaign to get him

May the 4th

How One Major Internet Company Helps Serve Up Hate on the Web

The tweet of the day about Trumpcare:

Uber faces criminal probe over software used to evade authorities

4 Ways the Republican Health Care Law Benefits the Rich..CNN Money:

J&J ordered to pay $110 million in talc product liability trial

Tracey Grissom says her lawyers didn't claim she had PTSD, loses appeal

Ossoff poll:

Twitter Video: All In with Chris Hayes - Bernie Sanders

Urgent update of this ad needed - this time for Obamacare

Police search for man who pulled gun on pedestrians in South Seattle

Twitter Videos: Anderson Cooper - Bernie Sanders

And another bit of good news

Vulnerable Republicans back ObamaCare replacement

Rep. Chris Collins: I didn't read health care bill

The Resistance Fights Back By Raising Half A Million Dollars In 24 Hours To Unseat Republicans

GOP targets Warren as liberal supervilain

US travel and tourism industry loses more than $89.1 million thanks to Trumps travel ban

TWIN PEAKS Some Familiar Faces 25 Years Later SHOWTIME Series (2017)

Lynnwood Link light rail extension receives $100 million federal appropriation

ACLU won't sue Trump over "religious liberty" order because it was just "an elaborate photo-op

Festive Recipes for Your Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Seen on FB: Being screwed by a Republican is a Pre-Existing Condition

Analysis This is not the health-care bill that Donald Trump promised

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! 12 Years (in) a Grave! Live, Uncensored & a new

We desperately need a President and Congress that supports Medicare for All single payer...

Meet 24 Pro-RyanCare Republicans from districts where Trump got a minority of the vote.

Rachel says to call folks who don't like cable politics right fugging now

'You should be ashamed!': Dem lawmaker eviscerates Trumpcare on the House floor

"Killing Peter to pay Paul"

Republicans exempt their own insurance from their latest health care proposal

Rachel Maddow

Ivanka Trump Wrote a Painfully Oblivious Book for Basically No One

Video: Bernie Sanders CNN Anderson Cooper 5/4/2017

Eagle Update; Thursday

House Republicans drink beer on party bus after voting to repeal Obamacare

Bernie Sanders - CNN Anderson Cooper 5/4/2017

Yes! I've been waiting for this... House of Lies

State Dept. deletes retweet promoting Ivanka Trumps book

Trump says Australian health care is better to Australian Prime Minister:

Photo of the Day: Trump and House Republicans Celebrate Destroying Health Care for Millions

#Chaffetz is all smiles as he scoots back from a fully-insured #surgery to repeal #health coverage

Rachel interviewing constitutents who went viral confronting their reps at recent town halls

Chris Hayes's All In


To Trump's base the contents of the GOP's Obamacare replacement bill are irrelevant

The Democratic campaign commercial that must run NOW!

A Principal Is Accused of Being a Communist, Rattling a Brooklyn School.

What are the chances of getting rid of Paul Ryan?

This Facebook exchange succinctly illustrates what assholes Republicans are:

Jonathan Gruber, the architect of ACA--and the Mass model coming up on Maddow

The 11 states most likely to be affected by pre-existing conditions all voted for Trump.

Will a Robot Take Your Job?

New MAGA hats

EXPERT Gruber: Nothing to recommend the AHCA bill unless

Anyone interested in cosplay for progress?

One of GOP/Trump's HC preconditions subject to premium increase is sexual assault

The American Death Panel Holds Its First Meeting

Women's Group To Troll Trump During Bedminster Visit This Weekend

Death Panel Selfie

A huge Death Panel voted today,

Republicans' health-care bill would be comical if it weren't so dangerous

Bernie Sanders Is Building An Army To Stop Trumpcare Dead In Its Tracks In The Senate

I don't get it. Reading Twitter feeds of GOPers who voted for Bill today

In Rare Unity, Hospitals, Doctors and Insurers Criticize Health Bill

Protesters line up in NYC, hoping for chance to boo Trump

Hospital Where Jimmy Kimmel's Son Had Open-Heart Surgery Sees Spike in Donations

#IAmAPreexistingCondition is trending on Twitter -- here are some of their faces.

Trumps big insult today to Australia

TheFatRat - The Calling (feat. Laura Brehm)

Trumps big insult today to Australia

Keith Olbermann just told us to trust Claude Taylor's tweets

Fuck Trump and all the Republican haters who want to bring this country down.


"The Look They Get When..."

hey GOP -read up. You can no longer call your self pro-life

Pre-Existing Condition Surcharges In Republicare

NYC to TRUMP: "He's not welcomed in the city"

GOP Healthcare Repeal Party VIP - Luckovich 'toon

REVEALED: Mike Flynns assistant ran secret social media operation & results were reported to Bannon

Thank you Jesus!:

Looks like employees at the new & improved HuffPo haven't completed Photoshop training.

Former House intelligence chairman calls Russian election interference 'wildly successful'

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 7 - Multiple Personalities

My nightly arguring with right wing morons on a tv streaming site part 1

GOP Haiku

TCM Schedule for Monday May 8 - Cattle Drives

My nightly arguring with right wing morons on a tv streaming site part 2

GOP Believes They Are Bullet Proof Electorally. They Control The Voting Process.

Military perplexed after Trump says soldiers couldn't get religious items

Venezuelans again take to streets as death toll jumps to 37

Counties still going after property tax reform in special session

Premiums and deductibles will go down but so will coverage. Will we know we've been screwed?

How states are working to steal elections

Always have to post this on May 4th.

'Swarm' of small earthquakes recorded in Bremerton area

CALIFORNIA: Let's make these seven vulnerable Republicans pay

Legislators make case for adding another ferry to shopping list

Colombia military blackmailing Santos: former US ambassador

Colombia military blackmailing Santos: former US ambassador

"The Shame and Cruelty of the GOP"----Olbermann's latest comment rocks!

Opposition hacker seeks inclusion in Colombias transitional justice system

Washington governor signs bill allowing sunscreen in schools

Remember "Bum Fights"?

Trump Leading the way on "Fake News" ACLU Statement Johnson Amendment

Ex-exec gets 40 years' prison in $300M vacation resort scam

Cocaine Cowboy indicted in $1.67 million car fraud ring

Science museum and rap fans will converge Sunday in downtown Miami


Revealed: the huge profits earned by big banks on overseas money transfers

Legislature finishes budget negotiations, approval to come Monday

Pelosi to gop: "You will have every position of this bill tattooed on your forehead. You will glow..


GOP Constituents Will Be Locked Out Of Town Halls. Or Their Offices Will Have Many Guards.

Come on, let Drumpf be next!!!

Seth Meyers, A Closer Look: House Republicans Pass Trumpcare

The U.S. Justice Department appears to be probing Ubers use of software to avoid regulators

Personhood according to the Supreme Court (and the GOP)

On Trump's EO Of Today On Religious Freedom - If You Can't Beat'm Join'm....

The Oath: 35 words that make a President

CNN: "A Victory for Trump"; no mention of people losing healthcare

If a Republican congressman refuses to hold a town hall, then a Democratic challenger should do so

Nuclear waste at Hanford: Turn it into glass or encase in cement?

Justice Department opens criminal probe into Uber

Do You Have a Fictional Book That You Have Read Several Times?

Cathy McMorris Rodgers: My son has a preexisting condition. He's one of the reasons I voted for the

President Trump arrives at the Intrepid to boos from protesters and chants of "New York hates you!"

Preexisting Paradox

Ivanka Takes a Selfie at Obamacare Repeal Beer Bash

TryanCare PRO-LIFE surcharge is a big FUCK YOU to all Mothers

Nate Silver suggests the GOP strategy on the health care vote

Texas Apparently Just Became 11th State to Pass Article V Convention of States

Rep. Labrador's views on health care in spotlight as he schedules town hall meeting in Coeur d'Alene

trump humpers unusually quiet on my FB feed.

Pence at Cinco de Mayo party: Trump has made Latinos 'a priority'

Georgia governor approves carrying concealed guns on campus

Man accused of rape amid electronic monitoring to alter plea

Are you a Pre-Existing condition in America?

Moronic Rioters Interrupt Their Looting And Pillaging Long Enough To Take A SELFIE.

Minnesota officer acquitted in punching of 14-year-old girl

State employees will get to take vacation days right away

Who is Iadonisi?

Beyond the evil morality of the ACA repeal vote it is interesting to see that Paul Ryan can . .

5 shot, 1 woman fatally, in Central District, University District, South Seattle

Seattle's legal tab for ex-officer's golf-club arrest: $1.3 million

Ex-'cocaine cowboy' pilot, 7 others charged with auto fraud

Ex-'cocaine cowboy' pilot, 7 others charged with auto fraud

Mayor Ed Murray won't speak at Seattle Colleges commencement

Mexican-Americans torn about Cinco de Mayo in Trump era

Jay Inslee 2020? CNN thinks Washington governor has shot at Democratic nod for president

Mexican-Americans torn about Cinco de Mayo in Trump era

Grassley to Trumps DOJ: Prosecute Planned Parenthood

Baby otter rescued from Phoenix canal, nursed back to health

Meteor shower this weekend

Nazareth - Love Hurts (VIDEO)

Cops: Man fatally dragged after online sale; girls charged

Castro twins stand up Texas Democrats for the 2018 election dance

I don't know how old this is... but hopefully you'll find it funny on a day like today.

Report: You Live In An Embarrassing Country

There's a 4x match for donating to Ossoff now

NYDailyNews: tomorrow's front page. Trump cheers as house votes to strip 24M of healthcare...

Our Favorite Left Wing Sock Puppet Is At It Again - Celebrating the House ACA Repeal

Ghost Of Measure 97 Appears As Oregon Lawmakers Unveil Business Tax Proposal

Oregon bill to ban firing employees for off-duty marijuana use dies in Senate

State tax collection positions were funded, but not filled

Democratic Army of Trolls

State to pay $300,000 to settle lawsuit alleging sexual abuse by foster parent

Workers win $1 million verdict in racial harassment suit against Portland Public Schools

Four anarchists beat up a Portland bouncer during May Day riot, suit alleges

Amazon attack: Gamela tribe shot, stabbed and mutilated

Oregon State University could help buy Elliott State Forest, under plan offered by Oregon Treasurer

Oregon Speaker earmarks $1.4B for education from tax hike

'He's an embarrassment'

Australia Has Universal Health Care. It's 'Better' Than What Americans Have

Military perplexed: Trump says soldiers couldn't get religious items

Trevor Noah destroys rethuglicans healthcare bill (link)

State Dept. deletes retweet promoting Ivankas book

A painfully oblivious book for basically no one

Local station yesterday had Dan Rather on

Texas cars could soon skip safety inspections under Senate-approved plan

Were polls way off in 2016?

Congress just voted to allow the most vulnerable among us to die

CPA Sentenced to 6 years in Federal Prison for Embezzling $7.2 Million from Alanis Morissette,Others

Royce West, Don Huffines tangle during Senate debate on Dallas County Schools before agreeing to let

Former Military Sealift Command Contractor Charged with Bribery and Fraud

Over opposition, latest tort reform bill advancing through Legislature

California's Republicans all voted yes on the healthcare bill. Now Democrats have a campaign issue

Hidalgo County 'clarifies' wall stance

Watching the high-fiving of Trump and the House Republicans: the very definition of a bully

DoD officially lifts hiring freeze restrictions

Audit: Some Killeen officials misused public money

U.S. Navy to Delay Award of Frigate Construction for a Year

Florida man leaves stabbed wife, starved dog in home

Drug called furanyl fentanyl is so potent you can die from touching it, Georgia authorities say

Gun range instructor accidentally shoots man during training, police say

I'm Pretty Sure I Know What Jonathan Gruber Is Doing Tonight...

Colbert: GOP "Just Kicked America In The Balls" With Health Care Vote, then Republicans celebrated

Trump &anti-womens health Members of Congress have turned being a women into a pre-existing conditi

Japan's huge sex problem just hit a 67-year low: Yahoo News/Reuters/Business Insider

ACHD House Vote, color me pragmatic

Question: If This Anti-Healthcare Bill Gives States A Waiver To Opt Out Of Insurance Mandates...

All those who are celebrating building a wall better not be seen celebrating

Question about life insurance for a friend

Has the G.O.P. Kicked Open a Health Care Hornets Nest?

Cruel Old Party

History clearly proves that all past instances of genocide were preceded by a kegger

Rep. Billy Long's v-mail

Killer whale Lulu found with extreme levels of PCBs, may be 'the most contaminated on planet'

"How'm I doing? I'm President, after all."

Learn the ABCs with Betsy DeVos

Keith Olbermann: Comey confirmed grand jury (and more)

With two days to go Emmanuel Macron (Obama) 62 ( +3) Marine Le Pen (Trump) 38 (-3)

Vern Buchanan (R-FL) is my rep. He voted yes. Here's his facebook page...

WATCH: Are Jews Genetic Descendants Of The Biblical Israelites?

Comey and Rogers testify behind closed doors.

When people start dying from Trumpcare...

Official: Cindy McCain eyed for senior State Dept. role

Quote of the day

Keith and Claude.... Grand Jury looking into up to 42 people on Trump Russia

Second in a series. Can we go one day without a defeatist thread?

Opinion: Religion and Peace Are Not Mutually Exclusive

House GOP "Environmentalists" Sponsor Bill To Establish Commission So It Can Study Global Warming!

Oh my, Rude Pundit: "It's like raping bunnies on Easter"

All the horrific details of the GOP's new Obamacare repeal bill: A handy guide

Bishop John Stowe leads prayer at LGBT Catholic gathering

Thank you for your vote, Ileana Ros-Lehiten

Why Does President Shitstain Want To Kill Energy Star? Because It Violates Randroid Ideology

If you think Mitch McConnell (R) is not going to do anything to help kill AHCA

Vampires craving blood...

Nature - Once Again, Climate Scientists Debunk Global Warming "Pause"

This is personal now

Pope Francis Is Meeting With Donald Trump, But They May Not Get Along

A bunch of fat rich white guys celebrating their coming tax cuts while

The Buffalo News: What Rep Collins constituents are reading about him this morning

The Global Backlash Against Gay Rights. How Homophobia Became a Political Tool

Payroll employment rises by 211,000 in April; unemployment rate changes little at 4.4%

Since Trump takeover, less public shaming for companies that put workers at risk

Japan preserves Buddhist statues and cultural artifacts with 3D scanning and 3D printing

Its Not Too Late To Save Net Neutrality From a Captured FCC

The entire Republican ideology can be summed up with "Don't"

At Least 9 Levees Breached In Arkansas; State Of Emergency, NG Deployed

Something Happened in NC - Martin County NC - A Heavily Democratic County

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Health 'care' from hell

World's biggest suckers - Repub voters.Their leaders rig things so those that don't need more get it

Roseau Cane Holds Together Much Of What's Left Of LA Delta; New Invasive Insect Is Destroying It

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Donald the Unfit

The origin of Superheroes:Fantastic Four


Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

To Understand the Cost of the War on Women Look to Mississippi

I hate to be redundant but Deplorables are freaking suckers.

Trump admits to 'testy' phone call with Australian leader, but still calls it 'fake news'

From Louise Mensch, anyone know to what she is referring?

The Invitation Is In The Mail...

A grotesque failure of leadership: Republicans celebrate

U.S. service member killed in Somalia during an operation against al-Shabab

For 29 Straight Months Now, Record US Highs Have Outpaced Record Lows (2/17 - 49 To 1)

Ivanka and Jared were celebrating the death of health care along with Chump

Subject of iconic Ferguson protest photo found dead in his car

The news media offer slanted coverage of Muslim countries' treatment of women

Is this potentially a crime re Fox news?

Duke Energy Avoiding Town Hall Meetings Too: 2017 Annual Meeting Will Be Online

ARTICLE: George Will: Trump disabled by inability to think, speak clearly

Olbermann - Why Wont the Press Ask Trump Anything?

Trayvon Martin, Who Dreamt Of Being A Pilot, To Receive Honorary Aviation Degree

AHCA / Trumpcare is an evil bill that will hurt millions and kill many. #RESIST

Puerto Rico Files for Bankruptcy the Day After Trump Admin Brags About Blocking Funds

The Pentagon just pulled the top secret clearance of a Trump White House aide

USA Fail

What's the Matter With Europe? - By Paul Krugman

The Trumpcare Disaster - The NYT Editorial Board

Justice Delayed. Once again, the Supreme Court sidetracked a case pitting gay rights against...

History Will Remember These 217 House Republicans for Their Inhumanity

Trump's Order on Religious Liberty Pleases a Few, but Let's Down Many Conservatives

Tom Reed

Danziger: First, Do Grave Harm

Could somebody please explain to me...

US faith leaders unite to decry Donald Trumps weaponisation of religion

TPM - "The Trumpcare Butcher Block Celebration in Photos, Annotated" - must read!

There's a slew of new French polls if anybody is interested.

I'd like to share a Google Doc with you.

We should crush the republicans in the next election

North Korea accuses CIA of biochemical plot to kill Kim Jong-un

In Rare Unity, Hospitals, Doctors and Insurers Criticize Health Bill

Trumpcare Bill: Details You May Have Missed

Russia: Syria deal bans US-led coalition aircraft

House Republicans Shout a Big FU to Voters

What do you call a group of skunks drinking tequila?

What's Good For The Goose......

Cook Report Moves 20 House Seats In Dems Favor After OCare Repeal Vote

Germany Breaks Record: 85% of Energy Comes From Renewables Last Weekend

Carly Simon plays You're So Vain's lost verse

Hillary Clinton to launch political group as soon as next week

State Dept.'s "Office of Global Womens Issues" promotional retweet on Ivanka Trump's new book

Trump Poses in Oval Office With Pastor Who Said Gay Men Want to Molest Children

Imo, image of the day

GOP Rep. Unaware O'Care Repeal Bill Nixes Health Care Program In His State

Revenge is a Meal Best Served Cold

Don't expect the Senate will save health care.

Ellen has the right answer for Lauer: Would you like Trump to come on the show?

Atheism and dictators

Where's Waldow?

At the eve of the french election le pen destroyed in the debate with macron

BREAKING NEWS: AMA classifies Premature Celebration as a pre-existing condition.

"Wavenumber 6 Pattern" Promises To Bring Record Melt To Greenland, Snow To Northeast US This Week

ACLU won't sue, says 'religious freedom' order was 'elaborate photo-op'

" I will never lie to you."

Why did Trump delete his tweet abut the Palestinian President?

If you live in a Congressional District represented by a Republican:

Rachel Maddow explains devastation that AHCA will inflict on most Americans (VIDEO)

Can I have, from any interested parties

Congresswoman shreds Republicans for eliminating Obamacare while keeping it for themselves

I just sent an e-mail to Martha McSalley expressing my disgust

Founding Fathers: 1, this guy? Not so much.

CNN Taunts Trump And The GOP With Schoolhouse Rock

Poliquins son could see premium hike for pre-existing condition

Are You Part of a Political Organization?

So, can we negotiate Rx drug prices now?

A special kind of stupid.

Trump says" No one respects women better than me"'s proof

It is a damn good thing my lawn is too wet to mow, today

How will the GOP health care plan affect Alabamians?

A criminally inaccurate headline about Trumpcare on THE FRONT PAGE OF THE NYT

Trump's visit with the Pope: As depicted by actors.

Vost Vulnerable Psychopaths in 2018 according to KOS - let's obliterate these bastards

FOX news, Cheeto's preferred news outlet, is defacto Russian Propaganda dispenser.

Republicans celebrate but we'll all pay for the way they jammed the Trumpcare atrocity through

Trump supporter being notified he no longer has healthcare coverage

Being Alive Is a Pre-Existing Condition

How many Cardnals does Trump own??????

A stellar lamp.

Student who worked in Chinese iPhone factory explains why manufacturing jobs aren't coming back to..

Venezuela's 'anti-capitalist' constitution

Trump's 'Religious Freedom' Executive Order May Have More to Do With Fundraising Than Freedom

Obamacare repeal vote celebration annotated

A number of years ago, a friend had a baby who became ill.

'Pro-Life' Party Has Become the Party of Death: New Research on Why Republicans Hate Poor and Sick

Rape charges to be dropped against immigrant teens in Md. case

'The White House just couldn't let this go'

There is some good news out there.

Trump: I'm staying at NJ golf club to avoid disrupting NYC, save money

Sean Spicer: It's "Sad" People Still Talking About Election...Like Trump?

Woman Convicted for Laughing at Jeff Sessions, Faces Year in Jail

The GOP Is the Party of Freedom

NY Daily News: The Grin Reaper (Friday May 5th 2017)

How much premiums could go up under new GOP health care bill passed

FREE FREE FREE!!! Books/Sources on Non-Violence Resistance:

'Hero' stopped mass murder by crazed bar patron who was armed to the teeth, police say

What's in the bill? - It's Irrelevant

President Trump Reportedly Speaks to Fox News Chief Rupert Murdoch 'Almost Every Day'

Is Donald Trumps Hair a $60,000 Weave? A Gawker Investigation [Updated]

Plastic's impact on the sea/environment - Caution: Disturbing photos

Roger Stone Calls for Resignation of 'Incompetent Ass' Steve Bannon: 'You Are Part of the Problem'

Morning Joe Rips Trump and 'Fat, Middle Aged White Guys' for Health Care Passage

DC people-- Check out Rock Creek after this rain:

Is it true that Congresspeople get to keep their health insurance

Here is why you can afford to buy a PC

Kowabunga - Surf's up-get otta my way

The tweets to Rep. John Faso (R) who promised to protect the health care for a women w/brian tumors

Trumpcare repeals the tanning tax.

Are You a Tesla Fan? Count the People in this Assembly Video.

The mystery of Iadonisi's secret work for Trump campaign.

I watched the "Newtown" documentary on Netflix last night.

8,000 Flint residents face foreclosure for failing to pay for poisoned water


Dear DU....Thanks for the Bloomingdale ads.

Puerto Rican bankruptcy: A prelude to savage austerity and pension cuts

Olbermann‏ VIDEO: Comey may have confirmed - VA Grand Jury is impaneled on Trump/Russia

# people who go bankrupt annually due to medical bills

A list of pre-existing conditions lost under Trumpcare

Local TV Anchors Stage Epic Lightsaber Fight for Star Wars Day

Website Will Mail Your Ashes to GOP Congressmen If AHCA Kills You

Well-Known Orca Who Died Had Shocking Level of Toxins in Her Body

In case you didn't already think Mike "Mr. Comedy" Huckabee was a big enough pile of crap:

HHS Secretary On Premium Hikes For The Older: 'Somebody's Going To Pay'

Paul Ryan Needs An Electoral Opponent-- And We're Very Close To Announcing One

Islamic State magazine steers followers to U.S. gun shows for easy access to weapons

Army secretary pick: Universal health care robs churches of opportunities to bring people to Jesus

World's largest X-ray laser produces first laser light

David Barton: There Is A One-To-One Correlation Between Clauses In The Constitution And The Langua

Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $110M in cancer lawsuit

Major Report: the Arctic Is Unraveling

Last night, there was a Women's March at Intrepid for Dumpty...

Sherrod Brown lists the pre-existing conditions that will be lost under Trumpcare

University of Kentucky students climb through ceiling ducts to steal exams

Texas becomes 11th state to call for U.S. Constitutional Convention

First female White House chief usher 'no longer employed,' official says

KO:The Shame and Cruelty of the GOP A bill to rob Americans of health care is barbaric and intolerab

Yeah, let's abolish that "libral" right to health care crap

KO:The Shame and Cruelty of the GOP A bill to rob Americans of health care is barbaric and intolerab

Why don't they just add 'breathing' to the list of pre-existing conditions.

KO: Is a Grand Jury Now Looking into Trump? Sure seems like it, based on what we learned this week

KO:Is a Grand Jury Now Looking into Trump? Sure seems like it, based on what we learned this week

Take a look at Paul Ryan's Facebook page cover photo.

Paul Ryan is nuts

The Mothers of Invention had this admin pegged way back in 1968

guil·lo·tine /ɡiləˌtēn,ˈɡēəˌtēn/

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Celebrate

When Will Our Military Realize That They Are Fighting For....

We need to recognize that the ACA needs to go.

Senator Rand Paul‏ is worried he was "surveilled by Obama admin and or the Intel community!"

so this is my choice, i guess.

Rand Paul‏ formally requests info on whether he was surveilled. #TrumpRussia

For those of you (who like me) needed a laugh today...

douche boy staying in nj, rather than nyc to "save the taxpayers money"

Trump Wanted More 'Slack Periods'

FDA orders all TVs set to FOX NEWS...

Precursor to UK Parliamentary election (district/local elections today...)

The Daily Shows Trevor Noah: Trump Voters Should Be Pissed About Trumpcare

watch majority whip steve scalise lie his ass off on the teevee this morning regarding coverage

Repealed and Replaced is the Fox runner today...

House Chump Care Passage Consistent With A Mid Term Wave

"Killing Peter To Pay Paul"

And now the party begins....

Gov. Bullock (D. Montana): How Democrats Can Win in the West

President Obama to receive Kennedy Library 'Profiles In Courage' Award this Sunday.

Family Kicked Off Delta Flight,

from our beloved Molly Ivins:

ISIS To Recruits: Buying Guns In The U.S. Is Very Simple

A Republican "Empty" victory

Hillary Clinton Slams GOP Passage of Trumpcare as a Shameful Failure of Policy, Morality

An American Tune

Does anyone know the details of how they managed to pacify the far right...

Screen shot of the FDA email announcing ALL FOX - ALL THE TIME

Let's not forget. We're only one year removed from this:

cathy mcmorris rodgers voted ACHA because it covers her son's pre-existing condition

Need help with this unfinished published recipe:

There are diseases hidden in the ice, and they are waking up


Who is this person and why is she on tv?

Need to make it count

Where is Spicey, dammit?

UN Universal Declaration of Human rights

from our beloved Molly Ivins:

Fact Check: Is Congress Exempt From the G.O.P. Health Bill?

House Health Care Plan Is Not Enough to Keep High-Risk Pools Afloat

Trump Praises Australia's Universal Health Care, Says It's Better Than U.S. System

Republican Kabuki health-care theater

We are six weeks old!

Sooo...Tom Miller thinks Reynolds can't appoint a new Lieutenant Governor.

APRIA Healthcare are a bunch of fucking liars

To Mar-a-Lago twice on Air Force One: at least $1.2 million

Omarosa Manigault: I've never shied away from having a good relationship with Louis Farrakhan

Bipartisan caucus members reject Trump agenda, introduce bill to create climatepanel

The abomination known as the AHCA eliminates employer mandate, so we could ALL lose

Turning away from street protests, Black Lives Matter tries a new tactic in the age of Trump

Here is what was overlooked in the brouhaha about Trump's comments on Andrew Jackson

Senate Asks Trump Associates for Records of Communication With Russians

Six questions about Bedminster

5 Ways the New GOP Health Care Bill Is Even Worse Than Before

Everything You Need To Know About Cinco De Mayo

This day in history: May 5th: Blame the Jews Day (1881)

Here's a Florida Republican not able to answer why he voted to repeal the ACA

Trump Signs Executive Order Making Cinco de Mayo Celebrations Illlegal

Anyone else think that since 9/11 police and military are automatically considereed "heroes"

Dairy aims to be first to test system that reclaims waste

On Aaron Hernandez, homosexuality in sports and the role of media

A lazy president

Retired officers: Army secretary nominee 'unfit to serve'

Wilbur Ross: Syria strikes after-dinner entertainment

Re, DT/Russia. At what point do prosecutors start "coordinating" a case with the FBI?

Questions for US military after doubt cast on efficiency of Afghan bombing

Congressional health-care bill defunds Planned Parenthood

Trump is a lot like Hitler, but Paul Ryan is the devil, himself

On this day in 1920, Sacco and Vanzetti were arrested

Republicans who voted to repeal Obamacare are hiding from their constituents

Paul Ryan's American carnage

Gov. McAuliffe: 'People will die if' Obamacare repeal becomes law

White House fires its chief usher the first woman in that job

Eviction Companies Pay the Homeless Illegally Low Wages to Put People on the Street

Report alleges immigrant detainees in Georgia given food with worms, painkillers for broken bones

Where did Jared Kushner disappear too? It seems he was endlessly in the news. Maybe I've

Macron stretches lead in last throes of French presidential campaign

Is Trump And His Staff (Campaign & WH) On A 'Collusion Course' With The FBI?......

What's going to be the Friday news dump?

Outside cash flows into Montana congressional race

Kitteh: "Hey, this is my girlfriend now."

George Takei's tweet nails it (guns/mental health)

Is There A Physician Assigned To The White House And The President?......

Chaffetz's "Pre-existing Condition"

It's wealthcare not healthcare the Republicans are proposing. Let's call it so.

ACA Repeal A Racist Act. GOP Framed ACA As Only For Benefit Of Blacks & Hispanics.

Universal Studios Hollywood Part 2: Special Effects, The Mummy and CityWalk!

"AARP Remains Steadfastly Opposed to Health Bill"

Oregon's Secret ICE Jail

Corbyn says Labour faces 'challenge on historic scale' to win general election live

Huff Post is such a POS now.

Question for parents: Kids Thank You Cards

Trump Wanted More Slack Periods

Take a few minutes and listen to Van Morrison's "Domino"

"Just remember that your worldview isn't a perfect house that was built to last forever..."

Trump's "Paper of Record" Re: Mr. O'Reilly: "Beater! Cheater! Liar & Perv!"

To all of the Rethugs that read DU

Stephen Colbert Hits Best Ratings Since 2015 Premiere

about that Grand Old Party.......

Scott Walker would consider dropping fed pre-existing condition coverage rules for Wisconsin

got an impingement in my rotator cuff

Do you understand Republican beliefs?

Right this minute, NPR is praising Trump's leadership

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 5, 2017

Federal judge orders Georgia to reopen voter registration in 6th District runoff

"Jimmy Carter was not a very good president"

Are we allowed to by prescriptions out of the country?

Mark Green withdraws as Trump's Army secretary nominee, citing 'false and misleading attacks'

Interesting development in the Senate investigation:

Trumps Second Army Secretary Pick Withdraws

FREE!!! Books/Sources on Non-Violence Resistance:

Bernie Sanders returns to California this weekend

Mike Huckabee has Plans for Cinco de Mayo

I was just told by a staffer for Rep. Tiberi (R) OH that the new health care bill will ...

FCC launches investigation into Stephen Colbert's Trump insults

WTF Colorado

Trump budgets guts office battling opioid crisis

WTF Colorado

With only two days to go it's Macron 63 (+4) Le Trump 37 (-4)

China's first big passenger plane takes off for maiden flight

Will GOP constituency groups wake up to Trump's executive order scam?

7 psychological concepts that explain the Trump era of politics

Donald Trump doesn't want to be called a loser, so keep those thoughts to yourself - By Tom Toles

Appreciating the Kennedy credo of courage, judgment and dignity

A friend had a conversation with a hyperconserative at Starbucks. Sharing here:

Per CNN-no link just saw it on the T.V. Page isn't going to turn over his papers to the

The Senate sent a revealing list of demands to Carter Page about his Russia ties

The DC Erectile Dysfunction Club convened yesterday.

i want to see a healthcare bill scored w a $15 minimum wage.

Page and Stone being called to provide info

I don't usually like joe Manchin but...

I didn't see it mentioned here but

Surprise! Russia playbook - here it comes again - this episode, France (Clint Watts) (Wikileaks)

A criminally inaccurate headline about Trumpcare on THE FRONT PAGE OF THE NYT

Illustrator Holds Nothing Back Depicting The Horror Of Trumpcare

10 Types Of Republicans (from 2006)

How, can the GOP celebrate killing people. What a sad un-American bunch out for the kill! n/t

Caption This Photo! Jason "Foot Ouchy" Chaffetz

Watch gutless (R) Rep. John Faso lie to his sick constituents face, below:

White House Proposes Cutting Drug Control Office Funding by 95%

No tequilas, or sombreros or fake moustaches... Today, I play this song:

How to Stay Sane if Trump is Driving You Insane: Advice From a Therapist

The Three Senators (and Two Races) That Will Decide the Fate of Obamacare

A huge section of the GOP bill undoing Obamacare isn't actually about Obamacare

Federal probe of Fox News focuses on potential disguising of harassment payout

Anti-vaccine activists spark a state's worst measles outbreak in decades

***Fox Business Asks FCC if It Can Police Offensive Comment From Stephen Colbert***

I See No Rage. All I See If The Media Cooperating & Normalizing This Vote.

Lots of reasons to hate Chris Matthews, but...

FWIW - Info And The WHOLE Tumpcare Bill Passed By The House

Something to consider: What if we have another Spanish Flu type of epidemic, or worse?

NY Sens Schumer & Gillibrand and NY AG Schneiderman leading opposition to Trumpcare

Comey pressed for anti-Trump dossier in classified Russia report, sources say

What's for Lunch for CINCO DE MAYO??

Dear Mr. Lawrence O'Donnell, if we have to live with Trump as President...

"You Moochers Just Want Free Stuff"

Special Act Blue/Kos Fund targeting House GOP hits 1 MILLION IN 24 HOURS!

Macron campaign emails appear to be leaked online

The mysterious Caroline O has tweeted a very interesting series about Michael Flynn.

The Intercept: Trump Admin Fights in Court to Prevent Top CIA Official from Testifying on Torture

Flynn was warned by Trump transition officials about contacts with Russian ambassador

Macron campaign emails appear to be leaked online

Pentagon to lease privately owned Trump Tower apartment for nuclear 'football': letter

Facebook Video Live Link: Bernie Sanders Curtis Awards Dinner - May 5

Hurricane Ashley Expected To Strike Several Bars This Cinco De Mayo

Trump counterterrorism strategy urges allies to do more


Jim Scutto says that Macron email dump has emails going up to last week.

Bannon and Trump "personally intervened" to save neo-Nazi Gorka's White House job

Iowa Supreme Court blocks portion of 20 week abortion ban

I buried my cousin today

Fired Balch Springs officer who killed Jordan Edwards faces murder charge

Trump travel ban back in U.S. courts next week as battles stretch on


Panhandling can be more lucrative than a full-time job?!?!

Photos: Bernie Sanders Curtis Awards Dinner

Florida lawmakers pass bill making it easier to challenge textbooks

VICTORY: Bigoted, anti-LGBTQ Army Secretary nominee Mark Green withdraws

Leo Thorsness, Minnesotas last living Medal of Honor recipient, dies at 85

U.S. Navy SEAL killed in Somalia raid on militant compound

126 million American women not represented in Senate group of 13 men that

Iowa Republicans just made it harder to vote -- for no reason

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Kentucky Oaks

REUTERS: Macron campaign says it has been the victim of a massive, coordinated hacking operation.

Trump's pick for Army secretary drops out: official

Republicans Are Using Hitler's Big Lie Theory to Sell Their Fishy Healthcare Bill

The Biggest Potential Nuclear Crisis is One Nobody's Talking About (w/Guest David Wood)

Venezuelan tanks mow down protesters

#IamaPreexistingCondition trends on Twitter after House passes health care bill

#IamaPreexistingCondition trends on Twitter after House passes health care bill

Bowe Bergdahl scheduled for trial in October

Jerry Garcia's guitar could bring in $1 million for SPLC

Stephen King Says Trump More Horrifying Than Anything Hes Ever Written

Let's play a game. I have cancer, asthma, hypertension and familial high cholesterol

Time for a Friday evening break from the swamp. This is fun, beautiful and delightful. Enjoy!

Paul Ryan Has Fantasized About Cutting Medicaid Since College

French Campaign Hack: Fake docs mixed with authentic ones.

Wisconsin governor may seek waiver to let insurers hike premiums for pre-existing conditions

Toon: Trumpcare

Human pool table.

I really liked Jack Schlossberg (Just on Hardball)

Ethics, meet Ivanka - Ivanka ... Ethics.

who should lead the democratic party?

US jobs data show some scars from recession finally healing


Lawmaker who held secret meeting w/Trump's lawyer stripped of Ukrainian citizenship

Judge dismisses case of woman who gave water to pigs headed to slaughter

Some Humans Ain't Human

Joe Kennedy III

Lewandowski Disappeared

Macron confirms massive hack just ahead of election