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Syrias White Helmets Court Bernie Sanders And Other New Friends

Bandera del sol Tish Hinojosa

I wouldn't even get in the exam room with this goober doctor/congressperson on MSNBC right now

Is Flag Waving a tRumper Thing?

Guess who I got to meet in DC today at my US Botanic Garden tomato workshop?

Why does Chris Hayes allow these ReTHUGs to talk all over him

Don't be fooled by election results - Tories still face uphill battle in their bid to crush Labour

Cinco de Mayo makes me look at things differently.

Another often repeated Republican lie

Aides describe growing concern in last weeks of Obama WH

Pre-existing conditions-- As a 42 year insurance agent...................

Country singer Loretta Lynn had stroke, hospitalized

Canada considers retaliation for US tariff on softwood lumber

Horrible Mark Green Withdraws as Army Scretary Nominee - More Winning

Trump team copied documents and removed them from SCIF

Syria: Safe zones plan comes into force

The face never lies.

Flynn was warned by Trump transition officials about contacts with Russian ambassador

Breaking: Trump transition raised flags about Flynn Russia contacts

Listen to this. It sounds like a robot and notice the pronunciation

Chechnya gay rights: Putin backs inquiry into hate crimes

Chechnya gay rights: Putin backs inquiry into hate crimes

House Republicans Move to Gut Bank Regulations.

'Unhealthy' Seattle-area home prices stoke fears of a bubble

Republican state rep says women 'excited' to get pregnant for free trip to travel to get abortion

So What is Proper and Fitting Punishment for Russia/Putin?

Skippy Peanut Butter Has Been Discontinued in Canada and People Arent Happy About It

What happens when the white guys are back in charge

How Two Marines Helped Bring Down Revenge Porn on Facebook

xpRepublican state rep says women 'excited' to get pregnant for free trip to travel to get abortion

(Jewish Group) This day in history: May 5th: Blame the Jews Day (1881)

#ReplaceRepublicans2018 #IamAPreExisitingCondition...

Trump: 'Everybody' has better healthcare than US

Atheists Sue President Trump Over His Religious Liberty Executive Order

At FDA, TVs now turned to Fox News and can't be switched

Preexisting conditions could cost $140,000 more under AHCA

Repeal and Replace this...

Trump and the GOP launch a religious attack on birth control benefits

A Live-Tweeting Senator Couldnt Stop a Deportation

Republicans are a pre-existing malignant condition on the USA.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! 12 Years (in) a Grave! Live, Uncensored & a new

NASA video: Cassini's First Fantastic Dive Past Saturn

Congress, law enforcement officials concerned Russia is trying to discredit FBI probe

Trump's religious liberty executive order: A whole lot of nothing

I Feel Like The Country Is In Quick Sand. We Have Been Sinking Since Reagan.

Amid opioid epidemic, White House may cut drug control office

Why doesn't my sig line show? I have a "Black Lives Matter" logo as my sig line,

Having had a day to digest the new AHCA, how will their new and improved changes

Vatican launches Belgium euthanasia investigation

What a great idea. I hope that Lyin' Ryan gets a dump truck full of ashes.

Texas police officer faces murder charge in teen's death

Friday Talking Points (435) -- DonTcare

Diseases quietly watching Trumpcare progression

Kevin McCarthy says no one will lose Medicaid under Trumpcare, Kevin McCarthy lies

I find myself thinking about this MLK quote more and more these days.

Yikes, I'm on google and so is everybody on DU

The unlikely workplace having 'doggy day'

trumpcare ads out.

WikiLeaks poised to release hacked Marcon documents as his poll numbers rise, mirroring US election

So Colbert is under scrutiny. Rachel is next, no doubt.

Everyone knew trump was a racist, a sexist, and a bigot. What happens in 2018

Hundreds of dead sharks washing up on Bay Area shores

Reep House literally voted yes on "Death to America" health insurance bill

The Department of the Interior Goes to the Dogs

I'm just going to leave this right here...

Only those of us over a certain age will get this...

Trumpcare, Highway to Death! n/t

Blur drummer Dave Rowntree elected to Norfolk County Council

OMG, Jack Schlossberg

Army Secretary nominee quits

No women among senators working on ObamaCare repeal bill

Sean Patrick Maloney Dem out of New York

Inquiring-minds-need-to-know Department: Does his mouth look like a frog?

Holy Zeus, Vivien LEIGH was lovely/luscious/gorgeous - Fire Over England on LinkTV - will add pics

Angella Reid fired


Pentagon to lease privately owned Trump Tower apartment for nuclear 'football'


Chump supporters are cult members who are like jim jones supporters

California lawmakers vote for earlier primary elections

A Bold Take on Asparagus, Deep in Its Season

Got a follow-up problem: Kinks with WindowsLiveMail, Google, & Carbonite

Locked Up for Being Poor

"Nobody dies because they don't have health care insurance."

I searched for France, French, hacked and Macron....

If Flynn was warned by Trump campaign, what did Pence know and when did he know it?


Canada considers retaliation for US tariff on softwood lumber

Bill Mahr New Rules ends with a finger pointed at those who saw HRC and dRump as the lesser of

Real Laws Straight Out of The Handmaid's Tale

Dear RNC

Tablet that keeps putting letters/words into my typing when I don'the want them (this is an example)

Obamacare repeal is based on racial resentment

New Phoenix Election Chief Says 'Nearly 91,000' Citizens Left Off Voter Rolls

Repeal & Replace I think is a good idea

Tennessee 'natural meaning' law raises fears in LGBT community

Go F*ck Yourselves: Bill Maher Goes Off on Liberal Purists Who Didnt Vote for Clinton

Five Marines disciplined so far in nude photo scandal: report

This old ad, I think used against Paul Ryan,

Ancient Meteor Strike Triggered Eruptions Lasting Up to a Million Years

Just checking in to let you know that...

Fox "financial expert" Indicted

He simply cannot be trusted...

Why Did No One Tell Me Le Pen was Egged!?


"I am the eye in the sky, looking at you, I can read your mind....."

MSM? Stop letting lying Rethugs get away with hijacking interviews.

No women among senators working on ObamaCare repeal bill

Trump attacks news media over ObamaCare repeal coverage

Congress, law enforcement officials concerned Russia is trying to discredit FBI probe

Decades of Data on Worlds Oceans Reveal a Troubling Oxygen Decline

When It Fails to Make Sense ... Follow the Money...

Trump suggests financing for historically black colleges may be unconstitutional

Gehrke: Tale of mother facing deportation should be a wake-up call for Utah

I received a completely blank newspaper in the mail...SUPER SECRET! BAD? PORN?

Drug lord Joaqun "El Chapo" Guzman will face trial in April 2018

Drug lord Joaqun "El Chapo" Guzman will face trial in April 2018

Bill Maher, New Rule: The Lesser of Two Evils

White House Proposes Cutting Drug Control Office Funding by 95%

White House Proposes Cutting Drug Control Office Funding by 95%

Wheres Ivanka When We Need Her?

In Rare Move, Death Sentence in Delhi Gang Rape Case Is Upheld

Penn State Fraternity Death: 18 Charged Over Pledge Timothy Piazza's Fatal Fall

Cal State Long Beach Divestment from Israel Debate Heats Up

MLB considering guidelines for racist taunts, commissioner says

MLB considering guidelines for racist taunts, commissioner says

Why is the OC Register So Triggered by Mexicans Who Hit Donald Trump Pinatas?

Kevin de Leon Went From College Dropout to California's Senate President

Founders Of Defunct Hickory E-Waste Company Defrauding Victims of At Least $25 Million

The Rise Of The Alt-Left British Media

A Bitter Dispute at Two of L.A.'s Most Popular FM Stations

Delta Airlines kicks family off flight, lies about FAA regulations, threatens foster-care

Trumpcare Could Hit Latinos Hardest

City of Oakland to Settle Wrongful Attempted-Murder Conviction for $300,000

Canada considers retaliation for US tariff on softwood lumber

W. Kamau Bell Interview: Alt-Right Brawls, Trump, Season 2, and Why He Didn't Hug Richard Spencer

Lawmakers spar over new health care bill's impact on veterans

Lottery Officials Knew Game Was Vulnerable To Fraud, Investigation Finds

Oakland Police Says No Department Resources To Help ICE Deport Immigrants, According To Memo

Ingalls launches America-class amphibious assault warship 13 weeks ahead of schedule

New York AG: I'll sue if Senate passes ObamaCare repeal

Sick People Vote to Make America Sicker

Sonic pipe amps tweed tone

Got any of these pre-conditions?

Boy, 10, killed in attempted blasphemy lynching in Pakistan

Hugo Chvez statue torn down as death toll rises in Venezuela protests

U.S. Far-Right Activists Promote Hacking Attack Against Macron

Lou barletta 11 th district I figured it out gop eugenics

New York City Has Another Record-Low Crime Month

Drug war still alive and well in Louisiana

China Installed 7.21 Gigawatts Of Solar In Q117

Democrats need to go on the offensive

7 bounty hunters are accused of killing an innocent man

Up until now, my FB friend was just merely supportive of Trump as president.

The Three Senators (and Two Races) That Will Decide the Fate of Obamacare

GOP Promises Americans Will Be Able To Keep Current Medical Conditions If Obamacare Repealed

Dionne to House GOP: 'For the benefit of this empty man, you just sold your social consciences'

Too early to start thinking about campaign slogans?

Holy Cow!: Trump's Transition Team copied documents and removed them from a secure room

Hamas elects Haniyeh as new political chief: spokesman

Colbert shouldn't have used a gay slur to deride Chump

Fareed: The Trump Effect - Allies Embarrassed, Foes Gloating

80 years ago today: "Oh, the humanity!"

Yes, House Republicans, the heartless health-care vote will define you - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

The Three Senators (and Two Races) That Will Decide the Fate of Obamacare - Michael Tomasky

FDA Denies Trump Admin Directed Agency To Display Fox News On Its TVs

So, I finally found out what happened to my paternal grandfather.

Alabama Judge Says Segregation Good for Black Kids

Stephen Colbert Hits Best Ratings Since 2015 Premiere

Rep Swawel-On Why He's Sure There Is Collusion: "It's the evidence I've reviewed on Classified side"

'Carter Page is chump change': Ex-CIA officer claims feds are focusing on White House higher-ups

Moscow's grimy trucks inspire street art

The Winner of the International Bible Contest Is a Secular Ninth-Grader From Israel

I will join AARP if they destroy Chump Care.

Trump warns he might not obey provisions on Guantanamo and pot in new spending law

Man suspected of politically-charged attack at Transy appears in court

Trump says Obamacare is broken. Hes the one who broke it.

Military perplexed after Trump says soldiers couldn't get religious items

Red dresses appear around Yellowknife for missing and murdered Indigenous women

Hey players

Several Oakland fire inspectors lack proper certification

Huckabee defends Colbert from calls for FCC punishment

Hungry, scared South Sudanese stay in cathedral compound for protection

Obamacare repeal vote upends 2018 House landscape

Loretta Lynn Suffers Stroke, Expects Full Recovery

Kushner family pushing eb-5 visas in China.

Trump visa crackdown spurs tech moves to Mexico

The Specter of Catholic Identity in Secular France

Putin wants to promote objective truth about WWII

Rural America Loves Trump; But Pre-ACA, 20% Of Farmers Carried Medical Debt - Now What?

Kushner Family Business are in Beijing Today pitching #B-5 visas: "$500,00 Path To Citizenship"

Repukes keep saying they "promised" the American people they would get rid of the ACA.

The dark history at the heart of the French election 

A Few Shitty Jobs, Enormous Pollution Potential, But Trump Clowns Salivating For Pipeline

How is it possible in this day and age that some are working to, and cheering for, the intentional

Why Millennial Women Are Embracing Atheism

My odds on Chump Care

Meet The Rock Star Buddhist Nun Who Sings for Spiritual Freedom

Trump hints at ending financing for historically black colleges

"But you said it wouldn't pass the Senate."

Man sets fire to smoke out opossums, burns down house instead

Donald Trump Camp Warned Mike Flynn About Russia Contacts

Roma Raymond Gureme warns of civil war if Le Pen wins

sunset at pedernales falls

Correction: Republican bloodsuckers who sentenced poor to die didn't drink Bud Light

Just heard Dorothy of the Golden Girls refer to Merv Griffin as the anti trump....

Strawberry scientist is sued over the fruits of his research

Top Donald Trump Aid Stephen Bannon: Right-Wing Media Mogul

Every Day In April, Arctic Sea Ice Area @ Record Low Or w/i 36,000 Square Miles Of One

Here's Ivanka celebrating rape becoming a pre-existing condition, next question...

GOP Health Care - A Means to One Trillion Dollars in Tax Cuts

Trump: "Working out of my home."

Billy Monger crash: Amputee teen driver vows to race again

They're both thinking the same thing.

Nothing to see here folks. Nothing at all. It's *hyperbole* to even suggest

Trump's Russia Problems Under Scrutiny Next Week

Someone noticed Trump's chin looks like a frog...

"Can you imagine anything so obscene?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Trump on Healthcare: Take two aspirins

Neil deGrasse Tyson - Movie Critic/Sci-fi films and Baywatch

Hillary Clinton Bringing Out Mens Scary, Spitty Rage Strokes Again, By Existing. What A Bitch!

Should California allow bicyclists to roll through stop signs?

California public pension shortfall one of nation's largest

Made in USA Hawaiian shirt sale & more!


With all the groups arrayed against Chump Care we should be able to put together a hell of a march

Made in USA Hawaiian shirt sale & more!

Made in USA Hawaiian shirt sale & more!

3 men, who prosecutors said rented out $500 machines for $15,000-plus, sentenced

New Phoenix Election Chief Says 'Nearly 91,000' Citizens Left Off Voter Rolls

Republicans' Vicious and Immoral Health Care Bill Is Just Part of a Sinister Long Game

On Being Serious about Serious Stuff

American Gods for the independently wealthy

San Jose: Man pleads guilty in false tax refund scheme

GOP rep: Nobody dies because they don't have access to healthcare

Convicted former laundry owner ordered to pay back $362K

"Mail my body to Paul Ryan"

Question, what happened to that major, major conflict with north korea? did we win?

The Bucket

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Trumpcared to Death

Press critic Jay Rosen on how and why the media is normalizing Trump: "The need to be truthful...

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

The snake in the henhouse- The real devil in Trumpcare

Devotees of Ayn Rand now putting her ideas into practice. Looking at you Ryan.

'Heart-wrenching and incomprehensible: 18 fraternity members charged in Penn State hazing death

Families of dead in 2015 Berkeley balcony collapse settle lawsuit

The US conservative model on healthcare, but also on jobs, housing, the economy in general, and more

Georgia special election smashes all-time spending record

Dad tells daughter 'you're dead to me' for going to prom with black man

EPA buries climate-change site for kids

Democrats tackle the 'big rebuild'

3 teenage girls arrested in attack on woman on BART

Republican: Some women glad to be pregnant for Medicaid-funded travel for abortions

Chicago mayor Emanuel posts EPA's deleted climate change page

Effin' fake news reporters "disturb" the delicate "stability" of Kushner "Scam the Chinese" event

To Lift Growth, Janet Yellen Says, Make It Easier for Women to Work.

2 guys go to the Doctor - One on Obamacare, the other on Trumpcare

TrumpCare May Lead to Massive Internal Migrations.

Republican Jesus

Putin supports investigation into abuse of gay & bisexual men in Chechnya

Jury: University of Iowa discriminated against lesbian athletics official

The RW dickheads believe "survival of the fittest" means the "strongest"

Disabled-placard abusers, it's your day of reckoning

A liquor company has given the most money to California lawmakers so far this year

From Claude Taylor:

No one knows what Trump's 'religious liberty' executive order actually means

Puerto Rico to close 184 public schools amid economic crisis

What the US Senate Republicans will do with "TrumpCare"...

If you have one of these issues, Republicans think you don't deserve insurance

I thought I heard Susan Sarandon's voice on a Tylenol ad

What Democrat would be crazy enough to challenge Nancy Pelosi on her home turf? Meet Stephen Jaffe

Trump said he is going to have a Historic meeting with,,,,

Brazil proposes modern slavery rural labor reform that could deny workers salary

Quite beautiful

The Google phishing attack: what we know and how it works

AHCA coverage Rachel 5/4. The most jaw dropping part for me

Republicans defend having no women in health care group

Oklahoma Governor Signs Anti-Protest Law Imposing Huge Fines on Conspirator Organizations

GOP Nervous About Future of Health Care Bill

It Begins: FCC to investigate Colbert for homophobia, obsenity

Thousands will die if House bill becomes law, Bernie Sanders says

Be afraid of your vote on the healthcare bill R's, be very afraid. Tom Perriello's new Ad.

Begging request from Wisconsin

Protections for 27 national monuments may be curtailed, cut

Clinton Book May Soon Become TV Series

Mail my body to Paul Ryan: An extremely morbid way to protest the GOP health-care bill

Experience: my dog rescues cats

It would be a huge mistake and a breach of ethics for Cindy McCain to take a job at State

The (R) Governor Scott Walker Rat F**king human beings "Continues" with health care

Leo Thorsness, Decorated Veteran Held Captive With McCain, Dies at 85

Nearly 400 migratory birds die from striking Texas skyscraper

Hey South Carolina, your "guy" tried and failed to read fifteen pages of you getting Rat F**ked

Protections for 27 national monuments may be curtailed, cut

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Where do we go from here now that the AHCA passed the House?

CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS all ban Trump's new campaign ad

Lowering corporate taxes is a fraud.

Republican bill generates unity patients hate it, docs hate it, hospitals hate it, insurers hate it

Defense Department identifies Navy SEAL killed in Somalia

The Republican Party is sociopathic: If you didnt know, the health care bill should make it clear

Washington Governor Jay Inslee: Support the Paris Agreement

Trump order makes some preachers ecstatic; others cringe

These Republicans who voted to take away healthcare and Medicaid have town halls coming up

Texas adoption agencies could ban Jews, gays, Muslims

House Democrat offers to hold town halls for Republicans

Harborview could lose $627 million annually under GOP health care bill

We must end all abortions! (Cartoon with a twist.)

a fun project

Schwab: Trump counts on indifference that put him in office

This Wasnt Spiking the Ball after Half Time

Trolling Champ


Republicans health care plan could launch some ugly political battles in state legislatures

The Ex-linebacker Trying to Sack a Seat in Congress

These pre-existing conditions wouldn't be protected by new US healthcare bill

GOP lawmaker challenged for shielding records: 'What is he trying to hide?'

Trump vows to enforce federal laws RE: state-legal weed, citing his "constitutional responsibility"

Former Trump aide calls Russia probe 'comically fake'

Hey republicans! A little secret about the economy and healthcare!

Republican House members just signed up for Trump University: Pledging their job as tuition.

Andrew Sullivan: Obamacare Works

GOP chairman warns agencies about requests for records

So let me see if I get this

This should scare the shit out of every American

Republicans defend having no women in health care group

Why did Trump hire so many people with Russian connections?

Want Fast Action in the Senate on Healthcare?

My deplorable congressman, Hensraling (TX-05) wants to exclude committee chair from FOIA requests

Anyone else see Karen Finney on Joy Reid's show this morning?

Rep. Poliquin supports health bill, says only 7% of Mainers affected. Facts show otherwise

In a Beijing ballroom, Kushner family flogs $500,000 investor visa to wealthy Chinese

The New Lysistrata - American Style

American Indian wisdom on civilized society


Charles P. Pierce: The Resistance Cannot Wait Until 2018

"there is no force equal to a woman determined to rise"

The Emperor's New Clothes

Dont Let the Bastards Grind You Down

Pentagon to house 'nuclear football' in leased Trump Tower apartment letter

What's with this latest story that the trump admin warned Flynn about his Russian contacts?

Stephen Fry faces blasphemy probe in Ireland after God comments

"If you want to run for Congress, you have your chance. If you want to run for Congress..."

Trump told clergy, Say what you want to say. Many contend they were already doing that.

Progressive Groups Are Basically Printing Money After the Health Care Vote

Chump is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

Stephen Colbert to be investigated by FCC after 'offensive' Trump joke

Sanders: 'Trump is right' on Australian healthcare system

90 min documentary on Trump's extensive mob ties

Sioux Falls Atheists and Humanists push billboard campaign

Trump Spurns Congress as He Signals Medical Marijuana Fight

Sometimes I can understand the supposed Republican platform, but can't understand Trumpsters

Religious Right Divided Over Trump's Executive Order

Belgian Catholic group explains switch on euthanasia

Here is my response to Republicans when they refer to the CBO

Has Flynn agreed to be the "fall guy"?

The ten essential health benefits where Trumpcare saves money.

The Colbert Kerfuffle

So Boente was removed from succession by Obama after the election and now in charge of investigating

Why haven't NIST released the modeling data for building 7?

Keith Olbermann: "And that's how Trump got elected."

These 24 Republicans Were Already Vulnerable and Now They Just Voted to Repeal ACA

Ryan pictured with man wearing repeal and go f--- yourself shirt

NASA released its first incredible video of our closest look at Saturn yet

WE are NOT on a break.

April Arctic ice volume and thickness set more records

Rent, etc.?

Wales: Cardiff pro-cannabis march calls for drugs cafes

Quebec enlists Canadian Forces in fight against rising floodwaters

A Photoshopped Picture Of Donald Trump Is Freaking Everyone Out

Mensch: At least SIX separate FISA warrants have been issued on the DT/Russia investigation.

What songs do you like when you're feeling old and nostalgic?

Joy Reid first MSM broadcaster

The internet of things and russia

House Deplorables face voters in home districts angry over health care bill

"The people spoke on election day."

Bluebird chicks hatched

American Health Care Act- Choose Your Plan

What is your current quilting project

Have you heard of the russian superhero-movie "Guardians"?

Dark Matter Is the Real Guardian of the Galaxies (Video)

Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People More others

Texas adoption agencies could reject Jewish, Muslim, gay or single parents

It's being surmised that MSNBC (alleged "liberal" bastion) will soon be going the way of Fox & CNN

"At least six separate FISA warrants granted RE: Trump and his teams collusion w/ Russia"

The Question that Must be Asked

MSNBC host: 'No takers' after 217 GOPers invited to explain health vote

GOP lawmaker challenged for shielding records: 'What is he trying to hide?'

How about some mind clearing - constructing a Rubik cube

Probably a dumb question..but how are Democrats suppose to "primary" Republicans

Boko Haram releases dozens of Chibok schoolgirls, say Nigerian officials

Riders UP!

FCC to investigate, 'take appropriate action' on Colberts Trump rant.

Mission Accomplished ... now go run and hide

Kasich Should Run A Primary Campaign Against Trump

The Battle of New Orleans: David Duke expects Confederate statue defenders to mass on Sunday

My Old Kentucky Home, Good-Night (1853)

'Mother' should not be used to describe a bomb, Pope says

Carrboro High Receives Guest Lecture from John Kerry

#MacronLeaks hashtag started in US, apparently launched by Alt-Right figure Jack Posobiec

When Donald Trump *almost* was involved in The Kentucky Derby

Something that will (hopefully) make you smile

Under ACA, companies couldn't discriminate based on your genetic tests: Trumpcare--YES THEY CAN!

This isn't a Presidential adminstration--it's a wrecking crew

Gander Mountain, popular gun and hunting store, going out of business

These pre-existing conditions wouldn't be protected by new US healthcare bill

Email to my repug congressman, Bradley Byrne, 1st Dist. Alabama

Gerrymandering did this: How the GOPs redistricting master plan brought us Trumpcare even though

Trump immigration policy spurs ire at Kentucky Derby: 'We can't find workers'

Trump reportedly speaks with Fox mogul Rupert Murdoch daily, or close to it

Free Starcraft

Trump has been sued 134 times in federal court since inauguration

George Will: "Trump Has A Dangerous Disability"

Berkeley author George Lakoff says, Dont underestimate Trump.'

Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass: Ragas In Minor Scale

Donald Trump is scrambling to do everything he can

White nationalist figurehead Richard Spencer is a dorky mamas boy with no real accomplishments

Happy 56th Birthday - George Clooney

Paul Ryans office is gaslighting America on the AHCA

GOP rep: 'Nobody dies' from not having health care