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Archives: May 7, 2017

Scientists are waging a war against human aging. But what happens next?

Caroline Kennedy And Son Jack Schlossberg On JFK, Obama And Her Met Gala Dress

Pentagon to lease privately owned Trump Tower apartment for nuclear football

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Kentucky Derby

Idaho town hall erupts after GOP lawmaker says "no one dies" from lack of health care

Human crash test dummies don't last long

In a Beijing ballroom, Kushner family pushes $500,000 investor visa to wealthy Chinese

Has anyone ever taken probiotics?

Congressman Blums May Town Halls

Anyone live near Pueblo, have advice about moving to the area?

American Airlines to reduce legroom

Undocumented workers pay billions in taxes:

This is the brutal attack ad that awaits any Republican who votes for Trumpcare

Julia Sugarbaker nails it.

Paul Ryan probably should have read this dude's T-shirt before taking a photo with him.

GOP braces for healthcare blowback at home

Trump questions whether key funding source for historically black colleges is constitutional

This is for MOrpheus and JustAnotherGen

GOP Congressman: Nobody Dies Because They Dont Have Access To Health Care

Texas police officer who killed black teen could spend rest of his life in prison

Butler University Responds to Backlash Over Its President Trump 'Resistance' Class

GovGuam employees, officials support borrowing bill

Attorney slams Guam Behavioral Health for failing to get certified

Why is Bill Maher blaming Bernie supporters for Clinton's loss?

Pete Souza: The Sultan of Shade

This is a real magazine cover.

New victim brings total lawsuits filed against Guam archdiocese to 59

What American Television Should Tell You About Trump's ties to Russia (Zembla -Dutch news)

This man had a BRILLANT idea

You just can't make this stuff up.

Steve Earl(e) fans sound off!

What is "Murica Today"? Who owns it?

Presenting a future President of this country.

No matter the MAX you love somebody, there's always *something* you don't like: take BOURDAIN

Is this an idea worth pursuing?

anyone familiar with airline "traffic warnings" ? particularly this. A friend of mine received

Poster of LePen as Trump "It reads "Make no mistake. Choose France. Vote!"

Stephen Hawking now says humanity has only about 100 years to escape Earth


I think we need Danny fucking Trejo for president!

Should Govt Subsidies Pay for Alt Right Hate?

Have any of you heard about Furanyl fentanyl?

So happy to see her back out there for women!

'Repeal and go f*** yourself': House Speaker Paul Ryan is unwittingly trolled by man posing for a pi

Lakoff says "Don't underestimate Trump".

When Republicans say nobody should pay for someone else's health care...

Chernobyl A Step Closer To Becoming A Solar Farm

Dont Let Facebook Make You Miserable

Heads Up- SNL is LIVE coast to coast tonight!!

A painting Russia's terrific trio from a year back

"Blood on the Mountain"

My #1-son was teasing me because I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. for work tomorrow.

Donald Trump Appoints Renewable Energy Critic To Head Renewable Energy Office

Looking forward.

In Rare Unity, Hospitals, Doctors and Insurers Criticize Health Bill

Got anything to clean a cat off a screen door?

Florida Legislature passes renewable-energy tax break

Networks Refuse To Air Donald Trumps Fake News Ad

Bill Maher schools JPR types on the left who didn't vote for Hillary

Bay Area Rapid Transit Will Run Trains on 100% Renewable Energy

Damn! THIS explains a lot about you know who....

Chris Pine hosts SNL tonight at 11:30

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 9: Star of the Month: Clark Gable

Gianforte's differing comments on Obamacare repeal illustrate political stakes

Candid pic of the duplicitous duo discussing today's indictment news

Opinion: Eric Schneiderman/Steve Bullock 2020?

Koch Brothers controlled EPA fires members of science advisory board

Truth is Molten!

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 10: Model Behavior

Actual WH photo of when the health care vote passed the House.

OUCH! SNL Just Opened With Mika & Joe

Olympic champion bobsledder Steven Holcomb found dead at 37

Please support Planned Parenthood!

Chechnya leader claims region never had gay men, just fake Chechens

The Radium Girls and Lies that Employers Tell To Protect Their Bottom Lines

Just did 1975 miles in three days. Gotcha a good snap of Monument Valley this afternoon.

"As my ancestors are free from slavery...

SNL: Mika Joe Cold Open

SNL: Mika Joe Cold Open

In a Beijing ballroom, Kushner family pushes $500,000 investor visa to wealthy Chinese

SNL.."wasn't there a protest or something?"..

Perfect way to handle a bully????

Montana Democrat Attacks Opponent Over Disability Discrimination Lawsuit

San Diego police killed boy, 15, in school parking lot

BBC: Stephen Fry faces blasphemy probe after God comments

Texas judge reprimanded for 'tree and a rope' post

Juicy breasts? Supple thighs? KFC creates a romance novel...

Former Congressman Schock asks court to drop 1 charge

Hundreds of Leopard sharks dying in San Francisco Bay

Brazils Lula Says Lying Mainstream Media Serves Elites

A Mexican prosecutor called a murdered woman an alcoholic who was living out of wedlock

The Washington Post has a new way to get full access.

Brazils Landless Workers Sell Organic Get Out Temer Beer

Buffett calls Obamacare replacement 'a huge tax cut for guys like me'

Trump wants to go back to the 50's "Happy Days."


Idiot Rep Labrador Repug, Idaho: Nobody dies because they dont have access to health care.

Jared Kushner's family criticised for touting cash-for-visas scheme in China

Islamic State attacks kill two at Iraqi base where U.S. advisers stationed

Join this anti-Trump DUer on Facebook

Guns banned, Lee Circle streets blocked for Confederate monument demonstrations

When and where to watch Sally Yates at Monday's Senate meeting

Trumps Russian mob ties.

Building History

Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) suck.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Fibers Of Joy Edition

Deposed Thursday, former Speaker Souki ponders what's next

Group files suit over liquor rule changes

Hawaii Department of Health fines Big Island Dairy for water pollution violations

For a smile today!

Local business owner's taco cart stolen after Cinco De Mayo block party

Lawmakers Adjourn Without Deal To Pay For Rail

Why right vs. left may be relics of the past

Brain damage linked to religious fundamentalism

Trump issues executive order revoking Northern Bering Sea protection and tribal participation

UPDATED: Ossoff leading by 2 pts in new poll, 4% Undecided

Photos: Bernie and Jane - Rage for Justice Awards

Magnitude 5.2 earthquake shakes Southcentral Alaska

Thou shalt watch Fox News

I took a few days off from work, and when I returned...

Fairbanks and North Pole students stage walkout, rally against proposed education cuts

Updated oil tax numbers from Gov. Walker's administration boost state accounts by $100 million

My mother and best friend passed yesterday

Start calling the corporate GOP the corporate GOP

The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked

Alaska Dispatch News reporter slapped by Wasilla lawmaker

Bernie Sanders wants California to lead on health care

F U Paul Callan

Alaska may lose its 24/7 earthquake monitors to budget cuts

Alaska marijuana sales reach new high

State won't consider changes to beer tax

Senators Send Sneering Letter to Rick Perry Over Proposed Study

About those High Risk Pools

The Emerging Worldwide Alliance of Parties on the Far Right, Led by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

low watt all tube amps let me hear your thoughts

Sad but true!

When women aren't at the table, we're on the menu: List** of ALL MALE Repug Senators for #TrumpCare

Kurt Eichenwald: 'and they smiled and high-fived'

No District Is Off the Table: Health Vote Could Put House in Play

Must be repeated every 5 minutes: "Nobody dies because they don't have access to health care."

This father and son will completely change the way you sing your ABCs

Past time to send @speakerRyan out to pasture!!...

Largest Mosque Opened in Sweden

Trumpcare - Will Ethan Couch's "affluenza" only be covered in a 'high-risk pool'?

Hey brothers


Is It OK To Punch Nazis? (Pt 2) with Joshua Tuner

Saturday night live cold opening about erectile dysfunction

The great climate silence: we are on the edge of the abyss but we ignore it

Macron may have phished the russian hackers

You may have known, you may not have... but everyone who owns one should know!!!!

The Swiss Guard is more than an army it's a school of faith

Malcolm Nance: 'This Goes Even Deeper Than I First Thought'

Sunday's Doonesbury - Mean Tweets

Nonprofits step up to offer legal advice to immigrants

A 'Forgotten History' Of How The U.S. Government Segregated America

Tripitaka Buddhist book launch

is mr trump getting nervous?

Are you guys jazzed about the French election ?

Eric Trump: "Well, we don't rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia."

LIVE: Space Walk

How One Major Internet Company Helps Serve Up Hate on the Web

Memory loss in the garden of violence: What happens when war can be distilled into a rallying cry?

Millions will lose health care. Hundreds of thousands will die, but

What the hell happened?

NRCC chair Steve Stivers thinks as many as 10 House Rs could be on tap to retire

Gov Walker blows up at county exec for asking about people losing health care instead of tourism

My oldest daughter's gotten engaged.

The Guardian Implicates - Robert Mercer in a global conspiracy to undermine liberal democracy:

How much of a tax cut would you get from AHCA?

Weirdly Early Siberian Fire Season Keeps Growing, As Far North As Yamal, South To Chinese Frontier

Hosts who make crude references to male genitalia on air should be fired! Where's the FCC?!?

A Britain that increasingly looks like a managed democracy. Paid for a US billionaire. Using mili

Record Rainfall For NZ North Island In April (3X Normal In Spots);

Sen Kamala Harris: Calls are the single most effective way to make a difference in the fight against

Paws, Pee and Mice: Cats among Medieval Manuscripts

So we have moved from the Obama "wire tapp" to the DNC working with the Russians. #MAGA!

Trump is gleeful as house votes to repeal Obamacare.

Syrian refugee family names newborn Calgary baby 'Justin Trudeau'

My car isn't new enough but this might help others

White People Solve Slavery

Le Pen vs. Macron - today's pics

Should Democrats ask the voters?

Another American citizen is detained in North Korea, taking total to four

Secret military plane lands with a sonic boom, waking everyone in Central Florida.

Kellyanne Conway on Obamacare repeal: 'It's easy to jeer from the cheap seats'

You got a leg and a cat, You got a party- George Carlin on Cats

GOP Rep. Who Voted For ACA Repeal Says It's 'Not The Bill We Promised' Voters

Ryan: Criticism Of GOP's O'Care Repeal Process Is 'A Bogus Attack' From Left

Screaming at Blunt on MTP

Repuke agenda

BREAKING- Election presidentielle (direct): Macron entre 62% et 64% selon les premires estimations

Why doesn't anyone know we're incredibly close to replacing the Electoral College with the popular..

Is Trump at Bedminster?

CrowdSourced Research: A New and Potent Grassroots Force

Don't ever forget LePen was a proxy for Donald Trump


The French election is our Doolittle Raid.

Muslim woman harassed while standing in line at a Trader Joes

Head's up 7th CD!

Reacting to threatening information and new facts

Trump Parody (Businessman)

Whose a good dog???

Price: No one will lose coverage with $880B in Medicaid cuts

In 2017, We Are Governed by Privileged Frat Boys

Reporter manhandle-attendees physically surrounded to prevent interviews of Kushner/China Visa Event

Have you played The Battle of Polytopia?

any asparagus growers out there? I need advice

This is brilliant. Macron campaign fooled WikiLeaks, drew them out and beat them at their own game

Focus group on "Face the Nation"

IMPORTANT: Confronting a Nightmare for Democracy from

French expats in U S and Canada (votes)

Will Chump congratulate Macron for saving democracy like he thanked his pal Erdogan for killing it

Speaker Paul Ryan on ABC This Week

Republicans are messing with a major source of American jobs

Feinstein slams group of all-male senators working on ObamaCare repeal gets two thumbs down from me.

3 things USA can learn from the French

Lege Lines: Bills on the Move

Feinstein slams group of all-male senators working on ObamaCare repeal

An I Ching Reading About America's Future

Downtown Austin change: new rail station, more two-way traffic

Austin to reconsider curfew for kids

CBS # to call and support Stephen Colbert 212 975 3247

Barbra Streisand gave Hillary Clinton a special shoutou

******BREAKING******#Macron (EM-*) wins all oversea territories.

82 freed Chibok schoolgirls flown to Nigerian capital

Sunday's memes

Spain, Metroscopia Macron (EM-*): 90% Le Pen (FN-ENF): 10%

The Great British Brexit Robbery (Guardian)

Google is tracking the French election

Creepy Robots in Tokyo

Mayor Rawlings Says Cops "Pistol-Whipped" Dallas Taxpayers On Pension. Gross.

Creepy Robots in Tokyo

How Catnip gets Cats high

LIVE: French election 2017: voters make historic choice between Macron and Le Pen

Scott Walker would consider seeking waiver to let health insurers raise premiums in Wisconsin

Dallas City Manager's Memo Shines Light on a Money Leak Worth Billions

Republican voters feel their taxes pay for "freeloaders"

We have a strange and mysterious cat...

The greatest act of self destruction in american history.

Israeli ministers back proposed law demoting Arabic language

After $2.25 Million in Legal Expenses, How Much More Will Harris County Spend on Bail Suit?

Viva la France! How France outsmarted the hackers/dumpers.

senate dems need to put forward medicare for all.

Merkel's conservatives defeat SPD rivals in northern state vote

The Robot Economy: Ready or Not, Here It Comes

Where in the World Is Kellyanne Conway? - SNL

Ban congress from group insurance

Susan Collins on claim those with pre-existing conditions will receive same or better coverage under


A Red Congressman in a Blue District, Culberson Votes for Obamacare Repeal

New SNL Game Show: Where In The World Is Kellyanne Conway?

Say It Ain't So: 129 People Have Already Filed To Run For President In 2020

LePen heads for

Flipping On The Issue, Georgia Gov. Signs Campus Carry Bill

I feel brillig and covered with slithy toves

Israeli imperialism on steroids -​Israeli ministers back proposed law demoting Arabic language

The Vegan Vacation Blog Continues! Come see Durham, North Carolina's Pizza Post!

In Big Bend, Texas, There's Bipartisan Consensus: No Border Wall

This is interesting, from Nate Silver about Dems voting for Obamacare before the 2010 midterms.....

SNL: Kate McKinnon & Alex Moffat Unveil Morning Joe Routine

Tenn. Governor Signs Sneaky Anti-LGBT Bill Saying Laws Have "Natural And Ordinary" Meaning

C-section is pre-existing condition --Erectile Dysfunction is not

Atlantic (2009) - The Story Behind the Story - Prophetic Article About Decline of Journalism

Hey Kelly-Anne CONway--------------------------FU and the horse you road in on

Republicans are passing a Tax Cut - not a Healthcare Bill

Texas House OKs 'Sermon Safeguard' Bill Inspired By HERO Fight In Houston

Hey Blackburn----graciousness does not mean to be nice to a sexual predator---EVER---FU

Tearing down the separation of church and state

Claude Taylor is putting his reputation on the line, which is more than any of the anonymous

Here is how to fumble and bumble "The Melt Down by Scott Walker a LIAR"

What are you reading this week of May 7, 2017?

Le Pen refuses credentials for left leaning Indy media. Mainstream media responds by

San Antonio Mayor's Race, Several Council Seats Head to June Runoff

****BREAKING****France: Average of early exit polls: Macron (EM-*): 64% Le Pen (FN-ENF): 36%

"The reason I am staying in Bedminster, N. J., a beautiful community...MEETINGS!"

Obama to receive Kennedy Foundation 'Profile in Courage' award

When a Key Democrat Left Town, Republicans Snuck Through Controversial Nominee

I once did one of those Sunday cat things

Republican Newest Children reader

What Democrats Can Learn from Louisiana (No, Really)

On Trump tweeter account he said every country had better healthcare then us.

'Kill the gays' preacher: Public schools turn kids into transgender communists

Ryan on healthcare bill: 'This is a rescue mission'

Academic Freedom Bill Provides Cover to Teach Creationism, Climate Denial in Classrooms

House healthcare bill faces upheaval in Senate

La Vernia ISD And Sexual Assault Hazing Allegations

On vacation this week...

Religious liberty order disappoints some conservatives

In Mekong Delta backwaters, Vietnam vets find peace in a town that war destroyed

Unmanned U.S. Air Force space plane lands after secret, two-year mission

No District Is Off the Table: Health Vote Could Put House in Play.

Price Defends Pre-existing Condition Coverage

Reed Again Faces Criticism On Health Care At Town Hall Meeting

I ran across this image today. It still applies,

Out of windshield wiper fluid - get a cat

The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked

Hacking Democracy - The Hack

Boner Pills Covered but Contraceptives Not Covered?

Tempers Flare Over Removal of Confederate Statues in New Orleans

Exit poll 65.9 and 66.4 for macron !

Macron has won!

Emmanuel Macron Congratulation Thread- A Wary World Turns Its Eyes To You

The Most Hated Woman In America Official Netflix Trailer

Today was a huge setback for Deplorabilism.

Macron, Well Ahead of Le Pen, Is Poised to Be President of France.

A woman was convicted for laughing at Jeff Sessions. Its my patriotic duty to call bullshit.

La Marseillaise! Thank you, France!

The only difference between LeTrump and LePen...

Le Pen concedes defeat - "France has voted for continuity"

MSNBC -- LaPen conceded. nt

"Jeff Sessions is so white you can't wear him after Labor Day."

Emmanuel Macron defeats Le Pen to win French presidency - projections

The Committee To Save The World


Giovanni Battista Pergolesi "Stabat Mater"(1736)

Vive la France!

Le Pen a perdu. C'est bon.

Jared Kushners sister offers U.S. visas to Chinese investors for familys real estate development

Trump seizes on election rules to push agenda

Will Chumpy call Macron to offer his congratulations?

I can't wait for the inevitable meeting between President Macron and PM Trudeau.

Activist left goes all out to save Obamacare

The French election proves that it wasn't Russia that elected Trump,it was the Republicans and Comey

Putin, May, Trump , and Bannon are


Nikki Haley and Rex Tillerson are running completely different foreign policies.

Do. Not. Let. Them. Frame. The. Narrative. Hold them accountable!!

Priebus promises that GOP-Senate will turn shitty Trumpcare-bill into something fantastic

Macron to become next French president after beating back Le Pen and her populist tide

Obamacare repeal is based on racial resentment

Family values

Honestly, I have to think these posters (& similar) made a BIG impact: Viva La France!

What the French electorate call Drumpt Voters

Kasich blasts GOP health care bill as inadequate

Now on to ensure Merkel wins in September!

Is there coverage of the Kennedy award ceremony tonight

I'm confused. Is it LePen, Le Pen or Lapin?

A song for Trump and his henchman:

Casablanca Is Perfect for this day

Sally Yates to testify tomorrow-expected to contradict WH & say she explicitly warned about Flynn

Does every campaign now need a sophisticated counter-intelligence operation to thwart Putin?

In 1990, 35% of the world lived in extreme poverty

The House Health Care Disaster Is Really About Taxes.

"Thats before the Senate takes the bill and makes it even better," Priebus promised...

Americans can take pride that their example still shapes the world.

Matching Reich-wing quotes of the day!

What do Macron and Obama have in common?

Real Presidents win the popular vote, fake ones like we have don't

Interviews show that many American voters in 2016 thought Democrats favored the rich.

Mysterious rash of Russian deaths casts suspicion on Vladimir Putin

What was the most hysterically funny lie from the Con or his goons so far this year

US Commerce chief says Canadian trade threats 'inappropriate'

"How can we stamp out corruption?"

Putin Really Needs to Step Up His Game

$880 Billion being redirected to Billionaires as tax cuts.

Some stats I saw recently regarding the Lutheran Church.

GOP chairman warns agencies about requests for records

Trump tried to block Sally Yates from testifying tomorrow. #TrumpRussia

What's for Dinner, Sun., May 7, 2017

The Brit Grifters and the Designated American Suckers

Going Out With A Bang!

La Resistance en France : Aux armes et caetera

Sally Yates testimony

To The Twilight Zone

Centuries of progress

Sacre Bleu! I'm so happy that I could drink some French wine or wear a beret. Magnifique!!

Tweets about Russia probe

SPINAL TAP lives! Their name is ANVIL!

Tax Plan Delivers Economic Miracle in Sweden

I am looking a flashing Eiffel Tower on msnbc, Lovely-it is nightime there.

Trump now pretending he didn't support LePen! Sending out minions/talking points to Fox

Seizes on election rules to push his agenda

In Bali, threatening to demolish planned resort

In light of draconian Trumpcare bill, single-payer entering pundit discourse (VIDEO)

Andy Borowitz.... "French Annoyingly Retain Right to Claim Intellectual Superiority Over Americans"

Should be afraid of lousy poll showing

A Short History of the Trump Family

Girl Scout threatened after confronting a neo-Nazi group, police get involved

Facebook Video Link: Bernie Sanders at the Saban Theatre - May 7

Instead of a trend I think we are in a transition

Manny DNA test. 🐶

Nearly 1,000,000 Join Movement to Strip Congress of Their Healthcare - sign the petiton

Great tweet from Hillary on the French election.


French vocabulary lesson for today ...

HRC throws some beautiful shade

Her name is not Wendy.

Is Trump's wife with him this weekend?

Dem candidate -Jon Ossoff- for Ga. House seat engaged to longtime girlfriend

Head of Islamic State in Afghanistan confirmed killed

Pepe the Frog Is Dead: Creator Kills the White Supremacist-Hijacked Icon

Anyone here play Angry Birds 2 on Android?

Now even the Kushner family is cashing in on the presidency. Have these people no shame?

"Macron's win is a blow to far-right nationalism & a sign...that the Brexit-Trump wave has broken in

Love this twitter pic.....Yeah,that about sums it up.

Journalism's greatest retraction--Ever

Rep. Lieu: Today France chose Liberty, Equality &... over Discrimination, Bigotry & a Stupid Wall

Why no SNL clips on MSNBC today?

Freepers are having a fit over France...(again)

I have been flipping through Fox news from time to time today.

Profile in Courage Award Live Stream - President Obama

Our 10 Most Popular Rhubarb Recipes

Here is something new to worry about: dormant bacteria that could be released by climate change

Viva la France!-- LOSERS Marine LePen, Trump, Alt-Right, Putin

Aleksandr Dugin reacts to the French election

LOL @ Le Trump

Ryan is vile & cruel:v Anyone who celebrates taking away ins. from 24M people is not fit for Office

The lettuce looks like crap

Stephen Fry investigated by Irish police for alleged blasphemy

"This is a big friggin' deal !"

The story behind "All the President's Men"

Cybersecurity expert: Macron party hacker left 'digtal fingerprints' pointing back to Russian...

Alexander Dugin about the results of the 2nd round of the presidential elections in France:

And the members of Congress smiled and high-fived.

if conservatives won't hold townhall meetings why can't we have nearby democratic Congress people

To comment on twitler trump

Trump team's curious query tripped concerns about Flynn

anybody have a good alternative to photobucket?

Fox News Host Tells the Truth About GOP Healthcare Bill - Gets Slammed By Co-Hosts

Stothert and Mello's million-dollar mayoral race has put Omaha in the spotlight

There seems to be a Twitter fight between Louise Mensch and the Flynns.

John Daly wins first PGA event since 2004!

Yates testifying on ousted national security adviser Flynn

States brace for big decisions under GOP health care changes

About Swing Left, Find your closest Swing District

Correction: Republican bloodsuckers who sentenced poor to die didnt drink Bud Light

'Frat boys and sorrority girls' - check in

Little girl tells Trump impersonator "YOU'RE A DISGRACE TO THE WORLD."

Little girl to Trump-'Your're a disgrace to the world"

Prize for worst reaction to Macron win goes to UK Leave.EU campaign - straight to Godwin

Kickass Democratic ad right here:

France elected a real President today who most voters selected

A Trump Fan Just Got Caught Harassing A Muslim Woman At Trader Joe's in VA

The Objective: "persuade Democrat voters to stay at home" The Funder: Mercer

French election coverage on Fox

Confederate monument protesters in New Orleans clash at Lee Circle

What a difference the EC makes. If America had the same system, Hillary would be in the WH

A Trump Fan Just Got Caught Harassing A Muslim Woman At Trader Joe's in VA

AHCA Paints Republicans Into a Hard Corner

Who will be the one to step forward and tell the truth?

Eastern Pacific warming up - Invest 90E

That's Not a Finger, It's a Stub (captions needed)

New book cover (releasing in July)

A Very Effective Anti-Terror Barrier