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Archives: May 8, 2017

Profile in Courage Award ceremony beginning.

Remember the last time France didn't go with the tide?

Don't Expect Anything Better From The Senate. HC As We Know It May Be Gone.

GOPPERS Are Pissed They Are Even Being Questioned.

Barack Obama receives Profile in Courage Award live stream on

Every GOP Lawmaker Declined Invite to Explain Vote

A Steady Decline in Bankruptcies

Eric Trump Claimed Funding Came from Russia

The Military is Using Human Brain Waves to Teach Robots How to Shoot

Will Trump have a 5 AM twitter rant tomorrow?

Sources: Mayor Murray debating run for re-election

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 8 May 2017

Just Announced: Trump to Receive Prestigious Award!

Now that we have a neo-fascist notch on our belts how is everybody feeling ?

Taking a detour

Trump Weighing 95 Percent Cut to Drug Office, Chief Warns

Trump promised to work for vets, but they could lose big under House health care bill

The cabal in Washington is going to try to smear Sally Yates

National Front to change name after French election defeat

Could Dandelion Wine (or tea or jelly) be good for you?

The bigger point even most in the Democratic Party seem to miss.

As some Republicans rush to defend House health bill, Senate GOP warily pauses

Gov. Greg Abbott signs 'sanctuary cities' ban into law on Facebook Live

Shot and crucified: The extreme art of Chris Burden

Priebus doubts states will choose to charge sicker people more

When will they shut up and let us enjoy James Taylor et al

Stephen Colbert Details 'Daily Show' Reunion for Upcoming 'Late Show' (5/9/2017)

Youtube live stream of Obama Award

Metaphorically speaking I have no problem with business having a seat at the table...

Can't help wishing that MSNBC

Texas judge who traded sexts with bailiff, used drugs could be booted from bench

Macron's speech today, with translation

To American Climate Change Researchers...from Macron

"A Street Cat Named Bob" is on Netflix.

Democrats turn tables on GOP in ObamaCare messaging war

Gee! Schlossburg looks just like his Uncle John.

House passes bill to eliminate straight-ticket voting option in Texas

Maybe we should just call it Deathcare. The Repubican Deathcare Bill

Who reviews appeals ?

I feel like a bad person

Peter Flawn, former University of Texas president, dead at 91

I'm crying just looking at President Obama. HE IS what America is.

Watching the Kennedy Center honoring Obama

Its wrong: Democrats blast Senate GOPs all-male healthcare group

Vive La France

Best way to un-clog an ear?

Sally Yates tomorrow!!!! 2:30pm eastern time. C-Span.

Deplorables Toon

Twitter Links: Bernie Sanders at Abolition Awards

He's eating the Con without calling his name

Sinclair Media buying Tribune and right wing media buying up swing state tv stations

After that speech

How America Protected and Hired Depraved German SS officer and Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie

Wall Faces a Barrier in Texas: Landowner Lawsuits

AI Is Here -- 7 Days of Artificial Intelligence, and Sam Harris On AI Control -- What? Me Worry?

At stake in two major travel ban cases

To Announce Slate of Conservative Court Nominees

Macrons rout of Le Pen shows how Trump is hurting Rightwing Populists

The healthcare vote was very important but not for the reason Republicans think.

AI Is Here, Part 2: President Barack Obama on What AI Means for National Security

favorite poems

Think Progress had a wonderful review of Ivanka's vanity project


Rest in Peace - Aron Wright

Henry Wallace: It Can Happen Here

EPA dismisses five scientists from major review board: report

The Danger of American Fascism Henry A. Wallace

Trump voters lament deportation of their neighbor

Argentina Releases Dictatorship Doctor Who Helped Steal Babies

E.P.A. Dismisses Members of Major Scientific Review Board

FBI investigating Jane Sanders for alleged bank fraud: report

What time does Sally Yates testify tomorrow? and what channel?

Texas Bill Could Let Agencies Bar LGBT, Atheist, Single Parents From Adopting

North Carolina Reverend Says Trump's Executive Order Is About 'Religious Bigotry'

With Sally Yates Testimony Looming...

Lakes of lava at the Gates of Hell in Nicaragua video

Lakes of lava at the Gates of Hell in Nicaragua video

Dozens protest law banning sanctuary cities at Governor's Mansion

Dunkirk Trailer (VIDEO)

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Teenage pregnancies rise in Guatemala as girls are deprived of basic sex education, warn healthcare

Breaking News: Next Election 3 Years Away


"Audience dogs" help students reduce anxiety over public speaking


John Oliver perfect explanation of how Trump wants to reverse everything that Obama

MailStorm: Let's deliver a message to Paul Ryan.

There's a really big cyclone sittin on top of New Caledonia...

Gorillaz Feat. Stephen Colbert - "Feel Good Inc".

Today's episode of "Glenn Greenwald is a piece of shit"

When did that orange fool call the new French President?

Meanwhile...the winds of war are blowing.

Mick Mulvaney: If fixing budget requires a shutdown, "so be it"

So about 24 hours ago, Rep. Steve King, R-IA, tweeted

Ex-soldier recorded fatally shooting service dog found dead

Saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 this weekend. (No Spoilers)

Prosecutors say uniformed police at trial could sway jury

US Interior secretary begins Utah tour to eye monument sites

1st in history: President of France speaks better English than US President.

Wahweap Sky, or why a right-wing friend or two might not be all that bad ..

Joe West is a disgrace...

I just watched a film about the Cuban Missile Crisis

Mandatory Muster: Our DU Vietnam Vets are dying off. Sign in Vietnam Vets.

Debra Messing Goes After Ivanka Trump In Scathing GLAAD Acceptance Speech

What is your favorite video game? Or game you play on your phone

Houston-area student, 18, wins race for his school board

GOP messing with one sector of good jobs.

Collins: Senate to start from scratch on health care overhaul

LePage calls Maine's proposed time zone shift 'crazy'

Rep. Poliquin not likely to face political payback for health vote if bill changes, experts say

Bill calling for statewide teachers contract gets cool reception

Send me your money and profit thereby!

Bill would set Maine teacher salaries at minimum of $40,000

Interesting thing about the far right National Front (French) Party

LePage Says He's Worried About Lack of Civility in DC

Maine Bill Would Aim to Prohibit Female Genital Mutilation

Rep. Joe Kennedy had a few choice words for Paul Ryan about his & the GOP #Deathcare bill. Truly in

LePage Suing Attorney General for Failing to Represent Him

Lawmaker Proposes New Psychiatric Facility Be Built In Augusta

Superb performance of Bach cantata 51 (concert video)

Happy Teacher's Day


Bill Would Block Maine Towns From Enacting Own Pesticide Rules

Emails show state had ample warning of staffing shortages at NH Hospital

Cinco de Mayo parties lead to 32 arrests in Durham

Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Dartmouth-Hitchcock blames state for NH Hospital staffing woes

Barack Obama urges Congress to find political courage and defend his healthcare reforms

State severs ties with group after leader argued for legal prostitution

Waking to Condaleezza Rice, on NPRs Morning Edition is very off putting

What the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive wants the world to know

Casino bill a bust in N.H. House

How Europe Went to War in 1914. Tans Lecture Maastricht University

House overwhelmingly passes bill to strengthen states rape shield law

Vikings Stadium: Reflector of Light, Murderer of Birds

Happy V-E Day!

House greenlights more money for full-day kindergarten

House votes to investigate degrading comments allegedly made by N.H. rep

Week ahead: Trump under pressure to fill Pentagon posts

A 2 to 1 majority: The French election is what a clear rejection of xenophobia looks like.

France bans captive breeding of dolphins and killer whales

After a Decade of Saying No, N.H. Senate Poised to Support Marijuana Decriminalization

Normally, 35% for a far right party is cause for alarm. In France's case, it ain't necessarily so

If you have no problem with Trumps finances or lack of transparency...?

*SOMETHING* is up, and getting ready to happen....

He's already lost in court once for trying to violate the First Ammendment. This is NOT normal.

Trumpcare allows employers in all 50 states to GUT employees' healthcare plans

Narcissism will kill...

From Joy Reid. Winners and losers yesterday:


Martha, lol!

Conservatives are allowed to be delicate snowflakes, liberals are not.

Vermont Legislature delays adjournment

Democrats counter Gov. Scott's $26M savings plan

Why You Need More Dirt in Your Life

Will any future Ethan Couch-type people see their "affluenza" put them in a high risk pool?

Dear France. Thank you.

**MAY Photo Contest Information**

Trump tweet, 5 minutes ago: "Ask Sally Yates, under oath, if she knows how classified information...

X37B Spaceplane Photos Surfacing


TYT has lost the plot

Emmanuel Macron‏Verified account a message for you guys.

"America was born with a birth defect. It was slavery."

Sallly Yates testimony will be under very tight restrictions.

E.P.A. Dismisses Members of Major Scientific Review Board

Republican lawmakers in Kansas trying to foist a flat tax on the poor and working class....

France did NOT go for your fear cocktail, @realDonaldTrump-They're sipping freedom wine with #Macron

Maxine Waters receives standing ovation at the MTV Awards

Kate McKinnon deserves an Oscar for her Mika Brzezinski impression.

US Report on Alternative Drug Smuggling Tactics Undermines Border Wall Logic

"This is what democracy looks like!"

Polluted air can generate power

Banks planning to move 9,000 jobs from Britain because of Brexit

Suspect in Burlington College Burglary Won't Face Charges

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Wealthcare For Billionaires

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Bedminster Bedbug

Senate Makes Late-Session Push for Marijuana Legalization

Discovered 1959 letter: Nixon feared American racism would drive world into the arms of the Russians

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

"It" is back (Trailer 2) and looking good!

Man, that IRS tax audit of Trump is a lot like that bridge to nowhere in Alaska

5 takeaways from Emmanuel Macron's win in France

President Macron has a message for U.S. climate scientists: "Come To France"

Will the Trump era result in another shift of "the center"?

McCain hammers Tillerson in NYT op-ed

Why We Must Support Human Rights - By John McCain

House Dems Narrowly Win Vote On Teacher Health Care Negotiations

Here's how to EASILY take action on Net Neutrality

Trump: Support for historically black colleges 'unchanged' despite signing statement

EPA dismisses half of its scientific advisers on key board, citing clean break with Obama administ

Prayer for America by Dr. William J Barber

Trump set to unveil judicial nominees

Third in a series. Keep your heads up.

Trump: Ask Yates about leaks of classified information

On the CBS morning show there was a short note about last night's arrival of AF One from New Jersey

Okay, Mr. "I love Wikileaks!" Sally Yates is going to fry you up there and we are going to LOVE IT.

Trump Announces Name Change for Important Agency:

Troubled Wisconsin Man Goes on 50 State Killing Spree

Curiosity Rover Eyes Gorgeous Black Sand Dunes on Mars (Photos)

April 2017 Atmospheric CO2 Content: 409.01 ppm; April 2016 407.42; April 2015 403.28

Risking it all in a last-ditch search for Australias lost tiger

Republicans Party Like It's 1984 - Paul Krugman

Musical Chairs at LAX

Brazil Announces US-backed Military Drills At South America Triple Border Zone

Here's the latest little rescue kitten hanging out in my bathroom

LOL (REDUX*) It took me five minutes to realize he means the White House "counsel."

Jeffrey Toobin @CNN - 'tweets are disturbing in that a president is threatening a witness...'

How Democrats Can Avoid Blowing Their Best Chance To Take The House In A Decade

With Le Pen defeat, Europe's far-right surge stalls

Kasich: Republican Plan for High risk pools - Ridiculous

Trump congratulates Macron on his 'big win' in France

Eric Trump said in 2014 that Russians fund familys golf courses: golf writer

The Deplorables have to destroy Sally Yates to protect the Collaborator In Chief.

Juan Williams: GOP health moves set to backfire

The Soldier Who Continued Fighting WWII 29 Years After It Ended, Because He Didn't Know

Trumpcare (aka: Deathcare) seems suspiciously like a form of "The final solution" .

George Will joins MSNBC, NBC News

So the fugging President Con tweeted about a witness

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Tackle Home Repairs

In South Africa, farmers get bail in racially sensitive case

When Does Donald Trump Begin Selling Off America?

Could you imagine Chump, at any age, doing this?

The most racist places in America according to Google

Netanyahu attacks US media as 'fake news'

Kushner family apologizes for mentioning White House adviser Jared Kushner

SEC seeks to depose Canadian executives over Jay Peak sale

Coalition wants state to reject parts of Vermont Yankee plan

Stars Who Ruined Their Careers In A Matter Of Seconds

Who First Coined The Term "Fake News"?......

EPA fires members of science advisory board

Vermont Law School receives $17 million federal loan

'Hey, I'm President!'--Donald Trump's All-Madness, No-Method Administration - by Margaret Carlson

Jay Peak receiver asks town board to waive $164,159 tax penalty

call cbs in support of Stephen Colbert

Macron hackers linked to Russian-affiliated group behind US attack

A weekend of frantic spin: Republicans ramp up the blatant lying after their Trumpcare victory

This Modern World: Confederacy of sociopaths

Hey, Im President!Donald Trumps All-Madness, No-Method Administration

Want to know why/how BAD Trumpsky's EB-5 visa EO really is?

1945: Victory in Europe Day. "The flags of freedom fly all over Europe."

Think about it...

Fact Ck: The GOPs Health Care Claims Dont Hold Up (good summary)....3 major provisions analyzed .

KRUGMAN: Republicans Party Like Its 1984.

You have the right to a lawyer, but not to a doctor. Stupid Constitution. Wait...

Maxine Waters This a.m.: "Sally Yates is more a patriot than Trump"

Roll Call: Liberal advocacy group targets Republicans in TV and digital ads

Eric Trump Denies Story That Russians Funded $100 Million Golf Course Project

On Blasphemy Laws

Gawd dam! All the ISPs are so full of it.

Five things to watch at the Sally Yates hearing. Scheduled for 2:30 pm today.

Sinclair Broadcast to buy Tribune Media for $3.9 billion

'She is going to fry you': Internet torches Trump for attacking Sally Yates hours before testimony

What time does the Yates testimony start?

"You're a disgrace to the World" - girl confronts Trump impersonator

GOP Lying To Americans Like The Nazis Lied To "You Know Who".

Who signed the law that created those visas that Jared's Family is hawking?

White Nationalism (Deplorabilism) Gets Thumped

Kushner Companies Apologizes After Investment-for-Visas Event in China

Trump just took down his dimwitted Sally Yates tweet --- misspelling "W.H. Council"

Only people with cats will understand.

You Wonder What The Country Is Going To Look Like By November 2018.

Former NSA Director: Sally Yates' Visit to WH Counsel Suggests 'Chaos in the Trump White House'

The Cards are 13-5 after a 3-9 start

Did you know May is NF Awareness Month

The Declaration of independence - our founding document - is very clear on citizen's rights.

Trump 'planning smear campaign' against Sally Yates while she testifies against administration

Robert Johnson was born on this date.

Ricky Nelson was born on this date.

Breaking on MSNBC live TV: Obama warned 45/140 about Flynn when they met.

It's still an outrage

MSNBC - Obama warned Trump not to hire Mike Flynn on Nov 10 '16.

Baby born clutching IUD? Free abortion vacations? Nope - but such urban legends are very useful to..

****BREAKING NEWS**** Obama told Trump not to hire Flynn at White House Briefing

Blame Obama UPDATE: Obama personally warned Trump against hiring Flynn as national security adviser

'The president is threatening a witness': CNN analyst slams Trump's 'disturbing' Sally Yates tweets

"Revenge is a dish best served cold."

NBC: Obama warned Trump about hiring Michael Flynn during Oval Office meeting on Nov. 10

Putin to Frances Macron: Lets overcome mutual mistrust

I have pneumonia again

"as far as im concerned your premiums, theyre gonna start to go down"

Obama warned Trump about hiring Flynn, sources say

EXCLUSIVE Obama Warned Trump Against Hiring Mike Flynn, Say Officials

****BREAKING NEWS**** White House not denying Obama told Trump not to hire the traitorous Flynn

CNN now's spreading!

"Faso wont attend health care town hall meeting in Kingston." U.S. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney will!

I thought yesterday was great when Macron thumped Le Pen.

Should we respect religious beliefs of others?

Meet the modern-day Pagans who celebrate the ancient gods

So the Madman corrects his spelling but not his attempt to obstruct justice?

Hidden New York: African burial ground

Trump reciting the words to The Snake at his rallies is the most naked act of projection

Hidden New York: A Memorial to remind us what brought some people to America

Last call for MIRT volunteers for May-August

A Republican Principle Is Shed in the Fight on Health Care (NY Times)

Hidden New York: The oldest tree in the city

My "WTF?" of the day, insane religion department...

Will Tesla Succeed?

Trump/Le Pen voters in a nutshell:

The Identity Politics Of The Trump Administration

Emmanuel Macron won 66.1%, Marine Le Pen 33.9% in French vote: final results

Trump Effect: Woman spews anti-Muslim, anti-Obama filth in Trader Joe's (VIDEO)

Mexico's lost generation of young girls robbed of innocence and education

Mexico's lost generation of young girls robbed of innocence and education

Mexico's lost generation of young girls robbed of innocence and education

Man arrested in killing of engaged Boston doctors

Mexico's lost generation of young girls robbed of innocence and education

Pic Of The Moment: The Trump Administration's Drug Policy Begs One Question...

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black share wedding photos

Trump wants his staff to stop dumping on Flynn

The church defying Trump

President Obama warns trump about flynn on Nov. 10th & on Nov. 18th trump appointed him NSA.

'Sanitizing History': Condoleezza Rice Slams Attempts to Remove Slave Owners' Monuments

FOX Columnist laments having to walk "two or three blocks" in Paris without seeing a white person

How To Spot Fascism Before Its Too Late (Toon)

.....Because they are not capable of taking seriously the words of a black man.

Donald Trump's ignorance is becoming more evident with each passing day

****BREAKING**** Flynn told Russian ambassador Trump had their back re sanctions

2017 Hurricane Hunters to visit Washington National Airport Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Obama should strictly tell DT NEVER to brag on Twitter about breaking any important law.

If Pres. Obama were white do you think Donald Trump would have heeded his admonitions about Flynn

Kushner Companies apologizes for using Trumps son-in-law to hawk visas to Chinese investors

Republicans Take the Hypocritical Oath on Healthcare

Making The Case For 2020 Hillary Clinton

Police in Turkey raid publisher's offices, confiscate 2,000 books

i loves me some jeremy bash.


2 days after Rwanda's first woman makes presidential bid, nudes leaked...

Should You Go to Jared?

2017 Hurricane Hunters to visit Washington National Airport Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The buck, as they say, stops at the Resolute Desk - Except, of course, with Trump

Trump Admin Official: Obama's Flynn warning "seemed like it was made in jest."

Twitter Video: Health care is a right of all people. Why? Because we are human beings.

Remember when Trump refused to go to intelligence briefings?

The View's Jedediah Bila: Republicans were not celebrating people losing healthcare

Can somomene help me interpret these CT Results?

Can someone help me interpret these CD Results?

Klobuchar Swings Through Iowa

Is Trump defying The Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978, 44 U.S.C. 2201-2209, g

No Economists Polled Agree with Trump

RepublicanCare is a scam

Trump Agenda Will Take Much Longer Than Planned

A republican and a democrat go to a car dealership.

Russian Probes Could Stretch Into 2018 Midterms

went shopping to day.

Impeachara-- for TIAD--trump-induced anxiety disorder

American Gods Delivers a Powerful Black Lives Matter Message

Yates-Flynn timeline shows how Trump administration may have been engaged in coordinated cover-up

Let's solve the Health Care Cost Issue!

I'm all but certain that I saw a report or a tweet or a post...

Medicaid copays going up so businesses can get a tax break in CO.

Washington Loves General McMaster, But Trump Doesn't

spicer is talking really fast, which means he's lying.

New Zealand campervan rental

What did the president know, and when did he know it?

Will the hearing be on MSNBC or CNN?

Could President Obama be asked to testify before the Senate subcommittee now?

Can We Inoculate Against Stupid? Maybe...

Link to live video of Sally Yates testifying before Senate subcommittee (coming up at 2:30 ET)

'It Feels Like A Cover Up'

Did Trump Administration take Flynn's security clearance when he was fired?

It sucks to see this clown disrespect President Obama when he can't defend himself

I'm wondering if anyone will confront this WH with their blatant lie...

They need to ask spicey

when the questions get 'hot', spicer always goes to a 'reporter' that changes the subject.

Tiffany Trump to attend Georgetown Law School in the fall

Learning With Respect vs. Just Asking Questions

Something tells me getting the first draft of a crappy healthcare bill passed in the House....

That is rich, for the past 8 years, they said if Obama said to do X, they'll do Y

Anti-protest bills would 'attack right to speak out' under Donald Trump

New Study Finds Black Voter Turnout Plummeted In 2016 Election

Lecturing Clinton About 'Taking Responsibility' For Her Defeat is Bizarre - Josh Marshall

EPA removes half of scientific board, seeking industry-aligned replacements

Paul Krugman weighs in on Trumpcare...

Ex-CIA chief of staff: Michael Flynn told Russia 'don't worry about sanctions we got your back'

The hypocrisy of the religious slaughter ban

C-SPAN just played Macron's acceptance speech.

Train Derailment reported in downtown Harrisonburg

WHAT Trump Knew, and WHEN He Knew It ...

Despite their twisted fantasies, Republicans are nothing like Rocky or George Patton -- they are...

Irish beach washed away 33 years ago reappears overnight after freak tide

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Planned Parenthood head: 'Being a woman is now a pre-existing condition'

Planned Parenthood head: 'Being a woman is now a pre-existing condition'

Is a SF86 the equivalent of vetting for a presidential nominee?

In Colombia, Pope Francis wants to see zero police and zero guns

Planned Parenthood head: 'Being a woman is now a pre-existing condition'

NEW: Flynn never received broader security clearance needed to serve as Natl Security Advisor before

PBS LIVE: Sally Yates testifies before Senate subcommittee investigating Russia ties to the election

Full Interview: Bernie Sanders Talks Democrats, President Trump, Palestine And Syria

With declining numbers, women religious are invisible to many non-Catholics


UPDATED - White House Blames Obama For Trump Hiring Flynn

John Oliver urges activism on net neutrality - gofccyourself

The alt-right hates women as much as it hates people of colour

The alt-right hates women as much as it hates people of colour

Met Museum Plans Michelangelo Exhibition.

fox is doing all they can to support trump on this trying day...☹️

The alt-right hates women as much as it hates people of colour

***** Sally Yates testifies LIVE Blog #TrumpRussia *****

Sally Yates is about to bring back the Russia story in a big way

Things You Used to Think Were Funny but Don't Now

4th Circuit Oral Argument -- International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump

Live audio of International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump (4th Circuit Court of Appeals)

Lindsey Graham indirectly to press photogs: "Back in your cages"

"This free press thing has gone too far." Lindsey Graham

With Job Safe For Now, Gorka Works To Rehab His Rep In The Jewish Community

Looks Like Flynn never got a CIA

No, sir. It is YOU who are fired! (caption Yates)

Hill Sources: White House contacted multiple GOP Senators TODAY asking them to cancel Yates hearin

If we agree on the issues, why are so many on the left fighting each other?

I think the entire MSM is missing the point...

The Domino Effect, Trump Version

Spicer Says He Expects Sally Yates To Tell The Truth In Senate Testimony

Macron campaign knew the hackers were coming, so they laid atrap and defeated them

Washington Loves General McMaster, But Trump Doesn't

Stupid: 2, USA: 0, UK: 0.....France: 1, Stupid: 0.

Republicans Take the Hypocritical Oath on Healthcare

Sen Sheldon Whitehouse is putting ALL out there.

Milbank: When winning means more than governing

Watch Dmitri Hvorostovskys Surprise Return to the Met Opera.

Saunders: States not eager to provide Trumpcares pools

Yates remarks start NOW!!

When will the alt-left begin its attacks on Macron?

Trump call for Muslim ban deleted from site after reporter's question

Same-sex marriage is the law of the land. A Kentucky judge must have missed that.

4th Circuit Court of Appeals raking Solicitor General over coals about Trump "Muslim Ban" pledge

Chuck Grassely

Bernanke Says Trump Tax Cut A Bad Idea

My Senator Lamar Alexander is on the committee to look at the House healthcare bill.

I wonder if anyone's tried turning Trump off and on again.

MEANWHILE, in Kansas City:

Surprise! Southern Comfort Has No Whiskey. But Soon It Will.

Trump Campaign Deletes Infamous Press Release 'Calling for a Total and Complete Shutdown of Muslim E

I recently encountered a bigot who referred to atheism as my "particular religious belief".

Sally Yates is a fine American a patriot

Sen. Graham to Yates: Are you aware of any Trump/Russia collusion?

Chuck Grassley is a piece of shit

Senate Grassley is a useless hack.

How to control the narrative

Unmasking, unmasking, unmasking...

Grassly is more worried about who told on trump than the Russian cyber attack on America the absence of classified evidence itself a classified matter?

Good ol' Chuck Grassley

it appears that Sally Yates went to white house and the white house fired the messenger.

Yates and Clapper are great witnesses.

Found: The oath Chuck Grassley said when joining the Senate

'Not a 400-Pound Guy': Lindsey Graham Takes Shot At Trump's 2016 Hacking Theory

This Just In: Tanker Train Full of Whitewash en route to The Senate Chambers

Yates says can't answer if knew of evidence of collusion btw Russians/Trump campaign/associates beca

Cornyn is deflecting back to unmasking

A 2016 Review: Theres Reason to Be Skeptical of a Comey Effect

Well, I cut ties with one branch of the MsEE, finally...

LGBT films

"We're not a law firm. We're the Department of Justice." *

Yates just made a fool of stupid Coryn. whow.

Cornyn: "You can distinguish the truth from lawful?"

HEY ...... PLEASE. what exactly does .... "UN-MASKING" mean

Tom Price admits older people would pay a lot more under Trumpcare, says 'somebody's going to pay'

Yates: Flynn Was 'Compromised With Respect To The Russians'

It's Black and White

Josh Marshall: A Few Thoughts on the Trump/Kushner Families Presidency Cash Bust Out

Breaking: Trump Calls for Installation of Foil on White House Windows

Murder of couple on Jenner beach (2004) finally solved

There is NO ONE more creepy than Ted Cruz

Now Cruz is going on about HRC e-mails.

All Statements Scrubbed From Trump Campaign Site Including Travel Ban

Why are most of the questions coming from Republicans aimed at Clapper

Pretty sure she wins the cute prize...

If you're watching Yates hearing, where is Cruz going with his questions?

Cruz is still going on about Hillary's emails

Cruz has picked up the doomed ersatz Muslim ban from Cornyn.

Senators and Audience With Audible Laughter at Cruz Questions/Characterizations

Childs Play Is Good for All of Us.

Yates is clearly a better lawyer than Cornyn or Cruz

I thought Ted Cruz was the smartest lawyer in the world.

Ex-CIA director James Clapper confirms British intelligence warned US about Trump-Russia activity

Sally Yates for President....

What's for Dinner, Monday, May 8, 2017

Talk to me about Senator Sasse - he doesn't yet sound like a right-wing wingnut.

Sean Spicer's Netflix Comedy Special

John Cornyn, you got your ass handed to you *

What to Cook This Week

Yates Shuts Down GOP Senator On Trump Travel Ban: 'It Was Not Lawful'

EPA dismisses half of key boards scientific advisers; Interior suspends over 200 advisory panels

Cyrus McQueen is a wise and honorable man.

Who is this asshole 437 EST?

I mean this in the best way possible as metaphor for Sally Yates' sparring with the GOPee Senators

Cornyn, Cruz, and Kennedy are embarrassing an entire region - the South!

Sir I Knew Senator John Kennedy-He was a Friend of Mine...and YOU are No John Kennedy

John Kennedy (not Grassley) to Yates: "Who appointed you to the United States Supreme Court?"

US ambassador to UN only no-show at Security Council visit to Colombia

Good grief they are dumb

I tought this hearing was supposed to be about Flynn?

Republican Senators are simply stupid people

US ambassador to UN only no-show at Security Council visit to Colombia

Yay--Al Franken is in the house

Slow-freezing Alaska soil driving surge in carbon dioxide emissions

Woman says husband demanded divorce before killing 4 people

Prosecutor: Governor changed his view on meddling in cases

ACLU sues Trump administration for records from botched Yemen raid

Our woman Sally at the hearings today

Kathy's House

Mississippi African Americans besieged by illegal searches, ACLU lawsuit says

Mississippi African Americans besieged by illegal searches, ACLU lawsuit says

Here is the video where Cruz got his ass handed to him.

America: equity and equality in health (The Lancet)

Incredible Not a Single Thread on JPR about the Senate Intelligence Committee

Al Franken

Damn Al Franken, you are amazing!!

Trump travel ban: federal appeals court hears arguments in crucial next stage

Repug John Kennedy questioning Yates and clapper

Trump's idea of a public/private partnership is a family business run from the White House - Toles

Accused New York, New Jersey bomber to be tried in New York: judge

Congress just stripped away many Consumer Financial protections ...

Ex-wife of polygamous sect leader to open doors to secretive home

Never before seen footage of conservative men's deepest fears

Tonight! House Democrat plans to attend town hall for GOP lawmaker

I suspect after today's testimony Greenwald and Stein will now come out and agree Russia was

Songs you're afraid to admit you love

Does donating to an organization that oppresses women and lgbt people make one complicit?

Mercer Sued by Hedge Fund Worker Fired After Blasting Trump

It's like everyone forgot 2009-2017

Jesus Christ Grassley is an embarrassment!!

Seattle climber dies after fall on Mount Hood

45 may be planning first trip to Camp David this weekend

The Best #Marijuana Documentary Of All Time!

Trump singles out historically black college funds in signing statement

How to watch live stream of Jimmy Carter-Bernie Sanders talk - May 8 at 6:20 pm

How to watch live stream of Jimmy Carter-Bernie Sanders talk - May 8 at 6:20 pm

Trolls are working over time tonight.

Clapper just said our voting equipment should be considered "critical infrastructure"

tick removal trick before you go camping

Message to Republicans congressmen;

Lawsuit: Law officers unfair to blacks in Mississippi county

Why don't these witnesses every have to go pee?

This tweet sums it up:

David Corn: Why the Sally Yates Hearing Was Very Bad News for the Trump White House

after all is said and done, no real surprises

Someone in the Con's WH leaked

Russian interference in our election and they will come back...

Lindsay Graham carrying ALL of the GOP water today.

Flipped over to Fox and they are talking about the threat posed to our country

Speaking of Profiles in Courage......

Beth Orton - She Cries Your Name, Poison Tree

Pigs to fly in front of Trump Tower

A sitting PRESIDENT told the incoming part-time amateur specifically that Flynn was dirty.

Right-wing competition for Fox News? Sinclair Broadcasting announces purchase of 42 TV stations

Heard on CBS radio today: Op ed (unusual) piece: "Let each state choose btwn Ryancare and Obamacare.

Sally Yates...

Clinton and the Intel agencies told George W. Bush to watch out for bin Laden

Thanks DU for being there when I need you

What we now know after the Committee hearing?

I think Lindsey Graham is paying lip service to the whole leak thing.

Carter Center Facebook Video Link:

Why Everything We Know About Salt May Be Wrong

President Jimmy Carter and Senator Bernie Sanders In Conversation

I loved how the Dems

Pres. Jimmy Carter & Sen. Bernie Sanders in Conversation: Held during the Human Rights Defenders ...

And right on time: U.S. poised to expand military effort against Taliban in Afghanistan

Always heard what a helluva lawyer Cruz was

LIVE Video: Pres. Jimmy Carter & Sen. Bernie Sanders in Conversation

How long before Trump lifts the sanctions on Russia??

watch as Sally Yates eviscerates ted cruz!

Pierce: Sally Yates Dismantled Ted Cruz, and Michael Flynn Seems Like a Hooked Fish

I'm thinking about upgrading!

For ME, as an AMERICAN, the ONLY thing WORSE than a PHONE TAPP is leaking UNCLASSIFIED INFO

White House advisors called Ottawa to urge Trudeau to help talk Trump down from scrapping NAFTA

The Trump Tweet Meltdown BEGINS!!!

Impeach Me

Melissa McCarthy will be hosting a new Saturday Night Live 5-13-17

Trump's latest Category 5 tweetstorm shows no signs of losing strength.

medical bills and credit ratings

Oui! Oui! Ewww!

okay, watch Sally Yates eviscerate john cornyn...

Meet The Good Trolls Secretly Spying On Trump Supporters And Neo-Nazis

This is what the "pee in a cup" drug tests result in.

Blum just walked out on a local reporter.

Trumps Twitter Feed on Yates Testimony Summarized...

Bill Clinton and James Patterson are collaborating on a novel

Just 31% Support the GOP Health Care Bill

Bernie Sanders vows Obamacare repeal bill 'is never going to pass' in Senate

WATCH: Al Franken brilliantly connects the dots on why Trump took so long to fire Flynn

Keith Olbermann: Trump's treason revealed by Yates' heroism

Guys, I was all ready to accept Sally Yates's testimony today as true. I really was.

Republicans turn to gaslighting in the health care debate

Shadowy tech firm that helped Trump win could be paid to build Minority Report crime prediction da

War sucks. Specialist Hilda Clayton, captured the end of her life in a photo

You listen to me young lady:

Trump team quickly scrubs call for a Muslim ban from campaign site after reporter asks about it

Jack Kingston reminds me of a cartoon character.

Mercer Sued by Hedge Fund Worker Fired After Blasting Trump

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Sally Yates is an American Hero The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

My neighbor is a trump supporter

Anyone watching The Handmaid's Tale on HULU?

Radio: God grant me the serenity to ignore this nonsense

Lab developed aerodynamic devices improve tractor trailer fuel efficiency