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Archives: June 1, 2017

So I guess Hillary should have just used her iphone 3 for classified communications

First, she's a woman. Second, she's a liberal. Third, she clearly hates Donny Two Scoops.

Flynn was making literal propaganda films for Erdogan just before joining the Trump campaign.

Dakota Access pipeline expected to begin shipping Thursday

Sessions had another possible meeting besides the two previously known. He was asked

Trump Says Sleeping Only Four Hours a Day Not Affecting His Ability to Cljjryff

Trump administration moves to return Russian compounds in Maryland and New York

Subject to change because it is WAY too early, but my 2020 pick right now is . . . .

Pulse nightclub massacre survivor dies in Orlando highway car crash

Just discovered

"A 50-cal Opened Up at 17:15 Today"

Museum: Gallows-like sculpture to be dismantled, then burned

BREAKING: DOJ granted warrants to conduct surveillance on certain journalists to find leakers

Source: Comey to testify publicly about Trump confrontations

Our country's media is now dominated 24/7 by Chump's gaffs and stupid tweets.

On a dark desert highway

Lewandowski says turmoil in White House communications staff is partly because Trump is too

Iconic Photo Shows Mother Of Portland Victim Embracing Woman In Headscarf At Vigil

CNN email: Biden is launching a PAC

All we need is a creative person to put some faces to this...

Donny 2 Scoops Disaster BLOTUS still tweeting about Hillary..

Video: Bernie Sanders at Berlin Freie Universitt - May 31, 2017

Kurt Eichenwald: American era is over.

Jesse Lee Peterson: Trump Is A White Savior Sent By God To Save America

my brother has been diagnosed w/ Parkinson's disease

First on CNN: Sources: Congress investigating another possible Sessions-Kislyak meeting

Which endorsement is strong?

Did Trump Campaign Rhetoric Empower the White Extremist Who Killed Two Bystanders on Portland Train

Exxon shareholders vote to force company to disclose climate risks

I fear Putin and Trump are building an iron curtain around the US and a few other nations.

MAX stabbing survivor discusses attack, healing and his city. "We must protect each other."

Dumpty tweeting about Hillary and the election again...

Is Hope Hicks a comedian?

Task force recommends changes to save historic Cheyney University

Will we ever see Spicer do a live press breifing anymore?

Liberal Synagogues See Trump Bump As Pews Fill Up

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

White House will stop taking questions about Trump, Russia investigation

Top European Union official says Trump doesnt understand Paris climateaccord

Paris Climate Agreement - please read - really important

Come Together and Fight the Oligarchy, Declares Sanders in Stirring Commencement

of course he is-blotus giving Russia back their spy houses in the USA

OMG. msnbc reporting that Trump may give the 2 Russian compounds that were shut down by Obama

Why is Rachel Maddow STILL sick?

Climate change drama grips the White House

Rachel still out sick but Ari is doing a good show!

Covfefe to all and to all covfefe night!

Has anyone ever seen or heard Jared Kushner speaking

Wonder Woman banned by Lebanon over Israeli lead Gal Gadot

White House preps broad exemptions from birth control mandate

Russian spies helped

Listening to Hillary. She is SO smart. We could have had one hell of a president

Bill would bar photo or video in or near Pennsylvania courtrooms

NRA lobbyist says guns are an equalizer to "the blacks.....

It's Still All About the Money, and Robert Mueller Knows It

The Apprentice...US President Edition..

Citation filed and summary trial scheduled for state Rep. Haggerty

Did a 1980 Letter Help Spark the U.S. Opioid Crisis?

A Women-Only Wonder Woman Screening Is Predictably Upsetting Dumb-Ass Sexists

Feeling insulted, Mexican to market 'Trump' toilet paper

First on CNN: Sources: Congress investigating another possible Sessions-Kislyak meeting

Hillary Clinton: 'I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that's not why I lost'

Jeffrey Lord just got spanked on CNN

The only thing worse than a President who embarrasses us in front of our allies...

Estimated cost for single-payer healthcare in California reduced by billions in analysis...

Trial opens for man accused of abusing girl he got as a gift

Democrats hoping Carney runs for Congress

Reminder that NSA has had Ambassador Kislyak under active surveillance since approximately 1973

Down the road, we will realize that covfefe was the first step toward the 25th Amendment

Hillary Clinton to POTUS: People in covfefe houses shouldn't throw covfefe.

Jared Kushner built luxury condos using real estate grants meant for poor communities

Pasco teen musicians set to embark on rock tour

Hillary's twitter response to Trump is an instant classic...

If Trump allows businesses to avoid offering contraceptives to their employees --

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 1, 2017 -- TCM Spotlight - Gay Hollywood

Pretentious hypocrisy...

Hillary's EXPLOSIVE Appearance at Codecon (Full Vid)

A Deplorable just got owned on CNN. They have the I Q of an oak tree.

Sarah Palin served 2 years as Governor of AK when she was selected as McCain's VP in 2008.

If you need a break...

Hillary brought up a really good point in her CodeCon talk

I have a question about the ballistic missile test yeasterday...

"Unmasking" Supoenas Issued with Flynn, Cohhen Supoenas (Nunes!)

If Hillary lied on her security clearance form.and lied to congress would republicans be yawning

Keith Olberman: Has Michael Flynn Already Flipped On Trump?

Trump co moving to return Russian compounds in New York to the Russians.

On a Portland Train, the Battlefield of American Values

Covfefe says it all! Cuz there's nothing that makes sense to say. nt

Sago Palm - New Growth

Too many cuts stall Delaware budget meetings

Kochsucker Mick Mulvaney: The day of the CBO 'has probably come and gone'

Andrea Mitchell can kiss my ass

Cory Booker breaks Senate tradition to speak out against Sessions's nomination.

In lieu of our next war, can the leaders just throw shade at each other on Twitter?

Best of Koterba toon (a little late for Memorial bad)

2018 US Senate Election

Minocycline shows promise in slowing down early MS symptoms. CTV

I Just Saw Something Noteworthy On TV!

Watching my son become my daughter

DUI charges for Dover councilman, policy director for Lt. Gov.

Delaware Gov. John Carney to hold roundtable with marijuana opponents June 1

Governor signs package of legislation to combat addiction crisis

A bird and a bloom

So, our Conman wants to drop out of the Paris Accords! Well that's just great. We will become

Check in here if you're changing your "safe word" to Covfefe

I Suddenly Have The Urge To Buy An RC Cola

Sen. Al Franken reveals he sent a letter to the FBI re Jeff Sessions' reported 3rd meeting w/ Kislak

White House Details Ethics Waivers for at Least 16 Staff Members

This is the moment Jean-Claude Juncker became president.

Lawrence O'Donnell just said he will be right there for the next couple of years!

Lawrence is staying!!!!

Lawrence OD says he signed his contract!!!

Low Cost, Scalable Water Splitting Fuels the Future Hydrogen Economy

Norman Mailer forsees Trump...

So Lawrence signed a new contract?

Lawrence O'Donnel just said he will be right here next week

Lawrence O'Donnell Just Said He'll Be Here A Couple More Years nt

"To the people who are so upset for Barron Trump . . ."

Lawrence is a keeper on MSNBC!

Lawrence O'Donnell

Maryland suspends new contracts for proposed Purple Line

Lawerence O'Donnell is staying on MSNBC

Thoughts on the Trump/Griffin mess

The Mercers promised to help Trump if he'd bring on Bannon and Conway.

Al Jazeera Tweets, Then Deletes, Anti-Semitic Greedy Jew Meme.

Newly identified microbial process could reduce toxic methylmercury levels

Aide to Baltimore mayor Pugh pleads guilty to campaign finance violation

Bowel cancer breakthrough by Queen's University Belfast researchers

The White House Mess - WSJ editorial

Uber posts $708 million loss, finance head leaves: Wall Street Journal

Ted Cruz has endorsed Josh Mandel for the 2018 US Senate Race against Sherrod Brown today.

We all know that covfefe he is going to be the next word added to the Oxford English Dictionary

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 2, 2017 -- What's on Tonight: Treasures from the Disney Vault

Free Covfefe (Really. Actual ad)

Remember When Cons Labeled Obama "The Libs Messiah."....This Shit Right Here

Steny Hoyer talks FBI, federal budget woes

What's Your Favorite Candy?

Devin Nunes subpoenaed CIA, FBI, NSA without telling Democrats

China is now getting its power from the largest floating solar farm on Earth

Jared Kushner and his partners used a program meant for job-starved areas to build luxury skyscraper

Jared Kushner and his partners used a program meant for job-starved areas to build luxury skyscraper

DOJ Reportedly Granted Warrants To Conduct Surveillance On Journalists In Order To Find Leakers

Hillary: "I think Jeff Bezos saved the Washington Post."

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 3, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials - Station Stories

Fatal police shooting in Grand Rapids on May 3rd

Detroit city budget has a surplus of nearly $63 million

"COVFEFE: Collusion Of Vile Fatuous Evil Fascist Egomaniacs" -Rob Reiner

So the TV pundits are all wondering why

Susan Sarandon Explains The Positives for Progressives of President Trump

Could we get a warning before we click that we are clicking on a Tweet?

Did anybody see Matt Lewis call Jay Sekulow a partisan hack on CNN

Comey Expected to Testify Before Senate, if He Isnt Blocked

Stirling University to launch home dementia app

I'm putting together a Ted Nugent covfefe band

Maryland gerrymandering lawsuit could impact 2018 voting map

America's Got Talent 2017 Puddles Pity Party From Out of Nowhere Full Audition S12E01

While You Obsessed Over Trumps Scandals, Hes Fundamentally Changed The Country

This is who we need. We must find another Paul Wellstone.

Trump Exempts Entire Senior Staff From White House Ethics Rules

GOP launches attack on MSNBC's Morning Joe

U.S. Senator Booker Says Russia Trying to Destabilize Democracies Globally

"Too Czmart for His Own Good" - Slate

New York Times eliminates its public editor

LeBron James Talks Vandalism, Racism: Being Black In America Is Tough

JRR Tolkien book Beren and Lthien published after 100 years

A 1980 Letter on the Risk of Opioid Addiction N Engl J Med 2017

The Covfefe Song

I took a "selfie" today

Bernie Sanders rips into Trump in Berlin

U.S. probe to make unprecedented plunge into sun's atmosphere

Trump Exempts Entire Senior Staff From White House Ethics Rules

Jeremy Corbyn challenges Tory spokesperson Amber Rudd on the effects of Tory benefit cuts

Samantha Bee: Covfefe, Kushner, Idiot Abroad; Gianfort Body-Slam; Who Will Be Trump's John Dean?

State accuses Northrop Grumman of obstructing IT transition to run up costs

Amazing final Wonder Woman poster.

Republicans fume as McAuliffe administration skips meeting on climate change directive

Samantha Bee, Ladies Who Book: Al Franken

Stewart calls Gillespie's work for Tyson Foods 'human trafficking'

Trump to give Putin his spy houses back. No reciprocity. They didn't even get the St Petersburg

I still cannot fucking believe Donald Trump is president.

Elon Musk says he'll step down from Pres. Trump's advisory councils if U.S. withdraws from Paris cl

Filings by physician accused in 'pill mill' case prompt government request for a hearing

White House grants ethics waivers to 17 appointees, including four former lobbyists

I believe that Trump can get really dangerous if he does not see an "exit strategy".


This Sunset brought to you by the good people of California

This wall projection makes gym class a giant video game

GM to eliminate 2nd shift at Michigan factory

Mike Pence has become invisible. Can anyone locate him? He has no visibility or comment

When DC looks like this remember who backed out of the Paris Climate Agreement/Accord.

Have a wonderful "covfefe" day, everyone!

Donald J. Trump Presidential Library (toon)

United Faces $435,000 Fine, Accused of Flying Plane 23 Times Without Inspecting Repair, F.A.A. Says

Clinton says Trump campaign likely guided Russians before U.S. election

Martina Navratilova says Margaret Court is a "homophobe"

Brazil's J&F agrees to pay record $3.2 billion fine in leniency deal

Brazil's J&F agrees to pay record $3.2 billion fine in leniency deal

Met Mascot Vs Kathy Griffin Vs Kayne West Vs moon conspiracy

Lawsuit filed against 4 Virginia Beach SWAT officers who fatally shot woman at 7-Eleven

Martina Navratilova slams 'sick and dangerous' Margaret Court comments

Rule to limit mercury and arsenic in waterways is delayed by the EPA

Disturbing and DISGUSTING!!

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - You know the word

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - Globally reviled

Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

The Republicans who urged Trump to pull out of Paris deal are big oil darlings (Guardian)

Nicaragua didn't sign the Paris Accord because they didn't think it was strong enough

Buffoonery, humiliating, pathetic...autocrat. These are just a FEW of the words..

One has to wonder...?

ICYMI-- President Trump postpones Cedar Rapids rally, citing an unforeseen change in schedule

yes, THIS happened..... :O

Try to imagine how Melania felt

Julian Assange considers guest-hosting Sean Hannity

Paul Ryan should remove Devin Nunes from the House Intel Committee...otherwise...

Warren turns her fire on DeVos

Bill Press - Iraq & Afghanistan Wars Costing $5 Billion Per Month.

Trump & GOP Get More Crazy Every Day. And News Gets More Depressing.

Message LOUD AND CLEAR ...

EU And China (Plus UK) To Announce Bilateral Climate Agreement This Friday

We Are Fast Becoming A Rogue Nation.

Live-stream Link: Bernie Sanders at Brighton Festival - June 1, 2017

What will be the mental state of America if this investigation continues for months and years??

Study: Warming Could Push Rain Belts Farther North, Changing Western US, Sahel

Radical Left Is A Myth And A Lie. Common Decency/Sense Now Framed Radical.

The State of the Union


Air travel discomfort results from Wall St. profit pressure

Why are leaks are so important in the investigation of Trump?

NOT...what I expected....

Climate change is not a reality show.

May in Review: The "Downward Spiral" of a "Total Disaster"

May in Review: The "Downward Spiral" of a "Total Disaster"

Trump Appears To Be Getting Desperate And Spiteful.....

Larsen C Ice Shelf: Crack Now 8 Miles From Sea; Delaware-Sized Berg On The Brink Of Calving

Turkey presses Afghanistan to hand over control of Gulenist schools

McConnell hurts democracy

"... If you want to see the future of politics, heres who Dems need to understand..."

Franken: I like Cruz more than most, I hate him

Noose left inside African American history museum

Trump grants as many ethics waivers for WH officials in 4mos as Obama granted in entire 8yrs

I'd rather have a root canal

Philippines air strike kills 10 troops in friendly fire

Cable News Reporters Try to Pronounce "Covfefe"

I guess we all have to stop criticizing Donald so as to not upset his 10yo.

Al Franken Breaks News On Addt'l Reported Sessions-Kislyak Meeting The Last Word MSNBC

Nigel Farage is 'person of interest' in FBI investigation into Trump and Russia

Faceless fish among weird deep sea Australian finds

LeBron James Responds to Racial Vandalism: Being Black in America Is Tough

Possbily start a new forum titled

Time Magazine Cover - Out Tomorrow: "The Good Son"

What's being done to repair the damage done by smoking? Inside Story Al Jazeera English Al Jazeer

Neil deGrasse Tyson Burns Donald Trump Over Possible Paris Climate Deal Withdrawal

Why are people still losing their minds over Hillary?

"My favorite movie is the Pee movie"


I had a dream last night.

So? Sessions had another secret meeting with the Russia!

Mueller could obtain Trump's tax-returns without his permission or even notifying him.

I'm going to stir the sh%t pot:

UK General Election 2017 polls: Jeremy Corbyn's Labour narrows gap with Tories to just three points

Does this apply to Kathy Griffin too? Of course not....

Yeah, No doubt, He is GOOD!!

The Circus

CNN has re-gained credibility, in my opinion...

Bloomberg - If Shitstain Dumps Paris, US Loses First, Then Everyone Else Loses

The Deplorable strategy on Russiagate is becoming apparent.

WTF? Deported U.S. military veterans commemorate Memorial Day in Mexico

La nouvelle vie de Francois Hollande

WAIT a minute! If they take Sessions down, who the hell will champion the fight against legal weed?

An artist wraps a white sheet around the trunk of a tree and then paints.

Perhaps one of the greatest achievements of the Obama Presidency...

Antarctic sends message to Trump about global warming in shape of iceberg the size of Delaware

"Yes I will be saying hi to Rachel @maddow at 10pm for the foreseeable future."


The Franken CNBC Book Plug went from 60 to fluff in 2 minutes.

Do we really think Trump is the pushing force for the exit of the Paris Deal?

The Secret Evangelicals at Planned Parenthood

The american people, the news media are not talking about the biggest threat we are facing.

The Trump Budget Threatens Childrens Health

SHOCKING NEW REVELATIONS from President Trump on's OBAMA! #OhChristNotThisShitAgain

If Al has any ideas about possibly running for President.......he might want to think this over.....

Big tax cuts for the rich, less for the poor

How could I pull off a world-wide global-warming hoax? Asking for a friend.

Worth remembering Kushner, ..Worth remembering Kushner,

LeBron James Foundation will pay $40 million to give 1,100 Akron area kids full rides to college

How the White House Lost Its Brains: virtually no science advisers on staff

White House: Trump's need for aides "outweighs" any ethics concerns

Hacker, Banker, Soldier, Spy: A Guide to the Key Players in the Trump-Russia Scandal

I think I am having "covfefe" withdrawls...

Nigel Farage is 'person of interest' in FBI investigation into Trump and Russia

petition to re Paris accords

Budget Would Cut Civil Rights Positions

COVFEFE: Bizarre Trump Behavior Raises More Mental Health Questions

Trump PR Flunky Implodes When Asked About Saudi Arabia

New Trump White House Rule - NO RULES!

Spring Contest

Charter Member of Macaroons Forever! . . . Please come CAPTION Jeff Sessions!!!

U.S. companies add 253,000 jobs in May: ADP

The new Mother Jones cover nails it, but may also make you sick to your stomach.

Al Franken Reveals He Got Jeff Sessions Busted By Sending A Letter To The FBI

PolitiFact: If you're fooled by fake news, this man probably wrote it

The Republican Partys Sickness Of The Soul


GOP Sen. Faces Tough Questions On Health Care, Trump At Town Hall

This is awesome writing. I haven't even finished it yet.

A Republican weak spot in 2018: Longtime lawmakers in shifting districts

Biden sets up new political action committee, signaling a possible 2020 White House run

DeVos Watch, with Elizabeth Warren

Mexican businessman launches 'Trump' toilet paper after being offended by President's insults

Justice Department didn't read U.S. attorney resignation letters they refused to release

Sen. Warren Rebrands Her Education Department Oversight: DeVos Watch

New Mexico senator slams trump again

Trump, Tax Writers Find Doubts on Plan for Social Security IDs

French prosecutor probes Macron ally Ferrand over deal

Trump Slated to Resign When Top Goal Is Accomplished

Leading Right-Wing Christian Figure Calls For A 'More Violent Christianity'

Is Reince on the way out?

Watch Matt Lewis own "partisan hack" Jay Sekulow

Putin: Russian state has never been involved in hacking

Putin admits Russia may have been involved in U.S. election:

Jerry Garcia's "Wolf" Guitar Sells for $1.9 Million, proceeds go to Southern Poverty Law Center

The Complexities of James Comey - Charles M. Blow

Good News: Medicare Is Finally Fixing a Major Identity Theft Risk

Trump decides to keep U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, at least for now

Indonesian Muslim preacher named as porn case suspect

The meaning of Covefefe Arabic. Why would Trump be speaking Arabic?

Wall Street isn't sure coal's a winner in Trump's Paris climate withdrawal

The anti-Trump right is becoming a breed of its own - By E.J. Dionne Jr.


Planet Earth has been taking advantage of America for too long

Now that even putin has hinted there was Russian interference

Universal health plan would save Californians $37 billion annually, study says

The White House is fueling anti-abortion extremism

Apparently this is now a big best seller in Germany.

Just saw a linguist's funny take on "covfefe"

Trump's complaining about the leaks...

Lawrence O'Donnell to stay on at MSNBC

The true meaning of Covfefe

Trump Budget Chief Suggests Dem Mole Behind CBO O'Care Repeal Score

GOP Rep. Trusts God With Climate Change: 'He Can Take Care Of It'

State: Bid accepted for YDC property

Joe Scarborough Speculates That Donald Trump is 'Vladimir Putin's Hostage'

Immigrant crime victim who appeared with Trump at rallies now feels "abused and exploited" by him

Ex-CIA chief Woolsey: Flynn offered me job as CIA director

State of Ohio Sues 5 Major Drug Companies for Fueling Opioid Epidemic

Russia Backs The Paris Agreement

What Nug nut Nugent did, was just as bad as what Kathy Griffin did!


I made a meme!

Whatever awful damage Trump does on climate, the whole Republican Party is to blame for it:

What does a 'source with links to US Intelligence agencies' actually mean?

Trump Keeps U.S. Embassy In Israel In Tel Aviv For Now, And Most Israelis Shrug

How Twitter Is Being Gamed to Feed Misinformation

How Twitter Is Being Gamed to Feed Misinformation

At 3PM EDT the Barker in the WH will likely mandate a coal pot belly stove in every kitchen, a coal


KO: Has Michael Flynn Already Flipped on Trump? Why the ex-general might be talking (and why that's

KO:Has Michael Flynn Already Flipped on Trump? Why the ex-general might be talking (and why that's t

Joan of Arc-executed because she was a cross-dresser????

Jerry Garcia's Legendary Wolf Guitar Sells for $1.9 Million at Auction

New attack on birth control: Trump proposal would give employers unprecedented power over women

NASA loses lawsuit, auction bidder owns moon dust

DAMN, Even pigeons know they have to salute Putin

*****CNN***** Noose found in museum. Racial slur painted on black NBA star's home

BRAINSTORMING: Pitch to Trump that his resignation would be a victory over Democrats/Obama.

Drumpf is accelerating the destruction of America because he knows that

"If you put me in a cage with a real liberal, I will beat the living daylights out of them"

Mike Cernovich: Portland killer was 'left-wing operative' on a mission to 'frame' Trump supporters

I stand with-Charles P Pierce: "Hillary Clinton Must NOT Be Silent"

Mr. Baseball, the mascot of the NY Mets. was fired for flipping off the crowd!

New York Mets apologize after mascot Mr Met gives fans the finger

Ossoff Hits Trump Over Reports US Will Pull Out Of Paris Climate Pact

Hacker, Banker, Soldier, Spy: A Guide to the Key Players in the Trump-Russia Scandal

If trump has the U.S. leave the Paris accords, the U.S will join a whole list of countries who agree

LGBTQ Pride Month, explained

We like to chase squirrels and red herrings because it takes our mind off the blob

I'm confused. Why is Maduro suddenly best friends with Wall Street?

Trump has granted more lobbyist waivers in 4 months than Obama did in 8 years

Ever notice how polls really do not matter.

Happy 80th birthday today to Morgan Freeman.

Rick Santorum: Solar energy is not 'reliable'

It was fifty years ago today! 📻

Sure seems like Russia have something over Trump to me.

Fearing Trump's next move, liberals urge Supreme Court conservative Kennedy to stay

Vatican would see U.S. Paris deal exit as slap in face: official

STING OPERATION: Sessions Perjured Himself!!!

ISPs, GOP Used Health Care Debate to Distract From Privacy Vote

Pic Of The Moment: So Much For Draining The Swamp...

Trump: The 'big story' is Obama's surveillance and unmasking of people

Megyn Kelly to Interview Vladimir Putin for NBC

Democrats' Secret Weapon: Romney Voters

Nance: How did Kushner know Russian Embassy had a secure comms channel?

A Reader's Guide to Unnamed Sources

'Axis of love': Saudi-Russia detente heralds new oil order

BREAKING: James Comey to speak publicly to Senate Intl Committee next Thursday at 10 AM.

Donald Trump: Nobody wants to work for him because he is 'crazy', senior Republican says

Saudi Arabia ramps up Washington lobbying with former Trump advisers

If Kathy Griffin threatened to kill Obama and Clinton, she'd be invited to the White House

Finally, ***Trump*** named as involved w/ one of the undisclosed meetings w/ Kislyak.

Did Trump, Kushner, Sessions Have An Undisclosed Meeting With Russian?

Former FBI Director James Comey to testify in Senate June 8

Control freaks can't control themselves *snicker*

Drumpt to return property to Putin's spies.

Massive resistance: 140 cities in 40 states will March for Truth on Trumps Russia ties

samantha bee on "covfefe", kushner and other insanities

The Lion King,... Like you have never seen before...

Trump administration approves tougher visa vetting, including social media checks

I, personnaly, would like to thank Donald Trump

PVW Hillary Clinton: People in covfefe houses shouldn't throw covfefe.

Michigan Republican: God can take care of climate change problems

Michigan Republican: God can take care of climate change problems

Forget the bluster. Trump is weak and the world is walking all over him. - Matt Bai

Trump's Guiding Principle Is Undoing Obama's Agenda

The World Is Walking All Over Trump

It's OK if You'e a Republican-- Conservatives are the only ones allowed to joke about violence

It's OK if You're a Republican-- Conservatives are the only ones allowed to joke about violence

Democrats Bid to Retake House Begins In California

Well, gee....which one to choose for Trump?

What Megyn Kelly didn't tell Today show viewers about the "Russian broadcaster" she interviewed

Exercise for people over sixty

Pat Robertson says President Trump is 'God's man for the job'

Nigel Farage 'named as person of interest' in FBI investigation into links between Russia and Trump

New intel may prove Trump - not just Sessions - had "private encounter" w/ Kislyak at campaign event

Saudis Expand Executions Policy After Donald Trumps Visit

Man tries to marry his laptop (again) in attempt to kill same-sex marriage

Rolling back Cuba policies would cost US $6.6B: report

2009: Business leaders support Obama efforts on Climate Change

"The so-and-so that we deserve"

Thank You, Donald Trump!

This apple farmer will be the next 'religious freedom' posterboy

United States Is the Biggest Carbon Polluter in History

If Russian banks financed most of Trump's real-estate ventures

'Modern-day Watergate burglar' James O'Keefe slammed with a million-dollar fraud lawsuit

If Howard Zinn's A Peoples History of the United States was a mural about L.A., this is it!

What United States and Syria have in common

Trump is "a direct and genuine person," says Putin, with "a fresh view of things."

NewYorker outdoes itself with this Kim Warp cartoon.

Arab leaders did plan to eliminate Israel in Six-Day War

BLS report: April jobless rates down over the year in 322 of 388 metro areas; payroll jobs up in 297

Pierce:Hillary Clinton Must Not Be Silent

WHAT is "Diamond Fuji"?

Lawyered Up! Trump's Russia Scandal Enters Whole New Chapter

Anderson Cooper reads best 'covfefe' tweets

Uribes via crucis: apologizing to Colombias war victims and journalists by force

Scientist from Colombia working on NASAs 1st mission to the sun

Kent Police Under Fire for Appalling Non-Response to...Rock-Throwing Assault on Jewish Family...

French Jewish Anger Grows Over Savage Antisemitic Murder of Pensioner at Hands of Muslim in Paris...

Well bless their little hearts . . .

Wrote this

Prophets Of Rage - "Unfuck The World" (Directed By Michael Moore)

For no particular reason, I just had an urge to listen to some Roxy this morning...Any Roxy Fans?

Well, I think the TRUMPers know their boy is in deep shit...

From Senator Sherrod Browns twitter feed just now.....


Patriotic Russians may have staged cyber attacks on own initiative: Putin

Question...Is this some kind of "rerun" of Watergate?

Has Michael Flynn Already Flipped on Trump? The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

Watching 2 kits chasing a fly....

UPDATE: Dozens injured in Resorts World shooting

Add HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities) to Trump's broken campaign promises list.

Fake ICE Flyers Appear In SW Neighborhood: 'Tear It Down!' Says Mayor

Al Franken: Polarization In DC As Bad As It Seems Morning Joe

sgt pepper today

Fuck trump and his gameshow like reveal where he'll announce that he's dropping the climate deal

The evil neoliberal Cory Booker is in the hands of Big Pharma

Women Using Birth Control Can Be Fired By Employers Who Are Christian.

With Trump, it's always "just the tip."

Lunatic Rs in TX now will jail teller who cashed check for abortion procedure

I thought Sean Hannity was going to be fired by Goebbelsvision?

So it seems every Friday we get a big news dump of like 3 or 4 big Trump stories

NRA loses appeal of California firearm fee

Putin says U.S. missile systems in Alaska, South Korea challenge Russia

So dumb donnie will satisfy Steve Bannon and a few other of his friends

Delaware-sized iceberg is close to breaking off Antarctica

Nugent "joked"

Business sags at Trump's New York golf course as players stay away

If Cheeto tries to claim executive privilege to block Comey testimony next week...

Twitter Video: To the people of Germany and elsewhere in the world:

So who will get the rose today?

"Conservatives forget history with Trump effigy outrage"

Sending tweets to a local reporter

Miscarriage certificates?

Trump to pull U.S. from historic Paris climate agreement breaking ranks with more than 190 countries

**BREAKING** WaPo says Trump is getting out of Paris Accord

Bloomberg Understatement...

Fake Testimony, FAKE TESTIMONY ... SAD!

Tapper is kicking Rand Paul's ass on climate change.

Same-sex vulture dads hatch chick at Amsterdam zoo

my message to the orange idiot after withdrawing from the paris accords

As Prices Plummet, Trump Palace Residents Work to Change the Building's Name

We're being conditioned to accept the outrageous and the illegal as normal

Hubris, a definition, on this moment of world - wide embarrassment

Tom Price Bought Pharma Stocks -- Then Lobbied for the Industry in Australia

BREAKING: Film discovered of the band playing on the TITANIC...

Alexis Frank, a 26-year-old political novice, never considered vying for Congress until...

With Paris Accord Withdrawal, Trump Extends Middle Finger to All

Argentine golfing great Roberto de Vicenzo dies, aged 94

NRA loses appeal of California firearm fee

If Trump And The Repug Party Got Behind Climate Change How....

Republicans are incapable of governing

Joe Biden Launching Fundraising PAC Amid 2020 Speculation

A robot is burning every one of Donald Trump's tweets so you don't have to

Rex Tillerson should resign

White House Waivers May Have Violated Ethics Rules

Sen. Whitehouse: Trump is betraying country, in the service of Breitbart fake news & Koch Brothers

Does every damn speech of his have to include fluffing? Pence is such a lackey.

Just as an aside, Mike Pence looks like he has no eyebrows.

Listening to the Cheetos colored fool praise himself requires a barfbag nearby.

Florida: Vets urge dog owners to vaccinate against dog flu outbreak

Portland's liberal image tempered by history as 'Skinhead City'

How Could These People Get Up In Front Of The American People And Just Lie....

What Trump's Climate Legacy Could Look Like

After Dump gets impeached, can we undo the things he's done like the Paris agreement?

Delaware Sized Iceberg Poised to Break Away From West Antarctic Larsen C Shelf

Joy Reid: Listen for these talking points from your favorite GOPers & if you're feeling groovy...

Your IQ goes down at least 10 points when you try to listen to this ass! n/t

who are these people that are clapping?

My brain subconsiously rejects this man as being the President.

I told ya' there was more . . . Deleting post--will try again later . . .

Joe Biden, you're a great Dem, you'd be a good president...but please don't run.

Rare Obama statement on Trump withdrawing U.S. from Paris accord. Says the U.S. "joins a small

If every sentence you utter is prefaced by "trust me" or "believe me" ...

For all those posters who say "it's not too late to save the planet."

Fuck Trump. Just, really, that's all. Fuck him.

The Countries Are Laughing At Us Because Of You.....

The quote that will forever define Donald Trump's Presidency:

Argentine golfing great Roberto de Vicenzo dies, aged 94

Donnie Doofus 2 Scoopes ..the reason other countries are laughing at the US

It Keep Sounding Like He Could Have Ended This Speech Many Times But....

What is so rare as a day in June?

An interesting read from George Lakoff

The announcement. I'm not going to watch. Even on mute it was too much to take.

Is he talking in circles? Incomprehensible circles?

Scott pruitt speaking now

This is a speech about MONEY and ISOLATIONISM

Pittsburgh did not vote for Trump

Cory Gardner shown in pictures, video meeting with notorious Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte

They're not laughing at America. They're laughing at you and the Deplorables who elected you.

A look at the damage of Illinois' 3-year budget impasse

Trump just told the rest of the world, go F### yourselves withdrawing from the Paris Accord!

Yeah...Kathy Griffin is way more damaging to Barron than...

We don't need no stinkin' investigations

Fox News doing a Rickroll - BUT! Her emails!

BREAKING: Elon Musk has resigned as a Trump advisor

So IS that attack in Manila terrorism as 45 claimed? I don't see that being reported.

How is this Paris accord withdrawal his sole decision? Or is it?


California Back To The Future Fan With New DeLorean Gets Speeding Ticket After Going 88MPH

We are going to be called dirty pot instead of the melting pot

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: Naomi Klein is right, Trump victory partially Progressives' fault -

What if Trump Pulled Out But Nobody Could Tell?

'Fox & Friends' is a planetary threat

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 1, 2017

Mother Jones: Trump Has No Idea What He Just Did or the Backlash That Awaits

If only Trump's

Mr. tRump! Should we thank you for our future now or later?

Trump making China Great Again

When the Arctic is ice free....Who might benefit?

Would impeachment cover Trump's impairment of national security?

So for the "Christian" fundies who voted for trump

BREAKING: Tesla and SpaceX Founder @elonmusk has resigned from his post as an advisor...

The Trumpist and Deplorable future

Obama Coolly Returns And Annihilates Trump For Leaving Paris Climate Agreement

Hey Trump, do something about this! POSITIVE THREAD

Al Franken Interview on WTF

"An uninhabitable dystopian hellhole."

So Van Jones just said...

What he did today is what happens when good people don't show up to vote

With Trump Going AWOL On Climate, California Governor Seeks China As An Ally

Gov. Jerry Brown on climate change: 'California is not turning back'

Comedian Kumail Nanjiani To Graduates: Have Sex With An Immigrant

Sen. Sanders on Trump Withdrawing U.S. From Paris Climate Agreement

Closer today to this than we've ever been.

Trump's Move Makes U.S. the World's "Environmental Pariah"

Trump quits the Paris climate accord, will lead the U.S. into the wilderness

Best Explanation for Why Trump Pulled Out Of Climate Accord

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto pours a cool, frosty mug of GFY for Trump RE: Paris withdrawal

Animals / Pink Floyd / Dedicated to the deplorable's and Donald Trump

GOP About Privatizing Federal Employment After Sabotaging Federal Agencies.

Best Explanation for Why Trump Pulled Out Of Paris

Pierce: There's So Much Russia Happening Right Now: it's essential that we don't lose the plot.

Bystander Intervention training materials available for public use

Has the entire world ever agreed on anything before the Paris Accord?

Russian diplomats (spies) go missing and then turn up in odd places in middle of nowhere USA

Lawrence O'Donnell tweet: If Trump gets dementia...

Reactions from the other Ohio governor canidates

With Climate Change, Trump may be spending more time in the White House

you know, if Trump hadn't pulled out of the Paris agreement, i would wonder what's in it for him

anybody check out the "echo look"?

Kumail Nanjiani 01, 2017 Grinnell College Commencement Address

Future generations will thank Americas 2016 journalists for their diligent pursuit of email issues

Nigel Farage is 'person of interest' in FBI investigation into Trump and Russia ....

Sessions Would Still Be Confirmed, Perjury Aside

Dogs attempt to cover the previous dog's pee scent with their own pee : "Golden showers"

I think that part of tRump's motivation is this:

Al Gore: "Removing the United States from the Paris Agreement is a reckless and indefensible action.

The PLANTED, FAKE APPLAUSE for Trump at his "announcement" today was so fucking sad!

We really need to put the Democratic Convention in Pittsburgh in 2020.

The Soon Mar A Lago Underwater The Better. Not That Far Above Sea Level.

Hey Trump and your right wing cronies, deplorable's, this blue marble is all we have dumbsh*t

If any news outlet calls this....

I got this email from my WI Senator today....

What Al Gore Has to Say About Today's Decision by the Public Enemy in Chief

Dixie Chicks in the Bush years are us today...Not Ready to Make Nice....

A few of the Russian Nazi Traitors at Discussionist are wondering where the liberal tears are at.

I've come to think that there are no "Good Republicans"

I got pregnant. I chose to keep my baby. And my Christian school humiliated me.

Unfuck the World. Directed by Michael Moore

Kerry calls Trump's exit of Accord self-destructive and puts America Last

We cant get out of the Paris Accord officially to 2021

SNL writer Bryan Tucker on the sketch Trump didn't want to do

Sierra Club on Paris deal withdrawal: 'Congratulations President Bannon'

As the U.S. leaves Paris climate accord, some see shifts in global leadership

Once Again It Looks Like The Majority Of The Repugs Are....

Koch Bros, Murdock, Adelson and Trump included.

Dubya was the anti-Clinton. tRump is the anti-Obama.

First GOP Ad Attacking Kathy Griffin Appears

Paris mayor says Trump climate withdrawal 'a mistake with fatal consequences'

Bernie Sanders says he is 'very impressed' by Jeremy Corbyn

Well, Trump may be with Pittsburgh, but Pittsburgh is with the Paris Accord

John Kerry's statement on Trump withdrawal from Paris Accords

Serious Question...

Hillary Clinton, according to conservatives

POLL: Do you think we're going to have to deal with 4 years of Trump?

France, Italy, Germany defend Paris Accord, say cannot be renegotiated

But her e-mails .....

Just What Jobs/Opportunities Does Pulling Out Of The Paris Accord Protect...

Trump budget chief under fire over attack on Congressional budget analysts

Let's hope that Teddy Roosevelt haunts Butternut as he wanders the White House.

Will Donnie mow the lawns before he turns those diplomatic enclaves ...

Ted Lieu says Trump didn't even read the Paris Accord

Trump is aligned with Syria(and, according to the MSM Nicaragua) on climate issues?

Trump says he doesn't want other countries to laugh at us anymore

Pittsburgh Mayor Rejects Trump Citing The City To Support Climate Decision

Hey it's green party celebration day! They got their wish

World Destruction.

Putin has to be elated over the choas that Trump has done for his puppet master!

Smoke and mirrors

Would there be a Republican party without ...

Putin wants chaos in the USA.

List of Mayors who commit to adopt, honor and uphold Paris Climate Agreement.

Trump claims tax bill that doesn't yet exist is 'moving along' in Congress

Here is the model that now needs to be followed.

Clinton rips DNC: I inherited nothing

I hate the mother fucker. I hope he eats himself to death

My "WTF?" of the day, Ted Nugent division...

Trump is now the official Banana Republican leader of The Third World.

******BREAKING******Crazy Trump called Manila incident terrorism. It was a robbery

Pierce does it again: Are You Proud to Be an American Today?

Gun Deal in Jeopardy for Turkish Guards Who Beat Protesters

Dear World: Laugh at us some more, please

So, now Rand Paul is backing Trumputin?

What Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement means for your wallet

I found that I am extremely upset tonight

The Weather Channel Is Not Holding Back When It Comes To Climate Change

What aren't Xians calling on god/Jesus to stop tRump?

German news FTW

Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto reminds Cheeto of who won in Pittsburgh last November

The CEO of Goldman Sachs Twitter debut trashes Trump on Paris Agreement.

Listen well media hacks - this is not about a political decision versus a

Historians Will Be Baffled by Our Times

What is your spark of hope?

Calling Earth a Loser, Trump Vows to Make Better Deal with New Planet (Borowitz)

Dead & Company Rushed Off Stage at Hollywood Bowl Due to "Unfounded Bomb Threat"

Dueling Quotes of the Day

Emmanuel Macron- "Make our planet great again."

Those two kochsuckers are behind the Paris exit

Pic Of The Moment: How Times Have Changed

Eric Goode, hotel owner, is a hero in the battle for our democracy.

A dying president just committed suicide

30 years ago Dad died

This is about collusion with Russia for Arctic Drilling.

The Orange Anus is just SOOOO ignorantly ignorant!!

Did Trump, Kushner, Sessions Have An Undisclosed Meeting With Russian?

Well, Donnie! You wanted some attention!

If it makes you feel any better, one week from right now....

Hurricane season starts with nobody in charge at FEMA or NOAA

Dem senator: 'Trump is like JFK in reverse'

Accord de Paris : pour Macron, «Trump a commis une faute pour l'avenir de notre planete»

I am traveling in Pennsylvania. A commercial came on for Trump.

I have a suggestion for Susan Sarandon

The World Is Better Off if We Leave the Paris Agreement; world can get more done without us? (Slate)

Can we trade Trump to France for Macron?

Berliner Kurier has a clear message for Trump on its front page:

Poll: Trump's job approval numbers falling in Michigan

Panic Floods Mike Pences System Before Realizing Hand On Knee His Own

"Prayer of the Children"

Will the right wing loose nuts reap what they sow?

Crackeds Video On The Problem Of Voter Fraud Is A MUST-Watch

Another one leaves the President's Council

Be Warned, Donald Trump: Ghosts Are Everywhere

Christians Upset About Atheist's Bible Verse

Tweety did it again- Trump is fluffing the Russians

Disney CEO quits Trump's council over Paris Climate exit

Macron Addressing US And The World In English: "Make Our Planet Great Again"

Today Putin admits "patriotic Russians" may have hacked election & compliments Trump

Loto-Quebec taking bets on whether Donald Trump will still be in office in 2018


So racism, sexism, and bigotry, business as usual. Will the U.S. walking away from

EPA offers buyouts in bid to cut staff -internal memo

Maybe we can fire Trump now?

Pittsburg's Mayor will be on Hardball next!

Vatican says Trump's climate decisions are 'a slap in the face,' like believing in flat earth theor

Olbermann RESIST#82 "There are 2 parties now, Americans and Republicans".

France's Macron Tells President Trump Paris Accord NOT Renegotiable (in English)

"Level playing field"?! Really, DonBoy?!

NOVA is running the episode "Poisoned Waters" this week -- covers the Flint water crisis

Bob Iger Resigns From Trump Advisory Council Over Paris Accord Exit

Who wants to bet Trumputin will say that......

NOVA is running the episode "Poisoned Waters" this week -- covers the Flint water crisis (Xpost)

Megyn Kellys first interview for NBC News was a debacle She got played by a Putin-connected propaga

Top House Intel panel Democrat rebukes chairman over subpoenas: MSNBC

Devin Nunes and Trump are still working together in attempt to manufacture unmasking scandal

American carnage?

Trump may doubt climate change, Pentagon sees it as a looming threat multiplier

The Weather Channels Response to Trumps Paris Pullout Was Potent and Perfect

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 2 June 2017

NYPD must face lawsuit over 'sound cannons' at protests: judge

Statement from Al Gore

Orlando's message to Manchester after the bomb attack - 'We love you, we are here for you'

Two documentaries to watch to understand coal and cyber warfare

Signs of the time: Fake U.S. immigration control posters found in Washington

Faux News goes all Faux News on Trump and Climate Bill

Al Frankenstein coming up on Tweety. Please give me hope, Senator!

President Pooopy pants...Morning Joe Compares 45 to a kid that pooped his pants..

Trump's Paris climate decision shows the threat rising tribalism poses to the planet

Krugman: "it's about sheer spite"

So North Korea is in the Paris Climate accords and we aren't

OAS fails to find common ground as Venezuela burns

Republicans in House and Senate..will have a hard time defending this.

OAS fails to find common ground as Venezuela burns

Dont just blame Trump for quitting the Paris deal blame the Republican Party

Portland, LeBron, the Smithsonian nooses: America's ugly week of hate

Hudson River tunnel project opens door to private firms

It was 50 years ago today (happy anniversary Sgt Pepper!) NEW HD release items