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Archives: June 10, 2017

Has the First Lady moved into the White House yet?

" I did not say that."

He, also, called the Romanian leader a liar!

Kansas man indicted on hate crime charges for killing Indian national

Subpoena the Tapes

Trump cant have it both ways with Comey.

Bob Inglis, former Congressman S.C., is making some really good points!

Witness intimidation

Well, my mini vacation is over!

Once you realize that "deep state" is code for "the rule of law"...

HP Women: Geography Class For Racist People Roasts Ignorant Trolls Of The Internet

Election night, 2016. Richard Engel of NBC News was right.

Asking for good thoughts Update: still no sign

Republicans are predicting the beginning of the end of the tea party in Kansas

Why are not the GOP candidates in from the 2016 primaries outraged?

These Drawings By Children Are Allowing Them To Express How They Feel About Trump

Forget about Trump hinting that he has tapes on Comey. What I want to know is

Appalled NATO Allies Call Dinner With Trump A Total Sh*tshow

The bigots behind the "anti-Sharia" marches

Electric Car Sales Are Surging, IEA Reports

Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Montana, North Carolina set to start killing off old folks...

Gov. Greitens urges anti-abortion action, asks Springfield crowd to pray for lawmakers

Federal judge denies Trump administration appeal in youth climate lawsuit

China Is Forcing Muslim Children To Abandon Overly Religious Names

jeffrey lord Is A TOOL!

Naked Florida man damages patrol car after fleeing crash

Fox News Was Attacking Barack Obama for Using Dijon Mustard at This Point in His Presidency

Guidelines developed for drilling near Chaco Canyon

Trump refuses to say whether White House tapes exist

I can hardly watch Chris Hayes

How to pronounce "Donald Trump."

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!100%

Attorney general charges district attorney from southern New Mexico

Trump blasts Qatar hours after Tillerson urges end to blockade

Legislative leaders OK study of state tax base

100% Willing To Testify....But......

Legislators' suit seeks to invalidate 10 vetoes

I'll solve...

Another Message for Donald Trump from Former Mexican President Vicente Fox

Shields and Brooks on James Comey hearing takeaways

Martinez lifts state hiring freeze

APNewsBreak: Gianforte to plead guilty to assault charge

Fifty years after courthouse confrontation, emotions remain raw

Roflmao...WhiteHouse considering hiring Mueller as FBI head...Rachel Maddow just said.

New Mexico Public Education Secretary Skandera to step down

It's time we state the obvious

Communications director for New Mexico Gov. Martinez resigns

Which crime would be the worst?


McConnell Basks in GOP Victory on Courts


Robert Mueller hired the best Federal Criminal prosecutor ever


DOJ: Trump can accept payments from foreign governments

What you do to win in the world of NYC real estate . . . . .

Canada launches rescue as winds hit trans-atlantic sailing race

Land Office commissioner files defamation lawsuit over campaign ad

Warriors Duty: The Maasai Cricket Warriors are fighting for women's rights, one wicket at a time.

It's a Celebration !!!! (Luckovich 'toon)

This is a test...

My kitty disappeared 8-( ..... but 24 hours later i finally found her! 8-)

Stunning fossil reveals prehistoric baby bird caught in amber

WorldLink: Hidden history of Afro-Mexicans

DOJ Lawyers Tell Court Constitution Ban On Accepting Money From Foreign Govts Doesn't Apply To Trump

Am I the only one who believes that Trump

CNN has a pro-trump opinion headline next to a pro-Comey opinion headline

Full Strawberry 'Minimoon' Shines with Saturn Tonight! What to Expect

What happens when U.S. border patrol kills in Mexico?

What happens when U.S. border patrol kills in Mexico?

Black Panther - Teaser Trailer released

John Scalzi re: impeachment

Lawrence O'Donnell calls Trump the "ineducable President" roflmao

GOP Rep: James Comey Has Interesting Relationship With The Truth MTP Daily MSNBC

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's "Has he kept his promises? No. Fuck no."

2017/2018 US Senate Election Rating

Please caption Trump!

Please caption Trump, again.

Texas Sen. Cruz touts border wall during El Paso visit

Let's keep in mind the difference between "amoral" and "immoral".

New Mexico budget woes bring national teachers union leader

"...Maddow explained there is plenty to suggest Trump could be under investigation now."

Why is NETFLIX always interrupting, telling you they are having trouble with a title,

Do we ALWAYS have to go high when they go low?

Trump refused to sy whether there were any "tapes", but said he would let the press know

Technically all those conversations with the hints weren't obstruction of justice

If one needs a reminder of how classy Hillary Clinton is.

Jana Sanchez for congress district 6

Actress Glenne Headly dies at 62

Trump expected to unveil new Cuba policy as early as next Friday - sources

Trump expected to unveil new Cuba policy as early as next Friday - sources

Vote to impeach or be Dissed/May'd in 2018!

Tell Your Senators: Dont Let Donald Trump Take Our Cuba Policy Backwards

Tell Your Senators: Dont Let Donald Trump Take Our Cuba Policy Backwards

Trump Selects McGruff The Crime Dog As FBI Director

Cat Foils Burglary

The Millennials Are Moving Left

White House Official violated the Hatch Act

Major Chilean Universities Heed BDS Call, Cancel Events Sponsored by Israeli Embassy

Sheriff Sued After 900 Students Allegedly Groped During Fruitless Anti-Drug Crusade

Bill Cosby admits he apologised to accuser's mother over alleged assault

When life imitates art...

If by some miracle...

Here's the actual "deep state"

Trumps Lawyer Has Russian Ties Too

Media raise concerns about Trump retaliation after seating changes

Lake Atitln, Guatemala: how a village became an artwork

Trump pissed off the ENTIRE FBI. They think he is a slimy piece of shit

Trump seeks to reopen cases of hundreds reprieved from deportation

Question re. criticizing Democrats.

What connects Brexit, the DUP, dark money and a Saudi prince?

What connects Brexit, the DUP, dark money and a Saudi prince?

Mike Farb/UnHack the Vote: Racine Wi, Election Fraud

"Hag-seed" by Margaret Atwood

Deep State vs. Foreign State interference

Hickenlooper Signs Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill

No-Wine Non-Buzz Friday. I'm on call for the next week.

Secret recording reveals GOP lawmaker freaking out about going down with the ship for Trump

Russell Moore, Baptist Leader Who Shunned Trump, Splits the Faithful

Fossils shaking up our understanding of human origins

Neanderthals conducted much of their activities in the open landscape

Maddow: Senate Judiciary To Probe Trump Obstruction

Extinct early whales listened like their relatives on land, fossil evidence shows

99-million-year-old bird found preserved in amber stuns scientists

Is it really true that yu can't charge a president with a crime? That doesn't make sense to me.

Lost ecosystem found buried in mud of southern California coastal waters

Trump's new Cuba policy: What's at stake for the island?

Exclusive: U.S. forces join Philippine troops to end city siege

Florida governor signs bolstered 'stand your ground' law

London Bridge attackers had tried to hire 8.3 ton truck: police

A very rare discovery: Failed star orbits a dead star every 71 minutes

Tulsa: Police shooting..protestors/riot gear

Polanski's rape victim says closing 1977 case would be 'act of mercy'

NSA backtracks on sharing number of Americans caught in warrant-less spying

NSA backtracks on sharing number of Americans caught in warrant-less spying

Civil rights groups sue Missouri to stop voter ID law

Would a "Checkers" speech save Trump?

Bill Maher's Apology Tonight: What Did You Think?

Argentine presidential offices raided by investigators for first time in history

Marches against Islamic law to be held in many US cities

Judge backs New Mexico settlement in pay-to-play deals

Sex-Trafficking Victim Who Dialed 911 Sues Responding Police

Big Blue Cross-Blue Shield insurer aims for ACA return

Man Pleads Guilty to Embezzling Over $19 Million from IT Company

Local Attorney Sentenced for Wire Fraud Related to $70 Million Ponzi Scheme

Colorado just got a new centrist third party. Here's what that means.

Miami-Area Man Charged For Role in $63 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme

Colorado #OpenGov group to Aurora theater shooter: Tell us how much we spent on you

An investigation is expanding in that Fremont County evidence-in-a-landfill story

McConnell needs to be defeated: McConnell Basks in GOP Victory on Courts

Karl Rove, in Murdoch's paper, says Trump can't do the job ("Political Death by 1,000 Tweets")

Trump Offers Fools Gold to Fund Infrastructure

Denver Bans Sharpies From City Buildings

Koch Brothers' Foundation Launches School Choice Campaign in Colorado

Last day to enter the Spring Photo Contest

Last day to enter the Spring Photo Contest

Last day to enter the Spring Photo Contest

New Rule: Save The Rich Fcks / Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

2 Live-Stream Links: People's Summit Voices of Resistance and Power - June 10 at 8:30 AM CST

Waking the Sleeping Giant - Official Trailer #2

Gov. Hickenlooper signs controversial civil asset forfeiture bill, calls it "important first step"

The word of the day is confabulation

A humble request: hereafter, when we write the word "Trump" can we all please spell it "Trump(R)"?

NYT: With Pence, it would be 3-1/2 years of perpetual depression instead of perpetual outrage

Gardner defends Trump nominee who wrote that Muslims have a "deficient theology"

New York Attorney General Looking Into Eric Trump Foundation

Are we winning yet? I sure am glad we are past the days of President Obama. His reckless


Trump voter: Comey lied about Trump

Rabid "Old Yeller"

Anti-Sharia March Planned Near Site of San Bernardino Terror Attack

Twitler's phone needs to be subpoenaed.

Trump drops binders of infrastructure reports Washington Post

New Orleans Pride Parade 2017

How Scottish Labour's Kezia Dugdale may have handed the election to the Tories

Why Putin and not USSR??

Philippines-13 gov't troops killed, 51 injured in latest Marawi offensive

Today, I learned a brand new word...phantasmagorical.....????

Effective immediately under Florida SB 128

New law allows Japans Emperor Akihito to abdicate

Effective immediately under Florida SB 128

Trump presidency a failure, Pelosi says CNN CNN

Ricardo Rossello, Governor of Puerto Rico, Talks Push For Statehood CNBC

Huh, Biden encouraging Romney to run for Senate? (Heard just now on CNN.)

Kuchibhotla's killer charged with hate crime

Homo sapiens 100,000 years older than thought: Studies

Federal hiring freeze causing headaches at Rocky Mountain National Park

Did Rubio trade the integrity of U.S. for a Cuba-policy shift from Trump?

Trump says US to 'cease all implementation' of Paris accord

80 ducks die in Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

Woman texting plunges 6 feet down into a cellar

Why is Trump rewarding Russia and penalizing Cuba ?

Study Finds Non-Cow Milk Linked To Shorter Kids

BINGO Proves Costly to Michigan Democrats

Drug report warning over powerful opioids

Frozen Tuna Recalled After Testing Showed Hepatitis A Virus

A convert :) This one is big because I have watched this man back up the rethugs for years

Trump Is Still Talking About His Election Win

Inside Neil deGrasse Tyson's Famed Office At The Hayden Planetarium

White House Staff: 'This Is Not Going Well'

'The President Cannot Learn' The Last Word

"What cherry tree?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Trump Talks; America Trembles - Gail Collins

Franken: Donald Trump's 'Devalued The Presidency'

Pressure in Britain builds on Theresa May to step aside as her top aides resign, her party plots...

Ice Cube Schools Bill Maher on the N-Word: 'That's Our Word Now. And You Can't Have It Back.'

$90,000 Army bonuses to keep soldiers enlisted

Trump's lawyer in Russia probe has clients with Kremlin ties

The strange origins of the GOP ideology that rejects caring for the poor

French Open Women's final - spoilers

Rep. Maxine Waters: The President Is A Liar

Weird tweet just now from Sarah Huck-Sanders. Is this a cry for help?

Nancy Pelosi The Four Stages of Trump - Charm / Bully / Ignore / Sue

Why Trump's lies are echoed -- they are "blue lies."

"How is he still president?!" Trevor Noah, The Daily Show

Trump Assails Qatar, Despite Tillersons Call for Calm in Standoff

Ex-Twitter CEO: Meeting with Trump is like drinking a bottle of gin and then waterboarding yourself

My beasts are in full shed mode...

I think Trevor Noah is sexy I can't help it :P

Ex-Twitter CEO: Meeting with Trump like waterboarding yourself

Is it an obstruction of justice to lie about whether tapes exist or not?

Trump Impeachment Calls Surge as President Faces Most Serious Scandal in U.S. History

Writing about food: Anthony Bourdain, "Kitchen Confidential"

Groper Don the Con accused the former President of wiretapping him

Bwaaaaaaaaaaah Joy is eating this destroying this idiot

Game Changer: The garbage collector who spreads books

Watch Qatar, folks! TrumPutin is meddling with

Chump "black person" tried to confront Joy Reid that Twitler is completely honest

Schrodinger's cat snatches a companion - Dragged into quantum universe

Syrian troops reach border with Iraq

Science, vs blind belief...

Now available at

My 8000th post, thanks DU

Sen. McCaskill confronts Hatch on healthcare bill

There's a huge International Track Meet in Jamaica today - Bolt is running his last

Henry Rollins: Trump Is Embarrassing Us in Front of the Whole World

The Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton Tarmac moment vs. Comey and Trump's private meeting.

Qatar is a serious Crisis

Protesters plan 'die-in' at Trump National in Bedminster Sunday

It is futile to try to understand or rationalize the comments of Donald Trump.

Three questions raised by the Comey hearings

#MoonTheBuffoon - UK Plans Nationwide Mooning - #ShowYourRumpToTrump

The internet is not a friendly place for women

Hillary's letter to Teen Vogue columnist, Lauren Duca

As a Baby Nurse close to 30 years the interest of public safety, it was MY responsibility

Naomi Klein- The Worst of Trump's Toxic Agenda is lying in wait- A major Crisis will unleash it

Little DT Jr beat his father's record of tweets in one day period!

Why is the DOJ defending tRump?

A Number of Reasons David Sedaris Has Been Depressed Lately

What we need is more leaks not less....

Adam West, TVs Batman, Dies at 88

Adam West of Batman has died

Adam West has died

Interior Secretary to make proposal on Bears Ears monument in test for protected land

Strong point GOPers are not ackowledging concerning Comey's memos released to the news


"Holy collusion and obstruction, Batman!" . . . Please come CAPTION Adam West!!

JFK: The Lost Inaugural Gala

metaphysical vs. metaphor

Class meets Ass: Trump's strain with Obama marks departure from presidential fraternity

Trump's New Wall

Two U.S. soldiers killed, two wounded by Afghan commando: official

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Trump Distraction Machine

58 years from discovery to ban on Trans Fats

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - Who is the Liar?

Weekend Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Chinchilla Prison Stripes?

Biden encourages 2012 foe Romney to run for the Senate

Karl Rove: Trump lacks the focus or self-discipline ... of a president

A professor promised to eat his book if Labour got at least 38% (Today He goes on TV-Eats Book)

Comey associate has been in contact with Senate Judiciary about memos

Dan Scavino is the other @realdonaldtrump

Krauthammer: Trump might not have been under investigation before, but he is now

Defeating Trump and his enablers by peaceful means is a moral necessity

Texas toddlers die 'after left intentionally in car for 15 hours'

"She's a leaker"

Velshi/Rule did a great job comparing Trump tax plan to Brownbacks/Kansas

Repealing the Gun Industrys Unacceptable Liability Shield

Rosalie Sorrells. Share love and light.......

Man fashions tiny hats for a toad living under his porch:

Why are so many people so insanely crazy when the words "tax Increase" are mentioned?

I find myself wishing that Russia HAD successfully hacked the e-voting machines, themselves.

Fabulous Daily Beast piece by Joy Reid

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Topic today: My take on the N-Word & Bill Maher, Comey hearings,

Oh My Lordy!

American jailed in Venezuela can't get a day in court

10 Places to Cool Off Within 100 Miles of DC

NOW IS THE TIME to call your senators-specifically their Health Staffers - LIST of emails & numbers

What Comey Left Out About Probe Should Trouble Trump

2015: Tulsi Gabbard sponsored legislation prioritizing Christian over Muslim from the Middle East

Senators debate bringing in Comey for Round 2

Hate Watch (SPLC) is live blogging the March Against Sharia. These people are insane.

So this whole "Comey leaked" thing....

Breaking: a 3 year old child bypassed Dep Press Secretary's communication device

Overheard conversation earns Conway leaker label

The USS Gabrielle Giffords is being commissioned right now...ceremony live on:

U20 football coach urges Maduro to end political violence against Venezuelan protesters.

Secret Trump-Comey tape found! (musical parody)

$10K for you and you and you: Alberta man drops off cheques in each Canadian capital

James Comey Is Not a Leaker

2 Live Stream Links at 7 PM CST - Hon. Bernie Sanders - The Peoples Summit June 10, 2017

I'm posting this link here, because what is said in the videos is a teachable moment

Most Interesting Man in the World - the real story ("I f*cked them all") rotfl

We should be using "whistleblower"

The GOP Failed and Now We're Stuck with Trump

Wow - Elizabeth Warren: Happy Pride, Boston!

Who Are You More Afraid Of RWNJs or Muslims?

Trump is giving the Russians everything they want

Body-cam footage confirms: Police are just plain more polite to white people

driftglass has a good piece on Crooks&Liars:

The Great Performance of Our Failing President

Uncertainty, More Than Populism, Is New Normal in Western Politics.

Anti-Muslim rallies across US denounced by civil rights groups

The GOP is seriously considering the creation of a constitutional crisis...

Vox- excellent report - 20 million people starving due to 4 man made famines

X-post from GD. VOX - 20 million people starving due to 4 man made famines.

Everyone Understands We Are Being Robbed Right?

Trump gets confronted in deposition on over 30 lies.

When drumf said "next time we'll win the old fashioned way"

Jeremy Corbyn is playing the long game if history is indeed repeating itself, he will be the......

Culture Clash at a Chinese-Owned Plant in Ohio

Bullying Blows Up In His Face As Legal Threat To Comey Could Lead To Charges Against Trump

Macron wants American researchers to move to France to fight climate change


Is anyone using Consumer Cellular for cell phone service?

Bill Maher: Trump Is Too Stupid To Be President

Colbert: Laywers Are Avoiding Trump At All Costs

A technical question about voting by computers?

Here's who Trump has working on his infrastructure plan

Yeah, because my dog would TOTALLY allow this indignity to happen (video tweet):

BIDEN: I knew a month before Election Day that Hillary would lose key battleground states

The Rights' New Dog Whistle Term

Like waterboarding yourself

This is how deep and disturbing white supremacist hatred can be once they get brainwashed

On impeaching

Follow Up to the Excellent Thread by Pacifist Patriot - re Comey Treatment and Treatment of Women

Lack of concern about Russian hacking shocks me.

Team Ivanka Finally Addresses Its Chinese Factory Scandal, Ignores Jailed Activists

New sous vide cooker from ANOVA for under $100.

The founders never foresaw a group this corrupt.

Republican Congressman calls ISIS attack in Tehran a good thing, says maybe we should back ISIS

Southern Baptist leader who shunned Trump during campaign now is frozen out of White House.

Crazy young racist ends rant by hitting homeless bystander in the face

Slipping through the cracks

About Tulsi's Gabbard, we needs to discuss!

Joy Reid: If Trumps presidency is dead, his party's soul is buried in an unmarked grave.

NY'er: How a Russian Journalist Exposed the Anti-Gay Crackdown in Chechnya

Rural America, decaying, has become the new "inner city."

Athletes you hated their entire career (and post career)?

Opioid Dealers Embrace the Dark Web to Send Deadly Drugs by Mail

The Why

Ice Cube on the N word: When I hear a white person saying it,

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Ogden Phipps Stakes

Helium beer. Has anyone seen this on FB yet?

In November of 2018, Let's Please Punish Republican Officeholders Severely

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Acorn Stakes

"You've already asked Comey to stay, and you didn't get anything for it."


Taliban claims responsibility for attack that kills two US soldiers in Afghanistan

A Geography Class for Racist People

Hawaiian pizza inventor Sam Panopoulos dead at 83

Feinstein calls for investigation of 'all matters related to obstruction of justice'

Rally against Islamic Sharia law draws hundreds, including counter-protest, to Capitol

Obamacare appears to save a Millennial's life every day

Vicente Fox message to tRump.


I Pledge Allegiance....

Joe Biden encourages Mitt Romney to run for Senate

If subpoenaed by Mueller can Chump refuse to testify under oath?

LOSER 45 is playing with words

Conservatives want to restrict abortion so much theyll endanger their own health carebill

I'm thinking of similarities between the current GOP and the movie 'The Firm'

Trumps lawyer in Russia probe has clients with Kremlin ties

Melania's "seamless integration of elegance & comfort" from Trump Tower to the White House


COVFEFE deciphered?

Trumpy is not only daft, he's DAFT

Overwhelmed by Nasty Trumper Posts Elsewhere?

General election 2017: DUP 'in positive talks' with Tories

Mays abusive top staff removed as recriminations grow over poll failure

Labour rounds off remarkable election with narrow win in Kensington

U.S. seeks to dismiss lawsuit against Trump over foreign payments

The loathsome Alan Dershowitz is now defending

Tucker Carlson Ends Friday Show by Talking About The Problem With Lauren Duca

Why is the fucking media covering for the Con's weekend golf trips

Tory voter berates minister on Question Time over tax credits - BBC News

Cloudy, with a chance of obstruction - Sack Cartoon

"A Man For All Seasons" is on AMC - one of the best movies ever.

Anna Marie Cox: Abuse of power

Bernie Sanders at the Oxford Union

Adam West's Greatest Moments as Batman (VIDEO)

U.S.-led forces appear to be using white phosphorus in populated areas in Iraq and Syria

In Honor Of Adam West, What's Your Best / Favorite Batman?

Wacko anti-Sharia protester is only familiar with one amendment in the Bill of Rights.

Just emailed Disneyworld. Our family trip to Orlando park---grandkids, kids and us---cancelled.

Oh My: Jeff Sessions sending a deputy in his place to appropriations hearing Tuesday

In The Great Green Room: Presenting Goodnight Moon, Donald Trump Edition.

There is virtually no one left undecided in Georgia's 6th, the most expensive House race in history

Credit Bill Maher.

Comey Was Being As Honest As He Could

Pride's raucous parades began as suit-and-tie protests called the 'Annual Reminder'

Doesn't Trump Just Piss You Off !

In One Way, Trump Reminds Me of FDR

If Ossoff wins, will the Republican rats start abandoning 45?

Pelosi Concerned About Trump's 'Fitness For Office'

Sessions to testify in front of Senate Intel committee this week

Unstable Solutions to Thermodynamic Differential Algebraic Equations From Equation Solvers.

On the occasion of my 5000th post I can only say it

Sessions to testify before Senate intelligence panel

Eric Garland's Most Epic Twitter thread

When Trump resigns, what reason (excuse) will he give?

There seems to be a quid pro quo in action as we watch the D.C. Shananigans unfold.

Only the uneducated still support Trump.

The GOP Failed and Now Were Stuck with Trump

Comey and Trump, the G-Man vs. the Mob Boss

Conservatives Near Revolt Over Senate Health Care Bill

CNN Survey of the Day: Do you believe James Comey's testimony?

Fonts not working

I have a theory as to what happened at the intelligence committee on Wednesday.

Andrew Coyne: If Nixon had lied the way Trump does, he might never have had to resign

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Belmont Stakes

Just opened a package from Amazon, and tonight...

Orphan Black retunrs this evening - last season

The results of Trump's Lie Detector test are IN!!!

Senate debates bringing back Comey for round 2

In the View of the Supreme Court, Alan Dershowitz Is Wrong About the Powers of the President