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STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Bumpersticker idea- "Pray for Donnie 2 scoops"

We are all only an accident or illness away from bankruptcy.

'Send them back': Shopper's racially-tinged rant captured on video

AZ Rep Schweikert: Indivisible Groups 'Incite Violence' and 'Light Cars on Fire'


Fact Check: Trump Says He Passed More Bills Than Most Presidents

What is Trump trying to distract us from with talk of possible Mueller firing?

Bernie Sanders will play a 'major role' in 2020, Jane Sanders says

Anyone know what happened to Cosby today?

This is the right approach. We should be daring him. Seriously.

Senate strikes deal to exert power over Russia sanctions

Under federal law, only the AG can fire the Special Counsel. With Sessions recusal, it's Rosenstein.

Impeachment is a political process...

Americans view Macron, May, Merkel and Trudeau far more favorably than they do their own president.

GOP terrorism is the biggest threat to America

NBC News Fact Check: Trump Says He Passed More Bills Than Most Presidents.

"We Aren't Stupid": GOP Wont Release Health Care Bill Draft, Report Says

I read Putin made lots of homophobic jokes in his interviews with Oliver Stone.

06/13 Mike Luckovich: The best words.

Trump Discussed Firing Mueller

Congrats to the Orange One!

Is there one epublican that isnt an orange asshole kisser?? The

We Need The CDO Number On Trumpcare

Watch Live Tonight! NASA Rocket Launch to Spawn Artificial Clouds @ 9:04 pm ET

70% Of Companies Checked In 28 Cities By PRC Government Failed Air Pollution Testing Protocols

2018 Colorado Governors Race and 2020 Colorado US Senate Race-Democratic Primary.

If Robert Bork had been confirmed for the SCOTUS

White nationalists upset after video game depicts Nazis as villains

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker Thread. Holy Father, Who Art in Washington. Live

GRAPHIC - Sycophancy meters broken and Mental Masturbation records shattered

Watching today's cabinet meeting: anybody else reminded of this Twilight Zone episode?

Is there anyone a whistleblower can report to who is not a Trump cronie?

Don't over-react to rumors about Mueller

Irving Younger's 10 Commandments Of Cross Examination

Bless Al Franken

Seth Abramson's 35+ tweets on implications of Trump firing Mueller

The countdown is on! NASA is about to launch


Newt Gingrich is vying for Chief of Staff for Trumputin?

For those of you like me - middle aged

COVFEFE Act would preserve Trump's tweets as official statements

J.P. Morgan Chase Pulls NBC News Ads Over Megyn Kelly's Interview With Alex Jones

Republican Senators Unaware of Health Care Details

Renaissance Mom: Leonardo Da Vinci's Mother Identified

One of Trump's Tweets Just Helped Sabotage His Travel Ban

Oskar Eustis, Director of the Public Theater, responds to controversy over JULIUS CAESAR production

Trump cuts would make troops less safe, top retired generals say

Mnuchin: Government to stay open into September without debt limit increase

Ex-senator's lawyer asks for dismissal of sex-favors charges

If trump is going to try a "Reichstag Fire", he's going to need...

75 years ago today, Anne Frank got a diary as a birthday present

Cash-strapped Houston sells off $2M worth of city streets

Investigators: EPA had no rules for working at risky mines

Just for elleng - a Jeopardy type puzzler - ***SOLVED***/Update

Phone scams....Information from the FTC, Federal Trade Commission

Indiana man charged after accidentally shooting daughter

Previously unseen video footage from today's Cabinet Meeting! You saw it here first!

IMO, Since Congress passed a 10yr Term for the head of the FBI.

New frontier in cancer care: Turning blood into living drugs

Muscle tension and backaches since Trump won?

Gianforte: No Jail time - Restitution, Donation and Mandatory Anger Management

J.P. Morgan Chase pulls all ads from NBC over Megyn Kellys interview with Alex Jones: report

Not at all true that congressional Republicans will stand by Trump no matter what.

US Agency Kills Proposal to Protect Endangered Sea Life From Fishing Nets

Jim Mattis assures House lawmakers: The real military buildup is coming

Artistic Director courageous-moving statement before the opening of PublicTheaterNY's Julius Caesar

Arizona Lawmaker Calls Police on Constituents Offering Cookies, Says They Were Violent

Sessions wont reveal information about conversations with Trump

Newtown Families Angry With Megyn Kelly, NBC Over Sandy Hook Denier, Conspiracy Theorist

Trump Weighing New Limits on Cuba Travel and Military Sanctions

Trump Weighing New Limits on Cuba Travel and Military Sanctions

Blue Brain team discovers a multi-dimensional universe in brain networks

Cindy McCains State Dept Post a Done Deal After Aggressive Trump Push

If Mueller came out publicly and stated that

Cancer Drug Gleevec Might Slow Type-1 Diabetes

Megyn Kelly Appears on The Cover Of The Daily News With Her New Friend

Former Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli arrested Monday in Miami

Can I just say that Trump is scum but his cabinet members who kiss his ass are no better

Former Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli arrested Monday in Miami

Rick Wilson on Twitter

Fields of Wheat

There's only one thing Family Guy can do now that Adam West is gone...

David Frum on Last Word: If Trump fires Mueller he might as well hire

COVFEFE Act would make social media a presidential record

I think Benedict Donald will have mueller fired

How difficult should it be to remove a president?...

SHORT FILM: The One Who Makes People Happy Through Her Dancing

Don't underestimate the craziness of the Moron-in-Chief.

The GOP will never abandon Trump. Never. They will whisper behind his back in private but fall ..

Poll: 47 percent back impeachment for Trump

Uber Drivers Confront Challenges Working For A 'Faceless Boss'

Officer had body camera turned off at scene of Taser incident, a violation of department policy

Dr. Alina Valdes Challenges Mario Diaz-Balart in FL CD 25... sending another repub into retirement

Russia protests: Opposition leader Alexei Navalny sentenced

Woman allegedly shoots boyfriend over social media messages

Oh good, Lawrence is ripping trump's lawyer for incompetence

A @$$ kissing cabinet!

State pays $393K for 'slut-shaming' defense of former Arizona Wildcats track coach

Low Turnout Votes For US Statehood

Four plead innocent to charges in utility-based bribery case

Tomorrow is the Democratic Primary Race in Virginia-Governor,Lt Governor and Attorney General.

15 hours till Sessions. Will Mueller be fired before then?

Waiting for the train

It looks like Trump and The Trump Davidians want to turn the entire country into the Koresh compound

2018 CO Governors Race? Will CO elect the first female-Cary Kennedy or

Arizona business leaders want big tax increase for teacher salaries, education

U.S.-led forces apparently use white phosphorus in anti-IS fight

Sen. Schumer absolutely hilarious!

North Korean official confirms Trump Supporter Dennis Rodman is making a visit...

The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell live.

Thank you Sen. Schumer. You win Twitter today, for sure.

Trumps Steel-Trapped Minds - WSJ Editorial

Pasta With Marinated Tomatoes and Summer Herbs

The Only Ice Cream Recipe Youll Ever Need

Spicer tries to deflate the trial ballon...

Is Mike Pence Donald Trump's Smithers?

What happens if Trump fires Mueller - Seth Abramason

Just a Reminder, GOP

I Thought I Heard That Michael Moore Was Doing A Documentary On....


U.S. senators reach deal on Russia sanctions

*The Putin Interviews (by Oliver Stone) now on Showtime.

Rosenstein hired Mueller. I suspect he would resign rather than fire him.

Megyn Kellys interview with Sandy Hook conspiracist Alex Jones denounced by Alex Jones

Seriously, this shit has to be an elaborate prank, right? RIGHT?

WTG Puddles !! Kennedy Center show

What was that again about Trump and "Hookers in Russia"?!

Jesus on a pogo stick. Is Dershowitz defending female genital mutilation too ?

Are Trump's U.S. economy boasts correct?

Go to Google. Play Cricket.

Who organized and scripted the "cabinet meeting"?

Here it is! The Cult of Trump!

Jesus on a pogo stick (REDUX) Dershowitz compares female genital mutilation to ear piecing.

"Will no one rid me of this meddlesome Special Prosecutor?"

With a Shutdown Looming, State Lawmakers Consider Their Options

Al Franken can't imagine what Mueller would do to get fired from special prosecutor job

What happens if Trump tries to fire Mueller by Seth Abramason at daily kos

Trump's Parade of Sycophants Confirm

Conservative David Frum:If Trump fires Mueller he should write Im super guilty in the sky over WH

Her Life on the Line

I've got a question

Murray, Sawant and Herbold Unveil Ordinance to Tax the Rich

What do foreigners admire about the American healthcare system?

IVANKA TRUMP: There's a level of viciousness in Washington I did not expect.

47 percent back impeachment

Unfortunately, there is not a doubt in my mind that Trump will fire Mueller

Family Who Won $429 Million Lottery Aims To Use Money To Fight Poverty

Trump's biggest fear is to have to pay his debt to society for all the wrong and unlawful things

Vox - Trumps media allies are making the case for firing Robert Mueller

Hi I'm underground panther long-time poster here

Sessions is going to lie tomorrow

Some Thoughts on Trump Firing Mueller

Listen Up DOJ Staffers! Robert Bork Has Something To Say To You!

Where Does All This Complete Madness Stop? What Is Going To Happen To This Country?

Trevi levy: Rome imposes fines for frolicking at famous fountains

Any predictions on the timing of the next Tweetstorm?

Sean Spicer: "When Trump Said He'd Testify Under Oath, He Didnt Mean to Congress."

Judge Upholds Seattle's Hotel Worker Law

Sunrise day144 with the king of the morons

Why a $67 million fine isn't motivating the Legislature to act

House passes sweeping bank deregulation bill, but where's the outrage?

ACLU of Washington files lawsuit on behalf of special-education students

I suspect that firing Mueller would be the end for Trump

Andrea Constand (vs. Cosby) Solidarity Thread

The rise and dramatic fall of King County's black homeowners

Russian Breach of 39 States Threatens Future U.S. Elections

Russian Breach of 39 States Threatens Future U.S. Elections

More Thoughts on Megyn Kelly, After Show #2 - "FAIL: The Sequel"

Animated Short: A bird finds love during a Badminton-game.

Trump and the true meaning of 'Idiot'

Democrats have nothing to gain be telling Bernie and his supporters to go to hell

No end in sight as Washington lawmakers edge toward a third special session

What will it take for Trump's base to abandon him?

Judge declares mistrial in sex assault case against former Spokane police officer


For my 25,000th post - He's up early!

Lawsuit alleges Deaconess, Valley hospital owner shorted community millions in charity care

Can we now formally refer to Trump's cabinet as his fluffers?

Donald Trump venting about the TRAVEL BAN again.

This cartoon sums it all. The Mitch McConnell caricature is the on point

Question: How do you protect a $68 Billion valuation?

A reflection on yesterday's Trump Cabinet Meeting?

Do you reckon that Sessions wants an open hearing

Trump is undoing the Republican Party that Ronald Reagan built.

BLOOMBERG: Russian Breach of 39 States Threatens Future U.S. Elections

Here are the RNC talking points for Sessions' testimony today:

Time to repost: Trump to Russians: If you're listening, I hope you find Clinton's missing emails"

With light touch, Abbott cuts $120 million from $216.8 billion budget

Morning run - voted, picked up litter

"Lordy---Another Racist Confederate Monument Is Going Down."

So governor, you don't like Austin? Leave!

Nina Turner at the People's Summit

Ruddy Doubles Down On Mueller Claim-Then Slams Spicer

New leader named for long-awaited Texas gold depository

Megyn Kelly dropped as host for Sandy Hook groups gala over Alex Jones interview

Schiff: Nunes still has his snout in Russia investigation because he "refuses" to back off

Revealed: reality of life working in an Ivanka Trump clothing factory

What is a "New Democrat"?

NBA champion Warriors skipping the White House visit

WOW! This morning, President Trump RIPPED THE LID off of the "news" media with NEW information! NEW!

Special Counsel Intimidation: Friend Says Trump Is Considering Firing Mueller as Special Counsel

Jeff Sessions met repeatedly with Russian ambassador and others as Trump surrogate - not senator

Baseball pitcher from Oregon State needs to be out of CWS

GOP Super PAC Releases Closing Ad Against Jon Ossoff

Turned on the AC. Poor sleep b/c the humidity equals a grumpy grumpy woman.

Trump administration grants work permits to thousands of illegal immigrants

Senators strike comprehensive deal to increase Russia sanctions

Senate opposition to Saudi arms deal growing

Voted at 6:45 this morning in No. VA. No one else was there, was voter 42.

Al Franken Appreciation Thread

As you read the Bloomberg article, keep in mind the wise words of an infamous war criminal:

Trump's FBI Pick Backed Mass Detentions After 9/11

With little notice, DPS shortens driver's license office hours

Who will lie more or better under oath?

Who invented baseball?

David Frum: If Trump Fires Mueller, He Might As Well Skywrite Im Super Guilty Over the WH

Waco woman calls 911 to complain about wait for nuggets

Trump Slams Media's 'Agenda of Hate' In New Tweet

Gingrich, one of Trump's 'Fire Mueller' stalking horses, got a call from the President last night

is someone trying to taunt him into it?

Alex Jones Says NBC Should Pull Megyn Kelly Interview, Claims She 'Misrepresented' His Views

Do elected Republicans believe they work for Donald Trump or for the American people?

don't forget: cast your vote in the Special Referendum Election today

Waking Up Podcast: Meaning & Chaos

Revealed: reality of life working in an Ivanka Trump clothing factory

Anti-Gay 'Christian' Protester Arrested After Harassing Pulse Nightclub Vigil Participants

Were visa waivers discussed?

Apple iCar rumours: Release date, features and patents

How do you want/expect DUers to comment on Bernie's harsh DEM party criticisms?

It's going to be tough waiting for today's hearing to start. n/t

Trumps Personal Lawyer Boasted That He Got Preet Bharara Fired

Trumps Personal Lawyer Boasted He Got Bharara Fired-He Told Trump: "This guy is going to get to you"

(D) Antonio Delgado for the 19th District running against (R) John Fasco

If kids can sue Trump over climate change inaction

Veterans Affairs Official Downplays Agent Orange Risks, Questions Critics

Exorcist dogs:

trump wants an apology from the shit.

President Trump touts job solution for employers: The apprentice

This surprised me, Wyoming produces 42% of nation's coal

Warriors unanimously decline White House visit, per reports


Is there a psych evaluation of Trump's cabinet meeting?

Children continue to be traumatized by shootings. When will America act? - WaPo Editorial Board

We do not live in a dictatorship. My morning mantra lately.

Trump talked to Robert Mueller, 2 days before he was appointed Special Counsel, about FBI job.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - People's Republic of Trumpistan

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Trumps Personal Lawyer Boasted That He Got Preet Bharara Fired

The Law Says President Trump Can't Just 'Fire' Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

More LGBT people have been murdered in the US than ever before

Trump is pissed off big time this morning.

'The President Never Said That': Scarborough Reports His Sources Say Mueller Is Safe

I was waiting for the usual distraction from Donnie and here it is:

twit storm...

Joe Conason - Fire Robert Mueller? Why That Trump Doomsday Scenario Won't Work

What is the "Deep State", really?

Suspected N.Korea drone photographed US missile defense site

Warning: This cabinet meeting may contain fawning.

A tale of two Comeys - By Ruth Marcus

Hubris - Thy Name is Trump

She loves Yooooogggaaaa, and America too.

Trickle-down economics is a nightmare. Kansas proved it. - By Eugene Robinson

Preet: Sheesh...

BREAKING: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says North Korea is releasing jailed US university studen

ICYMI: Plurality Of Voters Think Trump Obstructed Justice PPPpolls....

Grab the Popcorn: Trump "100% Willing to Testify Under Oath"

Trump's Personal Lawyer Boasted That He Got Preet Bharara Fired

Hey Trump: Either Hand Over Comey "Tapes" or Admit You Made Them Up

Someone Built a Tool To Get Congress' Browser History

What has Trump accomplished so far, except for creating fake news cycles?..

Newt Gingrich Defends Mueller Flip Flop By Citing Kathy Griffin And Julius Caesar

Annual Peatlands CO2 Output Occasionally 10-40% Of FF Output - Far More Locked Up, For Now

Would a revised revised "travel ban" include Qatar?

Cabinet Meeting. Response.

Katy Perry Ranks Her Ex-Boyfriends in Bed, Reveals the Surprising 'One That Got Away'

Every day I'm absolutely amazed people are putting their reputations on the line to defend this guy:

The only line that matters any more is legality...

US Ambassador to Qatar has resigned days after Trump renewed attacking the country

Third Lady Melania Drops Fake Cyber Bullying Campaign She Only Pretended to Care About

Lady Brexit meets Monsieur Europe: May, Macron to have talks

Who's Dividing US?

Unreleased LEAKED footage of Reince Priebus in yesterday's Cabinet meeting.

Real American heroes talk facts about Trump

The GOP is working in secret to pass their health care repeal. Don't let it happen:

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein: 10 AM ET

"What's that in my pocket? Must be a rube afoot." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Women vets talk Trump

University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier, said to be in a coma, released from North Korea

What's your prediction for Sessions today?


Who had their own phone legally tapped to collect evidence?

UPDATED - Ryan To Critics Of Special Counsel: 'Let Bob Mueller Do His Work'

Austerity is over, May tells Tories

Handmaidens Tale Protest in the Ohio State House right this minute

Trump Goes Off On Loretta Lynch Over Handling Of Clinton Email Server Probe

Writing about food: Laurie Colwin, potato salad

Did Sessions dump the Senate Oversight Committee?

GOP Rep. Blasts Russia Probe: 'Why Are We Going Through With This Charade?'

Trump holds 'very sick' cabinet meeting MORNING JOE 6/13/17

The Daily 202: Leftward lurch in Democratic gubernatorial primary reflects the transformation of Va

God I Hate Paul Ryan

Are there any volunteers to help NBC take their foot out of their

Pic Of The Moment: Newt Gingrich Is Going To Need A Neck Brace For That Whiplash

Vladimir Putin Accuses U.S. of Backing 'Terrorists' in Chechnya

Trump Attacks Comey, Makes Cabinet Praise Him: A Closer Look

I fully expect Sessions to perjure himself and all the Republicans just write it off as true...

"Shakespeare was a wanker." . . . Please come CAPTION Trump's cabinet meeting!!!!

Could the Warriors win an Olympic Gold medal by themselves?

By 2018, Whole Foods will not stock packages that fail to disclose GMO content

Jeff Sessions 'to Deny Third Meeting With Ambassador'

It gets scarier every day.

Drank too much last night

Looks like Trump will need to have the Elf deep-six Mueller...Rosenstein's not up for it.

Donald Trump in Wonderland: Literally everything our president says and does reflects the opposite..

Rosenstein asked if he's seen any "evidence of good cause" for firing Mueller: "I Have Not"

Watch testimony of Rosenstein, McCabe and Coats live here:

Americans can't figure out their/there/they're, or...

Wait a minute... Trump lawyered up with Jay fucking Sekulow?

BLS report: PPI for final demand is unchanged in May; services rise 0.3%, goods fall 0.5%

We reject discouragement trolling.

Jeff Sessions personally asked Congress to let him prosecute medical marijuana providers

I remember their rewrite of history by claiming Obamacare was...


Happy 30,000 to me!

Russians Hacked 39 State Election Systems

still tweeting...

Keystone XL pipeline would imperil whooping cranes, natural resources, experts for Sierra Club and..

Our leaders have lost touch with reality just like the banks did

Trump cites 2 million dropping Obamacare in urging resistance to Dems

Vegans are elitist dickheads!

The time Allen Ginsberg wrote a poem about Bernie Sanders

Senate GOP reins in expectations for killing Obamacare

Chris Murphy:focus 10% of your attention/outrage on Sessions testimony, 90% on the secret health car

'We Do Not Live in a Dictatorship': WY Mayor Removes Portraits of Trump, Pence...

Mark Russell last summer singing about Trump at a birthday party....

Trump admin. cancels proposed limits on marine mammals and sea turtles trapped in fishing nets

Contacting Portman

SunTrust bank $3.50 "Account Analysis Fee" you are NOT going to believe this

When Sessions says 'I don't recall' why doesn't anyone call him on it?

He's a seriously cruel and demented SOB

*****BREAKING*****North Korea returns American in a coma.

Please voice your anger at the upcoming Megan Kelly Show with Alex Jones.

Futuristic Visions of Germany By Artists In 1930

Excellent Newsweek article on Cambridge Analytica's ability to microtarget voters

Trump blocks Stephen King on twitter

Pelosi invites NBA champion Warriors to visit Capitol

Oh my god. That student NK just released is in a coma.

Rosenstein: I Wouldn't Obey Trump Order To Fire Mueller Without 'Good Cause'

Maine youth prison lays off nearly half its teachers, hires commisioners daughter

Pelosi invites NBA champion Warriors to visit Capitol

Iowa woman charged with voting for Trump twice back in jail

Neo-nazi found with bomb making materials and framed picture of Timothy McVeigh given bail

"This is very disconcerting" (press access to Senators at the Capitol)

Pledge to Hedley Lamarr

Keith O & others respond to Trump tweet demanding an apology....

Cable news ignored people of color when covering Trumps Paris exit

Trump eyes Supreme Court after appeals court rejects travel ban

Trump Card

Watch Live Tonight! NASA Rocket Launch to Create Glowing Clouds @ 9:04 pm ET

DU Pot Luck today at 2 PM! Share your favorite side dish for grilled elf.

Watch Live Tonight! NASA Rocket Launch to Spawn Artificial Clouds @ 9:04 pm ET

Watch Live Tonight! NASA Rocket Launch to Spawn Artificial Clouds @ 9:04 pm ET

KO:Wait Now, What's This About Hookers? Trump's odd obsession with clearing himself on one particu

KO:Wait Now,What's This About Hookers?Trump's odd obsession with clearing himself on one particula

Trump blocks VoteVets - a huge progressive veterans organization - on Twitter

Sen. Shaheen--"Have you seen any evidence of good cause for the firing of Special Counsel Mueller?"

Florida man who tried hacking into Clinton Foundation sentenced to 18 months in prison

***** CNN BREAKING***** Chuck Grassley not ruling out investigating Trump for Obstruction Of Justice

Rosenstein and Robert Mueller - latest tweets about

Senate Democrats may let TRUMPCARE slide through without a fight...

Reporters at Capitol have been told they are not allow to film interviews with senators in hallways

FUTURE FOX VIEWERS OF AMERICA? Donald Trump Is Turning Young Voters Off the GOP--and Maybe Forever

Pic Of The Moment: Actual Quotes From Yesterday's Trump Ass-Kissing Session, Er, Cabinet Meeting

Kindergarteners reacting to 'Wonder Woman' will make your day

'Get rid of Mueller! He is dirty': GOP congressman loses it during bonkers tirade over Russia invest

colbert on orange madman's cabinet meeting monday-an emotional stroke-fest

How Do I Control My Rage?

Ruddy on MSNBC: "No president in HISTORY has had this number of attacks from the media...

Ambulances are so 2016. After a cardiac arrest, the fastest way to send help is on a flying drone

A Trump Davidian (Chris Ruddy) is trying to portrait Robert Mueller as a Democratic tool.

Who is this douche bag on MSNBC effusively praising Trumpsky?

Goddamned Greenwald revealed Reality Winner to the feds, now she is in detention

Limbaugh is hilarious this morning!

New York Times smear of comedian backfires & exposes it as a propaganda rag

trump talking about Obamacare rates he implying 'trumpdontcare' rates won't rise?

Trumpty Dumpty blocked VoteVets on Twitter

Stop Trumpcare! Text RESIST to 50409 and it will send a fax to your Senators

"Hopefully we'll approve it at the appropriate time and it will be great."

Oh Jesus Christ.. Ossof and Handel Tied Again?

I think I asked about this before, but...

trump just announced his birthday on television....let's all send him a present

Pledge Time. If Robert Mueller gets fired drop everything. IMMEDIATELY hit the streets

As the dictatorship continues! Journalists Face New Limits On Press Access In Covering Congress

Trump couldn't even talk about health care or Russia without mentioning his birthday.

the orange madman blocks progressive veterans' group on twitter

How absolutely sad and pathetic - Trump just talking and had to mention "June 14 is my birthday"

He's At It Again - Is This A Repeat Of The Cabinet Meeting Yesterday?.....

orange madman blocks progressive veterans' group on twitter

George Will just ripped Trumpsky to shreds.

What if everything is about revenge?

The Senate is blocking TV reporters from interviewing lawmakers in the Capitol

I wish I knew if I could AGGRESSIVELY criticize Bernie Sanders

Democratic Senators should *insist* on being interviewed in Senate hallways

Trump's FDA just took another swipe at Michelle Obama's food legacy

$100M wind project suspended following Tennessee moratorium

Only Political Ruin Will Cause GOP to Abandon Trump

Why Ruddy Floated the Idea of Firing Mueller

A Running List of How Trump Is Changing the Environment

UPDATED: Trump says healthcare reform push may need additional money

*****Trump hits 60% disapproval in Gallup*****

Why can't I no longer use the bolding option?

Trump Lawyer Cohen Says He'll Testify Before Panel in September

June 14 is Flag Day in the USA. Let's celebrate!

Message to Jackson Wyoming mayor Pete Muldoon

"WomanSpirit"--dedicated to all women of the world

Today's Gallup numbers: Trump hits 60 percent disapproval for first time

"WomanSpirit"- dedicated to all women of the world

Blueberry Festival

Urgent: Stop Trumpcare in the Senate. Call today!

Celebrate Juneteenth 2017 Near You

Senate Rules Chair: No New Restrictions For On-Camera Interviews With Senators

Flower petals do not bruise as easily...

Ivanka Trump's Garment Workers Can't Afford to Live with Their Children

I just realized what Trump's Sixteen Sycophants remind me of!

Grassley Won't Rule Out Obstruction Of Justice Investigation (VIDEO)

Here R phone #'s; CALL your thoughts about #ThrottlingTheFreePress in Halls of Congress!..****

I know someone who knows someone who knows Paula Deen.

For those saying it's impossible the election results were hacked, don't take my word for it....

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? interactive game honouring ICC 2017

Know Your Meme: What Is Kek?

Gallup Record: tRUMP Hits 60% DISAPPROVAL for first time since January 20th

Persuading Italians to Hold the Prosciutto and Pass the Pastrami

The Man Investigating Donald Trumps Russia Connections Is Assembling a Murderers Row of Prosecutors

Dog Tied Up and Left for Dead Gets the Help She Needs and Inspires a Movement

Where to watch Sessions hearing...

Could there be a bombshell in the Jeff Sessions testimony today?

After Comey Extravaganza, D.C. Bars Offering Drink Specials For Sessions Hearing

Internet lights up "snowflake" Trump after he demands apologies from the media in Twitter meltdown

Why Chris Ruddy floated the idea of firing Bob Mueller

Do you think Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III will be truthful in his congressional appearance?

*******Official Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III congressional appearance thread******

Trump Administration Ends Rule for Whales and Sea Turtles

Trump to resume precision munitions deliveries to Saudis: officials

Torture Victim, Expecting a U.S. Handshake, Was Given Handcuffs Instead

We Must Reevaluate Our Relationship With Saudi Arabia

Trump: '9th Circuit did it again'

We Must Reevaluate Our Relationship With Saudi Arabia

Pop Culture fluff: Moana shoes, fertility icons?

Queer activist and scholar Anthony Oliveira suspended from Twitter (@meakoopa)

Cutting life or death programs ... isnt a tough decision. It's an immoral decision.

Zinke Recommends Reducing Bears Ears National Monument

Please tell me this is not happening!

Attorney General Sessions testifies before Senate Intelligence Committee

Trumps dream of blue-collar jobs? In Kokomo, success calls for more.Trumps dream of blue-collar jo

Rump's cabinet mtg will make PERFECT cannon fodder for SNL

Is Jeff Sessions hiding? Did he run away?

Protest Low-Wage Walker and Donald Trump 4:30-6 pm Milwaukee WI....

Forget Monica Lewinsky. Yesterday's cabinet meeting was ...

Separated at birth?

Jared Kushner worried Steve Bannon is about to drop a new round of damaging leaks about him.

Media myth about unwavering base

Passenger: EMT dragged dying woman's half-naked body down aisle of crowded plane at MSP

Half US voters in favour of launching proceedings

ABC, CBS, and NBC are covering the Sessions hearings live.

Effing White House released Trump's agenda to the press with the term "Obamacare's Victims"

Beyer & LoBiondo Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Prevent Seismic Airgun Testing, Protect Marine

The weasel has landed!

"It increasingly looks like Russian hackers may have affected actual vote totals."

ACLU Statement on Restrictions of Press Interviews in Capitol

Would impeachment help Democrats in 2018?

Sessions looks like a very unhappy man

Elf is fidgety in his little chair and I think he might have burped

6 in 10 Republicans support Cuban engagement

xpost from LGBT: Queer activist and scholar Anthony Oliveira suspended from Twitter (@meakoopa)

Al Franken is not on this committee is he?? eom

A flow chart from the Washington Post how trump would fire the special counsel

Why is Sessions not under oath? n/t

Scott Walker blames Wisconsin's poor for being poor .... Gov. Walker Would Drug Test the Poor

JESUS, WATCH his body language and facial expressions. This guy is terrified.

Rosenstein agrees that Russia interfered in election

Time magazine, The Swamp Hotel

"Apalilng and detestable lie" that did anything wrong OR that he lied to Al Franken

Senate Republicans back off proposed restrictions on media

Please colleagues hear me on this

apparently all liars sniff

Any Suggestions as to who wrote the script for Sessions openiing speech?

Metro Atlanta man set to cash in on extremely rare baseball card

He's talking about overdose deaths in his opening statement. Cartels are put on notice.

If Beauregard was so keen on the rules about avoiding contact btwn the WH and the FBI...

Senate Democrats plan offensive to try to save Obamacare

Sessions is merely defending his honor! Why, I say, I believe he'll challenge us all to a duel.

Is liking Train as embarrassing as liking Nickleback?

I feel sorry for Sergey Kislyak.

What is with the sniffing going on with Sessions like chump did In the debate

Cowardly, Stupid, Mean, and Mortally Confused.

"It's not a good idea to keep bringin' Cabinet members to these meetings....

Foghorn Leghorn Wisdom

Just a heads up. Costco has tv's on sale

We Are Witnessing A GOP Run Dictatorship & Secret Government Growing By The Day. .

Eric Garland, livetweeting the Angry Elf's testimony, is hilarious!

Sessions has no choice but to lie.

Sessions can,t remember meeting at the Mayflower ---but if he did there was nothing improper

new word for the day...recollection

DAMN, watching ConfedaSmurf is annoying as hell.

Republican senators say their phones arent ringing to save the ACA, so heres the contact list

All of Risch's questions set up Sessions to agree that nothing would have happened

Sessions still hasn't gotten to what Comey was getting at

Beauregard sure is a THIRSTY lil' sucker! Pretty soon he's gonna have to PEE!

******* Official Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III congressional appearance thread 2 ******

did anyone else notice the notes sessions was reading from had a font of about 50 as opposed to a

Jeff may or may not have met Kislyak at the GOP convention or the Mayflower, but here's a question

If it comes out that there is proof of a third meeting w/ Kislyak . . .

Here's a notable Getty pic from the April 27, 2016 Mayflower Hotel eventKislyak & Sessions both na

"I don't know anything. I'm just a little old man."

Why is Wyden calling him General Sessions?

Sage advice from Sen. Murphy


Sessions was under double secret recusal from the begining

Beauregard is guilty as sin

Sen. Collins and Sessions are old friends.

What's up with Susan Collins speaking thing?

I see you Jeff Sessions...

I just want to slap the living fuck

Did you fugging hear that

Sessions: I can't answer unless the President hears the question first and approves the answer

Bernie Sanders: How Democrats Can Stop Losing Elections

BLUNT is up! Here come the HARDBALL questions!

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 13, 2017


Trump Wants to Cut EPAs Scientific Research in Half

Mr. Sessions - Did You Swear Loyalty To Trump?....

Beauregard uses a lot of convoluted sentences...

"Mr. Attorney General, why won't you answer questions about what you discussed with the President?"

Sessions, the NSA Chief and others are refusing to answer because they know trump will lie


Lankford: "You seem to be a man determined to set the record straight."

Angus is kicking Session's Lying Confederate butt

In case I, sometime in the future, want to not discuss the robbery which I might or might not

Republicans know our country was attacked but do not care because they benefited.

Angus KING


I don't recall.

Fuck this we need to call a national general strike

This nugget is from Mike Huckabee

"Tentative Executive Privilege". . This is a thing?

Sessions Rope-a-Drumpt Strategy

Club for Hollywood Republicans locked in dispute caused in part by Trump

Freudian slip.

Sessions: Executive Privilege is not waived by going on camera or into closed session

Club for Hollywood Republicans locked in dispute caused in part by Trump

Attorney General of the U.S Says He's NEVER Been Briefed on the Russian Hacking

I was Trump's foreign policy expert, but I just don't recall meeting the Russian Ambassador.

Poor Angry Elf - he has a memory problem

Senate Republicans back off proposed restrictions on media

Who Just Said...."It Doesn't Seem Like It"

Russian courts sentence protesters arrested at anti-corruption rallies

Jeff Sessions: " I know NOTHING!"

Cotton using his allotted time to attack Democrats going down rabbit holes

80s Movie Quiz

I freaking love Kamala Harris

Trump's defense chief admits struggle in Afghanistan: 'We are not winning'

He started to say Donald Trump and quickly corrected himself saying


Big man, pig man...Charade you are.Please list who falls into the category of All The Present's Men?

Sen Kamala Harris is my new political crush.

Has anyone counted how many "I don't recall" answers so far? n/t

Sessions is starting to sound like a blithering old fool

Hold these fuckers in Contempt for refusing to answer!!!

Go get em Kamala Harris!

Kamala Harris got the gavel AGAIN

Sessions wasting Kalama Harris's time

Jesus Fucking Christ! The R Chairman Just Interrupted Kamala Harris

It's becoming clear that Att. Gen. Sessions has no clue what he is doing

Kamala Harris - mansplained again

Do You Notice That When A Dem Questions Him That He Filibusters....

1 pic at Mayflower Hotel worth 1000 words

Gorsuch has unanimous first opinion for Supreme Court

Kamala HARRIS makes Beauregard NERVOUS!

Safeco Field, home of the Mariners, is getting a name change

Sessions. Wyden. Who ya got? (Jeffy LOSES his shit)

Made This for Kamala

Electronic voting machines

Holy shit! McCain woke up from his nap! nt

I Think McCain Is Confusing Sessions.....

*****AP sources: Trump tells senators House health bill he supported and celebrated mean*****

Senator Kamala Harris makes Beauregard "nervous."

I Don't Recall Bingo

Trumpcare is close to reality as we took our eyes off the ball with Russia Scandal (VIDEO)

has anyone kept tabs on how many I don't recalls, granny Sessions has blurted out?

McCains' Questioning of Sessions

*****Jack Reed****

BREAKING: Trump describes AHCA as "mean"...

Sessions has one of the worst memories

Whatever thought that pops into my mind.

Defibrillator-carrying drones could save lives, research suggests

I'm seriously considering Kamala Harris for our 2020 presidential nominee.

General Sessions

Question about the office of Attorney General --

Reagan replied "I don't remember" 124 times..

Sessions is not Stonewalling. He's clearly named after Jefferson Davis and General Beauregard.

On Comey making a prosecutorial decision

See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil

2 thumbs up for this star of the hearing (and future President)

Jerry Ludegaard IS Attorney General Jeff Sessions in "I'm COOPERATING!"

Sheryl Crow Halfway There

Full Kamala Harris questioning of Sessions (CSPAN video tweet):

Sessions Hearing - The Obstructor General has "Russian Amnesia" and "Cheeto-o-phobia"

I miss Janet Reno right now.

So, is everyone clear that between Coats, Rogers and now Sessions, a brand new

AP sources: Trump tells senators House health bill 'mean'

Your Daily Greenwald is in CYA mode today...

This is f*&%ing disgusting!

So Will Trump Be Tweeting 'Vindication' Tonight Or.....

Trump Adds More Trademarks in China

Colbert makes Oliver Stone look like a fool over his Russian Propaganda film

I'm watching Bill Kristol on MTP on MSNBC and laughing. He sure has done a 180!

Gov. Brown maps out how Legislature will balance budget

Atty-General Sessions uses executive privilege for Trump questions, even though Trump has not...

Merkley for President in 2020? CNN Profile Sends Up Trial Balloon

RNC Chair shows that Trump definitely leads the way as she calls for an end to Russia investigation

Real ID bill heads to Oregon Senate for vote

AEA President Calls Out Delta, Bank of America for Defunding The Public's JULIUS CAESAR

Two prison guards shot and killed during inmate escape

Can someone please explain to me why the public always seems to forgive GOP scandals?

Jordan Schnitzer donates $5 million for Portland State University art museum

I just got polled!

WATCH what GOP did in the #Clinton investigation when witnesses refused to answer questions but didn

LEAKED AUDIO: Uber's all-hands meeting had some uncomfortable moments

He angered McConnell (boo hoo) and said the new Senate ACA repeal bill is "mean"

****Mafia Don Trump calls health bill he championed a "son of a bitch." ****

Amazing Sessions didn't use the word "uppity" when Sen. Harris questioned him

How funny was it that Sessions could not keep with all the questions thrown at him?

How safety concerns could be exploited to restrict media access in the Capitol

The Most Damning Parts of Jeff Sessions Very Bad Day

Sessions came across like a weasel.

Rep. Adam Schiff: Congress May Use Litigation to Compel Jeff Sessions to Answer Questions

I had never heard about Sen. Harris! Wow! We all know who she is now!

Tom The Dancing Bug Toon - The Crucible, Trump Edition

The Warriors are an embodiment of the NBAs twisted ring culture

And here's another interesting question concerning Sessions.

Pierce: How Many Lies Did You Count During Jeff Sessions' Testimony?

Hannity goes all in, accusing Rachel Maddow of being a "conspiracy theorist."

Session's stonewalling: Does this DOJ document bear upon it ?

ACLU Nails Sessions:

Man Ravaged by Amnesia Somehow Able to Hold Down Demanding Legal Job (Borowitz)

In Jeff's confirmation he said he wasn't a Trump campaign advisor...BUT then his RECUSAL is based on

Al Franken on Sessions today...

Christie betting that lottery can bail out troubled pensions

This healthcare bill...

APNewsBreak: Utah woman killed reported relentless stalking

If the Donald said that the new Senate ACA repeal is "mean" it must be REALLY awful!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Man Ravaged by Amnesia Somehow Able to Hold Down Demanding Legal Job

Chief: Texas officer made errors in confrontation with woman

A question about horses

Another way to express your anger regarding Megyn Kelly's Interview of Alex Jones

Protesters chase after indicted Texas deputy and husband

Revealed: reality of life working in an Ivanka Trump clothing factory

Donald Trumps personal lawyer said that he got Preet Bharara fired

Prosecutors: Neo-Nazi plot targeted civilians, synagogues

An interesting comment was made this morning on

06/14 Mike Luckovich: Elf evasion.

Anyone else think that if photos showed Sessions meeting the Russian ambassador this morning...

Primary results - Link to State Board of Elections

"I DON'T REMEMBER" If I gave this answer to my boss, parents, partner, ...


Mattis on Qatar crisis: Russia 'trying to break' world alliances

Sessions came across as a lying perp, rather than the guy who goes after perps

Just FYI, If You Judge Kamala Harris' Effectiveness By How Crazy She Drives Right Wing Reactionaries

Moby Releases Free Album Via Fake Trump Press Release

WaPo live primary results for Virginia governor etc.

I Don't Know Why People Are Shocked That Trump Won't Acknowledge Russian Interference With....

Donald Trump's disapproval just hit 60 percent for the first time today.

Creationist Ken Ham Blames Atheists For Ark Park Failure

Junction City psychiatric hospital could remain open if state passes new tax on health insurers and

Sen. Sanders issued statement after Attorney General Sessions Testified ...

Borowitz: Man Ravaged By Amnesia Able To Hold Down Demanding Legal Job