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Archives: June 16, 2017

The House Repub are pissed at the Donald for saying Senate health care bill is "mean".

Republicans brush off Trump calling health bill 'mean'

70 MPH wind and golf ball to baseball sized hail on tap for tonight. Scheduled near us in an hour

Breaking[Template]: Trump [Administration Member] is under investigation for [Crime]

Nevada forces drugmakers to reveal insulin pricing, profits

Steve King (GOP) Obama Caused This Shooting. WTF.

A Disturbing Thing about the Alexandria Shooting that We Can all Fix

Bill Nye to Join Homestead National Monument Junior Rangers for 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Charges dropped against Miss Black Texas who accused police chief of racism, sexism

Arkansas attorney general again rejects casino proposal

Eric Schneiderman, New York State Attorney General, will be on Lawerence O'Donnell tonight.

Injured Officer Throws First Pitch in Washington

Bigoted Homophobe Steve Scalise's Life Was Saved by a Queer Black Woman

The most looked item in the DC area today, was......

The Mammoth Tusk Hunters

Texas candy maker adapts to market as sugar wars rage on

Special Counsel Mueller is investigating the finances and business dealings of Jared Kushner

Polygamous sect leader Lyle Jeffs captured after nearly a year on the run

Sandra Bland Act signed into law to address mental health of prisoners

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vetoes 50 bills

Tutored a Muslim Woman Last Week and Yesterday

MSNBC is "revisiting" All the President's Men" on Sat at 9:00PM.

University of Michigan to offer free tuition to some in-state students

Hope this hasn't been posed previously.......Dems 7......reps 2....

Australian Prime Minister Turnbull was hilarious (the Donald impression) on Chris Hayes.

My landline called 911 twice, in the middle of the night, says the cops

Dave Daubenmire Agrees When Guest Says Gov. Jerry Brown Should Be Hanging From A Rope

5 months in...

Let me tell you how I really feel....

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker Thread. The Next One. Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Little girl thinks this bride is the princess from her favorite book, and it's adorable

No, it's not the onset of's a narcissist under pressure. Word salad is a tool

Anyone else watching The Putin Interviews?

Gaping Security Hole In Georgia Elections System Revealed Ahead Of Runoff...


The baseball game that is supposed to heal the country......on C-SPAN

How The Hell Did We End Up With So Many Evil Politicians & Public Figures?

Nebraska Democratic Party official won't resign after calling reactions to shooting at GOP baseball

2018 US Senate Election- most vulnerable to least vulnerable Democratic and Republican held

Since He Represents S. Florida, Curbelo (R) Capable Of Recognizing Reality Of Warming, SLR

Does anyone know if Ryan is being investigated? Has this been leaked?

"oval office tapes" questions now referred to donnie's *lawyer*

Rent is out of reach for minimum-wage workers in every state. This map shows how far out of reach

So after the shootings, Dems reached out. Now it is up to the GOP.

May 2017 Only 2nd-Warmest May On Record - Come On, Guys, We Can Do Better Than That!

Important new research project on the Holocaust - History Unfolded

Go Anywhere Barefoot With These Stick On Foot Pads

Prominent GOP Senate chairman wants Trump to pay Obamacare subsidies

Yay, A Blue-Ribbon Commission: That's Why They Call The Climate Caucus The Climate Peacocks

Conservatives Sound Alarm About Senate Health Bill

Saw a TV ad promoting a Medicare insurance with bells and whistles

Dems 11- Repubs 2

Scott Pruitt's Email Lies Are Catching Up To Him: Also Under Investigation By OK Bar Association

Pelosi & Ryan give first-ever joint interview

Shelby's Story: Taking your rescue to rainbow bridge by Debbie Slansky Wappingers Falls, NY

Scientists say sinking of Louisianas coast already counts as a worst case scenario

Report: Sessions Dined With Lobbyist For Russian Corps, Omitted It In Testimony

More bad news for Trump. . .

APNewsBreak: About 4,000 more US troops to go to Afghanistan

Study Links 800% Increase In Valley Fever 2000-11 To More Dust Storms, Global Warming

Rosenstein issued unusual statement about leaks & seems to hint that USG knows Five Eyes leaking

Marking 50 years of rule, Rivlin calls on world to recognize Golan as Israel

President Trump chooses inexperienced woman who planned his son Eric's wedding to run N.Y. federal h

I will bet my ant farm that Kushner will flip.

Kirk Jones, who survived historic Niagara Falls plunge, dies in return 14 years later

The Murder Of Mexican Journalists Points To A U.S. Role In Fueling Drug War Violence

The Murder Of Mexican Journalists Points To A U.S. Role In Fueling Drug War Violence

Schneiderman is gonna be on Lawrence tonight. Turn it on!

Pence is lawyering up. Wonder why? Ideas?

If I were Rod Rosenstein, I would be looking for another job...

Former Mexican President: Marijuana Should Be Part of NAFTA

Congressional Baseball Game played a day after Virginia shooting

Former Mexican President: Marijuana Should Be Part of NAFTA

Rick Wiles: The Democratic Party Should Be Disbanded And Liberal Journalists Should Be Rounded Up

Feds Give Maine More Time To Comply With REAL ID

NYT: The Case For Obstructin Charges

Anyone know or heard the SS names given

Nancy Pelosi shuts down Andrea Mitchell hyping Gingrich attack on Mueller

Jared Kushner always looks like he's waiting for the poison to kick in

Because kidnapping politicians is what reasonable socialists everywhere do?

Donald Trump just gave Putin a huge gift and no one seems to have noticed.

Susan Collins Says Russia Had Truly Provocative Reaction to Montenegro Joining NATO

Nearly 1 million jobs lost under Houses AHCA: study

Peanut Crusted Gambas White Wine, Mangoes and Thai Spices mustard lifts this peanut crusted gambas

Did Kamala Harris Completely Unnerve Rod Rosenstein

Rosenstein's statement tonight knocking 'official' sources sounds familiar

Cuban Missile Crisis Redux? Thanks for that Two Scoops.

Land rights help fight fires in Guatemala nature reserve: study

PHOTO UPDATE II: Please send positive energies to this little soul tonight. I went to county animal

Books 45's friends are going to wish they had read

DHS rescinds Obama-era policy protecting illegal immigrant parents

Steve Scalise still in critical condition but has 'improved', hospital says

Veterans....IU Has Been Saved....

Georgia prisoners Rowe and Dubose caught after massive manhunt

A battle for supremacy in the lithium triangle

A battle for supremacy in the lithium triangle

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 18 - Happy Father's Day

know what a guy who had grown up in a dictatorship told me once..

TCM Schedule for Monday June 19 - Star of the Month: Audrey Hepburn


repukes looking like crap

Tortlla pizza

Worst Thing on the Internet

Mitch McConnel uttered the words "we are all in this together" at

Maine Governor Draws Line in Sand During Budget Deadlock

Mueller hiring at least 13 lawyers. Wide scope. CNN. May take longer.

The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell was live.

Finally binge watching Handmaid's Tale. Very creepy to be watching in this political climate.

This is NOT a coincidence, a few days before the Georgia's 6th election

this is true....

Mexico to speed up extradition of Chilean wanted for Pinochet ally murder

So my wife says

Trump chooses family event planner to run N.Y. federal housing programs.

Karen Handel's neighbors get threatening letter with white powder


Grenfell tower cladding


White House aides fret over Trumps Russia probe obsession...

An existential need

Trump to clamp down on Cuba travel and trade

Federal prosecutor Beranton Whisenant Jr. was found dead on a Florida beach the morning of

Maine House votes to make it harder to get referendum questions on ballot

Scotland Yard launches criminal inquiry

Scientists stunned by Antarctic rainfall and a melt area bigger than Texas

Dirty Laundry

Maine budget talks stall as Democrats and Republicans trade blame

Snake bites man, man bites wife

Chile Police Tear Gas Indigenous Mapuche Children During Raid

Donald Trump Raises Possibility Of 'Second Amendment Remedies' If Clinton Elected

Have you or someone you know placed bets on how long "he" will last?

Virginias Most Anti-LGBT Lawmaker Might Lose His Seat To States First Openly Transgender Candidate

Memo to Jeff Sessions: You're the country's attorney, not President Trump's

The Russia Bunch sung to the Brady Bunch theme

TatorGuy. Where You at?

Republicans Don't Like Being Shot At

Alex Jones releases secretly-taped audio of Megyn Kelly interview

What is the Actual Hidden Agenda of the Radical Right?

Caregivers raise alarm at hearing over proposed changes to Maine's medical marijuana rules

Bates College confronts 'distressing' racial incident, promises reform

Gov. Wolf Warns AG Sessions About Interfering In Pa.s Medical Cannabis Program

eBay ad: "1 Government USED Quick Disposal SW1A United Kingdom Circa 2017"

'Keno-garten' Bill Finalized, But Without Bipartisan Support

House, Senate Negotiators Reach Deal On $11.7 Billion State Budget

That time Rep. Joe Pitre emailed a totally not racist image to House colleagues

Trump Will Add Cuba To List Of Obama Achievements Hes Taking Apart

Developers make pitch for Portsmouth's federal building site

Grant writer in Nashua fraud scheme faces federal charge

Russian media saying al Baghdadi maybe killed in May 28 Russian air strike.

WTF? "From Russia with Blood"

PBS is airing right-wing-sponsored school privatization propaganda.

FOA- Friends of Abe? I'm new so this has probably been discussed before but...

Cnn international breaking news. Russia kills isis leader

State sees significant risk in Vermont Yankee sale

Mr Fish Toon - An NRA Republican

Attorneys divvy up $25M from Raymond James settlement

Psych facility fined $14,000 for not protecting staff from patients

Robert Mueller's Dream Team Is Giving Trump Nightmares

Here's What Democrats and Republicans 'Coming Together' REALLY Used To Look Like.

SEC filing: Quiros discloses $150,000 account in Colombia

Two Men Who Defrauded Banks in Connection with USDA Export Financing Program Sentenced to Prison

Former Swiss Banker Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering Charge in Connection With Soccer Bribery Schem

Jay Peak investor sues state

U.S. Seeks to Recover Approximately $540 M- Corruption Involving Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Fund

Teen accused of shooting cyclist with shotgun was blowing off steam

The $13 Billion Aircraft Carrier That Has Trouble With Planes

Can I pay in installments?: Man gets $100 million OWASA bill

Navy not prioritizing maintenance, GAO report says

Aviation enthusiasts/Military interest; Tour of one of the 4 "E-4B" Airborne Command Post Aircraft.

VA secretary backs off plan to cut elderly vets' benefits

VA's Choice program running out of money ahead of schedule

Rachel Brand - No 3 at DOJ and likely new boss of Bob Mueller. Fun & Boring facts.

What went wrong with Lockheed's F-35?

Putin alleges that US meddled in russian elections, refuses to provide details.

What did Rosenstein mean with his encrypted message??

House GOP Shocked to Learn That Infamous Con Artist Cant Be Trusted

Elizabeth Warren Says Jeff Sessions Should Be Fired

Retired four-star Adm. William McRaven weighs in on Trump investigation

The shadowy network of front companies Christian missionaries use to spread gospel in North Korea

Mika Just Said Trump Doesn't Know Washington Always Wins

Chelsea Handler: Senator Al Franken on Leaving Comedy for Politics

Scalise Is The 17th Member of Congress Shot While In Office

Cat repeatedly tries to intimidate lion at Texas sanctuary

Roger Stone unveils plan to get Trump to legalize weed

What To Make Of What Morning Joe Said About The Last 2 Shooters

It makes me suspicious that all the Republicans love Mueller.

A Music Break

Russia claims it has killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in airstrike

GOP Vilified Gabby Gifford Over Time Why Should We Care About Scalise.

A cornered animal, too obsessed by personal challenges to protect our country.

Pentagon to send nearly 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan

Meme: Mueller Time

Trump names family wedding planner who lied about college degrees to run Fed Housing in NYC area.

If you say "Kamala Harris" into the bathroom mirror 3 times,

US to send about 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan

Moving to Scuttle Obama Legacy, Donald Trump to Crack Down on Cuba (competitors have hotels there)

25th JFK Assassination Secrets Scheduled for 2017 Release

Trump Transition Team Orders Former Aides to Preserve Russia-Related Materials

Here we go! Tweet Whiner-in-Chief (updated throws Rosenstein under the bus?)

Does Tom Cole sick too?

Insurance Companies Bail On Duke Energy; Say Company Knew Of Coal Ash Risks, Did Nothing

all this talk on mourning joe about R's & D's getting along.....

President Shitstain Backs Down From Attempt To Gut California's Air Quality Authority

Study Shows Religion May Be Contributing to Unprecedented Political Divide

Nevada Gov. Sandoval Signs Bill To Reinstate Rooftop Solar/Net Metering

Privacy vs Security - NYC - Morning Joe

Sweden's Biggest Pension Fund Dumps 6 Energy Companies Out Of Line With Paris Accord

Trump finds himself exactly where he doesnt want to be - By Eugene Robinson

Slowing Westerly Winds, Warming Ocean, Led To Texas-Sized Surface Melt On Ross Ice Shelf

Trump said foreign leaders wouldn't laugh at the U.S. Now they're laughing at him.

A little jocularity to start the day

An Abdication of Duty

Trump disapproval hits 64 percent in AP poll

Kellycon offers pearls of wisdom...

Cladding for Grenfell Tower was cheaper, more flammable option

Awww!! Anthony Watts Taking A Break, Asking For People To Send Him Vacation Money

More states are registering voters automatically. Here's how that affects voting.

Anonymous source says WH didn't order Rosenstein statement. Whom to believe?

Pence's balancing act as Trump's No. 2 shows signs of strain amid WH turmoil

Oh, YES, The Donald. PLEASE poke Mr. Mueller in the eye with a stick and DARE him to CATCH you.

Mr. Trump, Afghanistan Is Your War Now - By the NYT Editorial Board

Notice from my insurance company of the impact of the mess they've made!

Whats Wrong With Todays Society Captured In 10+ Though-Provoking Illustrations By Al Margen

Donny Deutsch on Trump: "He was a sleazy businessman who couldn't borrow from American banks"

According to news reports it looks like Steve Scalise is out of the woods. * I hope so. Thank God.

If Trump fires Mueller, he won't give a shit...

Matt Drudge Suggests GOP Deserves to Lose Georgia Special Election

PBS is airing right-wing-sponsored school privatization propaganda

Orwell Rolls Over in his Grave Part 1

here's the trump legacy....DESTROY everything President Obama did.

Ain't you tired Republicans?

The Health 202: Senate is straining to pass Obamacare overhaul in next 14 days

Pence's new lawyer is a close friend of Comey

Bernie Sanders - 2002 interview excerpt for the film "Orwell Rolls In His Grave"

Donnie Doofus 2 Scoops wants to let you know...despite the WitchHunt going on in America....

alt right calling congressional shooting a false flag

Throwback: Donald Trumps chances of winning are approaching zero

Our Russ Feingold's article in the Guardian RE: WI gerrymandering

Why don't MSM push the Republicans to explain exactly what they NOW mean by

With a pattern developing, it is hard for GOP to defend Trumps rookie mistakes

Tweet #3....

All The President's Witnesses For The Prosecution

Trump: "Despite the phony Witch Hunt going on in America, enthusiasm way up!"

"In the deep state, Satan is president.". . . . Please come CAPTION Newt Gingrich!!!

Medica says it will sell ACA-compliant health plans statewide in Nebraska next year

UPDATED - Amazon to buy Whole Foods Market in deal valued at $13.7 billion

I just spewed coffee all over my monitor! LOL..

Tweet #4....WTF??

MSNBC yakking about what irritates Trump, what the hell???

Wait, what?

Alex Jones releases more secret-taped Megyn Kelly audio; NBC responds

Why do people care about Megyn Kelly?

BREAKING: Trump confirms he's under investigation!

The " phony" executive orders that harm the 99% for the benefit of the few.

UK allows Russia to regularly assassinate opponents with impunity. (very, very long article)

Grassley rankles GOP with new Comey investigation

BREAKING ********After all the bluster Chump admits he's under investigation*******

Last night, Lawrence O'Donnell mentioned this evening's $5000 per plate Pence fundraiser

Punks with guns (or nuclear weapons) are exceptionally dangerous people.

Today is going to be a gas with Chump's multiple tweets

Why Did Bernie Vote Against Russian Sanctions?

Vox- We asked 8 Senate Republicans to explain what their health bill is trying to do

Did the "bipartisan" ball game include women players?

Okay. *Assuming* Trump was referring to Rosenstein in his latest tweet, anyone guess what happened?

Amazon to buy upmarket grocer Whole Foods for $13.7 billion

What Bullets Do to Bodies

BREAKING: Donald Trump Now IS Under Investigation for Obstruction

Malcolm Nance

Next on the agenda - re animate Bin Laden

Trump Cucked Again: Senate Approves Punishment for Russia

Donald Trump is so UGLY!! I can't even stand to look at him.

My friends we are reaching an inflection point.

Trump's new Cuba policy helps...wait for it...TRUMP and his hotel business.

Trump Will Allow 'Dreamers' to Stay in U.S., Reversing Campaign Promise

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Guns and Politics

Trump allies on the offensive against Mueller

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Stupid Elf

Powerball, Mega Millions to drop Illinois due to state's budget crisis

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Australian Prime Minister make fun of Trump by parodying him as audience laugh uncontrollably (VIDEO

many reasons to oppose a Mike Pence presidency

Trump Acknowledges He Is Under Investigation in Russia Inquiry

Trump is in the final throes of personality disintegration

Over 30 dead so far in that horrific fire with 76 missing

Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead,...

Just had a depressing thought

Good morning. Have a shot of truth

Tonight in New York City: Going to see Kevin Spacey as Clarence Darrow

We need a MarchForTrumpsImpeachment.

He's (Trump) going after Rosenstein. This. Is. Magnificent.

Sleeping Md. Woman Bitten By Copperhead Snake In Her Bed

Cardin Calls House Republican Health Care Bill Damaging to Our Country, Public Health and Our Econo

I have to applaud Trump on one thing.

ACLU Stalls Trumps Plan To Deport Iraqi Christians

Team Trump goes after Robert Mueller: Our national crisis enters a decisive phase

Kellyanne Conway: If I was shot and killed tomorrow, half of Twitter would explode in applause

How the quantum Zeno effect impacts Schroedinger's cat

So I drive a taxi, and the traffic distracts me ... ♫

Have gotten a half-dozen "wtf" calls this morning from Trump SUPPORTERS.

trump knows what he (and his peeps) did, and he knows it's coming out, SOON!

Irrelevant parts redacted.

The Greatest Threat To Our Planet...

Trump this morning

Former D.C. Council member Jim Graham has died

Former D.C. Council member Jim Graham has died

"You're terrified - this is hilarious' Internet points and laughs as Trump attacks his own deputy AG

Pic Of The Moment: The Slide Continues

Sadiq Khan: My letter to the Prime Minister, demanding answers, action and justice..........

Trump's meltdown is coming right before the GA-6 race.

And now, a VERY special message on UNITY from the delightful Ms. Kellyanne Conway. DELIGHTFUL!

He is a bully, plain and simple. And the bully is going down.

The Rainbow Flag Is Flying in Serbia for First Gay PM

Tom Cole is so happy his BFF Scalise was at baseball park, when the shooting started. CNN interview

"Unity" my ass!

Meet Gerrard Lobo, the Only Good Guy on Orange Is the New Black

So, is it the money, the blackmail or the collusion......

Meet President Trumps next hate figure, DOJ 3d-in-line Rachel Brand

Israeli Minister Says Settlement Building Coordinated With Trump Team

Remember when Sarah Huckabee tweeted this in Nov. about Hillary?

ABC is reporting Rosenstein is considering recusal.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein acknowledges he may need to recuse himself from Russia probe

Wikileaks Documentary Makers Accuse Assange of Censorship

Confused? Read the Wikipedia article on paranoia and Trump's latest tweet will make clear sense.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein acknowledges he may need to recuse himself from Russia probe

Deputy AG: 'Americans should be skeptical about anonymous allegations'

Buzzfeed: From Russia With Blood

Would you ever go to The Break Room?

Statements by the President. Fri am.

The Daily 202: Prospect of Trump firing Mueller keeps becoming more untenable

Next up? Rachel Brand

Trump's tweeting

Oh, no you don't.....

Aussie PM mocks the hell out of Trump (ROFL alert)

Shock Headline: Entire Justice Department Recuses Self in Trump Investigation

June 16, 2017. Twitter user Jason Miller takes temporary ownership of the Internet.

EPA and Dept. of Interior held a private briefing with 45 gas and oil CEOs at Trump's D.C. hotel

So there it is...he admits it

Stealing the Election in Georgia.

A couple of shots to introduce myself

Trump's Russia problems got a whole lot worse in the past 24 hours


Dear Republican: Here is That Apology You Keep Asking For:

Drumpf just cherry-picked and tweeted ONE poll showing 50% approval

Tweet #5....

Two years ago today, I watched an idiot descend on a golden escalator and say

Health Care: Democrats Cant Hit What They Cant See

Sit-in protest now happening at Kensington Borough headquarters over Grenfell tragedy

Sandy Hook Families Beg NBC to Nix Megyn Kelly's Interview With Alex Jones

Conway: If I Were Killed, 'Half of Twitter Would Explode In Applause'

@realDonaldTrump Goes Back On Christian Promise: ICE arresting Iraqi Christians

Rancid Paul's Year Old Tweet About 2nd Amendment Doesn't Age Well.

For what it's worth

Teenage LA police cadets arrested for theft of patrol cars, radios and stun guns

GOP sirens blare over Georgia special election- brace for the possibility of an unnerving defeat

Students in Ontario Can Now Opt Out of Religion Classes at Catholic Schools

Germany's Helmut Kohl dies, aged 87

Judge finds Michelle Carter guilty of manslaughter in texting suicide case

"Its really hard to be accused of being a traitor and take your lawyers advice to shut up"

Trump's coal plan sends U.S. energy "back to the past": Vatican

TPM: A very, very dangerous situation

Climate change is a MASSIVE public health crisis

Dear President Trump: Resign Today!

Could Trump be the first president to be impeached and removed from office?

Senate / House Bipartisan Bills to protect medical marijuana from Jeff Sessions

Is Trump sharpening the guillotine blade even now

Navys newest carrier has problems getting planes up

I have a feeling that Trump is very close to a mental breaking-point:

Russia's military says it may have killed IS leader; West, Iraq skeptical

Here's the thing about "Witch Hunt," 2 Scoops

Special Counsel Has Hired 13 Lawyers, 'With Several More In The Pipeline'

Tom ARNOLD claims being swindled of pay for a job. Did he deliver on his DRUMPF videos/tapes?!1

Jon Ossoff is on MSNBC. He seems like an earnest young man.

Well, the dumpster is winning at one thing - FAIL!

Tim Canova is out there pushing Seth Rich conspiracies

If I Were A Republican I Would Think Twice

Equal madness.

Deputy AG says he may have to recuse himself from Russia probe

Slate's Impeach-O-Meter at 49% as of yesterday...and Marshall's column today mention the I word too

Megyn Kelly To Alex Jones In Leaked Tape: Im Not Going To Be Barbara Walters

Iraqi Christians targeted for deportation face 'death sentence' in Iraq, lawyers say

Jeff Sessions Has A Tell - CONAN

Watch Obama welcome Jay Z to the Songwriters Hall of Fame

How the press is helping Republicans keep their health care bill secret

Amazing Pitching Record I stumbled on:

Robert Mueller is now looking @ Jared Kushner's work in data analytics for the Trump campaign*

the president will attempt to fire not only Robert Mueller, but also...Rosenstein..

Helmut Kohl-RIP

We never hear a word about Steve Bannon these days

I love me a Donald melt down, such as his crazy tweet storm today!

Fifty years ago today

NHS cyber-attack was 'launched from North Korea'

Reason for wage gap. I agree with some points buy certainly not all of them!

Trump personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has hired his own counsel: Stephen Ryan, of McDermott, Will &

Why Rosenstein Is Wrong - The Chain of Trust

On Linda Sarsours Politics of Hate and the Pathos of Her Jewish Enablers

EPA head defends White Houses plan for massive cuts to his agency

Weve been hijacked: Fears Russian yacht and three crew have been taken hostage by a North Korean

Anyone else notice the underlying irony of this week?

I'll just take the President at his word (on this)

The real reason working-class whites continue to support Trump

Ali Velshi & Stephanie Ruhle slam former GOP Senator on Trump Cuba policy reversal (VIDEO)

WTF?! Trump personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has hired his own counsel

Did Kelly Anne have a stroke?

Army Field Guide on Leadership: Is Trump Fit to be President?

Sandy Hook family members send legal threat to NBC over Alex Jones interview

Tools used in Nazi medical experiments uncovered in Argentina

Did anyone catch Matt Schlapp on CNN?

He's caught, he knows it, and he WILL fire Mueller!

Clean Energy Is About to Become Cheaper Than Coal

Ken Starr Warns Against Firing Mueller

GOP sirens blare over Georgia special election

type in Chris Hedges in your address bar

Biden Talks Trump, Faith And Fate In Front Of A Live 'Fresh Air' Audience

We still have a great constitution. We still have great free markets. What has gone wrong?

Trump decides to 'go on the attack' over FBI probe

White House says no determination yet on 'Dreamer' immigrants

Commission on Civil Rights to probe Trump administration's handling of civil rights

Like Malcolm Nance said today, Russia changed our vote tallies on election day.

Did any of you in your education process discover why Europeans left their country of origin

Hot Days Call for Cold Noodles.

Welcome to Young Pioneer Tours, the first company to offer budget tours to North Korea

Schumer asks for all 100 senators to meet on health care

It's exhausting to witness how we are all told to come together for Steve Scalise

I consider myself enlightened, evolved, and a long time feminist. Yet I have mansplained.

A prophet or a fool?

Too funny! Trevor Noah And The Daily Show Just Took Donald Trump Mockery To The Next Level

colbert on faux snooze dumping their "fair and balanced" slogan, offering suggestions

I'd say it's REALLY bad when your Lawyer Lawyers up...

OMG. Watch Hatch ask his aide for talking points when McCaskill asks "Will be any hearings on ACA?"

Chaldeans in US: Why arent more Christians speaking out against deportations to Iraq?

Could Congress do this?

I AM SHOCKED, just shock! Ted Nugent......

I remember when Obama was under investigation and Biden lawyered up. That was "very routine" too.

Will republicans try to say it isn't them with Trump in all those photos?

Jesu, twitter

Worked for the Trump/Pence Campaign?Law Firm will be in touch.....

Goodbye democratic underground, the problem with America is not just about trump and his voters.

Tim Farron is so wrong Christianity and progressive politics do go together

Stephen Colbert's "How To Spot A Stoner," featuring Jeff Sessions

Reluctant Trump voters losing faith: 'I hope he wakes up and realizes we are 'no longer...

Germany threatens retaliation if U.S. sanctions harm its firms

@GOP health bill: bringing lifetime limits back to employer-sponsored coverage, which could mean a

You can't con people, at least not for long. DJTrump. Money Magazine

Thank you for getting shot Steve

Nobody Speak

Pee Pee Tape intel chatter picked up three hours before Donald Trumps DOJ statement about leaks

Trump: "My friend Steve Scalise took a bullet for all of us???"

Just in from Jim Acosta at CNN:

Gingrich: A president 'cannot obstruct justice'

Amazon has a patent to keep you from comparison shopping while youre in its stores

Exactly how is this Cuba annoucement "historic"?

Report: DC Attorneys Ecstatic Today!

Wheel of Fortune's "Southern Charm Week" features illustration of slaves

Cosby trial judge rejects mistrial again, sends jury back to deliberate

Who in the White House Will Turn Against Trump ?

Someone slipped the shitgibbon a Quaalude!

Woody Guthrie sings about Rump

Trump's gonna help the Cuban people build a great, great fyoo-cha

US academic group overwhelmingly rejects BDS

Damn, he really does despise Comey:

Watching Trumpy on tv as he speaks here in South Florida

Police officer critically injured in coordinated shooting, stabbing attack in Jerusalem

I had to shut him off. I can't stand listening/watching the orange blob whine! n/t

Idiot Savant

(THREAD) Here's EVERYTHING you need to know about Rachel Brandthe Acting AG on the Russia case whe

Alex Jones: Who is the Sandy Hook denier that Megyn Kelly interviewed?

Trump announces revisions to parts of Obama's Cuba policy

That dude playing the violin literally made the dog jump up and run around the house.

Did Trump perform a Tony Soprano and compromise most attorneys in the Metro DC Area?

In his CUBA SPEECH, Trump is talking about coming down the escalator with Melania 2 years ago

Today's speech translated into a few short words:

When we get rid of one evil, then we might end up with someone more evil?

Well, Recuuuuuuuuuse me!

Germany threatens retaliation if U.S. sanctions harm its firms

My "WTF?" of the day, religion division...

Obamacare saves lives- let this cancer survivor tell you how (video tweet)

The new Lady Liberty silver proof is out

Fact Check: Distortions and Fake News in Virginia Shooting

Ryan to give 'major' tax reform speech

Trump's Latest Problem: His Base and Republicans are fleeing the President amid Russia Controversy

Hey GOP, Just Let It Go.

Bat-Signal shines in LA to honour Batman star Adam West

Report: Today The Day Woman Either Quits Job Or Goes Home And Watches 4 Hours Of Netflix

On the occasion of Steele Johnson's 21st birthday, aptly named athletes:

Extremely strong statement from Senator Feinstein, who is careful and measured.

Ann Coulter is sick of Trump melodrama and would dump him for Pence if he vowed to build the wall

A Bernie Sanders supporters SHOOTS a GOP senator, and people on DU are not attacking Bernie

Why Lawyers Hire Lawyers.

Scorching statement from Feinstein on Trump's tweets says she's concerned he'll attempt to fire

Lawmakers reach deal on paid family leave for all workers

POLL: Chances of Political Leaders Being Indicted

Washington State lawmakers reach deal on paid family leave for all workers

Millions Of Gallons Of Oil Spill Into Washington From Ruptured Rex Tillerson

Theresa May faces calls of 'shame on you' and 'coward' as she meets tower victims

Real Fake News - Operetta vs. Trump (Gilbert and Sullivan Edition)

London fire: Protesters storm town hall

Otto Warmbier, American student released from North Korea, was active in Hillel

The lesson to be learned from yesterday's Congressional Baseball game

Such a pity that POSUCS was ruined by being used to slam

Republicans grumble about secret AHCA meetings shut-out - But do nothing about it

Feds appear to backtrack on Trump event planners appointment as head of housing in New York

Feds appear to backtrack on Trump event planners appointment as head of housing in New York Feder

Trump's Company Violated U.S. Cuban Embargo

Is Mike Pence pulling a Gerald Ford or a Spiro Agnew?

Spread this excellent Trump song/video far and wide!!

DU Betting Pool: Exact time when Rosenstein's recusal/firing breaks the news.

Cool off with the B-52's!!

How to Pronounce Mueller

Barack Obama could be the next president of Harvard University

Toxic Water in the Cape Fear River

Zinke moving dozens of senior Interior officials in shake-up

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 16, 2016

Memo lays out Trump administrations approach to handling transgender students civil rights complai

1 in 4 Americans Apparently Unaware the Earth Orbits the Sun

Revealed: Facebook exposed identities of moderators to suspected terrorists

Here's a question I wish they would ask Trump at the next press encounter

Positive Effects of Medical MARIJUANA on ALZHEIMERS Prevention

CNN: WH Official - Trump "Taking Matters Into His Own Hands"

Deputy AG Rosenstein sees no reason to recuse himself from Russia probe, Justice Dept. says

TX governor signs bill allowing providers to deny LGBTQ youth child welfareservices

Murkowski 'committed' to funding Planned Parenthood

Dear 'concerned' Republican senators: Fight McConnell on Trumpcare, or shut up

Trump appears to confirm obstruction investigation, attack Rosenstein in morning tweet rant

Exclusive: Alex Jones Ex-Wife Threatened to Trash Megyn Kelly If She Didnt Include Her in Sunday..

Republicans are showing their misogyny on their sleeve

Trump's Derangement Deepens - By Andrew Sullivan

Dallas County, TX..Russian hack attempts

Obamacare Is Not Collapsing Unless Republicans Kill It. Heres Proof.

Medical marijuana using Aquaponic gardens for cultivation

It's Friday, so here are this week's glam tunes:

Americans are Lousy at Pronouncing Words in Other Languages

Everything you need to know about Rosensteins possible successor

"No, no, no, no," Scarborough interjected. "That's the shrillness."

Real Fake News _Opera vs. Trump: Rossini edition

Well, I just received my very first 'smart' phone

I Figured Out What Trump Is Doing By His Incessant Tweeting.....

Where to see Malcolm Nance live tonight!

Instead of billionaire tax cuts, let's use TrumpCare savings to pay for the funerals.

Verdict in #YanezTrial, death of Philando Castile (Mpls, shot by cop): Not guilty, all charges.

Verdict in Yanez trial shooting Philandro Castile

Trump reverses promises on the DREAM act - two headlines

Pence might be able to use campaign funds to pay for attorney

Samsung releases 49-inch desktop monitor with 32:9 aspect ratio

Kindred Spirits - with gratitude for kindness. Love this.

TPM: "What Happened to the Michael Cohen Ukraine Dossier?"

Dianne Feinstein is done pulling punches when it comes to Donald Trump

So the Con believes he can take on the American Political and Judicial systems

Officer who shot Philando Castile found not guilty

Extremist Experts Are Beginning To Worry About A Rise Of Violence On The Left

Since Philando Castile's killer was set free, will 2nd Amendment advocates express outrage?

Some help please - I can't find the Steve Scalise video (an oldie but goodie) against gun regulation


Kolchak: The Lost Episode

Manny received his "whoa dudes" in the mail today

1-Hour Epic Music Mix Epic Asian Music

Senate Dems finally planning an offensive against Trumpcare

Schiff Warns Trump Against 'Saturday Night Massacre' Redux

Give the Devil His Due. Trump has Created Record Setting Job Growth in One Sector.......

Trump administration poised to side with employers in Supreme Court case -source

First on CNN: House Russia investigators want to bring in Trump digital director

House Russia investigators want to bring in the Trump campaign's digital director (Brad Parscal)

Amazon eats Whole Foods.

Trump disapproval hits 64 percent in AP poll

The Single-Payer Breakthrough in California

How Fat Leonard bribed the Navy to get U.S. diplomatic immunity

GOP's 2nd Amendment Rhetoric Has Come Back To Haunt Them.

Trusting your eyes may not always be the right thing,

Secret Legislation Is So Un American. McDonnell Should Be Run Out Of The Country.

Claude Taylor says Steve Bannon is now being investigated for Obstruction.

Trump Today

Little Caesars Marketing New Marshmallows N Gravy Pizza Directly To President

Rider stepped on by bull suffered severe injuries, faces another surgery

Lead found in 20% of baby food samples,

Fuck Donald Trump with a rusty coat hanger

Sort of good news...Repub senators' phone lines are especially busy or taking messeges.

"All Hell Breaking Loose Between Trump and Rosenstein" - Palmer Report

He lied again

I still miss George Harrison.

LOLGOP tweet... You better discover oil.

Report: Republican Congressman who talked to Hodgkinson in parking lot was on his "hit list"

Fattier Pork Is Better Pork.

Get your BLOTUS Financial Report Right Here!

Flint Holds a Glittering Prom, Far From Flint

Republican secrecy faces mounting criticism as GOP senators work behind closed doors to repeal Obama

Cop Kills fears for his life jury say's not guilty

Watch The Russians Laugh At Trump In This Video Clip

Trump said foreign leaders wouldnt laugh at the U.S. Now theyre laughing at him.

The bottom line is even "honest" businesspeople wouldn't want the gaze of the Feds.

Morford: Top 15 rejected Fox News slogans to replace "Fair & Balanced"

U.S. Navy destroyer collides with merchant vessel near Japan

Breaking on CNN - US Destroyer taking on water after a collision

It's Mueller which rhymes with Heller.

New Jersey is arresting more people for marijuana than ever, ACLU report finds

Northam voted for George W Bush TWO TIMES?

dear friends....

CNN- Steve Scalise is doing much better- was at imminent risk of death when he arrived

My 100th Diary: Another Message For Die-Hard Trump Voters

Donald Trump Is Proving Too Stupid to Be President

Sir Humphrey stonewalls

Ossoff ahead in latest WSB TV poll

Any info on anti inflammatory supplements for are golden

'Shameful' raid on aid camp at US-Mexico border puts lives at risk, volunteers say


Explain to me again how there's no double standard.

French fries, other fried potatoes could lead to early death.

Trump releases personal finances report

Just occurred to me. What if Mueller finds the election was stolen. That means that trump isn't

Trump approval at 35%, GOP satisfaction drops. #PleaseStopWinningSoMuch

what happens after trump leaves office?

Lychnis/Rose Campion

David Cay Johnston: Open hearing on unsealing files that may show Trump Russian ties, Mon, 13:00,

Gianforte calls for civil politics after assaulting reporter

Bigoted Handel on Gay parents.

Rigged: Forced into debt. Worked past exhaustion. Left with nothing.

Koterba toon: Russian free speech

Any truth to the rumor Ivanka's capitalizing on "Peegate" by...


Need a bit of advice

Oregon first US state to add third gender option on driver ID

Well it's become classically Shakespearean. Trump is clearly paranoid and unable to trust anyone.

this is how you troll a politician

I'm sad

******BREAKING******Trump hires another high-profile lawyer as special counsel probe heats up

39 million households are paying more for housing than they can afford

Just an idea how to beat the GOP on the ACHA...

What LePage really plans to do with $100M meant for Maine families in poverty

Karen Handel, cut from the same cloth as Santorum and Bachmann, a hate-filled POS

Drumpt's New Cuba Policy Could Put His Hotel Competitors at a Disadvantage

10+ Of The Oldest Color Photos Showing What The World Looked Like 100 Years Ago

MJ docs on Trump's holdings

There's a Zen drawing called The 3 Laughing Sages... this is not it

Raucous crowd quizzes Deb Fischer on health-care bill being crafted in Senate

What is your reading routine on DU?

So the WH staff said the Con heard he was being investigated via the media

Donald Trump's financial disclosure is a reminder he owes extraordinary amounts of money to Deutsche

There are collective words of compassion for the white congressman

Mueller Is Investigating Donald Trump For Possible Obstruction

Faux News still blaming late night comedians for GOP shootings

Bald Eagle Adopts Baby Hawk Instead of Eating Him

The Republicans who urged Trump to pull out of Paris deal are big oil darlings

Medical marijuana bill passes in Florida Legislature

Philando Castile Protest

FBI refuses to release Comey memos while investigation ongoing

Grassley rankles GOP with new Comey investigation

Pence Hires Lawyer; Mueller Builds Team

Donald Trump Reports Hes Getting Rich as President

Even Trumps Lawyer Has Lawyered Up

The role of Gerrymandering, Facebook, and the lack of a 50-State Strategy in political violence

Republicans struggle to find the purpose of their health care plan

His base cares more about his golfing at Mar-a-Lago than real issues. They are deplorables.

trump is in serious debt. Gov Ethics Office releases his latest disclosure

Coconut oil 'as unhealthy as beef fat and butter'

Mueller is opening a huge can of whup ass

When White People Realize American Politics Are Violent

PBS Newshour tonight ..DANG.