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Would a 20 dollar minimum wage at the federal and state level be a winning campaign proposal?

New York, California and Washington state band together to form the United States Climate Alliance

Elon Musk Quits Trump's Advisory Councils After President Pulls US From Paris Accord

The difference between Putin and the Con

Trumps pullout from Paris climate agreement is biggest failure of leadership in American history

Luckovich Toon - Watering Can (Paris Climate Accord)

Trump proves it every day

NRA board member Ted Nugent stands by call for Hillary Clinton to be hanged

This country is no longer the leader of the free world.

Trump just cemented his legacy as Americas worst-ever president


Tell your governors you want them to join the United States Climate Alliance.

Actress Julianne Moore urges Americans to mark gun violence awareness day

France's Emannuel Macron just put this up on Twitter:

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"--even at a kids' theater

How many Trump supporters do you think even know what the

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"--even at a kids' theater

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"--even at a kids' theater

"WH Official Responds To Q Whether T. Thinks Climate Change Real: "Can We Stay On Topic?"

George Soros attacks Hungarian prime minister for building a 'mafia state'

tRump's Campaign Promises - A Pattern Is Emerging

2018 US Senate Election? Which incumbent US Senator is more likely to be defeated?

My first visit to a marijuana store.

How the Trump administrations secret efforts to ease Russia sanctions fell short

Melania Watches *warning* offensive words

The ultra-rich are hiding way more money overseas than anyone realized

This is not smoke. It's a 5-alarm fire: Trump admin had plan as soon as took office

So, I just looked up Paris #MAGA on Twitter and was not disappointed.

Jerry Garcia's 'Wolf' guitar sells for $1.9M at New York auction

I worked Precinct Politics. went door to door..a long time ago..

Explanations for Kushner's meeting with head of Kremlin-linked bank dont match up

It's time to use an old fashion term for Benedict Donald:

Lisa Bloom is representing Kathy Griffin, press conference Fri. morning

Venezuela judge shot dead, prosecutor says democracy dying

Medical charges

ParisAgreement withdrawal doesn't even take effect until the day after election day 2020

Does Putin win now that the Paris Accord is not signed by Trump? Putin loves

Michael Moore on Paris accord: Trump committed a crime against humanity

WH won't say when Kushner met Gorkov but WP seems to have found the flights & Gorkov went straight

Inslee forms 'US Climate Alliance' with New York, California governors

Ortega may sign Paris Accord. "Being in same group w/Trump is so damn embarrassing."

What happens if Trump and/or Congress go after states and cities supporting the Climate Alliance...?

BEHOLD! I've made it to 10,000 posts! EDIT TO ADD SPEECH! SPEECH!! SPEECH!!!

After meeting with Kushner, flight data shows Russian banker Gorkov flew directly to Putin

Sanders: Withdrawing from Paris deal an 'international disgrace'

Jim Carrey's dream

What the Paris climate withdrawal means for U.S. economy

I swore I'd never do it, but I put someone on ignore.

Are business owners and managers telling the truth when they claim a higher minimum wage $15 to $20

Chinese Maker of Ivanka Trumps Shoes Looks for Cheaper Labor

With the Paris Accord withdrawal trump has brought Putin another bone.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Off With Her Head! Live, Uncensored & a new

Why does Trump like Sharia Law so much he did not sign the Paris Accord?

Trump to planet: Drop dead

Was the Kathy Griffin photo perhaps a reference to the French Revolution?

Turn on Rachel right fugging now - Dan Fried

Hurricane season just started and Trump hasn't put anyone in charge of FEMA or NOAA

Maybe Private Russian Hackers Meddled in Election, Putin Says

This year, during LGBT Pride Month, Trump's White House will be serving NO SCOOPS.

Besides the rest of the world, Trump's managed to piss off The Weather Channel.

Climate Pact Pullout Rewards the Few and Powerful

3 Santa Clara jail guards found guilty of murder in inmates death

Next Up...Withdrawling from the Iran Nuclear Deal

Paris climate deal not open for renegotiation, says France's Macron

Trump misunderstood MIT climate research, university officials say

I felt this way the night of the appointmentation...

Who wants Maggot's head in a jar? Only $37

Nearly 8,000 New Voters Registered Ahead of Georgia Special Election

United States Climate Alliance

@NIHDirector--Science is critical for ending opioid epidemic.

An incredibly telling thing Trump said at todays Paris event wasnt about climate at all

Religious scholars issue unanimous fatwa declaring suicide attacks Haram

Obama slams Trump for exiting Paris climate deal

Three lawmakers question Kushner Cos on concerns over White House tie

Hey DU'ers call TRMS advertisers to say thank you for supporting Rachael's work

Robert Iger (Disney) resigns from President's Council over Paris withdrawal

He thinks he can negotiate with 190 countries.

Chief Inspector Murphy checks on his friend, Mr. Bunny.

Mike Bloomberg is a true neoliberal. Not what the alt-left calls a neoliberal when they dont get

Will Trump and Republicans Set A New Hardright Baseline? The New Normal?

A Love Song to our Planet

has there been an agreement on how covfefe is pronounced?

As stupid as it is

So long, and thanks for all the fish

poli sci 101 - chart; illustration of terms

22 senators complicit with trump

Paris climate agreement: World leaders slam Trump decision

Anyone know why politicians ask for $1 donations?

Yahoo news: upon taking office, DT immediately fought to normalize Russian relations

So I am starting to watch The Handmaid's Tale Episode 1, and I see that Ann Dowd is in it. She is a

BAT BOY LIVES!!! Gets manager ejected!!!

We can run, but we can't hide from it (Grateful Dead)

Just Like Trump To Drop Out Of The Paris Accord To Fatten His Pocketbook - I Hear He's Invested In..

Gunman who robbed Manila casino sets self alight, Philippines police say

Is there any threat that citizens in other countries would boycott the U.S.?

Trump misunderstood MIT climate research, university officials say

Maxine Waters‏: "There is a reason Trump might reverse sanctions"

The best way to minimize celebrities that have aided 45 is to just stop mentioning them

How the Trump-Russia Data Machine Games Google to Fool Americans (Roger Sollenberger)

So, how do we make the deplorables realize the US is now 197

TPM - Marshall's view - "Paris Decision Was Driven By the Presidents Rage and Fear"

Wisconsin mill that exploded had been reprimanded on safety

I guess trump who "became president when he bombed Syria", is now out of favor with Fareed Zakaria

Gravitational waves: Third detection of deep space warping

If your main motivation for casting a ballot is just to piss off liberals, then you shouldn't vote.

Slate "We The Victims" - Trumps Paris accord speech projected his own psychological issues all over

Slate - "What We Have Unleashed - This years string of brutal hate crimes is intrinsically

2018 US House Election-states which could help Democrats get a net gain of 24 seats.

California Senate passes single-payer health care plan

California Senate passes single-payer health care plan

Keith Olbermann: The bomb is ticking, Republicans, and you OWN IT!

The imagination of children :)

Why does news coverage slow down on the weekends?

Trump's first budget would restrict eligibility for EITC and CTC

This is beyond gaslighting - it is beyond being punked. Think about it -

Mayor Peduto Slams Trump for Name-Dropping Pittsburgh

Trumps argument for withdrawing from Paris agreement contains multi-trillion dollar math error

You know, I'm not given to rash statements

After setbacks, Alaska space business again has high hopes

Leaving the Paris climate deal will take the US years: Ruters

Tim Kaine's son, 7 others, charged in protest of pro-Trump event in Minnesota

poli sci 101; illustration of terms

Ripples in Space-Time! Gravitational-Wave Observatory Detects 3rd Black Hole Merger

The EPA is ASKING for people to call. "We need it"

How world leaders are reacting to Trump's decision to leave the Paris climate agreement

Court sets September arguments in transgender bathroom case

You may all know this but I just actually HEARD Hillary give an explanation of what Russia and the

Trump Gave The American People Another Reason To Vote....

The Data That Turned the World Upside Down

Any predictions on the fall of tRump and his Russian enablers in the GOP?

Statue Honors Native American Veterans

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 4 - Juvenile Academy Award Winners

The madness...holy shit, the madness...

TCM Schedule for Monday June 5 - Star of the Month: Audrey Hepburn

So there is no way Jared Kushners

Goldman Sachs CEO in first tweet ever.

Deputy had been moved off school beat after complaints

Giving up..

Historians Will Be Baffled by Our Times

Federal judge tosses life sentences for convicted sniper Lee Boyd Malvo

Gov. Inslee (D-WA) to Trump: 'Your resignation letter would be gratefully accepted'

Well, I'm going to say something nice about Trump.

Al Franken on the Daily Show tonight.

How do the republicans reconcile their 'pro-life' stance with this dangerous psychopath?

Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Restore Travel Ban

The evidence for Trump team collusion with Putin et al is overwhelming

Resorts World Manila: At least 34 bodies found at casino complex

It's Twitter Time!!!

Aurora Nova / The Wild Places - Dan Fogelberg

You know--actually living in the Republic of Fredonia isn't really very funny...

I want my country back

Jim Carrey defends Kathy Griffin: 'Comedians are last voice of truth'

I know people here like to knock Brian Williams, but he deserves credit for something he just said.

We know media hacking affected the election. Keep our eyes on the ball.

Trump is intentionally internationally humiliating the United States of America

Given Trump's mentality...

Republican Tim Walberg, 0n Climate Change

Has Anyone Told Trump That What Happened In Manilla....

It is not just Trump. It is the whole GOP

All this winning is really starting to suck.

Magic Conch shell to the rescue!!

Conviction of a Bundy Supporter

Theresa May defends Darlington Conservative candidate

It took a health emergency for this Guatemalan boy, who crossed the border alone, to see a US judge

Michelle Bachelet Steps up Chile's Pledge to Climate Change

NY Daily News Cover: Trump To World...

Charo is playing the Queen of England in Sharknado 5

3 Malcolm Nance tweets:

Handy image tool

Sad but true

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to reinstate travel ban

FBI swat team in Dearborn for national security issue

Former Diplomats: Trump Team Sought to Lift Sanctions on Russia

Okay, Republicans I Give

Nigel Farage is 'person of interest' in FBI investigation into Trump and Russia

Ana Navarro statement today:

Listen to Jerry Brown's amazing response to Trump's announcement and you will never forget it

Disney CEO Bob Iger Resigns From President Trump's Advisory Council re: Paris

A "get well soon" thread for Rachel Maddow

Booker Statement on Trump Withdrawal From Landmark Climate Agreement

Sen. Warren calls climate accord pullout Trumps gift to donors

LAs Garcetti rips Trump over Paris Climate Agreement: Climate change is a fact of life

Explanations for Kushners meeting with head of Kremlin-linked bank dont match up

Devin Nunes Is Criticized for Keeping Subpoena Power in Russia Inquiry

Crazy right-wing group, "Media Equalizers," is attacking Rachel Maddow, demanding her firing

Newsweek - Climate Pact Pullout Rewards the Few and Powerful

Why yes...I believe they are....don't you?

Will third time be a charm for those who want NC Supreme Court to invalidate election maps?

Legislative leaders win this round in court in power struggle with governor

NC House rejects plan to give retirees a permanent pension raise, citing cost

"Hearing smack-talk from the Frenchman 31 years his junior irritated and bewildered Trump, aides sai

Hurricane season is here, but nobody in charge at FEMA or NOAA

Calling Earth a Loser, Trump Vows to Make Better Deal with New Planet

Should all state employees and teachers get the same raise? Republicans proposal gets rejected

To Donald Jr & Eric Trump.....

Trump - the grim reaper of the elderly, the disabled, and children

German Shepherd befriends abandoned turkey chick

Legislative leaders win this round in court in power struggle with governor

Constituents confront Rep. Mark Walker over higher Obamacare premiums in North Carolina

Glacier National Park - 2017 Plowing Photos - 63 photos

Prediction - In 2050 - When Barron Trump Is 44y/o....

Family Dollar's 'scheme to kill' Charlotte retailer cost thousands of jobs, suit says

Ivanka Trump Celebrates And Honors The LGBT Community And Twitter Is Just Totally Not Having It

California lawmakers pass bills to address housing shortage

The Daily Show. Covfefe The Movie: Based on a True Typo

Inmates say officers handcuffed them, then broke their bones

Trump ditches White House LGBT Pride Month celebrations

For Cherry Hospital psychiatrists, 230K plus extended duty pay and time off for moonlighting

Thanks Trump Humpers. You Have Undone What Took Years To Build.

Why the world needs Wonder Woman

Concealed weapons bill advances in House

The attacks begin for any democrat who might compete for the presidency.

Early 80s Coal-Powered Oldsmobile prototype

Bus system spending could be point of controversy on Winston-Salem budget

Buildings light up in green in support of Paris climate accord

Salem College eliminates director of diversity and inclusiveness position

I'm disgusted you've displayed obvious racism while performing the duties of president.

Duke Energy unit seeks 15 percent rate hike on NC customers

Der Spiegel Interview with Bernie Sanders - The Man Who Knows Trump's Voters

What will Trump think if Gorsuch sides against the ban?

Environmental treaties used to be a fairly bipartisan issue. Graphic....

Trump is abdicating all the country's moral power

'Brunch bill' for alcohol before noon passes N.C. Senate

How do we stay sane with all this shit Trump is doing to our country?

LIVE Link: Bernie Sanders is talking at Cambridge Union

Electronic Health Records Vendor to Pay $155 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations

CEO Of Premium Ticket Resale Business Charged - Ponzi Scheme Resulting In Losses Of At Least $70 M

Fuck Wesley Easterling. Fuck Krista Shockey. Fuck Michael Williams.

Chairman And CEO Of Purported Oil And Gas Company Charged- $300M Fraud Scheme

Early MSNBC news: No one likes fRump's withdrawal from Paris Accord. Another blunder.

Alec Baldwin Raises $5.1 Million for New Jersey Democrats

Michigan residents, please go to

DNC allies incensed by Clinton criticism


Aviation/Space enthusiasts; Paul Allen's "Stratolaunch" Aircraft Rolls out

Donald Trump Poisons the World (and that's from a conservative)

I love that 45 said in his speech that no one will laugh at the US

Who does Ivanka think Jackie's parents voted for? What about Daniel Pierce's parents?

Anybody else think the Cheetoh Bandito looks like L. Ron Hubbard?

Trump breaks with Pentagon on climate change

Did you set up a new sub web site with the address

Rearranging the Deck Chairs on Trumps Titanic Wont Work


I phone replacement

Joe in the Morning today

Joe just said President Bannon about a dozen times.

Morning Joke Is Poking tRump This Morning...

Chinese media says selfish and irresponsible Trump has crippled U.S. leadership

Its official! Venezuela now has a king!

Massive crack in Antarctica ice shelf grows 11 miles in only 6 days

Kathy Griffin in a new GOP ad

It's weird how closely Trump fits the biblical definiton of the Anti-Christ.

Dont just blame Trump for quitting the Paris deal blame the Republican Party

You can't fix crazy.

White House orders agencies to ignore Democrats oversight requests

Has anyone watched House of Cards?


The origin of Superheroes: Alpha Flight

Mass Songbird Death In Galveston Spurs Call For Bird-Safety Ordinance

The Latest: Lawmaker says several killed in Kabul protest

No translation necessary

Before withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, Trump called a Fox News host for advice

Der Spiegal's Spot-On Trump Cover

White House orders agencies to ignore Democrats oversight requests

*wow* -- Career State Dept officials stopped secret plan by Trump WH to lift sanctions on Russia

Trump equals Reagan w/his withdrawal from the Paris deal

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) on Devin Nunes: "This was done purely to entertain the president"

Dump reminds me of the Colonel Klink in Hogan's Heroes

Gorkov meeting was direct line from Kushner to Putin. Fantastic reporting catching Kushner in a lie

J.K. Rowling: Very much enjoying the German press at the moment. "Earth to Trump..."

CALL or WRITE your governors, mayors, representatives re: Paris Agreement

A Paris Agreement Negotiator Explains How Screwed We Are

A thousand times worse than Kathy's fake head pic:

PLEASE stop posting pictures of Trump's spawn with dead trophy animals

Payroll employment rises by 138,000 in May; unemployment rate changes little (4.3%)

a map of all of the countries that haven't signed on to the #ParisAgreement

White House eyes Bannon ally for top broadcasting post

Trump will known through history as the asterisk Presidency

Bomb job report and not in a good way !!! 147 K versus 184 estimated

Josh Marshall : Paris Decision Was Driven By the Presidents Rage and Fear

New filing by Trump attorneys claiming "absolute presidential immunity" under Nixon v. Fitzgerald.

Today's St. Louis Post-Dispatch: U.S. QUITS CLIMATE PACT

Man says church members punched, choked him to expel homosexual demons

Pete Souza on Instagram:

Judge: Lawsuit over NYPD's use of sound cannons can proceed

Did I miss a notice - HTML tags deactivated on DU posts?

"Total Loser, so sad!"

Totally Appropriate.

Doctor in Trump Hotel case released but due back in court

The sneaky art of collusion!

Police anti-profiling measure OK'd, viewed as national model

Reposting: Twitter Reactions Re. Paris From "Green" House Republicans As Of 9:00 Last Night

gonna punch joe scarborough in the

Ex-son-in-law of John Gotti avoids prison in plea deal

Macron asks researchers, scientiests, ect to come France to work on climate matters....

Just curious - How many tweets has Ivanka made about the disgusting Texas maternal mortality rate?

It isn't just Trump. The whole GOP owns this catastrophe. A brief reminder of the history here:

Huge Underwater Eruptions Blasted Craters into Arctic Seafloor

National Doughnut day: Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Farmer Boy"

Slower Hiring, Lower Unemployment Offer Mixed U.S. Labor Signs

By 2032, You'll Be Able To Eat Hudson River Fish 1X Every Other Week W/O Health Worries

In (partial) defense of Hillary Clinton

Pig Pen 2017

NOAA Reports 2nd-Biggest Jump In Annual Atmospheric CO2 On Record As Dump Speaks

G7 Final Communique

Yikes.....Americans getting crushed at the French Open......

Austin mayor shuts down man's rant over 'Wonder Woman' screenings

The letter from the 22 senators that pushed Trump to withdraw from the Paris climate treaty

Philippine Leader Hurls Raunchy Diatribe At Chelsea Clinton

The moment Emmanuel Macron became president

Revealed: Tory politician links to extreme right

Italy, Germany, France: There Will Be No Climate Renegotiation; Macron: "There Is No Way"

Trump did not need to make a show of his latest buffoon mistake!

What the fuck?

FEC 20 day filing extension is Today Sunday!

Trump's Flight Plan for America

U.S. trade deficit climbs 5.2% in April to $47.6 billion

Someone stole MAX attack victim's wedding ring, backpack

Sacre bleu! Macron's invited Americans who want to fight climate change to move to France

To Ivanka: Your legacy was sealed yesterday. Your tweets don't count.

Hello. I'm vegan. Ask Me Anything.

Brazil seizes 60 assault rifles hidden in pool heaters

The Right's Big Reveal About Obama's Iran Back-Channel Is Fake News

South Sudan: 15 children die from contaminated measles vaccine

McMaster Is 'Being Used' for His General's Stars, His Old Military Comrades Say

Looking for anti-virus still using WinXP sp3, that doesn't bog down Firefox.(update)

Trump Calls Manila Attack 'Terrorism,' Philippines Police Say Otherwise

The National Endowment for the Arts fuels rural economies. Trump wants to eliminate it.

The Megan Kelly interview with Putin is unwatchable

New York Attorney General Alleges Exxon Misled Investors on Climate

Vice President Mike Pence says climate change is just an issue for the left

Holy Barnacles! The Little Mermaid in Asia

GOP Sen. Not Optimistic Senate Will Approve O'care Replacement This Year

Does Twitler realize that his stupid tweets have eliminated any Executive Privilege

What Trumps decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement means for your wallet

Manila casino attack: Police recover 36 bodies but insist shooting 'not terror'

Photo: Bernie signing his book at Cambridge Union

Alamo Drafthouse Apologizes for Starting Manpocalypse With Women-Only Screening

Animal abuse registry similar to sex offenders list introduced by growing number of US states

Photo: Bernie Sanders at The Sheldonian - Hay Festival June 2, 2017

Trumps budget would limit food stamp benefits for larger families

So we're interviewing Putin 'cause we want to hear what our leader has to say?

Opinion: Everyone will survive Trump's climate mistake - except Big Coal

Inspector General Report Shows DEA Covering Up Its Role In A Shooting That Left Four Foreign Citizen

Kellyanne Conway: Trump will be watching Comey testimony before impugning his credibility

Bishop wants Catholic Family Services Bureau to be more faith-based

Opinion: Everyone will survive Trump's climate mistake - except Big Coal

G7 and NATO Vote to Expel United States!

General election 2017: How reliable are the polls?

Google Doodle has the rainbow flag flying, honoring its creator Gilbert Baker.

China bus fire: Driver started blaze that killed 11 children

Clashes in Guatemala Mining Protest Leaves 1 Dead, 6 Injured

Yesterday, my wife said something I'd never thought she would say:

One short letter's huge impact on the opioid epidemic

Trump's 'Pit Bull', With Biz Ties To Ukrainian Emigres, Is Back In Spotlight

June 3rd #MarchForTruth - 120+ cities to demonstrate for transparency on #TrumpRussia

Anyone else see "Nova" about the Flint lead in water fiasco this week?

"When I find myself in tweets of trouble..."

Putin on Snowden's leak: He shouldn't have done it

So... Ivanka doesn't have any "LGBTQ friends" who are also Russian?

Ruh roh, Jared. Congress (and Clinton Cash author!) sniffing into Kushner debts

Pharmaceutical Companies - Your Neighborhood Drug Dealers

Lawmakers ask whether looming debt left Jared Kusher vulnerable to Russian influence

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - A complete abdication of Leadership

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Worthless destructive orange diarrhea

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

WaPo: Trump retreated from Paris Accord to piss off Europe, especially Macron.

Ivanka Trump's Influence?

Repubs claim the Paris Climate agreement "hurts America and American business"

I believe that if they had changed the name from "Paris Accord"

"The crowd went wild!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Another Climate Change Bomb: Interior Secretary Zinke Signs Alaskan Oil-Drilling Order

The US war with Germany officially lasted about 10 years.

Trump Takes Everything Personally - And Acts Accordingly

Fired FBI Director Will Testify About Trump Confrontations

Kushner: Trump Lies to Trumpists Because He Thinks They're Stupid

Strong religious reaction to Trump climate accord decision

CNN anchors test spelling bee winner

President Shitstain's Climate Speech: Lie After Lie After Lie After Lie After Lie After Lie . . .

Deadly explosion at a corn processing plant in Wisconsin

Striking. AZ Republic front page lists every country in Paris Accord & US, Nicaragua, Syria-"NON"

'Washington can't stop Americans':Michael Bloomberg to pay US Share of Paris climate funding

Travel ban to head to Supreme Court

Activists To Converge At Trump Golf Course For March Saturday

Why North Korea Isn't Backing Down

New US Visa rules: Questionnaire to ask for social media details

Chavista apologists: The Bolivarian revolution has sold its soul to Wall Street

Navy gets its Ford: $12.9 billion aircraft carrier delivered

DRUMPF is close to the end of one list of SHOCKS he can perform on his own

After Tim Piazza's Death, Penn State Board Of Trustees Meeting To Discuss Possible Greek Ban TODAY

This is interesting - I've never seen the wealth distribution presented this way: Census data

"This will make them drop a load!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

NASA Spacecraft Will Aim Straight for Sun Next Year

US intel agencies formally ask DOJ to investigate Russia-related 'leaks,' as Trump uses media-bashin

Eating pudding in space

Trump to decide whether to block Comey testimony: White House adviser

I grew up in the Pittsburgh area in the 50's

Debut Of World's Biggest Plane Made In Mojave Desert

Special counsel Mueller to probe ex-Trump aide Flynn's Turkey ties

Google Expands Paid Carpooling Across California With Waze Connect

Exclusive: Special counsel Mueller to probe ex-Trump aide Flynn's Turkey ties

CNN to National Spelling Bee champion - "Spell convfefe"

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.... and a perjury conviction.

Putin praises Trump, says U.S. spies may have faked hacking evidence

Kansas GOP lawmaker reminds colleague hes packing heat just before she votes on gun restrictions

Compression Tights: Do They Help Your Running Game?

AAA Reveals Alarming New Crash Rates Among Teen Drivers TODAY

The big missteps that brought an American retail icon to the edge of collapse

NY prosecutor says Exxon misled investors on climate change

Now the Deplorables are saying Comey isn't credible because he's a disgruntled employee.

CBS This Morning: World leaders doubt Trump commitment to any treaty

Eighth grader holds up "Men of quality do not fear equality" sign outside of White House

In the name of all that is good...

Who do believe is more honest and trustworthy- James Comey or Donald Trump

Sanctions Lifted and ???? A New World Economy

Is anyone surprised that trump pulled out of the Paris agreement?

Trump's pal Putin compared hacking claims to anti-semitism

Says it all.

So they RIGGED our fucking election...HACKED our voting machines

Trump was never any clever deal maker & now he has screwed himself into a corner he can't get out of

Say what you want about John "Maverick" McCain...he IS doing his part to help Russia.

******BREAKING****** Special counsel Mueller to probe ex-Trump aide Flynn's Turkey ties

French Open - interesting spoiler

Black is white. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Abdication of leadership is leadership.

I understand that Reince will also sit up, beg, & roll over if you offer him a Puperoni or Snausage

Pelosi: "Almost every school child in America knows more about the climate challenge than potus

If Flynn is convicted of a crime does he lose his stars or military pension?

Our Idiot potus Did It Anyway...

Platitudes or sayings that are absolute horseshit. Post your favorite here.

Now-Notorious 'Private Investigator' in Seth Rich Case is Unlicensed in D.C.

Random observation about racist Twitter troll evolution....

Deplorables are saying Comey should have reported Chump's obstruction of justice

Gilbert Baker + 6.2.17 Google Doodle

Trump has the authority to block testimony of James Comey.

Check out Rainbow Flag Google doodle 6.2.17

DC: Where to get free doughnuts on National Doughnut Day!

Where to get free doughnuts on National Doughnut Day!

Randy Rainbow is at it again with the musical hit "Covfefe"

White House orders agencies to ignore Democrats oversight requests

Don't Expect Comey to Reveal a Great Deal in His Congressional Testimony

Stay thirsty, my friends: Dos Equis pitchman says he's had affairs with two Republicans' wives

Measles Vaccine Experiment,Willowbrook Experiments, Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Trump's dangerous game of Russian Roulette.

benedict donald did what he had to do with the paris agreement to make the story about him

French President rebuked Trump in speech he gives in English (VIDEO)

Trump just cemented his legacy as Americas worst-ever president

Slow day at work, need help with other verses...

Trump would be willing to cut down the very last tree on the planet.

photobucket doesn't seem to be working for me.

Trump regime courting Michael Savage.

Photo: Bernie Sanders at Oxford Union

Trump had a 9% approval rating in Europe when he was a candidate in 2016

****MAY Photo Contest--WINNERS****

WOW! President Trump's 71st birthday is only TWELVE days away! What gift would YOU like to give him?

Trump is Fredo

Single Payer is on its way in California

****MAY Photo Contest--WINNERS**** thread is posted in GD!

who all is going to convention today?

Democrat-heavy DeKalb punches above its weight in early Sixth District voting

Trump's odds of silencing Comey: Executive privilege can't be used to cover up government misconduct

Governors of NY, CA, and WA announce the formation of the "United States Climate Alliance".

In Rare Joint Statement, China + EU Recommit To Paris, Confirm There Will Be No Renegotiation

Googles Chrome browser to block some ads starting next year

Covfefe Stumps Spelling Bee Champion

Michael Bloomberg offers to pay $15 million deficit left by Trumps decision on Paris Climate agree

A couple of interesting things about the Paris Agreement:

Fosters graduate--and a retrospective.

Britain's 'oldest' mayor elected for Blaenavon at 93

Morning Joe: Bannon is now the President

It seems to me

25 Most Polluted Cities

Video: Senator Bernie Sanders - Cambridge Union

Senator Bernie Sanders - Cambridge Union, June 2, 2017

This is why science rocks

Trump is stupid, Trump is nuts, and a selfish asshole.

"100 Streets" Fantastic movie

phrases that trigger songs in your head

Kushner - Busted Building Luxury Condos With Grants Meant For Poor Communities


I, for one, hope that Donald Trump gets everything he ever really wanted.

Why global emissions must peak by 2020

The Fate Of 16.8 Million Medicaid Enrollees Rests On 20 GOP Senators From 14 States

Pollution in 2 Utah Cities Reclassified as 'Serious'

Putin is getting exactly what he paid for

Trump Administration Begins Returning Copies of Report on C.I.A. Torture for Lock Down

White House orders agencies to ignore Democrats oversight requests

Portland isn't Portlandia. It's a capital of white supremacy.

Trump White House Made Secret Efforts to Remove Russia Sanctions

One of the Longest Murals in the World The Great Wall of Los Angeles

Conway won't rule out Trump trying to block Comey's testimony (executive privilege)

Chavista Caracas judge possibly killed by one of their own

Chump is back under 40 at Gallup where he belongs*

EPA reclassification for pollution puts Salt Lake, Provo in 'serious' category

Trump fluffer Hugh Hewitt is on MSNBC

Reporter Keir Simmons, love him

Believe! Posted w/o comment.

Ossoff Decries Super PAC Ad That Ties Him To Kathy Griffins Gory Trump Photo

Dept. of Transportation Announces $197 Million in Grants for Positive Train Control Implementation

Australia Today Show host destroys Daily Mail

Honestly, what does it matter that we are here now? What matters is what we do going forward!

EU to bypass Trump administration after Paris climate agreement pullout

Tampa Bay Times: Hurricane season starts with no one in charge at FEMA or NOAA

WaPo: Trump's Paris speech needs a serious fact check

Feds Bust Multi-Million-Dollar Opioid-Drug Ring In Utah

This was possibly a worse decision than remaking Dirty Dancing

Federal investigation of Google gets shut down one day after Google CEO defends Jared Kushner

Man Arrested for Intentional Hit and Run of Young Native American Men

Federal investigation of Google gets shut down one day after Google CEO defends Jared Kushner

Silence since yesterday from the R "leadership"

Children strapped with explosives kill nine in north Cameroon

Imagine if Paul Ryan could NEVER put up any bill, including KILL MEDICARE or SOC SEC

Venezuela devalues nearly worthless currency again

Sean Hannity has a sad over The Onion because they were mean to dead buddy Roger Ailes.

Bernie's Next Stop Today June 2, 2017 - Brixton Academy

Gezzus! EVERY fucking asshole who gets a guest shot on the Spicey Show

Steamed jasmine rice & veggies, topped with an egg for a simple filling lunch.

Colombia saddened by Trumps withdrawal of United States from Paris climate agreement

It's the Sean Spicer Show ... starring Scott Pruitt

I'm watching Scott Pruitt on the Spicey Show.

Today Show host takes aim at Daily Mail after colleague leaves in tears video

Motorcycle Gang Hackers Arrested After Stealing Over 150 Jeep Wranglers

Putin: Russia Being Persecuted Like Jews, Megyn Kelly Needs A 'Pill' For Her Hysteria

what to do about real fake news?

New Mexico considering changes to Medicaid program

Putin Vows Military Response To 'Eliminate NATO Threat' If Sweden Joins U.S.-Led Alliance

Car Wash probe set to unveil new bribery revelations

"Three Little Birds"

A difference in decency

If DT invoked executive privilege but Comey defied him and testified anyway,

'Earth to Trump: F**K YOU! President's Paris Climate Pact Withdrawal Inspires Amazing Headlines

I have my hummingbird feeders put up in their usual spots and I've been getting a few regulars

Portland 'hero' had wedding ring stolen during train stabbing

The Silencing of the Hillary Clinton Supporter

Puerto Rico nationalist won't participate in New York parade amid controversy

Christian Conservative: Jesus Wouldnt Want Me To Care About Global Warming

Trying Flikr this time. More from the back yard in spring.

Trump campaign plans 'Pittsburgh, not Paris' rally to cheer climate deal exit

Rosenstein to testify a day before Comey on Capitol Hill

U.S. House to vote on Republican Dodd-Frank reform bill next week

The perfect 2018 message for Dems

Wanna scare the crap out of GOP and Putin? PROMISE them we ALL vote DEM

Buzzfeed Video - Trying MM (CBD) for Chronic Pain

Adorable moment Miss Poppy, the Chihuahua, squeals with delight when she's reunited with her owner a

Who is the worst?

Kentucky Govenor: Pray away gun violence.

We are ruled by stupid, spiteful assholes,

Kentucky Governor Plans for Dealing with a Rising Murder Rate? Pray it Away

Trump's Paris Agreement Decision Takes Effect One Day After 2020 Election: Newsweek

Did Nunes consult with Trump to put himself back on the Committee?

Prosecutor: Minister 'directed' beating of gay congregant

CNN's Jim Acosta hammers EPAs Pruitt for putting 'head in the sand ' on climate change

"Other countries are laughing at us"

A Funny Song I Found

Fantastic ad running against Theresa May.

The Whole Republican Party Is Shoring Up Trump's Delusions

As Trump Withdraws from The Paris Agreement,Al Gore Just Became the Biggest Movie Star of the Summer

Trumps reputation as a dealmaker is a sham, walking away from Paris proves it

'Children just need to be loved,' parents say after transgender son's suicide

Witch Hill, Panama: No one knows why a girl was buried face down in an abandoned city 700 years ago

Witch Hill, Panama: No one knows why a girl was buried face down in an abandoned city 700 years ago

Tax Cuts for the Rich Hurt Rich People

Jamelle Bouie: What We Have Unleashed

Rest in Peace

While Trumps America isolates itself, Europe and China forge new climate partnership

Spains Anti-Corruption Chief Quits over Offshore Company in Panama

Trump's tweets 'a gold mine' for Mueller probe

Mr. Fish Toon- Dead Heat

What leaving the Paris Accord could mean for U.S. and the world

Trump officials refuse to answer whether president believes climate change is a hoax

Conway's husband withdraws name from Justice Department role

Hungry for tax cuts, House GOP would slash food aid

The Rude Pundit: Ignorant, Friendless, and Uncaring: Trump's Paris Agreement Decision Is a Reflect

And What's Trump's Next Trick? Watch Him Pull a Rabbit Out of His Hat.

Paris climate exit "deeply troubling" to Catholic church leaders.

Lawyer, expected to head Justice Department civil division, withdraws

How Russians see our politics; its not flattering

FBI busts twenty alleged mafia members in New York City with indirect ties to Donald Trump

Pinera consolidating lead for Chile presidency, poll shows

The most important thing we will learn from this crisis/scandal?

Jared Kushner is among the slimiest of all Slum Lords...

Trump is abdicating all the countrys moral power

Leo Varadkar: Ireland set to have first gay PM

Penn State ex-president sentenced to jail in Sandusky child sex abuse scandal

So......President Bannon Is The Source Of The Leaks About Jared

Garden Mulching

Poll: Mass Media Has Duped Democrats Into Believing Russia Hacked Voting Machines

Nooses Have Been Appearing Around Washington. Experts Say It's a Sign of 'Growing Use of Hate Symbol

Putin avoids criticizing Trump climate decision

I stared at the screen in horror and began to type frantically ....

Abbott signs voter ID, end of straight-party voting into law

Pete Seeger....we're neck-deep in the Big Muddy....

Macron skewers Trump in the first-ever English address by a French president from the lyse

Washington softens stance on U.S. investors mingling with Putin and allies

WATCH: Kathy Griffin Press Conference 6/2/2017

In an Unprecedented Court Escalation, Trump Protesters Could Be Facing Decades in Prison

Was just watching Jake Tapper discuss Paris with Rand Paul. Tapper did terrible!

Sean Spicer regularly uses the stupefying form of speech that George Orwell called 'duckspeak'

Trump Still Hasnt Decided Whether To Let Comey Testify, Conway Says

Austin to formally sue state on Friday over 'sanctuary cities' ban SB 4

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin proposes praying as a solution to gun violence

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin proposes praying as a solution to gun violence

Why are Republicans getting so little done? Because their agenda is deeply unpopular.

The Rude Pundit strikes again!

Wonder Woman! (spoiler discussion)

Am I hosting for June or July?

What will be breaking news between now and 8.00pm today?

Take A Moment To Thank Tom Tjaarda For Designing So Many Beautiful Cars

Man arrested with guns at Trump's Washington hotel wanted to meet president

Attorney filing complaint over theaters female-only 'Wonder Woman' shows

Arnold Schwarzenegger Torches Trump Over Paris Accord Pullout: The People Will Rise Up

While you were working, the Trump-Russia situation got a bit dicier

Someone who's near NYC needs to see this and review it here on the DU

The Silencing of the Hillary Clinton Supporter

Quick debt limit move needed as tax receipts slow: Pelosi

U.S. employment growth slows, trade deficit rises to highest level since January

Legendary Automotive Designer Tom Tjaarda Dead at 82 Years Old

Trump's continued search for new FBI chief seen as chaotic: sources

FDA Investigates Findings of Hepatitis A Linked to Frozen Tuna

Did a Starry 'Mosh Pit' Spawn LIGOs Gravitational Waves? (Kavli Roundtable)

please vote for my photo

Pat Leahy on Jake Tapper now

It's the STUPIDITY, Stupid!

Don Trump Jr. Is a Sucker for a Good Conspiracy Theory--Or Any Theory, Really

Trump sparked a CEO revolt. Here's why

If Comey testifies next Thursday,

Here Are 4 Ways the Supreme Court Might Handle Trump's Travel Ban

Can the West Survive Trump? By Andrew Sullivan

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 2, 2017

Why Nicaragua and Syria didn't join the Paris climate accord

Health insurer is planning to punish patients for 'unnecessary' ER visits



Regarding the untalented, classless and self aggrandizing Kathy Griffin, she should have

Democrats Secret Weapon: Romney Voters

The GOP right wing nut base are not so much different than suicide bombers.

Vladimir Putin Quizzed By Megyn Kelly Over Russian Involvement In U.S. Elections

Music break: Boom, a visual and musical treat!

lawyer files complaint against women only wonder woman screenings

Trumps Incompetence Wont Save Our Democracy.

Breaking news, Rock am Ring festival in Germany evacuated over 'terrorist threat'

How to immediately improve Montreal air quality - close the monitoring station

Randy Rainbow does a Broadway covfefe medley

Desperate pro-Trumpcare Republicans are attempting to cover their butts. It's not going well.

MSNBC Host takes Joe Walsh to the cleaners for defending Trump's Paris agreement fiasco (VIDEO)

Waiting for this afternoon's breaking news. What will it be?

Climate crisis behind political riots and refugees: Al Gore

Katy Tur is a force to be reckoned with. She brooks no nonsense or propaganda from

Question for NYC folks?

MSNBC Chuck Todd just stated that Dump doesn't believe in climate warming

Spicer: Trump Is The 'Ultimate Decider' On Ethics Rules

An isolated Maine town is losing 24-hour emergency care

Trump stoops to primitive brutality when announcing withdrawal from intl' community (Der Spiegal)

Census Bureau Releases Wealth and Asset Ownership Data Tables

Writer Monica Byrne tweets on Melania rumour affair w/head of security @ Tiffany's by Trump Tower

AP: Mueller's investigation includes Manafort case and may expand to include Sessions

The Greatest, At Rest

Big admission from Alex Jones:

15 children die in botched South Sudan vaccine campaign

MSNBC and, I think, NBC and CNBC are really pushing Megyn Kelly program

The Greatest, At Rest

Judge rules Acme Brick pension lawsuit can continue

Strong religious reaction to Trump climate accord decision (Also posted in interfaith)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller might be goin' elf huntin'

Judge rules Acme Brick pension lawsuit can continue (involves Berkshire Hathaway)

Special counsel's Trump investigation includes Manafort case


For some international perspective on the Paris Accord, this is from Australia

Q&A: Could executive privilege block Comey testimony?

Despite the expressed concern of some....

Subtlety from the Germans

Kaine: Trump is jealous of Obama

Former officials: Trump seemed prepared to lift Russia sanctions 'in exchange for absolutely nothing

Malibu Man

June 3 - Live Stream Facebook Link: Bernie Sanders at Hay Festival #Hay30

Its time for cable news to unplug the White House press briefings

State Sen. Carlos Uresti pleads not guilty to fraud, bribery

Jeremy Corbyn is Surging by using Bernie Sanders Playbook

Support Thread for Kathy Griffin

Dozens protest outside offices of Matt Rinaldi two days after he threatens to shoot fellow lawmaker

Why I am so pissed at Kathy Griffin

Let me dumb down Jared's meeting with the Russian banker so even a Deplorable can get it !

CA citizen says it perfectly at town hall...


Trump trade remarks with Germany draw confusion from red state South Carolina

Power chords and angry words. The new Gov't Mule record includes this monster

9 Jolly Nursery Rhymes With Deeply Disturbing Meanings

Lindsey Graham: There's 'reason to believe' conversation was 'unmasked'

Trump, the caricature of the ugly American, demeans us all

A fourth College of Charleston fraternity has shut down due to misconduct

German rock festival evacuated because of terror threat

Boom! Nunes tried to UNMASK Americans:

New York Catholic priest arrested for abusing minors while volunteer in Charleston in 1980s

Megyn Kelly saw an aggressive, peeved Vladimir Putin. That behavior could hurt him.

White House Tells Agencies to Ignore Democrats

Remember when Stooges were Funny?

Five minutes of watching FOX

Trump shutting down Netflix & production of penicillin (Twitter Fun)

The official "Fuck Vladimir Putin" thread


How fucking nuts is it that Putin is gonna be on our American Reality President Show

'Real Time w/ another Hated, Despised, Reviled Comedian' tonight!

So when does comey tesifty

6.9 earthquake in Alaska...and here we have no FEMA director....

Megyn Kelly's new show on MSNBC goes against 60 Minutes. LOL- Good luck with that

Paris Climate Accord

What is everyone's favorite place for wings?

Open warfare breaks out among conservatives: March in lockstep behind Trump, or show some infinitesi

Whoa! Ethice office will press WH on UNDATED conflict-of-interest waivers:

Does anyone have any idea how Greta Van Sustern's ratings are?

Gov. Charlie Baker says Massachusetts will join US Climate Alliance

Perry Mason and Hamilton Burger (the DA) object on the grounds that the question was...

Trump called the shooting at a Manila resort a terrorist attack. It wasnt

Connecticut Joins Movement to Follow Paris Climate Accord Despite Trump's Withdrawal

Trump WH: Birth Control Mandate Is Unnecessary Because of Planned Parenthood Which Well Also Defund

Bernie Sanders Slams President Trump's Climate Change Decision: It's an International Embarrassment

House GOP caucus argues it's exempt from open records law

Trump told mainline Protestant pastors he did great w/evangelicals-Then asked if they were Christian

He didn't like the French President's handshake...

South Carolina U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn tells town hall in Sumter that better days are ahead

Trump FBI director interviews 'chaotic': report

Step back in time and Life...May 20, 1946 ..Life Magazine..the entire issue..

After Trumps Paris withdrawal, Baker joins climate alliance

Oh boy. The NEW cover of DerSPIEGEL. "You're Fired"

SC Gov. Henry McMaster supports Paris climate accord pullout during Charleston hurricane appearance

"Stupid liberal snowflake!"

Winners and losers emerge after South Carolina lawmakers strike $8 billion budget deal

DOJ never told Comey of concerns before axing him and now he's 'angry,' sources say

Rep. Rick Quinn (R) corruption case relies on tying South Carolina lawmaker to father's business

Nooses Have Been Appearing Around Washington. Experts Say It's a Sign of 'Growing Use of Hate Symbol

Aw, sweet - "Manafort" trending at #4 on the trending list I check:

Pro-choice organization criticizes Royals for running ads for pro-life group

Father Deported En Route To His Sick Child

Orangeburg restaurant owner takes Confederate flag flight to City Hall

Rex Tillerson misled Exxon Mobil investors on climate change, NY AG says

article in the nytimes: India, Once a Coal Goliath, Is Fast Turning Green

Nunes-led House Intelligence Committee asked for unmaskings of Americans

Archie Parnell, vying for the same seat once held by Frank Underwood, spoofs 'House of Cards' in ad

150 mayors and ten governors so far

What do you think are some questions Trump and Sessions ask during FBI interviews?

Dear Melania: Did you think THIS WAS OKAY?

This is corruption!: Economist goes on full attack of Trumpster Stephen Moores ties to the Koch B