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Birth control vending machines installed in college campuses

Opioid crisis threatens GOP ObamaCare repeal

Just a reminder

Trump just ended a long tradition of celebrating Ramadan at the White House

'Second tier' US ranks just 18th in a new study of well-being

I know some very good, kind and gentle Trump supporters.

Focus on your own damn Family, Pence!!!

I read that it is now called the Ryan White Care Act. It took me a few minutes to realize it was a

Koch aides voice growing optimism for Trump moves

Why the Hell have the Senate Democrats not

Watch: Elephant family saves calf from drowning

Anguish as trapped workers call for help in Peru fire

I can't quit watching this: my life is complete....

I am having a moment of contentment & happiness....

Day 152.........

Check out Twitter..@Spicerlies

The sheer number of obviously observant Muslim Women & Men at the grocery store today was cool.

How An Entire Nation Became Russia's Test Lab for Cyberwar..

The current President of the United States asked Russia to hack

Where is 'the Great Oz' spending this weekend?

34 buildings deemed unsafe in Britain as they are clad in not flame retardant

EXCLUSIVE: Panama's ex-president wiretapped Americans, according to court documents

EXCLUSIVE: Panama's ex-president wiretapped Americans, according to court documents

The Radical Crusade of Mike Pence (BEWARE!)

Russias entire 2014 World Cup squad face Fifa doping investigation

GPS Tracking Cats During Their Night Prowls

Mike Pence tweet on Trumpcare....

Eric Garland from Twitter (speculation and tin foil territory)

Koch chief says health care bill insufficiently conservative

Thank you Bernie for coming to WV tomorrow to fight the AHCA

Republicans' Proposed Medicaid Cuts Would Hit Rural Patients Hard

BREAKING NEWS -Little Hawk just fledged in Sidney Eagle Nest


Super PAC plans $1 million ad buy targeting Dean Heller (R-NV) for not supporting TrumpCare


Millenials more likely to use public libraries than other age groups

I'm sorry, but there is only one man that can unite America

Recent White Paper Shows Recovery of Fukushima Fisheries Progressing Smoothly

In Argentina, music cures the soul

Mother Jones: Here are the 5 Best Headlines Decimating the GOP Health Care Bill

So FauxNews gave up "Fair'n'Balanced"?!1 - but Faux radio still uses it. Fare UNbalanced. n/t

The Great Projects Launch Sloth Conservation Project - You Can Take It Slow In Costa Rica!

Disabled Protesters Just Showed Senate Democrats How It's Done

CNN host confronts Jill Stein over why she met with Putin in Russia and she blames the Democrats

Manufactured illiteracy: a scourge waging war on language, meaning, thinking and critical thought.

Hey, GOP? We are just not that into you anymore.

The Great Projects Launch Sloth Conservation Project - You Can Take It Slow In Costa Rica!

Koch chief says health care bill insufficiently conservative

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 29, 2017 -- TCM Spotlight - Gay Hollywood

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 30, 2017 -- What's on Tonight: TCM Special Theme - European Vacation

Reading George Saunders' "Pastoralia" -- this excerpt reads like a memo from the current White House

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 1, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials - Falling for your Mark

So after the anti-Pelosi, anti-Obama, and throwing Democrats under the bus, now I am seeing

6 north atlantic right whales dead in the last two weeks in Canada.

The balance in The Supreme Court

just an update on Greta, my foster

I love this woman!

I'm getting a concept for 2018..

What Will It Take For People To Wake UP? Democrats Message Not The Problem.

Im guessing no one sent Michael Moore anything to his Trumpileaks page

The worst POTUS ever....

I remember a time when people thought the Senate

20 Wines Under $20: The Savory Side of Ros

CIA chief:Intel leaks on the rise

Will Republican Party be weaker or stronger if Trump is President at this time next year??

Trump just ended a long tradition of celebrating Ramadan at the White House

New Yiddish Film and the Transvernacular

Saudi Arabia Demands Qatar Shut Down Al Jazeera

The Republican health care bill is a test. A very, very, very important test.

Cuts to Medicaid May Limit Access to Nursing Homes

Vox - On Fox News, the first rule of the Senate health care bill is not to talk about it

Suddenly Last Summer

AFP dumped $270,000 on ads to try and get Sen. Heller R-Nev to vote yes on Trumpcare

A nice website put together by young engineers.

Surgeons transplant hep C-infected kidneys, then cure the virus

Retract THIS!!! "Trump Aide Talks Investment With Sanctioned Kremlin Fund"

Where are the new voices coming from?

I make stuff.

The Truth About the Philando Castile Verdict: The Daily Show

Nature shots from the last few weeks...

Its past 11pm and it's still 95 degrees outside.

Two of four insurers will no longer sell Obamacare plans in Indiana

Is the Powell Memo plan for locked-in corporate control of the US coming to fruition?

Authorities: Texas mom left 2 kids in hot car as punishment

Lost another 3 pounds. This fasting for most of the day really works.

The Wanker Song

Tippecanoe County rethinks rule federal judges say violates 1st Amendment

It is HOT in Seattle! There's a heat advisory for the area.

Takes a lot for me to shed tears.

No, White Friend - You Weren't "Embarrassed" by Barack Obama

Lance Armstrong, U.S. government spar over upcoming trial evidence

Fire chief: Scrap metal company blaze its sixth in 2 years

Hannity: If Trump campaign...asked Russia to release hacked emails, "is that a crime?"

re Comey-tapes... In 2011, Trump said he has evidence that Obama's birth-certificate is fake.

Pakistan oil tanker inferno kills at least 123

Kellyanne Conway: "US-media's reporting on 2016 election was an attack on democracy."

Henry Holcomb, Indiana's canine-in-chief, talks about life as 'First Dog'

Screen icky

In Fox News interview, Trump almost confesses to obstruction of justice.

If Hollywood conservatives are so "out numbered" then how come

POSUS - A new title

Soon to be smoke-free: Kokomo prepares for smoking ban implementation in bars, private clubs

Hooking EVs to Grid Could Power Buildings, Improve Vehicle Battery Life

What shoppers need to know about the Cook County pop tax

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Chirp Thrills Edition

A Class Act turns 65 today

Jeremy Corbyn ascends to rockstar status

If America elected golden retrievers or dogs in general

Rowan Atkinson running for president in early 80's

Heartless Missouri bill lets employers fire women for using birth control

Rauner signs gun crime bill, favored by Emanuel, that cracks down on repeat offenders

Chicago City Council poised to approve $1.3 million settlement in fatal police chase

Kennedy urges Democratic leaders to not endorse in governor primary as candidates speak

Muslims in..Moscow prayed in the street..many of whom are migrant workers from Central Asia.

2 mooks on CNN pimping Cosby's upcoming "Restoration of Legacy" Townhalls

Naperville deli owner thanks supporters with party after anti-Israel graffiti

Rahm says Trump is keeping his base on 'amphetamines highly charged'

My son playing I'd rather go blind Etta James

Lagging regions Trump regions


Onion: Robert Mueller begins thirteenth day undercover as White House janitor.

Lies and deceptions should not be tolerated.

Elgin U-46 officials say schools may close without state budget

Remember to call your senators and ask them not to kill you

The Senate Health Care Bill Is Crueler Than You Ever Imagined

Koch network withholding support of Senate health-care bill (doesn't go far enough)

Liar 'n Thief

New poll shows majority of Americans are unaware Trumpcare slashes Medicaid

House looks at school funding, but not budget

A campaign to eliminate plastic straws is sucking in thousands of converts

2 toddlers died after mom left them in hot car to teach 'a lesson,' police say

Illinois ecosystems threatened by increasing isolation

Ask Your Director Which Dystopia Is Right For You - Interesting LA Times Piece

Illinois could be 1st state with 'junk' credit due to budget

Trump allies push White House to consider regime change in Tehran

Deafening Silence: Foreign Diplomats On "Better Climate Deal" - "Nobody Knows What It Means"

Chuck Todd is An Ass

Eight Miles To Go On Larsen C Collapse - And The Satellite Tech That Lets Us Track It

Lawmakers make bipartisan push to understand soaring price of insulin

Peter Tosh's Son Beaten Into Coma In New Jersey Jail

Trump EPA Delaying Clean Air Standards - But Issues Warnings On Smoke From Candles, Incense

The trust of the innocent...

Coal India, World's Largest Coal Firm, Reportedly Closing 37 Unviable Mines

Overturned oil tanker explodes in Pakistan, killing 148 - there are stupid humans everywhere

Talking yesterday with my brothers father in law a right wing idiot

Are the Rules of Valhalla Unfair?

"My droppings smell like freshly baked biscuits." . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!

Ocean Seismic Survey Airgun Killed 2/3rds Of Plankton In Study, Including 100% Of Krill Larvae

Re:Trump Davidians/Deplorables

Has anybody noticed the glaring moral hazard in the GOP health care bill?

'We Prefer Your Extinction to the Loss of Our Job'

Outside Collectors for I.R.S. Are Accused of Illegal Practices

Sunday Toons

Given that Trump continues to support Russia despite being investigated for his ties,

"Eid Mubarak!"

Writing about food: Happy Birthday to Anthony Bourdain

Andrew C Laufer, Esq‏ @lauferlaw @JoyAnnReid Impeachment proceedings have begun ...

The Republican tax-reform plan isn't reform at all - WaPo Editorial Board

Kushner is Mr. Bean sent to negotiate Peace deal aka as he sucks at this.

AP analysis shows how gerrymandering benefited GOP in 2016

In Castile shooting, a 4-year-old gives her mother 'The Talk'

Sec Health Price is on cnn now lying his head off about Medicaid and

Four Million People Can Sue for Mike Huckabee's Christmas Movie Robocall

Wisconsin Supreme Court votes to keep more meetings behind closed doors

On the Delaware Bay, N.J. town struggles against sea rise

tweet from a crazy man

Speak out, speak up after Assembly passes bill on campus free speech

Trump Takes to Twitter to Complain That Hillary Clinton 'Colluded' to Beat 'Crazy Bernie Sanders'

Julian Assange: Democratic Party 'Doomed' Because Collusion Narrative Is a 'Political Dead-End'

Trump: Hillary "colluding" with Democrats is like his collusion with Putin. I shit you not.

Traffic jam

Trump Facebook Vid Promises to Put 'Minors' Back to Work -- And Social Media Has a Field Day

Doonesbury is GOOD today.

U.S. top court set to rule on religious rights; travel ban looms

Brookings Institute - 2016 - 25% Of FL African Americans Unable To Vote

The Hill: Dems push leaders to talk less about Russia

Mark Summner's "THE GREAT LEAP BACKWARDS" worth reading...@dailykos

Hillary Clinton‏: Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this bill, they're the death party.

Solving the Israel Palestinian problem is compliccated, who knew?

A question to trump: if you think Obama dropped the ball on russians, what are YOU doing about it?

"Think of it as 1/3 of the country moved to Jonestown on Jan 20th" - Schindler on Trump supporters

What happens when people realize the US has no competent leader?

It is Sanday morning--Trump off to the golf course like he was yesterday.....

Trump to Fox News: 'I Just Heard' That Obama Knew About Russia a 'Long Time Before the Election'

Serious question: Can House simply adopt Senate Bill if it passes?

Kushners meeting w/ Mahmoud Abbas went badly, Trump is reportedly considering pulling out of talks


Clairvoyant Court Dismisses Trump Lawsuit Before Filing

Campbells Soup for the win!

Okay, Oldies. Public retraining video.

So, Where Are the Republican Senators This Weekend?

Sen. Warren Blasts "Blood Money" Healthcare Bill

I don't know about you, but I can wait t'il the dumb mother fuckers learn their lesson

Trump Has Sent a Boy to Do a Woman's Job

Twitter Video: Bernie Sanders - Meet the Press

If you're feeling stressed, listen to this song and calm down

Why can't we strip congress of its health insurance

The coolest thing you will see today! (Dead and Company and NYC)

Trump: Calling Elizabeth Warren racist slur 'Pocahontas' is 'an insult to Pocahontas' - but I do it

Trump Confirms He Called House Repeal Bill 'Mean,' Claims Obama Copied Him

Neighbor boy failed benning osut

Kansas GOP Senator: 'I Just Don't Know' If We'll Have Votes To Pass ACA Repeal

Unhinged Hannity Commands Trump Attorney: I Want Hillary Prosecuted


Best skies AFTER sunset!

Randy Bryce on Joy MSNBC interview...running against Paul Ryan....

Why does that lying scumbag

As a sign of WH disarray- White House Yanked A Job Offer For Its Top Africa Post

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #6 "Pastoral"

Video Link: Full Interview - Bernie Sanders - Meet the Press - June 25

LIVE: Don't Take Our Health Care Rally with Senator Bernie Sanders in Columbus, Ohio

LIVE: Don't Take Our Health Care Rally with Senator Bernie Sanders in Columbus, Ohio

Trump does the right thing for the wrong reason.

Very good Vox article about how democracy actually works.

In Towns Already Hit by Factory Closings, a New Casualty: Retail Jobs

Doggy gets a lawyer to defend him

CNN sent a courtroom sketch artist to cover a White House press briefing

Ol' Man Fibber: Great parody of Mitch McConnell on Healthcare

Koch brothers plan stepped-up spending: More optimistic now about what we can accomplish

Remember when Hillary's info in the DNC database was breached, and some of Bernie's people

Do the Democrats have a Koch brothers equivalent?

If the KOCH brothers had only their two VOTES, how different might our world be?

Should I take Real Clear Politics with a grain of salt?? or are there some valuable topics to read?

Istanbul Gay Pride Parade: Police Fire Rubber Bullets at Banned March

Trump DOE Appointee: Obama "Kenyan Creampuff"; "Climate Change Cultists Will Be Pitied As Nuts"

Trump DOE Appointee: Obama "Kenyan Creampuff"; "Climate Change Cultists Will Be Pitied As Nuts"

DeVos Appoints CEO Of A Student Loan Company To Head Federal Aid Agency

Manchin: Senate can do 'an awful lot' to improve healthcare bill

People with pre-existing conditions are the problem?

Another housing and stock market crash

People with pre-existing conditions are the problem?

suffice to say the vast majority of republicans (if not all of them)

George Will makes the case for the Democratic Party to go Left (VIDEO)

Double-talking Tim Ryan viciously bashes his party & mentor Pelosi now he's being exposed

When you and your cat have a falling out

"We hold these truths to be self-evident... " Let's commit to defending the Declaration on July 4.

Video shows a teen falling off a Six Flags ride and a crowd gathering to catch her

Talking about "compassion" undermines it.

GOP Health Bill Breaks Trumps Promise to Lower Deductibles

How 45 voters see 45

Sphinx Cat

State senator Dan Bishop didn't like something the N&O wrote, so he called them 'jihad media'

GOP Senator Says He Wants More Time Before Voting On Obamacare Repeal Bill

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 27: Starring James Caan

Ron Johnson: People with pre-existing condition don't deserve insurance like 'somebody who...

Professor: Otto Warmbier got what he deserved

Kellyanne Conway says Senate health care bill will not make cuts to Medicaid

Republicans Silently Say: "Are we our brother's keepers?"

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 28: Epic Westerns

NC lawmaker tweets about 'jihad media'

According to Reich Wing Senator people with pre-existing conditions deserve

Anyone see the irony in today's Infowars-sponsored "Rally To End Political Violence"?

Top Dem: Obama 'Should Have Done a Lot More' on Russia

Marchers carrying Jewish Pride flags asked to leave Chicago Dyke March

Texas mom arrested after children die in hot car

This is beyond shameful: Off duty black police officer mistakenly shot by white colleague

Eric Trump says DNC chair is a 'nut job': My father 'accomplished more than any president in history

Got that feeling down in my bones,,,,,,,

Trump is king of the morons but Jill stein could be the queen

France's Socialists choose to oppose Macron government

Anti-poaching drive brings Siberia's tigers back from brink

Grassley (repub) and Feinstein (Dem) unite to go after Kushner's security clearance.

Crossing the street (in a police state)...

In rural America, fewer immigrants and less tolerance

Sixty high-rise buildings fail safety tests after London fire: UK government

What are you reading this week of June 25, 2017?

re protest at mcturle's office yesterday- does anyone know how many injuries

The dark rigidity of fundamentalist rural America. (And how it's led to our current predicament.)

WAPO: Trump administration moves to return Russian compounds in Maryland and New York

A Second, Even Bigger Foreclosure Reaches NYC Billionaires' Row

Toronto police invite to NYC Pride parade 'a slap in the face' to those demanding change

How 2 common drugs became a $455 million specialty pill

It cannot be avoided

Rand Paul: 'If you offer me a 90 percent repeal, I'd probably vote for it'

The Memo: GOP pushes Trump to curb Mueller attacks

GOP refusal to work on capital budget threatens projects

White House Says Its Election Commission Will Examine Hacking. Thats News To The Commissioners

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson: 'We should not be voting' on healthcare this week

No love for grizzlies: Rocky Mountain Front folks recount trials of living with bears

How to read and understand a scientific paper: a guide for non-scientists

Neil Bartlett's superpowerful oxidants NiF6- and AgF4- and the preparation of RhF6.

So, Since I'm Retiring In 18 Months...

Sweden's carbon capture method for cement is rather unique...

Medicaid cut- NO PROBLEM- Just go out and get a job

Why is trump so afraid of Hillary? Why does he keep bringing her up?

Pew Research Center: A third of gun owners think gun violence is a serious issue

There must be a TON of future profits in DEATH and FUNERALS for Republicans to reap...

Marine expert warns of climate emergency as fish abandon tropical waters

Trump forces plan to attack fellow Republican, Heller.

Nancy Pelosi Gave 30,000,000 People Health Insurance And You Want To What?

Empowering, body-positive blogpost about concepts of beauty (nudity at link)

The Randy Rainbow apprication Thread..

President Trump to be sued for Intentionally Destroying Presidential Records

I watched the movie A Dog's Purpose last night.

Schumer talks Senate Health Care Bill, ... says Democrats are readying "bold" economic package

Democrats: Find your message and be like Matt.

A tale of two "leaders"

Ins. Co.'s Offer Policies Across State Lines, More Competition and Lower Premiums

Why Grenfell Tower Burned: Regulators Put Cost Before Safety

Massive Confederate flag is killing this South Carolina mans business and theres nothing he can

This is what foreign spies see when they read President Trumps tweets //Washington Post

If this whole Republican healthcare nonsense becomes law,

What's for Dinner, Sun., June 25, 2017

nytimes update 1hour ago: Senate Leaders Try to Appease Members as Support for Health Bill Slips

If this is true, I kinda agree with Rand Paul (hope not to be struck by lightening..)

Istanbul police enforce ban on gay, transgender pride march

Schumer: 'You dont blame other people' for losing an election

Matthew Dowd, a career Republican, said this on This week

I am the richest man in the world right now.

Trump won every surprise swing state by the same 1% margin.

GOP Bill cuts health care for poor, but adds.. provision to give Ins Co's a tax break for over 1/2 M

Bernie Sanders extremely disappointed by stalling of Californias single-payer health care bill

SpaceX to Launch 10 Communications Satellites Today: Watch Live

Indianapolis people can you go protest lack of integrity of top elections officials July 7th?

Hey, anybody know when Joe and Mika are getting married?

"Billionaire-backed ghouls and madmen"

Ivanka: can't do deposition because she is a high-ranking government official.

Follow up on the kittens I found under my porch.

This is how I will die thanks to trump-it won't be pretty-infact it will be horribly painful. How

Changing the mandate of UN forces in southern Syria

In A Democracy, No One Should Ever Question This Basic Right

Thoughts on the death of my grandmother

Scientists Race to Sample Glaciers as They Melt from Global Warming

Besides blatant lies we're hearing today, expect semantic gymnastics this week re: BCRA/AHCA

Energy efficient electrolytic recovery of chlorine from waste HCl.

Since elections have consequences, are u willing to demand clean elections from elections officials?

Burning Mystery of the Sun's Plasma Jets May Finally Be Solved

Phil Donahue: "We Got a P*ssy Grabber for President' Because the Elite Media Failed Us

The smart money says Trump Care is a push

What ever happened to those racist white folks from those old photos?

White, wealthy communities form their own school districts

Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak Is Going Home To Russia

If you folks think Groper Don the Con is going down alone

Here's Chelsea Manning Celebrating At The New York City Pride Parade

Kremlin recalls Sergey Kislyak back to Russia..

They did not confirm Merrick Garland because they KNEW the fix was in

In Mexico, economic opportunity increases the closer your skin gets to white

Al Jazeera on Trial by ex-journalists, academics in Washington

Newly Declassified Documents Show Nazis Plotted to Destroy Panama Canal

Newly Declassified Documents Show Nazis Plotted to Destroy Panama Canal

White House blames Obama for failing to stop Russia collusion

"Cindy" over Atlanta: Panoramic

More Than 23 Delicious Dinners in 5 Ingredients Or Less

Democrats are fielding a glut of House candidates in 2018 but remain divided on how to win

"If you get sick, America, the Republican health care plan is this: Die quickly. " *

George Wills statement is why Trumpcare passage could destroy GOP & help Single-Payer (VIDEO)

question about street names, Google Maps and city planning departments

'toon National Rifle Association

Question regarding the appeals process for hidden threads or posts

College defends firing professor after Fox News appearance

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 26 June 2017

Trump won, and Amy Siskind started a list of changes. Now its a sensation. ...My column

What we need in the United States is leadership.

Do yall call Congresscritters more than once about the same issue?

The Times They Are A'changin'

Best Zeppelin album?

Carrier workers facing layoffs feel betrayed by Trump

Kellyanne Conway Defends Medicaid Cuts, Says Adults Can Always Find Jobs

Bernie Sanders Interview - Meet the Press - June 25, 2017

Tacky eyesores

Mad Magazine cover - August 2017

Ken Ham Continues to Lower First Year Attendance Estimates for Ark Encounter

Judge fines Kobach for misleading court about document he took to Trump meeting

Theresa May and the Holy Grail

The Secret Republican Plan to Unravel Medicaid

Looking for movie/TV reviews from a liberal/progressive point of view

Sanders draws thousands to rallies against Senate healthcare bill

Does anyone here use "Filehippo"?

He's like a little spoiled kid

What happens when evidence proves this election was illegit?

Parents of sick kids try to remind Congress what the health-care debate should be about

LMAO! Check out this new phishing attempt. See if you can spot what's wrong with it.

On Fox News, Huckabee bungles the Constitution and Pensacola Cross

Guess what I received in my email box today....

As Poignant Today As It Was When First Composed

were this not sadly actually taking place, it would make a great slapstick comedy script

Just went to my first LGBTQ Festival

I voted to MAGA. Instead.....

Moderates Put Up Resistance to Health Care Bill

Do you think Mueller will clear Trump or charge him?

The Nihilism of Julian Assange

Twitter Video: .@SenSanders tells @SenCapito to vote against the Republican health care bill

Please don't use the reference "UBI" around DT45 or else he will claim

Kellyanne Conway on Senate health care bill: 'These are not cuts to Medicaid'

Steve Bannon hired NYC mayoral hopeful Bo Dietl to investigate his ex-wife

Why So Many Top Hackers Hail from Russia

2017 NYC Pride Parade: March Along With The Crowd In Virtual Reality 360 TIME

Will new test help prove gerrymandering?

Russia recalling Kislyak amid election controversy, report says

Smoky blaze in Wildwood Crest can be seen for miles

I'm getting this crap when I try to load some websites. What gives?

No, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy Is Not Retiring Tomorrow

Appeals court upholds Mississippi 'religious freedom' law

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) warned constituents against infighting among Democrats

Wildfires blaze across Southwest

Aerial view of massive Wildwood Crest blaze captured by drone

Mormon church leaders cut microphone after young girl announces she's gay

In Trump era, mental health experts are rethinking Goldwater Rule

Perfectly Ironic Juxtaposition of Headlines on DU

Scores missing as search for China landslide survivors continues