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Archives: June 28, 2017

Fox News bashes Obama family vacation

Hey, Donald! You are starting to lose voters!

Robert Reich is live now.

Stone to testify before House Intel Committee next month

Republicans eye billions in side deals to win Obamacare repeal votes

GOP Lawmaker Loses $17 Million as Favorite Stock Plunges

This 400-year-old Jewish library survived Hitler and the Inquisition

On my way to Die-In/candlelight vigil in San Diego, "We Won't Get Fooled Again"!

Coins thrown into plane engine by elderly passenger for 'luck'

WaPo: Manafort files retroactively as foreign agent; discloses $17.1 million in total payments

Name to be scrubbed from high-rise building

President Trump is RIGHT....

Photos: Something Wondrous Happened Last Night on the Steps of the US Capitol

Ingenious trolling of the year !! "Enhanced Pres Pic Spreads Into the Wild"

One of the problems with Dems and their inability to win....

Sekulows family paid millions from charities they control

Judge issues stay halting deportation of 1,444 Iraqis nationwide

An odd fix for my blurry laptop moniter


Almost 3 weeks without a cig. Vaping instead

Trump administration moves to withdraw clean-water rule

Failing to Appoint Anti-Semitism Envoy

Very important - TPM - "Good Journalism Requires Clarity, Accuracy"

Repeal and replace was once a unifier for the GOP. Now its an albatross.

just had a great idea how to defeat TrumpCare

Trump, Senate leaders attempt to regroup after postponing vote to overhaul Obamacare

Why is 45 enabling Russian Espionage in America?

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker Thread. SAD! Live Uncensored & a new Kittehs gif

Anyone watching All in w Chris MSNBC? WH correspondents fighting back. Wow!

Behind closed doors, tensions in the GOP

Slate - "Can This Donkey Be Saved" (fascinating discussion, long read)

So, which one do you like......

Ted Lieu tweet... Oh, the possibilities ....

Al Franken Gay Republican Joke would have killed

Chinese sauces, a cool Chinese recipe site, and an improvised mash-up recipe

SB649: California lawmakers must reject telecoms cell phone power grab

Putin is busy:

Mike Huckabee: " I am asking Congress to cancel their recess until they repeal Obamacare"

As Trumps Tactics Fall Short, Pence Takes Lead on Health Bill

Seymour Hersh: US Lied About Syrian Chemical Attack Then Bombed Them Anyway

Best picture from the Trump health care meeting?

I wonder what the tweeting twit and his gang of idiots, talked about at the WH?

Iowa is having another marathon bible reading at their county courthouses

Iowa is having another marathon bible reading at their county courthouses

The GOP is incapable of governing

If anyone is good at photoshopping, it would be nice to see some of the current criminals in the WH

Number to Capitol switchboard

Persian Gulf rivals converge on Washington to argue their cases

3 Chicago officers indicted in Laquan McDonald case

Official water boy reporting:

Were the Republicans going to try to take advantage of Senator Hirono's surgery today in a vote?

Palin suing New York Times over editorial on mass shooting

Per Lawrence, Mitch McConnell only had FIVE votes for repeal

I get that we can't disparage former Democrats

Is Trump Administrations Visa Push a Way to Win Health Care Votes?

Brian Karem: We Stood Up to the Administration Today Because Free Press is Crucial

How the GOP Health Plan Would Give Governor Abbott Power Over Your Coverage

*CNN Special The Russian Connection.

Guilty pleasure - watching Road House

Trump Campaign Chiefs Firm Got $17 Million From Pro-Russia Party

Media accountability? It's new and strange to me, but I think I like it

ISIS warning muslims to stay out of markets and public places is being circulated

'Affluenza' mom also violated bond by having gun, prosecutors allege

EPA seeks to scrap rule protecting drinking water for third of Americans

Helicopter flies against Maduro, heightening tensions in Venezuela

Today could be the tipping point.

Agenda at Tipping Point

Whos afraid of Trump? Not enough Republicans at least for now...

Yates: administration behavior 'should be alarming to us as a country'

Owner of Toronto Trump-branded hotel paying $6 million to get out of the deal

Ooooh the righties are SQUIRMING over that STANK CHICKEN tethered around their necks

Maybe good old Abby Huntsman should go back and review the campaign of drumpf

I only protested the ACA because the President was black (SATIRE)

Commerce police chief resigns after Miss Black Texas' controversial arrest

Is There Something Off about Sarah Huckabee Sanders ?

Good Journalism Requires Clarity, Accuracy -- Josh Marshall

Waste Mngt.Co. To Charge Extra To WH For Overflow Of Garbage....

No courthouse weddings in Waco for same-sex couples, 2 yrs. after Supreme Court ruling

Wallis calls on judge to jail, fine Bryan ISD officials

Grifting for Jesus -- Charlie Pierce

White House threatens to sabotage insurance of low-income people if Trumpcare isnt passed

Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Kids About Health Care

Do you get the feeling that we are getting close to a big "Breaking News" story?

Hi everyone.

Mario Cuomo Bridge plan facing Hudson Valley pushback

Florida beats LSU 6-1 at CWS for 1st national championship

Tuesday Night's Winning Reply, by NRALEIGHLIBERAL

Wow. Constituent gives his rep HELL over repealing ACA. See the ENTIRE video here.

The repubs Cannot Win Without Cheating



In 2010 a Russian bank controlled by Putin took over a loan for a Trump Tower in Toronto. It had

Do you think "IT" should be impeached?

EPA chief met chemical CEO before dropping pesticide ban

Phony Time magazine cover in NJ too

First Public Showing of Monet, Rodin and Maillols From Gurlitt Trove

More trust Putin

Norman orthopedic practice pays $1.5M after audit finds billing errors

Life of a White House Spokesperson...

Come back, Sean

In rural North Carolina, teen planned to unveil an 'Islamic State of North America'

John Dean: Frightened Trump Is In Over His head.

OK, this is where the fake Trump Time magazine cover came from ...

Oklahoma Capitol's centennial marked with time capsule

Thom Hartmann today said he is worried about the repeal of Obamacare

Jerkwad Senator Rounds Wants To Make Stinking Bill Better

Freedom is relative. The truth about freedom that got Trump elected...

Sarah Huckleberry Sanders Calls Press Dishonest - Dishonest?

6 Endangered Whales Found Dead This Month in 'Unprecedented Event'

☎️ CALL 202-224-3121 and tell Republican Senators to STOP Trump's killer bill and #protectourcare!

(Jewish Group) Im Glad the Dyke March Banned Jewish Stars

Here's all you need to know to pressure Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV). Facts and resources in thi

Lord Michael Heseltine Oxford Radio Interview (UK Politics)

FIFA: Links to the Garcia report

man hit by bus gets back up again and heads to pub

More Than $23 Million Recovered From The Estates Of Bernard Madoffs Sons And From His Daughter-In-L

North Carolina Defense Contractor Pleads Guilty to $15 Million Fraud

Gov. Mary Fallin says state budget woes not indicative of economic climate

Defense Contractor Sentenced For $53 Million Procurement Fraud And Illegal Gratuities Scheme

Operator Of Unlawful Bitcoin Exchange Sentenced For Leading Multimillion-Dollar Money Laundering etc

Oklahoma attorney general says state can borrow from 'rainy day' fund

Exclusive: China's CNPC Suspends Fuel Sales to North Korea as Risks Mount-Sources

Senator: Trump "seemed especially confused" at WH TrumpCare meeting

Auto dealers trying to stop sales tax on vehicles set to take effect Saturday

Trump will win 2020 elections by

Understanding the Trump Coalition

Oklahoma policy group challenges move to raise tuition

Boaty McBoatface submarine records successful maiden voyage

Democrats ask candidate to withdraw from Senate district race

Utah's Brian Head Fire grows to 50,000 acres as containment stalls

Two killed by Amtrak train in Washington, D.C.

Sunapee, NH woman attacked by rabid bobcat in her garden

Is Trump losing his respect from the House and Senate?

Verizon bought Yahoo, so Flickr and Tumblr users with AT&T email addresses are being cut off

Is TrumpCare Toxic Enough To Help Tom Guild Win The Oklahoma City Congressional Seat?

Flint residents again face home foreclosures if they do not pay for poisoned water

Putting a happy face on yesterdays news Sen. Ernst "Here's some dirty water for ya'll"

Divorce rate declines to all-time low in Kansas

Wrestlings new villain named himself Progressive Liberal. Hillarys on his shirt.

Trump dreamed of his name on towers across former Soviet Union

Bostons Holocaust Memorial Damaged Overnight

CalPERS just lost a lawsuit at the U.S. Supreme Court. That decision will cost retirees

Just 17 Percent Of Americans Approve Of Republican Senate Health Care Bill

Hearing set on dispute over unpaid Illinois Medicaid bills

Report: Senate Republicans Fed Up With Trumps Impulsive Behavior

White House urges viewing of anti-CNN video 'whether it's accurate or not'

Dow Chemical Gave Shitstain $1 Million, Now Wants EPA, FWS To Ignore Study On 3 Dangerous Pesticides

Lightning-Caused Fires Up 2-5% Each Year Since 1970s In Boreal Forests As Lightning Follows Warming

Rare corpse flower begins long-awaited bloom late Tuesday afternoon in K-State greenhouse

Look who has been added to the "Encyclopedia of American Loons..."

Anyone know if today's malware attack is hitting civilians?

Pictures of McConnell looking like someon kicked him where it hurts...TPM

Kansas commerce secretary resigns, plans return to private business

Isn't the financing of the ACA similar to funding Social Security?

Kansas House, Senate adjourn; Brownback blasts lawmakers

"Silence is the enemy. Apathy is the enemy." -Cory Booker on Capitol steps Monday 6/26

Phone Scammers Accidentally Call A Programmer, Regret It Immediately

Greece 'on target' to tap bond markets by the end of year


K-State faculty members leaving because of campus carry

One of three companies managing Medicaid in Nebraska faces sanctions for 'serious deficiencies'

Mo Brooks (R-AL) quaking in his booties over past criticism of "Serial Adulterer" Trump. SAD!

Top UN official puts faith in Ivanka Trump to lobby father on aid cuts

Saying 'fake news' has a different ring after putting yourself on a fake cover of TIME.

20 Short Arguments Against the Existence of god(s)...

Hillsborough disaster: six people, including David Duckenfield, charged

Hillsborough disaster: six people, including David Duckenfield, charged

Congrats Florida Gators- first win in 103 years

Create a single file to protect yourself from the latest ransomware attack

Paddington Bear creator Michael Bond dies

The Health Care Hoax Has Been Exposed, Senator McConnell - NYT Editorial Board

Hydraulic fracturing rarely linked to felt seismic tremors

Sanders has a message..

Privacy error. Your connection is not private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information

Privacy error. Your connection is not private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information

UK's May says 120 failed fire tests in apartment blocks show wider issue

Asked if he personally fears Trump, Graham chuckled before saying, "No."

Trump Is China's Chump - Thomas L. Friedman

U.S. top court buries CalPERS lawsuit over Lehman collapse

Just 17 Percent Of Americans Approve Of Republican Senate Health Care Bill

Arkansas new Ten Commandments monument at Capitol destroyed

Grayson, 6, Will Die Without Obamacare, Yet Pence Tweets Personal Responsibility

China frees 3 activists who probed Ivanka Trump supplier

Sarah Palin sues New York Times

Trump: I can hear DIRECTLY from you on Social Media, unless I block or mute you. #MAGA!

The Latest: Online group re-emerges to taunt US intelligence

Venezuela's Madman Maduro: If we can't achieve with votes, we will achieve with violence

Democrats' 'resistance' calls for a July 4 recess push to kill GOP's bill

Oh, ew. The Predator-in-Chief creeps out Irish reporter & women everywhere.

The inside story of how TMZ quietly became Americas most potent pro-Trump media outlet

"Jesus didn't have health care. Don't you read the Bible?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Where are Trump's little hands?

Ransomware help, in Computer Help and Support subforum here

Trump lawyer's firm steered millions in donations to family members, files show

Everything you need to know about the Petya, er, NotPetya nasty trashing PCs worldwide

The Democrats should start working on an alternative healthcare-bill now. NOW!

Sean Spicer & single payer..

Average premiums will go up 74% under Trumpcare

this morning it's the Washington Post he's tweeting about....

GOP has already learned that he's not Trump, as seen on TV. He's Trump as seen on Twitter.

Not Satire: Trump Blames Obama for Russia "Collusion or Obstruction"

People Will Die: 22 Million Will Lose Insurance Under GOP Healthcare Bill

How Donald Trump and Roy Cohns Ruthless Symbiosis Changed America

As Republicans struggle, Obamacare's architects outline how it could be fixed

Just before I die,

Brian Karem Says Sarah Huckabee Sanders Confrontation Was A Long Time Coming

Funny of the day. RE: Amazon Search

Where Trump crossed the line with Republicans?

Hillary Clinton would be president right now if Obama had gone public in September or October

Dutch Edge Closer to New Coalition as Zalm Named to Lead Talks

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Sick Bill

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Blamer

Senate GOP seethes at Trump impulsiveness

Carl's Jr. fined $1.45 million by Los Angeles for allegedly underpaying employees

At least 1 US nuclear plant's computer system was hacked

Can Democratic pediatrician Mai-Khanh Tran unseat one of the most powerful House Republicans in 2018

Trump Administration to Start Building Border Wall Prototypes This Summer

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Trump again attacks New York Times as 'Fake News Joke!'

Phil Donahue Seems To Have Seen His Better Days.....

Poll: Dems not ready to dump Pelosi

Finally, the truth: GOP congressman says, "We just simply don't know how to govern."

Irish Reporter Calls Out Donald Trump for Calling Her 'Beautiful'

The i before e, except after c rule is a giant lie

Finding Shelter

A review of the responsibilities of Democratic House Caucus Leadership:

Republicans Revolt Against Mitch McConnell The Last Word MSNBC

Where Did MSNBC Get These Docs That Steph Is Interviewing.....

Trump attacks Washington Post as 'guardian' of Amazon's tax practices

Holy Health Debacle.

Nancy Pelosi at His Holiness Dalai Lama's 82nd birthday celebration

ZZZZ. White House Threatened Syria While Trump Yawned, Insiders Say

In Keeping with the Trump Fake Time Cover,

Eye Candy for Weary Eyes

Boo Hoo For Trump: Park Service Issues Investigation Results Over Inaugural Photo Alteration Claims:

Reporter Who Blasted White House's 'Fake News' Attacks Sounds Off

Trump's Abstinence Queen Has a Tarnished Record

Wow.. 5 doctors on Stephanie Ruhle are all saying this bill is better than ACA

Funny signs - may even be real

German audience laughs and cheers after Trump Cabinet member's video address cut off

Student Gets Prison Term for Registering Dead People as Democratic Voters

We've been conditioned to expect this behavior from him as normal. We shouldn't.

Yet another "false flag" moment in Venezuela.

Republicans kill their own health care bill: It's bizarro-world, but a real win for the resistance

Making Ivanka Trump shoes: Long hours, low pay and abuse

I don't understand all the celebrating here on DU - acting like the Trump-NonCare

Writing about food: Summer, from Garrison Keillor's "Lake Wobegon Days"

Man accused of destroying Oklahoma Ten Commandments monument arrested in Arkansas for same crime


Alex Jones Is a Practiced SwindlerJust Like His Biggest Fan

Johnson: I Never Said I Opposed Senate Repeal Bill, I Just Needed More Time

Am I the only one who tries to figure out where commercials are filmed ?

Pic Of The Moment: The Problem With The Idea That There Can Be A Bipartisan Solution To Health Care

Condi Rice: Trump stands for American values and seeks to act in the best interests of the US

Roger Stone Set To Testify In Closed Hearing With House Intel Committee

Center for Biological Diversity Sues Trump for Signing HJR 69 Allowing Slaughter of Bear Cubs, Wolf

The just released book by Garrow, Rising Star, biography of

"The Dead Don't Vote"

Someone calling a woman over and complimenting her smile may or may not be inherently creepy per se.

MSNBC: Trump to visit Paris on Bastille Day!

Protesters stage overnight sit-in at Sen. Gardners office over health care bill

Chris Cilizza shows GOP the way on healthcare

Campaigner-in-chief: Trump's politicking raises ethics flags

The GOP recognizes that health care is complicated!

Bernie Sanders' projection of 'thousands' of deaths from lost health coverage is well-supported

When will WH press corps have the balls to tell Trump & Spicer to shove it?

GOPer Laments Budget Inaction: We Just Simply Dont Know How To Govern

Did you think Senate Trumpcare doesn't affect employer plans? Read on...

When someone fails to pay their taxes, President Trump gets PISSED, because he's always paid his.

Handmaids are now circled around an anti-GOP healthcare plan rally that MoveOn, PP and others are k

The Rude Pundit: In Brief: Repealing Obamacare Will Wreck Some Towns and Cities (Updated)

Time to let the dogs out

These trump voting 'populists' voted for him because of his racist/misogynist/xenophobic/homophobic

Obama Crushes Trump By A Huge 24 Point Margin As Americans Long For Effective Leadership

southbound train

FBI Interviews Employees of Russia-Linked Cyber Security Firm Kasperky Lab

Arrest made after Ten Commandments monument at Arkansas Capitol toppled, shattered

Rachel Maddow Scorches Republicans Over Trumpcare: Despite Republican Control, They Failed

When will Republicans realize that Trump is willfully sabotaging their agenda?

Well, Somebody Finally Noticed: Industrial GHG Emissions Down, But Atmospheric CO2 Build-Up Spiking

Video: Bus slams into Englishman, who gets up and carries on

Chump - "I'm smart..."

Trader Joe's Can't Keep Canned Wine In Stock

Former GOP Congressman Loathed Obamacare Until He Lost His Own Coverage

Just watched The Caine Mutiny TWICE

Would we be better off with ACA repeal with no replace?

I sometimes feel like Democrats trying to appeal to Republicans...

Video: Bus slams into Englishman, who gets up and carries on

Guess Who Gave Donald His Big Awards /Hint: Three of the board members had the last name Trump.

Classic SNL: Short Shorts For The USA

Nearly 250 potential jurors dismissed from selection for Martin Shkreli's securities fraud trial

A huge conflict in this trumpcare fiasco

Trump the Liar. His biggest con job that worked. Fool the Fools

Colbert: "Really regret not calling Jeff Sessions' Russia testimony "Putin on the Grits!"

New ransomware, old techniques: Petya adds worm capabilities (latest ransomware info from Microsoft)

Trump just bashed Amazon for not paying a tax that doesn't exist.

The thing is Groper Don the Con wants validation, acceptance and love

KO: Why Are We Appeasing Trump? The list of those rolling over for him grows longer by the day

Windows Defender Update for Petya Ransomware

KO: Why Are We Appeasing Trump? The list of those rolling over for him grows longer by the day

Mattis claims Syria heeded U.S. warnings over chemical strike: 'They didn't do it'

I think I know how Trump plans on paying for his healthcare plan and border wall.

Healthcare cannot be fixed by Democrats or Republicans...

colbert on trump's comments on cnn's "journalistic ethics"

toomey is a rubber stamp for the GOP.

A question about a medication

Stephen Colbert Reveals The New Ground Rules For White House Press Briefings

Republican Ideology Kill The Poor Go Ahead And Reach Out To Dems

Marvin Gaye

The NTSB gives updates on the two CSX employees who were killed by an Amtrak

Amazing Grace: The Christian faith of the monument wrecker

he's in an energy meeting and blathering about the healthcare tremendous it will be

Trump Backs Off Plan to Attack Comeys Conduct

Republicans Will Never Fix Healthcare. They Can't.

Senate bill's Medicaid losses for vets by state, based on the CBO:

Septic systems are a major source of emerging contaminants in drinking water

The NTSB gives updates on the two CSX employees who were killed by an Amtrak

Florida man charged in Islamic Center threats ate paint as child

It is unwise to ever trust a liar.

So McConnell wants to have another health care vote after the 4th of July?

Fox News Hires Jason Chaffetz...

McConnell is trying to revise the Senate health-care bill by Friday

Acronyms for GOP

Paul Massey-R drops out of NYC mayoral race.

Paddington bear creator Michael Bond dies at 91

New Google News layout is awful - any suggestion for alternate news aggregator sites?

Just 12% Support GOP Health Plan

Why Has a Drop in Global CO2 Emissions Not Caused CO2 Levels in the Atmosphere to Stabilize?

Despite Trump's Claims, Obamacare Isn't Collapsing

Trump Loses Ground with Independent Voters

Phil Jackson & Knicks part ways. Chris Paul being traded to Houston.

Colorado mom angry at United after infant overheats while airplane sits on tarmac at DIA

McConnell Rattles His Ranks

NYT Cooking now "offering" recipes for a subscription

Rand Paul's deceptive reason for opposing the Republican healthcare proposal.

10 years until climate catastrophe?

As Republicans struggle, Obamacare's architects outline how it could be fixed

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-4: Everybodys Lawyering Up For The Weekend Edition

CNN - This poll number on health care should make Senate Republicans queasy - 17%

Donnie the Cable Guy CONFIDENT that Senator Yertle's gonna git 'er done. Just not by July 4. SAD!

If Democrats want to win, here's what they must fix

The Most Delicious Summer on Record

We can't even get our party behind a single payer system

Trump's lawyers fail to follow through on threats to Comey

Saw a few "Oz" reruns lately. Schillinger's a lot like Trump.

'we've given ourselves a little more time to make it perfect' ....trump on healthcare vote delay

Sarah Palin.....Remember your Crosshairs poster as you file suit against the NYT?

Joy Behar: "I feel sorry for Melania. She had to sleep with him once."

Trump: 'I Think We're Going To Get At Least Very Close' To Passing Health Bill

KO several years ago:

Ways To Stay Motivated In This Shit-Shellacked Era Of Epic Stupid

Chinese activists investigating Ivanka Trump brand factory released on bail

Good news!

NY Mag: It's Time for Term Limits for Congressional Party Leaders Including Nancy Pelosi

Why US health care costs defy common sense

Why do people raise their voice so loud when on the phone?

Twitter Video: Rand Paul and I have very different ideas on providing health care in this country

Sorry, I have to say this...

Mitch McConnells Health Care Misery

Trump rips 'AmazonWashingtonPost' as fake news

Listening to 1A this morning about minimum wage. Another failed conversation because....

Even if McConnell were to "sneak" a Trumpcare vote on Friday,

Ever Watch A Horror Flick?

ASUS bf53 (or something like that) loud noise then crashes

Trump announces pick for last open labor board seat

ABC settles suit over what it had called 'pink slime'

The Memo: Trump faces enormous test with healthcare bill

What's for Dinner, Wed., June 28, 2017

I'll be darned! TheFerret and DU made the cover of Time.

Ex-police chiefs charged over Hillsborough stadium disaster where 96 were killed

GOP governors could help bring down Senate health bill

Windows laptop recommendations?

(Updated) U.S. unveils enhanced airline security plan to avoid laptop ban

Boehner predicted it in Feb. 2017: "Republicans will never pass a good Obamacare-replacement."

Inslee: State budget deal may finally have been reached

slate - "Gorsuchs First Anti-Gay Dissent Has a Huge Factual Errorand Terrible, Dishonest Logic"

Venezuela hunts rogue helicopter attackers, Maduro foes smell rat

FedEx says operations at TNT Express disrupted after virus attack

We Need to Shift Our Focus from Greed to Good

FBI questions U.S. employees of Russian cyber firm Kaspersky Lab

Canada's top court rules Google must block some results worldwide

Sarah Huckabee Sanders - Now I know where I saw her before!

Senate committee wants U.S. states to publicize hacking details

Senate committee wants U.S. states to publicize hacking details

Methane not escaping into the atmosphere from Arctic Ocean

The New York Times is looking for hard-hitting journalists...

Authorities to investigate Jay Sekulow nonprofit after 'troubling' revelations

how could I get Al Franken to draw the USA map for my kids in Kansas

Has anyone here ever shopped for/bought a ruby necklace for a man?

The Desensitization of "Survivor" Fans

Please call or keep calling Senator Rob Portman (R) of Ohio

"If the Dems simply got rid of (fill in the blank with Dem name) then everyone would vote for them."

Trump succeeds where Obama failed spawning a new wave of liberal activism

Dumb trump feels Amazon owns the WAPO

Bernie Sanders slams 'pathetic' fraud claim against his wife

Burr: Senate panel to get Comey memos

Important Public Service Announcement

Two GOP healthcare bill polls out today - neither breaks 20% approval

The Republicans are killing Obamacare with stealth, not by passing laws...

Leonard Pitts, Jr.: Sorry your sons real sick but ...tough

Help! Can anyone here please help me.

LIBERAL MEDIA STRIKES: MSNBC has Grover Norquist on defending TrumpCare tax cuts

Hartford minister offers prayers for Trump, gets run out of town

Well, that didn't last long

Chris Paul and James Harden on the Rockets is the mad science experiment the NBA needed

How Marco Rubio Single Handedly Caused Most of the ACA's Problems

Greg Gianforte got over $116,000 in donations after assaulting Guardian reporter

Paul Ryan Insists 22 Million Will Choose To Not Buy Health Insurance

Duterte tells troops fighting militants not to worry about civilian deaths

The Best Defense Policy for the US...

North Korea threatens South's ex-leader with death over 'plot to kill Kim'

Carl Sagan's (unfortunate) accurate prediction

Pledge to keep the world from laughing hits setback

"Playing it Cool". Cute little rom-com

Sen. Chris Murphy on the healthcare bill

Trumps pledge to keep the world from laughing at us hits another setback

Attacks Washington Post, Amazon over internet taxes

Poll: Only 12% of Americans support the Senate health care plan

Faking a magazine cover

House Oversight Chair Chaffetz To Join Fox News As Political Analyst

Independents turn away while base turns inward

Immigrants: we get the job done

South Carolina political blogger faces potential jail time for refusing to reveal his sources

Thune: A Couple Of Issues Need To Be Addressed In Senate Health Bill

Tonight at the Brooklyn Academy of Music: "48 Hours at JFK: What Now?"

Be still my Heartstrings.....Justin Trudeau

Mississippi counties ordered to stop jailing poor people indefinitely

Mississippi counties ordered to stop jailing poor people indefinitely

Michigan sues Flint over failing to approve long-term water deal

U.S. appeals court lifts injunction against Ohio executions

Jason Chaffetz Officially Joins Fox News

The Mutating Virus: Understanding Antisemitism (compulsory listening)

Moscow prepares retaliation for U.S. seizure of Russian diplomatic compounds

Lawrence O'Donnell explains why on McConnell vs. Republicans

a man filmed a tree for one year

U.S. unveils enhanced airline security plan to avoid laptop ban

Why don't the Democrats come up with a healthcare bill that fixes the

The Latest: Syrian fire hits Golan during Netanyahu visit

Beautiful landscape photo to perk up your day, I hope

Trooper - Raise A Little Hell (1978)

More than Resistance

Impeachment Rally scheduled for July 2 in various cities.

Is there a Time Magazine cover photo generator

the next craze for the right after MAGA hats

To those Republican Senators that might switch to supporting Trumpcare Plan?

Voters Overwhelmingly Reject GOP Health Plan

53 years after taking up arms, FARC completes disarmament process: UN

Why Trump Supports Private Prisons - Seth Meyers

In McConnells Own State, Fear and Confusion Over Health Care Bill

Brazil bans tear gas exports to Venezuela

A song that might just come back in a slightly altered form

New study in Annals of Internal Medicine: "Being uninsured can raise death rates by 3-29 percent"

Tuesdays massive ransomware outbreak was, in fact, something much worse

The new Repub meme: This isn't the bill! This is just a discussion draft! The Dems don't know

While FARC was demobilizing, 37 social leaders were assassinated in Colombia

While FARC was demobilizing, 37 social leaders were assassinated in Colombia

Yes, the White House is gaslighting America

Top officials unaware pipeline security operated illegally

New security measures announced for U.S.-bound flights

Driver smashes into Ten Commandments monument

O'Keefe video shows CNN's Van Jones calling Russia story a nothingburger

Reporter fires back at White House briefing

A dangerous time to be a journalist in Venezuela.

Good Samaritan Helping Lost Child Was Beaten And Shamed, Police Say TODAY

Irish reporter Caitrona Perry's 'bizarre moment' with Trump - BBC News

S Korea's Moon heads to US to meet Trump Al Jazeera English

HEY! DUers @ DC Protest???

School bullies are quoting President Trump to harass their classmates

Making Ivanka Trump shoes: Long hours, low pay and abuse

My Hurricane Andrew Story: A Book Review

Anticipation grows in path of solar eclipse

Why the Russia investigation could be even bigger than you think

An Image of Evil

Which states have the fattest pets?

States aren't doing enough to end needless deaths

Trump isn't getting away with ineptness, ignorance or anything else - By Jennifer Rubin

Officials struggle to convince Trump that Russia remains a threat

Mitch McConnell just blew up one of Trump's biggest lies

Who else will lose insurance, besides Medicaid recipients.

Duckworth's blistering condemnation of DOT nominee Bradbury over role in torture memo

Iowa ACLU wants new rules on schools use of seclusion rooms

The President Show

Lawsuit: Mississippi political scandal pushed man to suicide

When is Eid al-Fitr, and why do Muslims celebrate it?

Bishop Paprocki's unhinged decree on same-sex marriage

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 29 June 2017

This Jewish Tech Millionaire Could Become the First Openly Gay Man Elected Governor in the U.S. read

Healthcare repeal opponents protest senator's office

Poll: Only 12% of Americans support the Senate health care plan

Chrissy Teigen to Trump: "You are 71....Grow. the fuck. up!"

Pregnant 19 year old fatally shoots boyfriend in YouTube stunt

Death for Fun and Profit

Did Phil Jackson Deserve To Be 'Fired'? First Take June 28, 2017

Navajo power plant likely to close, despite Trump's promises to save coal

Trump Golf Courses Asked To Take Down Fake Magazine Covers

Handmaid's Tale protest at Rep. Tom McClintock's Town Hall in Jackson

Keeping that Chicken's starting to work...No gaslighting! Stay woke!

Collusion With Russia Could Be a Crime

Trump posts misleading tweet about Medicaid spending under the Senate Republican healthcare bill

Stupid, stupid Wisconsin: Scott Walker now polling higher than Senator Tammy Baldwin

Approval the same, disapproval grows (Wisconsin)

I think President Obama is doing the right thing. Ignore the Bullshitter in the room.

Sean Spicer reveals how stupid he thinks you are in one tweet

My friend just sent me this. Don't know what to make of it.

Edward R. Murrow re: "The Circus"

Want to have some fun with inspirational posters?

Remember: Obamacare had to pass with a 60-vote super majority in the Senate


June 28, 2017 - U.S. Voters Reject GOP Health Plan More Than 3-1, Quinnipiac University National P

WH wants me to sign up for their daily fuckery, so I did and will report back

Donald Trump and his team hired an army of lawyers for Russia investigation. Who made the list?

ICE director appears to break with one of Trump's key beliefs on immigrants and crime

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'Honor our contract': Lawmakers press Trump not to deport foreign-born military recruits

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tweety just said that the time magazine thing is like something you get at six flags

So, trump* is going to France for Bastille Day?? Am I the only one scratching my head??

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