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Archives: June 3, 2017

What kind of Palmetto tree should be on the state flag?

Trump positions the Republican Party as a global outlier

This Covfefe Broadway Paraody is Hysterical..

Judge Manning nixes Columbia's bid to deny USC professor $200,075 for DUI arrest

Unicef Fears Yemen Cholera Outbreak Could Hit 300,000 in Coming Weeks

Toon -"I don't like this bucket"

BBC: France's Emmanuel Macron: Birth of the anti-Trump?

Voter suppression just had a bad night in Texas

Shields and Brooks on Trump's climate pact consequences

Isn't school out?

I think Eric Swalwell and Kamala Harris

General election: May falters during challenge over record on public services

The special counsel investigating Trump and Russia will include the Manafort case and possibly

Patriothole: The Onion takes on right-wing outrage

Three Democrats file for House District 31 seat

An incredible advance in education and learning about past events...hit this link below, but..

Toon - USA vs. the World

"Other Countries Are Laughing At Us!"

Another immigrant dies while in ICE custody at a controversial for-profit detention center

Jewish activists form protective barrier around Muslims as they protest in front of Trump Tower

Trump to leave infrastructure out of tax reform

Gillum Stumps Before Tiger Bay

'These people won't vote for Democrats,' says Dana Rohrabacher whose district voted for Clinton

Manafort/his son in law real estate "loans"

Trump's New York golf course is having business problems because people hate Donald Trump

Mother Earth is our life blood, she sustains us...

🐦 CANCELLED - June 8 - 12PM - Senator Sanders - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Chris Cornell Toxicology Report Reveals Several Prescription Drugs in the Singer's System

Well, if you insist, AG Sessions

Enes Kanter says father arrested by Turkish government

Putin: 'Don't worry, be happy' as Trump ditches climate deal

There is NO EXCUSE for what Kathy Griffin said and displayed...

Crappy Days

US officials OK option for men with HIV to father children

Toon- We'll always have Pittsburgh

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Gone Fishin! Live, Uncensored & a new Kitteh &

Cheap Eats for Those of Us On a Budget

Evans County Judge Ron Hallman to Commissioners "My Salary Is All I Get!"

2018/2020 US Senate Election- Could Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020 if they were

Citizens file suit against the City of Manassas Over Open Records Requests

Do YOU think the fake prez will attempt to block testimony next week?

Anyone going to AwesomeCon in DC?

Vanity Fair: conservative Never-trumpers (like Louise Mensch) waging Twitter war against DT.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Will Limit GA Emergency Room Coverage for Individual Health Insurance Plans

Nick Ackerman on Chris Hayes

GOP strategists plot anti-media strategy for 2018 elections

Ari Melber just said he'll interview Rachel Maddow tonight!

Jason Carter is Out for Governor in 2018

As hurricane season begins, NOAA told to slow its transition to better models

Woolsey: Flynn sought personal control over CIA reporting

Remember When Ted Nugent Threatened Obama?

"The Running Man", is on THIS TV. Perfect trump-pencian game show.

Trump wants this photo removed from the Internet.

Georgia students file lawsuit claiming 'intrusive' body searches

Trump is exceeding expectations

This 'storm' over Kathy G will have litle real impact on Russia Gate.

Meet the women who are taking a stand in Trump country


Terror threat shuts down Germany's Rock am Ring festival on opening night

holy crap can ths ALL be because the kushners are.....

One reason baseball is magical.

Joy Reid is on tonight for Lawrence O'Donnell! nt

White House budget chief apologizes to CBO analyst

#4 on UK charts. BBC can't play it. Liar, Liar calls out Theresa May & Tories with dance track

Pence: For Some Reason or Another, the Left Cares About Climate Change,,,

Truth is, Trumps plan to use Tweets to get around the Press is working fine.

I never really liked Kathy Griffin...

Lindsey Graham question

White House orders agencies to ignore Democrats oversight requests

Luckovich does Georgia

Cartoon I'd like to see -- Macron exposing his private parts to trump and trump being very fearful!

Drinking wine and feeling fine. Talk to me.

Devin Nunes Has Top Secret Clearance Revoked

Everywhere you turn, Trumps incompetence is overwhelming, check this out...


God will take of climate change? Which god? Odin, Zeus, Marduk, Osiris? I bet the beer god of the

Lance Wallnau Says That God Is Behind Trumps Tweets And Ignorance Of World Events

Great quotes on Lawrence O'Donnell tonight.

How come we couldn't see Rachel M via Skype?

KC Chiefs release Jeremy Maclin

"What will it take for you to forget about your grandchildren's future"

After wild saga, old Gladys Knight's Chicken & Waffles is boarded up

11-foot python missing in East Atlanta Village (again)

Republican governor hopes to fight crime with prayer patrols

I'm working a gig in DC tonight.

Jimmy Carter says he'll attend Gregg Allman's funeral in Macon on Saturday

2018 United States Senate Election- Most Vulnerable Democratic held US Senate Seat.

Bakker: Ringling Brothers Circus Closing Was A Sign From God About The Last Days

Trump the Concern Troll

President Obama destroys Republicans over Climate Change!!

Stealing an election? Campaign sign thefts have 6th District on guard

Is there a way to donate to the United States Climate Alliance?

Rick Scott agrees to sign $83 billion state budget after reaching deal with Corcoran, Negron

Maher about the covfefe

Macron: "The U.S. has turned its back on the world, but France will not turn its back on Americans"

Frontier Airlines refused to allow blind man and granddaughter on plane at Tampa airport

Leo Varadkar, gay son of Indian immigrant, to be next Irish PM

Oxygen Not Included by the makers of Don't Starve is FANTASTIC

St. Petersburg College selects its first black and first female president in school history

Scott signs bill giving $1M to Orlando woman raped in group home

The Tall Target 1951

State awards millions to South Florida accident victims

PHOTOS: 10 Cats Who Are Totally Tolerating Hugs

In California Single Payer Would Cover All And Save Billions Annually

New Florida law provides certificates for miscarriages

In An Unprecedented Court Escalation, Trump Protesters Could Be Facing Decades In Prison For

Deputies raid Florida man's house while he shows off cash on Facebook Live

Newt Gingrich, says that Estonia is in the suburbs of St. Petersburg,

Dutch man sleeps with Rembrandt's The Night Watch

Dead woman had surgery with Miami 'butt lift' doctor accused of malpractice

New York man charged with stealing $3.5 million from Miami Beach bank account

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Miami lawmaker wants details of Florida dealings with Goldman Sachs, following Venezuela bond purcha

Parts of Three Rooker Island roped off to protect nesting birds

If there is no there there then why are you worrying if there is something there? There.

Lets Say trumpy Doesnt use his executive order

Scott vetoes entire public education budget and $409 million in local projects

Britain not ready to cope with surge in electric car demand

The right attacking Bill Maher tonight

How the World's Most Interesting Man Befriended the World's Most Powerful Man

Medical marijuana left out of Florida Legislature's special session

Robert Mueller, Goat or Hero?

The U.S. Climate Alliance confirms what I suspected would happen re: "states rights".

Michael Moor (and his fans) on a Twitter roll over pull-out of Climate Accord.

GOP - Women Should Not Have Sex Outside Of Marriage. It Is Why They Want To Deny Birth Control.

GOP Want To Drive Women Out Of Work Force By Keeping Wages Lower For Them.

GOP Senators Weigh Taxing Employer-Health Plans

The "Opioid Epidemic" -- A Personal Take

Just realized why The Little Sisters that support trump


Wonder Woman Apparently Isnt American Enough For Fox News

Can we have a chat about the left's fake news?

Trump Tells Earth to Go F**k Itself: The Daily Show

The AG needs an attorney!

Will Trump invoke executive privilege and stop Comey from testifying?

Video shows Navy and Japanese ships operating together

Attorney General adds El Paso County, sheriff to 'anti-sanctuary cities' lawsuit

Is White House press secretary Sean Spicer out of the loop?

Valley businessmen found guilty of wire fraud

Trump's Buddies

Why is Viagra covered by new healthcare plan but not women's birth control?

Billboard on road from VA to DC...

Who knew Trump was a recycler

Trump Appears Unlikely to Hinder Comey's Testimony About Russia Inquiry

Woman on Don Lemon's show made a good point about why Putin

Twin Peaks biker pushes for day in court, gets November trial setting

Drug shrinks ovarian tumours in early trial

What if you are a "deal-maker", but nobody trusts you to keep your side of the deal?

Democrat sets events to announce run for U.S. House to replace Louie Gohmert

Trump to nominate Richard Spencer for Navy secretary

Mattis says US against 'coercive' Chinese moves in South China Sea

"Pulling out" of the Paris Accord was symbolic and will mean nothing.

Zeigler says budget cuts require him to perform audits himself

Reformers doomed Payday Lending Bill

Bill Maher Uses Racial Slur on Real Time


Katy Tur isn't buying Joe "What, ME pay child support?" Walsh's crap RE: Paris Agreement

Gov. Bryant Releases Special Session Agenda

Lesbian Challenges Court Ruling That She's Not Legal Parent

Jackson State Rolls Out Plan to Slash Deficit Including Cutting Jobs

Trump's "I'll keep you in suspense" Apprentice-ization of the Comey testimony

Wisconsin legislators seek to punish student protesters at public universities

Photos: Bernie Sanders at St George's Bristol June 3, 2017

Donald Trump's Vision of Pittsburgh is Sooooooo 80s

Just an observation

George Takei: If Trump wrote Casablanca: "We'll always have Pittsburgh."

Kathy Griffin Is Being Investigated by the Secret Service, Her Lawyers Say


Francis: An "absurd contradiction" to speak of peace while promoting/permitting the arms trade...

Ah, the joys of how comedy and humor works continues to confound people

Twitter user Carissa helps Sarah Palin get over her shock and disbelief over Obama's new home.

Trevor Noah makes covfefe hilarious! video

Trump ABSOLUTELY GLOATING Over Exiting Paris Agreement. Celebrating CHAOS.

Get ready for America the Small.

Frank Rich: America, Get Ready for the Comey Show

Watergate: CBS Evening News Reports Early August 1974

Look For US - Russia Alliance. Trump's Actions Look Like There Is One.

With all the discussion about the Paris Agreement, I found this article about funding

Kushner $1.3 billion in debt.

"She enables actual Nazis": Internet rips CNN piece calling Ivanka "the most powerful Jewish woman."

Regarding age limits on candidacy

When They Go Low, We Kick Them In The Nuts

Trump's Decision Is Also About Suppressing Renewable Energy Action In US.

Getting ready to smoke a huge Boston butt roast

Are We Now Settling Into A Dystopia? Federal Government Bleeding From Within.

We're expected to understand the rage of Trump's supporters but not the anguish of the 66 million

Jeff Sessions Reinvigorates the Drug War

President Shitstain Left Paris For One Simple Reason: Best Single Way To Troll The World

President Shitstain Left Paris For One Simple Reason: Best Single Way To Troll The World

Palin Complains About House Obama Just Bought

Today's Google Doodle: Josephine Baker!

Putin: Mission Accomplished.

Democrats see political opportunity in Trump's decision to abandon Paris climate deal

Enbridge Mackinac Pipline: Nearly 250 Places In Which Pipe Was Unsupported, Broke Safety Regs

"If you don't like the weather, shut up and move." Please come CAPTION Fox's Kimberly Guilfoyle!!!

Who knew that if you turned Donald Duck upside down you get the other Donald?

Trump and Nunes are distracting from the 'big story' that counts - By the WaPo Editorial Board

My wife and I saw Wonder Woman last night, and...

Trump called out the Manchester terrorists. What about the one in Portland? - By Colbert I. King

Photo: Sanders Family leaving St George's Bristol

We cannot get an answer to a simple question like: Do you believe in climate change?

Nature: Scientists Speak On President Shitstain's Big, Bold Climate Bowel Movement

Hanauma Bay Reef - Popular HI Site: 47% Bleached From 10/15 - 1/16; 10% Of Coral Killed

Oh no, not another "Please help me" post...

US Will Resist Efforts To Link Warming To Ocean Health; Senior NOAA Postings Still Vacant

Kellyanne Conway Buys $7.8 Million Home

Trump needs ideas! Let's help him think of excuses to block Comey.

Weather Underground: Withdrawal from Paris Makes Covfefe Sense

Trump On Coal: Lie After Lie After Lie After Lie After Lie After Lie After Lie After Lie . . .

To Be Great, America Must Be Good - By Susan Rice

The amount of coal used to make electricity in U.S. hits 33-year low

Battling the racial roadblocks to joining the legalized marijuana trade

U.N. expands North Korea blacklist in first U.S., China sanctions deal under Trump

The People Pick Paris: Action at (Counter) Trump Rally Sat 9:30 AM EDT Lafayette Square, Washingto

NOAA/MLO - May 2017 Highest Monthly CO2 Concentration On Record - 409.65 ppm

*Repub* Gov Charlie Baker announces MA will join the U.S. Climate Alliance, alongside NY, CA, WA, CT

Top Philippine lawmaker labels casino attack a 'terrorist' act

REVENGE OF THE OLIGARCHS: The Great Betrayal of Middle America

The more we hear and read about the Trump's and Kushner's business debts and the other...

The Real Story Behind Donald Trump's Phony Coal Cookout Celebration

Trump's continued search for new FBI chief seen as chaotic: sources

Justice Department defends Trump financial disclosure

I Can't Wait For The Day When I Turn On A Newscast Or Open A Newspaper Or Listen To A.....

Liberal apologists of bill maher need to think long and hard

Presidential spokesperson can't speak for the President.

"Mr. President, the three branches of government are not 'Money, television, and bullshit.'"

Trump and Kushner have placed personal business interests above country's interests.

Our disgruntled dictator - A diminished nation is being led by a shrinking man

*** #MarchForTruth - #TrumpRussia‏ - demonstrations TODAY in 150+ cities ***

"The Fountain Of Knowledge"

The Art Of The Steal: Has Trump Finally Found Someone To Buy The Brooklyn Bridge?

Listening to @MSNBC #HillaryBias in Sat. 9 a.m while: "...Trump TV about to become taxpayer funded..

A Conscientious Objector in a War Zone

Woman on trial for 'beating man to expel homosexual demons' admits fuelling mass attack

Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin are unnecessary diversions.

Ted Nugent Responds to People Comparing Him to Kathy Griffin

NC woman admits leading 30 parishioners in beating of gay church member to expel his "demons"

Megan Kelly has a new show, well, I'm not buying the NBC BS or her.......................

Final words of script for undelivered JFK speech.

Does anybody know how the Deplorable Francophobe rally in Lafayette Park is going?

Seriously, why aren't the Koch brothers, and team, in prison?

It's simple DU peeps. Watch or DVR 60 minutes and the very

Lawrence O'Donnell on Dealing With Trump Grief-And Making Nice With MSNBC

Too much handwringing and worrying over how republicans feel

Hey,Mom, about those cookies for my 11th birthday party----

America's CEOs fall out of love with Trump

"The Sport of the Deal" from 'The President Show'

Throwing Pasta on the Wall,

How fricking embarrassing are Deplorables?

Megan? Greta? Two Fox women. You can take the women out of Fox News, but

At the 22 minute mark the Deplorables are singing This Land Is Your Land

Holding an Anti-France Rally at Lafayette Square

Trump's "forgotten" Americans aren't represented in the historic low unemployment rate

EVERYTHING is BIGGER in Texas...except Trump's approval rating.

Crossover product ad - Kit Kat meets IKEA

Bernie Sanders more popular than Trump in Europe - as well as the US

You live to thank God that all your prayers have not been answered.

Bernie Sanders still most popular US politician in Europe - as well as the US

'No innocent explanation for this': Eichenwald exposes reasons for Kushner meeting with Russian...

Lewis Carroll's Cheshire cat

Uh, oh... the White House is worried that Trump might have a comparatively BAD week...

Kofi Annan, Christiana Figueres: The U.S. Will Lose Power

Ex-KGB Spy Jack Barsky Appalled Over Reports Jared Kushner Asked Russian Envoy for Backchannel

Trump's NJ golf club was marketing him as a wedding selling point

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Climate destroyer

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - the rest

Avatar Over-Reliance Syndrome, or AORS

What's the Matter with Kids Today?

NYT Editorial Board rips into Jared: "What is Mr. Kushner doing in this job?"

In recognizing multiple faiths, the US military moves beyond its shameful past

Bernie Sanders talks to BBCs HARDtalk - To be Broadcast week of June 5 on BBC World News

AF-am Group: Are people really going to bat for Bill Maher on DU?

I refuse to forget the Christians advocating for climate action

New Yorker Toon: "We'll always have Pittsburgh"

Got My Pussy-hat Ready

Farmers decry Trump plans to cut agriculture subsides

Saturday Morning Soothie........Whales

Yet another example of twisted Republican logic:

My general experience with CONs is that they

Those two guys killed by the white supremacist? Something just as bad happened.

Joe gave Donny Two-Scoops a calendar

SAD. WH sees no real negative to pulling out of Paris Accord.

Putin says Snowden was wrong to leak secrets, but is no traitor

Vermont to join climate alliance

Hurricane season starts with Trump appointees missing at FEMA and NOAA

Funny CNN headline: "Trump administration touts innovation, cuts funding for it"

Big pro Trump rally today! Freepers---this is HUGH!

Great Sign From One Of Today's Marches

It is a significant event if a Democrat wins in a red district in these special elections

Anti-Trump tshirt I saw yesterday at an amusement park

RAW: Bystander films man jumping from fuel tanker as it explodes into flames

Smile as you screw in that new LED, youre helping to close a coal plant.

GOP Strategists Embrace Anti-Media Strategy for 2018

Report: U-2 spy planes deployed to Okinawa

My new name for Deplorables.

Megan Kelly starts right out giving voice to Vladimir Putin. How

British Airways IT systems failure: Uninterruptible Power Supply was interrupted

The Latest: Duterte says casino attack was not work of IS

Guy hides camera in bucket of water and:

I'm going to see "Churchill" . He's one of the few conservatives I respect.

HBO Says Bill Maher's Use of the N-Word "Completely Inexcusable"


Virgin Islands and Airbnb sign first tax agreement in the Caribbean

Chump's job approval numbers are as ugly as he is

Fool's Calvinism Comes Home to Roost

Donald Trump's exit from Paris climate deal seals his downfall

KO:The GOP Must Take Responsibility for Trump One day soon we will look back and say they could hav

VI AG Warns Physicians Against Refusing To Treat Medicaid And Medicare Patients

KO:The GOP Must Take Responsibility for Trump One day soon we will look back and say they could hav

FOX Conundrum - Many of the people that will lose Healthcare are also their Viewers

VI Gov't Employees Being Terminated Because Of Government's 'Financial Crisis'

Waste Management To Install Cameras At VI Bin Sites In Effort To Quell Illegal Dumping

Common sense tells me the FBI, special council have trumps tax returns.

Live Stream at 2PM ET: Bernie Sanders at Hay 2017 - Eric Hobsbawm Lecture

Live at 2PM ET - Bernie Sanders at Hay 2017 - Eric Hobsbawm Lecture

Graphic Image: DC Statue of Gen. Lafayette to Be Replaced with Trump Statue

My March for Truth sign:

In Bill Maher's own words, policing pc language is the wrong focus

Catherineberg Will Soon Be A Museum, Ending Unofficial Status As VI Governor's Residence

"he woke up"

Unable To Pay Propane Supplier, VI WAPA Extends Oil Contract For Up To A Year

The real reason I was given the Nobel Prize yesterday

We need Bill Maher and other like minded

a witch hunt poster I just saw, while checking for a shirt I saw at the anti-trump rally today

A leg to stand on?

Bill Maher New Rule: Time To Get Low

Bill Maher is an asshole.

I can see him doing it

I wonder if Trump was abused as a child.

Liberals not discussing Ted Nugent now need to think long and hard

On Friday, the German embassy evacuated from the country all its staff, except the ambassador and

This Texas City Just Elected the Youngest City Council Member in the State

So there's a special election for IA House District 22. Guess who's name isn't on the SOS list...

Mexico has its first indigenous woman candidate for president-maria de jesus patricio

Norton calls on FBI to investigate fake fliers targeting immigrants in District

Mexico has its first indigenous woman candidate for president-maria de jesus patricio

Diminishing Returns - Republicans Legislating against Their Own Voters

Maybe the 2020 Democratic Platform should read "We accept Bill Maher and his usage of House N*gger".

Donald Trump's latest approval ratings in election swing states reveal how unpopular he has become

Starting hurricane season without leaders of NOAA and FEMA should 'scare the hell out of everybody'

Bill Maher apologizes for using the N-word.

Isn't it amazing how the haters eventually look as ugly as their views -fugg off Margaret Court

Beware of the Bots

As March For Truth Blows Him Away, Trump Sends Out A Fake News Article On His Crowd Size

Mexico has its first indigenous woman candidate for president-maria de jesus patricio

Gunz!!! Proposed Bill Would Make Gun Owners A Protected Class (PA)

Bill Maher Apologizes for Using N-Word on HBOs Real Time

Former Puerto Rico senator and businessman found guilty of bribery

What's Donny Trump doing this weekend?

How about a break from politics for some cool science?

Impeach Maher.

New Polls on Puerto Rico Status

Do bigoted words "just slip out?"

So, are people going to give Sen. Manchin a pass for supporting Trump's Paris Agreement Withdrawl?

Trump's Personal Pledge to Himself.

45 is at 39, and his 3 greatest fears are inferiority, helplessness and shame. #MAGA!

Haley: Trump 'believes the climate is changing'

Bill Maher & Kathy Griffin & Stephen Colbert Have To Be Politically Correct & Trump....

The 5 rules of success for highly effective lifestyle gurus

Augusta city offices close after man unleashes 100 live bedbugs

You'd Never Know By Listening To NBC Affiliated Stations That Megan Kelly.....

The best hitter in the world!

Puerto Rico's Exodus Is Speeding the Island's Economic Collapse

Trump's blowing smoke. Pittsburgh climate change expert speaks out.

Breaking-ish: What Gardner and Duterte Discussed in Manila


Still waiting for all the Maher defenders to follow his lead, admit it was wrong and APOLOGIZE.

Trump's pathological obsession with being laughed at

Is this what happens when you don't have a public editor anymore?

Former food service provider sues Alabama State University officials

How G.O.P. Leaders Came to View Climate Change as Fake Science

Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher say offensive stuff in order to get attention for themselves.

What's for Dinner, Sat. June 3, 2017

Nikki Haley, who has called Trump the "CEO of the US," says he thinks the climate is changing. WOW!

Unjust sentences expect them to rise with dipshit Trump

GBR Sea Turtle Blood Reveals Heart & Gout Drugs, Pesticides, Indicators For 1,000s Of Chemicals

Indian River Lagoon (FL) Water, Crabs & Oysters Full Of Microplastics

Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher...what is this, "National Everybody Get Stupid Week"?

Caroline Mulroney, daughter of Brian Mulroney, diving into Ontario politics

As P.S. Plays Golf For 22nd Time, NYDN Revives Legendary "Drop Dead" Headline

Who knew an offering of prayer could be THIS confusing!!

ISIS condemns Kathy Griffin

The GOP is going to try to assassinate Comey's character.

Ive seen the light...Maher is obviously a KLANSMAN.

Every Story in This Forum That is Not About Trump/Putin Is a Waste of Words

Opera vs. Trump

How G.O.P. Came to View Climate Change as Fake Science

#MarchForTruth Virtual March - Hashtag Party - lights up at 5 PM EDT

Comedians Normally Don't Offend Me...

Bear breaks into home and "plays" piano

Manchin Supports Trump On Climate: Can't Even Say "Renewable Energy" In Statement

Bill Maher is an enigma

My shameful TV habits

So You Can Push Social Security Cuts, Death Panels, Medicare Cuts Etc And Still Get Elected.

Ivanka Trump has spoken little about her faith, but she is undeniably Americas most powerful Jewish

Congressman Lou Correa's Immigration Town Hall Crashed By Trumpsters, Protester Arrested

Manchin Supports Trump On Climate: Can't Even Say "Renewable Energy" In Statement

Trump critics, backers rally around globe over climate and Russia

Chile convicts 106 former intelligence agents

Chile convicts 106 former intelligence agents

These Photos Show Exactly Why Wonder Woman Is So Important

Russia claims it has successfully tested hypersonic missile which makes Western defences obsolete

🌊June 20th🌊 If you live in #SC05 Vote for Archie Parnell! #FlipThe5th

Maher apologized. Those offended should now consider apologizing to him.

Why would Sen Burr recall all copies of the 'torture report"??

'March for Truth' protesters demand independent investigation into Trump's possible Russia ties

Wonder Woman:Don Cheadle Shuts Down Men Having Temper Tantrums Over Women-Only Screenings

Question about Comey and executive privilege.

Trump campaign just blasted out an email that contains a link to InfoWars.

Hillary Clinton To Next Female Presidential Candidate: Prepare to Be Brutalized

Breaking-ish: What Gardner and Duterte Discussed in Manila

Here is a totally awesome letter from Steve Adler, the Mayor of Austin, TX. This is a great read.

Labour just one point behind the Tories in dramatic new poll

Richard Branson: 'History will treat Trump incredibly unkindly'

Alec Baldwin's advice to Kathy Griffin

Oh. How I wish CNN would cut the mics of everyone not speaking

Van hits pedestrians on London Bridge - UPDATE.

Farmers' Attitudes Toward Climate Change

March For Truth in San Diego...almost stopped traffic on I-5 for 1 hour.

Great picture of Cheeto Trump

Trump: The Paris Climate Agreement is going to cost America jobs

Why 'the Con's' attempt to pit Pittsburgh against Paris is absurd

Randy Rainbow sings Covfefe!

Michael Tracey tweeted Maxine Waters "shoved" him. Here's video. This is what he is calling a shove

2018 US Senate and Governors Elections.

'Van hits pedestrians' on London Bridge in 'major incident'

James Mattis asks US allies to 'bear with us' amid backlash over isolationism

"America is living through a fractured fairy tale, in the grip of a lonely and uninformed mad king"

The Bret Stephens climate saga reaches its logical conclusion

The $3 billion the U.S. pledged was, per capita, is 1/6th what Sweden pledged.

Bernie Sanders' quote about his bro Larry

Oath Keepers militia will attend Portland 'free speech' rally, says leader

Press Groups Urge Congressional Probe On Congressman-Elects Alleged Assault Of Reporter

US navy hopes cannon found by divers is from wreck of the USS Revenge

Jazz Age Goddess, Toast of Paris, Spy, Lady of Color

Dear Science Deniers:

This is how it felt to march today:

OMGOSH......Paul Solgin, Mayor of Madison.....running for governor??

No innocent explanation: Eichenwald exposes reasons for Kushner meeting with Russian bankers

Fringe Deplorables Groups Revel as Protests Turn Violent Beating Up Girls And Older Women

Special Counsel Muellers Investigation Seems To Be Growing

attempting understanding

London Bridge closed due to incident

Trump plans week-long focus on infrastructure, starting with privatizing air traffic control

Frightening-Armed London police officers enter a bar at London Bridge and tell people to "get down"

Magic balloon?

In case you haven't seen this.

President and Mrs. Reagan's daughter, Patti Davis: "Trump cares not at all for this planet/humanity"

Af-Am Group: Do black voters not understand the dangers of Trump?

A big loser

California's clean energy jobs equal 10 times the nation's coal mining jobs

Regarding Mr. Maher

so malcolm x speech about house vs field is never open for a white person to discuss?

3 Major London incidents ongoing - London Bridge, Borough Market and Vauxhall Areas

Thirty minutes

I've been watching a so-far unsuccessful pickup attempt

One week ago my husband and I were approximately 1/4 mile from London Bridge.

At age 111, America's oldest veteran is still smoking cigars, drinking whiskey and loving life

Malaysia gay 'prevention' competition seeks videos

Can anyone summarize and simplify UK parties for me?

After bashing NATO, Trump returns to take on press

Dare to compare

Trump's Paris decision was influenced by an 'aggressive' handshake from the French president

Is it a coincidence that London Bridge and Manchester happen....

for people enamored with Warren Buffet...

tRump tweets political over these tragedies in London

Arnold Schwarzeneger Has A Message For Trump On Climate

Does anyone find it strange that republicans and those on the right who have been pushing a racist,

Trump uses London Bridge incident to push travel ban

Chicken plant fined for illegal hires

Trump just tweeted about travel ban

Trump skips his own "Pittsburgh not Paris" rally to play golf

I wonder aloud whether President CheetoLay

White House weighs blocking Comey's testimony

Donald Trump 0045 Superspy

Products that promise "detox" are a sham. Yes, all of them.

White House eyes Bannon ally for top broadcasting post

Not saying they're the same, but...

Giant ark just the start; creationists have a bigger plan for recruiting new believers

After six years of silence, Goldman-Sachs CEO finally tweets. And it's adoozy.

Exclusive: Climber Completes the Most Dangerous Rope-Free Ascent Ever