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Argentine Economy Minister admits to 'Hood Robin' policies

Chris Hayes open w/ Strongest evidence yet of possible collusion bet. Trump campaign & Russian hacki

Argentine Economy Minister admits to 'Hood Robin' policies

everything's just a damn slogan with this guy

Republican disunity more likely

Nance: on revelations about Flynn today

Both Killed By Cops, Their Families Given Almost The Same Amount Of Money

The last 6 people in the US (possibly the world) to find out the 2016 election results.

So the GOP colluded with Russians to sway the result of the general election.

Fox News anchor rips RNC chair for defending Trump attack on Brzezinski

Louise Mensch says she is proud to have worked for Rupert Murdoch.

Elections are governed by the states.

New Research Finds Air Pollution is Far Deadlier than Previously Thought

A proposal for responding when you hear Trump (or his supporters) call out "fake news"

I think I may have a rotator cuff tear. I would appreciate some input from DU. UPDATED/I SAW DOCTOR.

Washington paralysed

Watch The NRA Ad Thats So Outrageous, Womens March Is Demanding An Apology

Bodyguard-turned-White House aide Schiller eyed in Russia probe

Venus was a fault in the death of a 78 year old man.......

Didnt Remake The Political Map

ICE fugitive seeks sanctuary in Mancos church

Greta Van Susteren Out at MSNBC

Has anyone seen any reporting on the travel ban going into effect tonight?

We HAVE to win back congress in 2018.

In surprising rebuke to Trump, GOP committee votes to repeal authorization for use of militaryforce

Bharara: Issue w/Trump about "lack of decency, honesty, character, temperament, adulthood, shame"

Gov. McAuliffe‏: No Intention of Honoring Trump Admin. Request for Voter Rolls

Seattle added more people last year than all of King Countys suburbs combined

New Virginia laws July 1st - Female Genital Mutilation wasn't illegal?

Trump: Increase fossil fuel exports, relaxing offshore drilling rules (no renewables)

New Virginia laws effective July 1st - 9 in total

Joe & Mika cancel vacation to do show tomorrow

Zillow backs off threat to sue McMansion Hell after compromise

Which bully is worse? Trump or McConnell?

Rick Perry: Going to make Nuclear Energy Cool Again

Is a belief in white supremacy the explanation, when push comes to shove?

What is it with The Donald - Women - and Blood?

Hawaii files court challenge on Trump travel ban criteria

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker Thread. SAD! Live Uncensored & a new Kittehs gif

Rachel Maddow is talking about the tick tick tick tweets of Ben Wittes,

Firefighters Remove Trapped Horse Shoe

Ha! Rachel Dratch is hysterical!

Now we know why Fox is trying to change the meaning of

What's in your bindle at the end of your bindle stick?

SCOTUS is Throwing Us into Jefferson's Nightmare (w/guest Rev. Barry Lynn)

GOP Operative Sought Clinton Emails From Hackers, Implied a Connection to Flynn...Tweet Distraction

Holy Shit I didn't know Peter Smith died days

Kentucky Secretary of State rejects request from Trump election commission

When the movie is made of the Trump/Russia gate who plays Rachel Maddow?

The Populist Appeal of Trump's Sexism to Working Class Males

This is interesting: Peter Smith, the GOP operative

republicans fear trump may derail their agenda

Bill Kristol is RIGHT!!!! Donald Trump is a PIG !!!!

GOP going nuts a out the investigation. FBI must be reaching the fire.

Venus Williams at fault in Florida car crash that killed senior citizen

10 million trees planted with Ecosia

"Stop listening to what's coming out of White House;watch people's actions"!

10 million trees planted with Ecosia

And this one is going out to Donnie "tiny hands" Trump from Vlad

I don't understand why the response to Trump's tweets...

Hookers For Healthcare Fear Trumpcare Just Like Everybody Else

If we didn't have any attacks while Trump's "travel" ban was on hold,

Wonder if Rep Barbara Lee's amendment

Indoor skydiving: yes, not a typo

Sabato: Trump has 3 basic flaws - no fixed principles, no personal boundaries, absolutely no class

KY Sec. Of State will not send voter data to Trump commission

WOW! Lawrence O'Donnell just called out the so-called Christians, including Trump!

Fugelsang: Jeffrey Lord only defending Trump till he can score that gig doing PR for West Nile Virus

MSNBC scroll bar says this: "Trumps latest tweets draw broad condemnation"

T/Y Ms. Lee for persevering! Key House committee approves curbing Trump's war authorization powers

The Almighty Johnsons

The Reason Why FOXNEWS "Stars" Fail Any And Everywhere Else Is Simple

One of my nieces works at an organic restaurant...

Video from inside ADAPT protest at Cory Gardner's office

Angela Merkel Sets Collision Course With Trump Ahead of G-20..

GOP Operative Sought Clinton Emails From Hackers, Implied a Connection to Flynn

Sarah: "I don't think you can expect someone to be personally attacked day after day"

Seth Meyers Trump Doesn't Seem to Know Anything About Health Care: A Closer Look



Wow. Krauthammer on Trump's Tweets: This Is What It's Like in a Banana Republic

Former Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick mulls another run for Congress

IMS: Female DJs deal with gender imbalance

TPM - Josh Marshall - "Blood and Ruin"

Can this work: States banding together to provide health care to their citizens

**Ouch**, NY Mag Cover-By Frank Rich

High police and fire pension rates send lawmakers scrambling

No, both sides are not condemning trumps recent tweets. Democrats across the board are. But

Uh-Oh: Trump Doesn't Know Difference Between Medicare & Medicaid

FACT: Trump is Ruining America's Reputation Around the World

But I Don't WANT Putin to Have My Social Security Number!

Trump Is Distracting Us While Republicans

What do you think Joe Scarborough should say (if anything) to defend his fiancee?

Greta is out at MSNBC

Arizona settles lawsuit to make voter-registration data more accessible, affordable

If Trump is the face of the Republican party, the party should shave its ass and walk backwards nt

GOP states threatening to sue to end DACA are doing so to spare Trump from being blamed

Ex-business manager indicted in $7M defrauding of former UA standout Richard Jefferson

I'm a star member. Why do I get ads?

A special report on Donald Trumps America

Defense rests in Arpaio's trial; closing arguments July 6

NASA Denies That Its Running a Child Slave Colony on Mars

The greatest failure of the Republican Party...

Russian "Observation Flight" over WSMR (New Mexico) took place this afternoon...

It's a dog's life...

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 2 - Family Farms

TCM Schedule for Monday July 3 - The American Dream

Chandler man illegally sold securities, owes more than $1.5 million, officials say

Gov. Ducey declares state of emergency due to Goodwin Fire

State officials refuse to turn over voter roll data to Trump election panel

2018 US Senate Election-Best case and Worse case scenario for Democrats.

Questions for Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

Arizona regents will offer in-state tuition to DACA students

While You Weren't Looking, The House Voted To Ban Sanctuary Cities & Expand ICE Power

WHY is this so entrancing ?? Such happy hummingbirds :)

A Gold Rush Revival in Italy, With Nuggets the Size of Bread Crumbs

Puerto Rico struggles to save historic buildings amid crisis

Trump allies work to smear FBI, discredit Russia investigation

Ex-TEPCO leaders plead not guilty in Fukushima nuclear trial

Terrifying NRA ad calls on gun owners to confront protesters with a "clenched fist"

Is Twitter down for anyone else or just or me?

I've discovered that I don't have enough wall space

Mohave County Democrats have their work cut out for them

They want to price my age group out of the insurance pools

One very good argument for bi-partisanship.

2018 US Senate Election-Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate.

Rockefeller art collection will be sold to benefit charity.

Remind you of anyone?

White House reverses course on including fiancs in Trump travel ban criteria

You can run on for a long time...

This is how diplomacy dies. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. With empty offices on a midweek aft

4 hurt after shooter opens fire, kills self at Las Vegas medical facility

Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal Gives Birth On Waikiki Beach

Cortez Masto co-sponsors bill to address rural county health insurance

Listen: Independent Underground Radio Network Audiogram

Health care holdout Heller attends Trump re-election fundraiser

Insurer pulls out of 14 Nevada counties, including Carson City

Feud erupts between Nevada teachers union, Clark County local

Spider-Man: Homecoming review: a celebration of smallness that makes the stakes personal

Dan Rather perfectly explains why Trumps attacks on Mika are the symptom of a much larger problem

Nevada state senator's wife admits third DUI, gets treatment

Ana Navarro absolutely SLAMS Trump for his tweets (video)

Health care holdout Heller attends Trump re-election fundraiser

Obama Crushes Trump By A Huge 24 Point Margin As Americans Long For Effective Leadership

GOP Operative connected to Flynn contacted Russia to Undermine Clinton before the election

Sisolak will run run for Nevada governor

Affluenza Mom Tonya Couch Stays Out of Jail on Bail Violation Charge

ACLU slams Trump's pick to head Civil Rights Division

Large-scale study 'shows neonic pesticides harm bees'

Beyond Anti-Semitism: The Biggest Progressive Problem At The Chicago Dyke March

Grenfell Tower: Cladding 'changed to cheaper version'

Mika Brzezinski snaps at Clinton: Get off your high horse because Trump is brilliant on taxes

Slow Pace Of Trump Appointments Takes Toll On Federal Courts In Texas

Acting Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Verdict Finding Forfeiture Of Midtown Office Building

Five Charged In $28 Million Nutraceuticals Credit Card Fraud Affecting Thousands Of Consumers

Ted Cruz Proposes Amendment With Aim To Salvage Senate Health Care Plan

Houston Firefighters Union Suing The City

Donald Trump threatened with subpoena over Comey 'tapes'

Man Behind Fisher Affirmative Action Case Files New Lawsuit Against UT-Austin

*** HEADS UP *** 7 minutes to Morning Joe.

Tim Duncan's Ex-Financial Adviser Sentenced to Four Years in Prison, Ordered to Pay Back $7.5M

Tim Duncan's Ex-Financial Adviser Sentenced to Four Years in Prison, Ordered to Pay Back $7.5M

Everybody awake for the Joe Scabs duel with Drumpf over Mika Mouse?

NYDN hit it out of the park.

Wow Donnie Duetsch just went off on Trump in a way not yet done!

He's disgusting to look at

Donald Trump is not well (Op Ed by Joe and Mika in WaPo)

Let me just point out that

Joe & Mika on @ 7...the show is taking the entire first hour to eviscerate the pig before roasting

GOP Operative Sought Russian Hacker Help Against Hillary Clinton

The world forgave us and felt sympathy for american citizens when the dolts of this country

Donald Trump is not well By Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough

IRS Scam VS General Public - Call Flooder [PART 2]

Some interesting perspective on this...

Austin Judge To Decide Venue For State's Sanctuary Cities Lawsuit

Morning Revenge!

I have a question for Melania...

The Weirdest News from Far-Flung Texas, June Edition

First Twit tweet of the day:

Last 2 days of Non Sequitur have a certain point....



Labrador: I can reform immigration, run for governor, 'walk and chew gum'

Donald Trump abandons the pretense of dignity

Audio of Donnie's Fundraiser leaks..

German lawmakers vote to legalize same-sex marriage; Merkel votes no

Trump: If Senate can't pass Health Care, destroy what we have...

Trump's tweet attacking Morning news host sparks uproar

Another hack of Idaho state websites, but no data taken

Where are Halperin and Barnacle? Possibly getting an early start on 4th of July weekend but

Mika and Joe are handling it perfectly!

Otter, Wasden threaten to sue if Trump doesn't revoke DACA

The boxing analogy-trump

Sarah Huckabee Sanders thinks that God is a role-model to kids.

Kellyanne back to revealing her memory loss.

Former GOP Communications Director unloads on Trump Twitter attack

"the President is going to hit back harder," unless the attacker is Russia, in which case Vladimir

I'm not getting caught up in the Mika/Joe vs. Trump Pro Rasslin' smack talk Bull.

How The Senate GOP Health Care Bill Could Affect The Midterms And Beyond

Joe and Mika are saying Trump let loose the National Inquirer on them


TRUMP: Disgusting Tweets About Mika Brzezinski, "Psycho Joe" - The View

It finally has a name!!!!

Joe always haas to make dig at Bill Clinton in his conversations.

Do you think Donald Trump is an emotionally healthy person?

Went to my first gay wedding yesterday

After Joe & Mika's story...Trump is not a President he is becoming a Authoritian Dictator

The fact is...

Morning Joe Cliffs Notes: "The President shouldn't do that shit." OK, back to work.

Joe and Mika only care about themselves. They're mad at Trump because he hasn't delivered.

Meanwhile Kelly CONway, wants you to know..

In Endorsing Durkan, Seattle Mayor Murray Trashes McGinn

GOP defenders of 45's adolescent behavior

17th annual Master Sandsculpting Competition

I grow increasingly anxious

It is more important NOW more than ever for the media to stand up to the President!

Is Trump The Beatles - Fool On The Hill?.....

White House council for women and girls goes dark under Trump

Its Blackmail: Joe and Mika Reveal How White House Threatened Them With National Enquirer

Federal judge blocks California ban on high-capacity magazines

Board Introduces Plan to Beef Up Ethnic Studies in Seattle Schools

Exclusive: Trump overrules cabinet, plots global trade war

Just Repeal ALL Government Health Care Turn It Over To Free Market.


Tweet Watch!


"he turned vicious when he talked about Mika-blood coming out of her mouth and ears"

The City Knew the Bad Minimum Wage Report Was Coming Out, So It Called Up Berkeley

The origin of Superheroes: Bozo the Iron Man

'It's Blackmail': Joe and Mika Reveal How White House Threatened Them With National Enquirer

Rural voters

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Fake News Fake President

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Stupid Turtle

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Because Of His Mika Tweet - Trump Is Taking His Lumps - But We Must Never Lose Sight That....

Mika & Joe Respond To TRUMP "We Are OK...The Country Is Not"

TPM - shocking - "Were Voting Machines Actually Breached? DHS Would Rather Not Know"

Meanwhile..over at "trumpnews" aka fox

10...9...8...7...6....unti rethugs find a way to blame the Drumpf's tweets on Obama.

Does anyone with legal experience know if a state's SOS turns over our

"Off the rails? . . . What rails?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Gail Collins, NYT: Trump called me a 'dog and a liar' with the 'face of a pig'

Christian Activist: We Must Trademark the Rainbow Because Gays Have Raped It

Don't Worry About the Income Tax Driving Rich People Out of Seattle

Trump on health care impasse: Repeal Obamacare now, replace later

2020 Democratic nominee

Trump says he's sending feds to Chicago to help with crime problem

For the psychologists out there: what is it with the women and blood?

Joe said this is not the Trump of 2 years ago....

trump tweet this morning "sending federal help to Chicago"

After this is all over, and it will end...

Wow, the last 24 hours...

Just wonering why no comments yet?

tweet on mika and joe this am....

Cecile Richards: 2 numbers to memorize: Keep your focus on the Problem....

Trump just tweeted he watched Morning Joe, denies National Enquirer/blackmail story

"If It Bleeds, It Leads."

Called my Secretary of state in Ohio today

British Columbia has a new Premier! Right wing defeated!

Focus, people, focus. Shiny objects are being tossed everywhere. But...gotta get to the root cause

High school graduate shot in the head in road rage incident in Pennsylvania, police search for kille

Someone needs to explain the meaning of "bully pulpit"

Simone Veil: French politician and Holocaust survivor dies

Germany gay marriage approved by MPs in snap vote

Ukraine's ransomware attack was a ruse to hide culprit's identity, researchers say

Audio shows Trump threatens to sue CNN at private fundraiser

WOW! Henry Kissinger is ALL IN for the Putin-Trump meeting, thinks it's just swell and neat-o.

This is a great way to end Energy Week.

Greta Gets Fired

@JoeNBC reply to Trump denial of blackmail story: I have texts from your top aides and phone records

So Groper Don the Con says ReTHUGs should just repeal Obamacare

Seems the anti-vaxxers are all wrong, vaccines don't cause autism!

The Trump Monument---Is that a toilet he's sitting on?

Cyberattack Forces West Virginia Hospital to Scrap Computers

Erasing Obama

David Corn: Congress should investigate Trump, WH aides colluding w/Enquirer 2 blackmail journalists


Trump constructed a masterful persona. It was never real, and now it's deeply DANGEROUS....

Mika Brzezinski on Trump's Twitter attack: 'It does worry me about the country'

republicans now talking about repealing Obamacare and replace 'later'

New Washington state budget would provide $7.3B more to public schools over four years

Pic Of The Moment: DHS Says Russia Didn't Hack Voting Machines -- But Hasn't Bothered To Check

New reports link Michael Flynn to hacking and reveal Trump's massive business deals in the former So

Washington state workers finally get good pay bump, but housing costs soar twice as fast

Eric Holder's midnight Tweet

Deutsch: beyond the stupidity, youre a pig, youre a bully and you are doing disgusting things to

GOP Logic Meme:

Spies Fear Trump's First Meeting With Putin

Mika claims no plastic surgery at that time.

Forget the stupid tweets: Theres big news on Trumps Russia connections and he doesnt want you t

Read this New Yorker article to understand Trumps gutter mind.

That is an absolute lie, Sanders says of college claims

So who will investigate this blackmail...

You know it's bad, when Jerry Springer says it...

It's times like this, regarding tRump, his lies and his family, that I think if this song, enjoy!

The conversation today on Morning Joe is an important one

John Legend: "I see Melania's campaign to end cyber bullying is off to a slow start"

EPA head launching initiative to 'critique' climate science

NRA Issues Call for White Supremacy and Armed Insurrection

During the campaign, someone suggested using "The Bully Pulpit" to Trump.

Gene Lyons - Did Obama "Choke" When Kremlin Attacked Our Election?

Tri-State NJ/NY/PA area: we still got TN couple fugitives in our midst. Any new news?

Trump Names Voter ID Pusher Hans Von Spakovsky To Bogus Voter Fraud Panel

Bob Fosse, "The Aloof, The Heavyweight, The Big Finish"

Fear and Loathing in San Juan County

Medicaid is hanging by a thread, and this is the week that will decide if that thread breaks

Lawyers Returning To Dulles As Travel Ban 2.0 Takes Effect

The internet's most prolific troll of anti-vaxxers is from Tacoma. And he's going on tour.

Joy Reid Asks The RIGHT Question re: Trump's Behavior...

Bill to create panel that could remove Trump from office quietly picks up Democratic support

Writing about food: Lela Nargi's "Food before sanity"

Just saw this on C&L

What republican leadership loathes more than Obamacare:

So, it's another Friday, and the one before July 4.

France's Marine Le Pen charged over funding scandal

Why would Pelosi step down? Parties dont usually throw out congressional leaders after electoral..

At one Trump golf resort, fake Time magazine covers are taken off the wall

Our government has turned into Peyton Place. Who in the world can take it seriously?

Grenfell Tower: cladding changed to 'cheaper version'

If Chumpy is removed through Article 25 or impeachment,

Mitch McConnell, America's No. 1 obstructionist, is trying to make big things happen

Beyond #fakepresident

The Election. Blame for losing. And USA's future.

Prostitutes speak out against Senate health bill

NEVER call it "Trumpcare."

So. Trump will finally get a chance to thank Putin in person!

Conway Slams TV Hosts Who 'Play Armchair Psychologist,' and Ridicule Trump's 'Mental State'

Ari Berman: Trump admin planning unpredented attack on voting rights. "This is national emergency."

Really Scary Stuff From The NRA:

Only 7 House Members needed to impeach

I am sorry to say it but:

THE meltdown is nigh, folks. Hang on for

Cutting health care expenses: two approaches

My father passed 29 years ago today if he had regular checkups he would be alive

CNNS Ana Navarro Goes Ballistic Over Trump Tweet: Lunatic Man Baby Must Stop

When News Is Breaking, Be Careful about Posting Tweets

Wedding etiquette question for my fellow DUers

On Hamilton, Madison, the Origin of the Two Parties, Ted Kennedy and the GOP Health Care Bill

On Hamilton, Madison, the Origin of the Two Parties, Ted Kennedy and the GOP Health Care Bill

On Hamilton, Madison, the Origin of the Two Parties, Ted Kennedy and the GOP Health Care Bill

Hitler's birthplace seizure backed by Austrian court

NASA denies running a child slave colony on Mars.

I take a little bit of comfort in the fact that no matter what evidence is quashed in the US

Kpete deleted her post about "Complicit" National Enquirer pic, but...

Why Teachers Drink

Greg Sargent: Don't sugarcoat this. Trump just called for 32 million people to lose health coverage

Donald threatened with subpoena over Comey "tapes"

Twitter Video Link: The Republican health care bill will just get worse with age.

The Big Con...

Forget the stupid tweets: There's big news on Trump's Russia connections - and he doesn't want you..

We Absolutely Must Discuss The Brainwashing Of Republicans / Conservatives

War on the media is all Trump and conservatives have left - since they can't get anything done

I see a pic of him and everytime, like breathing, I don't even think about it........the words

Bird deaths

Taunting a woman about a facelift

White House defends tweet: 'He's a fighter'

Trump's Mika tweets were gruesome - but the "resistance" needs to stop fainting every time he says..

Trump's G-20 Trip Next Week Is More That Just Meeting Putin

This weekend's tunes: Johnny Cash, Louis Prima, and Sam Butera

Well*that*was embarrassing!1 The whole JoeScabs/MikaMouse thing. DRUMPFis bygone for shower inducing

Texas Supreme Court: No inherent right to gay marriage benefits

Stock markets plunged following Trump's attacks on Mika Brzezinski ???

He is who he has always been. No one should be surprised. Least of all the ones who put him there.

Is Wilbur Ross actually alive and breathing?

Joe Scarborough: I Updated NBC Executives in Real Time About National Enquirer Threat

Fred Trump you failed your evolutionary task of raising a son ...

Why mention that President Moon's wife is "lovely?"

Pennsylvania teenager shot in road rage incident

Gun violence is America's shame

Middletown, Ohio pol proposes three-strikes-style policy on overdose 911 calls.

Despite hacking charges, U.S. tech industry fought to keep ties to Russia spy service

Single payer article/interview worth perusing..

How to Photograph Fireworks Like a Pro

Gorsuch asserts himself early as force on Supreme Courts right

Sarin gas was used in April attack on Syrian civilians, global watchdog confirms

chicago trolls cheato- real fake.

Laurence Tribe: If Trump told staffers to extort, he too has committed that serious crime

we may have found our slogan for the midterm elections: "repeal and replace"

Modi finally speaks out against lynchings of 'beef eaters'

Islamic State counter attack causes fierce clashes in Syria's Raqqa

Maybe the GOP split is already here - By Jennifer Rubin

Spag Dog

Guilty Pleasures - Food Confessions

The National Enquirer's Fervor for Trump - - New Yorker, July 3

Morning Joe-1 yr ago: What if Trump Wins?

Collusion is back: The strange tale of Michael Flynn, his son and a now deceased Republican operativ

Does anyone else fly off the handle when hearing a "global warming" joke?

Sessions hopes Russia probe ends 'sooner rather than later' (ABC News)

Dear Sarah Huckabee Sanders

De Blasio, U.S. mayors warn: Trump budget could lead to public housing 'crisis'

Regarding Voter Records Demand from Kobach.......

Chastweety belts? - Sack cartoon

Time to address the Rand Paul Issue!

Some information that I just found out watching MSNBC

New Brattle study touts flexible grid, dismisses 'baseload' hype

Will Obamacare outlast Trump? The odds improved this week.

Women and when Hillary schooled Putin

Sanders and Clyburn: American healthcare is in crisis

Bill To Remove President Under 25th Amendment Quietly Gaining Support

Presidential Commission Demands Massive Amounts of State Voter Data

Trump: US patience with the North Korean regime 'is over'

Can the president be censured?

This is a small example of how Trump depolorables think

Senate Republicans shoot down Obamacare repeal trial balloon, Rand Paul and Trump double down on it

KO: Trump Will Not Be Cleared The fallout from Trump's admission that the Russians meddled in our el

EXCLUSIVE Jared Kushner Told Joe Scarborough: Talk to President Trump About 'Enquirer' ...

"The State Board will provide to the Commission publicly available data as already required...."

The top 10 trends transforming the electric power sector

KO:Trump Will Not Be Cleared The fallout from Trump's admission that the Russians meddled in our ele

Gov. Cuomo: NY refuses to perpetuate myth of voter fraud, won't comply with request for voter rolls

Planning an Unprecedented Attack on Voting Rights

Let's not forget Mika and Joe are a big reason tRump is in the oval office...

NYDN's Shaun King names Jared Kushner as 1 of 3 WH aides threatening Joe and Mika

Chump tried to blackmail Morning Joe. What's up with that ?

Jared Kushner is one of the WH people that told Joe/Mika to call BLOTUS - Re: Enquirer Story

"You know, I won the Electoral College vote. The popular vote too, but the fake media..."

Can it just stop now?

So worried about my kitten. I think he has wet FIP.

Things to do on the fourth of July

Trump's crude tweets: Would anyone else be fired?

Tomorrow is Canada Day.

Freedom Caucus Demands Big Welfare Cuts

Trump's nasty tweet serves to distract from the greater story...

Senate Republicans Don't Give a Damn About Your Health

More Josh - TPM - on Collusion "Questions To Consider About That WSJ Collusion Article"

Photobucket question

"An armed society is a polite society"...

Slate - "Trumpcare Will Probably Kill Thousands Each Year"

Massachusetts Response to Voter Information Request

Former WH photographer uses photos to demonstrate Obama's respect for women

I am betting the Washington Post has a bombshell this afternoon.

Post your recipes for our Current Conservative Cookbook!

Kellyanne Conway is at it again.....LYING.

Asking for a friend

Scorched-Earth Journalism: How Project Veritas Ruins Lives to Promote Their Radical Agenda

Coal on the rise in China, US, India after major 2016 drop (USA Today/AP)

Kitten grows up with golden retriever:

Chaffetz is out of here


Sea Shepherd Vessel Hit by Fishing Boat

How do you repeal the ACA without a replacement?

The Mystery of the National Enquirer

Trump is a Swine

Jim Acosta: WH briefing today off camera no audio

Can someone help me RE: AHCCCS?

Most of America's Super Rich Think THEY Make America Great

How to contact PA Sec. of State about voter suppression: (from Twitter)

Reddit Backs Neo Nazis After Kicking Off Alt Right

The Trump Administration Is Planning an Unprecedented Attack on Voting Rights

Here's where Americans are getting a raise this weekend

Yes, it's a crime:

It's time for another Time cover

The B(i)tter Care Reconciliation Act looks like it hit turbulence

I have a sinking feeling

Exactly what NOT to do before your flight; Toss a coin in the engine for 'blessings'!

This White House has obstructed the Russia investigation every step of the way.

LePage says he wont sign latest budget proposal and will allow a shutdown

You know you're dealing with a ruthless counter puncher

"Hey, Joe - Mika! Nice Show You Got There..."

I can't be the only one who noticed this.

PLACE YOUR BETS! Will she or won't she?!

Does MJ Mika & Joe have tapes?

Multnomah County Republicans Formally Allow Militia Groups to Run Security

Mark Sanford is back! Yay, some interviewer wanted his views of the Mika and Joe

Stephen: 'This Is What's Wrong With The American President'

Sorry about the off topic post yesterday

Mmmm, fizzy cold brew.

Today White House Press Conference: NO live video. NO live audio.

Secs.of States national meeting next week!

Donald Trump Goes After Morning Joe Again

July 1: Happy 65th Anniversary, the Liberace Show

Interesting: who and who doesn't pay their interns in Washington DC.

Small plane crash-lands on the 405 freeway near Irvine (location correction)

Former AG Eric Holder sends mysterious 3 a.m. tweet telling DOJ staff to be prepared, be strong

Here Comes the War Distraction: CNN - Trump: US patience with the North Korean regime 'is over'

I am the menace of the grocery store! RAWR!

Cancel August Recess? Senator Takes Case to Trump

GOP bill would let churches endorse political candidates and remain tax exempt.

A reality star presidency - The Mika and Joe saga.

Hello, as promised an update on my situation

CA decided it was tired of women bleeding to death in childbirth-maternal mortality 1/3 national av

CA decided it was tired of women bleeding to death in childbirth. maternal mortality 1/3 nat'l avera

Rhode Island Joins List Of States Defying Bogus 'Election Integrity' Commission

Obamacare Has Problems. The Senate Health Care Bill Doesn't Solve Them, Experts Say

Pence's own state stiffs his scheme to swipe voter rolls

Any fans of the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team? I just saw that Tony DiCicco died.

Teen shot in head during deadly road rage incident in Chester Co., DA says

CA decided it was tired of women bleeding to death in childbirth-maternal mortality 1/3 nat'l averag

Reporting POTUS to twitter for harassment:

Yay its Summer Fog!

Trump-fleeing U.S. couple looks forward to 'mild' winters in new home Halifax

Delete Hate Speech or Pay Up, Germany Tells Social Media Companies.

Newest Cheeto tweeto:

Can You Be a Pro-Life Democrat?

This singer has so much talent. Everybody should know her name one day.

A Simple Question:

Trump: US patience with the North Korean regime 'is over'

Potential Democratic Party Splinter Groups?

Russian-Funded News Station Replaces Bluegrass on 105.5 FM

Came home sick from work. I'm bored. Ask me anything.

NYC hospital in the Bronx has had a shooting. Breaking news on MSNBC

Along with shooting at hospital, they have fires on at least 2 floors.

Another active shooter - Bronx Lebanon hospital - not in custody yet

Does Robert Mueller need to pay Mika and Joe a visit?

Sanders to Alexander: Let's End Backroom Deals

What would it actually be like if the GOP reached out to Democrats? By Tom Toles

Why we should be very afraid of Trumps vote suppression commission

Bloombergs gun-control group to endorse Ralph Northam for Virginia governor

Shooter kills 1, wounds others at NYC hospital; officials say he was doctor

Did a GOP politician effectively buy Roger Stone's endorsement against Sen. Elizabeth Warren?

The Hospital Patients Are At Fault

Why we should be very afraid of Trump's vote suppression commission

POS Gun Owner At Bronx Hospital Is Dead

Good Lord....

Thank God For Guns, Otherwise Fired Employees Would Have Little Recourse

Easy and Cheap Pastas (Most of Them Vegetarian)

We need find out the shooter's religion and political affiliation

Yawn.....just another shooting brought to you by the N.R.A.

Stop Assuming Trump Is Innocent of Russian Collusion - By Jonathan Chait

A friendly reminder about the National Enquirer

Veterans in Defense of Liberty

Republican's island

The Slate Impeachometer is now up to 55%

Fox News is our equivalent of Goebbel's dream propaganda outlet, full stop

Eric Trump Foundation Told Donors Money Went To Kids With Cancer, Then Gave To Different Causes

UPDATED - Sanders: Defying 'Election Integrity' Commission Is A 'Political Stunt'

Trump Labor Dept wants pay to decide overtime, but not at Obama level

If tRump really wanted to fuck with Joe Scar there are two words he could say...

White House official staff salaries released

Charles Pierce: Our Government Now Lies Somewhere Between Beverly Hillbillies and Game of Thrones

GOP creates the greatest threat to voting rights since Jim Crow (voter suppression commission )

It's almost 5 PM on a Friday in Washington...

Justin Trudeau visits 'reoccupation' teepee on Parliament Hill

LMAO at Jemaine Clement!

Gov. Wolf will not participate

🐦 July 2 - Bernie Sanders - CNN State of the Union #CNNSOTU

Minnesota's Secretary of State won't turn over voter data to the so-called "Advisory Commission."

What to Blame for Your Stomach Bug? Not Always the Last Thing You Ate.

Kris Kobachs Own State Just Defied His Bogus 'Election Integrity' Commission

Who's not giving data to Kris Kobach's Election Commission? Kris Kobach

Trump Suggests Repealing Health Law Now and Replacing It Later

trump established a commission to investigate American Voters, he shrugs at Russian Interference

Cory Booker Will "Pause" Fundraising From Big Pharma Becaue It "Arouses So Much Criticism"

DeVos Is Discarding College Policies That New Evidence Shows Are Effective.

It's been 5 months

This is serous shit and very very scary

Joy-Ann Reid stops MSNBC host from false narrative of who to blame for Trump win (VIDEO)

Trump has landed in NJ -on his 32nd golf trip

Republican host slams Trump for misogynist tweet and admonished enablers (VIDEO)

Naomi Klein: The Worst Is Yet to Come with Trump, So We Must Be Ready for Shock Politics (video)

Trump was impressed with his tweet.

The Major Development in the Russia Collusion Story Trump Desperately Wants You to Ignore

Vice President Mike Pences chief of staff resigns...

Jeff Sessions wants the Russian investigation to end "sooner rather than later"

Miss. official on Trump voter fraud request: 'They can go jump in the Gulf of Mexico'

Tucker Carlson's absurd defense of Trump's Brzezinski tweets: "Barack Obama vacationed with rappers"

Russian radio takes over local DC station

Lawyer: Detective too burned out to probe child abuse cases

The Art of Lies pays KellyCON way $179,700.00 Per Annum

Denver proposes social marijuana use rules for businesses

So far 21 states have refused to comply with the "Advisory Commission on Election Integrity."

White House drops plans for executive order to tighten food aid shipping rules

Holy crap, anybody see the horrendous ad on CNN just now?

GOP Push to Replace Obamacare Reflects Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America

Bulletin from NASA!!

Trump deliberately splitting families apart with definition of "family"

New Island Pops Up Off the Coast of North Carolina

Ex-Gov. Bentley flight records reveal 'mystery' guest for Trump inauguration (

Fill in the blank!

Recent high school graduate fatally shot in road rage crash

Michael Flynn: new evidence spy chiefs had concerns about Russian ties

US federal court tosses out lawsuit over Yemeni men killed in drone strike

UK man jailed after hitting Muslim teen with bacon

Alabama's rural hospitals would close under Trumpcare: Democrats (

Man ordered to carry photo of girl killed in crash he caused

Trump is too dysfunctional to appear on the Jerry Springer Show

Historian: Republican Push to Replace Obamacare Reflects Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America

Trussia... It appears to be the state of our country

"Go Jump in the Gulf"! I love Mississippi's SoS


Gatlinburg wildfire: Charges dropped against 2 teens (

Trump Plots a Global Trade War

The doctor who opened fire on former colleagues

The Hill: Kushner told 'Morning Joe' hosts to apologize to Trump or tabloid story would run: report

Is this us now?

Prosecutors charge man with 9 Phoenix serial killings

When Yotam Ottolenghi First Fell for Berries

Poor Mama Cass...

The Lesser Northern Pineapple

Does trump have a crush on Mika Brezinzski?

Trump signs order creating national space council with VP Pence as chair (

My apologies for the eyelashes thread. Sorry.

Forget the stupid tweets: Theres big news on Trumps Russia connections and he doesnt want you

What just happened between Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin and Alabama? (

Former WH photographer Pete Souza is trolling the misogyinst man-baby again.

Please consider helping Wisconsin...

Dont sugarcoat this. Trump just called for 32 million people to lose health coverage.

Were Voting Machines Actually Breached? DHS Would Rather Not Know

What's for supper?

The Rude Pundit:Everything Is Bullshit Right Now

Caputo to testify before House Intelligence Committee

FBI is investigating Donald Trump campaign for running catfishing scheme on anti-Trump operatives

Might Have Broken the Law With Threats

Gov. Scott mum on Trump voter inquest as Democrats pounce

Who else is Trump blackmailing?

The best thing I've seen on TV all week -Splash Sisters - beautiful

****MSNBC fires Greta Van Susteren,***

Yesssss! Sense8 will be back for a 2 hr. finale in 2018.

America First?

Next attack on democracy: mass voter suppression

Oregon SOS mum on Trump's request for voter data amid fraud investigation

Is Illinois Turning Over Voter Records To Trump's Commission....nt

The Police Trainer Who Teaches Cops to Kill

NY Post three-word editorial

Must watch: The Police Trainer Who Teaches Cops to Kill

Still unable to post videos to homepage

The presidency hasn't changed him

Priceless! Hillary Goes Incognito

Eggplant Favorites, Rooted in Sicily

24 States Now Refuse to Provide Voter Data for Trump & Kobach's Voter Suppression Scheme

Is it time to offer General Flynn a deal?

36 Hours in Bergen, Norway

Gee, I wonder what he could do to cause further embarrassment during next European trip?

Is this real? Computer error #26803

A rather deep exchange between Trump and Buzz Aldrin at the signing of the Executive Order

Putin's lapdog has been neutered, even Texas told him to fuck off

Gov. Scott mum on Trump voter inquest as Democrats pounce

Here is Gov. Wolf's letter on the voter ID request: (from Twitter)

Since February the FCC has allowed Russia to broadcast propaganda over US radio and TV stations.

Buzz Aldrin and Trump exchange words. Seriously.