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Archives: June 4, 2017

Globe heaps scorn on Trump for Paris exit

Lawsuit over Mississippi governor's budget cuts rejected

Proposed VA Benefit Cut Angers Elderly, Disabled Vets

There's a global cricket tournament taking place in England right now

Mississippi domestic violence law reforms

NY Times - First Rule of Far-Right Fight Club: Be White and Proud

State's May revenue collections dismal

Hatched Friday!

Columbus woman pleads guilty to conspiracy, health care fraud in federal court

Senators want governors involved in health talks

Very excited that s/he hatched Friday.

Kind Of A Drag

Problems persist for Mississippi Power in Kemper County

Who will be the firest republican to say Cheto has to go..

Bill Maher: One thing to bring a knife to a gunfight, Democrats bring a covered dish (VIDEO)

Foxs Guilfoyle: Trump called me to talk Paris deal before decision

Did Hillary Clinton prove sexism worse than racism in America?

It's as if terrorist incidents titillate Chump

PDR Caller: Capitalism & the assault on democracy to maintain inequality (VIDEO)

London attacks: BBC shows photo of bodies of two men shot by police

Trump administration posts 'help wanted' signs for government service

Gunman still unknown

Terrified Juventus fans run from square after 'explosion' heard in Turin

Cher, Jimmy Carter attend Gregg Allmans funeral

Reports of explosions in vicinity of London Bridge

Trump's job approval is down to 37 percent. His disapproval is up to 57 percent.


Trudeau Facebook Post. Right wing men could learn from him.

Well this sucks...

MSNBC reporting pub patrons used glasses and chairs to fight off attackers at Borough Market...

Donald Trump decides that tonight's London attack is the time for an important policy dicussion...

If their side says something racist, they claim "free speech".

So please tell us again Jill Stein, Susan Saradon, and those who refused to vote for Hillary in the

Attention Supreme Court..he's calling it a travel ban again..

Our 15 Most Popular Strawberry Recipes

Pinochet's widow receives luxury rents from the Chilean military pension fund

Local Democratic Reorganization Starts to Come Into Focus

Again, another attack on the British citizens.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 6: Directed by Edward G. Ulmer

Vlad's intro/speech at 2017 SPIEF Russian-American Business Session June 2, 2017

RussiaGate Has Become a Catastrophic Failure of Leadership , and a Debacle ...

Do you at any time doubt the genious of Prince?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 7: TCM Guest Programmer: Billy Bob Thornton

Tennessee man convicted of planning to attack Muslims faces less prison time

Amid protest, Sen. Mae Beavers formally announces bid for governor


Here's thought to cheer you up.

Arrest warrant issued for prominent former east Kentucky lawyer Eric Conn involved in fraud scheme

Oops, ACLU To Trump Tonight: "Glad we both agree the ban is a ban."

Trump files extension for 2016 taxes

Ignorant and deplorable

Be Afraid Of Americans

ALL Americans should be embarrassed that a news organization had to issue this statement about potus

Bill Maher and others using the N-Word does not bother me, reality does (VIDEO)

Just got back from Wonder Woman (Mild Spoilers)

The latest from The Guardian: London attacks: Update 5 AM

President Trump has yet to file his 2016 taxes..

BREAKING: Scotland Yard reports 6 dead in London attacks

6 people killed in attacks. 3 male suspects shot dead. London.

Anchorage assessor has much lower value on Matt Bevin's house than PVA

Muslim Council of Britain 'appalled and angered'

Mattis declines to comment on London attacks: "I like to learn about something before I talk."

TPM - "Special Counsel Muellers Investigation Seems To Be Growing"

Whadya mean?!

Louisville Metro Council members consider buffer zone outside Kentucky's last abortion clinic

President Trump sends tone-deaf travel ban tweet amid London Bridge terror

Anyone participate in the Keith Ellison Resistance Summer Town Hall today?

dt: I'm your pusher...

Is Melania Trump Getting Federally-Funded Side Peen? - STFU Funny!

Anticipating $113 million shortfall, Gov. Matt Bevin asking agencies to cut spending by 1%

I was pistol whipped last night and broke my nose.

The Tories can't really use the London Bridge terror attacks to win votes:

Ken Burns has a new series coming up this fall on PBS.

Bevin calls for prayer groups to combat violence

Just heard these guys play live

Not My President...

Girl accused of setting fire that caused about $1 million in damage to school

Kentucky ambulance service accused of lying to get payments from Medicare, Medicaid

Dang it. I accidentally passed my 6000th post without commemorating the occasion.

It's International Hug a Cat Day!

Bevin establishes charter advisory council and realigns education boards

Govt Ethics Chief Presses WH: A Waiver After The Fact Wont Fix The Problem

Takei: Trump is chomping at the bit to exploit first incident he can pin on terrorists within the US

I Can't Believe How Early It Gets Light In London


How likely is the Trump Budget going to become more than a proposal?

Fox News reversed the order of Trump's tweets to make him seem more sympathetic

Stop defending Maher. He's a punk.

Ted Kennedy on Republicans and Minimum wage

Kraftwerk in Dublin: Occasionally over repetitive but with moments of genius

Usually I support Maxine, but

Proposed VA Benefit Cut Angers Elderly, Disabled Vets

Bill Maher: Please go away. You're not funny. You are hurting our cause.

Life sucks ... again, and again

Democrats Are Setting Their Sights on "Putin's Favorite Congressman"

Ducks, Ducks, Ducks! x 2

What song is stuck in your head tonight?

Neoprogressive "The Sane Progressive" Pumps The Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory

WaPo investigation: partisan nonprofits enabled Trump, using rich people's tax-deductible donations

My, how things have changed....

Former TWU regent and her husband present school with $2 million gift

Fearing for her life, Iowa Democrat abandons race to unseat GOP Rep. Steve King

Farmers decry plans to cut farm subsidies

The Makings of a Delicious Eton Mess

Oldham's first cat cafe Cat-A-Tonic is now open for coffee and cuddles

Fearing for her life, Iowa Democrat abandons race to unseat GOP Rep. Steve King

Just saw Wonder Woman

They Investigated Apples Factory. Ivankas Got Them Arrested.

SpaceX launches 1st recycled supply ship

DHHR head owns part of health care lobbying firm, documents show

June deadline looms for narcolepsy drug legal settlement claims

Media is Still Spinning BS

WV water agency director fined for storing furniture at state office

Ethics panel fines former Wayne County assessor who admitted embezzlement

Graphic about stopping Islamophobic harassment

When DUER'S send a OP to trending on the front page

Trump to visit Ohio this week in push for overhauling roads, bridges, air traffic

Judge tosses out state minimum wage law and micro-wireless law cities opposed

Trump cites "Drudge Report" to inform America on London attack.

Leave it to the Simpsons. I need a drink. ROTFLMAO

Payday lenders still soaking Ohioans as reform bill languishes


National utility workers union endorses Joe Schiavoni for Ohio governor

Dennis Kucinich won't dispel rumors of another run

Dennis Kucinich won't dispel rumors of another run

Man, woman to repay $5.4 million in IRS fraud case

Democratic leaders rally for funds at Senate forum

I won't fly: Trump plans week-long focus on infrastructure, starting with privatizing air traffic co

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Punapalooza Edition

Democratic candidate forced to withdraw from race amid death-threats and right-wing terror.

My son love in vain

Backers of Honduran dam opposed by murdered activist withdraw funding

Manila casino attack suspect was in debt, hooked on gambling, Philippine police say

The even more ridiculous right-wing talking-point that is replacing "Reps and Dems are equally bad."

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - Sword In The Stone, Redux

So When Comey Testifies on Thursday will it be??

Can you imagine Trump gets that 3 am call.....

Trump is attacking the Mayor of London this AM (and mocking gun control)

Love in vain I had to join in. And a comment from my mother in law

No real progress will be made on terrorism so long as Trump as president

The last "secret" of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war

From a popular Chicago hot dog joint:

Whatever happened to Trump's 30 day - secret plan to defeat ISIS?

Hope all in London are OK!

Frightened by Donald Trump? You dont know the half of it

WOW! Look at the YOOOOOGE CROWD in Trump's new Twitter cover photo! They LIKE him! REALLY!

Dear Liberals & Independents:

London attack: 12 arrested in Barking after van and knife incidents

@NikkiHaley--Trump needs to speak for himself? Why won't he speak for himself on #climatechange?

Trump Mocks London Mayor Sadiq Khan for Urging Calm in Wake of Attack

Republicans Forsake Morality for Money In Paris Climate Accord Exit

So true at times like the ones we face:

"Do I look stupid, or what?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

hey trump,we're not having a gun debate right now because the U.K. has some of the toughest gun laws

Solve This Puzzle

J.K. Rowling to Trump re his attack on London mayor: "If we need an alarmist blowhard, we'll call."

Maxine Waters shoving vid looks pretty bad

1st tweet from leaders about the terrorist attack in London & you wonder why Trump rode in golf cart

Award-winning Short Movie: What if you were perfect and had to pick an imperfection?

I Never Linked A Tweet Before, But...

Could Trump's latest tweet be more of someone being scared and able to hide behind his phone....

Philippine police say suspect in casino attack Trimp called a terrorist was a degenerate gambler

UK prof responds to Trump tweet: "Were you genetically engineered to be this stupid?"

75th anniversary of the Battle of Midway today...

One day the "media" will actually report on what is the profit and where will the profit go

We need to be on our best behavior

does anyone care what putin says to megyn kelly?

Trump warns after London attack: 'We must stop being politically correct'

Another wannabe domestic terrorist arrested in Spokane

From E.J. Dionne...

John Kerry Slams Trump On Climate Deal-Compares potus to OJ

With the debate on Single Payer going on in California, what needs to be made very clear to those

London Bridge attack: police make 12 arrests in Barking as death toll rises to seven - live updates

Is THIS how you treat your mother?

Trump ties to Russia

"Covfefe" the moment when an entire country realizes the so-called President is incompetent.

Trump shows commitment to leadership by playing golf, 23rd golf course visit since taking office

Man drinking pint while fleeing terror becomes symbol of London spirit

Who is behind the political bombings? How the Soviet Union Transformed Terrorism

god help us: Donald Trump considering an emergency trip to London...

Trump - My work is done here: Now, watch this drive...

Trump took Londons Muslim mayors no reason to be alarmed statement out of context in Twitter att

London mayor spox: Mayor has more important things to do than respond to Trump's ill-informed tweet

...the President of the United States retweets DRUDGE before anything known about UK attack!!

Calls for internment will grow: Fox contributor linked to Russia scandal suggests camps for Britis

Into the Black Hole of Babble - God, The circus, elephants, and Trump

Trump and Wonder Woman (cartoon)

Hole foods grocery store

Matt Rinaldis Call to ICE Will Likely Be Used Against SB 4 in Lawsuit

How the Trump-Russia Data Machine Games Google to Fool Americans

Good Sunday to One and All. Our Constitution is a living, breathing, VIBRANT document

Some really big monuments -

Donald Trump is a tiny, pathetic small little man.

China poised to take over as global leader in alternative energy - massive floating solar farm

If Comey hits a home run Chump will be at 30% approval by next Sunday.

IMHO Forget the rest of this crap. Focus on this:

The bombing of Tulsa, Oklahoma - American city firebombed by America

Warner calls reports about Trump 'very, very troubling'

Susan Rice on Putin's denials of election meddling: 'Frankly, he's lying'

We need to remember this is NOT Right/Left, it's Traitor/ NOT reach out to them

The Trump Opera as Fake News

Anyone here on Etsy?

So, About Me (And Twitter)...

The Internet demolishing Michael Tracy for claiming that Auntie Maxine shoved him gave me life

Republicans are pure EVIL. All they care about is their bank account.

"There'll Always Be An England"

Charlottesville - March through city streets protests Lee statue and arrests

Note that as Trump tweets about the need for security his budget is cutting proven measures

"As requested by Allman's estate, mourners wore jeans to the funeral instead of suits."

The strangest star in the galaxy is acting up again.

Trumps reason for leaving the Paris agreement left Obamas science adviser stunned

Once again we are treated to "terror porn." Both the terrorists and the networks love it!

Trump Missed the Fine Print, He Doesnt Have the Authority to Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

Oh Maxine how we love thee!!!

U.S. To Lose $1.6B As Mexican Vacationers Choose Canada - Forbes

French Open - Go Venus spoiler

Ambassador Rice: Report Kushner wanted to use Russian facilities for backchannel "mind-boggling"

The problem is simple: Money equals Power.

HENRY-Get in here - I will, Honey, after I cut the lawn

Jennifer Rubin on Trump's London tweets: He "acted like a clod, a heartless and dull-witted thug"

We will all LOVE the fact that Trump will resign or will be impeached, RIGHT?

22 Senatorial Climate Whores: Trump Supporters Have Received $10 Million+ In Energy Money In 6 Yrs

Man saw screaming women stabbed more than 15 times

So I went to see "Churchill" yesterday.

Tom Perriello Raises More Than $4 Million, In Strong Position for Primary Campaigns Final Days

Someone told trump to tone it down so the media is covering this twitter post now:

London attack: Macron and Turnbull lead world condemnation

Eugene Robinson On Trump's Abdication Of Any Remaining Moral Authority

TVA Continues Steady Elimination Of Coal Fleet: By 2027, Only 15% Of Power Will Come From Coal

WAKE UP!!!! White House Social Media Chief Fires Off Angry Tweet to London Mayor

That Putin himself is trying to get out in front of Comey's testimony is extraordinary.

Trump has plans for the week A call for air traffic privatization will be day 1

Theresa May says the internet must now be regulated following London Bridge terror attack

Science Daily - 100s Of Methane Craters, 600+ Still Leaking Gas, Mapped On Arctic Ocean Floor

Want to defend yourself in the UK?

Trumps "genius" in the covfefe tweet

UNESCO Slams Oz On Efforts To Protect Rapidly Bleaching GBR

Scientists Survey 16 Sea Salts From 8 Countries: All But One Contained Microplastics

Dems want Hillary Clinton to leave spotlight

Let it Be (funny) - ...Mother Russia comes to me...

UPDATED Photos: President Higgins today received Senator Sanders and his wife at Aras an Uachtarin.

How Many In Trump's Base Are Just Contrarion's?.....

Photos: President Higgins today received US Senator Sanders and his wife at Aras an Uachtarin.

"I was keeping an eye on it."

Resurrected: A Controversial Trial to Bring the Dead Back to Life

Any one live in Bullhead City or Lake Havasu?

Why do people even pay attention to the (In)sane Progressive?

Chuck Todd visibly taken aback as panelist called out Trump on domestic terrorism (VIDEO)

Who knew that if you turned Donald Duck upside down you get the other Donald?

Trump has a keen knowledge of the military

Conservatives torch Comeys credibility ahead of Senate hearing

The Myth of the Kindly General Lee.

Gore: Trump administration comes off as 'tongue-tied and confused' about climate crisis

Democrat Quits Race Over Death Threats

Trump...can't stop, it has to be about him....

London Mayor 'has more important things to do' than respond to Trump tweet

How a shadow universe of charities joined with political warriors to fuel Trumps rise

IMO, How will a private industry make money from the FAA???

What are you reading this week of June 4, 2017?

So do tRump and president Bannon have a plan to save themselves?

A Trump voter is .....

How low can Chump go -36% approval 58% disapproval *

I'm confused about TYT

Democrats Embrace Single-Payer Health Care

Far right raises 50,000 pounds to target boats on refugee rescue missions in Med

I am keeping my promise about trump voters.

My e-mail to Michael Goodwin

Bea ARTHUR "Dorothy' singing What'll I Do - 1992

Dems don't want Hillary to leave the Spotlight. The Hill is full of shit

It's all about tax cuts

So Trump disses London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Like it or not we are in a 100% partisan war

Putting on my Boston hat: Donald Trump Is Wicked Stupid!

Thank you, the Nation's Katrina vanden Heuval from ABC This Week

Vet to Trump: "Taking money from me to give to profit-making medical providers is wrong"

My Father died on June 02, Friday just after 7am.

In wake of attacks, Trump might go to U.K. to remind them he won the electoral college

John Dean helped bring down Richard Nixon. He thinks Donald Trump is even worse

Trumps Infowars Pals Are Paying Their Crazed Fans to Wear CNN is ISIS T-Shirts on TV

Silent thread for the London dead and wounded.

Gabby Giffords responds to Trump's tweet about a gun debate

What do trump and a turtle on a fence post have in common?

Did Carl Sagan have a time machine?

From London: "To the nuts that did it & those trying to use the events for their own ends: UP YOURS"

Paint your bathroom this color and boost your homes selling price by $5,400

He who parties with Austrian Nazis gaslights opponent

Trump Just Botched His Argument For Muslim Ban With A Ruinous Tweet

Londoners to Trump: 'Bugger Off, You Bleeding Moron!'

If Trump's new bout of Twittorrhea, aimed at the UK, elects a left-wing Labour government...

How a 'shadow' universe of charities joined with political warriors to fuel Trump's rise

The real reason Trump wants to go to the UK...

Trumps Support Drops in Military Communities - "an important significant shift"

#OneLoveManchester (Live)

Historian: "inevitable that Trump will try to stage a coup and overthrow democracy"

Paul McCartney, if you're out there, all I need is the rights and your voice....

CNN, HBO, all owned by Time Warner, soon to be AT&T are having a real bad week

Cornyn: Senate Intelligence Committee should complete Trump / Russia investigation "by September"

21 of the 48 injured in the London attack are critical

If this were the 60's, many people would rise up against the Trump regime. Without the threat of the

We need leaders who can think & solve problems/Repugs fail all stages of critical thinking develpmt

Pharrell to Manchester: "I don't see or feel or smell any fear in this building."

"What's She Hiding?" - NE goes after Megyn Kelly

World leaders call for unity after London attack. Trump tweets the complete opposite.

Ex-Obama aide: U.S. is one "attack away from the most dangerous version" of Trump

I've noticed a strange coincidence as of late

More than 1,500 Juventus fans in Turin injured after stampede

SCMP: As Larsen C Prepares To Break Up, So Too Will Existing Global Leadership - On Climate & More

The World Is Getting a Taste of the Trump Doctrine - Are The London Attacks A Result?

MSNBC anchor: Is Trump 'trying to provoke a domestic terrorist attack'?

Dear So-called President,

Senators preview plans for James Comey hearing as suspense builds

Photo: Backstage View Dalkey Book Fest

Vox - Trump's anti-ISIS war keeps killing huge numbers of civilians - Can Trump complain?

So Far, 9 States Representing 30% Of America's GDP Have Joined United States Climate Alliance

Everyone recognises Trump is a moron (tweet)

The "cacerolazo cacerolada"... or, "How granny protests in Venezuela!"

Gore: President Shitstain's Admin "Tongue-Tied And Confused" On Climate

Resistance Summer from the DNC!

Jerry Garcia's "Wolf" Guitar Appears on CBS This Morning

Trump berates London mayor over response to terror attacks

Deutsche Bank ignores U.S. Trump/Russia query: Democratic staffer

2018 Colorado Governors and 2020 Colorado US Senate Race, Assuming Hickenlooper does not run for the

American Sociopath

FEMA and NOAA Face Hurricane Season Without New Leaders in Place

Panelist implores Progressives: Resistance not good enough, Let Russia play itself out (VIDEO)

You tell 'em!

Anyone ever cut steaks from tenderloin

Trump's "Social Media" toad Scavino continues to spread international goodwill after London attacks

'He lies all the time' - Bernie Sanders uses first Irish visit to lambaste Trump

One Love Manchester (Livestream)

If all the Democrats got off their butts and voted, the pukes would not have a chance in hell

WOW U.K.!! Livestream "One Live Manchester"

East Cleveland Arco dump cleanup to cost Ohio EPA $6million


Careful, Donald. You are waking up a sleeping GIANT

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

London and the golf cart rider

After Britain Attack, Trump Unleashes a Twitter Storm

We have been focusing so much on the stupid people that we often forget about

Twitter Link Photos: Bernie leaving BGE Theatre

I wish the anti-tRump protestors in Portland would

16 Vegan One-Pot Recipes If You Are Considering Cutting Animals Out Of Your Diet

Has anyone else noticed the very recent surge in anti liberal attacks?

Carmine "The Bull" Agnello (John Gotti's SIL) Will Avoid Jail, Fork Over a Hefty Fine in Plea Deal

Older Sibling Calls 911 After 1-Year-Old Overdoses on Opioids in Akron

Funny how art imitates life

Why doesn't the press mention the time when Trump argued in belief of climate change??

Lawmakers want to repeal unenforced law that makes cohabitating a crime

Ariana Grande.

Do you have a personalized license plate?

John Cleese proves once again that it's not a good idea to eff with John Cleese

Trump's tweets as official WH Press Release

OK, it helping that I am now posting text from tweets as well as the tweets themselves?

Why is it so important to RWers to prove how much they care about victims?

If EVER there was an EVIL EMPIRE to fight, we are living thru it today

''Youre a partisan hack!'' Matt Lewis shuts down pro-Trump lawyer for discrediting James Comey

Shit. I'm in the middle of a dumb husband moment aren't I?

I don't know what "apathy" means, and I could not care less. /nt

Can someone fully explain what deep nuances and cultural references I missed in the Maher joke?


How to President--if You're Donald Trump

NSC Chair Mike Rogers "may have a bomb that he drops" at Senate Intel Committee Hearing this week...

London attack spawns political controversy as May and Corbyn trade barbs ahead of vote

James Comey Senate testimony: America braces for a historic political moment

So Trump tried to show his cultists that he could play badass with that Muslim mayor of London

Malcolm X - The House Negro and the Field Negro

Why Does the Grim Reaper Exist? The New Yorker

Words of support for London from the President...

Ari has really been doing an excellent job and am wondering if they could give him Greta's slot

Can you just imagine the WORLDWIDE celebration when 45 is impeached?

Bernie Sanders in Video Message to Israelis: 50 Years of Occupation Must End

The next Hillary Clinton book I'm going to buy...

So the public part of Comey tesitifying

Watching the Putin interview with Megyn Kelly...........

2,000 civilians trapped in Marawi

Peyton Manning golfing with dRump

It is time to quit Yahoo! for good....

Two-thirds of Jewish Israelis dont consider West Bank occupied poll

Former British Ambassador to the United States: "Let me be diplomatic. Trump makes me puke."

Growing tomatoes

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 5 June 2017

The Mayflower Hotel, April 2016

Neighbor Kills Oklahoma Man Trying to Drown Twin Babies

Hamas slams PA official for acknowledging Western Wall is Jewish

Trumps Support Drops in Military Communities

Ann Coulter reveals the truth behind all this Russia infatuation

Abraham Lincoln and Peyton Manning

Conservative Group Pays Tab for Lawmakers Lauding Gov't. Austerity at Posh Resort

Shadow Network of Charities Fueled Trumps Rise

Joy Reid: Cheers To Ariana who demonstrated compassion/maturity exceeding that of the potus

If no one believed in an afterlife, I expect there would be fewer suicide bombers.

The many extremes of Portland collide in protest

What Corbyn can't say, but needs to be said: