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Archives: June 5, 2017

NSA Director Mike Rogers poised to drop a bomb on Trump admin during Wednesday testimony: MSNBC

I read that Megyn didn't let Putin push her around

Peyton Manning's brand right now:

Do your kids like to cook?

Darth Vader: Luke I am Your father...but on Crack.

"Gasolina" like you never seenyah !! Caribbean Cover by Robyn Adele Anderson

Critics rage at Uber over surge pricing during London terror attacks

Oh my god...

Is it past time to stop trusting media sources funded via RT??

Five things lawmakers want to know from Comey

States scramble to prevent ObamaCare exodus

Koch Brothers Behind Trump's Climate Exit, Sachs Says (video at link)

Trumps education cuts will hold back economy

The Doctor Is In. Co-Pay? $40,000.

Is There Anyone Here Who Is Actually Dumb Enough

Do millionaires and billionaires even carry health insurance for themselves?

Time to revisit..."Whitesplaining decoded"

Meet Covfefe LaFlame.

On his best day

Terrific protest sign

London, my home city...


WaPost: A Baltimore case shows how Trumps deportation crackdown can lead to lawlessness

We watched Megan Kelly's debut so you didn't have to.

Cracked does it again! Brovaries: The True Danger Of The 'Wonder Woman' Movie

Blast hits petrochemical plant in China, damage unknown: Xinhua

Whitesplaining decoded

James Comey Senate testimony: America braces for a historic political moment (w/ Comey history)

So how'd the big Meegan debutt go?!1 - clear that Chuck TOAD hates her guts

Robert E. Lee

From Weather Underground - Withdrawal From Paris Climate Accord Makes Covfefe Sense -excellent read

Obama policies (cartoon)

Slate - trump only speaks up quickly after terror if perp is presumed to be Muslim

"O Trem Azul" - Lo Borges & Milton Nascimento , Elis Regina, Antonio Jobim

How the Trump-Russia data machine games Google to fool Americans.

The latest episodes of House of Cards are so similar to events

Fire drill

My lunch experience in coal country, Beckley West Virginia

This is shaping up to be a very, very bad week for Trump. And sad. But mostly, bad. Very bad.

Onion: Sean Spicer Announces There's Only Enough Time Left In Career For Couple More Questions

Duggan, other Dems agree: Party is in disarray

Can someone who cites Mensch please point me to the rules covering Members having . . .

Snyder speech low on new ideas, high on optimism for future of state

Thank you Secretary Kerry

Maxine responded: "He just lied"

Oklahoma man shoots, kills neighbor who was allegedly trying to drown twin babies

Shadow Universe of 'Charities' Joined Political Warriors and Helped Elect Trump

Texas lawmakers do little to address pregnancy-related deaths

Scandals dampen state worker mood

Disability attorney who bilked $600M from gov't disappears

The traitor is the plague.

Interesting article on how the Trump-Russia data machine

George Takei ponders the fine line between Nascar and nudists

How Populism Helped Wreck Venezuela

Trump Shifts To Infrastructure As James Comey Prepares To Testify

Trump is really an American 'Russian oligarch'?

Trump Continues Sinking in the Polls

NEW from NYT: The Russian bank Jared Kushner made famous: Spies, sanctions & direct line to Putin

Trump to announce plan to privatize air traffic control: reports

The Secret to Trump: He's Really a Russian Oligarch

For the Louise Mensch True Believers

Schumer hits Trump over budget cuts following London attacks

U.S. military veterans deported to Mexico say they want to come back home

Where will you be on Aug. 21, 2017 - U.S. Solar Eclipse

Colombia police generals car stolen, first by transvestites at brothel, then by paramilitaries

Ballet Dancer Leaps Onto Subway Tracks and Lifts Man to Safety.

What the heck is going on in the Middle East?

States that have yet to elect a women to the US Senate and could elect a women in the near future.

Is this an actual photo dump of 45 on Twitter or is it all fake?

Bahrain cuts ties with Qatar for meddling in internal affairs (UPDATE)

Donald Trumps Triumph of Stupidity (Secret G7 Meeting Notes)

2 lions, freed from circuses, are poached in South Africa

2 lions, freed from circuses, are poached in South Africa

I Do Not Regret Expelling the DEA from Bolivia, Says Evo Morales

Click here if you want to see the current Biggest Douchebag in Alabama

Dumped pig heads, threats mar tight election in key Mexican state

Dumped pig heads, threats mar tight election in key Mexican state

Davis, who Danced with Misty Copeland:Ballet Dancer Leaps Onto Subway Tracks and Lifts Man to Safet

Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

'Halos' on Mars Suggest Conditions for Life Lasted Longer Than Thought

WHITE HOUSE OFFICIAL admits Trump attack on London Mayor was petty retribution

TERROR TERROR TERROR all over GOP frequented discussion forums.

I understand Donald Trump got in a round of golf today...

50th anniversary of the USS Liberty

Some Mexican residents in Texas feel unwelcome, return home

Man Flashes Guns and Cash on Facebook Live, Gets Raided on Facebook Live

Dems Patty Murray and Michael Bennet help GOP kill a Sanders-Warren bill to lower drug prices

Native Indian broadcaster shot at in southern Mexico

Twitter bot to put Trump's tweets in the official White House statement format

Lost temple discovered after 1,000 years in China

Astonishing 3D face of 10,000-YEAR-OLD African caveman discovered in Brazil could settle historic de

John Kerry: Trump plan for better climate deal is like O.J. search for real killer.

Canada's mowing man and tornado photo goes viral

Congrats to the future Mr. & Mrs. Rizzo (Chicago Cubs)

Lansing Capital Area Transportation Authority lawyer made $460K in 2016

Russia's Putin denies having compromising information on Trump

I have a terrible observation to make

Millions needed to save priceless archaeological remains from coastal erosion

Cat Left a Pawprint in a 2,000-Year-Old Roman Roof Tile

Young people offered chance to get involved in archaeological dig on Divis Mountain

Teacher pension fight pits portability vs risk

Why are Donald Duck's nephews more memorable than Mickey Mouse's?

Age of Empires: What Qin and Han Dynasty Treasures Tell About Artistic Influences Along Silk Road

Do you put an extra R in the word when you talk about sherbet?

Tourists risk animal bites by misreading wild monkey facial expressions as 'kisses'

THIS is how Trumps tweets should be posted ...

Anybody else sick & tired of seeing & hearing about the Cheetoh Bandito day in and day out 24/7?

About Utah: Gary and Rose pay tribute to Brazil's rubber soldiers

About Utah: Gary and Rose pay tribute to Brazil's rubber soldiers

Lawyers spar in $100M lawsuit over 'halal' pizza

Chained Together in Hell: Bush and Noriega

INCREDIBLE! What's shown in this video will turn out to be one of the rarest sights humans ever see

Chained Together in Hell: Bush and Noriega

Argentina seeks Antigua bank account information in massive bribery probe

Operation Car Wash: Is this the biggest corruption scandal in history?

Operation Car Wash: Is this the biggest corruption scandal in history?

Canada calling: tech industry lures workers north in wake of Trump

Backers of Honduran dam opposed by murdered activist withdraw funding

Katie McHugh, Breitbart News Reporter, Tweets Racist Remarks After London Terror Attack

A Republican governor. A Republican legislature. Each ignoring the other.

Has anyone checked out the_donald, the pro Trump subreddit?

Bravo Ariana.

Counterprograming ?

How this long-running LGBT Pride festival flourished in small-town Indiana

Bloomington's lawsuit is about something bigger

State Court Invalidates Indiana Lethal Injection Drug Combination

Concerns Raised Over New Voter Roll Cleanup Law

187 mayors adopt Paris climate accord after U.S. pulls out (updated)

Former Notre Dame Legal Aid Clinic administrator charged with forgery, theft of clinic funds

LaPorte County Fair begs forgiveness for $250K loan

187 mayors adopt Paris climate accord after U.S. pulls out (xp from GD)

Despite controversy, Woodstock to honor Eugene V. Debs with Old Courthouse plaque

Here We Go Again With The "Both Sides" False Equivalency. You Be The Judge.

Bernie Sanders on BBC's Hardtalk was a welcome surprise...

Executive Mansion restoration on schedule for 2018 completion

Trump has left America vulnerable to attack

Meet the man who travels around the South rescuing dogs and brings them back to New England

Bernie Sanders brought his 'resistance' message to Dublin (after stopping by the Aras)

The UK Tories plan till sell off ALL, literally ALL, national forests

Trump National Security Team Blindsided by NATO Speech

Temper tantrum in progress

it's a ban, sez the prez

Donald Trump quadruples down on the TRAVEL BAN

Der Spiegel obtained a copy of secret meeting notes from the G7 meeting last week:

I don't know much, but I like this.

Former Kushner Employee: Trump didn't believe Birther attack but thought Republicans were "stupid"

My deepest sympathies for all in London, Manchester and all over UK

Krugman: Making Ignorance Great Again

Never let it be said...

'I'm the victim and I'm in shackles': Edmonton woman jailed while testifying against her attacker

Muslims & Latinos unite during Ramadan---Taco Trucks At Every Mosque

E X A C T L Y .

Before you go out and start your Monday, what have we learned this past week?

Why the highly coveted visa that changed my life is now reviled in America

TOON: health care plans

'Wonder Woman' Makes History at the Box Office

So, is this that 'New World Order' that George HW Bush was promising? The New Crusades?

Puncturing the myth that most Trump voters were working class

Stupidty overheard at Trump National:

Monday Toon Roundup 1 -America First off the cliff....

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Tortured Logic

Petition to turn this into a movie.

Koterba toon: London Bridge

"Baby On Board"

Air traffic control privatization: A risky corporate giveaway that will harm consumers

Trump National Security Team Blindsided by NATO Speech

Trumps tweets a gold mine for Mueller probe

Hillary shows everyone how a real President responds...

Kellyanne Conway complains that media covers Trump's tweets.

Spring Seasonal Photo Contest: Submissions

WOW: The Associated Press on the President of the United States...

Spring Seasonal Photo Contest: Comments

"Because I Voted For Theresa May"

Man can't be bothered with tornado--has to mow his lawn.

The Capital City Of Your Closest Ally Is Attacked. Do You: A), B), C), D) or E)

Did anyone else just see Chris Cuomo take on Sebastian Gorka??

NY society doesn't care for trump, easy to understand in this example

Trump ramps up push for travel ban even as opposition hardens

'The Leftovers' is one of the best TV shows ever made

Trump is finding it easier to tear down old policies than to build his own

Over at FOX NEWS some are pining for Muslim internment camps. I bet you think I'm making it up.

The Law and You: When to take away the gun

Is There an Emerging Democratic Agenda?

Trump was terrorized by the London attack, while Britain stood firm

Trump Slams 'Politically Correct' DOJ for 'Watered Down' Travel Ban

Democrats See New Opportunities in Texas Redistricting Case

Ban? we have bigger threats here at home.

"My sphincter's so tight, when I fart only dogs can hear it.". . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!

5 people reported dead in Orlando workplace shooting

Steve Bannon's Security Council Rival Dies in Darkness

Republican propaganda

The Center for American Progress' Moscow Project Is Gunning for Trump - Eleanor Clift

Tweeting and fuming, Trump spirals further into chaos and crisis

So if someone out of spite and anger pelts another person's house with lemons....

Conway: I won't allow media to blame Trump after London attack

"The Hundred Dresses" children's book

From politically correct to extreme douchebag

Sebastian Gorka: Trump giving intel to the Russians is an obsession and an amusing conspiracy theory

****Multiple fatalities in Orlando shooting ****

'It's gotten embarrassing': Trump desperate to fire Reince Priebus -- but no one wants the job

Multiple fatalities in mass shooting in Orlando a week ahead of Pulse terror anniversary

Orlando shooting: workplace fatalities reported

Trump envies the London terror attacks.

Stony Corals More Resistant to Climate Change Than Thought, Rutgers Study Finds

Today is the 70th anniversary of the Marshall Plan.

Keep Ridiculing Donald Trump, Everyone.

Guy Wearing Confederate Flag Shirt In K. Soopers Story Yesterday - Westminster, Co.

Just heard maggot wants to privatize the FAA. We cannot allow this.

13,000 posts and all I got was this lousy COVFEFE!

the Moran-in-Chief is doubling down on his Mayor of London comment...

Revisting Wet Plate Collodion Photographs

Public confused by climate change messages

Saving Lives and Money: The Potential of Solar to Replace Coal

Looks more like a

Bill Cosby Sex Assault Trial to Begin

Please delete your account, Trump!

"You'd have to be pretty stupid. But there are some pretty stupid people in the Trump Camp"

"Madman" Maduro: "Constituyente or nothing, Constituyente or war!"


Do you believe terrorist attacks titillate Trump and he hopes for more?

Trump Reportedly Pooh-Poohs Climate Science: 'They Can't Even Get the Weather Report Right'

Trump notes lack of guns in London attacks to make a point about gun control

Mayor of London's Last Name is "Khan."

For elleng - Monday morning Rossini.

Trump Tweetstorm ROUND TWO...

Trump doubles down on attack against London mayor

U.S. poised to warn U.N. rights forum of possible withdrawal

Twitter - Is there a time when they say "Enough is enough?"

Supreme Court throws out North Carolina redistricting ruling

The 'Cast Away' Ending You Weren't Supposed To See

Factory orders post first drop in five months


does anyone think trump will invoke executive privilege?

Have you baked crab legs? I need tips please.

Jailed Venezuela opposition leader urges more anti-Maduro protests

Supreme Court to rule on cellphone location privacy

Harvard withdraws 10 acceptances for offensive memes in private group chat

A Chicken-Roasting Method All Good Cooks Know

Harvard Rescinds Acceptances for At Least Ten Students for Obscene Memes

Harvard rescinds offers to 10 incoming students after discovering racist posts in secret Facebook gr

American bystander shot in the head as police opened fire during London Bridge attack

A Birthday Coming Up on June 14th

Four-card Trump Poker

My interview with a black male Trump supporter left me scratching my head (VIDEO)

Why were Sen. Bob Corker and Peyton Manning golfing with Donald this weekend?

Donald Trump has some interesting theories

CNN hoax?

Invoking Executive Privilege would have little effect, really.

Twilight of the Idles

Alamo Drafthouse Update: Lawsuit Filed

No Need To Worry - Orlando Shooting JUST A Workplace Incident

CNN Rebuts Claim They 'Staged' a Pro-Muslim Shot During London Aftermath


The Supreme Court Upheld a Ruling Against North Carolina's Redistricting.

DOJ's new oral argument on Trump's travel ban

My thoughts on Trump and Terrorism

Trump Should Strap Self in for a Hard Ride This Week

Support for Trump impeachment is higher than approval

Words fail me right now

How to "spin" the death of democracy in Venezuela

Observing Trump's cruelty and bullying with an ache in my throat and tears in my eyes.

How To Create A Terrorism Incident

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Latest Thoughtful Message Of Support To British Following Terror Attack

Someone in Tampa Bay just passed me...named their boat Covfefe

Mayor of London stood with us when we were attacked

Twitter bot attempts to turn Trump's tweets Presidential

Could you imagine if Chump was the British P.M. during the blitz...

John Lithgow: "My image is a beautiful flower..."

I hope this week's testimonies throw so much gas...

McConnell sending draft Trumpcare Bill to CBO?

"Now China leads" Secret G-7 meeting notes show Macron scolded Trump for denying climate change

Guys, we need to be giving Donald Trump some serious credit right now.

Shades of the drumpf family in Netflix original "Iron Fist"

It occurs to me that the English language does not have a really adequate word

just curious...

May Condemns Trump's Attack on London Mayor Khan

Seriously, what's it gonna take?

The Third Branch of Federal Government May Save Us from Trump

Florida man joyfully flashing money on Facebook live arrested for allegedly selling drugs.

So Trump had a bunch of tweetstorms this morning

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) shares his thoughts on the London terror attack.

Spicer's "go to" response when confronted with a tough question

Harry S. Truman, about General Eisenhower

So I missed Kelly does Putin

Welcome to Comey Week. What are your expectations?

Well lookie lookie it's Pence and Mrs Turtle

POS about to "speak," preceded by his scum bag VP.

He's out of.breath

I'm NOT going to carry the shame for 45. I DID NOT vote for that asshat! nt

Flint official blames water crisis on f*cking n*****s who dont pay their bills

BLS report: Productivity unchanged in 1st quarter 2017 (annual rate); unit labor costs rise 2.2%

I confess I don't know what other countries do re air traffic control. Anyone?

Violin Concerto Ludwig van Beethoven

Bill Cosby's trial has begun.. Guilty or Innocent?

'Won't help him': Kellyanne Conway's husband just slammed Trumps travel ban tweets

Above the Law, Morning Docket: 06.05.17

Hank Williams Jr. back on Monday Night Football

To Trump: How Are You Not Ashamed?

Pic Of The Moment: Latest Polls: Trump's Approval Rating Now Lower Than Support For Impeachment

Ali Velshi: Putin right about America interfering in other countries' elections (VIDEO)

Mylan chairman to public critics: Flip the bird and go copulate with yourselves!

Real Fake News - Opera vs. Trump (Rossini edition)

Banned from Britain?

Kushners Hunting Hard for a Loan to Pay Back Chinese Investors

White House Braces for Comey Testimony

Republican Congressman on Suspected Islamic Radicals: "Kill Them All"

With the shit he is pulling on London, Trump is now, officially, a Funeral Picketer...

Gates Foundation failures show philanthropists shouldnt be setting America's public school agenda

Hey Donny: "Stressed" spelled backwards is "Desserts"

The failure of "Radical Tenderness"

SIU Carbondale is renting out dorm rooms on eclipse weekend

Bill Cosby arrives at first day of trial with Keshia Knight Pulliam

Breitbart writer out after inflammatory tweets following London attack

Why would George Conway tweet what he tweeted?

U.S. Supreme Court Affirms North Carolina Districts Rely Too Much on Race.

The Huffington Post has become a pile of flaming garbage

Sadiq Khan - " To the sick and evil extremists we will defeat you. You will not win."

Do I understand this correctly?

Preview For Wednesday's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Shattered: It's not the book many here thought it was.

The Punk Rockers of Football: A Story of Pirate Flags and the Anti-Nazi St Pauli

Monday Is the New Saturday

Trump tweets create new outrage

Prime Minister May Condemns Trumps Attack on Khan as She Backs London Mayor

Josh Marshall TPM - "Taking Stock of Trumps Weekendus Horribilis"

Ignatius: Putins combative tactics come at a cost for Russia

Arab nations cut ties with Qatar, saying it backs terror

Secret Service relaxes marijuana policy in bid to swell ranks

Nancy Pelosi on The View: To impeach Trump, you need solid evidence

Founding Fathers, in their infinite wisdom, did not account

EPA chief exaggerates growth of coal jobs by tens of thousands

Senate returns more pessimistic than ever on healthcare

BTRTN: The Paris Covfefe Accord... Why Liberals Dominate Comedy

BTRTN: The Paris Covfefe Accord... Why Liberals Dominate Comedy

THE MEMO: Is Trump a victim of the 'deep state'?

On Defending Oneself from Random Violence

Who remembers when President Carter got raked over the coals

Peter Sallis: Wallace and Gromit actor dies aged 96

Elaine Chao (McConnell wife) may approve deal to enrich Trump pal Schwarzman, funded by Saudis

How Rising Seas and Coastal Storms Drowned the U.S. Flood Insurance Program

This young girl is incredible!

In Portland, images of knives, brass knuckles, bricks show viciousness of protests

Okla. Man Fatally Shoots Man Who Was Attempting to Drown 3-Month-Old Twins

A Buried Coup dtat in the United States

Disgruntled ex-worker kills 5, then himself

Calif says, "FU Jeff Sessions"

Flash Gordon and The Hulk fight at Comic Con

Ghost Ship: authorities arrest two in deadly fire that killed 36

House Republican calls for mass killing of radicalized Islamicsuspects

Quiros battle rages over $2 million in attorneys' fees

MEANWHILE, in Tokyo...

A redemption story: Bold move rewarded as Takuma Sato wins Indy 500

Official resigns after using n-word to describe Flint residents

So is this new VA announcement good or bad?...

Which Trump crony is going to get this no bid VA overhaul?

First man to steal a base in 4 different decades was....

What Trump Really Fears

John Oliver Goes Off on the Media for Insulting London Attack Coverage

US think tank: Israel had plan to use atomic bomb in 1967

June 5, 1968

British party leader calls for Donald Trump to be banned from UK for attacking London mayor ...

British party leader calls for Donald Trump to be banned from UK for attacking London mayor

Black Cameraman Says Maxine Waters Aint Shit While Caping for Racist Left-Wing Reporter

Wanna be outraged by Cheeto gutting Medicaid or comedians?

Trump won't use executive privilege to block James Comey from testifying in Congress: spokeswoman

President Trump Just Held a Signing. He Had Nothing to Sign. [not the Onion]

What if Tony Blair picked a fight with Giuliani when 9/11 happened?

Is Sean gone now????? If so, Dump fired him??????

Two London attackers named by police

Brighton siege: Two dead, three police shot, woman held hostage, terror links probed

Trump Misused MIT Research in Reasons for Ditching Climate Deal

The Vanilla Queen is Back with more BS and trying to deflect her narcissistic boss comments

NBC: Congress Wants To Ask If Kushner Sought Russian Funding For NYC Tower

Now that Kellyanne's Hubby has turned down a Trump appointment,

Kate Mara, vegan (aka Zoe Barnes from the House of Cards):

Jeebus, ESPN bringing Hank Williams Jr. back to Monday Night Football

Trump, who says he's Presbyterian, asks 2 Presbyterian ministers if Presbyterians are Christian

RI.P. Peter "Voice of Wallace in Wallace and Gromit" Sallis

Nuclear Winter? Many Trump Fans Are Loving It (Satire)

Isis surrenders Iraqi hideout of leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Sunken Australian warship HMAS Perth ransacked by illegal scavengers

hard to believe..m$nbc: Administration stands by trumps tweet from today.

Supreme Court limits SEC's power to recover ill-gotten gains

Post-ABC poll: Nearly 6 in 10 oppose Trump scrapping Paris agreement

The POTUS is a dullard.

Post-ABC poll: Nearly 6 in 10 oppose Trump scrapping Paris agreement

Jared Kushners family needs $250 million to pay off Chinese investors, but US banks wary of lending

Give fearless leader a break. Privitizing the air traffic control system will work out just fine

British Airways says IT chaos was caused by human error

I feel like I need to give Fox News a minuscule bit of credit today, for

Harvard Revokes Admission of Several Students for Posting 'Offensive' Memes

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 5, 2017

Fired from Breitbart, looking for a handout

Justices side with religious hospitals in pension dispute

I know where Sean Spicer was today!

Undoing All the Good Work on Cuba

Donald Trump's Tweets Are Providing the Real Story of His Presidency

'Kill Them All,' Congressman Clay Higgins Says of Terrorism Suspects After London Attacks

Add teenage stupidity and alcohol...

Air traffic control privatization: A risky corporate giveaway that will harm consumers

Abhorrence of Trump is not enough.

Rod Blagojevich shot down again by federal appeals court

Donald Trump's Tweets are Official Statements from

Prostate experiences - Nukes or Knives - anecdotal experiences

No rehearing for imprisoned ex-Illinois Governor Blagojevich

This wins You Tube for the whole week, Fake News alla Rossini

Jesse Lee Peterson calls LeBron James a "girly man."

Support for Trump's impeachment - 43% versus approval rating - 36%

Potential Sun-Times bidder drops out, but others could challenge Tronc

Disabled, or just desperate? Rural Americans turn to disability as jobs dry up

Talk about ingoring your advisors and staff!

Deutsche Bank asks for more time for U.S. query on Trump, Russia: source

Hottest Alien Planet Ever Discovered Is a Real Scorcher

Thank You For Your Service, And For Being ANOTHER Responsible Gun Owner

imagine a man so insecure he's trying to fire earth

Here you go - Congressman calls for a Holy War

U.S. poised to warn U.N. rights forum of possible withdrawal

Putin's Russian Economy and Shale Production, Fake News, and Election Hacking

Russia: Conviction of librarian for extremist books demonstrates utter contempt for rule of law

There are some clever people out there!

Bombshell intel leak reveals Russia cyber attack targeted voting software and election officials

Top-Secret NSA Report Details Russian Hacking Effort Days Before 2016 Election

Germany set to quit Turkey's Incirlik airbase amid row

A Potential Nightmare Scenario This Summer

Number One June 5, 1966

Senator Al Franken Cancels Bill Maher Appearance Amid Controversy

LIVE: ''I'm discussing voting rights and campaign finance reform with expert @rickhasen''

GOP Rep Rants At Islamic Horror: Hunt, Identify, And Kill Them All

BREAKING NEWS: Continuing a trend, Donald Trump starts a Twitter beef with Khan Noonian Singh.

Bob Dylan's Nobel Lecture 06-04-2017

Harvard Revokes Admission of Several Students for Posting 'Offensive' Memes

How come the NBA Finals doesn't have a more flashy name?

GOP strategists plot anti-media strategy (+massive voter suppression) for 2018 elections

Josh Marshall - TPM - "The Madness of King Trump"

Ted Nugent: Obama Comments were 'Metaphors'

Have others here seen GET OUT? Can we have a conversation that's full of spoilers?

Ohio could have path to obtaining long-sought execution drug

Kellyanne Conways's lawyer husband calls Trump's travel ban tweeting "SAD"

Trumponomics: The philosophy that it doesnt suck enough to be poor

2011: Twitter confirms 'significant' ($800 million) round of funding led by Russian investment comp.

Austin-area students hurl racial slurs at black student, refer to her as a slave

Lying and dodging.

Ted Cruz "not gonna go down rabbit holes" if its proven that there was some collusion

George Conway: Presidents tweets certainly wont help court case over travel ban

WH Argues Trump Wasnt 'Picking A Fight' With London Mayor After Attack

Minister's lawyer might not call witness in gay beating case

Knock knock knock - "Candygram for Jared!" - via NY AG Eric Schneiderman earlier today:

Senator Franken cancels appearance on Real Time

Pro-Trump Canadians Throw 'Million Deplorable March.' Rightwing Media Counts 5,000 Cops Say Hundreds

Looks like Network TV will be covering Comey

Haiti fears deportations will mean surge of child servants

U.S. State Department approves $750 million Saudi training program sale

Haiti fears deportations will mean surge of child servants

Solar's rise lifted these blue-collar workers. Now they're worried about Trump

Sources: Acting US ambassador to China quit over Trump climate decision

Trump to meet with Ryan, McConnell, McCarthy & Cornyn on afternoon prior to Mike Rogers testimony.

Comedians perspective jokes about race

Justin Trudeau talks to constituents about their concerns.

Magdalen Gorringe dances to Leon Rossenson's Song of Martin Fontasch

Tycoon Carlos Slim's Company Wants To Replace Mexico City's Air Polluting Taxis With Electric Cars

Top U.S. diplomat in China quits over Trump climate policy

Prediction: Comey's testimony won't live up to expectatations

The Supreme Court just made it easier to get away with gerrymandering

Tycoon Carlos Slim's Company Wants To Replace Mexico City's Air Polluting Taxis With Electric Cars

NSA Found Russia Attempted Election Hacking

Top US diplomat in China quits over Trump climate policy

Kellyanne Conway Slams Media 'Obsession' With Donald Trumps Twitter in Tense Today Show Interview

We can't wait for Mueller.

Once Comey delivers memos re the Con's attenpts to shut down

Chile's Dictator-Toppling Coalition Splits as Elections Loom

Alex Honnold Scales El Capitan Without Ropes, And The Climbing World Reels.

Trump was terrorized by the London attack, while Britain stood firm

Federal Government Contractor in Georgia Charged With Removing and Mailing Classified Materials to a

CBS to cover bombshell Comey testimony live just like Watergate hearings

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Power of Ideas and What It Means for Our Politics

Let's play a game. What insane shit will trump tweet right before Comey goes live?

Looking Back on the 50th Anniversary of the Six Day War (w/Guest Dr. Michael Oren)

Mayor Rahm Emanuel defends police reform plan

Wonder Woman Was My Grandmother: Interview with Christie Marston Syfy Wire

According to USA Today, everyone has Colorado's pot except Colorado!

ABC, CBS News to Carry James Comey Senate Testimony Live

Trump Organization to Go Budget Friendly With American Idea Hotel Chain

Chicago trader gets 1 year in prison for stealing ex-employer's computer code

So is Spicer out?

Northern Illinois man jumps into moving car to save driver having a seizure

Jared Kushners family needs $250 million to pay off Chinese investors but US banks wary of lendin

Veggie Spiralizer? Any advice?

Picture of Trump fighting ISIS

Montenegro Joins NATO, First New Member in a Decade

While Trump spent the day with feverish, maniacal tweeting, Justin Trudeau

Gov't contractor charged with leaking classified info to media

Woman arrested who might be the whistleblower who leaked NSA report to the Intercept.

TFW you're listening to Sean Spicer (twitter vid)


If air traffic control is privatized, will the controllers make more than $12/hr?

If you believe in any wishes and/or prayers, focus on this

K O sets out our dilemma

Texas has highest pregnancy-related death rate in developed world, study says

If He Were Doing Any Other Job, Donald Trump Would Have Been Fired by Now

Harvard Yanks 10 Acceptance Letters Over Offensive Facebook Posts

There was no 2009 melt down Phil Mudd

KKK group plans July 8 rally in Charlottesville

Get a passport. Travel. See the real world.

Incredible video of supercell spawning 10 tornadoes in one day:

Fired editor, Katie McHugh, too racist for even Breitbart now begging like some she railed against

Congressman: Russian operatives hacked Illinois elections board

Has any reporter asked WH spokespeople about the non-existent "tax bill in Congress"?

Kennedy says Pritzker doesn't 'deserve' to be governor, cites FBI recordings

Tim Kaine on CNN now re the leaked report

Carter Page is a CRIMINAL...but he's a guest on Chris Matthews. about desperation - to be forewarned is to be forearmed

The face of Reality Leigh Winner, NSA whistle-blower/leaker.

Vote Quimby (The Simpsons)

Proud of my state (Climate change)

There's a kook on Tweety who is saying Hillary is anti-papist.

We should feel privileged. Unlike the Romans, we get to watch the fall live on TV in real time!

LONDON - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Florida folks in Plantation, Davie, Pembroke Pines - tornado warning until 7.30pm

Australia: Police Regard Melbourne Attack as 'Act of Terrorism'

Did Kellyanne Conway Just Shove Her Foot Up Her Husbands Ass Over His Mean Trump Tweet?

Here I come to save the day...

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