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Rochester to host 2018 DFL state convention

Comey's dramatic account rocks Washington

St. Paul lawmaker intervenes as man allegedly attacks woman in public

Extreme distraction alert: Melania's moving into the White House next week.

Group wants inquiry after Muslim student, upset at bullying, removed from Apple Valley school

Trickle Down Lies Are Falling Apart All AroundUs

A FL repug Rep is on All In making a fool of himself-defending Trump against Comey

Md. boy draws GOP elephant defecating on Trump's head, receives 100 percent on assignment

Lawrence Wilkerson just said the administration is like a Mafia family

Florida mom: 'It looked like they pulled a toddler out of my belly'

"Because I have been very loyal to you, very loyal; we had that thing you know"

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura has a new gig on Russian television

Intel Chiefs Contemptuous Behavior: Rubin

Anti-Muslim hate crimes increase fivefold since London Bridge attacks

Trump aides tell him to keep Sessions as U.S. attorney general: sources

TODAY in Trump Fuckery 6//7/17

Bernie with Irish President Michael D. Higgins

Christian preachers' disappearance in Malaysia stokes fears of crackdown on religious minorities

No hookers. you're the hooker

What do you think Trumpy will do tomorrow?

Corey Lewandowski, on Tucker Carlson's show, says Trump was asking Comey for loyalty to the country

Farmer, pig joke updated

Jill Wine-Banks just nailed one of Trump's escape hatches shut on Chris Hayes

US Weekly's new Trump-loving owner wasted no time publishing an Ivanka puff piece

Elena Verdugo, Who Lifted Latina Image on TV, Dies at 92.

All the Things You Won't Believe Are Going On and Not Getting Talked About (News Roundup 6-7-17)

Why Do We Always Miss Expert Warnings Until It's Too Late? (w/Guest Richard Clarke)

Air Force honored Reality Winner for taking out enemy combatants

In an extraordinary moment, a stumbling Coats replied, Im not sure I have a legal basis.

Sears is closing 72 stores - here's the full list

Gov. Dayton seeks meeting with GOP leaders over post-session differences

Dialog from THE GODFATHER screenplay.

'Cosmic void' theory suggests our Universe is like Swiss cheese and we live in one of its holes

This Vatican adviser is moving Catholics toward LGBT inclusion

Comey: Trump urged me to drop Flynn investigation---NBC 5/18 -Trump Denies: "No. No. Next Question"

US Senator elects in 2017/2018

DC bars offer Comey Testimony specials tomorrow...

David Corn: Comey Forces Trump Defenders Into Extreme and Absurd Spin

The trump voter will get hit the worst by TrumpCare

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker Thread. Big Show! Mike's Back! Live Uncensored & a new


How soon will 45 attempt "It wasn't me tweeting! I was hacked," deny, deny, deny?

Syrian-American musician and activist tackles the daily struggles of wearing a hijab

Rachel Tonight

One Day After Climate Dump, President Shitstain Declares Fed. Flood Disaster In Missouri

Redlining is alive and well in US auto insurance industry.

China Rolls Out Red Carpet For Jerry Brown, In Town To Talk Clean/Renewable Energy Investment & Tech

What happens when the head of DNI and NSA refused

"Harriet Tubman: Negro Soldier and Abolitionist" (1942 pamphlet, just scanned, PDF format)


Didn't the Con say that Comey asked for the dinner

I don't feel it's appropriate to discuss a conversation I had with the President...

So what are the chances that the Madman's voiced concerns about Flynn were mere altruism?

Former Farage aide gave US information in plea deal, court files show

TIME Poll: 61% of Americans Think President Trump Fired James Comey to Protect Himself

Poll: 61% of Americans Think President Trump Fired James Comey to Protect Himself

"Either Trump is lying about those things in public, or Comey's going to lie tomorrow under oath"

And once again, misdirection...

Amazing story about

Timeline: What We Know Ahead Of James Comey's Testimony

Pro-Trump Group Will Play Ad Critical of Comey During His Testimony

Science: Rapid Ice Sheet Retreat Led To Rapid Methane Hydrate Release @ End Of Last Ice Age

Follow Me

My internet is down. :(

Rep. Ted Lieu: Incredible Disrespect For Rule Of Law By Trump Administration

Presidents Twitter Account Should Not Block Users, First Amendment Lawyers Argue

Democrats call on Dukes to step down for failing to show up

Does Rennaissance Capital belong to the Mercers? Putin, Brexit & Trump

You mean . . . ?

The Twitter presidency is getting old, according to a new voter survey

Lawmakers Embraced Religion to Allow Discrimination

First Female Commander of Marine One Fired After Assault Charge

Hey T Rump, if you're gonna build a wall, build one

Serving Dan Patrick Instead of Their Districts

A.G. Schneiderman, Acting Tax Commissioner Manion Announce Indictment Of Taxi King Evgeny Freidman

I bought everyone on DU a ticket

2018 and 2020 US Senate Election. Seats Democrats need to win to get back in the majority.

Dan Rather: "Donald Trump Is Afraid..Otherwise we wouldn't be going through this"

Two U.S. Senators Urged SXSW to Move Out of Texas to Protest SB 4

Democrats are not even people!

If tweets are "official Presidential statements"...

$arah Palin is outraged that amazon is offering discounted prime memberships to the poor!

A conversation I had with a sincere right to lifer friend

The potus schedule for tomorrow has no events on it until 12 pm. Comey's testimony starts at 10:00

Dallas State Rep. Victoria Neave Arrested for DWI

Trudeau and Obama have dinner in Montreal

FCC security denies that guards pinned journalist against a wall

Hell is indeed freezing over, with pigs in flight...


Nainoa Thompson urges Hawaii to become a leader on sustainability, stewardship

Gianforte pays $50K to press group in assault settlement over 'body slamming'

Dear liberals & independents:

Has Michael Moore's Trumpileaks unearthed anything yet?

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Trump like mafia family & should be impeached (VIDEO)

Killer ending. Read this from the former counsel to Watergate special prosecutors

All the news and too much news

First Arrest Warrant Issued in West Dallas Voter Fraud Case

***The Evegny Freidman arrested today manages Michael Cohen's taxicab fleet***

Fort Worth's Rainbow Lounge, site of infamous 2009 raid, destroyed in early morning blaze

Lurking Jared...

something important and "hidden" in Comey's testimony???

GOP/Trump talking points show these guys have no regard for reality and truth and will say anything.

Rights group asks Germany to arrest CIA deputy director

Trump Skimmed Money Meant For Sick Kids

Lawrence just read a poll

Lawrence Wilkerson: Donald Trump Admin. Like A Mafia Family

US seeks extradition of ex-Guatemala vice-president

When Citizens United Met Trump, Plus Bonus Connect the Dots to Putin

US seeks extradition of ex-Guatemala vice-president

Texas Town 'Balances' Confederate Statue With One Of Lawyer Who Fought KKK

no one will believe a word of it because of comey's sexual history and shrill voice.

Gianforte pays $50,000 to press group to settle assault of Guardian reporter

Gianforte pays $50,000 to press group to settle assault of Guardian reporter

It's not like Trump took money from kids with cancer. Oh wait, ....

Ben Carson hails homelessness agency that Trump budget would eliminate

Archaeologists discover Aztec ball court in heart of Mexico City

Front page of tomorrow's Los Angeles Times

RNC's Talking Points for Comey's testimony tomorrow. We should start a drinking

Has Trump or the State Dept. made a statement condemning the Iran terrorist attack

Privatize the FAA?

San Antonio Police Detonate 'Suspicious' Package Outside Federal Building Downtown

Its a great day: Kansas legislature pulls the plug on Gov. Brownbacks failed trickle-down

Does Richard Burr's treatment of Kamala Harris at the Intelligence committee hearing similar to

Texas Bans the Safest, Most Common Abortion Procedure After 13 Weeks

Appeals court rejects bid to reinstate Ken Paxton judge

Georgia couple throws '1st birthday party' for metal plate on street

Am I the only one watching the NBA finals? (spoiler alert)

Lawyers convention leaves Grapevine over state's new immigration law

This shit is real, right? I'm not just hallucinating all this shit?

Is the NSA a military organization?

Young Republicans leader arrested during narcotics search

Trump Team talking points for tomorrow...strategy: Undermine Comeys credibility.

President Trump Picks Sides, Not Diplomacy, in the Gulf

Baileys Prize: Naomi Alderman wins for 'shocking' sci-fi novel The Power

Well less than 10 hours to go

Chris Hayes hits the nail on the head. Russia scandal could get Trumpcare passed (VIDEO)

Meet the Jewish Labour voters torn over Corbyn ahead of election day

It's Election Day in Great Britain

Somehow this seems appropriate.

Tomorrow's NY Daily News Cover

Kamala Harris is my Senator

Ripple (From Community Chest in Singapore)

What's up with Dershowitz? Is he a hardcore Trumpster?

Clapper just unleashed on Trump in a speech tonight in Australia calling him paranoid, ignorant,...

ICE worker gets probation for buying $36K in tires, car tint, gas on government dime

Mitch Daniels and Purdue University Tuition Freeze

Special Report: James Comey's Opening Remarks Released

My good night lol for y'all.

Late UK election poll puts Labour IN THE LEAD for the first time.

6/08 Mike Luckovich: Trumpcat (Comey special)

Canada Announces 70% Boost In Defence Budget In Response To Pressure From Trump/NATO

Remember, he can shoot someone on 5th avenue ...

Bold Prediction - Trump hasn't yet done the thing for which he will be impeached

Don Corleone. Don Trump. Not that much difference, really. n/t

Rodgers sure as bags under his eyes.

it's June and I smell smoke...

Should Philosophy be a Core Subject at School?

What % of the stuff on Trump has been leaked?

tRump Country is Medicaid Country

Pranksters Write Theresa on the Cerne Abbas Giant's Giant Penis

"Where are all the articles about Clinton voters/supporters?"


Trump aides tell him to keep Sessions as U.S. attorney general: sources

White House touts the ACAs demise even as insurers seek help in stabilizing its marketplace

Dr. Richard Wolff - How Privatizing Air Traffic Will End Safe Travel

Cory Booker raises impeachment talk against Trump

Ryan: It was 'obviously' inappropriate for Trump to ask Comey for loyalty

(JEWISH GROUP) How the Jewish identity of Wonder Womans star is causing a stir

Dems plan to sue Trump over conflicts of interest: report

Why do we run a trade deficit with Canada?

Officials Say Bodies And Debris Found From Missing Myanmar Military Plane

Six hours to go and fox news

Oklahoma City police officer arrested on domestic abuse complaints

Fallin signs bill to allow cocktails in theaters

Kansas Tax Cut Experiment Comes To An End As Lawmakers Vote To Raise Taxes

Former officer of failed bank charged with conspiracy to commit fraud

Former Oklahoma City businesswoman ordered to pay more than $22M for tax evasion

Evgeny Freidman, arrested Wed., and DT lawyer Michael Cohen are longtime friends --

Iran attacks: Trump reaction to Isis killings 'repugnant', says foreign minister

Despite negotiated compromise, workers' comp remains untouched

Six Republicans, two Democrats file for vacant Broken Arrow House seat

Donald Trump and Richard Nixon: Parallels between Russia and Watergate

Uber 'obtained rape victim's medical records'

The $110 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia is fake news

Strong approval of Trump is fading across a number of demographics

SEC Charges Brokerage Firm With Failing to Comply With Anti-Money Laundering Laws

"Why dontcha Comey over to my house."

Explosive device thrown into U.S. embassy compound in Kiev: police

1500 fundies normally don't gather in a ballroom to pray for a man who is "completely vindicated."

Must watch! Epic new Vicente Fox trolling Trump

Angus King, Dick Durbin, Chris Coons, Adam Schiff & Eric Swalwell On Morning Joke This Morning...

The kittens have learned how to knock stuff off my dresser.

Kellyanne insists Trump still HEARTS evil little cannabis crusader elf while Sarah feigns ignorance

It's bully take-down day. The first person to stand up to a bully deflates him.

Another rant over king of the morons

Less than three hours

(Actual headline WaPo) GOP senators admonish Dem for persistent questioning

Doggy dropout gets vice-regal new job at Queensland mansion

Feds: Up to 100 girls may be victims in genital cutting case. FGM Michigan

RNC to Lead Trumps Offensive Against Comey

Farmers Fishers Bakers

A Physics Expert Had Her Own Theories Mansplained OnstageUntil One Person Stood Up

Senate Republicans Reject DeVos Proposed Education Cuts

You can't handle the truth.

#DogsAtPollingStations: the best election tradition carries on as Britain turns out to vote

I have my ticket, and am ready for the main event

"Comey's statement is sufficient evidence for an obstruction of justice case"

The Biggest Scandal Is the GOPs Response

New TIME cover: The Swamp Hotel -- Trump International in DC

The Senate session was similar to releasing a mob boss of bosses to die with dignity who

What histrionic act will Trump try to pull today to draw attention away from Comey?

Bride Who Is A Computer Engineer Doesnt Have Any Girlfriends, So She Invites Her Bros Instead

GOP: A fish rots from the head down.

To Kamala Harris: step on their tongues. To male IC members: you shame yourselves.

Lol, C-Span Has a Stakeout Feed of Comey's Residence

The World's Largest Floating Solar Farm Is Officially Online (over an abandoned coal mine)

"White House aides trying to keep Trump busy....."

Remember when John Dean's Senate testimony led to Nixon's immediate Impeachment?

Josh Marshall: Annotated version of Comey statement.

600 people in line for Comey hearing, 88 seats available, line formed at 4:15 AM

Wild police pursuit ends in fiery crash, cops seen on video kicking man

Even though Putin may not get the sanction relief he was angling for..

I need help, friends.

". . . and nothing but the truth." . . . Please come CAPTION N.S.A.'s Head, Adm. Michael S. Rogers!!

Trump to watch Comeys testimony with legal team: report

Yippee! I broke my toe!

James McCord's Letter To Judge John Sirica

Sites to watch James Comey testify this morning.

Phil Collins hospitalized after fall

A chair at the Comey hearing. Special guest.

Trevor Noah on America's FAVORITE son, Eric Trump.

Witness Intimidation

Comey Hearing Live Stream(s) - put streaming links here?

If Comey does well today, you will walk away somewhat disappointed.

Hey Don the Con

Shit for Brains will be watching Comey's hearing in the "dining room." (per MSNBC)

Mosul battle: IS kills 230 fleeing civilians, says UN

So, if Comey lays out a nice set of facts that show Donnie obstructed...

Let this be a lesson to you. If you're in trouble and need help, in case there are no Good

VOTE ALERT: House votes..TODAY to repeal Dodd-Frankand give Wall Street a break at the expense of

m$nbc: anticipation here (in D.C.) is at a fever pitch

Al Shabaab kills 20 soldiers in Somalia's Puntland, officer says

Gianforte gives $50,000 to press group as charges loom after assault of Guardian reporter

Graham: Comey's Statement Shows There's No Obstruction Of Justice Case

Please tell me others here heard Mark Thompson this morning...

Takei: Trump told me he loves Star Wars

Iran minister calls Trump's condolences for attacks 'repugnant'

More Violent Storms Over Great Plains May Damage Ozone Layer; Poss. Human, Plant Health Threat

So, Donnie, how did you get the idea to remove Article 5 from your NATO speech?

Today's hearing could go either way?

Today's Bloom County

GOP Is Simply A Renegade Party Determined To Do Nothing. Trashing The Nation.

GOP Simply Vindictive/Revengeful In Erasing Obama Entirely. Just Open Race Hatred. Nothing More.

Are we all of a sudden forgetting what the Madman told Lester Holt?

"Please don't leave us alone with Donald Trump."


Happy 77 🎂 Nancy!

What was in Comey's prepared statement is about all he'll say.

The Political Situation Of US Could Be Moving To Critically Dangerous Territory.

Can you believe the administration is going with the non compos mentis defense ?

Four falcon chicks tagged in South Bend, ready to learn to fly

Sitting here trying to keep from eating all the popcorn before

Reminder: Nobody actually says "I am obstructing justice."

***** LIVE stream - Comey Hearing - 2017.06.08

Are the Feds Treating the White House Like a Mob House?

Preet Bharara will be there as a guest of Sen Schumer

Lindsey Graham: "This stuff troubles me, but it is not a crime. it's a pretty good day for Trump."

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick

Alex Jones thinks Megyn Kelly is part of totalitarian "New World Order"-conspiracy

Look who's got a reserved seat for #ComeyHearing

Comey is the biggest celebrity in the world today.

Who's on Twitler watch?

One simple action by Congress could have prevented this disaster.

Matt Schlapp is one of the most ignorant conservative around!

There is a bigger problem than Donald Trump.

I am on hold with Verizon. I actually feel sorry for the agent...

Trump faces growing Senate resistance on Saudi arms deal

the reason putz 45 is not tweeting

Look who's got a reserved seat for #ComeyHearing

James Comey Is Not Alone

Court rules against gay man who sued Catholic church over firing: 'We are creating a church of fear'

45/140 on Day 140

Normal/not normal...


Fresh Minor Bug Info for Windows 10 Users

What is with this compulsion by some to post these Debbie Downer threads?


Rats invade elementary school, spread rash

When will Trump voters realize theyve been had? This historian has some answers

I haven't been up at 7am in 10 years. I DID get up for THIS occasion.

Writing about food: Sallie Tisdale's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate"

If anything happens and DU experiences hiccups today...

Get a load of this article on Comey

Is having Preet Bharara , who Trump fired, there a reverse Frank Pentangeli's brother moment?

Understanding Obstruction of Justice:

Trump Schedules Speech DURING James Comey Testimony

Trump Atty General Jeff Sessions Hints at Resignation

No , Mr. Burr, Russia only wants to disrupt left of center parties

Trump's Approval Hits New Low (But Tops Bush's Worst)

Venezuela tried to convince me that the Revolution is doing just fine, thanks

SpaceX To Launch X-37B Space Plane For U.S. Air Force

Freaky Coincidence: On this day (6/8) in history, ANDREW JACKSON died.

Comey is coming out swinging!

Wow, Comey's opening words indicate to me he is going to unload on Trump


"Those were lies, plain and simple."


Alternate Way to Watch the Comey Testimony

Comey is like Elliott Ness meets George Washington.

........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, it's Hillary's emails.

Gagging the UW: Critics worry campus speech bill is another attack on academic freedom

New AG told him not to call it an investigation

Wow, the FBI Director just said under oath that he didn't trust POTUS to tell the truth

Video of cops kicking a still-burning(!) car-crash victim in the head

At various times as FBI Director, Comey annoyed, confused, frustrated and irritated me.

Here's how Republicans are trying to defend Donald Trump

When will someone in Congress start making noise about Trump's organized crime connections?

Has Herr Twitler been heard from yet?

UPDATED Comey hearing: Former FBI director says Trump administration told lie...

This is being broadcast on ALL the local networks. CBS, NBC, and ABC. You do not need cable to

Take pill as prescribed

Comey emphatically stated that no one including Trump asked him to stop investigating.

Pet shampoo

Instructions at golf course

It sickens me to see Democrats falling all over themselves to defend James Comey.

"I could be wrong"

Risch: Because Trump said "I HOPE" re: Flynn, do you know of anyone charged for saying I HOPE?

Reality Check Thread - How many people in their lives have relied on someone to abuse their position

Comey was "stunned" at POTUS' request to obstruct justice


Vicente Fox (former President of Mexico) Savages the Donald

The sexist way we pile on Hillary Clinton and stifle women in democracy

Little Marco sure is kissing Trump's ass!

*******By Popular Request- 2nd Official Comey Thread*******


I know we know this, but trump fans are nuts - actual early quote: "lets get to the unmasking part,

Comey's testimony rings truth..and that will destroy Trump.

Washington Lines Up To Watch Comey Testimony

Who is speaking now?

Hillary: About to talk to soon-to-be graduates at Medgar Evers College Commencement. Tune in!

Susan Collins: Trump Apologists, no matter how much she pretends otherwise

I am surprised the Repubs aren't trying harder to undermine Comey's credibility.

Comey: I've seen the tweet about tapes. Lordy! I hope there are tapes.

Hillary-- About to talk to soon-to-be graduates at Medgar Evers College Commencement. Tune in!

People, ALWAYS document things when you're in any contentious relationship

Your opinion: Is there any real distinction between "ordered" and "directed"?


Disgraceful GOP

What the f**k, tells Sesson he doesn't want to be alone with Trump

The repubs Are Putting Comey On Trial

Why did Trump fire General Flynn??

Four dead in shooting in Pennsylvania supermarket

Two impeachable high crimes, then. Obstructing the FBI and attempt at corrupting the director

Scenes from a Brooklyn Coffee shop (showing Comey testimony)


No fuzz

No tweets?

"Comey Accuses White House of Lies "

So, any Trump "defense" tweets yet?

Tick-borne disease suspected in 2-year-old's death

Hey Taibbi and Greewald, did you hear that? There should be no fuzz about Russian involvement


Quick reminder...

Comey says he helped reveal details of conversations with Trump to spur special counsel

Fox News Complains Wonder Woman Isn't Patriotic Enough

Comey just said Trump lied. If someone thinks he'd exculpating him he or she is insane.

Stuck at work and can't follow the Comey deal. Would some kind soul please summarize how it is

If Trump Is Too Ignorant to Be Guilty, Hes Too Ignorant to Be President

Loved it: Comey & Angus King referencing Henry II to get the point across that "wish" had

Those who see Comey as some kind of hero, don't you remember what he did 11 days

a perfect image:

How many times did we hear that Trump's inexperience didn't matter because

These GOP lawyers suck.

Remember when Obama kicked out everyone from a room

I think it is wrong, ethically and legally, to attempt to

Comey: I Leaked My Memos in Hopes of a Special Prosecutor

I think Trump fired Comey just so he could get it "out there"

It's only half as much fun w/out Orange Crush live tweet-storming

Who was the GOP Senator who just brought up HRC's e-mails?

Let's not forget that Nixon was taken down by an "uh huh."

What a difference in questioning

At some point, all these Congressional Republicans are going to have to sit back and ask:

Comey leaked his own memos to the NYT to spark calls for a Special Counsel

People In DC Are Watching The Comey Hearing At Bars Like It's The Goddamn Super Bowl

Google 'em

Scottish Episcopal Church approves gay marriage

Scottish Episcopal Church approves gay marriage

Watchdogs revealed crisis in Maines youth prison. LePage let them go.

Unless and until there is a Democratic House, this investigation will remain in limbo...

Remnants of Dust and a Few Broken Bits

Comey Declines To Publicly Say Whether He Thinks Trump Colluded With Russia

Trump will honor pride month today by speaking at an anti-LGBT conference

Solved: The 47-Year Mystery of a Murder Victim's Many Identities

Solved: The 47-Year Mystery of a Murder Victims Many Identities

U.S. Air Force says Boeing delays KC-46 aircraft delivery

Comey goes there: says Trump lied.

Ryan defends Trump on Comey: 'The president's new at this'

Here's why we're not seeing Trump's tweets. They gave him a replacement phone!

Comey just told Cornyn that the reason why it wasn't appropriate to have a special counsel

IMO, The Rs are unwittingly burying tRump with their Comey questions

and once again, this is an open hearing

Seems like McCain is having a problem making a complete thought. He is stumbling through like an

Damn! I thought McCain was smarter than that.

Should Democrats continue to primarily attack the improprieties and criminality of Donald Trump...?

James Comey has called Donald Trump a liar 5 times today. The White House says he isn't.

McCain is meandering. Where is this line of questioning going ?

"I'll bet he gets lousy ratings!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

McCain is nonsensical

Old fart McCain confuses ongoing Russian investigation with long-finished Clinton query

Is McCain senile or drunk?

Fox News host (cavuto) tells Trump he's the 'problem' (hell has officially frozen over!!)

Abbas reportedly ready to suspend settlement freeze demand to restart peace talks

Grampy McCain is not making sense

Full on McCain meltdown.. doddering

Q: Do you believe Donald Trump colluded with Russia?

McCain is an idiot

What's really warming the world?

Watching the Comey testimony I am struck by what rank amateurs...

FYI Trumps lawyer is making a statement immediately after the hearing ends.

So...consensus so far? I've been (still am) traveling today. Trump getting nicked?

"Lordy I hope there are tapes"

WikiLeaks Declares War on The Intercept (LOL)

This Reform synagogue started by women is shaking up Jewish life in Spain

Is McCain completely senile????

So now what talking heads group do you watch??

McCain is attempting to connect Clinton to Russia.

Saudi-Arabian soccer-team refuses Minute of Silence to honor victims of London Bridge-attack

Post Analysis of Hearing

Larry Sabato tweet

Rachel understands McCain

White House on Lockdown After Television Is Hurled Out Window

The bottom line is ... the only thing that shocks Americans is finding out ...

Trump is playing chess with the Senate investigation, in my opinion.

Republican's Spin...

Dear John McCain:

For real...medical staff need to do a stroke test on McCain

A setting president can not be indicted, this not about criminal standards but

James Comey showed compassion for McCain.

Trump threatens Comey: Better hope there are no tapes.

Comeys terrifying warning: Russia is coming after America and Trump doesnt care

Perhaps we are seeing the demise of the repugs

The Biggest Scandal Is the GOPs Response

So Trump is going to throw all his underlings under the bus. Worked great for this guy

Comey: President Trump Lied , White House: No He Didn't .... CNN headline

News parsing hearing. Social media is "WTF McCain?"

nyt: Comey Accuses White House of Lies (nothing from drumpfy)

What the hell is wrong with McCain

I don't think anyone could have done a better job at trying to lay out the truth

Many have equated Comey to John Dean...

Trump claiming ignorance in talking to Comey...

Spineless gop senators demand to know why Comey didn't stand up to trump

I asked 6 legal experts if Trump obstructed justice. Heres what they told me.

Where is the beef?

45 speech today " We are under siege. They will lie..they will obstruct.. they will do anything...".

******NEW YORK TIMES******Comey Accuses White House of Lies

Trump says he has tapes

Marting O'Malley states the obvious:

NYT James Comey said he indirectly leaked a memo on a meeting with President Trump

So who in the Arizona Republican party is already calling McCains donors. That was awful

McCain loses Clue with "It was Hillary Clinton, in the pizza parlor, with an email server!"

Qatar's Al Jazeera TV says it has come under cyber attack

Al Jazeera currently under cyberattack

"I can say definitively that Trump is not a liar." (Trump's press secretary, not his lawyer. Sorry.)

A lot going on today, but THIS just stunned me:

"I hope you can let this go."

I figured out why the kittens are getting up on the dresser @5:30 am. Birds!

Greta..."Today was a tie"

A humorous take on the Comey hearing

Melania's campaign to end cyberbullying has ended (before it ever began)

Now, corporate media can stop with the "he said, he said" BS...

Wilbur Ross sees 'genuine' national security concern on steel

Comey: Trump admin lied about me, FBI

WaPo Analysis - James Comey lays out the case that President Trump obstructed justice

Pic Of The Moment: Tough Call

Was there anything new in the Comey testimony? Anything that hadn't been rumored/leaked...

Comey: I Was Fired In Order To Influence Probe Into Russian Election Meddling

Reality Winner indicted for transmitting national defense information

Let's wrap our melons around this.

Comey says Pence was aware of Flynn problems as early as the transition, which means Pence lied

OUCH: Burr did not expect anything other than a "no" on his Steele document question

How James Comey orchestrated the special counsel...

Q: did Comey say Trump was not being investigated for salacious bits only, as a hedge?

Comey says Pence was aware of Flynn problems as early as the transition, which means Pence lied

Senators call for SXSW to leave Austin 'until anti-immigrant law is repealed'

This is the governor of Arizona, who would fill a vacancy for senator if it occurred.

BREAKING NEWS: Director of the Office of Metaphors issues statement on the phrase "Red Herring."

McCain's questions to Comey sucked

A place to call our own': Europe's first Roma (coll. gypsy) cultural centre opens in Berlin

The reason Comey didn't ask Trump what he meant by "that thing" is obvious:

The GOP is responsible for McCain's meltdown. They were obviously conspiring

Climate Change Misconceptions Common Among Teachers, Study Finds

Takeaways from COMEY Hearing:

Wow! For a guy who kills baby elephants for kicks to lecture Comey on character ...


good for NICOLE WALLACE ... her statement about Donald Jr SLAUGHTERING ELEPHANTS was right on.

Fox News Chris Wallace: Comeys testimony was very damaging to the president

samantha bee and the war on drugs reboot (toddlerocracy)

Okay, I'm NOT a fan of Niccole Wallace, but she just eviscerated Donald Trump, Jr

Did Trump meet with the Republicans on the Senate Intel Committee before this hearing?

Would you take a 10-year old to see the movie 'Dunkirk'

okay, we know that tRump tried to get Comey to kiss his ring and Comey said no...

Trump on Comey: " He's overweight with weird hair, small hands, an O mouth and he lies!"

Comey said Trump never asked about Russia's

colbert on comey's opening statement--comey testimony eve celebration

GOP uncertainty over Obamacare drives out insurers

NY Times Looking Into Story Comey Agreed Was 'Almost Completely Wrong'

Time Magazine's New Cover Sums Up Donald Trump's Presidency: The Swamp Hotel

Cheating spouses, take comfort! You are vindicated!

We had that thing, you know...

Rubio is at it again

Trump added to Wikipedia Obstruction of Justice page

Trump's proposed STEM budget cuts a grave mistake

U.S. Household Net Worth Climbs to Record $94.8 Trillion

READ: Trump's Personal Lawyer's Prepared Response To Comey

Trump Asks Entire Senate To Clear Out Of Chamber So He Can Speak To Comey Alone

White House: Trump is not a liar

How Low Has the Dollar Sunk? Even Some Rappers Prefer Euros

Greitens calls St. Louis officials radical' for pro-choice ordinance, vows state will undo it

Is this the "thing".

Republican tries to ask gotcha question to Jon Ossoffand it explodes in her face

These two Deplorable clowns on CNN need to get their own show

Heres how much you would need to afford rent in your state

Daily Kos Article: Chris Hayes while we are focused on Hearings Senate could get Trumpcare passed.

Trump was naiveComey should have educated him. The RW is excusing Trump's vile behavior!! Right

Pennsylvania Legislature passes 'historic' pension bill

Andy Card On MSNBC Defending tRump: He's Stupid, So It's Comey's Fault He didn't Educate Him

Republican response to today's testimony {jesting ..or am I?}

Meet the Woman President Trump Blocked on Twitter- and she's suing him

Andrew Card says Trump is more "naive" than "Machiavellian".

Israelis kvell over Gal Gadots public response to a 7-year-old fan

Trump consigliere - we are prepared to throw Trump underlings under the bus to save the boss.

When Putin takes over, here is what you can expect.

tRump Lawyer Tripping Over The Spin He's Belching

Trump's lawyer is not helping him.

Yeah, I can understand why Trump chose the lawyer that he did.

This Trump attorney is attacking Comey! So what? That doesn't mean his client is innocent.

To say 45 is not linked to the FBI's Russian investigation, does NOT clear the obstruction issue.

Trump's lawyer attacks Comey for disclosing content of memos

The Benefits of Talking to Yourself

Human Tweet currently defending and lying about Trump.

Newly registered voters turned away in marginal Newcastle-under-Lyme seat

"A used condom in a Gideon bible"?!

Delaware House votes to guarantee abortion rights, in stance against Trump

Conservative media casts Comey testimony as clearing Trump

Delaware House votes to guarantee abortion rights, in stance against Trump

Delaware House votes to guarantee abortion rights, in stance against Trump

Kasowitz claims Trump never asked for loyalty.

Some US States and Cities Say 'We Are Still In' the Paris Agreement

Talk and tension rise over collective bargaining reform

The "Predisent."

Qatar's Al Jazeera network says it is 'under cyber attack'

Exclusive: GOP lawmaker talked stocks with colleagues

2 Rescued After Car Crashes Over Mulholland Highway Cliff

Comey really-really wanted us to hear this, which is why he repeated time & time again:

RW media saying Comey testimony clears tRump

McCain claims his questioning went over people's heads.

The Simpsons - Grandpa Simpsons "I had an onion on my belt"

Senate GOP paves way for Obamacare repeal bill

Trump 'may not have known' US has 11,000 troops in Qatar when he bashed country on Twitter: report

So, moving on to the other issue of the day - when will UK election results start coming in? nt


NO EXCUSES: John McCain Should NOT Be In The Senate Or ANYWHERE Making Policy For USA!

Patco Electric employee allegedly embezzles $160,000

Which NYT Russian piece(s) is Comey saying is largely false?

Have they gutted Dodd-Frank yet today?

NYT reporter rebuts one of Trump personal lawyer's points

George Carlin He Called It

How a Gigabyte motherboard is made (PC World video, pretty interesting)

Mother Jones: Don't be distracted from big picture at the Comey hearing: Trump Cannot Be Trusted.

Orange-Haired Man Found Wandering in Georgetown Area

Barbara Jordan on impeachement

You're fired!

Russian interferrence is not the same as Russian involvement

Sen. John McCain's bizarre questioning of Comey

McCain's mind was foggy.

Senate Health Bill May Alienate G.O.P. Conservatives

Senate Health Bill May Alienate G.O.P. Conservatives

Breaking: Whoopee Cushion Removed at Last Minute

So...based on this

Comey paints a portrait of Trump: 'Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?' - Jennifer Rubin

Legislature overrides Brownbacks veto of bill that rolls back his 2012 tax cuts

Trying to understand Bob Loblaw's argument here. The takeaway from Jim Comey's testimony today was:

Woman Who Says She Was Raped By Guard At Sheriff David Clarkes Jail Gets $6.7 Million

Comey just blew apart a leading GOP talking point about Trump and Russia

Trump Pours Milk Over Bowl Of Skittles While Settling In To Watch Comey Hearing (The ONION)

US aircraft shoots down Syrian drone after it dropped 'dud'

I Got Bingo!

Gowdy picked by GOP steering committee to chair House Oversight panel

I just want to TESTIFY!

Pelosi doesn't hold back: Trump is a disgrace.

Mo Brooks (R-AL): Outstanding Jeff Sessions makes Baby Jesus look like a poseur. He's outstanding.

Donnie Jr. is now the twitter king?

Stuck in a death spiral, Venezuela is borrowing money at any cost

McCain: I shouldn't stay up so late watching baseball

Question from my son to denizens of the UK:

White House Staff: The Incapable Leading the Incontinent

Trump only hires the best

Three homes for sale designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, on the 150th anniversary of his birth

Hating what Donald Trump and the Republican party have done is not going to save our country.

"Nice store you have here. I HOPE nobody burns it down."

Trump IS under FBI investigation - as is everyone who was involved in the Trump campaign...

Cenk Uygur trashes Dem Party

Gianforte releases written apology for body-slamming reporter, donates $$$ to journalism

Kamala Harris appreciation thread

Following Comey testimony, Trump attorney Marc Kasowitz defends the"predisent"


So cute. Autistic boy falls in love.

Kansas governor signs new abortion law with font requirement

The reason McCain was so incoherent

Trump lied when he said he wanted Comey to stay at FBI director

#ComeyDay: Twitter reacts to James Comey's testimony (Maxine Waters' tweet is Great)

Mums the word from Trump!


Small climb in mean temperatures linked to far higher chance of deadly heat waves

Interesting: Trumps Longtime Lawyer Is Defending Russias Biggest Bank

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: Both Russia and Obamacare sabotage laying the path for Trumpcare

Southern Arizona Stands Against Proposed Border Wall

If Atheists Sounded Like Christians


Trump consigliere Marc Kasowitz's Contradictory Defense of Donald Trump

'Liberals' and 'Game of Thrones' mashup

New definition from German Foreign Minister: Trumpization:completely screwing with another country

Random Ideology Generator

Whose The Liar?

White House rebuffs Comey: 'The President is not a liar'

Judging from the statement by Trump's lawyer...

Chris Matthews: collusion "fell apart"

What did Sam Jackson do thats childish or radical?

Trump's consigliere said Comey is a liar.

Did Trump lie about the "tapes"?

Then and now. Trump sign on I-75 in Georgia.

"I hope you'll let this go."

BERNSTEIN - Very Bad Day For The President

GOP pundits keep saying "Trump's not under investigation." No! He WASN'T last time Comey & he talked

Kris Kobach to run for Kansas governor

Hutchinson legislator Patsy Terrell dies

Guys, I think we *really* need to put this Russia story behind us.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 8, 2017

Is Our Attorney General a Crook?

So this is how Trump's lawyer is spinning Comey testimony:

Looking for a website

Fox Legal Analyst: There's A Credible And Compelling Argument That Trump Has Not Been Truthful

Pretty striking NYT homepage right now:

Ted Cruz has his Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference speech cut short. OUCH!

Charles P. Pierce: We Were Close to a Eureka Moment During James Comey's Testimony

A Reminder: Do *NOT* Let Them Frame The Fucking Narrative

Ryan: People now realize why the President is so frustrated. Also, he's new at this.

House passes sweeping legislation to roll back banking rules

The evening of June 8, 1953, a massive F-5 tornado slammed into Flint, Michigan.

SCAVENGER HUNT - 5 Clues Comey Just Left Behind

Seems to me we have the opposite problem from Watergate

My newest favorite dessert - Orange Crumble with peach ice cream and a mint garnish nt

Big KC arts festival planned for this fall has been postponed

UH OH - James Comey Says FBI Russia Probe May Reach Donald Trump Personally

NZ climate change article - from the early 20th centry!!

Reality To Plead Not Guilty

Warrensburg teacher flips off the White House and sparks outrage from parents

Glass 1/2 empty: oversight committee loses Chaffetz. Glass FULL: Gowdy on deck! TreyGhazi! WHOOOO!

Exit poll predicts Conservatives largest party

Donald Trump is going to be impeached...

Schumer: "Play the tapes for all of America to hear or admit that there were no tapes."

"endeavors to influence" IS obstruction of justice

Trump's Lawyer Issues Memo Filled With Typos


Statement by Arizona Diamondbacks re: STATEMENT BY SENATOR JOHN McCAIN

Possible Spoilers! Last nights Fargo: Who else half expected to see

Maddow: I think what Sen McCain is saying is that FBI should investigate if Hillary Clinton colluded

House Republicans just voted to repeal Dodd-Frank.

Feds again condemn Riverview care, order Maine to repay $51 million

A Democrat is gaining ground in California governors race, and it isnt Gavin Newsom

While we watched Comey, Paul Ryan gutted Dodd-Frank, leaving economy vulnerable again

Trump lawyer: Comey testimony vindicates Trump

Trump's Plan Threatens Food Security For Millions Of Americans

Kirsten Gillibrand has my head but Kamala Harris has my heart

Has any Senator says loud and clear:

North Korea defies UN Security sanction and launches test missiles

Democat Shri Thanedar announces run for governor MLive MLiv

Is being blocked by Trump on Twitter an attack on free speech?

Explosive Device Detonates On Grounds Of U.S. Embassy In Kiev, No Injuries Reported TIME

BREAKING: UK Polls close; Exit polls indicate a Hung Parliament

First look at NASA's futuristic Mars rover vehicle

The biggest winner in today's Comey hearing?

White House On Lockdown After Television Is Hurled Out Window

James Comey Congressional Hearing Before Congress (Full Testimony) The New York Times


Slight Break In S. Florida Flooding Today, But More Storms Moving In Thursday PM

Which one is lying?

Am I the only one who cannot see my avatar of President Obama ?

What Did Comey say

Third attempt: What did Comey say???

After this we will ALL love Opera

What "leak"? Comey did not leak.

While everybody's attention was focused on Comey, the House rolled back Dodd-Frank

British election exit poll points to unexpected trouble for Prime Minister Theresa May that could...

Remember when Trump said...

Trumps Loyalty Is One Way

Comey "lost the confidence" of FBI employees, says Sarah Huckabee Sanders

New: A denial/clarification of Comey statement about Lynch, from a source familiar with discussion,

What if I want to post something I've written?

Was McCain trying to suggest the "Seth Richards" conspiracy theory?

A wild ride on Comey Island: Russia tried to hijack democracy and Donald Trump didnt even pretend t

So Bascially Comey said what we already knew about Trump

"Im sure special counsel looking at obstruction." Comey, 6/8/2017

I have used "I hope" as a threat and my kids know ECAXTLY what I mean!

Anyone else watching the UK election coverage?

16 Easy Weeknight Salmon Recipes

Former FBI Director Comey: Attorney General Sessions Wont Stand Up To Trump

Comey making his memos public was a stroke of

Cheeto himself was uncharacteristically quiet Thursday morning. Donald Jr., on the other hand..

The President is a Liar...

Is GOP using McCain to set up impeachment?

Don't leave me alonewith him... ;)

Takeaways From the Georgia Special Election (2d) Debate: A Sharper Clash

67% of Millennial Trump Supporters Consider Themselves Alpha Males

The United Methodist Church has appointed a transgender deacon

The Let it Go cannot be discussed without

What does the world like about us?

Am I right that Dems are just mostly nicer than Repubs?

Desrshowitz: Comey a chicken who is afraid of seagulls, take obstruction off the table

Comey Testimony Will Change NOTHING. GOP Leadership Proves It Will Do NOTHING At ALL.

LIVE: UK General Election Results Programme - BBC News

Bill Kristol: "GOP Senators this pm -Not just concerned -They're pretty terrified"

ANALYSIS: Comey goes nuclear in showdown with Trump

Trumpism is toxic. U K Conservatives will be short of a majority,

Can we get an ole fashioned pool going? When will the first tweet come out?

Ivanka Trump's brand distances itself from China shoemaker

During Senate Intel Cmte's closed session today, senators learned about a 3rd Sessions meeting


CBS Scott Pelley : "The president ORDERED Comey to drop the Flynn investigation"

An observation about the investigations

Looks like it's all over but the graft and payoffs...

Somewhere Anita Hill is shaking her head and saying, "Finally. It took 26 years

Take Away Points from Today

The Five Lines of Defense Against Comeyand Why They Failed

I'm convinced that the biggest hacking occurred at the RNC

Sen. James Risch on CNN -- "The Russians TRIED to affect the election, but they failed!"

BBC News: Labour worried postal vote favoring Conservatives, not reflected in Exit Poll

Kobach Launches Kansas Guv Campaign With Hardline Immigration Stance

Tomorrow's NY Daily News Cover

PIC of Trump at Rally During Comey's Testimony

WATCH: Katy Tur destroys Trump teams Comey is a leaker argument in under 70 seconds

This Changes Everything Should Mean Everything

Is Paul Ryan Really Brushing Off Trump Mistakes as "Inexperience"? (w/Congressman Mark Pocan)

Nope! Trump did not lie!

As Russia Investigation Wears On, Will Republicans Start to Shy Away from Trump?

THIS is what seems to have been forgotten in James Comey's testimony today.

Lilly Singh: A Geography Class for Racist People

Ryan's sorry excuse for Trump is pathetic!

Takeaways From the Georgia Special Election (2d) Debate: A Sharper Clash

MTP Guest on Comey "Leaking" His Memos

Theresa May Says UK Will 'Tear Up' Human Rights Laws If Needed For Terror Fight

Watching the BBC returns.

A tweet dissing Trump, sent into to space.. April 2017

The 81-year-old woman inspiring a nation to recycle

The 81-year-old woman inspiring a nation to recycle

Genesee County (MI) commissioner allegedly yelled ethnic slurs from pontoon boat

'Obstruction aside, it's NEVER ok for a POTUS privately to ask an FBI Director to drop

Bet a fat man to a skinny mule...

Comey Forces Trump Defenders Into Extreme and Absurd Spin (David Corn)

Groper Don the Con LIED about this - Obama did not wiretap him

Kamala Harris: Key point: Comey told Rosenstein about his concerns about Trump meetings. Then, Rose

Marc Kasowitz . . . . sounded like a guy who'd be working for a guy like John Gotti.

Trey Gowdy.....

Governor signs bill allowing 'common consumption'areas

UK election head scratcher.

Zinke defends Trump's climate cuts by getting facts wrong

Exclusive: Deutsche Bank says privacy laws prevent Trump disclosures

Comey's Testimony, in HP Lovecraft Style....

Cancer drug prices are so high that doctors will test cutting doses

If Obama Had Thrown Everybody Out Of His Office But Comey, And Then Said.."Hillary's A Good Gal..."

How Comey could have dealt with Rich re Trump

Breaking! Sessions denies fucking any rats in the last 48-72 hours


UK Treasury Sec. loses her seat.

Jennifer Rubin is ripping this Deplorable a new face on Tweety

Rosie ODonnell donates to NSA Whistleblower 'Relief Fund'...Reality Winner...

For over a decade, I havehave a vague suspicion that Trump

Do we have a UK results live thread? If not, here it is!

First on CNN: House Russia probe receives Flynn documents

Jennifer Rubin: Contempt of Congress

Comey told senators Sessions may have met Russia's ambassador a third time

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 9 June 2017

Yo joybee who ya got for the Belmont???