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Archives: June 9, 2017

Did you recover a little hope after today's testimony from James Comey?

John Ossoff support increases after debate with Karen Handel Trump

Schumer on the Senate floor dares Trump to release the tapes

You Know Who's REALLY S#!tting Their Pants Right Now? It's Not GOP Senators...

W Magazine: What it Feels Like for a Woman and James Comey

The problem with Sessions resigning or being fired

Chris Hayes: Fallen Out of Favor or Just Never in Favor?

David Frum rips the execrable and Deplorable Jonathan Turley a new, errrr face

by Robert Reich:Im in Washington today. Heres what Im finding:The mood in the city

General Election Night Resources

Interesting Tweets From Guardian Analyst; UK Election Sharpest L-R, Young-Old Division He's Seen

Why is Junior twitting now?

Paulie, Paulie, Paulie....don't you know?

Anyone see Senators' faces after closed hearing??

The former head of the FBI called the sitting POTUS a liar

"Would you like to wash the dishes?" Do the exact words...

The phrase, "I hope you will let it go", must be taken in context...

These words, "The President is not a liar" recall, "I am not a crook"

Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman -"You have corrupt intent up the wazoo."

Pelosi: Trump shows contempt for justice

The one sentence Comey said today that made my jaw hit the floor

Fox News spin: Comey should have taught Trump how to obey the law because Trump is stupid

Europe's Blustery Weather Boosts Renewables to Record Highs


Katy Tur: Why Comey sharing his memos is not a leak, as Trumps lawyer falsely claimed today

Approval rating better than Bush's worst but getting closer

"Deliver a message to the Democrats and the Mainstream Media..." (An ad on TV)

Trump Asks Entire Senate To Clear Out Of Chamber So He Can Speak To Comey Alone

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Comey

Feeling demoralized

White House on Lockdown After Television Is Hurled Out Window

Obstruction of Justice.

Bob Stoops one huge failure at Oklahoma

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - Mobster Don

Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

For those trumpers who defend him because he's "naive", "inexperienced", remember what trump

The "smoking gun"

So all DU skeptics - your comments re the bombshell testimony today

House GOP voted today to make it nearly impossible to hold big banks accountable for cheating you.

I think Americans deserve to know who in our government actually pledged their loyalty to Trump.

​Where climate change is most likely to induce food violence

Republicans dine at White House, then use Comey hearing to try to exonerate Trump

Charlie Hebdo goes too far???

Trump's policies have turned some Mormon women in Utah into political activists

Parliamentarian threatens deadly blow to GOP healthcare bill

However true the exit poll, this is already Jeremy Corbyns night

Using terror as an excuse for more terror

"He's new to this" says Paul Ryan...

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker Thread. Just Another Thursday! Live Uncensored & a new

Ryan's Trump defense in a nutshell:

Montana congressman-elect to be sentenced for altercation with reporter

Trump to evangelicals: We're 'under siege,' will be stronger

Supreme Court temporarily blocks Alabama execution of man convicted of three murders

Malcolm Nance says if it were him, he would cop a plea.

All this excitement about Comey/Trump is not a good thing.

Jewish Nurse Breastfeeds Palestinian Baby While Mother is Hospitalized

Interesting comment made about Corbyn's UK campaign.

A murder of crows and a mischief of rats...

"The president's councel does not appear to be awesome."

Wonder Woman - Luckovich 'toon

Ive seen the exit polls, but is their a actual vote count yet

A bit of history and "ghosts" in the machine.....Stories from a amateur watch collector.

"13 going on 30". Cute, light fun movie.

While You Were Comey-ing, the House Was Up to No Good

Former US Ambassador to Denmark re: May Losing Power: Europe is revolting against Trump

Nick Clegg 'loses seat' amid Liberal Democrat slump in Sheffield Hallam

Pssssssssst! Breitbart has lost 90% of its advertisers in the last two months: tracking firm

14 Strange Habits Every Arizonan Will Defend To The Death

From Rupert Murdoch's New York Post-Trumps in trouble after that Jim Comey hearing

Let's think the (previously) unthinkable ...

All hail @Lawrence . Trolling the Fuck out of Trump

'Watergate-Level': Sen Ron Wyden On Trump Actions In James Comey Testimony

"Unlike most US pundits and politicians, Comey called a LIE a LIE"

Lawrence ODonnell made me LAUGH SO HARD i cried !!!!

2018 and 2020 US Senate Elections- Seats Democrats need to win to get back in the majority.

Corbyn just gave a speech that makes me wish I could have voted for him

Laurence Tribe on MSNBC talking about DT & whether he could be indicted.

From 2016: Trumps own bankruptcy lawyers say he lies so much they could only meet with him in pairs

Review: In Becoming Cary Grant, the Turmoil Beneath the Suave.

Trump will never recover from Comey even if he isn't impeached or found guilty

If you're on Twitter, important long thread about Hillary and her 'superpredators' remark

Aides took advantage of Trump's short attention span to keep him distracted and off Twitter

Any news from Georgia and the special election?

Sorry for bragging, but I have one of the best movie blogs on the planet

First France and Now Great Britian Rejecting Trumpism?

James Comey's testimony: Comey was "playing chess."

Kushner To Meet With Senate Intelligence Committee Staffers In June

Dead Eyes

I'm smart! Not like everybody says... like dumb... I'm smart and I want respect!

Don't Blame the Pilot for the Plane Crash, He Never Flew a Plane Before


House passes bill to replace Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law

My wet dream

So let's review shall we?

UK Election Update (11 PM)

Neoprogressives TYT Go After WaPo For Being In Bed With The "Deepstate"

Karl Rove: Trump lacks the focus or self-discipline to do the basic work required of a president

There is hope:

Tongan parliament lost for words to include woman MP

He said that he "knew the system better than anyone"...

Name some movies you think are underrated, or unfairly maligned...

Corbyn calls on May to resign as British election results show losses for Conservatives

Democrat Rich Leopold drops his bid for Iowa governor

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts announces re-election bid, says he'll focus on lowering property taxes

Rachel reported tonite that NY Times stands by their report

Best Godfather Movie 1, 2, Or 3 - ?

BBC estimate of UK national vote share

Gov. Ricketts proclaims June 19-25 Nebraska Pollinator Week

Loyalty is to the Constitution, not to the President.

BBC: "Once source says Teresa May is 50/50 to go..."

When in doubt, blame it on "Baseball."

I wonder if Trump will soon be singing that haunting old spiritual?

Headlines across America....and fox

I really, really, really hope tonight's UK results won't end up bringing about Prime Minister

We are living in the Trump world

Alleged NSA Leaker May Have Had Plans to Release More Classified Information

Here is a snapshot of my Facebook life

Can Trump Govern?

If This Had Been Obama ...

First outing with new lens

Qatar fight finally spills over into the global energy market

McCain explains confusing Comey questions: Maybe going forward I shouldnt stay up late

"You can be anything." - Lynda Carter a.k.a. Wonder Woman

Gov. Brown criticizes union threats aimed to force corporate tax increase

How The Fuck Are Cons Calling This A Vindication For Trump?...

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 11 - Oregon Adventures

What is The Rump doing to protect this country?

TCM Schedule for Monday June 12 - Star of the Month: Audrey Hepburn

Congrats to our UK & French friends for stepping up in important elections.


Words of wisdom from Sir Humphrey Appleby

Tammy Duckworth on Comey's testimony:

Comey told senators Sessions may have met Russia's ambassador a third time

MS150 this weekend. 150 miles from Duluth to the Twin Cities.

Any chance that congressmen are being threatened?...

"I was fired because of the Russia investigations"

Friday will be FANTASTIC for me....

Reality Winner finding a sense of community in prison - fellow inmates stand by her

Lordy I hope there are tapes...

Just me yelling at racists on FB, Cross posted from GD

Past food safety questions raised at BPI trial over "pink slime"

GOPs New Defense of Trump: The Guys A Toddler, He Doesnt Know Any Better

Democrats, Sutton enter South Dakota governor race

Could Pompeo have been hiding info from Comey?

Comey/Trump - I Can Now Understand Why GOP Men Aren't Sympathetic Re Sexual Harassment

Louise Mensch: Bushes are the "best of America"

After Gear Up, EB-5 scandals, lawmakers look for transparency in tracking funds

So here's a Trumpista's conclusion drawn from Comey's testimony today.

Diving in: Lawmakers to hold special session on lake access

Isn't it obvious why Comey struggled to figure out how to respond to Trump's "hopes"?

James Comey Testifies, Says Trump Lied: A Closer Look

Comey Takes the Stand (But Leaves the Juicy Details Behind): The Daily Show

Thank You Mother Russia ( the tune of Let It Be...)

When a High Five goes wrong...

What the fuck just happened today?

May's UK election gamble backfires as Tories lose majority

BRIAN WILLIAMS 6/8/17 Who do you believe: Donald Trump or James Comey?

Jeff Sessions' Leaked Letter Of Resignation

Legacy Fund beset by lower oil prices, group urges strategic investment plan

North Dakota unions rally for health care

Thinking about McCain, maybe it wasn't sudden-onset dementia.

Trump's lawyer botches timeline.

RACHEL MADDOW SHOW 6/8/17 MSNBC News June 8, 2017

Guess the one sentence from Comey's testimony that Russia Today is clinging to.

Wichita Falls LGBT community 'deeply distressed' by proclamation denial

The Burning River That Sparked a Revolution

After watching Desrshowitz, news sites put him on only to bring in conservative viewers

Wichita County DA troubled attorneys making less than court reporters

HAND COUNTED PAPER BALLOTS for yesterday's election in UK

Britains Conservatives Lose Majority.

Millar: Mexican shoppers spend almost $1 billion a year in McAllen alone

Former Minnesota governor and wrestler Jesse Ventura to work for Russian TV

Guess Who's Comey To Dinner?

Can Comey sue trump for slander?

Like Father, Like Son: Eric Trump Does Something Awful

U.S. Supreme Court upholds ruling that Houston bail system is unfair

Beer drinkers beware if Trump taxes aluminum, brewer says

FDA seeks removal of opioid painkiller from the market

Exit polls are always correct once there is no

Army Colonel and Others Indicted In $20 Million Bribery and Fraud Scheme

Woodlands financial advisor pleads guilty in $1.9M fraud case

Guilty plea in butt-injection killing lands Dallas woman in men's prison

Headlines in Britain - hilarious

Josh Marshall (TPM): Thoughts on Comey's Testimony

Love me some Vicente Fox....

Nevada Gov. Sandoval vetoes $12 / hour min wage ("would undermine NV economic recovery")

Bernie Sanders congratulates Jeremy Corbyn, saying he is 'delighted' at the result

Judge extends stay in Twin Peaks civil cases to March

James Comey's Testimony Featuring Stephen Colbert

Bernie Sanders responds to Comey testimony: 'Donald Trump is a blatant liar'

USS Gabrielle Giffords to be commissioned in Texas

USS Gabrielle Giffords to be commissioned in Texas

So: Anyone hearing any GOP coming to the gropenfuhrer's defense? Faux snooze? Anyone?

Pharmacists can prescribe birth control pills

Comrade Comb-over breaks Twitter silence on Comey.

He's up and going

MJ rips into Mark Halperin for being the Trump toadie that he is.

Trump breaks his Twitter silence on Comey:False statements and lies, total and complete vindication

Breakfast, anyone?

Yesterday, Labor won in the UK...Liberals!! It was a huge upset...beware GOP, you are next.

Scarborough notes that Trump has broken every campaign promise, but who's surprised?

Comey was asked why Americans should care about investigation into Russian meddling in US election.

Ryan: The President is new at this.

General election 2017: May strikes deal with DUP to form UK government - live

Takei: It's not called leaking. It's called karma.

I hope no one here follows Dump on twitter, but if you do

Republicans were shocked just how well Comey came across"

As Trumps Stench Spreads, Republicans Hold Their Noses and Carry On

Note to Paul Ryan: "You do not need to understand the obstruction of justice statute to violate it"

Top Dem wants feds to probe GOP 'stock trading scandal'

This potus doesn't care about *us*. Not a subset of us, but any of us.

We Are Living Trump/GOP Dictatorship They Will Sink The Country By 2018.

GOP Plan. Make Comey Public Enemy Number One.

Comey: Russians will be back to interfere with our elections. GOP: THAT'S WHAT WE WANT!!!

Government Website Designed To Draw Climate Scientists To France Goes Live

Automation could kill nearly half of all Canadian jobs

Silly Us! Exxon May Have "Accidently" Erased 7 Years Of Tillerson's "Wayne Tracker" Emails

Is anyone else getting the sense that the entire trump administration is a old style Mob outfit?

Trump has been vindicated by Comey's false statements and lies.

Trump's word vs. Comey's word (and Comey was under oath). Striking when you see it all back-to-back

Pockets Of Ocean Acidification Hit West Coast: Ocean Avg. pH 8.1; In Some Areas 7.4

Tell us again about your uncomfortable dinner with The Important Man, Mr. Comey (satire)


45 is never going to get it- It can't be both a leak and a lie/fake news at the same time ;)

Is this really a hard call?

The origin of Superheroes: Quicksilver (comics)

Did anyone see Trevor last night. He was hysterical - talking about how the Reps

New Yorker cover next week (Photo taken inside the Grandfather Clock by the door...)

Ossoff +7

Isn't this special?

Mourning Joe introduced Pelosi as "Speaker to Be"

Republicans unhappy that voters tie them to Trump.

Map Porn: If "Did Not Vote" Was a Candidate...

In Just 3 Minutes, Zinke Shows He's A Whore, A Fool Or Just Doesn't Give A Shit On Climate

Perfect metephor for the Trump "win" from the NFL

Great - "hero" and "patriot" Reality Winner wanted to burn down the white house and live in

Pelosi to Trump: "Go To Sleep"

NYTimes: The Presidents Lies

If Trump Is Too Ignorant to Be Guilty, Hes Too Ignorant to Be President

Simpsons - Lord Palmerston vs. Pitt the Elder

How much are we, American citizens, paying Kellyanne Conway and

Why does my spell check correct "covfefe" to fuck you america, sincerely Putin?

Did anyone watch episode 5 of Twin Peaks? Does it get better?

Has Shit for Brains tweeted about May's colossal loss?

John Ossoff 51 Karen Handel- Trump 44


Mr. Comey and All the Presidents Lies

Want to know if Trumpcare is good for kids? Ask the head of Children's Hospitals.

Men's semi's have started


--Movie Review-- This is the Wonder Woman we have waited for--(Some spoilers)

Sorry Trumpologists, it wasn't a leak

"You can always count on Americans to do the right thing after they've tried everything else."

Trump's lawyer to file complaint against Comey over memos

Democrats are rallying but will the fight against President Donald Trump produce results?

trump & attorneys are going to file complaint against Comey for leaking his own memos

Release the tapes, Don. Release the tapes!

Were James Comey's leaks Lawful? WP Analysys

'Real News Tonight' Distracts Trump From The Comey Hearing

Ha! The Henry II clip was played on Morning Joe along with

Could We Have A Moment Of Silence...

Trump Declares 'Total And Complete Vindication' After Comey Hearing

Call your Republican Senators VOTE NO on TRUMPCARE. Here ph#s & some info

How long before trump testifies under oath or is deposed?

...meanwhile tRump nominates federal judges.

Marc Kasowitz Takes Break From Partying At Trump Hotel To Talk To The Press

Sen. Schumer reacts to Comey testimony

Joe Conason - Comey's Testimony Stumps Fuming And Fumbling Trump Defenders

Prosecutors: Contractor wanted to 'burn the White House down'

Jeff Sessions Pushes Back On Parts Of Comey's Testimony

Resigned to Trumps Woes, G.O.P. Keeps Working on Legislative Goals

Secret recording reveals GOP lawmaker freaking out about 'going down with the ship' for Trump

How are you today?

WaPo: Trumps lawyer and GOP allies offer the worst defenses ever

"Why is the DUP so controversial? The party's stances on abortion, gay marriage and climate change"

Congressional phones have gone silent

NY Times, Paul Krugman: Wrecking the Ship of State

2018 US Senate Race-Dean Heller-NV is the most vulnerable incumbent US Senator up for re-election

Trump supporters: Comey's the liar

Folks, the Brits have Elmo, Boss Hogg, and Trash Can Darth Vader as candidates.

slowly, the tide is turning.

The NYC Subway banned dogs unless they fit in a bag...

NYT Opinion piece is brilliant. Predator in Chief and James Comey

Okay, Trump. You're really going to go with the "vindication" thing? Really? Honestly?

Chelsea Manning thanks Obama in first TV interview after release

Fox News was even more Bizarro World than usual this morning

Georgia Congressional Districts Democrats need to target in addition to GA-6

Trump is Under Investigation

The Secret Life

Allentown Diocese Catholic priest pleads guilty to child pornography charges, but says...

Wow-Now the Alt-Right is calling neo-conservative and conservative Never Trumpers liberals.

Trump's lawyer to file complaint against Comey: report

Japan nuclear workers inhale plutonium after bag breaks

Islamic State threatens attacks in Saudi Arabia

Evangelicals know Trump is a liar. They just dont care

Former GOP Congressman calls out Ryan for lying about GOP unwillingness to impeach Trump

Ryan- Trump couldn't form criminal intent because "hes just new to this."

What is a "leak complaint?"

Bernie Sanders Slams 1% in Praise for U.K.'s Corbyn

Ex-Watergate prosecutor: 'Corrupt intent up the wazoo'

Trump's Openly Intimidating a Potential Witness in the Obstruction Investigation

"Look at my brows. . . . How serious I look!" . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Tucker Carlson!!!

Trump under investigation despite "Complete vindication" tweet

Do we have to do this again ? The difference between use of power and abuse of power.

Pelosi: Sessions should resign as attorney general

AJC poll: Ossoff opens lead over Handel in Georgia's 6th

Sticking with the DPRK_News theme, here's this weekend's dance tune:

It seems - shockingly - that Republicans don't quite understand the meaning of the word "leak"

Sky News vs. BBC: how "bad" is Sky ?

Wisconsin State Rep: "The Earth Is 6,000 Years Old, That's A Fact"

Amy Klobuchar went to law school with James Comey.

I have a theory about what's happening here...

Trump Officials Refuse To Answer Senate Questions About Donald Trump

Who are these dick-wads who say "there is no evidence of wrong-doing?"

Spinal Tap's Derek Smalls to release solo album

Michael Flynn, Russia in grand scheme to build nuclear plants in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world

Could we end up in a scenario like this?

Baby elephant wants to cuddle:

Dershowitz gets his pat on the head - Trump just retweeted him

Republicans close ranks around Trump during Comey testimony

Thinks he got 'total vindication'

Charlottesvile renames parks

Record number of women elected to British Parliament

Secretly recording conversations or not?

Sen. Angus King Details Tense Exchange At Intel Hearing

Laurence Tribe rebuts Klause von Bulow's and Trump's tv consigliere

Theres no indication Comey violated the law. Trump may be about to.

The investigation you don't hear about much

"I object!" . . . Please come CAPTION Trump's attorney Marc Kasowitz!!!

BREAKING NEWS: Oval Office grandfather clock suffers fall from fourth floor bathroom.

GOP rep: Republicans 'not being supportive enough' of Trump

We Watched Comey's Testimony With A Former Senate Intel Member

Senator McCaskill leaves Orrin Hatch speechless with demand for hearing on AHCA

Matt Schlapp has a big sad while trying to prop up Trump and tear down Comey

The Tucson Weekly: A secret recording shows U.S. Rep. McSally has some concerns about reelection.

Trump praises House vote to dismantle Dodd-Frank

Theres no indication Comey violated the law. Trump may be about to.

"Comey Supporters"

WaPo: How the pro-Trump media covered the Comey trial

Let them eat Horse Meat - Donald The Trump

There's no indication Comey violated the law. Trump may be about to.

Jackie Wilson was born on this date.

Too, too, too funny.

Trump's complaint about Comey's "leak" could be obstruction of justice - here's why

Les Paul was born on this date.

'Pretty weak tea': NBC's Pete Williams mocks Trump lawyer's threat against Comey

I do believe Donald doesn't fart enough

Cole Porter, songwriter for the ages, was born on this date.

Nancy Pelosi on Trump: "I think his family should be concerned of his health"

Pic Of The Moment: The Latest Republican Defense Of Trump

Sen. Harris asks Comey if it was appropriate for Sessions to be involved in firing after recusal

Cynical or real?

Repub Congresswoman Taped: Freaking Over Trump.

Kris Kobach has been sued 4 times by ACLU and lost. He now runs trumps "voter fraud" commission

Comey tells Sen. Feinstein he was 'stunned' by Trump's comments about Flynn probe

Exclusive: Trump's official leak complaint has been leaked. Here it is:

This powerful argument against Trumpcare has no words...

"Why do you believe you were fired?", asked Sen. Feinstein

Need some reassurance, please. Tell me that Trump isn't going to get away with it! Please!

Trump completely vindicated!

Looking down the road could this be bad for the Republicans in 2018?

"Don't you ever leave me alone in a room with HIM again."

45's Shades Of Gray.....

Mini-Presser for the Madman today at 2:45

How to Look as Guilty as Possible For DUMMIEs - by Donald Trump

Wow. I followed Trumps twitter Alan Dershowitz link to the fox insider page.

Donald Trump Has Always Been....

Sumthing to make you feel happier today - Silly Song

See the Quietly Lovely Norwegian Ad That Got 120 Million Views in a Week

Comey Testifies Trump Lied: A Closer Look

Why is the press starting to favor trump?

The Daily 202: What would it take for the Republican base to stop trusting Donald Trump?

Why did Comey have to tell Trump three times that he was not being investigated?

"The guy won't pay and he won't listen" say lawyers who rejected Trump's case.

Intra-GOP Fight Ramps Up Over Medicaid Cuts In Obamacare Repeal

Lewandowski: Comey 'Wasn't Man Enough' To Give Memos Directly To Press

Trump told Pelosi: You know I won the popular vote

Can Charlotte Pride parade exclude Gays for Trump float?

Office of Special Counsel Finds WH Dir of Social Media Violated Hatch Act, Issues Warning

'This is nonsense': Iowa GOP senator tears into Trump White House for trying to block info requests

Trump and US infrastructure...........

KO: What We Now Know From James Comey Parsing the FBI director's extraordinary insights into Trump's

Woman suicide bomber kills at least 30 in Iraqi market

KO:What We Now Know From James Comey Parsing the FBI director's extraordinary insights into Trump's

Mr. president - If You're Calling Comey A Liar How Are You Sure....

N.S.A. Contractor May Have Mishandled Secrets Before, Prosecutor Says

Took this from Facebook...I like it!

The most chilling line of Comeys testimony

Trump's infrastructure "plan"

Ladies & Gentlemen: I present the most desperate talking-point ever that Trump has been vindicated.

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - Comey and the Don

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Newbie!

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Total and complete vindication!

comey and the predator-in-chief--women say, "welcome to our world"

See DICK. See DICK's binder. It's a BIG binder. DICK has a big binder. A very, very BIG binder.

Our inability to talk about gun regulations is literally killing us

James Comey and the Predator-in-Chief--women say, "welcome to our world"

Where is this going?

James Comey and the Predator-in-Chief--women say, "welcome to our world"

Mark it down: June 21 is when the Republicans start really ditching Tr*mp

The National Republicans virtually have no Party left without Trump's hardcore base

What are the chances that Sessions will resign in the next 30 days.

Californians give big thumbs down to new gas tax, poll finds

Poll: Dem Ossoff leads by 7 in Georgia House race - 06/09/17

Trump returning to Bedminster to spend the weekend

Fox News Was Attacking Barack Obama for Using Dijon Mustard at This Point in His Presidency

Further proof that it's time to reject the notion that the Dow is some sort of Oracle

A Virginia imam said female genital mutilation prevents hypersexuality, leading to calls for his d

Ryan Says GOP Wouldn't Impeach If Trump Were Democrat

U.K. Turnout Models Ignored Surge In Youth Vote

Poll: Dem Ossoff leads by 7 in Georgia House race - 06/09/17

Chelsea Manning explains why she leaked secret military documents

What Republicans Are Saying This Morning

Just saw the latest tweets

Trump attacked an environmental impact statement on a Maryland road he said was too long and costly.

Preserved Ruins Where the Treaty of Cahuenga was Signed in 1847

Comey Leaves Trump Under Cloud of Investigations

Exclusive: Trump targets illegal immigrants who were given reprieves from deportation by Obama

Man in Washington Hits 3, Including 2 Police Officers, With Truck.


Breitbart Lost 90% of Its Advertisers

trump calls comey a leaker?...trump leaked to the the white house.

Mitch McConnell Basks in GOP Victory on Courts

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is asking for comments on Twitter

colbert: happy st. comey's day

Well, I suppose May was right about something

Portland police asked militia to "help", militia recruited by GOP official

New links between key figures in Russian mob arrests and DT.

Bernie Sanders to mark the 'turning point' for his political revolution

REDESIGNED union news on the web!!!

REDESIGNED union news on the web!!!

x-posted from GD: Member of Portland militia-style group helps police arrest anti-fascist protester

When you've lost Karl Rove . . .

I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go.

Claire McCaskill Calls Out Top GOPer On Obamacare Repeal Secrecy

Dan Scavino officially reprimanded for violating Hatch Act

Russia may seize U.S. property if its own compounds not returned: Kommersant

J.K. Rowling: "I'm sick of 'liberal' men whose mask slips everytime a woman displeases them

This comment by Comey slipped by with little notice, but it is important

link to "Wonder Woman got your back" page

Office Of Special Counsel: Trump's Social Media Director Violated Hatch Act

Delaware governor signs first state abortion rights law under Trump

So, how long will the GOP stay on the ship with Trump at the controls?

The Senate Repukes will pass an ACA repeal

Saudi football chiefs apologise over London attack tribute

House Freedom Caucus chief calls for U.S. tax reform plan by end-July

hey consumers...think the 'president' is working for you?

U.S. aims to trim its U.N. peacekeeping bill after Trump's calls to slash

He lied, ( again ) ... now we must persist !

White House social-media director Dan Scavino violated Hatch Act

Mueller Enlists Top Criminal Law Expert for Russia Probe

Texting woman injured in fall through sidewalk access door.

Call Trump to testify under oath: CHECKMATE!

GOP Senator Slams DOJ Legal Opinion As 'Nonsense' That 'Floods The Swamp'

Top 10 Conservative Idiots World Tour

Trump faces backlash over $3M Holocaust Museum cuts

New girl band... Fire Tiger enjoy!

UPDATED: Tillerson calls for ease on blockade against Qatar

Amazon to offer reduced price for Prime Membership for those with lower income. The replies over at

Arab powers draw up Qatari blacklist; Turkey to send troops as Gulf crisis deepens

It's such an unbelievable shame that the world has to be destroyed before

French Open Spoiler

A Basic Question the Media Should Ask on Who's Telling the Truth: Comey or Trump

Russia may seize U.S. property if its own compounds not returned: Kommersant

Did Trump just acknowledge (in a tweet, of course) that he told Comey to back off Michael Flynn?

A thought: For all practical purposes, Trump is now the FBI's Public Enemy #1.

Hanging on "hope"

You know what I find scary and dangerous

GOP Senator Slams DOJ Legal Opinion As Nonsense That Floods The Swamp

How we got here, and what do we do about it?

Brad Pitt plays weatherman to poke fun at Trump: "There is no future"

When Trump complained that Comey leaked the contents of a private conversation...

I think we should dive into the Fake News business from our POV ! Bet DUers

Oh "LORDY"! Trump is going to have a news conference!

Democrat Steve Farley announces 2018 Arizona governor campaign

Germany takes in first gay Chechen refugee

Issa posts about Taylor Swift

LIVE VIDEO: Trump Holds Press Conference

Tom The Dancing Bug Toon - Get a Better Deal out of the Global Climate

Follow the cell phone pings to cell towers

The odd thing about the Reality Winner deal is:

Canvassers charged in fake, fraudulent voter registrations

Venezuela government turns on 'traitor' prosecutor Ortega

Scottish Episcopal Church votes to back same-sex marriage (religious good news)

Total vindication? Not so fast...

Senate Republicans Are Trying To Keep You In The Dark About Obamacare Repeal

Never Been to Russia, Never Peed on the Bed

Rogue SNR Advisor....

Interfaith coalition launches Know Your Neighbor campaign (good news)

trump in the rose garden bragging on himself

Eight years ago today, we were embroiled in a political scandal that shook our nation.

F that f-ing Cheetos colored thing. That is all. Edited cuz mangos are better then him.

Trump meets The Honeymooners

For this, I gave up "What's My Line?"???!!! n/t

No immediate arrest today, so Trump is vindicated.

RIP Glenne Headly :(

The one indisputable Truth about the Trump Administration

Trump just called King Salman of Saudi Arabia

Y'all do realize that Corbyn is WAY to the left of Sanders..........

45 in the Rose Garden taking press questions

You'd think trump might talk to his Sec of State

Again with the election?


We are living in Orwell's 1984 right now

Yahoo! Yes sir re, electoral college!!

Ted Cruz cut off during Faith and Freedom coalition speech

What the heck with this timidity???

Officials give tongue-tied defense of Trump

Reza Aslan Out At CNN On Heels Of Trump Piece of Sh*t Tweet

Q: Romanian Visa waivers? DT: we never discussed. Romanian: I raised the issue....

'If I could only sell that'.....fake news....

New York Attorney General Looking Into Eric Trump Foundation

This Pharma Company Won't Commit To Fairly Pricing A Zika Vaccine You Helped Pay For

This Press Conference was a Bad Idea.

Trump's 'infrastructure week' goes off the rails

President Trump, stop blocking me on Twitter

Maine high school reportedly first in US to provide Muslim athletes sport hijabs

L.A. proposes new regulations on how and where marijuana shops can operate

The Fall of Theresa May - and Donald Trump? - By Andrew Sullivan

Like expensive bank bailouts? You'll love the financial bill the House just passed

Trump says he'll make U.S. infrastructure 'envy of the world'

I can't watch him anymore. He's just soooo F'en disgusting! n/t

Trump's lawyer now being resuscitated

Trump says Comey said things that 'just weren't true' in Senate testimony

USS Gabrielle Giffords to get commissioned

Well, we now know FOR SURE that Orange Buffoon won't be presenting any tapes

He said he's willing to testify under oath. I wouldn't believe him for a second.

Wow! I am more covfefe than before!

Trump: "No collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker, we are...uh, doing really well."

Donald Trump is a profoundly incompetent president

So, where is Pence these days. Hiding in the curtains. Trying to decontaminate himself from

Trumps Interactions With Comey: Criminal or Clueless?

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 9, 2017

When I was nine years old

Trump goes on offensive against ex-FBI chief, calling him a 'leaker'

Why Trump doesn't want to release his tapes:

Advice to People with Access to Classified Material:

Trump publicly commits to NATO mutual-defense provision

Democrats: Will new GOP oversight chairman Trey Gowdy pursue Trump?

TRUMP JUST NOW: Comey LIED about "letting go" of Flynn AND the "loyalty pledge." Saying dems lied

He literally had people at his rallies raise their hands and pledge an oath..

Delay is a common technique of Donald Trump...

ROFLMAO , Teh stupid, it burns!!

Is Trump politically vulnerable? He has a plan for that - By Tom Toles

Just One Question I Want Trump to Answer...

He will release tapes Right after he releases his tax forms.

Dear Diary..

Thirty times, they caught him when Trump was confronted with his falsehoods under oath in 2007

So the White House tapes are on the shelf next to President Obama's Kenyan birth certificate.

Thank you James Comey

for your viewing pleasure

No! What McCain meant to say was: "Garble warble fashes baseball ;oiqherg!13adejved..."

Put that POS under oath!

Trump: I would speak under oath on Comey

I work in the fashion industry in NYC and in the last 3 weeks...

Louise Mensch twitter: Dan Scavino(WH social media director) violated the Hatch Act.

I didn't say that. I will tell you, I didn't say that. There would be nothing wrong if I did say it.

The U.S. solar industry is doing just fine under Trump for now

I think that for most of us, there is no love lost where Comey is concerned

This has nothing to do with him wanting to be under oath

The Alan Dershowitz/Trump mystery solved.

Donald Trumps History of Lying Under Oath

Drain The Pool!

Senators are telling me that their phones have returned to normal, pre-Trump levels.

We Need To Talk About The Smart Stupid Person.

The Flynn/Trump/Saudi/Russia Plan To Nuclearize the Mideast. Oh, And Jeff Sessions.

Trump: I'm willing to testify under oath about Comey claims

House Intel Cmte requesting Comey's memos also asking WH Counsel to provide any Tapes of convos

What if?

One thing for sure about that snake Jeff Sessions is

Rev just said you can't catch a fish if he keeps his mouth closed

He's done it! Horsey McHorseface breaks through for his maiden win!

An excellent documentary!

He punched out at 4:15 today after a brutal week of work...

Apple, Facebook and other big tech stocks tank, weigh on Wall Street

CNN Dumps Host Reza Aslan After Anti-Trump Tweet....

First Rap song?

Nobody silences Nancy Pelosi

Call your Senator and say you want the Intelligence Committee to invite Trump to testify!

Ok children, what sounds did we hear on the trip to the farm yesterday?

He's UNSTABLE - More evidence

UPDATED: House Intelligence Committee leaders ask White House for any Comey tapes

Beatles Song Describes tRump Perfectly

FBI Notified: Mitch Mconnell in $2.5M Money Funnel Connected To Putin.

Just for fun, imaginary conversations amongst the trumps after Mel and Barron move in:

Trump seems to undercut comments from Secretary of State Tillerson on Qatar

Well, if you thought there were tapes...

Trump promises massive permit reform in infrastructure bill

Did anyone else notice?

Trump Caps Infrastructure Week By Tossing Binders on Ground

At least 18 million U.S. viewers tuned in for Comey testimony about Trump

U.S.-led forces appear to be using white phosphorus in populated areas in Iraq and Syria

We all know the tapes are doctored

IF Trump lied RE: Comey "tapes" (of course he did) what's that do to the he said, he said narrative?

Trump will never testify under oath

Skagit County Jury found Climate Activist Ken Ward Guilty

Not just Trump: US politicians are blocking constituents on Twitter, sparking a free speech debate

Kirsten Gillibrand drops f-bomb during speech on democracy

I have two questions about yesterday

the loser agrees to testify under oath, 100%

Shut up, slave!: A spilled Starbucks drink led to a racist tirade and sidewalk fight, police say

Trump Trolls the Constitution on Twitter

Q: If Obama had gone to a "winter" or "summer White House" EVERY WEEKEND, and Michelle refused

Danger Cheeto has a record of lying under oath

I am trying to do my level best to judge Trump's response to Comey fairly...

Remember when Don the Con needed two weeks to prove that Obama

Trump Walks All Over Tillerson On Qatar Dispute

Joy Reid: Watch his face. He's coming unglued.

When Donald J. Trump says something is 100% true, you can rest assured it isn't.

Trump Treasury nominee misrepresented Dartmouth degree

Trumpf will never testify! He was just posturing for the cameras. Wait for it!


Was it the Corbyn memes wot won it? Here are some of the best -very cool

Paul Ryan taped discussing GOP money laundering

In 2009, how many Democratic senators rationalized what Obama did as him being inexperienced?

Who's the liar?

Donald Trump lying for 13 minutes straight.


Charles Pierce: Somebody Put the President to Bed

F-35 Flights Halted at 1 Base After Hypoxia-Like Incidents

Lloyd Blankfein CEO of Goldman Sachs trolls Trump.

Kansas man faces hate crime indictment in bar shooting

Brand New on Slate - "Trump Hands Comey a New Weapon"

Eugene Robinson...'Donald under oath could get the death penalty.'

Speaking of lying...

So, will Trump create fake tapes using hi-tech means passing them off as genuine? I don't

Sound Familiar?

"Shitshow": Trump's closed-doored meetings in Brussels were way worse than the public performance.

What's your favorite submarine movie?

Golf Cart 1

Is there any way Democrats can call Trump's bluff on going under oath?

Feinstein recommends the Judiciary Cmte investigate all matters related to obstruction of justice.

Caught my favorite Juju out and about!!

The president of Romania looked more presidential than ours, just sayin !!!

Putin wanted to upend the US political system. Comeys testimony shows he succeeded.

2 Live-Stream Links People's Summit: Jim Hightower - From Resistance to Power - June 9 at 7PM CST

What the recent arrests have revealed re: RICO..etc

Good to know I'm not the only one who noticed this.

Trump faces backlash over $3M Holocaust Museum cuts

Trump's public performance in Brussels was a disaster. Behind closed doors, it was even worse.

Trump going away once more:

Omaha police chief: 'We failed'; 2 officers to be fired for violating policies in Taser incident

If trump has been asked to hand over the tapes and now says he has none, I would think he could be

Righteous rant by Dan Rather on Facebook - THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

Of course trump will answer questions 100% under means nothing to him.

The Rude One: Random Observations on Comey's Testimony ...

What do you think about getting service animal vests for non service animals

Keep Obama in Obamacare.

Insanity: Internet stunned as Trump sides with Saudis instead of his own secretary of state in Qat

Trump, who "did not ask Comey to take a loyalty oath," asks Orlando voters to take a loyalty oath.

if there were 'tapes', trump's personal body guard has probably taken them for a 'ride'

LISTEN TO TRUMP'S ANSWER ABOUT UNDER OATH AGAIN!! Listen very very closely to Trump!!

Trump and his consigliere accused Robert Mueller of subornation of perjury.

APNewsBreak: Gianforte to plead guilty to assault charge

Chump won't make it thru his first term --- OddsChecker website.

Here's a twisted thought I had....Comey wore a wire?

Cross Post: Bob Stoops one huge failure at Oklahoma

Comey don't play that

In Sharing Memos, Comey Did Nothing Wrong as a Former Official and Everything Right as a Whistleblow

Message when trying to record video on my Hauwei Ph

Message when trying to record video with my Huawei Ph

I'm "100 percent " not guilty

Conservatives near revolt on Senate health care negotiations

When a sitting president is on air repeating, "I didn't say that." he's done. It's only a matter of

Fla. grocer revealed as torturer, deported to El Salvador

Fla. grocer revealed as torturer, deported to El Salvador

Two children dead after left in car for 15 hours

Trump is too precise on number of times Comey said he wasn't under investigation

Ron Johnson, (R-WI): Net neutrality is just "a slogan," we need "paid fast lanes"

Bernie Sanders interview in the Financial Times

The Former Mexican President Has More Harsh Words For Trump

The Former Mexican President Has More Harsh Words For Trump

Who in their right mind thinks Trump would actually tell the truth?

Trump says Mueller was on the list to be the next FBI Director?

Dave Chappelle Donates $50,000 From Michigan Show To Flint Foundation

Anyone hyped for E3???

Parents eye Austrian asylum in Italy vaccination dispute

In your real life have you ever had to deal with a BSer/liar like Trump?

Houston-area single dad struggles to pay for insulin for 3 sons

Special Counsel Taps DOJ Heavyweight For Trump-Russia Probe Michael Dreeben

Mein Covfefe

The Simplest Shortbread You Can Bake

The youth for today: how the 2017 election changed the political landscape -excellent read

"I hardly know the guy"!


One good thing Hillary Loosing Find International Mobsters in Cahoots with Russia!

A minor aside re: scandals and impeachment

Meanwhile, in the Senate

Trump sets up a contest of credibility he simply cannot win

A Modest Proposal

India and Pakistan are now full members of SCO

I heard that Trump canceled the rest of the day.......

Don't forget Real Time tonight. Maher gets schooled on the "N...." word and flushes

Problem with Google News.

Spring vegetable and egg cassoulet

For those who think Trump won't testify or didn't actually promise to