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Soooo Many Republicans Think Trump Handled Charlottesville Situation Correctly -----

Amateur Sleuths Aim to Identify Charlottesville Marchers, but Sometimes Misfire

Joy Reid in for Chris Hayes...

As seen on Facebook again

Protesters descend on Trump Tower as president returns home

He's Going Back to Trump Tower

VICE News (HBO) showed a report on Charlottesville

Hate group planning to meet in Colorado

Breaking Bad Presidency

Michael Bennett explains why he will keep sitting during anthem

Do you believe Trump's disavowal of his White Nationalist and NAZI followers was sincere?

Another CEO resigns from Trump's Council amid fallout from Charlottesville response.

Slate - "Run Them Down"

DOJ demands @DreamHost hand over 1.3 million IP addresses of everyone who visited anti-Trump site

Is there any doubt that the Trump appointees

WHAT????? DOJ requesting info on anti trump site visitors.

Trumps DoJ Just Demanded Personal Info Of 1.3 Million Visitors To Anti-Trump Website

Trump recorded a campaign robo-call. And it is soooo bad.

Holocaust Memorial in Boston damaged for second time this summer

Under Armour CEO is also leaving Trump's Manufacturing Council...

Durham (NC) protesters topple Confederate statue outside courthouse

Vanilla ISIS

Has Trump criticized 'Radical Christian Terrorists'?

Trump Cannot Redeem Himself: Saturday was the real Trump. Today's version was pure artifice.

Shouldn't Sarah Palin be accusing Trump of

Trumps Vision Problem......

I give Trump nothing for his bullshit statement

No wonder Potus 45 went back to "the dump" today

Trump Job Approval Rating Now at 34%, New Low

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Birther of a Nation! Live Uncensored & a new

BREAKING - Protesters in Durham topple confederate monument downtown

Strong condemnation of white supremists by Father James Martin, SJ

Live: Protesters gather at Trump Tower as the president arrives to stay at his New York property.

If you voted for Trump, you wanted death panels.

Sign at store selling Tiki torches

Man in Hostage Video Forced to Recite Words Not His Own

CEO of Under Armour resigned from Trump manufacturing council.

Every last Republican owns a share of responsibility for Charlottesville

Oklahoma City bank explosion plot

Is Jeffrey Toobin that much of an asshole?

Charlottesville Suspect Might Have Received Tacit Support From High-Level Government Figure

ROTFL Great Tiki Torches sign in store...

Thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center we can face reality head on....

The closest thing to a comment re. Charlottesville from potential Senate candidate Kid Rock

Paul Manafort Sought $850 Million Deal With Putin Ally and Alleged Gangster

Racist rally at Texas A&M on 9/11 to feature Richard Spencer: CounterProtest planned...

Powerful! Keith's Vlog and Rachel's A segment.

Trump arrives at his Trump tower on 1st trip home since inauguration

Rachel brilliant tonight - "We've always had white hate groups but 2 major differences now"

Denton ISD assistant principal removed for conservative children's book featuring Pepe the Frog

As a long-time resident of Durham NC, I want to remark on the mob action here today

Diverse group of anti-racism protesters knock down confederate monument in NC.

Protesters at Trump Tower chanting, "He's orange, he's gross, he lost the popular vote"

What's your favorite song from 2525?

A Murder Shatters the Dreams of Immigrant Tech Workers

'Member when the President didn't need a weekend to say "We don't like Nazis?" Good times, those.

any chance

Ex-ethics chief: Trump talk of pardoning Arpaio shows racists that he's on their side

GoDaddy, Google to Pull Plug on Daily Stormer Site After Article Mocks Charlottesville Victim


Police: Holocaust memorial vandalized; 2nd time this summer

Quite the diverse group

At recent dinner w Murdoch, Kushner and Kelly, Trump was told by Murdoch that Bannon has to go

Under Armour CEO latest to drop out from Trump council

FYI: The Mooch is on Stephen Colbert tonight. nt

David French, National Review: Fire Steve Bannon

Texas A&M cancels "White Lives Matter" protest scheduled for 9/11

If you missed Rachel Maddow catch her on the re-run.

Cuomo aide blames Sen. Michael Gianaris for state Senate Democrat tension

Breaking: White nationalists organize protest outside Charlottesville courthouse

We're all mad, beyond mad, incensed, burning. Some are scared.

Just one incident to remind us of just how vulnerable we really are

What's the chance...

New Yorker writer who exposed corrupt Trump deal in Azerbaijan found another one, in Batumi, Georgia

What's underappreciated in this story is that of Trump's 5 man FP team in early '16, 2 were Russian

6 students to share $660K settlement reached in teacher upskirting case

Slate - "In his Charlottesville do-over, Trump insists he got it right the first time."

I just received this email from my Senator, Chuck Schumer

White Nationalist Trump Supporter Car Terrorist, James Fields, Beat Up His Wheel Chair Bound Mom

Maddow tonight opening segment on disgusting white supremacy was powerful.

"Trump is the rare President capable of starting a nuclear war and a civil war in the same week."

Costco owes Tiffany more than $19 million for selling counterfeit rings

Slate - "Americans are disturbingly unbothered by the idea of striking first with nuclear weapons."

Officer on fatal Charlottesville crash: 'Hahahaha love this'

If Trump had been president during WWII

Intel CEO quits trumps group

A different way to deal with Alt-Right, Nazi & White Supremacists

Intel CEO exits President Trump's manufacturing council

Missile alarm: US satellites observe North Korea moving missiles into position, Mattis warns high al

Telit Communications chief fired after fraud allegations

***** BREAKING ***** Another CEO (INTEL) Leaves Trump's Manufacturing Council

CBO to release report Tuesday on ending ObamaCare insurer payments

A reminder..Colbert's got Mooch on tonite n/t

Doctor who took bribes will never again practice medicine in New Jersey

I have to ask. Why would anyone do this?

Politico article from April, worth reread now: "If Trump Fired Bannon, Would He Seek Revenge?"

Dow CEO Andrew Liveris leaving would devistate the piece of ship

Discord shuts down Nazi accounts following Charlottesville violence

Michael Moore just said something on The Last Word. So True.

I hate being a cynic

Trump just retweeted Fox News story quoting Mattis saying if NK fires a missile, it's "game on"

At recent dinner w Murdoch, Kushner and Kelly, Trump was told by Murdoch that Bannon has to go

This is why you shouldn't have a foot on the dashboard.

For 2nd night in a row, protesters rally against white supremacy outside White House

I'll go there.Will Trump lambaste the white CEOs who left his council like he did Kenneth Frazier?

GOP activists scold Republicans for criticizing Trump over Charlottesville

Pediatrician gets 3-year prison sentence for Medicaid fraud

Alex Jones Says Charlottesville Looks Staged, Recalls Jews Posing As Nazis

We've got a segment of this country that is, quite frankly, doomed... and they prefer it that way

Why some Jewish groups aren't happy with Cory Booker

Richard Painter: DOJ asking Trump resistance site for information on visitors is ABUSE OF POWER

MalwareTech, Hero Who Stopped Ransomware Attack, Pleads Not Guilty to Computer Fraud

Hillary Clinton speech on how Donald Trumps campaign has mainstreamed the "Alt-Right" hate movement

Breaking from Washington Post: Trump campaign emails show repeated efforts to set up Russia meetings

Trump just re-tweeted an alt-right guy

Intel CEO quits Trump's American Manufacturering Council

I know that we as humans in this country feel like we are living in a hell that

Why white supremacists love Tucker Carlson

"Chicago flower company to customers: condemn racism or go somewhere else"

Lawmaker to Christie: Fix 'deplorable' conditions at psych hospital

Denise Morrison of Campbell Soup

Richard Spencer and His Kook-Right Ilk Are Agents of Russian Influence

North Korea holds off Guam missile launches as Kim Jong-un calms tensions

Current status of dump's manufacturing council as of today's departures - found on Twitter

I got another time out on twitter!

Nicolle Wallace at some point asked who is this Sebastian Gorka

Marshall, TPM "Some Thoughts on Public Memory" (re R E Lee)

New Time Cover...

B.C. bans trophy hunting for Grizzly bears, total ban in Great Bear Rainforest

Former New Jersey Senate President John Russo Dies at 84

Apple CEO Tim Cook's commentary on Charlottesville...

Another massive & very intereSTINK Seth Abramson thread re: Mayflower meeting & ROSNEFT oil...

Murphy Promises More Money for Planned Parenthood

Slate "Trump Reportedly Thought On Many Sides Statement Was Fine...

Seth Meyers' Statement on Charlottesville - 8/14/17

Don't forget, just months ago Trump cut funding to groups combating Neo-Nazi terrorist organizations

Racist Rs: Voter Suppression Efforts Are Bald-Faced Racism

Rachal Maddow repeat evening--some history of neo nazi groups in U.S. I watched earlier.

Seth Meyers - Trump's Response to Charlottesville: A Closer Look - 8/14/17

As much as I hate to admit it, the Mooch on Colbert is actually pretty funny.

Anti-Trump rally draws thousands for President's return to NYC

Early Sunday morning, I commented that there was no longer a way for Trump to make Saturday worse...

3 white guys who couldn't handle an anti-white supremacy vigil in Clinton

McCain calls on PINO to speak out on Alt-Right campagin targeting McMaster

Who Will Risk Being The Last CEO On Trump's.....

Pretty powerful.

Some notable data from Harper's...

N.J. Obamacare premiums rising in 2018 because of uncertainty in D.C., insurers say

Boston Holocaust Memorial vandalized

DC Hotels Kept Canceling On Richard Spencer, So He Had To Hold A Press Conference In An Apartment

I so want this !

Arizonans hold prayer vigil in response to Charlottesville violence

Where the fuck is the world going?

Very threatening: Mother of Charlottesville suspect ****** * ****** twice called 911

Experts called for sleep apnea screenings, but Trump ignored them

Trump retweets alt-right media figure who pushed 'PizzaGate' and Seth Rich conspiracy theories

Vincente Fox nails Trump AGAIN!!!

It's a Marian feast day, so you know what that means....

Court affirms sentence for former Bergen Democratic chairman in bribery case

My Girlfriend said

Ex-Ocean City lifeguard awarded $127K in age discrimination suit

MAGA Starter Kit

The shifting history of Confederate monuments (PBS NewsHour)

Is this the best nail puller ever invented...

There's a thread here that leads to a security warning

White supremacist patriot rally coming to San Francisco counter-protest already planned

Protesters topple Confederate statue during Durham rally

Seth Abramson explains the significance of the new info in the WA Post article

I'll be 63 next month. tRump is the biggest fuck-up I have ever seen in government

System administrator for The Daily Stormer is planning on sending Nazis to Heather's funeral.

Cook Resigns From Job At Berkeley Hot Dog Stand After Charlottesville Protest

Back from holiday, Merkel shifts gear on diesel

"Like a devil out of a snuffbox ..." That may be the nicest thing I've read about 45 today. ;)

Trump's base...

Bernie Sanders Talks Health Care, Cows During Franklin County Visit

Maybe the republicans are beginning to see that the alt right and Banon

Sanders: Trump bears some blame for rise of hate groups

Stephen Colbert: Guest Anthony Scaramucci Would Fire Steve Bannon

Stephen Colbert Monologue - 8/14/17

Shaun King: ''There you are Michael Ramos. Your Facebook friends reported you to me.''

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers pictured with Charlottesville rally attendee James Allsup

Jo Cox George Medal 'hero' dies

What? Trump is being an embarrassment again?

Iran threatens to quit nuclear deal

Race and Racism in the Age of Trump--Hutchins Forum August 17

Trump's Approval Rating Is Just 10 Points Higher Than Richard Nixon's Before He Resigned

Charlottesville: Race and Terror VICE News

State pensions boss from Lawrence who earns $96K captured on camera stealing money from co-worker

Senator Al Franken: Trump's Charlottesville Statement Was "Horrible"

Under Armour quit Trump advisory panel over Charlottesville controversy ( joins Intel & Merck)

There is an ill wind blowing across this land.

Trump constantly decries fake news and then re tweets Jack Posobiec of Pizzagate and Seth Rich fame

OK Folks this is looking serious - if Invest 91L develops someone will get hit

Our sons school starts next Monday

Thank you Seth Meyers

Robert Reich: Trumps Unwillingness to Denounce Violence Is His Political Strategy

The Daily Caller Removes Unite the Right Organizer Jason Kesslers Bylines From Web Site

Maggie Haberman, NYT: Trump retweets Pizzagate conspiracy theorist RE: Charlottesville response

The Shadow Peace, Part 1: The Nuclear Threat

"Game on." Why is it a war on drugs, but real war is a game?

Khakis and Tiki Torches

Former White Supremacists Apologize To Oprah

79% of Republicans support Trump

Trump: White House is THE BEST, no place like home, missed Auntie Em, but Scarecrow most of all

It's all setting up nicely for a President Pence.

Trump Tower is literally being protected by white garbage.

Gov. Wolf announces plan to reduce test-taking time for Pa. students

LITTLE Brian! LYIN' Brian! LOW ENERGY Brian! (Intel CEO 3rd to leave Trump's Council in 23 hours)

The Guardian view on Donald Trump and racism: a moral failure that shames America

Comment from NYTimes opinion page:

Who has the Trump train driving into the CNN logo

I did hear from a Trump supporting relative yesterday.


Trump just re-tweeted..a CNN journalist being killed run over by a train 3 days after a woman killed

We often disagree among ourselves here at DU, but one thing on which we all do agree

To Groper Don the Con

Trump RT'd pic showing CNN journalist hit by train days after white supremacist car killing


Faux News avoids talking about Charlottesville terrorism

Trump retweets Fox & Friends "EXCLUSIVE" on possible Arpaio pardon.

I don't want to erase history.

Nazi In Charlottesville Wearing 82nd Airborne Hat Gets Called Out... By 82nd Airborne

Trump campaign adviser tried to set up Russia meetings, Washington Post reports

Sessions' DOJ demands that Web Host provide all info on owner and visitors to "anti-Trump" site

"I escaped the Nazis will not defeat me now"

Wow - Jimmy Fallon takedown of Trump

Trae Crowder..The Liberal Redneck,

Trump Retweets Cartoon of Train Killing CNN Reporter

Well in that case...

is rupert murdoch part of trump's administration?

Protesters pull down Confederate statue at old Durham County courthouse

Who knew the "Trump Train" was a silver Dodge charger? nt

This is the kind of thing that will destroy our efforts to regain control

How Do DU'ers Feel About Being Microchipped? Could Be New Corporate Trend In Employment.

Here is what chills me to the bone.

GoT parody (7 x06) Epic

Orange County NC schools ban Confederate flag

Resistance efforts are taking root in pro-Trump country - and women are leading the charge

2020 US Presidential Election-Bullock/Booker-D Ticket and 2020 MT US Senate,Governors,US House.

Could Bannon be gone?

Has Trump gone after the white CEOs who resigned from his council yet ?

Trump Train goes Choo-Chooooo

Rally accelerates ongoing removal of Confederate statues

A "defiant, anti-fascist hometown welcome" for Trump in New York City

Calls for removal of Confederate faces off Stone Mountain

Robert E Lee was against putting up Civil War monuments--and a construction Timeline

John Kelly has failed too, there will be no dignity or honor in the White House as long as Trump

Hunter killed by elephant in Namibia.

Charlottesville should make you ashamed you supported Confederate monuments

A job rejection notification

Massachusetts' Confederate memorial under wraps, awaiting fate

Trump tweeted admitting Russian interference, blaming Obama, but did it as a reply to

Liberal Redneck - Virginia is for Lovers, not Nazis

deadly rally accelerates removal of Confederate statues

David Crosby sums up Ted Nugent's 52-year career in 7 simple words.

World War II vets who fought Nazis have message for Charlottesville marchers


The Civil War was not about slavery

Rename Army, Guard bases named after confederate leaders

Trump is far too much of a coward ...

Hungry Venezuelans turn to Colombia for a plate of food

Luckovich: Trump Condemns His "Nazi" Co-workers

Police want to press charges but choose to not intervien as statue toppled.

Here are all the things Fox News covered to avoid talking about the Charlottesville attack

Is this the best MAIL puller ever invented? (video)

SK Moon Vents Korea Frustration by Asserting Right to Veto U.S.

Bugs on the menu at Swiss supermarket

Do you know this man? He is a cowardly Nazi who needs to be brought to justice.

DL Hughley addresses Trump fans' "BUT WHAT ABOUT BLM" post-Charlottesville concerns.

NY Times: Heather D. Heyer died standing up for what she believed in.

Seems like a perfect bumper sticker for 2020

Argentinian Hunter Trampled And Killed By Elephant In Namibia, don't mess with the Elephants.

Murdoch's NY Post NOT impressed by Trump's statement yesterday

EXCLUSIVE: FBI and DHS Warned of Growing Threat From White Supremacists Months Ago

Oscaer Peterson was born on this date.

When did Obama know about Russian interference? Before he was president!

Trump pressed to fire Steve Bannon and other White House staffers after Charlottesville

Trumka and Lee both need to get off the fence and Gorsky should know better.

Denton ISD assistant principal removed for conservative children's book featuring Pepe the Frog

Trump retweeted a far-right Pizzagate conspiracy theorist.

WH official tries excusing train-hitting-CNN-reporter tweet by saying it was "inadvertently posted"

For Trump, this moment of intense national introspection is only all about him

Be Proactive today-- Cory Booker- last day to save marine monuments & santuaries...

Organizer withdrawing request to hold Sept. 16 rally at Richmond, VA Lee monument

Speakers at Boston free speech rally dropping out

"You had to sneak in throught the back of Trump Tower Tonight"

everybody get ready

Does it make sens to you?

What is Your Favorite Year from the Song "One Piece at a Time"?

!POTUS aide who ended funding to stop White Supremacy Violence is Katherine Gorka, Sebastian's wife!

If I say "the hood is off" we all know what that means!

I think the Madman's a little confused on the Twitters this morning.

first version of Michael Jackson's 'They Don't Care About Us'


Happy Birthday Rep. Maxine Waters

Now Nazism, Hate Speech, Racism, Bigotry Is Free Speech Thanx To Trump/GOP.

Slate - 1A vs 2A, Charlottesville - "The Guns Won"

45 losing Faux News? calls Trump a coward

'They Didn't Just Go Away': Historian Talks About NYC's 1939 Nazi Rally

Slate - "Donals Trump Just Radicalized Late Night TV"

Show Your Support for Mike Pence (COMEDY)

How Technology Might Get Out of Control The pace of change may make regulation by humans impossible

Opinions on "Antifa"?

Haaretz correspondent points out it's taken 3 days for Netanyahu to finally condemn neo-Nazis

WTF? Where is Kelly?

Group Pulls Request for Richmond Confederate Monument Rally

'Charlottesville might be changed for me forever': Students contemplate return to school after rally

Tony Schwartz: Trump will destroy anything & anyone to protect against feeling weak & out of control

Riddle Me This DU?

First he came for Carrier and I did not speak out. . .

How about Some Public Safety Requirements for Demonstration Permits?

Trump: "Backseat Driver"

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Reacts to Trump Condemnation

Luckovich 'toon - CoWorkers

The VFW Remembers.

Donald Trump retweets man calling him a fascist

Remember Critical GOP Legislators Will Still Vote For Trump/GOP Racist Bigoted Agenda.

Richard Spencer Doesn't Buy Trump Denouncement: Only a Dumb Person Would Take Those Lines Seriously

Kimmel: The ONE thing @RealDonaldTrump decided to be quiet about was Nazis (video)

John Oliver - White Supremacist Rally

Who's a good boy?

Santa Anas Last Stand? National Wildlife Refuge

Silly Godzilla

Ooops, she did it again?

Man rants about n*****s on Facebook. Then says he's not a racist.

Looming debt limit fight rattles Wall Street

Solving Lonliness with a Splash

THIS MORNING .... Benedict Donald retweets a white supremacist

Anthony Scaramucci said it best:

Trump Train Tweet, Fixed

HBO Vice Embedded A Reporter With The Charlottesville Nazis

Say It Loud

Boston Blocks Free Speech Rally, Tells Organizers: We Dont Want You Here

DVR'ed Rachael Of Last Night & Listened To Mayor Of CVille....

Trump's "moral authority" is as real as Sheriff Arpaio's respect for human rights.

Why is it so hard for Neo-Nazis to just plain and simply admit that they are imitating Nazis???

My (what's yours?) family history vs Nazis and Confederacy

Scott Lively blames "leftists" for Chalottesville...

Did the Nazis have a permit for their torch march on the Univ of Virginia grounds at night?

🐦 Bernie Sanders to once again visit NH on Labor Day

Four Minority House Caucus Groups Ask Trump To Fire Bannon, Miller and Gorka

They're all coming down - sorry racists

Cartoon: When Heritage & History Hate

The appropriate amount of action is more radical than voting but not as extreme as violence

GOP Sen. Heller Reveals He Voted For Trump In November

Where was law enforcement?

He calls it "grandstanding". I call it having a soul.

ESPN airs sketch where black NFL player is auctioned off to highest bidder

Do Trumps Tweets Speak Louder Than His Teleprompter Words?

Creating A DYSTOPIAN US That They Control Is GOP Goal. Trump Is Their Man.

Trump remains silent on 14 imminent executions in Saudi Arabia

Is this the best Hail puller ever interventioned!

2fer stings 4 Deplorable-DRUMPF, loses to Hillary/OBAMA, now hits record for plunge to the bottom

Two undocumented Americans are spending a lot of time in courtas attorneys, not defendants

An ugly pattern is taking shape. Trump exaggerates certain threats. He plays down other ones.

The Ways Tech Companies Alienate Women

I imagine there are an extraordinary amount of people coming to/already here

There Is Actually A Marked Place In Williamsburg Where Slaves Were Bought & Sold.

How do you accidentally tweet (CNN train)?

A European look at Trump #round 2

Neo-nazis are marching on Google this weekend

Teen tackled by bystanders after vandalizing Boston Holocaust memorial

Fuck your ancestors who fought to maintain slavery-I don't give a dry rat turd how nobly they fought

You want to see grandstanding MoFo

****** BREAKING****** Fourth executive has left president's council

We Are Facing Monstrous & Troubled Times.

Steve Bannon and his Dog Whistle Symphony: The Charlottesville Overture

Visiting the home town cemetery.

KO: Trump And Charlottesville: Too Little, Too Late He finally spoke--and said virtually nothing.

Armed Militias Have Do Not Belong At Protests. Someone Is Going To Get Shot Eventually.

KO:Trump And Charlottesville: Too Little, Too Late He finally spoke--and said virtually nothing.

New Rule: All R-Proposed Legislation Must Pass The "Is This Racist?" Smell Test

Paul Ryan's primary opponent believes in "Pizzagate"

"The Pernicious Science of James Damores Google Memo"

Trump supporters be like:

there is no more alt-right...

Four Teamsters in Boston acquitted of 'Top Chef' extortion plot

Someone covered up the Ivanka Trump brand display in the lobby of Trump Tower during official visit

You have to TEACH them.

Good news, my eclipse glasses from Amazon work

Twitler and Racist In Chief condemns bailing CEO's

The Trumpth Reich?

Leader of neo-Nazi group linked to Charlottesville attack was a US marine

The well-decorated modern nazi's office: Pepe the Frog blow-up doll, Cutty Sark, and MAGA hat

The Ironic Nazi Is Coming to an End

Things Trump Will Get Mad At - by Matt Bors

"Where the rubber meets the road"

Last day to enter August Photo Contest!

Barack Obama's record-breaking tweet about Charlottesville prompts widespread pining for former Pr

Trump retweets Fox News story on potential Arpaio pardon

Monuments honoring and glorifying AAs / those who built our country / slaves

I am not a real big fan of Jimmy Fallon, but his open statement of last night show, was spot on!

Welcome to Chicago, where even our flower shops have brass balls.

Bannons job has never been in more jeopardy, could be out of a job by end of week: @CBSNews sources

But remember. Whatever you do. Don't call them fascists or Neo-Nazis:

Might Democrats Actually Have a Chance in Alabama? (

Sessions Dirty Privacy Trick: Use a Retired Reagan Judge to Get a Warrant on 1.3 Million Americans.

Tail Puller

Mr. president, James Alex Fields on line 1.....

has bernie sanders

Recounting a day of rage, hate, violence and death

This is Betty Ong

From Trump Aide to Single Mom

Trump disapproval seen in context.

Isn't Red State a right publication? "Trump Should Fire Steve Bannon, But Hes Too Weak And Afraid"

Justice Department at odds with DEA on marijuana research, MS-13

The Battle of Charlottesville

Article about how Gen. Lee wasn't really a great man:

White supremacist group planning rally in Lexington (KY)

The Battle of Charlottesville

How a colorful Iowa newspaperman is taking on big interests

The Long List of Killings Committed by White Extremists Since the Oklahoma City Bombing

Something to consider in the sudden rise in Nazi activities

Koch Network Has Surprising Influence Over Trump

Trump Acts Like He's President of the Red States

Happy Birthday, Julia Child (105 y/o) trailblazer, chef, spy, author

AUDIO Link: Bernie Meets With Vermont Seniors To Discuss Health Care and Other Issues

Who is funding the nazis?

Strong Video from Charlottesville

The Vulgar Manliness of Donald Trump

julia child skit on snl (it's the dan ackroyd bleeding one)

Fourth executive walks away from Trump after Charlottesville

Fresh hell

Have The Supremacists Adopted Trump's Golf Attire As Their Uniform?....

Donald Trump Will Not Change. He Cannot Change.

Obstructionist Trump says he may not work with Dems on infrastructure

ABC Signature Lands Julia Child As CIA Agent Dramedy Spec By Benjamin Brand

These fascist/nazi white nationalist are so emboldened they want a rally in San Francisco

Robert E. Lee would have wanted his statue (and others) removed. Heres why.

National Review Calls For Removal Of Confederate Monuments

President Bushs North Korea Failure Is Important to Remember

Amazon Is Warning People Not To Use Some Solar Eclipse Glasses That Were Sold On The Site

"Those Muslims and Foreigners need to... ASSIMILATE."

Happy Birthday, Julia Child (105 y/o), trailblazer, chef, author, spy

Trump Bashes 'Grandstanders' Who Quit His Panel In Wake Of Charlottesville

Trump treating Iran deal reminds me of how Bush treated North Korea deal at first

The Undignified Fall Of Trump's Toronto Tower

The Truth About Women and White Supremacy

The Truth About Women and White Supremacy

My Vent of the DAY: IF YOU DIDN'T VOTE FOR CLINTON, FUCK YOU. YOU are just as guilty.

The Truth About Women and White Supremacy

Here are the companies whose CEOs are still kissing up to Trump

Trump to revoke Obama-era flood risk building standards

Florida man gets 6 years for accidentally discharging gun while taking a selfie in a strip club

Neo-Nazi group moves to 'Dark Web' after website goes down

To all those who whine about preserving confederate history

Americans' debt level notches a new record high

"you've got to be carefully taught" ("south pacific")

This woman is a degenerate!

Millions Willing to Work for Mueller for Free If That Would Speed Things Up

Tom Tomorrow: Threat assessment

The paper ran my LttE with no changes

Anonymous declares war on the alt-right in new video


White Nationalist from Keene in Charlottesville clashes


how corporations monitor social media for brand risk

WATCH: Panicked white supremacist renounces beliefs the second he's confronted by...

"Barack Obama is to blame": 13 Alabama conservatives on Charlotteville

Donald Trump: Eugenics?

*****BREAKING***** Car terrorist's mom called 9-11 on him nine times between 2010-2013.

MLK Jr., Six Principles Of Nonviolence

Abbeville, South Carolina is a town that local anti-racists should consider checking out.

Many Confederate and Union war monuments were mass-produced in the North.

Daily Stormer Site Moves to Dark Web After Shutdown

Millions Willing to Work for Mueller for Free If That Would Speed Things Up

Psychologists surveyed hundreds of alt-right supporters. The results are unsettling. (

On Wednesday, let's join HEATHER HEYER's mourners in wearing purple in her honor

Wow. Stan Lee called out hate and bigotry in 1968!

The ONLY Confederate flag that matters!

Mob links killed off Trump's Sydney casino bid

Why the scariest nuclear threat may be coming from the white house

On Twitter, Trump accuses blacks of racism three times as often as whites

Mad Magazine: Wipe Out Hate!

DOJ warrants DreamHost

Actual Text of the "executive order on infrastructure" Trump is about to sign:

Former neo-Nazi warns Trumps rhetoric could set off over 300,000 potential domestic terrorists

The tinting of Dodge Challenger Windows.

Can some Nebraska farmers kill the Keystone XL pipeline?

"lullaby for myself" barbra streisand

"lullaby for myself" barbra streisand

Fox News: Confederate & rainbow flags 'mean the exact same thing'

GOP senator meeting with White House on new ObamaCare plan

Trump Re-Election Campaign Says CNN Rejected Ad

Immigration battlefield widens for Trump, GOP

BREAKING: Photograph Emerges of Anti-Fascists VIOLENTLY Disprupting White Supremacists!!!!!

Sane Progressive- Charlottesville- Final proof the alt-left idiots align with the alt-right

Aaaaallll aboooard the crazy train - Alex Jones has a theory

Companies Linked To Mike Pence Seek An Upper Hand In Infrastructure Policy

Here's why Mueller might already have Trumps tax returns

From the Bald Piano Guy. I think he's onto something.

Charlottesville police hunting white supremacist who mercilessly beat black man in parking garage

Philly officials after Charlottesville: Take down Rizzo memorials now

Streisand and Diamond "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"

BREAKING: Anti-fascists destroy symbols of hate!

The traitor in the WH willing to kill people in flood prone areas to undo Obama executive order

I use this graphic when posting to issues related to Trump on twitter. :)

Millions Willing to Work for Mueller for Free If That Would Speed Things Up

Philly cops: Man urinates on synagogue, gives surveillance camera the finger

Stop asking Trump to say things he doesn't mean. - By Jennifer Rubin

Cutting Obamacare payments would boost insurance premiums by 20 percent, CBO says

IA Medicaid patient lost the care he'd received for 20 years. 3 months later, he was dead.

*****BREAKING***** When you lose the Waltons. Wal Mart CEO Rebukes Trump

Walmart CEO just joined the others in pulling out of 45's council.

As a mark of respect: how do you correctly pronounce Heather Heyer's last name?

2016 never felt so far away as it does now.

Campbell Soup Co. tweet campaign is on

Trumps Business of Corruption

Walmart's C.E.O. Joins Group to Rebuke Trump Over Charlottesville

Now we're talk'n.

Environmental review to begin on $250 million copper mine

CBO: Trump Threat To Cut Obamacare Subsidies Would Raise Premiums 25%

Montana: Environmental review to begin on $250 million copper mine

Do you yearn for the good old days when hating NAZIS was a bipartisan affair?

Heather Heyer Used as Martyr in Warsaw Anti-Fascist Protest

GOP Rep Dave Brat compares his constituents to murderous white supremacists

Can you believe this neo-nazi scum?

Note to Republicans

Charlottesville Car Suspect AND Alt-Right Leaders Face $3M Lawsuit from 2 people who were injured

The WA Post-reported Manafort emails do NOT exonerate him, they add to his guilt.

We are aghast that the president didn't immediately condemn neo nazi, alt right conservative

Anyone else get the feeling this really is near the end for Trump?

Protections for drivers who hit protesters? 'No plans' to move bill, NC lawmaker says

Dick's stock plunges on poor gun and sports sales

Silent thread for Sierra Leone Disaster..300 dead..600 missing..

Dell CEO Michael Dell is a repuke loving Trumper. Don't expect him to leave Trump's side.

In January, Fox News Posted a Video of Cars Mowing Down Protesters That Urged Viewers to Study the

If Trump apologist pundits and politicians had cameos in movies...

Protections for drivers who hit protesters? 'No plans' to move bill, NC lawmaker says

Md. Gov. Hogan (R) requesting confederate statue on State House grounds be removed (Taney)

"I have never even heard of Nazis.

Donald Trump IS a Republican. The Republicans OWN Him.

Justice Department at odds with DEA on marijuana research, MS-13

The Rude Pundit: A Few Comments on Hating the Hateful


Any Discussion Of Boycotting Products Of Companies Whose CEO's Are On Trump's.....

Charlottesville showed that liberalism can't defeat white supremacy. Only direct action can

Can we finally kill this bullshit narrative about white "economic concerns"?

Has There Been Any Discussion To Remove Confederate Statues In Statuary Hall In U.S. Capitol.....

The Long List of Killings Committed by White Extremists Since the Oklahoma City Bombing

Trump to roll back Obama-era rule on rising sea levels

Ha Ha - Epitome of staus quo - unnoticed

Michael Eric Dyson: How does an image of a train running over someone bring the country together?

SPLC: Whose Heritage? Public Symbols of the Confederacy

Every third day of his presidency, Trump has stopped by a Trump-branded property

Stone Mt. - Needs to be dynamited

Millions Willing to Work for Mueller for Free If That Would Speed Things Up

Trump finds a spot on the calendar to send a message about racism - Tom Toles

No one should expect any decent person to have any sympathy for white supremacists...

The persistent crime that connects mass shooters and terror suspects: Domestic violence

WH has confirmed they will rescind Obama order that flood-prone infrastructure be built with sea-lev

Joseph McCarthy

FowlLanguage Comics answers the question: What's a Nazi? (For kids)

Trump speaking....

I feel like starting a debate right now.

File this under " Just saying"....Battery operated Sawzalls are fast.

Man shot by employee at Huntsville car lot after buying pistol with fake money, police say

Millions Willing to Work for Mueller for Free If That Would Speed Things Up (Satire)

Live link to Cory Gardner town hall in Greeley

Don the Con stepping on his dick on live TV. NT

Trump is unhinged and lying his ass off! nt

Lincoln Memorial Vandalized Last Night..CNN:

45 says he likes to "know the facts" before he makes a statement.

Trump just said the people leaving his manufacturing council are doing so

Latest update. C'mon, Trumka, the clock is ticking.

45 is unhinged. nt

I hate this asshole. I really, really hate him.

REthugs....Come get your guy...

Trump- neo nazis bad

The Alt Left? Are you frigging kidding me? This piece of shit has to go! Now!

What fucktwattery is this

45 is about to blow. He's simmering.

The President has lost his mind.

There were some "very fine" white supremacists in that crowd.

Trump's on TV right now.

Max Kellerman Takes On Big Pharma

LePage: Medicaid expansion would kill Maine

Trump just said we should take down Thomas Jefferson's and George Washington's statues.

Trump's on TV right now.

Twitter Video: What do you pay when you go to the doctor in Canada? "Nothing."

I Look At Trump From Both Sides Now - From Win And Lose And Still Somehow - It's Trump's .....

My friends, things will get worse before they get better.

"Wow, that was something else."

"I own a winery in Charlottesville"

Trump just said that he owns a winery in Charlottesville. I thought this crook

The fake prez is opening his mouth...look out everyone.

Star of Vice documentary when he was a Ron Paul supporter.

Trump just said these people were not nazis

Frank Bruni on MSNBC: "that was a self immolation by a man who cannot take criticism

Trump Just Said that Wages Will Have an Impact on Racists.

Every Week Is Worse Than The Last One For Trump.....

Decisions, decisions!

Please watch this, just to flush your system after that Press Conference of WTFery.

Maybe someday Quentin Tarantino will make a film about what to do with nazi scum. One can hope

My "WTF?" of the day, Charlottesville deniers...

Maryland governor calls for removal of Confederate statue

Trump just shored up his alt-right support

WTF. More jobs will end racism???

I've always wondered how a guy with Jewish grandchildren could embrace unambiguous anti-Semitism.

Holy crap. He just kept on digging. And digging. And digging.

the press should start referring to him as the fake president.

So do you call the White House doctor, or do you call animal control?

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Charlottesville, Trump, the Confederacy, Reparations & More

WWII veteran returns a Japanese flag he took from a dead soldier 73 years ago.

Both sides to blame in Virginia - Trump

I couldn't watch the demented old fool.

Endangered right whales seeing catastrophic die-off in New England, Canadian waters

I couldn't help but think of how proud David Duke and his boys were of Trump during that presser

Fake President Makes Fake News - Film at 11...

Leader of neo-Nazi group linked to Charlottesville attack was a US marine

ABC interupting regular programming to show Trumps press conference afterwards

The President blamed the "alt-left" while denying the existence of an alt-right...

What are downsides to getting Tor browser?


A Combative Trump Criticizes Alt-Left Groups in Charlottesville and asked

Trump is Not Crazy- He's a Fascist

You had one job....

Lawsuit claims rodent was baked into Chick-fil-A sandwich

Trump Threat to Obamacare Would Send Premiums and Deficit Skyward

DJT: doing the very best he can.

What's your favorite song from 1981?

Trump just can't stop lying. About anything.

Well, he's real close.

Trump Winery.

Both sides, you orange shitgibbon?????

Nobody should be fooled by the Nazi-Defender-In-Chief when he reads canned statements...

Why is real estate booming now?

Gag me with a spoon!!! The freaking entrance!!!!

Seriously. How long can we go on like this??????

Trump has totally lost it

LOL in a sad kind of way

Why Is It Not Terrorism?

We have a President incapable of moral leadership. That is the headline says a panelist on msnbc

"Charging in without a permit."

"President Trump, thank you for telling the truth about Charlottesville."

Saying "both sides caused this" .a second time.......will sink him

Next time the orange shit gibbon runs instead of an (R) behind his name

Resign Trumpy. Resign.

Same-sex case lawyer to run for Mich. attorney general

Holy SHIT, i didn't think i could be shocked anymore.

Meet Skyline Church of New York's NEW "Pastor to the United Nations"...Michelle Bachmann.

TPM "Trump: Not All Protesters In Charlottesville Were White Supremacists"

What Donald Trump and Robert E. Lee have in common...

Should we reach out to conservative Never Trumpers in our battle against Trumpism?

I want a journalist to have the balls to ask Trump is he is a Nazi eom

trump needs to be impeached just for the sole fact that he is

No tip for US waitress with LGBT tattoo

Trump: Are we going to take down statues to George Washington? How about Thomas Jefferson?

No tip for US waitress with LGBT tattoo

Did Trump Just Try To Blame the Left for Violence in Charlottesville, VA.?

TPM "Trump: I Like Bannon But Dont Give Him Much Credit (Or Call Him A Racist)"

He even lied about the vineyard.

If not already, it's getting close to time to shut it all down.

"tRump equated a traitor to the Father of our Country." Kurt Eichenwald

Aren't we at 2/3 majority yet???!!!!!

Well, General Kelly did a great job keeping Trump under control, didn't he...?

Why the roaring silence from Ryan & McConnell?

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump to open new whinery in New York City.

"Both sides," my ass...

Welp, when you've lost Fox News...

Trump comes out swinging in interview defending Charlottesville white nationalists (VIDEO)

From David Duke:

Trump showed his true colors today


Is this Trump's Katrina?

It is time for the 25th Amendment

WOW !!! Even FAUX news can't defend him now ... that's how bad Red Dons conference was

trump is hell bent on starting a new civil war.

Trump just redefined Alt Left and I now find myself a part of the Alt Left.

CNN folks are gobsmacked

Please Mr . Mueller - indict this asshole now!

Axelrod is on CNN now n/t

I'm calling it now

This is getting so bad

Any Dick Van Dyke Show fans, out there? Today is Rose Marie's 94th Birthday!

Can someone turn this into an avatar or sig line pic for us?

Dear Mainstream Media......

Fuck off Jimmy Fallon

I'm confused ?? Which is the real Trump??

Mistaken for the military: the gear carried by the Charlottesville militia

Excuse me Excuse me Excuse me Excuse me Excuse me Excuse me

TRump you dumb fucking mutt, there is no such thing as the alt-left. Doesn't exist, never will.

We need to organize a boycott of Trump brands and properties

tRump doubled down on Charlottesville

Dig, dig, dig should be said along with drip, drip, drip.

All the people who refused to vote for Hillary own this presidency!

Today is either the beginning of the end for Drumpf or Saturday was the beginning of the Second

Tell us, Trump. Go ahead. Tell us if John Lewis should have stayed home.

Fox News is COMPLETELY ignoring the press conference!

They want confrontation. What if we don't play?

Rick Wilson tweet:

We keep hearing that Trump's handlers keep feeding him flattering news twice a day.

David Duke thanks Trump for blaming 'alt-left' for Charlottesville

08/15 Mike Luckovich: Co-workers

Rare Canadian oriole to fly thousands of miles back home on passenger jet

If this doesn't finish Trump, then there is no America

Well look at this. The new KKK uniform.

I've been thinking about use of the term "Nazi" - found this article from last year

Clip from the film "Skokie" (1981)

So I guess Trump would call this man an 'alt.lefty':

Watched three minutes of Fox News.

Have Trump's fellow republicans commented yet on the latest defense of Nazis/white supremacists?

My father-in-law volunteered to fight the Nazis before we got into

The front of Buzzfeed right now.

LTTE: Beware the avocado mafia in Mexico

When you lose Faux News..

Premiums Will Skyrocket If Trump Ends Payments

LTTE: Beware the avocado mafia in Mexico

Trump lied about why CEOs left his council:

So let me see if I get this

So Where do I Buy My Alt-Left Tee-shirt?

A Trump Deal for Mueller to Look At

Ann Coulter just admitted she is a Nazi. (And implied she was at the rally)

Besides his lies about ALT LEFT...

Hell, even the winery is disavowing him.

The least worse of the worst in Al

All I can say is I cannot wait to watch Lawrence tonite

Can't they screen Demonstrators for weapons?

trump defends nazis while his daughter, son in law, and grandchild are Jewish.

I blame you ALL Republicans...

trump is an insane nazi. He just left no doubt at all. In fact he doubled down from one

Man beaten at protest says police were indifferent to attack

Pic of John Kelly during the president's DISASTROUS Q and A at Trump Tower

Be sure enabling Rethugs will clutch their pearls about Drumpt's

Trumka steps down from manufacturing initiative

And AFL-CIO's Trumka is off the council...FINALLY.

Chuck Todd: According to all reports, nobody in the WH staff

Texas governor signs controversial "rape insurance" abortion coverage into law

Do not equate Jefferson & Washington with Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis etc. you Mother-F er....

Chick-fil-A sandwich contained baked rodent, lawsuit says

Slate "Trump Says Some Very Fine People Participated in Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally"

Watergate II..Here is why..

Trumka Resigns from board immediately

All the president's men...

Neo-Nazi group moves to 'Dark Web' after website goes down

Dozens gather outside Sen. Pat Toomey's office in support of DACA

Remember when we had a president who actually fought Nazis, not supported them?

There is no celebrating treasonous Americans who immorally held human beings as slaves!

Watching the eclipse with your smart phone.

Teen accused of vandalizing Holocaust memorial faces judge

WTF did I miss? Did trump hold a news conference and go full Nazi this afternoon???

Folks, it is time to cut throught the bullshit and talk in plain terms abut what MUST

We needed this guy to drown out Drumpt and his Nazi ramblings today.

White nationalists celebrate Trump press conference: I was fist pumping!!

MSNBC showing presser again in full. If you missed it, tune in now.

Trump is setting up his version of Kristalnacht

(flags) Fox News guest compares the homosexuals to Charlottesville white supremacists

Where were you when the President of the United States went Full Metal Nazi?

The alt-right is helping get confederate statues taken down

State Rep. Marc Gergely pleads guilty to corruption charges

Arrests Begin Following Confederate Statue Toppling

Please join me in loudly declaring: "HE'S NOT MY PRESIDENT!"

What he was really saying.....

The driver in Charlottesville was most certainly NOT a trump hating liberal!

Lest We Forget: His Father Was Arrested At A Klan Rally

"They were cha-jing with clubs, very vicious, from the other side, cha-jing with vicious clubs"

Has the turtle's wife resigned yet?

Richard Trumka resigns President's Council

Coulter is over the moon.

An Antidote for The Orange Psycho (May require two viewings tonight)

The Latest: Police: Middle finger ticket to be training tool

Epiphone japan with Gibson moustache headstock

At least 25-30% of the country is racist or swings that direction, and it is

Charles Pierce: This press conference is going to live forever.....

'Alt-Right' Leaders Won't Condemn Ramming Suspect

He was NEVER my president.

Found on Facebook

The White Moose has revealed itself, the Eclipse is nigh and Trump B Cray

Motion to suspend

Why didn't Mnuchin interrupt and resign?

Fugitive sought for dumping radioactive oilfield waste

mr. trump, the alt-right is made up of HATE GROUPS.

Another member of Donald Trumps campaign tried to reach out to Russia: report

Trump.went full nutter today

Can we stop propagating the right wing alt-left trope now?

Trump said there was blame on both sides for the clashes.....Sure, Donny.

.@realDonaldTrump, you are embarrassing our country and the millions of Americans ...

Jelani Cobb just said what I have been thinking for months...get all living presidents together

Lawsuit Filed Against 30 People, Groups Connected to Unite the Right Rally

The violence in Charlottesville was not caused by the "alt-left," (whatever that may be) ...

I have my DVR set to record fox news for 24 hours

GOP shrugs off new ire over Metcalfes defense of white supremacist

john kelly, please be the hero. you have the power to assemble the cabinet

George W. Bush summed up this presidency on day one

I just got back from a doctor's appointment. Anything happen while I was out?

While Trump was distracted, North Korea calmed down. Thats not a coincidence.

Perfect Picture

This inhuman monster is defending nazis. He is alleging that the republican backed neo nazis

"One side in Charlettesville was bad and one side was violent", Trump says

The Latest: NC governor wants Confederate monuments removed


Trump has not yet reached out to Charlottesville victims family

Pierce: Maybe Next Time Stick to the Notes

Facebook removes pages for racist groups after Charlottesville

Honestly, how long before he ends a presser with "Hail HYDRA!" ?? n/t

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

I cant believe it just happened: Fox host on the verge of tears over Trumps disgusting presser

We all agree trump has to go

'Anonymous' wages 'domestic terrorism' on alt-right

Trump's rogue press conference doesn't seem to be going over well...

I got this friend request on Facebook...

WTF? Comparing George Washington to Robert E Lee Is As Stupid As...Well...As Stupid As...

Krauthammer and Ingram at each other

Trump's War With CNN Escalates: CNN Refuses Ad Buy After Trump Characterizes Anchors As "Enemies"

NBC Twitter: White House official: Once in front of press, president "went rogue;"

I'm going to go buy a nice bottle of whiskey

I'm so glad America is great again!

Watching Trump on MSNBC acting like a total asshole, as usual

New Republican Party Emblem

Birmingham AL to cover Confederate monument as city considers removal


'I Can't Believe It Just Happened': Fox News Host on the Verge of Tears Over Trump's (with video)

An epic Twitter thread that explains Trump and his insane press conference

Watching MSNBC

So he really does have a winery in Charlottesville:

"us" let's make sure this is right. Can anyone offer transcript or video?

Tweety's back


Facebook removes pages for racist groups after Charlottesville

Demobilized FARC militia chief assassinated in northern Colombia

Brutal cartoon from The Guardian.

"Don't be a sucker"

Simple Question, Mr Trump - How many "fine people" on the Nazi, White Supremacist side were killed

Congressional tweets on todays dumpster 🔥

If Gen. Kelly is a patriot he will not lend his name to this fundamentally unAmerican administration

Here is how crazy our president is: At about 6:45 PM MSNBC was replaying the Trump press conference.

One woman's stirring account of her experience as a counter-protester in Ch'ville.

Is this it? Will McConnell and Ryan be making the trip to Trump Tower tomorrow to tell Trump to quit

Trump was sued by Nixon Justice Department in 1973 for refusing to rent to black tenants

Folks, need your help with a White Supremacist website, if you care to help. (UPDATE 8-16)

Trump's presidency drawn by a french caricaturist

Jimmy Fallon on Charlottesville.

Attorney assigned to represent Fields is plaintiff in statue removal suit

BREAKING: @AFLCIO resigning from the manufacturing council

Ah shoot......the screamer is back for the US Open tennis tournament.

Trump's presser set to music

Newly discovered Trump tweet from D-Day

the 'president' doesn't know the difference between hate groups and the left

Now wait a fucking minute here!!!

The question I have is when are those useless soulless motherfuckers at Twitter

While Trump was going on and on about "both sides"

Echoing an earlier post: the ALT LEFT IS NOT A THING!

Charles Krauthammer: What Trump read from the Teleprompter was a hostage tape

Donald Trump must resign his Presidency

Oh god this CNN guest is saying the extremes on both sides want a "race war"

What the Hell is theAlt-Left? And why do people think they have committed violence?

New Trump-Russia emails could establish a 'devastating' legal entanglement for Paul Manafort

Weekly posting of the Atheist Experience call-in show

Federal court invalidates part of Texas congressional map

Brietbart publisher "our defense"

GOP members of Congress criticize Trump's comments: 'We should never hesitate to call out hate'

Just saw this on Facebook

Jake Tapper: What he said to begin with was what he meant

I guess Trump didn't see this fine rep of a supremacist in Charlottesville...

August 15 at 9:00 PM - Trump Tower New York Vigil 🔥

What if:

David Duke Praises Trump For Remarks Defending Pro-Confederate Protesters

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Trump Rips CEOs Quitting Panels as AFL-CIO Joins Defectors List

Don't be fooled. Unless Republicans call for impeachment & conviction, they still support him.

Again, not that I really *want* President Pence, but....

'Just No': Dems, Republicans Blast Trump's Latest Charlottesville Remarks

Link to MSNBC live stream?

Bolivia approves highway through Amazon biodiversity hotspot

Not a lot of strings being attached to @GovWalker's giant tax breaks to Foxconn...

DU: We must spread the meme - shame all Groper's remaining CEOs to GTFO now!!

Bolivia approves highway through Amazon biodiversity hotspot

Hey republicans.....where is your voice of condemnation that you demand of muslims?

Trump's Long History of Racism

Does Sen. Warner still think Trump was so presidential for awkwardly & begrudgingly

As deplorable as trump's tirade was today, I'm wondering what the shiny object is designed

He HAS to stay with the haters. He knows he's caught and will need their violence to save his neck.

Trump's defense of 'good people' at Charlottesville white nationalist march has David Duke gushing

An open invitation to General Kelly

Elizabeth Warren Gives Trump's "Nightmare" Speech