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'Hamilton' actor who played Washington rips Trump Confederate statues comment

Last week I commented that Whiny Donny is holding turtle as a hostage

So, GOP: Whaddaya Gonna DO About It?

Doesn't Jared Kushner know anything about history??????????? nt

Joy Reid


"Take it down"

Federal judges order changes to Texas congressional map ahead of 2018

Trump is all ate up with the stupid.

We have an agreement in our society that use of the "N" word by anyone not of African American

I'm so overwhelmed.

He's like man all these good people were there to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E Lee

*******Trumka steps down from manufacturing initiative****** Is that six ? seven ?

KamiSama._..This pResident and his glorifyed base!!

If You Are Married to a Trump Supporter, Divorce Them (before recent events)

Trumps Press Conference on Race and Violence - Aug. 15, 2017

I am the Jewish daughter of Holocaust survivor- Trump makes me glad he passed away before this

Wheee! .... just Wheee!

Trade groups call on U.S. to investigate CSX rail disruptions

Christopher Cantwell, leader of Radical Agenda, and prominent in Vice's documentary...

very powerful speech on msnbc by a black minister.

What I posted to Facebook...

Tillerson raps some U.S. allies for religious freedom violations, slams IS

Have you no shame, sir?

I keep hearing all these racists are just a "fringe" of the Republican Party

NEVER underestimate the strength of black woman.

If your companies CEO still on trump's manufacturing council

Oh My! Rev Traci Blackmon talk to Joy.

Hey Trump, the 25th Amendment just called

When you lost the Marines

This deserves a replay, considering the day.

Van Jones crying on CNN. Says we are spiraling away from each other.

As a Jewish woman, I have something I want to say to you

A Visual Aid To Campbell Products. #SoupNazi UPDATED

Sierra Leone mudslide: president calls for urgent help as search continues

Marine Corps Commandant after Trump presser: No place for racial hatred or extremism in USMC

The Don Days of August

Homogeneous-ness: A Republican's Brain Fart

Just saw Van Jones break down in

Memo to Dorito Mussolini:. Robert E. Lee was shooting at American soldiers.

I would give anything to be a fly on the wall when . . . .

Chris Murphy: WH staff have effectively been folded into the white supremacy propaganda operation

Texas governor signs bill to limit insurance coverage for abortions

General John Kelly has made his choice.

The 13th was my Father's birthday and he was a WW 2 Vet.

"Alt-Left" groups "charging with clubs"????

Donald Trump's D-Day Tweet (fake tweet)

Lincoln Memorial vandalized with explicit graffiti

It all comes down to a simple question

Commandant of the Marine Corps Breaks With Trump And Denounces His Support For Racism

I seem to recall that nazi marches were considered fair game for ass kicking

tRump sends out marching orders to surrogates...

'you're not some p***y sitting on the sidelines'

2020 US Presidential Election and 2020 MT US Senate Election-Could Democrats perform well in MT if

Rev Barber: "... ask politicians do they stand with the white supremacist..." ON POLICY !!!

Chuck Todd: Kelly will be calling WH Staff members to keep them from resigning...

Fox being Fox

Dutch porn makers let off for church sex film in Tilburg

Taking a break from politics and watching TCM

Statues of Jefferson and Washington and Local Decisions

Maraniss: Former presidents should make joint statement calling on the racist Trump to resign

Jim Acosta: Trump's ability to govern is dwindling...

26 second Directors Cut of John Kelly looking like he's passing several kidney stones

Trump is saying exactly what they are telling the right to think. It's Obama's fault.

As expected, another spot on tweet from Chelsea Clinton

Today's presser full transcript

Don Lemon takes tRump to school!


Please look at "Truth Cat" on Facebook and report them.

How did Elaine Chao stand by Trump?

Cillizza: Trump is "the opposite of a leader" & "dangerous to this country's well-being"

This is what money laundering looks like

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Birther of a Nation! Live Uncensored & a new

We know what's under your hair & in your cold heart, @realDonaldTrump....

I'll tell you what's really shocking

Just discovered! - Trump tweet from June1944 about D-Day

Chimps Can Play Rock-Paper-Scissors at 4-Year-Old Level

Fox News, Daily Caller delete posts encouraging people to drive through protests

Is there a big demonstration at Trump Tower tonight? CBC News Network

Serious question. Wouldn't that little Nazi piece of shit have had to disconnect the air bags

I want to ask a serious question about DU's tolerance of anti-Nazi speech

2017 AL US Senate Special Election-Which side is likely to have a runnoff? DEM?REP?or Both?

msnbc Guest on All In hosted by Joy, is Dr. Tracy Blackmon. did anyone see it?

Twitter Video: Trump Just Gave Comfort To White Supremacists

About calling Kelly resigning.


Jay Willis, GQ: This Is the Real Donald Trump (must-read)

Anyone wAtching Rachel. chilling. Talking about the history of the Klan

Rachel discussing the Con's father's arrest at the Klan rally

I'm watching Rachel and she sited a vote in the 1924 presidential election

Well, at least Trump FINALLY got a victory repealing something....

Coming next on CNN: Khizr Khan, Gold Star father & Charlottesville resident

LAT: Who was responsible for the violence in Charlottesville? Here's what witnesses say:

Gus Benson of faux spews has one of the best talking points about il douche's speech

Did Pence just get the cold shoulder in Colombia?

Did Pence just get the cold shoulder in Colombia?

Great reporting by Rachel on the KKK tonight. Nt

Rachel is covering the kkk and it's relationship to trump. She's done her homework.

Tony Schwartz: The end game is on: Trump goes down or we do.

Tweet of the Day

White Supremacists Are Exploiting Our Lax Gun Laws to Intimidate Marginalized Communities

Michael Beschloss on today's Trump presser: "I was completely horrified"

Symone Sanders, Bernie's former Press Sec., is on CNN now REFUSING to say that Trump

Elaine Chao stands by her man 'both of them'

Trump Wants Republicans To Use The Steve Scalise Shooting To Justify His Racism ..

The First Time Every DU Member Has 100% Agreed with Mitt Romney

Even by Trump standards, that was nuts.

Rep. Gutirrez arrested at White House immigration protest

There's no moral equivalency between racists & Americans standing up to defy hate& bigotry.

Help me out -- looking for quotes of center-lefties condemning antifa . .

AL-Sen Republican Primary 9:30 PM

With his Drumpt's performance today

Anne Frank Center Anti-Semitic Factcheck

Paris Dennard

Alt-right troll Posobiec said "The madman himself is back" as PRAISE for Trump's presser

Confederate plaque removed from Hudson's Bay wall

But her emails

Calls for removal of Confederate flag in Kennesaw GA

Houston to review public art collection

Strafgesetzbuch Section 86a - Important reason why it exists. Time for the US to wake up.

Well, I've been told. It seems that Nazis are the REAL victims, so I should go "fornicate" myself

Just in case you missed it, here is the entirety of trump's press conference ....all 22:59

Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally - The Jim Jefferies Show

The nation can only weep

Another Republican Tweets Renouncing Trump's BS Press Conference--But Doesn't Name Trump

Event to promote 'true Confederate heritage' set for Sept. in Austin-Flags, Open Carry, Long Rifles,

Richard Trumka is a Badass

Today is another day that will live in infamy.....

Elaine Chao on Trump's criticism of McConnell: 'I stand by my man -- both of them'

German doctor jailed for role in secret Nazi paedophile sect Colonia Dignidad in Chile

Jimi Hendrix Army picture, circa 1962

We need an Amendment added to the Constitution.

Steve Schmidt on Rachel.

German doctor jailed for role in secret Nazi paedophile sect Colonia Dignidad in Chile

Lies Across America: What Our Historic Markers and Monuments Get Wrong

Harwood: "Donald Trump has a very clear attitude toward morality: He doesn't believe in it"

What's the holdup with Ivanka's dictionary?

This Patton Oswalt twitter thread is a gold mine for great Alt-left fighting Nazi meems

Charlottesville white supremacists are officially exempt from Godwin's Law.

Kelly reacts to Trump:

There will be no dignity or honor in the White House as long as Trump is there.

Props to whoever posted the story about Aug being a trap month

The Codebreaker Who Hacked Hitler

Both sides! Both sides!

Question....Republican fundraising, "alt-left" letter

All the President's Men...2017 version (pic)

I've looked at Nazis from both sides now, From "Right" to "Alt-Right", and still somehow

The Art of the Deal...

Al Franken's remarks today:

I wonder: Who is responsible for Spec Investigator Bob Mmueller's personal security?

Quite a headline from NYT

70 years later, survivors recall the horrors of India-Pakistan partition

There has got to be hope for this country

WH issues memo urging surrogates to push their 'both sides' treason about Charlottesville

Trump so bad now even Mitt is an antifa man

Saturday's counter protest DID, in fact, have permits

No jokes tonight, folks.

So when he spoke on Monday of course it was a lie.

NYT: "There is no such thing as the 'alt-left.'"

Police: Drunk man broke into, passed out in cop's car

Lincoln Memorial vandalized! WTF!

I'm glad that girl died during Virginia protest, says NC KKK Leader

Native American Legends...The Boy and the RattleSnake

Neighbors: Former Trump campaign manager threatened them

Today's Impeach-O-Meter: Now Trump's Even Losing at Twitter to Obama. (Slate)

Here is a pic you may want to keep.

Trump's claim "who's next, Washington and Jefferson?" is directly taken from alt right propaganda

The story behind "RIDERS ON THE STORM" by The DOORS

Colombia's FARC rebels turned in more than 8,000 weapons: U.N.

I get two scoops! It's like, this scoop ovah heah, that's a good scoop. The otha scoop's good too.

Colombia's FARC rebels turned in more than 8,000 weapons: U.N.

Those posting twitter comments, please write out the quoted comment.

We Witnessed Real Magic This Afternoon!

Story behind "Riders on the Storm" by The DOORS

State bills to legalize running over protesters...

Even Trump Winery is Disavowing Donnie

trump's diatribe today reminds me of the saying "It's better to be thought a fool

Nuclear plant guard fired over drinking, paranoia can't have his job back, U.S. court says

Man caught on video urinating on Philadelphia synagogue, giving lewd hand gesture to camera


You Knew

Penn State fraternity death case set to resume Thursday

God Damn I love Ana Navarro

Make America Great Again!

Just watched Trump's speech on NewZealand TV

Enough Of The "States Rights" Bulls#!t. The Confederacy Was FOUNDED ON WHITE SUPREMACY.

I found this repost of twitter threads,it has links for reference to media.IMO an interesting read.

John Kelly is thinking...

Delaware leaders make no moves to oust Confederate monument

"Both sides do it". Darth Vader weighs in on Twitter.

Photo of "Alt-left thugs" who battled Nazis

Reports that tRump has been served with subpoena

LA Dodger Pitcher Mocks Trump

The choice is easy. You are either a Nazi, a Nazi sympathizer or an American

Big changes planned for economic development efforts in Delaware

Remember how "blessed" his cabinet was at serving 45

'we've never had a president who gave nazis the benefit of the doubt'


This person is going down in history as the worse President.

Confederate plaque on Montreal Hudson's Bay store removed

Ok let takes bets right now..

Update from Alabama- The Democratic party is still alive!

Misdemeanor Defendants Facing Jail Time Not Told They Have A Right To Counsel, Bar Association Finds


Baltimore councilmembers pass resolution to deconstruct Confederate monuments; two monuments defaced

The President is yelling fire in a crowded theater.

from Congressman Jamie Raskin:

Amazingly true fact...

It's Time for Republicans to Denounce Trump

There Was Never Doubt Over What Trump Thought of Charlottesville - Slate

This Was the Alt-Rights Favorite Chat App. Then Came Charlottesville.

Ecuador detains Chinese boat with endangered sharks

Let me get this straight... he supports Nazis, Confederates, and Russians.

Ecuador detains Chinese boat with endangered sharks

Hogan calls for Taney statue at Maryland State House to be removed

Trump: "Steve Bannon is not a racist. he's a good person"

KKK leader says that he is "glad" about Heather Heyer's death

Revealed- New Clothing from designer Donnie-Many-Sides

Michael Moore just made Don Lemon & White America very uncomfortble tonight, but I've got to agree

Seth Meyers - Breaking Crazy: Donald Trump's Charlottesville Press Conference - 8/15/17


Trump Gives White Supremacists an Unequivocal Boost

How would u like to be Secret Service

LeBron James wades in - "so-called president of the United States"

Kimmel is Killing it Tonight

Michelle Obama the prophet

White supremacists in Canada emboldened

538 - Democrats Have Their Own Challenges In Talking About Racial Issues In The Trump Era

Damn, Bakari Sellers just called Trump the White Supremacist in Chief

Weighed in the balances and found wanting.

If you missed Rachel tonight, DO make time to watch this show

Trump's bid to build Sydneys first casino killed due to his "Mob Connections" after investigations

Latest RW Meme: I still support R policies 100%

Still my president...

The Real Alt-Left - "Progressives" Pushing The Same Alternative Fact Stories as the Alt-Right

As judge considers holding state in contempt, Md. health secretary defends psychiatric care

Marco Rubio's tweets today

Ben Jealous arrested in demonstration near White House; Baker speaks out on Trump

Peter Dinklage pleads with Game of Thrones fans to stop buying huskies

Trump: "Before I Make A Statement I Need The Facts!"

Alabama Senate primary: Moore and Strange head to Republican run-off

If there ARE two sides, then I choose this one.

Shocking Racist Incident At Capitol Hill Pool Stuns Community

Psychologists surveyed hundreds of alt-right supporters. The results are unsettling.

#ImpeachTrump is trending #1, then Unequivocal Boost, third is Both Sides

old David Letterman's apoligy to Trump for calling him a racist: "he's really a dope"

Democrat Doug Jones wins Alabama Senate primary ( {No runoff for Dems ! }

Non-violent tactics and moral high-ground

Two problems with Republicans denouncing Saturday's violence.

Professor wrongly labelled as racist in Charlottesville

Stephen Colbert Makes Condemning Nazis Look Easy

Each Day Seems To Get Worse. You Begin To Dread Tomorrow.

I stand with the alt left

How do you deal with a Nazi?

In The End The GOP Will Stand W/Trump. Most Republicans I Am Sure Agree With Him.

Woman charged with felonies in toppling of Confederate statue in North Carolina, sheriff says

Amidst all the SHitler crap, CBO released an important report today about his sabotage of ACA

Daily Caller: Hope Hicks to be named WH Communications Director

It Looks Like Trump Has Given Permission For The White Supremacists To Go To War With Protesters.

Oregon approves sweeping bill expanding abortion access

If you don't understand that the Nazis and white supremacists are here to kill you

#ImpeachTrump has been the top trend on Twitter for 8 hours.


Gov. Greg Abbott's top priority, property tax limits, fails as legislators end special session early

20 immigrants found locked in a semitrailer in West Texas

Bob Marley playing as crews wrap up cover-up work at Confederate monument in downtown Birmingham

Sing Woody!!!

How Can GOP Honestly Denounce The Hatred They Created Over The Last 40 Years.

Today Marked the Beginning of the End of Trump

I still cant get my head around it

"...came charging at ????"

Tomorrow's NY Daily News front page....

Trump Approves This Message

Based on smell of marijuana in her car, police search woman's vagina.

Could all this horror and grief. All this violence and fear be because

Former state legislator jailed after refusing to pay fine in political corruption case

This Show Has The Perfect Message

On Tuesday, June 6, 1944...

Frigging Awesome Guardian Cartoon: KKK White House

Chief Justice Roger B Taney (Dred Scott decision) monument gone from Baltimore

Justice demands 1.3M IP addresses related to Trump resistance site

Just saw a closeup video of POTUS COS

Trump To USA - Fuck You. And You Can't Do A Thing. I'm Still President.

Trump's Base Wants Blood. The GOP Won't Appose That 30%.

So that white power hand gesture we've been seeing in Charlottesville coverage...

This is NOT Okay

Holy cow. Baltimore apparently decided that enuf was enuf and took down the 4 confederate..

Where are Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell?

2017: Hold my beer

Time short to save Battleship Texas, officials warn

Another Take....

Why are so many fed level IT and CIO bailing?

Ana Navarro Shreds Trump Over New Remarks: Trump Is Either A Racist Or Is Peddling to Racism

Trump's bid for Sydney casino 30 years ago rejected due to 'mafia connections

For future reference ---

A fiery Dan Patrick lashes out at Speaker Straus

on fivethirtyeight Trumps approval is rising and disapproval is sinking.

Florida man admits to taking photos up woman's skirt in Starbucks

People need to stop thinking Trump's approval rating is going to sink lower...

Event to promote 'true Confederate heritage' set for Sept. 2 in Austin

New Evidence for That Huge Dinosaur Family Tree Rewrite

Stephen Colbert Monologue - 8/15/17

BTW Arlington National Cemetery was beloved home of Robert E Lee..

Okay guys, who did you think you were calling?

My union brother and trump and LSD

Defense Contractor Agrees to Pay $9.2 Million to Settle False Billing Allegations

Active-Duty U.S. Navy CDR Pleads Guilty- Conspiring with Foreign Defense Contractor to Defraud Navy

Houston-to-North-Texas bullet train developer reaches agreement with 2 contractors

Bernie Sanders supporter jumps in to unseat Democrat in one of nations hottest House races

Hey, Progressive: Who Are You Calling a Neoliberal?


Empower Texans Shows Sympathy for White Supremacy

I Am the Alt-Left, Mr. President

As bad as W was...

A look at Trump's "very fine people" o/ the white nationalist/Nazi movement in Charlottesville

JoeScum - are you going to stay and work for a white supremacist?

Why Bob Mueller Placed a Controversial Legal Bulldog on His Team

The president of the United States is now a neo-Nazi sympathiser

40 years ago today: Elvis Presley dies

If you stand with someone wearing a Nazi Swastika and don't cross the street.....

I have to agree with Mittens

Women suicide bombers kill 27 in north-east Nigeria

Drumpfenfuhrer issues talking points for surrogates today - "both sides"

I wish Nelson Mandela was around to give Trump

Arrests Begin Following Durham Confederate Statue Toppling

Is The DOJ Getting Ready To Investigate Anyone Who Protests Trump?

Trumpist Movement and the Radicalization Process

This is worth a repeat...

Make No Mistake About It The GOP Sympathizes With The Nazis Too.

Anyone seeing paid political ads on tax reform?

We Are In More Deep Crap Than We Realize. Progressives Are The Traitors?

Looking for one honest statesman....

If Heather Heyer Deserved To Die What Does That Say About Protesters Or Liberal/Progressives.

Baltimore took down Confederate memorials overnight ***Breaking***

Baltimore Removes Confederate Statues in Overnight Operation

Ben Jennings on Donald Trump and Charlottesville (cartoon)

Wanting to put Muslims in camps - Wanting universal healthcare

Confederate monuments taken down in Baltimore overnight

Journalists use the terms "Bernie Bros" and "Alt-left"


Time to plug Dave and my Asian music (mostly my Japanese favs from rock to pop) including music from

Trump - I Salute You (Luckovich 'toon)

Fox News' Tucker Carlson Helps Trump Push 'Both Sides' Narrative

I used to live near Cambridge

Today Marked the Beginning of the End of Trump - Michael Tomasky

Neighbors: Corey Lewandowski Carried Baseball Bat, Threatened 'Nightmare'

CNBC: Donald Trump's 'mafia connections' blocked his bid to open Sydney casino 30 years ago

WVa Gov. Justice's family-owned company cited in death of coal prep worker


While Donald Was Defending The KKK.....

Not sure if this has been posted yet (it's a tweet)

"Math problems for english majors"

WOW! CNN talking to family member of one of White Nationalists

Organizers postpone Google protest marches, citing 'alt-left terrorist' threats

Unfortunately, the people who need to see this are the ones who can't hear it

The nation can only weep - The Washington Post Editorial Board

Vice News Documentary from Charlottesville Is Horrifying

The Alt-President Chooses His 'Side'

Leader Of The Gross Horde

Steve Bannon was "proud" of Trump's performance yesterday, a source close to him tells

Haberman: Trump in a very good mood last night post-presser, felt liberated

In Ukraine, a Malware Expert Who Could Blow the Whistle on Russian Hacking

In Ukraine, a Malware Expert Who Could Blow the Whistle on Russian Hacking

Will Trump's approval numbers drop?

Michael Moore with Don Lemon(after his Trump Tower protest)

Mr. Trump: THIS is what those "nice" Nazis did to Congregation Beth-El in Charlottesville.

GOP Rep. Defends Trump For Blaming 'Both Sides' In Charlottesville

Psycho Star Parker on C-Span right now

A Call To Action: Step Down! A Letter to PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi

A Call To Action: Step Down! A Letter to PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi

Michael Steele was asked, "What are Republicans gonna do?" Regarding tRump

Hicks likely to become next WH communications director

This - would make his staff accomplices

The silence of the mad king

how many republicans have resigned from his staff this morning? crickets.....

Kimmel to Trump voters: "Deep down inside, you know you made a mistake." (video)

CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES RIGHT NOW! Tell them, D or R, that you expect to see their asses in chairs

New York Daily News Front Page - "Sympathy for the Devils"

Former KKK leader David Duke thanks President Trump for condemning leftist terrorists

How many times?

Appropos for the time:

Trump is a lousy businessman

Floods in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh leave 250 dead

A statue of a white man is literally more valued than the living body of a person of color.

Ex-RNC chair: Trumps Charlottesville press conference was a big middle finger to the country

House FreeDUMB caucus will never impeach Chumpy.

Fox News Host: Trump Comments At Press Conference Were 'Disgusting'

So now that the president has declared himself, at minimum, a supporter of neo-nazis and KKK will

Out of curiosity, has Trump done anything contrary to the larger Republican agenda?

Theresa May criticizes Donald Trump's response to Charlottesville protest

My god. These are the people Trump is defending.

Trump accuses Amazon of hurting 'tax paying retailers'

Trump praises North Korea for backing off plan to fire missiles toward Guam

White Nationalist Rule Is Already Here

GOP chairmen resist hearings on white supremacy

'Donald Trump is trying to start a civil war,' warns former US Labor Secretary (Robert Reich)

Of all the lies, the biggest lie Trump told: "Many were there to protest taking down the statue."

Complicit: Each of Trump's kids unfollowed Marlee Matlin after she denounced Nazis

Why would General Kelly stay now? After this?

So when does one become the other side in "both sides"? What is the line for being as bad as a Nazi?

Theresa May on Trump comments: Far-right should always be condemned

How can a person of color or a Jewish person serve in this administration ?

"Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

WH sends GOP talking points saying Trump entirely correct on Charlottesville

Feeding The Dragon

...Internet loses it after Kayleigh McEnany hypes Trump's 'message of love'

Fox News loathsome scumbag Jesse Watters: I know that a woman died, but...

Trump's Attorney: "Just because I support Trump doesn't make me a racist" (Oh, yes it does)

University of Florida cancels white supremacist event

EXCLUSIVE Democrats in Congress to explore creating an expert panel on Trump's mental health

Many Sides, My Ass.....

So Mr. Netanyahu, how's that alliance with Trump working for you now?

From a rabbi:

Jimmy Kimmel: A message of support for those who voted for Trump

Why Trump Blames Both Sides For Charlottesville

AP has an epiphany about it's use of the term 'alt-right'

How to find your nazi fighting name...

Trump to name longtime loyalist Hope Hicks as new communications director

Hope Hicks replacing Mooch should do wonders for popcorn sales

Pssssssssssssssst Hey Groper Don the Con - Obama whipped you again

VA Governor McAuliffe: Weapons caches were found in Charlottesville

Wilco releasing new song to benefit Southern Poverty Law Center

Trump parroted all that press conference from fox news

Fox & Friends guest: Anyone who defends Trump is morally bankrupt

Trump dropped his pants and took a ѕhit on all the Americans who gave their lives fighting the Nazis

Time for spring cleaning

Stephen Colbert: I don't agree with the Nazis, but....

"They came charging in without a permit and were very very violent"

Trump lawyer posts slew of photos of himself with black people hoping to prove he's not racist

"Murdered by Nazis"

Will anyone resign today?

US military leaders distance themselves from Trump's stance on Charlottesville

Here's the 'president's' latest insightful tweet...

So, How Many in Trump's Cabinet Have Resigned So Far?

Some things have many sides. Some things do not.

"The Army doesn't tolerate racism, extremism, or hatred in our ranks"

My father was a college student

Trump is a Racist Man:

Congratulations to Hope Hicks

I am begining to think that Trump wants to be the 21st century incarnation of someone like Hitler

"Trump and the 'very fine' people who march with neo-Nazis"

See a Nazi, Punch a Nazi

Marist poll records new low for Trump

Was trumps press conference yesterday a "Hail Mary"

There's Legal Basis For Impeaching Trump Now - But Congress Needs to Get Its Act Together to Do It

Dear Confederate Nazi Idiots: YOU LOST

Hope Hicks - Uff da!

Photo of thugs destroying alt-right heritage

But...but..the greatest generation came charging in without a permit!!!!

Jan Brewer Comes to Trump's Defense: Backlash Over Charlottesville Just 'Sour Grapes'

Planned protests against Google bring culture wars to Silicon Valley

We removed the "Whites only" and the "Colored Drinking Fountain" signs.

Yesterday left me in despair.

Salem Witch Trials an analogy for removing all confederate statues

Oregon approves sweeping bill expanding abortion access

Here's a Photo of "The Other Side" Attacking Nazis

Yeah, I'm talking to you, Eclipse!

AP-won't use term "alt-right" anymore "because it is meant as a euphemism to disguise racist aims."

Cnn header: Source: McConnell upset at Trump over comments.

Not ONE republican visiting the news shows this morning defending or denouncing trump.

Has anyone mentioned...

Factory workers quitting in droves

This is the Republicans' Munich Moment


American terrorist crying on youtube

Degenerate Donnie down 5 points in 3 days

Elvis's death was a perfect example: The media doesn't understand Middle America

Completely LOST in the press conference insanity

CNN: Donald Trump's presidency is headed to a very dark place

'Daily Stormer' (Nazi Website Taken Down by GoDaddy) is now hosted by RUSSIA

Trump's cult is the new Westboro Baptist Church

A Photo purportedly showing an Antifa member hitting a police officer -WAS DIGITALLY MANIPULATED.

Forty years ago today, Elvis Presley "died."

We Have To Hold The Repug Party Responsible....

The republicans better take action. I believe there was an Englishman who went into the

Donald Trump is a Populist President.

on a brighter note: The Total Eclipse of the Sun

How's the international press handling yesterday's temper tantrum?

Direct descendants of Robert E. Lee denounce white nationalists


Live stream of Heather Heyer memorial gathering - Updated

WashPo - good article on antifa

President Trump must go

so I saw on FB (yeah I know) that we were throwing shit and piss and bricks

Here is a conferderate soldier that deserves a monument.

We have always been on our own

Update: Nazi website Daily Stormer resurfaces with a Russian domain. Anybody surprised?

Mitch McConnell's lame ass statement didn't call out Twitler. They are fucking cowards.

It's not "changing history" to acknowledge Washington and Jefferson were slave owners

Heather Heyer memorial service live link

Look at it from the POV of the GOP party-leadership:

Live stream of Heather Heyer memorial gathering

The term alt-left started on racist websites in Nov 2016 for false equivalency

"I was wrong": U-Va. newspaper editor says he was "naive" about alt-right

Prelims up in GD

Has there EVER been a more SPINELESS Speaker of the House than Paul Ryan?

Fox and Friends segment derailed: Trump morally bankrupt

Captain Sully To Trump: Youre Grounded

BUSTED: Classmates ID Charlottesville marcher and demand that high school disavow him

Something About The Rally That Still Floors Me

Texas Republicans Intentionally Discriminated Against Minority Voters, Court Rules

4 Joint Chiefs condemn hatred after Charolttesville CNN runner...

Has Trump reached out to Heather Heyer's family?

6 purple shirts (out of 19) at weekly staff meeting

the way i look at it

Just discovered @realDonaldTrump tweet from June1944

This man has no moral compass, either.

Heather Heyer's memorial service starting in a few minutes

Trump Rally planned in Phoenix next week! Call for massive protests!

Heather Heyer memorial service live on C-Span

Pearce Piles it on

I saw a lout on CNN talking about

'There are no good neo-Nazis': Mitch McConnell hits back at latest Trump Charlottesville blunder

My final word: NEVER AGAIN

Is this too crass? I'm thinking of a 30 sec spot...

German politicians accuse Trump of trivializing Nazi violence

Sullivan says there were contradictory and misleading details about white nationalist torchlit mar

My take on the Con rallies

They won't say it

CNN host paralyzes head of Trump diversity council: 'Would very fine people march alongside' Nazis?

An historical look at race and the Presidency

The Normandie - Doomed Because Of Its Excess

Las Vegas Sun Editorial Board: "Embraced by neo-fascists, Trump is the 1st un-American president"

Trump's alleged Mafia ties lost him Sydney casino bid (good AND bad people in the Mafia! FAKE! Sad).

Trump confirms Phoenix rally on Aug. 22 -Updated with protest info.

How come there are good Nazis, but no good Mexicans or Muslims?

The Raw Story is Live Streaming Heather Heyer's funeral

Until Ryan and McConnell pass resolutions condemning Trump's bigotry it is all cheap talk.

I guess I always knew Republicans would never get rid of Donald Trump

Of course Charlottesville is Obama's fault

AFL-CIO Pres to CBS: Trump's manufacturing council is "totally ineffective. It's never met."

UVA library employee suffers stroke after attack by Nazi at Charlottesville rally.

"You have a permit?" - toon

You socialists and leftists just don't want to give him a chance, do you? Do ya?!

Both Bush Presidents release joint statement

Opps - When Good Intentions Go Awry

Party of Lincoln?

Every GOP candidate in 2018 needs to make a statement on whether or not ...

Hey, CEO's: Trump is choosing his future oligarchs. Will you be one?

Statement by Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush

The GOP used to boast that Trump is way nicer to Israel than Obama.

Moving to Newfoundland

Shooting of Lavar Jones 2014 from TheRoot

Can we please have a 'No Nazis' avatar?

Kasich Calls Trump Presser 'Terrible,' But 'He's Our President, OK?'

McConnell releases statement....never mentions trump....chickenshit republicans

I don't know why I bothered. Oh yeah, because I love my country.

I love this memorial. Heather was clearly a fierce young woman.

RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel to white supremacists: 'We don't want your vote'

A Billboard from May , 2017 Called It

KO: More Moral Than Trump: The Red Wings and the Torch Maker How is it that a yard accessory company

KO:More Moral Than Trump: The Red Wings and the Torch Maker How is it that a yard accessory company


Birmingham covers up Confederate monument

At 10:07pm ET, this @BarackObama tweet became the most-liked tweet in Twitter history.

Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Might Not Be President By Friday (one can only hope)

ONION: Robert Mueller Eats 2 20-Piece Chicken McNugget Meals In Attempt To Get Into Trump's Mind

Mama Heyer for POTUS!!!

Charlottesville Police Refused to Protect Synagogue From Nazis, So Jewish Community Hired Armed

"Today is the day Donald Trump became President..."

Heather Heyer's Mother, "They tried to kill my child to shut her up but they just magnified her."

So what do you think the chances are the DOJ will investigate the Charlottesville PD..

West Point research shows that right-wing terrorism climbs whenever GOP gains more power

Congress CANNOT wait on Robert Mueller

To Congressional Republicans: Repudiate Trump or Lose Your Seats

Make it so.

Ever notice where Trumps loyalties align? Not with America, that's just a cheap slogan.

Graham: Trump's Return To Blaming Both Sides Was 'A Step Backward'

SpaceX Dragon Delivers Supplies (and Science) to Space Station

How about replacing some of those Confederate Generals

So ya' wanna call it art? OK!

the nazis, white supremacists and ku klux klan are ecstatic today....

Philadelphia mayor: Time to discuss future of Rizzo statue

Judges reject coal mining permit that allowed destruction, replacement of stream in Greene County,Pa

Alphabet soup with a white supremacy twist

Local RW radio (Richmond VA) carried the Heyer memorial live

Republicans, cut the outrage. It's time to disown Trump. - By Jennifer Rubin

This week might be one of those very very rare events that might loosen gop hold on the house.

Trump's lawyer threatens to lodge a complaint against special counsel Mueller if he investigates....

The cashier does her "How are you today?" I blurted out, "I live in America, how do you think I am?"

Russian Scientists have recently published findings on subsea permafrost in the Arctic

Confederate monuments down in Baltimore

Say His Name, Republicans!

Vermont white nationalist loses job at pizza chain after being spotted in Charlottesville

More arrested in toppling of Confederate statue

3Ms CEO Inge Thulin announces he is resigning from Trumps Manufacturing Council

Andrea Mitchell; Editorial boards across the country condemning Trumps...

Civil rights group sues Nebraska state prisons system

Heather's mom: "I'd rather have my child-But-if I gotta give her up-we're going to make it count"

Protesters to picket at Confederate monument in Norfolk VA

It looks like North Korean nukes aren't the only things that can burn that Nazis have to fret about

Federal court: Arkansas can block Planned Parenthood money

Pastor Wants Presidents Names Removed From Washington, Jackson Parks Over Ties To Slavery

Missouri regulators reject massive Midwest wind power line

trump is amoral, not immoral. It makes a difference.

Alabama Senate: Roy Moore nearly lost a statewide in 2012. Doug Jones can beat him now.

NYC church removes 2 plaques honoring Robert E. Lee

It would have been a beautiful sight to see

Trump has just successfully destroyed any moral high ground the US had internationally.

The persistent crime that connects mass shooters and terror suspects: Domestic violence

Nearly 30K sign petition seeking to expel UNR student who attended Charlottesville rally

Pence won't take questions from press in Chile

Pence won't take questions from press in Chile

is this really a thing?

New "45" logo - spread it far and wide!

Report: Accuser Discussed Blackmailing Ezekiel Elliott with Sex Tapes

Amazon stock market value falls by $5bn after critical Trump tweet

Georgia judge suspended for comparing anti-Confederate protesters to ISIS

I was wrong: U-Va. newspaper editor says he was naive about alt-right (1st amendment supporters)

Philippine police kill 32 in bloodiest night of Duterte's war on drugs

Looking into the eyes of a leopard

Where Is the Republican Outrage?

Sky-High Solar Eclipse? Here's What You Might See from an Airplane

Were there good people that came to protest the statue being torn down?

White House Staff Upset Trump's Beliefs Are Now Public

The Nation is reviewing a story casting doubt on Russian hack of DNC

Army helicopter with five aboard crashes off Hawaii: U.S. Coast Guard

In 200 days DJT has....

Hollywood Forever Cemetery removes Confederate monument

Campbell CEO resigns from Trump's manufacturing council, moments after strategic and policy forum di

University of Florida says no to white nationalist event

The latest conservative, neo-Confederate attempt at a "Gotcha":

Two Nations, Divisible, Under Trump

'If I Can Dream' by Elvis Presley

Legally, who does a rally permit cover? Does it allow the named grantee to eject counterprotesters

Bruno Mars donates $1 million to Flint water crisis

Lawrence: What Trump does not know about Robert E. Lee

BREAKING***Trump business group to disband amid Charlottesville tumult.

**Campbell soup, 3M, Ceos join union leaders, top execs leaving Trump council over #charllottesville

Punching Nazis feels good, but it's a selfish act, not something that leads to victory

'Explosive Auroras': What Causes These Strobe Light Displays?

3M CEO Inge Thulin resigns from Trumps manufacturing council

*****BREAKING ****** Eighth CEO Leaves Trump's Council - Campbell's Soup Is MMM Good

US military leaders are distancing themselves from Trump's Charlottesville rhetoric

Americans Demand That Offensive Symbol of Racism Be Removed from Public Property

Racist Daily Stormer moves to Russian domain after losing .com address

Justice Dept. Demands Data on Visitors to Anti-Trump Website, Sparking Fight

Trump plan could open Giant Sequoia monument to logging.

New video of that Nazi asshole on the Vice video. He's askeered, crying, unsafe!

Why there are Confederate statues in states that weren't in the Confederacy?

tRump Tweets He's Disbanding Manufacturing & Strategic Councils

Donald Trump is afraid of Steve Bannon, and that's why he won't fire him: report

Trumps Council of C.E.O.s in Disarray Following Remarks on Protest

Fall Weiss or the Poland Campaign

Hollywood Forever Cemetery removes Confederate monument

Im terrified: Neo-Nazi blubbers like a baby in video reporting hes wanted for arrest in Charlott

Trump is bailing

*****BREAKING*****Trump is ending all his Councils. We helped do it !!!


45 just disbanded the manufacturing council. BWAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

Cheyenne Mountain Resort cancels plans to host white nationalist VDare conference after wide critic

Grace Mugabe asks for diplomatic immunity in S Africa case

Trump disbands CEO councils as business leaders desert

Man Makes Nazi Salute On Camera, Gets Immediately Punched In The Face

California is ranked as #1 in the number of hate groups.


Liberals will not let go?

If you are white...

Don't you wish we had a Winston Churchill or somebody that remembered him?

Is the Nuremburg prison still operable? n/t


Trump Ends Business Councils as CEOs Turn Against President

Charlottesville winery Trump boasted about owning claims no affiliation

In a century, will the ideological descendants of today's Nazis be wearing ISIS garb

What Is Trumps Relationship With White Nationalism?

Can't all these Nazi morans who planned this get a conspiracy charge?

If tRump Resigns, Do We Trade a Racist For a Xian Dominionist?

There is no viаgra for Trump's limp business prowess.

Pence is canceling the test of his international trip and coming home tomorrow

Shut the fuck up, Kudlow. You're out of your element.

American terrorist Christopher Cantwell bawls his eyes out

Former White Nationalist turned anti-hate advocate has program de-funded

Here are the Republicans denouncing Trump by name

Ana Navarro goes over Jan Brewer speaks direct to Trump and pulls no punches

The White People Who Need Proof of Racism

Raw Story: Im terrified: Neo-Nazi blubbers like a baby in video

John Kasich on Charlottesville: 'Pathetic'; Donald Trump must 'condemn' neo-Nazis

Americans Demand That Offensive Symbol of Racism Be Removed from Public Property

TPM - Trump One-Ups The CEOs Fleeing His Jobs Panels By Disbanding Them

Proof-in-video that the Charlottesville-protest was just about a statue.

No soup for you Mr Nazi

I adore Helen Mirren.

Pence returning from South America early to attend meeting at Camp David:

This is a legit LMFAO image but X rated. Forewarned is forearmed

Charlottesville: Race and Terror VICE News Tonight on HBO

Scarborough: None Of Us Have Seen Anything Like Yesterday

How America Spreads the Disease that is Racism by not Confronting Racist Family Members and Friends

Trump's business council goes kaput and I just can't help but soak up the schandenfreude.

Virginia Car Attack Possible Hate Crime, Sessions Says

the guy says he will donate 1.00 for every re-tweet, to the good guys

Just in: VP Pence ending his international trip early, coming home tomorrow

Im proud to be a Southerner,,,,,,,,

Top military brass slams racism after Charlottesville

"I piss down the throats of these Nazis. Fuck Them"

Who Is Jacob Wohl? Registered letters in administrative case don't find the answer.

Trump is really quite ..."stupid"

Twitter Video: .@SenSanders full interview on @MSNBC today

More about Christopher Cantwell, racist POS "star" of the Vice News video

Trump's favorite poll says his strong approval rating is below 30 percent

On a lighter note, the proper way to protest...

Nazi Terrorist Christopher Cantwell bawls his eyes out

Trump: rather than abandon my Nazi friends, I will BURN IT ALL DOWN.

In Ukraine, a Malware Expert Who Could Blow the Whistle on Russian Hacking

In Ukraine, a Malware Expert Who Could Blow the Whistle on Russian Hacking

Venezuela mulls 'law against intolerance,' aimed at dissenters

FBI 'reopens investigation into Clintons at Trump lawyer's request'

If Trump has you lashing out at Dems today, instead of him....

Trump's top economic adviser, Gary Cohn, is reportedly 'disgusted' and 'appalled' with Trump's Charl

How Heather Heyer died........a post from ItsGoingDown.

Boston Free Speech Rally PermitApproved

$10,000 reward for info ... plus NYDailyNews Cover:

"jailhouse rock" (1st music video) on the 40th anniversary of the death of The King

elvis "my way" (with funeral photos)

US military service chiefs condemn racism, stand up for military values after Charlottesville

This Camp David Meeting - If I Had To Guess What This Is About I Would Think.....

National Trust for Historic Preservation: Statement on Confederate Memorials: Confronting Difficult

Rep. Jayapal calls on Trump to rid White House of any white-supremacist supporters

Pence Stands with Trump's Widely-Criticized Charlottesville Statements

BREAKING: J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon criticizes Trump Charlittesville comments

Johnson: Can We Move On From Trump Defending White Supremacists Already

Video: Nazi dude from Vice's Charlottesville doc crying...

Donald Trump has made his bed, but he can't sleep in it because some very fine people

"viva las vegas"

Hundreds gather in Charlottesville to honor woman killed in protests

Mike Pence Backs Up Trump: 'I Stand By The President'

elvis and ann-margret (whewwwwww--sexxxxy)

Faux Noise at it again, demonizing NASA

You know he lied about the winery. Here is proof:

AP FACT CHECK: Viral photo doesn't show "antifa" beating cop

FBI Agents Gave Comey Consistently High Marks, Counter To Trumps Claims

About Christopher Cantwell (the one crying on the video in LBN)

Sun Country CEO outlines no-frills strategy for MSP airline

Trump Ends C.E.O. Advisory Councils as Main Group Acts to Disband

Ah, good, dailystormer finds new home:

Citing death threats, 18-year-old who attended violent Va. rally wont return to BU

Police: Ex-Mason student person of interest in Charlottesville assault

No. Resignations. None.

Dimon Says He Strongly Disagreed With Trump on Charlottesville

The mother of Heather Heyer thanked Trump after his earlier comments

Slate - Dealing With Trumps Latest Outrages Is Getting Increasingly Awkward for World Leaders

RUMOR AND SPECULATION!!! Just thinking through some things.

SPLC: Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide

Exactly how bright are these "storm-troopers"? They tried to pull off a violent event in these days

More Republicans join Charlottesville chorus

Obama Earns Most Liked Tweet Ever

McConnell: There are no good neo-nazis.

The Great Dictator: Charlie Chaplin Anti-Fascist Speech

Graham Speaks Out Against Trump

Have any from Trump's Evangelical Advisory Board quit?

Reports: Bannon Was 'Thrilled,' 'Proud' After Trump's Charlottesville Presser

we can't fall for it. words are cheap and easy (and in this case, all too late).

U.S. Urges Latin America to End Diplomatic Ties With North Korea

HeatherHeyer's mother: This is just the beginning of Heather's legacy

JPR, Confederate statues are fine, they are just showing the common poor solider

Tribute to Heather Heyer

Memorial for Heather Heyer, woman killed protesting Charlottesville rally🔥

All of Baltimore's confederate monuments are the truck hauls them AWAY

This is what was considered a HUGE scandal this week eight years ago:

What if Western media covered Americas white tribalism the same way it covers other nations

What would Bartcop make of this epic mess?

There is no such thing as "alt-left."

Schwarzman killed Trump's pro-biz panel. He informed POTUS in a call, before the tweet

Surveys contradict Trump claim that Comey had lost FBI confidence

Right-Winger Jack Posobiec, Retweeted by Trump, Is Navy Intel Officer

Charlottesville neo-nazi cries and cries and cries in video to police...

Just had big argument with my wife about Trump

Peru: 3000-year-old circular stone wall found in Cusco

Peru: 3000-year-old circular stone wall found in Cusco

For everyone that Charlottesville was the Last Straw with Trump - that means you were ok with:

Hugh Hewitt says that LOSER 45 is not a racist

Words just cannot describe.

Trump is "without regret" after off-the-rails news conference

Dude jumping out of white supremacist uniform and running away

Trump tries to claim he dissolved 2 councils of CEOs after advisory group chooses to disband

🐦 August 21 - Bernie Sanders, Chuck Jones to attend Indianapolis jobs rally

Crisis-Watch Mode is Warranted, I Think

What time does Hugh Hewitt's show come on? I wan't to make sure I don't

At least six killed in suspected gang attack at Guatemala hospital

August 21 - Bernie Sanders, Chuck Jones to attend Indianapolis jobs rally

BREAKING: Christopher Cantwell, MAGA Nazi, has warrant out for his arrest ... cries like a coward

I imagine Bannon watched Saturday's Nazi KKK fest with glee

Pence ends international trip early amid Trump controversy

Hope Susan Sarandon,Danny Glover and other

***Breaking*** Paypal bans accounts for racist sites.

Brazil congressman ordered to pay for offensive remark

Brazil congressman ordered to pay for offensive remark

Trump's Aides Tried to Conceal His Crazy, Racist Beliefs From the Country - By Jonathan Chait

I don't know about the rest of you

Advice: Trump needs to get back to playing his own game

Losing the business community today

Dem lawmaker hits Trump: 'Who knew supporting white supremacists could be so complicated?'

Trump is no different from any other Republican.

Every Republican must sign a censure of the president - By Jennifer Rubin

Trump keeps trying to explain and cant stop digging - By Tom Toles

He's right, though- we shouldn't lose our "history"...

Family denounces Tefft's racist rhetoric and actions

Monkey Species Not Seen Alive for 80 Years Rediscovered in the Amazon

Monkey Species Not Seen Alive for 80 Years Rediscovered in the Amazon

JEWISH GROUP: I stand with all Jewish people against the Nazi menace and our Nazi-Sympathizer-POTUS

There's folks who are CALLED "alt-left", and there are Bernie supporters...they are not the same.

Reps. Nadler, Watson Coleman, and Jayapal Announce Censure Resolution Against President Trump

Gov. (former) Jan Brewer, AZ. is such an ugly person in so many ways.

🐦 August 22 at 10:30 AM - Bernie Sanders - Vern Riffe Center for the Arts, Portsmouth, Ohio

In Case You Missed This?

Shame for my State.

Just wondering when a republican will introduce a bill outlawing the nazi flag?

Judge, top prosecutor engage in shouting match over jailing of pregnant woman

Cut the cord a couple months ago. Any hints about watching NFL games?

Theresa May swipes at Trump over response to neo-Nazi rally bloodshed as she faces calls from MPs...

There's Now At Least One Real, Live Witness In FBI's Election-Hacking Probe

BREAKING-Trump Found To Be Engaged In Ethical Behavior!

Why did Top FBI investigator abruptly quit Muellers Russia probe?

'Jellyfish' Galaxies Reveal Feeding Habits of Monster Black Holes

Is Mueller investigating this?:

Pence is coming back early. From All Things Considered @ NPR

Right-Winger Jack Posobiec, Retweeted by Trump, Is Navy Intel Officer

Gonna be tricky for SNL to make fun of this: Maybe they'll do Archie and Edith as Jarred and Ivanka?

Wake up and smell the stink that is in your sofa

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 8, 2017

Neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer resurfaces with Russian domain following Google and GoDaddy bans

A top FBI investigator has unexpectedly stepped away from special counsel Mueller's Russia probe

Inconvenient Truths SHitler Conveniently Forgot to Mention

Say His Name When You Denounce His Bigotry

Maddow on How Trump Remarks Aid White Supremacists' Political Ambitions

See how it works?

NC KKK leader: 'I'm glad that girl died' during Virginia protest

'It's manufactured death'

Photographer perfectly shuts down Fox News' request to use his Charlottesville photos

White Supremacist Propaganda, Guns, Meth Found In Home

Trump To Make Obamacare Subsidy Payments After Threatening To End Them

Four Days After Deadly Charlottesville Rally, Trump Has Yet To Call Mayor

Use a Movie Insult to Describe Trump

Pence's true colors on Charlottesville, "I stand with the president"

William Rivers Pitt: Coward-in-Chief: Trump Wilts in the Face of Fascist Terrorism

Project Runway Season 16! - Pick the winner

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-10: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Hitler Edition

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Someone needs to remind Cheeto he is the President of the whole US

George Takei tweets

Poll: Majority Believes Trump's Response To Charlottesville Hasn't Been Strong Enough

If Trump succeeds, Jared Kushner will be faced with a choice:

Fourth person arrested after toppling of Durham County Confederate monument

Each of the 52 repub. senators were invited by chuck todd to talk to him about trump on MTP daily

Does this feel like a turning point to anyone else?

It literally feels like 10 years have passed since this speech...

Arkansas-linked Charlottesville marcher identified, apologizes to those misidentified

Charlottesville is quicksand for Bannon/Trump

Trump's remarks defending neo-Nazis were Fox talking points

VA Sec. Shulkin: I'm speaking out "as a Jewish American...

Confession: I had the CNN interview of Jan Brewer on in the background and....

Angry man w/ loaded AR-15 terrifies bystanders in quarrel w/ black protester at Confederate statue


Trumps air traffic overhaul would add $100B to deficit, says new analysis

Special counsel's Russia probe loses top FBI investigator

Bannon Celebrates Trumps Response to Charlottesville

Man, it just struck me: the new nazi losers now dress like golfers. WTF. NAZI GOLFERS.

VP Pence farts in general direction of your 25th Amendment...just like Elaine, he stands by his man.

Ex-Trump Aides Start Voter Registration Effort

Wrote a little song...

Are There Any Confederate Statues In Illinois Or Chicago?....

A private answer if you feel like responding please Skinner

Oh, and speaking of "golf" - per Kyle Griffin:

Bonus Quote of the Day

Donald Trump is afraid of Steve Bannon, and thats why he wont fire him: report

White supremacist organizer said...

What Is Trumps Relationship With White Nationalism?

Take it down!

"Ben Carson says his home was vandalized . . ."

KKK denied permit to burn cross atop symbolic mountain in Georgia

A Glossary of Extremist Language

Organizers of white nationalist rally in Virginia, driver sued for $3 million

Trump to intorduce his new line of fall clothing.

Squarespace is dropping Richard Spencers think tank and other alt-right websites

What Steve Bannon thinks about Charlottesville

The alt-right is just another word for white supremacy, study finds

Obama's administration requested a Bikeshare station at the White House. Trumps team just had it re

Why there is no alt-left

Just because Trump used the term "alt-left" doesn't mean that...

The Associated Press limits its use of the term 'alt-right' here's why

God, if Trump should be impeached, give us a sign and blot out the sun next Monday Aug 21, 2017.

Fox's Shep Smith: We couldn't find a Republican willing to come on and defend Trump

Russian hacker talking to FBI:

Randy Bryce‏: Today, I'm calling on @SpeakerRyan to bring a censure vote to the House floorjoini

Racist Daily Stormer goes down again as CloudFlare drops support

Yes, What About the Alt-Left?

Trump claimed counter protesters with clubs charged at the Facists. Lying?

What seems to be missing from the reaction to Trumps Charlottesville response

What is it that makes people want to carve monuments

Even Benedict Arnold Has A Memorial

What Steve Bannon thinks about Charlottesville

Trump's Faux Breakup With His Manufacturing Council

I have been unfaithful and I feel bad.

How does taking down a statue "change history"?

And now for something very different.......something beautiful...

Trump and his team are going to Camp David this weekend per

Charlottesville: A GOP Turning Point(?)

One reason this feels like a turning point is this:

White nationalists are flocking to genetic ancestry tests but dont like what they find

LMAO--Heard today by Professor Horne from University of Houston on MSNBC

Bannon is one stupid prima donna.

Rethugs are the ghost of the Weimar Republic

Minnesota neo-Nazis fired from diner after resident exposes them posing in full SS regalia

Horrifying story of state trooper trying to deny medical care to Heather Heyer.

Well dayam - another nazi gets fired (SC)...yep, gonna need JOBSJOBSJOBS here pdq!

Elvis Presley Blues.

It sure looks like Trumps Charlottesville talking points came straight from Fox News

Damn... Ivanka, et. al. in Vermont

Republican Fox & Friends pundit, overcome with emotion, says he cant defend Trump anymore

found on Twitter....

Also from Twitter - Peter Daou. This will piss you off.

Just discovered this island of sanity on the internet

Hope Hicks is Trump's next communications director: Here's how a 28-year-old with no political

'Changing history'? No - 32 Confederate monuments dedicated in past 17 years

Anyone remember the low budget (Troma Film): Surf Nazis Must Die?

If TALKING About Racism Makes You Uncomfortable, Try LIVING It.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 17 August 2017

How many like the music genre "the blues" ?

My Naomi Klein 'No is Not Enough-Resisting Trump's Shock Politics

So, once all these Neo-Nazi, Klan thugs are all

Remember When Hillary Caught So Much Flack for Calling Them Deplorable?

Man misidentified as Charlottesville driver had to flee home; plans to sue far-right sites

Twitter has begun shutting down white supremacist accounts

Stan Lee weighs in:

Impeaching Trump May Not Be Necessary to Remove Him From the White House - Newsweek

Members of 'master race' lose jobs at Pizzeria Uno, hot dog restaurant after Nazi rally

Are Confederate Statues Art? No They Need To Be Melted Down!

Fake News and Fake Jews

I just couldn't take it anymore.

He's on vacation. Let's not forget that.

Did the Con order Pence to cancel the trip

What if he said "both sides were bad" with respect to World War II?

My man, The Rude Pundit nails it again

Ex-Trump Campaign Staff Seek Higher Turnout and 'Fraudulent' Votes

I wonder if Bannon smells as ugly as he looks. What's going on with his face? Melting?

Maryland State House Trust votes to remove Taney statue

Huey Long...THAT's who Trump reminds me of.

Gov. McAuliffe calls for removal of Confederate monuments in Virginia

Tweety is being an asshole tonight.

The chickens have roosted.

Some of the religious protesters say the anti-fa/anarchists may have saved their lives.

I heard I rolled instead of crawled when I was baby

John Kelly during "the" Press Conference to end all press conferences