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Archives: August 18, 2017

The Angry White Boys Know What They Want

If your greatest accomplishment is the color of the skin you were born suck.

White Nationalist Presumably Trump Supporters Are Harassing Heather Heyer's Mother

Plans to unwind banking regulation very, very dangerous, says Feds Fischer

Lawsuit: Birth control for sentencing breaks violated rights

Slate - "White Americans Have to Make a Choice"

Name the movie the quote came from:

Photo of Antifa man assaulting officer was doctored, analysis shows

So, what is worse?

MSNBC Ranks as No. 1 Cable Network in Total Viewers for First Time Ever

David Cay Johnston warning again tonight that Trump wants to suspend the Constitution

Casper businesses already seeing boost in business by upcoming eclipse

Q for Al Gore: If you had to give Trump one piece of advice, what would it be? (Answer is Fabulous)

Spanish police 'stop second attack'

Police have taken down three people in a town south of Barcelona. I hope they get them

Second Kennedy Center honoree 'declining' White House reception

I took this from a facebook friend!

If you could fundamentally reshape America what changes would you make?

We have been playing Trump bingo ever since we heard about it.

Wisconsin bill giving $3 billion incentives to Foxconn advances

Gov. Mead on turning down Trump job: 'I made the right choice'

ACLU Changes Policy on Defending Hate Groups Protesting With Firearms

ACLU: Don't look away. This is our pres recommending we all study a lie about brutalizing Muslims

Venezuela's new chief prosecutor vows to jail protest leaders


What the Lynching of Leo Frank Shows Us About Hate

Emails Just Revealed Trump Family Implicated In $350 Million Fraud Investigation

El Salvador scraps controversial law allowing pregnant minors to wed

Article Bannon Feels Secure After Latest Trump Controversy

How is painting a swastika on a dog's head a "joke"?

Red Sox owner John Henry feels "Yawkey Way" evokes racist past.

Best tweet of the year

Under Pence, head of election integrity commission, Dem voting sites shuttered, R sites expanded

Tiki Torch Nazis

Judge blocks 176-million ton coal mine expansion in Montana

OkCupid kicks out white supremacist Chris Cantwell: There is no room for hate

Tweety's Panel Tonight: Congressional Rs Will Stick With tRump

Don't forget - SNL Weekend Update on tonight 8 pm CDT


Here is one of the suits filed charging embezzlement of the foundation money:

Sanders Announces Funds for Vermont's Community Health Centers

City of Helena to remove Confederate fountain

Vox - Trump's idea that jobs will solve racism is just wrong

Haunted by legacy, Red Sox owner wants to rename Yawkey Way

Haunted by legacy, Red Sox owner wants to rename Yawkey Way

The New Yorker and Economists new covers blast Trumps white supremacist pandering

Pierce: Listen to This Casual Slavery Talk Down in Tennessee

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Nonstop! Live Uncensored & a new Kittehs gif

Did you know

OK cupid bans white supremacist Chris Cantwell...for life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a message for Two Scoops and the fascists

Geraldo Rivera praises Robert E Lee and Erwin Rommel in one tweet.


Giggle for the evening:Sad to see the history & culture of our great country being ripped apart...

Hey dickhead (Trump) when r u going to

Los Colorados' version of What I Like About You

Another Whopper

Jeff Koterba's Aug. 18 cartoon: Tears for Barcelona

Petition to allow ex-felons to vote in Florida instead of having a lifetime ban. Could turn FL blue.

2018 US Senate Election-Vulnerable Democratic Incumbents and Vulnerable Republican incumbents.

Breitbart agitprop: CEOs rejecting Trump "corporate antifa" & "revolt against Amerian democracy"

Fridays are lawyers' favorite day. Phucking up your weekend is their speciality.

A thousand words

MSNBC Ranks as No. 1 Cable Network in Total Viewers for First Time Ever

How far down the rabbit hole have we gone...

I sent an appreciative email this evening to a high school choir director. Why?

WikiLeaks rejected documents on Russia during election

DCCC Ad Hits Gianforte Over Responsibility for Assault

Malala Youasafzai in the news again

I'm not hearing repeated that

It's gator hunting in this area now, and one group got a monster:

Were 'both sides' to blame for Barcelona, Donald Trump?

Any chance Fred Trump-Donald's father was in the KKK?

Seattle Mayor Murray calls for removal of Confederate monument, Lenin statue

Will Trump Bring The World Down With Him?

Kevin Durant says he'd skip warriors' white House invitation

Vandals Destroy "History." Believe Me, There Were Some Beautiful People From Tikrit

Voyager at 40: Keep Reaching for the Stars

Steve Daines Continues to Avoid Constituents. Wants to Become Pen Pals Instead

Trump wants to save Confederate statues, but he didnt care about the artwork on his own building

A Nazi ringleader was on TV saying we need a MORE racist Prez

Montana nature reserve buys 46,000-acre ranch, advances goal of establishing wildlife park

"Art of the Deal" Co-Author Predicts Donald Trump is About to Resign

Former Montana legislator jailed over campaign finance fine

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a blunt message for Nazis.

James Murdoch Rips Trump: "Standing Up to Nazis Is Essential"

Neil deGrasse Tyson's nephew drops the mic on cultural appropriation

When in history has a mayor or Governor ever told a President Do Not Come.

What would Mitch McConnell do to Donald Trump if he found out that that Donald Trump was having an

Bill Moyers coming up on Lawrence n/t

Heartfelt letter from great-great-grandsons of Stonewall Jackson: Take down our ancestor's statue

The Trump administration is making it harder for kids fleeing violence to come to the U.S. legally

Every damn day for over a year

Lolo Peak fire's 4-mile run spurs new evacuations

In one day, 3 of 16 charities that had planned big-ticket galas at Trump's Mar-a-Lago cancelled

Tribe: We might need US military as a fail-safe backstop against Trump, Mattis as a firewall


Utah submits Medicaid plan to help with homeless, treatment

THIS is guaranteed to make you laugh. I needed it.

All this discussion about "alt-left" and little about racism

Confederate flag displayed, removed from privately owned truck at Army Reserve building

A little early for this warning

"Good Omens" by Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman will come to Amazon Prime and BBC 2

2 in custody in Barcelona

Fortune: How Obama Is Owning Trump on Twitter

Bill Moyers up next on Lawrence on CHarlottesville and Russia investigation

When. Who else... what will happen? Camp David 8/18/17 history?

This is such a typically American act

Russian invasion??!

Trump: statues

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 20 - Summer Under the Stars: Cary Grant

Attys for Ch'ville: state monument code doesn't apply to Confederate statues

A note to god:

Utah Supreme Court upholds disbarment order against lawyer who filed barrage of 'bizarre' motions

"We Just Feel Like We Don't Belong Here Anymore

Trump "doesn't have a soul...he has an open sore" - Bill Moyers

James Murdoch Pledges $1 Million to Anti-Defamation League as Trump Protest

Confirmation of Trump subpeona

Want to help the homeless? The Miller family will match up to $10 million in donations for services

TCM Schedule for Monday August 21 - Summer Under the Stars: Ann Harding

Death and punishment in the collision of the USS Fitzgerald (7 sailors deceased)

Holocaust survivor Erika Gold responds to President Trump's Nazi comments

Trump supporters engrave swastika on dogs head & leave on minorities doorstep (video)

Clint Eastwood, Adam Sandler, Gary Sinise, James Woods, Vince Vaughan et al. Why the silence?

Texas Police Allegedly Searched Woman's Vagina For 11 Minutes In A Gas Station Parking Lot

Can one be tossed from government service for a bone spur of the brain?

Perhaps the one place where Confed. statues should stay

the lying general pershing tweet has been up on his twitter feed for 8 hours

CNN: Rupert Murdoch's son donates 1 million to Anti Defamation League

Texas to challenge congressional district invalidation, possibly within days

Watch Jack Kingston Sheepishly Admit He Has No Clue About the Talking Points Hes Spewing

We never had this many attacks worldwide...

The Actual Voices Of Black Slaves Recorded Now Revealed

MIRT volunteer sign up thread is up

How exquisitely appropriate.

More info on tRump visit and related event in Phx:

Suicide rates boosted by easy access to guns, researchers say

Trump is at war with_____________. ( You fill it in)

Pelosi calls for removal of Confederate statues from Capitol

I am going to vent some.

Breaking news live from the Oval Office!

De-fund Jefferson Memorial?

My late night, about to go to bed thought - is trump just pushing every button he can

A reminder that all of this living hell is being documented - on the website linked below

Seth Meyers Monologue: Trump Defends White Nationalists, President Obama's Most-Liked Tweet 8/16/17

Former Palmview manager sues city for breach of contract

NY MTA will remake Confederate flags tiles in Times Square station

Seth Meyers - Steve Bannon Comes to Trump's Defense on Charlottesville: A Closer Look

IMO, could DT45 ever be sent off to a Witness Protection Program???

Rupert Murdoch's son James pledges $1 million to ADL

We're still debating Nazis? In 2017? Sure, that's normal.

In bid for recusal, Twin Peaks bikers argue judge favored prosecutors

Black Cat Love: From reunions to adoptions, their reputations precede them on the day set aside ...

Judge awards $150M in school shooting suit

If you're not reading "Phoebe and her Unicorn," you really need to start

Photos of NYC park officials removing statues of racist leaders

5 Texas lawmakers tell Dallas mayor they want Confederate monuments removed

Trump Set to Roll Back Obama-Era Contraception Rule

Tribute to Fidel in New York

Does the Sound of Noisy Eating Drive You Mad? Heres Why

Vanity plate helps cops nab doctor accused of flashing women in Deep Ellum, Cityplace

(JEWISH GROUP) What the Lynching of Leo Frank Shows Us About Hate

US and Cuban Researchers to Meet in Havana

US and Cuban Researchers to Meet in Havana

Trump Set to Roll Back Obama-Era Contraception Rule

What Trump understands about white identity politics

Seattle mayor calling for removal of Confederate and Lenin statue in Seattle

2 big organizations have canceled Mat Loco shin digs.

Did Pence end any shot of re-election if Trump is impeached by backing Trump on Charlottesville?

Mother of Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer Says Shes Received Death Threats

I think the Stone Mountain sculpture will eventually come down

Houston clinic owner sentenced in $17 million Medicare fraud scheme

Tilman Fertitta (Landry's) wins Joe's Crab Shack in bankruptcy court

A 10-year-old Rape Victim Forced to Give Birth is Institutional Violence

Hedge fund makes move to block Berkshire's bid for Oncor Electric

They Got Hurt At Work Then They Got Deported

SNL Tina Fey on Charlottesville with cake:

They Got Hurt At Work Then They Got Deported

There are nine "Free Speech" rally's this weekend. Trump...

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Denounce Nazis in the Way Trump Has Failed to Do

Crew prepares to remove Roger Taney statue from Maryland State House grounds



Here are the 10 Big Tex Choice finalists at the State Fair

Ousted San Antonio mayor sought unemployment benefits from the city

Alt-right plans 9 rallies against Google this weekend because the sexist memo-writer was fired.

H-E-B president wonders what aisle 'hoochies' are on after finding grocery list

Texas man jailed at same facility he allegedly threatened to bomb

Six Flags Over Texas will not remove Confederate flag

Tiki Torch Nazis (musical styling from Twitter)

After Texas A&M rally canceled, white nationalist says he may hold event near campus

Confederate rally in Austin moved to later date

Vets for Bernie

Spotify is removing white supremacist and neo-Nazi bands from its music library

Drunken driver runs over 'Report Drunk Drivers' sign

We don't need a new slogan...we should fight for the "Four Freedoms"

Reality Check: Why GOPpie Leadership CAN'T Abandon [Redacted]

West Coast governors tell Trump: No oil, gas leases off our coast

Republicans in Congress May Be Stuck in a Relationship With Trump

Notice how corporate power is pretending?

This country needs to be deconfederatized, a process that is a long time coming...

Trump, the alt-right and the Kremlin: White supremacists Russia links are no secret

How white supremacist groups radicalize new recruits

Ex Wasserman Schultz aide indicted for bank fraud

N.C. attorney general delivers death blow to embattled for-profit law school

Crisis of Legitimacy

A shriveled emptiness where his soul once resided

VA House Democratic Leader David Toscano: "Leadership in the Time of Trump, Turmoil and Tragedy"

Gore's advice: 'Resign'

tina fey killed it on the snl weekend update that aired thursday night

Ghostwriter predicts he will resign

South Burlington pizza cook fired after attending Charlottesville rally

trump is the dead chicken around the republican's neck. They have to wear him


Proctor & Gamble anti-racism ad: The Talk

Confederate memorials being removed at Wisconsin cemetery

'Richmond needs to lead on this': Councilman to seek removal of city's Confederate monuments; Stoney

Confederate Memorial in Arlington

Montana city to remove Confederate fountain

Abandon All Hope

Confederate monuments

Just FYI: This week was supposed to be Trump's "Infrastructure Week".

McAuliffe says new offshore oil and gas leasing program bad for Virginia

Stephen Colbert Monologue - 8/17/17

Stephen Colbert - Guest John Dickerson: A President's Job Is To Lift Americans Up

"I hope Trump is assassinated," Missouri lawmaker writes on Facebook, and quickly regrets

Rep. Adam Schiff: Dont look for Trump impeachment soon

Suffolk man who wanted to be a martyr pleads guilty to trying to aid the Islamic State

A European look at Trump #round 4

J-Curve Theory of Revolution

Wouldnt it be sweet?

Y'all need this timeline.

New report confirms destructive impact, disparate racial effect of NC's ongoing tax cut frenzy

Lawmakers announce 7 public hearing locations for input on new proposed, but still secret, legis-

Karma - Lion's Revenge: Trophy Hunter Catching on Camera

Water on deck! Get out! The Navy's official report of the Fitzgerald's catastrophe at sea

These North Carolina heroes should replace Confederate monuments

Laura Rosen connects Russia collusion dots

Where Are Trumps Tweets About Fallen Soldiers?

Two Men Plead Guilty In $25 M Healthcare Fraud Conspiracy Targeting NJ Health Benefits Programs

Ugly History Shouldnt Be Beautiful

Pediatricians say Florida hurt sick kids to help big GOP donors

Arkansas has new supply of lethal drug; execution to be set

Bannon May Be Right. Removing Confederate Monuments Won't Help Democrats.

Google Ads make this site unreadable

Watergate reporter: Military leaders have given up on this president

Make America Great Again - Twilight Zone S4 E4

Roger Taney Statue Removed From MD State House Overnight

Krugman: Trump Makes Caligula Look Pretty Good

6 in 10 people who approve of Trump say they'll never, ever, ever stop approving

Hubs loses his job as of September 1st. Autos are slow and so are parts manufacturing.

Be sure to remind your Trump-humping friends - Nikki Haley started this!

A former federal judge and prominent Nashville attorney

Trump only needs to post two words to surpass Obama's record tweet

Donald Trump ghostwriter predicts his resignation by the end of the year

Bernie Sanders' Political Revolution Is Gaining Ground

Prepare yourself for the fact that Camp David could be Fitzmas, or a game-changer

A professor of German history explains the true horror of Trumps response to Charlottesville

How llamas conquered the world

How llamas conquered the world

"Both Sides"

Sanders hosts health care luncheon for seniors

How the "EFF" close are we to heads on spikes?

Erik Prince offers private military force in Afghanistan, not good!

Watch Live Now! NASA Launching TDRS-M Satellite @ 8:03 am ET

Those of you who have Netflix...

Historian and author explains how racism is part of the Trump family DNA.

Pence compares Trump to Roosevelt

At this point, I'll be very surprised if Trump doesn't pardon Arpaio.

Russia investigating US plot to zombify russian children with fidget-spinners. (Not kidding.)

White Privilege

US woman confronts her neighbour over Nazi flag

Lepage equates confederate memorials

WaPo: There is a shriveled emptiness where Trumps soul once resided

Is It Fair To Say That The Trump Administration Is A Neo Nazi Administration?


17 hours later, the general pershing fantasy tweet is still up.

Edgar Bronfman, Jr. asks, "Ivanka And Jared, Where Are Your Voices?"

Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon says no military solution to threat posed by North Kore

Why Republicans Cant Ditch David Duke -- Eleanor Clift

Dear Trump Voters: Youre a Bunch of Idiots

LePage: Tearing down Confederate statues equivalent to taking down 9/11 memorials

Clouds on brown dwarfs move in mysterious ways

Trump Hasnt Tweeted When a U.S. Soldier Died in Six Months

Post-Charlottesville covers of The Economist, The New Yorker and TIME


Q: Have you talked to Trump directly yet? - Heather Heyer's mom: "I have not, & now I will not"

The memorials aggrandizing Lee are a personal issue for me. I'm a Lee.

Civil Liberties Body ACLU Will No Longer Defend Gun-Carrying Protest Groups

CNN spesking to Corey Stewart What a piece of work!

Al Gore's Advice to President Trump: Resign

Both Sides?

Chelsea has done it, again. I hereby declare her to be the Queen of Twitter

This was my FB Memory from this day in 2010.

Catholics Priests Have Fathered Countless Children, Only To Abandon Them

TYT: Steve Bannon Accidentally(?) Spills The Beans

Resistance Is NOT Futile: Five Ways Donald Trump Can Be Contained -- Jonathan Alter

NASA atmospheric flight to get unprecedented look at solar eclipse

A Comprehensive Russia Timeline

Banner drop at Trump Tower - women aren't afraid to call out white supremacy.

Journalists Successfully Used Secure Computing To Expose Panama Papers

Let's Make This BUT

Journalists Successfully Used Secure Computing To Expose Panama Papers

Mother of Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer Says Shes Received Death Threats

Jeff Flake: We Need Immigrants With Skills. But Working Hard Is a Skill.



gary cohn, elaine chao, steve mnunchin...shame on you.

THIS is the flyer that brought together "fine people"aka Nazis/white supremacists-Trump is defending


Two People Arrested in Panama Pence Protest

trump's first tweet of the afraid...tweet #2 democrats fault

Andrea Mitchell: 'Never Been As Discouraged as I Have Been This Week About Our Country'

Mother of Heather Heyer: I'm not talking to the president after what he said about my child

TYT: Trump Defends Confederacy More Than Southern Republican

Not a headline I thought I'd ever read.

Tina Fey urges Americans: Stay home from neo-Nazi rallies. Eat a sheet cake instead.

Randy Bryce: I've met Will - he's the real deal. He can smell fake miles away.

Navy revoked security clearance from officer who tweeted about Charlottesville

Trump: It's Ok, They Have A Permit...

Here's an interesting article about discerning fake news.


Saudis in talks over alliance to rebuild Iraq and 'return it to the Arab fold'

Will Trump and his KKK and NAZI followers go after Heather Heyer's mom like they did Khizr Khan ?

"Mom, tell me about 2016"

The origin of Super Villains: Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde)

DonaldJTrumpJr has just followed @JulianAssange

Rep. Speier calls for Trump's removal from office under 25th Amendment

"Cleanliness is next to godlessness." . . . Please come CAPTION Steve Bannon!!

Today in 1965

How Militias Became the Private Police for White Supremacists

Today is my 67th birthday. Getting so darned old! nt

Krugman: Trump Is Making Caligula Look Good.

New Yorker cartoon

Everything old is new again

Trump's defense of Confederate traitors is more than a culture war - its a subversion of American..

Outed/Exposed Republicanazi Party Largely Silent & In Hiding. Profile In Cowardice.

Erdogan tells Turks in Germany to vote against Merkel

***** MITT ROMNEY**** Trump Makes Racists Rejoice Minorities Weep

Romney rips Trump "What he communicated caused racists to rejoice & vast heart of America to mourn"

Welcome to the Breitbart era: Steve Bannon's former site is the new monarch of right-wing media

Furor erupts over killing of teenager as Philippines drugs war escalates

Dems launch full assault on Trump over Charlottesville

Can Anti Trump Protesters Expect Crackdown On Dissent?

MP Swinson under fire over 'vanishing' election costs

Trump tweets in wake of Barcelona attack: 'Our borders are far tougher than ever before'

Trump attacks Dems on national security

Trump's inner circle reduced to white nationalists and people who pathetically cling to power

Fair warning; what they found on James Fields Facebook page will make you sick.

CIA Warned Barcelona Police About Threat: Report

Another Donald lie: Heather Heyer's mom

In fourth on-the-record comment, Bannon says Dems underestimate Trump's appeal

Members of White House presidential arts commission resign to protest Trumps comments

Kendall On Sharecropping Field Trip represents the disconnect between Trump supporters and reality

Trump is a sponsor of domestic terrorism

After Virginia violence, far right and white nationalists turn to a familiar target: California

Afghan decision 'close' as Trump gathers advisers

Heather Heyer's mom won't talk to Trump

The latest rumor

Dred Scott Author Statue Removed in Maryland

Trump Is Still Making Excuses for Nazis The Resistance with Keith Olbermann GQ

DeVos calls views of white nationalists 'totally abhorrent'

Fears grow that Trump could ignore Congress on spending

The agonizing, 8-page memo on how to chauffeur a congressman

Will RW & Hate Radio Go After Heather Heyer's Mother For Disrespecting Trump.

A great reddit post on Trump and the KKK

By not taking steps to remove trump, the republicans are giving approval to what

Question - Boston protest on August 19?

Mitt Romney Calls on Trump to Apologize to Stem an 'Unraveling of our National Fabric'

This day in 1920, women gained the right to vote. Reminder: The GOP has always been assholes...

NYT Editorial Board: The Justice Department Goes Fishing in DreamHost Case

Charlottesville Mayor cancels today's noon press conference - added link

Trump's Evangelical Council Contact info

Several People Stabbed in Finland

Mueller? Mueller? Mueller???,,,,,

Dog Intimidation 101

"Natchez Democrat Shamelessly Stirs Racial Animosity With Disgraceful Anti-Trump Cartoon"

Mat Staver knows who is at fault in Charlottesville...

Barcelona and Cambrils: 'Bigger' attacks were prepared

A Missouri lawmakers Facebook comment leads to calls for her resignation

LITTLE Bob! LYIN' Bob! CROOKED Bob! (PBS: Robert E. Lee Opposed Confederate Monuments) SAD!

Tomorrow is National Honey Bee Day! Yes bee can.

Schwarzenegger's message to Trump and the other Nazis

Rant on Redditt about Americans vs. Canadians - Well worth reading

Pediatricians say Florida hurt sick kids to help big GOP donors

Troll summer camp week

It hasn't even been 9 mos yet...

Woman, 84, finds engagement ring wrapped around carrot in garden 13 years after she lost it

The Supergirl Cosplayer Who Went To Charlottesville. Guess Whose Side She Was On?

Jefferson Davis Monument Tarred and Feathered in Arizona

Podcasts you should be listening to if you aren't already- you can thank me later

Spanish probe points to wider network in attacks; American among dead

Alt-Right Art Depicting Trump, "God Emperor"

Well, at least Tina Fey agrees with me.

Even Uncle Pat Buchanan feels embolden to open his trap.

'Your message isn't wanted here': Boston mayor threatens white nationalists planning Saturday rally

'You're burning a lot of calories': CNN's Cuomo mocks GOP lawmaker avoiding Trump's 'pig blood' ...

Jefferson Davis monument tarred and feathered

Tina Fey on Protesting After Charlottesville - SNL

White Nationalists Are Feeling The Squeeze After Charlottesville Backlash

Jon Stewart surprises Dave Chappelle audience w/ hilarious Nazi rant about F*ckface Von Clownstick

Toyota Just Patented a 'Cloaking Device'

Billionaire Ally of Putin Socialized With Kushner, Ivanka Trump

Charlottesville and our concern about a future filled with Charlottesville type events

Any New News On This Camp David Meeting Today?......

"If Only"

ESPN First Take is all politics, for about the tenth day in a row.

Vice Mayor quits Republican Party over racism

This isn't about a statue - it's about the base

Tom Morello and Chuck D Talk Trump and the "Unhooding" of the KKK and Nazis

Berlin doesn't have an "Adolf Hitler Highway" so why should Texas have a "Jefferson Davis Highway"?

Buddy's story after being rescued from the dog fighting industry - LOVE!

Wow! Here's another southern voice for ya..

Gingrich: Trump presidency at risk without 'serious changes'

Centrist Dems push back on Warren

A question for President Trump:

WOW! Trump elevates United States Cyber Command to DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION level! MAGA!

Indias Muslims and the Price of Partition

New Yorker cover depicts Trump sailing with the Klan

IMHO: "both sides" meme the old "all poiticians are bad" meme.

New Yorker: Major, major trouble ahead for Trump's political projects.

Factory Output in U.S. Declines on Weaker Auto Production

Trumps proposal to allow companies to deny birth control coverage will cost women more

Barcelona is the dominant story on Fox News. On CNN and MSNBC, its still Charlottesville

New Russian disinformation from Rep. Rohrabacher's meeting with Assange being amped by Hannity, Bre

A Putin-Friendly Oligarchs Top US Executive Donated $285,000 to Trump - Mother Jones

"So, you want to see 'presidential,' do you?" . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Pingree, King: States should reconsider Confederate statues in the U.S. Capitol

Good news: Thousands of faith leaders ask Congress to protect Johnson Amendment

"Democrats started the KKK"

Malware Expert Who Could Blow the Whistle on Russian Hacking

Just saw per NBC that Bannon is not accompanying trump to Camp David.

I believe that today's Camp David meeting is a ruse.

Session's DOJ to end Obama-era 'Operation Choke Point'

Happy 90th Birthday to Rosalynn Carter

Another elephant killed POS trophy hunter! KARMA ROCKS!

What you need to know about antifa, the group that fought white supremacists in Charlottesville

Heather Heyer's mom won't speak to Trump

'My life is over': 21-year-old Charlottesville marcher whines over 'outing' by anti-fascist group

Boston is next

Statement by President Donald J. Trump on the Elevation of Cyber Command

TPM - Josh Marshall - "Toxic"

It's not about the statues....

The October crisis no one is paying attention to

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a message for white supremacists. . .

Tiki-torch wielding nazi snowflake bites the dust ("I'm not a neo-Nazi! I'm a moderate Republican!")

USS Fritzgerald update

A white nationalist homeland: Caucastan!

I am sorry for writing but all it takes is to VOTE!

Social Security Checks Could Be Late. Trump Shutting Down Government By Neglect.

Barcelona Chief Rabbi Urges Jews to Leave Spain: 'This Place Is Lost

Another one bites the dust

Report: Warrants Issued For White Supremacist Featured In Vice Film

Stephen Roasts A Confederate Statue

Ivanka's rabbi denounces Trump 's response to Charlottesville

Info on 1.8M Chicago voters was publicly accessible, but now removed from cloud service

Stephen Colbert almost praised Trump's Barcelona tweet until the pig's blood reference

It appears the most effective tool against Nazi's and the KKK is a simple camera

One American death in Barcelona

Confederate history is not US history

So sorry you died thirteen years ago today, Elmer Bernstein

White House review nears end: Officials expect Bannon firing

Tina Fey knocks it out of the park but dont miss the last message (VIDEO)

Colleges brace for more violence amid rash of hate on campus

The Nazis are counting on our potentials for apathy, conformity, and inaction

Trump Makes Caligula Look Pretty Good-Krugman

Putin more trusted than Trump

How Trump Ruined My Relationship With My White Mother

Members of Trumps digital economy advisory board are quitting

Tillerson denounces racism in wake of Trump's Charlottesville comments

Nancy Pelosi introduces first resolution to censure President Trump for his Charlottesville remarks.

Trumps Civil War

Pelosi endorses censure of Trump over Charlottesville response

Bannon on the way out


Trump Tells Aides He Has Decided to Remove Stephen Bannon

Bernie Sanders counter-programs Trump's road trip

Bannon out. CNN now. n/t


Spectacular autumn foliage is forecast for New England

Behold the beauty of the Badlands! Road Trip Day 4 Episode 8

Spectacular autumn foliage is forecast for New England

While I'm thrilled Bannon got the boot I can't help but think how they "fired" Lewandowski and Stone

Yes, Bannon's gone - but THIS IS ALL ON TRUMP.

Controversy over Confederate Statues Inspires Betsy DeVos to Google Civil War (Borowitz)

Did Bannon sign a Non Disclosure Agreement?

with bannon out gorka and miller and the likes dont have

We have *four* baby loons on our lake this summer

"viva las vegas"--elvis

Slate - The Mormon Church Condemned White Supremacists, and this White Supremacist Mom is Very Mad

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a message for white supremacists. . .

Bannon is out!

UNFIT - IMPEACH should be the only thing any Democrat says on tv. We should not engage in every

So about public schools named after Robert E. Lee

Bannon out does not absolve maggot.

Trump is toast...

Whatever happened to that guy who "accidentally" burned Nabra Hassanen's memorial?

It will be interesting to see how the White House frames this

Is Bannon really out?

A question for DU grammarians.

I stopped by the deli for a sandwich in Charlottesville a little while ago

F-off Andrea Mitchell, you enabler! You helped make this happen.

Mass resignations from the President's Committee on the Arts & the Humanities

"alt-left" is a right wing slur

Joy Reid: Hearing from a source that Bannon is going ugly. Stay tuned...

Nation Begs Disaffected Youth Gravitating Toward Neo-Nazism To Get High And Play Xbox Instead

Top WH Strategist now has 168 totally uninterrupted hours each week in which to **** his own ****

Trump's remarks further isolate him from the GOP

"Bannon submitted his resignation to the president on Aug. 7" - NYT

BREAKING: Second set of articles of impeachment to be filed against Donald J. Trump in Congress.

Trumps brain, Adviser Steve Bannon is OUT!

One person arrested during protest at Helena's Confederate memorial

Lee County, ST

A scorned Bannon is the best Bannon.

News coming soon from @drewharwell, about more cancellations at Mar-a-Lago...

Anyone know of any good lawn signs?

Salvation Army, Red Cross, Susan G. Komen abandon Trump's Mar-a-Lago

It won't change a thing...

"My life is over" says man NOT murdered by a terrorist who was on his side at that rally

Make No Mistake About It - Bannon's Ousting Is....

Looks like Kelly got rid of him........

Per MSNBC, Bannon is going back to Breitbart.

Does this mean KellyAnne is now chief strategist?

Bannon friend says Breitbart ramping up for war against Trump. "It's now a Democrat White House,"

Massive Cut In Social Security Staff Planned Offering 15,000 Employees Early Retirement.

Hellfire from above

The only firings Trump has had the guts to do face to face

It doesn't really matter that Bannon is out, does it?

On this tragic day for America, let's take a moment to remember the tender side of Steve Bannon.

Wondering: who gets custody of the Mercers now that Bannon & Trumpy divorce?

Could Bannon's Resigning Be The Straw That Breaks The Camel's Back With Trump's Base?.....

Gorka and Miller, you'll be needing this very soon ... U-Haul Reservations: 1 (800) 468-4285

Yo, Tina Fey:

The Young Turks get punked

Heres Why the NRAs Plan to Make People Fear the Violent Left May Backfire

All aboard the Trump Train wreck

Maybe Cory Booker has the right idea...

The chyron on Faux News about Bannon

I know this has been overworked, but you can't say it better...

Some great Tweets about Bannon ouster.

National parks put a ban on bottled water to ease pollution. Trump just sided with the lobby that fo

Pence is going to look so lonely from here on out...

So Trump wanted Bannon gone cause ...

Pucker up ... Donald Trump kissin' ass:

First reported pictures of #Bannon leaving the White House

A Finely Tuned Machine

NY Stock Exchange traders cheers Bannon departure

today in bizarro polling - Charlottesville seems to make the racists and hate mongers happy

Chinese food in India -- a fiery fusion of flavors

Names, names, names. Who will Trump pick as he Chief Strategist?

Now that tRump has made his alleged mistress Hope Hicks WH Communications Director...

Breitbart's cesspool is giving birth to a live cow right now... No anesthesia

Steve Bannon just pulled a Scaramucci

Josh Marshall--this is how it feels to live in a household with an abuser.

Your Daily Intercept Brocialist Hot Take:

When Nazi LARPing goes bad.

Roadblocks, weapons bans as Boston braces for 'Free Speech' rally

Roadblocks, weapons bans as Boston braces for 'Free Speech' rally

Trying to figure out the Nazi rule book isn't easy. Is Bannon or Trump the 'cuck' now?

Peru court convicts two of human-rights abuses at military base

One white house white supremacist down. Three to go.

Hey, James Murdoch: You have no standing to denounce Trump's Charlottesville reaction

So if Bannon was fired over his North Korea comments...

I'm Rooting for Steve Bannon

A name I've not seen recently - Huckabee Sanders - is she gone too?

It's great that Bannon's out in the WH, but Drumpt is about to understand

Barcelona van attacker among five killed by police - Spanish media

To curtail hate, James Murdoch must clean house at Fox News - By Jennifer Rubin

Bannon got Trump into the Whte House, maybe Bannon will be the one to get him OUT.

TPM- Josh Marshall - "Schrodingers Bannon"

This is in my mind...

Protesters flood downtown Durham amid rumors of KKK

UPDATED - Venezuela's pro-government assembly takes power over congress

charities shun Mar-a-Lago as Twitter pressure rises

a cheer for my state ....

I hope all these fugitive Nazis are calling Trump's attorneys.

Cross another one off the list.

Trump cant hide his role in stirring up the Nazi hate that killed Americans on Saturday

Attorney for activists toppling statue: 'There was no riot'

This year's WH "Secret Santa" isn't going to be very hard to figure out huh?

Now we know why Trump took a strong pro-Nazi stand? Because Bannon's leaving?

Sad pic of Bannon when he received the news

Loss of top cyber officials spells challenge for Trump

What are "Eating Disorders"?

Some Men Like To Watch The World Burn

"I Ain't Afraid" Holly Near

The Eclipse Conspiracy (something doesnt add up)

TYT: Debunked: Trump Pushes False Anti-Terror Story

Statement from the Holy Synod of OCA bishops:

VICE Special Report: A House Divided

Racketeering Romney Lambastes Trump

"It Could Have Been Me"--Holly Near

Researcher Finds New Evidence of Western Forest Decline

Timeline for Confederate monuments

"Singing for Our Lives"-HOlly Near June 12, 1982

If the Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend ... what does that make Bannon?

Bannon may partner on a new venture with the Mercers

Ex-members of UVa Pep Band implicated in George Soros-sponsored plot to zzzzzzzzz.

New cover of DerSPIEGEL

Is Trump going to pardon Julian Assange?

Breitbart continues to use globes in its headlines to denote Jews.

Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer releases statement on removal of Robert E. Lee statue

I confess

Rush says DEMS are jonesing for Civil War and Soros is paying for it....


Why Trump keeps turning to his base.

If "history" was the true reason for hanging onto display of Civil War statues on public property...

Gorka Endangered

Six Flags Park In Texas Replaces 5 Flags With Stars And Stripes

Our building just went on lock down (Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles)-UPDATE ALL CLEAR

Now Trump really needs a bold new initiative to energize his base

Any fans of Trailer Park Boys out there? - Favorite episode and/or character?

DT "advisor" Sebastian Gorka (no one knows what he does), wears a Nazi-linked medal.

My husband made an interesting comment at lunch today.

Ding dong, Bannon is gone!

Isn't It Unlawful Assembly, when so many have guns?

'My administration is ran like a well oiled machine'-Trump

Gee I hope Bannon doesn't let himself go now that he's out of the public spotlight.

Show Low's Trump Store vandalized (Arizona)

Breitbart reportedly ramping up for "thermonuclear war" against Trump

Alt-right icon 'Based Stickman' faces a year in prison for beating counter-protesters with a baton

A Muslim lady in hajib came to my gym 6AM with her husband today. Now, I live in Stevens Point, Wisc

ACLU Will No Longer Defend Gun-Carrying Protest Groups

Goodbye, Toxic Pile of Fleshy Garbage

I'm sad to see Bannon go

U.S. Court curbs power of police to seize cellphones from homes

Robert Mueller makes move that suggests he's going after Mike Pence also

White House lawyer Cobb predicts quick end to Mueller probe

Todays shiney object : Steve Bannon

The economic nationalism wasn't real. It was a fig leaf for xenophobia and racism

It's Feeding Time...

WATCH: Seattle local dumps hot coffee on ranting Alex Jones

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 18, 2017

The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America Response

Der Spiegal goes there too, puts a hood on Donald

Bannon Leaves WH, Takes Job With Uber Alles...

Wisconsin lawmakers vote to pay Foxconn $3 billion to get new factory

Breitbart Editor Declares 'WAR,' Warns Of 'Schwarzenegger 2.0' Without Bannon

"Treat these rallies like the opening of a thoughtful movie with two female leads -- don't show up,"

Bannon, backed by billionaire, prepares to go to war


I am sick of the tax cut ads being run on MSNBC.

This explains all the recent Fed CIO/IT departures

US post offices in path of eclipse offer special postmarks

Post a pic of the bling/swag you bought with your subversive Soros paycheck

Mueller's investigation focusing on Trump Jr.: report

Who gets custody of Sean Hannity?

I'm guessing in the coming months tRump's tweets will frequently contain the phrase

I dumpster-dived a twenty-pound bag of Basmati rice on Sunday.

A Brief History of BonziBuddy, the Internets Most Friendly Malware

Watch this, hilarious......

Members Of White House Arts Panel Resign En Masse To Protest Trump

Please share your words of remembrance for Political Career of Steve Bannon

So does Bannon leaving mean Alex Jones and Roger Stone are cut off from WH now?

Breitbart headline: Bannon Out at White House: 'Get Ready for Bannon the Barbarian'

State Dept had a "outage" of unclassified email system today

WH lawyer Ty Cobb wants to see Trump "out from under" Mueller investigation "by Thanksgiving"

"Goodbye. Farewell. See you on the other side. Please don't call." Come CAPTION Steve Bannon!!!

What's all this stuff I keep hearing about removing former Confederate States

Pelosi: Bannon ouster 'worthless'

Conservatives react with fury to Bannon's departure

Stephen Colbert reacts to Bannon leaving WH...

So, did the Deep State win?

4 charged with trying to remove Lee plaque (Asheville NC)

usually LOSER do not get statues except for martyrs. confederates were not martyrs.

If it comes down to a total change in the present government...?

A European look at Trump #round 5

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye...

Starbucks Jehadist Dumps Coffee on Alex Jones in Seattle.

Amy McGrath on Trump:

Dont Celebrate Steve Bannons War on Trump

Listening to Arnold pan Trump

#DefendDurham has many hundreds to turnout to keepout the kkk. (Updated)

Can we start a fund

CNN source "Kelly's not done"

First pics of Bannon leaving White House...

The most important comment today was from Heather Heyer's mother

Ok...Gorka is next...who is with me on that? n/t

New Portrait in the Oval Office

Why oh why is Steve Schmidt still an R?

This DPRK News Service take on Bannon leaving WH nails it

The sweet 16: Steve Bannon and everyone else who couldnt survive 7 months in the Trump White House

This is what REAL erasure of history looks like

Venezuela's constituent assembly assumes power to legislate

Footage of Hope Hicks Telling Bannon He's Fired...

President Trump's entire arts and humanities council has now quit ...

Yea, about those statues.....

Who will be the next to go? (The Celebrity Appresident)

Attached is our letter of resignation from the President's Committee on the Arts/Humanities

"YOU CAN'T JUST LIE ON TV!!" Ali Velshi fact checks Trump adviser on Trump Economy

A Private War

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of "Survival - Capitol Hill".

All These People That Either Got Fired Or Left The WH Are Not The Problem....

Terry McAuliffe on The Daily Show

Yes you can teach cats tricks:

New white house theme song

Goldman Sachs Sees 50% Chance of Shutdown

Bannon's Next Move: A Return To Breitbart And Possible War With Drudge

And another quits:

"Bannon is gone from the White House, but he has already laid eggs in everything"

Trump gets rid of anything related to Obama, including rideshares for bike..

Several questions about Bannon after watching MSNBC and CNN

Interactive Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump (Bill Moyers website)

Dang, another one just quit....Carl Icahn.

Wave of resignations hits Commerce Departments board of digital economy advisers

Meanwhile... Fukushima Plant Is Releasing 770,000 Tons of Radioactive Water Into the Pacific Ocean

Looks like Kelly fired him...

Senator Brian Emanuel Schatz .... On CNN and I like him, Any opinion about him?

Time for facts...Europe may be done.

AFSCME President on the Need for a 'Strong Army' to Advance Economic Justice and Civil Rights

Well, look out ladies...Chuckles just said he thinks Stevie boy aspires to be Roger Ailes....

Alex Jones melts down as Seattle resident throw coffee in his face (VIDEO)

Satellite TV reception

Everybody knew it was going to be trouble when....

Dashcam video shows white cop punching black man during stop

China moves to curb overseas acquisitions as firms' debt levels rise

CNNs Baldwin schools pro-Confederate guest comparing Hitler to Lincoln

Synthetic opioid crisis in US serves as warning for the world, says UN

The Latest: Virginia gov bars demonstrations at Lee statue

All Trump had to do was lose the election and he could be a real billionaire right now

What's your favorite song or songs from 1961?

Trump could lose honorary law degree after Charlottesville remarks

University students petition to take back Trump honorary degree

A Man Without a Country

Judgment at Nuremburg (1961) - Montgomery Clift Testifying!

Lehigh University students petition to take back Trump honorary degree

Bye Bye Bannon!

Roadblocks, Weapons Bans as Boston Braces for 'Free Speech' Rally

A family friend just suggested that folks should start packing

Carl Icahn steps down as adviser to President Trump

Trump artist council members send secret message in resignation letter

The Emperor Never Had Clothes!

Enjoy! Have a great weekend!

ISIS-linked stimulant Captagon more dangerous than previously thought, scientists say

How you stop someone from lying on live TV.


One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater...(yes there was a song like this) 1958

Here's a horrifying scenario

Bannon Family Time (Luckovich 'toon)

Laugh at this one!

Another White House aide follows Bannon out the door was Priebus friend and ally

Trumps four weeks...

Durham DA will seek "a just resolution"

Need more Football fans for the DU FFB league

Charlottesville Mayor Signer Calls for Removal of Confederate Statues

Texas Appeals 3-Judge Court Ruling on Congressional Redistricting to Supreme Court

McAuliffe temporarily bars demonstrations at Lee monument in Richmond, citing public safety

CHART: The Relationship Between Seeing Discrimination And Voting For Trump (NPR)

VIDEO: Al Gore calls on Donald Trump to resign

"I am Thomas Cromwell in the court of the Tudors". Stephen Bannon

Andrew Giuliani, this cosseted little shit, is on tRump's staff.

Make Your Own Eclipse Viewer (npr)

it's so true....

Ok, just thought of why I can't watch Ben Affleck movies......

Here is the official resume of the person Trump put in charge of federal housing in New York

Bannon Said to Be Planning His Return to Breitbart News

Sullivan Announces Working Group to Assess Universitys Way Forward

Crusader Who Saved Elephants From Poachers Is Shot Dead in Tanzania

Bannon speaks: "I'm going to war for Trump against his opponents,"

Texas Tech releases statement after video of a white student using the n-word goes viral

There are reports that KKK turned back at Durham

Sources: Pence, McMaster team up to push more troops in Afghanistan

We are a nation of laws. (True or False?)

Jailed Mexican ex-governor Duarte on hunger strike

Weekly Dem Address: VA Senators Kaine and Warner

Jailed Mexican ex-governor Duarte on hunger strike

"Tomorrow Belongs to Me"


****It's On **** "The Trump presidency we fought for and won is is over." -Steve Bannon

Bannon just went on the record about his next move "War FOR Trump-AGAINST AGAINST HIS OPPONENTS"

Spurned by Major Companies, The Daily Stormer Returns to the Web With Help From a Startup

Trump is a lame duck president.

New Campaign video Amy McGrath in Kentucky

Trump Pushes 'Huge Historical Lie' After Spain Attack

Fareed Zakaria: Trump's populism a reaction to elitist gop refusal to call evil evil

Last time on the Trumpfather

A billionaire-owned restaurant charged a minimum wage fee. Outrage ensued.

I have this unnerving feeling

Why cant white supremacists confront the fact that the source of their economic problems are white

Passing through Appomattox Battlefield ... NOW

Bannon talking tough

Al Gore's stupendous wealth complicates climate message

Pediatricians say Florida hurt sick kids to help big GOP donors

Need some help refuting this

Trump is a lame ass president

How long before Dumpy spits out the mail-order Hungarian Nazi "Doctor"?

Pence compares Trump to Teddy Roosevelt

New Alt-Right conspiracy-theory: The whole Charlottesville-protest was a false-flag operation.

Melanie Oudin is retiring from tennis.......

Real question we need to ask What is Bannon's firing Distracting from?

Who we be voted off the Island next? The Gorka edition

Anybody look at the latest tweet from 45?

Amazing email from my Rabbi today about Trump and Charlottesville

Chaos on the right inures to our benefit.

My youngest starts college next week. I'm going to spend the day with him writing a program to...

Mayors nationwide take up effort to combat white supremacy

Secret Recording of Sebastian Gorka Phone Call

DANGER! The right wing handbook of threats and dangers

The problem with Trumpsters.

Beyonce just bought a mansion for $90 MILLION BUCKS

Members of Trump's arts commission spell R-E-S-I-S-T in memo announcing mass resignations

The rise and humiliating fall of Chris Cantwell, Charlottesvilles starring fascist

Gone Forever? 8 Animals We Said Goodbye to in 2016

Nobody Wants to Work with President* Trump

Bannon: The Trump presidency is 'over'

Bannon Says He's 'Going to War for Trump' After White House Exit

Chris Long adds white face to cause of equality, as Peter Norman once did