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Surprise! Looks like Trump caught in another lie re Boy Scouts:

Air Force and Boeing near deal for presidential airplanes that were once destined for Russia

So glad I can dump some terms at DU.

Jared's speech leaked. there may be no solution to the conflict in the Middle East.

China Full-Out On Trawling, Crushing Ocean Floor; Up To 2/3rds Of Fish Caught Too Small To Eat

I doubt that there are many here more consistently and fervently liberal than I am. That is not

Wheat Blast Has Jumped From Africa To Bangladesh, Bengal; 20% Yield Loss Common, 100% Possible

Acting DEA administrator says Trump 'condoned police misconduct' in remarks about handling suspects

Sri Lanka Once Had 3,000 Strains Of Rice, Now A Handful; 400K Farmers May Be Sickened As A Result

Bumper sticker on a car in front of me today:

Slate - "A Small Yet Soul-Crushing Illustration of Donald Trump's Utter Economic Illiteracy"

The Rise Of The Ghost Forest; 100s Of 1000s Of Acres In US, Canada Killed By Seawater

I'm in need of some help

If Nixon had 3 articles of impeachment against him, how many should Trump have?

NYT: Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions

July 2017 Hottest Month Ever Recorded In Miami - Records Go Back 100+ Years

X-posted from Pets group

Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions

Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions

Podesta: The best advice I could have given to John Kelly -- Dont do it!

Every Single Voting System Hacked Within Hours at DefCon's 'Voting Village'

Max Planck/NOAA Study: If We Stopped FF Use Tomorrow, Temps Would Still Be 2.3F Higher By 2100

In Philippines, Doubts About Police Raid That Killed a Mayor

U.S. Power Scares 7 Countries, Including Allies

New Airforce One planes who are we buying them from? Boeing or Russian investors?

China's State Media Slams Trump's 'Emotional Venting' on Twitter

Ethics and Oversight, Where? (our D Grijalva is an American HERO)

Coast Guard chief to transgender personnel: 'I will not turn my back'

The state is going to sue the Donald if he doesn't follow through with ACA subsidies

Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions

With baby steps, Senate Republicans abandoning the president

Costco's co-founder and chairman dies

It isn't just about abortion

GOP shows signs of reaching out to Democrats on health care

Chris Hayes was talking about prank emails

Amazon Is Also Making a Civil War Alt-History Series, but Its for Us, by Us

Email from Elizabeth Warren on HealthCare!

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Full Disclosure! Live Uncensored & a new

Sean Spicer admits to White House coordination with Fox News on DNC murder conspiracy reports

Useful resource about Trump dossier links to Russia - dedicated website The Moscow Project

NYT: senate tells trump to stuff it wrt their agenda

he weighed in like any father would.


Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions

The Long Dark

Clown adds up the number of "Fake News Media" and "enemies" and it comes to "110 million people."

He Knocked Down A Wall In His House And Found An Entire Hidden City

He Knocked Down A Wall In His House And Found An Entire Hidden City

So what doesn't have to be a litmus??

OMG are you watching Joy on Rachel's show right now???

Shouldn't newly appointed FBI director have to recuse himself re: Russia?

2016 Democratic Party Platform re: Women's Reproductive Rights

TN voting irregularities challenge abortion vote validity

A Close Asteroid Flyby of Earth in October Will Give Scientists Tracking Practice

Now that Drumpf says the White House is "a dump." People have an excuse for not going to

(Wisconsin) GOP lawmakers split on Foxconn bill as questions linger about impact on state budget

Trumps trust has slashed the price of his St. Martin property from $28 million to $16.9 million.

MAD magazine nails it again!!

R. Kelly's New Orleans show canceled amidst scandal

Richard Painter (Bush ethics advisor): it's a crime to knowingly draft a false statement

Nebraskas only remaining Obamacare insurer proposes average rate increase of nearly 17 percent

Might we be entering a new stage???? GOP supporting insurance subsidies

Cannot Expect A Totally Corrupt GOP To Do Anything To Corrupt Trump.

Bitcoin splits in two amid feud

Brazil's president faces congressional vote on his future

What would the US Senate look like if current/former Governors run?

How to Make 3D star and moon with Paper

General Mattis and General Kelly made a pact with each other.

Politico: "Obama's Inner Circle is Urging Deval Patrick to Run"

Ode to the Buttered Roll, That New York Lifeline

Top EPA official resigns over direction of agency under Trump

X posted from lounge and pets group.

It serves no purpose for anyone in this party to say things like "we can't be purists".

Boy Scouts 'Unaware' of Call Trump Said He Received From Organization Praising Jamboree Speech

Trump told golf club members that the White House is 'a real dump'

Obama team pushing Deval Patrick presidential run

PPP poll finds Heller approval rating falling to 22 percent

Now, WHY would Robert Mueller add a 16th lawyer, an expert in "white collar crime?" I'm stumped!

Old White House

CNN Cuomo on primetime

Any Air Fryer experts out there?

China rebukes Trump: 'Emotional venting' is not policy

Dismantling propaganda: the Seth Rich story

Why Are Men Paying Over $20 And More For Razor Blades Costing Pennies To Produce.

Why Israel Is Concerned About American-Russian Understandings on Syria

Will Trump Threaten Veto The Debt Limit Until ACA Is Gone?

Anthem just dumped all individual ACA plans in L.A.

Anthem just dumped all individual ACA plans in L.A.

Scaramucchi planned to use White House job to defer taxes on Skybridge sale.

Hannity is covering the scandals

Trouble changing pages.

AhhhhhHaaaaaaa...Mario Cantone says g'bye as the mooch

There should be only one talking point until Congress is forced to act on it.

The Center For American Progress Is Releasing A 50-Page Report Claiming Trump-Russia Collusion

Did Trump dictate false meeting statement? Or Putin?

Love Laurence's' suit....looks really expensive. tRump's look cheap.

Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions

Fairly Imbalanced - Luckovich 'toon

No more mamby pamby

2018 US Senate Race if Democrats target every Republican held seat

Great set of Tweets in defense of the propaganda spread against Dems who are rising....

Bush ethics lawyer: I wish Trump could go one week without obstructing justice

Best quote of the day imo...

Zeldin says that Ivanka Trumps should be a US Senator

Trump song to Bohemian Rhapsody

DeVos drops plan to overhaul student loan servicing

Replace or upgrade???

Republicans to waive all environmental laws re Border Wall construction.

How long before we get "TRUMP, the musical" ?

The Daily Show: Russia and North Korea Test the U.S. - 8/1/17

Red Colorado?

Scaramucci says vulgar remarks about Priebus, Bannon were a joke

Only 6 people have ever voted against an FBI director. Five of them did today

Graham: Military options are 'inevitable if North Korea continues'

Heads up - Sen. Al Franken is on Steven Colbert (nt)

Seth Meyers - Trump Dumps Scaramucci After 10 Days, Too Much Sugar Depresses Men

Unreal, Canadian being fully prosecuted, for using a home invader's gun against him...

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 3, 2017 -- Summer Under The Stars - Lon Chaney

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 4, 2017 -- Summer Under the Stars - Claire Trevor

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 5, 2017 -- Summer Under the Stars - Gene Kelly

Family of bullied girl to sue school district over suicide

There is now a company that will fill your car gas tank at your house or job

59,000 Indian farmers have killed themselves due to rising temperaturesand it could get worse

Court Ruling Throws A Wrench In Trumps Obamacare Sabotage Plan

Oregon's Department of Justice investigates Portland Marathon

Buenos Aires Herald to close after more than 140 years of publication

Buenos Aires Herald to close after more than 140 years of publication

Canada's First Nations already feel failed by inquiry into missing and murdered women

Manhunt: Unabomber

'Not so fast': Arkansas officials are not ready to OK 75 mph limit on highways

Couple who defamed Texas wedding photographer must pay $1 million

Damn...Trump had ALL of FOX news to dinner

Democrat Susan Inman says she'll run again for Arkansas secretary of state

USVI becomes first territory to join public safety network

Democrats For Life of America on Planned Parenthood and the "video evidence".

Why such an extreme delay on releasing more results from the Seattle elections?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is found guilty of criminal contempt -faces 6 months in jail.

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senator Al Franken Witnessed McCain's Dramatic 'No' Vote - 8/1/17

Stephen Colbert monologue - 8/1/17

Thinking about jettisoned or demoted MSNBC talent.

France: archaeologists uncover 'little Pompeii' south of Lyon

Im guessing Pickle is a kid actor

Senate advances VA Choice fix, claims appeals reform package

Accusations of 'concern'

(Jewish Group) Googles New Hate Speech Algorithm Has a Problem With Jews

Court Ruling Throws A Wrench In Trumps Obamacare Sabotage Plan

Feds' rampant use of no-bid contracts: the essence of corruption

Tillerson refuses to use budget-money allocated to counter propaganda and misinformation.

Mosque attack in western Afghanistan kills at least 29. Suicide bomber.

Palestinian man confesses to murdering pregnant Israeli girlfriend

good Twitter thread in defense of Kamala Harris

Obamas Beautiful Essay About The White House Puts Trumps Dump Comment To Shame

Pete Souza: White House definitely not a dump; shameful to say or even think that

The Morning Joe crew is now finally calling out Trump for his lies?

This Administration is just hillarious!

The White House is a Dump Because A Black Family Lived There.

Grilled cheese using mayo instead of butter to cover the bread

Some gentle light in the magic hour

SMH- Chump called the White House a dump

Seattle poised to elect first woman mayor since 1926; Durkan, Moon and Oliver lead the pack

Joe Scarbourgh going off on Ivanka.

Do you believe Donald Trump knew about the June 2016 meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower?

I've been thinking about all the laws the men in congress and state legislatures are making

"Only the Fake News Media and Trump enemies want me to stop using Social Media (110 million people)"

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Chaos and Crooks

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Hire and Fire

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Mitch McConnell Tricked Into Admitting He Just Wants to Cut Taxes for the Rich

IMO, there's more than enough evidence for Mueller to start deposing Chump, Jr., and Jared.

This is just so appropriate:The new Air Force One will be a leftover from a bankrupt Russian airline

The Alt-Rights DNC Conspiracy Blows Up

Hamilton 68A - Dashboard Tracking Russian Propaganda on Twitter

No morning Tweets from Trump today (Edit to add: 2 "official" tweets just posted)

Ara Parseighan has died

Tennessee bride 'put gun to groom's head and pulled trigger'

U.S. private sector adds 178,000 jobs in July: ADP

Trump's excuse for not signing Russia-sanctions bill involves time-travel.

The bizarre CNN Cuomo Butowsky interview.

Current Pliocene-Plus CO2 Levels More Than Enough For East And West Antarctic Ice Collapse

Lyndsey Graham advocates for preventive strike on North Korea; says Trump agrees.

Democratic Reps. Moulton and Ryan set to visit Iowa amid presidential speculation

Trump is a master projecter.

NASA is looking for someone to protect Earth from aliens and the job pays a six-figure salary

Tropical Depression Emily Enough To Overwhelm Miami's Brand-New Stormwater System

Mario Cantone Signs Off as the Mooch

What Ford Have You Wanted to Try?

TYT: Trump Dictated Don Jr.'s Excuse For Russian Meeting

The time I tangled with the Fox News reporter behind the Seth Rich murder conspiracy theory

My city has disappointed me dearly.

TYT: Trump's Lawyer BUSTED Lying About Russia Meeting

Chris Cuomo & Alisyn Camerota VS Joe Scarborough & Mika Bryzezinski ?

After Company Destroys Historic Home, Contaminates Wetlands, Pipeline CEO "Baffled" By Criticism

Investigation underway, bomb threat at Pier 14 Naval Station Norfolk

Morning Joe - Lie 44 times 12 minutes

Court allows states to join Obama-initiated appeal of ruling against funding low income insurers

Looking Into the Future

Trump has launched a "REAL news" program on his Facebook page

I take issue with Ivanka Trump enabling her incompetent father.

Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions

Mexican president denies calling Trump to praise border work

Civil Rights Division staffers refused to work on DOJ's anti-affirmative-action project


The Grifter-in-Chief! . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Donald Trump!!!

According to Nell Scovell of Esquire, the real dump is Trump Tower

Lee Zeldin (R-NY): Ivanka would be a great Senator because "Shes got the full package"

Political ad for Democrats:

Rasmussen today: Trump approval 38%, disapproval 62% (lower than Obama's lowest)

Looking for a Job? Amazon Is Hiring 50,000 People Today

TrumpHealthCare Replacement - email ad in my inbox today

ACLU Amicus Brief in John Oliver case

Some Dems Now Running on Single Payer Healthcare...Do They Have a Shot?

BREAKING: Trump Now Directly Implicated in Russia Scandal Coverup

Hi, I'm actually GliderGuider, who posted below

Toward or Towards.

Of Course Abortion Should Be a Litmus Test for Democrats

My avatar isn't showing up.

My Avatar image just suddenly quit working. I just get

Bun Alert!

Another "dump" that is not good enough for Trump, Camp David.

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump describes Statue of Liberty as a "five, maybe six at best."

Donald Trump Wants to Live in a Castle.

After months of bullying, a 12-year-old New Jersey girl killed herself. Her parents blame the school

The 45 oddest quotes from Donald Trump's secretive Wall Street Journal interview

is it just me or do reproductive rights somehow appear to be open for negotiation in gd

Olympic Stadium opened to temporarily host 'intense' surge of asylum seekers from U.S. (Updated)

National Night Out Yesterday

Can we make a list of all the so-called 'jokes' from Groper Don the Con

"Those who do not embrace the Truth, have no God!"

Read this closely- You can't make this isht up

OMB director: Tax reform looks weaker with Democrats on it

Trump, GOP senators to introduce bill to slash legal immigration levels

After traffic violation, Ohio mom of 4 deported to danger zone

Trump's treatment of admin officials leads McCaul to balk at DHS job, sources say

Donnie sinks FURTHER in his most favorite poll

When you can't even rely on the incompetency defense, what's left at the bottom of the barrel?

Another new weather disaster: a "Flash Drought" in Montana and the Dakotas.

MSNBC Breaking News - Trump will sign sanctions bill today

White House to Begin Simultaneous Translation of Remarks into Russian

tRump is really starting to do the limbo now - check 538 -

Gingrich to GOP: Pass tax cuts or get ready for Speaker Pelosi

Bloomberg WH correspondent: Trump has signed sanctions bill w/ signing statement raising concerns

President Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill, White House Official Says

Trump and Senators Cotton and Perdue will introduce legislation to "slash" LEGAL immigration.

Who will be hurt by cutting off insurance company subsidies? Can you guess?

Multi-group protest planned for Trump's Huntington, WV event

Is Trump Planning Korea Attack as Distraction?

Korean Girls Try Live Octopus(Compare With Buzzfeed)

U.S. Test-Launches ICBM Amid North Korea Tensions

Dow hits Record 22K,,,,,,,,

Joy-Ann Reid: Trump is who the real GOP is and Republican elites ashamed (VIDEO)

The most fascinating - and educational - article you'll read today


Fake Trump Tower, the Real Story (Forbes Magazine article)

Amazon wants to hire 50,000 people TODAY! trump can't take credit so he ignores it.

HEY LOUNGE!! IF you LOST this coffee cup, please reclaim it!!!

Who is "Mr. Elegant"? he Mr. Vain's cousin?

***Details of the signing statement Trump added to the sanctions bill***

More Red Meat??

NATO suffers casualties after Taliban attack in Afghanistan

DJT: fake news, fake following

What will be in Trumps signing statement?

IMO, 2020 will be when the Millennials come marching in.

"LePage again rips Collins, King for health care votes"

Venezuela vote: Turnout figure 'tampered with'

A Look Inside the First Family's Residence

Why Putin wants Trump to repeal the Magnitsky Act

Utilities companies won't let you sell your own solar power. Why not?

I'm Getting Really Frustrated - Non Responsive Messages On.....

where is all the 'FANFARE' on trump signing of the russian sanctions bill???

Bloomberg: Trump Is Considering Rick Perry for Homeland Security Chief

This really opened my eyes up: Hundreds of D.C. students study abroad for free

When USA has 7000 nukes, enough to kill every man, woman and child on the planet,

I get the feeling there's some very desperate attempts at wedging right now.

Trump said the White House is a dump. Chelsa Clinton said:

Set aside the DU Burger Wars* for a minute. What restaurant has the best Hot Dogs?

Trump is about to make America much crueler to unionized workers

Alabama restored voting rights to thousands of former felons, but they may never know

Majority Report: Another Day, Another INSANE RACIST FREAKOUT At Walmart

FULL TEXT OF SIGNING STATEMENT (Zeke Miller tweet, image of statement)

Made a new anti-trump t-shirt:

TYT: Adam Carolla Warns Congress About College 'Safe Spaces'

Foxconn's corporate welfare deal will cost Wisconsin taxpayers more than 3 billion dollars

trump wants to curb LEGAL immigration. fuck you 'president'

North Carolina not required to hold special election to fix racial gerrymandering, court rules

WTF? The White House has issued TWO statements on the sanctions bill (full text of both)

Maxine Waters inspires gospel song

This Trump statement accompanying the Russia sanctions bill he just signed

trump rolls out his immigration plan and has to brag about the stock market....

Increase voter turnout with Tinder must get laid guarantee

tRump's approval drops 6 pts in one week, from 44% to 38% - Rassmussen Daily Poll

Trump's signing statement on sanctions boils down to "Fuck you, Congress, I'll do what I want."

250k Per Worker In Tax Cuts For FoxconJob - Wisconsin

Trump Just Got A Phone Call From Pina Nieto, The Boy Scout Leader, and Princess Di

Trump Cant Save American Christianity

Trump Cant Save American Christianity

Fascism is being ramped up because Trump is running scared. Signing the sanctions is a ruse to make

I was watching "Manhunt: Unabomber" on Discovery ID, and it got me thinking...

Blue Cross requests 15 percent increase for Obamacare plans in 2018

The debt-ceiling needs to be raised by Sept 29th. Here's what Trump thinks about that:

Women, we are second rate, second class, less than in the eyes of some in our Party.

Las Cafeteras: if I were president

KO: Why is Trump Reminding Us of the Pee Pee Tape? Just when the Steele dossier had faded from view,

Idiot Islamophobes Mistake Empty Bus Seats For Burqa-Wearing Women

KO:Why is Trump Reminding Us of the Pee Pee Tape? Just when the Steele dossier had faded from view,

EVERY bill / executive order he signed had a "ceremony" and photo op...EXCEPT the Russia Sanctions.

As lies, contradictions mount, federal officials are deciding to ignore Trump.

Luther Strange: Alabama did the right thing by not expanding Medicaid

"terrifying" - bus seats mistaken for burqas by anti-immigrant radicals

From 0 to 9 judge tRump.

James Comey has book deal, publication set for next spring

Who pays for the Buffoon-in-Chief rallies?

Tillerson spurns $80 million to counter ISIS, Russian propaganda

Trump announces the RAISE (Race) Act

Trump adds "signing statement" documenting his displeasure with Russia sanctions. He has a sad!

Obama's economic afterglow. What if Hillary Clinton....

Here's my Trump survival guide inspired by Robert Reich's

how many agree that

Blessed Lammas/Lughnassad

Trump seems to be crying out: Impeach me, please!

Blessed Lammas/Lughnassad

Colbert: Trump's Cybersecurity Expert Fell For Email Spam

the humble one tweets of himself....

Tweet from DOE press staff that Perry is "happy where he is," doesn't want DHS post

DU cat psychics, a little help please?

some images for Lammas--the first of the harvest festivals

NW Florida

Mad Magazine Compares Trump's WSJ Interview To The Emoji Movie

SO true...

Jon Cooper tweet: "Top WH source: Trump spoke with Putin before he signed Russia sanctions bill."

Solar eclipse 2017: Times, how much of the sun will be blocked in 102 Alabama cities

I have a slight problem.

Stephen Colbert: It's Official, Donald Trump Is A Dictator

South Africa donkeys used to smuggle cars into Zimbabwe

Thirty Five Years Ago This Month 🎟🍿

Trump Supporting Bill to Cut Back Legal Immigration

Tr*mp down to -24% net approval in Gallup (36% approve, 60% disapprove)

may I ask what happened to my avatar?

KONA coffee...

N. Korean missile landed near passenger jet's flight path

Shunned from bond market, U.S. Virgin Islands faces cash crisis

Shunned from bond market, U.S. Virgin Islands faces cash crisis

How the government is making it harder to retire

Deadly gene mutations removed from human embryos in landmark study

Um - Am I reading this Trump tweet correctly?

Two sunbathers killed as light plane lands on beach in Portugal - reports

Republicans wonder: Can we govern?

So Gallup has Two Scoops down to 36% today. But where are the more important polls?

Here is The White House signing statement on the Russia sanctions bill

***** This is what a failed presidency looks like **** GALLUP CHUMP 36/60

two more blatant trump lies....mexico and the boy scouts called him with praise.

Two U.S. troops killed in attack on convoy in Afghanistan

Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be lying on behalf of Trump and his administration at 2:00 p.m. EST.

Majority in the House is up for grabs

Radioactive material reported stolen in northern Mexico

Best of Shingo Nakamura (2-Hour Melodic Progressive House Mix) Silk Music

Best of Shingo Nakamura (2-Hour Melodic Progressive House Mix) Silk Music

Explosion rocks Minnehaha Academy; 2 missing, 5 injured

some songs for lammas

Trump Drops To New Low, Close To 2-1 Disapproval, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds

This is absolutely Devastating for the White House

Preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, unless it could be embarrassing.

Milbank: The rise and expletive-filled fall of Scaramucci

Serious question about North Korea...

Trump, GOP senators unveil measure to cut legal immigration

Judith Jones, cookbook editor who brought Julia Child and others to the table, dies at 93

Bullying...where do kids get it from?

If our institutions can't nail this collection of assholes to the wall. Then we

Philadelphia Phillies scrap plans to honor Pete Rose

George Takei limericking again

Trump Drops To New Low, Close To 2-1 Disapprove, Quinnipiac; 71 Percent President Is Not Levelheaded

Could everyone with computer knowledge please visit Computer Help and Support.

Gojuchang - Oh my lord....

Guys! You'll never guess who just called me! Donald Trump!

Leader of Cabinet bible study 'not biblically qualified for spiritual leadership', said own church

"Lawsuit accuses DoD of not securing millions of troops' personal info"

McCain Drops some knowledge on Trump...

"Told Me" Amy McGrath for Congress Announcement Video (KY-6)

Preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, unless it could be embarrassing.

Yep, A Real Dump

NAACP issues first-ever travel advisory for a state

I know it's academic, but if the ACA *weren't* passed,

Trump's Real Clear Politics Job Approval Polling Average hit an all time low today

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Festivals of Lies has been rescheduled to start at 2:30 p.m. EST.

Can any President attach a signing statement to a veto proof bill?

why "the dump":

Future History Headline: Democrats Fail to Win Majority in House

What ARE LITMUS tests for Dems?

Hey CNN - an American missile hit an Iranian passenger plane with over 200 passengers

Trump threatened to shut down filming of "Sharknado 3" because he didnt get cast as the president

Share a secret place that you have seen, that might not be popularly known.

We will survive this

Durian Fruit pudding

"Communications Director" - In this admin the title ought to be "Minister of Propaganda"

Money Pours In for Sanders's New Medicare for All Digital Campaign

SC governor candidate Catherine Templeton's 'proud of the Confederacy' remarks stir controversy

Money Pours In for Sanders's New Medicare for All Digital Campaign

Tesla Joins Effort to Pair Batteries With Offshore Wind

Primer on how the 2 party system works.

Twitter Video: I applaud the Nissan workers in Mississippi fighting for workers' rights.

Trying to watch press briefing--getting error message on two different computers.

Boy Scouts not aware of phone call to Trump

Long Live the Queen!

This strange spot in the Atlantic is resisting the global warming trend. Scientists think they know

Tillerson spurns $80 million to counter ISIS, Russian propaganda

House Judiciary Chairman's Priority: Investigating Hillary Clinton

Family Tradition

Gallup has Trump with his worst Disapproval Numbers today 60%

Colin Kaepernick's NFL exile continues as another team owner backs away


What stone did Milller crawl out from under?

Magnetic Tape Storage Break Through Will Make Your Hard Drive Seem Tiny

Ahhhh! Creepy Stephen Miller is on my TV.

Stephen Miller doing a hard sell on immigration. The President will not be questioned!

Who is this speaking from the WH press room?

INDONESIA - Eruption with pyroclastic flow at #Sinabung #volcano today.

NAME the number of Pro-SPORTS stadiums and Arenas you have been to ? I will go first...

Stephen Miller spewing immigrant hate on my television.

BREAKING NEWS: Stephen Miller delivers press briefing using a dummy puppet version of Stephen Miller

Where I live, it's really easy to vote only for true progressives.

I posted some things two years ago about Kamala Harris that were I shouldn't have.

Stephen Icabod Crane Miller cited the Center for Immigration Studies

How many times do I have to listen to the Trump lackeys say "the president has been

BREAKING: Russian PM Medvedev says Trump signing new sanctions is tantamount to full-scale trade war

So tired of hearing President Trump on MSM. For years they only called President Obama, Obama.

Emotional Quotient of Zero. Stephen Miller, Example #1.

Miller's YELLING, calling reporter insulting and ignorant and so wrong and yelling some more

It's official: I despise Stephen Miller

Craw Song

Jim Acosta to Stephen Miller: " Are we just gonna bring in immigrants from England & Australia?"

Grumpy Cat is back at the podium, and reading another Pickle letter.

Miller: (brown) immigrants are at fault for all problems suffered by "struggling Americans"

OH, FFS. Huckabee Sanders on FAHR as she reads another folksy letter from a kid.

I would like to see Kamala Harris run in 2020.

The Drumph Immigration policy will impact who and Q&A?

New @QuinnipiacPoll finds Trump at 33% approval,

Nate Silver: Trump approval by month (per 538 average):

The Kid that Didn't Die At Riverfront Stadium

More video emerges of suspected drug planting by Baltimore police

Perks? No! U.S. flyers prefer the cheap seats: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Is Anyone Else Having Trouble Seeing Avatars?

Ohio man gets 20 years for soliciting murder of U.S. military members

Venezuela election results were manipulated, voting company says

There are a grand total of 6 pro life Democrats in the House and Senate

South Carolina gubernatorial candidate says shes proud of the Confederacy

Video: Stephen Miller & CNN's Acosta have heated exchange about Trump's immigration policy

Ex-CEO of gets six months for promoting prostitution

What's your favorite song from 1968?

New York To Hand Over Most Voter Data To Bogus Election Integrity Panel

Appreciation thread for Jim Acosta

N.Y. regulator subpoenas Wells Fargo over unwanted auto insurance

Ice Cream Truck Music v.2

4 The 90s by Todrick Hall (Fun video & 90s music mix)

Our 15 Best Peach Desserts

Journalist calls GOP donor "ratf*cker" on live TV for role in Seth Rich and Benghazi

Groan. My choices for background noise this week:

Trump Is Considering Perry for Homeland Security Chief

Re: the fake Seth Rich story and the "journalist" who made it all up

Is there a pattern here? Now Mexico is denying calling Trump


How To Make Gin And Dubonnet, Queen Elizabeth IIs Morning Cocktail Of Choice

My avatar has disappeared

Student council candidate Stephen Miller booed off stage for making racist joke about janitors

Bill Moyers: A Timeline: Pences Role in the White Houses Russia-Related Mess

Bees Are Bouncing Back From Colony Collapse Disorder

Sympathy for the Devil 2.0 ?

CNN Chris Cuomo EXPLOSIVE Interview with Ed Butowsky over Fox News Lawsuit, Seth Rich Story

Like RKP5637, my Avatar has disappeared suddenly (Others CAN see it, but I can't)

Maxine Waters on Trump

Prosecutors: Alabama shop sold coat of endangered jaguar fur

I love me some DU!

Trump Supports Bill That Would Cut Legal Immigration by Half

A quick history lesson!

Northwestern professor wanted in stabbing death of man

Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev: Trump is an "incompetent player" who will be "liquidated" by the US esta

White House: Trump did not lie about phone call from Boy Scouts

Top White House aide gets questioned on racial coding in new immigration policy, totally flips out


Reproductive Choice for Men...

My avatar is gone

U.S. Muslims More Accepting of Homosexuality Than White Evangelicals

WH advisor attacks Statue of Liberty

Flynn hire and Nunes leak source, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, has been fired from National Security Council

CNN Jim Acosta causes White House spokesperson to implode on new immigration policy (VIDEO)

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-8: Nobody Beats The Mooch! Edition

Spot the Moon and Saturn Together Tonight!

The Thirteenth Amendment Was 'Added Later' Too

Anne Frank Center on Miller:

Ryanair's Michael O'Leary: UK is in denial over impact of Brexit on air travel - BBC Newsnight

Slate - "The Problem With John Kelly"

Baltimore police officers accidentally filmed themselves seemingly planting evidence again

Is the fake prez's base a hybrid party of both the Dems and Republicans?

The JujuYoshida MST3K Poll...

Saudi Arabia to open luxury beach resort where women can wear bikinis

Trumps signing statement on Russia sanctions leaves an open door for not implementing them at all

Trumps Pick For Key Bank Regulator Is A Foreclosure Kingpin, Of Course

Huckabee-Sanders believes, in the very deepest part of her heart, that Trump is

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 2, 2017

Ivanka refuses to report to Kelly

Sam Clovis: Trump's pick for top science job called progressives 'race traitors'

Former Netanyahu chief of staff 'in negotiations to become state witness'

Good news: As a great-grandmother, this pastor pursues her calling of ministering to single moms

Why is Yertle the senate majority leader?

Bad news: Cabinet members study Bible together weekly

Lakewood NJ -9 part series - Orthodox Community

EPA panel clears Pruitts climate denial by misquoting scientific integrity policy

Can we be serious for a moment?

After damaging historic property and wetlands, pipeline CEO is baffled by criticism

Russiagate: The Depth of Collusion

NAACP issues travel warning for Missouri


Here is a terrible thought. That poster we see of cameo pictures of all

Holy polling. 33% approval for orangeness - Quinnipiac

Russia still runs versatile spying campaign against U.S. despite sanctions: top U.S. counter-intelli

Couch Commander

Russians at Jr's meeting: dined at repubs' Capitol Hill Club 6/14/16

Rather than merely run against Trump, offer "An Even Better Deal"

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 3 August 2017

BWAHAHAHA. Islamophobia strikes again.

Anne Frank Center Statement re: Stephen Miller & Statue of Liberty Poem


Jim Acosta Smackdown of Stephen Miller

New York Agrees To Give Voter Info To Trump

Following the IACHR's ruling, Argentine political prisoner Milagro Sala to be granted house arrest

I don't advocate violence. But seeing Acosta kick Stephen Miller's ass would be....

London Evening Standard Headline

Following the IACHR's ruling, Argentine political prisoner Milagro Sala to be granted house arrest

Pierce: The Historical Significance of 'Cosmopolitan' as an Insult

Pennsylvania town evacuated after train carrying hazardous materials derails

Transcript Of Trumps Latest Interview ... delusional and simply incoherent

Seismic Zone Off Alaska Could Trigger Massive Earthquake and Tsunami


Can the GOP

Trump Says U.S.Losing Afghan War in Tense Meeting With Generals

Investigators want phone records on Trump Jr.-Russia meeting

Appeals court upholds endangered species protection for Great Lakes gray wolves

Funny how for ages Reich wingers have been saying that they have no problem with immigration but

Kremlin tries to humiliate the president it helped elect

Anyone here NOT like sports?

Ezra Cohen-Watnick out at NSC

I am hardpressed to find one person, just ONE person, in the Trump administration

Millennials Dream Big and Don't Accept the Status Quo -- Bernie Sanders

Ari Melber kicking butt tonight

Tonight Chez trof: Chef John's Shrimp Provencale

NSC Staffer Forced Out Over Memo Alleging Globalist and Islamist Conspiracy in Government

Who's with Me?

Here's a dump: Mar-a-Lago was so filthy it was cited with 13 health-code violations

When you've lost Pepe ... ..Gosh, this looks bad for Trumpie:

Trump at 37.5% in HuffPost aggregate poll. #BestPresidentSinceLincoln

Can lightening knock wi-fi out of an imac?

Proposed balanced budget slashes insurance for V.I. government retirees

Trump supporter who was just on MSNBC

Racist crying for help gets taken down

***Warning this is sick.***

Senators question Gov. Mapp's St. Thomas hotel bills

Donald Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill He Calls Significantly Flawed

The current immigration policy of the USA

**** DROPINNG LIKE A STONE****Quinnipiac poll: President Trump's job approval sinks to 33%

"Mystified" by Joe Scarborough...

Are you taking part in an 'Our Revolution' local group?

The master of contempt

Randy Newman Performs 'Putin' - Late Show with Stephen Colbert

just a thought about our "reality show" president --

Good * Americans aren't going to like Trump's anti-legal immigration plan.


Save the chubby unicorn

Post the name or photo of two DISHES that you would want on your BIRTHDAY?

Jeff Koterba's Aug. 1 cartoon: Putting a cork in Keystone XL

just thinking do you suppose

U.S. bans travel to North Korea from September 1, says Americans should leave

U.S. bans travel to North Korea from September 1, says Americans should leave

Ivan 'Pudge' Rodriguez To Join Baseball Hall of Fame and Puerto Rico Equality Commission

Tomorrow's RW talking point

New website aims to track Russian-backed propaganda on Twitter

Anti-vax movement prompts Brooklynites to withhold inoculations from their pets, vets say

Russia link to negative articles about Kamala Harris and "asset seizure."

With baby steps, Senate Republicans abandoning the president

Brazil's Temer wins Congressional votes to block graft charge

Oh, Wait. Maybe It Was Collusion.

Watching "The Office" repeats - I think Trump is Michael Scott