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Archives: August 20, 2017

House Dem introduces measure urging Trump undergo mental exam

Omaha police say all DNA collected in controversial 2004 sweep has been destroyed

Trump meets The Honeymooners:

The 10 Best Places to Swim in the World, According to Me

Asian-American doctor says white nationalists refuse her care

And yet this fucker goes from 34 to 38% in Gallup poll?

Kennedy Center "grateful" for Trump "choosing not to participate" in honors event

Cannon at the ready: And on edit, he posted another one:

Charles Robert Jenkins, detained in NK 40 years.

Bill Maher & George Carlin , Politically Incorrect : Politics, Government, Corruption

2020 US Presidential Election-Kamala Harris/John Bel Edwards -D Ticket.

Faux News Banner just now re: Boston

Mike Cernovich tweets some Trump supporters will be wearing Antifa attire in Phoenix

Neil gorsuch does not belong on the Supreme Court.

Duke University removes damaged Robert E. Lee statue

Whale stranded in western Washington state beach freed

The Latest: Hundreds in downtown Atlanta march to King home


Case dismissed against man in beating of Chicago officer

An editor and a baby cannon walk into a bar...

Antidote to Trump hate-mongering: Love and Happiness: An Obama Celebration

Cause we've ended as lovers...

Feds allege California Marines involved in $67M health fraud

"Our great country has been divided for decades." DECADES????

Absolutely Brilliant

"I'm not lovable" - O.K., this will be my definitive viewing of Manchurian Candidate

Man Smuggled 13 Pounds of Meth From Mexico Using a Drone

Man Smuggled 13 Pounds of Meth From Mexico Using a Drone


Trump fans looks like chumps after promoting old RNC photo as Boston march pic

Where Confederate monuments are vs where black people are in the US

Boston Public Service Announcement......


Republicans have courted racists for years. Why are they cringing now?

South Carolina aquarium to monitor animal behavior during eclipse

THAT's who Trump reminded me of in this pic!

Donald Trump brought me here today: Counterprotesters rout neo-Nazi rally in Berlin

An Unusually Large Wildfire Has Burned for Weeks in Icy Greenland

Muddled view of American history

Holy CRAP: Boston video "shows disparity between "free speech" rally and counter-demonstrators"

Cat watches parents eat every meal:

Comedian Dick Gregory dies at 84

Thousands rally against white supremacy in New Orleans

The Latest: Gov. takes case from non-death-penalty lawyer

Failing basic moral test

Increasingly isolated, pathetic and forlorn figure

The Secret Story of How a Revered Future Surgeon General Inspired the Tuskegee Syphilis Study

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Pacific Classic

Not a Deal Breaker for Supporters this Time Either

Dolphin Mall on lockdown after reports of active shooter

Trump cites "anti-police agitators," in Boston, then thanks crowds for protesting "hate"

'Free Speech' rally fizzles as counterprotesters swarm Boston

In swing-state Florida, the 2018 congressional election has already begun

Does Trump suffer from some kind of political death wish? If so, we must hope his fall comes quickly

Tragic background of James Fields Jr.

What makes the Kushners liberal?

Rethugs feigning shock at Drumpt's racist, reprehensible words is

Remarks could sidetrack Democrats from other issues

Second officer dies from shooting in Florida

Researchers find wreckage of lost WWII warship USS Indianapolis

There's a hidden message of resistance in the White House arts committee's resignation letter

'Surprising, startling and shocking' Harold Knowles' indictment stuns

South Florida Rep Wants to Remove Every Confederate Monument in State

Florida Pro-Confederate Group Doxxes 113 Civil Rights Activists in Detailed Online Report

One More Time for the TUBA!

Dick Gregory, civil rights activist and comedian, dead at 84

LOL! Rick Wilson saved all three drafts of Trump's tweet about "heeling"

From a medic on the ground in Charlottesville.

"Y'all should hear about my experience with BLM at the Boston Anti-Nazi Rally."

Union Civil War Memorials

Unsung Heroes, 'Tougaloo Nine' Honored For Integration Effort

You know it's bad when a straight White guy makes a sign

Florida State Senator to Attend Pro-Confederate Event After Charlottesville Rally

James Fields Jr. was being treated for schizophrenia with medication ...

If someone kidnapped your child and sold them.....

'Unite the Right' organizer tweets insult of slain protester, backtracks, then cites drug combinatio

Had a thought....

I expect the racists to get louder, more overt, more violent now.

Scientists warn fake eclipse glasses can literally cook your retina

Something about Africa, must be a latent gene....

What to do with a Stephen Foster statue with a black man at his feet?

About pardons...

Anybody want to volunteer to check out this story

Slate - "Charlottesville Was Not a Surprise" (Important Read)

Great sign just seen on Twitter

2020 US Senate Election-seats Democrats should target to regain control of the US Senate.

Ivanka Trump's rabbi deeply troubled by president's response to Charlottesville

Evangelicals still support him

Huffines Brothers Set to Become First Twins in the Texas Senate

Dallas-Houston Bullet Train Closer to Leaving the Station

Steve Bannon gave an 'astonishing' interview to a liberal magazine. Why?

What matters right now is 2018...NOT who we nominate in 2020.

Austin City Council opts to sue the state over housing discrimination beef

Question: I select remain logged in but always have to login

Question: I select remain logged in but always have to login

OMG---- "BEWARE, You Cannot Unsee This"

Christmas Crafting

A New Bill Would Require Donald Trump To Undergo Mental Health Evaluation

The Worst Little Statehouse in Texas

Why gay people are a higher form of evolution

Message to BitMitigate (new hosts of Daily Stormer)

Martin Luther King Jr to Trump, shush....

The Brilliance of Tina Fey's Cake Satire, Explained

San Antonio's Pro-Confederacy Militia Says it's "Proud," Not Racist

Ivanka Trump Brand Clothing is Turning Up in Thrift Stores Across the Country

Worth a stop, TYT : Neo-Nazis Regretting DNA "Purity" Tests

Federal Judge Tosses Ex-Porn Star's Facebook Lawsuit Seeking $1 Billion

Oregonians Greet Northbound Eclipse Tourists With Anti-Semitic Overpass Banners

Trump and the solar eclipse

New $70 Million High School Football Stadium Dedicated In Katy

India train crash in Uttar Pradesh leaves 23 dead

(JEWISH GROUP) Does Your Progressivism Include Jews?

The algae that terraformed Earth

Why the Charlottesville Marchers Were Obsessed With Jews

'Take them down': Thousands rally for end of Dallas' Confederate statues, white supremacy

(JEWISH GROUP) Poll: 1 in 3 UK Jews considered emigrating over anti-Semitism

Mark Cuban on Trump presidency: 'Every now and then you hire the wrong CEO'

Dear Lord, Is it time to impeach? Give us a sign...

"275 lbs of pure Bolivian flake stuffed into a liver-spotted sausage casing"

Border Patrol agents find, rescue 60 people trying to enter the U.S. in a locked tractor trailer

No winner of Powerball jackpot - prize grows to $650 million

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Food O'Clock Edition

300K petition drive blocks Missouri right-to-work legislation

Missouri school apologizes for censoring gay teens' yearbook quotes

Visibly shaken Trump reduced to calling supporters and asking if their refrigerator is running

Did Someone Just Share a Random Google Doc With You?

The Onion Remembers Steve Bannon

Sunday's Doonesbury - Trump Needs A Win

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - Faith-Based Physics

A stolen valor scumbag

The DNC raised just $3.8 million in July, compared to the $10.2 million raised by the RNC

Is the madman up and tweeting yet?

Sunday Toon Roundup

A European look at Trump #round 7

The great American eclipse

Steven Mnuchin fires defiant message back at Yale classmates pressuring him to resign

Just for the hell of it as I wait for the "Sunday" shows

Did a Mole-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Leak Plot to Elect Trump?

Post-eclipse: Phoenix rising over KGOP KristoFascist Trumplandia?

The great Dick Gregory is dead

To keep silent is to jeopardize the reputation of the company. C.E.O.s are testing their moral...

Trump adviser resigned ahead of negative magazine story

In anticipation of tomorrow's total eclipse of the sun...

People turn out across country to send a message against hate

I cut the imbecilical chord today - No more cable

Some Liberty University Grads Returning Diplomas

So, where are the statues dedicated to Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, and Osama bin Laden?

Voter suppression is the civil rights issue of this era - Washington Post Editorial Board

Anyone could have predicted the latest outrage

The Relentless Alabamafication of America

Black People Cannot Be Racist - Dr. Claud Anderson

Departure unlikely to calm turmoil

How to Tell If Your Eclipse Glasses or Handheld Solar Viewers Are Safe

Texas goes to Wall Street for a short-term loan of $5.4 billion

Mattis re Afghanistan

"Purity was never so pure!" . . . Please come CAPTION Neo-Nazi Craig Cobb!!!

"Dearest Martha, the field is lost ...

Identity politics is the GOP electoral strategy

Bannon pledges to 'go nuclear': target Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

Kissimmee Police Shooting Leaves Two Officers Dead

OK, Kasich just proved he is an idiot on Jake Tapper.

No words needed. its like 2 different countries......

Has anyone ever seen a non-white person flying the Stars and Bars?

Jerry Falwell Jr

Dear mother:

Trump on Twitter wants nation to "heel" - or to bring it to heel?

Kentucky Tea Party governor blames Charlottesville violence on lack of Bibles in schools

Kentucky Tea Party governor blames Charlottesville violence on lack of Bibles in schools

New NBC Polls on Michigan,PA,wis-bernie continues to be well liked

Enough is Enough By THE LAT EDITORIAL BOARD -These are not normal times.


We must remember that the #1 priorty of the GOP

Boston's Free Speech Rally Goes Bust vs. 40,000 Protesters

I heard true courage on NPR this morning - interview with Robert Lee, 24 year old pastor whose

And Now for Something Completely Different - Military Exercises in South Korea

2012 - Clowns face off with KKK in Charlotte, NC

Help support the Right Wing Infopedia

*****BREAKING***** Trumps Approval Rating Stands Below 40 Percent in Three Key Midwest States

Sloppy Confederacy Supporter Misses Important Message

Seems like Mattis is NOT going to allow #trump to tweet foreign policy.

Kelly Fryer: Why only whites were surprised by Charlottesville's neo-Nazi rally

This tweet. Great way to start the morning.

DO NOT DO THIS! It will piss off Dolt45.

2018 and 2020 US Senate Election- seats Democrats need to win to regain control of the US Senate.

Fox News Host Eboni K. Williams receives Death Threats after Criticizing Trump

Explaining, Again, The Nazis' True Evil

A European look at Trump #round 8

Assad says he will look east when it comes to political, economic and cultural relations.

Schiff: Trump Needs Some More Adults In The Room, Not Miller Or Gorka

The assault weapons controversy

Abbas: I Met Trump's Envoys 20 Times and Still Don't Understand Their Peace Plan

Swalwell: Lord, give us a sign if it's time for Republicans to stand up to Trump. Blot out the sun.

"It's not about skin color for me. I'm more of an anti-Semite." Face to Face w/ American neo-Nazi

Two new RW propaganda groups to keep

Very intetesting voter regist/supression thread on Twitter

Tweeting vs Letter Writing

Drawing to a Close

Trump HQ just emailed out "Official Approval Poll" with 4 options: Great, Good, Okay, Other

'You have no idea how much crazy stuff we kill: Trump aides admit why theyre afraid to quit

This is the landing page of Breitbart right now - Going after Ivanka

Jake Tapper: According to Mattis: POTUS "has made a decision" on Afghanistan

Frank Serpico joins NYPD officers for rally in support of Colin Kaepernick

Since Kellyanne Conway came to the administration under the same sponsors

"Didn't you see what they refused to show?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Coming soon to a Facebook page near you

Boston police commissioner: 99.9 percent of protesters here for right reason

Schiff: Trump needs 'more adults in the room'

Who is out of the labor force?

Gotta rant...

hubby and I are planning to go into Assisted Living.

'OK, heres what you do, he said. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Painter: Real conservatives read real news, not weirdo Breitbart race baiting rag

Your Sunday LMFAO Image

When a real President (and man) reacts to a white supremacist terror attack

While we're waiting for MUELLER, amateur OppoResearchers are scouring archives on DRUMPF

Trumps Approval Rating Stands Below 40 Percent in Three Key Midwest States

About breitbart

Checked weather around here tomorrow for eclipse:

Tina Fey, a grateful nation thanks you...

Clips of Eclipses in Major Motion Pictures

Thousands march in Hong Kong for release of pro-democracy leaders

Serpico & NYPD cops rally for Colin Kaepernick

The Eclipse: Courtship of the Sun and Moon (1907)

After violence in Charlottesville, Sullivan says Block Party should be cancelled [sic]

Enough is Enough

Salon: My meeting with Donald Trump: A damaged, pathetic personality whose obvious impairment...

"I hope that you're uncomfortable with the conversation," Sellers told Santorum

Well, I saw it coming, but it sure didn't take long.

Democrats Could Win 50 House Seats. Heres How.

Religious roadside signs on the way to the eclipse

To respond to the question, what organizations would be resistant to minorities or their views?

The Trump administration just disbanded a federal advisory committee on climate change

What's your favorite song from 1985?

"Si je reviens un jour": Les lettres retrouvees de Louise Pikovsky

Here is the kind of "leader" Trump idolises....

At this late date, still not admitting the real answer is: SOMEBODY *ELSE*

" Nothing seems to get under President Donald Trump's skin like an undersize crowd."

When we look back at Trump's brief failed Presidency

Amateur sleuths hunt for Trump bombshells

Removing Trump now could give us an 10-year Mike Pence presidency

where will you be when the eclipse happens?

Trump added to Wiki's list of Confederate presidents, and Grand Wizard too.

We are missing the real story about Trumps collusion with white nationalists

Fried Chicken, the KKK, and Dick Gregory

Almost Nothing Can Make Sociopath Trump Laugh. Almost.

Found on Facebook

Trump aides afraid to leave WH jobs: "You have no idea how much crazy stuff we kill."

Anyone know how upload photos to du

Ion imprinted polymers for metal separations from seawater, selecting uranium over vanadium.

Question for the experts - from this thread

We have the government of Bavaria to blame!!

Silver lining -- The roaches are out in the open

Volkswagen will bring back the VW van. Old hippies, how many have you owned?

Abbas: I Met Trump's Envoys 20 Times and Still Don't Understand Their Peace Plan

30,000 people killed!

Confused Defenders

People are asking about Trumps capability

Why you should never wear a bicycle helmet.

GOP voices on Sunday shows today defending

No US president ever revoked a national monument's status. Trump might

His grandfather wrote letter begging not to be deported

Last Word 8,19 17 Nixon, Trump and 'how a presidency ends'

Kasich rooting for Trump to 'get it together'

What are you reading this week of August 20, 2017?

Nestles.."Poland Spring" is common groundwater- new suit alleges: Mercury News:

Trump Underwater In 3 States That Tipped Election

Officials Like Dodgers Fans, Leaving Early to Beat Traffic

Federal Program to Fight Domestic Terrorism Shuts Down

More raving lunacy from the raving lunatic that is Jim Bakker.

Thinks About Nuclear Annihilation a Lot --- But Doesnt Know Much

Newsweek reporter's coming book exposes whose fault "shaping" DRUMPF is: The *wimmen*!1

******BREAKING****** Jerry Lewis has passed

Administration just disbanded advisory committee on climate change

In a number of places around the country, folks are coming outside

Lucky wife hits lottery.

Jerry Lewis is dead......91 years old.

RIP Jerry Lewis

Post Nation Jerry Lewis, comedian who became one of the most unforgettable entertainers of his time,

PINO Trump Don't Need Your Stinking Advice, Dammit!

Jerry Lewis Has Died

Kansas City MO will remove Confederate monument

The only thing that Whiny Donny accomplished was the removal of confederate monuments

Remember Liam? Fun in Miyazaki, Japan. 8-2017

Dallas' confederate statues gone by December

Urgent help needed!!!

Dick Gregory Leaves It All To Us

World Plant Milk Day

PINO Noir: A new name for drumpf.

Right-wing rally planned for Laguna Beach sparks backlash, counter-demonstration against racism

Donald Trump throws a tantrum

No-Knead Bread Bittman

There Are Lots of Distractions This Weekend. Look Out!

I know this may sound like heresy but I think we should be cautious about the removal of trump.

Jerry Lewis, Mercurial Comedian and Filmmaker, Dies at 91

Here's a nice clip of the Atlanta protestors...good size turnout.

Thousands Protest White Supremacy In New Orleans

Poster from Boston

Trump to visit Marine base in Yuma before Phoenix rally

CNN: Jared and Ivanka are failing a basic moral test

Demonstrators in San Francisco Denounce White Supremacy

I am on a verge of cancelling my strib subscription

Cool site to see when and what direction the eciplse will be for a zip code.

I just kitted out my grandson for his first Renaissance Faire.


Donnie-two-scoops is trying to hire minorities to hold signs, cheer on command, look non-white

I just got an advertisement to buy my new TrumpCare! I clicked and filled in the forms,

Liberty U students returning diplomas to punish Trump.

Greatest catch ever in the Little League World Series:

Jerry Lewis - Pantomime "Chairman of the Board"

25% of Michigan and Wisconsin voters are "proud of" Trump! YEAH! Take THAT, haters! MAGA!

My Dick Gregory Experience

Jerry Fallwell Jr. says Trump has inside information on "fine people" marching with Nazis

2020 US Senate Election-If former Democratic US Senators Begich-AK,Udall-CO,and Hagan-NC were to

Birds eye view of Boston protest..had no idea it was THAT powerful

Why is Sebastian Gorka still in the White House?

DonnyJohn's jobs program

34 photos that show the wonder of solar eclipses around the world

Game of Thrones 7.6 "Beyond the Wall" (spoiler alert)

Why can't we just call them what they are?

On sheriff joe arpaio's wiki-page, these are the headers under 'Controversies'

Happy 69th 🎂 Robert Plant

From five weeks ago: Jerry Lewis and the "Typewriter Song"

Alt-right figure who set up Assange meeting refuses to cooperate with Senate intel probe

Solar Eclipse Recipes

Trump to announce 'path forward' for US in Afghanistan..Monday 9pm ET

Adam Schiff: Critics can't conclude Trump is impaired

New name for Trump supporters: Donny Reb!

2 more agencies/biz cancel Mar Lego events. Total now 19.

So they are selling confederate flags at the Westmoreland Co. Fair...

Trump's decision to allow plastic bottle sales in national parks slammed

Trump review puts 5 California monuments at risk

Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for outright ban on killer robots

Three corpse flower blooms at USBG

Grace Mugabe flies home to Zimbabwe with diplomatic immunity

Trump believes Kennedy was on the wrong side of WWII and the Cuban Missile Crisis

Thanks I was suprised I got so many answers about where you will be during the eclipse

OMG! Just got an email from Melania!

U.S. Botanic Garden Amorphophallus titanum cam

Senate Republicans getting fed up with Trump

I heard the Con will address the nation tomorrow night at 9.00pm on the

Barcelona attack: Spain terror cell had 120 gas canisters

"We expect a return on our investment. -Betsy #DeVos on her family's political donations #dumpDeVos

Here is one that was nocked down today :)

How to Stay Sane During a Solar Eclipse


What kind of Idiot is Sen. Blumenthal?..

2 spikes in Confederate monument construction: implementation of Jim Crow & civil rights movement...

Philippines drug campaign condemned by senior Catholics

An icon in the entertainment world, Jerry Lewis has passed away passed. He was 91.

Sunday Evening Toons n Memes

How not to make oatmeal cookies.

You know Trump had a bad week when.....

He'll keep you in suspense! Mad Dog says "sufficiently rigorous" Trump has a plan for Afghanistan.

No Tina Fey, you weren't "funny"

Should Politicians who propose and/or vote to give tax cuts to wealthy individuals and corporations

What's your favorite song or songs from 1965?

"He now needs the weekend to collect his thoughts....

New Orleans, no white supremacists showed up-- Thousands Protest White Supremacy In New Orleans

Kansas City Confederate memorial to be moved after vandalism

2020 Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee-Sherrod Brown-OH would be the perfect choice whether or

CNN breaks down Trump's last four weeks. 2:55

Trump's horrible last Four Weeks


Tina Fey meant well...but it didn't work...but this was not the time to say or do anything...

VA is renaming Jefferson Davis highway and looking for suggestions

The unfortunate truth about Republicans and the alt-right.

Are we getting Raptured tomorrow?

With all the hubba about Bannon being fired or so-called resigning.....


Texas Babysitter Coerced 4-Year-Old Boy To Perform Sex Acts On Her: Police

Alt-Fox On Jerry Lewis...

Jane Sanders: Dick Gregory and @SenSanders spent the night in jail together for protesting ...

ACLU-VA Calls for Removal of Confederate Monuments and Memorials

What do you think Trump's Afghanistan plan is ?

We have the numbers.

The Real Porn

And then there are all those confederate army bases

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 21 August 2017

Alex Jones finally reacts to attack by "literal goblin creature"

"We need to condemn Nazism, but Trump is the best"

Magnificent Black and White Photos...Boston Rally 2017

OK, I'll bite. What's your favourite song from 1262?

This Afghanistan strategy of twitlers is all about getting the 1+ trillion worth of minerals there

What happens when artists actually want to be in the same room as the POTUS

Baby Fed beats Nick the Dick

I live in the American heartland, and you probably do, too

Trump to give live speech to the nation Monday night?

I live in the American heartland, and you probably do, too

Just when you think you cannot get more frightened:

Busted my Galaxy S5. Have a backup and recently cloned the defunct phone but the busted phone

Another tweet re Boston-- may have been posted already but...

About counter-demonstrations. 'Splain me this:

So tomorrow Trump will give some lame brained plan on Afghanistan.

Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star, now 100% more Klan-tastic.

Chris Christie drops out of contention for sports radio job

White House officials absent from Sunday shows

Going nuts with zucchini?

Does anyone else get malware warnings on DU?

1979 Klan-Nazi attack survivor hopes for a 'justice river'

Someone Is Posting Ads Offering Actors Of Color $50 To Come And Cheer For Trump In Phoenix

They want the monuments to stay

The war begins: attacks McMaster as Koran-kissing terrorist sympathizer

Texas cop urges Facebook followers to use deadly force against anyone harming a Confederate stat

There's a full page of OPs that haven't been answered in AtA.

Anyone else here remember this Jerry Lewis movie?

Trumpy Lumpy is having a sad

Don't know how I missed this one.

Noticed a couple of odd things on DU today...

Quote of the Day

Will He Restart The Draft & Invade Afghanistan? Send GOPPERS & WS's First.

General Covfeve

How Democrats Could Win 50 House Seats In 2018

"Old encrusted food buildup": Kitchen at Trump's Bedminster resort cited for health code violations

found this item on facebook