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Just a question for your consideration...

Yesterday was the 64th anniversary of the CIA-backed coup against Iranian PM Mohammed Mossadegh.

Trump's decision has leaked. 2 sources told me Trump is going w/ consensus plan: few extra thousan

3 mill vs 11 mill????

Even in red states, liberal candidates are climbing into power in the nations cities

Sonic attacks in Cuba hit more diplomats than earlier reported, officials say

Sanders to Rip Trump, Push for Single Payer on Midwest Tour

Republican held US Senate seats Democrats need to target in order to regain control of the

Update:10 Missing After USS John McCain Collides With Merchant Ship; Search Underway

Rally with Bernie Sanders & Chuck Jones - RSVP for your chance to go backstage with Bernie

No, Trump's support hasn't collapsed, but yes, he's increasingly alone: LA Times

There is something wrong with every Christian denomination.

TEN 10 Actions you can take to stand up for civil & human rights & against hate groups

Hey...I had to tell him

Nationwide call from MoveOn: Call your Congressperson this week to censure tRump.

Can we make President Obama President emeritus

In my head I'm imagining what President Obama would have said about the eclipse

his highness is tweeting and he's not happy....

Vice correspondent: Charlottesville protesters did not discuss Confederate monument,

Is the Trump administration hiring people of color to hold signs at his Phoenix rally?

The war begins: attacks McMaster as Koran-kissing terrorist sympathizer

Woman charged with groping UT police officer said he was hot

About 1,200 people rally in Portland against racism

Breitbart use German soccer star picture on migrant gang story

I couldn't get eclipse glasses at Walmart, Best Buy or 7Eleven.

So Monday is AfghanistanDay & Tuesday is Arizona/ARPAIO-pardonDay?!1

BREAKING: Five sailors injured, 10 missing after U.S. Navy destroyer collides with a merchant ship

Education Notes: Marana School District receives $20K Monsanto grant

Rick Astley performs "Never Gonna Give You Up" with Foo Fighters at Tokyo Music Festival

Bolivia's Evo Morales to Investigate Dictatorship-Era Crimes with New Truth Commission

No, Trump's support hasn't collapsed, but yes, he's increasingly alone

What is it about racist men whose blood boils - and pehaps are getting hard -

Take 'Em Down NOLA renews call to remove more icons of Confederates, slave owners in New Orleans

STEVE BANNON READIES HIS REVENGE The war on Jared Kushner is about to go nuclear.

Trump targets Venezuela for invasion

The civil war lies on us like a sleeping dragon': America's deadly divide - and why it has returned

Jerry Lewis was never a hero to the disabled community

Well, THIS new tweet DEFINITELY came from Trump. Apparently he worked hard watching fake news.

Twitter serves up another new variation of Trump's cover photo

I stayed at a b&b the last few days

Univision reporter is threatened DEATH by KKK interviewee - "Jesus said"

Omarosa from the Apprentice is member of the Trump Administration-director of Public liason.

'I couldn't tell my parents I had started a business'

From August 7th: Cyber threats prompt return of radio for ship navigation.

Instead of whining about Fake News, PINO could have

Question for our Republican/wingnut friends:

O) -- ECLIPSE THREAD - Where are you watching the eclipse? % of totality?

Mexico City fishermen fight to save Aztec floating gardens

It's worth talking to people with whom we disagree.

"That's to bad" - Trumps's response to USS John S McCain collision

We need to talk about the online radicalisation of young, white women

Whats the Difference Between Mostly Sunny and Partly Cloudy?

Well, that's new.

In January, President Trump vowed to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents. It never happened

Jerry Lewis has brought a lot of joy into my life.

Man with eye damage from 1962 eclipse: Don't make the same mistake I did

Dear God, if you want Trump impeached, please give us a sign...

So this happened...

Make your own pinhole viewer for the eclipse.

Did Michael Moore say most Trump supporters are rapists?

Need some help w/Old Dell graphics ... (maybe BIOS tweaking needed ?)

"That's too bad", the Cons comment about latest collision

Music for tomorrow! Eclipse!

Question About Free Speech and Charlottesville.

Twitosphere having fun with Bannon.

"Late Night Music remembers Sonny Burgess"

I attended the protest today at Laguna Beach Ca.

The most racist places in America according to Google

Just now on Facebook

Trump, Neo-Nazis and the Klan, by Maureen Dowd at the NYTimes

Ever wonder what kind of men harass women online? Researchers found out.

Standing Rock protest leaders to speak at Berkeleys La Pea


White nationalism on rise in California as Bay Area girds for rallies next weekend

Anchors Aweigh!

The New Indian Massacre? Police Shootings of Native Americans on the Rise

Guys, pretty sure Trump's gonna declare war on the moon tomorrow

Crowd Shrinkage? Many Activists Registering for Trump Rally but Won't Attend

Someone Turned the Confederate Memorial at the Capitol Into a Second-Place Trophy and It's Amazing

Trump is most likely going to escalate the war as a distraction

No ice cream at McDonald's? I'll get my gun.

No ice cream at McDonald's? I'll get my gun.

Rosneft, partners to announce acquisition of Indias Essar Oil completed

35 Weird Things Every Dog Owner Has Secretly Done

So is it true that Sessions is taking money from the drug cartels to make marijuana illegal?

Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema 'seriously considering' Senate challenge

A 121-year-old Confederate monument was coming down. This Kentucky town put it back up.

Denis OBrien eyes Cuba for new underwater fibre optic cable

Regent says colleagues wrong to maintain in-state tuition rate for 'Dreamers'

Quiet Epidemic of Suicide Claims Frances Farmers.

Arizona ordered to pay Planned Parenthood's legal fees

Bolivia Inaugurates Construction of its First Electric Railroad

Democratic governor candidates dis Gov. Doug Ducey, joust at first forum

Just add water: Army researchers discover quicker, safer way to use hydrogen as energy

The easiest ways to watch the eclipse (without a pinhole viewer or eclipse glasses).

so how is trumps flippant comment on USS McCain collision playing out in media or

Steve Bannon Readies His Revence - the war on Kushner is about to go nuclear

Archaeologists uncover ancient trading network in Vietnam

Research links severe hunger at residential schools to today's health of Indigenous peoples

Poisonous Chemical Found in Pompeii Water Pipe

Antiquities Ministry is excavating at 30 archaeological sites every season

I really like these kids...

U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva calls for Trump's removal from presidency

Huge discovery of historic 'henge' on Eston Hills dates life on Teesside back more than 10,000 years

Archaeologists discover story of Chinas ancient military might carved in cliff face

Heller attacked from both sides as 2018 campaign heats up

Nevada recall efforts are not uncommon, rarely successful

Confederate Statues Are Coming Down At The University Of Texas

Unions offer tools to battle income inequality

I'm just going to leave this right here for future reference...

Liberty University grads propose returning degrees due to pro-Trump comments

INTERESTING: 35 Facts You Learned in School That Are Completely Wrong

Nevada plan to use untried execution drugs draws criticism

No spitting, sitting, climbing in downtown Reno under proposed anti-vagrancy laws

East Idaho rep. says its 'plausible' Obama staged Charlottesville riots

North Idaho legislator defends white nationalists in Facebook post

Long lines, dry pumps and high gas prices in Central Oregon

Charles M. Blow: Failing All Tests of the Presidency

Local urgent care workers vote to join union, but outcome is under review

Heading to Korea, Sen. Merkley cites 'extraordinary risk of potential war'

Hospital chain to sue state over rejection of Wilsonville plan for psychiatric hospital

IMO, those ships hit the the Navy on purpose, The Officers are not trained enough, The system is too

Eclipse crowds begin to materialize on the Oregon coast, but business isn't booming


Monday Toon Roundup

This Is How People Reacted to Eclipses in the Past. (Spoiler: They Went C R A Z Y.)

"There's a big, beautiful wall going up, and Iran is going to pay for it".

Oregon neo-Nazi takes credit for anti-Semitic freeway signs ahead of 2017 eclipse

Breitbart this morning blaming Kelly and McMaster for Trump's "That's too bad" comment on USS McCain

5 Russian Propaganda Techniques. (Please read this. Thank You.)

The NRA Has Lost It

Women Are A Huge Reason Why Trump's Poll Numbers Are So Bad

Trump,Who Probably Cant Find Afghanistan On A Map, To Give Speech Distracting America With War

Secret Service out of money to pay agents because of Trump's frequent travel, large family

Don't use eclipse glasses from Dutch Bros -- even if you read they're safe

Leonard Pitts Jr: Republicans have courted racists for years. Why are they cringing now?

The 1972 Eclipse of the Sun

I am superstitious.

I have nothing against Civil War monuments

WTF? ....Trump to ask Americans to trust him on Afghanistan

Game of Thrones last night 8/20

Thats too bad.

A suggestion for faux news

Kushner's firm seeks arrest of Maryland tenants to collect debt

Robert and Rebekah Mercer release programming schedule for their proposed Breitbart TV channel

Trump's lavish travel costs leave Secret Service too "tapped out" to pay agents

Jared and Ivanka are failing a basic moral test

Trump Orders Statue of Confederate General Covfefe, Hero of Bowling Green, Be Left Intact

The City That Won't Stop Growing: Lagos, Nigeria

See! It *IS* the aliens!!! Check out today's google doodle

Godzilla's new look

Marseille crash: one dead after car driven into bus shelters

Last Word on Robert E. Lee, by W.E.B DuBois: 'What Lee did in 1861, other Lees are doing'

Donald Trump May Circumvent the Usual Process to Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio

When they say the Confederacy wasn't about slavery and oppression, show them this:

University of Texas Removes Confederate Monuments

My dearest Clara, Morale is low...

Good news from Nevada!

Get ready for the new "surge" in Afghanistan

"very fine people on both sides"

Police Declare Unlawful Assembly Amid Violence At America First Rally, Counter-Protest In Laguna B

Trump orders statue of Steve Bannon installed in Rose Garden.

Bannon Was Set for a Graceful Exit. Then Came Charlottesville.

Wouldn't it be awesome if the eclipse....

Missouri Democrat apologizes to Trump for assassination comment

Lobbyist at Trump Campaign Meeting Has a Web of Russian Connections

Barcelona attack driver fled scene and hijacked car, say police

Failing All Tests of the Presidency -- Charles M. Blow

What, no posts of Pink Floyd's "Eclipse" from Dark Side

GOPs Beth Lindstrom to launch challenge to Elizabeth Warren in 2018

Interesting British Museum blog today re: eclipse, Alexander the Great,

UT Austin President on removal of 4 Confederate statues

Criminalizing Birth Control Ultimate Goal Of Religious Right And GOP.

Republican committees have paid nearly $1.3 million to Trump-owned entities this year

"Problem with Confederate statues? I have the answer." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!

What to listen for in Trump's speech tonight

Do you trust Donald Trump to do the right thing re: Afghanistan?

The Daily 202: The elites strike back getting under Trump's skin

"The Wedding Party." Offbeat indie film.

Adam Schiff: Legit to Question Trumps Mental Health But Still Too Early for 25th Amendment Talk

What we know about pot in 2017

Jerry Lewis passed yesterday. Does that mean The Day The Clown Cried will

Site ranks NM as one of worst states to have a baby

The true motive behind "cheap" Civil War monuments.

Just Can"t Watch Any Of It. Causes Steam To Come Out Of One's Ears.

Site ranks NM as one of worst states to have a baby

Endless war

a fellow i subscribe to on youtube gave me his permission to share this

Labor groups step up pressure on Trump to deliver

Labor groups step up pressure on Trump to deliver

There was MORE THAN ONE white supremacist "Steve" in the White House. And this guy is still there.

Trump vs. The Business Community

Ecliptical playlist start for the day

Trump repeatedly called for withdrawal from Afghanistan, now will reportedly announce troop surge

First day of seventh grade devils island French penal colony

Legal Battle Brewing As Trump's HHS Prepares To Ax Free Birth Control Rule

The Conservative Plan to Rewrite the Constitution, and Yes, Its a Thing

Fox host: Nobody from the Trump administration will come on air

Fighting back against havoc

this is a pastoral message from the national bishop of the episcopal church

Breitbart blames McMaster for Trump error in reacting to Naval collision

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) comes out swinging at Netroots Nation 2017 (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller: Taking white nationalism mainstream

Fran works six days a week in fast food, and yet she's homeless: 'It's economic slavery'

Breitbart staffer vows to rally votes for impeachment if Trump abandons right-wing base

Tim Kaine: Virginia Could Replace Robert E. Lee Statue With Pocahontas

Bye-Bye USA, see ya next time I'm in the neighborhood

Happy 56th anniversary, Patsy Cline records "Crazy"

Louie Gohmert Suggests Terry McAuliffe Should Be Investigated for Charlottesville Violence

Darrell Issa called for hearings on white supremacists after appearing at conference for hate group

Breitbart Staffer Warns Trump: We're Ready to 'Help Paul Ryan Rally Votes for Impeachment'

Joss Whedon's Ex-Wife: 'He Is Not Who He Pretends to Be'

Declarations of Causes. 4 states. What was it about again?

Trump regarding Afghanistan in 2013

About the eclipse, I assume you can view it through your Phone camera without

So Trump is a racist?

Scott Pruitts successor as Oklahoma AG opposes mega-wind project

Ivanka does some eclipse 'splaining. Funny replies

That Old Devil Moon

Traffic Clogs Roads in Prime Solar Eclipse Viewing Sites

For those who might miss it - A Poor substitute - A totaled Eclipse

Here Comes Nibiru! Bend Over and Kiss Your Ass Goodbye!

The Role Of Solar Eclipses In Religion

Ryan: 'There is no moral relativism when it comes to neo-Nazis'

The Tiger in Every Kitten

msnbc saying temperature will drop about 15 degrees during eclipse. SC site.

Gorka's PhD Adviser: He's A Good Trump Bulldog But No Counterterrorism Expert

Total Eclipse of the Part

Monday's Groan - A Really, Really bad Pun

Bernie Sanders: Why Medicare-for-All Is Good for Business

Bernie Sanders: Why Medicare-for-All Is Good for Business

#TrumpBudget proposal eliminates NASA's education program. Reminder during the eclipse...

Partial Eclipse of the Dude!

For all the Buffy fans here

Remember, Conservatives, liberal scientists said you can't look at the sun today

Trump gets a hoodie. Too perfect.

With or without Bannon, Trump will likely get a lot worse. Here's what to watch for next.

What do black Americans have to lose? Under Trump, we've already lost a lot.

Is this for real? Somebody actually bought this stuff?

Here's my assumption for today

7:30am - Bernie Sanders plans to go live - Facebook Link:

I Went to Charlottesville During the Protests. Heres What I Saw

Docs From Corruption Investigation Reveal Gov. Walkers Allies Intentionally Made baseless voter fra

The Beatles - Here comes the Sun

Clinton treated Secret Service like friends, Bush with respect, Obama like family, Trump like...

Breaking: Trump to Announce Unique Offensive Plan to Win in Afghanistan

In ancient times the eclipse was seen as a harbinger of ill fate

U.S. embassy in Russia suspends issuing nonimmigrant visas

Trump: Fake news media is 'out of control'

Katrina Pierson on Fox News: "Slavery is good! Because it caused the Civil War!"

Gingrich: Trump needs to 'quit stepping on himself'

The Confederate Kid-keep laughing-kicked out of college...

I remind people that the moon is always "full"

Democrats long for Obama's return

KO:Still Making Excuses for Trump? The enduringly lame explanations to excuse a scandalous president

Afghanistan speech drinking game...

KO:Still Making Excuses for Trump? The enduringly lame explanations to excuse a scandalous president

If only we'd had SOME clue back in October or so that Trump would behave like an asshole.

Navy chief halts Pacific fleet operations, orders review after collisions

How bad is coconut oil for your arteries?

Nuclear Waste: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Trump nominee Sam Clovis: 'As far as we know' homosexuality's a choice...

Bergdahl chooses to have trial heard by judge and not jury

Cat Stevens - Moonshadow - HQ Digitally Remastered Audio

ok this billNo Armed Drones Act of 2017 looks ok EXCEPT the added "Exceptions"

Confederacy-loving student shown in viral flip-off photo kicked out of Christian college

Ohio Judge Shot Outside Courthouse in Apparent Ambush-Style Attack

Pups Day 10

Lo Siento. I Feel It.

Gov. Brown traveled to Elliott State Forest to celebrate $100 million bonding plan

Suspected driver in Barcelona attack shot and killed: Police

Trump poised for a September fight over border wall

Johnny cash and Hendrix

If you don't have your glasses for the eclipse, print this out! ('toon)

Trump nominee Sam Clovis: 'As far as we know' homosexuality's a choice, 'logical' LGBT protections c

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto

Sitting US Presidents Are Immune from the Effects of Staring at the Sun.

the thought of donald j. trump sending anyone into combat is absolutely chilling

LOL! The Telegraph is wondering if Trump will weigh in on the eclipse (toon)

What was the Salvation Army going to be doing at Mar-a-Lago in the first place?????

Tim Burns‏: Today I'm honored to have Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg's endorsement. #wipolitics #SCOWIS

Former Trump Spox: Slavery Is Actually Part Of Americas 'Good History'

Right-Wing Militia Members Wanted to Volunteer for Free Trip

Hey, you can see a full new moon today when it passes in front of the sun!

Can your dog or cat go blind during the eclipse? Heres what NASA says

NASA, Weather, Science Channels have live eclipse coverage - it's started!

Lyin' Ryan To Finally Almost Hold A Town Hall- Trump bumped Ryan to later hour Aug 21

Trumps top sycophant

Is the USS John S. McCain named after the senator

Kinda neat.....CSPAN has coverage of the eclipse.....

Alt Right Protest In Seattle Draws Just 7 Protestors

"Jerry Falwell fantastic on @foxandfriends. The Fake News should listen! Thanks Jerry!"

Watching the eclipse on NASA TV with my

Trump OSM issues "cease all work" order on study of mountaintop removal mining's health effects

The eclipse exemplifies the workings of the Newtonian "clockwork universe"

Alt-right figure says he's been admitted to Auburn

Moon blocks the sun (Twitter fun)

*****GALLUP CHUMP 35/59****- Getting close to testing his lows !

So Much For The Eclipse Here

Trump hotels are coming to middle America

NASA has it, on C-SPAN.

What is the consensus on the Camp David weekend for Trumpy?

Breaking: the eclipse path is really a trap. It's a really long detention facility for republicans.

Maybe the eclipse will be a reset, you think?

Rec this if you're NOT going to watch trump on tv tonight

So I put the special glasses on afterwards

Christian Radio Host Bryan Fischer: Eclipse Is A Sign Of The Work Of Satan

I have Dish satellite and was watching NASA and my satellite went out

I would like "The Defenders" a lot more if "Whiny Fist" wasn't in it

Swedish Nazi's "Banned from entering the United States." So Sadz. No soup for you!

I get the path of totality thing now....

Idaho state rep shares conspiracy theory accusing Obama of staging Charlottesville

The inverted binocular method

Should Trump stare at the Sun to watch the entire eclipse

Glitch in the Matrix

If you're out and about during today's eclipse...

"the earth is our Mother" Libana

I'm suffering from intense eclipse anxiety - on my third cocktail in preparation

Pierce: What I Saw in Boston on Saturday

Back when I was a young guy, I was still trying to figure out

****Official DU Rapture Thread****

Yay Science!

I should have anticipated how weird we'd all look standing in the front yard staring up at the sky

Is there an eclipse happening?

Eclipse glasses for sale!!! (lightly used)

Orange shitgibbon prolly pretty pissed

Decluttering thread

There are multiple partial eclipses on my living room floor!

It's absolutely incredible

Man confesses to killing 6-year-old sister and 2 young cousins

randy rainbow ''"yes, we have no steve bannon"

We Need to Move, Not Destroy, Confederate Monuments

Second Try. Sir, May I Please Have My Star?

Duhn DUHN dunnaNUNH Dunnah nunnah nunnahNUHN

ATTN Freepers and other RWNJs.

25% of American voters say they'll never stop supporting Trump no matter what he does or doesn't do

"earth spirit"-carlos nakai

Nothing to do with the solar eclipse, but a great website that has updated solar info & photos

Is it just me?

Jakarta, the City Where Nobody Wants to Walk

What happened to the AP eclipse video?

It's Bad Under Trump - Just How bad? Consider this

Trump chief scientist nominee: Its logical ... same-sex marriage ... lead to legalized pedophilia

Wow! Three hours of politic-free news coverage...

WATCH: Republican senator refuses to say whether GOP will endorse Trump for re-election

World-Renowned Linguist Noam Chomsky Joins Faculty at University of Arizona

John Oliver on Trump: 'Terrifying entity who viciously attacks his enemies'

We just watched the, tn

Eclipse has come and gone, unseen, here in Minnesota.

I think it is beautiful to watch as the city of Charleston got darker. Sun just starting to re-emerg

OK, now that the eclipse is pretty much over, can someone tell me...

I posted yesterday about why twitler wants more military action in Afghanistan

North Korea warns Australia against 'suicidal' military drills with United States

I wonder when the freak in the White House

Land worth $51 million adds to list of undisclosed assets belonging to Argentina's Macri

My wife told me to not look at the eclipse without protection! Maybe it's just me, but it seemed

An eclipse, the downfall of our tyrant, etc.

Carl Bernstein: This is the Trump story reporters need to cover: Is he fit to be President?

Now, Back to our regularly scheduled shit show

Idiots at Fox news on the eclipse

Monty Python - Eclipse of the Sun

T.Rex - Mambo Sun (Beneath the bebop moon I want to croon)

GOP senator: Too difficult to say if Trump will be 2020 nominee

I only wish folks got as jazzed about voting as they did the last 6 hrs about the sun

Because OF COURSE he did...

I have some good news and bad news about Afghanistan

The elites strike back getting under Trumps skin

"Never look at the sun during an eclip-" "FAKE NEWS!"

So did Russian oligarchs buy $100 million worth of MAGA hats?

Dem House campaign arm breaks record with $30 million in online donations

Trump looked at the solar eclipse without glasses on

Dems shatter records for donations:

Feds: Texas man tried planting bomb on Confederate statue

Kumail Nanjiani Retweeted Ivanka...I have terrible news for you. Google who your father is.

Dipshit looks at Sun when told not to do it!

Watch the International Space Station Cross Over the Eclipsed Sun

KGW catches totality over Salem ... from a news copter

An Aix update - Interesting times in the South of France

Drinking game for Trump/Afghanistan tonight? Thought i saw a thread but can't find it TIA

Hey everybody, can't we all just "move forward"

Astronomers Caution Americans Not To Look Directly At Screaming Spirits Of The Damned During Solar

"What do you MEAN, if I stare right at it I'll get rectal damage?"

Bernie Sanders: Why Medicare-for-All Is Good for Business

Let's all hope the sun doesn't get too black bc there's this one world leader who'd demand b.c.

Remember: only 99% of scientists say it's a problem to stare directly into the eclipse

Lobbyist at Trump Campaign Meeting Has a Web of Russian Connections

Trump Stares Directly Into The Sun

A European look at Trump #round 9

Mike Pence appears to have fallen short on a major US foreign-policy goal while in Latin America

Mike Pence appears to have fallen short on a major US foreign-policy goal while in Latin America

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 21, 2017

People like this actually exist..

Breaking News: Trump Blinds Self Staring at Sun

Missing journalist died in submarine accident, inventor tells police

Missing journalist died in submarine accident, inventor tells police

Yes, Trump viewed the eclipse without glasses. 'Don't look,' an aide shouted.

Facebook LIVE Link: Rally with Bernie Sanders and Chuck Jones

NASA snaps space station crossing the solar eclipse

Is it possible for Democrats to coalesce and defeat the radical right?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 22: Summer Under the Stars: Glenn Ford


Trump's latest tweet on the "Solar Eclipse"!

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Pity the poor aide charged with driving Rep. Todd Rokita around his district.

Ross Levinsohn named new publisher and CEO of Los Angeles Times as top editors ousted

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 23: Summer Under the Stars: Greer Garson

"What a crock. . . It's just an orange blob." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Venezuela prepares world summit to defend new legislative body

Never an alien abduction when you really need one

This. So much this!

The only eclipse I wanted to see today...

Trump Cancels Phoenix Rally and Speech

Police believe thieves steal Venezuela zoo animals to eat them

Colombia offers asylum to ousted Venezuela prosecutor

University of Texas removes 4 Confederate statues

Cult 45 is supposed to read from a teleprompter tonight in his Afghanistan speec.

Gustavo Dudamel: Venezuela star conductor's tour cancelled

I put on my ISO-certified eclipse glasses...

Chile court rules in favour of abortion in some cases

McConnell says there is 'zero chance' Congress will fail to raise debt ceiling

ISS Eclipse Photobomb

What do low approval ratings actually mean?

Any sightings of "Lizardman" during the eclipse?

Ask your Representatives to co-sponsor this bill to ban Federal funding of Confederate monuments.

Track the eclipse with Google Maps traffic

A European look at Trump #round 10

One of my neighbors had an eclipse party.

Lawmaker renews effort to replace Florida's Confederate statue

Idaho state legislator claims Obama may have orchestrated C'ville is his number.

Chile rejects iron mine to protect penguins

Ole Miss edges out of its confederate shadow

I literally can't stand hearing Trump speak

Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte must have mug shot, fingerprints taken, judge orders

Kronos Plays Live to the Solar Eclipse

Once you start expecting the generals save the republic, theres no telling where it leads

Trump finally decides to go for a blind trust.

South Jersey seller of hate music says he is shutting down to find 'self peace'

Trump's White House staff keeps referring to him as a toddler

University of Wisconsin-Madison's anonymous complaints of sexual harassment

Arizona's GOP governor to skip Trump rally

...and take Mrs Gorka with you!

Tornado warning, Charles and St. Mary's Counties.

Phoenix Mayor: Now not the time for visit

Not pro-business, but pro-'white nationalism'

"Dont give us no goddamn lecture about what Trump is going to do"

Poll shows strong disapproval of how Trump responded to Charlottesville violence

BTRTN: Loose Bannon... Watch Fox Get "Primaried" by Breitbart

BTRTN: Loose Bannon... Watch Fox Get "Primaried" by Breitbart

Catholic Church claimed child sex abuse victims 'consented'

Bar diagram of what M$M covered during 2016 Election...

Poll shows strong disapproval of how Trump responded to Charlottesville violence

Rep. Lee Zeldin is awful.

Good news: Rev. Al Sharptons thousand-minister march gains steam after Charlottesville

Tomorrow's DAILY NEWS headline...

45 halts research on health effects of mountaintop removal coal mining

Good news: Black clergy call for churches to foster healing in the aftermath of Charlottesville

LMAO! Trump looks at the eclipse without glasses, supporters rush to defend him

Another Atheist Experience call in show - Aug. 20, 2017

Judge shot at Steubenville Ohio courthouse this morning

Carl Bernstein: This is the Trump story reporters need to cover

McConnell says there is zero chance Congress will fail to raise debt ceiling

White House palace intrigue is becoming an unhealthy obsession

Remember We Have A Sick Maniac In The White House Because Of Sick American Supporters.

Don't look at that giant orange thing emitting rays or you will go blind. So don't watch

Face Book Post. "At Least The Sun Never Went Dark When Obama Was President."

Labor Leaders Launch Tour to Turn Workers Against Trump

So Trump will give a speech tonight. What is the probabilty of one of two things happening?

Too Early for Democrats to Freak Out Over Fundraising 'Crisis'

"TWEET" - The Animated Trump Parody Music Video set to Radiohead's "CREEP"

Deaf people hear for the first time:

Bannon vs. the Murdochs

For Aug 22 cover: NY Daily News on Trump and eclipse: 'Not too bright'

The Atlantic: Are you sure you want single payer?

IMO, what we should do but will probably not. The census measures people in each state.

$650 million

(Trump - eclipse) Turn out the lights. The party's over.

CNN says the Con has spent as much on travel in seven months as Obama spent in eight years

Why Black Women Are Protesting A Statue Of This Famed Gynecologist

Seattle PD trolls Alex Jones

The Eclipse gives new meaning to the phrase : Put it where the sun don't shine

Poll: McConnells approval in Kentucky at 18 percent

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Maybe Gettysburg Park in PA needs to hear from some DUers. They say they've received

Trump had no chance of injuring his eyes today.

Total eclipse pics from near Corvallis Oregon

What are the chances that Trump will blame Afghanistan on Obama.....

I ask you to join me & millions of others in not watching it live. Time to bring back #BlackoutTrump

Next total solar eclipse in US is 2024

Texas A&M refuses to take down Confederate statue

Do you think Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) is expensive?

Not too bright.

There is no point to the US military staying in Afghanistan.

As Expected, Fox News Blames USS McCain Collision on Political Correctness.

WTHR News - Sen. Bernie Sanders holds rally in Indianapolis

Former Bush official, Republican, exposes Trumps tax cut plan as a fraud (VIDEO)

So 45 not only treats SS poorly, he & grifter family have depleted the funds to pay them

Well, if that wasn't a sight to see!

What kind of a stupid ass name is Chik-fil-A for a restaurant?

Interesting chart showing US Military deaths in Afghanistan by month and year.

This sounds delicious. I'm gonna have to give it a try.

AZ Governor Ducey Plans to Dodge Drumpt during Visit

Historians of Christian nationalism are alarmed by its appearance in American pulpits

Trump plans major tax cut for the rich but Americans want the exact opposite

Trump nominee Sam Clovis: 'As far as we know' homosexuality's a choice, 'logical' LGBT protections c

Don't Watch! Blackout Trump!

Time to reevaluate our list of 45 supporters.

Don't worry about tRump's speech tonight lasting too long...

WTF? Ari has London editor of Breitbart on

Trump's going to ask for your trust tonight on Afghanistan. Name someone you'd trust before him.

Why capitalism cant survive without socialism

Trump Said Obamacare Would Collapse On Its Own. It Looks Like He Was Wrong.

I don't care about Trump's approval rating

9% of Americans have no problem with Nazis ..

Chile abortion: Court approves easing total ban

Waddaya think? With Bannon going after Daughter-wife and hubby . . . . .

about the white a$$ wearing an 82nd Airborn cap in Cville

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If I saw this photo of these two people & I didn't know them,

Hundreds of thousands of women will be sexually assaulted or raped this year.

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Group wants Confederate monument removed

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Mark the date: April 8, 2024.

Petroleum: What have you given up, or are willing to give up....

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Zinke is considering CLOSING #CarrizoPlain National Monument! Visit and send

People watching the eclipse.

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