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President Adjective...

Osteen rep lying furiously on CNN -- claiming all that water "drained away" since MONDAY and

Mattis orders Pentagon to allow transgender troops to continue serving, pending study

What an embarrassment!

Ex-Honduran cabinet official pleads guilty in U.S. money laundering case

Bolton says he's no longer allowed to see Trump

Ex-Honduran cabinet official pleads guilty in U.S. money laundering case

Presidential Pardons Might Not End Russia Prosecutions

Trump plans to name former Bush staffer Cha as Seoul envoy

fdt!! ...Transgender Troops Policy 'Will Remain in Place' Until Experts Complete Study

Twitter Photos: Bernie Sanders at Walnut Hills High School

Dump supporters aren't too bright

Coulter: I don't believe Hurricane Harvey is God's punishment for Houston electing a lesbian mayor.

North Korea's Kim says missile test was for Guam, Trump warns all options open

King County Could Lose DOJ Funding Over Its Immigration Enforcement Policies

Chris Christie is so far up Trump's ass that he'd need a Garmin to find his way out of it

For all the folks in Texas who have endured these horrific weather conditions

Chicago changes course, wants police reforms with court role

Why the stupid hat? What's the worry, Malaria? Afraid someone will mistake you for a . . . .

Chicago changes course, wants police reforms with court role

Former Argentine President Fernandez barely won Senate primary: radio

Republicans are about to become the biggest fans of undocumented immigrants as soon as ...

2011, 2012, 2017.

For Flotus / Barbie --- much more appropriate hurricane aftermath footwear

Ron Previte, wiseguy informant who brought down mob bosses, dead at 73

At the end of "Bridge on the River Kwai"

Rep. Rohrabacher 'rendezvous' being set up with Trump to relay info from Assange on DNC hack

All Texas DU can we help?????

Keith Olbermann: What Trump's Trip to Texas Revealed

Spicer finally got to meet the Pope, something denied him by 45

The biggest whatabout still is bullshit..

TPM - "Conway Claims Nothing Came Of Stalled Trump Tower Project In Moscow"

A timeline of Trump associates' Russia-related emails reveal consistent efforts by Russia to infiltr

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Sick. Live Uncensored & a new


Need some good news? In a little local election here in No VA,

Oh helll....if THIS is not our Fukishima, it is too damn close for comfort:

Rep. Rohrabacher says 'rendezvous' being set up with Trump to relay info from WikiLeaks' Assange

Former union official pleads guilty in probe of Fiat Chrysler

Somehow I get the feeling that Houston's residents will not respond as Trump supporters do

BREAKING: Mattis Freezes Transgender Policy

Sean Spicer gets to meet Pope Francis


Is there a replacement for Photobucket that has all of same features?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Well, I came across another Trump supporter tonight!

ExxonMobil refineries are damaged in Hurricane Harvey, releasing hazardous pollutants

I don't think we're going to hear much about the wall

Imagine the right wing outrage

Plastic Fish on Your Plate

" I Could Stand In The Middle Of Houston, Give 2 Shits About Flood Victims....

Corpse Flower in bloom NOW at US Botanical Garden - Live Stream

Georgia lawmaker: Talk of ditching Confederate statues could cause Democrat to 'go missing'

Man born and raised in UK told he is not a British citizen

Pittsburgh to be first airport to allow non-fliers past security since 9/11

Nazis, KKK 'can fuck straight off': Huge Improv Theater issues statement on controversial landlord

Okay, I need to see these heels Melania was wearing today...

Lawfare: It's time for Congress to open impeachment hearings

I was trying to remember what the Trumps' goofy hats reminded me of and then it came to me

Key Democrat: Panel may need to hear from president on Trump Tower Moscow project

There's nothing sexy about running St. Paul's last porn video store

Real-Estate Ambitions in Moscow

Politics may not get Minnesotans out to vote, but beer and sausage might

Conservative Religious Leaders Release "Nashville Statement" Affirming Anti-LGBT Stance

Finnish president denies claim of fighter jets sale

Just what storm victims want to hear

Ethics group: Trump is wrong to wear campaign hat on trip to Texas

Unpopular With Young People

Don't forget folks. Harvey is still pounding the Texas coast

GOT: The Hound and Thormund Giantsbane singing

Let's hear from Mike Pence regarding Katrina

Would slash funding to agencies hes praising for Harvey response

Senator admits paying Supreme Court to obstruct probe into paramilitary ties

I hate him

2018 US Senate Election Cycle will like the 1990 US Senate Election Cycle if Democratic wave or

A fucking FLOTUS hat? I thought it was photo-shopped. What the hell??????

So Today's Trip To Texas For Trump Was A Dress Rehearsal....

Thank you for showing us what heroism is



Government: Colombia's 50,000 Disappeared Should Become 'National Cause'

Government: Colombia's 50,000 Disappeared Should Become 'National Cause'

Buying A Sandwich While Black...

Who's your favorite singer from Texas?

Daniel Volkers gets two year sentence for racist St. Cloud hatchet attack

Leader of New Mexico Hate Cult Begins Hunger Strike

Something is happening regarding trump's tenure in the White House.

Ex-Honduran cabinet official pleads guilty in U.S. money laundering casev

Mental Health Support Group: got good news today

Georgia GOPer warns black attorney she may go missing if she tries to remove Confederate monument

What does it say when people are glad the generals are defying POTUS? Mattis has been defiant lately

Ford and Domino's team up for self-driving pizza deliveries

Donnie Threw A Fit, So Melania Had To Change Hats...

Bailee Update.

Lawyers to Harvey victims: File insurance claims before law changes Sept. 1 or risk losing money

Bakers trapped in bakery, bake to feed the hungry

Peru opposition chief Keiko Fujimori faces graft probe: lawyer

So, Whiny Donny was going to and flood insurance

Venezuela to prosecute those supporting U.S. sanctions

Judge won't vacate Arpaio's contempt conviction without oral arguments

Venezuela to prosecute those supporting U.S. sanctions

Oh Dear, I Hope She Doesn't...

Apparently, this guy visited Texas today.

Joel Osteen's church in Houston opens doors for donations to Harvey victims

Is Trump one of them there Muslims?

Body-slammed reporter says he's 'increasingly convinced' of Greg Gianforte's 'true character'

Anti-Marxist group plans to block Golden Gate Bridge in Wednesday morning rally

Gerald Seib (WSJ) - Are Trumps August Controversies CarelessOr Calculated?

Murdered Mexican Journalist Cndido Ros: Our Weapons Do Not Shoot Bullets. Our Weapons Shoot Truth

Ivanka Trump brand clothing is turning up in thrift stores across the country

Yikes......American Tiafoe has taken Roger to a 5th set......

But getting off the plan, she was wearing gym shoes

Texas Flood, the song.

White House downplays Charlottesville comments from Tillerson, Cohn

Fostering Animals - a Call-Out From Texas

Transgender members in U.S. military may serve until study completed: Mattis

Transgender members in U.S. military may serve until study completed: Mattis

Twin Cities jury awards $20M in malpractice case for woman who died after giving birth

Couple charged over pregnant North Dakota woman's death

Here You Go - Perfect Bumper sticker

If anyone should ask where Obama was after Katrina hit....

In Alabama US Senate race, Strange calls Moore hypocrite

RED TO BLUE: Democratic-backed candidate flips seat on Fairfax County School Board

Minnesota mayor, accused of swindling lover's husband, submits resignation

Federal judge hears arguments over Twin Cities archdiocese bankruptcy plan

I wish the Houston mayor could implement special punishments

San Antonio - Robert E Lee High School's name is changing!!

WATCH: Hilarious video from the Dem Coalition shows all of Trump's firings/resignations

Selling USA 45 hats in order to support lawyer fees.

Berkeley Mayor Calls for Antifa to be Classified as Crime Gang After Clashes at Weekend Protest

25% of Trump Cybersecurity Advisors Resign, Citing His Insufficient Attention to Threats

Georgia GOPer warns black attorney she may go missing if she tries to remove Confederate monument

Pew Poll: Most Americans feel Trump is unstable, prejudiced, dishonest and selfish (Newsweek)

Fucking "FLOTUS", I'm just stunned.

The Daily Show - Did Team Trump Reveal Their Middle Man to Moscow?

Houston picture - people helping people

There is a real obvious reason that she wore the FLOTUS hat.

Democrat can't speak at steak fry after previous rhetoric

Iowa Regents delay state funding discussion to talk tuition report

Port Arthur Twitter trending....

Pence: Katrina breaks my heart,but we must not let it break the bank for our children &grandchildren

7 Democrats, so far, want to be Iowa governor

Penn State frat death preliminary hearing set to continue

600 alligators just got loose..

We cannot afford to waste money, so....

Illinois governor rejects 2 employment-related measures

The 'last days' preachers and Harvey

(JEWISH GROUP) Neo-Nazis, anti-Semitism and the cycle of hatred in America

(JEWISH GROUP) Beware of anti-Semitism from the left

Church deacons relative has cancer, but HOA says he cant park extra car in driveway

Trumps Missouri supporters weigh in on Trump: Its complicated

Philippines: murdered boy had wanted to be a policeman

Dog rescued during Harvey.

Harvey could be Ted Cruz's time to shine. So far he hasn't

Fire update: Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier is closing for the season due to smoke

Hurricane Harvey Heroes Rescue Animals

All of Trump's Firings and Resignations in Order

President Trump's Missouri event closed to the public

'Republican will win S!': Trump takes swipe at McCaskill ahead of his Missouri visit

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Government is here to help

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - Bigoted, Orange and Stupid is a helluva way to go through life

Dark rituals? Orgies? See the reality of a hippie commune deep in Missouri's Bible Belt

Japan, US look to cut off North Korea's oil supply

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Cassini hints at young age for Saturn's rings

Armed militia surrounding peaceful protests in Kansas City sets nerves on edge

The levee failed in Port Arthur

Joy Reid: Let them go. I agree

Dustlawyer please check in

Shaun King Exposes The NYPD's History of Unlawful Arrests & Talks Soul Snatchers

Obama after Sandy. Contrast: This is Trump after Harvey "rally": What a crowd, what a turnout

Senators may not have the votes to remove Chappelle-Nadal from office

Missouri's policies 'detrimental' to African Americans' health, national NAACP leader says

Oklahoma isn't working. Can anyone fix this failing American state?

New Missouri law curbs some whistleblower protections, so auditor highlights her hotline

North Korea: 'Japan missile was first step in Pacific operation'

'We aint doing no damn good': volunteer rescuers struggle in Houston

Forgery charges dropped against police officers in embattled Vandalia, Mo.

This miracle weed killer was supposed to save farms. Instead, its devastating them.

There is a Tweet for everything

Terry Pratchett's unfinished novels destroyed by steamroller - as he instructed

A must see!

Moody's: The University of Missouri's credit outlook hinges on success of new leaders

This picture says it all. This is a freeway!:

Charter to pay $225,000 to Missouri in settlement over alleged no-call list violations

A former Springfield restaurant owner's prison term just got five times longer

Union members go on strike at south Springfield manufacturing facility

We had 2 feet of rain here in Beaumont yesterday and still fighting to stay dry!!!

Before Trump's tax talk, Missouri Democrats seek to keep the conversation on health care

Meanwhile, in Oakland, CA:

"A jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build one."

"I'm praying for Houston, but

A half-million flooded cars and trucks could be scrapped

Scotland: Queensferry Crossing across the Firth of Forth opens to traffic

Ten months to the day....

Massive RW assault underway on public sector unions

"There is no other Donald Trump, this is it" - Hillary Clinton

Gov. Christie is liar just like his buddy, Trump!

South Asia Is Also Experiencing The Worst Flooding In Decades

This looks so real !


Leslie Wimes, DNC member Nikki Barnes spotted at Rick Bakers election watch party

Now, thankfully, the residents of Texas know where they can get a $40 "USA" hat if they need one.

UT fires teacher whose tweet blamed Harvey on Texas GOP vote

Nancy Pelosi Releases a Statement Condemning Antifa Violence in Berkeley

Alisyn Camerota (CNN) reporting live from Houston.

NBC Insider: 'Total Panic' Over Megyn Kelly's Morning Show

Former DeVry official hired to run Education Dept. enforcement unit: report

Poll: Voters split on Afghanistan troop increase, oppose shutdown for border wall

Were not done another evacuation was just called for Northwood Pines in Cypress

Note to NFL quarterbacks. If you want to be rich don't win a playoff game

Christie on appointing himself to replace Menendez: 'I don't see that happening'

4 Rescue Volunteers Reportedly Missing in Houston

Why Houston's reservoirs aren't likely to fail after Hurricane Harvey

Ivanka Backs White House Decision to Block Rule Designed to Prevent Pay Discrimination

White House aides 'call Ivanka Trump Princess Royal behind her back'

Massive Finnish pension fund unloads U.S. stocks because... Donald Trump

The incredible shrinking president...Mike Allen on Axios

If anyone is interested, the liar Osteen is on CNN now

Someone spent a lot of time putting this analysis of Trump Russia together.

Trump's Springfield speech today will be closed to the public

"The rain falls all kinds of ways: in buckets, thing it...doesn't ever do is stop"

Just 20% of Americans under 30 approve of Trump: poll

"Were starting to see why its dangerous to leave so many government positions vacant."

President Cap-Peddler is up and tweeting about North Korean "extortion"

Christie: It's a lie to say Sandy relief was pork-filled. Looking at you, Tom Cotton

Congress may dole out Hurricane Harvey relief in stages

Happy 71st. 🎂 Peggy!

"Donald Cried". Off-beat indie film with great acting.

Ted Cruz IMPLODES on Live TV Over Hurricane Hypocrisy

Trump Advisers Now Warning Him About Impeachment

911 Bush vs Harvey Trump

Erik Prince: Contractors, Not Troops, Will Save Afghanistan

Apparently Trump hasn't donated a penny to Harvey victims

Trump: US has been paying 'extortion money' to North Korea

Save the statues!

BiL in Houston Went Back To Work Yesterday

slate "The Economy Minus Houston"

I noticed on Huffington Post this morning they are reporting that FOX News is closing up shop in

LePage Tries To Block Medicaid Expansion In Maine By Labeling It 'Welfare'

slate "Why Its Misleading to Say That Houston Showcases America at Its Best"

I bought a Fresh Market meal kit last night for dinner...

He's rude, crude, vulgar, non-empathetic, and a liar on a pathological scale, but ....

Kremlin spox Peskov confirms receiving 2015 Cohen email, says he didn't reply or give to Putin

Republicans Will Let America Burn While Holding Out for Tax Cuts

Thanks to 45, won't be enough construction workers to rebuild Houston

Trump would slash disaster funding to the very agencies he's praising for Harvey response

I went to medical school in Charlottesville. I know white anger well

DT: After witnessing 1st hand the horror & devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, my heart goes out

Angela Davis

Dog saved from flooded streets & how you can help

Mental exam ordered for man accused of demolishing Ten Commandments monument at state Capitol

Dog saved from flooding & how you can help

anyone know what this tweet is about???

Speaking of beer commercials, ladies and gentlemen I give you Marlene

He followed fake empathy tweet w/ whine about "false reporting and even ferocious anger" from media

Little Rock clubgoer's lawsuit tells of terror on night of mass shooting

Is there a way to get my journal entries back?

trump tweets that diplomacy with north korea is over.....

Terry Pratchett's unpublished works crushed by steamroller

President Obama picked the most popular secretary in Trumps cabinet

Trump Hits The Road To Promote Tax Cuts

This is a test of putting pictures into a post. Fair cake 2017

Trump Pity Party, 8/30/17: WHY the "ferocious" anger? "WHY? All I want to do is #MAGA!"

'This is the dumbest thing I've ever done,' says man who rode out Harvey

Christie: I wouldn't have pardoned Arpaio

Hopefully all the politicans can,,,,,

US successfully tests missile interception in Hawaii

Once Harvey Peters Out, And That Time Is Near,

Pittsburgh focus group shows frustration at Trump

The FBI is denies request for files related to HRC investigation

Trump attacking freedom of the press: U.N. rights boss

From New Zealand

Garrison Keillor: How did we get here anyway?

Feinstein: Trump 'can be a good president'

12 year old girls must prostitute themselves to eat in Venezuela

UPDATED: Trump: 'All I want to do is MAGA'


Morning Blow: Chris Cristie Rehabilitation Tour

Houston's lack of zoning laws or building restrictions

Choose One...

Acosta: WH official told me Trump's crowd size comments, not meeting w/ storm victims "unfortunate"

Clowns not laughing at Pennywise!

CNN's Drew Griffin rescued a man from a flooded ravine in Beaumont on live TV

You know who *didn't* throw online pity parties for himself right after a major natural disaster?

more tummy rubbing this am

Harvey to be costliest natural disaster in U.S. history, with an estimated cost of $160 billion

Most Americans strongly dislike Trump but the angry minority that adores him controls our politics

US revised second-quarter GDP up 3.0% vs 2.7% rise expected

Here is a link to the Amazon wishlist to help the people of Houston

David Corn: Here Are Trumps 3 Biggest Lies About the Russia Scandal

"Articulating the void for over 68 years!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Margaret and Helen add sunshine to a gloomy day!

Private-sector job growth surges in August with a little Amazon assist, ADP says

Taj Mahal is Muslim tomb not Hindu temple, Indian court told

Is there any video of the Trump crowd yesterday?

Rightwing alliance plots assault to 'defund and defang' public sector unions

Bob Cesca-Worlds greatest troll strikes again:The sole point of the Arpaio pardon is liberal tears

Leaked OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE TRANSCRIPT of Trump's visit to Texas

Reporter slammed to ground by future congressman says Gianforte still refuses to meet/talk

Cruz: 'We have a crisis on the ground' in Texas

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's August Report Card

There will be no reading of 'Green Eggs and Ham' this Governmental Shutdown Season, Sam I am

'Body-slam' congressman Greg Gianforte reneges on promise of Guardian interview

Potential Carbon Capture Game Changer Nears Completion

When natural disasters hit, past presidents addressed the human toll

all he wants to do is #maga!

"El Paso"

(FL) Duke Energy strikes deal to lower customer bills

Right wing religious fanatics constantly talk about Prophets and their predictions.

Tropical Storm Irma will be a hurricane

New view of dispersants used after Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Ted Cruz is genuinely concerned

Schiff proposes amendment to block Secret Service spending at Trump businesses

The best way to fight white supremacists: Parody

Accused leaker Reality Winner moves to suppress statements to police

Houston Is Drowning - In Its Freedom From Regulations

Trump says 'heart goes out' to Texans after not meeting Harvey victims

WH press releases on Harvey promote Trump's re-election baseball caps

This is now worse than Katrina

Where do you donate towards Harvey victims?

Watching these rescues...

The making of an iconic eclipse photo

MSNBC: Reporter starts saying Texas politicians have a lot to answer for

Any advice on choosing between Medicare Supplemental plans vs Medicare Advantage?

Pimping hats

I am never asked to be on juries but I am checked off "willing"

Trump's proposed corporate tax plan will add trillions to US debt report

Palin's NYT Lawsuit Dismissal Comes With Lesson on Constitution

Roger Federer survives first round scare against 70th-ranked Frances Tiafoe

Just remembered Katrina hit Aug. 29th.

Since repeal scare, Obamacare has never been more popular

He's gonna fix all this..."immediately"

Time running out for Strange in Alabama Senate race

Trump at war with himself over 'Dreamers'

What is your favorite Meryl Streep movie?

Time for the GOP to abandon ship: Trump "has lost the moral authority to lead."

SF Examiner, owned by rightwingers still?

Escaped Prisoner Hopes to Blend into Society

U.S.-led airstrikes block ISIS fighters escaping under a Hezbollah-negotiated deal

Oklahoma officials request hypothetical budget cut data

KO:What Trump's Trip to Texas Revealed-The president's response to this natural disaster was its own

Prayers go out to coast line of SE TX.

KO:What Trump's Trip to Texas Revealed-The president's response to this natural disaster was its own

Trump, Pence, Ryan and the whole GOP are Sodomites.

Remember the scandal about the Red Cross, post Sandy?

DHS Issued Warning To Virginia About Charlottesville Rally

A Byproduct of Natural Disaster: A Spate of Reconditioned Title-Washed Vehicles Hit the Market.

No, Mattis Did Not Freeze Trumps Transgender Troops Ban

The incredible shrinking president

You can provide direct aid to Harvey Victims via Amazon purchases...


Mattis responds to Trump: US 'never out of diplomatic solutions' on North Korea

Christie calls Cruz 'disgusting' over hurricane relief

As if Harvey wasn't enough

Pete Souza: President Obama with a victim of Hurricane Sandy.

Report: DHS Warned Of Violent Clashes At Charlottesville White Nationalist Rally

Legal challenge to Arpaio pardon begins

White House targets Trump-state Dems in tax push

"Nashville Statement": Evangelical Leaders Release Sexuality Manifesto

Why the GOP doesn't stand up to Trump/Putin

Trumka: Some White House trade backers 'turned out to be racist'

WH-insider: Trump feels unappreciated. "This isn't what he signed up for."

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a...SHITGIBBON!

Just booked a ticket to San Francisco

Next target Guam, North Korea says

Dont Call Them 'Obama Holdovers'. Call Them Patriots.

Thurgood Marshall was confirmed as 1st Black Justice of Supreme Court on this day

What I ran across at an art exhibit in my Southern town

I am disgusted Trump chose TODAY to talk corporate tax cuts. People are w/out food and clothing

Question about cruising

Will the "Comeuppance Caucus" get help for Harvey?

Sensible Shoes for Melania

FEMA Director scores big in prime time and Trump sells asshats for $40. (Margaret & Helen)

Texas shelter for about 100 evacuees now flooded.

Breitbart pounds Ryan, Romney, Rubio for not denouncing Antifa

Donald Trump: Kremlin confirms receiving email about Moscow real estate project but ignored it

TPM "Ivanka Trump Supports WH Move To Halt Obama-Era Equal Pay Proposal"

Cruz rips Christie after Harvey criticism: He is 'desperate' for media spotlight

Speaking of clowns,.....

Guess who owns this domain name:

Theres a hearing on Friday in the case against a woman who laughed at Jeff Sessions. DOJ could for

NBC Insider: Total Panic Over Megyn Kelly's Morning Show

Why Doesn't 'The Art Of The Deal' Man...

Do you approve or disapprove of Democrats saying nice things about Trump ?

PROOF: Trump Tower Moscow Had Land And Plans  His Lawyer Lied To Hide It

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-12: Wheel Of Corruption: On Stranger Tides Edition

Pink has a very special message for her daughter at the VMA's

4 arrested in illegal gambling operation raid in Jefferson County; $500K seized

We're Nowhere Near Prepared for the Ecological Disaster That Harvey Is Becoming

More hatred, blaming gays, lesbians, etc for hurricane Harvey...

Spicer gets his audience with the pope

Suspect in Oklahoma recruiting office blast mentally incompetent

Nation's largest oil refinery shut down (Port Arthur)

Leave My Heritage Alone!

Karma, or your moment of Zen: "He just looks around and says, "When is this going to get better?""

Bad Nihongo

Warui Nihongo-- Bad Japanese

This morning our officers stopped a doe for toll evasion, on the Bay Bridge.

Before Hurricane Harvey, Trump canceled coastal flood protections

2016 NY Times article - "When the Next Hurricane Hits Texas"

The creature's thoughts on the horror

NFL cancels Thursday's Texans-Cowboys (pre-season) game

Finally the blonde racist perspective will get a voice: Internet shames Fox News for hiring Tomi

Legal challenge to Arpaio pardon begins

The terrifying science behind floating fire ant colonies and how to destroy them

AFP White House correspondent: "I traveled with the President yesterday. Personally, I would not...

**NEW** Tropical Storm Irma Forms

The Energy 202: We asked Texas Republicans about Harvey and climate change. Only one answered.

Here Are Ways You Can Help People During Hurricane Harvey

GAO, GSA Inspector General Open Probes Into Trump Hotel Lease

Trump wants to cut Coast Guard budget by 30% to pay for wall

With trump: "Personally, I would not claim to have seen Harvey's horror & devastation-1st hand"

Rex Tillerson plans to scrap the positions of the special envoy for climate change, one other

Mattis contradicts 45 on North Korea

Joel Osteen pushes back against accusations he closed his megachurch to Harvey victims

Trump Didn't Meet With Any Hurricane Harvey Victims While in Texas

Should we coddle angry white men or tell them the truth?

Parallels between Katrina and Harvey

Chris Christie calls out Texas Republicans as hypocrites on Hurricane Harvey stance (VIDEO)

Kremlin confirms Trumps lawyer reached out about deal - Emailgate?

Houston catastrophic floods personal to me and should be to you

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources official to lead the EPA's Midwest regional office

The Renegade I.C.E. Might Be This Administration's Worst Gift to the Nation

Antifa is a poor label to adopt for protest in the USA

Here we go with Republican bullcrap

'Nixon's Jew counter' nominated by Trump

Study: a universal basic income would grow the economy

compare and contrast - Katrina and Harvey responses

Outing the Bay Area campaign contributors to KKK fascist David Duke

On the heels of Hurricane Harvey, Tropical Storm Irma forms; U.S. impact unknown

A message from Houston

What's this long line in Houston for? Food? Water? Housing?


Report: GOPers May Hold Children's Health Insurance Hostage For Tax Cuts

Well apparently TRUMP's performance in Texas is giving him a boost in the polls...

Trump makes policy pledge to senator (Chuck Grassley) investigating son's Russia meeting

maybe a change in wording is in order?

Trump has no redeeming features, none , nada, null...

A driveable road in Houston (video tweet):

Joel Osteen Sails Luxury Yacht Through Flooded Houston To Pass Out Copies Of Your Best Life Now

Secretary Cathy Stepp leaving DNR to join Donald Trump's EPA

"Where Were You In 62?" Number One 🎟🍿 August 30, 1973

Trump is a totally self centered bully, and he doesn't know what to say.

Cats rescued from La Vita Bella nursing home at center of viral Hurricane Harvey photo

Video: Donald Trump in Texas

Preachers W/Huge Trophy Homes/Mega Bank Accounts/Assets. Something Wrong W/This Pic.

What to say to unbelievers about Harvey, weather in general, and Climate Change

White House blocks Obama-era rule expanding pay data from companies

Maddow finishes first in cable news for second month in a row

I like hot sauce..

The Latest: GOP eyeing $1B disaster funds cut to help wall

Eric Trump says his father "tunes out" criticism so he doesn't commit suicide "out of depression"

It's like Trump is BRAGGING that his disaster is the biggest disaster ever.

Remember We Are Seeing What Sea Rise Would Look Like Down The Road.

Tiki Torch Nazis

36 Hours in Trieste, Italy

Someone ridiculed his dick in the junior high gym showers.

Bernie Sanders Still Wants To Transform The Democratic Party

A volunteer fireman just collapsed and may have died on live tv. Meantime Trump gearing up for

If Fox News had a guest proclaiming that GOD is PUNISHING TEXAS for voting for Trump, then I

Opinion - Sen. Sanders: Sick of Big Pharma's Greed

Wisconsin records wettest year on record through July

Finnish president denies Trump claim that his country is buying Boeing jets

Opinion - Sen. Sanders: Sick of Big Pharma's Greed

He needs a TelePrompTer to talk about Texas.

Trump is in MO lying about economy again; GDP @3%

There's a guy on my TV who makes all his products in other countries complaining about companies who

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 30, 2017

CNN is NOT carrying trump's 'speech'.

Okay, I'm going to admit that I really can't make heads or tails about this "Antifa" thing.


how many years have republicans claimed all our problems will go away with tax cuts?

He's got a lotta damn gall making this speech while people are suffering.


Frontline: Abacus: Small Enough to Jail

Trump to Visit Company Where Worker Was Killed After Company Removed Machine Guard

Mumbai paralyzed as Flood in India kills more than 1,000

Charles P. Pierce: We're Nowhere Near Prepared for the Ecological Disaster That Harvey Is Becomin

Cruz is beyond evil.

Montini: Kelli Ward to keynote anti-Medicare group meeting

"MSNBC provides important context as Trump reads a speech."

Trump pitches tax reform to 'bring back Main Street'...Bwahahahahaaaa

I swear I watched President Thurston Howell III and Lovey visit Texas yesterday.

Law School Posts Job Listing Seeking 'Wives' Of Students

Just a reminder: eveyryone should carry a hammer to break car windows

What's a good site to discover new indie music?

Triceratops skull, skeleton dug up by workers building new Thornton police, fire station

Poor Tiffany...

Game of Thrones

Anyone with experience building load bearing ramps

Flood-proof architecture (Europeans lead the way....nothing new here)

Trump just tweeted a graphic WITH STATE FLAGS to show he REALLY supports Texas and Louisiana

Sandra Bullock Donates $1 Million to Houston Victims

Facebook video surfaces showing epic flooding at Joel Osteen's megachurch...not

More Than Fifty Years Later Teens In Photo Taken By Ringo Come Forward

Investigation Reveals New Details Of US Role In 2009 Honduras Military Coup

Human settlement in the Americas may have occurred in the late Pleistocene

Human settlement in the Americas may have occurred in the late Pleistocene

This is not what he signed up for: Confidant says Trumps mood worst its ever been

Trump Administration Puts on Hold an Obama-Era Desegregation Effort

Researchers taught AI to write totally believable fake reviews, and the implications are terrifying

AFL-CIO Leader Says Hope For Working With Trump Has Faded

Watching MSNBC and they are bringing in equipment and men from the Army.

The Latest: GOP eyeing $1B disaster funds cut to help wall

This is why Trump has the leverage over Mexico and Canada on NAFTA

Taking a break from DU

This is why Trump has the leverage over Mexico and Canada on NAFTA

Ten Concerts: Guess Which One I Did NOT Attend?😏

I am leaving DU for a while.

Congress BAD, President GOOD!

Brazilian court blocks abolition of vast Amazon reserve

Totally lacking in empathy and I voted for him: Disillusioned supporter unloads on Trump

"We don't pretend this is over": After Charlottesville, colleges expect trouble.

Bronx detective sued over a dozen times...

A Handmade 118-Foot Rope Bridge, Rewoven Every Year

A Handmade 118-Foot Rope Bridge, Rewoven Every Year

Leesburg teen collecting eclipse glasses for children in Asia and South America

Fostering Animals - A Call-Out From Texas

How Charlottesville lost control amid deadly protest

Senior State Department lawyer stepping down. Trump "USA" hats reduced from $40 to $39.99

Just heard the best description of Trump from a disenchanted supporter:

So he's using the day to complain about corporate tax rates, while people are literally drowning?

Fox News suddenly cares about how the media treats the first ladys attire

Corporate Tax Cuts Don't Create Jobs - Sen.Sanders

Corporate Tax Cuts Don't Create Jobs - Senator Sanders

Joel Osteen's Net Worth Makes Him One Of America's Richest Pastors

3% growth rate and only in 7 months!

Mr. Blinky

DOE report: Gas boom 'biggest contributor' to coal decline

Georgia GOPer warns black attorney she may go missing if she tries to remove Confederate monument

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 31 August 2017

Internal Documents Reveal Right-Wing Plan to Strike Public Unions With 'Mortal Blow'

Guess Who Came to Dinner With Flynn and Putin

Catching the Zen Wave

Photos: Sen. Sanders at Naperville Central and Naperville North High Schools

'Easy money' made selling Army weapons stolen by US soldiers

Rebecca Solnit:Why let the right & status quo make antifa a thing we all have to debate/condemn/

Interpreting The Bible

Authorities: Girl, 5, picked up dad's gun, shot self in head

Bernie Sanders recorded an interview segment with ABC News in a classroom @NCHSOFFICIAL.

The Curious Link Between Trumps Moscow Tower Deal and a Ukraine Peace Plan

Court: 'Stand Your Ground' Law Applies To Deputy Who Killed Man

Trump voting panel apologizes after judge calls failure to disclose information 'incredible'

Attorneys: West Virginia clerk apologizes to lesbian couple

Kremlin confirms Trump's lawyer reached out about deal

On Oct. 4, U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton will decide if Arpaio conviction stands.

There's a new drug sweeping this nation

Trump to use Texas disaster funds to build border wall

Trump Targets McCaskill: 'Vote Her Out' If She Doesn't Slash Corporate Taxes

Three officers shot with high-powered rifle at Sacramento Ramada Inn

Gov't Watchdog Ends Probe Of Zinke's Threats To Senators Over O'Care Repeal Vote

Congresswoman: Airport employees had little training what to do in shooting incident

Pepe the Frog cartoonist forces withdrawal of 'alt-right' children's book

Congress May Tie Debt Ceiling Hike to Hurricane Relief

Brian Zahnd: No, God didnt command genocide in the Old Testament

Houston underwater, taxpayer-funded campaign rally

HAJJ 360

Brian Zahnd: No, God didn't command genocide in the Old Testament (X-posted)

Majority opposes shutdown for wall

Prejudiced and Selfish, Most Think

Should Democrats continue to run against Donald Trump as their number one issue?

Robert Reich - What Do Democrats Stand For?

Two million Britons would publicly protest DT's state visit

Interior Department watchdog drops probe of threat to Alaska senator on healthcare

Rightwing alliance plots assault to 'defund and defang' America's unions

Former Villanova coach Rollie Massimino dies at 82

U.S. acknowledges more troops in Afghanistan than previously stated

More GOP BS Tax Reform for teh Super Rich,,,,,,,,

Ex-chief of troubled Baltimore police unit faces racketeering charges

Donald Trump is operating straight from the white supremacist playbook: Neil Macdonald

Feinstein clarifies after Trump remarks earn jeers

In call with Saudi king, Trump urges end to Qatar dispute: White House

Easy money made selling Army weapons stolen by US soldiers

The state & federal response to Harvey seems to be lacking

U.S. Military Sends Ships and Equipment to Texas

Take that, Washington! Texas looks to nullify federal laws

Don't expect things back to normal as soon as he's out

U.S. senator asks FBI to probe Icahn over biofuels push

Gallup Poll: Young Americans Disapprove of Trump

Wants to cut FEMA before next major hurricane

Powerful Photos From Hurricane Harvey That Show The Devastating Power Of Nature

Do DUers think pro Don the Con Fundies are having a rethink

Killed Flood Protection Rule Two Weeks Ago

Trump Voter Focus Group In Pittsburgh Highlights Disappointment

Trojan, part2?

Mar-a-Lago charity cancellations are fake news

KKK allegedly threatens Cape Coral political candidate

Post-Disaster Scams: Fallout Fraud from Hurricane Harvey (and Future Catastrophes)

A big THANK YOU, goes out to those who help others in time of need.

Bernie Sanders talks to Naperville students about 'Political Revolution'

When are we going to see "President tRump Turnpike" in Houston?

Trump is going to pitch his massive tax plan as 'unrigging the economy'

Dave Daubenmire: Hurricane Harvey Is Judgment On Houston For Abortion And Having Had A Lesbian Mayor

Raise A Glass For Molly Ivins's Birthday, Wonkers. We Sure Could Use Her Right Now

Chemical Plant Near Houston Warns Its About To Explode

There are people who have gone out and bought boats and motors

OK, who's the oldest geezer here?

Climate Warming/ Changing Deniers..

Spare a thought for the great grandparents and kids

@realDonaldTrump is missing his epic jelly roll and huge ass........

Mueller teams up with New York attorney general in Manafort probe

What's your favorite song with grammatically incorrect lyrics?

Twitter Link: Thank you @KamalaHarris for your support.

Tomorrow, will mark one of the saddest days in history.

Poll: GOP voters say news media poses greater threat to US than white supremacists

Twitter Link: Thank you @KamalaHarris for your support.

8th Baltimore police officer indicted in federal racketeering case, accused of robbing residents

Kamala Harris to co-sponsor the Medicare for All bill

D - (for Donald) Day: Luckovich 'toon

"I'm a g*ddamn human being": Crying Nazi Cantwell is stuck in jail, and really hates his nickname

Stolen from FB: Joel Osteen:

Protesters hijack council meeting, rail about Phoenix police tactics at Trump rally