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The kinds of Republicans who could primary Trump

Kellyanne Conway Admits Trump's Ratings Are Tanking

about last night's Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

Critics Liken Trump's 'Real News' Videos to State TV

Trump Agenda No Better Than Totalitarian Agenda . Might As Well Take Cyanide.

Ari Fleischer: Trump's staff doesn't know he's playing golf because he didn't tell them

It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks - Acts 9:5

What to Cook This Week

.......We know who you are.

Trump seeks to strip protections for nursing home patients

Sinclair media on Chris Hayes right now: they will soon own more stations

New Viewers Are Flocking To MSNBC, and Thats Bad News For Trump And The GOP

A Stanford researchers 15-minute study hack lifts B+ students into the As

A Question About Trump's Taxes......

Democrats quandary on supporting anti-abortion party members

IMO, It is time for 2018 candidates be brave, a bearer of bad news, and a listener.

CMS is accepting public comments on this nursing home proposal til MIDNIGHT tonight. Go t0...

Congresswoman Maxine Waters reaffirms 'impeach Trump' mission during BET ceremony

Judge to soon decide whether to revoke Jahi McMath's death certificate.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Full Disclosure! Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Just thought I would throw in an Atheist Experience call in show

AMBER ALERT: 3-year-old Jalay Diggs is believed to have been abducted by Kayleigh Burton.

Not kidding, There is a movie called 'Scaramouche' (1952)

Mike Pence Considering Running for President in 1820

So Rachel is still off?

Colorado bear drives car after getting stuck inside

Its MUELLER time!

"America Has a Long and Storied Socialist Tradition. DSA Is Reviving It."

2014 US Senate Election vs 2018 US Senate Election-Democratic held US Senate seats in red states.

About Thom Hartmann--this is one of the points he makes about why we should understand the Russian perspective.

59% of Americans think Trump's presidency has been a failure

Democrats fear Russia probe blowback

I Wrote This Exactly Two Years Ago....Read What I Say About Trump and Hillary in August 2015

' first-time mom joined the ranks of thousands of Texas women who die within a year of giving birth'

I Wrote This Exactly Two Years Ago....Read What I Say About Trump and Hillary in August 2015

I guess you can't say someone is full of "night soil"? Although I think I hear far worse on the site.

Google employee James Damore, author of diversity memo, is fired

Canada proves Americans' gullibility is costing us dearly

Can We Count on the GOP to End the Trump Presidency?

What's your favorite song from the time of Jesus?

When Trump says 'leaks,' you say 'truth'

Rubio: Trump-backed immigration bill won't pass Senate

Trump Made Up His Story About the 21 Club Renovation, Former Owner and CEO Say

Airbnb Is Deactivating Accounts Of People Trying To Attend A White Supremacist Rally

DHS chief information officer resigns after three months on job

A civil town hall? Really??

A civil town hall? Really??

Latest CNN poll 56% disapprove of trump and 38% approve

The RNC says Trump's jobs numbers are 'unprecedented,' because words don't matter anymore

Dershowitz thinks Ari Melber insulted his integrity over "racial composition" of grand jury comments

Huh? Pablo Sandavol is back with the Ginats!!!

Clinton Foundation‏: Proud that our four-star rating by @CharityNav has been renewed, showing our

45 equals 1/26? 26 equals 1/45?

Blumenthal hit it out of the park tonight on CNN

Israel attorney general likely to indict Sara Netanyahu: report

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Scientist leaks massive climate change report to NYT

We Cannot Have A President Under Investigation

Enemy of the State: Navalny

Where does trump and fam disappear to when he flees in disgrace?

The Guns of Chicago

Trump Soho projection images

Robin Bell Strikes Again: Projects "Follow the Money" onto tRump SoHo

Approval low in new CNN poll

Omaha man who resisted giving DNA samples is ordered to stand trial in 4 sexual assault cases

A paranoid elderly lady

Question about jury duty responses.

The curious case of 'Nicole Mincey'

The closer Mueller gets to Trump, the more I think 45 is gonna fake an illness

End Times Prepper Pastor Jim Bakker Was Invited To The White House

More Young Voters Disapprove

Ruminations on Orrin's Last Wad

The Man Who Wrote Those Password Rules Has a New Tip: N3v$r M1d!

2018 US Senate Election-Republican held seats.

Name a movie you've watched over five times that you're still entertained by

How do we stop an I from running for D POTUS?

'Dodgy' greenhouse gas data threatens Paris accord

Moore leads Strange and Brooks in latest Alabama Senate poll

Pence Is The Most Dangerous Man In America For Trump

(Claude Taylor) little secret can you keep it

Trump's CIO of DHS resigns 3 months after being appointed

Draft climate change report Brian Williams mentioned tonite at end of broadcast.

Russian Bots Are Starting to Attack Republican Party

When Dump goes down

Heart-stopping mountain lion encounter caught on video

Judge orders CIA interrogation lawsuit to trial

Clothing Company Is Facing Backlash For Trying To Bring Back The Swastika

Arizona woman becomes 55th sent to death row in US

Trump Approval Hits New Low Of 32% As Support From His Base Slips IBD/TIPP Poll

Trump vs. Clutch Cargo.......the best take so far?

Dan Rather: Trump is as flakey as baked pie crusts

Claude Taylor: Hey folks-it looks like I fell for a hoax. A phony story. Mea Culpa.

Who remembers 'Gigantor'?

Come on! A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?

A Putin projection now on top of Trump Soho in NYC

Hi, Max. Nice to meet you, since I'm 1/8 you. Wish it could have been in person!

Notorious Holocaust denier Ernst Zndel dies in Germany

It has nothing to do with abortion..

Stephen Colbert Monologue - 8/7/17

Seth Meyers - Trump Goes on Vacation While His Team Debuts So-Called "Real News": A Closer Look

I Might Believe Orrin Hatch's "Wad" Explanation EXCEPT for History:

CPS announces layoffs, says it will delay budget proposal to give state more time to act on funding

Private for-profit prison threatens to close unless government finds them more prisoners

Rauner shouldn't delay borrowing money to pay Illinois' bills, comptroller says

Ah well expect those short fingers to be tweeting in 3...2...1

Trump could be out of office within a year but the USs problems would be just beginning

Godzilla is dead!

Walgreens sued over allegedly collecting soda pop tax on unsweetened drinks

Secretive search for man behind Trump dossier reveals tension in Russia inquiry

Secretive search for man behind Trump dossier reveals tension in Russia inquiry

Up to 1,100 chiefs face involuntary return to sea duty

After Rahm sues feds, A.G. Jeff Sessions blisters 'lawless' Chicago

Claude taylor biggest douche in the universe

Chance the Rapper digs at pols over education funding

Someone Leaked a Major Federal Climate Change Report Before Trump and Pruitt Can Cook the Books

The curious case of Nicole Mincey, the Trump fan who may actually be a Russian bot

U.S. orangutan Chantek, 'the ape who went to college,' dies at 39

Trump tells anecdote how useless "experts" are... SURPRISE! It was totally made-up.

Federal judge bars enforcement of Illinois abortion notification law

27 people arrested, 234 hospitalized over 4 days of Lollapalooza

Happy Birthday to the GOAT! Roger Federer Turns 36!

Facing Trump Subsidy Cuts, Health Insurance Officials Seek a Backup Plan

No deal between striking mechanics, auto dealers after talks Monday

How Wheeling says a resident cost taxpayers $144,000

Trump Likes When C.I.A. Chief Gets Political, but Officers Are Wary

FDA cracks down on company marketing 'three-parent' babies

Drug treatment facility lawsuit accuses Kane County of discrimination

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Vacay

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2 - Et Tu, Pence?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

In attacking Blumenthal, Trump opens himself to criticism over the military. Again.

US nixes sleep apnea test plan for truckers, train engineers

Judge: IBM owes Indiana $78 million for failed automation

Eclipse the Establishment Promo 1 - A Bernin' Streamathon for Progressive Candidates Aug 21

Rachel Maddow becomes 'most popular prime-time news host' as Trump opponents flock to MSNBC

Trump bans coverage of golf outings after media exposes sham working vacation


Surprise! 100 sticks of dynamite found in couple's barn

John Pavlovitz: Why I Oppose Donald Trump

Trump still has not condemned the Minnesota mosque bombing. Muslim leaders are waiting.

WNYC Studios Picks Up Weekly Preet Bharara Podcast

Joseph Nicolosi, the modern father of the torture known as ex-gay therapy, has died.

Make America Beautiful Again.

Russian billionaires (Abramovich) almost ex wife is dating Kushner's brother

Theyre looting the treasury: CNN panel blasts Trump over plan to hand Afghanistan to DeVos bro

No first lady title for Brigitte Macron after petition over her status

*****OW**** Investors Business Daily Poll (R) - Thirty two percent approve of Chump

Want counsel from Capone? Read new book

Kushner-Owned Company Lobbied Against Obamacare Repeal

Anne Frank Center: 'Alarming parallels of history escalate.'

SMART: DNC Announces Permanent Voter Hotline

Appellate Judge Steigmann accused of using office to book lectures

Robertson: Liberals Faked Eric Bolling's Dick Pics -

Haruo Nakajima, the original Godzilla, has died at 88

Haruo Nakajima, the original Godzilla, has died at 88

Well, That's New - A 3,000-Acre Wildfire Is Burning Its Way Across . . . West Greenland

cspan NOW-excellent show on how Local criminal justice reforms are being undermined by Sessions

Rachel Maddow will be back to the show tonight! Joy who has been taking her place announced

"When has the environment ever done anything for ME?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

On Fox - Nikki Haley said she can't discuss-THIS classified info - THEN-Trump tweeted it

UK police seek jogger who pushed woman into path of bus

Chickenhawk in Chief

It's all "them." My question is

Trump at 200 days: Declining approval amid widespread mistrust

Chicken hawk piece of trash: Vets unload on Trump for attacking Dem senators military record

Trump: "What I Did On My Summer Vacation"

Lawsuit blames schools for bullying, 8-year-old's suicide

Rauner's excuse crumbles; Chris Kennedy video response

Illegal liposuction doctor sentenced to 38 years

WOW: GOP House Intel Staffers who secretly went to London To Find Christopher Steele-Sent By NUNES.

Illegal liposuction doctor sentenced to 38 years

Meme. Please share. :-)

Only the BACKSWILL of America still supports Trump.

Wildlife Hunter Known For Killing Elephants And Lions Devoured By Crocodiles

Former Cook County assessors office employee pleads guilty in bribery scheme

The Serial Killer Test: Biases Against Atheists Emerge in Study

Report: Federal climate findings counter Trump's stance on climate change

All that work on SB1 was just tossed out the window

Do not share this pic!

What if Ingmar Bergman Directed The Flash?

Desperate Trump comes begging to Democrats to help him notch a win on tax reform

The Health 202: Trump administration won't answer questions about Obamacare enrollment

Secretive search for man behind Trump dossier reveals tension in Russia inquiry

SMH- Trump to bomb the Philippines ?

". . . and the nuclear codes are . . . Wait, got a pencil?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

About NATO expansion - look at what WIKIPEDIA says -- seems to support Hartmann's views

Atlanta Zoo's sign language orangutan, Chantek, dies at 39

Cardinal feeds the pond fish

So, folks...If you want to see your crazy ideas publicized,

Kellyanne Conway Suggests White House Lie Detector Their Own Staff

WHOA: Trump Real Estate Deal Looks Like Criminal Tax Fraud

Trump launches attack on veteran while ignoring deaths of three Marines

Ana Navarro ripped the POS real good on CNN's New Day this morning.

The Minister of Propagan. . . err.. The Chairman of the FCC

Train kept a rollin'..

WIPO'S Gurry Refers To US Congress as a "Kangaroo Court:" Retaliation Against Whistleblowers Continu

Wiggy's Faux Outrage Over Pussy Hats Redux

Putin desperately wants the sanctions lifted.

Mexico considers importing avocados as staple priced out of consumers' reach

Mexico considers importing avocados as staple priced out of consumers' reach

The 2020 Democratic Purity Olympics Are Already Underway

Here in Seattle, its so hazy from British Columbia forest fires...

No Matter How Bad Trump Gets GOP Will Never Do A Thing. They Are ALL In On Corruption.

We will exact revenge for the actions of Ms. Allen.

Republicans are stepping up their efforts to remove Consumer Financial Protection Bureau chief Rich

Feel like you're treading water to just stay afloat?? this graph shows how you ARE.....

Hartmann also has a large focus on stock buy-backs, and how they harm the economy, capture money

Foxconn's state tax credits could max out at $312.4 million annually

Al Gore compared Trump to Game of Throne's "Red Wedding"

Jimmel Kimmel, trump & Putin's vacations, Pence not running for prez

I hate how Republicans have rigged our Democracy

Groups Press Gov. Bullock to Address Canadian Coal Pollutants

Tammy Baldwin's opponent......a prior Dem??

If there is a "Cosmopolitan Bias" It Probably Looks A Lot Like -THIS:

Job openings climb to record 6.16 million in June

Secrecy And Suspicion Surround Trumps Deregulation Teams

What's your favorite song from 1974?

"we don't accept gays and dogs"

"we don't accept gays and dogs"

Why The NAACP Said Enough To School Privatization

hackers break into CA road sign

Technical question about DU.

So World War III will be brought to us by Donald Trump and Fox and Friends?

Mr. Trump, meet Ms. Nicole Mincey (chuckle)

Why I Went to Auschwitz

Chris Hayes exposes the start of a Trumpian fascist local media takeover (VIDEO)

Health Gap Widens Between Appalachia And Rest Of The U.S.

Google Fires Male Engineer Behind Anti-Diversity Memo

Pro-Trump Media And Russian Bots Push Self-Debunking Story Attacking Obama Attorney General For Usin

Wisconsin Sikh tragedy forms mission to combat hatred

Landlord troubles: rich San Franciscans in uproar after their private street is sold

So Benedict Donald just tweeted classified information

Zakaria: Why Trump won

How Trumps Deregulatory Agenda Hurts Peoples Everyday Lives

Why A Pa. Insurer's Collapse Could Whack Insurers, Policyholders Across the Country

Feeling rather apocalyptic...

The purity problem

Can someone get ahold of the teleprompter at Fox and Friends?

Question for teachers/educators about behavior of a teacher toward my Muslim friend

A stacked deck

Palmer Report: about Mensch and Taylor

John Nichols: Socialism never went away, but now it's really back

The verdict is in: America and the World Hates tRump

Alt-Right Activists Call for Google Boycott After Employee Is Fired for Anti-Diversity Paper

While We're Busy Watching Trump's Freak Show.....

Sen. Blumenthal: I Can't Explain Trump's Obsession With Me

Psyops via the media...

Happy 48th anniversary, this picture:

Rolling Severe Storms Seem To Be The Norm Now. Every Day News Of Deluges & Extreme Weather.

Even now, every time I hear some in the media say "President Trump"

Who is this arrogant, pompous Sebastion Gorka who was patronizing the MSNBC hosts...

Acosta should have asked Miller

George Takei helps LOSER 45 with his spelling

Erik prince is on MSNBC now on Velshi and Ruhle

Get The Money Out Of Politics Or Our Democracy Is Lost

Well, That Did Not Work Out Too Well So Far

Kayleigh McEnany @RNC RNCs new spokesperson is a birther who defended Trumps sexual assault claim

The US Marines -all-male squads against mixed-gender - and the results were pretty bleak

Atheists in Malaysia should be hunted down, minister says

Justice Department reverses position to support Ohio purging inactive voters in high-profile case

KO: We Cannot Have A President Under Investigation-- But don't take my word for it.

KO: We Cannot Have A President Under Investigation-- But don't take my word for it.

Senator: UW should cut programs with 'little demand' to produce more engineers for Foxconn

Stephen Colbert Relishes Hitting Fox News Eric Bolling Below The Belt

Sinead O'Connor says she's 'suicidal' in Facebook video

1600 Pencelvania Boulevard - Luckovich 'toon

Every time

Dems seek federal payments to Trump business

Colbert Says Trump Totally Earned a Vacation After Months of Grueling Golf

Midterms, Midterms, Midterms!

Chinese woman awarded $461K over run-in with US border agent

Long Live the King of the Monsters: Haruo Nakajima Passes Away at 88

Does Chump's scalp hurt?

"May you die in pain"- Audience member to Repuke Townhall Congressman

Anti-capitalist The Young Turks raises $20 million in venture capital.

Isn't it amazing?

Pat Robertson: Bolling NOT guilty of sexting pics of his schlong cuz he's a "dedicated Catholic."

Dow is rising like a rocket? Let's ask Iraqis in refugee camps what that meant for them.

Videos: Salisbury tornado flips cars, mows down trees

Wonkette: Oh go fuck yourself, Glenn Greenwald

Ryan focuses on home but can't escape questions about GOP

"Lets just stop whining about what a goon he is and figure out a way to...

dalton trumbo's "johnny got his gun" full movie

Imagine, if you will, the Firemen from Fahrenheit 451 also operating a bookmobile and little library


Jeff Sessions Scuttles Forensics Partnership With Scientists

Reverse Mortgage Lenders May Be the Big Bad Wolf

Ahh: Trump's "major briefing" on opioids is a briefing of HIM, from Tom Price, not him briefing the

so the pooor widdle righties are all tweaked because a company exercised its free market

Trump exposes fake pro-Trump Twitter accounts

North Korea now making missile-ready nuclear weapons, U.S. analysts say

Wachs announces bid for governor's seat in 2018

I know that a president can declassify any top level secrets, but.......

My "WTF?" of the day, "liberal demons?"

Race for governor: Democrat Gronik vows to accept ACA money Walker rejected

We knew what we were doing: Gushee on Trump, 2015-2016

Good news: Britains first Anglican same-sex marriage celebrated in a Scottish church

Unlearning the Myth of American Innocence by Suzy Hansen.

The astonishing village where little girls turn into boys aged 12

"I walk with the Goddess"-- pure joyous delight

"I walk with the Goddess"-- pure joy and delight

Anyway, I was sitting in Tim Horton's, enjoying my icecap and cruller...

Heard But Not Scene: Name a TV Character That Never Appeared on Camera

Lawsuit could limit authority of Wisconsin DNR over large dairy farms

Trump To Eliminate Traffic Lights As Too Regulatory. He's That Nuts.

Gun battle in Albuquerque

Gun battle in Albuquerque, NM

These mechanics want to fix past concessions

Every time I realize that Donald Trump is the President, I can't help but think....

Airbnb boots white nationalists headed to Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville

Sebastian Gorka says there are no right-wing terrorists...

David Letterman Sets TV Return With Six-Episode Netflix Series

For the sake of unity and sanity, let's stipulate these two things about EACH OTHER:

A New Poll Shows American Muslims Are Less Homophobic Than White Evangelical Christians

Here we go...North Korea now making missile-ready nuclear weapons

Where psy ops is concerned

Trump tweets Fox News story with anonymous sources after criticizing practice

Jeff Koterba's Aug. 8 cartoon: The coming GOP eclipse

Venezuela: UN rights chief decries excessive force used against protesters

Venezuela: UN rights chief decries excessive force used against protesters

Blumenthal: I don't know why Trump is obsessed with me

Manchin: 'I don't give a s---' if I win reelection

Tomorrow's August 9th. In the spirit of past Presidents, do you have any requests for Trump?

Jacob Zuma survives no-confidence vote in South African parliament

Transport Experiment Goes Awry - Frog/human hybrid

Trump plans to roll back environmental rule everyone agrees on

So now what? Trump puts on a Leather Jacket,,,

Google Fires Engineer Who Wrote Memo Questioning Women in Tech

#International CatDay

The right is coming out in support of the fired author of the Google manifesto

Fired Google memo writer draws scorn, cheers and a job offer

Trump spurs wave of state immigration laws

Fight Over Debt Ceiling Coming. Clean Bill VS Cluttered Bill. Plus Trump Veto.

#nyc--Amazing action at Trump Soho last night from @bellvisuals

It's full steam ahead on tax reform, with no details

West Texas rail upgrades 'critical' for oil and gas industry

The Memo: Signs of trouble emerge in Trumps base

Rep. Cummings, requests Trumps Regulatory Task Forces "secret meetings and conflicts of interest."

Will Lab-Grown Meat Overtake the Animal Agriculture Industry?

Trump Administration on the Right to Vote: Use It or Lose It

Our Enemies Are All Pushing The Boundaries Thanks To Weak Fake POTUS tRump

Despite S.E.C. Warning, Wave of Initial Coin Offerings Grows

Purity test my ass

Trump loses his pick to oversee assault on federal workforce.

Services for former Gov. White are Wednesday with burial state cemetery on Thursday

Trump plans 'major briefing' on opioid crisis

On this day in 1974....

Hamilton 68: Tracking Putin's bots and trolls

Trump Team Sets the Stage for Prosecutions of the Press

An insightful look into why Gerald Ford served as President for 895 days.

Americas Whiniest Victim (der drumpfenfuhrer, of course) [Charles M. Blow]

Mind blown ...

New Texas law allows merchants to decline card purchases without ID

A new low: Texas Democrats don't have candidate for governor

"Fake News Suppression Polls"? What the fuck does that even mean?

At this moment, a growing crisis with North Korea and Trump tweets this:

I'm within range of NK and 45 is tweeting about "fake news."

Just a short little rant

Shriners Hospitals for Children in Galveston partially evacuated after fire


Patsy Ticer, four-term Virginia state senator, dies at 82

The (twice) daily fluff....Trump's "propaganda documents"

OK. Let's say that I'm someone with some secrets to leak

So, the fired Google engineer immediately went crying to Breitbart

A chilling thought regarding the threat from North Korea --

Trump's attorneys fire back at former members of Jupiter golf club

Future News: Claude Taylor Awarded Pulitzer Prize for Citizen Journalism

I found my "I Stand with Cindy" tee from the Iraq war protest @ GWB's "ranch" in '05

Accused burglar doesnt flush toilet, leaves DNA for police

something very interesting

Virginia GOP Congressman refuses to come to townhall

He lacked experience, left the application mostly blank but got a $110,000 state job

Whoa! You just never know what you hear these days?

Weird things that happen during a solar eclipse: interesting stuff you might not know

Salt Lake's Dem mayor goes undercover as a homeless man

Hopes of going 20 for 20 in special session circle the drain

Iraq to hang 27 for IS Camp Speicher massacre

Bill and Hillary Clinton will take your questions at Irving Music Factory event

Hope Hickey? (sic and sick)

BREAKING: Trump: If NK escalates, 'they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen

Dumbfuck Orange Shitgibbon: "Fire, Fury, and Power"

Larson (D-CT) outlines $1 trillion infrastructure plan

McMaster: U.S. Preparing for Preventive War with North Korea

Teen birth rates spiked in Texas after Planned Parenthood was defunded

Trump warns North Korea threats 'will be met with fire and fury'

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump demands three flying dragons, shouts "Dracarys!" repeatedly.

"Alt-right", how close is it to "neo-nazism-lite"

Trump feels safe threatening NK because WH aide Gorka is saying NK is "a Lilliputian nation"

But seriously on North Korea ... what's going on here?

Dan Pfeiffer: I want to know if Kelly, Mattis, Tillerson or McMaster knew what was going to come out

Not even close to being a "liveable" wage, more like "laughable! C'mon Wisconsin!

Thank China For The North Korean War - Coming - China Is Our Enemy Why Give Them $$

Clearly, we can't impeach a President during a time of war!

Sam Stein: I believe Trump just threatened to nuke a country.

Which is scarier?

Trump considering privatizing Afghanistan military ops, massive contract to Blackwater founder

America has unleashed a raving lunatic on this planet

Trump's 'Fire and Fury' Comments Break Dow's Winning Streak

Republicans are gonna get us killed

Only war with North Korea can distract from the Russian Investigation!

Really? A threat of nuclear war? And Media Types: DO NOT NORMALIZE THIS. THIS IS NOT NOMAL!

President Trump, please, don't harm any nation where the people's hands are smaller than yours

Breaking......Trump has been sending messages to Mueller.

President Trump has exchanged private messages with Russia special counsel Robert Mueller

South Africa Jacob Zuma survives no-confidence vote

Book/Movie/TV ghosts

We've already been living with "unleashed fire and fury" here for six months

FBI takes down online criminal marketplace AlphaBay

Donald Trump On Nuclear Weapons..

Country singer Glenn Campbell has passed away at the age of 81

Glen Campbell Dead at 81

David Letterman Called It Back In 2012 - Trump Is Dangerous

Trump gets a folder full of positive news about himself twice a day

What's especially horrifying is that Trump is threatening nuclear war over WORDS from North Korea

Anyone not touched by this story has no heart. And BLACK LIVES MATTER.

White House defends silence on mosque bombing, says it might have been faked by liberals

R.I.P Glen Campbell

If worse comes to worse, could the commanders take control and make a citizen's arrest to keep

Glen Campbell - Gentle on My Mind

Just visited the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site.

"fire and fury" eh! Reminded me of:

Hearing cabletalk about China using NK in a "madman" manuever.. Um.. YOU

We need this so badly right now.

Okay Sessions, There's Some Leakers For Ya. Go GIT Em!

USA Today's Steve Reilly points out April NYT column saying Tomahawk fire & fury drowns out scandal

A pissing match between two low I Q poseurs with nukes. Me worry?

I'm binging Netflix Bloodline. NO SPOILERS!!!!

A very moving story I posted in G.D.

Pierce: "This is flat fcking crazy."

Fox News, Hannity and the meaning of 'collusion'

Both Trump and Kim Jong Un are crazy. There's only one difference:

The rattlings of war have my nerves on edge. I am having to calm the

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 8, 2017

The truth is really going to hurt...

Trump will never order Kim Jong Un to be killed.

Is Trump Screwing With Your B.I.S.?

Okay, somebody tell me what nasty Trump bombshell is about to hit in the media.

Buffett nears a milestone he doesn't want: $100 billion in cash

Trump Tweets Out Classified Story

Guys, Congress changed the nuke button procedure already.

The story of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and an indicted IT staffer thats lighting up the right, expla

Five lies that are ricocheting around the right-wing media bubble

White House defends silence on mosque bombing, says it might have been faked by liberals

Regulators Penalties Against Wall Street Are Down Sharply in 2017

Would someone please wake me up?

I'm not a religious person, but God save this country! We have a madman at the helm! n/t

Message to Congress: Impeach him now, while you have a chance...

Why do Trump's lawyers imply there was an exchange of messages between Trump and Mueller?

Fire and fury and frankly power. Thank you. Thank you.

This NK war threat needs a much more skeptical look, esp. at Trump

Remember this?

A message for Donald Trump from Vincente Fox, former president of Mexico

DRUMPF is the culmination of wingnut fanaticism/polarization, scorched earth LIMBAUGHism

Trump addresses BRAND NEW topics in tweets: Clinton, Lynch, Fake News, and "FailingNewYorkTimes!"

If Gump orders a nuclear strike on N Korea do you think the military leaders will comply?

Notice Trump's body language

there's a madman in North Korea and a madman in the United States.

Alex Jones hosts Russian ultra-nationalist to pressure Trump to fire McMaster

You KNOW some Trump supporters would utter such a thing...

I have been thinking about all involved with this threat between trump and NK.

What's your favorite song (or songs) from 1956?

Hillary Clinton's alt-right warnings prove apt

Nobody knew North Korea would be so complicated.

Magnitude 6.5 earthquake in Sichuan, China

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 9 August 2017

ACLU sues LePage for blocking Facebook critics

Barbara Cook, Broadway Star Who Became a Cabaret Mainstay, Dies at 89

Kim responds: North Korea seriously considering strike on Guam: Reports, citing state media

This Wine Bar Could Force Trump To Release His Tax Returns

As many as 100 people feared dead in Chinese earthquake

North Korea seriously considering strike on Guam: Reports, citing state media

Blackwater founder brings up colonization in discussing ideal U.S. policy in Afghanistan

What's up with Trump's body language during NK threat?

*****BREAKING***** North Korea threatens preemptive strike on Guam

CNN News Live Stream

Here's why I am not worried - or going to worry. (re the NK potential shit storm).

This is exactly what Kim wanted

A lot of Deplorables are so alienated that they thought anything was better than their current lives

John Kelly is really doing a bang-up job at restoring order and sanity to the White House.

First Trump leaks top secret information about NK, then uses info to escalate threats

Even if you're a Deplorable with an I Q over 85 you have to know Trump is a dangerous jackass

Trump Admin on Your Right to Vote: Use It or Lose It

This is fucking insane ...

Trump is so unprofessional he could not hold most jobs in the regular workforce.

Two spoiled brat privileged pricks in a pissing contest

Have all the gung-ho males 18-25 registered with Selective Service?

Man-baby screwing with the world

Reverse Mortgages, .....something to probably this entire article first..

DHS advises Americans to stock up on plastic sheeting and duct tape

Why would Kim ever actually attack?

Do you think the alt right and Russians could maybe lay of McMaster

Look on the bright side--maybe Nuclear Winter will cancel out Global Warming...

Time For The Generals To Do Their Job And Have The Military Step In.....

Why does Beauregard Sessions get so

(in other news) Typo on a water tower D'oh!!!

There are two fuckers on the planet who don't understand the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction

The Cuban Missile Crisis was defused because Khrushchev was willing to back down

Beware all the scare tactics about N Korea having viable nuclear weapons that can now attack the US.

Erin Burnett needs to calm the fuck down.

Iran Is Loving The Trump Era So Far

They are talking on CNN about a nuclear attack on Hawaii as if it's in the realm of possibility.

Jeffrey Lord is blaming this crisis on John Kennedy and Dean Acheson

45's solution to the opioid crisis: more law enforcement and security along southern border

Together, Putin and Trump are making lies the new-normal.

a very disturbing thought about Nuclear War and Climate change

For once I almost want what almost 1/2 of Republicans want

Are some indictments being handed down from the Grand Jury soon?

Secret Service spends $13,500 on golf cart rentals for Trump's trip

"Fire and Fury"??

What's your favorite song that hasn't been written?

North Korea punked Trump.

Patriots first NFL team to have their own planes

I'm really getting tired of NK threatening us.


Utah utility wants to triple monthly charges for solar customers

I would rather have Pence at the helm during a crisis than Trump.