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Archives: January 10, 2018

What Lindsey Graham and the rest of the GOP toadies miss

White House Official Floated Withdrawing U.S. Forces to Please Putin

We got a glimpse of Trump negotiating today. It didnt go well.

Power Is Restored to Most of U.S. Virgin Islands After Hurricanes, Officials Say

New: White House Official Floated Withdrawing U.S. Forces to Please Putin

Ha! Tweety just used my Twilight Zone analogy from 12/23. I said Monster because I was thinking

EXCLUSIVE. TIT FOR TAT? White House Official Floated Withdrawing U.S. Forces to Please Putin

Aww, Robert Murray (Coal magnate) has a sad!

Its so hot in Australia that bats brains are frying

Trump's Russia Ambassador: U.S.-Russia Relations 'Done' if Kremlin Meddles in 2018 Elections

"Kelly is eating bullets every day by himself"

The US DOJ is revoking people's citizenship

Looks like McMaster and Don Mcgahn are leaving the WH. Trump wants

In light of what's happened today,

'Look! He can hold a meeting!': CNN's Toobin mocks effusive praise over Trump's immigration theater

The release of the transcript pretty much demonstrates why the republicans have been going after

Uber should do this.

Oh, ffs. Kodak stock jumps 125% on announcing new cryptocurrency "KodakCoin"

Why is Gayle King always the go to person on all things Oprah?

So, is Feinstein a good Democratic woman today or what??

The next big O

Was a cause ever found for the Amtrak Portland/Seattle derailment?

Eat it Grassley!

Family demand release of man found snoring on autopsy table after being pronounced dead

Three-Judge Court Rules North Carolina Congressional Districts an Unconstitutional Partisan Gerryman

Senior State Dept. refugee official sidelined - sources

Bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers and officials in talks on infrastructure spending

Bad Lip-Reading delivers!

This is dedicated to my current crush, Enforcer of Law,

Karin von Aroldingen, a Major Dancer for Balanchine, Is Dead at 76.

"Handsome." Dumb, funny movie.

Young mother bound with duct tape, shot in head with toddler nearby: Murder charge

Twitter misses deadline to provide information to U.S. Senate

WTactualF? Deutsche Bank (which Trump owes millions) 1 of 5 banks exempted from punishments

Tim Goodman: Ignore the Spin It's Not Business as Usual at Fox

Rachel Aug 28th Grassely and Hatch and Dossier release.

Theresa May hails 'fresh talent' after reshuffle

Maybe Chris Christie.....

Here is the Rachel show from Aug 28 with the Dossier

Judges order overhaul of North Carolina's partisan congressional districts

Donna Brazile: "Steve Bannon & I. We both ended up pissing off a lot of people..."

God! Wolf Blitzer is a waste of human skin

"the infamous _____ Dossier". Just stop it.

"And the rockettes run bare..."

What a great day! Feinstein, the NC congressional districts, I got re-elected to our DTC

Trump administration won't allow oil drilling off Florida coast

Trump administration won't allow oil drilling off Florida coast

Too bad about that Steve Bannon, huh?

Susan Collins just put Trumps agenda into jeopardy with a defiant announcement.

Trumps infrastructure plan may slip to next month

Iran reopens investigation into Rafsanjani death

New Regulation Requires Protected Species To Be Looking For New Habitat In Order To Receive Funding

Fire and Fury book indicates Trump doesn't know how read balance sheet and is terrible negotiator

If Mitch McConnell was a shark...

Wet Stone...

Question for Body language experts

Trump Speaks at Fourth Grade Level

Ralph Northam (new gov.) assembles a majority-female cabinet, a first for Virginia

The Private Company Selling Off America's Public Lands

Classified satellite fell into ocean after SpaceX launch, official confirms

John Dean: Oprah "could end Trump's, and the GOP's, misogyny and racism like no one else"

2018 midterms article

FGPS:"For a guy who went to Russia a fair amount-Trump didn't seem to ever get any deals done there"

Trump Legal Team Navigates Minefield Ahead of Possible Mueller Interview

Do you think Arpaio can win the US Senate race

Russian election interference was NOT A SECRET IN RUSSIA... until it became news in USA

'It's not a fabrication': Six times the firm behind the infamous dossier contradicted Trump's claims

Posting image of NC Congressional 2016 map ordered to be redone and GOP proposal today rejected.

Federal judges rule NC electoral map unconstitutional

In surprise switch, Trump Administration drops plan for oil and gas drilling off Florida

Bannon Fired From Breitbart and XM radio

I guess it didn't go quite as planned....Trump contradicts self repeatedly in immigration meeting

Someone put Donald Trump's face on a Dumpster in Denton

Former Idaho lawmaker takes his own life amid sex abuse investigation

Trump & His Inner Circle Accepted 'Regular flow of intel from Kremlin incl on Dems/Political Rivals'

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Insane in the Membrane

Europe's economy is firing on all cylinders-may beat US growth

I am recording Rachel...I am sure there will be a lot

Jason's Deli warns customers of possible data breach

Even rednecks can change their minds says M. Cohen is suing about the dossier.

How much evidence of RW partisanship within the FBI

I had an interesting day while teaching.

The ability to make money ≠ the ability to govern.

Airline Passengers Stranded in Boston Told to Delete Videos From Phones or Face Getting Arrested

Trump lawyer sues BuzzFeed, Fusion GPS for defamation over dossier

DIFI looks frail walking down that hall. I am sure she is tired. Was she also limping?

Do they work for Bitcoin? Robotic strippers entertain crowds at CES

Allentonian Anna Mae Hays, first female general in U.S. armed forces, dies at 97

What the fuck just happened today?

Just have to share my favorite anecdote from Wolff's book, because it is soooo Trump.

Rachel's show tonight is riveting

Jeff Sessions has endorsed an unconstitutional fine on the poor (WP)

Trump Has 'No Choice' But To Talk To Mueller

Sheriff Joe is back...

Now this is the crux of living in the electronic age.....

The Trump Taj Mahal vs The Kremlin

Will Trump Meet With Mueller In Person?

One year ago today, this came out

DACA Exchange between Trump, Feinstein & McCarthy​

Nash, Nail, and Thumb (45* Sings the Star Spangled Banner)

So Michael Moores permit to drill near the southern white house got some action eh?

James Dolan, Co-Creator SecureDrop, Dead at 36

Encounter with a trumpkin coworker

Trumps White House Reminds Me Of The Twilight Zone

This Is the Data Snapchat Doesnt Want You to See

Why we must elect Oprah in 2020 to advance the radical left feminist agenda

Ed Royce's Retirement from Congress Has OC Democrats Giddy

Tweet of the Day

Trump insiders afraid for the country, says Michael Wolff

Female Dems will wear black to 45's State of the Union

Right wingers are throwing a hissy fit over google calling them out on their bullshit

Jury: Oakland councilwoman must pay $550,000 in punitive damages to former Black Panther leader

Only International Pressure Prevents the End of Funai, Says Indigenist

This is in honor of Lawrence O'Donnell...

"Chris Steele cares a lot more about U.S. national security than the GOP"

Left on Their Own, Grieving Families of Rio de Janeiro Abandon Their Homes and Jobs

Charlie Daniels Illuminati Freak-Out: Taco Bell is Playing with Fire!

Another councilman targeted for recall amid anti-growth rebellion in Dublin

Honduras LIBRE Activist Murdered at Home

Earthquake in Honduras

Once upon a time, Bob Segar made GOOD music

M 7.8 quake off Honduras, tsunami advisories in Caribbean

7.8M earthquake Caribbean; Tsunami advisory Puerto Rico, US Virgin Isles

Dedicated to Senator Dianne Feinstein

Judges order North Carolina congressional districts redrawn quickly

Evo Honors Birth of Bolivian Indigenous Martyr, Tupac Katari

Did I tell you about my colonoscopy? n/t

Georgia special elections

Magnitude 7.6 earthquake strikes near Honduras, prompting tsunami fears

Magnitude 7.6 earthquake strikes near Honduras, prompting tsunami fears

Name a song with words in the lyrics. n/t

What does it say about us, the country, about us - her on DU

Cat beats the hell out of (stuffed toy) tiger!

I legally changed my name to "Luke Warm".

Can anyone name a song that hit Billboard #1

trump clarifies in tweet what he 'made very clear today'

Snowden Assisters Under Threat of Retaliation

wouldnt it be great if, right before interviewing cheato, mueller

Name a song that got stuck in your head for 3 years and drove you criminally insane. n/t

Thank Feinstein (202)224- 3841

Magnitude 7.6 quake hits in Caribbean north of Honduras

Fusion GPS Founder's Testimony Reveals FBI Knew About Trump-Russia Connection

How to thank Dianne Feinstein! She should know beyond all doubt that she did good!

Trump is a propaganda artist con-man

What testimony on the Trump dossier adds to the Russia probe

Judge blocks Trump wind-down of Dreamers program

I wish our Government public information websites were (at least) as good as Australias

Trump lawyer files lawsuits against BuzzFeed, Fusion GPS over dossier

Democratic candidate for governor surprised to find she's not running because of a bounced check

The Overwatch league competition starts tomorrow

Democrat Ed Meier outraises primary opponents in bid for Pete Sessions' Dallas congressional seat

New York City police solve 1994 rape case that newspaper called a hoax

Oprahs home town of Montecito was

Food porn video: witness the making of the greatest cheeseburger ever made

The Whole Mess In This Country Like A Terrifying Spy Movie With No Ending In Sight.

Nick Anderson Cartoon: The Enablers

Sinking Millennium Tower Cited for Fire Hazards

What does the GOP think the Clinton Foundation does?

Baby Bust: Feds Raid California 'Maternity Hotels'

Attorneys for Ghost Ship defendant granted public funds for defense

Chlorine accidentally released into pool during swim practice at Fresno Pacific

Is it possible to establish a "We're all doomed!!!" discussion group?

Olympic skater Castelli loses custom costumes, skates in San Francisco car burglary

The Daily Show: Trump Gets Dictator-y with the Justice Department

Feinstein did a bad thing releasing those transcripts

What if every Democrat on television and social media said the same thing

Kansas lawmaker quits posts after remarks about blacks

Thanks to all who gave me soup recipes. I just found the recipe online

eHarmony settles California lawsuit with $1.28 million

The Fusion GPS release changes everything

The candidate we really need...

Tesla's New York Gigafactory Kicks Off Solar Roof Production

Trump Jr tied to banker behind Russian laundering scheme

Snow and salt can mean serious damage to your vehicle

What Killed Trump's Cockamamie Coal Plan

Finnished reading the whole Glenn Simpson transcripts.

Gophers star Lynch recommended for expulsion in third sexual assault allegation

We need to fill the Democratic sphere with Progressives like Tamara Johnson-Shealey

A blow to Salvadorans and the Massachusetts economy

Storm surge brings power outages, car crashes and floods South Bay with sewage

Wisconsin man beaten, tortured on vacation in Costa Rica, family says

Two ancient Dutch and British shipwrecks, sunken lighthouse discovered off the coast of Mexico

Why getting rid of Costa Rica's army 70 years ago has been such a success

Americas Imperial Decline Might Be Our Last, Best Hope to Salvage Our Democracy

$900M bond measure proposed to address San Diego homelessness

As New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's term nears end, his approval rating sinks to 13 percent

Microsoft reveals how Spectre updates can slow your PC down

Jerry Brown's last budget: 19 billion reasons to smile and two big questions

Ketcham/ Ketchum Canyon Beef Stew

CalPERS leader will get 18 months of salary to decide what he wants to do next

Mitt Romney appears a shoo-in for Utah's Senate seat. The question is how he'd handle Trump

Seth Meyers - Trump Is Becoming More Erratic and Working Less: A Closer Look

I am sure its not...

I am sure its not...

About Steve Bannon and the joys of schaenfreude

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/9/18

Just dropping this here...

I'll just leave this, right here...

Commission backtracks, says no to pay cut for Alaska legislators

2 Paris Kosher Markets Hit By Arson On Anniversary Of Terror Massacre

Name a movie with the word " Little" in the title...

Developers plan downtown hotel, housing at Anchorage transit center site

I'm heartbroken (UPDATE-1)

So, do I get this right about Wikileaks?

Name a movie with " Body " in the title...

'Old Man with a Sign' is sign of growing resistance to Trump

Public schools, fishing licenses and disposable plastic bags are in Alaska lawmakers crosshairs

This is just another reason why the NY Times is not the paper it used to be

Livonia Doctor and Patient Recruiters Charged in $18 M Illegal Distribution of Prescription Drugs

We were very lucky last night - 7.6 quake West of Jamaica

Day Three of Oregonians Pumping Their Own Gas...

New Trump order focused on preventing suicide among new vets

My friend asked me to help him round up his sheep.

Celebrity politicians are a sign of our political decline

Anna Mae Hays, US militarys first female general, dies at 97

The Rachel Maddow Show 01/09/18 MSNBC

Did I just hear that a judge restored DACA yesterday? n/t

Your favorite song to sing... out loud ?

Dividend, tax vote bills could complicate governor's budget

State senator seeks to overturn law allowing children to marry in Alaska

Sarah Palin's oldest son pleads not guilty in assault case

Ohio youth team kicked out of rec league over offensive jerseys

Guam Gov. Calvo prank called by Russian comedians

Delta Air Lines discontinues Guam service after more than 30 years

Public Auditor says GovGuam overspending & Trump tax cuts require immediate action

Robert De Niro Gives Trump An X-Rated New Nickname In Awards-Show Rant

Governor touts tax reform as beneficial to Guam economy

Video of confused, grasping, senile man desperately trying to maintain cognitive cohesion:

Homeless shuffle to avoid Kakaako park closures

Schatz denounces CDC over contentious word list

Study: Ferry not feasible

Suit: Hawaiian Air employee found noose, lynching rope near locker

Ex-Lawmaker Facing Sex Abuse Inquiry Kills Himself (Idaho)

Steve Earle "Over Yonder"

Can Undocumented Immigrants Make Legal Claims the Same as You and I?

Steve Earle "Over Yonder" "Billy Austin"

These 7 Primary Fights Will Shape the Future of the Democratic Party

Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Trump's Decision To End DACA

A Federal Court Just Made It a Lot Easier for Republicans to Block the Vote

Maryland seeks to turn health care mandate into down payment

Trump Immigration Plans Would Hit Hawaii's Filipino Families Hard

Another Guilty Plea In Federal Police Corruption Investigation

Senator Feinstein, as she left work for the day yesterday:

MSNBC The Last Word - this is the best Wolff interview I have seen, Wow ....

USA Now director, employee plead guilty in Ponzi scheme case

Talk of Assange pardon worries intelligence community

Hutchinson proposes 3 percent annual spending increase

Jeff Bezos has made 5 billion in the past 6 weeks

Yglesias: Newly released Senate testimony debunks a key conservative theory on Trump and Russia

Good news/bad news: the good---release of the Fusion GPS transcript clearly showed that

The Only News Out of The Simpson Testimony is Republican Disgrace

Seems Grassley and Graham should have some charges brought against them.

1090 and the largest in the land

Cartoon: The very stable G.E.N.I.U.S. president

Man accused of killing wife for changing channel

High court again denies former judge's appeal

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to cut 600 jobs amid $30M shortfall

UK govt cuts gas, raises renewables forecasts

Question about Hollywood's gender pay-gap

Arkansas woman who declared her gun range a 'Muslim Free Zone' enters governor's race

New Senators Get Committee Assignments

Democrats pick Shelley Mayer as nominee for Latimer's Senate seat (NYS SD#37)

Steve Scalise says he's set to undergo additional surgery, asks for continued support

Dem senator's report warns of Russian meddling across Europe

No charges for Vermilion teacher cuffed after questioning boss' raise; supporters say it's not over

Louisiana lawmakers caught in fiscal torrent, not even trying to swim

Court rules DACA must remain in place while lawsuits are ongoing

Why Trump Keeps Telling the World 'Im Smart'

It IS all horn in there! . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!

Barack and Michelle Obama's gift to Chicago and America

Day of Action to save CHIP

So they took the Con's response to DiFi on DACA out of the WH transcript

Counting Democratic Vote Unfair To Republicans. GOP Meme When Bush Was Given Presidency.

The Rude One: You can be dumb & evil at the same time.

Chris Cuomo shuts down ex-Trump campaign aide's feeble attacks on Christopher Steele

I'm Proud We Published the Trump-Russia Dossier

Try to call Feinstein to thank her. (202)224-3841

A pastor admitted a past sexual incident with a teen. His congregation gave him a standing ovation

The other Fire and Fury: decade-old book becomes unexpected bestseller


Got a good book on comics for Christmas

Poll: Nearly half of voters say Trump exoneration is likely in 2018

Sue Grafton books on sale for Nook owners - 2.99 ea A-O

Judge: Drive to recover Colin Powell's emails could be fruitful

Court considers constitutionality of key budget balancing tool

A couple of weird and unimportant thoughts

Fusion GPS transcripts reveal two things-the corruption of Trump, the treachery of the Republicans

Birth tourism brings Russian baby boom to Miami - (video added)

FYI Malcolm Nance On Stephanie Miller's Show today

How federal tax rewrite could be a gift for Louisiana lawmakers struggling with budget

Gov. John Bel Edwards: Deadline for special session is flexible but time frame is tight

Governor wants to grant immunity to police

Bixby football players admit to sexual assault on teammate; parent of one suspect tried to purchase

Uh-Oh...Does Trump Know the US National Anthem?

Trump Cabinet Trying to Hold Him Back from Striking North Korea

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - ConDon the super Genius

22 charged on allegations of fraudulent loan scheme at credit union that netted $244,000

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - Celeb Politicians

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

White House plans to destroy Trump election fraud commission's voter data

Let's nominate Snooki from the Jersey Shore to be President!

Trump delivers a Senate race sweetener to Scott

Oklahoma House leader wants public vote on whether to make raising taxes easier

Lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner. By Donald J. Trump.

NASA just made a stunning discovery about how fracking fuels global warming

GOP negotiators say Trump aide Stephen Miller is standing in the way of an immigration deal

2nd anniversary. Still miss you David

Landmark court case brings marriage equality to 20 countries with one ruling

Dow falls 100 points amid concern China may stop buying US debt

Arpaio slams Flake as he presses forward with Senate bid

Trump's inner circle escapes televised grillings on Russia

Morning Joe slams the GOP for 'lie after lie' about the Trump-Russia dossier

Protesters project 'F--- Trump' on stadium at college football national championship

Sears warns it will consider 'all options' if efforts to refinance $1 billion fail

'Mitt-ism' vs. 'Trumpism': Romney's return to national stage flares GOP divide

Has Sen. Thad Cochran resigned?

Fact Checker. President Trump has made more than 2,000 false or misleading claims over 355 days

Poll: Arpaio statistically tied with McSally in GOP primary for Arizona Senate

Fusion GPS Transcript Is Too Complicated to Understand

Reading the Fusion GPS Transcripts now

55 minutes at the table: Trump tries to negotiate and prove stability

Trump vs. Trump, again: Judge cites presidential tweets as he blocks DACA phaseout

Trump is clearly unsettled by what Feinstein did releasing the Fusion GPS Transcripts

Trump says DACA ruling reflects 'broken' court system

trump is tweeting about DiFi. I won't post his tweets

Kim Davis just became a Republican so she can run for re-election as county clerk

Federal Judge Totally Trolls Trump, Cites Tweet in Order Blocking DACA

The One Question Donald Trump Asks about Everything:

Fantastic article on Dianne Feinstein in Mother Jones: The Lioness in Winter

Rasmussen Poll: Oprah 48%-Trump 38%

Maine Sec. Of State Wants Restraining Order For Voter Commission Data

White House blasts judge blocking end of DACA, calling it 'outrageous'

Roseanne Barr got her butt handed to her at a Television Critics Association panel

Trump says DACA ruling reflects 'broken' court system

Video of Trump singing the National Anthem

Fighting winter, one snowflake at a time.

ObamaCare repeal fades from GOP priorities list in new year

Video of Trump singing the National Anthem

Mass protests against austerity, unemployment shake Tunisia

He's still saying "witch hunt"

Right-wing wins Chile election as "left" Broad Front joins the establishment

Meeting With Mueller Leaves Trump With Bad Options

About Trump's incompetence, insensitivity, and stupidity.

Nance on stephaniee miller now

Donald Trump and Conservatism has about a 33% following.

I lost my dog best friend of 13 years today.

Muellers obstruction of justice case against Trump looks damning

POLL: Joe Arpaio in dead heat with Martha McSally in GOP race for U.S. Senate seat in Arizona

The IRS election-year quandary: When to boost Americans paychecks

Coming soon to Davos: A Trump stink bomb

The United States of Amazon

Issa fleeing Washington:

Former Oversight Chairman DARRELL ISSA (R-CA) is retiring

Trump Interview With Mueller Spurs Initial Talks

What do you think Trump means by, "Republicans should finally take control"

Discussion about Mumbles (Trump).. Where did he come from? How did he get here? Religion? Whatever..

Are you familiar with ASMR?


Sen. Feinstein's release - "Most Important Act" since inauguration.

Darrell Issa to announce retirement from Congress: Report

YAY, POS Issa "retiring!"

#Breaking: California Rep. Darrell Issa retires

Moon Jae-in credits Donald Trump for inter-Korea talks

Cat is intrigued by a fidget spinner

Rep. Darrell Issa to retire

WOLFF on The View. Joy BEHAR got a big laugh, "What's a book?!1"

Republicans don't know what evidence Mueller may or may not have, yet they keep saying "no evidence"

Libya may not be ready for democracy, says military strongman

BREAKING: Darrrell Issa (CA-49) retiring

Iran's easing of drug laws could halt execution of 5,000 prisoners

Trump calling Republicans to "take control of the investigation" aka SAVE ME, I AM GOING DOWN

U.S. Supreme Court hears Ohio voter purge case

Are Democrats Senate Chances In 2018 Overrated?

What normal President disparages an active investigation and bad mouths FBI and the Justice Dep ??

Wayne Allyn Root: Oprahs Golden Globes Speech Was Designed To Stir Up Racism, Hatred And Division

Jason Westin is a Democratic candidate for the TX07 House of Representatives.

Here are the other at-risk Republicans to keep an eye on.....

Flies in the buttermilk, shoo, shoo, shoo- Skip to my lou, my darlin'

Come on top Democratic leaders -

Trump Demands 'Tough Primary' For 'Sneaky Dianne Feinstein' Over Release of Dossier Transcript

Medicaid policy changes coming to states in next 48 hours, according to Andy Slavitt

European powers to reaffirm support for Iran nuclear deal

Louisiana teacher handcuffed forcibly after asking questions at board meeting

Dem who lost VA House seat in random drawing concedes

At Least 14 Fox Personalities Have Headlined GOP Fundraisers Since Trump Elected

Trump sold $35M in real estate in 2017, mostly to secretive buyers

Dog dials 911 - Saves owner

Fox News Is Not Interested In Hiring Steve Bannon

Trump Rages; Grassley Responds

Why are all of these Republicans retiring or not seeking re-election?

Trump's line agreeing with Sen. Feinstein on clean DACA bill is missing from official WH transcript

Canadian doctors slam Gwyneth Paltrow-endorsed coffee enema

ROFLMFAO: "The single greatest Witch Hunt in American history continues." VSG

Pete Hoekstra does not distance himself from saying 'chaos in the Netherlands'

01/10 Mike Luckovich. Nash nail And thumb

Donald Trump has attacked Dianne Feinstein. I proudly stand with her !

Bernie Sanders coming to Duke for conversation on race

White House transcript from immigration meeting initially excluded key line from Trump

What a difference a couple of days makes

South Florida state senators acknowledge extramarital affair

Issa bails out!

Both sides don't do it

Colleagues rally around handcuffed teacher as Louisiana superintendent defends raise

Read Issa's full statement

Ohio Democrats team up: Governor candidate Richard Cordray picks primary contender Betty Sutton

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Holds Public Meeting On Immigration To Prove He's Stable. Spoiler: He Isn't

Supreme Court seems skeptical of blocking Ohio law that removes voters from rolls

House Democrats add seven candidates to 'Red-to-Blue' program

Rubios new message to DREAMers: You arent worth it

If everyone, including all Dems, have admitted no collusion, how is there still an investigation?

Democrats punch back on Russia

Democratic report warns of Russian meddling across Europe.

Trump Wants Sen. Dianne Feinstein Charged With A Crime Even Though She Did Nothing Illegal

Nicely done Senator Feinstein '

Loss of our Right to Privacy example

I wonder how Trump would like it if the media used the same

The Inevitable Oprah vs. Trump Poll is Out, And Oprah's Got a Double Digit Lead

So, Trump is going to Davos...

You can't say things that are false and get away with that

DC city council renames a block of Wisconsin Ave. in front of Russian Embassy after Boris Nemtsov.

President Oprah would just prolong the countrys economic dysfunction

Please take some time to reporting fake and harmful "news" on FB

Trump Continues Secretive Real Estate Sales

Amended White House transcript reveals Trump showed brief interest in 'clean' DACA deal

China Weighs Slowing or Halting Purchases of U.S. Treasuries

Why Republicans Love Dumb Presidents

Tom The Dancing Bug Toon - Donald and John

Democrats Still Face an Uphill Climb In Senate Races

Rep. Brendan Boyle (D) Penn. to introduce "Stable Genius Act"

So when is Donnie Due for his physical..

Wolff: Book sold a million copies in 4 days

Oops! White House admits it has zero evidence of voter fraud in 2016 election

Alabama-Georgia title game scores big audience for ESPN

Does anyone know when the red carpet coverage of the "Trump Fake News Awards" begins?

Jared Kushner pushing Trump administration for prison reform

Donald Trump Calls for End to Russia Investigation--Blasts Feinstein in New Tweets

GOP Leaders Weighing Mid-February Stopgap, With Sweeteners

Most polite "F--K You" letter written by former slave to former master

How is a red neck different than a repug?

American Family Association has SINGLE GREATEST TOOL to prevent monkey spanking

New Colorado wind farms with batteries are now cheaper than running old coal plants

Red Alert: Trump calls on Republicans to take control of Russia investigation

This clip of Trump trying to negotiate DACA illustrates

This gonna hurt Cheeto Mussolini & his handler:Washington Renames Street In Front of Russian Embassy

In 201 years, there has only been one black person on Senate Judiciary -- now there are two at once.

So the 'president' that spent years lying about President Obama's citizenship...

Kansas City lawyer explores independent bid for U.S. Senate

I'm starting a low carb diet today.

I. C. E. hit 100 7-11 stores this morning

Trump says he'll take a 'strong look' at libel laws in response to book

Canada to Salvadorans leaving US: Dont come here

Re: Fusion GPS transcripts. Will anything or Can anything

Immigration agents target 7-Eleven stores in nationwide sweep

Excellent analysis on the Fusion GPS Testimony

Obama Presidential Center getting underway.

Where's the beef?

Vodka and hot dogs for long life

Vodka and hot dogs for long life

One last thought about "Oprah for President":

Has Anybody Looked Or Acted More Guilty Than Trump?.....

Trump calling for Dems to primary Dianne Feinstein in his defense

New Jersey Prisons Reverse Course on Banning 'The New Jim Crow' After ACLU of New Jersey Letter

****BREAKING QUINNIPIAC POLL**** 56% of voters give Trump an F or D for first year in office

Daily Kos: Dossier author cut off all contact with FBI once they appeared to be protecting Trump

"Russia & the world is laughing at the stupidity they are witnessing"

Vermont Legislature legalizes Marijuana.

Trump Celebrates Reception of Immigration Meeting: 'Got Great Reviews From Everybody'

The face of Congressional Evil

Jesus, he really thinks he's in a reality show

Does anyone know where I can find a 1970's-1990's picture of Wolf Blitzer?

Remember Trump claiming Obama wire tapped Trump Tower--hmm I think the FBI might have a tape

Rachel mentioned this last night: McGahn, McMaster may soon exit WH

Trump Admin Waives Punishment For Convicted Banks, Including Deutsche which Trump Owes millions

Angry Trump fumes about Wolff book again -- and vows to 'take a strong look' at libel laws

Religion is personal, not a tool to mobilise: Dalai Lama

Car Tunes: Songs About Wheels, Rides, Shorts, Clunkers, Beaters, Jalopies, Chariots.......

Mar-a-Lago off shore oil drilling? Not in my back yard

Mueller adds veteran cyber prosecutor to special-counsel team

Poll: Voters still say Obama more responsible for economy than Trump

Malcolm Nance: Has the Republican party decided they want a one-party government?

A Compelling Speech on Cyber Collusion // Malcolm Nance at Miami Book Fair 2017

Mueller adds veteran cyber prosecutor to special-counsel team

Webcomic about a world where men are extinct and only women are around.

I think this info from Simpson's testimony about general GOP conspiracy with the Russians

Oprah Winfrey for President? Does anyone remember all the pseudoscience and quackery shes promoted?

With Bannon gone, we can see Trumpism for what it really is - By Jennifer Rubin

Birth tourism brings Russian baby boom to Miami

South Korean Singer J.Fla


There has never been this degree of corruption in our White House.

Trump doesn't speak on a 4th grade level....

Trump rips 'Sneaky Dianne Feinstein' over testimony

So, who should play Christopher Steele in the movie version of "the Dossier"?!

Yes, there is a celebrity Afro-American woman who would make a great president.

Look for clips of this Trump presser later.

Confused readers are buying the wrong Fire and Fury

news conference

No collusion. No collusion. No collusion. No collusion. No collusion. No collusion. No collusion.

Canada Expects Trump to Pull Out of NAFTA

I cant stop my leg!

Most Americans Say Trump Not Fit to Be President

One of the assets of Norway is a thing called water.

Pierce: Florida Man Defends the Ocean, Causing Confusion Among His Fellow Republicans

Quote of the Day

Washington Renames Street In Front of Russian Embassy

Some good news for a change.....the Florida Legislature has finally embraced bipartisanship!

The Marine Corps commandant sees a 'big-ass fight' looming and the Corps may redeploy to meet it

Exclusive: Canada increasingly sure Trump to pull plug on NAFTA - sources

Dirty Don is completely OBSESSED with Hillary Clinton

Whos buying in to Trumps real estate empire? Its a mystery

"Sneaky Dianne"

You guys follow the hoarse whisperer

Happy 73rd 🎂 Rod!

3rd day of looting in Venezuelan cities. Maduro looks the other way

White House transcript fails to include line from Trump on clean DACA bill

Tricky - Forget feat. FiFi Rong (Official Video)

Danica Roem sworn in

White House plans to destroy Trump election fraud commission's voter data

NBC: FBI knew of possible Trump-Russia collusion before election, according to Senate testimony

Netflix Releases Preview of Obama Talking to Letterman About His Dancing 'Dad Moves'

When Trump Has Prostate Checked The Doctor Will Find His Brain What There Is Of One.

my sister is running. can du tweeters give her a boost?

Rand Paul: 'We don't have money to spend' for Trump's border wall

This is who Simpson was referring about the person already killed..

Trump refuses to commit to Mueller interview

Trump officials didn't invite the Hispanic Caucus chair to DACA talks, so she crashed the meeting

Trump administration opts for speed over accuracy in implementing new tax law

Vermont poised to enact legal pot through Legislature

'They wanted to be together': Nebraska twins killed in 1944 will be reunited at Normandy


Just One More Thing to Put a Twist in the Trumpster's Panties

wtf! damn Trump..Are we living in a dictatorship now?

Drumpf knows his goose is cooked

Fire and Fury a WORLDWIDE hit - Trump a worldwide embarrassment!

Trump's evolution from being "100 percent" willing to testify under oath (June 2017) to "we'll see

Steve Schmidt on Nicolle Wallaces MSNBC show:

I say we give him his campaign-promised fucking wall in exchange for DACA

Fifi Rong - Future Never Comes (Official Video)

What if investigation is shut down, who would RELEASE all the info Mueller's team has on the

Jack in the Box CEO Says It "Makes Sense" to Consider Replacing Human Cashiers with Robots If Wages

Dr. Serena Williams - when you know your own body best - this was serious

More "windmills" Please

Issa is not seeking reelection YEAH!

Surprise visit by Rosenstein and Wray(FBI) to the Senate Intel Committee today.

New York City plans to divest $5bn from fossil fuels and sue oil companies

Caught this photo today...

Darrell Issa Cries After Schwarzenegger enters Governor's race.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #4-1: Crazy Equals Stable Genius Edition (Edition #99!)

Senator Cardin's report on Russia's activities is stunning and worth the read.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete Fourth Season

Is this photo of Trump one of the scariest yet?

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 10, 2018

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 11 January 2018

So now Trump says he probably won't sit down with Mueller

Appeals court won't block Republican from House of Delegates over ballot mixup. GOP retains control

Who do I want to run for POTUS in 2020

Maybe Snowden thought Russia would be a fun place for a young male to live.

10 Reasons You Should Grow Your Own Cannabis

Local 21-year-old dies of flu complications

New Orleans named No. 1 place to visit in the world in 2018 by NYT

"Trumps Threat to Democracy"


Mueller is mysteriously quiet...

Can I get a snuggle?

Alex Jones claims there were a lot of "black Nazis."

Who wants to love me?

Is it too much to expect?

Can't the Idiot in Chief be forced to testify (i.e. subpoenaed by Grand Jury)?

C'mere. Gimme some lovin'!

Dotard Bullshit Bingo

Take a look at our Trap/Neuter/Return Feral/Community Cats site

Trump calls interview with special counsel 'unlikely'

What are you freaks doing to those poor animals?

( French actress)Catherine Deneuve denounces #MeToo in open letter

I find the following trends worrisome in American politics:

If Trump changes the law making it illegal to report

"Behind every great fortune there is a great crime" - Honore de Balzac

Your Daily Greenwald, Lib Trolling Edition:

Opinions on creosote logs in the fireplace

Feds to pause killing of beavers after threat of lawsuit

Jeff Sessions's Selective Enforcement Could be Aimed At Political Resisters

Roddy's 73. ooo la la

Cold snap exposes cracks in upkeep of timeworn schools

Don't touch me, you freaks.

Trump uses 'no collusion' 7 times in a single Russia answer

Protester says trooper assaulted her during demonstration

DC renames street in front of Russian embassy after slain Putin critic

I'm telling Ya! DNC and all other Dems....

Lawsuit: Officers used excessive force, attempted cover-up

The moron thinks the repugs shouuld take over the investigation

Did anyone listen to Randi Rhodes today?

Once more: It's Only Wednesday...

Founder of neo-Nazi group gets prison time for possession of bomb materials

We Only Have Each Other...

Republicans Have 4 Convicted Criminals Running For Congress In 2018

Papua New Guinea chief justice attacked as sorcery-related violence escalates

The Last Waltz

New York City to end cash bail for non-felony cases in win for reform advocates

Mississippi Congressional candidate.

The U.K. Has Banned Microbeads. Why?

The word of the day is "obtuse"

I just had cornbread. Ask me anything.

Vermont senate passes bill to legalize marijuana use

Steve Bannon - Megaphone to Megathrone

How are our DUers in California in the path of the mudslides doing?

Justice Department blindsided banking agency on pot policy flip - sources

I'm learning so much new geography, courtesy of the trump* administration. Today it's Normay

Steve Schmidt Laughs Off Trumps Davos Visit: Like When The Brady Bunch Took Off to Hawaii

Canada increasingly convinced Trump will pull out of NAFTA

Cyprus company sues ex-Trump campaign manager Manafort for fraud

Trump could care less

Trump urged by top advisers to waive Iran sanctions: official

Should "Crooked Hillary" take a "strong strong look at libel laws" and sue Cheeto?

Toon - "At Least Something Around Here Works"

Senate Democrats propose fines for credit reporting agency hacks