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Archives: January 11, 2018

Trump's new Netherlands envoy sheds no light on 'Muslim chaos' comment

Russia has interfered in 19 countries elections over 2 decades, report finds

Vice President Pence to lead U.S. delegation to Winter Olympics

A Tiny New York Town With Not One, But 5 Indie Bookstores

I am on page 175

Michael Wolff did Trump a big favor

The GOP needs to fix Trump.

She Persisted. She Resisted. She INSISTED.

Matt Gaetz on Erin Burnett right now whining about Anti-Trump Bias

ICE targets 7/11 Stores in immigration sweep.

One thing I don't understand....

Peter Capaldi Reads A Captain's World War One Letter: The Christmas Truce, 1914

GOP may skip budget, kneecapping 2018 ambitions

So Painful To See Or Hear ANYTHING The Orange Prick Says Or Does.

Some good news to go with all the GOP Congressional retirements

New US ambassador to Netherlands grilled over 2015 comments

No Collusion

After Nearly A Year In Office, Trump Still Calls Clinton His Opponent

Why Trump cant take credit for stock markets boom

Vancouver commissioners deal blow to proposed oil terminal

Small celebration time


Trump Slams Feinstein Over Russia Info Release

Treasury agency blindsided by Sessions marijuana crackdown: report

Fox News reporter quietly leaves network amid sexual harassment allegations

How the media and the Democratic Party need to approach Republicans from now on:

Indivisible and Grass Roots Resistance works! ISSA IS GONE!

Congress barrels toward another shutdown crisis

Trump orders his Republican cronies to "Take charge!"

The going away party in Vista, CA today in front of Issa's office

House investigators want James Comey to testify on Clinton email investigation

The Key To Betty Whites Long and Happy Life Is Vodka And Hot Dogs

Donald Trump's Open Meeting Just Proves How Right Michael Wolff Is (Margaret Carlson, Daily Beast)


The Rights of Nature Movement Goes on Trial

Another Senator releases a report on Russian meddling!

Fox News praises Trump "because he's not killing anyone"

Stable genius Donald Trump doesnt actually have an MBA from Wharton: report

(Jewish Group) The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star Alex Borstein: My batmitzvah was my only profitable s

Egypt Opens Criminal Inquiry Over New York Times Article

Have you noticed for the last couple of days

(Jewish Group) Mazel tov, Mrs. Maisel

David Jolly is nailing it on MSNBC with Ari Melber.

Drumpt has no fear of 2018 Blue Wave election.

KA CON - weigh to waste electrons with Cuomo on CNN at 8PM CST

Over your head or out of your mind?

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Insane in the Membrane

If journalists prove the more salacious details of the Steele Dossier to be true will

Former US missionary gets 40 years for child sexual abuse

The Ultimate Paper Airplane

There "is" no collusion

INTERNET FIREARM SALES: ATF Enforcement Efforts and Outcomes of GAO Covert Testing

McConnell decries 'obstruction' on judicial nominees, irony weeps

I think I'll pass since I don't care for being nauseated.

Rachel is missing it

'Totally Wrong' on Jupiter: What Scientists Gleaned from NASA's Juno Mission

New York City plans to divest $5bn from fossil fuels and sue oil companies

Grand jury subpoena issued in Rep. Hunter criminal investigation

A Neutron Star Hiding Out Near a Black Hole Is Pelting Earth with Radio Waves

As a criminal prosecution looms, the Vatican takes control of Catholic movement in Peru

Anne Coulter checks in:

Trump administration ends registry for substance abuse, mental health programs

Dark Side: Secret Origins of Evidence in US Criminal Cases

Arpaio: Congress should examine presidential birth certificates

Dark Side: Secret Origins of Evidence in US Criminal Cases

Democrats to invite sex misconduct victims to Trumps State of the Union

Pesticide Use Threatens Health in California

Never play a game with an English person

New layoffs at Carrier factory year after Trump deal

Franken for President. Waters for VP. (drops mic)

Judge again rules for Trump administration in fight for control of CFPB

Guy Who Defended Prop 8 And Backed Torture Memo Author Says Hell Make A Great Judge

Boxcar Willie does imitations of famous country music singers

Trump Sidesteps Question on Mueller

Trump's EPA Could Allow Teenage Workers To Handle Dangerous Pesticides

*Senator Cardin on Rachel show NOW.

OH NO-I went grocery shopping...did I miss the big news emmies night?

Most of us are too busy to be better: the lazy person's guide to self-improvement

Don't share. Classified.

Richard Painter on Trump saying it's "unlikely" he'll have to talk to Mueller: "Wanna bet?"

Majorities in new poll say Trump not level-headed or fit for office

On Rachel: One of the nominees that Franken grilled and found lacking in veracity has been

I find it interesting that these polls come out that say

WA AG: Jeff Sessions's Marijuana War Faces a Foe in Washington State


The Hoarse Whisperer smacks down a troll for grammar mistake.

'Black Widow' Stand-Alone Film A Reality

Does Trump know he has the right to STFU?

Ummmmmmm. Hello?

JB's boogie

Mine closing wipes out many of Trump's coal job gains

The F-52s are a famous musical group.

Tennessee pastor apologizes for 'sexual incident' with teen

IQ45 "trumped" by powerful woman with big hands. (and heart)

F52 is the medical diagnosis code for sexual dysfunction

What America can learn from a bridge in Scotland

About those f-52s... Get ready for the crazy.

Legislative Auditors to Audit West Virginia Supreme Court

"Congress barrels toward another shutdown crisis" Wrong Fucking Title.

West Virginia Lawmakers to Discuss Taxes, New Court

Roughly a quarter of the planet is slowly turning into a perpetual desert

West Virginia Judge Suspended for Code of Conduct Violations

$151M water crisis settlement moves closer to final court approval

Reaction mixed to Justice's State of the State address

Governor Greiten (R Missouri), (mini trump) is in deep doodoo. Admits to extra marital affair.

Governor Greitens admits to extramarital affair

2018 Trump Will Make 2017 Trump Look Like A...

Meet the butterflies from 200 million years ago

What Happens Now That the Bundy Trial is Over?

Boy, when Trump is gone and A Democratic president takes over...

Brazil Joins France in Dangerous Pursuit to Snuff Out Fake News

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 11, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Charles Boyer

Justice's 'turn-the-corner' budget proposes pay raises, new spending

First-Ever Drone Swarm Attack Has Struck Russian Military Bases, Sources Claim

Anchovies in Frankie's World

U.S. biggest source of illegal foreign guns in Brazil - report

Seth Meyers Late Night White House Press Briefing: Does the President Believe in Satan? ;)

For Trump, Putin is a friend, but Hillary is the enemy

Network & Cable Television Inundated With Drug Commercials.

U.S. biggest source of illegal foreign guns in Brazil - report

Draft bill would terminate West Virginia Board of Funeral Examiners

Sarah Sanders is the female version of Baghdad Bob

Former funeral director sentenced for fraud

The Daily Show: Trump Sends Mixed Messages on Immigration

Ex-VFD treasurer enters guilty plea for embezzlement

Trump Sings National Anthem - The Late Show

Seth Meyers: President Trump's First Physical, U2 Albums - Monologue - 1/9/18

Federal grand jury indicts Morgantown-area doctor

Why isn't DU supporting tweets tonight?

Seth Meyers: Guest Lewis Black Reflects on the First Year of Trump's Presidency

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 12, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight - Survival Movies

Republican Missouri Governor threatened mistress with "compromising" photo

Fox News, AND CNN say they will not be hiring Stephen Bannon

William Grant Still: "Pastorela"

Um - Manafort and Gates sued today by Oleg Deripaska

Minimum Wage-They Might Be Giants

Joseph Schwantner: MLK, New Morning for the World "Daybreak of Freedom"

Could this be considered Classical?

"Canticles of the Holy Wind: lll. Dream of the Hermit Thrush"/

"Rakastava, Op. 14" ("The Lover")/Albracht Mayer-Jos. Fiala:

Arpaio tells Cuomo that Obamas birf certificate is a forgery

Question: Is The Moron allowed to plead the 5th

My favourite soup ever. Just found the link. From way back in the 1980s.

This is how coal dies- super cheap renewables plus battery storage

Prosecutors play racist tapes that mock Cleveland Browns, Dawg Pound in Pilot Flying J fraud trial

Ohio teacher accused of telling black student he might be lynched

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/10/18

Report: As Overture To Putin, Trump NSC Official Proposed Withdrawing US Troops

North Royalton hacker stole potentially embarrassing information from computers, feds say

Democrat Rep. Kathleen Clyde to introduce legislation to beef up elections cybersecurity

Nearly half of utility-scale capacity installed in 2017 came from renewables

Ohio Republicans propose changes to congressional redistricting; Democrats say it won't end gerry-

Dental Management Company Benevis and its Affiliated Kool Smiles Dental Clinics to Pay $23.9 Million

Darrell Issa Is Retiring, Just Like Everyone Else. Record number of House GOPers have already quit

Cuyahoga County elections official subject of criminal investigation

I Remember You...

Texas Mayor and Owners of Health Care Company Charged With Health Care Fraud, Money Laundering and

New York City sues 5 major oil companies, claiming they contributed to global warming

Baltimore hospital accused of 'patient dumping' after woman left in cold

Luna meets Lenovo...

The Wall is disintegrating

Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton announce joint Ohio gubernatorial ticket

Democrat Bill O'Neill chooses Lorain principal Chantelle Lewis as his running mate

Normay is known world wide for its Fords

One word puts Cincinnati Women's March, Black Lives Matter at odds

Davy or Ryan...

On CNN right now.

Has Cheeto sent any compassionate rhetoric to the people of

(Jewish Group) German Idea to Fight Anti-Semitism: Make Immigrants Tour Concentration Camps

I thought about becoming a male stripper...

(Jewish Group) Reviving Old Lies to Unite a New Russia

Notice how the conspiracy theory on the Russia investigation by the right keeps changing?

U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci to leave governor's race for U.S. Senate

Local lawmaker: 'I haven't had a drink' since McDonald's drive-thru arrest

Anyone else have a cat that eats cheese?

Republicans May Skip Budget

Welcome to Another Edition of Lets Stick It To The Poor

Joe Shmoe is trolling Orange Cheetolini really hard today

'Serious gap' in cosmic expansion rate hints at new physics

House 'Freedom Caucus' Republicans Hard-Line Immigration Stand Clashes With Trump Overture

Eleanor Clift: How Lindsey Graham Became the Trump Whisperer

Top U.S. Government Computers Linked to Revenge-Porn Site

Trumps 2,000 Lies A Documentary ... Happy Lie 2k Everybody!

Employee groups blast state unemployment plan

Justices appear split on Ohio voter-purge case

Sarah Silverman, "I Love You, America"

01/11 Mike Luckovich: Megaphone to megathrone

Wisdom from JC

They smashed Beatles records in the Bible Belt after John Lennon said something like that...

This Was President Trump's 2,000th Lie in Office

Here's how to spin "the wall" to your Trump-loving friends

A search of the White House website for "collusion" yields no results even though the word...

Lawsuit: Univ. of Cincinnati charging 'unconstitutional' security fees for Richard Spencer speech

Can't believe this shit...... Joe Arpaio: Obama's birth certificate is a 'phony document'

The Unpresident: Why Donald Trump Will Never Change

WAPO reporter Joel Achenbach suspended for 'inappropriate workplace conduct.

GWB told 935 lies in 2 years to sell the Iraq-war. Trump has told 2000 lies in 11 months.

"Donald Trump is a liar & an idiot and a con man pure & simple who sold us a bag of shit."

People need to learn how to swear better.

I posted a tweet, but the tweet doesn't show, just "link to tweet"

NV Energy looking for 330 MW of fresh renewables in Nevada

WaPo: Democrats go it alone on Russia probe after partisan breakdowns

Welsh govt ready to help fund 320-MW tidal lagoon

The new Cuba: Venezuelan rafters fleeing Venezuela die at sea

Who Do You Despise More...??

Zinke's Decision To Exempt FL From Drilling "Should Have His Lawyers Cringing"

GOP Governors In MD, SC, GA Will Now Also Press Shitstain Administration For Oil Drilling Exemptions

100s Of Flying Foxes Killed By Sydney Heat; Brain Death From Temps Up To 117

New Time cover: Year One

North Korea: Trump 'Humiliated' Over Popularity of Wolff Book

Environment Canada Climatologist: "Expect The Unexpected" After Extreme Maritimes Storm

Kansas governor's budget has fellow Republicans in revolt

It is to laugh at white guys complaining about diversity.

Terror attacks tripled after Trump Jerusalem recognition, Shin Bet stats show

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - National Disgrace

Trump Goes After FBI and Clinton After Watching Fox & Friends: 'What a Mess!'

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - Ban-noned

Feds Can Kill One Bird to Help Another, Appeals Court Rules

Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Toon- Garbage

Conway: Trump 'Discovered' a Wall Not Needed Across Entire Border

Shitstain Renominates "Overwhelmingly Unqualified" Candidates For NASA, CEQ, NOAA, EPA

Cartoon: A Calvinist and Hobbesian look at the very stable genius of Donald Trump

Tip forTrump: Fox news is not a real news

Oh, Thank God! 2017 Was Only The Third-Warmest On Record For The United States

So the Democrats colluded with Russia to help Trump win?

Abedin and Weiner Withdraw Their Divorce

MSNBCs Mika perfectly explains the real reason Trump keeps 'bullying' Hillary Clinton

What is revealed in a psychological evaluation?

Trump's secret plan to scrap Obamacare

The Boarder Wall Should Be - Cardboard Cutout Of Trump - Shoulder To Shoulder.....

Lawsuit Accuses Ford, Bosch Of Diesel Emissions Rigging In F-250, F-350 Models

Trump sold $35M in real estate in 2017, mostly to secretive buyers

Britain rejects request to grant Julian Assange diplomatic status amid report of Ecuador citizenship

For someone so insistent that he's been cleared, Trump sure likes to tweet about Russia.

The Economist Cover: "ONE YEAR OLD"

99%+ Of Green Sea Turtles Born In Key Breeding Area Female Thanks To Rising Temperatures

Trump's emergency order on opioids falls short of promises

If you are angry with Trump, VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS THIS FALL.! New slogan for 2018

Video: Sen. Sanders on Why We Need a Clean Dream Act Now

Oprah Winfrey Helped Create Our Irrational Pseudoscientific American Fantasyland - Slate

Sen. Sanders on Why We Need a Clean Dream Act Now

Four Platforms & Nearly 100 New Oil Wells Inside Yasuni NP No Problem - They'll Be Really Careful!!

U.S. deploys three powerful B-2 stealth bombers to Guam amid cooling tensions on Korean Peninsula

Sessions telling allies he hopes recent moves will get him back in Trump's good graces: report

Doctor charged in radio host wife's slaying due in court

Trump administration opens door to let states impose Medicaid work requirements

Kremlin: U.S. report accusing Russia of election meddling harms relations

Bannon's big reveal in new Trump book is 'all about money laundering'

Global Fish Populations Heading For Serious Problems; Bacteria, Algae Likely Winners In Warming Seas

No College Kid Needs a Water Park to Study

It will be Money Laundering and

A Tiny Texas Town Takes a Chance on Medical Marijuana

Treasury yields rise after another central bank considers taking the punch bowl away

Rohingya Refugees Strip 4,000 Acres Of Bangladesh Forest Bare In Fight For Survival

Every time I listen

Mountain Gorillas at Home

Buyers' Remorse among marijuana users

Trump Waives Punishment For Convicted Banks, Including HIS OWN LENDER

HUGE: Senator Unilaterally Releases Testimony on Trump Russia Dossier

China's inexorable rise is helped by Trump's retreat

These Trump nominees couldn't get confirmed by the GOP Senate, but they're still in government

He can't let her go...tweeting again this morning

Idiot Teacher Asked 4th-Graders to Give 3 Good Reasons for Slavery

Venal Coal Pantload Bob Murray Very, Very Angry With Shitstain's FERC Appointees

Letterman and Obama -video at link

When Bannon DARED Tell The Truth...

Another sign he is not mentally well

GOV. Ralph Northam assembles a majority-female Cabinet, a first for Virginia

ICE Targets 7-Eleven Stores In Nationwide Immigration Raids

Why Republicans Love Dumb Presidents

Ex-S. Carolina Detective Facing Misconduct Trial Found Dead

Why are tweets now not showing up in Chrome and Firefox?

Teacher accused of telling black student he might be lynched

Hitler Created a Fictional Persona To Recast Himself as Germany's Savior

Walmart is raising wages and giving bonuses, citing tax cuts


Pope to meet with victims of Chile's dictatorship on trip

Trump will have a physical. It should include this:

'Get smart!' Trump walks back attack on his own White House after getting tricked by 'Fox & Friends'

🎸R.I.P. Fast Eddie!🎸

Trump administration opens door to let states impose Medicaid work requirements

Does the FBI tilt heavily conservative Republican?

Jared Kushner is in charge of prison reform! Looking for a more comfortable abode?

Trump team: Memo will show transition emails should not have been given to Mueller: report

R.I.P. Denise

Pope to meet with victims of Chile's dictatorship on trip

IMO, Oprah Winfrey will need to offer a UBI program to get on the ticket.

For civilians, it is now 8:55 a.m. in Illinois. For those in the military, it is 0855. For those


Trump urges House to reauthorize NSA surveillance after ripping it in a tweet

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens admits extramarital affair denies reports he blackmailed woman nude phot

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens admits extramarital affair but denies reports he blackmailed woman with

Time cover: Trumps hair on fire sums up year one.

Kellyanne Conway: 'We're forced to' talk about Hillary Clinton

Trumps 2,000 Lies A Documentary (AKA HAPPY LIE2K)

Just how exactly did Florida get excused from offshore oil drilling?

5 Mexican states get highest US 'do not travel' warning

Fostoria vinyl tile maker fined over $500,000 for safety violations

Kittehs vs. pupper: which video is cuter?

Buttery Sesame Seed Scones recipe

Republican lawmakers push to make Ohio "right to work"

What happens when our overwhelming votes get flipped by Russian hackers?

Charles Blow, NYT: "Trumpism is a religion founded on patriarchy and white supremacy"

Sessions assembles team to probe support for Hezbollah

Charles Blow, NYT today

Nobody here talks about Hillary ... Kellyanne just before Trump tweets Hillary

Gerrymandering is still OK in PA, ruling by Philadelphia circuit court:*

Bitcoin drops $2,000 in value as South Korea announces planned trading ban

Where have all the sign shakers gone?

Ahead Of Hill Vote, Trump Attacks Spy Bill His Administration Supports

Take a deal for the dreamers. Build the wall. - Washington Post Editorial Board

Trump and Libel Laws

New Hudson River Tunnels.....

Nancy says stop this because of his tweets

GOP angst over midterms grows

Trump acting all emolument-y with $35 million secretive condo sales in 2017 reports USA Today

"Only way to stay sane in Trump's Washington is to ignore everything he says" (GOP source to Axios)

GOP's Cramer won't run for ND Senate

A Fourth Young Immigrant Woman Is Being Blocked by the Trump Administration From Obtaining...

MORNING JOE: Trumps Lawyers keep telling him the Mueller probe will be over soon.....

Puerto Ricos Biggest Newspaper: The U.S. Hasnt Helped Us Because Of The Jew

Medicaid Work Requirements

Trump Wants Changes to Federal Libel Laws. No Such Laws Exist

Actor James Franco Accused by 5 Women of Inappropriate or Sexually Exploitative Behavior

After a Sweet Deal With Dad, Eric Trump Assembles a Valuable Penthouse

Trump tweets poll that gives Obama credit for economy

When is "He's new at this job and not a politician"

Watch Kimmel's 'Mini-Documentary' Commemorating Trump's 2,000 Lies In Office

In remembrance..........................David Bowie 1/10/2016

"With that being said..."

Can the MSM please stop with the tRump Is Unpredictable crap?

Venezuela bank says, "We're not selling". Chavismo says, "We're not buying... we're taking!"

Steve Bannon Lawyers Up ... As Russia Investigators Get Ready to Pounce

"This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions!"

Trump Is On A Collusion Course With Mueller.....

R.I.P. Motorhead guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke

72F, humid and partly cloudy in Orlando

News anchors that could not stop laughing

ND-Sen: Republicans lose top recruit to challenge Heitkamp

Russia's advocate in the WH fighting the Russia investigation

No Sex Scandals for Steve Bannon

Donald Trump's Favorite Song - By Joan Baez

Dirty Money Official Trailer

CBS, Stephen Colbert Plot Live 'Late Show' Following Trump State of the Union

Brexiteers back second EU referendum to stop 'soft' departure from bloc

I was thinking this over today while on the road.

UPDATE: SpaceX postpones 'static test' fire of Falcon Heavy engines

Republicans can't keep their own ass clean, yet they worry about the actions of others.

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump ongoing lie counter unveiled, to be displayed on the side of warehouse.

"JUNGLE PRIMARY" A GOP Scheme. But They Want A Twist.

J.R.R. Tolkien specifically forbade Disney from ever being involved in any movie adaptations

Jerry Browns Legacy: A $6.1 Billion Budget Surplus in California

John Dickerson Of CBSs Face The Nation Is Set To Replace Charlie Rose

Republicans Have 4 Convicted Criminals Running For Congress In 2018

Everything Trump was funny, but....

Breaking news on the FISA warrants...Trump

The Russian attack on our election was an act of war,

Last of the Three Amigos - Motorhead Guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke dead at 67

Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates Trumps 2,000th Lie With a Stirring Documentary Tribute

As much as Id have to post anything from Faux. It's the only link I have at the moment.

Kevin Swanson: The Shape Of Water Represents The End Of Civilization As We Know It

"Friday is just a day away!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Reporters to Trump ambassador: This is the Netherlands you have to answer questions

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The... Last 24 Hours

The Other Side of the Walmart Wage Hike - Some Sam's Club Stores Closing

I wish we could have more active members of this group who

5 dogs-1 cat -1 bed-7 degrees outside. So who gets the bed?

What "advantage do the Democrats have in the Electoral College" ?

Mike Cernovich Thinks The Deep State & Hollywood Are Practicing Dark Magic And Abusing Children

🐦 Jan. 23 at 7pm ET Join us for a Live Town Hall with Sen. Sanders

Jan. 23 at 7pm ET Join us for a Live Town Hall with Sen. Sanders

Is There Such a Thing as Evangelical Atheism?

Sanders will host health-care town hall, aiming for online audience bigger than cable

Interior plans to move thousands of workers in the biggest reorganization in its history

Sanders will host health-care town hall, aiming for online audience bigger than cable

A bit about the black Jaguar (cat, not the car)

Top 100 Meteorology Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2018

Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rev. William Barber host conversation on race at Duke Chap

Health & Science Trump administration freezes database of addiction and mental health programs

Here is my letter to Lindsay Graham:

Sam's Club stores close around the country

Quinnipiac University National Poll: Do Not Enforce Federal Pot Laws, U.S. Voters Say 3-1

Oprah for president? Have we learned nothing? - LAT editorial

Exclusive: Issa mulls running in neighboring district

Dayton Mayor Whaley expected to drop out of governors race

Shouldn't we stop make fun of an pathetically addled, obviously mentally ill, man? Isn't that

Climate change: How the South ultimately loses the Civil War

The Great Republican Abdication

Purged from voting rolls while deployed, Ohio vet demands answers

Purged from voting rolls while deployed, Ohio vet demands answers

i'm seeing the rEpubs plan now

One Day On The Prairie!

Democratic leaders face internal mutiny over Dreamers deal

Republican Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is in 'serious' danger of losing his job

Bannon's brutal ouster from Trump and Breitbart circles should frighten Americans

For what it's worth, I read the Fusion GPS testimony in entirety.

Twitter users, check this out!

Question regarding Trump's "State of the Union" address

John Tyler, America's tenth president, was born in 1790. He has two living grandchildren.

I don't object to Primaries...

Fire and Fury: the Broadway Musical?

Nice article on Joe Schiavoni. From Columbus Free Press 1/2018

In the boyhood home of Ronald Reagan the largest case of municipal fraud in U.S. history

Sanders Announces Medicare for All Town Hall With NowThis, The Young Turks, ATTN:

Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown In Film Deal To Produce & Star In Enola Holmes Mysteries

Stephen Colberts Late Show To Air Live After Donald Trumps State Of The Union Address

Video: Bernie Sanders to hold national town hall about Medicare For All, Tuesday Jan 23 '18

Samantha Bees Full Frontal Gets 2 Season TBS Pick-Up

Bernie Sanders to hold national town hall about Medicare For All, Tuesday Jan 23 '18

do eye vitamins actually work?

keith just tweeted that Bannon is cooperating with Meuller and he may unretire lol

Bannon Lawyers Up; Russia Investigators Ready to Pounce

Is anyone here using a software for personal finance?

Trumps Communications Team Has a Full-Time Makeup Artist.

California Dems better wise up...for 2018 midterms., you're saying Jesus would be a Democrat?

I Made the Pizza Cinnamon Rolls from Mario Batalis Sexual Misconduct Apology Letter


The Party of Convicted Criminals

Trump Destroying GOP For Years To Come

Trump Fails To Protect US From Russia

What's the harm? "Sale of controversial 'miracle' tonic results in dozens of charges"

Progressive people of faith: Barack Obama

Republicans Have Dramatically Ramped Up Their Attacks On Russia Probes In 2018

Sams Club employees across the nation report to work only to find out the store is closed

Trump Does A 'Jekyll And Hyde' On DACA

Thread for Discussion of Respectful and Disrespectful Dialog in Religion Group

'World's Most Magnificent Time Machine,' the James Webb Space Telescope, Leaving Houston

Majority of People Covered by Medicaid, and Similar Programs, are Children, Older Adults, or Disable

Got my first pay check of the new year. No tax cut that I can see.

one of the creepiest assholes in the current administration is speaking at daily presser

The robber barons of Silicon Valley

Dossier Has Held Up Well Despite GOP Attacks

Who doesn't want an old-style train departure board in their kitchen?

Quincy, M. E. - Semper Fidelis episode

Another GOP governor wants state excluded from Trump offshore drilling plan

New Trump administration tax guidelines rely on workers to double-check their paychecks

so who grows dwarf heirloom tomatoes?

Call It The Who Cares About Consumer Safety Commission

Paul Ryan says Trump knows what FISA provision is

Walmart quietly lays off thousands of workers after bonus announcement

Missouri Governor Allegedly Slapped Ex-Lover

Today's History Lesson: President John Tyler (b. 1790) has two living grandchildren...

Trump Administration Gives Lucrative Waiver To Trumps Bank

Ecuador grants citizenship to Julian Assange

You cannot make this shiggy up!

Sen Casey gets Trump memo detailing how he'll dismantle the ACA

So, let me get this right?

Trump & the GOP's FABULOUS "healthcare" system in operation. See it HERE!

i've been trying like hell to figure out Bannon's endgame.

Bannon to appear before House committee for Russia probe: report

📺Eerie Indiana📺

Trump hits the brakes on Senate immigration deal

Dems lead by 17 points on generic ballot

Pauly Shore reenacts Stephen Miller's interview with Jake Tapper

Trump just declared war on the First Amendment in an unhinged cabinet meeting

Majority say Mueller probe is 'fair'

Oprah for America

Trump lauded delivery of F-52s to Norway. The planes only exist in 'Call of Duty.'

For some voters, pot crackdown a betrayal

I am not condoning violence...

tRumps obsession with Hillary reminded me of this:

Tax 'win' didnt help him

Wolff's Book Has Just Lowered Expectations for Trump

Huge public debt makes Trump's promised growth rates impossible

The "F-52" comment is even loopier than you think

House votes to renew NSA spying, rejects reform push

Pythons, Iguanas, and now

Steve Bannon Lawyers Up... as Russia Investigators Get Ready to Pounce

There is no Trumpism, only Republicanism

Trump, Kushner meet with advocates on prison reform.LOL

"Mr. Big Businessman, how did you invest your yooge tax cut?"

Attacking Democrats wont aid Dreamers in their fight

Destroying the GOP for years to come

Oklahoma jury: Woman guilty in daughter's crucifix death

Robert Mueller starts off with a simple question - By Tom Toles ('toon)

House passes spy program after confusing Trump tweets

Losing a home to eminent domain hurts and leaving is costly

Mueller has not requested interview with Pence

Majority says tax law benefits wealthy the most

Puerto Rico fears post-Maria murder surge: 11 days, 32 slain

Jose Andres Is Giving Lunch to Winners of the 'Fake News Awards'

I think I might barf . . . close up of Bannon's twitching face

Pauly Shore (Yes, Pauly Shore) Hysterically Reenacts Stephen Miller's CNN Interview

Bannon to appear before Congress committee for Russia probe

House Dems introduce train safety bill after deadly Amtrak crash

Ford urges 2,900 pickup owners to stop driving after new Takata death

An incredible court ruling just ordered 16 countries to make same-sex marriage legal

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: Democrats: We continue to distract ourselves at our own peril - Sta

DOJ: Kobach Can't Speak To What Will Be Done With Voter Fraud Panels Data

Reel Bands: Post a Clip/Pic of a Group from TV or a Flick

Bad Lip Reading: Trump Anthem

A question about the legality of personal space

Trump Officials Seek to Change Rules on Lending to the Poor

Putin says 'shrewd' Kim Jong Un has outwitted Trump in nuke standoff between North Korea & U.S.

Rep. Beto O'Rourke Seeks To Unseat Cruz

Bret Stephens Explains Why He's Still A 'NeverTrumper'

Do You Think Joe Scarborough got a talking to from Trump today??

GOP lawmaker proposes bill to grant residency for Salvadoran immigrants

Congress Could Reduce the Deficit by Billions by Extending Childrens Insurance Program

Arpaio on DACA recipients: 'Deport them'

Dem pledges to ask all court nominees about sexual harassment history under oath

Mnuchin: GOP tax law's 'whole purpose' was giving companies more money to compete

Did my ears deceive me, Jared is spearheading prison reform?

The media was quick to "entertain" the GOP's baseless accusations of LW bias in the FBI

Trump allies urge him not to talk to Mueller

sarah huckabee is a condescending piece of shit...this administration absolutely hates the media.

NE OK - About 8am this morn temp 52F, 3.30pm temp 25F

California mudslide: Rescuers hunt for survivors and victims

Cant' Wait For State Of The Union Address That I Cannot Watch. It Will Be Horrible.

Bad Lip Reading: Inauguration Day

Rauner no longer big fan of Greitens? Pulls ad featuring tainted Missouri gov

Has our dear leader even tweeted a thing about the latest CA disaster?

Trump Is the Last Person Who Should Have Power to Start a Nuclear War, Says Former Missile Officer

Schiff says more people knew about the Trump Tower meeting.

Trump attacks protections for immigrants from 'shithole' countries in Oval Office meeting

Trump attacks protections for immigrants from "shithole countries" in Oval Office meeting

Trump says immigrants are from 'shithole' countries

Schiff: National security would benefit it Chump watched cartoons in the morning

Trump: I 'have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un'

The Death of Modern Family

Democrats Open Huge Lead In Congressional Ballot

For the 2nd month in a row, Trump's ambassador to the Netherlands gets destroyed by Dutch press

Bannon Lawyers Up

trump's allies are telling him not to talk to Mueller

UPDATED: Trump accuses ex-Mueller team member Peter Strzok of treason

Trump attacks protections for immigrants from shithole countries in Oval Office meeting

Should Saturday Night Live Just Write Laura Benanti a Blank Check

As an immigrant myself, I am so disgusted

The President Who Doesn't Understand His Own Positions

'Stay With Me' - Goblin OST

That woman who returned a dead Xmas tree to Costco

Where is the best place to donate money for the midterm election?

Going full racist: Trump criticized immigration from 's---hole' countries

Pelosi: 'Five white guys' leading DACA talks should open a 'hamburger stand'

Found out this morning that I have a friend

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan 11, 2018

If you think people from Africa, Haiti and El Salvador are

Once a white supremacist...

Well, in case you hadn't heard it, Trump wants what you'd call a "White America" immigration policy

Same shithole, different shit

A School's Way To Fight Phones In Class: Lock 'Em Up

Trump Crony STUNNED When Reporters Call Him Out on Lies

Texas failed to educate, monitor disabled students: federal report


Once again, mr trump brings class and grace to america...

The Voters Abandoning Donald Trump

Deutsche bank is now our US atty?

You have to hand it to the moron, he has managed to destroy our

Dem lawmaker: Why do we allow presidents from 's---hole companies' like Trump Org?

The Shape Of Water Represents The End Of Civilization As We Know It

Cats in uniform

"Honestly didn't know you could put this word on television"

Dem lawmaker: Why do we allow presidents from 's---hole companies' like Trump Org?

So Donald thinks a Military Board Game "Call of Duty"

At the end of the day the civil rights folks were right

Hey 45, there are black people in Norway, would you take them?

"I am the least racist person that you have ever met," Trump 9/15/'16

Did trump, In calling third world countries in Africa and South America,their residents and

Pelosi, Dems accuse GOP of moving goalposts on DACA deal

the white house is defending what trump said....they know his base will approve of it.

White House does not deny Trump 's---hole' comments

The Wild Place; a story in The New Yorker

Has he gone too far, or not far enough?

I see Stephen Cobert is the follow up act

C'mon Wolf, say "shithole" like everyone else. Jeez

Is Slovenia a shithole country?

You have to hand it to the moron, he has destroyed our status in the

'President' trump's Policy Team...

Huckabee Sanders Gaslights Hallie Jackson: 'I'm Not Confused, You're Confused!'

Google reports hundred of thousands of children are googling "s hole."

Trump called African nations and Haiti shithole countries.

Accused N.Y. subway bomber pleads not guilty to terrorism charges

USA Today: Crazy Republican conspiracy theories crushed...

Lindsay Graham defends Trump, even after he made a racist remark in front of him

Are Trump's Ties To Big Banks A Larger Danger To Democracy? ( Richard Wolff)

WaPo: Trump slurs immigrants from 'shithole' countries

'We don't want a sh*thole president: Internet blasts Trump over 'sh*thole countries' comment

Puerto Rico governor orders probe of discovery of hurricane recovery materials

Puerto Rico governor orders probe of discovery of hurricane recovery materials

It most definitely is NOT.

Donald Trump is a freaking full-on disgrace.

MTP Daily: "Shithole" comment blows up any hope for a DACA deal..."

Trump says 'probably' has a good relationship with North Korea's Kim: WSJ

Why did s**thole change to shithole on the CNN crawl?

Has Donald Trump supplanted Richard Nixon as the most racist American president ever ?

This Is Must Watch - By Josh Marshall

Re :shithole countries - If ONE media person, if ONE American anywhere


Its ok to use the shit word here.

White House staffers not freaking out about Trump's "shithole" comment.

Vicente Fox Quesada tweet

He's trying to get thrown out of the white house. I swear he is. He's sick of it all. It's not feedi

Trump asked his aides why the Medicare program couldn't just cover everybody. Wolff Book

"Your mouth is the biggest shithole in the world"....Vincente Fox


Protests erupt over rape, murder of 7-year-old girl in Pakistan

The company I work for (not Walmart) just jumped on the "instant trickle down" band wagon.

Trump supposedly had Mein Kampf on his nightstand. Will Trump "slip"...

Philip Mudd, CNN panellist, pointed out that southern europeans, Irish, Asians,

"We should have more people from places like Norway"


Will Trump's poll numbers go up after "shithole" remark?

My "current" favorite anime opening sequence...

Ari Melber reporting that Bannon is lawyering up.

How long before Trump calls people from Africa and Haiti Lebensunwertes Leben

I have this great idea for a new post-White House TV show for Donald Trump...


ABC says '...using an expletive that we are not allowed to use...

It's PointlessTo Criticize Him

S*** Hole comments front page news in NZ

There are about 8,000,000 Americans living abroad

RNC flag burner sues Cleveland, InfoWars for 2016 convention arrest

Every major news outlet reporting S*thole comment

I honestly knew a guy named Anil Shitole in Rochester, NY


Obama right now


It's not the dirty words, it's the racism.

OK, so Trump(R) said "shit" and it's on all the front pages. Note that the Fusion GPS testimony

Is anyone really shocked by this? Trump campaigned on a racist, sexist, and bigoted platform, and

Sh*thole President (warning...graphic)

A Dollar Says Sean Hannity Takes The Night Off From His Show Tonight.

I don't recall the inscription on the Statue of Liberty

Trump just says what every racist asshole wants to say but is embarassed to say in public

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