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Mira Sorvino, Harvey Weinstein accuser, apologizes to Dylan Farrow for not believing her

Earlier I saw a blurb on FB re DAVOS and a petition was up to keep tRump out. I now go back

I'm not sure I understand the term "shithole". Please use it in a sentence.

What about the 'shithole' countries two of his wives came from? My guess is if they weren't

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 12 January 2018

The STARK contrast of current to former occupants

WHY IS HE ALLOWED TO BE IN OFFICE???? This IS NOT acceptable behavior....EVER!!!!!

Tweety won't say "shithole", says "cacahole" instead

"Kalen Reacts" Potato Salad Cake

The word was "shithouse" according to National Review guy on CNN....

Apply to be a panelist at the Medicare for All Town Hall

Get Ready For A Biopic About Hattie McDaniel, The First Black Oscar Winner

In case you ever wondered what happened to Bob Boudelang, angry conservative

I know it's just words, but it reflects the heart that lurks behind his mouth

The comments are so shocking, the press isn't even censoring the curse word.

Question. Does any of my friends here have a Great Pyrenees's?

McAuliffe on Hardball -- WOW

Fire and Fury - My review and speculation.

Senate sends bill recognizing six Virginia Indian tribes to President Trumps desk

"Shithole Nations "Debacle by Trump..

Soooo...what are the White House plans to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

Poll: 86% of Americans want Dreamers to stay in U.S.

shithole African countries are more educated than US, and earn more..

Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez I am ashamed of the president.

Sessions tries to impress Trump with moves at Justice. It hasn't worked.

Until we take the financial system out of private hands-

Here is a "shithole country" that gave us this woman...

Guardian: Winston Churchill of Darkest Hour a rebuke to Trump, says film's director

When my grandparents came through Ellis..there

petition to keep the moron away from World Economic Forum

cartoon: Trump's new tax law

President Trumps New Judicial Nominee Is Moral Poison

13 Great Chili Recipes

Shithole crosses the Rubicon.

The people of this country are too tolerant.

The Shithead in charge of the Shitshow is in no position to talk about any nation as a Shithole!

GOP Rep. Mia Love calls on Trump to apologize for 'unkind, divisive, elitist' comments

The "Trump Organization" is a shithole.

Treasury secretary says new Iran sanctions are coming as administration faces another deadline on nu

President Shithole or Shithouse President - all other nicknames are OVER

Fox News fans giddy over California woes -

The cover of tomorrow's NY Daily News (Perfect)

trump's new rock bottom

CNN Breaking News - Source: Trump - "Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out." n/t

Character is destiny.

Joy Reid still in for Chris Hayes, MSNBC, right now AND SHE SAID THE S WORD!!!!

Social Sharing Policy - Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

seems like tRump is doing anything he wants with NO FEAR! you suppose

45 cancels his visit to London - amid fears he won't be welcome

Dina Titus (U.S. Representative from NV) refers to President Shithole as...

Trump Demands Poem on Statue of Liberty Be Revised to Exclude Shithole Countries

It's been almost a year since the New Yorker's most heartbreaking cover

Acosta: Trump also said, "Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out."

🐦 Sen. Bernie Sanders tonight on #CuomoPrimeTime, 9pm ET

Joy Reid is the ONLY person who can hold these fucking repigs responsible.

Sen. Bernie Sanders tonight on #CuomoPrimeTime, 9pm ET

Donald Trump's mouth is a Shithole!!!!!

This Trump campaign ad is what Don the Con wants for POC immigrants

Trump was taping message for MLK Jr this afternoon just as news of "shithole" remark broke

Wow. Trump legitimized the word "shit" for public media use.

Wow - great tweet from CNN's Jim Sciutto. Nails it.

Because "Normay" Is a Common-Sense, Democratic Socialist Country, Where Every Citizen Has $1million

A new leak? Please identify

Shithead President Opens Shithole Mouth, Shits From It. And Other News (Ferret/ShowerCap)

Issa said he won't seek reelection, HE LIED!

Give me your Norwegian masses yearning to breathe free.

Father John Misty on 'Austin City Limits' last weekend.

more winning in Tacoma, WA - State Farm leaving

All The New Norwegians Would Vote Straight Democrat/For Universal Health Care/Socialism.

Hopefully Trump's "shithole" remark blew up the immigration deal

I have no words. Just utter shame.

Are Orange-Americans genetically predisposed to brain rot? nt

Donald Trump visit to London called off amid fears of mass protests

Any public comment, condemnation or denunciation

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner launches criminal investigation of Greitens

GOP/Trump Base Ok Wth His Remarks. If Anything They Are THRILLED By It.

Ana Navarro is on CNN wearing a Tee Shirt that says:

Trump alleges that the FBI agent Mueller ousted committed 'treason' by sending anti-Trump texts

To be fair to Trump

Updated: Frank Lloyd Wright building in Whitefish demolished

Trumpass said there were good white supremacists.

Gavin Newsom: Youre a joke. Resign.


Oprah Winfrey is less popular among Democrats than Joe Biden, poll says

Transcript of Donald Trump Interview With The Wall Street Journal

We can not normalize the fact that Trump has turned the White House into a shit hole. Anna Navarro

I Just Hope We Can Flush the Republiturds Down The Toilet In November.

I think we will see a first..Trump will apologize


To Be The Doctor Examining Trump Has To Be Nauseating Beyond Belief.

Three More Years? :(.

trump, this pie's for you, have 2 pieces

NY Daily News goes after Trump's 's---hole' remark: 'S--- for brains'

Ferndale Brewery Tweaks Trump with 'One of the Most Powerful Beers in the World'

Feds Ask to Revoke Chuck Rizzo's Bond for Attempting to Tamper With Witness

Spot finds that the Cat lessons are really paying off.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 13, 2018 -- The Essentials: Witness Protection

The Gospel According to Donald As Told by Stephen Colbert.

She forced a crucifix down her possessed daughters throat. Now, shes convicted of murder.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Insane in the Membrane

Utahs Mia Love, the only Haitian-American in Congress, says Trump should apologize

You cannot ignore the Golden retriever

Trump races to head off another special election debacle

Chris Cuomo on CNN- Bernie will be a guest

Watch CNN's Phil Mudd Go on an Epic Rant Condemning Trump: 'I'm a Proud Sh*tholer!'

Sams Club takes advantage of Trumps booming economy:

Ironically, Norway probably thinks of the USA as a "shithole" country

Anderson Cooper gave a shout out to Haiti tonight at the end of his

Anderson Cooper's closing remarks. Wow. Just wow! He was so angry his voice was cracking.

Very Somber Rachel Tonight

WA Dept. of Licensing regularly gave drivers' info to immigration authorities: Report

Why we don't get a lot of Norwegian Immigrants

Lots of use of the word "treason" by the Shithole Shithead lately.

Abdul El-Sayed of Detroit, Candidate for Governor, Feels Like a Target

Ex-CIA chief: Lady Liberty 'weeping' over Trump's 'atrocious' comments

The 'Black Hole' Optical Illusion of the Bird of Paradise Explained By Stephanie Pappas, Live Scienc

Chris Cuomo just used "shithole" twice in the past five minutes.

Jenny and Amy disagree about the tree.

Went to Breitbart so you don't have to...

Not sure why the MSM seems upset about this. They did everything they could to see that he is where

TV Judge Greg Mathis Signals a Run for John Conyers' Seat

8th Cir.: hair braiders licensing is rationally related to state interest in public health & safety.

What today ultimately confirmed for me

Homeland Security warns Detroiters to look for signs of human trafficking during auto show

Get it girl !!! Maddow is THE FIRST major TV commentator to say Trump is an OPENLY RACIST PRESIDENT

people from places like Norway don't want to come here dotard. They have healthcare

The online shithole called Breitbart loves Trump's comment about "shithole" countries

Intel's telling some customers to avoid its fix for the Spectre and Meltdown attacks

Didn't Trump get sued over racism?

Pete Hoekstra's first day as U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands was a total shitshow

These journalists finally called Trump racist

What about Norway?

What about Norway?

Breaking: Haitian govt formally summons US official to explain Trump's comments

Trump and the White House have denied Russian collusion more than 140 times

Why is the ad at the top of my browser when visiting DU

May I propose a new name for 45: President Shithole

Tomorrow's Daily News

Yes, Dan Gilbert wants to use school money to fund his new downtown projects

Schiff: GOP blocking key witnesses in effort to scuttle House Russia inquiry

Somebody needs to gather together all the clips of Trump sychophants acrewing themselves into

Is there a GOP conspiracy to discredit the Trump-Russia investigation?

Trump: Greatest president ever:

Coded messages for dump in the Fux chryon?

Trump just thanked Federalist writer who calls him "greatest president" our country has seen

Bill Schuette failed consumers as Michigan Attorney General

Video: Sen. Sanders - CNN Chris Cuomo Primetime 1/11/2018

Anderson Cooper's emotional message to Haiti

Sen. Sanders - CNN Chris Cuomo Primetime 1/11/2018

Will Pence Meet With Mueller? Vice President Open to Interview but Special Counsel Hasn't Asked Yet

Trump Refers To Haiti, African Countries As 'Shithole' Nations

The More I See & Hear Of Trump The More I Hate The Trumpasses Who Put Him In.

Michigan AG Bill Shady Schuette using tax dollars to run his campaign Hatch Act violation compla

Steve Bannon hired the same lawyer as Reince Priebus and that should scare Donald tRump

When my dad

Trump has now tweeted 4 times in 10 minutes, trying to change the subject

Gov. Snyder & AG Schuette arguing that Emergency Managers are not state officials in Flint Water


Trump Doesn't Have 'Negotiating Room' Re Mueller Interview

Turn to Don Lemon now if you can.

Macomb leaders cheer Fiat Chrysler's $1 billion plan for Warren truck plant

Hearing the BBC correspondent Peter Bowes directly quoting

Haitians in the American Revolution, 1779

WOMEN'S MARCH JAN 20 & 21, 2018...are you going? Where?

Don Lemon is a hero. Just two or three sentences into listening to John Fredericks.....

Did Trump just elect Kyrsten Sinema to the Senate?

Manager accused of embezzling $538K from trucking company heads to trial

Haiti Demands Explanation of Trump Remarks. I've Got A Great Idea For Who They Can Send...

A lot of S words flying around on TV right now

The New Colossus

Vermont Senate passes bill to legalize recreational marijuana use

Whiny Donny just proved that the book is true and accurate (nt)

Lawrence just said his parents came from Ireland, considered a shithole country...

8/25/2016: Hillary was the first to call out Trump's racist history and dog whistling to racists

Michigan AG seeks sentence of 40 to 125 years for Nassar

Where will Drumpt put his library?

"... what was it like being a gay athlete in sports"

The New Fuhrer-That Mitchell and Webb Look

Trump is killing the very idea and ideal of the American presidency. I for one am at a loss for

I honestly thought Trump was joking when he said people from Haiti had AIDS

What does a successful shit hole sound like?


Video Reportedly Shows Woman In Hospital Gown Left On Street By Baltimore ER Staff

The Post - movie

OK, the joke's over. Can we puh-lease clean out the White House now? It's not funny anymore.

A look at Trumps offensive comments on nonwhite immigrants

New tax cut plan emerges in Michigan Senate

How do I get this sized to fit my sig photo.....

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 14 - Gene Tierney

Michigan lawmakers to get more sexual harassment training

Lois Flagston is an empowered liberal woman.

Trump's statement is an attack on people of color around the world (LAT)

"Don Lemon" is now trending worldwide on Twitter

TCM Schedule for Monday January 15 - African American Filmmakers

Does traitor Devin Nunes have a credible challenger in 2018?

Trump's 'shithole' comment appalling


GPS Fusion testimony to receive greater public scrutiny, thanks to tRump tweet

What a CLASSY lady. not

Trump should resign

Ana Navarro: Trump has turned the Oval Office into a "shithole"

Sorry, but does anyone else gag a little with all this crowing about the US being the Greatest Show


Democratic Party Ban on Meetings with Trump and Republicans

Navarro: No other way to interpret Trump's comments

Did Durbin Walk Out Of That Meeting Today.....

*** Alert: Trump In Hospital With Broken Arm ***

#Trump has taken the Presidency from arguing RE:Penis size, to "Grab em by the pussy" to "shithole"


Trump scheduled to appear before media at 11:30 tomorrow to sign MLK Day proclamation

VIDEO: Don Lemon crushes conservative ninny John Fredericks

Trump must watch Fox 24/7

Is anyone sharing my hopelessness tonight?

On my Mother' s side my Great and Greatgrandparents came over on a boat.

Joe Arpaio Calls Infowars To Thank Them For Their Support.

From Twitter on Trump and Shithole


Too bad it's real ...

CNN and Don Lemon 1/11/2017 "Carrie Sheffield"

The Public

CNN Don Lemon Panel VS Carrie Sheffield over President Trump 'Shithole Countries' Slur on Immigrant

Trump's Words & Sentiment Are Just Our New Normal Get Used To It. GOP OK W/It.

All of us are immigrants

Anderson Cooper's Remarks on Haiti.


I Am Surprised GOP Not Demanding Seniors On Medicare/Social Security Must Work.

When Will Trump Hold His Fake News/Press Awards?....

So is Trump's new official title President Shithole?

For those feeling demoralized, angry, frustrated, or just plain sad. This will help. PLEASE READ.

More Libel Law Bluster - WSJ Editorial

Trump ACTUALLY Called These Countries S**tholes

Trump is going to have a meltdown over this...

The Daily Show: Trump Calls Non-White Countries "S**tholes"

Trumps 2,000 Lies A Documentary

LOL! Trump just tweeted his excuse for canceling his trip to England

Fuckface is making me tired.

Richard Spencer, Tweet on Haiti: "... it's filled with shithole people."

Ex Presidents should speak up NOW

Trump's Words Will Inspire More Racist/Immigrant Violence. It Is Code.

I really hate to say this but Steve Bannon must be loving the shithole

Theres a new member of the lemur family

Seth Meyers: National Houseplant Appreciation Day, Robotic Strippers - Monologue - 1/10/18

CNN: Don Lemon

So Trumpy gets his medical check ina few hours

1,700-Year-Old Musical Instrument Found, and It Still Works

Seth Meyers: Guest Lawrence O'Donnell Talks News Reporting in the World of Trump

Shitler hires Haitians.

Why Are Women Accused of Witchcraft?

The British were planning to rename their protest, #ShowYourShitholeToTrump. Now, SAD.

Non-violent Mass Civil Disobedience - General Strike - Government Shutdown - Boycotts

New Research Dispels the Myth That Ancient Cultures Had Universally Short Lifespans

Muslim group wants to build Carmel's first mosque; residents in upscale neighborhoods object

GOP Voters/Trump Voters Celebrating Trump's Word.

State expects green light to require some Medicaid recipients to work, but change may draw legal ...

Michael Moore tweets a great, and very do-able response to the shithead.

Trumps madman rhetoric may have scared North Korea to talks, analysts say

Sunday alcohol sales clears key Indiana Senate committee for first time ever

Holcomb calls training workers 'the defining issue of the decade'


Smetana:"Ma Vlast" ("My Country")-"Vlatava" ("The Moldau")/

Medicaid Work Requirements Designed To Drive People Off Of Medicaid.

London embassy move Trump blamed Obama for was 2008 Bush admin decision, for security reasons

Can a No Excuses Charter Teach Students to Think for Themselves?

Seth Meyers - Trump Attacks Feinstein, Makes Racist Immigration Comment: A Closer Look

An Airman of the Cold War fights 60 years later

State Health Department Denies South Bend Abortion Clinic License

Democrats should try to Censure Trump

*'s Guide to Diversity

Bill To Lift Ban On Drug Offenders Receiving SNAP Moves To Senate

A smart - like, very - thread about Bannon signing up w/same law firm as Priebus & McGahn:

So Far. The Sounds Of Silence" From GOP On Trump's Words.

Computer Science Bill Receives Positive Testimony, Few Concerns

Don lemon on tonight's show suggested an article to read from I think

Racist, Bigotry, Misogyny Is Now The New National Policy Of The US.

Arpaio Really Could Win In Arizona. Our Political System Is So Upside Down.

The Secret to Good Toast? Its Your Freezer

Trumps greatest legacy: the word SHIT HOLE

We have a shithole president. Whoever still supports His Shitholeness now is a shithole too.

The biggest SHITHOLE on the PLANET is Donald J. Trump's mouth.

This is a White House Official commenting on trump's 'shithole' statement thursday night

Sheriff Joe Arpaio learns his presidential pardon was actually an admission of guilt:

I'm a New Yorker. We know what a shithole looks like.

Bills warn schools of money woes

Puerto Rico Governor Asks DOJ To Investigate Island's Public Power Utility

Trump says he canceled upcoming trip to London because he doesn't like the choice of new embassy.

What has actually changed under Trump?

The Funniest Reactions to Trump's 'Sh*thole' Remark

Indiana child welfare chief resigns, says governor's policies 'all but ensure children will die'

How about that Fire and Fury book.

Trump's Mouth Looks like a Shithole

Trump could walk into the State Of The Union speech naked, growling, barking like a dog

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled Norwegians...

State Supreme Court case could bring an end to plastic bag bans in Texas

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/11/18

MLK parade that was to have included governor fails to get permit, is canceled

Norway would have Voted 73 Percent Clinton and 14 Percent Trump

The USA Can't Have A Racist President - The Repugs Must....

Keith Olbermann responds to Trump UK lie...

Data show Nigerians the most educated in the U.S.

Just an update: The Help Tina Johnson (a Roy Moore accuser) fund has reached $191,115.

Senator Mazie Hirono Will Ask All Court Nominees About Sexual Harassment Under Oath

The Middle...

Ancient China: 1,000-Year-Old Royal Palace Discovered

State Capitol had its share of sexual misconduct mishaps

Never forget that Trump comes from imigrant stock

Another thumbs up for Adam Schiff

10-year-old's blessing bags for homeless capture Barack Obama's attention

Do you want to know what is real disgusting?

Scientists find ice deposits on Mars with potential to support human visitors

Two Democrats removed from 67th primary ballot

Donald Trump, a lifelong New Yorker, has never visited the Statue of Liberty

Michigan Clinic Office Manager Pleads Guilty to $131 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme

No. Apology would never be enough. Never mind that staffers are saying it

Mouse in the bedroom,

Homo Rainbow

Some boots must be about to drop on Shady Shithole...

These videos of Don Lemons show last night are worth viewing. He takes

"You can't say that, Grandpa"

Illinois to replace vets' plumbing amid Legionnaires' crisis

"We should bring more people from places like Norway."

Crews battle large fire at Chicago-area recycling facility

I dance naked to this every morning at 5 AM

Is deep-red Texas ready for a gay Latina Democrat? Lupe Valdez thinks so

Wow donny Duetsch on MoJo re-labelled trump,

Democrats Open Huge Lead In Congressional Ballot

University of Illinois ends auction of farming rights on university-owned land

CNNs Don Lemon Has Had It With Racist Donald Trump

Our new F-52, which Trump says we have delivered to Norway, awes all who see one fly by

Jonathan Alter: Trump Epitomizes Conduct Unbecoming a President-Will Congress Step Up and Say So?

Seth Meyers: Amber Cougar Mellencamp Sings "Sneaky Diane"

Potential Madigan foe kicked off ballot

Menstruating girls banned from crossing Ghana river

CNN Don Lemon Panel DESTROYS John Fredericks For Defending President Trump SH*THOLE Countries Slur

Math quiz that will probably stump most Republicans

O. J. and the Irish _____(a two-fer post)

Kennedy denies claim that he asked for Emanuel's endorsement

Candidate for Illinois attorney general robbed at gunpoint

Notorious for a Reason

There's no grand master plan here, people. He's not trying to distract from anything.

Oklahoma woman convicted of murder after forcing a crucifix down her 'possessed' daughter's throat

Did The Brits Disinvite Trump Or Did Trump Really Cancel....

Obama to Letterman: No Sense of Relief After Turning Presidency Over to Trump

President Trump cancels London trip, blames Obama for embassy deal

I don't blame tRump, we all knew what he was. Blame the enablers

The Dems Of Congress Must Come Out Today EnMasse And Condemn....

Donnie Deutch On Am Joe Is Souring Out....

Chicago Water Management workers insist racist culture outlined in emails hasn't changed

Prevailing wage is price city must pay for other reforms, Chicago mayoral aides say

Madame Tussauds trolls Trump

"The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used."

CNN's Philip Mudd Blasts Trump on Immigrant Comments

Kennedy criticizes Pritzker tax breaks, says Rauner sabotaged state government

Twitter: Dotard denies "shithole" remark.

How sexual harassment can cost you your home

Farmer-veteran challenging Sanders for Senate seat

Racist, ignorant, moron?

Donald Trump Opens His 'Sh*thole- and Again Disgraces America - by Michael Tomasky

Obama: Presidents need to watch their behavior

UN Human Rights Council rips Trump's 's---hole' comment: 'There's no other word one can use but...

College of DuPage's legal bill to fight Breuder lawsuit: $527,600 and climbing

UPDATED: Trump responds to s---hole reports: 'This was not the language used'

He's tweeting lies about Democrats and wants to look at libel laws

"Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO!"

Anonymous donor gives $100M to Canada's largest mental health hospital

Asshole countries

What if everyone got a monthly check from the government?

Call it what it is.

Norwegians consider us a shithole nation

Morning Joe says sh*thole remarks prove Trump is 'getting old and losing it'

Scott denounces Trumps 'shithole' Haiti comments as Democrats see opportunity

"I am the least racist person that you have ever met," Trump 9/15/'16

Official list of Shithole Nations

The GOP Supports The "S-Hole" Statement. No One Is Calling Them On It.

GM will make an autonomous car without steering wheel or pedals by 2019.

Head of Angola's wealth fund fired after Paradise Papers revelations

Video: Hungry Venezuelans stone cow to death. Attack street vendor. iViva la Revolucion!

Trump Is a Shit Stain on U.S. History.

Polish MPs back even tougher restrictions on abortion

Likely GOP Excuse. Trump Was Taken Out Of Context.

Sea Duffy on CNN now is a moran....

The USA has tolerated Trump for way too long! Our nation may never be able to rehabilitate itself.

I just watched The Nutcracker Ballet,

Let's Play A Game!

Haiti Summons U.S. Official Over Trump's 'Sh*thole' Comments

J.K. Rowling's marvelously "illustrated" tweet about trump* canceling his UK visit

So, the GOP leadership sits on their asses while Trump makes his comments. So indicative of what the


Whenever I hear that Trump is "tough"

Debunked: Trump reasons for cancelling London visit

Understanding the "Bomb Cyclone" cold snap

The origin of Super Villains: Captain America (William Burnside)

Walmart is abruptly closing 63 Sam's Club stores and laying off thousands of workers

Apparently, Trump's comments were too much for.....FOX & FRIENDS

Democratic Message of the Day:


Trump: "The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used."

Now, he is denying the language.

Trump's new ambassador ignored questions from Dutch reporters. Now, U.S. reporters want answers.

Merkel's conservatives, Social Democrats agree on blueprint for formal coalition talks

Fluence energy storage JV unveils 400-MWh project in California

to-the-point: Rabbalshede Kraft's 2017 wind output tops 500 GWh

Renewables bring 44% of Portugal's power in 2017

Defending Trump on Haiti... you'd have to know nothing about the history of the world

Today's English Lesson.....

'Here is what my #shithole looks like': African countries and Haiti react to Trump's remark

Hey kids, heres the magic word from Pee Pees Playhouse.

The Republicans in Congress, with a few shining exceptions, are shameless enablers of the Dotard.

I wish I could send out a letter to the rest of the world somehow

Jeff Bezos donates $33 million to scholarship fund for 'dreamers'

I hope this is trump's macaca moment.

Twitter Video: ... by adding work requirements to Medicaid: Republicans are attacking the poor.

The New York Times: Time to Say It: Trump is a Racist

China cracks down on foreign companies calling Taiwan, other regions countries

Trump: "Never said anything derogatory about Haitians...Probably should record future meetings!"

When you think about it, when trump demands personal loyalty to him he is subjourning treason

Doesn't Trump Jr. travel to shithole countries to kill animals?

Russian hackers are laying the groundwork to spy on the US Senate, cybersecurity firm says

Education Dept. awards debt collection contract to company with ties to DeVos

Dan Rather on Trump's Haiti And African immigrants comment.

Temps are going to drop over 25 degrees

Schiff lays out Republican efforts to block access in Russia probe

Haitians - represent the second largest group of people employed by Trumps Mar-a-Lago

Trump: 'That's not what I said'

Tony Jackson _ THE GRAND TOUR

Frank "Freaking" Luntz ripped Chump a new one

Trump administration is taking steps to remove a threatened lynx from the endangered-species list

Can you match the Donald Trump insult to the country he insulted?

Whoa!!! Who was that Hatian woman on Stefani Ruhle's show just now (0910EST)?

I just emailed my Congressmen (all Republicans) the following letter:

Dick Durbin on live now, calling the President a liar.

Trump is a liar, but his 'shithole' remark shows he's often scariest when he says what he truly beli

Are republicans hiding under rocks this morning?

Do you know what a lesbian rule is?


Will Trump Kill the Iran Nuclear Deal This Week? If So, Threat of War Grows (w/guest Trita Parsi)

A big shout out to Dick Durbin for confirming the report on what trump* said

Trump Launches Tweetstorm Quasi-Denying 'Sh*thole' Comments: Language Was 'Tough'

State of the Union joke

trumps racist comments about shithole countries is getting deserved condemnation and he is

What will be the excuse today?

What are congressional members saying?

Local FOX radio station trying to excuse tRumps comments.

The world unites to denounce Donald Trumps racist s**thole comments

Navarro: Yesterday Trump reaffirmed he's a racist. Today he reaffirmed he's a liar.

Trump has no nominees for 245 important jobs, including an ambassador to South Korea

5:48 this AM Trump, I never said it. Made up by Dems.

The Lowest White Man -

Can we now say it?

Any word from the cowards McConnell or Ryan?

This president was right. Chump is wrong.

Well, I was wrong, Trump did NOT apologize. .... He told another lie.

Who do you believe ?

Reporter who broke 's-hole' story: 'We stand by our reporting 100 percent'

...and so, as we conclude Infrastructure Week,

I wonder if The Donald had to fast before his physical?

Durbin fires back at Trump denial: 'He said those hateful things, and he said them repeatedly'

I know where the Republicans are...they are having a conference, to see how to collectively respond

University of Georgia star running back (1), Sony Michel, is Haitan-American.

Meanwhile, Norway has to be thrilled

More bomb threats at Springfield High School


Commission on Civil Rights Releases Report: Public Education Funding Inequity

Trump spent Thurs night phoning aides, allies, friends, asking how they thought remark was playing

Moody's report: If Springfield doesn't change, credit rating will be downgraded

Don't fall for this trap - it was PEOPLE from shithole countries

I read that the trump organization is considering a partnership with apple

Anyone who still supports Trump is a racist too

Can't Get a Word In Edgewise (Luckovich)

BTRTN: Why Would Norwegians Want to Come to a S---Hole Country Led by Donald Trump?

Remember the outrage when Hillary referred to 50% of trump supporters as deplorable? She was right

BTRTN: Why Would Norwegians Want to Come to a S---Hole Country Led by Donald Trump?

Taking bets on Trump resignation/removal

Rusty Spotted Cats

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - Orange S#!thole

ABC's Stephanopoulos slaps own network for sugarcoating Trump's racism and bleeping sh*thole

The President of the United States Is a Foul-Mouthed, Cowardly Punk

We will be embarrassed when we look back at these times

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - The Rest

Walmart quietly lays off thousands of workers after bonus announcement

One take on the Queen's probable reaction to hearing trump* won't be visiting

Today-show *approvingly* quotes TWITLER's "bigger button" to boost U.S.'s women-&-nuclear power

The country of Botswana is asking the U.S. to clarify whether its considered a shithole country

Trump threatens to 'record future meetings' after claiming Dems 'made up' his attacks on Haitians

Rep. Jim Renacci, potential Sherrod Brown challenger: Trump "is saying what people are thinking."

It is no longer morally or ethically proper to capitalize trumps name. He has earned the

Fears Of A Democratic Midterm Wave Are Already Costing GOP In Key Races

Donald Trump Jr. visits Scranton, applies for gun permit

Shithole versus blowjob: oh the hypocrisy of the Republicans...

Evers campaign: New poll shows Tony Evers with massive lead in the Democratic primary for governor

I would love to see Norways naturalized citizens from shithole countries...

The world now knows with certainty that a racist is the President of the United States of America

If we applied DT's own standards for what's treasonous or illegal he'd be serving several life terms

James Comey's response to Trump's racist remarks yesterday

don't tell me there's not a huge right-wing bias in the media

Of all the GOP legislators in the room with Trump, will just 1 of them tell the truth?

I thought it could not get worse than George W Bush.

One Republican called for Trump to apologize yesterday, Mia Love from Utah.

Durbin fires back at Trump denial: 'He said those hateful things, and he said them repeatedly'

Rs will have excuses ready for tRump after he nukes some country

Outgoing Virginia Governor Says He'd Deck Trump if Provoked

Donald Trump is the son and grandson of immigrants from "shithole" countries

Vulnerable Republican: 'I can't defend what the president reportedly said'

Snow over Ice Warning to East Coast DUers.

we know he won't BUT if tRump DID resign would

Ben Shapiro defends Trump 's---hole' remark: 'Some countries are really crappy'

Send a message to President Shithole to tell him to resign

Marco Rubio's Florida has highest concentration of Haitians in US.

Ex-RNC chair says Trump is racist: 'The evidence is incontrovertible'

If Dick Durbin wasn't in the room, we would probably have never have heard about the S-hole comment.

One thing you can always count on... a repugs ability

Judge Will Review Comey Memos Himself Before Deciding If They Can Be Made Public

Botswana Carpets U.S. Ambassador Over Trump 'Sh**hole' Slur

It's almost impossible to read these quotes and think, "This is our president"-- WSJ interview

BREAKING: Turkey Issues Travel Warning Against Travel to United States

UK ambassador's op-ed praises new embassy that Trump ripped on Twitter

Trump's London tweet sparks social media parodies

Today: President Donald Trump arriving for MLK weekend at Mar-a-Lago

US trends #1 --- #FixTrumpIn5Words

It's gonna get physical!

Trump's tactical idiocy (denying his 'shithole' remarks) is stunning

Website for Americans to emigrate to Norway

Countries that are dirty like toilets, and other ways Trumps profanity was translated abroad

TN Police: Aryan Nations Gang Member On The Run After Shooting Officer

Argentina fails to tame stubborn inflation

Argentina fails to tame stubborn inflation

Starving Venezuelans advised to eat... dog food.

Current Threat Advisory is now BROWN by order of Trump

GOP Ohio Rep. Defends Trump's Sh*thole Comments: President 'Says What People Are Thinking'

Venezuelan mothers forced to sell their hair to feed their children

Arpaio reacts to Shithole use, supports Trump regardless, maligns books.

'Thanks, but no thanks' - Norwegians reject Trump's immigration offer

So who else other than Sen. Durbin was in the room?

Dear Donald: A Letter from the Shithole

U.S. ambassador to Panama resigns says "can no longer serve Trump"

The Trumpster's Very Bad Day

White Supremacy is not just Trumps opinion.

Until today, if you Googled "Trump" and "Shithole" the only results were Trump Hotel reviews.

Breaking: US ambassador to Panama resigns on principle, can no longer serve Trump administration

...Fox News' Chris Wallace spells out why you can't trust Trump's 'sh*thole' denial

Greitens faces criminal investigation over allegations stemming from his affair

Steve King: here's your 4-year-old grandmother arriving steerage class at Ellis Island, 1894.

BREAKING: US Ambassador to Panama resigns over Trump comments

Ambassador to Panama has resigned.

A U N Member should start a resolution criticizing the U.S. for Trump's "shithole" comments

Pic Of The Moment: How About Those Trump Tax Cuts Huh?!?

'shithole': context is important. How the alt-right, Trump & the GOP reveal their own racism

Is there any info on just how Graham "confronted" Trump about his shithouse comment? nt


Vanderbilt puts Dr.Gu on admin leave over taking the knee (probably his fetal cell research, too)

Trump about to sign MLK Day proclamation - On TV now

Boris Johnson attacks Labour in row over cancelled Trump visit

Whoa! About that California $6.1 billion budget surplus

CNN: Trump took 'victory lap' after remark, official says

The GOP just voted to declare today Shithole Day.

Lindsey Graham has to call somebody a liar...

Bill Board I'd like to see

Trump's 'shithole' comment denounced across the globe

Paraphrasing Rep Sheila Jackson Lee's comments.

Did I miss it?

"this thread is a tour de force. read it."

Are you and everyone you know registered to vote?

Huckabee Mocks Pelosi: 'Nancy Schmancy' Is So Fancy She Puts Caviar On Her Five Guys Burger

Trump Remarks May Undo His Racist Policies

Hello Vermont!

McConnell and Ryan's silence is all America and the world needs to hear.

Semion Mogilevich - Do you know who he is? (Goal 100 answers. Please help.)

A racist honoring an American hero.

Pence is blowing Trump on live TV again.

Report: Cyber hackers target US Senate

Colbert hits a homerun...

Is Mia Love the only Repub to openly criticize Trump and his foul mouth?

'Grow a pair': GOP strategist unloads on her party's 'silence' on Trump's racist comments

Do NOT use their names, use their NICKNAMES please.

It has come to this... I see good qualities in Paul Ryan and Rand Paul...

Who is this Uncle Ruckus commemorating Dr. King's birthday with Chump ?


US Ambassador To Panama Resigns Over Trumps Racist Comments, First In US Diplomatic Corp To Do So

Pence standing behind Trump

republicans take note! Birds of a feather; by their deeds you will know them.

Cover Songs 'Lean On Me' & 'I Will Always Love You'

NC GOP officials to appeal gerrymandering ruling to Supreme Court

Trump is very smart and not a racist !

Joy Reid: I'm the proud daughter of immigrants from British Guyana and the Congo.

IBD TIPP POLL (R) Chump 35% Approval 58% Disapproval

I miss you...

WOW- "Mr. president, are you a racist ? "

There are hypocrites talking on my television.

As the RACIST left the event "honoring" MLK the press shouted questions about "shithole"

Guess what shithole worshippers- Trump's keeping the Iran deal intact

AJC poll: Trump's approval ratings in Georgia erode

Trump declares MLK Jr Day a federal holiday

Mr President, Are you a racist?

U.S. ambassador to Panama resigns, says cannot serve Trump

Reporters @ WH MLK ceremony: Mr. President. Mr. President, are you a racist?

Did you know this about McCabe?? We hear Trump's complaints -- but

Corporations may dodge billions in U.S. taxes through new loophole: experts

Kudos to April Ryan for asking Trump if he's a racist and if he'll apologize for remarks

Buzz Words: Songs About High Times

Duh! I finally figured out why the republicans keep trump and don't impeach him.

I fear Republicans may control the Country for decades with only one third of the people behind them

Then there is this...

Myanmar's Suu Kyi says army admission on killings a positive step

April Ryan: Yes I asked the president "Are You a racist?"

Trump religious adviser defends 's---hole' comments

An ill-informed man with power

Pope Francis to visit Peru as Fujimori pardon roils country

Cold hands, warm stick: High school lacrosse player makes heated stick to beat icy conditions

How Does GOP Not Immediately Condemn This Language?

Boris Johnson of UK criticized wrong "Puffed Up Pompous Popinjay"

Poll: Trump's approval rating erodes in Georgia

A Dangerous Species: An Orange-faced Yellow Belly Crapsucker.

How does anybody much less a Person of Color......

Tunisia arrests another 150 including opposition leaders over unrest

Joy Reid: Trump's acknowledgment of MLK "the emptiest gestures ever made by an American president."

Trump has set this country up for more hate and violence.

I have a question. Why was it the nephew of Dr. Martin Luther King at the White House

A Pay-Raise Rant Goes Bad and Reveals Angst of American Workers

Republicans in Congress must now summon the courage to stand up to the racist ramblings of our ...

Diaz-Balart is against DACA deportations. Hope he'll soon denounce trump's racist remarks.

Secret Money: How Trump Made Millions Selling Condos To Unknown Buyers

U.S. upholds New York denial of Constitution natgas pipe

'Mr. President, are you a racist?': Trump flees MLK event as April Ryan hurls questions at him

I refused to mute the news for my kid last night.

So, what "Shithole" country did your ancestors come from?

Whack-the-cat - Friday cuteness overload

Anagrams and Revelation

Venezuela won't pay bills. Curacao impounds PdVSA oil tanker

EPA watchdog expanding probe into Pruitt's air travel: Under Investigation for Morocco Trip

Dick Durbin tweets: "Pres. Trump (repeatedly) said things that were hate-filled, vile, and racist"

Resolved: Trump has made the White House into a "shithole".

Trump congratulated MLK today: "Congratulations to him and to everybody."

There were seven lawmakers in the room with trump...we've heard from one. He was the only Democrat.

One Billion Rising Flashmob at the European Parliament

Avowed Venezuelan Chavist sells his worthless Bolivars, buys US dollars at black market rate

So funny, but so scary.

One Billion Rising Flashmob at the European Parliament

Forget the F-52s, forget Normay, forget Trump's malaprops and flubs

Paul Ryan is a coward.

The Sessions Marijuana Crackdown Is Backfiring

#ShitholePresident #RacistTrump

Trump threatens trade with South Korea to retaliate against North Korea

Ryan: "unfortunate, unhelpful..."

Time for Lindsey Graham to speak up publicly

Black Caucus & Whoever Supports Them Just Boycott State Of The Union

Republican Clint Eastwood should do a new movie and dedicate it to Trump

Trump admin approves work requirements for Kentucky Medicaid recipients

The Sessions Marijuana Crackdown Is Backfiring

Trump-branded condo tower sues for right to erase his name

After Trump's Haiti & Africa comment, how long until he uses the N-word in public?

I think I might be living in a "shithole" country

Is Trump the most ignorant president the US has ever had? It seems he knows absolutely nothing

Marist Poll - Oprah 50% Racist In Chief 39%

LTTE of the Tulsa World: "There is no scientific explanation for gravity."

With all the crazy things going on we must never forget

Paul Ryan criticizes Trump's "shithole" comments

Walter Reed Physician: My God! This President Has no Heart!

The end result of "legal looting" in Venezuela (PICTURES)

France's Socialist Party attacks Catherine Deneuve for opposing #MeToo witch-hunt

Haitian government claims ousted dictator Baby Doc Duvalier laundered stolen money through Trump T

Trump IS Building A Wall Alright It Is Around America. We Will Be Shunned Internationally.

Can Victory Over Irresponsible Mining in Central America Spur a Win in the Philippines?

Just curious: Has the Norweigan government said anything?

Sen. Tim Scott Says Lindsay Graham Told Him Trump's S******* Remarks Were Reported Accurately

Caller On Hartmann Claims It Is Badge Of Honor To Be Called A Racist. -----

Mark Taylor: Trump Has Taken Necessary Steps To Unleash Wave Of Arrests Of Satanic Pedophiles

A thought just came to me. Is Trump trying to get impeached?

How to find out how out of it Trump is: Ask him why he hasn't appointed...

MsTinamotorcity is back!!!!

I know this will seem like VERY long time away but on Jan 30 trump will be giving the State of the

Mississippi Burnings KKK leader Killen dies in prison at 92

The problem isn't just that Trump's a racist. It's that he keeps acting on his racism.

WE GOT FREAKED OUT! Haunted Old Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nevada - Road Trip Day 9 Episode 23

tom cotton and david perdue said that they did not recall trump making the 'shithole' statement...

My vote for Winning the Internet today on #Shitholes

Congratulations to Martin Luther King!

Blow by blow summation of a world wind 24 hours of Shithole Gate:

Racism Works & Has Been Very Successful For GOP.. Trump's Base Overjoyed By These Remarks.

"Hillary is living, rent free, inside Whiny Donny's head"

Sens. Cotton and Perdue share sudden episode of Convenient Amnesia about Trump's remarks

Der Spiegel nails it.

Question. What sound does a helicopter make?

Tom Cotton and David Perdue are contemptible.

A Menstruating Woman in Nepal Died as a Result of an Irrational Hindu Ritual

MLK nephew told RW reporter he doesn't think Trump is "racist," just "racially ignorant"

Ryan: 'I don't see us tackling' entitlement reform this year

Trump Impact On GOP Is Bleak

The RKBA v Tyranny

"I wholeheartedly condemn the discriminatory comments attributed to the President today..."

Sen. Feinstein Blisters Trump Over S******* Remarks

Sen. Tim Scott: Trump's 'shithole countries' comment is basically accurate, Lindsey Graham told him

Man who murdered gay couple flipped off the victims families as he was sentenced to death

Could somebody sneak this onto trumps desk? It might save us all!

"If there's an uproar in the kitchen, look in the library for bodies."

Renacci defends, Kasich condemns Trumps s-hole remark

Fox News host: People who leaked Trump's 'sh*thole' comments 'make our country look bad'

Billie Jean King backs calls to rename Margaret Court Arena

Fox host, regarding repeating Trump's "shithole" remarks: "I mean, it makes our country look bad"

Senator: Graham confirmed Trump made "shithole countries" remark

Trump will extend Iran sanctions relief, keeping Obama-era nuclear deal alivefor now

GOP Senators "Don't Recall" Shithole Comments

Fox News brings up THREE excuses for "shithole"-comment in one minute:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident

It's the day to do something to help all of us. My TV screen this morning.

Dick Durbin on Lindsey Graham in 'shithole' meeting

We need a petition to urge the house and or senate to censure potus

Why does Trump Love Norway so much??

Trump's "white" house map of Africa

For how long do you keep your income tax returns?

How to Make Soup

Breaking news regarding trump's physical this afternoon....

That one time Mother Teresa got an exorcism

Urban Dictionary's word of the day - Shithole

Next week's special Senate election first to test national Democratic wave in Wisconsin

New York Daily News uses poop emoji to respond to Trump's vulgar comments

Do the republicans in congress have the guts to stand up to Trump, or do they passively agree

The enablers of the racist president are back at it - By Jennifer Rubin

White Supremacists Praise Trump's Inflammatory Immigration Remarks

Norway Citizens Tweet to Trump "We Don't Want to Come to Your Shithole Country"

The man who controls Donald Trump is not Vladimir Putin. His name is Semion Mogilevich.

"The problem isn't just that Trump's a racist. It's that he keeps acting on his racism."

Why are the Deplorables so obsessed with pedophilia?

$100 bucks says that, in a month, you will remember "Shithole" fondly

Sen Feinstein: If the president [#Trump] cant control himself...then he shouldnt be the president.

New White House Plaque predicted temperatures for my zip code (central MD):

Kentucky is first to get OK for Medicaid work requirement

In Honor of the Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake

GOP Rep. McSally enters Arizona Senate race, joining primary that could test Trumps loyalties

Petition to Censure tRump

Nine-Year-Old Accidentally Discovers a Stegomastodon Fossil in New Mexico

My immigrant Great Aunt was the second black female called to the bar in

Casting Out Evil Spirits - Two of A Kind

Lindsey Graham accidently confirms Trump's "shithole"-comment.

Trumpworld Map

DU football arguments?

65 to 15 in just 36 hours: D.C. is about to experience a wicked temperature drop

Boston Celtics Legend Bill Russell Speaks Out Against Trump

It needs to be said:

Hillary weighs in on trump....thank you Ms. Clinton

So he requested a carriage ride with the queen last April -down memory lane

"The problem isn't just that Trump's a racist. It's that he keeps acting on his racism."

Ingraham and Coulter

At $850,000, price for new childhood blindness gene therapy four times too high, analysis says

When reporters say Trump called them 's-hole nations'

What's your favorite scene from the movie Borat?

Fuck you trump. My wife and step daughter are immigrants

Here come da Judge!

Are we witnessing the death of the corporation

Mueller asks for a May 14 trial date re Manafort:

I think yesterday guaranteed Obama will be invited to the royal wedding and Trump won't be

Some people are always the last to know.

Sorry to say, that your outrage is meaningless unless

Where in the world is Lindsey Graham?

Demoralized Trump aides grapple with 'shithole'-gate

Trump to give State of the Union on Jan. 30

State leaders slam Zinke for letting Florida off hook on drilling

White House struggles with muting function on Iran conference call with reporters

Sen. Tim Scott: Sen. Graham confirmed Trump's reported 's---hole' quote was accurate

Lindsey Graham just issued a statement:

Press Release: Feinstein to President: Close Guantanamo Bay Prison

COOK POLITICAL race rating changes...

Next week's NEW YORKER cover

Mueller interview fraught with peril for Trump

Bernie Sanders fan "Killer Mike" wants Nina Turner to run for OH-GOV

Trump Still Has No Clue About Libel Laws

+4 million ex-pat Venezuelans in recent years

Since well all be referring to Donald Trump as #PresidentShithole from now on, I guess that means h

Intel just warned that its patches can cause problems for some chips

Maxine Waters is taking no prisoners concerning DOTUS racist comments

Who'da thunk?

Group formed to create harassment protections for clerks and court employees doesn't include clerks

Russia-linked hackers targeting US Senate

Wisconsin Democrats: Another Walker non-answer on Lincoln Hills raises a significant question

Well Durbin and Graham both said that Graham dealt with the Con

Sen. Lindsey Graham: 'I said my piece' to Trump following his immigration comments

Eric Clapton Apologizes for Racist Past: I Sabotaged Everything

Trump asks Korean-AMERICAN intelligence officer where she's really from

To Dick Durbin and every other Dem: never be the only Democrat in a room with Trump

Trump's racism and misogyny on one neat little package:

I'm as mad as Hell and I am NOT going to take it any more! It is time, RISE up

Taking Communion while Menstruating? Not in the Greek Orthodox Church, Please

This is what I said to a stupid Trump supporter today...

Trump's history of breaking decorum with remarks on race, ethnicity

Mr Fish - Occupational Hazards

Have you seen Hillary's tweet on the anniversary of that massive earthquake in Haiti

The New Yorker's "Shithole Cover"

Peace Of Shit Graham Said His Piece

None of the African American Trump supporters would answer questions...

grassley's office guy just hung up on me

It's not collusion, call it what it is. (Love this graphic!)

Milwaukee's first cat cafe to open in summer 2018

🐦 LIVE Stream Jan 19 at 8PM - The Enduring Challenge of a Moral Economy - Duke Chapel

"No, but really, where are you from?"

For those who Tweet ... please use #SHOTUS. nt

The rot is everywhere. Video of dumping of half naked patient.

US Embassy in London just issued a statement essentially correcting Trump's tweet

Trump Lawyer Arranged $130,000 Payment for Adult-Film Stars Silence

Mueller to request May 14 trial date for Manafort and associate: court filing

This needs the caption "Go back to your shithole country" ...

Trump Lawyer Arranged $130,000 Payment for Adult-Film Stars Silence Agreement just before election

Coastal storm next week has the most snowfall potential so far this winter in D.C.

Concerning shitholes and snowflakes.

New Yorker -Trump's credibility "Shot to shit"

No One Is Beating Around the Bush Anymore: Trump Is Racist

Beware of the Stormy diversion

In Wisconsin's big races, transcending the chaos could be the key for Democrats

Donnie 'worked the phones' last night.

Edgar Ray Killen, the KKK leader convicted in the 'Mississippi Burning' killings, dies in prison

Trumps 'Sh*thole Country' Remarks Are Right-wing Political Correctness Run Amok

i can see there answer now, if collusion,money laundering, TREASON proven 100%

Goldman Sachs CEO trolls Trump with Statue of Liberty photo: 'Despite all the sh*t, American...

What a frigging national embarrassment he is...

Democrats will never learn

So Trump DID show up in London!

Trump questioned why 'pretty Korean lady' analyst wasn't working on North Korea: report

"Trump did not reach this "shithole" moment on his own. He had plenty of help from Republicans"

Find an hour, get on Netflix and watch the Letterman special with Pres. Obama

Why burying loved ones in unmarked graves could save wildlife

Re: Shitholes

Kenosha schools settle transgender discrimination suit for $800,000

"Take them out" Watch out for ICE

"The Camp of the Saints"--a racist, xenophobic 1973 French novel beloved by White Nationalists.

It's a Shitshow

Justin Trudeau's response to Trump's "shithole" comments:

U.S. Ambassador to Panama Resigns, Says He Can No Longer Serve Trump (UPDATED)

The most important thing we must keep in mind

"He saw a dazed woman put out in the cold by a Baltimore hospital. He started filming."

Stormy weather

The Final Straw

Lawyer paid $130k to silence adult-film star over sexual encounter with Trump: report

Hillary Clinton Condemns Trump's 'Sh*thole' Remarks: 'Ignorant' And 'Racist'

If We Ever Get to Mars, the Beer Might Not Be Bad

Ann Coulter for the win!!!

The President of the United States!

IF those countries are "shitholes", it's because of things T___p SUPPORTS.

Next Week's New Yorker Cover: "In the Hole"

Widespread looting and hijackings in Venezuela. Military deployed

Paul Ryan says Trump's slur against African countries is 'unfortunate, unhelpful'

Rohrabacher challenger slams Russia ties in new ad

How Donald Trump Can See the Statue of Liberty

McSally Senate Bid Moves AZ-02 to Lean Democratic

If you run for the red meat when you hear a dog whistle...

Jared Kushner will be interviewed by Senate Judiciary for Trump-Russia investigation, Grassley...

Watch Chris Matthews Joke About His Bill Cosby Pill Before Interviewing Hillary Clinton

Well this explains Trump's fixation on Megyn Kelly:

Penguin Stormtroopers March Down Stairs Clearing the Way for Penguin Darth Vaders Grand Entrance

Able-bodied adults will have to work for Medicaid, under plan from Gov. Scott Walker, Trump

It's important to realize the fully justified MSM's discussion of what racist

Speaking of porn stars, what is your porn star name?

Democrat Sen. Durbin on Trumps comments

There's No Way Out

That shithole ECUADOR should toss JULIAN ASSANGE to the wolves...

Charles P. Pierce: How Much More of Trump's Insanity Are We Willing to Take?

Trump's not playing to his base, he IS that base - -

Coming up next: another hilarious episode of "Trump Supporters vs. Reality!"

"I meant for that to happen."

Steve King's Tweet just spiked my blood pressure into the danger zone

2 Republicans at the meeting, "Do not recall" but here is what they remember (Cotton & Perdue)

Finding art out of common materials.

What are your favorite password recovery questions and answers?

Gay U.S. Olympian Adam Rippon: If I Talked to People the Way That Trump TalksMom Would Kick My Ass

Results of Trumps physical are in....

White House Staff Couldnt Mute Conference Call

I wonder if DT took a tax deduction for the non-sexual non-romantic payment to the porn star,

Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! Call your House and Senate reps IMMEDIATELY

Just as a matter of passing interest . . . . . . about our embassy buildings abroad

GOPPERSAre Proud Of Their Racism & Bigotry. Freedom To Be Such I Crucial.

Norway is trump's beloved country...

RAF Lakenheath US F-15 jets intercept Russian fighters (embedded video)

Andy Card: just another ineffectual RW apologist

Trump chasing after porn stars is a pattern for him.

Andrew Card, Trump apologist on MSNBC: "Trump is not a racist, but he sounds like one..."

After drubbing by media, Trumps ambassador to the Netherlands apologizes for anti-Muslim remarks

Twitter Video: Bernie Meets with Dreamers

Trump criticism dominates Chuck Grassley town meeting in rural Iowa

'His spine has been removed': Watch Nicolle Wallace blast 'incredible shrinking man' Paul Ryan

U.S. Supreme Court takes up fight over Texas electoral districts

Grassley has a bad night in red Western Iowa

Trump's lawyers looking at new defense strategy...

So Andy Card just said he didn't like Trump's crass comments...

Trump Lawyers to Continue Talks With Mueller on Interview

John Lewis tells MSNBC he won't be attending the State of the Union.

The Real Shitholes

They have Brexit and don't need it...We need Prexit and can't get it.

Shame on every congress person who attends the State of the Union!

Do you have a redline where you will take to our streets to peacefully protest? We have over 9 mos.

Random stuff

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 12, 2018

did the physical happen today?

Make security strategy include climate again, lawmakers urge Trump

Make security strategy include climate again, lawmakers urge Trump

House Dems Plan to Censure Trump for 'Sh*thole' Comments

The neo-nazi website Daily Stormer is celebrating Trump's racist comments on Haiti & Africa.

Tonya Hardings Rep Quits Over Her Request to Fine Journalists Who Ask Questions About the Past

first try with delicata squash, yum

Who put the bun in the oven?

New York Daily News Front Cover Sums Up Trumps Vicious Racist Slur Against Immigrants

Supreme Court to hear sales tax collection case

I am just so damned sick...trying to just "outlast" a bad cold but coughing so bad today I noticed

FB argument: "Ted Kennedy said the same thing about those countries." Any evidence?

'There's no other word but racist': Trump faces global rebuke for remark - good read

Edgar Ray Killen, Mississippi Burning perpetrator, dies in prison

Bullies pick on those perceived unable to fight back. Who will 45 pick on next to divert attention

EVERY Democrat Should Join John Lewis' Boycott Of Shithead's State Of The Union


FYI - Obama last physical by Dr Jackson was Feb 2016. Results released Mar 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton Condemns Trump's 'Sh*thole' Remarks: 'Ignorant' And 'Racist'

Asking for a friend:

Baltimore Hosp. Wee Hour Dump Near Naked Patient into Freezing Cold

****BREAKING**** Trump lawyer negotiated non disclosure agreement with porn star. *

Where is this new story coming from about

"Why Do the Koch Brothers Want a Convention of States?" - CHARLES P. PIERCE

WOMEN'S MARCH 2018 Next Weekend Theme:GET OUT THE VOTE!

Seth Abramson on how Stormy Daniels impacts the Russia investigation -- good stuff

CNN just covered the Stormy Daniels story

You have to admit, Twitter is full of golden treasures, today. Here's my new favorite.

American "Whiplash"

All Of Us: "Make It Stop, Please God, Make It Stop."

A democratic president who lied an average of 8 times a day EVERYDAY would not

How fucking bad is it that our president can't visit our closest ally, Great Britain?

I Don't Know If This Is Reliable...

While we all live through this nightmare, remember one important thing

Ask yourself...

so proud of my hood. and my rep.

Don't Be Distracted By Stormy Daniels