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White House physician says Trump in 'excellent health'

"Respect for the God-given dignity of every human being, no matter their race ,,,"

ABC -Police: Aryan Nations member shot officer in Tennessee, fled

WHEN are Real Time and Last Week tonight back on???

Porn Star: Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels Invited Me to Their Hotel Room

Trumps physician:

I wonder if drumpf is watching Jeopardy tonight.........

I don't get how the MLK family could stand next to that pig today

Trump family values, more info on Stormy:

I just got bloodwork in...

The Shithole 6

A Trump rep was just on Fox saying McMaster and Tillerson are leaving very soon. I am posting this

Anyone else think this? I find Trump in pics 30plus yrs ago very effeminate looking.

Hey DUers!

Barely any coverge of historic change for the worse to the medicaid program by the media

Congrats on Your Engagement! Now Learn to Fight.

Secret Money: How Trump Made Millions Selling Condos To Unknown Buyers

I just learned on Hardball Cory Booker was a Rhodes Scholar.

The new recruiting ground for hate groups : College Campuses

I am increasingly of the opinion Stephen Miller is the biggest source of trouble in the WH.

Just watched Letterman/Obama

this will be good, Auntie Maxine coming up on Joy


African Union calls Trump 's***hole' comments unacceptable 'given how many Africans arrived in US

What I don't get is why anyone would ask the Con if he's a racist

*Moscow on the Hudson on WHUT now.

Hey, Tom Cotton, you hold yourself out as a Christian. This is what your Bible says about liars.


California Gubernatorial town hall will be Livestreamed Saturday morning:

All Democrats should boycott the Shithole SOTU speech.

John Lewis & Maxine Waters Boycotting Shithead's State Of The Union

Tweety (Chris Matthews) isn't a bird, he's a TURD. . .

I would like all those seeking nomination to run for president to have a FAA flight physical

At the end of The Big Bang Theory, Chuck Lorre has "vanity cards" This week was especially

Trump is ripping off the facade of conservatism.

Dr Ronny Jackson said Der Shitler is in excellent health. Will give details Tuesday

Sure, he's a disgusting, vile, foul mouthed bigot...

From our shithole to yours.

Ryan gave a half ass response to Trump and he was a coward why to explain away racism!

In the upcoming mid-term elections, we must make sure that EVERY Republican is PUBLICLY

California Gubernatorial town hall will be Livestreamed Saturday morning:

So, the doctor's name was spelled wrong on that 'great health' review for trump*?

TGIF. I am pooped.

Are Democrats are failing to brand the GOP as The Trump Party?

Porn Star: Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels Invited Me to Their Hotel Room

Conn. Governor flew the Haitian flag today

I would be willing to bet

Did Joy Reid just say the medical statement came from The White House

Ohio ex-police chief ousted for racism charged in misconduct investigation: report

Ever watch Dotard sign a document?

23andMe is on it (funny)

This 10/2016 "The Smoking Gun" story about DT and Stormy has my head spinning.

I have to shamefully admit that my paternal ancestors were from a S***hole country.

Friday Talking Points (467) -- Our Racist President

Tax officials reduce Trump's tax bill on D.C. hotel by nearly $1 million

Trump Thinks Only Black People Are on Welfare, but, Really, White Americans Receive Most Benefits

Not One Fucking Peep From Mitch McConnell

ODonnell - Media missing this: Ryan won't remove Nunes because he's in it as deep as Nunes is.

GOP senator: Leaking Trumps alleged Oval Office comments undermines trust

Note "some."

This is the ONLY way I can stand to listen to the idiot Drumpf

Kentucky became the first state today to require Medicaid beneficiaries to work or lose care

"Are you racist?" the reports shouted at him

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Insane in the Membrane

British tabloid The Mirror: Trump is NOT on guest list for Prince Harry/Meghan Markle wedding

'Thanks, but no thanks' - Norwegians reject Trump's immigration offer

Trump Thinks Only Black People Are on Welfare

Sen Kamala Harris coming up on Maddow show.

David Letterman & President Obama on Netflix

Julian Assanges poor hygiene sparks complaints at embassy

The Weiner Circle is a welcoming Shithole:

Trump Administration Wants More Control Over U.S. Lands for Border Wall

HA! The Moron's doctor didn't spell his own name correctly

Good source for Full Extract of Cannabis Oil (FECO)

I forgot how to spell my name today too!

Rachel: Fancy Bear now attacking US Senate email system. Mid terms coming up...Kamala Harris up next

Dan Diamond Twitter thread: Teresa Manning HHS head, escorted from the building today

A President Who Fans, Rather Than Douses, the Nations Racial Fires

15 Bonanno/Genovese mobsters were arrested this week, members of crime families

James O'Keefe says Trump asked him to go on birther-linked mission

Reporters Mock White House During Comically Botched Teleconference: Cant Even Run a F*cking ...

i just watched David Letterman introduce Barack Obama on his new Netflix show


It's Election Day in three states Tuesday

Notorious for a Reason

Counting/ranking SHITHOLE's deplorablenesses: How many enough, the NIEMOLLER scale:

Calling Paul Ryan a gutless prick is like saying the Easter Bunny leaves a trail of raisins

O'Keefe: Trump asked me to get Obamas college records

A monumental 24 hours.

African Ambassadors to Convene in Wake of Trumps Shithole Outburst

Great music from countries we're supposed to despise and fear

Bannon suggests Trump's lawyer 'took care' of 'a hundred' women during the presidential campaign

Twitter Trashes Chris Matthews Over Cosby Pill Joke

Africa rising

An oldie but goldie-Trump- "Black guys counting my money! I hate it..."

dt and stormy. $130K. That is peanuts. Major distraction? nt

LOL! New Yorker's daily cartoon: Trumpworld Map

Saw "The Post" tonight and couldn't help thinking...

I'm at a loss as to why Paul Ryan is refusing to condemn Trump.

Let's revoke the rule in the Lounge about politics

Out-of-This-World Diamond-Studded Rock Just Got Even Weirder

I keep hearing the word "distractions".

African-americans; have things changed in the last year and if so, how?

Is this the world's oldest tattoo parlour?

Why the Stormy Daniels story matters: It proves that Trump can be blackmailed

That hair. That FUCKING HAIR.

Charles M Blows reaction to Rick Wilson telling a rwnj that he will gut him like a fish

Prosecutors: Men sexually abused girls they called brides

Republicans Embrace Democratic Lawmaker Accused Of Sexual Harassment

From Huffpo: "Reminder that five convicted criminals are running for Congress this year"

So - here's a take from someone who watches no TV, listens to little to no radio - so, pretty

The Mother of Exiles

I am proud to be a United Methodist today.

The Consequences of El Salvadors Abortion Ban

National Convention for "Haitians for Trump" announce their next venue

Intel AMT security hole lets hackers take control of corporate laptops

Rachel Maddow blew up the statement from the White House

There is another special election in Wisconsin on January 16

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything...

Ha Ha! Good for Norway!

Ancient Throne and Ceremonial Hall Unearthed in Peru

Think-skinned Trump's feelings hurt by Brits who don't like racists

My father worked in the African Affairs section of the State Dept under JFK and LBJ...

White House struggles with muting function for 22 minutes on Iran conference call with reporters

Hey Trump, If You're Bringing Back Racism From The 1960's...

Man Indicted on 11 Counts Related to Foreign Bribery, Fraud & Money Laundering (Flynn related)

Daughter of Argentine Genocide Convict Rejects His House Arrest

Ancient Throne and Ceremonial Hall Unearthed in Peru

Top anti-abortion official resigns at health department

The four states to watch in 2018

Cargill axes palm oil supplier over human rights

Cargill axes palm oil supplier over human rights

The Latest: Trump defends remarks about Africa, Haiti

I'm one generation away from a sawmill slab and tar paper house with partial dirt floor and an

Was this the site of an ancient Highland tribal gathering?

Smart city 2,500 years ago

Massive Tomb Of A Badass Scythian Prince Found In Siberia

The Daily Show: Between The Scenes - Trump's "Shithole Countries" Remark

our president around the world...

I may have a new favorite NBA player.

Russian-trained mercenaries back Bosnia's Serb separatists

I've been backsliding on food/exercise since October.

Seth Meyers: Seth Has to Walk Away for a Minute, National Milk Day - Monologue - 1/11/18

Janis Joplin: the singer who screamed a very American pain

Seth Meyers: Guest Jake Tapper Talks About His Stephen Miller Interview

Ive been at a loss to describe this POtuS

Did I miss the topic of Michael Wolff on Stephen Colbert???

Hahahahahahahahahaha...Assange in the embassy?

'Black Panther' Box Office Estimates Climb to a Projected $120M Opening

Obama on Letterman's new Netflix show.

Some posters have have expressed concern about what the rest of the world thinks of Americans?

Alex Jones: Media Will Soon Claim Trump Rapes And Eats Haitian Babies

Im 10. And I Want Girls to Raise Their By ALICE PAUL TAPPER (Jake Tapper's daughter)

I figured out the Russian adoption angle that

Former Argentine Vice President Amado Boudou freed after appeals court slams "unfounded" ruling

New York Man Raises Money For Hundreds Of Harlem Kids To See Black Panther

Taking On White Supremacists/Alt Right Potentially Dangerous. Remember Alan Berg.Op

Ronald Reagan Jr.'s Rant on Trump Being 'Unfit For Office' is Absolutely Perfect

If There Is A Purge In US It Should Be Racists & White Supremacists.

Report: Trump Lawyer Paid Porn Star $130,000 To Remain Silent About Their Relationship

At least 17 killed in California mudslides

Flu Reaches Epidemic Levels, California Among States Hit Hardest CBS Los Angeles CBS Los Angeles

'Mississippi Burning' KKK Leader Edgar Ray Killen, Dies In Prison At 92 Los Angeles Times

S. Korea proposes joint Olympic hockey team with North

Was This Whale Trying to Save a Divers Life? National Geographic

See Jupiter Looking Downright Gorgeous In These New NASA Photos Taken From Juno Spacecraft TIME

Trump Reportedly Wonders Why Pretty Korean Lady Isnt Handling North Korea For Him

Millennials watching Friends on Netflix shocked, say show is sexist, etc.

Benoit Mandelbrot - Hunting the Hidden Dimension Nova

German industrial workers continue strikes

Greek workers stop work in opposition to Syriza anti-strike and austerity measures

Best cable news chyron of the year so far .....

Trump names lawyer at firm advising him as pick for labor board

Haitian gov't claims ousted dictator Baby Doc Duvalier laundered stolen money through Trump Tower

District under fire for racist youth league jerseys, teacher's lynching comment

The Whole World Is Watching

Since we're talking about Haiti

John Tunney, senator who worked for environmental protection and civil rights, dies at 83

Evangelicals said God told them to vote for Trump.

US judge unseals Vegas shooting warrants; Paddock emailed about bump stocks

Mueller is in possession of 87 electronic devices from Trump team

I laughed, I cried and then I fainted...

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/12/18

Trump Impeachment Vote Will Take Place After President's Racist Shithole Remarks, Al Green Says

How the Trump Administration's War on Marijuana Will Divide Republicans in 2018

Game Changers (musical)

Our benefits system has become a racket for cheating poor people

Carillion is near to collapse. Watch and worry

Millions of bottles of piss to go to waste following cancelled Trump UK visit

Fewer hospitals closed after ACA expanded Medicaid

Its fine to discriminate against bigots and bullies

Dictionary definition of Shithole updated to cover all Trump Hotels

Warrant officer sentenced in Navy's first Fat Leonard court-martial

Charlotte Investment Fund Operator Pleads Guilty To Securities Fraud And Tax Evasin

Mobile Phone Industry Exec Sentenced- Role In Multimillion-Dollar Consumer Fraud Scheme

Former Hospital Owner Sentenced- over $40 Million in Illegal Kickbacks-for Spinal Surgery Referrals

Alaska crushes record for hottest December as Arctic sea ice hits record low

Writers from S##thole Countries

Remember this when someone says 'BOTH parties are the same'

I believe that Trump entire modus operandi is nothing more than compensation for an unfulfilled life

Try this to get away from drumpf.

Alaska crushes record for hottest December as Arctic sea ice hits record low

Need recomendations for my protest poster for next week.

Whitewashing the White House?????

Shit for Brains

If We Can't Break GOP Control I Do Not Know How Country Survives.

Anybody pick up on the porn star story?

Charles Blow on a TV panel and one panelist says to another, I will gut you like a fish

Wasn't funding for "the wall" settled already?

Things that make you go "Hmmm."

Will Trumps Shithole remark follow US Olympians to Pyeongchang?

More things that make you go "Hmmm"

Finally, things that make you go "Mmmm"

Expanding Fire Threat Will Greatly Change CA Insurance Markets - And Whether People Can Buy Homes

Death Takes A Holiday...


Oh, In Case You Were Wondering, Rivers & Lakes Are Acidifying Too

A shithole question:

Mentally ill Woman dumped on the street by a Baltimore hospital.

Trump has gone full WWF (WWE)

Study: Self-Identifying American Christians Care Even Less About The Environment Than Thought

So have Sen Gillibrand and Schumer called on Trump to resign over the porn star allegation?

CNN exposing trumps lies about VISA lottery and chain migration

Leave it to Weiner Circle:

The truth about immigration that no one wants to talk about?

Obama: Fox News' Audience 'Living on a Different Planet' Than NPR's

U.S. Supreme Court will examine Texas redistricting

Trumpy idiots disrupt mayor Sadiq Khan's speech in London

Trump is not going to like Saturday front pages of NYC tabloids.

'Mr. President, are you a racist?'

Controversial anti-choice Trump appointee to Health and Human Services escorted from the building...

Tweet from Sheldon Whitehouse re: gerrymandering

I believe this 100%

Trump Denies Making 'Shithole Countries' Slur

Sadiq Khan speech disrupted by Brexit and Trump supporters

I don't think a psych/neuro exam should ever be 'optional' for a POTUS annual medical exam

David Duke: "Hail Trump!"

Moore forces seek retribution against Shelby

TRUMPCARE: Kentucky to now require LITERACY TESTS for "certain populations" to receive medical care.

Iran rejects Trump's demand for changing nuclear deal

Pauly Shore hilarious as Stephen Miller on CNN "This will not go well"

Judge: Trump racism may have been key to ending DACA

Trump responds to 's***hole' outcry with 'America First!' tweet

Norway, Haiti & Nambia Point Out Top 3 "Shitholes"

How The World Covered Trump's 'Shithole Countries' Slur

Trump's White House: How a bipartisan policy meeting devolved into vulgarity

So how did Dr. Ronny Jackson misspell

MLK nephew and Trump, WTF?

Thread: 'America, We Are at the Edge of a Precipice'

I wonder if Trump will refer to Kentucky the same way he has referred to some other countries?

What's even more tragic than Trump''s appalling comments?

"Stop debating the existence of racism when you are drowning in the proof of its existence."

Timberlawn's last stand? State moves to close Dallas psychiatric hospital over safety

Non Trump: Obama on Letterman's pod cast - interesting stuff

GoT memes I came across on the internuts.

Melania Trump's Wife Coach Reveals Secrets (Funny or Die)

Once again, Trump is on his weekend golfing vacation at Maralago in Palm Beach.

A New Wikileaks for Religion Publishes Its First Trove of Documents

Rude Pundit: "America the Shithole" - "We are a shithole as long as Trump remains president."

Texas A&M police share tweet of hilarious drunk arrest

"The President's Physical"

The mind-boggling cost of DACA repeal

GOP tax law a one-two punch to charities and American giving

How long before Melania dumps that pile of flesh?

Joy silence this fool

Why does AM Joy have that lying Trumpster Mark Burns on?

Trump Slams Democrats on DACA in Tweetstorm: 'All Talk and No Action'

Trump allies see 's***hole' controversy as overblown

On AM JOY now on MSNBC.

Is the media underestimating the effect of extreme income inequality?

"How would you like some 🥞🥞Pancake Ice for breakfast this morning?"

Important update to thread last night

"I thought 'sh*thole' was a compliment. That's what Dad always called me." CAPTION Donald Trump!

This tweet, can our good UK members help me understand it please?

African Union: Trump 's***hole' remarks dishonor 'American creed'

The Russia Investigations: Bannon Comes In From The Cold, Trump Wavers On Mueller

A person of color working at FOX NEWS* would be like a Jewish person writing for Der Sturmer

A widening verdict: Among 18-34 in @QuinnipiacPoll 75% say Trump does not share their values.

Bill Kristol and a stopped clock....

Does anyone know what portion of "the 37%" approve of the....

Divided we fall...

The democrats are wasting their time trying to work with Shithole and the republicans.

The real McMafia: the rise of the oligarch and a new world of global crime

Presidential historian: 'No president has been so racially insensitive' as Trump

we watched the first harry potter movie on netflix last night

There are two types of people in the world.

John Harwood, CNBC: "The political foundation of Donald Trump's presidency was racial grievance."

Click for a list of all the differences between Republicans and racists

MSNBC's Chris Matthews joked about his 'Bill Cosby Pill' before interviewing Hillary Clinton

The Porn Star Story Could be a Crime, if...

Suppurating, if you know this word without looking it up, I bow to your vocabulary!

Who else wakes up and checks to see if Trump is no longer President?

Girl, 6, Suffers Frightening Side Effects After Taking Tamiflu

Girl, 6, Suffers Frightening Side Effects After Taking Tamiflu

The unknown dangers ahead; What are you doing to protect yourself.

Now if you don't mind...

Republicans in immigrant-rich Fla. scramble in wake of Trump's remarks

The President of Ghana just called Trump out on Twitter

Trump White House "Shithole" Values

The case that Democrats could win back the House keeps getting stronger

Joy-Ann Reid

We have troops serving in these, as trump describes them shithole countries. His inflammatory

"When you're on a TV panel and one panelist says to another, 'I will gut you like a fish!' "

U.S. Supreme Court to Review Bid to Collect Internet Sales Tax

The Economist: Trump's tweets not cunning manipulation of news cycle, just reaction to morning telly

Tom Brokaw suggests GOP senators who didn't hear Trump remarks should get hearing aids

KellyAnne Conway: when the definitive history of the Trump regime is written, she will fare poorly

Republicans publicly proclaimed their #1 goal was to make our first black POTUS fail.

Bill Kristol‏ Tweet--memo from Former GOP Sen.: The normalization of abnormal accelerates apace."

I guess when they did the colonoscopy, they still could find no brains! n/t

Upcoming Pa-18 Special Election

AG Beauregard Sessions' marijuana crackdown is going to make legalization more likely

Jamie Dimon: Dems don't have a strong candidate for 2020

Goooooooo Joy!!!!!!!!!.

The Rude Pundit: America the Shithole

'You're wasting my time, goodbye': Watch disgusted Joy Reid cut mic on ranting pastor excusing Trump

Tom Brokaw tweet tells Senators Cotton and Perdue, "Costco has a good deal on hearing aids."

The front of todays Detroit Free Press.

Judge: Trump racism may have been key to ending DACA

Meanwhile, in Haiti...

Richard Quest, just now on TV, suggested we stop using the term "shithole" and instead

Thread day (don't miss this one)

Trump's unguarded thoughts about black people and welfare...

A pool of celebrities from which a good candidate might be drawn?

Have They No Sense of Decency?

Cybersecurity Firm Says Kremlin Hackers Have Targeted The US Senate, Why stop when you have success?

Schindler: Donald Trump's Crazy Week of Crazy

Pence Quiet After Trump's "Shithole" Comments

I just found out my cousin is one of the most famous and beloved men in the world (really)

Time's up, says Thomas Jefferson...

Progressive in Alaska: 2016--they flipped a red legislative chamber to blue..........


Puerto Ricans Have Been Committing Suicide Nearly Every Day After Hurricane Maria, Report Shows

Fox News host: People who leaked Trumps sh*thole comments make our country look bad

Trump Wondered Why Pretty Korean Lady Wasnt Negotiating With North Korea

The Dillingham Commission Lives......

Uranium Miners Pushed Hard for a Comeback. They Got Their Wish.

MLK's Son Criticises Trump for 'Shithole' Comments

How did the Deplorables shoehorn Ted Kennedy into Chump's shithole brouhaha?

"You know, some day he'll have a library!!!!!"

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Trump is a shithole

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

MUST-READ: Mr. President, Your Toga Is Showing (Christopher Buckley, NYT - Trump/Caligula)

*QUINN POLL* Dreamers Should Stay, American Voters Say 8-1, Do Not Enforce Pot Laws 3-1

Anonymous donor gives $100M to Canada's largest mental health hospital

A new trend?

My one and only (til 2019) 2020 thread: Relax, don't hurry...

Report: Anti-Abortion HHS Official Fired, Booted From Premises

Why would the WH write a fake memo for a doctor?

To Get Medicaid in Kentucky, Many Will Have to Work. Advocates for the Poor Are Horrified.

BTRTN SaturData Review: Will Trumps Approval Rating Go Down the S---hole Now?

Senator Whitehouse and Senator Harris.

BTRTN SaturData Review: Will Trumps Approval Rating Go Down the S---hole Now?

Round 2: Joy Reid spits fire in ongoing feud with booted pastor who suggested she just move to Haiti

Which football quarterback should be elected president?

Welcome to Kentucky!!!

Donald Trump 'took offence at slights from the British'

Groups record voting rights abuses against Native Americans

This is not the first time Americans turned away refugees

Rick Wilson who appears on CNN: how good or not is he ?

Wolff Could Make $7.4 Million from 'Fire and Fury'

Legendary sports broadcaster Keith Jackson dies at 89

The White House released a note supposedly from the doctor & hilarity ensues ... as usual 🤡

Biden Urges Young People to Get Involved

Trump Flushes Away America's Reputation

Trumps racism is more than rhetoric it forms policy and ruins lives

Watch this UK humorist ridicule President 'Trumphole' for cowardly cancelling his British trip

Notice how the corporate media is trotting out

Why does MSNBC have Blackwell the election fraudster on air?

If you want to be on MSNBC and are a person of Color

2 great images of pushbacks re: Trump's "shit hole" comment.

Hannity responds to Obama saying Fox viewers are 'living on a different planet'

Where Has This Treat Been All Your Life? Canada.

Ralph Northam sworn in as Virginia governor

WaPo: Trump does more damage to himself than his opponents ever manage to do

2nd nasty, vile black man defending IQ45's racism on air (msnbc) today:

DC bar offering drink named after adult-film star reportedly paid by Trump lawyer

RYAN CHALLENGER pulled in 1.2M last quarter

Just received this alert in Hawaii (apparently it IS a drill, but WTF?!)

Got a pic of one of these, in my front yard/river, earlier.

Liberal business registry?

Neo-Nazis celebrate Trump s---hole comment: Hes on the same page as us

Kos: Vanderbilt suspends doctor after complaint about his public protest of white supremacy

Map showing the typical difference between the highest and lowest temperature of the year

One subtlety of that Quinnipiac poll the other day...

Recipes to Cook Over a Long Weekend

Hawaii Gets Fake Alert About Inbound Missile

The Morals And Values Crowd

TV anchor, daughter of Haitian immigrants, delivers epic rebuttal to Trump

Hey,, dont look at all this Shithole shit,,,,,,,there is a incoming missle

Fake ballistic missile threat in HI this morning - Russia?

A treat? For me? How thoughtful of you.

Lugenpresse (lying press)

Clemency for Keith Giammanco

If trump received the bogus "missiles are inbound" text, could he have launched?

Measles case confirmed in Little Rock

Bad news: White House Physician Declares Trump In Excellent Health

Hawaii ballistic missile text message alert was 'false alarm'

The canine horse whisperer:

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

Chelsea Manning files to run for U.S. Senate in Maryland

Dog missing for five days found buried in snow; alive

Has Trump been to Canada yet?

Smoking penalties, ER fees, premiums on the poor: How states want to shrink Medicaid

Was Luke a slacker?

Table & chairs

And, now for something completely different: a herd of Haiku-----

Okay, so there was a false alarm warning of a missile approaching Hawaii. I can see....

Remember when George Allen's Senate bid ended

And Now For Something Completely Different - Chelsea Manning Runs for Senate

Want to live in a well run country?

Ex-Obama defense official on Hawaii false alarm: "Thank God the President was playing golf'

Is the President a racist asshole?

Trump's early warning system just failed. All the winning.

Good God. Weve gone full Strangelove.

Ex-Obama defense official on Hawaii false alarm: "Thank God the President was playing golf"

**Breaking** (confirmed): Trey Gowdy has resigned from the House Ethics Cmte!**

Opposite world

France's first panda cub makes its public debut

The million dollar sock entrepreneur with Down's syndrome

Education Dept. awards debt-collection contract to company with ties to DeVos

The Real Question: How Did That Hawaiian False Attack Alarm Happen? UPDATED!

"Trumpy Bear" teddy bear TV ad

Alright somebody pressed the wrong button.

ICE Targets 7-11, Parent Company Stock Goes Down

Trump defends vulgar immigrant comments, partly denies them

How Australia's extreme heat might be here to stay

Trump Supporters Attempt to 'Arrest' London Mayor

When the Intelligence Committee meets with Bannon, they shouldn't limit themselves

Connelly: Rep. McMorris Rodgers 'no longer safe' -- Cook Political Report

Stormy Daniels has got me thinking about what my porn name could be ....

Mark Wahlberg Donates 'All the Money in the World' Reshoots Salary to Time's Up

This false alarm should be a big wake up call to Washington that

Give us your tired, your poor, your yadda yadda yadda,

Postcards to Voters... PLEASE listen!

If Dick Durbin had not spilled the beans about the DACA meeting with Trump...?

White House: Hawaii false alarm 'purely a state exercise'

Rep. Ted Lieu: Trump is absolutely racist

No one in my country should feel less than because we have an ignorant, racist, shameless president

Progressive people of faith: Hillary Clinton

Today's delectable contemplation

For those who say, "A lot of people agree with the President about the "shithole" countries...

Nasty, dirty, below the belt...

ADEQ denies hog farm permit in Newton County

Liam Neeson says harassment allegations are now 'a witch-hunt'

Feathers fly as twitchers prepare for the Big Garden Birdwatch 2018

This sums it up...

Heartbreaking stories coming from Hawaii as people thought they only had minutes to live:

what's to be expected from tRump base after

After outcry, Mark Wahlberg donates $1.5 million film fee

Joy-Ann Reid causes Trump apologist pastor to implode, then throws him off air (VIDEO)

In praise of Janet Yellen.

Graphic For Carbon Dioxide Loads for Some Electric and Fossil Fuel Cars.

The 1959 'Go-Go' White Sox and the air-raid sirens

Has Trump even responded to the fake Hawaii threat?

Meet a Shithole - this one boasted about her nasty, disgusting racist deeds

Farewell to Byron, a famous Maine owl

Shithole countries: the early days...

Apparently 45 was notified of the missile alert; kept playing golf. Did he know it was false?

Politics Done Right: Tim Danahey intrigues us on Pence - Sh*thole from Trump, Really?

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 13, 2018

DU Challenge - #ProtectTheTruth and ignore Der Twitler

Anyone here familiar with the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator?

" I never called you stupid, BUT...."

grain or potato

I'm bragging

All read-The next step is the special election in Pennsylvania

PETITION:Tell Dems in Congress to skip State of the Union

Horrible people of faith: Joseph Kony

BBC Review of "Three Billboards" (WARNING: SPOILERS)

For Those That Say, "It's Just Bar-room Talk"...

Lil wieners or pigs in blankets

'Just an abomination': Hawaii Sen Brian Schatz blasts Hawaii's 'terrifying' false ballistic missile

Republican defends Trump's 'sh*thole countries' remark: Obama once called Libya a 'sh*tshow'

This is Trumps first statement after the entire state of Hawaii was told a missile was coming

Think about that bogus missile attack on Hawaii.

Trump's Plan

Mario Batali's apology for sexual assault plus a cinn roll recipe.

Heads need to roll at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency. There is absolutely no excuse

Trump: Media promoting 'mentally deranged' Wolff's book

South Africa party storms H&M stores over monkey shirt ad

I'd rather live with people from shitholes than people in sheet holes.

It's been a few days since I posted about my colonoscopy.

Porn Star Had Multiple Interviews Lined Up Before Election

Biden Urges Young People to Get Involved

Is anyone as sick as I am of "My Pillow" commercials?

1982 vs 2018

Hey, all you music appreciators: check out this thread --

So the Kathy Griffin picture was "traumatizing"

Hawaii EMA administrator takes responsibility for false missile alarm

African immigrants are more educated than most including people born in U.S.

Police: NorCal man kills mother over video game anger

The Heartbeat of Racism Is Denial

Geraldo Rivera calls on Trump to apologize for 's---hole countries' remark

It's Been a Year Since the Women's March, where are you now?

For old-time San Franciscans: What was your favorite ride at Playland at the Beach?

Snowballs--Divinity fudge by another name?

Condoleezza Rice on #MeToo: 'Let's not turn women into snowflakes'

Trump Thinks Only Black People Are on Welfare, but, Really, White Americans Receive Most Benefits

Hate groups make unprecedented push to recruit on college campuses

The Strange Battle of the Pussyhats

The front of today's Boston Globe.

Yoiu really have to ask yourself the Question,,,,,,

Ex-union president calls Trump a "con man" and a "liar" as Carrier lays off 215 more Indiana workers


David Bowie's last performance ever, "Life On Mars"

The false Hawaii missile alert was caused by an employee pushing the wrong button, governor says

Please stop using the word "snowflake" as a

Ex-Obama defense official on Hawaii false alarm:

What do Donald J. Trump and George W. Bush have in common?

In NC, outbursts may trigger blue tsunami

Ok, this is funny

Tax bill made Republicans less popular

If Trump Doesn't Have The Common Sense To Apologize On His Own....

Cosmos renewed for season 2

Trump going to UK in June of this year, supposedly according to UK Sunday Express paper

You had one job!

Post a line from a movie and see if anyone knows what movie it's from

Ivanka should testify in Russia probe

IMHO, we're exposing waaaaay to much detailed information about our missle defence system.

Bannon Comes In From The Cold

I am shocked that missile alerts are the responsibility of a state

Made Millions Selling Condos To Unknown Buyers

I need some help from a computer expert...

Rooster meets girl at school bus

Trump: 'I need a distraction from....

Saw "The Post" today. Highly recommended.

Does anyone know anything about "NukeMap"


UK Sunday Express supposedly has news of Trump visit in June, sorry!

Worker thought Trump would save her job. She was wrong.

It is now two and a half minutes to midnight!

Black Panther sold more tickets than any other Marvel movie in its first 24 hours

The only president who has ever been censured by the Senate was Andrew Jackson in 1834.........