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Archives: January 17, 2018

Barrington 18-year-old returns to Legislature in hopes of raising New Hampshire marriage age to 16

The Resistance Report: Trump's racism, the border wall, and Republican "welfare reform"

Net Nuetrality gets 50 votes

Navy filing homicide charges against commanders in 2 deadly ship collisions

News flash from a prestigious doctor: For excellent health, eat fast food in bed and never exercise!

6ft 3" 239lb BMI is 29.86...pre-obese

Home where 13 kids found records show the homes address is the same as the Sandcastle Day School

Nearly all members of National Park Service advisory panel resign in frustration

This is worth 8 min. of our time. Cory Booker's entire statement.

New Hampshire gunmaker Sig Sauer taking a 'STAND' with latest handgun

Did doctor Jackson do President Obama's physical briefing?

Using Twitter as God intended:

Trump and the porn star

'Wet slide' avalanche concludes wild week on Mount Washington

I've sent private detectives to NYC and

Trump needs screening for Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder

This "medical evaluation" was a sham and insult to the American people.

I am a bit confused about Bannon's appearance today.

Trump's (Girther) weight made me think of a hilarious Obama pic

I finally read "Cat Person." If you haven't, you should. It quite good about

Sloppy Steve has been testifying about 11 hours now....

Trump needs to lose 10 to 15 pounds ?

Mueller Closes In On Trump's Inner Circle

Huff Post has a nice piece on Booker's exchange. It's even better than the twitter clip

2000 lies! Did he make it thru the day without another one?

Are Uber and Lyft drivers around the Valley breaking child car seat laws?

Mueller subpoenas Steve Bannon

'New California' campaign aims to separate rural counties from coastal cities

Bannon has now been in the House Intel committee spaces for --approaching hour 10

The Canada Issue

Rowden out at Naval Surface Forces

From a letter written in 1905 by Friedrich Trump...

The Canada Issue

I demand to see his long-form girth certificate!

45's cognitive test was created by Lebanese immigrant to Canada

College presidents call Higher Education Act 'hostile' to education

'Conversion therapy' for gay youth back on the agenda

Celtics legend JoJo White dead after battle with cancer

Jeopardy Regulars - spoiler

I do not think Trump had a checkup, I think paper work was filled out.

Trump: "it will get even (much) better for Black Americans!"

CNN Breaking: Bannon has left the building

Feinstein Praised For Releasing Key RussiaGate Info

The idea of a presidential meeting with everybody swearing is kind of disturbing.

My sister, again. Enjoy.

If a DHS Secretary can't admit if she's knows whether or not Norway is predominately white...

2018 US Senate Election Ratings. Solid Republican Favored to Solid Democratic Favored.

What caused the Cambrian explosion? The Economist

Nearly all members of National Park Service advisory panel resign in frustration

A Tale of Two Corys

Who is this obnoxious Repug Matt Gaetz from FL on All In?

Haitian Government Says Trump Helped Baby Doc Duvalier Launder Money in the 1980s

I got into it with a nutter in the local paper recently

Says Bannon refused to answer Qs even under subpoena.

Colin Kaepernick vs Dumpy Donald Trump pics..........

Trump WH gag order prevented Bannon from answering questions

Filmmaker James Gunn will give $100,000 to Trump's favorite charity to get his accurate weight

BREAKING Schiff video: Bannon refused to answer questions, Trump WH gag order silencing him.

Sanjay Gupta up next on Anderson Cooper 360. CNN 8:47 EST. He has questions

White House Microwave Confirms That Trump Said Shithole

Decline in US travel spurs business push for visitors

The hard, hard working, long toiling, work-driven Norwegians

Lawmakers see shutdowns odds rising

The house does nothing to bannon so my question is

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Stormy Weather

Retired Barbara Boxer on Chris Hayes.

New posters at UVM draw fire as 'racist'

White House Microwave Confirms That Trump Said Shithole

WH directs Bannon to avoid answering Hill queries in Russia probe

Tweet of the Day

Anyone go all native?

Why is this extremely strange symbol showing up ?

Trump's scale makes startling revelation

So what do I tell friends and family after finding out that I'm likely terminally ill?

We need to find size pants Trump wears.

Great Lakes many of you saw that and thought the worst?

Dollar hits three-year low as bounce sputters, euro shakes off political concerns

What do you think Dear Leader's (Trump) favorite movies are.

BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Ronny Jackson confirms president is healthy

The White House cant issue a gag order

Paul Goresh, photographer who shot photo of John Lennon with his killer, dies

Sam Kinison

Radio artist, writer Joe Frank dies at 79

He even got the Whitehouse doctor to lie for him

RANT ALERT! Please, GOP Congress critters, let's just drop the pretense, ok?

Would your vehicle insurance cover this???


WH directs Bannon to avoid answering Hill queries in Russia probe

Kirstjen Nielsen

Big 'flash' seen in the skies over part of Michigan and beyond

Bannon to "tell all" to Mueller, per Rachel. Ooooh!

Brutal outlook for Trump's business overseas: It's a financial bloodbath. Nobody wants to go there.

Loving mothers share their warm sanctuary. 😍

NFL player Michael Rivera at 6'3" 245 lbs vs. Trump at 6'3" 239 decide

If there is a shutdown, will SS checks be mailed? Medicare payments made?

Do you really Trump is 6' 3'--an inch and half taller than President Obama?

See! We CAN all agree on something- Bannon is a shithole

Seth Abramson on executive privilege

Here's the exam Trump took Friday:

Wisconsin Dems flip State Senate seat from red to blue.

Watchdog: Foreign regimes, others spend big at Trump properties to curry favor

Trae Crowder continues to bring it...

MN-SEN: Tim Pawlenty will not run.

Stephen Colbert: Vital Stats from President Trumps Physical:

Obama In 2010 Weighed 179.9 pounds...

One of Mothers of the Movement is running for office in GA - Lucy McBath

People lost to history

Mueller probe would continue during a government shutdown

If, indeed, they will shut down the government

Dr. Jackson was too "crunched for time" to examine DT's heel spurs? Even though they're planning

Trump steps onto one of those new talking scales. What does it say?

This is how all my parties end up

This bunch in the White House seem like the

I am so sick and tired of hearing about the doturd all the time.

Did the doctor directly release a report, or did it come from the white house?

At Womens event, Sarah Sanders Told Women to Ask Men for Jewelry. Things got more Weird

God Wasted A Good Asshole....

Trump's mistress tried to get booked on the Howard Stern show...

Two Navy ship captains charged with negligent homicide. Plus other Navy heads roll, too.

Chinese ratings agency cuts US debt over political 'deficiencies'

I get distracted easily

Thinking back to the 2016 Republican Presendial Primaries....

On Shitholes, Subpoenas, and Starbursts

Breaking News MSNBC: Steve Bannon will 'tell all' to Robert Mueller: report

Passenger turned away from two flights after wearing 10 layers of clothing to avoid luggage fee

My theory regarding Trump's physical

Democrats Score Special Election Upset In Wisconsin GOP Stronghold

Caption, please!

Rural California Counties Want To Secede & Create Two Californias. MSN

We Are In A Civil War With The KKK, Neonazis & White Supremacist Movement ----

The Daily Show: Donald Trump Is Somehow Healthy

Whoever asked this question to the White House physician is my new hero.

All lies, evil deeds stink,

Seth Meyers - Trump's Community Service, Chris Christie's Last Day in Office - Monologue - 1/15/18

It's snowing in SW Ala.!!! right now...

Seth Meyers - The Check In: Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria Recovery

Trump Is A Very Healthy Racist

The Trump name is being scrubbed off skylines from New York to Toronto to Rio as the brand backfires

Bannon Will 'Tell All' To Mueller

Gaetz Describes Haiti As 'Sheet Metal And Garbage'

Letter I sent both my Democratic Senators and my Democratic Representative

Woman who unplugged fiances kayak so he would drown is already out of prison

Trump's so healthy he's being considered for a contestant on 'The Amazing Racist'

Obama/Holder group contributed to tonight's Wiscnosin victory.


Cost climbs by $2.8 billion for California bullet train

They lied about his weight to keep him from being compared to this republican president.

Feel better?

Americans Paying The Taxes Because The Rich, Corporations et al Don't.

So Hughey the cat found a long skinny piece of cardboard to play with.

SI: Washington State football player dies from apparent self-inflicted gunshot

"Agni Parthene" en francais/"Psalm 103"-Valaam Monastery/American African finds the Orthodox Church

Take a ride through the Orion Nebula!

Is It Possible That Trump Is On Medications From Another MD....


2022 Maryland US House Elections.

What are you cats up to?

Vaughan Williams: "A Pastoral Symphony" [Norrington]/Siegfried Wagner:"Die Heilige Linde" [Prelude]

Orthodox-"Blessed Art Thou, O Lord, Teach Me Thy Statutes" [Plagal 1st Tone]/

NY lawmaker heckles Gov. Cuomo during budget address

Supreme Court won't take case of ex-New York assembly speaker

Florida: Democrat Margaret Good fundraising coming on strong as HD 72 special election heats up

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/16/18

Cuomo's approval rating up after federal tax fight vow

Navy filing homicide charges for McCain, Fitzgerald commanders

Tuesday Dems flipped a GOP Wisconsin State Senate seat, a 27 point swing!

Tuesday's Dead...

Private Prison Company Lobbies Vermont Officials to Build Proposed Facility

Bassett Mirror Company Agrees to Pay $10.5 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations

State Medical Examiner Placed on Leave, Faces Hearing

Steve Gibson releases software for testing Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

James Taylor is coming to Grand Rapids...

Senator Cory Booker just took the smile off the face of @DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen's face.

Did Trump make his infamous remark just to create a shitstorm?

As Senate speculation grows, Romney won't say if he plans to run

Watch: #Iowa crowd shouts down racist heckler who says shes glad Martin Luther King died

Trump's "Fake News Awards" are scheduled for today.

Maddow-- We remember when @DHS Kirstjen Nielsen played an ugly role during hurricane Katrina.

Burlington's unique business property tax hits some harder than others

PawSox bill passes the RI Senate, moves to a House vote

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...

New 'Hot-Desking' Trend Eliminates Personal Space In The Office

Democrats are considering a federal shutdown, but it's risky

THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW 1/16/18 Steve Bannon will 'tell all' to Robert Mueller: report

Lets face it Trump

Coming up on Morning Joe: The Girther conspiracy!

Coming up on Morning Joe Girther-Gate

Fox News held story before election on Trump relationship with adult-film star: report

Remembering the first victim of Chris Christie's lust for power

Kierstjen Nielsen with a silent J: Rachel Maddows Damning Story on Role in Hurricane Katrina

Troopergate cop books Worcester prosecutor on OUI charge

Maybe Trump Is Just a Moron?

Dems win special state senate election in traditional Wisconsin GOP district!!

BREAKING: House Conservatives can block plan to avoid Govt shutdown

Bannon's two subpoenas ?? A lot of questions?

Trump is the Tide pod of politics. Wisconsin just showed him their agreement with Alabama

excerpts from Fire and Fury

How's this for absolute woo?

CNN: Trump Voters

Schiff threatens to withhold funding if Trump continues to block witnesses from answering questions

'Fake News Awards' absent from Trump's White House schedule, dismissed as 'potential event'

Ironic headline of the day...

Pierce: Now I Don't Know What to Believe

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Liar In Chief

Anti-hookworm drug that costs 4 cents in Tanzania costs up to $400 in the United States

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Immigration

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Happy b'day Michelle Obama

Trump asks Supreme Court to let him start deporting dreamers

With shutdown days away, Trump tweeting heads-up "Eric Trump on @foxandfriends now!"

Can a test for dementia discover a pathology like malignant narcissism?

Raimondo touts economic success: More jobs than ever in Rhode Island history

"Little Hands" Is Going to have a sad over THIS: "Trump bad in bed" says porn star Stormy Daniels

Luckovich draws "Potus on Scale"


"Fat Shaming," directed toward a man who championed "Fat Shaming"

Lawyer: Coventry senator being investigated by state police likely to resign

Solar boosts 2017 level of clean energy investment

Renewables to dominate global capacity additions to 2050

Politicians cry foul over unions tying contributions to votes

WAPO: "There may be something in tatters at center of investigation, but it isn't the FBI."

Lamont Jumps Into Governor's Race

Paul Ryan's latest bargaining CHIP

This is significant!

Freedumb! SD Facing End Of Copper & Lead Testing For Water, Wastewater Regulation As Funds Dry Up

How Michael Wolff Got Into the White House for His Tell-All Book

Happy 96th Birthday to Betty White!

TN Small Business Group Shocked, Shocked By Potential Loss Of Superfund Cleanup For THEIR Site

A brief speech of the ideas contained within, "The End of Faith"...

9 Of 12 National Park Advisory Board Members Quit; Zinke Refused To Meet Them, Hold 1 Meeting/Year

The President Can Draw a Clock

Report: U.S. democracy has "sharpest one-year drop" in 40 years

The Jorge Garcia story is so heartbreaking

Oops! BP Recalculates Costs; Deepwater Horizon Outstanding Claims Now Total $65 Billion - Reuters

Washington DC womens march Saturday?

Connecticut's Budget Is Still In The Red After Latest Revenue Estimates

For Cape Town, Day Zero Is 4/22 - That's When They'll Run Out Of Water If Rains Fail Again

Cognitive Exam for the President of the United States

Unexpected defeat in rural Wisconsin special election sets off alarm bells for Republicans

A repost by request. From a year ago

State's Overtime Costs Increase

$100k offered to Trump to get on scale!!

Report: North Korea, South Korea agree to march together at Olympics

New Zealand fisheries want grisly images of dead penguins caught in nets censored

Republicans had no problem getting the votes to pass their taxcuts...

Administration to shield health workers who refuse to perform abortions or treat transgender...

Shutdown would backfire on GOP, Republicans say

There was a thread on this a few days ago - more here on the homeschool torture parents

Rough First 2 Weeks For States New, $140M Medicaid Transportation Vendor

Possible reason bannon wouldn't answer questions at the hearing but will for Mueller.

With the arrest of the ex CIA agent will Pres Xi of China

Sarah Sanders bringing subservient back at WH 'Communicating with the Women of America' event

Saudi Arabia transfers Yemen $2 billion to save local currency from 'complete collapse'

Where can I find exact figures for the Wisconsin Dist 10 special election?

"It is NOT Donald that is the problem.....It. Is. You.

Mr. President, stop attacking the press - By John McCain

Kentucky governor says he'll end Medicaid benefits for 400,000 if court blocks work requirements

Binge watching utube videos on mafia bosses. Where are today's bosses?

Malloy Vetoes Bill Funding Medicare Savings Program

6 teen suicides in 6 months in 1 Ohio school district

In Venezuela, their now useless currency has depreciated at a rate of 5112% in just ONE YEAR

Anderson Cooper suggests Nielsen try "using the eyes in your head." Mockery Rating 10.0

Uh-Oh: Did Trump Fake ANOTHER Doctor's Note Last Week?

Trump Disputes DISASTROUS Interview, Then Audio Is Released

"Fun Mom Dinner." Good goofy movie.

I am grateful that Sen. Graham didn't say he didn't remember DT's ugly talk.

US border patrol routinely sabotages water left for migrants, report says

"Privilege" my flabby ass!

EXCLUSIVE. Steve Bannon Will Tell All to Robert Mueller, Source Says

Malcolm Nance is going to be on Stephanie Miller shortly

'My father sees one color - green': Eric Trump says his dad's too rich to be racist

Bayeux Tapestry to be displayed in UK for the first time

Here's Just How Little Confidence Americans Have In Political Institutions

BREAKING NEWS: White House undergoes annual physical exam.

Eric Trump - "My father sees one color -- green."

We Asked Ethics Experts About Trumps Worst Abuses During His First Year In Office

In Senate Hearing, Booker and Harris Show Their Styles

Koreas to march under single 'united' flag in Olympic Games

Wolffs entree into the WH began with Trump himself, who phoned the author in February to complimen

A great victory and wise words.

What people are hearing today after the physical


Today, Chris Christie is no longer the Governor of New Jersey. Applause check-in.

When Bannon refused to answer after being subpoenaed

Benjamin Wittes' cannon again this morning: Newly Uncovered Russian Payments Are A Focus

Norm Eisen, who knows Dr. Jackson, says he's "a good man" but "played with the stats"

She's 17 And Wants To Be A Politician. Her Dad Says He Won't Vote For Her.

Sergey Kislyak received $120,000 ten days after the election of Donald Trump.

GOP whines, and the Dem leader has a positive response

VA House Dems Press Conference on Priorities for Working People

If/when Trump drops dead from a heart attack or stroke

My hand is calibrated to 0.5 F

DHS Sec. Nielsen Trying To Protect Trump With Lies

Trump says privately that a terror attack could save him and GOP from 2018 election bloodbath:report

Police Academy director Hugh Wilson dies

GOP Weighs Childrens Health Insurance as Lure

Trump Wants To Make America White

Virginia State GOP central committee member resigns from the GOP, and publishes reasons why

Hint that Bannon wants a deal with Mueller?

For a year now, trump has been the zoo animals that fling shit all around the cage

Adam Schiff nails it

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is doing his Stalinist speech right now

Flake is on CSPAN2 comparing drumpf to stalin

France's baby milk scare: Police search Lactalis sites

"... Trump will be impeached this spring"

World's longest underwater cave system discovered in Mexico by divers

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) giving anti-Trump speech on Press Freedom

World's longest underwater cave system discovered in Mexico by divers

Wow, wow, wow! Flake!

Daniel Dennett - How To Tell You're An Atheist

Big win for Dems in Wisconsin:

CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN carrying Flakes speech....Fox is Not.

Maduro takes the gloves off: Go against Chavismo, suffer the fate of Perez

So let me get this right?

Czech government resigns as PM fights corruption allegations

MSN has a poll blaming Dems for govt shutdown

Spring classes at Oklahoma colleges resume amid funding uncertainty

Oklahoma sheriffs upset with ''bully" legislator who criticized their private association

Contact Jeff Flake

Democrats say no Dreamer solution after Kelly meeting

ICE is gestapo, tRumps private security force

Philip K. Dick and the Fake Humans

January Contest: "Color" Semi-finals are open for voting until Saturday 1/20.

EPIC charter school now recruiting teachers by boasting pay as high as $106,000


Adult-film star reportedly spoke to journalist in 2016 about Trump settlement, fearing...

North and South Korea will march together at the Winter Olympics

What's the consensus on Flake? Stunt? Heartfelt? Who cares?

Putin Says Communism Comes From the Bible, Compares Lenin to a Saint

More Trump voters: CNN in Youngstown OH

Sketchy Kazakh Money Finds Its Way To Trump Circle Launches Tomorrow! Cartoons For The Resistance

January Contest Voting threads listed here:

Wonkette spanks Greenwald concerning Chelsea Manning

vote on the damn bill. you have a daca bill, congress.

New California strives to be 51st state

Everyone should see this! Bravo, Sen. Booker!

Just wondering if anyone can beat this for craziness...

Tom the Dancing Bug Toon- Trump to sweep his own Dishonesty and Corruption in the Media Awards

Pussy Hats

Democrats say no Dreamer solution after Kelly meeting

Investigators Are Scrutinizing Newly Uncovered Payments By The Russian Embassy

Mike Huckabee: rectal probe edition (tweet):

...Jeff Flake destroys Trump from the Senate floor for 'battering' the truth

January Photo Contest: "Color" Semi-finals are open for voting until Saturday 1/20.

Security for Trump's border wall prototypes cost $1,175,840

'It's malpractice': Republicans give potential 2020 Trump foes a pass

History professor predicts Mueller will reveal Trump crimes that will 'shock the nation'...

A Tale from the Sexual Revolution - But Things Are Still the Same

should du have a singles forum?

Steve Bannon: Former Trump aide strikes deal to avoid grand jury appearance in Russia probe

I'm watching the "Jews for Dreamers" being arrested at the Capitol (UPDATED)

Pic Of The Moment: Republican Accountability Pop Quiz

British tourist missing in Israel may have Jerusalem syndrome

Thank You Jewish Americans for this demonstration in DC for the dreamers

Mueller & House Intel Subpoena Bannon

Who is with me on this?

Just talked to Fred Hubbel on the phone

Bad news for GOP: Mueller probe could collide with midterms

Trumpocracy, worth a read?

As much as Trump has touted this fake "fake news awards", it's interesting to note re: real awards:

She said yes! She's getting married!:

Trump Says Privately a Terror Attack

Which of these outcomes do you think more likely

Gov Walker is on his seventh 'wake up call' tweet since last night's surprising Dem victory in 10th

Transcript of Flake's speech

Air Force Psychiatrist: Trump Shouldn't be Allowed Anywhere Near a Nuclear Weapon

'Bookkeeper of Auschwitz' former Nazi officer denied mercy plea

GOP senator denounces Trump attacks, recalls Stalin rhetoric

71 years old and 13 diet cokes a day. That's a lot of caffeine.

Democrats over-performed in all four special elections yesterday

at this stage of my life, seems my dream of dying in the saddle is fading

Appreciation thread: Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama!

Stephen Stills' "Light Up the Blues" autism benefit to feature Neil Young, Heartbreakers

Call your reps today and tell them to support the Clean Dreamers Act!

"No American should have to choose between faith and the law."

Trump's credibility crisis on Capitol Hill

Treasury warns "Petro" investors regarding sanctions. Chavismo goes into meltdown.

Oh that's not suspicious or anything... 👀

Progressive people of faith: Keith Ellison

Breaking: Bannon lawyer was relaying info to WH from closed Senate meeting

tRump has one power NO ONE can dispute, and that is

AP: WH told Bannon when NOT to respond

The biggest anti-immigration lie of them all

Overjoyed Trump supporter: He is saying what we all think Really?

Quoth the Raven, "You gotta be joking!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Republican Voters in Georgia Can't Drive in 1 Inch of Snow

FRC Asks: Can We Outlaw Roe v. Wade In Five Years?

President may be hoping for terrorist attack to save him & GOP in 2018

Atlantic freedoms

YUP - more snow in the deep South

Fox News Pushes Back On Report That It 'Killed' Story On Porn Star And Trump

Speed Limits Mean That IT IS SAFE To Drive Under ALL Conditions.Even On Pure Ice Speed Limit Is Safe

Martin Luther Kings secret religion

Trump standing next to Obama who is 6' 1" :

What difference does it really make if donald's dr. lied or not?

Porn Star Told 'In Touch' In 2011 That She Had Sexual Encounter With Trump

AP Sources: WH directed Bannon silence in House interview

Is Bannon a target of Mueller probe?

This story about the WSU player who took his life really underscores the power of mental illness.

When you have Viking blood running through your veins.

Yuuuge Dem over performance in 4 special elections averages +21.49%

Trump's 'Toughness' Is an Insult to Law Enforcement

Bernie Sanders: Trump wants a shutdown. These are the major issues that have to be dealt with.

GOP tax plan fails to crack a majority in new poll

I closed the office today. Snow in Atlanta!

Bernie Sanders: Trump wants a shutdown. These are the major issues that have to be dealt with.

Bannon and White House were communicating yesterday during House questioning


Odds against a child born in U.S. - 600K excess child deaths

Trump Administration Wants to Arrest Mayors of 'Sanctuary Cities'

Endangered Lake Superior caribou helicoptered to island with no wolves

Decades of racism & misogyny, Mexicans are rapists, Mocking a reporter, Russia: Flake should get no

"As round as I wanta be." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Donald T.!!!!

Would you look at Trump and Comey side by side

Trump standing next to 6'3" baseball player Alex Rodriguez

Mark Hamill prepares for the Fake News awards

Washington Careens Toward Trump's 'Good Shutdown'

The NYTimes suggests Steve Bannon is not a target, because they only subpoena

Juanita Jean-He Even got His Doctor to Lie

"The Trump Tax Cuts for the Rich Must, and Will, Be Repealed"

Lavar Ball makes fun of Trump's hand size

New name added to DU fake President Trump nickname poll: Girther Don....

World's Smallest cat

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution often reminds me that Georgia is

What are women still marching for?

Who the Fuck doesn't know that Norway is Predominantly White?

Feds planning massive Northern California immigration sweep to strike against sanctuary laws

This is not satire

"It's almost as if something in Washington is causing a series of losses. Whatever could it be?"

Jeff flake? Who cares

🌊🌊🌊#FlipWIBlue Two Democratic women won in Wisconsin elex tonight. Go ladies!

Gowdy Trashes Bannon for Refusing to Answer Questions: But He 'Can Help People Write Books'

Reading the news now days is like standing in line at the supermarket checkout...

Utah GOP official says giving women the right to vote was a "grave mistake"

Sessions: 'A Good Nation' Doesn't Admit 'Illiterate' Immigrants

Judge hears suit on Trump White House use of encrypted apps

Venezuela's Petro Isn't Oil-Backed. It's Not Even a Cryptocurrency (Opinion)

If Puerto Rico agreed, should New York State try to annex the island?

A German hacker offers a rare look inside the secretive world of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

What's your favorite surfing song?

Democrats have now won 34 Republican state legislative seats since Trump became president

Who is this bearded bozo asst AG giving a book report to the seventh grade class?

20 Memes Proving Trump Is Grossly Unfit to be President

Aha! A black person in Norway...

Just tuned in to the LIVE Fake News Awards.

Online Interest In Trump Has Plummeted

I'm a Girther

Can we not hire people in Justice Dept who can at least

Why does a legitimate reporter not ask

Bernie Sanders to hold economic inequality conversation at Duke

Democrats Prefer Either Sanders or Biden to Winfrey

It's difficult to express the level of loathing I feel toward Sarah Huckabee.

WTF NHL? NHL announcement of Kid Rock as All-Star Game entertainer gets icy reaction

Utah GOP official says giving women the right to vote was a 'grave mistake'

What Happens When Trump Testifies?

Gonna get this after I get my TrumpieBear

Trumps company fights efforts to shed the presidents name

i'm still concerned about the previous post pertaining to Repubs having access to FBI files!

Sen. Harris accuses DHS Sec. Nielsen of racism in fiery Senate interrogation

Chicago Bizzards . How snow and politics mix in this city

Alaska Airlines will fly from Everett to 8 West Coast cities

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: The Village Scold.

So for a 30 day extension Obamacare gets worked over?

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy met with birther activists in 2013

Democrats flip Wisconsin district that Trump won by 17 points

Trump and Stormy Daniels Had Sex Four Months After Melania Gave Birth

There Will Be Some Deal To Prevent A Government Shutdown.....

Perfect storm builds against Republicans in California

CNN Sanjay Gupta: Trump has heart disease....

Are these three babies old enough to fend for themselves?

Trumps volatility scrambles prospects of a deal on DACA

Politico: Senate bipartisan deal on DACA (to be introduced tomorrow)

Bannon Plans To Cooperate With Mueller

Mark Taylor: My Prayers Caused Hillary Clinton To Collapse In 2016

Its starting to appear that President GoofBallGolfBall is allowing Kelly and Miller to run things

Cory Booker says DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen "lied under oath" to Congress

tRump had to have a rectal exam and

Apple Plans $350 Billion Boost to U.S. Economy Over 5 Years, 20,000 New Jobs, and a New Campus

Immigrant Rights Activist Deported, after living in US for 31 years..

Dem senator: Tom Cotton 'wants a shutdown in the worst way'

Dr. Dolittle To Nothing Jackson whistles past heart deceased & obese President

Stormy Daniels: tRump was bad in bed! Always wanted to be on the bottom.

WH official: House panel broke ground rules for Bannon interview

GOP lawmaker compares Trump 'sh*thole' remarks to Obama inviting civil rights activists to the WH

Naul (MV) - 'Memory Of The Wind' & 'You From The Same Time'

Congressional Black Caucus chairman ponders boycott, demonstration during State of the Union

Which will occur first at a Trump rally: Trump openly uses the n-word OR

The sweet prayer of an innocent child

Wtf? Banning's lawyer texting the questions back to the WH during yesterday's hearing!

No rules for California home schools, where 13 found captive

House conservatives demand vote on tough border bill to avoid shutdown

The most stressed out city in Alabama is Gadsen

Sen. Dick Durbin (on "The View") today versus Meghan McCain

Michael Wolff's 'Fire and Fury' to Become TV Series (Exclusive)

"An illustrated version of the Hidden Figures book came out yesterday."

Colin Kaepernick closing in on his charitable pledge of $1 Million.

Meet the woman confronting public figures with their immigrant histories

Wait a minute-Dump is in EXCELLENT HEALTH! His cardiac calcium score is 130! I just

Graham to oppose short-term House funding measure

'Little girls don't stay little forever. They grow into strong women that return to destroy your...

How do I do this on DU?

Why the dearth of atheist politicians?

Scott Walker calls Dem victory in GOP-leaning Wisconsin Senate seat 'a wake up call'

Exclusive: Trump says Russia helping North Korea skirt sanctions; Pyongyang getting close on missile

Biggest Difference Between Us And Them

Functional Medicine

Most of National Park board quits

Democrats win big in Wisconsin special election, make big gains against GOP across the country

Trump says privately that a terror attack could save him and GOP from 2018 election bloodbath

The Weight of the Presidency

Trump told Stormy Daniels she was just like his daughter

In touch is publishing a interview with Stormy Daniels about her affair with Trump

Were terribly disappointed and hugely frustrated: Union chiefs say Trump made their lives worse

...Internet barfs after Stormy Daniels claims Trump told her she was 'just like his daughter'

Twitter Video: WATCH: Full interview with @SenSanders on #AMR @MSNBC

So Goebbelvision, aka Fox, knew about Trumps affair with Stormy Daniels, but sat on the story.

The truth about why they hate Haiti - very good read

From Rep. Ted Lieu's keyboard to God's ears...

Ohio Supreme Court Justice on verge of being expelled...

Flake's speech is important

White House Says Trump Doesn't Want A Government Shutdown

Good Bye Cashiers

Perfect storm builds against Republicans in California

R.I.P. Hugh Wilson, creator of WKRP in Cincinnati

Goodbye lunch: Internet barfs after Stormy Daniels claims Trump told her she was just like

Alex Jones melts down over SHITHOLE

Princess Leia. We are the Resistance.

Fine, Trump Doesn't Have Dementia. He's Just a Moron.

Cartoon President

Everyone! Calm the hell down and Take Five!

How do you fight against the ignorance of the Deplorables

Software 'no more accurate than untrained humans' at judging reoffending risk

Nearly all members of National Park Service advisory panel resign in frustration

Romania to have first female prime minister, Viorica Dancila

Machine (nuclear, oil, gas, paper) destroying cyberweapon got posted to the internet

Persimmons for Breakfast, Two (Healthy) Ways

Point shooting

Paul Ryan Caught Between Freedom Caucus, Democrats

YouTube singer Chrissy Chambers wins revenge porn case

Catalonia MPs elect separatist speaker as parliament reconvenes

Mark Your Calendar! Doomsday Clock Announcement.

Former Senator Robert Dole is receiving the Congressional Medal for his service to the country.

10 Reasons Not to Invest in Nuclear Energy

10 Reasons to Oppose Nuclear Energy

Beware nuclear industrys fake news on being emissions free

Nuclear Energy Is Not a Solution for Global Warming

Heres one for all you cool cats and hep kittens!

Malcolm Nance: There is one party looking out for the nation

U.S. consumer bureau to reconsider payday lending rule

Inside the room: What Steve Bannon told Congress yesterday

OK, Flake rants about Trump again?

U.S. Interior Department blasts resigning National Parks board members

LIVE NOW on PDR - Progressive win in Wisconsin shows the way but Trump counts on terrorism

Trump takes hard line on immigration, rejects 'horrible' bipartisan plan

Science panel backs lower drunken driving threshold

Snow, ice and record cold grip the South; at least 5 dead

'Someone's trying to hide something': Ex-Watergate prosecutor explains why WH is trying to muzzle...

And to slow things down a little!

Do y'all think those Trump people

In 68 Presidential Election the racist came in 3rd. In 2016 the racist won.

Cellphone jamming system tested at Maryland prison

when there is a government shutdown is Air Force One grounded?

A friend of mine has a friend whose daughter attempted

"Basketball" Height versus real height

Twitter to inform users of content they saw from Russian trolls

Booker gets Krist Jen to admit she has never met 1 dreamer....Mia Farrow

SO...Bannon stuck a fork in Don Jr. during testimony. SAD!

Britain bans entry to prominent U.S. Holocaust denier

Ralph Vaughan Williams: "Fantasia On a Theme of Thomas Tallis"

Netanyahu: U.S. will move embassy to Jerusalem this year

I am puzzled over the horrible story of the 13 children being starved & chained

"The price of a deal just went up." is what Democrats should say every time Trump breaks his word...

I need a collective noun

Trump was apparently fantasizing about sex with his daughter using Stormy Daniels.

i feel tRumps kinda doing us all a favor

Imagery: A dinghy enters the vacant dry dock of the U. S. S. Enterprise.

Bill Renaming Gravelly Point for Nancy Reagan Being Debated in House Committee

If GOP blocks Puerto Rico statehood, should New York State volunteer to annex the island?

Is Bannon Ready To Tell All?

Why do we care how tall or wide he is?

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #4-2: What Can Brown Do For You? Edition (#100!)

Republicans caught unfairly altering electoral districts thanks to computer algorithm.

Schiff: WH placed gag order on Bannon

The Misogynist Within

Vox: Trump aced the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. Heres what that means.

I'm reading the Wolff book

Kelly calls some of Trump's campaign pledges on immigration, wall 'uninformed,' ...attendees say

Sink into a greasy mega-weedge

If GOP blocks Puerto Rico statehood, could New York State annexation be a first step alternative?

March 13 PA Special Election 18th Congressional District -Democrat is Conor Lamb -

New study finds Seattles $15 Minimum Wage a Success

Steve Bannon made one conspicuous slip up in his closed-door hearing on Tuesday

When the stock market explode?

what time is the FakeNewsAwards show?

Apple, Returning Overseas Cash, to Pay $38 Billion Tax Bill

Rachel on Kazakh Chromium to Sater to Bayrock & BTA Bank Money Laundry

US Interior Department blasts resigning National Parks board members (+ exposes hypocrisy of Trump)

U.S. signals open-ended presence in Syria, seeks patience on Assad's removal

Bonus Quote of the Day

Like everyone else here, I desperately want Trump to go away.

Kelly Says Some of Trumps Pledges Were Uninformed

Wall? What wall? Who said anything about a wall?

Pentagon Suggests Countering Devastating Cyberattacks With Nuclear Arms

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 18, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Charles Boyer

A family member sent us a jar called

Photog fired after leaking image of Rick Perry hugging Coal Baron

Are convicted felons allowed to vote in Arizona?

Is the Trump Presidency for sale? Watchdog group says yes

Are the trumpies being held today?

A Yuuuge #BlueWave is coming in November:

Senate, Rebuffing Privacy Concerns, Clears Path to Extend Surveillance Law


Bannon's flipping!

Scathing Trump book 'Fire and Fury' heads to television

"Birther movement" guy is now mocked as poster child for....

Senate committee advances Azar nomination as health secretary

Exclusive: US Department of Homeland Security banned staff from talking to Congress about immigratio

Former Minister of Health: "Canada is NOT America's drugstore."

Trump's Fake News Awards

Trump considers big 'fine' over China intellectual property theft

Fake news awards now trending on twitter

Pa. Supreme Court considers ordering new congressional map before 2018 elections

U.S. Interior Department blasts resigning National Parks board members

Pennsylvania court could order new congressional map before 2018 midterms

The mysterious Ghost Lights of Marfa, Texas

"Send Me Your Norwegians."

House panel approves bill to tighten oversight of foreign lobbying

Another poll showing Oprah beating Trump - Oprah 52% Trump 39%

It's High Noon Between Trump and Mueller

Senate Democratic leader says senators revulsed by spending bill

During Trumps first year in office, the rate of far-right murders surged

Trump at his physical:

White house official screams at reporters while trying to ask questions like you would

A DOJ official tried to defend its flawed study linking immigration and terrorism. It was a disaster

Republicans aim to kill voter registration law that's a little too effective for their tastes

Pope has tough words for indigenous, Chile during Mass

Pope has tough words for indigenous, Chile during Mass

Maybe the reason why more Americans emigrated to Norway last year than the other way around is ...

10, 9, 8, 7, 6,:

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto: III

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 19, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight - Survival Movies

Andrea Mitchell interviews Bernie Sanders on DACA, Trump's racist comments, & a government shutdown

Bob Dole at the 1996 RNC.

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 17, 2018

Women would lose $4.6 billion in earned tips if the administrations tip stealing rule is finaliz

Andrea Mitchell interviews Bernie Sanders on DACA, Trump's racist comments, & a government shutdown

Horrible people of faith: James Inhofe

How are you helping your cat do his taxes?

Korean Women's Ice Hockey Teams to Get World Famous North Korean Cheerleaders at Olympics

The lie about his height and weight is yet another example of what?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 18 January 2018

The best ticket for Democrats in 2018 and 2020 is for Donald Trump to be running with Repubs...

Father of Two Deported After Living in US for 30 Years, Since Age 10

Known "colectivo" murderer killed during Perez assassination. Flags ordered "lowered" in his barrio.

Serious Question: Is it actually Russian people with these Fake twitter accounts.